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March 2016



March 1, 2016

Apple releasing 9.7-inch iPad Pro in March: Everything you need to know

The company is reportedly dropping the iPad Air naming for its flagship tablet line along with upgrading the specifications and adding a 4k-capable cameraiPad Pro with Keyboard

Apple is making major changes to its iPad lineup when Tim Cook and Co. take the stage at the company's March 21 media event in Cupertino, CA.

There is a lot of rumor surrounding the next Apple tablet, which is needed by the company to help rejuvenate sales.

Apple CEO Cook has expressed that he expects iPad sales to grow in 2016. And the iPad Air 3 certainly isn't going to do it. Based on rumors, we think we have a pretty good idea of what Apple will announce.

The middle-sized iPad at 9.7-inches will no longer be called the iPad Air. Mark Gurman of 9to5mac, an often correct source for Apple rumors, says the tablet will be added to the iPad Pro line, which currently only consists of the largest model at 12.7-inches.

It's not clear when Apple will release the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but it's likely days after the March 21 media event. Apple will not offer pre-orders for the new devices, according to the report.

Photo and video

9to5mac reports the 9.7-inch iPad Pro will feature a 12-megapixel camera on the rear. Like the iPhone 6s, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro would also record 4K video.

This means the 9.7-inch iPad Pro will have better photo capabilities than the larger Pro version, suggesting the smaller form factor is better for taking photos.

Smart Accessories

Like the larger iPad Pro, the smaller version will have Apple Pencil capability and a Smart Keyboard, according to Buzzfeed, allowing for more content creation than other versions of the iPad.




March 2, 2016

For Some, iPad Pro Can't Match PC Strengths
NYC Times

When Apple released the iPad Pro last November, Timothy D. Cook, the company’s chief executive, predicted that people would start using the jumbo tablet and “conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones.”

So three months after the big tablet’s debut, we decided to test that hypothesis with a panel of creative professionals who have integrated the tablet into their work lives. We found that all were still clinging to their personal computers.

“We’re on PCs for the day-to-day work,” said Larry Anderson, chief engineer of Teecom, an architectural engineering firm that bought iPad Pros last year to present drawings to clients and carry digitized blueprints to construction sites. “But when I go to a meeting, I don’t grab my laptop — I grab my iPad.”

The iPad Pro, which starts at $799, stands out from other tablets because of its especially large screen, which measures 12.9 diagonal inches. It also supports the Apple Pencil, a digital stylus with pressure sensitivity and angle detection.




Apple's top lawyer suffers iPad Pro failure at worst possible time
Cult of Mac

Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell suffered an iPad disaster during his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee today, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse moment.

As Sewell read his introductory statement from his iPad Pro, the Apple lawyer’s tablet appeared to crash or become unusable, forcing him to resort to his backup plan: a three-ring binder with good old paper printouts.

You can relive the incident in the video below:



March 3, 2016

Surface Pro 4 Review: Are 'Detachables' The Savior Of The PC Industry?
International Business Times

Microsoft kicked the trend off with the "detatchables" trend with original Surface, but today everyone is getting on the action. From Apple’s iPad Pro to Huawei’s MateBook manufacturers everywhere are betting that these laptop-tablet convertibles will be the savior of the PC industry which in 2016 will see its fifth straight year of decline.

In 2012 it tried something different. It introduced the Surface, a 2-in–1 device which Microsoft proclaimed would replace your tablet and your laptop, offering both the convenience of a tablet and the productivity of a laptop. It featured some genuinely innovate engineering and design, including the hinged kickstand and ultra-slim keyboard cover.

Surface Pro 4 hinge

Since then Microsoft has launched six more versions of the device, split between the consumer-focused Surface range and the business-focused Surface Pro range. The latest, the Surface Pro 4, is the culmination of what Microsoft has learned from previous generations and offers the most complete solution to date.

Whether it can save the PC industry is too much for this column to ask, but can it replace your desktop?

For those who have never used a Surface device before the best way to describe it is as a fully-fledged desktop PC in tablet form. It comes with a range of the latest Intel processors, right up to the most powerful Core i7 with 16GB of RAM. With this setup you can do anything you could with a desktop PC including video editing and high-end gaming.

The tablet has a 12.3-inch screen, slightly bigger than the 12-inch screen on the Surface Pro 3, and yet Microsoft has kept the chassis the same size. That said, the Surface Pro 4 is slightly thinner and lighter. The entry-level model, which uses Intel’s Core M processor, is significantly lighter (and quieter) as it doesn’t have the fan required by the more powerful models.



March 4, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book vs Surface Pro 4: Two tribes battle it out
Delhi Daily News

Microsoft's new Surfaces are brilliant, but perhaps you aren't sure which one to go with? We have both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 right now, let's see if we can help you figure out which Microsoft Surface Bookmodel is better for you.


While the Surface Pro 4 could replace your laptop, the Surface Book is the device that can potentially replace your tablet, laptop and potentially desktop PC.

The Surface Book's screen detaches and turns into a 13.5in tablet that weighs only 728g. It works wonderfully with the supplied Surface Pen, and it?s light enough to be usable as a stylus-powered notepad or sketchbook.

The Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that happens to do a passable impression of a laptop ? or, at least, it does if you also purchase the ?110 Type Cover. This clips magnetically to the Surface Pro 4 and adds a usable touchpad and keyboard in a slim 380g package.


