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October 2016


October 3, 2016


Rosh Hoshanah Happy New Year



October 4, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, news, rumors: Surface Pro 5 to skip October unveiling, to be in 2017 with Intel Kaby Lake?
The Christian Times

The latest iteration, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could launch in 2017 alongside Surface Book 2 and two other Surface devices. Surface Pro 4

It has long been rumored that the next iteration of Microsoft hybrid laptop device, Surface Pro, will be released this 2016, most likely in the third or last quarter of the year. However, the month of September has passed and there is no confirmation or update from Microsoft regarding the development of Surface Pro 4's successor. Nevertheless, there is still a chance that the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled in the coming months, although it seems that it will happen in 2017.

Earlier, there were reports suggesting that Microsoft will be having a huge press event this October where the latest Surface devices, including the Surface Pro 5, will be showcased. However, according to iDigital Times, the timing of Surface Pro 5's arrival this month does not sound right. The Redmond-based tech giant may not be able to show the Surface Pro 5 until the end of the year.

According to iTech Post, one of the main reasons of the Surface Pro 5 release being delayed further into 2017 is the arrival of Intel's next generation of processor. The sixth generation Kaby Lake processor, which is said to be much powerful than the current Intel Skylake, is said to power up Microsoft's latest Surface device. The Kaby Lake processors are not expected to be shipped completely until the last quarter of the year. With this, Microsoft will have to wait for the Kaby Lake processors before they finish building the new Surface Pro.




Why Apple doesn't care about being first
Business Insider UK

Apple doesn't care if you think it's a copycat.

"It doesn't bother us that we're second, third, fourth, fifth," CEO Tim Cook recently said in a Q&A with the public. "If we still have the best we don't feel embarrassed." steve Jobs

It's a riposte to the critics who argue that Apple, for all its talk of innovation, rarely creates anything new.

The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch — these are all adaptations of already existing products. Copies, even.

But you know what? Apple doesn't care one bit.

Cook recently did an on-stage question-and-answer session for the Utah Tech Tour, and one of the subjects that came up was business strategy: How important is it that you're first to market with a new product?

For the chief exec, the answer is not at all.

There are three possible targets a business can hit, he argued: "Being the best, being the first, making the most. For Apple being the best is the most important, and trumps the other two by far."




October 5, 2016

Microsoft releases monthly firmware update for the Surface 4, Surface Book and Surface 3

Microsoft has released another set of firmware updates for the Surface Pro 4, Surface 3 and Surface Surface Pro  4, Surface BookBook devices. These updates are aimed at improving device stability and battery performance.

Here’s what’s new for both the Surface Pro and Book devices.

  • Intel(R) Precise Touch Device (v1.1.0.246) improves touch stability when the device resumes operation from sleep or hibernation.
  • Surface Integration (v1.0.97.0) optimizes screen brightness when the device resumes operation from sleep or hibernation.
  • Surface Integration Service Device (v1.0.115.0) ensures the default Balanced power plan is set correctly when the operating system is updated.
  • Surface Pen Pairing (v1.0.56.0) improves pen pairing with the device.
  • Surface Management Engine (v11.0.15.1003) improves stability and performance when you change between power states.
  • Surface UEFI (v106.1281.768.0) improves stability and performance when you change between power states.
  • Surface Integration (v1.0.103.0) improves the device usability and battery life.
  • Surface Integration Service Device (v1.0.146.0) makes sure the default Balanced power plan is set correctly when the operating system is updated.

Microsoft also released updates for Surface 3 devices on Windows 10 to improve modem stability. Should you not be on Windows 10 yet, Microsoft has you covered with an update to Intel’s USB Flash Loader utility which also improves modem stability.




October 6, 2016

Wacom's got a couple of new Windows 10 pro pen tablets

The company dates back to the days when owning a tablet meant more than just having a big phone that doesn’t take calls. And while it’s branched out into more consumer facing products through its Wacom Windows 10 tabletBamboo line, professionals have always been the company’s bread and butter.

Just to clear up any confusion, the company’s calling its pro-devices “mobile computers,” a nod to the fact that they’re targeted at artists and designers, rather than the rest of us who are just looking for a large surface on which to play Fruit Ninja.

Targeted at 2D, 3D and CAD artists and designers, the company’s new MobileStudio Pro line of Windows 10 pen computers come in six different configurations – four at 13.3-inches and two at 15.6. The devices all feature the company’s newly revamped Pen 2 input device and run full versions of Adobe Creative Cloud.

They also sport optional 3D camera and will double as a Cintiq-style device when pair with a Mac or PC via Wacom Link.



