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February 2013


February 1, 2013

Is This Transparent iPad in Your Future?
By Charlie White

Summary: Getting a glimpse into the future is always fun, and this beautiful Transparent iPad concept of the future is a glimpse of what tablet design could possible evolve into in the future.

Transparent iPad concept of the future

Here's a design concept for a transparent iPad by artist Ricardo Afonso that might seem far-fetched, but transparent screens are certainly not impossible. Just look at the exquisite thinness and beauty of this iPad concept. It's downright mysterious-looking.

What's the mystery? Well, where are the working parts of this wispy tablet? Apparently, they must be in either those top or bottom sections, which are opaque and seemingly large enough to accommodate iPad innards that are much smaller than those of today's tablets.



Samsung takes a nibble out of Apple's tablet lead

Summary: Samsung is gaining ground in the tablet market, while microsoft struggles to gain a footing in the rapidly growing market.  The launch of the Surface Pro Tablet, which allows users to run all of their legacy app's on February 9th may help Microsoft gain business users. 

Some 52.5 million tablets shipped during the final quarter of 2012, and 22.9 million bore the Apple logo, IDC tablet sales chartaccording to the latest IDC data. However, rival Samsung managed to put a small dent in Apple's overall market share lead by shipping 7.9 million tablets, a year-over-year increase of 263 percent. Conspicuous by its absence among the top five tablet makers is Microsoft, which, according to IDC, shipped just 900,000 Surface tablets during the final quarter of 2012.

Overall, the 52.5 million tablet shipments represented a new quarterly record, spurred by lower-priced tablets, a wealth of new product options, and a surge in holiday spending. Shipments for Q4 in 2011 had totaled 29.9 million. "The record-breaking quarter stands in stark contrast to the PC market, which saw shipments decline during the quarter for the first time in more than five years," said Tom Mainelli, research director for tablets at IDC.

IDC's Reith said that Microsoft needs to wake up to market realities if it's going to make a better showing in the tablet market. "In the long run, consumers may grow to believe that high-end computing tablets with desktop operating systems are worth a higher premium than other tablets, but until then, [prices] on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices need to come down to drive higher volumes," he said.


US tablet shipments soar during holidays, threaten to surpass PCs

Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook's prediction that tablets would one day outsell personal computers Tim Cook CEO of Appleappears to be coming true.

Holiday season shipments of tablet computers touched a record 52.5 million, up 75 percent from a year ago, as consumers snapped up a wide range of the touch-enabled mobile devices and lower priced offerings, according to International Data Corp (IDC), which tracks both markets.

Growth of the tablet market handily outpaced that of personal computers, with PC shipments sliding 6.4 percent to 89.8 million in the October-December period.

In another sign of the rise of tablets, Apple, the No. 1 seller of tablets, shipped 22 million of them in the fourth quarter, compared with 15 million personal computers shipped by No. 1 PC seller Hewlett-Packard Co during the same period.

"New product launches from the category's top vendors, as well as new entrant Microsoft, led to a surge in consumer interest and very robust shipments totals during the holiday season," said Tom Mainelli, research director, tablets, at IDC.

"The record-breaking quarter stands in stark contrast to the PC market, which saw shipments decline during the quarter for the first time in more than five years," Mainelli said.


February 3, 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 Super Bowl Champions

Superbowl XLVIIBaltimore Ravens Helmet

Baltimore Ravens


February 4, 2013

Microsoft's Surface Pro pops on Best Buy

Summary:  The action and excitement for Microsoft Surface Pro increase as some retail stores now have display units for people to see ahead of Saturdays official release date.  Surface Pro Tablets will be available for purchase starting Saturday February 9th.

Microsoft's Surface Pro has made its first appearance on a retailer's site other than Microsoft's. Microsoft Surface Pro

That would be big box retailer Best Buy, which is already boasting that the new Microsoft tablet will go on sale at midnight February 8 at a store in Union Square in New York City.

Best Buy lists the two available models, 64GB and 128GB, priced at $899 and $999, respectively. Neither product comes with the $129 Type Cover, which is a 5.75 mm-thick mechanical keyboard.

Microsoft is also offering a $119 Touch Cover pressure-response keyboard.

The tablet comes with 4GB of memory and an Intel "Ivy Bridge" processor. Combine those two features with the 128GB solid-state drive, and you have an ultrabook in tablet's clothing.

Which means better performance in Windows 8 desktop mode than the existing Surface RT tablet, though battery life will suffer because of the more power-hungry processor.

And storage has become a delicate issue for Microsoft. While the 128GB version of Surface Pro has 83GB of free storage out of the box, the 64GB version has only 23GB of free disk space, Microsoft said a few days back.

Finally, note that some Microsoft stores are displaying the tablet starting today. For example, a Microsoft Store in Los Angeles has the Surface Pro in-store today, CNET confirmed.



Nokia 'might' launch tablet to rival Apple
NEWS.com.auNokia Lumia

NOKIA is considering launching a tablet to take on Apple's iPad as it seeks to climb back from its current status as a minor player in the mobile phone market it once dominated.

Nokia chief executive officer Stephen Elop, in Sydney yesterday said the aim for Nokia was to get back into double digit marketshare and the way to do that in the long term was to expand its product range.

Mr Elop said that could include a Nokia tablet.

"We haven't announced tablets at this point but it's something we're clearly looking at very closely," he said.



Google Nexus 10 Vs Asus MeMo Pad Vs iPad 5: Would Asus Take Away Nexus Thunder?
Tech Thirsty

We’ve maintained all along that 2013 is expected to be the year of the 10-inch tablet. If 2012 saw many consumers investing in the 7-inch tablet, this is the year when they take a leap forward and go bigger Asus MeMo Padwith their tabs. We’ve already got the iPad and the Google Nexus 10 reigning this market, but this year, expect a lot more competition. With the iPad 4 not having made as big a mark, we’re expecting Apple to do something spectacular on the iPad 5, while we’ve already got Asus bringing out its own 10-inch tablet, the MeMo Pad 10.

Asus MeMo Pad 10: This time, we’re starting with the tech specs, just because they are truly remarkable. According to the leaked information, the MeMo Pad 10 is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and 1 GB RAM. It has a 5 MP rear camera and a 1.2 MP front-facing camera, and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The MeMo Pad 10 comes with 16 GB of internal storage, but there’s also a microSD card slot, so you can expand the memory.

Apple iPad 5: But of course, this one’s going to be thinner and faster, but we’re hearing that the iPad 5 could also be a tad bit smaller than its predecessors. Don’t get disheartened just yet – the screen size is expected to remain the same, but the edges are getting trimmed down as much as possible.

Google Nexus 10: Google’s flagship 10-inch tablet features a 10.05 inch display with a resolution of 2560X1600 pixels. Powered by a 1.7 GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos 5 processor and 2 GB of RAM, it runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It’s also got a 5 MP rear camera with an LED flash, but a slightly better 1.9 MP front-facing camera. The Nexus 10 comes with 16 GB of internal storage, as well as a microSD card slot.


