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April 17, 2014

Sony's Xperia Z2 tablet, light in weight not on specs
Computer Dealer News

When you pick up Sony’s new Z2 tablet, the first thing you notice is its weight – or the lack of it. One of the slimmest, lightest tablets on the market right now, the 10.1 inch tablet is just 6.4 mm thick.

Actually, when we held it during our media briefing, it felt very, very delicate. The lightness is a great feature for someone on the go, but users need to bear in mind that it feels easy enough to break or bend.

The Xperia Z2 tablet – Slim and light, but powerful

Like the Z2 smartphone, the tablet is dust-resistant and water-resistant under 1.5 metres of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, as long as all ports have been shut tightly.

Packed into the slim frame of the tablet is a quick and powerful processor, plus a compatibility with the PS3’s dual shock controller, meaning tablet gamers can use the controller to play their games. There’s also the option to control a Sony TV remotely using the tablet, provided the user has one, of course.
Essentially, what Sony has done here is leverage the tablet to become an all-in-one device for the living room – and we’ll probably see more integration efforts like this as time goes on.
And again, like the Z2 smartphone, the tablet also has digital noise cancellation capabilities for users who want to buy cheaper five-pin headphones, rather than an expensive noise-cancelling set.




Tablets – the ultimate option
Bangladesh News

The tablet computer has made enormous strides in the last few years. Thanks to popular tablets like the iPad, the thin, touchscreen-operated computers have dominated choice for many computer users as they offer a great experience when browsing the web or using one of thousands of specialised apps.
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Tablets vary in their power and operating systems. Processors like the Intel® Atom™ provide considerable power for the current generation of tablets, and some tablets have dual core processors, including the Motorola Xoom and Asus Eee Transformer.

Tablet operating systems

Most tablets use a special operating system designed to make the most of a touch interface, one that gives the tablet the cool interactive feel that makes them fun and useful. A good operating system is an important part of a great tablet computer.




The 8 Best Alternatives to the Microsoft Surface

If you want a tablet built for productivity, but can’t stomach the Microsoft Surface, you might feel stuck.Microsoft Surface Pro 2

You could go with the iPad. Apple tells us its tablet is made for work, the chosen device of high school football coaches, heart surgeons, and teary-eyed grandparents meeting newborns over FaceTime. There’s nothing wrong with this: Just don’t call it productive.

Meanwhile, other popular tablets do various tasks well, like the Kindle Fire HD (reading), Galaxy Note 10.1 (writing and drawing with a stylus), and Nexus 7 (logging into Google Plus), but none come close to serving as a proper laptop replacement.

We understand how you feel. We set out to pick eight solid alternatives to the Surface, each designed for true productivity. Choose your own adventure by picking the problem that matches yours most closely:

Laptop replacement:  Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

It may not come with a detachable keyboard, but the new Galaxy Note Pro is too powerful, and — literally — too big to ignore. With a massive 12.2-inch screen, 2.3 GHz processor, and 3 GB of RAM, its spec sheet reads more like a laptop than a mobile device. Take notes in class with the handy stylus, then grab a third-party keyboard to type up the essay back home, laptop free. You can give mom your old ThinkPad for Christmas.




April 16, 2014

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tablet: Windows 8.1 And A Gorgeous Display
Hot Hardware

Lenovo is targeting its ThinkPad 8 at business users, which makes sense. Everyone values portability Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tabletand power, but it’s the business user who’s most likely to say “I need my tablet to be capable of doing everything that my main PC can do.” With a full 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 and a 1920 x 1200 display, the Lenovo ThinkPad 8 very nearly can...

Intel’s Bay Trail Atom CPU powers the Lenovo ThinkPad 8. The Intel Z3770 quad-core Atom chip in the ThinkPad 8 runs at up to 2.39GHz, thanks to Intel Turbo Boost. That’s a bit faster than the chip running Dell's Venue 8 Pro (a rival 8-inch, Windows 8.1 tablet) we recently reviewed, but it’s not the processor that’s going to get the attention of customers comparing the ThinkPad 8 to a Dell tablet: it’s the extremely sharp 1920x1200 full HD display, which we'll discuss on the following pages, that will turn heads...

“You can never have too little screen real estate” is a tagline for no one, but big players like Dell, Toshiba, and now Lenovo are rushing to squeeze Windows 8.1 onto 8-inch tablets all the same. Lenovo is targeting its ThinkPad 8 at business users, which makes sense. Everyone values portability and power, but it’s the business user who’s most likely to say “I need my tablet to be capable of doing everything that my main PC can do.” With a full 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 and a 1920 x 1200 display, the Lenovo ThinkPad 8 very nearly can.

The ThinkPad 8 has a 2MP front camera for video chats and an 8MP back camera for snapping shots. The back cam comes complete with flash and autofocus, and it took relatively (for a tablet) high quality shots for us indoors and out.




Microsoft restocks 64, 512 GB flavors of Surface Pro 2 tablets

Microsoft has recently faced serious component shortages, being forced to temporarily halt sales of Microsoft Surface Prospecific Surface Pro 2 versions.

Particularly, models packing 64 and 512 GB solid-state storage. Now, at long last, the manufacturing woes seem to have passed, and the two slates are back in action. Still pricey, I’m afraid, going for $899 and $1,799 respectively, but if you think about it they’re probably worth it.

Hardware-wise, they’re definitely champions, trumping the iPad Air in practically every department, from processing speed, thanks to an Intel Haswell Core i5 chip, to RAM (4 or 8 GB), to battery life and connectivity options.

Meanwhile, the 10.6-inch ClearType display is inferior to iPad’s Retina “thingie”, but clearly no pushover, and productivity fans can turn the Surface Pro 2 into a full-on laptop in no time, courtesy of Microsoft’s $200 docking station.

Running Windows 8.1 Pro out the box, the state-of-the-art tablet/notebook hybrid can also be had at $999 with 128 GB built-in storage and $1,299 in a 256 GB flavor, no physical keyboard included.




Apple Granted 37 Patents Today Covering Two Major iDevice Technologies, Five Designs and More
Patently Apple

Apple granted a Patent Relating to iDevices using an Accelerometer

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 37 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover two major iDevice technologies and five design patents. We wrap up this week's granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple today.

Apple granted a Patent Relating to iDevices using an Accelerometer

Apple has been granted a patent today for their invention relating to a portable device. More particularly, this invention relates to operating a portable device using an accelerometer of the portable device.

Apple has been granted a patent today for another multitouch related patent. Apple's patent abstract states that an "Apparatus and methods are disclosed for simultaneously tracking multiple finger and palm contacts as hands approach, touch, and slide across a proximity-sensing, multi-touch surface. Identification and classification of intuitive hand configurations and motions enables unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3D manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device.





April 15, 2014

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Personal subscriptionn for $6.99a month or $69.99 a year

Today we’re announcing that it’s available for purchase–$69.99 USD/year or $6.99 USD/month Office 365 Devices(ERP)1–online at, at Microsoft Stores and through online and retail partners.

An Office 365 Personal subscription allows for one PC or Mac, and one tablet (including iPad) to be connected to the service, and is the best option for individuals interested in using Office 365. By offering Office 365 Personal, in addition to Office 365 Home, we are better positioned to deliver the right Office to a broader range of households–whether it’s an individual or a family of five.

Whichever Office 365 is right for you, you’ll enjoy the freedom to get work done at home, school, or on the go–on any device.