Apple iPad Pro 12.9 wins Tablet of the Year at Mobile Choice Awards
Mobile Choice

Even though phablets are slowly gaining ground at the cost of tablets, the latter are still essential iPad Prodevices for many, be it children who need to watch their favourite YouTube channels on large screens or corporate users who need more creative tools to design graphs and charts. The purpose of owning a tablet isn't always the same as owning a smartphone, which is why these devices have held their ground in a hugely competitive market.

We let our readers choose the best tablet of the year from a choice of six of the best gadgets of 2016. The results aren't too surprising..

Winner: Apple iPad Pro

Apple's first mega-tablet is a joy to behold. Brilliant design, extremely thin form factor, sharp viewing angles, a large battery and four speakers on four corners makes it not only a great multimedia device, but also a decent work device with a screen as large as that of the MacBook Pro.

While Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, split-screen view and Retina display add to its prowess, it may seem too large to handle for some so while some may go for the 9.7-inch iPad, others may go for the MacBook Pro for superior performance at work.




October 7, 2016

Microsoft will introduce a new Surface device on October 26

Microsoft October 26th Event

On the 26th day of the 10th month of the year, Microsoft will be showcasing some big Windows 10 news at an event in New York City. The company just sent out invites, and while they don’t reveal a heck of a lot about what’s going down (just a lot of backwards text), we hear that the company will be launching a new Surface device at the event — exactly what remains to be seen.



October 10, 2016

Microsoft is “very pleased” with its Surface NFL partnership, coaches love it too

Microsoft was right when Jeff Tran said that any team not using technology this year would be left behind. The director of Sports & Alliances marketing for Microsoft was referring to when the Surface Pro 4 replaced Surface Pro 3 on the sidelines for the NFL’s Superbowl 50.

In a recent feature post from Microsoft, the device was said to be praised by coaches, players, and NFL staff alike. More specifically how the Microsoft Surface had improved the ability to watch replays and share tactical data. The Surface Pro 4 provided to all of the teams is improved with a longer battery life, anti glare screen, and a solid pen. The device is also fitted to be protected against the weather. Each of the thirty-two teams even have their own unique NFL Type Cover which took nearly three years to make.




Microsoft Surface: Everything We Think We Know About New Hardware
Gotta Be Mobile

Allegedly, Microsoft has at least one new Microsoft Surface in the works. Known only as the Surface Surface Pro 4All-In-One for now, rumors indicate that this device will finally add a desktop to the company’s portfolio of devices. It’s a class it currently leaves to its hardware partners today. We’ve seen what we think are some related hardware leaks for the Surface All-In-One recently.

Here’s what we think we know about a suspected new wave of Microsoft Surface related updates and upgrades coming this fall and beyond.

Surface Pro 5

With a year now gone, some assume that Microsoft will debut a Surface Pro 5, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Not only have there been next to no rumors about the device, Microsoft has shown a willingness to adopt an 18-month long upgrade cycle for devices it believes are stable enough in the marketplace.

Citing sources with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans, All About Microsoftmaintains that the company doesn’t have plans to introduce a potential Surface Pro 5 until the next major round of Windows 10 software upgrades are ready sometime in 2017.




iPad Pro 2 Tablets Debut in Spring?; Apple to Include New Processor, Four Speakers, Headphone jack
University Herald

When the iPhone 7 was released in September, many Apple fans were hoping to see the refreshed iPad tablets or a new Macbook Pro. However, the tech giant remains mum even when many speculations detailing the tablets swirling around the web.

Apple rumor: iPad Pro 2 to have three variants, differ in sizes and processors

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has accurately predicted iPhone 7's specifications, has also made an analysis on the upcoming iPad Pro tablet. He said that one of the three Pro variants could arrive in a new size, a 10.1-inch tablet that is aimed to cater the commercial industry.

The other two would be the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch just like the current generation, Bloomberg reported. Kuo has even made an analysis of the tablet's future in 2018 by saying that Pro devices will sport OLED display.

Another source has pointed a similar speculation, stating that there could be three iPad Pro tablets but with a different set of sizes. The newer information has stated that the Pro tablets will be 7.9-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch in sizes, Makotakara reported.




October 11, 2016

Lenovo Yoga Book Could Be The Best Alternative For The New Surface Pro 5 And Surface Book 2
iTech Post

While Microsoft might still be taking its sweet time in developing the next Surface Pro devices, Lenovo has already produced a great alternative. The Lenovo Yoga Book might be too unique-looking to some, but it is still a portable device that users on-the-go will love. For people who are in a rush to buy a good hybrid laptop, the Lenovo Yoga Book could be your best bet.

