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December 2016



December 1, 2016

Save Up To $400 On Refurbished Surface Pro 4 & Surface Book
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Save up to $400 on Refurbished Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Expires 12/3.

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MobileDemand xTablet T8650
Rugged PC Review

Rugged, innovative Intel "Cherry Trail" quad-core powered 8-inch Windows 10 tablet offers Intel RealSense three-dimensional data capture
by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer

MobileDemand announced the xTablet T8650 mid-2016 as yet another innovative rugged tablet Mobile Demand t8650 rugged Tabletcomputer that offers something extra. In this case the extra is an (optional) integrated Intel RealSense 3D camera system that can not only enhance productivity by quickly performing near-field automatic length and volume measurements, but also has the potential to revolutionize the generation of photorealistic 3D models as well as provide an entry to the emerging field of dimensional data acquisition.

MobileDemand believes that equipped with this novel camera system, their xTablet has dual appeal. First, the T8650 addresses the needs of customers in search of a competent small tablet that won't break the bank. Second, equipped with its special camera system, the T8650 can be used to test and implement dimensional data acquisition project with potentially substantial impact on work flow productivity.

But let's take a look at the xTablet T8650 hardware first. It's a handy 8-inch tablet with state-of-the-art technology, good connectivity, a wealth of data acquisition options, and substantial ruggedness. The xTablet T8650 seems a somewhat higher-end alternative to MobileDemand's existing T1500 and Flex 8 tablets in the same general (and quite popular) display size class. And while equipped with newer technology, this is again a device positioned below the Core processor level, so pricing is attractive.



December 2, 2016

Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals offer big savings on Surface, Xbox and more

12 Days of Deals

Whether you prefer to skip the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday or just like to take your Microsoft 12 Days of Dealstime buying holiday gifts, our 12 Days of Deals holiday sale has you covered. With great savings on some of the most sought-after gifts of the season, our limited-time offers put everything they want within reach – and within budget. Plus, with free shipping and free returns on every item every day, you can save even more when you shop at the Microsoft Store.

With everything from games and game systems to PCs and tablets, mobile phones to accessories covered, whether you're shopping for a fitness buff, a music lover, multi-tasker, your kids, your partner or a friend, our holiday sales make it easy to get exactly what they want for less.

  • Monday, 12/5: Save up to $1,000 on select Intel PCs, starting at $199.
  • Tuesday, 12/6: Only $199 for a Lenovo Ideapad 110 laptop (save $100).
  • Wednesday, 12/7: Save up to 50% on select Xbox One games, now $19.99.
  • Thursday, 12/8: Save $250 on Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core m3 and 128GB SSD (now $649), plus free sleeve.
  • Friday, 12/9: Save up to 70% on select Windows 10 tablets, now starting at $49.
  • Saturday, 12/10: Save up to $250 on Windows Premium Collection devices, starting at $499.
  • Sunday, 12/11: Buy select Xbox controllers and get a $25 Microsoft Store gift code.
  • Monday, 12/12: Save $50 and get 2 free games with select Xbox One consoles, plus save big on Xbox accessories and games.
  • Tuesday, 12/13: Get a $100 Microsoft Store gift code with purchase of HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift.
  • Wednesday, 12/14: Save up to $1,000 on select gaming PCs, starting at $799.
  • Thursday, 12/15: Save up to 40% on select Dell PCs, starting at $199.
  • Friday, 12/16: Save up to $200 on select Surface Pro 4, plus get a free Type Cover (up to $359 value).




December 7, 2016


Microsoft loaned me a unit of the new Performance Base for the Surface Book and I used it for two weeks as my primary system. The secondary device I used alongside it was my Apple iPad Pro 9.7” tablet with an accessory keyboard. I have extensively used the previous Surface Book as well as competitive devices like the Apple MacBook Pro 2016, Dell XPS 13 and 15 as well as the HP Spectre x360. The Surface Book with Performance Base is the second revision of the Surface Book, a follow up to the one that I reviewed last year but with fresher and faster specs.

