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January 2018



January 1, 2018


Happy New Year 2018




January 2 , 2018

Asus Transformer Pro T304UA: A well-priced 12.6-inch Surface Pro clone

Microsoft's regular updates and additions to its range of Surface devices provides plenty of incentive Asus Transformer Pro T304UAfor its OEM partners to refresh their own hybrid laptop/tablet products. The latest version of the Asus Transformer Pro (T304UA) provides a good alternative to the Surface Pro range for business users who need a versatile and affordable device that can function as both a laptop and a tablet.

The 12.6-inch Transformer Pro T304UA makes a good first impression, with the tablet and bundled keyboard already magnetically connected and lifting easily out of the box with a combined weight of just 1.18kg. There's a stylus included too, whereas Microsoft's Surface Pro only provides a keyboard and stylus as optional extras.




Roamit app lets you quickly transfer files from Android to Windows
Android Community

You may be enjoying your Android phone and tablet for both personal and work use but sometimes Roamit Appyou’d wish you can just easily sync them with your Windows-powered laptop. Cross-platform isn’t always easy especially between Windows and Android but there’s an app for that. Roamit is a new program that allows one to synchronize clipboard content, share links, and share files via Wi-Fi. With Roamit, you can now connect your Android device and Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile-powered computer.

Roamit isn’t an official app developed by Microsoft but it’s now available on the Play Store for FREE. Developer KandH made sure this app can be used on all Android devices. It allows web continuity so you can read web pages on your phone, tablet, or Xbox. All you need is a local network and the app to share files and photos between your smartphone and other devices. If you need to share some files, you can do so from the app to any other device that supports the system.



January 3 , 2018

Samsung's “Rollable OLED” Tablet LEAKS In Patent Filings
Know Your Mobile

Samsung's “Rollable OLED” Tablet

Samsung is working on truly flexible designs for its next-generation tablets

The tablet space is more or less dominated by Apple. Most other players have thrown in the towel, admitting defeat, but ALL this could change in 2018 with the rise of completely new form factors. And Samsung could well be leading the charge with its truly flexible tablet designs.

We’ve known about Samsung’s plans for folding devices for years. The Galaxy X has been rumoured since around 2014. But newly leaked images from a Samsung patent show a rather innovative-looking design for a fold-up tablet device.

A Scroll-Style Tablet… The Samsung Scroll

Filed in Mid-June, the tablet device, if you could call it that, features a metallic unit that houses a slide out, completely flexible display. The design looks a lot like a scroll, so we could well see the nomenclature reflect this when the device eventually surfaces.




Lenovo Ideapad Miix 520 review: A superb Windows tablet

The Lenovo Ideapad Miix 520 aspires to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro, and it checks nearly all of the boxes: excellent performance; a bright, high-resolution display; and a comfortable typing Lenovo Ideapad Miix 520experience. Only in battery life does it fall well short. Nevertheless, the Miix 520 is a great alternative to the pricier Surface lineup.

As Windows tablets coalesce toward the 12.2-inch panel size used by the Miix 520, comparing them is all about tradeoffs. The Miix 520, which is currently available in only one configuration (currently about $990 on Amazon), upgrades the typical tablet display from 1080p to a 1920x1200 panel. But that higher resolution affects battery life, as you’ll see later in our tests. The other major features are detailed below., 

Lenovo Miix 520: Basic specs and features
  • Display: 12.2-inch (1920x1200) IPS
  • Processor: Intel 1.6GHz Core i5-8250U  (Kaby Lake-R)
  • Graphics: Intel 620 (integrated)
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 (2,133MHz)
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Ports: 1 USB 3.0 (Type C), 1 USB 3.0 (Type A), microSD, headphone jack
  • Wireless: 802.11ac (2x2), Bluetooth 4.1
  • Cameras: Front (5MP, fixed-focus) Rear (8MP, autofocus)
  • Battery: 39Wh
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Dimensions and weight: 11.8 in. x 8.1 in. x 0.4 in., 0.6 in. with keyboard; 1.9 lb (tablet), 2.72 lb (with keyboard), 3.06 lb (tablet, keyboard plus charger)
  • Price as reviewed: $999

Unlike Microsoft, Lenovo bundles the detachable keyboard as well as a stylus, known as the Active Pen 2. 




