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December 2014


December 1, 2014


Best Cyber Monday Tablet Deals 2014: iPad, Android, and Windows
Tablet PC Review

Cyber Monday is here, and with it comes some of the best technology deals of the season. Get started shopping with TabletPCReview‘s deals guide, and don’t pay too much for a new device.

There are bargains in every price range, including discounts on Apple iPad models, new Samsung tablets, and much more.

Those looking for good deals shouldn’t miss our related list of the Best Tablets Under $250 for Holiday Shopping.

Windows Sales

The Microsoft Store is knocking $100 off the Surface Pro 3 with a Core i5 processor and 128 GB of storage, lowering the cost to $849 on Cyber Monday. It has also cut the price of the i5/256 GB version by an equal amount, bring it down to $1.199. This retailer has temporarily reduced the cost of the i7/256 GB version and the i7/512 GB version of the Surface Pro 3 by $150 each, lowering their prices to $1,399 and $1,799 respectively

Walmart recently began selling the E FUN Nextbook 8 Windows 8.1 tablet for $99. This is powered by an Intel Atom processor and has an 8-inch 1280 x 800 display and 16GB of internal storage.

Apple iPad Bargains

Best Buy is selling the original iPad Air 16 GB for $369.99 down from its usual $399.99. Walmart is asking $379.99, but is bundling a Justin Power case for a total savings of $73.97.

Walmart is selling the the original iPad mini for $199, down from the usual $249.

Android Deals

Google is offering the HTC Nexus 9 16 GB at it’s regular $399 price, but is including a $50 Google Play credit, lowering the effective price to $349.

Target and Best Buy have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 for $149.99, reduced from the usual $179.99.

Target and Best Buy have the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 for $199.99, a $70 savings.

In addition, Target and Best Buy are marking the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 from $349 down to $249.




Is the iPad Apple's Next Supersized Product?
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

While it’s impossible to know if Apple would own a larger share of the smartphone market today if it had released a larger-screen iPhone earlier in the game, the latest rumors out of Asia suggest that the company is determined not to miss out on the next supersized mobile device trend. Schematics for a new larger-screen version of Apple’s iPad have allegedly been obtained by Japan’s Mac Fan magazine, according to blog Mac Otakara. Although rumors of a larger-screen iPad have been circulated by Mac Otakara and other Asian news sources since at least last year, the latest report appears to offer the first concrete evidence that this product is in the works.

While earlier rumors from Taiwan’s DigiTimes and other sources predicted that the larger-screen iPad would be called the “iPad Pro” and feature a 12.9-inch display, the January edition of Mac Fan referred to the device as the “iPad Air Plus” and noted that it will feature a “12.2-inch LCD display.” According to Mac Fan, the overall dimensions of the iPad Air Plus will be “305.31 x 220.8 x 7 mm” or approximately 12 inches by 8.7 inches by 0.28 inches. This means that the iPad Air Plus will be a little thicker than the current iPad Air 2 (0.24 inches), but still thinner than the iPad mini 3 (0.29 inches).

Mac Fan’s report also claimed that the iPad Air Plus would be outfitted with the next-generation A9 chip. This contradicts earlier rumors from Taiwan’s TechNews, which claimed that the larger-screen iPad would use the same A8X chip that powers the iPad Air 2. The schematics obtained by Mac Fan also detailed a multi-directional speaker system that will enable the iPad Air Plus to play stereo audio in any direction the tablet is held.





December 2, 2014


Gift Guide 2014: Tablets for all

Tablets are a curious breed of electronics. For many, they occupy that awkward space between want Tablet Gift Guide 2014 and need. Most peoples’ work, play and connectivity needs are already being met by some combination of computer, TV/console, and smartphone, but still they covet the iPads and Nexuses of the world. For this crowd, tablets are a supplementary accessory.

Then there are those that don’t just want a tablet, they need one. Their work requires a lot of travel, and there’s no device they’d rather have than the iPad when they’re in the ninth hotel in as many weeks. Or the Surface Pro 3, which offers PC-grade hardware in a compact form factor.

And then there’s everyone else in between.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of tablets to choose from, each catering to a different type of consumer. We’ve distilled the vast quantities of tablets available today and skimmed the cream off the top.

Here are our top picks for tablets for 2014!




This Concept Video Shows Exactly How Large Apple's Giant iPad Could Be
Business Insider

There's a strong chance Apple will release an iPad that's larger than its standard 9.7 inch model next year, and now we have a realistic idea of exactly how large it will be

There's a strong chance Apple will release an iPad that's larger than its standard 9.7 inch model next year, and now we have a realistic idea of exactly how large it will be. 

YouTube channel Canoopsy posted a video showing a mockup of Apple's rumored "iPad Pro," based on reportedly leaked schematics, alongside a MacBook Pro, an iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5 (via 9to5Mac)




December 3, 2014


Surface beats iPad to win top award: which would you buy?

The Surface Pro 3 was also awarded Computer of the Year for bringing renewed innovation to the category. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is The perfect device for teenagers who need the flexibility of a tablet, but the power of a laptop and the full suite of Microsoft applications. 

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has beaten Apple's iPad Air 2 to win Gadget of the Year at Stuff magazine's annual Gadget Awards.

Stuff's editor-in-chief, Will Findlater, said the Surface Pro 3 is the first device that serves equally well as tablet and laptop, and has set a trend for versatile tablet devices that looks likely to be pushed by other brands in 2015.

"While previous Surface Pros have hinted at the potential of the hybrid tablet/laptop, this one delivers the best of both worlds, and with an Apple iPad Pro rumoured for next year, it shows Microsoft has what it takes to be a hardware trend-setter,” said Findlater.




Google Chromebook gains lead over Apple iPad in US education market
Maine News

According to the latest statistics released by IDC, via the Financial Times, Google's line of low-cost Chromebook laptops dethroned the Apple iPad as the US education market leader, in terms of shipments of devices to US schools in the 2014 third quarter.

The IDC figures have revealed that the third-quarter shipments of Google Chromebooks to US schools surpassed the shipments of Apple iPads. While 715,500 units of Chromebooks were shipped by Google to US schools in the third quarter, Apple shipped 702,000 units of iPads.