Out of box experience

When you buy a product, the first thing you experience is the packaging. Microsoft’s high quality packaging mirrors the company’s premium positioning and $3,000 price point, and you know you’re getting a nice product when you open the box. Once you’re inside the box, you notice the magnesium chassis which feels cool to the touch and is distinctive. You just want to touch it and don’t have to worry about fingerprints either because you simply can’t see them on it.


Overall Experience

My experience overall with the Surface Book was that it was already a differentiated and enjoyable product and the addition of the Performance Base, 1TB storage and improved battery life have made it even better and more powerful. This is one of the best-in-class 13” if not the best 13” device. It doesn’t have the latest CPU, GPU or I/O, but that shouldn’t matter to everyone. Many consumers simply want proven technology that meets their expectations, but there are some that it will matter to that it doesn’t have the latest hardware.





December 8, 2016

Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 get huge discounts on the Microsoft Store
Windows Report

Microsoft 12 days of deals

If you missed out on any of Microsoft’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you now have a chance Surface Bookto snag any of these products at huge discounts via the Microsoft Store .

Surface Book

  • Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM/128GB SSD model – $1,299 ($200 off from regular price of $1,499)
  • Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM/256GB SSD dGPU model – $1,649 ($250 off from regular price of $1,899)
  • Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM/256GB dGPU model – $1,899 ($200 off from regular price of $2,099)
  • Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM/512GB dGPU model – $2,499 ($200 off from regular price of $2,699)

Surface Pro 4

  • Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM/128GB SSD model – $849.00 ($150 off from regular price of $999)
  • Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM/256GB SSD model – $1,099 ($200 off from regular price of $1,299)
  • Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM/256GB SSD model – $1,399 ($200 off from regular price of $1,599)
  • Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM/256GB SSD model – $1,599 ($200 off from regular price of $1,799)



Why Is Apple Letting Microsoft's Surface Kill the Mac?

If you're a professional whose job takes you out of the office frequently, chances are the short list for your next PC will include a MacBook Pro and a Microsoft Surface.

After stumbling badly out of the gate with the original Surface RT in 2012, Microsoft has recovered to win excellent reviews with its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Meanwhile, Apple continues to sell roughly 20 million Macs a year, most of them in the MacBook family. The result is an unlikely head-to-head competition for the only slice of the PC market that is both growing and profitable.

Even more improbably, Microsoft now finds itself being hailed as the innovator in modern PC design, with Apple hearing loud criticism for its outdated devices and timid technology decisions.

Have we fallen through the looking glass? Not exactly. But the tale of these two product lines says a lot about what both companies think of the future of computing, with two very different approaches to the convergence of traditional PCs and mobile devices.

The new MacBook Pros get a second touch surface (the Touchbar), but when it comes to the main display, you can look but not touch.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has gone all in with touchscreens. More important, it has built Windows 10 to support what insiders refer to as One Core. The same core Windows code runs on every version of Windows: desktops, notebooks, ARM-based tablets and phones (yes, Windows phones still exist), the Xbox One console, and an unfathomable number of Internet of Things devices. Those devices have a large number of common APIs, as well, which makes Universal Windows Platform apps possible.

The reengineering work that went into One Core took years, but the first step is now complete. As a result, Microsoft can ship updates to all of those Windows 10 platforms simultaneously and support some decidedly nontraditional form factors.

In short, Microsoft's approach to convergence starts with its classic PC hardware and software, adding new capabilities to the OS to support new devices and services.

Apple's approach is to put its version of the classic PC on a glide path to obsolescence and concentrate on beefing up its newest platform, the iPad Pro.





December 9, 2016

Surface Pro 4 is landscape designer Brian Shernce's perfect companion
Windows Blog

For more than half of his waking hours, landscape designer Brian Shernce is on the road or at a Surface Pro 4 is landscape designerconstruction site.  He recently started using a Surface Pro 4 so that he could handle the full gamut of his office work even while on the go.

