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July 1, 2014

OneNote and Surface Pro 3 Magic Tricks




July 2, 2014


Report Says Microsoft Has Killed Surface Mini

When Microsoft didn’t unveil the Surface Mini at its event in May, no one was too upset – mainly because the company revealed the Surface Pro 3 instead, a powerhouse ultrabook/tablet hybrid. With a flashy new PC to drool over, who cares about the Surface Mini? It seemed like Microsoft was thinking the same thing. As it turns out, the unrevealed device’s own lack of flash may have been its death, as new reports claim that Microsoft has pulled the plug on the Mini entirely.

A post on Digitimes from yesterday reports that Microsoft has looked at the small-size tablet space and decided that there’s too much competition there for the Surface Mini to stand out – an assessment we’ve heard before. According to the post, “the Surface Mini’s specifications have nothing in particular to boost its competitiveness.” The post adds that, according to an inside source, this has led Microsoft to postpone the Mini, but it “may not even launch it to the market at all.”

Its brand vendor clients weren’t too keen on the Mini either, says the post. But interestingly, it’s competition from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 that might have also helped hasten the Mini’s unceremonious demise. The report says that the upcoming 4.7- and 5.5-inch displays on the two forthcoming models of iPhone will “undermine demand for 7-inch tablets,” and “are another key factor that prompted Microsoft to change its plan for Surface Mini, the sources added.”

That’s a bit of a neat twist, and it actually makes sense. Microsoft knows that the iPhone 6 will be a smash despite the fact that Apple is beefing up its traditionally small smartphone line. Between that device and the already-crowded small tablet space, where does the Surface Mini fit in? The reality is that it doesn’t.

Windows RT was a nice idea, but no one wants an underpowered version of Windows that’s pretending to be the real deal.




When to buy a 2-in-1 laptop vs. a PC

New 2-in-1 laptops recently unveiled by Dell, Microsoft, Asus and others have piqued IT pros' interest, Surface Minibut whether they deploy these hybrid tablet/PCs or stick with traditional computers comes down to the end user.

There's no denying the convenience of a full-blown notebook computer that converts into a tablet to reduce the number of devices workers carry. Some industry observers call the 2-in-1 device the next evolution of the notebook computer.

"It's a PC for some and a tablet for others," said Jack Gold, principal analyst and founder of J.Gold Associates LLC, an IT consulting organization in Northborough, Massachusetts. He added that 2-in-1s are generally viewed as full Intel-based systems that run Windows applications and can replace a PC.

Whether to deploy a 2-in-1 laptop throughout the enterprise simply comes down to job requirements.



July 3, 2014

Samsung releases Galaxy Tab S commercials








Microsoft admits Surface Pro 3 Wi Fi Problems

A week after the Surface Pro 3 went on sale to the public, some early buyers are grumbling about poor performance on advanced Wi-Fi networks using the 802.11ac standard.

At present, Microsoft has shown its proactive listening skills once again and jumped towards fixing the issue, with a team of dedicated engineers in Redmond working day and night. The time is short and they have to deliver a fix within a week.



Microsoft Office for Android Tablets Expected this Year
CIO Today

Microsoft is reportedly prepping a new version of its Office suite for Android tablets. A tablet-directed version could make users of that platform feel equal to users of the Apple iPad-optimized Office.

On Wednesday, tech site The Verge report that the tech giant is developing a touch-oriented Office for tablets. A basic Office for Android phones was released about a year ago.

Other reports have indicated that the Office for Android tablets version will be available before the end of this year. If the Android version does emerge in 2014, it may beat the touch-optimized Window version of Office, expected by early next year.



July 4, 2014

Lady Liberty 4th of July

Happy 4th of July



July 7, 2014


New Samsung Galaxy Tablet S vs the iPad Air. Samsung is playing for keeps
Cool Mom Tech

Before we begin, I should tell you that I’ve been on the Apple cart from way back. However, since we’reSamsung Galaxy Tab S Screen keeping it real, I should also share that I’ve been impressed with Samsung’s overall smart device efforts in the last two or three years. The company has been steadily upping its tech game, and the brand new Galaxy Tab S tablet is definitely keeping that trend alive.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S vs the iPad Air: The good stuff

The Tab S 10.5-inch tablet is super-thin and lightweight just like the iPad Air. The display is just a hair larger than the Air’s 9.7 inches and it is simply gorgeous. Every color on the screen is sharp and bright. According to the specs, the Galaxy Tab S has a slightly higher resolution than the iPad Air, but I don’t think the average Jane will really notice this in action. All you’ll see is color – bold, rich, beautiful colors.

The screen is truly a winner. Every photo, every website, every e-book I pulled up was crystal. And watching the visual stunner Gravity via Google Play Movies was a definite treat.

In addition to the dream screen, the battery life is a standout with up to 10 hours on a charge; more if you pop it into Ultra Power Saving Mode. And the fingerprint sensor in the home button gets a big thumbs-up from me. You can use your fingerprint to unlock the tablet, log into your Samsung account, and even pay for stuff using PayPal. Of course, Apple is already rocking the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, but only on the iPhone 5s so far. It’s wonderful to have it on a tablet.

Another cool Tab S feature I have to mention is SideSync. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, it enables you to link it wirelessly to your tablet. This means you can use your Tab S to receive calls, operate phone apps, and send texts, all while your actual phone is charging in another room.




Surface Pro 3: How to quickly and easily boost the performance of your device

The tablet/laptop hybrid can surprisingly handle relatively intensive, resource-heavy tasks quite well, mainly thanks to the Intel ‘Haswell’ CPU’s in the Surface Pro 2 and 3. But there is always room for improvement. This guide will help you make the most out of your Surface Pro – regardless of its generation – and squeeze as much raw power out of it as possible. While there isn’t much you can do in terms of upgrading the hardware of the Surface to increase performance, there are a few things you can do to optimize the software running on it.Windows 8 high preformance mo

1) Switch to High Performance

Changing your Surface’s power plan can make a significant difference in performance. If you’re running resource intensive applications like Photoshop, AutoCAD, or games, switching to High Performance mode could result in higher frame-rates and reduced lag.  It works by disabling CPU power management and dynamic clock scaling. Basically, it means that your CPU will work harder at the cost of battery life, so you should really only use this mode when you’re connected to the power outlet, unless you really need it.