Despite the fact that the difference between the number of Chromebooks and iPads shipped to US schools during third quarter was quite slim, the fact that Chromebooks gained lead over iPad marked a breakthrough performance by Chromebooks. Thus far, school districts have considered it trendy to give out Apple iPads to students as part of a technological "revolution" in education.



December 4, 2014


Which tablet to buy? 2014 tablet PC buying advice - best tablets of 2014
PC Advisor

We have reviews of the best tablets you can buy in 2014 here: The best tablets of 2014 UK. You can refine the search by looking here Best Android tablets 2014 and here Best 10in tablets of 2014 and here: 10 best tablets for children, 10 best budget tablets 2014. There's a chart no matter what you're looking for.

Which tablet to buy? What you need a tablet to do

Tablets are fantastic portable devices which sport long battery life and easy to use interfaces. We love them. But they’re not necessarily for everyone in every situation. Like any computing device the first question you need to ask yourself is what you want to use it to do? If it’s a case of checking Facebook, surfing the web, email, reading, playing a few games, and things along these lines then a tablet is a superb choice - arguably better than any other type of computer. If you’re intending to replace your laptop with a lightweight productivity unit, then things are not quite so clear. Typing on a tablet is fine in short bursts, but you’ll quickly get a pain in your neck if you want to work on it all day.

Also the files systems are a little less accessible than on a traditional computer, especially on Apple products. It’s worth checking if the software you like to use is available in the relevant app store for your device (you can’t install anything that isn’t, well, not easily). You certainly can work on a tablet, but it might involve buying a Bluetooth keyboard and adjusting your workflow a little to achieve this.




Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Air 2: Price, Specs, Performance

Apple recently released the iPad Air 2, several months after Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3. Since their releases, both tablets have been competing to become the top selling tablet. However, it’s still Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Air 2very hard to say which tablet is best, and it’s not easy for future investors to choose which device to get. When it comes down to it, there isn’t much that the two devices have in common, other than the fact that they’re tablets, and today, we’re going to be giving you the low-down on both devices to assist you in your future purchase.

Both the iPad Air 2 and the Surface Pro 3 are beautiful devices, but they differ quite a bit on the inside. The iPad Air 2 features a 9.7-inch 1536 x 2048 LCD display with a pixel density of 264, a triple-core Apple A8X processing chip clocked at 1.5GHz, 2 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear camera, a 1.2 megapixel front camera, a fingerprint sensor on the home button (Touch ID), and a battery that can last you up to ten hours.

The Surface Pro 3, on the other hand, comes in a few different models. All of the models feature a 12-inch 2160 x 1440 ClearType Full HD display running 216 pixels per inch, a 5 megapixel rear camera, a 5 megapixel front camera, and up to nine hours of battery life. The differences are in the storage and processors, and there are five different options: 64 GB of storage and an Intel Core i3 processor, 128 GB of storage and an Intel Core i5 processor, 256 GB of storage and an Intel Core i5 processor, 256 GB of storage and an Intel Core i7 processor, and 512 GB of storage and an Intel Core i7 processor.





iPad 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Which Tablet Should You Pick? Hardware, OS, Design, And Price Analysis Here!
Youth Health Magzine

Which of these tablet devices is worth the purchase? We compare the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 against Apple's iPad 4 to see which is better.iPad 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

In terms of design and display, the iPad 4 has an IPS LCD model that is LED-backlit which measures 9.7 inches and it can render a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels. It weighs 652 g and has the following dimensions: 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has a TFT display that measures 10.1 inches and renders a lesser resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It significantly lighter than its competitor, weighing 510 grams and shows off the dimensions: 243.1 x 176.1 x 8 mm.

For the hardware and OS, Apple's iPad 4 has a dual core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz which comes with the Apple A6X chipset. The tablet supports 1GB of RAM and it has multiple options for internal storage: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB (there is no microSD slot, hence the memory is not expandable). It runs on the iOS 6 (upgradable to iOS 7).

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is equipped with a dual core working at 1.6GHz and the Intel Atom Z2560 model of chipset. It has 1GB of RAM with two options for storage space: either 16GB or 32GB (you can choose to use a microSD to expand your memory by up to 64GB). The tablet runs on the Android Jelly Bean OS.



December 8, 2014


Best Christmas Tablets - Nexus 9, Surface Pro, iPads or Samsung
The Fuse Joplin

This was a great year for the tech fans and we’ve seen top tablets and smartphones devices being released, with great specs and features.

In the last 12 passed months, we’ve noticed a lot of devices being released such as tablets that are now more like an alternative to laptops, because they come with great specs and attachable keyboards.

Today we give you a list of tablets that can become your Christmas present.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

The name of Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is related to the display dimension – 12.2inches, which supports a resolution of 2560x1600pixels. This tablet is powered by an octa-core Exynos 5 Processor and is formed from two quad-cores processors that are clocked at 1.3GHz and 1.9GHz respectively, and they pair with 3GB of RAM.

The tablet also comes with an S Pen, which you can use if you don’t want to tap with your fingers. You can also write with the S Pen or even draw with it. You can get the 32GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 at a price of 550 dollars from Amazon.




Tablets on the gridiron: taking a Surface for a spin on an NFL sideline


It's starting to get pretty cold for a lot of NFL teams. Rainy, too. I entered MetLife stadium and stepped onto the damp FieldTurf on a Monday night that dipped into the low 40s, in the middle of unexpected showers. Perfect weather to check out weatherproofed tablets.

Microsoft's Surface tablets have been deployed on NFL sidelines since the start of this season, part of a partnership of which you're probably well aware. (CBS, CNET's parent company, broadcasts AFC and Thursday Night NFL games, but this Monday night game was broadcast by ESPN.) From a distance, it looks like the coaches on TV are holding iPads in thick rubber cases.

You might wonder what they're doing on those tablets. Well, it's actually not that complicated.NFl Surface Tablet on the sidelines

There isn't much tech allowed on NFL sidelines. You can't use a cell phone, and thanks to another partnership with Bose, you can't even wear certain headphones. Coaches used to -- and still do -- use printers for pictures of plays, taken by cameras in the end zones and high up at midfield. These pictures get laminated and placed in binders, so coaches, staff and players can analyze what formations teams have used throughout the game.