Though, the Surface Book has a 13.5in 3,000 x 2,000 display, the Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3in 2,736 x 1,824 display. Initially, this may look like an obvious win for the Surface Book, but maths calculates that both displays actually have an identical pixel density of 267ppi.

Brightness, color accuracy and contrast levels are where the Surface Book outshines Surface Pro 4. The Surface Book is more accurate (it has an average Delta E of 1.01 vs 1.61), brighter (435cd/m2 vs 400cd/m2) and contrast is considerably better (1,736:1 vs 1,316:1). The only area where the Surface Pro 4 exceeds is in the range of colors it reproduces.




Microsoft Demos Updates To Latest Office Apps On Windows Tablets And iPad Pro



Microsoft Mechanics today posted a demo of Office app experiences running on Windows 10 tablets and iPad Pro. It includes the most recent updates for Office app experiences on tables, including Sway, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile apps for Windows tablets and Office on the iPad Pro.

We demonstrate time savers and touch optimizations in Excel, slide design and transition updates in PowerPoint and ink annotation experiences via the new Draw tab in Word and across the Office apps. Ben also demonstrates how the inking experiences translate to the iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil and gives a quick tour of multitasking, ink-to-shape and Morph in PowerPoint.




March 7, 2016

IPhone, iPad Updates: What To Expect At Apple's March 21 Event
Examiner Gazette

To help keep you in the loop, here's what we know so far about the Apple media event.

Apple is Releasing a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, not the iPad Air 3 - Rumors that Apple is working on a new iPad product surfaced past year and many insiders claimed that it would be the next generation of the iPad Air. It was reported previously that this iPhone would come out as iPhone 5SE (SE stands for Special Edition). Furthermore, it is presumed that the new devices will be equipped with most of the features of previous iPhone devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus. The three iPhone 7 models will be iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 Pro. The iPad Pro hasn't enjoyed the success Apple intended it to, but was well-received by consumers around the world. A quad HD iPhone 7 Plus is also a possibility.




Oops…Microsoft just broke its own computers with latest Windows 10 update
Daily Star

Microsoft has just suffered the ultimate fail.

The US tech giant has rolled out an update to its Windows 10 operating and its broken the firm's own-brand PCs and tablets.

After installing the Windows 10 beta update, Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 and Surface Book owners have been left unable to use the Type Cover keyboard, trackpad or touchscreen.

Fortunately, the issues have only affected Windows Insider Fast Ring users – those who get the latest updates ahead of the general public to beta test the new builds.

But it's still an embarrassing situation for one of the world's biggest software

Microsoft is aware of the problem and is currently investigating it with a permanent fix expected to be rolled out in the near future.

Corporate of Engineering Systems Team, Gabe Aul posted on the official Microsoft blog, "We’re investigating an issue in which some Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book devices experience a freeze or hang and all input such as keyboard/trackpad and touch do not work.

"The workaround is to hold down the power button to force the to hard-reboot.”





March 8, 2016

IDC: Windows To Surpass Android, iOS In Detachable Tablets

Shifting tastes in tablets will lead more people to buy detachables, giving Microsoft the appeal it needs to catapult Windows ahead of Google Android and Apple iOS in the category, says IDC.Microsoft Surface

The tablet market is looking at a sea change as professionals and consumers alike realize that slates aren't always ideal for productivity. Slates will slowly cede ground to detachables, which are already showing traction, according to IDC. Moreover, the detachable form factor will benefit Microsoft far more than it benefits Apple or Google.

Tablet shipments around the world are expected to drop about 6% during 2016, compared to 2015, with total numbers reaching 195 million units. IDC believes the market will pick up again thanks to the increasing appeal of detachables, a hybrid category within the larger tablet space.

Devices such as the Apple iPad Pro, Google Pixel C, and Microsoft Surface fall into the detachables category thanks to their hardware support for keyboards. These flexible pieces of hardware can behave like PCs or tablets, depending on the circumstances, and offer a more rounded experience. (Apple is widely expected to show off a smaller iPad Pro on March 21.)

During 2016, IDC expects to see Android account for 18.2% of the detachable market, while Apple will account for 28.5%, and Microsoft will account for 53.3%. These numbers are strictly for the detachable segment, and not the larger tablet market as a whole.




Everything We Know About Apple's New 9.7-Inch iPad Pro

While almost everyone in the universe is convinced tablets are dead, destined to be replaced by some hybrid laptop, Apple remains committed to the product category. If rumors are true, Apple is doubling down on its insistence that we all need new tablets. The company is rumored to be working on a brand new, ultra-slim iPad Air 3. Or maybe it’s a smaller version of the iPad Pro. Whatever it is—it’s bound to make a splash.

Apple has long championed the need for tablets in our everyday lives, touting them as a window to the internet. That’s part of why the iPad hasn’t changed for nearly half a decade: Aside from the steady climb in processing power and decrease in weight, the iPad continues to look (and generally perform) the same as it always has.

What will Apple’s new tablet be called?

This one is a head scratcher. The most likely choice is the iPad Air 3 because those who count to two should then proceed to three. But 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, aka the Apple soothsayer, says the new 9.7-inch iPad could be called “iPad Pro,” meaning it would be a smaller variation of the tablet that Apple released last year. And once you start digging into all the tech that Apple might bake into its new tablet, the “Pro” name starts to make more sense.




