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February 2017



February 1, 2017

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: iOS CANNOT Beat Windows 10...
Know Your Mobile

Which is the TRUE laptop replacement: Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 or Apple's iPad Pro?

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4

While the spat may be over twenty years old, the duo are always clashing on new battlefields. These two tech titans once crossed swords over desktop and laptop personal computers, but now it's all about mobile; smartphones, tablets, and software and service ecosystems. Up until now, however, Windows devices haven't fared as well against iOS-based hardware (or Android, for that matter), so much of Apple's fight in the mobile space has been against Google.

But where Microsoft has really excelled, at least, conceptually, is in its vision of how computing machines will function in the future. It saw that people will eventually want dualistic machines, a tablet and a laptop in one, and set about unifying its OS and developing its Surface line of products. And while it took awhile for Microsoft to lock-down the design and functionality, the company’s Surface Pro 4 is arguably in a league of its own in this market niche.




February 2, 2017

How To Watch the Super Bowl on a Tablet
Tablet PC Review

Super Bowl on a Tablet


Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and while the best way to watch it is on a giant TV, some people will need to use their tablet instead. Fortunately, setting this up will be a snap … here’s how.

Fox is the only place to watch the battle between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Engand Patriots, and the network has made it easy for any tablet user to tune in. All they need is the iPad, Android, Windows, or Kindle Fire version of the free FOX Sports GO app.

The TV network will provide hours of football coverage on Sunday, including Super Bowl LI itself with the announce team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman providing play-by-play and analysis in their fifth Super Bowl together. Lady Gaga’s halftime show, as well all the commercials, will be included. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 ET.

Accessing this livestream does not require a cable or satellite TV subscription. All that’s necessary is Fox’s app to watch the Super Bowl on a tablet. And a relatively fast Internet connection, of course.





MobileDemand, provider of the broadest array of rugged Windows tablets, have announced the Rugged Windows Tabletsaddition of two enhanced, next generation Windows® devices. The 10.1-inch xTablet T1550 and the 8-inch xTablet T8540 are engineered specifically for the mobile workforce, where productivity is a priority and device downtime is not an option. MobileDemand is the leading rugged tablet innovators, proving their dedication to providing the right tools for the job.

These next generation devices have many features that set them apart from comparable devices.  The line of tablets come standard with features and functions that businesses demand, such as carrying options and barcodes scanning capabilities.

Inventory tracking and POS have never been easier with the optional 1D or 2D barcode scanner, available in the xTablet T1550. With the integrated scanner automating the tracking and identification of assets throughout the supply chain can take your business to new heights. The enhanced xTablet T1550 and xTablet 8540 set the standard to provide value for performance, ruggedness, functionality and price.

The xTablet T1550 and xTablet T8540 will be available in mid-March 2017. For more information on the xTablet T1550 and xTablet T8540 please contact MobileDemand by web at www.RuggedTabletPC.com or by phone at 319.363.4121.




February 5, 2017


Congratulations to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots!

Superbowl 51

Super Bowl LI
today, 3:30 PM on FOX
NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas



February 6, 2017

Lenovo Miix 510 is a great alternative for the Surface line
Madd Apple News

Lenovo Miix 510

Lenovo is coming with something new on the market. The new Miix 510 seems to be a clone for the Surface Pro 4.

Lenovo seems to attack a market where Microsoft dominates silently. The Surface Pro 4 is a combination of a powerful OS in Windows 10 and elegant hardware.

The 12.2" Lenovo Miix 510 is the 2-in-1 PC that adapts to every moment. With its sleek design, unique watchband hinges, and outstanding performance

The new Miix 510 comes with a 12.2-inch screen, which is attached by Lenovo’s unique watchband-like hinge is also met on the Yoga 900 series laptops. With this incredible hinge, it allows users to tilt the screen back up to 170 degrees.

Lenovo’s watchband hinge is combined with the magnetic detachable keyboard folio cover, which was inspired from Microsoft’s model.

With this great combination, people will be able to type comfortably on a desk or slightly uncomfortably on their lap.

