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March 2015


March 2, 2015

Lenovo Announces-TAB2 A10-70, TAB2-A8 & ideapad MIIX 300 Tablets

Lenovo Tab2-A8 Tablet

New Lenovo Tablets Prove Big Technologies and
Savings Come in Small Packages

A Series Tablets Package LTE Connectivity, Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound and Affordability
Even More Choice with A Series Android and MIIX 300 Windows Tablets

Lenovo has created three new consumer tablet choices: a pair of A Series Android tablets, the Lenovo TAB 2 A8 and A10-70, and a Windows tablet, the ideapad MIIX 300. Debuting at Mobile World Congress 2015, these different devices help meet consumers' desire for entertainment and portability at prices set for universal appeal.

The all-new A Series proves affordable tablets can go big for entertainment capabilities with their high speed LTE connectivity and Dolby Atmos® technology. These tablets not only keep people connected virtually anywhere, but they also make movies, TV shows and music more enjoyable with astonishing clarity, richness, power and depth over their built-in speakers. Meanwhile, the 8-in ideapad MIIX 300 offers Windows users pocket-sized productivity.




Sony's Xperia Z4 Tablet is light and has two good cameras

Ignoring rumors of its potential demise, the Sony mobile division created more tangible news at Sony's Xperia Z4 TabletMobile World Congress on Monday with the release of two new devices: the water-proof Xperia M4 Aqua smartphone and the entertainment-focused Xperia Z4 tablet.

The Xperia Z4 Tablet’s design doesn’t come as too much of a surprise since Sony leaked the info just last week. Still, on paper, it appears to be a mighty alluring device. Display quality is one of the fastest ways for mobile devices to strike a strong impression, and Sony claims its 10.1-inch 2K screen is brighter than all of the similarly spec’d competition, be it the Kindle Fire HDX, Apple’s iPad Air, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, or Samsung’s Galaxy S slates.

Xperia M4 Aqua

Speaking of water-resistant, the mid-range Xperia M4 Aqua offers the same protection, as the name implies.

Beyond that, Sony’s pushing the phone’s camera capabilities. The main shooter’s a 13-megapixel model packing Sony’s Exmor RS mobile sensor with a F2.0 aperture and ISO 3200 sensitivity, and the phone’s camera software comes with a “Superior Auto mode” that Sony claims is capable of intelligently processing 52 different lighting scenarios. There’s also a 5.1-megapixel front camera with an 88-degree field of view for folks who want wide-angle shots without suffering through the indignity of using a selfie stick




March 3, 2015


You Asked: Can I Use My iPad or Other Tablet As a Second Monitor?

Duet Display

If you’ve got a tablet like an iPad or comparable Android tablet, it’s probably going unused when you’re on typing away on your desktop or laptop computer. But several apps on the market can turn your tablet into a bona-fide second monitor.

The best app for transforming your iPad or phone into a second screen is Duet Display, currently 50% off its normal price of $14.99. You’ll first need to download a free version of the app for your desktop or laptop Mac. Then download the paid version on your iPad (or nice, big iPhone 6 Plus). Once the two apps are installed on both machines, connect them with your Lightning or 30-pin cable. Next, open the app on the tablet or phone, and presto, Duet Display turns it into a second screen with minimal, if any, lag. (Another popular option for Apple users is Air Display, which recently introduced a USB connectivity option similar to Duet Display.)




Apple Granted 52 Patents Today Covering Major Multitouch Inventions Including the Magic Trackpad & Possible Future Products
Patently Apple

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 52 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover two major Apple multitouch patents. The first was the force behind the original iPhone launched in 2007 when Apple's CEO Steve Jobs introduced "multitouch" for the iPhone and the second covers the technology that led to the Magic Trackpad. Apple's first multitouch patent covers an incredible array of applications, some of which are still to come to market. We wrap up this week's granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple today.

Granted Patent: Multitouch

Apple's newly granted patent titled "Gestures for devices having one or more touch sensitive surfaces" covers their invention relating to multitouch and more specifically, it relates to rolling gestures on a touch sensitive surface of a device for controlling the device and for remotely controlling another device. This also relates to gestures enabled by the placement of one or more touch sensitive surfaces for configuring the operation of the device and for enabling additional gestures for operating the device.  

The operations can also include paging, scrolling, panning, zooming, etc. By way of example, the input devices can include buttons, switches, keyboards, mice, trackballs, touch pads, joy sticks, touch screens and the like.

Apple's patent




March 4, 2015

Lenovo Tab 2 A8 & A10 review: Hands-on with Lenovo's new budget Android tablets
PC Advisor

Lenovo used MWC 2015 in Barcelona this week to launch two new and affordable Android tablets: Lenovo Tab 2 A8 & A10 tabletsthe Lenovo Tab 2 A8 and the Lenovo Tab 2 A10. We tried them out at the Lenovo stand during the show to bring you our Lenovo Tab 2 A10 and A8 hands-on review.

Lenovo Tab 2 A8 & A10 hands-on review: Design & build

If you haven't guessed already, one of the main differences between the two new Lenovo Android tablets is the screen size. The A8 is 8in while the A10 is 10in, so is obviously bigger and heavier.

Both tablets are satisfyingly thin, though, measuring 8.9mm. At 509g (A10) and 360g (A8) Lenovo can't match the lightness of rivals including the stunningly light iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, but with a significantly lower price tag we certainly aren't complaining.

Looking closer at the display on the A10 you'll find a 10.1in Full HD IPS screen, while the A8 has a 720p HD IPS display that measures 8in. Both displays appeared to be reasonable during our testing, although poor viewing angles and reflectiveness is a bit disappointing.

Inside the Lenovo Tab 2 tablets is a MediaTek 64-bit quad-core processor (1.3GHz for A8 and 1.5GHz for A10) paired with 1GB RAM, 8/16GB storage built-in and the ability to add up to 32GB additional space thanks to the microSD card slot. There's also an optional SIM-card slot on each tablet that will allow you to make and take calls and use 4G LTE while out and about, making these tablets large entries into the phablet category.

Both tablets have cameras on the front and back, with the A10 boasting an 8Mp rear camera, and the A8 sporting a 5Mp rear snapper. On the front of the A8 is a 2Mp camera for selfies or video chats.




Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Apple iPad Air 2 - Should You Go for Tablet or Hybrid?
Press and Update

devices like Surface Pro opened the users’ eyes to a future, where their tablet and their notebook don’t have to be separate things. It’s really not hard to embrace 2-in-1s, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. Let’s see how a simple tablet and the hybrid compare in some features and specs.