January 4 , 2018

Lenovo announces new 10-inch Windows tablet
MSPoweruserLenovo Tablet 10

At CES 2018, Lenovo today announced Tablet 10, a new 10-inch Windows tablet targeting enterprise customers. Tablet 10 is actually a detachable that comes with a keyboard base. It is powered by Intel Celeron N Series processors that will benefit vertical applications such as healthcare and retail. To support easy authentication in retail scenarios, it features fingerprint reader and discrete Trusted Platform Module for business-class protection.

Like other ThinkPad tablets, Tablet 10 also comes with an integrated rechargeable pen, up to 9 hours of battery life and Wireless WAN support.

Lenovo has yet to release pricing on the Tablet 10.



January 5 , 2018

Windows Meltdown-Spectre fix: How to check if your AV is blocking Microsoft patch

Antivirus firms are playing patch catch-up, as Microsoft releases Meltdown firmware updates for Surface devices.

Antivirus firms are gradually adding support for Microsoft's Windows patch for the Meltdown and Spectre attack methods that affect most modern CPUs.

As Microsoft warned this week, it's not delivering its January 3 Windows security updates to customers if they're running third-party antivirus, unless the AV is confirmed to be compatible with it.

Microsoft's testing found some antivirus products were producing errors by making unsupported calls into Windows kernel memory, resulting in blue screen of death (BSOD) errors.

Third-party Windows antivirus products need to support Microsoft's security update and set a Windows registry key for customers to receive the update via Windows Update.

Microsoft hasn't said which antivirus products are compatible beyond its own Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. However, security researcher Kevin Beaumont has created a public spreadsheet that may help IT admins prepare for installing Microsoft's mitigations for the attack techniques that affect CPUs from Intel, AMD and Arm, albeit to differing degrees.




January 8 , 2018


Apple should do more to curb growing smartphone addiction among children, two major investors in the iPhone maker said Monday.

In an open letter to the technology giant, New York-based Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, highlighted increasing concern about the effects of gadgets and social media on youngsters.

"There is a developing consensus around the world including Silicon Valley that the potential long-term consequences of new technologies need to be factored in at the outset, and no company can outsource that responsibility,” the letter said.

The letter cited various studies and surveys on how the heavy usage of smartphones and social media negatively affects children’s mental and physical health. Examples include distractions by digital technologies in the classroom, a decreased ability of students to focus on educational tasks, and higher risks of suicide and depression.

Among the proposals: establish an expert committee including child development specialists; offer Apple’s vast information to researchers; and enhance mobile device software so parents have more options to protect their children’s health.




January 9 , 2018

CES 2018

Snapdragon-Powered Lenovo Miix 630 Boasts 20-Hour Battery

The Lenovo Miix 630 is a Windows tablet powered by a smartphone processor that promises an always-on LTE connection and excellent battery life. Lenovo Miix 630

With a starting price of $799, the Lenovo Miix 630 detachable Windows tablet is on the cheaper end of a brand-new crop of PCs that run power-sipping Qualcomm Snapdragon processors rather than CPUs from Intel or AMD.

The Miix 630, announced on Monday here at CES, looks nearly identical to the Chinese electronics giant's other detachable Windows tablets, such as the Miix 520$999.99 at Lenovo. It's got a 12.3-inch full HD (1,920 by 1,080) touch screen that's fortified with Corning Gorilla Glass. There's a kickstand built into the back of the tablet for propping it up when the keyboard is attached, and the whole thing weighs just under three pounds.

Where the Miix 630 differs from other convertibles is its CPU, a Snapdragon 835. That's the same unit that powers high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, which translates into a compelling blend of performance and battery life. Lenovo boasts that the Miix 630 will last up to 20 hours between charges. Even better, that estimate assumes that you'll use your device as you would a smartphone: rarely turning it off and accessing the internet both via Wi-Fi and the included LTE modem.