March 9, 2016

'Detachables' the hot new thing in cooling tablet market
Malay Mail Online

The global market for tablet computers will see another decline in 2016, but one bright spot is in surface“detachables” which are gaining as PC replacements, researchers said yesterday.

A report by research firm IDC said tablet sales worldwide are likely to slip 5.9 per cent this year to 195 million units, following a drop of 10 per cent in 2015.

But even as the “slate” tablet market cools from its once red-hot pace, one key growth segment is detachables, which bodes well for Microsoft and makers of other Windows-based devices.

IDC projected a 73 per cent jump in detachable tablet sales this year, and said Windows-based detachables like the Microsoft Surface would garner more than half of this segment.

“This momentous shift in form factor will bring along the first significant impact of Windows-based devices that the tablet market has seen,” said Ryan Reith, an IDC analyst.

“Until we see a day where touch is introduced for (Apple’s) Mac OS X and inroads are paved to bring Android and Chrome more closely aligned, we believe Windows remains the logical choice for detachable products.”



Microsoft Surface Book (Core i7/16 GB/512 GB) Review

With the passage of time and a much-needed power management fix, I can now recommend Microsoft’s Surface Book without hesitation: This is a stunning 2-in-1 PC with excellent Microsoft Surface Bookperformance, great looks, and a unique design.

The only problem? It’s going to cost you.

I reviewed a mid-level version of the Surface Book—with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of SSD storage—back in October. Everything I wrote then still applies today. So rather than rehash the whole thing, please—please–re-read the initial review if possible for the full story.

But here’s the summary: At the time of that review, I had concerns about the newness of the product, the reliability of its unique hinge, and its heady pricing. For these reasons, I couldn’t issue a blanket recommendation.

But things have changed. And as a result recommending Surface Book just got a whole lot easier. So with this review—which focuses on a higher-end Surface Book model, with a Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of SSD storage, and the dedicated NVIDIA graphics option—I’d like to expand on my earlier review.




March 10, 2016

Apple announces iPhone and iPad event for March 21st: 'Let us loop you in'
The Verge

Apple has sent out invites for an event on March 21st at its campus. For those of you who want to read into the invite, Apple's tagline reads "Let us loop you in."Apple Let us loop you in

The company is widely expected to announce a new iPhone, the iPhone SE, that will be the same size as the iPhone 5 but with better specs. It's reported to have the same processor as the iPhone 6S and an improved 8-megapixel camera, plus Touch ID. Lots of people have been waiting for Apple to release a smaller phone again, and the expected iPhone SE will probably make them all pretty happy.

If you really want to go out on a limb on that "Loop" thing, here are a couple thoughts. The conservative reading is that it's happening at Apple's HQ, whose address is of course "One Infinite Loop." Easy. The speculative read: maybe the iPhone SE will have a spot where you can attach a lanyard loop, just like the iPod Touch once did (Apple removed the loop attachment later on).

It's also expected to announce a new iPad. Original expected to just be a direct successor to the iPad Air 2, more recent rumors point to it being called something with the word "Pro" in it — perhaps just iPad Pro. That name might make sense, actually, as it reportedly will support the Apple Pencil and also have a connector for a keyboard accessory.

This device has been in rumors for a really long time, and finally it is expected to now release. The Surface Phone is expected to be announced in October and released during the holiday season later this year.



Microsoft Surface Phone To Be The Future Of Windows Mobile Phones
The Independent

For a company which has been in the markets of technology for over the past 40 years, Microsoft is a champion when it comes to the cause of software technology. The company has been the undisputed champion in the markets of softwares and especially operating systems. Microsoft is working harder towards the development of the markets of the software technology and has also been treading slowly towards the hardware markets too. Their biggest step towards the hardware domination is expected to be that of the release of the Surface Phone which is expected to come out later this year.

The Surface series of devices – the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 tablets, and the Surface Book laptop have been doing well in the markets, and Microsoft now intends to release a Surface Phone.

The Surface Phone, like the other surface devices, would be a power-packed offering and would offer the users with much more than any other mobile phone. The device is expected to come out into the markets with as much as 6 to 8GB of RAM, and will feature huge storage such as 500GB.



March 11, 2016

Rugged Surface Cases: Protect Your Investment
Mobile Demand

MobileDemand Rugged Surface cases

For businesses deploying Microsoft Surface tablets, it's important to utilize rugged cases. The reality is, accidents happen and some of the tablets will be dropped or bumped, but with a protective case on the Surface, it's more than likely that the device will come away with minimal (if any) damage. Also, since most scenarios involve the company purchasing the Surface tablets and not the actual employee, that employee may not treat the device as their own (unfortunately), meaning they may not be as careful with the tablet as they should be. Rugged Surface cases are critical to device protection.

Protect your Surface tablets. Protect your IT investment.   



March 12, 2016

Today's Special Value on HSN


Microsoft Surface 3  Today's Special Value on HSN


Microsoft Surface 3 10.8" HD Intel 128GB Windows 10 Tablet with Type Cover, Sleeve, Office 365 and Lifetime Support
Meet the Surface 3: the power and performance of a laptop, in an incredibly lightweight and versatile tablet design. Type up notes in a meeting, then easily detach the keyboard to play games on your break. Prop up the full HD touchscreen so you can video chat with mom while cooking dinner. Take it on long car trips so the kids can draw with the Surface Pen. The Microsoft Surface 3: it touches every part of your life.

