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December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Apple Product Deals on iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone and Apple TV Cyber Monday Discounted 2013
Broadway World

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 deals would help people to buy Apple store's exclusive products at affordable prices."

Sources confirmed that the site is providing a wide range of Apple products in the holiday season deals including AppleiPad Mini MD528LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black & Slate), Apple iPad Air MD788LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, White with Silver) newest version, Apple iPhone 5 16GB, Apple iPhone 5S, Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop and Apple TV MD199LL/A to name of a few. Marc further added, "Our site has all the products of Apple that include iPad, Apple iPhone, Apple MacBook and Apple TV among others."

Dealchecking.com offers details and information for special deals on a number of products that include laptops, tablets, gadgets, many other electronic products that are perfect for holiday gifts.



How Tablets Have Redefined the Rules of Personal Computing

Tablet computing is 23 years old this year and is now hitting its stride to become a mass market product. During most of this time, PCs and laptops ruled the world of personal computing. Bill Gates with Tabet PC

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in 2010, it was clearly not the first tablet brought to market. Yet its design, ease of use and, perhaps most importantly, its focus as a portable consumption device is what really differentiated it from tablets of the past. He was the first to suggest that a tablet was not only a personal computer; it was also a personal game machine, personal music player and personal movie player.   Jobs’ positioning of the iPad as a consumption device started rewriting the rules of personal computing. No longer were we tied to the laptop form factor. Instead, we were given a portable screen that just happened to have the guts of a PC in it, allowing us to use it just about anywhere and in just about any position.

I don’t think anyone can argue that the tablet has revolutionized personal computing and is starting to reshape the PC and consumer electronics landscapes.



Panasonic Upgrades Toughbook CF-C2 Semi-Rugged Convertible Tablet PC
Fort Mills Times

Panasonic, an industry leader in rugged, reliable mobile computers since 1996, today announced Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 Tablet PCupgrades to the Toughbook® CF-C2 semi-rugged convertible tablet PC. Offering 4G LTE multi-carrier embedded wireless broadband connectivity, approximately 14 hours of battery life and industry-leading durability, the Toughbook CF-C2 is built to enable reliable connections between data and decision makers, wherever, whenever and however they need it. Powered by a 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor and optimized for the new Windows 8.1 Pro operating system, it delivers improved performance that makes it ideal for highly mobile professionals in fields such as healthcare and field services.

For a full list of Toughbook CF-C2 specifications, visit panasonic.com/toughbook/CF-C2


December 3, 2013

Tablet gift guide: Our picks for play, productivity, and parents




Nokia Lumia 2520 review - the best Windows RT tablet yet...
PC Advisor

the Nokia Lumia 2520 is not a Windows Phone 8 handset but a 10.1 tablet running Windows RT 8.1. It's Nokia's first foray into the tablet world, and its first RT device, but don't expect it to be the last. Nokia Lumia 2520 TabletNokia told us it is committed to the tablet world.

There is a lot to like about the Lumia 2520. with 4G LTE as standard this is a lot of tablet for the money. And there is something to be said for diversity: Nokia now claims 'double digit' market share for its Lumia smartphones. We're not entirely sure what this means specifically, but it is true that in a world of iPhones and Android clones the colourful Nokia range brings something different, and it has captured some public imagination. John Lewis certainly thinks so as it has plumped for a three-month exclusive on the Lumia 2520, with all the promotion that will bring.

The Lumia 2520 has a pretty powerful spec for a Windows RT device - and it shows. A quad-core Qualcome Snapdragon 800 chip is partnered with 2GB RAM. We've never come across a really slow RT device although the original Surface could be a little sluggish, but the Lumia is noticably snappy. It is a responsive and rapid revice, even when you have it undertaking multiple tasks at the same time.


Locating Your Microsoft Surface BitLocker Recovery Key
Windows IT Pro

Since the release of the latest Surface revs, problems are continuing to be reported where the Surface will boot into a screen that requests the BitLocker Recovery Key before it can continue. This issue was also reported with the first revision of Surface devices, however, it was not as widely reported as it is now.