Surface Pro 3 is different from the iPad and every other tablet. This device indeed has the heart of a Surface pro 3laptop, not a tablet. Pro 3 has got a real laptop-like functionality, thanks to the Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit) operating system. Microsoft offers you a choice of Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7 processors for your Surface Pro 3, along with up to 8 GB RAM. On the other hand, the iPad Air 2 is powered by an ARM-based A8X processor with 2GB of RAM, and an M8 co-processor. This means it’s designed as a real companion device. You may have issues opening some files, as well as doing some heavy duty workloads. This means the winner in this category is Surface Pro 3-it has a performance of a laptop in a portable form factor.

The overall impression is that if you want a device that is strictly a tablet, you should go with the iPad Air 2. It is lighter, thinner, cheaper, and it has a better selection of touch apps. However, if you want your device to serve you as both tablet and laptop, you will see that the Surface Pro 3 is worth spending the extra money on, because it does a really good job serving you as a hybrid.




March 6, 2015

Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for Artists and Drawing

Out of the box, I have to begrudgingly admit that the machine is beautiful. Its sleek lines and minimalistic signature really makes it a sight to behold and, err, hold. The box contains:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 laptop
  • Power adapter
  • N-trig Pen
  • Pen loop

I have been impressed by the battery life. Doing design and illustration work with brightness all the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for Artists and Drawingway up, I have managed to get 5-6 hours on this. Although not as much as the 8-9 hours I get on my MacBook Pro, it is also not as heavy at 800 grams compared to MBP’s 2 kg which is a huge difference when travelling.

As an illustrator, the first thing I wanted to try out was how convenient and responsive the touchscreen sketching was. The good news is that it comes preloaded with OneNote, a note taking and quick sketch app which launches immediately when you press the button on the back of the pen. It works like a charm when I was taking notes for courses or client briefs. The bad news is that OneNote is about as useful as Captain Hook’s second glove when it comes to drawing.

I often draw using my Wacom Intuos4 for which the pen has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity compared to the Surface Pro 3’s N-trig pen’s 256. This may sound like a deal breaker but I was surprised at the results. I usually do my drawings in SketchBook and it stacks up well on the Surface Pro 3. You almost forget about the pressure sensitivity altogether. Drawing on the Surface Pro 3 is going to feel different compared to a graphic tablet because it is smooth and does not have as much drag. But it is very much similar if, like me, you have been using tablets like the iPad to draw. My disclaimer here is that since most of my illustrations are vector-based, pressure sensitivity was not as big an issue for me.Stroke Preasure Comparison for Surface Pro 3

However, I know any illustrator worth his salt absolutely must know at least some details about pressure sensitivity. My opinion is that it is all about each individual’s “feel” (pardon the pun). There is very little lag, so it feels almost as responsive as my Intuos4. By drawing directly on the screen, I tend to have better control of pressure sensitivity compared to the Intuos4, despite the N-trig’s paltry 256 levels. In this regard, the line results are closer to what I intend them to be on the Surface Pro 3 compared to my Intuos4. The comparison chart below shows the differences between the Surface Pro 3 and Intuos4 with examples of stroke lines and a quick minute-long sketch of an eye.

Using the Adobe suite is where the Surface Pro 3 exceeded my expectations. First off, 12 inches is never going to be enough screen estate so you will have to customise your Photoshop or Illustrator windows to allow for more drawing space. It is also very difficult to hit the buttons accurately with the default Adobe preferences. So you will have to go to Preferences > Experimental Settings and double the size of the interface elements. You can also activate touch controls in Adobe so that you can pinch and zoom and even rotate canvas. There is some lag when doing this so I always end up relying on my keyboard.



March 5, 2015

iPad Pro: Apple's plans delayed and now set for late-2015 launch, say reports
The Independent

Apple has delayed plans for a much bigger version of its tablet, known as the iPad Pro, according to reports.

The plans have been postponed because Apple has had trouble getting the parts for the rumoured Child with iPadproduct, reported Bloomberg. But the delay might actually be a result of late redesigns as the company seeks to position the tablet for the enterprise and work market, said the Wall Street Journal.

Apple has not officially said that it is working on the tablet, but a number of rumours have pointed to the fact that the company is working on a bigger tablet to bridge the gap between laptops and touchscreen devices and to sell the product to workplaces.

Some had expected it to be released towards the middle of this year, but the launch has been pushed back to late-2015 or early-2016, according to reports.

To become suitable for such uses, the iPad Pro will be much more like a computer. It will include USB 3.0 ports to allow it to connect to external drives and accessories, like a computer, and might include other inputs and outputs.

That will allow it to be used more like a professional computer. Video editors, for instance, would be able to plug in hard drives to work on films and also add mice and keyboards for extra control.




Review: Microsoft Office Preview apps for Windows 10
PC Pro

Microsoft's touch-enabled Office apps are finally available, but how do they compare with their desktop, iOS and Android counterparts?

Having already furnished iPad and Android users with touch-friendly versions of its Office apps, powerpointMicrosoft has finally thrown a bone to Windows tablet users. Well, sort of. Although polished versions of the Office apps are now in the App Store and Google Play, the touch versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel are only available on the Windows 10 Technical Preview and are still in beta. See also: Windows 10 release date, updates, latest news, features and price: new build pictures leaked

Still, they’re good enough to give us a feel for what Windows 10 users will have access to when the operating system finally launches this autumn, and how they compare to the Office apps on the rival platforms. Has Microsoft saved some special treats for the loyalists? We’ve examined each app in turn to find out.

There are one or two advantages of running the Word app on Windows, as opposed to the other platforms. The choice of fonts is much greater, and there are no device-specific fonts like there are on the iPad, which can cause compatibility problems later. Assuming you have OneDrive or Dropbox synchronised to your Windows device, access to documents when offline is also much easier, since you get full access to the file system. On Word for the iPad, you have to open the documents in the app before you go offline.


March 9, 2015

Toshiba Encore 2 Write tablet review: Information capture taken to a new level

If you want to capture all the information from a meeting, class or lecture, there’s no better tool than Toshiba’s Encore 2 Write. Toshiba Encore 2 Write tablet

The Encore 2 Write features an active stylus for accurate scribbling, but the magic is in a unique set of bundled apps: TruNote mimics Microsoft’s OneNote but performs very accurate handwriting recognition on the entire documents, TruCapture OCRs images captured using the unit’s 5MP camera, and TruRecorder splits audio recordings into timelines for each orator to facilitate.