February 5, 2013

iPhone 5S, New iPad Top Apple's 'Secret' Product Plans for 2013

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple is hard at work on a broad range of products. While a new iPhone naturally topsApple Products the list, Apple is working on new and upgraded products in all of its lines.

Apple is always innovating. It’s something that has made the company as successful as it is today and an essential factor in enabling to out duel its many competitors. Needless to say, if not for Apple’s innovation and its desire to deliver the best products across a wide array of industries, the company just wouldn’t be what it is today. There will be no shortage of Apple produce development and innovation in 2013. In fact, the company is expected to announce a host of new products this year that either update currently available devices or create an entirely new category for the iPhone maker. As with each previous year, 2013 is shaping up to be a big one for Apple.



Engadget's tablet buyer's guide: winter 2013 edition

As we begin 2013, we're stuck in a kind of tablet limbo. Most companies rushed to get devices out for Engadget's tablet buyer's guidethe fall, while the models we saw at CES 2013 aren't yet shipping. As such, it's a mostly familiar deck, with Apple, Google and Microsoft once again striving for the top spot. That said, there are new entries from Amazon and ASUS, and many of us who didn't score some sweet loot this holiday season have a slate-sized pile of cash to spend. If you're in that situation, continue on for our first tablet guide of 2013.

Note: If you're looking for tablets with an Atom or Core i5 CPU, you'll find those in our forthcoming laptop buyer's guide, since they have the same guts as notebooks (or netbooks, in some cases). For the purposes of this tablet guide, we define tablets as slate-type devices with low-power ARM processors.

The fourth-generation iPad may be a refresh with a faster processor, a better front camera and a Lightning connector, but that doesn't change that it will still be the de facto pick for many among 10-inch tablets. That A6X chip still puts it at or near the front of the pack for overall performance, battery life is better than the previous generation, and there's a deep well of tablet-native apps to draw from. As long as you can accept having to buy a round of new Lightning-based accessories, the iPad is the easy choice.

The Surface with Windows 8 Pro is at last arriving, but the Surface with Windows RT could still be considered the definitive tablet for those who lean Microsoft's way. The 10.6-inch slate's kickstand, full-size expansion and Touch Cover make it useful as an impromptu laptop without having to carry a raft of accessories. Having Office matters, too, for those that want a time-honored way to get work done. We're sure some will be inclined to get the Pro for its added power, stylus and legacy app support, but the lower $499 price, lighter weight and longer battery life make a convincing case for the RT version.


How the Tablet Came to Disrupt the PC Industry

The tablet is the culprit, plain and simple. The tablet accomplished something many in the PC industry did not see coming. Its form, function, and touch user interface adequately served the mass market needs Microsoft SUrfaceuniquely. In fact, Steve Jobs said it best at the launch of the iPad: “The iPad is more intimate than a notebook, and more capable than a smartphone.”

Believe it or not, this is exactly what the mass market needed. The fact of the matter is that the PC as we knew it — whether a notebook or a desktop — had gotten to a point where it vastly over-served the mass market’s needs. The capabilities had outgrown the most common use cases of the mass market. Tablets, as it turns out, serve the most common use cases and needs of the mass market more than adequately.

It was consumers themselves who led us to this observation. Many consumers we observed and studied continually told us how the iPad had become their go-to device for most of the daily tasks they used to do on the PC. Often times this is simply browsing the web, checking email, and using a few key apps like Facebook. The bottom line is that hundreds upon hundreds of millions of consumers are finding exactly what they need in a tablet and using the desktop or notebook less and less — and only for a few specific things.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

This does not mean that all hope for the PC is lost — quite the contrary. We are already seeing quite a bit of innovation in form and function from the industry. Many companies are attempting to steal attention back from the tablet by making their PCs more like tablets. This is creating both challenges and opportunities, but at the very least, PC vendors are being forced to think in new ways about their products. I think there is a role for many of these new PC form factors like hybrids and convertibles. I just don’t think they are enough to add growth to the traditional PC market. Even with these devices, the PC industry will still shrink, largely because people will hold on to PCs longer. The refresh rates needed for industry growth will shift to tablets, where consumers will refresh their purchases more often.


February 6, 2013

Surface Pro is PC and tablet in one; it just needs modern apps
Chicago Sun-Times

Summary: Many people wonder why Microsoft has started making there own Tablet PC when they have so many hardware partners.  I'm sure someone at Microsoft has the real answer to that question, the rest of us will just have to wonder ....

Here’s Microsoft’s vision of the next five years of Windows computing.

Surface RT made the point gently. Surface Pro (available in the U.S. and Canada starting Saturday) microsoft surface Prodouble-underscores it. Surface Pro, and not the cheaper, lesser-powered Surface RT, represents the Windows 8 PC that Microsoft wants us to have. Something lightweight and slim, but with a desktop-grade CPU; powerful, but with a long battery life; eager to welcome the tablet-style multitouch apps that define the next generation of computing, yet able to run the huge library of Windows 7 desktop apps that consumers rely on today.

Microsoft’s leaders are sticking their necks out. Whether or not Surface Pro is successful — creatively or commercially Microsoft deserves credit for putting skin in the game.

And when I say that Microsoft is putting skin in the game, it’s actually putting in magnesium alloy. Lots of it. Surface Pro is made out of a single piece of metal — a second piece constitutes the fold-out stand — and the result is a solid, satisfying piece of kit without gaps, wobbles, or rattles. It feels great in your hands and only a user who’s been bitten by a radioactive spider would be able to somehow twist or bend the frame by even a fraction. The $899 Surface Pro isn’t just priced like a premium Windows mobile PC ... it’s also built like one.



February 7, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Acer Iconia W700 Tablet: Specs Compared
PC Magazine

Summary: See for yourself how the Acer Iconia & Microsoft Surface Pro tablet Pcs, both priced at $999.00 stack up next to one onother.

When we first checked out the Acer Iconia W700-6465 back in December, it was one of the first Windows 8 slate tablets to hit the Labs. Naturally, we were pretty jazzed about it, and with good reason: the W700 ushered in a new world that merged slate tablets with mobile operating systems and Windows 8 convertible ultrabooks. That, along with its overall solid performance, made it a shoo-in for our first Editors' Choice in the category of Windows 8 slate tablets.

Fast forward a few months and cut to the new Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro, the newest entrant to occupy the increasingly growing ranks of slate tablets.

At first blush, both of these touch-enabled systems have a lot in common. On the outside, both share similar form factors. On the inside, both sport the same processor as well as integrated GPU, RAM, and storage capacity. These reasons, along with the fact that both cost $999, form the backdrop against which we compare the W700 against the Surface Pro. Sure, they look alike and feel nearly identical, but let's scratch the surface (get it?) and see how the two stack up against each other.

Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Acer Iconia W700 Tablet: Specs Compared



MSI to Launch New Tablet PCs

To boost the working condition of the blue collar employees, police officials and other factory workers, Motorola Solutions Inc. plans to launch a tablet-like PC device supported by Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8-based platform.

The new tablet PC will likely hit the market in the second half of fiscal 2013 or in the beginning of 2014

These days, most firms are sidelining their traditional PCs and adapting to laptops. Moreover, with the advent of popular tablets like Apple Inc.’s iPads, the ease of doing work has become much easier.

So to tap the growing potential of the changing PC market, Motorola Solutions is emphasizing on developing such handheld tablet-like devices based on the newly launched Windows 8 operating system, hence giving these governments and low-paid employees the ease of doing their task effortlessly.

Motorola Solutions also manufactures tablets supported by Google Inc.’s Android software. Therefore, the company likes to expand its flexibility by offering multiple operating systems to its customers.



ProCutX brings Final Cut Pro X controls to Apple's iPad
Apple Insider

Final Cut Pro

Video professionals looking to bridge the gap between their Mac and iPad can turn to ProCutX, a new iPad app that allows editors to control Apple's Mac-based Final Cut Pro X.

The new application, designed by Pixel Film Studios and created by LightWORK, debuted on the iPad App Store on this week for $24.99. The software aims to enhance and streamline the Final Cut Pro X editing experience, translating it to a touch-friendly environment on the iPad.

ProCutX is designed to break free from menus and tabs in an effort to streamline editors' tasks. Using the iPad application, users have control over all of Final Cut Pro X's editing tools.


February 8, 2013

New Microsoft Surface blog!

Microsoft has just launched a Surface blog, which will give the surface team a way to share information microosoft surfacewith the public, part of the first post is below:

Welcome to the new Surface Blog! I’m pumped for the team to have this new space to share information with you as we continue to tell the stories behind what makes Surface such an amazing family of products. We’ll tell our stories and share the latest Surface news. I’m also excited to have some of my colleagues share the hard work they’ve put into creating a family of devices and accessories that continue to help you have both fun and get more done. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the behind-the-scenes stories of how Surface came to be and you can meet some of the folks that helped it be what it is today.




Microsoft Surface Pro Launch event cancelled due to blizzard in NYC

I'm sorry to report that Microsoft's Surface Pro event tonight in New York has to be cancelled due to the blizzard here in NYC.   We are all disappointed that the event had to be cancelled but given the storm that's raging outside we all understand Microsoft's need to cancel the event.   Surface Pro will still go on sale on Saturday.


February 11, 2013

MobileDemand and Valley Agricultural Software Collaborate to Provide Turnkey Rugged Tablet PC Solution to the Dairy Industry

Mobile Demand xTablet Demo

MobileDemand, a global provider of rugged tablet PC systems, and Valley Agricultural Software (VAS), the world’s largest provider of dairy management software, today announced the companies are working together to help dairy farms increase their operational efficiency.

MobileDemand xTablet rugged tablet PC systems enable farm operations to extend their dairy applications to mobile workers to access critical information and make not only better business decisions, but better decisions for the well-being of cattle. MobileDemand innovative rugged tablet PCs deliver high performance at a lower cost and enable greater efficiency and productivity in the field.

FeedWatch’s utilization of the xTablet T7200 tablet will continue to push dairy technology into the future. The T7200 has allowed FeedWatch to expand their product line to include Digi-Star, Avery-Weightronix and GSE indicators as interfaced options. The High-Brite color touchscreen displays the graphic menu system allowing the operator to quickly and easily navigate the system. Utilizing the wireless communication, FeedWatch helps reduce feed waste and verifies feeding accuracy from anywhere on your facility.




Is it a tablet PC? Or is that a laptop? Or both?
Hindustan Times

When Microsoft launched its touch-friendly Windows 8 operating system (OS), the first that would work with both computers and mobile devices, it set the ball rolling for the emergence of devices that could switch seamlessly between the two genres: tablet devices with which you could use keyboards

as if they were laptops, and laptop/notebook computers that could be twisted to separate the screen to create a tablet.

Welcome to the world of hybrid devices. This week we look at three options that run Windows 8 to give you the best of both worlds.


February 12, 2013

Microsoft: Surface Pro Demand 'Great,' More Products Planned
abc news

Many stores reported that they sold out of the initial stock of the 128GB 10.6-inch Surface Pro tablet, which comes with a stylus and can be bought with a $100 attachable keyboard. The tablet starts at $899 with 64GB of storage; the 128GB version begins at $999. Microsoft stores and Staples reportedly sold out of the first batch of tablets. Microsoft would not disclose the number of tablets sold or the Microsoft Surface Pronumber in the initial stock batch.

"We are focused on the professional segment and the road warrior," Panos Panay, the General Manager of Microsoft Surface, told ABC News in a phone interview. "The Pro is targeted at the professional road warrior who's moving and traveling and cannot compromise performance whatsoever."

Panay said that the Surface Pro should be viewed more as a laptop than a tablet and the Surface RT as more of a tablet. The Surface RT, unlike the Pro, retails for $499, has a lower-power processor and runs Windows RT -- a version of Windows 8 that cannot run older Windows applications.

The Surface tablets are the first personal computers made by the Redmond, Wash.-based company, at least in the last few decades. Microsoft has invested a considerable amount in hardware manufacturing and research and development facilities for Surface. Ballmer has said there will be other products like the Surface, but has been vague about the details. Rumors reported on technology sites have said that Microsoft plans to release three more Surface products this year, one of which is a Surface Book with a larger screen than the current tablets.

When asked again about laptops and the Surface brand, Panay wouldn't comment directly on future product plans but said that Microsoft considers this a marathon, not a sprint.

"It will take some time for the product [the Surface Pro] to adopt. This is a good marathon for us, we are pretty excited about the short term and the long term," Panay said in the interview. "When you ask if you are making a laptop or a notebook, we have a pretty good selection of things we have been working on. It's pretty exciting."




UC Irvine says Apple's iPad helped students score 23% higher on exams
Apple Insider

After launching a new iMedEd initiative built around Apple's iPad, the University of California at Irvine iPad Imed softwarereports that students in the program have now scored "an average of 23 percent higher on their national exams" than previous classes, "despite having similar incoming GPAs and MCAT scores.

A report on the innovative program (noted by Jim Dalrymple of the Loop), which launched in 2010, says the "iPad-based curriculum mirrors new age of patient care."

Apple has drawn particular attention the iMedEd Initiative, designating it as an "Apple Distinguished Program" for being an "innovative, digital-based educational platform that conforms to the 21st century learning styles and needs of students throughout the world," wrote UC Irvine School of Medicine dean Dr. Ralph V. Clayman.

Under the program, incoming UC Irvine medial students receive iPads that provide digital copies of all textbooks, along with access to podcasts of all lectures and other instructional materials. The iPads also provide secure access to patient records and recorded data from "digital stethoscopes, bedside diagnostic ultrasound units and a variety of other medical devices."