“The world's most powerful convertible PC” headlines HP's CES 2018 line-up

HP has thrown down the gauntlet at this year's CES, unveiling what it claims is the most powerful convertible PC currently available anywhere in the world.HP Spectre x360 15

Part of its popular Spectre line, the HP Spectre x360 15 is aimed squarely at creators of high-quality digital content. In addition to a 15.6-inch 4K UHD display, the x360 15 packs up to 16GB of RAM for editing large photos or video files, a dedicated Radeon RX Vega graphics card for speedy video encoding and a powerful Intel i7 8705G CPU for responsive performance across all manner of computing tasks.

As a device designed for portability, the Spectre x360 15 doesn't skimp on the battery life, either, with HP touting up to 12 hours of battery life plus Fast Charge Technology capable of recharging the battery from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, this kind of power doesn't come cheap, with pricing for the HP Spectre x360 15 starting at $3499 and increasing depending on your chosen configuration. HP will sell the x360 15 directly from its own website and via Harvey Norman, with availability due to be announced in the coming weeks.



January 10 , 2018

One of the hottest high-end laptop comparisons we made in 2017 was when pitting the HP Spectre x360 against the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Both are seriously top-tier notebooks with a tonne of fantastic features and enough performance to rival even decently powerful desktops in a variety of applications. While the Surface Book 2 may have won the day, that may not be the case forever. In 2018, HP is back with a vengeance with a second generation of its Spectre x360 15.

Can the new Spectre with uprated processor and graphics help it come out on top in a brand new head to head? Are the Surface Book 2’s days numbered before it’s even had the chance to gloat? Let’s find out


HP Spectre x360 15 (2018)HP Spectre x360 15

 Microsoft Surface Book 2 15-inchMicrosoft Surface Book 2

Dimensions 14.1 x 9.8 x 0.76 (in) 13.5 x 9.87 x 0.56-0.90 (in)
Weight 4.62/4.72 pounds 4.2 pounds
Keyboard Full-size, island-style backlit keyboard Full-size backlit keyboard
Processor Eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8550U / eighth-generation Intel Kaby Lake-G Up to eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8650U
RAM Up to 16GB 16GB
Graphics Nvidia GeForce MX150 w/2GB of VRAM / AMD RX Vega M GL Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 w/ 6GB of RAM
Display 15.6-inch WLED-backlit touchscreen 15-inch LED-backlit display with IPS technology
Resolution 3840 x 2160 3240 x 2160
Storage Up to 1TB PCIe M.2 SSD Up to 1TB PCIe SSD
Networking 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2
Ports 1 USB 3.1 Type-C, 1/2 Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C, 1 USB 3.1 Type-A, 1 HDMI, 3.5mm headphone/mic jack, SD card reader 2x USB Type-A ports, 1 Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, 2x Surface Connect ports, SD Card reader
Webcam HP Wide Vision full HD infrared Camera 5.0MP 1080p front-facing camera, 8.0MP 1080p rear-facing autofocus camera
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10
Battery 84 watt-hour 90 watt-hour
Price Starts at $1,370 Starts at $2,500
Availability March (HP Store) Now (Microsoft Store)
Review Coming soon Full review: 8/10




Hands on with Lenovo's redesigned ThinkPad X1 Tablet

Earlier this week at CES, Lenovo refreshed its lineup of flagship ThinkPad X1 PCs, introducing the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tabletsecond-generation X1 Tablet. Unlike the X1 Yoga, which is a convertible, the Tablet has a detachable keyboard.

Last year's ThinkPad X1 Tablet had its limitations, all of which have been resolved this time around. For example, the first-generation model had an Intel Y-series Core processor, which offered limited performance. This year, Lenovo went all-in with an eighth-generation U-series chip.