Luckily, Microsoft stores this number for you in the Cloud. Using a working computer connected to the Internet, just jump out to the following link and ensure you are logged in with your Microsoft account.


When you access this link, you'll something similar to below, except yours will contain the actual Key ID and abnormally long Recovery Key number.


Bitlocker recovery key in the cloud


December 4, 2013

Belkin iPad Mini LEGO case


Belkin and LEGO® Group teamed up to bring you the LEGO Builder Case for iPad mini, offering you a creative outlet to unleash your imagination. The bright, multi-colored case features an official LEGO base plate that lets you attach LEGO bricks and build your own creations. Construct a platform for your iPad mini, create a colorful mosaic, add a set of wheels or some LEGO people--it's a protective case that's fun to play with.



Tablet commerce market to expand dramatically next year
Mobile Commerce

A Canalys report has revealed that these devices will make up a full half of all computers in 2014.

According to the research firm, Canalys, tablet commerce will soon have the potential to reach quite an explosive point, as these devices work their way toward dominance in the computing environment, worldwide.

They have predicted that these smaller screen devices will make up half of the entire market.

In fact, Canalys has said that tablet commerce will expand to the point that these devices will out ship nearly all other forms of personal computers combined. This will mean that they will make up almost half of the total consumer personal computer marketplace, which includes tablets, notebooks, laptops, and computers.



December 5, 2013

Microsoft Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro User Manual Guide downloads
TSurface 2 with pen and kickstandell Me News

Microsoft has unveiled printable manuals for the users of Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 to make their experience with the tablets more enjoyable.

These printable manuals have info and tips to help the users get the most from your Surface, says the Microsoft’s website.

Microsoft Surface User Guides are available for download on its website. The guide is available in PDF format and they can be opened on a Surface device using the free Reader App. Guidelines can also be read with Adobe Reader or other PDF reading applications.

The Surface manuals available at the following links:

Surface RT

Surface 2

Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2



Apple's very happy holiday season

As 2013 draws to a close, Tim Cook has to be smiling.

Earlier this year it seemed that Apple would take a fall. Samsung and rest of the Android players were Tim Cook in the Apple Store gaining momentum and share as Apple was slow to update its product portfolio and was seeing its profit margins decline. The stock went from from above $700 in September 2012 to below $400 in July 2013. Following the fall introduction of new products and good sales numbers for the holiday shopping season, however, the stock has climbed back above $560.

But what has given Apple the opportunity to become the BMW or Mercedes of computing is a cycle that begins with reinventing and dominating a product category, as it did with music players, smartphones, and tablets. Apple owns the category for a period and then establishes a sizable minority share as competitors enter the space with more varied product lines and pricing. Like BMW and Mercedes, Apple's brand banks on commanding a premium price and industry leading profit margins.



December 6, 2013

Rugged Tablets Can Help Save Money in Supply Chain: Part I

There are a number of steps you can take to streamline your enterprise supply chain so it’s more Mobile Demand Rugged Tablet PC for Transportationresponsive and less expensive. A lot of these opportunities weren’t even feasible a few years ago, but growing use of mobile devices such as ruggedized tablets has produced dramatic improvements in supply chain visibility, giving you far greater control.

Having a mobile all-in-one tool that’s reliable, tough and powerful sets the stage. Supply chain personnel are equipped with real-time data capture and access, computing and communications, along with integrated features such as GPS, imaging, barcode and RFID readers. Now you’re capable of fully using your transportation management system to gather and analyze the highly detailed data necessary to successfully adopt new approaches to supply chain improvement.



Acer Iconia W700 Tablet Review, Full HD Display, PowerfulAcer Iconia W700

The Acer Iconia W700 is an Intel based tablet and has the ability to run Windows 8 OS. It is similar to Microsoft surface pro. The attractive 11.6″ Full HD display features 10-point touch and wide viewing angles, making the ICONIA visuals awesome. Windows 8 works smoothly and smartly which saves your time.