In just ten days, more than 100 participants had developed 19 specialized iPad apps for healthcare, including "one focused on acute care during natural disasters and another that provides instruction for bedside diagnostic ultrasonography."


February 13, 2013

Apparently, Apple's iPad is king of Valentine's Day gifts, so skip the roses

Summary: Times are changing and while every woman I know always appreciates flowers and candy, some might feel that it is nice to have something more lasting for Valentines Day. 

Apple is developing an iWatch -- and it seems pretty clear this will be next year's hottest Valentine's DayiPad for Valentines Day gift. Why? Because if you want to impress your sig.other this year you can skip the diamonds, chuck those flowers in the trash and cancel that 'Valentine's Day Lover's Set Meal' reservation at the local restaurant, because 2013's hot gift for lovers seems to be -- an iPad.

It's a love thing

Don't shoot the messenger! That's data from the latest MyDeals UK poll which asked 2,073 people in relationships to list what gifts they and their partners have requested from each other.

It appears modern love's expensive: 62 percent of the people who responded said they wanted an iPad. Indeed, more people seem to want the Post-PC posterchild than lingerie (58 percent) or jewellery (54 percent).

Flowers and chocolate made eight and tenth place, suggesting that if that's what you were planning to hand over on the officially-sanctioned day during which couples have to, you know, try to talk to each other you may well be sending a mixed signal.



Microsoft Surface Pro review

Microsoft Surface Pro Pen & Ink

Like the ARM-based Surface RT, the bulkier, heavier and more powerful x86-based Surface Pro is very much a version 1.0 product. As with the RT model, build quality is generally excellent, although we have a few gripes, including the non-adjustable kickstand, the fiddly magnetic power connector and the lack of a slot to house the stylus. Because it's more of an ultrabook with tablet capabilities, there are a few missing features that would really make a difference if addressed, including a desktop dock with extra ports (USB and Ethernet in particular), a keyboard cover containing a second battery and support for lower-power processors than the 17W third-generation Core i5 currently used. Also, if you're going to work with a large external monitor, be prepared for some fiddling around with desktop scaling settings.

As ever, fans of all things Microsoft, and early adopters generally, will embrace the Surface Pro warmly — particularly the 128GB version. It's certainly an intriguing bit of kit that should give other makers of hybrid tablet/ultrabook hardware plenty to think about. But it's not perfect yet — especially when it comes to battery life. We look forward to the next iterations of Surface with interest.

A notable difference between the Surface Pro and Surface RT is pen support: the Pro uses Wacom's EMR (ElectroMagnetic Resonance) technology to deliver impressive pressure-sensitive pen functionality with good palm-rejection (so you don't product unwanted lines when resting your hand on the screen while drawing or writing).

Despite its increased bulk, weight and remaining design issues, the Surface Pro — like the RT — has a classy overall look and feel. One of the goals of the Surface range is to provide an exemplary showcase for Windows 8, and in this Microsoft has largely succeeded.



BlueStacks delivers 750000 Android apps to Microsoft's Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro runs millions of desktop Windows apps. Few of those apps, though, were BlueStackdesigned for touch. Though Microsoft is pitching the device to professionals, sometimes even the pros like to get their Temple Run on. Enter Android emulator BlueStacks, which brings over 750,000 mobile apps to the Surface Pro.

BlueStacks’ app player has been available for Mac OS X and Windows for over a year. However, this is the first version that's optimized specifically for Windows 8 and the Surface Pro. It offers a Metro-like full-screen mode for apps, and a Charms menu that activates with an edge-swipe. Android apps will (almost) run like native Windows 8 apps.

With BlueStacks, many apps that are currently MIA on Windows 8 are now fair game. Think Flipboard, Pinterest, Instagram, Pocket, and Instapaper. BlueStacks can potentially fill a gaping hole in Surface’s software library, as the Windows Store gradually builds a collection of touch-friendly apps.


February 14, 2013

Intuit has just introduced QuickBooks Online for iPad.  Quickbooks Mobile offers small-business owners aQuickbooks for iPadrich and powerful new interface into the QuickBooks Online service. 

Stay productive, organized, and connected with the #1 cloud accounting solution for small businesses!

Easily manage your customers, invoices, estimates, and expenses from work, home, or on-the-go.

- Create and email great looking invoices and estimates on the spot with customers
- Instantly capture your customer’s electronic signature to approve estimates – look more professional
- Attach photos and notes to your estimates at the job site – never forget anything

- Track all overdue balances on the activity feed
- See a timeline of your customers’ latest transactions, notes, and photos at a glance

- Gain insights into your sales, income, and expenses with interactive reports and charts
- Capture and store photos of receipts – say goodbye to the shoebox!


Summary: From a Barbie Mirror, a castle and a fire station and much in between, the number of toys at this years Toy Fair in NYC that require an iPad to use was shocking. Considering the low price of Android tablets, it also comes as a surprise that Noticeably missing from the 2013 toy fair was anything android.


Stroll around the 2013 International Toy Fair and you'll see tons of toys spread out in the 266,229 square feet of show floor space. Obviously, it's one of the world's largest toy shows. But you'll also see lots of iPads in or near them.

Yes, many new toys now require another toy -- Apple's popular tablet.

Fisher-Price has an entire castle, the Imaginext Apptivity Fortress, built around the tablet. It allows you to fire a toy cannon and shoot little trolls running around the screen. WowWee has a BotSee robot that holds the iPad to teach kids shapes and colors. Then there's the iDollhouse -- a dollhouse built around the iPad. Barbie even has an iPad Digital Makeup Mirror.



February 15, 2013

Archos officially launches rival to Apple's iPad Retina Display tablet

Archos unveiled three Android-based tablets which first appeared early last month at CES in Las Vegas; these are the Archos 80 Platinum, the Archos 97 Platinum HD and the Archos 116 Platinum.The Archos 97 Platinum HD Tablet

All three share similar features with the only major difference being the screen size; the 97 Platinum HD is the one which is more likely to get heads turning due to its similarities with the Apple iPad Retina Display.

The Platinum range features IPS display technology, a quad-core AllWinner A31 quad-core system-on-chip clocked at 1.5GHz with an 8-core GPU (possibly the PowerVR SGX554). Note that the A31 is based on the Cortex-A7 architecture rather than the Cortex-A9.

Other features include 2GB of RAM, 8GB onboard storage, Android 4.1 Jelly bean with Google certification, Archos Media Center applications, mini HDMI and micro SD ports.

The Archos 97 Platinum HD has a 9.7in display with a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution (just like Apple's flagship tablet) and costs £249 while the Archos 116 Platinum has an 11.6in display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and a price of £299.

The two smaller tablets will be available by the end of the month while the biggest will be released in April. Archos has yet to confirm what storage capacities will be available.