The Surface tablets replicate this, but faster and with a bit more interactivity. The sideline and end zone photos now get sent directly to the Surface tablets, in color, and do it faster than printers can print, plus they do it all during plays, versus after. Within the Surface's customized app, coaches can annotate, too, marking pictures up and saving the notes to their own profile.


December 9, 2014


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Specs & Features: Hybrid Tablet Coming, Hints Maker

Following the success of the Surface Pro 3 table, Microsoft is gearing up for the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the Latino Post reported. Even more, a Microsoft employee has mentioned the upcoming device in a statement.Surface Pro Pro

The rumors of a new tablet from the Redmond-based company began after Surface lineup general manager Brian Hall wrote in the Surface's blog that the current accessories of the Surface Pro 3 were designed to be "compatible with the next generation of the Pro line Surface."

Rumors surrounding the feature of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 included the term "laplet," which implies that it could be a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet.

Microsoft also announced that the new and upcoming Surface Pro series will have the same power cables and Type covers as its predecessor and will also contain the docking stating that can already be seen in Surface Pro 3.

According to the International Business Times, the Surface Pro 4 will be released in varying sizes. The larger version of the Surface Pro 4 is rumored to be 13 to 14 inches in size, and will try to break the weak sales trend of large tablets. The smaller version, which will be called Surface Pro Mini, measures about 8 inches and is an attempt to compete with other smaller-sized tablets offered by Apple and Google.

In terms of the timeline for its release, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is expected to be launched at the same time as Windows 10, according to Gospel Herald, making it the first device to run the newest Windows system.




December 10, 2014

Nvidia Shield review: a portable powerhouse for gamers
The Guardian

Nvidia’s original Shield took us somewhat by surprise - a hybrid of handheld gaming device and tablet, it was solid but not something with wide appeal. Then, in August, the company announced the Shield Tablet - a second attempt at bringing its gaming-focused device to the mass market.

The Shield might not look out of the ordinary, but with Nvidia’s gaming nous, and the Tegra K1 CPU/GPU combo, it seeks to plug a gap in the market for a tablet that can also handle console-quality gaming.


While the device has been out for a few months, the introduction of an interesting new cloud gaming service has brought it back into the spotlight. Plus, if you’re looking to buy a tablet this Christmas, it may well be on your wishlist.

The Shield Tablet is, to put it bluntly, something of a beast. The quad-core CPU on the Tegra K1 chip is backed up by 2GB of RAM and a GPU running on Kepler architecture. This means your everyday browsing and app use is silky smooth. Meanwhile, visual effects like tesselation and HDR lighting are handled easily, putting it on par with lower-spec home PCs rather than its closest tablet rivals.



December 11, 2014

The best touchscreen-friendly gloves – gloves that work with capacitive touch phones, tablets

Capacitive touchscreen gloves that let you use your smartphone while protecting your hands from the icy cold are sure to be big sellers this winter. But which are best for you?Touch friemd;y gloves

No one likes cold hands, but no one likes not being able to use their touchscreen device either? And most touchscreens need your actual warm finger skin to operate properly. Wrap those digits in a lovely glove and the digital devices won’t register your touch.

That usually means removing your glove, sticking it in a pocket or hanging it out of your mouth, while you tap away on your smartphone or tablet in the freezing cold with numb fingers. This means wet or lost gloves plus a good chance of frostbite.

When you wear standard gloves you lose that electrical conductivity, so the charge can’t pass from your finger through the glove and register on the screen. Tap as you might but the smartphone says no.

Unless you wear fingerless gloves or cut out holes for your skin to show through, you need a special pair of gloves that will work with capacitive touchscreens. Luckily there are a few aroudn and we look at the best here.

Mujjo Refined Touchscreen gloves

Dutch design company Mujjo was one of the first makers of touchscreen gloves, and has a wide range from standard to double-layered and leather.

Many touchscreen gloves are restricted to a couple of fingers for their operation. The Mujjo gloves work on all parts of the hand: fingers, knuckles, palm or heel.

Its latest are the Refined Touchscreen Gloves (£26, including shipping), which feature a leather wrist closure and cuff, grip dot patterns on the palms to aid anti-slip capabilities (think skiing, or maybe not dropping your valuable phone!), and an integrated soft fleece lining.

The stretchable gloves look great, and quite different to any others we’ve seen so far. The cuff boards are constructed of matching black leather and the palms feature gripping dots.

To make the gloves conductive, Mujjo has knitted silver-coated nylon fibres into the fabric, which make the gloves conductive and therefore touchscreen compatible.

In our tests the Mujjo Refined Touchscreen Gloves kept our hands nice and warm while giving us unrestricted access on our touchscreens.

The Mujjo Refined Touchscreen Gloves are available at mujjo.com in sizes S/M, M/L and XL.


North Face Etip gloves

The more well-known North Face brand is famous for its cold-weather outerwear, with its logo much-seen in wintery episodes of The-X-Files.

The North Face Etip Gloves in stretch-knit fleece are a little more expensive at £30, but are equally warm and tight fitting. They also feature a silicone gripper palm pattern for non-slip grip.

Previously the conductivity was limited to just the thumb and index fingers but the latest versions will work with touchscreens on all fingers.

They are available in Black, Vanadis Grey (like lilac) and Black Ink Green (more like grey), and in S, M, L and XL sizes.




Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 pro

Not content with novel design alone, Lenovo's taking things a few steps further with its latest Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. Equipped with a supersized 13-inch, Quad HD display and built-in projector, Lenovo is positioning the $469.99 (32GB) tablet as an all-in-one media powerhouse. Some lingering complaints remain—like the heavy-handed Android skin and performance hiccups—but the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is easily Lenovo's most compelling Android tablet yet.

Design, Features, and Projector
Lenovo's unique multi-mode design remains largely unchanged for this year's Yoga tablets. You get the signature cylindrical edge with a built-in kickstand and a nice tapered profile. It's made from a combination of aluminum and gray plastics that give the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro a premium look and sturdy feel. At 13.11 by 8.81 by 0.14-0.5 (thinnest and thickest points) inches and 2.09 pounds, the Yoga Tablet 2 is big and heavy, but the weight feels reasonably comfortable in the hand thanks to the unique design. There are a few new additions to the Yoga design, including a JBL-branded subwoofer around back and a pico projector built into one end of the cylinder.

