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Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Product of the Month
March - April 2007 

by Linda A. Epstein

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro

the most asked about accessory from the 2006 List for Santa

An investment in good quality earphones is an investment in your long term hearing

It's no secret that I'm a amateur audiophile.   I cant remember when it started, somewhere about the age of 12 or 13 I think.  And through the years both my fascination and my passion for high end audio has continued to grow.  My dad was in the business, and today my best friend of over 19 years in in the business so I've been surrounded by great sound for most of my life, so it take a lot to impress me in that area.

You know your getting something special when you see the custom road case the 10 Pros are packaged in

The The sound quality of the Ultimate Ears 10 Pro is very impressive!   The base, treble and midrange sounds are clean clear and well defined. The overall sound is smooth and there is no noticeable distortion.  These are the most amazing earphones I have ever heard.  And with their blue metallic coloring, they look good too!

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro

I've used the triple.Fi 10 pro with Jet Blue in flight audio on flights between California and New York, Kingston's K-PEX100 MP3, the Lenovo X60s Tablet PC running Vista Business, THe HP tx1000 Entertainment Tablet PC, the Tablet Kiosk eo UMPCS, a Samsung Q1, Gateway M280E Tablet PC and my Dell media Center PC which is running Vista Ultimate.    While the triple.Fi 10 pro can't make a device with bad sound, sound good, it does makes devices with great sound, sound even better.

The 10 Pro are noise isolating ear phones that incorporate 3 individual speaker and three drivers, one for low frequencies and another for middle and high frequencies into each earpiece, which is what makes the 10 Pro stand out from other earphones.

Quality comes at a price, but its a worth while investment that is guaranteed to improve the listening experience on all of your portable devices.

Product Details
  • Blue Metallic
  • 3 individual balanced speakers
  • Recording Engineer Studio-Reference Quality Sound
  • Noise Isolating Design
  • Comfortable and Secure Ear Loops
  • Includes Universal Fit kit and metallic travel case to store earphones

Ultimate Ears is best known for their custom earphones such as their UE-10 Pro which are used by rock and roll artists all over the world.   The custom fitted  UE-10 Pro is the ultimate earphone for those who want the best in both comfort and sound when listening to their portable devices.  Click here to see the numerous artists currently using Ultimate Ears.

It is becoming more and more common to see people walking around wearing earphones, why?  Because today's electronic devices such as i Pods, MP3 players, the Sony PSP, Tablet PC, UMPC's , portable DVD Players, notebook computers, airplanes and even some cell phones have audio out jacks that all allow the users to connect earphones for personal listening. 

It never fails to amaze me when that the high end of the products mentioned above ship with with the least expensive and worst sounding earphones available, rather than with earphones that enhance the listening experience. 

All ears are not alike and neither are all earphones or earbuds.  For those who have never used anything other than the ear phones included with their portable audio equipment, switching any of the Ultimate Ears 10 Pro will be a major improvement, switching to the 10 Pro  will maximize your listening pleasure.     


Listening to music and watching a movie with Ultimate Ears 10 Pro and the new HP tx1000


What's in the Box:

  • 10 Pro Earphones-includes 46" cable, cable adjustor and gold plated 1/8" input plug
  • Metallic Travel Case
  • 1/4" adaptor jack
  • Sound Level Attenuator
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Universal Fit Kit- includes 6 single flange silicone
    (2 small, 2 med, 2 large), 2 dual flange silicone and 2 standard foam eartips
  • User Guide
  • 2 year Warranty
Ultimate Ears What's in the Box


From the Ultimate ears web site:

For over ten years, Ultimate Ears® has been designing custom ear monitor products for your favorite professional musicians for use on stage and in the studio. Musicians put their hearts, their souls, their breakups, their memories and their passions into every song and they count on Ultimate Ears® products to get the most of out of their music. Our universal products were developed so that you too can hear music the way it is meant to be heard!

If you love music and want to hear every nuance and musical layer like a professional sound engineer, then you need the 10 Pro™ earphones. The 10 Pro™ earphones offer the most detailed and sonically rich experience when listening to any style of music. The 10 Pro™ is Ultimate Ears® latest technological breakthrough making this our only 3 individual speaker professional earphone product. These earphones also incorporate all the best features that Ultimate Ears® universal products have to offer including pro-style ear loops that secure your earphones in place and a universal fit kit with ear tips that maximize your comfort and increase noise isolation from the sounds around you. The 10 Pro’s also come with a metallic protective travel case, sound attenuator and ¼” adaptor jack. Now your head is a world class recording studio. But don’t take our word for it – hear the difference!


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • metallic blue color ensures you wont get them mixed up with someone else's earphones
  • includes personalized road case, metal carry case an assortment of tips to fit every ear
  • includes1/4 gold plated adapter jack and Sound level Allenuator so you can use them on a plane and with audio devices that require the larger adapter
  • Limited Edition


  • Quality like this isn't inexpensive.

In Conclusion:

Comfortable and portable, the Ultimate Ears 10 pro give new meaning to the term quality earphones.

Ultimate Ears Logo

Click here to Purchase the Ultimate Ear 10 Pro



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