How Tablet PCs Could Save Civilization
Benchmark Reviews

When you consider the rising costs of Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, and the most important product made from those raw resources, Electricity, the possibility of this seems a real enough threat. After all, what would eton bost solarhappen to your computer if your Utility Company couldn't afford to buy those materials, or if those resources were fully used up?

There would be no more Internet, no more online encyclopedias, or "How to..." sites for the home unhandy man. You could forget about keeping up on recent world news or even just your favorite actor. Gone would be the vast repositories of books, stories, pictures, music and movies. Your own data would suffer the same fate. Your downloaded movies and music, family pictures, and any other data, would be inaccessible as soon your wall socket became a useless decoration. Or would it?

Tablets offer a glimmer of hope in this dismal potentiality. Compared to a Desktop, Tablet PCs have almost negligible power requirements, the only need being to charge their Lithium-Ion batteries. Storing important technical information on these wondrous gadgets, like how to build a windmill, the proper way to seed and plow a field, instructions for creating aqueducts and sewers, repair your home, or even how to forge steel as a blacksmith would help to ensure that our society can pull itself back up by the lapels, or even prevent it from sinking into the ugly mire that is uneducated ignorance in the first place.

I can hear you asking just how we are supposed to supply energy to these hand-held devices, without any corporate power companies. Well, that's not to hard actually. What you're going to need is 120 watts worth of solar panels, a single 60 w solar panel is available for around $65 US, an AC/DC converter meant to be used with solar power panels, available at various prices, and a high rated Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS for short.


February 18, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Hands-On

Summary: Microsoft Surface most valuable feature is the fact that it is a tablet that will runs a full version of Windows 8 so that you can run all of the application you need and that you are used to using, which means you don't have to change how you work to use it.

What's most unique about the Surface Pro is its guts. The Surface Pro sports a dual-core 1.7GHz Intel Surface Pro & Surface RT Tablet PCsCore i5 processor with integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics, 4GB of RAM, and either 64GB or 128GB of storage. This marks a significant boost over the RT, which is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3, 2GB of RAM, and comes with 32GB or 64GB of storage. What's more, the screen is notably better, going from 1368x768 on the Surface RT to 1920x1080 on the Surface Pro — a 40-percent increase in pixel density.

The impact of the upgraded internals on performance and user experience is impressive. Seemingly gone are the frequently long load times, sluggish touchscreen responsiveness, and app freezes. While I have noticed some odd moments of slowdown in my early testing, the Surface Pro is overall pretty stable and speedy.

the Surface Pro offers a full, unhindered build of Windows 8 and offers the full desktop experience found on a traditional PC. As a result, the Surface Pro is capable of accessing a wide range of PC titles through services like Steam and Origin. While certainly not intended as a gaming device, the integrated graphics processor allows the Surface Pro to run many games adeptly. While I've only just started stress-testing the system, I've found it can handle most Source Engine-based titles at max or high settings in native 1080p resolution at framerates well above 40fps. Naturally, it struggles with more taxing titles, like Saints Row: The Third or Dead Island, but I'll be providing a greater sense of its range of performance in the coming days.



Review: Microsoft Surface RT tablet PC

Summary: Sometimes in life if you give something a chance you will find that it surprises you and you like it far better than you ever thought you would.  FOr this reviewer, this is the case with the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet PC.

I didn’t intend to like the Surface RT. I really didn’t. I simply thought it would be a Microsoft’s take on Microsoft Surface KickstandApple’s iPad. The Metro interface with a few apps bolted on. Nope, I was holding out for the Surface Pro because that spoke to me of the promise of true tablet-based computing – the ability to be entertained, informed and be fully productive at the same time.

I was actually surprised how not only likeable the Surface RT is as a device, but the fact that it fulfils many of the things I had expected from its more powerful Pro sibling astonished me.

To understand the differences between the RT and its Pro sibling you need to realise the key difference is in the processors. The RT is powered by an ARM-based NVIDIA quad core Tegra 3 CPU and has 2GB of RAM while the forthcoming Pro is powered by a 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor with 4GB of RAM.

An insight into the future of computing

It must be maddening to think that Microsoft invented the tablet computing genre in 2002 before anybody else. Unfortunately the earliest tablet machines were clunky and expensive, which missed the entire point.

I think it’s fair to say that the RT actually embraces the entire point by making computing light, affordable and accessible.

I thought that the metro interface worked beautifully on the tablet’s screen. But what impressed me most of all was how on the tablet device you could then go to the Windows 8 desktop and compute and work like you’d probably worked for the last 15 years. The RT comes with specially optimized versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote pre-installed.

By clicking the Windows symbol on the bottom of the screen or on the keyboard you are back within to the Metro screen.

I think the essence of what Microsoft tried to do here is quite impressive. The metro screen with its tiles and apps is actually called the Start screen and the way to think of it is a large version of the traditional ‘Start’ button that used to pop up on the left hand side of the screen.

I also think what Microsoft has accomplished with Windows 8 on the RT and Pro devices is a signpost to the future of personal computing in that it has stolen a march on Apple and Google.

You see, people will want tablet computing experiences but the option of being able to launch a full desktop to do specific tasks, manage data, etc, is going to be very important.


Microsoft Surface Pro and Android Apps ? Yeah, You'll Like This (Hint: BlueStacks)
G 4 Games

Do you have a Microsoft Surface Pro (or any other Windows 8 device for that matter) and would love to get to play and use some of the most fun Android apps on it? Then you’ll be really pleased to hear that BlueStacks App has finally been made available for Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Pro.

What is BlueStacks, you ask? It’s an emulator that facilitates its users access to more than 750,000 Android apps. With the Mac and Windows 7 version of the app released last year, now BlueStacks is finally available for Microsoft Surface Pro and Windows 8.



February 19, 2013

HP envy x2 Tablet - A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Summary: Similar Acer Iconia W510 tablet, , the HP Envy X2 is a hybrid Tablet PC.  The Envy x2 is 1.6 pound Atom-based tablet, which mean you will get good battery life, but not good performance.

Take one look at HP’s new Envy x2 and you’ll immediately want to call it the MacBook Air Windows 8 HP envy tabletEdition. I couldn’t blame you. If not for the understated HP logo on the back, you’d be perfectly justified assuming this came from Cupertino.

Let’s start with the looks of this hybrid touchscreen tablet. Machined from aluminum and beautifully refined and stylishly appointed, the MacBook Air cues are ubiquitous throughout the Envy x2. The keyboard is a dead ringer for the Air, with full-size left/right arrow keys being the only obvious difference. More importantly, the base is tapered toward the front, giving it a natural slope. While the 11.6-inch screen is smaller than the 13.3-inch Air, and the Envy’s 3.1-pound weight (with keyboard) is heavier, it’s a gorgeous enough package to almost make you forget that you’re working with a tablet, not a laptop. Sliding a switch at the top of the keyboard releases the screen and sets you free with a 10mm-thick, 1.6-pound slate that contains a full Windows 8 (not RT) installation. Try that, MacBook!