“Whereas before if I needed to do any real computing work, I’d wait to get back to my desk – which often caused the work to snowball – now I can work from anywhere.”  The “now” is after purchasing a Surface Pro 4.

Brian got his Surface after determining that his iPad Pro simply couldn’t provide the depth and breadth of functionality he needed.

“I’m amazed at its functionality, and I’m using it more and more because it’s replacing both my previous tablet and my MacBook,” Brian says of his Pro 4.

The real sell for him came when he took the device to the office for the first time.  “I was trying to land a very large job and, after meeting with the landscape architect, he emailed an AutoCAD plan for my team to review.  He wanted our proposal for the job and was looking for input on a lot of items – and of course it was time sensitive.  Normally we would have printed the large plan, had our production manager mark it up on paper, and then photograph or scan it back into a computer to begin the line-item budgeting. Instead, we used the Surface for the whole process; from the Drawboard markup to budgeting for the estimate. We turned the plan around really quickly and got the job!”

Brian chose his Pro 4 specifically because of its portability. He likes that he’s able to use the device as a tablet for annotations – or for non-work things like reading the news and catching up on sports – but then also attach the keyboard for more serious tasks.




Microsoft's December Updates for OneNote and Excel include a new Undo button, Surface Pen support and more

Microsoft has detailed their December updates for Office Insiders on the Windows 10 Insider Program, and this month’s updates have a few treats for Excel and OneNote users.

First of all, Microsoft is making it easier to use the pen lasso option by linking it to the Surface Pen so you can trigger  the lasso tool without needing to open the ribbon on the app. That’s not all that’s new for Surface users, you can now manipulate objects easier with the Surface pen on Excel.

For OneNote, Microsoft now supports multiple Microsoft accounts for OneNote users, so if you have several Notebooks on different accounts you can now view them all in the main OneNote app without needing to sign out and reselect an alternate account. There’s a new Undo button added for smaller screen devices so you can go back on your actions.




December 12, 2016

10 best new tablets coming in 2017
PC Advisor

If you're looking to buy a tablet, you might want to put away your money and check out our list of the most exciting new tablets coming later this year. We cover all the best new tablets for 2017, including the best new Windows tablets, best new Android tablets and best new iPads




November Was "Best Month Ever" for Surface

Microsoft claimed today that November was the “best month ever” for consumer Surface sales. Leaving aside that “consumer” caveat for a moment, I suspect that this milestone had more to do with holiday sale prices than with Microsoft’s stated reason.

“We’re having our best holiday ever,” Microsoft’s Bill Hall claimed in a Surface momentum post. “November was our best month ever for consumer Surface sales. The Best Buy-exclusive Surface bundle sold out on the first day. The momentum was seen worldwide. In the UK, we had the best single week for Surface ever and in Germany the Surface Pen became the best seller in PC Accessories on Amazon.com for over 12 hours.”

That all points to what I suspect is the real culprit for this best-ever month at retail, which is what “for consumer” really means: Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have seen sharp but temporary price declines in recent days, driving sales to individuals higher. This supports my contention, by the way, that these products were priced too highly to begin with.

“More people are switching from Macs to Surface than ever before,” Hall continued. “Our trade-in program for MacBooks was our best ever, and the combination of excitement for the innovation of Surface coupled with the disappointment of the new MacBook Pro – especially among professionals – is leading more and more people to make the switch to Surface, like this. It seems like a new review recommending Surface over MacBook comes out daily. This makes our team so proud, because it means we’re doing good work.”

I don’t believe that many Apple users were jumping ship to Surface a year ago, though I base than on personal experience only, as I must: I never hear from users who did such a thing, and I routinely hear from readers and listeners from the Microsoft and Apple communities. Suffice to say that disappointment with the new MacBook Pro is both loud and unprecedented. I’ve never seen Apple truly freak out such loyal customers before.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter.