There's also a button now that releases the kickstand from its stowed position, which I found easier to use than trying to twist it open manually like on previous models. The stand itself is quite sturdy, but still easy to adjust, holding virtually any angle between 90 and 180 degrees. A cutout in the middle of the kickstand lets you hang the tablet, granted you have a sturdy and appropriately sized peg or nail in the wall.

The 13.3-inch, 2,560-by-1,440-pixel IPS LCD doesn't disappoint. It's roomy, tack-sharp, and bright, with a wide viewing angle and solid contrast for an LCD. Colors don't quite pop like they do on, say, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, but they still look pretty vivid here. Below the display are two front-facing stereo speakers, which sound mostly good, but still lack bass even with the alleged subwoofer. The speakers also aren't particularly loud, which is disappointing. It's good enough for individual binges in small rooms, but falls a bit flat for group viewing in larger rooms.



December 12, 2014


iPad Heir: Prince William tells of son's tablet love
Cult of Mac

President Obama’s not the only world leader to be a big iPad fan. According to a new report, Apple’s tablet also has a devotee in the world’s most famous royal toddler and future King of England, Prince Prince GeorgeGeorge.

The revelation was made by the U.K.’s Prince William during his trip to the United States, while meeting with tech company littleBits, which is responsible for manufacturing electronic modules and magnets for kids.

“He told me that his son George has been playing iPad games and loves them, and that this was a good way to teach him the inner workings of electronics,” CEO Ayah Bdeir told reporters.

Sadly Prince William didn’t elaborate, so we don’t know whether George prefers the iPad Air 2 to the iPad mini 3, or whether he opts for Monument Valley over Threes!.

However, if reports are to be believed, his family certainly has a history of buying Apple products. Dad Prince William was recently filmed playing Angry Birds on an iPad, while Queen Elizabeth reportedly 27 comments to pick up the latest iOS devices.

The wedding of Prince George’s parents was even met with a commemorative (albeit unofficial) iPhone variant — complete with platinum, 18 ct. gold and rose gold exteriors, and enhanced with VS1 8.50 ct. diamonds, sapphire bezels and an embellished Apple logo.

With that being said, the decision to hand over an iPod to the future monarch isn’t totally without controversy. A 2011 report from the Academy of American Pediatrics suggests that children under the age of two should spend as little time as possible with screens.



Included in its line of tough DURABOOK mobile computing solutions, GammaTech Computer Corp. offers two exceptional models for the difficult and demanding environments encountered by public safety personnel. The units are the R11 rugged tablet and the R8300 fully rugged notebook. Both are certified to stringent MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD- 461F, and IP65 specifications, assuring they will stand up to the daily rigors found in the stress-filled, fast-paced, anything-goes field of public safety. GammaTech is a major international manufacturer and supplier of innovative notebook and tablet computers.

R11 Rugged Tablet
The GammaTech DURABOOK R11 is the lightest (2.73 pounds including battery) rugged tablet PC in its class. It comes with a powerful 4th generation Intel® Haswell Core™ processor for superb visual and graphic performance. It has an 11.6" HD (1366x768) LCD anti-reflective display with a capacitive multi-touch panel, and a water-tolerant design, meaning it can be used even in wet environments and/or while the user is wearing latex gloves.

The R11 includes built-in G-sensor, gyroscope sensors, and a light-ambient sensor; M2-SATA SSD 64GB/128GB/256GB storage; a MicroSD card slot that supports SDHC and SDXC; and a front-side, full HD camera as well as an integrated rear-facing 5MP camera. Security features include computrace support BIOS, administrator password, TPM 1.2, Kensington lock, and boot password protection.

Wireless communications are provided by Intel Centrino Wireless AC 7260 NGW 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC and Bluetooth 4.0 Class 1. The DURABOOK R11 tablet offers a choice of Microsoft Windows® 7 Professional or Windows 8.1 software, and a host of exclusive features and options.

R8300 Fully Rugged Notebook
Designed specifically for outdoor usage, the GammaTech DURABOOK R8300 fully rugged notebook offers unsurpassed performance, even in the most hostile environments.



December 15, 2014


Acer Iconia Tab 8 drops to $140 at Best Buy, $40 gift card included

Acer probably didn’t need to go the extra mile this holiday season to end up high on shopping lists, but they wanted to do it anyway. After all, it’s a time of giving, and the Taiwan-based PC manufacturer, alongside Best Buy, offers up a discounted touchscreen Aspire E5 laptop and Iconia Tab 8 slate.

The latter is on sale both online and in brick and mortar BB stores from now until December 23, as long as inventory holds up. Typically available for close to $200, the Intel-powered 8 incher can be had at $140 with a $40 gift card bundled in.


Assuming you’ll use the coupon on a subsequent purchase, the Iconia Tab 8 basically costs 100 bucks, which is staggeringly affordable for a tablet with Intel inside and 2 GB RAM. Yes, this baby is as speedy as it sounds, and it’s a looker too, with a 7.6 mm slender profile and 357 grams weight.

Running Android 4.4 KitKat out the box, the A1-840 is also capable of keeping the lights on for over seven hours on a single charge, thanks to Bay Trail’s energy-saving capabilities. Coated in silver and white, it’s not the brightest, highest-res pad in the world, at 1,280 x 800 pixels, but its bang for buck is unmatched nonetheless.



Apple's Holiday Ad Paints The iPad As A Device That Bridges Generations


Apples new holiday ad, which is called “The Song,” uses Apple’s entire lineup to help the protagonist get creative with their Christmas gift, but the part that rings most true is the way the iPad erases what could be complex technological barriers across generations.

“The Song” rings true because this year, I’m setting my own grandmother up with an iPad, after she expressed an interest in having one from so much time seeing photos on those me and the rest of my family bring by on visits. My grandmother has never expressed an interest in any other computing platform before now, and she’s well into her nineties. The point is that Apple knows how their devices resonate with buyers, and they can use that effectively in marketing messages in a way their competitors seem largely unable to do.