Switching to High Performance mode is relatively easy; simply click the battery icon on the Windows taskbar, then click ‘More power options’, then ‘show additional plans’. ‘High performance’ is right under it.

NOTE: Remember to change the power plan back to ‘Balanced’ or ‘Power saver’ to maximize battery life when you’re done.




Baseball. America’s game. Youth baseball, learning America’s game. Memories. There’s a critical function to every game and that’s keeping the scorebook.

Keeping the scorebook for a youth baseball Mobile Demand Tablet for keeping score at baseball games in all weathergame has changed over the years. Tablet technology has arrived. Now many teams have coaches or parents using tablets with scoring software instead of paper scorebooks to keep the intricate details required for baseball scoring. From youth leagues to high school, college, scouting leagues, minors and even Major League Baseball (MLB), stats and scores are kept for more than just recording the individual game scores. The system is also used for scouting future opponents, determining who are the hot and cold hitters, pitchers and fielders, tracking individual season hitting, base running, fielding and pitching stats, among many other categories.

While the old paper and pencil are time tested, it’s very difficult to tabulate season stats. One way to streamline the score keeping process is to deploy a tablet with baseball scoring software. Store bought tablets will do the trick in the spring before it’s too hot, in the shade, or under an umbrella if it’s sprinkling. But what happens in direct sunlight, high heat, or even rain?





Microsoft Surface Pro 3 hands on: The tablet to end all tablets?
Digital Spy

Third time lucky. Assuming the saying holds water, we should be expecting great things from the Microsoft Surface Pro 3Microsoft Surface Pro 3, a tablet that attempts to combine the functionality and ergonomics of a laptop (including full-fat Windows 8.1) with the intuitiveness and portability of a tablet.

The Surface Pro 3 has a few new tricks up its sleeves. It now has a 12-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio instead of 16:9. This, according to Microsoft, is to make the viewing area more square, and more like a sheet of A4 paper. It may seem like a minor change, but it increases the pixel count by 15% and display space by 36%.

As with its siblings, the Surface Pro 3 display is sensitive to the touch and very clear. It can go very bright, too, although outdoor working may be a problem in bright sunlight because of the reflective glass. Build quality is a real plus point.

The £45 stylus pen is back, and better than ever. It now has a soft nib that makes it feel more like dragging a pen over paper. Two buttons - one for erasing and one for making a selection - make it more intuitive. No longer do you have to turn the pen upside down if you want to erase something.

A double press of the top button lets you drag a box over a selection. Once done, Microsoft's cloud-based note taking application OneNote opens up, allowing you to draw over the captured area. This is handy if you ever need to highlight any mistakes on a document. Alternatively, you can just use OneNote to jot down the odd idea with one press of the button. Handily, this can be done from the lock screen so your moment of genius is a second away from being put down on paper.

We found the pen was really accurate, lag free and there were no moments where you have to wait for the line to catch up with your hand. An internal magnet that lets it sit on the side of the Surface Pro 3 is a neat addition.




Study reveals tablet computers can enhance memory for seniors

At 76, Shelley Hayden is getting out a lot more these days.  What opened new doors for the former Ipad aireconomics teacher is the iPad.  "This a new world," Hayden said. "This is a miracle for someone like me who didn't even have cellphones. I didn't have a TV until I was 10 years old because TVs didn't exist."

Hayden had never used a computer tablet until a few months ago when she joined a scientific study at the Center for Longevity at the University of Texas in Dallas.   For 12 -weeks, she and other seniors between the ages of 60 and 90 learned to use the iPad and various apps.

Two other groups were also part of the study. One was assigned to a group that socialized, but didn't learn new things. The third group was assigned to performing quiet, non-challenging daily tasks at home.  The affect on memory is now published research in The Gerontologist, a bimonthly journal.

"The people who learned to use the iPad not only learned a whole bunch of new skills that they could take with them, but they actually showed improvement in memory function at the end of three months," said Denise Park, co-director of the Center for Vital Longevity.

Hayden said she learns something new from her computer tablet every day. While sometimes she learns something new about the device and other times she discovers new information, she also enjoys playing games and emailing her grandchildren and other relatives.



July 8, 2014


Surface Pro 3 -- Introducing the Surface Pen




DELL: Here's Why Windows Tablets Can Become A Giant Business For Us
Business Insider

Microsoft has been pushing Windows 8 as a touch-friendly software for tablets and PCs for the past two years, but Windows 8 tablets have yet to make a real dent in the overall market.

The numbers may not look promising, but David Schmoock, Dell's president of global sales and client solutions, explained why Windows 8 tablets are ideal for the enterprise space.

Consumers tend to view tablets as an extension of their smartphone, which is why iPads and Android tablets may seem more prominent to the everyday shopper, Schmoock told Business Insider. Enterprise customers, however, think of tablets as an extension of their PC.

It's not uncommon, Schmook said, to see employees within a business walking around with both an iPhone and a Windows 8 tablet instead of an iPad. To them, it's more important to have their tablet mirror their PC experience rather than their personal smartphone. 

In most cases, commercial customers that use a Windows 8 laptop or desktop as their primary PC want the same experience to translate to a tablet. 

Manageability is also a large part of why Windows 8 tablets make sense in the enterprise space. If an employee is using his or her tablet primarily for work-related tasks, it's easier for IT to manage one platform rather than two.



July 9, 2014

Microsoft rolls out July firmware updates for all Surface tablet models

Microsoft has rolled out a number of firmware updates for its Surface tablets, including several for its Surface pro 3 Cherriesrecently introduced Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 3 updates issued do include a wireless network controller and Bluetooth update. But there also will be another Surface Pro 3 firmware update, coming on July 16, which is aimed at further improving Wi-Fi connection and throughput, according to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Update History page. A number of Surface Pro 3 users have been complaining about Wi-Fi connectivity problems with their new devices.

Here's a list of what's in the Surface firmware updates released today, July 8, as part of Patch Tuesday.

Intel-based Surface Pro 3 July firmware updates

Intel-based Surface Pro 2 July firmware update




Get a refurbished Lenovo Yoga 2 convertible for $279.99

For a limited time and while supplies last, Newegg has the refurbished Lenovo Yoga 2 11 convertible for $279.99, shipped. That's after redeeming a $100 mail-in rebate (PDF) -- meaning, yes, a little more Lenovo Yoga 2 tabletwaiting.