Product snapshot: Microsoft Surface Pro tablet
PC World Magazine

Summary: Running a full version of Windows 8, PC World sees a lot of potential in Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface is Microsoft’s entry into the portable tablet market — challenging the Apple iPad and the dozensMicrosoft Surface pro of Google Android tablets, like the Nexus 10. The Surface RT, based on a new branch of Windows, is a direct iPad competitor — it’s designed around a library of apps, and can be entirely driven by its touchscreen.

But far more interesting is the Surface Pro. The Surface Pro is the same form factor as the Surface RT tablet — a rectangular tablet with straight edges, sharp curved corners and a squarish industrial design — but at the cost of a little extra thickness and weight, it adds a whole lot of power.

The Surface Pro tablet runs the same version of Windows 8 as any other Windows notebook or desktop PC. It’s a full-power, fully-compatible computer crammed into a tablet’s body — able to exist in Microsoft’s new Metro interface and run touchscreen apps, or to use the traditional Windows desktop and run programs that any other Windows 8 or Windows 7 PC can.


February 20, 2013

A different breed of tablet PCs
The Hindu

Summary: Tablets running Windows 8 are well suited to enterprise because they can run all of the applications business use on a regular basis.  The Dell Latitude 10 tablet is powered by an Atom processor but it gets the job done.

Dell developed its Latitude 10 tablet keeping in mind the enterprise segment — companies that have a large sales force, etc. — with the idea that it would supplement the native Microsoft Windows there. Dell Latitude 10 tabletPurely on that premise, the Dell 10 delivers.

But the workhorse can come across as an oddity should one benchmark it against popular consumer tablets such as the iPad or the Nexus 7.

Powered by Intel Atom processor, rather than the more advanced core i5 range of processors that power the Microsoft Surface available outside India, the Dell 10 is more affordable and also has rugged features for that ‘on-the-go’ appeal. It is built on a magnesium alloy chassis and rounded off with grips made from a polypropylene rubber-like material. It has a detachable battery at its rear that juts out a bit, making it rather ungainly to hold.

There is the big perk though: for the enterprise segment, the Microsoft Windows-compatible software (Office, for instance) can prove to be quite handy. And then the more obvious advantages that Microsoft has been tom-toming about: an USB 2.0 port, a micro-HDMI port, SD card reader for expandable memory and a micro-USB charging port. There is an 8 MP rear-camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera, which when compared to most other tablets in the market comes across as being superior.



Microsoft Surface Pro review
Highlander Newspaper

Summary: Success at last!  Part laptop, part hybrid Tablet Surface Pro gives both students and business professionals the ability to get the job done.

Where the Surface RT fails, however, the Surface Pro excels. This is because the Surface Pro isn’t a Microsoft Surface Prosimple tablet: it’s a full blown Windows 8 laptop hybrid. The Pro is the type of machine I’ve been waiting for. It can be used for movies, music, PC gaming and most importantly to me and many other students and professionals, it can be used to actually get work done efficiently.

Along with all the stuff one comes to expect in a laptop, the Surface Pro brings along some tablet features too. Microsoft included a 10.6-inch 1080p capacitive touch screen, with 10-point multi-touch and a built-in Wacom digitizer that works with the included tablet pen. The Pro also has a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. Of course, the Pro includes WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Phew, that’s a lot of great hardware features packed in one slim package.

At the end of my little experiment, I came away quite impressed. My initial doubts about the Surface Pro being just another glorified tablet device melted away. I can actually work on this thing and have fun with it for what I would consider a small compromise: battery life. One of the minor qualms I have with the Surface Pro is its inability to hold a charge for more than five hours or so. In reality, five hours is great for most laptops close to the Surface Pro’s size and weight, but if I could get another two or three hours of battery out of it I would be even happier with the Pro.

Final Thoughts
Buy it! No, seriously, if you’re a student or professional in the market for a super light, portable, and versatile computer, the Surface Pro is an excellent choice.


February 21, 2013

Bill Gates 'not satisfied' with Microsoft's innovations - CBS interview

Bill Gates remains chairman of Microsoft, but he stepped back from his day-to-day role nearly five years ago.  In a recent interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose Gates said he's not satisfied with the company's innovations.


Asked by Rose if he's happy with chief executive officer Steve Ballmer's performance, Gates said, "Well, he and I are two of the most self-critical people -- you can imagine. And here were a lot of amazing things that Steve's leadership got done with the company in the last year. Windows 8 is key to the future, the Surface computer. Bing, people are seeing as a better search product, Xbox."

"But is -- is it enough?" he said. "No, he and I are not satisfied that in terms of, you know, breakthrough things, that we're doing everything possible."



Microsoft Surface PRO vs. Kindle Fire HD 8.9
Good E-Reader

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Comparison! Today we look at the Microsoft Surface PRO and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9! We check out how ebooks, videos, games, magazines, and other content looks on both devices. We also check out the shop aspects and how the UI, app stores, and other facets function. If you are thinking about buying either of these two tablets, we show you everything you need to know to make a buying decision.



Xbox 720 to be compatible with Apple's iPad

Summary: with the announcement of Microsoft opening a production facility for digital content, in Southern California the rumors are flying for the new Xbox 720 and what it will be able to do. It look like along with gaming we will see TV content created for the Xbox 70,  If it does work with the iPad it will be a win win for both side. xbox 720

Xbox 720 has been rumored to be incorporating a number of new features, which looks like it will include compatibility with products from the major technology giant, Apple.

According to a report from IGN on Monday, a source who has been working on the Xbox 720 said the device is going to be supporting compatibility with Apple's iPad.

Microsoft has been apparently been focusing its efforts on putting a greater emphasis on software which provides gamers the chance to have their Xbox 720 work cohesively with third party mobile devices, like the Apple iPad.

This is a very interesting move by Microsoft, should it prove true especially because of how many users have Apple products, and are loyal to the brand.

Given the fact that Sony is scheduled to unveil its PlayStation 4 today, Microsoft probably won't be far behind in that respect, which means this information will be confirmed or shot down soon enough.



February 22, 2013

The new 7-inch rugged tablet from DAP – M7000

With a bright 7-inch display, fast performance and rugged construction, the M7000 rugged tablet combines power and portability in a compact Windows tablet.


Rugged Design  Protected against water, extreme temperatures, thermal shock and dust, the M7000 offers a more durable solution. Sealed to IP65 and meets MIL-STD-810G standards for shock, vibration and 4-foot drops to concrete.



Samsung beat Apple in 2012 PC, tablet and smartphone sales
TechRadar UK

Where once Apple reigned, Samsung now sits supreme.Samsung Galaxy s3

The Korean company surpassed Apple in 2012 to grasp the largest portion of the "smart connected device" market that any single company held, according to marketing research firm IDC.

That market includes desktop and portable PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

In a report published on Thursday, the firm found that Samsung gained 20.8 percent of sales from those devices in 2012 - up from 12.3 percent the year before. Apple, by contrast, went from 16.3 percent in 2011 to 18.2 percent in 2012.