The new Lenovo Miix 510 has 1.5 millimeters of key travel, which is good. However, the main attraction at this keyboard is that it comes with a backlight feature. This means that people will be able to type without any problems in darker rooms




Huge Discount on Surface Pro 4; Microsoft Offering Up To $200
Racing Junky

While the rumour mill is churning out more and more information about the upcoming Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4Microsoft has now hinted about the arrival of the new tablet. Microsoft is giving hefty discounts on its existing Surface Pro 4 series to clear out the inventory, making way for the new model.

Some of the models of the Surface Pro 4 have got a discount of $200. Two models of the Surface Pro 4, one with Intel Core i5 and 128 GB storage and the second one with Intel Core m3 and 128 GB storage, will be receiving the said discount. This will bring down the price of the former to $799 and the latter to $699 from their original retail price of $999 and $899 respectively.




Best iPad Pro Deal: Target Offers $150 Discount On 9.7-Inch 32/128/256 GB iPad Pro Models
Tech Times

It's not Black Friday but it does not mean Apple fans cannot find great deals for the only tablet in the world they love. One of the best tablet deals worthy of one's time and hard-earned dollars at the moment is Target's 9.7-inch iPad Pro offer.

iPad Pro Sale At Target

The entry-level variant of the smaller model of the iPad Pro with 32 GB storage usually starts at $599 but Target has slashed the price tag by $150. This means you can grab the tablet for just $450. It's still pricier than the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 4 but you're getting a more potent tablet.

The iPad Pro comes with retina display with 2,048 x 1,536 resolution. Brain power comes from an A9X chip with 64-bit desktop class capabilities. For those who love good cameras, the iPad Pro does not disappoint with its 12-megapixel main clicker that's able to capture 4K video. It also comes with a 5-megapixel HD front camera that's perfect for FaceTime. Of course, the tablet's compatible with the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil.

CNET first spotted the deal, which is only available in-store. The Target iPad sale started Sunday and will last until Feb. 11, Saturday.




February 7, 2017

Lenovo's affordable Yoga A12 hybrid has a touchscreen keyboard

Lenovo’s Yoga Book made waves when it came out last year, surprising everyone with its digital Halo Lenovo Yoga A12 hybridkeyboard that eschewed standard physical ones. The company’s now pushed the tablet’s most unique component to another slate dubbed the Yoga A12.

The Yoga A12 strikes a different path for itself since it belongs to the affordable category rather than the premium one the Yoga Book inhabited. It’s been slapped with a $299 (roughly Rs 20100) price tag, effectively bringing the unique Halo keyboard to a new segment of consumers.

Lenovo’s tablet-laptop mashup is meant specifically for Android lovers looking for a device that blends the mobility of smartphones with the productivity features of a PC. Portability is key, with Lenovo touting the offering’s 5.4mm thickness and less than 1kg weight. Like other members of its lineup, it’s 360-degree hinge can be twisted into 4 different modes.




Microsoft's Surface Hub gets a subscription option for business users

Similar to its Surface as a Service offering, Microsoft is now offering business consumers and customers the opportunity to buy and deploy the Surface Hub with a Subscription-based Model.

Citing IDC research, the firm notes that 73% of firms queried hope to purchase their tech for their businesses via subscription using the now myriad options which are now avaialble. Microsoft is taking advantage of this and offering the Surface Hub as a Service option as well as a Value Added Distributors Program for Opportunity Resellers for the Surface Hub. The former is self-explanatory, and the latter allows Surface Hub distributors to provide the same service to resellers without the resellers being tied down to long-term business commitments.

For prospective customers who aren’t quite sold on the utility the Surface Hub, Microsoft is offering them the opportunity to try out the Surface Hub for up to 30 days from February 15th in the US, the UK, Europe and Asia. This allows firms to make a more informed choice about whether they want or need a Surface Hub without the hurdles of making a large initial investment as well.




February 8, 2017

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Surface Pro 4
TNH Online

If you’ve just bought the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, you’re most likely figuring out how it works. You can do this at your own pace and time, of course, but we’d like to help you along with a few helpful tips. Surface Pro 4By keeping them in mind, you’ll increase your productivity and efficiency and finish your tasks within the shortest possible time. You’ll also make the most of your new device and get excellent value for your money.