I know that's a deal-breaker for some, but Newegg is among the most established and reputable vendors on the Interwebs. So, assuming you follow the rebate instructions to the letter, you'll get your money (in the form of a prepaid Visa card) in 8 to 10 weeks.

Did I mention that the Yoga 2 sells new for $500? And hit the market only a couple of months ago?

And there's more! Actually, less: If you apply coupon code MASTERPASS23 at checkout and use MasterPass to pay for the system, you'll save another $20.

OK, enough about the money -- let's talk Yoga. At first blush, it's an 11.6-inch touchscreen laptop. But when you fold the screen in ways that would break other lappies, presto: now it's a tablet! And its 360-degree hinge allows for other positioning as well, including a stand-up "tent mode" for watching movies and whatnot.

In other words, you're getting kind of a best-of-both-worlds hybrid. And at this size, it's actually useful as a tablet -- unlike, IMHO, the Yoga 2 13 and other larger, heavier convertibles.



July 10, 2014


Microsoft Store offers $150 towards a Surface Pro 3 & Office 365 as part of back to school savings

Microsoft has launched a new back to school savings campaign where you can get $150 towards the Microsoft Surface Pro 3purchase of a select PC and Office 365. This deal is perfect for a brand new Surface Pro 3.

"It's back to school season and time to cash in on the savings when you buy a select PC valued at $599 or higher, bundled with Office 356 at your local Microsoft retail store. $150 savings includes $20 off Office 365 offer," Microsoft stated.

This offer, which expires September 21, 2014, allows you to select from a wide range of PCs including the Acer V5-473P-5602 touchscreen laptop, Dell XPS 13, and the Surface Pro 3. The eligible PC must be valued at $599 or more. You can snag the cheapest Surface Pro 3 model, featuring an Intel Core i3 processor and 64GB of storage, for $799 (before discounts). The $150 offer also includes the choice of Office 365 University, Home, or Personal. 

Interestingly enough, the fine print says this offer does not apply to Surface tablets. But one person was able to make this happen at his local Microsoft Store. Your mileage may vary, so give it a try.

Plus, if you head to your local Microsoft Store and provide them with your .edu email address, you can snag an additional 10 percent discount (an additional ~$150 off). Couple that with the $150 discount, and you have yourself a killer deal on a brand spanking new Surface Pro 3 -- just in time for school. Although the fine print states you can't combine the two offers, a little verbal finagling will likely do the trick!




Apple Offers iPad Owners up to $240 in a Trade-Up Offer Today
Patently Apple

Apple is going all out with a very aggressive new ad campaign offering current iPad owners the ability to trade in their old iPad for a new one and get up to $240 back in credit for their current iPad. Can you resist such an offer?

Apple trade up



Tablet Computers More Beneficial Than Originally Thought
Guardian Liberty Voice

Tablet computers may be more beneficial for seniors and children than originally thought. With tablet computers being a popular choice in the latest technology choices, many people are seeking the assistance or entertainment of tablet computers. Even Steve Jobs was reported to say that tablet computers would surpass regular PCs as the choice of computer technology.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas appear to think seniors can benefit from the use of tablet computers. In a recent study conducted by the Center for Vital Longevity, 18 adults between the ages of 60 to 90 were given iPad tablets to use for three months. The same number of adults within the same age group was told to complete low-cognitive demand activities, such as watching television or completing standard word-cross puzzles. Another 18 participants were also told to socialize 15 hours a week and to converse about “travel, art and history.”

All participants took assessments before and after the study which measured mental agility, such as comparing numbers on a list. After reviewing the scores for each group, researchers found those adults who used the iPad tablet showed “significant improvement in episodic memory,” along with improvement in processing information.




What will be inside the Apple A8 processor
Macworld UK

The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced within the next ten weeks and inside the iPhone 6 is expected to be an all new Apple A8 processor. The Apple A8 chip will sit in the heart of the new iPhone and next-gen iPad and will offer improved performance across the board. While many people have talked about the iPhone 6 itself, few people have crystal-gazed into the innards of the iPhone: so here is what we can expect on the technical side of things. Here we take a look at what Apple is expected to introduce with the Apple A8 system-on-a-chip (SoC).

Apple A8 chip: next-gen iPhone CPU will be faster and more efficient

We expect the Apple A8 chipset to be substantially better than the A7 found in the iPhone 5s. Just how Apple A 8 CHipmuch better depends on which rumour is correct: the 2.6GHz blazing update with PowerVR Series 6XT GPU or a more modest CPU speed increase combined with a moderately better GPU. It isn’t always better just to crank up the dials; Apple also has to balance battery life, device size and heat performance alongside the technical specifications. If you’re just after raw numbers then you would be better off paying for a MacBook Pro instead of an iOS device, which has a more nuanced approach.

Going by Apple’s history and from the rumours across the board the follow ‘consumer friendly’ announcement sounds about right.

  • Apple A8 CPU performance. 50 percent faster performance from a higher clock speed (made possible by the 20nm process).
  • GPU performance. Twice the graphics performance from the implementation of a new chipset.

And if Apple announces that alongside other new features in the iPhone 6 the company will continue to stride ahead of Android rivals while still providing a great all-round mobile experience.




July 14, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Surface Pro 3The Tablet that can replace your laptop

Will Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 replace your laptop? That’s the million dollar question. Microsoft says it absolutely can – and they’re right.

The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s newest tablet. The device has a bigger screen than its predecessors (12”), is more powerful and comes with better accessories. All in all, there are five models, ranging in storage (64 GB to 512 GB), power (Intel i3, i5 and i7 Processors) and price ($799 to $1,949).

If you really want to replace a laptop, you’re looking at any of the four best models (which start at $999). At these levels, the insides of the Surface Pro 3 are essentially the same as what’s inside a MacBook Air. For all practical purposes, the Surface Pro 3 is simply a laptop with a detachable keyboard.

For $129.95, the optional plastic keyboard has a touchpad that’s pretty tactile and keys that actually click. This is a keyboard you can really touch-type on as opposed to the horrible plastic mess that Microsoft rolled out with the first generation Surface tablets.