It's worth noting that the Lenovo Yoga Book isn't as premium as the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. However, it's a really good 2-in-1 Windows 10 device that brings in quality performance. The device comes with a 10.1 inch IPS LED LCD touch display with 1920 x 1200 resolution. Its RAM is 4 GB and it is powered by a 2.4 GHz Intel Atom 5x processor. For the price, Lenovo's website lists it with a $549.99 price tag.


Lenovo Yoga Book Review

Despite the Yoga Book having midrange specs, it's still one of the best portable devices on the market. It is super thin and looks as classy as a premium laptop. Its flat surface that doubles as the keyboard also makes the whole device look like a computer from the future. Its display resolution is quite satisfying as well. Windows Central says that the Lenovo Yoga Book's display is just enough and anything higher than that would already be an overkill.

The Yoga Book's processor may not be top of the line, but it was still a good idea for Lenovo to use an Intel Atom processor for this hybrid device. First of all, lower-end CPU means that the device won't be too power hungry. Second, the super-thin and portable device won't lose its thinness for a bigger and better processor. Lastly, the lower-end processor of the Lenovo Yoga Book is one of the reasons why this 2-in-1 device is very affordable.




Rugged Surface Cases Flying Off the Shelf

MobileDemand is leading the way in the rugged Windows tablet industry, consistently innovating and developing new products for mobile workforce productivity. One of those innovative ideas, the rugged Surface cases, announced in February and shipping since April, have been selling at an incredible rate.  Watch the video below which shows the rapid adoption nationwide of the new Surface cases.

Equipped with multiple hand straps for easy carrying, an easel for any-angle viewing and protected ports, the rugged cases are ideal for mobile, enterprise operations. MobileDemand offers protective cases for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3 and were engineered as a participant in the Microsoft Designed for Surface Program. 





October 13, 2016

Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC Updates: Surface PC Features a Modular Design and 4K Display
University Herald

The Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC is now within our grasp. Its release date is said to be on Oct. 26 in an event that will be hosted by Microsoft. On the contrary, Microsoft has not confirmed if there is truth to this information.



The Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC is said to have a 21-inch screen with 1920X1080p resolution and also has a touch screen display. Rumors have made it known that a higher end model will have a24-inch screen which is capable of supporting 4K videos,has its resolution leveled-up to 3680x2140p. There is no confirmation yet if this device will use the Kaby Lake processor, or will it still use run Skylake. An unconfirmed information about the device is its assumed use of the Nvidia's Pascal architecture, according to Tech Radar.




Amazon Fire HD 8 Review: Hey, Not Bad for $90
Tablet PC Review

With its low price, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is a decent option for light personal use. The screen is large Amazon Fire HD 8 Tabletenough for ebooks and video, and this tablet makes a good choice for Amazon Prime subscribers. Those who aren't fans of Amazon should look elsewhere, though.

Tablets under $100 are often little more than junk, but the Amazon Fire broke that mold last year by delivering decent quality at $50. The new Amazon Fire HD 8 costs a bit more, but at $89.99 is still cheap, and it sports a larger display than last year’s model.

Its 8.4 x 5.0 x 0.4-inch shape is mostly determined by the mid-size display. That’s not pocketable, but certainly small enough to easily be carried in a backpack or purse. It comes in at 12.0 ounces, which is a touch heavy given its dimensions; still, it’s light enough to function as an ebook reader.

Fortunately, Amazon didn’t leave the microSD memory card slot out of the Fire HD 8, so users can easily hold plenty of music and video. It’s even protected behind a small plastic door so the card isn’t likely to be accidentally ejected.

A microUSB port on one of the short edges enables the tablet to be recharged, but it does more. It supports USB-OTG so flash drives and keyboards can be plugged in, with the right adapter.



October 14, 2016

Instagram arrives on Windows 10 tablets and PCs - with some limitations

Instagram released its official app onto Windows Mobile earlier this year, after it had been available on the platfrom in beta form for some time. Now, it has expanded the photo- and video-sharing instagramapplication to other Windows 10 devices, including PCs and tablets.

There is one surprising restriction with Instagram’s Windows 10 app; as noted by The Verge, while it is possible to capture, upload, and edit photos and videos, you’ll need a tablet or PC that has a touchscreen and a rear-facing camera to upload your content. So it’s good news if you own something like a Surface Book or Surface Pro, but bad news for majority of PC owners.

The app still has a few bugs. Clicking on “Your Story” – the icon used to create your own slideshow – just closes the program. And the design isn’t the best; like the web version, the feed is placed in the center of the screen, leaving large white areas on either side.

While the full Instagram app is now available on Windows 10 tablets, an optimized version still hasn’t arrived on the iPad. Owners of Apple’s device can use the iPhone version on the tablet, but an iPad-specific app would be welcomed.