To be clear, not only is the U-series more powerful than the Y-series in general, but the eighth-generation chips are quad-core now, meaning that they even pack a much larger punch than the seventh-gen processors. This all boils down to a massive performance increase for the X1 Tablet.




Apple now offering refurbished 10.5-Inch iPad Pro models
The iPad Guiderefurbished 10.5-Inch iPad Pro models

Apple has added refurbished 10.5-inch iPad Pro models to its online store in the US and Canada. This is the first time Apple has offered the 10.5-inch iPad as a refurbished model in the US. Currently most models and colors are available in the WiFi-only variant.

The starting price for a refurbished 64GB Wi-Fi model is $549, which $100 less than the normal $649 asking price for a new model. The 265GB refurbished model is available at $679, and the 512GB Wi-Fi version is listed at $849. New models of the same variants will set you back $799 and $999, respectively. At the time of this post, only the 512GB Cellular model is available in all four colors at $959.

Apple's refurbished products ship repackaged with a brand new battery and new outer shell. All refurbished models are tested and certified, and come with a 1-year warranty. You can extend the warranty to up to 2-years for $99 with AppleCare+ for iPad.




January 11 , 2018

CES 2018

The Best of CES 2018 

Of the thousands of new products on display at CES, these lucky 21 are the standouts that will help define the next year in technology.

After 51 years, CES in Las Vegas still manages to pack some surprises. No, I'm not talking about the rain that caused crazy floods or the two-hour blackout in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. I'm talking about 65-inch rollable OLED displays, robotic dogs, and $4,000 treadmills that deliver live workout classes on HD screens.

There were far less phones and tablets than we saw a few years ago, but more and more companies are saving those big announcements for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. Yet despite the fact that the Detroit Auto Show is just about to start, it can be argued that CES has become the greatest car tech show of the year.

Below we've gathered our favorite 21 new products and technologies from the show. Although they aren't all guaranteed to the make it to market in 2018—if ever—they represent the type of tech we hope to see in the year ahead.

Best Windows Tablet

Lenovo Miix 630

With a starting price of $799, the Lenovo Miix 630 detachable tablet is on the less expensive end of a brand-new crop of PCs that run power-sipping Qualcomm Snapdragon processors originally designed for smartphones. It's got a 12.3-inch full HD touch screen that's fortified with Corning Gorilla Glass. There's a kickstand built into the back of the tablet to prop it up when the keyboard is attached, and the whole thing weighs just less than 3 pounds. The big draw here: Lenovo claims the Miix 630 will last up to 20 hours between battery charges.




Microsoft rolling out Surface firmware updates with Meltdown, Spectre mitigations
Windows Central

Microsoft is rolling out a new round of firmware updates for Surface devices, bringing mitigations for Spectre and Meltdown in the process.

Just after the recent Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities were disclosed last week, Microsoft revealed that it would issue a set of Surface firmware updates to mitigate against the attacks, in addition to its general emergency update for all Windows users. Those firmware updates are now ready and rolling out over Windows Update for a range of surface devices.

Dated January 10, the updates are now rolling out to the Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio, Surface Book, and Surface Pro 4, according to the Surface Update History tracker. Each round of updates includes a firmware tweak to "resolve potential security vulnerabilities, including Microsoft security advisory 180002," which addresses the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.




January 15 , 2018

Lenovo ThinkPad Roadmap 2018 (With Kaby Lake-R) Has Been Leaked, Here Is What You Can To See This Year

After announcing a slew of new ThinkPads at CES 2018, including an update to its X1 Carbon 6 line that will include an optional HDR display, an internal leak has recently surfaced filling us in on more details. Originally leaked on the ThinkPad subreddit, the Lenovo ThinkPad Roadmap 2018 whilst not providing all the details; hints at the direction Lenovo may take for the rest of this year.

According to the Lenovo ThinkPad Roadmap 2018 leaked file, Lenovo will be offering more choices in its hybrid laptop/tablet ‘Yoga’ line with the L380 Yoga being positioned as the mainstream convertible ThinkPad. The roadmap also makes mention of USB type C ports (with some supporting Thunderbolt) being offered across Lenovo’s entire 2018 lineup.