February 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 vs. Apple iPad mini

Summary: Samsung continues to expand on its galaxy note tablets with the Galaxy Note 8.0. which has some unique features for an 8 inch tablet, including optional 3g and the ability to make phone calls.   It comes as no surprise that Samsung continues to update, upgrade and expand its Galaxy tablet line.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone is expected to be announced in the next month.   You can compare the Galaxy Note 8 with the iPad mini, Nexus 7 and Kindle fire HD in the chart below.

there are plenty of differences between the two devices, not to mention other competitors in the tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tabletspace. In fact, most Android tablets in the market are of the 7-inch variety. Samsung has been the exception--it previously experimented with a 7.7-inch model, though the high price of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has hindered widespread adoption. 

To illustrate the differences (and similarities) between the new Note 8.0 and some of its potential competitors, we have collated the hardware specifications of popular tablets: The Apple iPad mini, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 does have some unique features. For instance, it can make phone calls (for the international 3G version), and it has a stylus, which is probably its biggest asset when done right. While you can also use a stylus on other tablets, it doesn't have the level of integration as the S Pen on the Note. Besides, the Wacom digitizer on the Galaxy Note 8.0 has better performance and sensitivity. Also, unlike other slates, we bet you won't lose the S Pen easily due to its built-in stylus slot on the Note 8.0.

Samsung 8 Comparisons



A decade of Tablet PCs: What have I learned?

Summary:  Simon Bisson at ZDNET has posted his experience with 10 years of tablets.  Starting with the HP TC1000 Tablet PC, which was a favorite of many people. 

Just over 10 years ago, at the end of January 2003, IHP TC1000 tablet PC bought my first Tablet PC. It was an HP Compaq TC1000, a convertible slate format device. I was working as a consultant in an Anglo-US IT consulting organisation, and I'd decided that the pen and digital ink model in Microsoft's Tablet PC vision was something that could make my working life easier.

The TC1000 with its removable keyboard and binder-like case rapidly became my standard mobile machine. It did have its flaws: the pen technology used by HP needed an AAAA battery (a size I never knew existed), additional memory compromised the airflow over the processor causing random thermal shutdowns, and the Transmeta processor never quite had the horsepower promised. Even so, there was something there.

Being able to take handwritten notes in a meeting changed relationships with colleagues. I wasn't hidden behind a screen, and the pen's early natural user interface made it easy to work and talk at the same time – especially as that was the year I changed career, becoming a freelance tech journalist. Note-taking became increasingly important, and the digital pen a key part of my workflow.



Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Summary: Tech Radar got some hands on time with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which surprisingly can double as a phone.  Samsung's already fabulous The S Pen appears to have been upgraded and the new 8 inch tablet now offers optional 3g.   If you watched last nights Oscar pre show you will have notices the correspondents all using the Galaxy Note II on and off the red carpet.  Way to go Samsung!

Fed up with the likes of Apple and Google stealing its tablet thunder, Samsung has launched the latest ng Galaxy Note 8 Tabletin its stylus-powered range.

TechRadar nabbed a decent chunk of hands on time with the new device, and it's clear that the tablet is different from the rest of the larger devices Samsung has on offer, taking most of its design cues from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

However, the main thing to note is that no matter which way you hold the device there's no element of wrist strain – at 338g, it's incredibly light, and its slim dimensions of just 8mm mean it slips easily into any bag. (Samsung's guards weren't overly happy about us trying that here at MWC 2013.)

Of course, we've got the familiar S Pen on offer here, and it seems to have been upgraded again with the pressure sensitivity really coming to the fore. Writing on the 1280 x 800 resolution screen yielded great results, although still not enough to consider the Note 8 to be any kind of implement for writing notes in any volume.

It also comes with optional 3G functionality, and the SIM slot is thankfully accessible on the side of the device. It's also joined by a microSD port too, which means you can supplement the (up to) 32GB of onboard storage should you so with.

Another odd choice is the ability to make calls on the device – it seems it's taken all the pieces from the Galaxy Note 2, and while we can't see a reason why you'd want such functionality, there's no doubt that it adds to the overall functionality of the Note 8. We just wish the S Pen doubled as a speaker and microphone too


HP's New $169 Tablet Is A Missile Fired Right At Apple
Business Insider

Summary:  HP has announced that it is jumping in to the seven inch Android tablet market with the HP Slate 7 Tablet.   Due out in April the Slate 7 is expected to be priced at $169.00

Hewlett-Packard has announced that it will begin selling a $169 tablet computer in April. HP slate 7 Tablet

The tablet will have an 7-inch screen, which is the same size as Google's well-reviewed Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire.  This screen is about 1-inch smaller than the screen on Apple's latest tablet, the iPad Mini.

HP's tablet, the Slate7, will run Google's Android operating system, which is a big blow to Microsoft, HP's long-time operating system partner. Microsoft just introduced a fancy new operating system designed specifically for tablets, so the fact that a major PC maker is giving it the heave-ho is bad news for the Windows giant.


February 26, 2013

Summary: Lenovo continues to innovate in the tablet space with three new tablets, the A1000 and A3000 7 inch tablets and the S6000 a ten inch slate tablet.

Following in the wake of Samsung's and HP's announcements yesterday, Lenovo has unveiled three Lenovo Android Tabletsnew tablets to join the Android fray. These include a pair of 7-inch models, the A1000 and A3000, and a 10-inch slate, the S6000.

The company is positioning the A1000 as "ideal for first-time tablet buyers," which suggests a budget price point as does the dual-core processor. Lenovo says it has up to 16GB of internal capacity, which may mean there will be 8GB and 16GB versions, though the A1000 will come with a microSD card slot for additional storage. One premium feature is the inclusion of Dolby Digital Plus technology for improved audio performance.

In comparison, the A3000 gets a quad-core MediaTek processor and a vague promise of " extensive memory, " though the IPS display only has a resolution of 1,024x600. You do get the option of 3G connectivity if you need to get online while away from a Wi-Fi connection.

While the S6000 doesn't have all of the top-end features of Google's Nexus 10, it may turn out to be a lower-cost competitor.


Hands on: HP Slate 7 review

Summary: The new HP Slate 7, has Beats Audio and runs the Android JellyBean Operating system is priced to please.

After its aborted efforts with WebOS and the TouchPad two years ago, it appears that HP thinks now is hp slate tablet redthe time to get involved with tablets. Here is the Slate 7 - a 7-inch tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

So what about the HP Slate 7? Where does it fit in? Well the first thing to note is the price. The Slate 7 will be available in the United States in April with a starting price of $169. That's pretty cheap, although it doesn't quite match the Kindle Fire's $159 pricing

The Slate 7 is the industry's first tablet to offer embedded Beats Audio, while software settings are also available on the device. HP reckons it hasn't done a lot to the Slate in terms of software development, but says that this is merely its first step into Android - it will offer more differentiation in the future.