That Surface did experience its best-ever month with consumers is just great, no matter the reason. Hopefully, Microsoft will learn from this episode and, in plotting its next generation devices, will do learn the lessons from Apple’s mistakes: Price those devices correctly—i.e. a bit lower—and deliver what customers are really asking for.



December 13, 2016

Lenovo's Yoga Book is not a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 replacement
India Today

Lenovo's Yoga Book 2-in-1 convertible, like its modular Moto Z phone, is a gadget straight out of the future. There's no other way of putting it. First unveiled to the global audience at IFA 2016 trade Lenovo's Yoga Bookshow, Lenovo's Yoga Book was finally announced for the Indian market on Tuesday.

On the face of it, the Yoga Book is very similar to Microsoft's Surface-range of productivity tablets. Similar to Apple's iPad Pro and Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S. Similar to Huawei's MateBook and Asus' Transformer 3 Pro. No matter how big the list, however, the Surface will invariably lead the way. It is after-all a category defining product. It is after-all the Optimus Prime of convertibles. Lenovo couldn't agree more. The Yoga Book may work on a similar concept, but its ambitions lie elsewhere. Unlike the iPad Pro, the Galaxy TabPro S, the MateBook and the Transformer 3 Pro, the Yoga Book isn't looking to kill the Surface. Heck, it isn't looking to kill anybody. It's looking to create a new category altogether.

"We are not trying to replace a particular device (like the Surface) with the Yoga Book. This will either become your second or third device if you also include a smartphone into the array," Bhaskar Choudhuri who is marketing director for Lenovo India and South Asia told India Today Tech in an exclusive one-on-one interaction.

"If you look at the device, it is an attempt to change the fundamental consumer behavior and how they interact with technology. It's a big bet that we have taken."




Gift Guide: Benjamin's top ten picks for best iPhone, iPad & Mac tech gifts any Apple user will love
9 to 5 Mac

Apple Accessories

Every year I discover new Apple products and accessories that become integral to my day-to-day lifestyle. It’s been an eventful year for Apple technology, with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, new MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar, and the Apple Watch Series 2, and with the new products come a variety of new offerings from other companies.

While Apple may have missed the mark for a pair of its big products, there are a variety of other products on the market that would make great gifts for the Apple fanatic in your life, even if they are from third-party companies.

Read on for my personal picks for technology and Apple fans this holiday season. I’ve broken down the best gadgets, accessories, and other random technology that have become crucial to my day-to-day ritual, across a variety of different price points…



December 14, 2016

Leaked: New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2017) coming January?

Lenovo may be working on a new version of its iconic ThinkPad, with a high-spec notebook tipped to debut next month.

Apparent documentation for a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2017) has been leaked online via China’s Lenovo Thinkpad X1 CarbonBenchlife blog. The article includes two images that seemingly detail the new laptop’s specs, and suggests that we’ll see the device launch in Las Vegas in January. Unfortunately, we can’t verify this leak, so take the following information with due caution.

According to the leak, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon will retain its sleek and professional design, but will be 6% lighter and 8% smaller – weighing in at 1.14kgs with a depth of 15.95mm.

The display is tipped to measure 14-inches (with very slim bezels), and will be available in either a Full HD Touch option, or with a more pixel-dense WQHD alternative. Other optional add-ons are reported to include an IR camera, 4G/LTE-A connectivity, and a silver colour variant.

The leaked images also claim the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2017) will feature 1TB of PCIe storage, two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, and a new 7th-gen Intel Core i processor. And battery life is tipped to be as long as 15.5 hours



What apps should I download? Best apps for new Android phone or tablet
PC Advisor

At PC Advisor we review a *lot* of phones and tablets, but certain apps are always top of our list. Here's our pick of the best Android apps - the best apps if you've just bought a new Android phone or tablet.