What You Get

  • Microsoft Surface 3 10.8" Windows 10 tablet
  • AC adapter
  • Quick-start guide
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

Bundled Goodies

  • Matching Surface 3 Type Cover keyboard
  • Matching padded sleeve with 2 pen holders 
  • Surface pen (silver)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription (preinstalled)
  • Tablet Select Plus for Windows services voucher (including VTec lifetime customer support)



March 14, 2016

Microsoft Store 'Spring Sale' offers $100 Surface Pro 4 discount, trade-in offer and more

The Microsoft Store is having a Spring sale beginning now, offering $100 off select Surface Pro 4 models as well as a special trade-in offer for a new Surface Pro 4. Microsoft is also offering 50 percent discounts on select Signature Edition PCs such as the Dell Inspiron 15, and a $75 discount on the Microsoft Band 2. These offers end once supplies run out.

Additionally, for one day only (March 14th), Microsoft is offering a 31.4 percent discount on select Signature Edition Dell PCs in celebration of Pi Day. The Surface Pro 4, for those curious, features a $100 discount on the Core i5 models — the 4GB RAM and 128GB storage model will cost $899, and the 8GB RAM and 256GB storage model will cost $1199.

If you have an old Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, or even the older Surface Pro 2, you can get up to $650 towards the purchase of a Surface Pro 4, on top of the instant $100 discount as part of the Spring Sale. See if your old Surface device gets you enough for a trade-in by visiting this page



Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Set In October 2016? Here's What We Know So Far
Youth Health Magzine

More and more people are becoming excited about Microsoft Surface Phone, which is expected to boost Microsoft that is trying to find a place in the hardware industry.

In its report, The Inquisitr said that although Microsoft has not really officially announced the release of the Microsoft Surface Phone, it is "pretty much a given." The report added that the new device from Microsoft will be roughly designed around the Surface tablets and Intel has been heavily involved with Microsoft for the Surface Phone Project.

"Microsoft, with the arrival of the Surface Phone is expected to change the way the markets work. The device is expected to release with supreme specs, quite similar to those previously spotted on other Surface devices such as the surface tablets and the surface book laptop," The Independent wrote in its report.

Among the "supreme specs" rumored for the Microsoft Surface Phone is its massive storage capacity and according to The REM, the specs are "really high-end" and will bring users "almost a PC-level experience." Moreover, talking about its massive storage capacity, the report said that the new flagship from Microsoft is expected to have as much as 8 GB RAM and a massive 500 GB of storage space.



March 15, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Price Discounted By $100 Until March 26; Surface Pro 5 Coming?
Delhi Daily News

Microsoft has announced a limited period $100 discount offer on the Core i5 powered Surface Pro 4 Surface Pro 4models. Reports suggest that Microsoft is now developing the Surface Pro 5 to replace the last year's model.

On Microsoft Store, buyers can get a discount of $100 on the two Core i5 editions of Surface Pro 4. The Core i5 model with features like 128 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM is now available for $899.

The other Core i5 Surface Pro 4 variant with 256 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM will sell for $1,199 after a discount of $100. The discount offers are valid till March 26.

The Wi-Fi models of Surface 3 are available with an attractive discount on Amazon. The 64 GB and 128 GB models of the tablet can now be purchased with a discount of $115 and $125 respectively.

The Surface Pro 5, the successor model for Surface Pro 4 is expected to release in July or October this year. Rumors also suggest that Surface Book 2 is under development.




Everything we expect at Apple's iPhone event on March 21


Apple's biggest product news next week just may be small -- a smaller iPhone, that is.

The electronics giant will host an event at 10 a.m. PT Monday at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Expect lots of device talk, including updates to Apple's most important product lines, the iPhone and iPad. Don't hold your breath for a new Apple Watch.

"The bigger announcements, particularly the redesigned iPhone 7, are expected to come in the September event," said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Updated 9.7-inch iPad

Apple released its hulking 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the petite 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 last fall. On Monday it will introduce a follow-up to its iPad Air 2.

Look for additions similar to what we've seen in the iPad Pro, including Apple's Smart Connector technology that supports an Apple-designed keyboard cover and an Apple Pencil stylus.



March 16, 2016

Four Months With The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s latest iteration of the Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 4, was launched in October 2015 at an Surface Pro 4event in Seattle that I attended and have been using the Surface Pro 4 ever since. The Surface Pro 4 is technically a tablet, but I really didn’t use it as a tablet. For me, it is still a bit too heavy to be used traditionally like a tablet would be with the exceptions being on the plane and sometimes on the couch. My usage mostly still mirrored that of an ultrathin notebook, which is partially due to its size and partially due to its weight.

The Surface Pro 4 has a lot of positive things about it, with one of the biggest and most unique features being Windows Hello. I honestly don’t know how I lived so long without Windows Hello’s face login. The keyboard is also fantastic in many ways. It is rigid enough to be lappable which makes it the right combination of flexible and rigid for multiple uses. The keyboard also has a giant glass trackpad from Synaptics SYNA +0.66% and the spaces between backlit keys is also much better than the previous generations. I actually feel like this kind of keyboard is missing on my Apple iPad Pro. In fact, I can almost type as quickly as I normally would on a full size notebook. I’m not a great typer, but the new keyboard is working for me.