January 16 , 2018

Fujitsu Releases 20 New Enterprise Tablet and PC Models
MustTech News

Fujitsu  New Enterprise Tablet and PC Models

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited today announced the release of three new enterprise tablet models from two product series,

For its Fujitsu Tablet ARROWS Tab lineup of Windows tablets, Fujitsu is launching two new models of the large screen 13.3″ ARROWS Tab Q738, featuring high-performance CPUs, and the new ARROWS Tab V727/S, featuring a 12.3″ panel with a 3:2 aspect ratio capable of displaying A4-sized content.

In addition, the Portshutter Premium Attachecase software is now available as an option for custom orders of notebooks and tablets. This is a confidential data distribution software that works by converting the data so that it becomes unrecoverable, and storing it in a dispersed state using confidential distribution technology, preventing information leaks even when a PC is stolen or lost. This software can be easily deployed by setting up a file server, and it can be used on PCs, even when the user is out of the office without access to the network environment.

The Fujitsu Group is supporting customers in their workstyle transformations by expanding the functionality of its various product lineups in ways such as mobility and security enhancement.

Main Features of the New Products

1. Three lighter and thinner models with improved mobility in two ARROWS Tab series

In the ARROWS Tab Q series of high-performance large-screen tablets with 13.3″ LCDs, Fujitsu is launching the Q738/SE model for educational institutions and the Q738/SB model for enterprises, which maintain the high performance of the previous models while featuring a chassis design that is about 20% lighter and thinner(2).

The Q738/SB supports state-of-the-art technologies, such as the latest 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

The lightweight, high legibility tablet ARROWS Tab V727/S features a high luminance 12.3″ LCD optimal for giving presentations using the device. This model is the only tablet made by the Fujitsu Group to feature a 3:2 aspect ratio LCD, enabling it to display A4-sized materials in the correct proportions as-is. In addition, the new models are easier to maintain as customers can replace their batteries, thereby improving work efficiency.

Accessories are also available to serve as tablet stands, including both a portfolio cover that can hold the tablet at an easy to use angle and a cover keyboard that can be attached and removed easily with magnets.

These three models all feature a full suite of ports, including three USB ports including one Type-C, and a micro HDMI (3) port, as well as offering a number of security options, including built-in smart card or fingerprint touch sensor options, enabling them to be used as notebook replacements. The included pen can be charged almost instantly, gaining about 90 minutes of use from a 15-second charge in the pen slot in the main body of the tablet.




January 17 , 2018

Microsoft brings 15-inch Surface Book 2 to 17 more countries
The VergeSurface Book 2

Microsoft first launched its new 13- and 15-inch Surface Book 2 laptops back in November, but the larger model has only been available in the US so far. Starting today, the 15-inch Surface Book 2 will be available in 17 new countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The 15-inch Surface Book 2 includes Nvidia’s GTX 1060 graphics card, making it the first Surface laptop capable of running the latest games on the go. Microsoft has also included Xbox Wireless support, so any Xbox controller works with the larger Surface Book 2.




January 18 , 2018

Two Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablets are available for an all-time low price

Amazon's got a deal on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablets today. All of the deals are through third-party Lenovo Thinkpad with penmarketplace sellers. There are two worth looking at,with prices at $730 and $950. Both of those 2016 models are selling at the lowest prices ever on Amazon—though this isn't the first time they've been this low.

These versions of the ThinkPad X1 feature a 12-inch display with 2160x1440 resolution, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Windows 10 Pro. They also come with a detachable ThinkPad keyboard with TrackPoint and trackpad. If you've ever used a ThinkPad keyboard before, it's basically a portable version of that.

As for the individual models, the $730 version comes with a 1.1GHz dual-core Core m5-6Y57 processor, a 256GB SSD, and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. This item was most recently selling $970 before the price drop.