Ready to start? Here are five Surface Pro 4 tips you should know:

Master the Surface Pen

Your Surface Pen is more than just a digital writing instrument; it can also act as a remote for your Surface Pro 4! By default, you can click on it once to open Microsoft OneNote, click on it twice to take a screenshot, and hold it down to bring up Cortana. If these aren’t ideal for you and you’d like to assign a different shortcut to each function, you can easily do so in Settings.

Know how to find Settings quickly

Speaking of Settings, you probably want to know how you can easily locate it. You’re not alone, though, since many people are used to Windows 7 or 8.1 and go through a learning curve as they adjust to Windows 10. Fortunately, finding Settings is easy. Simply click or tap on the Action Center icon (which is shaped like a square quote bubble) on the lower right part of the screen, then choose “All Settings”. Another option is to go to the Start menu and look at the lower right portion of the screen; the gear icon above the Start button will take you directly to Settings.



February 9, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: What We Think We know
Tablet PC Review

The replacement for the popular Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is right around the corner, if an unconfirmed report is correct. Details of this Android tablet are starting to leak out.Samsung Press Confrence Feb 26 2017

A rumor coming out of Asia indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be unveiled on February 26. The company has invited the press to an event that day, and the invitation includes the edge of what seems to be a tablet. A debut at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow would allow this device to be shown off to 100,000+ attendees

More Rumored Galaxy Tab S3 Specs

The Galaxy Tab S3 is allegedly going to be built around a 2.2GHz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. If the report of 4GB of RAM is correct, this computer will have 33% more RAM than its predecessor.

The device pictured in Samsung’s press invitation seems to have a USB Type-C port, an upgrade from the micro-USB port in previous tablets from this company. A 12-megapixel main camera and a 5MP rear one will supposedly also be included, and a version with built-in 4G LTE will be offered.




Reasons to be optimistic about the iPad's future

Despite a larger installed base than the Mac, customer-satisfaction scores that are “through the roof” (to use Tim Cook’s phrase), dominance in the high-end tablet market, and increasing sales to first-time iPad buyers, the iPad’s lack of sales momentum leads to a lot of skepticism about its future. Apple iPad & Macbook

I believe that the iPad, or something very much like it, will be a huge part of the future of how people use computing devices. Here are a few of the reasons why.

The iPad is a better bet for the future

Look out to 2025 and imagine a futuristic computing device made from Apple that’s larger than a phone, filling the ecosystem that currently is filled by laptops and iPads (and maybe even desktop Macs). This is a thin, light device, with battery life and sensors and other features that we can only dream about today.

For the iPad to get there, however, Apple will need to up its game when it comes to growing iOS. After all, 2025 is only eight years away; a new iPad feature or two every other year between now and then won’t get it done. iOS needs better peripheral support, more sophisticated windowing and multitasking, improvements to file handling, better support for application and system automation, and a whole lot more. But if Apple puts the work in, the iPad could be that device in 2025–and still clearly be recognizable to a visitor from 2017 as an iPad.



February 13, 2017

Apple iOS Can't Beat Window's Windows 10 Tablet, That's Why iPad Pro Can't Beat Surface Pro

Microsoft's Surface Pro rides in the highest hype right now, with Surface Pro 5 coming. Apple, on the other hand, is trying to play the spear game with its iPad Pro. Apple's iPad Pro has seen powerful Microsoft Surfaceimprovements from iPad, but still, Apple's sales went down 20%. What might be the reason?

Specs-wise, the clear winner according to Know Your Mobile is Microsoft Surface Pro. Apple's iPad Pro is a beast on its own, with 32/128GB of storage ad 64bit A9X/M9 processor. Add 4 GB RAM and iOS 9.1, it is a beasty computing machine.

iPad Pro comes with iOS 9.1 and Surface Pro comes with Windows 10.  iOS 9.1 is a good OS for mobiles and tablets while Windows 10 is designed to be flexible in use. The clear winner here is Windows 10, as it is more functional when a quick laptop or desktop is wanted. According to Auto World News, the Windows 10 OS is capable of running desktop-class apps while iOS 9 does have a lot of apps, but cannot compare to a full desktop OS.