The $349 10-inch, 1280x800 Encore 2 Write WT10PE-A that I looked at is a light (about 1.25 pounds), Atom Z3735F-based tablet with 2GB of memory and a 64GB eMMC SSD. The rear camera is 5MP and the Webcam 1.2MP. The Wi-Fi is 802.11 a/b/g/n and there’s Bluetooth 4.0 on board. It’s easy to hold, easy on the eye, and of course, comes with the aforementioned active stylus monikered “TruPen.” The TruPen is one of the nicer styluses I’ve seen, with a cap that protects the nib when it’s not in use.

The TruPen makes use of Wacom’s ActiveES, which unlike that company’s traditional pressure sensitive tablets, uses the pen to relay location, pressure and other information. Just in case you were wondering “Why not use your finger?” You can, but a stylus allows you to fit far more in the same amount of space and with considerably less hand movement. And the pressure sensitivity is great for mimicking real drawing tools with apps that support it.




Apple Spring Forward Event

Live streaming video requires Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later

10:00 am PDT



Surface Pro 4 May Launch Before iPad Pro Surface Pro 3
Tom's Guide

Apple's loss is Microsoft's gain, or at least that's what the rumors say. Supposedly, Apple's upcoming iPad Pro tablet has suffered production setbacks, and Microsoft is ready to swoop in and offer something new during the gap. The Surface 4 may launch as early as July, as Microsoft hopes to capitalize on both Apple's lassitude and its own finally profitable tablet sales.

The big question seems to be whether Microsoft will release the Surface Pro 4 over the summer or in the fall




Study: Apple Watch favored by those with larger phones, tablets

I’m supposed to ask, because today is when Apple will likely unveil the Apple Watch in full, so — are you gonna buy an Apple Watch? According to a new study, it depends on the size of your phone. So says Adobe, who polled 1,000 iOS users of their products to gauge interest on how we consume media. A byproduct of that study was news of our interest in the Apple Watch, where the larger our smartphone or tablet screen, the more interested we become.

There are some use cases for it that are kind of helpful, and one of them is that with the larger screen smartphone, it’s actually less convenient to pull it out all the time. The Apple Watch is a hands-free and much less conspicuous way to look at my emails, my text messages, instant messages, Facebook Messenger, maybe a little bit of my social media postings on my wrist without taking this big phone out of wherever I put it.

So the fact is that as the smartphone screen size gets bigger, then there’s an alternative use case for this wearable—that if it’s synchronized together with the smartphone, it makes for a good compatible couple of devices.




March 10, 2015

Microsoft working on 14-inch Surface Pro 4 to take on iPad Pro
TechRadar Surface Pro 3

Rumours of a Surface Pro 4 are picking up the pace, with the most recent suggesting that Microsoft is working on a 14-inch tablet to take on Apple's rumoured iPad Pro.

According to Chinese IT website cnBeta, it is being developed alongside a standard 12-inch Surface Pro, with both models set to sport a 2,160 x 1,440 pixel-resolution display like the Surface Pro 3.

They are expected to come with Intel's power-sipping Core M Broadwell CPU inside, rather than Intel's Haswell dual-core i5 and i7 variants. Broadwell would allow Microsoft to make the Surface Pro 4 fanless and near-silent in operation at the expense of raw power.



Adobe expects 10 percent of you to buy an Apple Watch
AppAdvice Apple Watch

On Monday, Apple announced the details of its brand new product, the Apple Watch. Opinions on the success or failure of the smartwatch are widespread, but a new poll has revealed some shocking numbers that suggest the Apple Watch might be much more successful than its competitors.

In February, according to a Fortune report, Adobe’s analytics division asked 1,000 Americans who own either a smartphone or tablet if they planned to buy an Apple Watch or some other wearable device. Of those polled, 27 percent said they are very likely to buy a smartwatch. Out of that portion, 67 percent revealed they are likely or very likely to purchase the Apple Watch.

A principal analyst at Adobe Digital Index, Tamara Gaffney, said, “Those numbers came up way higher than I was expecting.” If you do the math, the numbers above represent 18 percent of smartphone or tablet owners purchasing an Apple Watch



March 11, 2015

Device Syncing: Call From Computers and Text From Tablets
New York Times

Recently, I sat next to a woman on a plane with a serious collection of devices: a laptop, a tablet, an iPhone, an Android phone and a BlackBerry. I made a comment to her about all her gadgets, and she sighed deeply and said, “Why can’t everything just be on all the gadgets, all the time?”Device syncing

A totally synchronized life is what we were promised when this idea of the “cloud” came along. To some extent, we have it. When we delete emails, they’re gone across all devices, and we can access webmail accounts from just about any machine, just about anywhere in the world.

If you’ve gone a step further and enabled services like Google Docs, you can store documents, spreadsheets, photos and videos in the cloud and open them on any computer. The same is true for files and photos stored somewhere like Dropbox or Box.

But all that syncing applies just to files, folders, photos and email. The new holy grail is unifying communications: to get your phone to talk to your computer, so you can view and respond to things like text messages and phone calls on any device.

That reality is here, and although Apple has the best-known solution, it’s not the only one.





March 12, 2015

Windows forecast to gradually grab tablet market share from iOS and Android

Once considered a lost cause in the tablet market, Microsoft’s Windows will take market share from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android in the coming years, according to IDC.

Android and iOS are the top two OSes for tablets, with 67.3 percent and 27.6 percent share, respectively, of the 229.7 million units shipped in 2014. Windows had just a 5.1 percent market share, according to research released by IDC on Thursday.

But by 2019, Windows will have 14.1 percent market share, and the share of Android and iOS will gradually fall to 62.9 percent and 23 percent respectively. Tablet shipments in 2019 will total 269.4 million, indicating slow growth over the coming years, IDC said.

The gradual growth of Windows may start with Windows 10, which will reach tablets later this year, said Jean Philippe Bouchard, research director for tablets at IDC.

Microsoft has made some critical changes to the user interface of Windows 10 that could make the OS more appealing to tablet and PC users. The company is also trying to bring program compatibility across different editions of Windows 10, which was a problem with the mobile and PC versions of Windows 8.



Acer Iconia Tab 10 review
PC Advisor

The amount of new 10in tablets hitting the market has slowed down recently but Acer is one firm pushing on with updated models. Here's our Acer Iconia Tab 10 review. See also: Best 10in tablets.