Power Excel Users Rejoice

For Windows users, the Surface Pro 3 has only one important feature — it will run 100 percent of your Windows programs. Specifically, it will run 100 percent pure Microsoft Office. Where does this matter? Anywhere you need keyboard shortcuts such as Excel power users. If you use extensive Excel keyboard shortcuts, you know that the version of Excel that runs on OS X is useless. If you own a MacBook Air and you run Windows over Parallels, you know that MacBook Air keyboard does not allow most power Excel keyboard shortcuts – Mac keyboards simply don’t offer the key combinations. The same is true for the glass keyboards on iOS and Android devices. However, the Surface Pro 3 is a 100 percent Windows machine and when you run Excel you will be in keyboard shortcut, power user heaven.

Of course, the Surface Pro 3 also runs everything else you can run on a Wintel machine including the full Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite and even Pro Tools (digital audio workstation) and Avid (digital video workstation) software. I loaded up my demo unit with all kinds of random Windows programs and they all ran perfectly.



Which tablet to buy? 2014 tablet PC buying advice - best tablets of 2014
PC Advisor

What to look for when buying a tablet PC. How to choose your tablet. We explain tablet specs, tablet features, and the best tablets in the UK in 2014. Here's our tablet PC buying advice.

Such is the huge growth in popularity of tablets over the past couple of years that there are now vast swathes of possibilities for a would-be buyer. In this test we’ll try to make things a bit simpler by taking many of the top models in different size categories and exploring what makes them worth your hard earned cash. The test is broken down into three sections which focus on large, around 10in, small, 7in, and dedicated children’s tablets. Before we begin though here are a few helpful tips that could make deciding on your tablet a little easier.

We have reviews of the best tablets you can buy in 2014 here: The 25 best tablets of 2014 UK. You can refine the search by looking here Best Android tablets 2014 and here Best 10in tablets of 2014 and here: 10 best tablets for children, 10 best budget tablets 2014.

Which tablet to buy? What you need a tablet to do

Tablets are fantastic portable devices which sport long battery life and easy to use interfaces. We love them. But they’re not necessarily for everyone in every situation. Like any computing device the first question you need to ask yourself is what you want to use it to do? If it’s a case of checking Facebook, surfing the web, email, reading, playing a few games, and things along these lines then a tablet is a superb choice - arguably better than any other type of computer. If you’re intending to replace your laptop with a lightweight productivity unit, then things are not quite so clear. Typing on a tablet is fine in short bursts, but you’ll quickly get a pain in your neck if you want to work on it all day.

Also the files systems are a little less accessible than on a traditional computer, especially on Apple products. It’s worth checking if the software you like to use is available in the relevant app store for your device (you can’t install anything that isn’t, well, not easily). You certainly can work on a tablet, but it might involve buying a bluetooth keyboard and adjusting your workflow a little to achieve this.



Apple iOS vs Android vs Windows 8 – what's the best compact tablet OS?
PC Pro

Everyone wants a compact tablet these days, but which is the best platform - iOS, Android or Windows 8? Find out in our head-to-head comparison

It's an unavoidable truth that most of us tend to focus on the hardware when we're out to buy a new tablet. A high-resolution display, attractive design and fast core hardware tend to dominate our thoughts long before the software running on the device.

To a large extent, this is due to the fact that most of us are simple beasts: we see a device in the shop, we play with it, talk to a salesman, and we fall in love (with the tablet, not the shop floor assistant).

However, we'd advise a more perspicacious approach. Before you buy, consider the software, too; although closer than ever before, there are fundamental differences between the three major operating systems available on tablets today – differences you should take note of.





July 15, 2014

Skype group calls now free on Surface, Windows tablets

On Tuesday, Microsoft made group calls free for Skype users who have decided to buy tablets like the Skype Group CallSurface instead of a full-fledged Windows PC.

Microsoft made Skype group calls free to “existing platforms” like the Windows PC in April, and has since decided to open that up to tablet users as well. Since adding the free group calling feature, Microsoft saw group calls increase fourfold, the company said.

Microsoft said that most “group” calls actually include just a small number of people, about four or so. “We’ve found that most group calls take place between three or four participants,” the company said. “When building the group video calling experience for modern Windows, we optimized so that the three most talkative people – plus yourself – are visible at the same time.”

Skype group calling supports up to ten people, but only the most talkative people will actually show up in video windows. Microsoft’s competitor, Google, offers its own services, Hangouts, which has always been free for group video chats for up to ten participants.




Microsoft Corporation: From new Surface Pro 3 to new start menu
PopHerald.com Windows New Start Menu

As reported by techcrunch.com, Microsoft Corporation might be testing a brand new start menu for the Windows 8 — and it’s very different from the current platform. The new start menu, or the slide up panel that will appear after the user clicks the Windows icon located at lower left side of the Windows 8 display, will now offer a user interface inspired by the Windows 8′s “metro user interface” filled with live tiles and colorful icons.

The new Start Menu will be one of the features of the upcoming Windows 8.1 update, reports say, and it will arrive next year, 2015.

Microsoft is currently selling the Surface Pro 3, its latest and greatest tablet computer to date. The Redmond-based tech giant is trying to promote the tablet computer as a “laptop replacement,” whilst adding that it can fulfill tasks like a laptop computer because it can run full applications (and not mobile apps), and it can also be enjoyed by consumers like an iPad because it offers a large high-definition touchscreen display.




July 16, 2014


Asus Transformer Pad (TF103C) review
PC World Magazine

Asus has just released an introductory version of its Transformer hybrid, the Transformer Pad (TF103C). Asus TransformerThe Intel powered Android tablet comes with a functional keyboard, but is it worth buying a hybrid when you can get the real deal?

There's nothing wrong with the tablet's design — it's quite endearing frankly — but the market around the $400 mark is brimming with more competitive alternatives, such as Lenovo's S6000 or the smaller Nexus 7 tablet from Asus.

Consider the Transformer Pad comes bundled with a keyboard dock and it begins to make much more sense. Asus has been swimming against the current by designing tablets with complementary docks for years now, but with each rendition the company's persistence has paid off. The chiclet keyboard bundled with the Asus Transformer Pad makes it the ideal netbook replacement. For some, it may even negate the need for a notebook or PC altogether.