Microsoft also significantly improved the dock for the Surface Pro 4 which makes desktop modularity really easy. It supports GigE, two 4K displays, audio, and 4 USB 3.0 ports. For extended desk use, Microsoft has also managed to perfect the kickstand so that the tablet is always angled perfectly for however you want to use it. Away from the desk, the battery life is pretty good. I managed to get about 7 to 8 hours which is in line with most of the press reviews I’ve seen. The charge time on the Surface Pro 4 is really great too and includes a USB port on the charge which I consider to be invaluable since I pack ultra-light everywhere I go. The port enables me to leave one charger at home.



Sizing Up Google Pixel C [Review]

If you're thinking about buying Pixel C, Google gives two good reasons to do so now: Android N beta program and developer discount on the hardware. The tablet normally sells for $499 (32GB) or $599 Google Pixel C Tablet(64GB) but you could instead pay $375 or $449, respectively. Keyboard is another $149. The discount and beta OS are meant for developers, but anyone can get them.

Pixel C is the best Android tablet I have ever tested, but that's acknowledging prejudice against Samsung tabs, which are worthy contenders, but I dislike TouchWiz UI. Sammy's hardware hums, particularly the stunning screens. But only Google serves up a Marshmallow feast in Android 6.0, and the hardware design and construction are preemo to the max. For less than $400, Pixel C might as well be free, there is so much value here.

The bigger competitor in the size category, Apple's iPad Air 2, costs more: $499 with 16GB storage capacity. There are rumors of a successor, borrowing features from iPad Pro, being announced on March 21st. But that's not what you can buy today. However, if there is a smidgen of truth to Internet rumors, capabilities will be closer to Pixel C -- if not superior.

Pixel C specs: 10.2-inch LTPS LCD touchscreen, 2560 x 1800 resolution, 308 pixels per inch, 500-nit brightness; nVidia Tegra X1 processor with Maxwell graphics; 3GB RAM; 32GB or 64GB storage; 8-megapixel rear and 2MP front cameras; four microphones; two speakers (sideways of screen in portrait mode on the bezel); USB Type-C port; WiFi AC; Bluetooth 4.1; accelerometer; compass; gyroscope; ambient-light, half-effect, and proximity sensors; Android 6. Enclosure is anodized aluminum that measures 242 x 179 x 7 mm and weighs 517 grams.




March 17, 2016

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S will be available in Microsoft Stores in the US from April 4th

Today, Samsung launched their newest Windows 10 device, the Galaxy TabPro S in the US. The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S TabletTabPro S will be available in Microsoft stores, Best Buy and Samsung for $899.99. The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S will be available in Microsoft stores and online starting on Monday April 4th, 2016 in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada and it will be available at Best Buy beginning Friday March 18, 2016.

Samsung, Intel and Microsoft teams spent countless hours collaborating and refining the user experience for the Galaxy TabPro S with the goal to deliver an entirely new experience and build a wonderful Windows 10 device that was not only powerful in computing capability, but also beautiful in design with the upmost functionality for mobile productivity.




The Future of Tablets: Microsoft Miles Ahead of Apple

According to the IDC, the demand for keyboard-detachable tablets will have increased massively by windows 10the time 2017 comes around. Actually, this could be one reason as to why Apple and Google chose to take a similar direction as Microsoft with respect to the design of their tablets. The analysis firm claims that if Apple and Google keep on releasing tablets that take after the Microsoft Surface Book, the market will be stable in a few years’ time. The two have already begun doing this, with Apple rolling out the iPad Pro while Google coming in with Pixel C.

Microsoft leading the way

Microsoft and its line of Surface Book laptops and Surface Pro tablets seem to be setting the market standards as far as detachable keyboard devices are concerned. IDC further reports that these devices will boast a market share of up to 75% by the time 2020 is around, representing an increment of over 20% based on current market share stats.



March 18, 2016

How to watch the Apple iPhone event on March 21 live

CNET will be on location to cover the news as it breaks and you can tune in to CNET's live coverage here, where our team of experts will be reporting from the event. The CNET preshow starts at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET with Brian Tong and Lexy Savvides, and the actual press conference will begin at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET.

Here's what time that is in your local time zone.

As it has done in the past, Apple will be live-streaming the event for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows 10 users. Here's how you can tune in:

Apple TV: You can view the event on second-, third-, and fourth-generation Apple TV devices running software version 6.2 or later. This can be done by clicking on the "Apple Events" channel on the device's main menu.

iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch: The event can also be viewed by clicking on this link from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that's running iOS 7 or later and using the Safari mobile Web browser. Mac and MacBook users on OS X 10.8.5 or later can tune in by clicking on this link using Safari version 6.0.5 or later.

Windows 10: Apple will also allow Windows 10 users to watch the stream, but you can only do so using Microsoft's Edge browser. Windows 10 users can access the stream by clicking on this link.



March 21, 2016

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

New 9.7 inch iPad Pro

supports two really breakthrough features. It works with NightShift." 

Night Shift - in iOS 9.3

A lot of waking hours went into thinking about sleep. Many studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms and make it harder to fall asleep. Night Shift uses your iOS device’s clock and geolocation to determine when it’s sunset in your location, then it automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum.1 In the morning, it returns the display to its regular settings. Pleasant dreams.

New iPad Pro 9.7 Features

25% brighter than an iPad Air 2.     40% less reflective than Air 2


Two-toned technology in different lighting environments.

Two-toned technology in different lighting environments.