The $950 model, meanwhile, has a 1.2GHz dual-core Core m7-6Y75, a 256GB SSD, and 16GB of DDR3 RAM. Before the recent price drop, third-party marketplace sellers were selling it for $1032, while Amazon was aiming much higher with a price tag of $1627.

This is a daily deal, so the prices expire just before midnight on Wednesday or when supplies run out.




January 19 , 2018

Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse review: A flagship mouse worthy of the Surface name

Microsoft’s Surface Precision Mouse is a practical PC accessory for Surface owners, especially right-Microsoft Surface Precision Mousehanded ones. Over a week of use, I found the cordless, six-button mouse comfortable and precise. I wasn’t truly happy with it, however, until I downloaded Microsoft’s hard-to-find Mouse and Keyboard Center app, which includes a cool but gimmicky ability to straddle multiple PCs.

Priced at $100 (sometimes discounted on Amazon), the Surface Precision Mouse is Microsoft’s flagship PC peripheral. As such, it’s the direct competitor to the Logitech MX Master 2S mouse ($100 or discounted on Amazon), which offers similar features, including its own ability to leap from PC to PC.




January 22 , 2018

Surface Phone Rumors: Microsoft to Unveil Mythical Device at MWC 2018?
Christian Post

While Microsoft already announced late last year that it has killed its Windows Phone, some can't help but speculate that the Redmond-based company may still launch the mythical Surface Phone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year.

The MWC 2018 is finally happening in Barcelona from February 26 to March 1, and the perennial event in the said Spanish city may finally bear witness to the release of the long-rumored Surface Phone. Although Microsoft never really confirmed the existence of the mythical device that has been in the rumor mill for two years already, some pundits suspect that the Surface Phone is more than just a figment of the imagination.

Some opine that, despite Microsoft's confirmation last year that it has killed off its Windows Phone, there is still a possibility that the Redmond-based company is not done and over with the mobile phone market. After all, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been talking about the company's plan of releasing an ultimate mobile device. Hence, Microsoft may, indeed, unveil the Surface Phone at this year's MWC.

To the uninitiated, there have been a lot of rumors about what the Surface Phone may come with. However, of all the rumors and speculations attached to the mythical device, there is no denying that the one claiming that it will be a foldable device has been the loudest. Hence, in the event that Microsoft unveils the Surface Phone at the MWC, it is likely that it will be a foldable device, indeed.



January 23 , 2018

Lenovo introduces new Windows, Chromebook education laptops to classrooms

As part of its educational announcement yesterday, Microsoft unveiled a new low-cost Lenovo laptop Lenovo Chromebook e500running Windows 10 and priced to compete with Chromebooks in the classroom market. But, ironically, Lenovo itself was busy announcing additional new education notebooks, some of which include Chromebooks.

The device that Microsoft introduced is the 300e, a 2-in-1 system that includes pen support for the Windows version. However, Lenovo is also offering the 300e in a Chromebook edition for the same $279 starting price. The Chrome-running version lacks pen support and relies on a MediaTek MTK 8173C processor instead of the Intel Apollo Lake CPUs that the Windows 300e will ship with

Rounding out Lenovo's new offerings are pricier Windows laptops with more familiar names. The latest versions of the ThinkPad 11e and 11e Yoga are thinner and lighter and pack greater battery life than their predecessors. They also include Intel's latest N processors, and the Yoga convertible comes with a pen and integrated compartment like the 500e. To handle the drops and spills children may expose the systems to, both have been built to MIL-SPEC standards for rugged construction.




Apple was Granted 39 Patents Today covering Facial Recognition and the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard Connector and more
Patently Apple

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 39 newly granted patents for Apple Face IdApple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover two patents. The first covers the original work done on facial recognition to be used to unlock an electronic device. The second covers the Smart Keyboard's Smart Connector. We wrap up this week's granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple today.

Granted Patent: Locking and Unlocking a Mobile Device using Facial Recognition

Apple's newly granted patent covers their invention relating to a built-in camera captures one or more images, and the images are then analyzed to determine whether a user's face is present therein. If a user's face is not present in the images captured over a predetermined amount of time, the device automatically locks.