Microsoft Office 365 choices


Free AVG Antivirus Download for Android Smart Phones & Tablets
Alpha Wired

AVG Antivirus is the most popular free security system for Android smart phones and tablets. It is AVG AntiVirus 2014 Free Downloadinstalled on over one million Android devices and catches more than 70 million threats monthly. Today we will take an in-depth look at mobile and tablet security. Keeping your PC secure is an old concern, and there are certainly multiple viable free antivirus programs for desktops. But what about mobile devices? In an era when mobile devices are used for anything from internet banking to reading business e-mails, keeping your privacy and data secure on your mobile device has become a highly important topic. What are your options in terms of free antivirus downloads for Android-devices? Well, there are a few, but the first one to come to mind is AVG, and for good reason.

First of all, AVG is completely free to download and use on any Android device, and it has support for Android 4.2, 4.3 (Jelly Bean), and is receiving support for Android 4.4.2 KitKat too. It comes with everything you’d expect from a an antivirus, but with features you’d be surprised to find in a free antivirus download. Obviously, AVG has malware and virus protection, and comes with an above average rate of threat detection. Keeping AVG updated is an extremely easy process (and a recommended one at that), and the antivirus, albeit free, does a perfect job of keeping your phone or table clean.

In addition, AVG brings some additional features, normally reserved only for premium, paid antivirus apps. It has a built-in theft protection platform, which works wonders. Should your phone ever be stolen or lost, you can remotely wipe any data clean through AVG, and you can also block access to the device completely. Additionally, the AVG Free Antivirus Download kit includes the Tune-Up utility, an utility that manages your phone resources for you and greatly increases phone performance. Sure, if you’re using the latest HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4, you might not notice significant changes, but for slower Android phones, phablets and tablets, the difference is significant.



April 14, 2014

Top 5 secret features of Windows 8
Computer Business Review

Dig a little deeper and there's loads to love about Windows 8 and 8.1.3D Printing in Windows 8

Got a new Windows 8 tablet or desktop? Finding it hard to adjust, or know there's more you can do with the operating system but just don't know how? Here's CBR's top five Windows 8 and 8.1 secret features.

Need a recipe? Hands free mode for the kitchen!

In the new food and drink app, there's an option to enable hands-free mode, so you don't get any of your recipe that's stuck to your hands on the computer or tablet. You can wave your hand to the webcam so the recipe turns pages for you!

Quiet Hours

There is an option to turn off the notifications you get with apps during preset hours of the day, meaning you won't be bothered by noises when you're at work or even reading. Windows 8.1 has the Quiet Hours setting under change PC settings > search and apps > notifications.

3D printing support

Microsoft has now included 3D printing support in Windows 8.1, so when you do eventually have enough money to buy that 3D printer you have your eyes on, you know you'll be sorted with Windows 8.1 It also stuck in support for NFC tap-to-print and Wi-Fi direct printing too!




Absence Of iPad Pro A Major Missed Opportunity For Apple
Design & Trend

Apple's lack of a "work tablet" is holding back the Cupertino-based tech giant from capitalizing on a $63 billion market, according to JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall.

The iPad Pro, Apple's rumored large tablet with laptop capability, could be a real game-changer for Apple, with 25 million units sold serving as a realistic figure if the device is priced between $500 and $1,000, Hall recently stated.

Microsoft was the first to offer a tablet of the sort with the Surface Pro.

"We believe that Apple is currently missing a $63bn market opportunity by only partially playing in the $500-$1,000 laptop market via the iPad," said Hall. "Our central assumption is that lower priced laptop buyers are not willing to purchase what amounts to an expensive tablet that doesn't fully replace a laptop. Should Apple address this market through iAnywhere we believe it could rapidly grow share toward the 40% it currently has in $1,000 laptops."



Here Are The Completely Different Ways Smartphones & Tablets Are Used For Shopping & Buying
Business Insider

mobile has too often been understood by retailers as a singular category, when in fact smartphones and tablets are used very differently.

Tablets are lean-back devices that consumers use to browse, research, and buy — great product views are key on these devices. Smartphones are much more commonly used as an in-store shopping companion. Smartphone retail apps should have QR code scanners and easily accessible price comparison information.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we take stock of the explosion in tablet-based e-commerce, analyze the best data available on tablet shopper behavior and how it's different from the behavior of smartphone owners. We also explore why retailers have lagged in creating tablet-friendly shopping experiences for their users, despite allocating budgets to ad campaigns meant to be viewed on tablets.  




Surface 2 of Microsoft
The Football Examiner

The more expensive Surface 2 – priced at S$618 for the 32GB and S$748 for the 64GB – has a larger, Surface 2 sharper screen. But its main differentiator is in its great design.

sharper screen and a number of other enhancements to match the impressive design.

It’s a few grams lighter now and has a nice Full HD screen and a zippier Nvidia Tegra 4 processor compared to the Tegra 3 a year ago.

However, what you need to know about the Surface 2, as with all such Surface RT devices, is that the operating system will not run regular Windows 8 programs. That means you can’t run a Windows 8 version of, say, Adobe Lightroom, on a Windows RT tablet.

To be fair, though, the Surface 2 has what you use most of the time. Office 2013, as I mentioned, is great to have for folks who just want a light device to do their everyday work, like reports, presentations and e-mail, on the go.

There are also more apps today for Windows RT than a year ago. The Surface 2 won’t have all the apps you can download on an iPad or Android tablet, but it has some popular ones, such as Facebook and Zinio.




April 11, 2014


Microsoft Surface Mini and its stylus will make it the 'best note-taking tablet on the market'
Tech Times

Microsoft's Surface tablets have yet to gain traction with consumers, but the company believes its note-taking-focused Surface Mini will offer an experience the iPad mini and other small tablets don't.

The Surface Mini will reportedly feature an 8-inch display and will be marketed as the "best note-taking tablet" on the market. The tablet will include support for pen input through the use of an included stylus, similar to Samsung's popular Galaxy Note S Pen. The slate is expected to include new pen-friendly applications from Microsoft that will highlight its rumored Wacom digitizer stylus-pen support.

There's no specific release date mentioned, except that it will "make its way to the market in 2014." We'll keep you updated as more Surface Mini details become available.




April 10, 2014

Hands On: Lenovo's Budget-Friendly A-Series Android Tablets

Earlier this week, Lenovo announced its budget-minded A-Series Android tablets; the A7-50, A8, and Lenovo A10 Android TabletA10. The trio is rather unassuming compared with the company’s more radically designed Yoga Tablet  line, focusing instead on core tablet features and overall value. We had a brief hands-on opportunity, so read on for our first impressions.

Lenovo’s Android skin is, in a word, extensive. It re-imagines basically every aspect of Google’s mobile OS, swapping in colorful, cartoonish icons and a new homescreen experience. There’s no app drawer, so all of your apps appear on a homescreen, like you’d find on an iOS device. Lenovo pre-loads a bunch of playful themes to suit a variety of tastes, but Android purists should look elsewhere. All of Lenovo’s tweaks run atop Android 4.2 and the company says to expect an OTA update to 4.4 sometime after launch.

The big selling point here is price: With the A7-50 starting at $129 and the A10 topping out at $249, the trio will be among the most affordable Android tablets from an established manufacturer. Lenovo reps also mentioned potential instant rebates of $30, which would put the A7-50 into impulse buy territory. Stay tuned for a full review once we can put all three through their paces in our lab. 



How Tablets Are Bringing Boundless Creativity To Life

Portability, versatility and increasing computer performance of tablets are bringing completely new experiences, changing how we enjoy entertainment, shop, gather information, communicate and blend our digital and real worlds. This series by PSFK and Intel explores how improving tablet capabilities are changing the status quo in many aspects of our lives.