Why Microsoft's Surface Pro Could Be One of the Most Important Devices of 2015

When many investors think about the hottest tech devices of 2014, they probably think of Apple 's Microsoft Surface Pro 3iPhone 6, Samsung 's scattergun selection of smartwatches , or Facebook 's Oculus Rift .

But looking ahead, Microsoft 's Surface Pro could be one of the top devices to watch in 2015. Not only is this "laplet" important for Microsoft, but it could play a pivotal role in the future of PCs and tablets.

Why Microsoft's Surface Pro matters
A phablet may replace a tablet as a media consumption and gaming device, but Android and iOS tablets still aren't comparable productivity devices as Windows laptops. Although Microsoft offers free versions of Office 365 for iOS and Android, and Adobe offers its Creative Cloud for both platforms (a preview version on Android), many Windows apps still lack mobile equivalents.

That's where Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 acting as a bridge between traditional laptops and tablets, comes in. Bridging the gap between tablets and laptops might not matter much to mainstream consumers, but it matters to large businesses, most of which are dependent on Windows-compatible software.

Startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can start fresh with tablets and cloud-based servers. However, large companies are burdened with years of legacy data and software, making it impractical to upgrade aging PCs to iPads. That makes the Surface Pro 3, which runs on Windows, an ideal replacement for older Windows PCs. The Surface can transform into a full desktop via a docking station, and it can be carried around the workplace -- resolving the need for custom iPad apps tethered to PC workstations.

When Surface sales more than doubled both year-over-year and sequentially to $908 million last quarter , Microsoft attributed that growth to "strong interest from students, professionals, and increasingly enterprises".

Windows 10 and the cloud
If enterprise adoption of the Surface Pro continues into next year, it would serve as an ideal launch platform for Windows 10 in mid-2015.




December 16, 2014

Best Smartphones And Tablets Of 2014



We turn now to tablets, in a year where two-in-ones were hot on the market. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 added a new Surface pen for writing and drawing, as well as two cameras and a host of Microsoft apps.

Google’s Nexus 9 launched alongside its phone in November, and features an 8.9-inch LCD display. This tablet weighs just 15 ounces, has HTC BoomSound speakers, and boasts 9.5 hours of battery life.

But once again Apple dominated the tablet market with the launch of the iPad Air 2 in October. The new thin tablet features Touch ID, weighs less than a pound, and boasts a 9.7-inch retina display. The Air 2 also runs for up to 10 hours on battery.



The best 5 Tablet Accessories for Business
PC Tech Magazine

Editors Note: Pairing a Surface pro 3 with a Surface docking station makes for a great computing experience when your at your desk.

One of the greatest tools for  productivity is a tablet, but it can get better with the right accessories.

Due to the many limitations tablets have, we always find ourselves reduced to specific functionality and speed when trying to get some work done. Business News Daily has listed five accessories that can increase your productivity when using a tablet,

Docking station: Available for: Windows 8 tablets

A docking station is different from a simple charging dock. It’s like a desktop hub that adds extra ports, letting you connect your tablet to a mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, monitor and more. But the real benefit of a desktop dock is that it eliminates the need to plug in all your accessories each time you sit down at your desk. But although laptop docks are common, tablet compatibility is limited.

Keyboard :  A touch-screen keyboard is fine for hammering out quick email replies, but it can’t beat a physical keyboard for serious typing.

USB/Bluetooth mouse: Touch screens can’t always give you the precise control you need. When you sit down at a table or desk, a mouse is a much better tool for precision pointing.

Stylus" A tablet paired with a stylus makes a great digital notepad. The accessory also gives you more precise control for times when using a mouse isn’t practical.




December 17, 2014

Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra Tipped To Feature 13 Inch Display and 6GB of RAM

Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra

According to various Chinese blogs, rumors have surfaced that Sony is working on its Z4 Tablet Ultra. If the rumors turns out to be true, Japanese electronic giant Sony is now working on a huge 12.9-inch or 13-inch display.Rumors state that, following the path of Samsung, Lenovo and Apple has started their work over a larger tablets.

The leaked details suggests that it will be powered by a 2.86 GHz Qualcomm octa-core Snapdragon 810 chipset processor, with a buit-in storage capacity of 64GB alongside 6 GB of RAM, in a 2x3 GB setup. Yes! You read it right, as hinted Sony may equip 6GB of RAM in this slate which is yet to get released Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra is also said to feature an 8 MP camera with imaging sensor capable of taking 4K videos recording at the speed of 30 frames per second, and also an HDMI port for audio visual output.Further on, the tablet is expected to be powered with a HumongousHumoungous 12,100 mAh battery pack, which will fuel the Z4 tablet Ultra to run for three days continuously without being connected to the charger at all.




Windows 10 release date, news & features: Technical Preview download info
PC Pro

It’s already been confirmed that Microsoft will launch Windows 10 some time in the middle of 2015. A special event titled “The Next Chapter”, taking place on 21 January, is where Microsoft is expected to announced a more concrete time frame for Windows 10.

Windows 10 releases, news and leaks are breaking through at an impressive rate. To make sense of it all, and to cut through some of the garbage, below is everything you need to know about Windows 10.



December 18, 2014


Microsoft cuts price of HP Pavilion 2-in-1 PC by $130

Those of you looking for a 2-in-1 tablet/notebook can save a bit of money on an HP Pavilion courtesy of Microsoft's latest promotion for its 12 Days of Deals.

Available at Microsoft's online store as of 5 a.m. PT and at its retail outlets when they open, the HP HP Pavilion x2 tabletPavilion x2 10-k077nr 2-in-1 PC is selling for $199, a hefty $130 off its regular price of $329. To further tempt buyers, Microsoft's doorbuster deal will trim the price to $149 for the first 50 people who purchase the PC at one of the software giant's retail stores.

Since December 8, Microsoft has been serving up a new sale or discount each day as part of its 12 Days of Deals. The promotion is one way to not only trim prices on specific products but to encourage holiday shoppers to visit Microsoft's online and brick-and-mortar stores to see what other items may entice them.