October 17, 2016

Samsung Updates Galaxy TabPro S, Possible Surface Pro Competitor?
iTech Post


Samsung has announced an update to its Windows 10 powered Galaxy TabPro S released just this March 2016. The Korean company, whose recent efforts with its other Galaxy line have been a total media frenzy, moves forward in releasing a facelift for its highly-capable tablet PC. The upgrade also brings in a doubled memory and storage option that could rival Microsoft's popular Surface Pro 4.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Bathes In Gold

One of the most striking aesthetic update Samsung made with the Galaxy TabPro S is its color, which now comes in gold. According to Engadget, the upgraded 2-in-1 tablet's magnesium-alloy construction now has an ultra-elegant gold finish, a trend seen nowadays on any other premium devices. This decision by Samsung is a much welcome change to the previous' basic white and black color options.

Samsung Doubles-Up On Memory And Storage

As reported by The Verge, Samsung upgraded the memory of Galaxy TabPro S that is now packing an 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of on-board storage, or double that of the previous version's 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage combo. The difference between the two versions is strikingly huge that to say Samsung is generous would seem a little understated.

Samsung Is Keeping All That Works

Aside from the new color option and a doubled capacity, all of the previous Galaxy TabPro specs remain pretty much the same. The golden device still has the Intel M3 processor, 5-megapixel front and rear cameras and the 12-inch Super AMOLED 1080p display. The difference comes in the upgraded version's price of $999, which sells for an additional $200 over the discounted early-model's price of $799 as shown on Samsung's website.




October 18, 2016

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Addition to Exceptional 2-in-1 PC Tablets Surpassing Surface Pro 4 ...
University Herald

The newly launched PC tablet of Lenovo is considered by some as the toughest competitor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Apple MacBook Air, iPad Pro and even the powerful MacBook Pro 2016. For this reason, the incredibly thin Lenovo Yoga Book is currently making buzz due to its unbearable lightness but powerful specs and features.




October 19, 2016

What we expect from Microsoft's Windows 10 event on October 26
Windows Central

Next week on October 26 Microsoft is holding what now seems to be its yearly Windows 10 press Surface All in oneevent. Unlike last year's momentous shindig, we expect the 2016 event is going to be toned down substantially with fewer announcements and a lot less hardware.

So, what do we expect to be announced? What rumors can we shoot down? Zac Bowden and I round up the sure bets for next week to keep everyone's expectations in check.

Windows 10 2017 Features

Microsoft has been testing its next major update — codenamed "Redstone 2" — for Windows 10 for a few months now, issuing Insiders a number of preview builds that so far, include only small tweaks and enhancements. Microsoft should hopefully be ready to detail some of the major new features planned for Windows 10 in 2017, similarly to the Windows 10 event held in January back in 2015.

Surface All-in-One

Although there is not much this year regarding new hardware, a Surface All-in-One desktop (AIO) keeps popping up on our radar. Back in June, Digitimes initially reported the rumor, but through our sources we were able to corroborate the information.

According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, the device goes by the codename "Cardinal" and that it "could be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into 'a studio.' "

Our sources point to a home/living room focus as well, which could tie into reports of Microsoft Home Hub (more on that below).

Details are still very scarce, but the device could likely have a detachable display, inking support, and be modular in nature with add-on components. We heard 4K resolution batted around along with various screen sizes with 27 inches being the most likely (21- and 24-inch versions were also reportedly tested).

The Verge's Tom Warren hinted that the unique PC could also have a GTX-1080 video card, which would be massive for gaming. Indeed, we have heard Microsoft is recruiting "media influencers" in the gaming industry to attend next week's event suggesting a gaming tie-in.

In fact, a high-end video card will also make this VR- and AR-ready. Combined with Windows Holographic being put into Windows 10 plus some Project C games to the Windows Store and perhaps the Surface AIO will be a lot more than what we thought. Just imagine a Surface powering a 3D holographic experience...




October 20, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Can It Be More Successful Than Pro 4?
iTech Post

Microsoft is holding an event in a few days' time but rumor has it that we won't be seeing a Surface Pro 5 this year. Instead, the company might just be refreshing the Surface Pro 4 with upgraded specs. This isn't actually a shocking move for Microsoft considering the success of the Surface Pro 4. It's no wonder that the company would want to continue milking their 2015 tablet. Also, with a device as complete as the Surface Pro 4, it would be hard for Microsoft to do a follow-up on that.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Will It Be As Successful As the Pro 4?