Do you ever stop and ask what’s behind the things that catch your eye? More often these days you’ll find digital technologies are playing a role, whether it’s helping a visionary to map out ideas, a designer make that idea come to life or how we experience a story or piece of art.

This becomes more apparent when you look at the rapidly evolving world of tablet devices. They have How Tablets Are Bringing Boundless Creativity To Lifebecome incredibly powerful tools for creative people, many of whom are using tablets to chase their artistic endeavors in photography, video, music, painting, drawing and other areas in the world of arts.

On the other hand, as they proliferate, tablets are drawing more people into the creative class, increasing artistic expression in ways that may have never before existed.

Eric Gradman of Two Bit Circus and his merry band of interactive game developers are using tablets to put a high-tech educational spin on the traditional county fair. Games and activities built around tablets are an integral part of the traveling STEAM Carnival. Gradman, a self-proclaimed mad inventor, is serious when he says drawing younger generations into art is as important as appreciating science, technology and math.




April 9, 2014

Microsoft Prepares To Bring Windows To Your Car, And Audi Builds Its Own Tablet

CarPlay is a nifty interface by Apple. However, Microsoft is not far behind with coming up with their own idea of how to integrate your smartphone with your automobile. To make things even more interesting, while software companies are linking to automotive manufacturers touch screens, Audi has plans to build their own tablet, so they can do their own linking.

Using Mirrorlink, Microsoft plans to allow for open standards, where automakers can choose to incorporate different systems, including Windows, Android, and Blackberry. This will simplify the process of integration in the future. Here is a quick introduction of what Microsoft has come up with so far:



Thinking About the Future of Surface
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Microsoft has to address the mini tablet market, and they will. I know that Microsoft planned to deliver a Qualcomm-based (i.e. Windows RT-based) Surface mini alongside the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 last year but pulled back at the last minute. I've not heard why, nor have I heard about any more recent plans, but I suspect it has to do with Windows RT. And when Microsoft does announce a Surface mini sometime soon, I further bet it will be based on an Atom chipset like all of the other Windows mini-tablets. It's clearly where the market is heading.

But what about that traditional PC crowd? Doesn't a touch-based Ultrabook also make plenty of sense? Something with a much more reasonable screen size (13-inches, minimum) than the tiny screens on the Surface 2 and Pro 2?

I think it does.

And I think such a device would be embraced by Microsoft's core audience of IT pros and knowledge workers. The businesses that are tired of crapware and of PC maker-modified versions of Windows. It could become the de facto standard for the small businesses that don't have the cash or technical expertise to customize their own Windows installs. And it needs to happen this year.

Basically, it's time for Surface to adapt to the changing market just like Windows is. In fact, these things should go hand-in-hand.




April 8, 2014

Five great apps to manage movies on your mobile phone or tablet

Tablets are a great way to watch movies - you can lie back in the comfort of bed but you don't have to It's Playingsquint at the small screen of your phone. But the default apps on both Android and iOS are pretty limited in terms of features; if you're looking for something smart that lets you use gestures, stream video easily, or manages your library in an intuitive fashion, then you need to turn to third party apps. Here are our top choices:

It's Playing Pro/Lt
Another paid app for iOS, It's Playing Pro is the Swiss Army knife of video players, full of a lot of useful features such as cloud connect to Dropbox,, Facebook, YouTube and HTTP cloud services, network support for a huge range of protocols and fine grained control over playback aspects like zoom, audio gain, speed with real time adjustments. The coolest feature though is fetching subtitles from with just one tap - it's a common feature on desktop players but this is the only good video app we found with this feature.

This free app is easily the best app to watch videos on an Android device. MX Player is fast, loads almost instantly, scans through all your storage to find movies, and comes with a host of features that make it a must have.

VLC has a long history on the PC, and it's a good option on both Android and iOS. It organises your library into thumbnails, and lets you see at a glance how much of the video has already been watched. The Android version is still a beta according to the developers at VideoLAN, but it seems to work fine too.

This iOS app is a paid app and costs Rs. 300 to download. If you're watching a lot of videos on your iPad though, then this app is a must-buy.  features like gesture support, zoom control, lots of control over subtitles, passwords for folders, and TV-out support, and you end up with one of the most full featured pieces of software available as well. Simply put, despite the relatively high price, this app is an absolute must-have.




iPad Office users can print, and Cortado shows how

Henning Volkmer, President and CEO of Cortado, stopped by for a quick update and to explain how his company's ThinPrint Cloud Printer software combined with a little Microsoft One Drive three step can help iPad users print documents from Microsoft's Office for iPad.

The three-step iPad printing dance

Here are the three steps Volkmer presented in his demo:

  1. Use Microsoft Office for iPad to save document in Microsoft's One Drive
  2. Start Microsoft's One Drive app, open the file
  3. Select the Open in Other App in the One Drive App and then select Cortado's ThinPrint Cloud Printer app




April 7, 2014

Ears for the Surface TabletsEars for Serface

Ears are a simple solution to low volume levels on the Surface tablets. They don’t require wires, a power source or batteries.

The Ears for Surface tablet are small silicone pieces that slip over the top corners of your Surface RT/2 or Pro/2. They cover the speakers and redirect the sound to the front.  Thereby, you get an increase in 10dB loudness and clearer sound when listening to music or watching movies.

Order Ears for Surface on Kickstarter




Will we soon see our first Chrome OS tablet? We'll find out in April

Summary: An Acer event at the end of April may signal the unveiling of the world's first Chrome OS-powered tablet. Could it give the platform the push it needs to be a success? Chrome Tablet

All eyes are on Acer as a possible contender to release the world's first Chrome OS-powered tablet, which could make its first appearance at the company's launch of its annual global product line-up later this month.

An event invite landed in ZDNet's inbox last week signalling the unveiling of the company's hardware and mobile offerings by new Acer chief executive Jason Chen. 

Chrome OS remains the current underdog in the operating system market, compared to Windows, OS X, and iOS. But it's gaining traction. The Google-developed platform reportedly has just 0.2 percent of all North American web traffic, but that's double what it was five months prior. 

But it's a key operating system for those wanting to break away from the traditional platforms.

Unlike Android, a mobile and tablet platform, Chrome OS runs on all platforms — mobile, desktop, and potentially tablet. It just hasn't reached the tablet form-factor yet. And don't be fooled by Lenovo's convertible Chrome OS-powered part-tablet, part-notebook. That doesn't count, and it's designed for a niche education market and not yet available.



Samsung's thumb-achingly ENORMO Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Review As if Samsung's Galaxy range of tablets wasn’t broad enough with its plethora of Tab and Note machines in various screen sizes, the company has added a new subgroup: the Galaxy Pro.

The line-up consists of both Note and Tab machines – the latter minus the S Pen features. The Tab Pros are available with 8.4-, 10.1- and 12.2-inch displays with the Note Pro currently in 12.2-inch guise. All are available with optional 3G/LTE connectivity.

It’s the daddy of the range, the £650 Note Pro 12.2, that’s taking up a not inconsiderable amount of space on my desk as I write this and it begs the question: does the world really need an Android tablet this big?

I think the Pro 12.2 still has something rather concrete to offer. My thinking here is that as phones get bigger so surely should tablets. Speaking personally, my 5-inch Nexus 5 has rendered my Nexus 7 almost surplus to requirements but this new big Samsung has got me back into the habit of using a
tablet big time.