Apple Pencil

Drawing with the Apple Pencil on the new iPad Pro

You can shoot 4K video on your iPad Proand edit multiple screens on the same device



Microsoft Engineer Explains Performance Design Enhancements In Surface Pro 4


While a Surface Pro 3 and a Surface Pro 4 may look similar on the first look, there are lots of differences inside the device. The lead engineer behind Surface Pro 4, Dave Mitchell recently shared the details behind performance design enhancements and available processor configurations on Surface Pro 4. He also talks about the best-in class screen; Windows 10 optimizations, and improvements made to the type cover and pen. Watch the video above.


March 22, 2016

Apple's iPad Pro: Portable, powerful and a little puzzling
Washington Post

I had the privilege of spending some time with Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad Pro Monday at the new 9.7-inch iPad Procompany's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

And, I admit, there isn't too much that's new to say. If you've used the larger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you're in for pretty much the same software experience here — at least, based on the brief time I got to spend with the new iPad Pro. It can run two main apps at once and supports the company's Apple Pencil stylus and smart keyboard.

The stylus worked the same way as on the larger tablet. The new iPad Pro responded quickly and reacted to the pressure from it. I also got to snap a quick picture with the new model's 12-MP camera — a perk not offered on the larger model — but didn't get enough time with that or the tablet's new "true tone" display to note a real difference from the first iPad Pro.




Microsoft Cuts $100 Off Surface Pro 4 Dock Price, One Day After 9.7-inch iPad Pro Reveal
International Business Times

Microsoft has cut $100 off the price of the Surface Pro 4’s dock, the day after Apple unveiled a Surface Pro competitor. The Surface Dock is available for $99.99 in a 24-hour Tuesday sale, but only when bought with a Surface Pro 4, a 12.3-inch tablet that starts at $899.

The steep discount follows Monday’s 9.7-inch iPad Pro unveiling, a tablet starting at $599 that Apple is targeting at Windows PC users running an older computer. The company cited a statistic that said over 600 million PCs in use are more than five years old. That’s a big market, and one that both Apple and Microsoft will be aiming to capture to boost sales figures for their respective platforms.

The dock, which works with the Pro 4, Pro 3 and Surface Book, plugs into the tablet and adds several more connectivity options. When plugged in with one cable, the dock adds four USB 3.0 ports, gigabit Ethernet, audio out and two mini DisplayPort connectors. When plugged in, the dock also charges the Surface.



March 23, 2016

There's one major, confusing difference between Apple's two major tablets
Tech Insider

Monday's announcement of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro with a higher-quality screen and specialized ipad pro 9.7 and 12.9color tools means there are now two iPad Pros on the market: a bigger, more expensive 12.9-inch model, and a smaller, cheaper, higher-quality model.

The differences in the device's screens are significant. Both have sharp displays, but the 9.7-inch has something Apple calls "True Tone," which will enable users to do accurate color work in any light setting. It also has a broader color gamut than the 12.9-inch model.

This difference isn't immediately obvious from Apple's website or marketing, but it's going to be a huge deal for one of the iPad's important consumer bases.

Artistic professionals like graphic designers and photographers are a major target for the ultra-light quasi-laptop replacement devices. iPad Pros come with powerful visual apps, a well-designed stylus, and enough storage and power to do jobs usually reserved for a PC. The introduction of True Tone makes the 9.7-inch iPad Pro the first tablet I've ever considered buying.



March 24, 2016

Apple wants the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro to replace PCs, but businesses don't

At this week’s launch of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Apple noted that 600 million PCs in use today are at least 5 years old. Phil Schiller, the company’s head of marketing, called this fact “really sad.” The counterpoint to his argument, however, is that PCs are solid long-term investments, and there’s often no reason to replace them. Nowhere is that more true than in the enterprise.

As Notebook Review’s Jerry Jackson writes in his Apple event analysis:

One of the major reasons that so many old PCs are still in use today is that a 5-year-old PC is still capable of running most of the Windows software that is available today. Try running the current Facebook app for iOS in all its glory on a first-generation iPad … spoiler alert: you can’t.

Product life cycles might not matter to people who can afford to buy a latest device every year. But there are more than 600 million users out there who clearly aren’t buying the newest and most expensive tech. Apple wants [to] gain market share among both education and enterprise clients. Guess which customers tend to hold onto their PCs the longest … education and enterprise clients.

Another sign of the PC’s steadfastness is Dell’s decision to get out of the Android tablet market. In USA Today, analyst Mike Feibus argues it’s not so much a victory for iOS in the tablet wars; it’s a recognition that Windows PCs are still where the money is:




Apple offers Office 365 as option with new iPad Pro

Unveiled Monday at Apple's iPhone event, the new tablet is essentially a smaller version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro introduced last October, minus a few features. One option buyers will see, though, Microsoft Office 365 Homeduring the ordering process is the ability to purchase a subscription to Office 365. You can add any one of three versions of the Microsoft suite: the Personal edition for $70 per year, the Home edition for $100 per year or the University edition for $80 for four years.

All three editions include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher. The Personal edition is geared for a single user, the Home edition allows up to five users and the University edition is licensed for up to two users.

Why sell the product of a competitor when Apple has its own iWork productivity suite? Apple is touting its new iPad Pro as a Windows PC replacement, hoping to entice more buyers as iPad sales continue to decline. Offering Office 365 is one way to convince Windows and Office users to try the tablet and get swept up into the Apple ecosystem.