Acer has a few 10in tablets so to avoid confusion the model on test here is the 'A3-A20'.Acer Iconia Tab 10

Acer Iconia Tab 10 review: Price and competition

This is a typical 10in tablet designed to be used in landscape mode and only comes in a white colour option which is bit strange. The back of the tablet is a silver colour which doesn't really even look like imitation aluminium. There's a fairly chunky bezel around the screen which doesn't make it look very attractive but does mean you can hold the tablet without your fingers getting in the way of the display.

It's fairly thin at 8.9 mm which is good to see for a cheap tablet but it is a hefty 520 g to despite the bezel, you won't want to hold it for too long – especially one-handed.

Acer Iconia Tab 10 review: Hardware and performance

Powering the Iconia Tab 10 is a MediaTek MT8127 processor which is clocked at 1.3 GHz and is quad-core. Behind it is 1 GB of RAM and we've found performance to be slick considering the price. Calling the recent apps menu and quitting back to the homescreen is surprisingly speedy. Scrolling is smooth too but some apps can take a little time to load.

Below are our benchmark results which generally match its Lenovo branded rival, but it's the middle score which stands out. 13 fps in the graphics test is impressive and is only 1 fps off the far more expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab S devices.



March 13, 2015


How to Remove Smartphone and Tablet App Clutter
Notebook Review

Now that the weather’s getting warmer; it’s time for spring cleaning. But this should include some digital cleaning, specifically organizing that cluttered mess you call a phone or tablet.phone apps

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, we’d wager you have more apps on your mobile device than  you actually use. Some apps you may have downloaded only to find they were useless or otherwise not to your liking. Others you may have used for a specific purpose that’s now no longer relevant, such as travel organizers for that trip you took last summer. And you certainly have overlapping apps that serve the same purpose. It’s time to clean house and rid yourself of app redundancy and clutter.

We will go category by category and identify areas where you can trim the fat. Of course, a junk app to one user might be app gold to another. So if you like Microsoft Word even though we rely on Google Docs, so be it. The point is that there is no point to having both.

We’re working off an iPhone and a Samsung Android tablet for this how-to, and like many users, often bounce back and forth between iOS and Android in day-to-day dealings. The same advice applies for those with an Android handset and an iPad.

Lastly, don’t forget that deleting an app doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. You can always restore a previously purchased app very easily. On an Android device, open the Play Store app, tap the hamburger button in the upper-left corner and tap “My apps” from the menu. On the My apps page, it usually opens to the Installed view. Tap “All” to view all of your purchased apps, including those on your device and those you previously deleted.

On an iOS device, open the App Store and tap the “Updates” button in the lower-right corner. Scroll to the top of of the list and tap “Purchased.” You can then view all of your app purchases or those apps currently “Not on This Phone.”




How To Take a Screenshot on an iPad, Google Nexus, or Microsoft Surface
Tablet PC Review

Every now and then it’s handy to be able to capture a picture of what’s shown on your tablet. This isn’t as simple as pressing the “PrtScr” button, but it’s still easy to do if you know the tricks.how to take a screenshot on microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Capturing what’s displayed on a Surface requires pressing the Windows buttons and the Volume Down button simultaneously. The screen will dim for a second as the only indication of success, and the image will be saved in the Pictures / Screenshot folder as a PNG.

Those who have one of Microsoft’s optional add-on keyboards for their tablet can perform this same operation by holding down the Windows and Fn keys and then hitting the Space Bar.

This is the way screenshots are taken on any Microsoft-branded tablet: whether it be a Surface Pro 3, the Surface 2, or any earlier model




Windows Tablets May Steal The Show By 2019

While the overall tablet PC market is expected to dwindle, one major force that will beacon in the Windows 10 tabletnext few years is Microsoft’s Windows 10, according to research firm IDC. The reason is that 2-in-1 devices, which are tablets sold with keyboard attachments will be in big demand that time. Users would want a full laptop experience on a smaller screen, says the research firm.

Rise of Windows

Even though Windows tablet do not have much of a foothold in the tablet market, IDC predicts that it will take market share from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android by 2019.


March 16, 2015

16 Basic Tips for Mastering the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 balances laptop with tablet in a single, useful 2-in-1 package, but forCharms bar on start screen some people the device includes features that can confuse new owners. We offer 16 basic tips for mastering the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, its features, accessories and software.

A lot of our basic tips will cater to the beginning Surface Pro 3 users, but even people who’ve owned one for a few months or longer will likely find something helpful among these tips.

Read 5 Cool Things a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Can Do and How to Set Up Your New Surface Pro 3




Blackberry Ltd unveils new high-security tablet

BlackBerry Ltd  is testing out the tablet waters again, this time with a device built by Samsung BlackBerry Secu TabletElectronics Co., Ltd. . The new SecuTablet aims to meet the needs of the global security market. More specifically, it was designed for businesses and government agencies.

In addition to the secure tablet design, International Business Machines Corp.  will provide app wrapping technology and support. The SecuSmart feature adds underlying security features. This new tablet runs on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 10.5; it also comes with encryption technology–the same technology already used by Canadian and German governments.

There is no word on the price or availability of the new BlackBerry tablet. Given the fact it is a Samsung device, it will run on the Android mobile operating system, although the exact version is still unknown. Users will still be able to install popular apps like Facebook , Twitter and YouTube.




March 17, 2015

Making Windows 10 More Personal and More Secure with Windows Hello


When we started building Windows 10, the team spent a lot of time and energy thinking about

how to make computing more personal. We want your devices to recognize you, to understand what you’re saying… we want the experience to go wherever you do and we want you to feel a great sense of TRUST as you go.  We talked a bunch about these ideas on January 21, and today we’ve got another cool new “personal computing” feature to announce for Windows 10.

I’d like to introduce you to Windows Hello – biometric authentication which can provide instant access to your Windows 10 devices.*  With Windows Hello, you’ll be able to just show your face, or touch your finger, to new devices running Windows 10 and be immediately recognized.  And not only is Windows Hello more convenient than typing a password—it’s more secure!  Our system enables you to authenticate applications, enterprise content, and even certain online experiences without a password being stored on your device or in a network server at all.

So how does it all work?

Windows Hello introduces system support for biometric authentication – using your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock your devices – with technology that is much safer than traditional passwords. You– uniquely you– plus your device are the keys to your Windows experience, apps, data and even websites and services – not a random assortment of letters and numbers that are easily forgotten, hacked, or written down and pinned to a bulletin board. Modern sensors recognize your unique personal characteristics to sign-you-in on a supporting Windows 10 device.