April 4, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Geek Bundle starting at $899

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Geek Bundle


The Surface Pro 2 Geek & Sundry bundle celebrates the awesome gaming experience on Surface Pro 2 – and the new G&S Unplugged web series featuring Surface. Get a Surface Pro 2, Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows, and free downloadable content for two games: Farming Simulator 2013 and the Mustang Advanced Pack for War Thunder..   Valid 4/3/2014 until 5/1/2014, or while supplies last

Available exclusively at



April 3, 2014

Windows 8.1 update aims to fix common issues

The latest update to Windows 8 will be available on April 8 and brings much-needed tweaks for desktop users, restoring some of the features Windows users have been missing since the Metro interface first launched.

First and foremost, the OS now detects whether you're using a tablet or desktop and mouse setup, and delivers the best experience for your device. This means that upon launch, if you're on a desktop computer, the OS will boot straight to the desktop, and on a tablet, you'll get the touchable tiles of Microsoft's modern interface. But don't worry if you prefer the way Windows currently behaves; you still have the option to choose your startup preferences in the settings.




Windows 8.1 Update -- Microsoft finally gets it right

Windows 8.1 Update, I’ll happily recommend to all. Sure, there’s still a slight learning curve, but it’s a Thumbs up microsoftmuch gentler one. Spend half an hour learning your way around, and you’ll be fine. Yes, there’s no Start menu, but the Start screen is great, and the tweaks Microsoft has made to it are good ones. Highlighting recently installed software makes it so much easier to find new programs and apps.

If you feel the absence of a Start menu undermines your productivity, install a third party one -- there are plenty of choices. Don’t let that one thing stand in the way between you and what is now a near perfect OS.

If you hate the Start screen, you don’t need to go near it. If you want nothing to do with full screen Modern apps, you don’t need to use or install them.

Sure, certain niggles remain but Windows 8.1 is still trying to be an OS that will work on a range of devices, from the tiniest tablet to the most powerful multi-screen PC, so that’s inevitable. And forgivable. The pluses easily outweigh the minuses.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, undecided whether to upgrade to Windows 8.1, now is the time to jump. You won’t regret it.



Top Android tablets (April 2014 edition)

Summary: Want a tablet but don't want to buy a svelte iPad Air or the petite iPad mini because you Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1want to stay away from the Apple walled garden? Not a problem! Here are my top Android tablets for April 2014 – and this month we have a couple of new entries.

Samsung currently has a lot of tablets on the market — over 30 by my last count — so it looks like they are shotgunning the market with every size and shape tablet possible, and seeing what people want.

The selling point of the Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1 is the "PRO" label. Samsung have packed this tablet with power so people can get their work done.

EVGA Tegra Note 7 is Nvidia's entry into the fearsome tablet market, and what an entry it is.

While Nvidia itself doesn't make the hardware — it only provides the reference design — its long-term hardware partner EVGA has done an excellent job of putting together a quality tablet at a very competitive price. And EVGA is just the first of many OEMs who will be bringing their own version of the Tegra Note to market over the coming months.




One Windows, all devices: The new Microsoft app strategy unveiled

One Windows, all devices: The new Microsoft app strategy unveiled Metro apps will share the sameNew Microsoft runtime, so developers can create one app to run on all Windows devices.

Microsoft today announced its Universal Windows Apps technology, which is intended to streamline the process of building applications that can run on Windows Phones, Xbox game consoles, and the Metro environment in Intel-based Windows 8.1 tablets and PCs. Previously, developers had to create separate apps for the forthcoming Windows Phone 8.1, for Xbox, and for the tablet/PC Metro, which made it less attractive for developers given the relatively small size of those two markets. Now, they can address all three environments with a single app.

Microsoft also announced that Windows will be available to manufacturers at no cost for smartphones and for tablets with screens smaller than nine inches, as an incentive to get more hardware makers to develop mobile Windows devices.




Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 vs Apple iPad Air – Can Sony compete with price and specs? Sony Xperia Tablet Z2
The Gamer Headlines

Sony’s initial Xperia Tablet Z was one of the best tablets of the last year, and one of the few tablets on the market to realistically compete with Apple’s iPad Air, a tablet which is, to this day, considered to be the best on the market by some. Well, with the Xperia Tablet Z2, perhaps things are about to change? Are the new improvements, specs and price on the Xperia Table Z2 enough to overthrow the iPad Air from its silvery throne? Let’s find out!

the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 brings top of the line hardware under the hood, having a quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz and an impressive 3 GB of RAM. Graphics are handled by an Adreno 330 GPU. The only downside hardware-wise would be the seemingly limited storage space, the Xperia Tablet Z2 coming with 16 or 32 GB on-board storage space, but since the tablet can support microSD cards of up to 64 GB, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In general, tablets have mediocre cameras at best. Still, it can’t hurt to be able to use your tablet as a camera from time to time, so let’s see what the Apple iPad Air has, shall we? A 5 MP camera with 1080p recording comes on the rear, and a 1.2 MP camera is located on the front. Neither are mind-blowing, but the rear camera gets the job done if necessary.

The Xperia Tablet Z2 shows that Sony definitely likes to invest in good cameras, having an 8 MP rear camera and a 2.2 MP front camera. With some nifty features, Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z2 can take surprisingly good pictures even in low-light conditions. Add to that the ability of the tablet to receive phone-calls, and you have yourself a well-equipped tablet that can provide all necessary aspects of mobile life.




April 2, 2014

Evernote vs. OneNote

Which is better? Evernote or Microsoft's OneNote? This review compares and contrasts both note-takingEvernote applications in the first of a two-part series.

One of the original applications for computers was creating and manipulating documents, and once computers became portable, replacing the paper notebook seemed like an obvious application for technology. However, note taking on digital devices has remained a somewhat clunky affair, made difficult due to everything from a sub-optimal interface to difficulty sharing and organizing notes.

I'd been a OneNote user since it was first released in 2010, using the application in conjunction with a tablet PC to take handwritten notes, share notes with colleagues, and quickly retrieve past notes. Despite the negatives cited above, the application largely lived up to my needs until the iPad arrived on the scene. The iPad revolutionized mobile computing, yet lacked a client for the iPad. A quick search for a OneNote-like application that worked on mobile devices pointed me toward Evernote, and since 2010 I've used the application almost exclusively in lieu of OneNote.

More recently, I began using a Windows 8 tablet for my note taking due to the availability of active pen input. I was pleasantly surprised to find Microsoft had updated the Windows version of the application, created a free version for the "modern" Windows 8 interface, and tied them all together with cloud-based sync. As icing on the cake, a free Mac version of OneNote arrived this month, removing the last missing element for returning to OneNote for my personal note taking. However, the past four years have seen me largely in Evernote; has Microsoft done enough to merit switching back?

One Note vs Evernote


Microsoft Unveils Phone Software With Rival to Apple's Siri

Microsoft renewed its push to catch up with Apple Inc. and Google Inc. in mobile devices, unveiling updated Windows Phone software with voice-search features that its rivals already offer.

Microsoft today showed off a voice-controlled digital assistant called Cortana that is similar to Apple’s Siri. Cortana is part of a new Windows Phone 8.1 software for mobile gadgets, said Vice President Joe Belfiore, at the company’s Build conference in San Francisco for developers.

Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, who was appointed to lead the world’s largest software maker in February, is working to remake Microsoft for an era where smartphones and tablets have become central




April 1, 2014

Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2: big screen, but at a price
CTV News

If 10- and 11-inch tablets aren’t big enough, Samsung has rolled out the new Galaxy Pro Series that’s Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2headlined by the 12.2-inch NotePro.

For starters, the thing is huge, but neither too heavy nor thick. There’s so much screen real estate it could double as a serving tray. It does feel a little on the hefty side, but this is a 12.2-inch tablet.