The short answer here is "maybe". It actually depends on whether the Surface Pro 5 is bringing in something new and relevant to the market. If it ends up being a forced product just so the tablet series doesn't come to a long halt, fans can notice it immediately and opt for a supposed cheaper Pro 4 instead. Luckily, though, Microsoft seems to be taking its time in developing the product. It's safe to say that the company is working hard to live up to fans expectations when it comes to Surface Pro 4's successor. we can just hope that when the Pro 5 gets launched, it would come with some happy additions.





Microsoft's advanced speech recognition system will give Cortana a boost
Pc-Tablet Media

Microsoft has developed the first human parity speech recognition system with a word error rate of 5.9 percent. According to sources, researchers at the Redmond-based software giant have designed and developed a new technology that precisely recognizes the words in a conversation just like humans.

The new system was developed by a team from Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research. The tests conducted internally reveal the stunning fact that the speech recognition system makes fewer errors than professional transcriptionists.




October 21, 2016

Microsoft shows off healthy Surface sales ahead of rumored Surface PC launch

When Microsoft first launched its Surface range of tablets four years ago, sales were pretty weak, with stories of units gathering dust in warehouses – but the picture couldn’t be more different now, with the latest sales figures showing the hybrid going from strength to strength.

Microsoft just revealed its latest fiscal report for Q1 of financial year 2017, and this showed that Surface sales increased by 38% in the quarter compared to the same period last year. Microsoft took $926 million (around £760 million, AU$1.2 billion) in revenue from the 2-in-1 devices compared to $672 million (around £550 million, AU$880 million) the previous year.

That’s almost a billion dollars in a quarter which is not too shabby indeed, and the company said that boosted sales of its newest offerings, the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, were behind the increase in revenue.

Real driving force 

We suspect that it’s the Surface Pro 4 which is really driving things forward, though, at least if statistics we saw from AdDuplex back in the summer are anything to go by.

Those stats broke down the relative market share of all the Surface devices out there, and they showed that the Surface Pro 3 and 4 were the most popular models accounting for 33% and 31% of all Surface devices in use – whereas the Surface Book languished on 3.6%.

Although as we noted at the time, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Surface Book has been anything of a flop – it could just be a reflection of the device being a niche product (due to its cost) with a far more limited production run than the SP4.




October 24, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 Struggles for Apple; Outselling the MacBook Pro 2016 and iPad Alternatives
University Herald



The Surface brand of Microsoft has just proven that the Windows-maker is not only remarkable in software but also in hardware department. Will the soaring sales of Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro knock off the latest MacBook Pro 2016 and the upcoming iPad Pros?

Second best in terms of market and sales shares, Surface Pro and Surface Book has taken home $926 million of revenue to Microsoft recently, which is roughly 38 percent higher than the $672 million of revenue in 2015, Forbes reported.

For this matter, it appears that Microsoft is not concerned on having a head-to-head battle with chief rival Apple when it comes to retail. Rather, the windows-maker goal is to build up a community which can attest that the Surface brand is innovative alongside Windows 10.

Though it has been a rough ride for Microsoft when they introduced the Surface hardware back in 2010, the current Surface models are considered to be "best of class" under the Window-powered devices. In relative to that, Windows 10 coupled with cloud services are said to be the most notable features of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.




iPad Air 3 Release Date Delayed Again? Is Apple Killing The Air Brand?
Mobile & Apps

Apple announced in March 2016 that the new addition in the iPad line-up will be a 9.7-inch iPad Pro with improved specs, designs tweaks, and more. Does that mean Apple is done with the Air line? Will Apple go on to launch the different versions of iPad Pro only?

It appears that Apple lost interest in the Air brand. It has been 2 years since the iPad Air 2 was unveiled on 16 Oct, 2014 to the world. A two-year hiatus is enormous in the world of tablet updates.

According to past behaviors, it was predicted that the iPad Air 3 will be launched in October 2016. Some rumors suggested that we might expect an announcement to the Air brand updates including Macbook Air this year.

Some rumors also suggested that Apple may have brought the Air line to an end and it will now focus on the mini and Pro ranges.




October 25, 2016

State Of The Surface: Microsoft Set To Ramp Up Its Fight Against Apple

Microsoft is heading into its fall product event Wednesday with a lot of momentum around its Surface line of devices  -- which rumors suggest is set to grow with at least one new addition this week.

The Surface line is "the premium Windows experience that you can get right now," Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst with IDC, told CRN. "That's not just for tablets -- it's even across PCs in many ways."

Microsoft introduced the Surface Book laptop during its fall event last year to join other devices such as the premium 2-in-1 Surface Pro 4 and the lower-end Surface 3.

At Wednesday's event, the company is expected to debut the first all-in-one Surface PC, according to reports.