Best Android apps: TV, film & video

Large, high-resolution screens are all the rage with today's new Android phones, which paired with their fast processors and graphics makes them ideal devices on which to watch TV, video and films.

YouTube is more than likely preinstalled on your Android device - and if it's not you should download it now. Some other free apps that we wouldn't be without include TVCatchUp, which rather than a catch-up TV service actually offers live-streaming of UK Freeview channels, plus some actual TV catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer (you'll also need BBC Media Player), ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5.

If you subscribe to Sky at home then Sky Go lets you watch Sky TV on your phone or tablet, while Virgin offers a similar deal with Virgin TV Anywhere.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video are the two big online film-streaming services, each charging a monthly subscription of around £7 and letting you watch as many films as you like within that period. We like Netflix, although you may prefer the associated benefits of having a Prime account, including free next-day delivery on eligible items bought on Amazon and Amazon Prime Music. We've compared your options to help you choose.




December 15, 2016

HP Elite X2 (2016) Review
Chip Chick

The HP Elite X2 is one of the latest examples of a specific kind of 2-in-1 convertible laptop — a tablet in form with laptop hardware, a kickstand, and a detachable keyboard. Thanks to a touchscreen and HP Elite X2styluses, these devices have become favorites of digital artists, but they’ve got the potential to be more. While the Elite X2 can be your digital sketchpad, HP’s device sets itself apart with hardware and software features tailor-made for the office. The result is something that could be the future go-to device for businesses large and small — one that can be used at home, in the office, or out in the field, all while giving IT staffs the control they need. Thanks to all that plus solid performance and a very comfortable keyboard, the Elite X2 is a surprisingly good productivity machine.

Despite the Elite X2 being one of the heavier detachable slate PC-style 2-in-1s we’ve seen, we think this trade-off was worth it. The weight difference is very slight everyday use — you can barely feel the Elite X2 in a bag or backpack, so it’s still a top-notch choice for workers frequently on the go. HP has been doing a great job lately of making their devices physically durable, and the Elite X2 is no different. It’s made of aluminum and feels very solid in the hand — we’ve used similar devices that we felt like we could snap in two. The Elite X2 is built to withstand drops, so for workers who need something to use in the field, it’s a good choice. Gorilla Glass helps ensure that the screen is just as well protected as the rest of the slate.




Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Deals: Walmart Offers Big Discount For Select Surface Pro 4 Intel Core i5 models
The Marshalltown

Walmart is having a neat sale on Microsoft tablets, slapping notable discounts on the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Pro 3 in various configurations.

The high-end Surface Pro 4 sees a price cut of up to $280, while the older Surface Pro 3 sports even deeper discounts of up to $931.

Without further ado, here are the top Surface Pro deals currently available at Walmart:

The Surface Pro 4 with an Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of native storage and Windows 10 Pro on board is now available at $749, marking a $250 discount off its regular $999 price.

A higher Surface Pro 4 configuration with the same Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 10 Pro OS, but 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage space now retails for $1,019.95, allowing for savings of $280 compared with the regular price of $1,299.99. Alternately, Amazon is also selling the same model at $1,017.99.



December 16, 2016

Today Only!  Last day Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals

$200 Discount on Surface Pro 4  & Free Type Cover   

microsoft 12 days of deals

  • 256GB / Intel Core i5 - 8GB RAM - $1,099 (Reg. $1,299)
  • 256GB / Intel Core i7 - 8GB RAM - $1,399 (Reg. $1,599)
  • 256GB / Intel Core i7 - 16GB RAM - $1,599 (Reg. $1,799)




December 19, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Rumors Says It Will Be First Microsoft AMD Based Surface
Latinos Health

It appears that Microsoft will not launch the new model of their hit series Surface Pro 5 until spring of next year. There is no doubt that it will be the biggest launch of next year.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with pen

The last model of surface series Pro 4 was released in October 2015. So, everyone expected Pro 5 to release in October 2016 but new Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio was introduced this time. So Surface Book 5 is expected to come on 2017.