"We've sold over 200 million iPads with a 9.7-inch display," Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said at Monday's event. "There's a second group of people we'd love to reach with this new iPad Pro. Windows Users."




March 25, 2016

Apple just released a new update to fix all those bricked iPads
Tech Insider

Apple on Thursday night released a fix for iPad 2 units that had trouble updating to iOS 9.3, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads.iPad bricked

Indeed, prior to releasing its fix on Thursday, Apple temporarily pulled the iOS 9.3 update from some devices and acknowledged the bug in a statement to iMore:

Updating some iOS devices (iPhone 5s and earlier and iPad Air and earlier) to iOS 9.3 can require entering the Apple ID and password used to set up the device in order to complete the software update. In some cases, if customers do not recall their password, their device will remain in an inactivated state until they can recover or reset their password. For these older devices, we have temporarily pulled back the update and will release an updated version of iOS 9.3 in the next few days that does not require this step.

If you own an iPad 2 that was bricked by the bug, you can plug your device into iTunes and update the firmware from there. Or, if you’re able, you can go into the iPad’s Settings app and click General > Software Update and update that way.



Trade-in guide r iPhone or iPad
Apple Insider

Currently, Apple is offering the following flat rate on all capacities, colors and carriers of each product line.

Apple iPhone Trade In Payouts:

iPhone 6 Plus: $300 Apple Gift Card
iPhone 6: $250 Apple Gift Card
iPhone 5s: $150 Apple Gift Card
iPhone 5c: $100 Apple Gift Card
iPhone 5: $100 Apple Gift Card

Apple Trade In Payouts:

iPad Air 2: $225 Apple Gift Card
iPad Air: $150 Apple Gift Card
iPad 4: $125 Apple Gift Card
iPad mini 3: $155 Apple Gift Card
iPad mini 2: $115 Apple Gift Card


March 27, 2016

Happy Easter




March 28, 2016

Microsoft Store offering $100 discount on the Surface Book

Microsoft Store Surface Book sale

Branded by Microsoft as “the ultimate laptop”, the Surface Book was announced in October 2015 along its Surface Pro 4 hybrid tablet. The Surface Book comes with a 13.5-inch PixelSense screen with a “dynamic fulcrum hinge” that provides a smooth, solid feel to the machine, but this high-end technology is definitely not cheap. The cheapest Surface Book model will cost you $1.399 right now, but be aware that the 128 GB SSD is not that future-proof. We would rather recommend enthusiasts one of the higher-end models, and the $1.799 model comes with a discrete Nvidia GPU that will help you run professional-grade software and video games.


Microsoft Surface Book Is A Modular Design Achievement, Three Months In Review

The Surface Book is a very unique approach to this category as it appears first and foremost as a Microsoft Surface Booknotebook before being a tablet, unlike the Surface Pro 4. I attended the October 2015 event where both devices were launched, have been using the Surface Book since December and want to provide some observations on it. Surface Book is truly a design achievement and Microsoft deserves kudos for it.

Modularity has been a key research focus for me for 20 years since I represented Compaq Computer on the Device Bay Consortium in the late 90s. Overall, the Surface Book is an incredible achievement in modularity. The Surface Book transforms into so many things at the same time, a tablet, a notebook and even a desktop with the new docking station. I believe the Surface Book cements Microsoft’s status with Windows in consumer form factor differentiation and modularity. Having something like a discrete GPU in the keyboard of the Surface Book is an incredibly innovative step and a major benefit.

Surface Book is a premium design winner

The Microsoft Surface Book is an incredibly interesting and unique entry into the PC category and broke new ground in modularity. Microsoft is doing some really unique and innovative things with the Surface Book and does most of them pretty well, further adding more choice within the detachable category. Microsoft beat everyone else getting out with SkyLake and hit the late holiday seasons, however, Microsoft seems to have stumbled a bit on the software side of things and just recently resolved most the issues.

I can recommend to anyone looking for a premium consumer notebook to place Surface Book in their consideration set. For some it will be really hard to be able to discern the difference between the convertible Surface Book and a laptop, which may have been Microsoft’s objective all along. The tablet functionality is the best Windows effort I’ve seen, too, which is really surprising. Nice job Microsoft.





March 29, 2016

iPad Pro 9.7 Review Roundup: Small But Compelling
Know Your Mobile

Probably the best tablet ever, but still not a Windows laptop replacement.

At first it seems Apple was just shrinking down the 12.9in iPad Pro into a smaller, but the Cupertino9.7in iPad Pro company actually went farther by besting some of the features found in the larger iPad Pro. Specifically the 9.7in iPad Pro has a rear flash (the first for an iPad) and a brand new display that adjust its color temperature to match the color temperature in the room. This makes the 9.7in iPad Pro’s display the most “natural” looking display on any mobile device ever.

The 9.7in iPad Pro doesn’t officially ship until Thursday, but a few sites have gotten their hands on early review units. We’ve rounded up snippets of those reviews here (we’ll also have our own review of the 9.7in iPad Pro coming shortly). Here’s what the pundits are currently saying:

The Independent

“And it turns the iPad Pro into an extremely effective laptop alternative, complete with touchscreen, unlike Apple’s own laptops. In fact, the touchscreen works so well with the iPad Pro and keyboard, it’s hard to think Apple isn’t considering making a MacBook with touch-sensitive display. We’ll see. After all, at the product’s launch, Apple’s Phil Schiller said that the majority of people coming to the bigger iPad Pro had come from Windows PCs. Proof, if of nothing else, that the iPad Pro series are immensely powerful machines and can be taken seriously.”