Sound quality is undoubtedly given a bit of beef by the addition, and it's a good selling point for the device. But HP must be careful that it's not over reliant on Beats to separate it from the tablet pack.

The HP Slate 7 does just enough to differentiate itself from the competition because of the cameras and Beats Audio support. But it isn't a hugely impressive tablet. While it's good enough for very basic pootling about in Android, using email and browsing the web, it's not the tablet you want if you want to watch video (get a better screen). The Nexus 7 remains our 7-inch choice.


February 27, 2013

As Samsung Edges Out Apple, Who Will Win the Battle for Third Place

If you’re keeping up with the latest stats, you know that Apple is no longer the top seller of “smart connected devices.” Apple was edged out for the top spot by Korean electronics maker Samsung , according to newly-released figures for all of 2012. With both companies expected to show continued strength this year, the real question is, who will be No. 3 for 2013.

Given the enormous competition and stakes, the 2012 figures might not tell us much about 2013. One wildcard is the enterprise market, which sooner or later is going to make a big impact on sales by choosing which device or devices it buys and supports. Collectively, those businesses employ about 200 million professionals worldwide.



Microsoft Surface Pro Review

Summary: Microsoft Surface Pro first generation has its flaws but overall people do like it and it provides users with the functionality of a tablet, the power of a laptop and the ability to run all of the app's people need and use to be productive on a daily basis which make it a winner.   As time goes on and Surface Pro grows into generation two, three and beyond, and if Microsoft listens to the feedback and makes the necessary adjustments Surface Pro should will do more than just survive in the competitive tablet market.

At first glance, the Surface Pro looks identical to its cheaper, ARM processor-based sibling, the Surface RT, but the two machines are worlds apart. While the Tegra 3-powered Surface RT is plagued by slow-to-register touch commands, sluggish performance when multitasking, and a limited app ecosystem, the Surface Pro is lightning fast and can take advantage of both Windows 8-optimized apps and traditional x86 software. The improvements are owed to the Surface Pro's dual-core 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor, which gives the product a much-needed shot in the arm, as well as some additional heft.

Still, there's something inherently captivating about the Surface Pro's blend of performance and portable form factor. While thicker and heavier than the Surface RT, the design is still plenty sleek and portable using Microsoft's VaporMg casing in a cool "dark titanium" finish. And Microsoft has implemented a number of clever design choices, like incorporating a USB port into the Surface Pro's power brick which can charge a second device simultaneously and limit the number of adapters you have to carry. It also comes bundled with a stylus for hand-drawn notes and emails, art applications, and controlling the primary interface. While hardly a vision of the future, it's one of the more accurate and effective styli I've used.

There's a future in PC/tablet hybrids and with Windows 8 and the Surface series, Microsoft is making significant headway. But there's still significant barriers when it comes to portability, energy efficiency, and cost.



The Future of Microsoft Surface

Summary: Is the iPad a fad and Microsoft Surface a product that will outlast it?  WHat will it take for Microsoft to overtake Apple in the tablet sector?  Personally for me, Microsoft Surface Pro is a far better choice than the iPad because it runs Outlook and Adobe Dreamweaver and flash.  THat said, as it so happens I own an iPad but a Surface Pro.

Over the weekend I had to travel to Pennsylvania. While I was there, someone casually asked me if I ended up having to travel with my laptop. I answered that I had left my laptop at home, but had brought along my Surface tablet just in case. They then proceeded to ask me why in the world I would use a Surface tablet when I could just buy an iPad instead.

I won't bore you with my answer because I don't want to turn this blog post into a head-to-head comparison. There are plenty of comparisons on the Internet. Besides, I have been writing about Microsoft products for almost 20 years, so even if my comparison was completely objective I think that bias would probably come into question. After all, I haven't exactly made a secret of the fact that I really like my Surface tablet.

The next day I was still thinking about the question that I had been asked and it made me start thinking of the future of the Surface tablet. I don't think that too many people would argue against the idea that the iPad is the trendy tablet of the moment.

As of right now I personally consider the iPad to be a fad. I think that if Microsoft wants to ensure long-term survival of the Surface tablet then it needs to work to prevent this fad from becoming a standard.

Right now Apple is on the verge of doing the same thing that IBM did so long ago. The iPad hasn't become a definitive standard yet, but it could very easily happen. If Microsoft wants to end Apple's dominance of the tablet market, it needs to take away the iPad's cool factor before the iPad becomes a standard. If Microsoft can put a stop to iPad envy then the Surface tablet might actually have a chance. One idea might be to start running a guerrilla ad campaign that portrays the iPad as a has been.


February 28, 2013

Acer Iconia W7 Windows 8 Tablet PC Review and Giveaway

Summary: Read the review of the Acer Iconia W7, Windows 8 Tablet PC from MakeUseOf and and enter to win a Acer Iconia W7 Tablet PC of your own

Slimline, sleek, sexy and silver – but you can’t have everything. The Acer Iconia W7 is a Windows 8 Acer Iconia W7 Tablet pctablet priced between $799 and $999 (depending on the chosen model) that looks as though it should be running Windows 8 RT, but is equipped with a Core i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD, thereby trouncing the majority of similarly-sized devices in the spec stakes.

But more crucially, the packaged additions that come with this device take it away from the various hybrids and touch-screen laptops that have been slowing down PC sales since Windows 8 was released and offer something fresh.

Realistically, this isn’t a perfect computer. It has some faults, some in the design, others in the execution. But it remains a fascinating piece of equipment, as I’m about to explain. We’re also giving a brand new one, so if you’re looking for sub-$1000 Windows 8 tablet PC, be sure to join the giveaway!

Most important is the fact that this is a full Windows 8 tablet, as opposed to a Windows 8 RT slate such as the Microsoft Surface RT or ASUS Vivo Tab (which we will be reviewing shortly). Put simply, this is a difference that cannot be overstated enough – the Iconia W7 offers Windows 8 in its most complete and if you’ll pardon the expression, most intimate form. I’ll come back to this later.




Apple Invents Advanced iPad Magnetics System for Dual iPad Notebook, Tripod Stands, Gaming Controller & Much More
Patently Apple

Summary: Apple does it again... this magnetic system developed by Apple for the iPad opens new doors and could revolutionize the way people secure tablets for use is countless places and applications.

On February 28, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that Magnetic iPad systemreveals a system for magnetically attaching a tablet device to a supporting structure. Apple presents us with a series of possible new iPad stand configurations for such applications as a super advanced music stand, a way to connect two iPads together to create a notebook with a large virtual keyboard or a way to create a portable gaming system with an advanced video game controller. Apple has some wild ideas worth noting in this invention.

Tablet devices are used in an increasingly wide range of applications. In many of these applications a way for conveniently mounting the device is required. A number of manufacturers have tried to produce such a device; however since most tablets have no built in mounting mechanism, mounting devices tend to be somewhat cumbersome and generally do not allow for easy removal.



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