March 18, 2015

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet vs Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet comparison: What's the difference?
PC Advisor

Sony unveiled a brand-new Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet during MWC 2015 in Barcelona at the beginning of March, the successor to the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. Here, we Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet vs Sony Xperia Z4 Tabletcompare the new Xperia Z4 Tablet with its size-matched predecessor, the Xperia Z2 Tablet, to find out what's new and help you decide whether it's worth the upgrade.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet vs Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet: Design & build

The Xperia Z4 Tablet has a 10.1in screen, just like the Xperia Z2 Tablet, but with a resolution of 2560x1160 pixels that equates to a pixel density of 299ppi. The older tablet has a 1920x1200 pixel resolution at 224ppi, so there's a definite improvement there.

Sony xperia tablet Z in waterWe were already smitten by the Xperia Z2 Tablet back when it launched at MWC last year, because it was the thinnest and lightest 10in tablet we'd seen. It weighs 426g and measures just 6.4mm thick.

So we were pleasantly surprised to find that Sony has managed to make the new version of its 10in Tablet even thinner and lighter.

It's durable, with an IP68 dust- and waterproof rating (that's the highest available), and doesn't even need a cover or flap to keep the moisture out of the microUSB port.

The Z2 Tablet is waterproof and dust resistant too, but does require flaps over all of its ports except the headphone jack in order to survive a dip in the pool.



March 19, 2015

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand

While Microsoft has dropped hints that the Internet Explorer brand is going away, the software maker has now confirmed that it will use a new name for its upcoming browser successor, codenamed Project Spartan. Speaking at Microsoft Convergence yesterday, Microsoft's marketing chief Chris Capossela revealed that the company is currently working on a new name and brand. "We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10," said Capossela. "We’ll continue to have Internet Explorer, but we’ll also have a new browser called Project Spartan, which is codenamed Project Spartan. We have to name the thing."



Microsoft is clearly testing names with market research, but it’s unclear when the company plans to unveil the final name for its Internet Explorer successor. Judging by Microsoft’s own research, it’s obvious the company will move as far away from Internet Explorer as possible, and it’s likely Project Spartan will have the Microsoft name attached to it.




iPad Air 2 Review (2015)
Gotta Be Mobile

The iPad Air 2 looks like the iPad Air, but it includes improvements and refinements that come together to deliver a vastly improved experience that is hard to completely understand until you Gotta Be Mobile Editor’s Choice Awardmake the switch.

On paper it seems like such a small upgrade, but the thinner and lighter iPad also packs in a better display, Touch ID and blazing fast speed that makes even the iPad Air feel slow. All of these small upgrades come together into an iPad Air 2 that feels like much more than a small upgrade that it looks like at first glance.

After using the iPad Air 2 for several months, and upgrading from the iPad Air, this iPad Air 2 review will focus on the overall value of the newest iPad as we make our way into 2015 and chatter about bigger iPads continues.

The iPad Air 2 is the best all-around tablet you can buy for entertainment, productivity, gaming and other activities, which is why it earns a Gotta Be Mobile Editor’s Choice Award.




March 20, 2015

Do Not Defragment a Tablet's Internal Storage
Tablet PC Review

Defragmenting the hard drive on your desktop or laptop should be done occasionally, as it will increase its performance. The same is not true of the SSD or eMMC in your tablet.do not defrag tablet

Defragmenting the internal storage on your mobile device won’t speed it up — it will have no effect on performance and will actually reduce the tablet’s lifespan

More expensive tablets have SSDs (Solid State Drives) while cheaper ones have a slower eMMC (embedded MultiMedia Card). For either of these, there is no slowdown for the computer to pull up the various pieces of the files because there’s no read/write head moving around on a spinning platter. So defragmenting accomplishes nothing.


Well, not exactly nothing … it does lower the useful life of the drive.

Each sector on an SSD or eMMC can be written to a limited number of times (about 2,000 to 3,000) before it is worn out. When a drive is defragmented, just about all the data on it is accessed, erased, and rewritten somewhere else, often multiple times. It’s sort of like compacting months of use into a few minutes.




How to Use Your Tablet as a Second Monitor
Gadget Review

Using two monitors is an absolute necessity nowadays for productivity, but not every PC you use will have a second screen. With tablets becoming more common (and having bigger screens), using an How to Use Your Tablet as a Second MonitorAndroid tablet or iPad as a second monitor is a quick and convenient hack setup to help increase productivity. While it’s obviously not as good as having an actual 21-inch monitor, setting up a tablet as a second display is incredibly easy and convenient (since, you know, most of us have a tablet nowadays). This hack is especially useful for those that want a second screen at the office, since you can’t exactly carry a monitor downtown and bring it to work with you. You can, however, fit a tablet in your bag to carry.

So, how do you use your Android device as a second screen?




March 23, 2015

Google Has Made An Ebola-Proof Tablet
PC Tech Magazine

Google and a group of technology volunteers have developed a tablet device that could help doctors in the fight against Ebola. According to the developers, the tablet has been designed in such a way Ebola-Proof Tabletthat it can survive being doused in chlorine; be used while wearing gloves; and is resistant to storms as well as high humidity.

According to BBC.com, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) had put out a call for an Ebola-proof tablet to help teams record vital patient information. According to the report, the need for the Ebola-proof tablet had arisen when doctors began to shout patient notes across fences in order to avoid contamination.

According to Médecins Sans Frontières, Ebola is passed on through contact with body fluids, and even a single piece of paper leaving a high-risk zone poses a risk of passing on the infection. Additionally, health-care workers caring for patients have to wear full protective suits with goggles and multiple layers of gloves, despite soaring temperatures.

The device can be charged quickly and wirelessly by being placed on a table. The tablet connects wirelessly to a tiny local network server that is roughly the size of a postage stamp. The report also revealed that health workers can also use the device to track a patient’s progress – comparing pulse, temperature and other results over time.



Surface Pro 3 Moving into Mostly Commercial Cockpits
Aviation International News

Surface Pro 3 in Cockpits

Microsoft is ramping up efforts to expand into the electronic flight bag (EFB) market with its Surface Pro 3. While at first glance the Surface Pro 3 looks like a large tablet, it is more a powerful but slimmed-down laptop computer that can double as a tablet. And while it is not ideal for every cockpit because it is so large (7.93 x 11.5 x 0.36 inches), Microsoft is gaining adherents in the airline market and offers an alternative for those who prefer something other than the ubiquitous Apple iPad or the less popular (in aviation) Android-based tablets.