TechRadar writes that the delay in the second major update of Windows 10 until next year spring is the main reason behind the delay. Microsoft recently announced a subscription program that lets people upgrade to a new model when it is released.

For the people wondering about the price of this product, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will more likely to start at $899 and it will increase according to configuration and accessories of buyer's choice.

One of the most exciting things of Surface Book is its stylus. The most frequently asked question is that how Microsoft will upgrade its stylus accessory that comes with every tablet. Microsoft filed a patent for a stylus that features a rechargeable battery system.

Now, moving to the specifications, Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel's Kaby Lake chips, the RAM will start from 16GB and there will be a 2k screen. USB-C is also expected. These specifications are as per rumors according to Inquisitr.

Surface Pro 5 will release in two variants, a top-level Pro variant, and an entry-level non-Pro variant. Recently, Microsoft released a demo of Windows 10 running on an ARM-based computer for better speed.




December 20, 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reaffirms Commitment To Macs And Says 'Great Desktops' Are Incoming
Hot HardwareApple iMac

Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, once likened the desktop PC to a truck in a world full of cars. In his opinion, the PC was on its way out in favor of alternate form factors, in particular the iPad. This was part of his infamous post-PC era dialogue and if he was still in charge of Apple, we might be looking at a very different product lineup right now. But it is Tim Cook that is in charge, and in case anyone is wondering, desktops are still very much a part of Apple's future.

"Some folks in the media have raised the question about whether we're committed to desktops. If there's any doubt about that with our teams, let me be very clear: we have great desktops in our roadmap. Nobody should worry about that.

Cook's opinion of the desktop is very different than the one Jobs voiced six and a half years ago. While Jobs may have thought the market was transitioning away from desktop PCs in rapid fashion, more than half a decade later Cook has made it a point to trumpet what's still great about them, including superior performance, bigger and more varied screen sizes, a variety of input options, and so forth. For a number of reasons, Cook views desktops as "really important, and in some cases critical, to people." Cook wrote in a post to an employee message board.




December 21, 2016

Best Apple Christmas Deals 2016: Shop for iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro 2016
The Bitbag

Christmas shopping can be daunting at times. The long queues and cold winter air can be a bit of a iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, and MacBook Proburden especially for last minute shoppers. Because of this, the only solution available may be to shop online. Unfortunately, finding the best deals online is easier said than done. One could get lost and spend hours and hours trying to find the best deal for one’s budget. Luckily, TheBitbag has made its own list for anyone thinking about getting their loved ones a present this Christmas. These are just some of the best Apple Christmas deals that anyone can find on the internet.

MacBook Pro 2016

Christmas is perhaps one of the best reasons to get one’s much awaited laptop upgrade. Most of the time, new laptops get released months before the holidays. Because of this, some shops offer discounts in order to attract more buyers. This includes the Apple MacBook Pro 2016, which is no exception to that. In fact, B&H is offering as much as $200 off on some of the new MacBook Pros.

Buyers can get $100 off for the 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro 2016 from B&H Photo with free overnight shipping. Meanwhile, the 2.9GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 can be bought for $2599, a $200 discount with the same free overnight shipping.

READ ALSO: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Holiday Super Deals for Christmas

Buyers can get $100 off for the 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro 2016 from B&H Photo with free overnight shipping. Meanwhile, the 2.9GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 can be bought for $2599, a $200 discount with the same free overnight shipping.




Microsoft's 2017 Surface Pro 5 Laptop Can Assume 4K Tablet Form [VIDEO]

With Microsoft being rumored to release a series of high resolution tablets next year, it is likely that the upcoming Pro 5 will be included in that list. Judging from the item’s detachable structure, the tablet variation of the unit will be unleashing the 4K display feature.