The HP Pavilion up for sale on Thursday comes with Windows 8.1, a 10.1-inch 1,280x800-pixel touchscreen, an Intel Atom Z3736F processor, 2GB of memory and 32GB of storage via eMMC flash storage. HP promises up to 11.75 hours of battery life on a single charge. To switch from tablet to notebook, the Pavilion includes a detachable keyboard as well as an adjustable cover that can prop up the PC into a viewing or presentation mode.

The computer also includes a USB 2.0, port, a Micro HDMI port, a MicroSD card reader, an HD webcam, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

As further incentive, Microsoft throws in a copy of Office 365 Personal complete with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The Pavilion is also part of Microsoft's Signature series, which promises a lean, clean machine by eliminating all of the third-party utilities, trialware and other junk that often clog up and slow down a PC.




These are the seven best tablets for kids

seven best tablets for kids

magine you’re a kid and every toy you owned was locked up in one box. When your mother does let you play, she will open the box and let you choose what you want. You know the box will soon close so you choose the toy which you know will be fun because you are not sure how fun the other stuff is. Sometimes, she even takes out just one toy that she likes while keeping the rest locked. Then she puts it in front of you and actually expects you to have fun with it.

This is exactly how I have been treating my kids, ages 7 and 10, with their iPad minis. I originally gave it to them because I thought it would be educational and saw that my kids had an easier time reading e-books and thus were more likely to read them than paper books. However, after I made the mistake of downloading Minecraft Pocket Edition everything went downhill. They virtually ignored all the other games and books. I finally put a lock on the iPad so they couldn’t play unless they had permission. But doing that meant that I had also locked them out of the educational apps and e-books, which were the very reasons why I had originally purchased the iPads.



Which apps rose to the top of Apple's charts for 2014?
Puget Sound Business Journal

Did you edit images on your iPad with Pixelmator this year, or maybe you lost a few hours playing iPadMonument Valley on Apple's tablet?

How about your iPhone? Did you give your brain a workout with Elevate or did you get sucked into endlessly playing Threes?

If you answered yes to any of those, then you were part of the "in crowd" that embraced Apple's picks for top mobile apps and games of the year. Apple released its annual "best-of" ranking today, with those four apps taking best-of show awards.


App of the year went to Pixelmator, at $9.99 one of the pricier apps in the App Store and one which Apple described as "an astounding image editor — an incredible showpiece that's guaranteed to help your photos pop."

The runner-up was Storehouse, a free app that's all about storytelling, allowing users to meld photos, videos and text and then share them.

Game of the year went to Monument Valley. This "genre-defining effort wows at every turn," Apple said of the $3.99 puzzler.

Runner-up here was Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the first iOS game to come from Blizzard. The game is free, but has in-app purchases.




December 19, 2014


Best Gifts For Digital Drawing: Pencil, Ink, Bamboo, Moleskine And Surface Pro 3

The age of touch computing that the iPhone ushered in has a different goal. iOS, Android and the later incarnations of Windows all value the pinch and swipe of the gesture itself. We have become less Wacom Bamboo Stylus Finelineconcerned with capturing text through handwriting than in capturing human intent. So it is only natural that the pen has reemerged as a digital drawing tool.

How can you encourage the artistic and introspective on your list this holiday season? Here are my suggestions for which tool will make which kind of person most happy when they unwrap your gift.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Fineline

The next step up from Pencil is Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus Fineline ($59.95). Wacom is the original maker of pressure sensitive tablets and pens for desktop applications, so it is in familiar territory here. The Bamboo itself is unremarkable in terms of design, though it does come in five metallic colors. It integrates with some lesser-known third-party apps, but the primary target is Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app. It is a fine if uninspiring medium. However, unlike virtually all of its competitors, Bamboo Paper is truly cross platform, not only available for iPads, but also Android and Windows tablets.

Bamboo is also notably better than the other pens I have tried in terms of capturing legible handwriting. In order to use a tablet as a digital notebook, you need to be able to write as well as draw. Think of Leonardo’s mesmerizing combination of cryptic notes and detailed mechanisms for an idea of the archetype that shapes our ideas about what a notebook can be. If handwriting or Android or Windows support is valuable to your gifted one, the Bamboo will be a fine choice. It is, however, not as friendly or fun as Pencil or—as we shall see—anywhere as capable as Adobe’s offering.

Adobe Ink and Slide

Drawing encompasses a whole range of intents from the highly expressive to the technically detailed. Adobe Ink and SlideAdobe has bridged this gap admirably with its companion drawing devices Ink & Slide ($174.95). This duo, originally dubbed Mighty and Napoleon, are the first venture into hardware for the software company, but likely not the last. While not as outright minimalist as Pencil, Ink is also a sculptural turn on a classic pencil, in this case the triangular type designed to not roll off desks, particularly in school settings. Perhaps inspired by the new Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center, the triangular cross section rotates 120 degrees across the length of the pen, which lends both comfort and visual dynamism to the device.

Ink & Slide are a perfect entry into Adobe’s software for newcomers and great additional tools for existing desktop users. Like the iPad itself, they are tools that make you feel good to hold and use. Although you can draw on a tablet with your finger, one of the advantages of these pen devices is that you feel a little more purposeful and diligent when you use them. Perhaps it’s residual of finger painting in kindergarten, but, for better or worse, using your fingers doesn’t feel like work. One failing of both Pencil and Ink, and of the iPad itself, is that there are no means to increase the friction of the surface. Wacom’s Bamboo seems to compensate for this a bit through a slight delay, which effectively slows you down. Short of some advanced haptics, it is hard to overcome the slick surface of the tablet itself. One way around this is to draw on actual paper as Moleskine demonstrates in their take on an app-enabled physical notebook.



How Microsoft redesigned the Surface Pro for the NFL

Earlier this year, Microsoft revealed its plans to take over NFL sidelines. How so? With a partnership with the National Football League, a collaboration reportedly valued at $400 million -- though neither party Surface in the NFLever confirmed this. Powered by the Surface Pro 2, the Sideline Viewing System lets NFL players and coaches use Microsoft's laptop/tablet hybrid device to review images from plays almost instantaneously, as opposed to using the paper-based, black-and-white method that's been in place for decades. Not only is it faster, but it's also more efficient, since it allows team members on the sidelines and those in the booths above to view any markups in near real time, something that's made possible by digital pen input.