For the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to try out Microsoft’s flagship tablet. Microsoft provided one of its Surface Pro 3s with Jeppesen’s FliteDeck Pro pre-installed, a typical configuration for airline pilot users. While FliteDeck Pro for Windows isn’t currently available as a standalone product that a pilot can buy directly from Jeppesen, the company said it is considering making it available for users such as corporate pilots.




March 24, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 now up to $150 off – Surface Pro 4 imminent?
iTech Post

Microsoft is having an attractive sale on its Surface Pro 3 powerhouse, allowing interested customersMicrosoft Surface Pro 3 with pen to get the device for up to $150 off.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the greatest and most advanced device in the company's Surface lineup, boasting high-end specs and features all around. In fact, Microsoft touted that the Surface Pro 3 is a hybrid tablet that can serve as a high-end laptop as well, when paired with the Type Cover. It's not often that a tablet can replace a laptop, but the Surface Pro 3 might just do the trick.

As part of a great new deal, Microsoft is now shaving the price off various Surface Pro 3 models, allowing interested customers to make savings of up to $150 and get a free protective sleeve as well. The deal is available through the Microsoft Online Store, and the new promotional prices are as follows:

  • Surface Pro 3 128GB with 1.9GHz Intel Core i5 - $899 ($100 off its regular pricing)
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with 1.9GHz Intel Core i5 - $1,149 ($150 off its regular pricing)
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with 1.7Ghz Intel Core i7 - $1,399 ($150 off its regular pricing)
  • Surface Pro 3 512GB with 1.7GHz Intel Core i7 - $1,799 ($150 off its regular pricing)

The base model with 64GB of internal storage capacity and an Intel Core i3 processor remains at the same $799 price point. All other models, meanwhile, are available at discounted pricing, as detailed above. To further sweeten the deal, Microsoft is also throwing in a free protective case for the Surface Pro 3 when you purchase the tablet.



How Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Compares To Dell's XPS 13 (2015)
Bidness ETC

Here’s how Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)’s Flagship Tablet stacks up against Dell’s cutting edge XPS 13 (2015) in a side-by-side comparison

In recent years, tech giant, Microsoft Corporation has diversified into a number of technology sectors, including mobile computing devices. Dell, however, is known for its fast laptops, good processors and is considered to be a threat to Microsoft’s so-called “tab-top”, the Surface Pro 3. Surface Pro 3 is basically a tablet which can be wired and connected to a keyboard. Meanwhile, Dell’s XPS 13 is actually being thought of as a look at the future of the laptop.. The two are unique in their own ways. Which one would a user choose to buy and why? Here’s our take on what to think about when facing such a challenge.

How Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Compares To Dell's XPS 13



March 25, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet - A Few Appealing Features that You May Find in It
The Fuse Joplin

Speculated for release anytime in the second half of 2015, between the months of July and October, the Surface Pro 4 will undoubtedly be the latest tablet from Microsoft in the Surface Pro series.

With its predecessor Surface Pro 3 receiving extremely good reception among the masses, there is microsoft surfacewithout doubt high expectation about the forthcoming Surface Pro 4. While Microsoft has taken the best efforts possible not to leak out the specs of the device, various rumors have already started doing the rounds about what you can expect to find in this gadget. If you think that you can believe these reports, then the article below illustrates some key features that you can look forward to when the Surface Pro 4 finally finds its place in the market.

Unlike the earlier Surface Pro tablets, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to come in a few variations with different screen sizes. While the larger laplet may sport a screen size of 13 or 14 inches, a smaller version called the Surface Pro Mini is also likely to be made available with a screen size of eight to ten inches. Additionally, there are rumors of an intermediate version being launched with a 12-inch screen. Irrespective of the screen size, Microsoft is expected to release the Surface Pro 4 with a pixel resolution of 2160 x 1440 and a 216ppi pixel density. There are also discussions about the Surface gadget portraying an eDP ClearType HD screen.



Samsung to Bundle Microsoft Office for Android on Select Tablets

The companies agree to ship Microsoft's Office productivity apps with upcoming Android tablets from the Korean electronics giant.

Microsoft is bringing the company's productivity apps to more Android devices by inking some major Samsungnew OEM deals, announced the Redmond, Wash., software maker this week. During the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Samsung would preinstall OneNote, Skype, and the OneDrive file storage and sync app, with 100GB of free cloud storage for two years, on the highly anticipated Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones. Now, the companies are disclosing what they have in store for future Galaxy Tab tablet buyers. Samsung will begin shipping select Android tablets with Microsoft's Office for Android apps during the first half of 2015, said the companies in a March 23 announcement. Upon turning on their Samsung Android tablets, users will be greeted with the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype apps.




Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (8-Inch Android)

In late 2013, Lenovo released a couple of Android slates literally capable of standing on their own two feet. Well, strike that—they were capable of standing on their own one foot.

Literally and technically, it’s not a foot at all. As you can see below, it’s more like a kickstand…Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

That stand is what has set apart Lenovo's Yoga Tablets—the first generation, and the newer Yoga Tablet 2 models we've been looking at here in early 2015—from the rest of the Android and Windows pack.

The tablet aisle has become quite the crowded place, and Lenovo realized it had to be bold in its design. In the first Yoga tablets, the kickstand allowed you to position Lenovo’s tablets in three distinct and often quite useful “modes,” standing free in several possible orientations. With the Yoga Tablet 2 models, Lenovo has added a new orientation called “Hang mode" (which we'll discuss in the Design & Modes section later on). Now, you can use the Yoga Tablets in even more ways that other tablets just can't pull off as elegantly.

Also with this round of Yoga Tablets, you have more choices in terms of screen size. Up from two screen-size options in Android—in the original Yoga Tablet 8 and the Yoga Tablet 10—now you have three to pick from: the $229.99-list Yoga Tablet 2 (8-Inch), the subject of this review, as well as a $249.99-list Yoga Tablet 2 (10.1-Inch), and the $469.99-list Yoga Tablet 2 Pro (13-Inch)




How to remove a virus from Android: Delete a virus from your Android phone or tablet
PC Advisor

Viruses on Android are rare, but they exist. Here's a simple way to remove a virus from Android if you believe you are infected

If you believe your Android phone or tablet has a virus then the good news is it's really easy to Remove Android Virusdelete. Here's how to remove a virus from Android. Also see: Best Android antivirus 

First of all, it's worth pointing out that it's unlikely that your Android phone or tablet has a virus. What you're more likely to be seeing is an ad that wants to convince you Android is infected and you need to download an app, or a dodgy pop-up, or perhaps your device is just misbehaving. But viruses for Android do exist. If you're sure your device has one, here's how to remove it. 