NSA Gives Thumbs Up to Microsoft Surface Tablets

National Security Agency workers can now safely use Microsoft Surface tablets devices for data mining, intelligence gathering, or more humdrum work like checking email.

Microsoft’s (msft, +0.08%) Surface tablets and the tech giant's Windows 10 operating system are now officially part of the NSA’s list of approved technologies that its employees can use when dealing with classified information.

It should be noted that as of now, the only Windows 10 devices that the NSA deems safe to use for its workers are the Surface tablets. The NSA has not yet approved other any other Windows 10-powered personal computers built by third-party vendors like HP Inc. (hpq, +0.12%) or Dell Technologies to its list of sanctioned devices.




February 14, 2017

Surface Pro 5 release date, price, specifications rumours: New Microsoft tablet might launch at MWC 2017 with Surface Dial
PC Advisor

Everyone is waiting for an official announcement of the next Surface Pro, but right now, the Pro 5 is not likely to surface (pun intended) until at least spring 2017 - March is the top tip right now and it might even happen at MWC in February. Until Microsoft takes the wraps off, we've rounded up the Surface Pro 5 release date, price and specification rumours UK.

Next possible Surface Pro 5 release date: 27 February 2017 (MWC)

Microsoft launched the Pro 4 in October 2015, so October 2016 seemed like the most probable release date for a new model. However, at its October Windows event, the new Surface hardware was limited to the new Surface Book i7 and the Surface Studio. So we're expecting the Surface Pro 5 in 2017 for starters.

The fact the next big Windows 10 update (called the Creators Update) isn't coming out until Spring 2017 has led many to speculate that Microsoft will hold back its Surface hardware until then.

The latest leak comes from a Chinese website (via Digitimes) which claims that Microsoft has given the manufacturing contract for the Surface Pro 5 to Pegatron (which also makes the Surface Studio). The report also states that the Surface Pro 5 with have a 4K display, a stylus which recharges wirelessly and that it will launch in Q1 2017. That mean the first quarter, and it's most likely that we'll see a March announcement

This is backed up somewhat by Yibada which reports (with no source) that Microsoft will announce the Surface Pro 5 at MWC 2017. The mobile focused show starts on 27 Feb in Barcelona and would be an unusual place for the launch but you never know.




Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors: Magnetic Charging Dock for Stylus in the Works?
Christian Post

The Surface Pro 5 has been highly anticipated ever since the current Surface Pro 4 has taken the Microsoft Storeconvertible laptop market by storm. It is apparent that Microsoft will need to launch the next two-in-one device with new features that will elevate it above its predecessor — and also from upcoming rival offerings from Apple and Intel.

As a device that's become immensely popular with home users and professionals alike, many are waiting to see if the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will be a proper follow-up to the current two-in-one device. Fans and watchers are currently speculating when it will release, and what new features it will be launching with — especially ones that will make it stand out from the Surface Pro 4.

The current pen, as it comes with the Surface Pro 4, is powered by triple A or button cell batteries. In the patent, Microsoft is protecting their design for two new features: a stylus that can recharge on contact with a charging terminal, and a stylus dock that can hold a pen when not in use by means of magnets.

Put the two together, with some more details from the patent application diagrams, and one can see a design for a magnetic stylus holder that doubles as a charging terminal. In the patent schematics, this magnetic styling dock looks like it can be built into one of the edges of a tablet device like the Surface Pro 5.

Another subject for rumors is the possible release date for the device -— which is commonly pegged at April 2017 as noted by TechRadar. This time frame coincides with the Creators Update for Windows 10. A line of hardware and devices are rumored to launch with the next major update for the latest Windows Operating System, with some speculation pointing out to the possibility of the Surface Pro 5 being among them.



February 15, 2017

Everything we think we know about Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3

With the Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung offered two sizes, an 8-inch model and a 9.7-inch one. According to a report from South Korea-based Naver News, the Tab S3 will reportedly narrow down those choices Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3to just the bigger size, with a 9.6-inch, 2048x1536 display. And if you like the design of the S2, you’ll love the Tab S3. Based on the rendering that has been leaked on German-based WinFuture.de, the tablet looks to be nearly identical to the S2 it will replace, with a pill-shaped home button/fingerprint scanner flanked by a pair of standard navigation buttons. However, it is expected to be thinner than its predecessor, which is only 5.6mm thick, and come in black and silver, rather than the standard white.