Despite the custom tailoring for the NFL, Groene believes the soul of the Surface remains the same. "At the core, it's still a Surface. You have the power, the mobility," he said. "At the core, it's still a consumer device."

But, as expected, before getting approval from the NFL on the final version, Microsoft went through many design iterations of the casing that protects the Surface Pro 2 during games. It needed to find a solution that would meet the requirements of the league; it had to be rugged enough to handle various weather extremes, from 100-degree temperatures in Arizona to sub-freezing conditions in Wisconsin. At the same time, though, the technology giant wanted to strike a balance in the aesthetics, keeping it fully functional, protected and easy for any player to hold.

To find out more about how Microsoft was able to accomplish this, I sat down with Ralf Groene, the company's senior director for Surface, and the person responsible for leading the team in charge of coming up with those colorful slates you're now seeing on every NFL bench.




December 22, 2014

Surface Pro 3 Long Term Review: Microsoft Proves It's Third Time Lucky

I’ve been living with a Surface Pro 3 for the last few months (the ‘middle of the portfolio’ Intel i5 unit with  4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage), and it’s time to talk about this intriguing, interesting, inventive, Surface Pro 3and innovative, machine.

Every consumer electronics device has to deal with compromise, there is no device that is the perfect device that will do everything of everybody. By focusing the compromising of the Surface Pro 3 on the already weak areas from the previous Surface devices, Microsoft has created the first Surface Pro that I feel I could offer a general recommendation to the ‘average’ user.

That’s mostly down to the utility of Windows 8. There is a sweet spot to the Surface Pro 3, and if you fall into that area, then Microsoft has built you a wonderful machine.




Mr. Modem: Fine-tune a tablet instead of defragmenting it
Fort Worth Star Telegram

With my desktop and laptop computers, I delete cookies, temporary files and periodically defragment the hard drive. Should I do the same with a tablet computer?

The good news when it comes to your tablet is that there isn’t very much you need to do to maintain it. Tablets use flash memory and do not require any form of defragmenting. Most tablet operating systems automatically purge temporary files stored after a certain limit is reached and intelligently manage available storage space. That being said, there are a few things you can do to keep it humming along:

If you download an application and decide it isn’t for you, uninstall it to free up space. Apps uninstall cleanly so there are none of the potential conflicts and unintended consequences involved in trying out software on a computer.

Clean the glass touchscreen with a microfiber cloth and LCD cleaning solution or lint-free, slightly dampened soft cloth and water. Use a light burst of compressed air to clear out any gunk (it’s a technical term) that may have taken up residence around the device’s docking and headphone ports.

Don’t leave your device uncharged for a long time. Its battery can be damaged by long-term storage at very low power levels. Charge it to 50 percent, then turn the device completely off (using the power button) if you aren’t planning to use it for weeks or longer.




December 23, 2014

Open the Book, Put Down the Tablet at Bedtime
Wall Street Journal

Editors Note:  I agree with this study.  A few months ago I stoped reading or using a computer early in the evening, usualy by 7 or 8 pm and found that I am sleeping much better.

Reading on electronic devices before bedtime can disrupt the body’s circadian clock, making it harder to Tablet for reading fall asleep and become alert in the morning, according to a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Sleep researchers have long warned that watching TV, working on a computer and other activities involving artificial light in the evening can disrupt sleep patterns. But the type of short-wavelength enriched light, also known as blue light, that many backlit devices emit is especially powerful at suppressing the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps bring on sleep, experts say.

Having blue light shining directly into your eyes “is exactly what you don’t want to do at bedtime,” said Charles Czeisler, the study’s senior author and chief of the hospital’s division of sleep and circadian disorders. “Many people read things to help them fall asleep. They probably don’t realize that this technology is actually making them less likely to feel sleepy,” he said.




Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on Surface Pro, how he was once an Apple guy

No, those bright blue, ruggedized devices being used on NFL sidelines aren't iPads. They're Surface Pro Russell Wilson,  the starting QB of the Seattle Seahawks, with the Microsoft Surface Pro2s. And while they may look like Apple's renowned tablet from afar, at least to some NFL commentators, Microsoft's been trying to help players and coaches get more familiar with the Sideline Viewing System since the league implemented it earlier this year. Naturally, this includes Russell Wilson, the starting QB of the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson, for the most part, touched on the topic of the Surface Pro 2 in the NFL and its overall functionality, namely how the tablet/laptop hybrid has improved productivity for him as well as the rest of the Seahawks. He also talked about some of his favorite applications (such as OneNote and Skype), what features he'd like to see make their way to the Sideline Viewing System and, wait for it, how he used to be an Apple guy -- Wilson says he doesn't tell too many people that. But regardless of his previous interest in Cupertino products, he's now fully invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. Seriously, he really loves all things Microsoft. Just look at that wrist (hint: It's a fitness tracker). Not that we would expect otherwise, though; he is, after all, the face of some Microsoft ads.




December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays fro, TabletPc2.com




Introducing the new Fujitsu STYLISTIC® Q Series Tablet PCs

The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q335 8” Mini Tablet is designed for convenient ultra-mobility with big, Windows 8 Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q335 8” Mini Tabletproductivity. Its Intel® Atom™ processor delivers solid performance and long battery life for real work. Combined with accessories like the Folio Cover or TPU Case (with choice of hand or shoulder strap), you can get enhanced device protection and productivity to go even farther. Optional conversion cables add more connectivity and enterprise-ready functionality ideal for tasks from the retail floor, to the classroom or corporate environment. STYLISTIC Q335 is the Mini Windows tablet with productivity to-go.

  • MINI
    Mini 8” size fits in one hand, weighs less than 1 lb.
    Engage with full Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro (32-bit) - use the apps you depend on every day. Maximize your productivity with multi-touch display input, pen stylus included, front and rear webcams, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, and optional add-ons like the hand strap, shoulder strap, and Bluetooth® keyboard.
    Protect your device from accidents with the optional Folio Cover or TPU Case.
    Get expansion on the go using integrated microHDMI, microUSB, microSD ports plus get more with optional adapter cables:
    - USB conversion cable (microUSB to USB)
    - VGA conversion adapter (microHDMI to VGA)
    - LAN Conversion cable (microUSB to LAN)



December 29, 2014

Top Tech Predictions for 2015
PC Magazine

Here at PCMag, we test and rate more than 2,000 products per year, so each of our analysts has a solid handle on the market, a deep knowledge of the important players, and the vendor contacts to see what's coming down the pike. We polled the staff to see what to expect in key technology categories for the next year. Here's what you can expect to see in 2015.