“The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is probably a look at the future of iPad — it’s a manageable size, has an industry-leading display, and is a joy to create art on. That said, we wonder if it’ll truly attract Windows converts without running a full operating system. iOS only gets you so far […]

That said, it runs iOS like a champ. Performance simply wasn’t an issue as we whisked through apps, loaded up Procreate for iPad, and proceeded to get our doodle on. As you’d expect, given the A9X power plant, speed was right in line with what we saw in the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro.”





March 30, 2016

Comparing Microsoft Surface Pro with Apple iPad Pro is a mistake everyone makes
Dispatch Tribunal

First it was Microsoft Surface Pro and then Apple iPad Pro and this led gadget freaks to go on a Surface Pro 4 Tabletcomparison battle that seems to be endless. At the end, while critics are still trying to decide which one is better, we would like to say that don’t go into the comparison cycle for each of the tablets is completely different in what they have to provide and decision based on comparison will turn out to be completely wrong.

Surface Pro 4 [discounted by up to $199] is a tablet that caters to consumers who are looking to have a tablet that can work as a laptop as well and run full-fledged software. Running Windows 10, the Surface Pro 4 is as much a laptop as it is a tablet. We would even go to the extent of saying that it is more so a laptop than a tablet sans the tablet form factor.

iPad Pro on the other hand – be it the larger 12.9-inch variant or the recently released 9.7-inch variant – are effectively tablets running a tablet or mobile operating system that can’t run full-fledged software. Apple fans will come out lashing on this statement stating that there are apps on the App store that provide just about the same functionality as a full fledged software, but the fact is they are apps for a mobile operating system. Carrying out everyday work through these apps might not be a solution for some and when it comes to ‘Pro’ label, it comes to business users and productivity and number crunching and a lot more for which apps from Apple App Store might not be the right choice.

We are not going to dig into which one is better or which one is worse, but the simple fact is that the two tablets are at completely different levels. The question you should be asking yourself before you decide on which tablet to go for is: what is the purpose of buying a tablet? If you manage to find an answer to this question, you will definitely have 90 per cent of your decision making complete and then it comes down to which specific variant of either Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro to go for.

Remember – productivity, type of work, computing needs, software/apps, are some of the questions you need to answer first!




Apple Enters Major League Baseball Dugouts With IPad Partnership

  • MLB loosens decades-long ban on use of computers during games
  • Players, managers to access video, stats and scouting reports

Apple Inc. and Major League Baseball are teaming up to give players and coaches access to statistics, videos and scouting reports during games.

The world’s most valuable public company is equipping all 30 MLB teams with iPads for 2016, following a test late in the 2015 season, part of a multiyear agreement announced Wednesday.

Players, managers and coaches will have access to a new advanced scouting app called MLB Dugout, developed by MLB Advanced Media in collaboration with Apple. The app can help players scout opposing hitters and pitchers, and help coaches make real-time decisions about personnel and in-game strategy. The deal coincides with baseball relaxing a ban on the use of computers and tablets in the dugout and bullpen during games.

“Apple’s groundbreaking products, which have already improved the access that fans have to our sport, will now inform the decisions that make our games interesting and exciting throughout the year," MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in the statement.

Terms of the partnership weren’t released. Microsoft Corp. has a $400 million, five-year deal with the National Football League that includes use of its tablet, the Surface, on the sidelines during games.





March 31, 2016

iPad Pro 9.7 review: Apple's best tablet, but it won't replace a laptop

The iPad Pro raised some eyebrows when it debuted last year, but it really shouldn't have. While iPad Pro 9.7 Engadgettablet sales as a whole have been tanking, sales of tablets with detachable keyboards have actually grown. Is it any surprise, then, that Apple built a 9.7-inch version of the Pro to try and regain some of its tablet momentum? Not at all. Whether or not this new Pro can be the "ultimate PC replacement" Apple was hyping at its launch event depends on your personal preferences, but let's get one thing straight from the start: This is one the best tablets you can buy.

Calling it a full-blown laptop replacement is a stretch, but Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the best conventional tablet the company has made. It combines the power of the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the thin frame of the iPad Air 2. Additionally, it brings a vibrant, color-accurate screen and the best camera we've seen on an iPad to date. If you need a proper laptop, you should still buy one, but if all you want is a great tablet, the 9.7-inch Pro is the one to get.

Now, about that screen. It's fantastic. The 9.7-inch LED display runs at a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536, so it's not any crisper than the Air 2 or original Pro, but whatever: It's still sharp and beautifully saturated. Videographers and editors in particular will appreciate Apple's support for the P3 color gamut, a standard with a broader range of colors that sees wide use in the film industry. The feature first debuted on the recent 4K and 5K iMacs and could be quite valuable for some -- after all, the Pro offers enough power to ingest and edit three 4K video streams at the same time. Then again, if you're an amateur like me, you'll likely never need to know these specifics.

The screen is very bright too -- actually a hair brighter than the first iPad Pro (the difference is 100 nits, if you're keeping count). The difference might not be vast, but if nothing else, it makes for a display that's easy to read in direct sunlight.





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