Power up

But while it might look like a Tab S2, the S3 will get a significant upgrade under the hood, as you’d expect from a tablet that hasn’t been updated in nearly a year and a half. It starts with the chip, and the new tablet is rumored to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, a change from the Exynos chip that was used in the S2. Additionally, it will get 4GB of RAM (up from 3GB in the S2), as well as a 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera (bumped from 8MP and 2MP, respectively). And as always, it will come in both Wi-Fi and LTE variations.

Additionally, the tablet will ship with Android 7.0 Nougat, though it's unclear whether Samsung will bring any additional features for the larger screen. One of the biggest issues with Android tablets is their lack of larger-screen features and app support, so we'll have to see what Samsung has cooked up to spice up the experience.

Have pen will travel

The most interesting addition to the year’s tablet, however, could be the inclusion of an S Pen. While it wouldn’t be the only Samsung tablet to ship with the stylus, it would be a first for the Galaxy Tab S line. Unfortunately, Sammobile has reported that there isn’t a Note-style slot for it on the device, but the tablet will ship with an S Pen in the box, which could position the tablet as a more professional companion to the upcoming Galaxy S8.




February 16, 2017

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 review: The best laptop around learns a new trick
Yahoo Finance

Dell’s XPS 13 is one of the best laptops on the market. We like it so much, we even made it one of our top picks for both 2016 and 2015. This year, though, Dell is changing things up a bit with an all-new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1model: The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1.

Yes, Dell has turned the XPS 13 into a hybrid laptop-tablet thanks to a new 360-degree-hinged display. The PC maker also lopped off some of the XPS 13’s already slim chassis and added a new webcam to the mix.

The XPS 13 2-in-1 does have a few quirks, namely the odd placement of the aforementioned webcam and a slower processor than the standard XPS 13. But overall, the XPS 13 2-in-1 ($1,299 as tested) is a solid offering that’s nearly as good as its stablemate.

The XPS 13 2-in-1 360-degree touchscreen folds smoothly, but is sturdy enough to prevent any unnecessary play when in laptop mode. Like its predecessor, XPS 13 2-in-1’s gorgeous InfinityEdge display sports ultra-thin bezels that makes it feel like you’re holding nothing more than a screen when using the system in tablet mode.

A tablet with no edges

The XPS 2-in-1’s 13-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 display is absolutely gorgeous, though not as sharp as the optional 3,200 x 1,800 panel. Still, movies looked clear and colors were radiant. The notebook’s screen is also exceptionally bright, making it easy to view if you ever happen to use it out in the midday sun.




February 17, 2017

Get $150 off the best 2-in-1 laptop we've seen — the Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Digital Trends

Any PC ends up performing best when you keep in mind how you’ll be using it before you actually Surface Pro 4make a purchase. Some are better for stationary activities, while others are completely portable, ideal for multitasking. If the latter more accurately describes your lifestyle, consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, currently available for $650 — a $150 discount — at Best Buy.

A robust PC, the Surface Pro 4 is the latest model of the series and comes packed with some noteworthy improvements. Digital Trends got its hands on the Surface Pro 4 last year and concluded that it’s a top-notch 2-in-1 PC. Highlights include an impressive new type cover, a high-performing pen, a pixel-dense display, loud and clear speakers, and strong overall performance. The screen is a notable upgrade from the Surface 3 — it’s gone from 12 to 12.3 inches — with a pixel count that’s been upped to 2,736 x 1,824, which produces more pixels per inch than the iPad Pro. Other hardware upgrades include 16GB of RAM, up from 8GB, and a base hard drive that now offers 128GB, up from 64GB.

The Surface Pro 4 runs Windows 10 Pro, Office, and other professional software, has 128 GB of storage, with extra storage capacity available via the MicroSD card slot. It has two dual cameras with autofocus: a 8-megapixel camera in the rear and a 5-megapixel camera in the front. It also has an integrated kickstand and attachable keyboard.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 normally retails for $800, but you can snag one on Best Buy for only $650, saving you $150, or 19 percent.