The eight core processor that blasts through tasks with ease – particularly important since you can multi-task with up to four separate windows on the screen at the same time.

Samsung is really pitching the productivity aspect of this tablet, and they’re backing it up with included free access to apps like Hancom Office (think Microsoft Office but for Android tablets) along with Remote PC, which does as it says. Several other productivity apps and services are also bundled for free.

According to Samsung, customers want to produce content and they want to do it on a large-screen tablet. Compared to most other tablets on the market, the NotePro 12.2 does the job.

The NotePro comes with a stylus that at first I thought was gimmicky. But over time I became addicted to writing with it, using the tablet’s text recognition software to turn my chicken scratch into legible print.

In some ways, the NotePro 12.2 could easily replace the laptop that many people lug around (in addition to their tablets). Toss in a wireless mouse and keyboard, and the average user would have a tough time justifying two very similar devices.



Microsoft Targets 25M Tablet Shipment

Reportedly, Microsoft Corp. plans to ship 25 million Windows tablets by the end of this year. Additionally, the company expects its own Surface tablets shipments to increase to 6 million from 3 million in 2013.

In order to achieve this target, Microsoft plans to provide incentives to vendors manufacturing Windows tablets. Reportedly, companies including ASUStek, Acer, Hewlett-Packard , Dell and Toshiba plan to ship Windows-based tablets in the near future.

Therefore, to bridge the gap between tablets and PCs, Microsoft upgraded its Windows operating system to Windows 8.1. The new and improved version is believed to address user complaints regarding the earlier version, Windows 8.



March 31, 2014

Sony Reveals 'Digital Paper' Tablet

Sony sees Digital Paper, to ship in May, as a way to get paper-based processes out of legal, education,Sony Digital Paper' Tablet and government organizations.

Sony showed off Digital Paper, a 13.3" tablet display that uses e-ink technology to render text and graphics, last week at the American Bar Association Techshow in Chicago.

Bob Nell, director of digital paper solutions at Sony Electronics, describes Digital Paper as "a true replacement for the vast amounts of paper that continue to clutter many offices and institutions," noting that it's easy to use and optimized for reading and annotating contracts and other documents.

The ease of use comes largely from the fact that the device screen can be written on, as if it were a full-sized legal pad. Hopefully, workers have already mastered that skill.

The device accommodates social interaction, too. Its notepad feature allows notes to be shared with colleagues and clients, lessening the cost and time of printing, copying, and distributing physical documents.




Newegg slashes prices off Windows 8 tablets for a week

If you have been on the fence whether or not to grab a Windows 8 tablet, this week may be the perfect week to push you over the edge and hit the buy button. Dell Pro  11 Tablet PC

Why, because Newegg is currently having a sale for Windows 8 tablets.

In light of the buzz over the release of Office for iPad, which has received excellent reviews, it may be more than coincidence that a major retailer is discounting some Windows tablets and perhaps we’ll see more of this – all good news for buyers.

Newegg's sale includes the IdeaPad Miix 8 for 30% off at $229.99 (that’s $100 off the retail price). 

Next comes the Samsung ATIV Smart PC. The $659 model is being discounted by $100 and on sale for $559.99. The Dell Pro 11 and 11i tablets are also on sale and they are Ultrabook/Tablet hybrids. The Dell Pro 11 currently goes for $499, which is $100 off the retail price and the 11i is currently being sold for $799.99, which is also $100 off the retail price.




High quality Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 images and specs leak before announced release date
Tech Times

The always-reliable evleaks has posted Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 tabletimages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. The images show the tablet will be offered in choices of black or white. The tablet is nearly identical in design to Samsung's just launched high-end Galaxy TabPRO and Galaxy NotePRO series. The Galaxy Tab 4 will consist of three models; a 10.1-inch as seen in the above image, and both a 7 and 8-inch model. The devices will also carry a much lower price tag.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 is expected to feature a 10.1-inch WXGA display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a pixel density of 142 pixels per inch (ppi). Samsung will reportedly use a 1.4Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, an Adreno 305 GPU, and 1GB of RAM.

The Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 will sport a 3-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front facing camera for video chatting. The tablet will have 16GB of internal storage but will be able to expand via its microSD expansion slot that will support up to 64GB microSD cards. The Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 will ship with Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box and also run Samsung's latest version of its TouchWiz UI.

There's no official word on a release date, but since the tablet lately received FCC approval, we should expect to see it announced pretty soon.




Surface Pro 3 Wishlist Takes Shape – What Must Microsoft Deliver?
Highlight Press

The time is ripe to starting thinking about what we want, need and can expect from the Surface 3 and Surface 2 tabletSurface Pro 3 when Microsoft gets around to revealing them.

With the way the tech industry works it’s pretty safe to assume that both will already be taking shape behind the scenes, so where exactly can we expect Microsoft’s productivity –focused tablets to take things next time around?

Gaming Greatness: Firstly, there’s the ongoing suggestion that much of Redmond’s efforts for the third-generation lineup will target the PC gaming community. The current-generation Surface Pro for example is a pretty powerful tool as far as productivity and day-to-day use goes, but there’s talk of the Surface 3 being supercharged to handle even the most demanding games on the market. What’s more, it could also feature much deeper Xbox integration.

More Storage: Games and apps are getting bigger by the day and while it may be perfectly possible to cope with 128GB or even 64GB on a casual use tablet, this just isn’t enough for high-power PC replacements. As such, the call has been well and truly put out for Microsoft to step the Surface Pro 3 up to a 512GB or ideally 1TB standard, which will open the door to things like HD gaming and Blu-Ray movies on a more realistic level.




March 28, 2014

Dell XPS 11 review: Convertible ultrabook is more tablet than notebook

The Dell XPS 11 is a portable Windows computer with a fast processor, long battery life, and a high resolution display. Dell calls the machine a 2-in-1 ultrabook, but emphasizes that it features a tablet-first design.

Open up the lid and you’ve got what looks like a normal notebook. But push the lid back 360 degrees until the screen and the keyboard are back-to-back, and you have a tablet. The idea is that you have the best of both worlds: a touchscreen tablet when you want it and a keyboard for laptop functionality when you need it.





Microsoft Corp's new Chief Executive Officer, Satya Nadella, finally unveiled Office for Apple Inc's iPad in a polished debut that set him apart from his energetic predecessor while signaling his plans to make mobile apps the top priority at the world's largest software company.

At a news conference Thursday, executives demonstrated a new "touch-first" version of Office crafted for the iPad, available for download as a free app, though a subscription is needed to let users create or edit documents rather than just read them.





Office for iPad review: three beautiful apps, each with strong competition

Though the product is called Office for iPad, it's actually a trio of individual apps (Word, Excel and Microsoft office on an iPadPowerPoint) listed separately in the App Store. As with Office Mobile for iPhone, each of these core programs is free to download, and you can use them in read-only mode without a paid subscription. If you wanna edit or create documents, though -- and let's face it: You definitely will -- an Office 365 subscription is required. In particular, we're told it will even work with Microsoft's upcoming 365 Personal plan, which will cost $7 a month when it launches later this spring. And if you happen to be a student using Office 365 for University ($80 for four years), the monthly cost of ownership drops to just $1.67.

All told, Office for iPad looks exactly as you'd expect. Which is to say, it features the same Ribbon UI as desktop Office apps, along with a few icons borrowed from Microsoft's OneDrive service. Regardless of which Office app you're using, a few things are universal: When you enter the app, you'll see your Microsoft profile pic in the upper-left corner, with icons just below for creating a new document, opening a file or viewing only the recent ones. By default, you'll open files from your OneDrive account, though you can search just through your iPad's local storage as well. You can also add a storage location, but again, your only other options are another OneDrive account (personal or business) and a SharePoint site. No integration with other cloud storage services, sadly.