Bundling a keyboard with the Transformer Pad has meant Asus has had to shave dollars by equipping the Pad with a lesser quality screen. The 10.1in form factor is big considering the $429 price, but the 1280x800 resolution results in a 149 pixel-per-inch density, and that does little for the multimedia experience.

Multimedia does take a back seat to productivity with the Transformer Pad. The stereo speakers, albeit clear, lack in volume and necessitate the need for headphones for any media with dialogue.



Microsoft to rely on low-priced Windows laptops and tablets to counter Chromebooks
The Next Digit

Google Chromebooks have brought a snazzy wave to the market, but Microsoft has prepared a great Windows Laptop Screenanswer to it by hinting on cheap windows laptops

Microsoft is set to launch cheap laptops and tablets in the market that will give a direct competitive to Google Chromebooks. At Microsoft’s partner conference, Turner promised the Microsoft fans that the company will soon launch a 7-inch and 8-inch tablet that will run on Windows and will be priced at just $99.

Turner also revealed that HP will also release a $199 Windows laptop this Christmas season, while Acer and Toshiba would also launch $249 laptops as well. Toshiba’s laptop will feature a 11.6-inch display with a 2.16GHz Intel Celeron processor, while Acer will be having a 15.6-inch display screen.



July 17, 2014


11 Things You Can Do With Samsung's New Tablet That You Can't Do With The iPad
MSN Malaysia News

There are tons of Android tablets out there, but few are equipped to take on the iPad. Samsung recently released Galaxy Tab S, however, may be the best Android tablet you can buy.Samsung Galaxy S

Other than its super-slim design and gorgeous display, the Tab S comes with a handful of software features that allow you to do more than you can with an iPad.

Here;s a quick look at what you can do with the Galaxy Tab S that you can;t do with an iPad.

You can use your fingerprint to make payments or launch apps

The Galaxy Tab S comes with Samsungs fingerprint sensor in the home button. Since Samsung has partnered with PayPal, you can use your fingerprint to verify purchases rather than typing in a password.

Samsungs software lets you run more than one app side-by-side

Thanks to Samsung’s Multi-Window Mode, you can open two apps and run them alongside one another on the home screen.

You can control your smartphone directly from the Galaxy Tab S

Samsungs SideSync feature, which lets you control your phone from the tablet, only works if you have a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, or Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. The feature is designed to make it easier to transfer files between your phone and tablet, but you can also use your tablet to make or answer phone calls. Making calls from your tablet seems a bit awkward, but the idea is that if your phone is in another room, you can still answer the call immediately without having to run to get it.

Continue to read the full article



Surface Pro 3 update history

Updates are automatically installed on Surface through Windows Update. Below is a summary of what’s been included in each update so far.

The following updates will be listed as “System Firmware Update – 7/16/2014” or “System Hardware Update – 7/16/2014” when you view your update history.

When Surface updates are provided via the Windows Update service, they are delivered in stages to Surface customers. As a result, not every Surface will receive the update at the same time, but the update will be delivered to all devices. If you have not received the update then please manually check Windows Update later.
  • Surface Integration (v.2.0.1038.0) further enhances system stability.
  • Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth (v. 15.68.3044.85) further improving WiFi connection and throughput scenarios.


A novel alliance may reshape mobile computing for companies
The Economist

When he was the boss of Apple, Steve Jobs made little secret of his contempt for selling to big IBM Workerbusinesses. Once he even referred to their CIOs as chief information “orifices”, through which all orders must pass. Jobs felt that the best way for Apple to prosper was to focus on the consumer. But his successor, Tim Cook, has struck a much friendlier tone about corporate buyers, regularly boasting that Apple’s products are now used by almost all of the world’s largest companies.

They could soon be in use at many more firms. On July 15th Mr Cook and Virginia Rometty, the boss of IBM, said their companies were working together to develop more than 100 business-specific mobile applications for Apple’s iPhones and its iPad tablet computers. IBM’s employees will also serve as a sales force for Apple’s gear inside firms and provide on-site service for its devices.

The deal does more than bring together two companies that were once bitter foes: in the 1980s Apple’s advertising for its Mac personal computers portrayed Big Blue as an evil Big Brother figure. It also underlines the way in which devices developed for consumers have caught on in the corporate world. And the alliance piles pressure on other technology companies, from Apple’s rivals in devices and mobile operating-systems to IBM’s competitors in supplying software and services to businesses.




Hands-on with the Surface Pro 3
Toronto Sun


The Surface Pro 3’s mission is ambitious: compete with Apple’s MacBook Air and, at the same time, with high-end tablets, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro. So, is the third time a charm for Microsoft?

One thing is certain, the Surface Pro 3 specifications are impressive, from a PC and from a tablet perspective. Only 9.1 mm thick, 800 grams, with enough battery power to last a little over seven hours, and sporting all the connectivity one can hope for (including a MicroSD slot at the back). It embodies all the best of today’s mobile devices. Without overheating too much…

After the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2’s mitigated success, Microsoft wanted more than a mere evolution, and it shows. On the hardware side, ports have all been moved to one side : USB 3, Mini DisplayPort and charger. The kickstand can now be adjusted to almost any angle. The removable keyboard cover has a new hinge underneath the screen so it can be elevated slightly, for a more comfortable use.

a large 12-inch display of 2,160 x 1,440 pixels, a fourth-generation Intel Core processor, and accessories, such as the detachable ultrathin (and backlit) keyboard and the Bluetooth digital pen, make this device a very versatile personal computer.

This time round, Microsoft’s integration of the pen is well executed. Click the top button and the tablet will turn on, automatically creating a blank page (in OneNote) to write on. The pen tip’s precision is also improved, and it works flawlessly even if you happen to be left-handed.



July 18, 2014

Lenovo Christmas in July Sale!






July 21, 2014

Clarification on Lenovo Statement on Sales of Small Screen Windows-Based Tablets

We will continue to bring new Windows devices to market across different screen sizes, including a new 8-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet coming this holiday. Our model mix changes as per customer demand, and although we are no longer selling ThinkPad 8 in the U.S., and we have sold out of Miix 8-inch, we are not getting out of the small-screen Windows tablet business as was reported by the media. In short, we will continue to sell both 8 and 10 inch Windows tablets in both the U.S. and non-U.S markets. 