Phones and Tablets
Big, durable, and flexible will be three major phone trends for 2015. We've seen them signaled this year, and they're here to stay. Part of 2015 will be putting these three separate trends together, with large, flexible screens on devices that are often durable or waterproof. The Windows world will remain pretty sedate until midyear, when Microsoft's Windows 10 will result in a flood of new Windows phone and tablet ideas.




Sony Rumored To Launch A Large Sized Tablet in First Half of 2015
Geeky Gadgets

Sony is said to be working on a large tablet, exceeding 12-inch display size, in the first half of 2015. In case you can’t recall, we came across a 12.9-inch Sony tablet a few days back dubbed as Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra which will reportedly come with top-shelf specifications.Sony Xperia Tablet

Recently, a new report from a Taiwanese publication Digitimes suggest that Sony will join the large tablet market along with Samsung and Apple. As per their sources, the alleged tablet will target the high-end market, and will feature a hefty price tag of above $1,000.

In addition to Samsung Electronics and Apple, Sony is also expected to launch a large-size tablet in the first half of 2015 and the device will enter mass production shortly, according to sources from the related supply chain.

Sony’s above 12-inch tablet is expected to target mainly the high-end segment and its price may exceed US$1,000, the sources said.

The alleged tablet will reportedly come with a 12.97-inch display with a 3,840 by 2,400 pixels resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 6GB of RAM, 8MP camera for photos and videos, a massive 12,100 mAh battery and will be 8.6mm thin only.




Microsoft Surface 4 Tipped for Multiple Screen Sizes, Q3 Release Date
Modern Readers

It’s no secret that for whatever the reason, Microsoft decided to shelve the Surface Mini tablet at the very last minute. Some say there was simply no room for it on the market at the time, others single out too many bugs in the system and then there are those who claim nobody really wanted one in the first place…despite evidence pointing to the contrary.

However, with confidence in the Surface range as a whole at an all-time high and a reputation for excellence that’s only just starting to hit its stride, technically right now would make the perfect time to bring the Surface Mini back to life. And so begins the rumor that this is indeed the case – reports over recent weeks have been suggesting that when the Surface Pro 4 arrives, it won’t be alone. Instead, it will debut with an 8-inch Surface Mini running Windows 10 and attaching a price in the region of $300.

Still not enough? Well, apparently it won’t be just the two newbies at the party either as Microsoft is reportedly putting the finishing touches to a quite humongous 12.9-inch ultra-pro version of the Surface Pro 4, aimed at seriously hardcore productivity users and corporate markets. If this all sounds a little familiar, it’s probably because the likes of Apple and Sony are also rumored to be building pretty much identical machines – all of which are now tipped for an early Q3 release date.




December 30, 2014


Microsoft wants MacBook users to switch to Surface Pro 3

MacBook aficionados, Microsoft wants you to consider its Surface Pro 3 hybrid tablet/laptop as a Surface Pro 3 vs Mackbook airpotential alternative. Its marketing team has put up a microsite that aims to convince those mulling a move to bite the bullet.

The resource centre walks any prospective switcher through four steps (discovering Windows, discovering Surface Pro 3, moving your content and making the Surface Pro 3 interact with the rest of your Apple ecosystem).

Microsoft debuted its Surface range back in 2012 and it has proved to be a relative success given that Microsoft released two subsequent iterations. It has however yet to release the successor to the Windows-RT-powered Surface 2.





December 31, 2014


Tech predictions: New tablets for 2015
PC Advisor

Tablets will outsell PCs and laptops in 2015, but what's in store for tablets in the coming year? We reveal all you need to know about new tablets in 2015. New Tablets for 2015

Despite the rise of phablets, larger screens will still be going strong in 2015. In the UK, tablets have been outselling laptops since the end of 2012 and in 2015, more tablets will be sold than PCs and laptops combined, according to data from analyst firm IDC.

It’s not too surprising if you think about it. Although most of us still use a desktop PC or laptop for work, we’re more likely to pick up a tablet or smartphone for anything that isn’t work related, which is a lot of things. Also see: Which tablet should I buy? Tablet buying advice

But while tablets are great for web browsing, shopping, gaming, emails and lots more, they’re increasingly allowing us to get some ‘real’ work done. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can all be created and edited on a tablet.

Their flexibility is why tablets are replacing laptops for a lot of people. When an old laptop or PC breaks or becomes too slow, we’re more likely to buy a tablet than replace it with the latest equivalent.

Being always on, lightweight and with far better battery life than the majority of laptops, tablets make more sense these days, especially as they’re also cheaper than even a bargain basement laptop. (Also

Will we see more tablets like the Surface Pro 3, though? Microsoft says it’s the first tablet that can replace your laptop, but Windows 8 doesn’t fare well against Android or iOS when used as a tablet. This is why software is arguably more important than hardware.




Apple files patent for stylus, partner for iPad Pro?

Apple has filed a patent for a stylus device, and it’s not the first time the company has made a claim on the design for such a piece of hardware.iPad Air 2

The patent, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and spotted by Apple Insider, is for a “communicating stylus” which allows the user to write on a surface – whether that’s a piece of paper or whiteboard – and then transmit that writing over to a digital device such as an iPad.

The stylus will use sensors and accelerometers, and will wirelessly transmit data over to the tablet or other device. It’s not the first such smart pen to be invented, of course, and doubtless it won’t be the last either.
In the patent application, Apple notes that the stylus could be used in a classroom setting, with a user taking handwritten notes, and a digital version of those notes being automatically replicated to the smartphone in their pocket.

There may be storage on board the stylus, and scribblings could be kept in that memory before being transmitted to the partner digital device in bursts, after a certain amount of time passes or a certain amount of data is collected, or it could be transmitted continuously.
In the patent, Apple states: “It should be noted that the use of multiple accelerometers may permit the stylus to track three-dimensional motion as opposed to tracking only two-dimensional motion.”






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