With few concrete details before today -- other than the fact that this was coming -- it was easy to imagine Office for iPad would be little more than a blown-up version of the existing iPhone app. That it is most certainly not. Microsoft took its time developing this software (years, perhaps), and the result is a suite that makes excellent use of the iPad's extra screen real estate. The design here is beautiful, straightforward. What's more, it masks a delightful selection of customization options, many of which you wouldn't know were there at first glance.

For people (and businesses) who use OneDrive to store documents, this isn't just your best choice -- it might be your only choice. Fortunately, it's a fine choice indeed, and you're lucky that the user experience is so similar to the web and desktop Office apps you're already using. It's also a no-brainer for people who already have a 365 subscription; you're already paying to run Office on five computers, so the iPad app is really just a nice freebie. But let's be clear: Office for iPad is not for iPad users looking for a productivity suite; it's for Office customers who happen to own an iPad.




March 27, 2014


Microsoft reports increasing use of Surface 2 as a line-of-business tablet

The Microsoft Surface team has reported that business customers are not only adopting Surface 2 as a Microsoft SUrface 2 tabletcompanion device, but also as a line-of business tablet in the healthcare, retail, commercial airline and hospitality industries.

“People generally know that Surface 2 combines great portability and battery life with productivity features you won’t find on other tablets – most notably the kickstand, USB 3.0 drive and the ability to instantly attach a Touch or Type Cover for great typing,” said Cyril Belikoff, senior director of Microsoft Surface, in an official blog post. “In saying that Surface 2 is ‘business-ready’ we’re referring to very specific capabilities that allow business users to access their corporate resources and be truly productive without sacrificing security.”

“Surface 2 is a tablet that was built for more than just fun,” explained Belikoff. “These Windows management features keep the IT department happy, and workers are able to access documents wherever they choose to. Not only can people access their documents on the go with Surface 2, but they can actually get work done in a way that is comfortable and convenient with available keyboard covers that are incredibly thin and light.”



Toshiba W30T-A-101 review: a smartly designed and affordable 13.3-inch convertible laptop/tablet
PC Advisor

Toshiba's W30T is an odd device. It's a smartly designed and affordable Toshiba W30T-A-101convertible that can function as either a laptop or tablet. Unfortunately, its size and weight prove to be a hindrance in both modes. See what's the best laptop you can buy in 2014?

The W30T does make a good first impression, with aluminium keyboard and 13.3-inch screen panels that look smart and feel very sturdy. It has the same detachable design as HP's more expensive Spectre X2, which allows you to separate the screen from the keyboard so that you can use the screen as a self-contained tablet. It also borrows HP's smart idea of including separate batteries in both the keyboard and screen sections in order to provide longer battery life.





Asus Transformer Book T100 Review, Specs: 10.1-inch Windows 8.1 Powered Convertible Tablet

Asus Transformer Book T100 review, specs: The 10.1-inch Windows 8.1-powered Asus Transformer BookAsus Transformer Book T100 T100 is a budget-friendly convertible notebook tablet that has up to 10 hours of battery life. It sports a real HD display and is considered a true value computing machine.

ZDNet has selected the Asus Transformer Book T100 as one of the best tablets for 2013, noting that the $399 price of the unit is a full $70 less than a entry-level Surface 2 tablet. Another advantage is that it runs on the full version of Microsoft Office and not the cut-down version for Windows RT, which is what powers the Surface tablets as well as Nokia 2520.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 is a convertible that switches from a tablet to a notebook, as it comes with a keyboard as well. Thanks to the long battery life, this is one machine you can use full-day on a single charge. Asus claims that the T100 can run as long as 11 hours.



Why Apple still leads the tablet market despite market share loss
Market Realist

The iPad is the second most valuable business for Apple

For Apple, the iPhone is the most valuable business, from which it generates about 53% of revenues, while the iPad is the second most valuable business, from which it generates about 19% of Apple’s revenues. The success of the iPhone and iPad are even more important for Apple, as it helps generate a halo effect, through which users tend to buy other Apple products such as Mac, apps, and accessories. So for Apple, losing market share in the tablet market doesn’t bode well. However, the main point to note here is that Apple has never tried to cut the prices of its devices in order to gain market share. It has always maintained its premium brand name.

iPad’s web traffic is huge

Although Apple has lost share in the tablet market, a Chitika report suggests that 81% of web traffic usage on tablets in North America comes from iPads. Amazon and Samsung each have market share of less than 7%. This shows that although people are buying fewer iPads, they’re using them significantly more. This high web traffic helps Apple generate more revenue not only from application downloads, but also from higher mobile web advertising income.




March 26, 2014


Nvidia Expands Its Modem Technology To Microsoft's Surface 2 Tablet

Nvidia scored its first significant design win for the Icera 500 modem with Microsoft's 4G enabled version of the Surface 2 tablet, introduced earlier this week. Microsoft launched the Surface 2 tablet (powered by Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor) in September last year. The Surface Windows RT, launched in June 2012, was powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor and failed to garner the expected response. However, to spur demand for the Windows RT platform , Microsoft completely revamped the Surface 2 tablet. The device is thinner, lighter and has a a longer-lasting battery compared to its predecessor. Though the Surface tablets are yet to make a significant penetration into the tablet market, it is an important technical win for Nvidia.

The addition of Surface 2 tablet further expands the list of devices powered by Nvidia's modem technology, such as the Tegra NOTE 7 LTE tablet platform and smartphones with Tegra 4i, such as the LG G2 Mini and Wiko WAX.



CloudOn offers 6 months of virtual Office for free

As Microsoft prepares what many expect to be a version of Office for the Apple iPad, rival CloudOn has swooped in with its own offer.

CloudOn has offered a virtualized version of Office 2010 for the iPhone and iPad, plus Android phones, over the course of the last two years. Last September, the company expanded from an app-based model to the browser. CloudOn charges $3.99 for a list of features it turns on as part of what it calls CloudOn Pro: watermarking, footnotes, and bibliographies, to name a few.

CloudOn also can share documents across a number of different cloud platforms—with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hightail, and OneDrive—rather than just Microsoft’s OneDrive. Changes can be tracked using what CloudOn calls a "contextual filespace," which can track every edit, action, and message in real time.




Even More Hybrid Tablets Are on the Way Asus Dual Boot tablet

PC manufacturers are now turning to hybrid PC/tablet devices to boost their notebook segments. The only problem is that these devices might fit a niche that doesn’t yet exist. With many containing hardware inferior to notebooks in the same price range, consumers looking for productivity seem to be turning toward Chromebooks and slim notebooks while favoring their substantially smaller tablets as mobile computing devices.

Still, these facts aren’t likely to stop manufacturers from building out the hybrid PC/tablet market. Market research firm Juniper Research today released a new report predicting that PC manufacturers will ship almost 50 million hybrid tablet devices by the year 2018. This represents a significant rise from the estimated 9.5 million hybrid tablets that were shipped during 2013

Juniper predicts that hybrid tablets will be expecially attractive to enterprise customers and gaming enthusiasts. Luckily for manufacturers, these two types of consumers are exactly the type of niche consumers willing to spend a premium for high-end devices. This should help keep the average sale price for hybrid tablets steady in the coming years.