February 20, 2017

Microsoft Store Presidents' Day Sale: $200 off Surface Pro 4, $250 off Surface Book

Microsoft Store Presidents' Day Sale

Presidents' Day Sale



February 21, 2017

Apple reportedly set to reveal new iPad Pros, 128GB iPhone SE, and more at hardware event next month

There have been several reports of new iPads Pros arriving in the first half of this year; Mac Otakara believes they’ll be unveiled next month. It claims Apple will refresh its 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch Pro iPad Prorange, launch a new 10.5-inch Pro model, and introduce a 7.9-inch refresh of the iPad mini 4, which may also carry the “Pro” moniker.

MacRumors claims the smallest of the new iPads will feature four speakers, a 12MP rear camera with LED flash, a Smart Connector, a True Tone display, and likely come with Apple Pencil support. Additionally, all the new iPad Pros are said to come with four microphones.

The 10.5-inch Pro is said to have the same footprint as the 9.7-inch model, but the edge-to-edge design offers more screen real estate. It’s also rumored to lack a physical home button, but the top bezel will remain, albeit in a smaller version, to allow space for the front-facing camera.




February 22, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Apple iPad Pro 2 Which One Has The Upper Hand?

According to rumors and speculations, Microsoft is getting ready to launch Surface Pro 5. While the entire world is enthusiastic about this device, we know someone who isn’t. Apple is certainly not happy that Surface Pro 5 will be launched. The reason behind this statement is that Apple is also getting ready to launch its iPad Pro 2. The two devices will go head on against each other on the market. Today we’re going to take a look at what these devices will bring and see which one has the upper hand.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Apple iPad Pro 2: Hardware Power

We need to mention that everything we know so far is based on rumors and speculations, therefore everything is subjective to change. First off, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 is speculated to ship with the seventh generation of Intel Kaby Lake processors. Intel is so confident in its CPUs that it officially stated that its new i7 lineup will be fastest processors ever. Additionally, the CPU is expected to be coupled with 16GB of RAM in the premium Surface Pro 5 variant.

Both devices are complete powerhouses from a hardware performance point of view. Microsoft seems to have the upper hand with its Kaby Lake CPU, but until Surface Pro 5 and iPad Pro 2 come out we can’t be sure which one is better. Nonetheless, we will be able to settle this matter once and for all during the upcoming months when Apple and Microsoft will launch their products.




What to expect from tech giants at MWC
Korea JoongAng Daily

Last year, the Mobile World Congress, the biggest annual tech fair in Europe, declared that mobile is “everything.”

The 2017 edition of MWC, slated to kick off Monday in Barcelona, Spain, is taking that idea one step further by saying that mobile isn’t just a communication device or technology. Under the slogan, “Mobile, the next element,” the show is poised to proclaim that mobile is a force behind every emerging innovation and forward-thinking idea that will change today’s world.

“With the fourth Industrial Revolution now well under way, NEXTech will demonstrate the most forward-thinking companies and technologies currently disrupting the ICT ecosystem,” said Michael O’Hara, chief marketing officer of GSM Association, a trade body representing mobile operators worldwide. The organization has about 800 mobile operators as well as almost 300 companies as members.Samsung Remote Streaming

O’Hara said the 2017 MWC will highlight “just how elemental mobile has become in our everyday lives and the positive impact it is having for billions of people around the world.”

Samsung Electronics will showcase at the MWC Monitorless, a virtual reality solution that enables users to watch the content in a separate PC or remotely control 3D graphic image tools without a physical monitor



February 23, 2017

Surface Pro 5: Top Three Rumored Features That Will Dominate The iPad Pro 2
The Inquisitr



The hybrid market is set to be very competitive this year, with the upcoming release of powerful devices such as the Surface Pro 5 and the iPad Pro 2. While Apple’s powerhouse tablet is set to be the tech giant’s most formidable mobile device yet, Microsoft’s champion in the hybrid stage appears to be a league beyond its biggest rival. Here are three features that would allow the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to dominate Apple’s iPad Pro 2.

