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The Tablet PC Launch

November 7, 2002



To say that the Tablet PC Launch in NYC was overwhelming would be an understatement..... will have news and reviews on the hardware and software presented at the launch in the coming weeks. I can tell you that both the the Hardware and software far exceded expectation.

TabletPc2 will be posting more detailed photos and reviews after the products arrive and I have a chance to test them for myself. For now I can tell you that with their 12.1 inch displays and available accessories the Motion M1200 Tablet PC from Motion Computing, the Portégé 3500 from Toshiba and the PaceBlade Technologies Pacebook were standouts in crowd of Tablets on display at the NYC launch. Depending on individual needs there will be Pro's and Con's to every Table PC, but for now the only Con's I've come across in these three is that I didn't get to bring them home with me.

ball Motion M1200 The Innovative design separates this Tablet PC from the pac
ball PaceBlade Pacebook Only Tablet with Touch screen Technology
ball Toshiba Portégé 3500 Convertible Tablet with a 12.1 inch display

The Motion M1200tablet pc 2 logoOne Very Cool Tablet!

Who is Motion Computing you ask? The name may not be familiar to you (yet), but when you combine the available configurations, the array of available accessories with the innovative design of their M1200, if it performs as well as it looks its going to be hard to beat. That said, I think its its safe to say that Motion is going to give the established names in computing more than a little competition in the Tablet PC market.

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