Tablet or Laptop? With HP's x360, you don't have to choose

Oftentimes when I look at PC or PC hardware, it’s always the biggest and the best. The expensive, high-performance hardware is what most enthusiasts are interested in, but what about budget hardware? HP's x360The hardware that students -- with no particular enthusiasm for hardcore gaming or editing -- would be most apt to be shopping for would be lower cost. That said, nobody wants a “cheap” PC, incapable of doing even the most menial daily tasks.

That’s where the HP x360 steps in.

This PC is a two-in-one device, acting as a PC or a tablet because of the ability to fold the touch-screen over, making it perfect for travel or to bring to class for notes or snarky Facebook updates about your professor who strangely smells of onions. It’s not too big either, with the viewable screen measuring just over 11.5”, less than an inch tall, and weighing just over three pounds. It’s mobile, it’s not too gaudy, and it still gets the job done for most of your basic college activities.

Activities like watching your favorite shows, for instance. There isn’t an optical drive, as is the norm with laptops focusing on mobility, but there are three USB ports (two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0) and an HDMI out port which will let you attach this to your television to watch in HD on something bigger than the attached screen. Additionally, it’s rocking dual speakers with Beat Audio though, admittedly, having Beats Audio doesn’t necessarily add anything to the device, it’s more of a selling point.




Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 – Analyzing the Differences?
The Fuse Joplin

Improved Features in Pro 3

The new Surface Pen also can be used to better advantage with the new display assemble, which is Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3thinner in the Pro 3. This affords a better pen on paper feel, due to the absence of a thick glass piece separating the stylus from the pixels on the screen. The new screen in the Pro 3 has a higher contrast ratio as well, reducing eye strain.

One important improvement in the Surface Pro 3 is in the kickstand. The kickstand is no longer limited up to only two positions, as the new tablet comes with a new friction hinge allowing it to open up to the regular 22 degrees. In addition, it can hold the device at any angle, up to a maximum of 150 degrees, which is known as the canvas mode.

The Surface Pro 3 is bigger and comes with a new Type Cover, which is 68% bigger than the Type Cover of the Pro 2. It is also smoother than the cover of the Pro 2. The Type Cover of the Pro 3 is 295g, adding a thickness of 4.8 mm to the tablet. There is also a small change in the design of the Pro 3, with an additional hinge that can be flipped up at the back edge of the tablet’s keyboard against the bezel of the screen. This offers better rigidity and more stability with magnets holding it in place.

Performance and Hardware Specs

The Surface Pro 2 comes with a Haswell Core i5 processor, whereas the Pro 3 offers a choice from the 4th gen chips, namely: i3, i5 and the i7. Both the devices are run on the Intel HD Graphics 4400, an integrated GPU.




July 22, 2014

This Is The Best Gaming Tablet In The World
Business Insider

The Shield Tablet can't compete with Apple's iPad Mini as a standalone tablet experience, so there's no reason Nvidia should even try. Its focus is on offering a true gaming experience, and in that it smokes the competition.Nvidia Shield Tablet

The tablet itself packs quite a punch, and sports an 8-inch, 1,920x1,080-pixel HD display for a crisp and detailed picture.

In order for any sort of serious gaming to work well on a tablet experience, a controller is a must.

Underneath the hood, there's a Tegra K1 2.2GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM — all nestled within a solid and streamlined shell. You can preorder the 16GB Wi-Fi-only version right now, and there's a 32GB version with 4G LTE in the works.

The Shield controller unlocks the full potential of the tablet, and in hindsight it really should be included. People who are familiar with Android tablets will find themselves right at home: The Shield Tablet runs Android, meaning you can still download apps from the Google Play. But people buying the Shield Tablet will be looking for a rich gaming experience, and that really requires the Shield controller.

Nvidia's tablet has something even Apple's iPad doesn't have: the ability to play full-fledged games such as "Titanfall," "Trine 2," and "BioShock Infinite."

Nvidia knows that gamers don't want to play iPad apps, they want to play the same games they play on their PCs and laptops. And while there are plenty of Android apps that can be played on the Shield Tablet, in order to play "Titanfall" or other modern PC games, you'll need to use Nvidia's GameStream technology to stream the games from your PC to the tablet




Surface Pro 3 docking station available for preorder

Release date: 8/15/2014  - Pre-order now

Transform your Surface Pro 3 tablet into a complete desktop workstation with this docking station. Easily connect an HD monitor and your favorite accessories via multiple inputs and five USB ports.

Instant office
Just click your Surface Pro 3 into the dock and go from tablet to full desktop PC in an instant. With an Surface Pro 3 Docking StationEthernet port, Mini DisplayPort, and five USB ports (three USB 3.0, two USB 2.0) you can easily connect an HD monitor, wired network connection, audio system, full-size keyboard, mouse, printer, and more.

Five USB ports
Boasting five USB ports (three USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0), you can transfer large files to an external drive, plug in a USB printer or headset, charge multiple accessories, and more.

Ethernet port
When you need the reliability of a wired network connection, the super-fast Ethernet connection offers data transfer rates up to 1 billion bits per second.

48-watt power supply
Quickly recharge your Surface battery while you work, so you can hit the road or the halls with a fully charged device.

Video output
Extend your display to a larger screen. The mini DisplayPort connection delivers high-definition video resolution of up to 3840 x 2600 DPI. The Surface Pro 3 Docking Station also offers multi-monitor capabilities right out of the box with your existing monitors. If you have daisy-chain capable monitors, they can be connected via the mini DisplayPort output on the back of the dock.*

Pre-order now




July 23, 2014

Microsoft CEO: Windows RT and Windows Phone Merging Into Windows
Tablet PC Review

Microsoft currently offers three different operating systems, but this will change soon. CEO Satya Nadella promises that these are going to be merged into one.

The company offers the standard version of Windows for PCs, notebooks, and tablets. Additionally, it produces Windows RT for tablets and Windows Phone for smartphones.

In the past, there have been hints and rumors that Microsoft would simplify its offerings, but Nadella has now spelled it out unequivocally.

“We will streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system for screens of all sizes,” Nadella said.