That computer would likely be aimed at competing with Apple's iMac  and Microsoft appears to be particularly looking to spark defections from Apple devices among creative professionals, judging by how the Redmond, Wash., company is casting the Wednesday event. "Get ready to get creative," wrote Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's corporate vice president for the Windows and Devices Group, on Twitter while posting a link about the Wednesday event.

Apple will hold its own event Thursday, but rumors suggest a new MacBook and MacBook Pro -- not an iMac -- will be unveiled.




Xplore Unveils the XSLATE R12 Next Generation Detachable Rugged Tablet PC
EIN News

Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:XPLR), the manufacturer of the world’s broadest range of high-quality rugged tablet computers, today launched the XSLATE R12, a next generation detachable rugged tablet PC. Xplore incorporated specific customer feedback into its award-winning 12.5” rugged tablet design to deliver a categorically new mobility solution that is both powerful and reliable enough to be the primary computing device for public safety, manufacturing, utility, insurance, and construction industry professionals alike.



The XSLATE R12 incorporates a number of customer requested features, such as antenna pass- through capabilities, an RJ-45 + Serial Port dongle and a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that magnetically stows on the back of the tablet even when docked. These and other features allow the XSLATE R12 to provide transformational 2 in 1 flexibility along with the connectivity and ergonomics needed for any worker transitioning between field, vehicle and office locations. As such, outdoor usage is remarkable with an optically bonded 800 Nit View Anywhere® Display. It is also designed to sync with existing back office systems and software to deliver real-time data via government-mandated multi-authentication access.

Mark Holleran, president and COO of Xplore, stated: “The XSLATE R12 is a result of Xplore’s 20- year dedication to customer-first rugged tablet engineering. Not only does our team truly understand our customers’ ever-changing mobility needs, we deliver exactly what they want, when they want it, because we are constantly listening to their feedback and innovating to meet their evolving technology requirements. The XSLATE R12’s carefully crafted feature set gives customers the industry-specific computing capabilities they haven’t been able to find elsewhere. At the same time, everyone will appreciate the form factor flexibility of this detachable tablet, which redefines the ease in which a device transforms from a tablet, to a notebook or desktop with a keyboard, and back.”

The Intel®-powered XSLATE R12 is prepared to multi-task in any demanding work environment, whether that be in hand while walking and working or in a Secure Mobile Dock. It’s equipped with pen and touch capabilities and backed by a Bluetooth™-connected keyboard that’s always on call when needed to complete more data-intensive tasks. The standard hot-swappable battery is critical for long shifts while the large, outdoor-viewable display is protected by Corning® Gorilla Glass® for damage-resistant, day-and-night viewing.

This highly flexible rugged tablet also features more connectivity options than others in its class, including antenna pass-through capabilities, an RJ-45 and True Serial port dongle, and a SlateMate barcode reader and HF RFID reader combo. The XSLATE R12 will also be available with multiple internal configurations, including a 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Windows® 10 and 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 with Windows® 7, 8.1 or Windows® 10. As part of Xplore’s commitment to its customers’ security, the XSLATE R12 enables multi-factor authentication capabilities for enterprise environments through a combination of TPM 2.0, an integrated fingerprint scanner and an optional Smart Card/CAC reader.

To see the XSLATE R12 in action, watch this product demo or visit the R12 web page. To learn more about Xplore’s full line of rugged tablet computers, contact your reseller or visit www.xploretech.com.




October 26, 2016

Watch Microsoft's Windows 10 Event Live Feed

Imagine what you'll do

Tune in to see what's next for Windows 10.

Introducing Surface Studio

Available in Limited Quantities this Holiday Season

Pre order Today $2,999.00

Release date: 12/15/16

"This product is about endless possibilities and pure imagination."


Surface Studio

27 inch screen -  True Scale 1-inch on the screen is 1-inch in real life

The "world's thinnest LCD" inside a PC built for creativity

Turns your desk into a studio

12.5mm touch screen, the thinnest desktop monitor ever. The 28inch monitor pushes 13.5 million pixels, 63 percent more than a 4K display.  Forged aluminum enclosure.

Surface Studio zero gravity Hinge


There are 80 custom parts in each arm to create a "zero-gravity hinge," which essentially makes the 13-pound display feel weightless as you adjust it. It can sit at any angle, but it can go all the way down to 20 degrees.


Surface Dial

Surface Dial

Pre Order $99.99

Release date 11/10/16

Created as a new form of input, following research into how people are using pens and other input devices. The idea, of course, is to help you create faster.  Also works with Surface Book and Surface Pro 3 & 4




Surface Book i7 16 hours of battery life

Microsoft Surface Book i7- 16 hours batery life $2399.00

pre order starting at $2399.00

Release date 11/10/16



Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant Arrives on Fire Tablets
ABC News

Amazon's Fire tablets are getting the Alexa voice assistant.