You can also install an antivirus app, and plenty of free Android antivirus apps are available that are able to detect and remove malicious apps, for example 360 Mobile Security, Avast and Lookout. These all include an app scanner that will seek out anything dodgy, but note that these apps can also trigger false-positives - reporting an app you've been using for months as malware when you know it's fine. In most cases you can simply ignore these alerts. 

If you believe you already have a virus on your Android phone or tablet - perhaps one that is resisting your attempts to uninstall the associated app or even let you bypass the lock screen - a factory reset will remove it, returning your device to its out-of-the-box state. But doing so also means you'll lose everything on your phone that's not backed up. Instead, follow the below steps to remove a virus from Android.




March 26, 2015

Best and hottest new gadgets for March 2015: MWC special
PC Advisor

We round up the best phones, tablets and smartwatches from this year's MWC

MWC 2015 brought us a look at the best new smartphones, tablets and wearables for the year so here's our pick of the show from Barcelona.In no particular order, here are our favourite new gadgets from MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S6


It's smartphone season and Samsung has introduced its new flagship Galaxy S6, now will a sleek design featuring a metal frame and glass rear cover. It has a Quad HD screen, 16 Mp rear camera and Samsung's own Exynos 7420 octa-core processor. Unfortunately, the microSD card slot and waterproofing are both gone.

Read our Samsung Galaxy S6 hands-on review or pre-order the phone.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet


Without replacing the Z3 range, Sony has added to it with the Xperia Z4 Tablet – a new 10in device which is even thinner and lighter at 6.1 mm and 389 g. The display is now 2560 x 1600, there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and the tablet comes with a Bluetooth keyboard creating a laptop-like experience

Read our Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet hands-on review.




Microsoft is about to solve the problem that sank the first Surface tablet
Business Insider

Microsoft is working on a Surface device, a new l0w-end tablet that will succeed the discontinued CEO Satya NadellaSurface 2 and compete more directly against Apple's iPad, reports WinBeta.

But this tablet fixes a big problem with the earlier versions: it will run the full version of Microsoft's latest operating system, which means it will run any Windows software that runs on Windows 7, Windows 8 and, eventually Windows 10, WinBeta says.

That's because the new tablet is ditching the low-power ARM-based processor (which are in the the iPad and most Android tablets), and the special-purpose version of Windows created for that platform, known as Windows RT. That version of Windows couldn't run traditional Windows apps, which limited how useful those earlier tablets were.

Microsoft is going back to its old pal Intel for l0w-power processors using either an Intel ATOM or Intel Core M (WinBeta wasn't sure.)

That version of Windows 10 could potentially be used to run on other tiny devices and give Microsoft game in the whole new multi-trillion dollar IoT market. The IoT is when everyday objects gets sensors, chips and apps and can join the internet.

And the reason why all of this is important: Microsoft has promised that Windows 10 will work like a single operating system that runs on every device and that apps built for one device will (more or less) run on others.

This is a core part of its strategy to make everyone "love Windows 10," as CEO Satya Nadella keeps saying. That's really important after how poorly Windows 8 was received.



March 27, 2015

Toshiba Encore 2 Write (WT10PE-A264)
PC Magazine

There are plenty of entry-level Windows tablets on the market right now, but the Toshiba Encore 2 Write ($399.99 as tested) refines these designs, with optimizations for handwriting, a tweak that Toshiba Encore 2 Writemakes for a more useful tablet experience. Toshiba takes things a step further with apps that provide superior note taking and audio recording abilities. That focus on capturing information brings out the most useful aspects of the tablet PC. It's something you can use anywhere, and have your files at your fingertips. The result is a solid Windows tablet and one of the best examples of tech-mediated content capture I've ever tested, making it our Editors' Choice for entry-level Windows tablet PCs.

What is unusual is the addition of a Wacom digitizer and capacitive pen, which offers significantly better pen input than a stylus on a standard non-digitizer touch screen. In addition to having better fine-cursor control than wider fingertips, the pen offers pressure sensitivity for better handwriting and drawing. Toshiba has optimized the Encore 2 Write for handwriting and pen Toshiba Encore 2 Write pen and inkinput, and this plays an essential role in those functions.

Plenty of other tablets make claims about the handwriting capture, but the Encore 2 Write offers what might be the best handwriting experience I've had on such a device. Writing and drawing is smooth and simple. The feel of the pen is smooth, avoiding some of the usual tactile idiosyncrasies of a stylus on glass—either the too-slick feeling or the sticky sensation of some glass coatings. It's obviously not identical in feel to pen and paper, but it's comfortable enough that I didn't notice the difference. Most importantly, there is no noticeable lag between the movement of the pen and the appearance of ink on the screen, and no errant touch input from a palm or wrist brushing the glass.




Microsoft makes Surface Pro 3 even better with new update

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is already a legendary computer, offering wonderful performance in a Surface Pro 3versatile package. Even though the hybrid computer is overdue for a refresh, it still competes with, and outperforms, many newer machines. Even Apple's comparably priced new MacBook is far less powerful.

Today, Microsoft releases an update that improves the Surface Pro 3. Not only does it fix existing issues, but it adds new functionality. If you own the computer, you should be excited.

"Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.760.0) provides added flexibility to configure UEFI in Surface Pro 3 devices. As more of commercial customers are deploying Surface Pro 3 for their end users every day, they have asked for more flexibility to configure the UEFI in these devices", says Microsoft.

The coolest aspect of the update is not what it enables Surface pro 3 to do, but what it disables. Confused? Let me explain. For security reasons, it can be important to restrict certain hardware on a computer. For instance, if you do not want users to connect a flash drive or other hardware, it might be beneficial to disable the USB port. Now, you can do exactly that, plus more. The company lists the following hardware that can be disabled.

  • Side USB port
  • ­Docking ports
  • ­Front camera
  • ­Rear camera
  • ­On Board Audio
  • ­MicroSD card
  • ­Wi-Fi
  • ­Bluetooth

Companies will love the added ability to remotely manage the UEFI configuration settings.

In addition, Surface Pro 3 gets the ability to boot from USB or Ethernet without the need of holding down the volume key. Why is this useful? There may be situations where you want to boot a different OS as default using a USB flash drive or hard drive as default. This could be a great way to run Linux as the default OS from USB.



March 30, 2015

Going by the words circulating in the tech world, the Surface Pro 4 will make its grand debut in July Surface Pro 3alongside Microsoft's most-advanced OS, Windows 10. Fans will have more than just a tablet to look forward for this year.