Kaby Lake Processors

One thing that has become synonymous with the Surface Pro series is the devices’ powerful processors. Instead of utilizing chips that are designed for mobile devices, machines such as Microsoft’s current two-in-one flagship, the Surface Pro 4, are equipped with laptop-grade processors. This means that unlike the iPad Pro 2, which is expected to come with an A10X processor, the Surface Pro 5 would most likely be released with Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake chips, according to Trusted Reviews.

Surface Dial, Keyboard, And Pen

The success of hybrid devices on the market depends largely on how effective their accessories are. With the iPad Pro 2, these would be the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, and with the Surface Pro 5, these accessories would be the Surface Keyboard and Surface Pen. If rumors are to be believed, however, the Surface Pro 5 would also come equipped with a smaller version of the Surface Studio’s Surface Dial, the all-in-one’s revolutionary tool.

The quality of the Surface Keyboard already far surpasses Apple’s Smart Keyboard, and the Surface Pen is already more than a match for the Apple Pencil. What might ultimately seal the iPad Pro 2’s fate, however, would be the inclusion of the Surface Dial, which would undoubtedly boost the productivity capabilities of Microsoft’s upcoming two-in-one. After all, the tool’s usefulness in numerous apps is undeniable, as proven by users of the Surface Studio.

Windows 10



Surface Pro 4: The Most Popular Surface Device Despite Availability Of The Surface Book
Auto World News

The popularity of the Surface Pro 4 tablet seems to be only getting stronger and stronger. This is apparently the case despite it having poor battery life, the anticipated release of the Pro 5, and the option to go for a Surface Book.

Surface Pro 4 remains a popular tablet. The Pro 4 is considered to be one of the best performance tablets in the 2-in-1 market. It can handle high-performance tasks with ease.

It is speculated that the Surface Pro 5 will be released along with the final build of the Windows 10 Creators Update this spring. This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt as the Microsoft has not revealed anything concrete on it yet.



February 24, 2017

How to watch Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 live stream on February 26th

The Galaxy Tab S3 will be unveiled during a MWC 2017 press conference on Sunday February 26th 2017 at 10:00am PST and will be live-streamed from samsung.com/galaxy.

Samsung Press Confrence




With its virtual keyboard and fantastic writing surface, the Yoga Book could be the blueprint for future laptops.

When Lenovo first announced its fancy new 2-in-1 Yoga Book at IFA in September 2016, I got a little caught up in the mad rush of excitement. “Hybrid of the future” claims were bandied about the office, and I was in full agreement. After all, this is a device that looks truly different to everything else. Now that it’s here in my hands, I’m pleased to say Lenovo has created a unique hybrid worthy of the hype.

For starters, there’s no physical keyboard. Instead, there’s a virtual one with illuminated, futuristic-looking keys that appear as though they’ve been pulled straight from an episode of Black Mirror. They vibrate when you tap them, giving a reassuring sense of haptic feedback as you type. 

This isn’t a mere aesthetic touch, as the Yoga Book’s real party trick is its ability to turn that virtual keyboard into an electromagnetic resonance (EMR) writing surface, allowing you to draw or scribble down notes with its bundled stylus. Simply press the small stylus button in the top-right corner and the illuminated keys disappear, leaving plenty of room to play. 

It’s incredibly versatile, and the lack of physical keys helped Lenovo to pare back the Yoga Book’s aluminium-magnesium-alloy chassis to a mere 9.6mm when closed, making it the world’s thinnest hybrid (or so Lenovo claims). At only 690g, the Yoga Book won’t weigh down your bag during travel either.



February 27, 2017

Hands-on Preview: Samsung Galaxy Book
PC Authority

Samsung squares up to Microsoft's Surface with twin two-in-one tablets.

Samsung came oh so close with the TabPro S.

It was supposed to be a Surface killer, a Windows 10 tablet that was just as good at desktop duty as it was as a media machine.Samsung Galaxy Book

It mostly succeeded, too - but the price was a little too high, the keyboard wasn’t the best and if you wanted to plug something in… well, you were basically out of luck.