It is likely that Microsoft will unravel a huge surprise next year. It is also likely that a laptop upgrade is underway

Since the Surface Pro 4 has been launched in October 2015, anticipation has been high that the Redmond-headquartered tech group will roll out a new version this year. However, the Surface Book i7 and the Surface Studio have been revealed.

The upcoming Windows 10 Edition, which has also been branded as the Creators Update, according to PC Advisor, is yet to be released. Thus, it is likely that the software will be presented together with the new Surface Pro 5 unit.



December 22, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: The 5 Best Tablets for Christmas

We’ve picked out five tablets that make the best gifts, whether you’re shopping for a power user or simply looking for an inexpensive, high-tech present.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch

Apple iPad Mini 4

Amazon Fire

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0



December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays From TabletPc2.com

Happy Holidays From TabletPc2.com




December 27, 2016

Getting Started with that new Windows 10 PC or Tablet
SuperSite for Windows

If any of you received a new PC or tablet this holiday season, it is moist likely running Microsoft's new flagship operating system - Windows 10.

Windows 10 was initially released in July of 2015 and since then it has had two major Feature Updates released for it - the November Update in November 2015 and the Anniversary Update on 02 August 2016.

Each Feature Update adds new features to the OS but the core elements of the software remain fairly standard with a few tweaks along the way.

Here at SuperSite: Windows we have been poking and prodding Windows 10 for over two years now and we have learned much about the OS. As a result, we have put together a huge selection of tips and how-to's that can assist both veteran and new Windows 10 users.

I have gone through that collection and this article highlights some of the key ones that will benefit you as a new Windows 10 user.

Included in this collection are video walkthroughs of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the extensive Privacy Settings for the OS. In addition, I have listed my extensive review of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the version of Windows 10 that likely shipped with your new device, so that you can learn more about the added features.

Once you get used to the operating system and are ready for more, be sure to search SuperSite: Windows for the term windows 10 quick tipsto find some of the other tidbits we have about Windows 10.



iPad Air 3 – Apple's First Foldable Tablet is Near

Apple was expected to launch the new iPad Air 3 during 2016 but seeing as the year is coming to an end, this will certainly not going to happen. The US based tech giant opted instead to launch the latest 9.7 inch iPad Pro and this has Apple fans wondering if the company ditched the MacBook Air and MacBook Air Pro line but to fans delight recent reports have been showing that Apple is set to release iPad Air 3 during March 2016 and the device is speculated to be the last installment in the Air lineup.

The device is said to be Apple’s greatest tablet yet in terms of both performance and design. Reportedly Apple will equip the tablet with the powerful A9X processor which will be paired with 3GB of RAM and that’s surely just the right enough to provide users with impressive and stable performances. The display technology is something entirely new from what we’re used from Apple because the tablet will feature a 9.7 inch 2K resolution 3D display with 400ppm.

What will make the tablet stand out from the rest of its line is the fact that it will support Apple Pen functionalities, smart connector and that it will be foldable. A few months ago Apple has been spotted working on foldable prototypes and it looks like the new iPad Air 3 will the be device to use this innovative technology.



December 28, 2016

Surface Pro 5 VS MacBook Pro 2016: Microsoft Finally Owning The Laptop Competition?


Apple used to be in a very big advantage over laptop manufacturers merely due to its brand and processing power, but with laptops like Microsoft's Surface Pro 5, things are looking a little different. This is also the case with those looking for both the premium feel and the justified price and performance.

A recent report from CNet is indicating that Microsoft's Surface Pro series is starting to closely compete with Apple's MacBook Pro line of laptops, if not becoming better. While the laptop isn't released yet and is expected to be coming around 2017, its specs already speaks of a clear message that it would blow the current MacBook Pro 2016 out of the water.




New Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 Has Thunderbolt 3 & More
Gotta Be Mobile

Windows PC maker Lenovo is preparing to take on its rivals in the new year with a new 2-in-1 Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 Tabletnotebook PC designed specifically for mobile professionals. Revealed ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 includes the latest Intel processors and a much-requested new port for docking and data transfers. The notebook also comes with what could be the least cluttered software experience of any notebooks released by Lenovo in the recent past.

Lenovo revealed the ThinkPad Yoga 370 in a press release this morning. With the CES 2016 happening in just a week’s time, the company is showing off many of its devices ahead of the flurry of announcements all coming during the show. It’s billing the laptop as great for corporations and small businesses that want lots of power and something that can transform into a tablet. At the same time, it’s keen to attract users at home that just want a well-made 3-pound notebook with 10 hours of battery life.



December 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with S Pen support means no Note 8 series?Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with S Pen
Pc-Tablet Media

If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is currently working on to release Galaxy S8 Plus with a 6-inch display. There are widespread rumors that the Galaxy S8 Plus will most likely provide support for an external S-Pen and will be available as an optional accessory.

Till recently, Samsung had reserved the S-pen stylus for its flagship Galaxy Note series. According to a leakster based in China, the Samsung Galaxy S8 series will be the first handset rumored to ship with a stylus. Does it mean ditching of Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Read on to find more.

Based on rumors, the Galaxy S8 features a 5.7-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display, Snapdragon 830 processor, 8GB RAM, up to 128GB storage, 12MP dual camera, 8MP front camera loaded with Android Nougat. You can expect at least 4000mAh battery with fast charging support.

If Samsung decides to add stylus support to Galaxy S8 Plus, you can safely assume that the company will most likely discontinue the flagship Galaxy Note series. That being said, the company had signaled the arrival of the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017. As you can see, there are conflicting reports. Hence, you will have to wait for few more days for the whole picture to become clear.



December 30, 2016

Samsung rumoured to release two new Windows 10 tablets at CES

SamMobile, who in August revealed that Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Tab Pro S2 running Windows 10, has heard that the Korean company plans to launch two new Windows 10 tablets at Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SCES.

They expect the tablet to be designated the SM-W720, a successor to the existing Galaxy TabPro S (SM-W700) and to feature a 12-inch Super AMOLED display (2160×1440 pixels) — which is exactly what the original TabPro S sports and come with an Intel Core M processor.

The other tablet is expected to be the SM-W620, a lower end model with a small display and lower specifications.

Samsung’s original Galaxy TabPro S was pretty well-received, and was a pretty good alternative to Microsoft’s own Surface devices. It offered a high-end Windows 10-powered tablet powered by an Intel Core M processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB of SSD storage, 5,200mAh battery with fast charging support, 12-inch 2160×1440 pixel resolution Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel front and rear camera, USB Type-C and more.

Samsung also included some extra features to the device, including things like integration with Galaxy smartphones.



Lenovo Miix 510 2-in-1 PC review: Great performance and good features

Lenovo isn’t shy about coming out with different types of laptops, tablets, and 2 in 1 PCs. Having Lenovo Miix 510 2-in-1 Active Pensomething for everyone out there these days, they’re good at being cost efficient while having some pretty good specs. The Lenovo Miix 510 is just that 2 in 1 that could be your next computer with its decent price tag and high end specs plus with the optional active pen, you have the ability to draw your own pictures or take notes at your leisure. Let’s take a look at the review below.

The magnetic keyboard is included with the Lenovo Miix 510 and it’s not a bad keyboard either. It easily snaps into place when brought up close enough to the tablet and the keys don’t need to be pressed too hard to get a letter to pop up. All keys are also evenly spaced, so there wasn’t an issue with accidentally hitting another key.

Also included with this review is the optional Lenovo Active Pen that will provide you with the ability to take notes, draw your own stuff, or draw on a screen shot. Design for this little guy is pretty simple as it’s meant to look like a pen. There are two buttons towards the tip of the pen and a clip at the top in case you’d like to carry it on your shirt so you don’t lose it.





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