March 25, 2014

Motion Redefines the Rugged Tablet Experience with Sleek and Versatile R12 Platform

Motion Computing® today announced the latest offering in their mobile technology portfolio – the Motion® R12 Rugged Motion R12 Rugged TabletPlatform .Designed to empower the worker who moves from the field to the vehicle to the office, the R12 Platform includes a sleek and lightweight FHD12.5” tablet along with a wide array of thoughtfully designed accessories including the SlateMate® data acquisition module, EasyPair™ technology wireless keyboard and Secure Mobile vehicle dock. All products in the R12 Platform were created by Motion to seamlessly and beautifully work together for incomparable efficiency and unbeatable productivity in public safety, construction and field service.

“Over the past decade, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about what the mobile worker wants as well as what the companies they work for need, “ said Cathy Thompson, CEO of Motion. “The R12 Rugged Platform is a result of that knowledge.Every R12 product and feature was created with a specific worker need in mind. Enterprise-ready, secure, safe and rugged, R12 was built to delight and empower the end-user while delivering investment protection & productivity gains to the business.”

All R12 products are designed and produced by Motion, eliminating the need for customers to rely on other 3rd party mobile technology.Lightweight and highly portable for the field, the 12.5” R12 tablet is also ideal for a desktop replacement.In addition to a desktop mount, R12 Platform includes a stylishly-stored wireless keyboard featuring innovative EasyPair technology. EasyPair helps avoid the often time-consuming and frustrating hassle of Bluetooth pairing by ensuring any R12 wireless Keyboard automatically pairs with any R12 Tablet .




Microsoft Convinces 12 Year Old Girl To Get The Surface 2 Over The iPad Mini

According to Microsoft’s blog post, “Recently we had a father tweet us a presentation that his 12 year old daughter created describing why she should get an iPad mini. He challenged both Surface and Samsung to take turns in a rebuttal, we gladly accepted the challenge.”





March 24, 2014

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium launches to proactively protect home PCs from advanced stealthy malware

Editors Note: I install malwarebytes on all of my clients PC's and Tablets as well as on every pc and tablet I use myself.   

New version of anti-malware software which fixed 208m PCs last year, combines five powerful new tools into a single download and commits to lifetime XP support           MalwareBytes

Malwarebytes today announces the launch of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, a new tool designed to proactively protect home PCs against advanced criminal software which traditional anti-virus cannot detect.  In development for over 18 months, Premium is the first completely new version of the company’s flagship security software for six years, and is designed to work alongside traditional anti-virus to provide additional protection.  

Premium will support XP users for life, who currently make up 20% of Malwarebytes’ user-base and could be at greater risk when updates stop on April 8.   

The new product brings together five powerful technologies in a lightweight 16MB download for the first time, the combination of which provides dynamic protection from advanced threats.  At its core is a new heuristics engine, designed to detect and kill malicious software based on behavior.  This means protection is not reliant on slow-moving signatures, providing defense against zero-day attacks.  

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium also integrates new Anti-Rootkit technology, which rips out and fixes the damage done by malicious software hiding at an extremely deep-level in the operating system.  Malwarebytes’ Chameleon is also built-in, allowing Premium to brute force start-up and scan when malware is crippling traditional security software and other processes.  

Premium has added updated malicious URL blocking and enhanced protection from unwanted programs such as aggressive adware and toolbars.   A new user interface and ultra-quick threat scan, ensure the product is easy to use.                



iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1

Samsung's Best Tablet to date - unmatched screen quality.

The battle between Apple and Samsung is heating up with the iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1. These two similarly-priced tablets are going head-to-head in an ultra high-resolution and high-power war. The Tab PRO 10.1 is significantly more powerful than the iPad, but does Android and the Magazine UX let it down compared to the lightweight iOS 7 found on Apple’s iPad?

Find out which tablet comes out on top in this dogfight between the iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1!





What tablet screen size is right for you?

When it comes to screen size, the first thing that may cause confusion is the difference between screen size dimensions and the dimensions of the entire tablet. The size of the tablet is no guarantee that theUSing a Tablet screen is bigger than a smaller tablet. Screens are not all made the same in relation to size.

A better understanding of aspect ratio will alleviate the stress of deciding what screen size is best. Aspect ratio is defined as ”the ratio of of the width of an image to its height.” So a screen can be large, but it may or may not support other ratios. That is when black bars appear on-screen or images stretch out. Most people will be familiar with this when trying to watch an old movie on a brand new HDTV when it hasn’t been rescaled.

However, choosing the right tablet doesn’t really come down to the screen area –  it’s the screen resolution and what you are going to use the tablet for. If you plan to use a tablet just to read e-books and answer emails, your best option would be a tablet that is designed to be used in portrait mode, like the iPad Air or the iPad Mini.

Or, if you plan to watch movies or edit photos, then a tablet that is designed to be best used in landscape mode, such as the Galaxy Note or Surface 2, would be a better bet.




Are Dual-Boot Devices Finally Dead?
Motley Fool

Well, that didn't take long. Just two months after Asus introduced its latest device that runs both Asus Dual Boot tabletAndroid and Windows, the company is backing down from selling it, and may stop sales of its other dual-boot systems.

Asus' decision is just a part of a broader push by Google and Microsoft to clamp down on devices that run both companies' operating systems.

A new take on tablets
PC makers have been keen to find new ways to drum up interest in their products, and dual-boot devices that run Android in tablet mode and Windows in PC mode have been part of that strategy. But Microsoft isn't thrilled with this idea, considering that the company is working hard to convince tablet customers use its Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms.

Though Google and its investors should be happy Asus won't further pursue dual-boot systems, it's Microsoft investors who should be the most relieved. The last thing Microsoft needs right now is Android encroaching on devices that run Windows. There still may be a few dual-boot devices on the market, but this latest change is likely a bigger push by both Google and Microsoft that will eventually affect all OEMs.



March 21, 2014

Inside the iPad rig Jimmy Fallon used to duet with Billy Joel on 'The Tonight Show'
Apple Insider

The performance, which relied the iPad application Loopy HD, proved so popular that even Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook took notice on Friday, tweeting out the clip to his 425,000 followers and calling it "magical." Fallon collaborated with Joel in an a capella rendition of the 1961 hit "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens.



March 20, 2014

New Samsung ad takes simultaneous jabs at iPad, Surface and Kindle

Samsung’s just posted a new ad to its YouTube channel inviting viewers to “do more” on the new multi-tasking Galaxy Tab Pro series tablet, featuring three different scenes dedicated to bashing Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface and Amazon’s Kindle tablets. The ad is actually humorous, which is a refreshing change change for Samsung.

It can do that? The Galaxy Pro series of tablets have more great features than ever, with screens that blow the competition away. To learn more about the Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, head to




Apple envisions stylus with extendable, multitouch nib

Outlined in a freshly-published patent filing, the nib would possess powers and abilities far beyond Apple Stylus patent filingthose of today's nibs.

Apple wants to cook up a more powerful yet sensitive stylus for your tablet.

Published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, a patent filing dubbed simply "Input Device Having Extendable Nib" sees the nib of the stylus as the key to its power. The nib would be able to extend, thereby offering different capabilities based on its length.

At its smallest length, the nib would have a limited number of areas through which it could interact with a tablet. But extending the nib would increase the number of multitouch points, giving it the ability to create strokes of different colors, widths, and formats.

For example, the more portions of the nib in contact with the screen, the greater the size of the output. A longer nib might also be more flexible, feeling less like a pencil or pen tip and more like a paintbrush.



March 19, 2014

A 2-in-1 laptop or two separate devices: Which makes sense for you?