While Apple's iPhone X Face ID is far more advanced than their original patent that was filed back in 2011 and published in 2012, it laid a foundation of work towards the final authentication feature that departed from their long standing Touch ID.



January 24 , 2018

I'm a longtime MacBook user and tried Microsoft's new Surface Book 2 for a week — here's what I learned
Business Insider

  • I have used a MacBook Pro as my main computing machine for the past five years, but I switched to Microsoft's new Surface Book 2 for a week.
  • The hardware is fantastic — but you need some time to adjust and appreciate it.
  • The complexity is tied to the Windows 10 operating system, which is more flexible and intricate than macOS.

With the Surface Book 2, however, I decided to take a different approach. I fully switched to it for a Macbook and surface computersweek, using it as my primary laptop as if I had purchased it to replace my MacBook.

Here's what I learned.

The hardware is spectacular

This is the first thing that's obvious the moment you remove the plastic wrap. The cold feeling of the magnesium casing, its softly brushed texture, and the sturdiness of the device hit you right away. It's the kind of thing you would expect from Apple rather than Microsoft.

The Surface Book 2 is unlike anything else. It opens as a laptop but has a detachable screen that can turn into a tablet — you can flip it around, reattach it to the keyboard, and fold it all the way down if you want.

If you do reattach the top portion backward, you can keep it flat, perhaps for activities such as drawing, or at a 45-degree angle, which can be very comfortable if you plan to watch videos.

Any way you look at it, the 13.5-inch, 3000x2000 display is insanely gorgeous. It's sharp and detailed, with colors that pop while not being overly saturated and a slightly warmer tone than my MacBook's, making it a tad more pleasing to the eye.

Windows 10 is a great operating system that's both powerful and complex

That camera, which can enable Windows Hello, is one of the few things that begin to really separate Microsoft's and Apple's offerings.

Windows Hello is Microsoft's system that allows biometric authentications, like fingerprint reading and face scanning. The Surface Book has the latter, and in my testing, it has been consistently accurate — as well as blazing fast — in recognising me.

There's something special about opening the lid and being automatically and securely logged in to your desktop. Apple has Face ID on the iPhone X, which has worked very well in my experience — but on the laptop, it makes even more sense, as you're always looking at the screen at angles that don't require you to adjust.




January 25 , 2018

Microsoft is now selling the Commercial Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro

At an event in May, Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, a version of the OS aimed at the educational market that only allows users to run apps that come from the Store. The flagship device for the new Surface Laptop OptionsSKU of Windows 10 was, and still is, the Surface Laptop. The device came with an offer for a free upgrade switch to Windows 10 Pro, an offer that has since been extended to March.

Microsoft updated its Store listing for the Commercial Surface Laptop today, where you can actually buy one that ships with Windows 10 Pro now. While anyone should be able to buy the Commercial model, don't expect this new variant to be available as a consumer model, as this change likely reflects the needs of organizations that need a large number of devices to run Pro, but without the hassle of having to upgrade each one.

What's also interesting is that there are more color options for Windows 10 Pro than for 10 S. Up until today, the Commercial Surface Laptop only came in Platinum, but now Burgundy and Cobalt Blue are available. However, you can only get these colors if you get it shipped with Windows 10 Pro.

Microsoft is charging a premium for Windows 10 Pro though. The base model is a configuration that comes with a Core i5, 8GB RAM, and 128GB SSD (not available in a consumer SKU) costs $1,099 with Windows 10 S, or $1,199 with Windows 10 Pro. The rest of the models are marked up by either $49 or $50, which is how much a switch from Windows 10 S to Pro should cost.




Samsung sending out press invite for Galaxy S9 launch on Feb. 25

For those awaiting the launch of the Galaxy S9 with bated breath can finally heave a sigh of relief. Samsung press invite for Galaxy S9Samsung has begun sending out press invites for the event and as has been stated earlier, the phone is arriving on Feb. 25.