Nothing is concrete, but speculations about the tablet's release are strong. With the new high-end tablet, Microsoft stands a good chance to steal some limelight from Apple's iPad Pro and the new MacBook. If rumours are true, the software titan is going with two variants for the Surface Pro 4, each with different screen sizes and prices to meet everyone's budget.

ased on the rumours so far, one of the Surface Pro 4 will have a 12-inch display and the high-end model will sport larger 14-inch screen. The latter will be powered by Intel's i5 and i7 processors offering memory space up to 1TB. The smaller variant is said to feature Broadwell processor in favour of Haswell to boost performance. Reports have also shown that the Surface Pro 4 will come with a stylus pen and matching keyboards.

Most notably, the Surface Pro 4 will be the first device to run on Windows 10 OS, which will be a great USP for the tablet. With the new OS, Microsoft is looking to bridge PCs and mobile operating systems together.

Microsoft is yet to confirm the existence of Surface Pro 4 but more details are likely to emerge in July this year. Based on expert analysis, the high-end tablet is expected to cost between $1,200 and $2,000.




Tip: Be Prepared to Recover Your Surface Pro 3 No Matter What Happens

I’ll be publishing a guide to dual-booting Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 soon. But while investigating this topic I ran into a number of issues that are somewhat unique to Microsoft’s tablet. So before getting to dual-booting, I wanted to quickly document the ways in which you can prepare to recover your Surface Pro 3 no matter what happens.

The flash drive MUST be formatted as FAT32. NTFS will not work.

First, get some USB flash drives 

You will need at least one 8 GB flash drive (preferably two) and one 16 GB flash drive to create the recovery disks described below. I recently purchased a few Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 USB flash drives because you can write on them with a sharpie, and they’re not at all expensive. Here’s the 8 GB version ($5.50) and here is the 16 GB version ($7.50).

Create a standard recovery drive

If you own a Surface Pro 3, you should do this now and keep it in an easily accessible location. Hey, make two.

Here’s how: Use Start Search, look for recovery and choose “Create a recovery drive” from the results. Make sure you have an 8 GB or bigger USB flash drive, and leave the option “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive” selected.

Download the Surface Pro 3 recovery image and create an uber recovery drive

Microsoft makes a Surface Pro 3 recovery image available for download: this is critical for restoring your device back to its factory fresh state if everything goes wrong and the on-device or USB-based recovery tools are unavailable for some reason. This image will be used to create a special recovery drive—it requires a 16 GB USB flash drive—that includes everything that is normally on a USB recovery drive plus the recovery files that are normally accessed from the Surface Pro 3 disk.

To get the image, you will need your Surface Pro 3 serial number, which is written in tiny gray text on the slightly lighter gray Surface Pro 3 kickstand.



SkinIt Has My Surface Pro 3 Hailing Hydra [Review]
Gstyle magazine

Ever look at your laptop, tablet or mobile device and get tired of its overall appearance? I get like Skin it for surface Pro 3that at times and am always looking for a chance to give my gadgets a new light. I never used a skin before for a device but I had seen a colleague with a similar skin on a Surface Pro 3 a few months back and was intrigued by the idea. Checking out Skinit website they have tons of skins ranging from covering your mobile devices to even covering larger devices such as your video game consoles down to your audio devices. After spending what felt like hours on the site, I decided on Hydra emblem which is a villainous organization from Marvel Comics.

Depending on the type of skin you purchase some may have just one layer or multiple layers. For instance I got one for the Surface Pro 3 so it has a two-part skin that goes on the back of the device while a another skin that goes on the front. The skins are developed in part by 3M and are a premium vinyl material. To apply all you have to do is peel off the paper and apply to your device. It really comes down to mastering doing the application. Once it’s done you are good to go. While the back is easy because they are larger pieces the front took a bit more time with it being thin and going around the screen.

I have been using the skin for about a week now and I love how the Skinit decal changed the look of my Surface Pro 3. The skin feels great and doesn’t show any sign of wear and tear. I know it’s only been a week but I use my Surface Pro 3 more than you know with it being a daily driver. It blends in so good you wouldn’t even know it was a skin. Now I feel like I need to get a red or black Type cover to complete the new look. Also with this skin on the back it protects the back of the Pro 3 from getting scratches which they can typically get after while without any protection.


March 31, 2015

Introducing the new Microsoft Surface 3





Say hello to Surface 3 prices starting at $499.00

With the ability to run desktop software, a USB port, and an integrated Kickstand, Surface 3 is the Surface 3perfect productivity device for school, home, and on the go.

A laptop when you need it

Surface 3 may look like a tablet, but it’s so much more. It’s fast and responsive, so it won’t slow you down when you’re on the go. More importantly, when you need to run Windows desktop software like iTunes or Photoshop Essentials2, it just works. Click in a backlit keyboard3 to type faster than onscreen, and easily connect your accessories with the full-size USB 3.0 port.

Free Windows 10 upgrade

Upgrade for free to Windows 10 when it’s available,5 and get the best combination of the Windows you know, plus lots of improvements you’ll love. 


Tech specs : Size:10.52 x 7.36 x 0.34 in (267 x 187 x 8.7 mm) Weight: 1.37 lbs (622 g)  Display : 10.8” ClearType Full HD Plus Display • Resolution: 1920 x 1280 • Aspect ratio: 3:2 • Touch: 10 point multi-touch • Surface Pen support Battery Life: Up to 10 hours Storage/RAM: 64GB storage with 2GB RAM • 128GB storage with 4GB RAM Processor: Quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor (2MB Cache, 1.6GHz with Intel Burst technology up to 2.4GHz )Network (Wireless and Cellular): Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) • Bluetooth 4.0 Ports: Full-size USB 3.0 • Mini DisplayPort • microSD card reader • Micro USB charging port • Headset jack • Cover port Software: Windows 8.1 • 1-year of Office 365 Personal with OneDrive cloud storage Cameras, video and audio: 3.5 megapixel front-facing camera • 8.0 megapixel rear-facing camera with autofocus • Microphone • Stereo speakers with Dolby audio Sensors: Ambient light sensor • Proximity sensor • Accelerometer • Gyroscope • Magnetometer Warranty: 1-year limited hardware warranty.

Surface 3 runs full Windows 8.1, so you have access to all your favorite programs, apps, and browsers, including the full Microsoft Office Suite, iTunes, Netflix, Chrome, Firefox, and more.

Surface 3 includes a 1-year subscription to Office 365 Personal, which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. You also get OneDrive cloud storage and 60 Skype world minutes each month for 12 months.

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