The previously announced feature will start rolling out to customers Wednesday. It's meant to complement what users get on other Alexa devices, such as the Echo speaker. Through voice commands, users can get the news read out to them or listen to music from services such as Amazon Music or Pandora.

The Fire tablets will go beyond Echo by offering full-screen cards with additional details. For instance, when you ask for the weather, Alexa will speak out the current temperature and offer the day's forecast, just as she does on Echo. But the visual card will also display the week's forecast. For news and music, the card offers playback control such as pausing and skipping.

For those with both Fire and Echo, making a request on Echo will trigger the Fire's screen to turn on and present the detailed cards, as long as a Voicecast feature is enabled through the Alexa app.

Amazon says Alexa differs from Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant in that it was designed for tablets first, rather than phones. That means it focuses on tasks typically done at home, such as entertainment, recipes and timers. For tasks on the go, such as finding nearby restaurants, Alexa performs a standard web search or directs you to the Alexa app. Apple and Google have special interfaces with restaurant ratings, price ranges and more, and both integrate that information into their chat apps, too.



October 27, 2016

Apple, Inc. Will Have Trouble Catching Up to Microsoft's New Surface Studio If It Proves to Be a Hit
Motley Fool

Microsoft has jumped into the all-in-one (AIO) PC market with a splash. The new Surface Studio lookSurface Studios like a strong competitor in the AIO market, particularly as it relates to creative professionals that value stylus inputs and a large digital canvas to work on. With the unveiling being just yesterday, it's clearly too early to call it at this point. But there's a nontrivial chance that Surface Studio proves to be a hit.

If it does, Applewill have trouble catching up feature-wise (though Microsoft has a long way to go to catch up revenue-wise).

Convergence vs. divergence

On Apple's earnings call earlier this week, CEO Tim Cook assured investors that Apple can adapt quickly to changing market conditions. "We have a strong sense of where things go and we're very agile to shift as we need to," Cook said. He was responding to an analyst question about Apple's strategic direction and whether or not Apple can react quickly, given its sheer size.

Here's the thing: Several years ago, Apple made a conscious decision as to its strategic direction and that decision is precisely what could hurt its ability to react. Back when the debate between touch input vs. traditional input was raging on, Apple made a decisive call that it would keep macOS and iOS separate. MacOS would rely on keyboard, mouse, and trackpad input, while iOS would be predominantly touch-based. That guided the developmental directions of both platforms, and still does to this day.

Simply put, Apple chose to diverge its platforms, while Microsoft chose to converge its platforms.




5 cool facts about Microsoft's new Surface Dial

During Microsoft’s special Windows 10 event, the tech giant unveiled a variety of new software and Surface Dialhardware innovations. From the slightly more powerful Surface Pro 4 to the redesigned Surface Book i7 and completely the new product, the Surface Studio, there was plenty to keep press and consumers talking. By far one of the most-discussed reveals of the night though was the Surface Dial, a completely new peripheral that neither works like the Surface Pen nor the traditional computer mouse. The Surface Dial is a totally new method of interacting with a Windows 10 device and there’s a lot of information to absorb concerning how it works and what it can actually be used for. Here are the five biggest takeaways concerning the Surface Dial.

1. The Surface Dial’s functionality works differently with each app

While shown mostly as an art tool for switching brushes or choosing a different color during the event, the Surface Dial actually evolves depending on the app open at the time. It can be used to flip through Word document pages, pan quickly over a map, adjust the music volume in Groove, and even navigate the News app. The Surface Dial user interface will also change depending on the open app when placed on the Surface Studio’s screen.

2. The Surface Dial works with more than the Surface Studio

The Surface Dial may have been presented working alongside the shiny new Surface Studio device but it also functions with Surface Pro 4s and Surface Books with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update installed. While most of its functionality is maintained on Surface Pro 4s and Surface Books, it seems that the Surface Dial can only be placed on a Surface Studio screen.




October 28, 2016

Microsoft's Surface Studio PC is Incredible and Game changing
Gstyle magazine

Surface Studio has a 28″ 1.3 millimeter LCD screen which makes it the “thinnest LCD screen ever built for a PC”, according to Microsoft. It’s fully touchscreen. It has a zero gravity hinge which allows you to bend the screen down to a 20 degree angle effortlessly for whatever your reasons although in the demos it was used for art and complexed art projects (which is also its intended purpose), capable of supporting 13.5 million pixels which adds up to a pixel density of 192 ppi, Core i5 and i7 processors (The version I used was not a base model and came with the core i7), 32GB RAM and a 2.1 surround audio system. Oh yeah, don’t forget the Surface Dial which is probably the coolest part of the whole PC. It’s essentially a peripheral that creates a menu on-screen when in contact with the screen on the Surface Studio and when using the new MS Paint app. It does give you other functionality in other apps and it does work with the Surface Pro 3 and 4 but for now on a limited scale. I imagine this will improve over time as apps are developed with Surface Dial use in mind and then it’ll be a necessity if you own this machine as opposed to an option. It’s $99 if you want it and if you pre-order within this first wave you get it free.