Now it’s time for round two, and it comes with the new name. Enter the Galaxy Book, a 2-in-1 that looks to improve on the initial effort and finally shut down the Surface for good.

Does it manage it? Tough to say after only a brief hands-on session, but I definitely walked away impressed. Here’s why.


I doubt you’d find a single Surface owner that would give up their device for one that didn’t have a stylus - it really makes all the difference to artists, graphics pros and designers. It’s great for note taking, too.

That’s why the new S Pen, updated for 2017 with a chunkier barrel for better grip, makes all the difference in the Galaxy Book. It'll come bundled in the box, even though there’s no room inside either tablet to store one.

The larger barrel makes it much easier and more natural to grip, and the 4096 pressure levels worked perfectly with Adobe Photoshop. Samsung has teamed up with other big name software devs to make sure it’ll work properly at launch, so your favourite apps should play nicely with it. You still don’t need a battery, which is a big advantage over the Surface Pro, but the S Pen still comes with a shortcut button for jumping straight into Samsung’s Notes app.




Lenovo made a tablet PC for cash-strapped freelancers


Lenovo sees its new Miix 320, announced at Mobile World Congress, as a good idea for people who don't spend a whole lot of time at a desk, don't need high-end components to get their work done, particularly if that work might mean being away from an outlet for a good part of the day or night.

Available in April, the Miix 320 is a 10-inch Windows 10 tablet PC starting at just $200 (approximately AU$260 or £160). That price includes a detachable keyboard and trackpad that gives you more of a laptop experience. The whole thing measures 17.5 mm (0.7 inches) thick and weighs 1.02 kg (2.2 pounds) with the keyboard, and Lenovo claims up to 10 hours of battery life.



February 28, 2017

Porsche Design Builds Its Own Sexy Version of the Surface Book
Laptop Mag

Porsche Design has made shoes, lighters, watches and even its own phone. But now it's moving into a new category with the launch of its computing division, headlined by the exquisitely-crafted Porsche Porsche book 1 Surface TabletDesign Book One

What started life as a Surface Book has now become a fined tuned machine, thanks to Porsche Design partnerships with both Microsoft and Quantas, one of the world's largest laptop manufacturers. Engineered and built in Germany, the Porsche Design One sports a milled anodized aluminum body, hinges inspired by a car transmission and a detachable tablet body. In fact, Porsche Design says the Book One is the first laptop one the market to be detachable and have a full 360 degree rotating design.

But the Book One isn't just a pretty face, it actually improves on the design of the standard Surface Book by adding two USB-C ports (one of which has support for Thunderbolt 3), a faster 7th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU and a more accessible location for the laptop's headphone jack.

But maybe the most impressive thing is that Porsche Design isn't just playing around, it is actually going to sell this thing, not just in Europe, but in the States too. While we don't have specific U.S. pricing, Porsche has said the Book One will arrive sometime this spring for a whopping 2,975 Euros (that's about $3,150 in Uncle Sam money).  




Best laptop for design and art 2017: we test Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft's best models to find the best laptop for designers and artists
Digital Arts Online

High-quality art and design requires hardware to match. These are the 6 best laptops for Microsoft Surface Bokdesigners and artists across graphic and digital design, UX, 3D and CG – powerful, light and stylish laptops and laptop/tablet hybrids. In this feature we'll discuss the different types of laptop available to designers and artists – whether you want something small and light you can draw on or a full-spec, ultra-powerful laptop that will deal with 200-layer Photoshop files or intricate 3D models with ease.

As a creative pro, you want it all from a laptop. You want the performance that will allow you create your best work in Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, Maya or whatever your favourite design or art software is – but you also want a thin, light device that you can easily move from desk to meeting to coffee shop to the train to work as your projects demand (or as inspiration strikes)

There are four types of laptops that manufacturers sell aiming at creative pros, but we’ve stuck to the most important two here: 13-inch laptop/tablet hybrids and thin/light 15-inch laptops (there are also more-traditionally sized 15-inch laptops and 17-inch behemoths).

We'll start with general buying advice on how to choose and configure the perfect laptop. Below this we'll pick out the best models (or skip straight to the best laptops list).





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