Since the launch of Windows 8 in October 2012, PC makers have been pushing convertible and Microsoft Surface 2detachable laptops, also referred to as 2-in-1s, harder than ever. These versatile PCs aim to provide the functionality of a laptop and a tablet in one device. There are so many of these devices, and so many varying designs, that we wrote a separate story, "New Windows computers offer appealing alternatives to traditional laptops," to help you (and honestly, us) keep them straight.

It's easy to be drawn in by the allure of a single device that can serve as a laptop for productivity and writing e-mails at home and work, and a tablet for scrolling through Facebook, surfing the Web, or playing Candy Crush Saga while you're commuting or lying in bed.

But opting for a convertible or detachable PC, rather than a separate laptop and tablet, involves some inherent compromises. And believe it or not, it could be cheaper to buy two separate devices than a 2-in-one. For many, a separate tablet and laptop may be a better choice. Here are some pros and cons.




iPad Switch Out Takes On Samsung's New Tablets
The Mac Observer

Apple dropped the iPad 2 as its lower priced tablet on Tuesday and replaced it with the formerly iPad 4discontinued fourth generation iPad with Retina Display. Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um thinks that was a smart move because it puts Apple in a better competitive position against Samsung and its new Galaxy TabPRO product line.

The fourth generation iPad is available with 16GB RAM, Apple's A6X processor, faster graphics, a 5 megapixel front-facing FaceTime HD camera, a rear-facing camera that can capture 1080p video, and a Lightning connector instead of the older 30-pin Dock Connector. The WiFi-only model costs US$399, and the WiFi plus LTE model is priced at $529.

Mr. Um said, "The price reduction comes at a time where Samsung is launching a new Galaxy TabPRO line priced at $499 (Model 10.1/16GB/Wi-Fi) and positions Apple to be more competitive in regards to pricing."

Apple's pricing for the fourth gen iPad comes in under Samsung's new tablets. While the iPad may be an older model, its features and price point, coupled with the brand recognition and cool factor Apple has, could be enough to draw in new customers that would otherwise consider Samsung's Galaxy TabPRO line.



Why Microsoft Office for iPad can propel Apple's stock price past $550

Apple is getting another helping hand from its old savior, Microsoft . AAPL has been in the doldrums lately but I can see the share rising above $550 again soon. Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new CEO, will most likely announce the release of Microsoft Office for the iPad this coming March 27.

Rumor or not, this report of Office-for-the-iPad boosted MSFT's price by as much as 5%. It is therefore likely that once Apple iLoyalists start perking up on this latest industry buzz, AAPL can rally past $550 again soon. It may even soar higher if the report proves true next week.

Like millions of iPad owners, I have been waiting for years for Microsoft to deliver its precious Office suite to the world's best-selling tablet. Nadella's decision to port its productivity suite to the iPad will really maximize the use of Apple's tablet in the corporate environment.

Whether at home or at work, Apple's free document creation apps and other third-party solutions like Quickoffice Pro just don't match up to the convenience of using industry-standard Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.




March 18, 2014

Microsoft's Surface 2 with AT&T 4G LTE Now Available for $679

Starting today you can purchase a Microsoft Surface 2 – 64GB with  4G LTE for AT&T,  (4G LTE is not available on the Surface 2 Pro) 

Thin, light tablet with up to 10-hour battery life1, now cellular-capable. Microsoft Surface 2 4GB LTE

At just 1.49lbs, and pre-loaded with Office 2013 RT (now with Outlook), Surface 2 lets you carry less while you do more. Light in your hands, but loaded with improved sound and picture, a faster processor, and extra offers. And now you can use it anywhere you’ve got cell service on the super-fast AT&T 4G LTE network.

Now cellular capable

You don’t have to be near a Wi-Fi connection to be able to get the most out of your Surface. Now anywhere you can get a cell signal, you can get online. Surface 64GB LTE comes with a SIM card and all you need to do is follow instuctions on the AT&T AllAccess app to setup a data plan.9

4GB 4G LTE $679





Apple Drops iPad 2, Brings Back 4th-Gen Model at $399

Apple is now selling the 4th-generation iPad for $399 with 16 GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity, or iPad Retena$529 with 4G LTE, essentially replacing Apple’s iPad 2 in the lineup.

The 4th-generation iPad debuted in 2012, but disappeared last fall, when Apple launched the iPad Air. At the time, most pundits agreed that the iPad 2 was a bad deal at $399, especially when you could get an iPad Mini for $100 less, or a state-of-the-art iPad Air for $100 more. Still, the iPad 2 remained popular, and had appeal for education and point-of-sale markets where the latest technology is less important.

But perhaps Apple was just clearing inventory, and is now ready to move on to selling a newer, better iPad in the $399 slot. It’s definitely worth considering as a cheaper alternative to the iPad Air; both tablets have Retina displays, fast processors and similar camera quality. The biggest difference between them is weight and thickness, and the inability to get more than 16 GB of storage with the 4th-generation model.



Microsoft May Introduce Office for Apple's iPad Next Week

At an event next week, newly appointed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is expected to announce a version of the company's popular Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Apple's iPadMicrosoft Office tablet devices

Microsoft may finally introduce a version of its Office software suite for Apple’s iPad devices at an event next Thursday, according to multiple reports.

Sources close to Reuters, ZDNet and The Verge have said Microsoft’s about to introduce a suite of Microsoft Office applications designed for the Apple tablet. The suite is expected to include Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft officials have not confirmed the reports.





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You can't buy your way onto the List. You Can't Apply for it. You have to Earn it.


Asking which model is the Best Tablet PC is like asking what flavor of ice cream is best:

Everyone has their own opinion.
  Which ever tablet offers the features that best suit your needs is the best tablet for you.


What is a Tablet PC?

Tablets: Touchscreen, lightweight products that offer mobility, such as Apple's iPad. The devices' diagonal screen size is about 7 inches -- bigger than the "phablet," a combination smartphone and tablet device -- to about a 12-in. screen diagonal. Tablets used to be distinguished not only by their size and touch, but also by their operating systems, which were different from those on full-fledged PCs. Microsoft's entry into this space with a full version of the Windows OS has changed the definition.

Slate Tablet PCs

Slate Tablet PCs have no lid or keyboard, which makes them slim and lighter in weight compared to most convertible Tablet PCs.   You can hold a slate Tablet PC in one hand and write on the screen with the other hand—like a clipboard. If you want to use an external keyboard and mouse, you simply attach them to the Tablet PC. A slate Tablet PC can rest easily in the crook of your arm while you write so that you can take notes, fill out forms, or read and write an e-mail with ease while on the go, sitting in a meeting or class, or relaxing on your couch. You can also lay it flat on a table or desk to do your work.

Tablet PCs

You can use a tablet pen to select, drag, and open files, browse the Internet, draw freehand diagrams, add numbers and symbols, and more.

On some Tablet PCs, you can also interact with the screen by using your finger. Most Tablet PCs are small or moderately sized. They range from 2 to 4 pounds and have screens that range from 8 to 15 inches. There are two types of Tablet PCs: slates and convertibles.


Convertible Tablet PCs

Convertible Tablet PCs are notebooks that give users the best of both worlds by allowing them to be used in either in tablet mode or laptop mode.

In laptop mode, you can use the integrated keyboard and mouse or the tablet pen to navigate and write.

To use it in tablet mode, you rotate the screen and lay it flat over the keyboard so that you can write on it like a clipboard. Both positions enable you to work and write with a tablet pen.


The Apple iPad 

Is fine for surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books.  If your home on the sofa, traveling or out and about it's an easy way to stay in touch.

However, if you need  to use your PC apps like, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Dreamweaver or view a web site that is flash based... your out of luck.  There are no USB ports on an iPad and the only way to install programs is through the iTunes store.