Low-cost Android tablets to get 4K video with Allwinner 64-bit chip

Low-cost Android tablets with 64-bit processors and 4K video decoding capabilities could be around the corner, thanks to Allwinner's plan to ship its first 64-bit ARM processor by year end.Allwinner 64-bit logo

Allwinner on Wednesday said the 64-bit ARM processor will have the ability to decode H.265 video, a 4K multimedia standard. In practical terms, this means users of a tablet with the chip can shoot 4K video with the device, or stream 4K video via the device, but in order to view video at 4K resolution will likely have to attach it to a 4K TV via HDMI, as tablet screens lack that resolution.

The chip will let users play 4K video at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times that of the current 1920 x 1080-pixel high-definition resolution. High-end tablets already have cameras that can shoot 4K video.

The Chinese company's chips are mostly used in low-cost tablets like Hewlett-Packard's US$99 Slate 7 Plus. The upcoming chip will provide an option for device makers to build "cost-effective" 64-bit tablets, Allwinner said.

Tablets with the chip should sell for around $200 to $250, but as the volumes grow, the prices could come down even further, said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.




July 24, 2014


Samsung Galaxy Tab S better than Apple iPad
Economic Times

There are tons of Android tablets out there, but few are equipped to take on the iPad. Samsung's Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tabletrecently released Galaxy Tab S, however, may be the best Android tablet you can buy.

Other than its super-slim design and gorgeous display, the Tab S comes with a handful of software features that allow you to do more than you can with an iPad.

Here are 11 things you can do with the Galaxy Tab S that you can't with an iPad.

The Galaxy Tab S comes with Samsung's fingerprint sensor in the home button.

Since Samsung has partnered with PayPal, you can use your fingerprint to verify purchases rather than typing in a separate password.

Multiwindow Mode

Thanks to Samsung's multiwindow Mode, you can open two apps and run them alongside one another on the home screen.

Can adjust its colour gamut

Samsung claims that its new tablet can adjust its colour gamut, sharpness, and contrast depending on how you use the tablet.

Control Your PC

After logging in with your Samsung account and installing the Remote PC app on your computer, you can control your PC using the Galaxy Tab S.

This means you can access files stored on your computer directly from the tablet.

See the entire list here


Microsoft's Surface tablets brought in $409M in revenue last quarter

Looks like the Surface tablets have again helped Microsoft’s revenue this past quarter.Surface Pro 3 with blue keyboard

Surface tablets brought in $409 million in revenue, mainly in sales of the second generation Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro, and Surface Pro 3, the company said today in its earnings report.

And this is not the first time the Surface tablets have helped the company’s numbers: The tablets brought in $400 million in revenue during Microsoft’s first quarter of 2014, mere months after it took a $900 million charge on the Surface RT inventory following disappointing earnings.

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 3, its newest tablet model, in the U.S. and Canada on June 20, and it rolls out to additional markets in the first quarter of the 2015 fiscal year. The company also recently launched a program around its stance that the Surface Pro 3 could replace the laptop by offering up to $650 to customers who trade in their Apple Macbook Air for the tablet.


July 28, 2014


Microsoft To Launch 10.6 Inch Surface Tablet in October 2014

Editors Note: Microsoft often launches products in October, so this rumor comes as no surprise and I expect will will see more speculation this as time goes on. 

With Apple getting ready to launch new iPads this fall, another industry heavyweight - Microsoft will Microsoft Surface Pro 3reportedly unveil a new Surface tablet in October 2014. The new Surface tablet is expected to have a 10.6-inch display, a Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reported on Monday. Microsoft's surface range of tablets, launched in 2012, has about less than 3 % of tablet market share, and so far has failed to crush Apple and Samsung in the competitive tablet market.

But, if the latest report is to be believed, Microsoft has already planned to dent Apple's iPad, with a new 10.6-inch Surface tablet. The report further claims that volume production of the tablet should kick off sometime in September. This could simply means that the software giant might be able to launch new device in October, a month ahead of the expected launch of Apple's new iPads. Apple is reportedly holding a massive event in November where the company is set to unveil its iWatch, alongside new iPads. Microsoft's upcoming new Surface tablet is expected to be slimmer and lighter compared to the existing 12-inch Surface Pro 3 model that went on sale in May earlier this year. Also, it seems that Microsoft is highly optimistic about the sales potential of the supposed 10.6-inch Surface tablet.



Auto-Star Partners With Motion Computing To Offer Mobile POS Solution
Business Solutions Magazine

In today’s competitive retail market, keeping up with industry trends is imperative and retailers who Motion CL910 Tablet PC with credit card readeradopt early are able to meet their customer’s growing expectations. Auto-Star Compusystems Inc., an innovative developer of point of sale software, and Motion Computing, a leading global provider of mobile technology, are pleased to announce the certification of the Star-Plus POS and the Motion CL910 and F5te Tablet PC. Together, the solution offers retailers the latest in mobile point of sale technology.

Durable and lightweight, the CL 910 and F5te tablets can be equipped with a barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, allowing retailers to easily scan products, check inventory and update pricing information on the go. In addition, retailers are able to process transactions and capture customer data from anywhere on the selling floor, providing them with a dynamic line busting tool. This significantly decreases wait times for customers, enhancing their buying experience, while also reducing the stresses placed on traditional cash lines.

“The new tablet integration we have done with Motion Computing is an outstanding choice for retailers,” said Ivan Long, Vice President of Operations at Auto-Star. “Star-Plus combined with the Motion tablets offer a powerful and flexible mobile point of sale, inventory counting, and ordering solution.”

“Technology partnerships are essential to customer success,” said Scott Ball, Country Manager for Canada at Motion Computing. “Rarely can one vendor offer customers the full solution they require. We are proud to partner with Auto-Star to offer retailers a software and hardware solution for Mobile POS.”




July 29, 2014

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Review: It's Hard To Overstate My Satisfaction
Android Police

It's no big secret that I'm a huge fan of NVIDIA's SHIELD. In fact, I believe I called it my favorite device from last year on a recent podcast, a claim that I readily stand behind. To me, it shows how versatile Android can be, despite the fact that the unit itself is essentially a one trick pony (it's damn good at thatNvidia Shield Tablet with game controler one trick, though).