But if you’re still not convinced check the video below from Tech Insider which shows what the Surface Dial can do, it’ll blow your mind.





You Might Not Need Microsoft's Surface Dial, But You'll Want It
WIREDSurface Dial

The Dial is Microsoft’s coolest input device ever, a silver puck accompanying the new Surface Studio computer. The gadget, which sits on the Studio’s 28-inch screen and twists like a doorknob, is a peripheral, like a mouse and keyboard. Except it’s not like those things at all.

The easiest way to understand the Dial is to consider its analog counterpart. If Surface Studio is your drafting table and the Surface Pen stylus is your pencil, then Dial is your palette. It’s the object you hold in your other hand that contains all the tools you dip into on a regular basis. “If a tool is used 99 percent of the time by 99 percent of the users they [app makers] might put that on radial dial,” says Scott Schenone, Surface’s product designer.

Dial clicks, double clicks, rotates, and detects screen position. Whether you’ll use it depends a lot upon why you use a computer to begin with. Microsoft created Dial specifically to make life easier for artists and designers—and for a certain type of creative (the type who can afford a $3,000 computer, for starters), it will do exactly that. The Bluetooth-connected gadget is like a physicalized shortcut. It parses what you’ve got on the screen—be it a map app, Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, whatever—and provides a radial menu of tools and shortcuts specific to the task at hand.

With Edge, Window’s browser, twisting the Dial scrolls through a web page. On Maps, it zooms or reorients a map. Other uses are more mundane—adjusting volume or screen brightness, undoing or redoing a given action, that sort of thing. But this is simple stuff accomplished easily enough with a tap, pinch, or swipe.





October 31, 2016

happy Halloween



Here are all the apps that work with the Surface Dial
The Verge

Microsoft's Surface Dial was the surprise announcement at the company's hardware event last week. Surface DialIt's designed as another input device to compliment the mouse / keyboard, touch, and stylus. In drawing apps like Sketchable or Sketchpad you'll be able to use it to generate a radial menu that lets you quickly change color or brush options, but Windows itself will mostly support basic zooming and volume controls at launch.

Not every app will have a rich amount of Surface Dial support when the device is launched on November 10th for $99, but Microsoft has provided a list of apps with some support for the device. On existing PCs and laptops you'll be able to use the Dial on a desk to adjust options, and the Surface Studio will support on-screen interactions with the Dial. Microsoft is planning to update the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book with on-screen support early next year. We'll have to wait and see exactly what functions you'll get from these apps, but here's the full list of apps that work with the Surface Dial:

  • Revu
  • Drawboard PDF
  • Mental Canvas Player
  • Sketchable
  • Moho 12
  • Spotify
  • StaffPad
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Office Win32)
  • OneNote (UWP version)
  • Windows Maps
  • Plumbago
  • Sketchpad
  • Groove Music
  • PewPew Shooter
  • Microsoft Photos
  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop (basic zoom support)



Surface Dial to work onscreen with Surface Pro 4, Surface Book after firmware update

The Surface Dial revealed by Microsoft last week in New York City is compatible with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, just not on the screen the way it works with the Surface Studio. However a firmware update could soon be changing that, according to Vice President Terry Myerson (via Engadget), and the onscreen functionality is coming to both devices early next year.

The Surface Dial is priced at $99.99 on the Microsoft Store and can already be pre-ordered. The accessory is releasing alongside the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard and the Surface Mouse, all of which will be available on November 10. The Dial is said to even work beyond Surface products with Windows 10 PCs as a side peripheral without the need for a touchscreen.



Save $150 on the Surface Pro 4 at Best Buy right now!
Windows Central

The Surface Dial revealed by Microsoft last week in New York City is compatible with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, just not on the screen the way it works with the Surface Studio. However a firmware update could soon be changing that, according to Vice President Terry Myerson (via Engadget), and the onscreen functionality is coming to both devices early next year.

The Surface Dial is priced at $99.99 on the Microsoft Store and can already be pre-ordered. The accessory is releasing alongside the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard and the Surface Mouse, all of which will be available on November 10. The Dial is said to even work beyond Surface products with Windows 10 PCs as a side peripheral without the need for a touchscreen.





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