Worth mentioning, an earlier leak courtesy of Evan Blass had pegged the launch date at Feb. 25 with pre-order starting March 1. The leak had also mentioned shipping to start March 16. Blass claimed the dates have been revealed to him by a ‘C’ level executive engaged in a case making company.

Coming back to the press invites Samsung is sending out to the press, the card is dominated almost entirely by the letter ‘9’ which no doubt refers to it being about the unveiling of the S9 of course. But then, there also is the phrase ‘The Camera Reimagined’ which again definitely points to the biggest USP of the S9 being its camera.

That also is perfectly in line with previous rumors on this where the rear of the S9 was touted to be heavily redesigned compared to its predecessors. Among the biggest changes to be seen here is the incorporation of a dual lens camera on the S9+ while the S9 is still seen featuring a single lens camera.




January 29 , 2018

Will there be a Microsoft Surface Studio 2? #AskDanWindows Episode 38
Windows Central


This week we talk more about Andromeda, Polaris, and if there's going to be a sequel to the Surface Studio!



January 30 , 2018

Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet

Thick cloud cover, heavy rain, and blustery wind are commmonplace in New York City in January. These truly miserable midwinter days are ideal for testing the Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet (starts Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tabletat $1,909; $2,687.02 as tested). Dell claims that this detachable Windows tablet is equally at home in blinding sunlight, driving snow, extreme heat, biting cold, and pretty much anything else nature can dish out. Even better, the tablet's rugged enclosure protects pleasingly capable components, including a surprisingly bright full HD touch screen and hot-swappable batteries. And considering that rugged competitors from the likes of Panasonic and Getac fetch serious premiums, the whole package is suprisingly affordable. That makes the Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme our new Editors' Choice rugged laptop.

The Latitude 7212 isn't actually a laptop. Like the Panasonic Toughbook 33$3,311.50 at NothingButSavings from which it steals the Editors' Choice award, the Dell is actually a detachable Windows tablet, a form factor that's probably better suited to the rugged tasks its owners will often perform. With its optional keyboard cover, the Latitude 7212 can reap information in the field—pictures of malfunctioning power transformers, or perhaps data collected from a remote weather-monitoring station—and be ready to type up a quick report once you get back to your truck and attach the keyboard.



Panasonic announces new Windows 10 tablet that has been certified for use in potentially explosive environments

Panasonic today announced a new 10-inch rugged Windows 10 tablet that has been certified for use Panasonic FZ G1 ATEX Tablet    in potentially explosive environments. This ATEX certified tablet now offers 14-hours of battery life with support for hot swappable batteries. Unfortunately, Panasonic has decided to pack this device with an old 6th generation Intel Core i5-6300u vPro CPU processor, but it claims that this processor offers wide ranging compatibility and connectivity options when combined with Windows 10 Pro.

Like other Panasonic fully rugged devices, this tablet is also tested to stand up to extreme conditions with its MIL-STD 810G and IP65 ratings. It can be configured with a 2D barcode reader, GPS, micro SD, 2nd USB 2.0, wired LAN or a smart card reader.





January 31 , 2018

Apple Still Expected to Allow iPhone and iPad Apps to Run on Macs Later This Year
Mac Rumors

While multiple reports suggest Apple has decided to place a greater focus on improving the Apple iPhone & iMacperformance and security of iOS and macOS, which will delay some new features until next year, it appears the company still aims to introduce the ability for Macs to run iPhone and iPad apps later this year.

Mark Gurman and Ina Fried, reporting for Bloomberg News and Axios respectively, both claim the framework for combined apps remains on Apple's software roadmap for 2018, despite some planned iOS 12 features likely being pushed back to 2019, including a new home screen with a redesigned grid of app icons.

Apple's software engineering chief Craig Federighi reportedly revealed the plans during a meeting with employees earlier this month.

Last month, Gurman reported that developers will be able to design a single third-party app that works with both a touchscreen, and a mouse or trackpad, depending on whether it's running on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Apple would presumably also streamline its own apps on the desktop and mobile.





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