Then there's NVIDIA's second foray into device design, the Tegra Note 7. Unlike SHIELD, TN7 is actually just a design that other companies can use as a base to release their own hardware from. The tablet's highlight feature is DirectStylus, which brings active-like features to a passive stylus. The device itself, however, falls a little bit short with the display – the 1280x800 panel is just lackluster in basically all aspects. The subpar 1GB of RAM is also disappointing, but the unit's performance doesn't really suffer from the lack of additional RAM.

SHIELD Tablet is a marriage of these two products, bringing the best of each to a perfectly-sized eight-inch form factor. It combines SHIELD's controller (though now it's a separate accessory instead of being attached) with TN7's DirectStylus, and brings all the software from both – including the DirectStylus launcher and navigation enhancements from TN7, as well as SHIELD's GamePad mapping software, GameStream, and Console Mode.

But it's not just about bringing these features together, it's about making them better. SHIELD Tablet features better hardware, including the crazy-powerful Tegra K1 processor and a full HD display, as well as improved software features across the board. Console Mode is 4K ready, the microSD card slot supports cards up to 128GB, and to keep things running smoothly for the foreseeable future, updates are coming directly from NVIDIA. The company has done an excellent job of keep SHIELD up to date, so I expect nothing less with SHIELD Tablet.

After spending a bit of time with SHIELD Tablet, one thing's for sure: this is so much more than a gamer's tablet – it's a power user's tablet.




July 30, 2014

Surface Pro Display Technology Shoot-Out Microsoft Surface Pro 3


The key element for a great Tablet has always been a truly innovative and top performing display, and the best leading edge Tablets have always flaunted their beautiful high tech displays. Surface Pro 3

With its third generation Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has produced an excellent professional grade high performance display for Windows. In fact, based on our extensive lab tests and measurements, the Surface Pro 3 has one of the very best and most accurate displays available on any mobile platform and OS. It joins near the top of a small set of Tablets that have excellent Top Tier displays – for professionals that need a very accurate and high performance display for their work, and for consumers that want and appreciate a really nice and beautiful display. We’ll cover these issues and much more, with in-depth comprehensive display tests, measurements and analysis that you will find nowhere else.

Results Highlights

In this Results section we provide Highlights of the comprehensive DisplayMate Lab tests and measurements and extensive visual comparisons using test photos, test images, and test patterns that are covered in the advanced sections. The Display Shoot-Out Comparison Table summarizes the Lab measurements in the following categories:  Screen ReflectionsBrightness and ContrastColors and IntensitiesViewing AnglesLCD SpectraDisplay Power. You can also skip these Highlights and go directly to the Conclusions.




Lenovo ThinkPad 10 vs. Dell Venue 11 Pro
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Well, it's fair to say that the market for Windows tablets has come full circle. After consumers ignored the initial round of full-sized Windows tablets in 2012, Microsoft and its PC maker partners turned to mini-Lenovo ThinkPad 10 vs. Dell Venue 11 Protablets, and we spent much of last year examining those devices. But now in 2014, the market has swung again, and consumers are looking for full-sized tablets. And if you're interested in a Windows device, you've got two terrific choices, the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 and the Dell Venue 11 Pro.

There's so much to say about these devices, it's kind of hard to know where to start. But the high-level view is this: Just as both companies' Windows-based mini-tablets previously established the baseline for what a good machine of that type should be, so too do these. And they compare to each other in the same way that the Dell Venue 8 Pro and Lenovo ThinkPad 8 do to each other as well. That is, while I feel that the Lenovo entry is ultimately of better quality, the lower price of the Dell unit makes it a better value for most people.

I've always respected the quality of ThinkPad devices, and this machine's quality and portability are unmatched. But the price differential here is hard to justify, and with the Dell offering better battery life (for those with keyboards) and a bigger screen and keyboard, the choice for many is easy to make.




July 31, 2014

How to connect Android to TV: see your phone or tablet apps on the big screen
PC Advisor

Tablets are perfect for individual users – lightweight with very long battery life, and with bright, connect Android tablet to TVsharp screens that make light work of everything from watching films to reviewing photos. Bigger crowds call for bigger screens, though: here’s how to connect your tablet to your TV without spending a fortune or drowning in a sea of cables.

Tablet owners live in a golden age of content: streaming video applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Blinkbox , catch-up services including iPlayer and Channel 4’s 4oD, and home-spun video and photographs are all begging to be shared. And, while sharing online is the ultimate convenience, sharing in person is more fun. The problem is your tablet’s screen: perfect for one or two people but it will never feel smaller with five people crowded around it. This is doubly true for smaller tablets such as the 7in Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The good news is you probably already have a device in your living room which is perfect. Your TV is big, bright and no-one has to squint to see what’s happening on it. There’s an ever-increasing number of ways to get video and pictures onto it, from straightforwardly stringing cables around to ingenious – but often more expensive – wireless options that will propel your living room into the 21st century. Here we’ll explore both options, as well as looking at the services that will let you share your subscriptions, photos and videos on the big screen – and those that won’t.

Although we’re talking predominantly about Android tablets, the same advice applies to Android smartphones.




One month with the Surface Pro 3: Microsoft updates kept it in my hands

Summary: I just passed the 30-day return period and thanks to Microsoft's speedy updates and several other factors, the Surface Pro 3 is now serving as my primary home and road computer.

Back in May I wrote several reasons to upgrade from a Surface Pro to a Surface Pro 3 and I just passed a month of ownership with my new Pro 3. I was ready to return it out of sheer frustration with Wi-Fi Surface Pro 3during the first two weeks, but thankfully Microsoft took quick action and everything is humming along nicely now.

The larger display, longer battery life, and updated keyboard were the main reasons I decided to move to the Surface Pro 3. The new display aspect ration (3:2) is great for getting work done and I no longer feel cramped when I use the Surface Pro 3. I actually use it as my main computer at home and on the road with no connection to an external monitor.

I used two chargers with my Surface Pro and would charge it up at home and then again at work after my one hour train commute and workday. With the Pro 3, I charge it up at home and then go the entire day without worrying about topping it off. Long battery life is also a bonus when traveling on airplanes that do not have plug-ins.

The keyboard is fantastic and I use it to write without any real compromise in my typing speed. I love that it has a backlight and a trackpad that is actually very usable. I do use an external mouse at home, but on the road and in the office I use the trackpad and stylus.





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