This tablet is packed with smart 3rd generation Intel Core i5 3337U Processor 1.8GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.7GHz supported by 4GB DDR3 RAM, which delivers amazing performance and superb experience. This device has a Micro-HDMI Port to connect to an external monitor, projector or TV for large-screen experience. You have to buy the connecting cable separately as it is not included in the box. With up to 9 hours of battery life you have the entire day to do what you want.




Nokia Lumia 2520 vs Microsoft Surface 2 features, specs review ...
Associated News Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

If we look at Nokia Lumia 2520 and Microsoft Surface 2 for the very first time, both the devices look very similar to each other. But, the Lumia 2520 is slightly more costly at $500 with the Surface 2 being available at $450.

Both the devices have sleek and similar designs, however the Surface 2 features a slightly bigger screen at 10.6 inches, when compared to the Lumia’s 10.1 screen.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is equipped with a quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC processor with 2GB of RAM. Whereas, the Microsoft Surface 2 is powered by a quad-core 1.7GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, with 2GB of RAM.




December 9, 2013


Microsoft Surface Pro 2  64GB Surface Pro in stock at Best Buy and Fry'smicrosoft surface 2 pro

Fry's Electronics and Best Buy stores have the 64GB version of the Surface Pro 2 in stock and available for purchase at $899.00.





Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Vs Microsoft Surface 2 review
Product Reviews


While the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 may edge the battle of hardware specs and price, we think it is still going to come down to which operating system you feel comfortable with the most. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is included out of the box on the Note 10.1 2014, with an upgrade to Android 4.4 Kitkat inevitable.

Meanwhile, Windows 8.1 RT is also gaining huge popularity among consumers, although it isn’t the full version of Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 2 that allows you to run full PC programs.


December 10, 2013

Review: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 at work

With the Surface Pro 2 I can keep up with any agenda item sent my way.  The new processor runs cool and does not engage the cooling fans in regular use. This is a welcome improvement in meetings. I Surface pro 2really appreciate the back lit keyboards, particularly when the lights go down in a meeting room for a presentation; it really helps on night flights as well. As a second generation Surface Pro owner, I am also grateful that the original peripherals work on my Pro 2.

Overall I am happy with the improvements of the Surface Pro 2.  It is still a bit heavier than other tablets.  It still does not have as many cool apps available as other tablets. It is still mired in the argument between tablet and laptop.  But I can actually work on this laplet. The improved battery life means I don’t have to consciously switch to hibernate mode as often. The promise of the new Type Pad Power could mean a whole day without a recharge. For now, with the improved battery life of the Surface Pro 2, I don’t have to memorize the power outlet locations in airports or find that “right seat” at the board room table.  Finally the inclusion of a rear facing 720p camera means I no longer have to bring along my camera on business trips.

After a month of use, I am convinced the second generation Surface Pro 2 is the best executive work tool currently available.




Microsoft delivers December updates and fixes across its Surface line

December 10 is Patch Tuesday, which means Microsoft is making available a number of updates across microsoft surface 2its Surface family of devices.

All four models of Surfaces -- The ARM-based Surface RT (now known as plain-old Surface) and Surface 2, as well as the Intel-based Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 -- are getting a variety of patches and fixes

Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1:

  • Update for improved system stability, including when minimizing full screen games
  • Updated Wi-Fi driver for improved wireless display and connectivity with wireless access points
  • Improved Surface Cover interaction including power-saving sleep functionality
  • Color fidelity improvements for all applications
  • Optimized two-finger trackpad use
  • Enhanced audio experience when connected to a Display Port 1.2 device


December 11, 2013

Haswell, Surface Pro 2, and Kindle Fire HDX top PCWorld's 'Best of 2013' list

PC World 50 Best new tech products 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not because of the parties for hosting and the marshmallows for toasting, but because this is when the PCWorld and TechHive editors get to recognize the year’s best new tech products.

We’ll present the top 5 products here and in the video below. After you watch the video, hit this link for a slideshow where we’ll present all 50 of the best tech products of 2013.



It’s been a good year for innovation on all fronts: hardware, software, and services. As you’ll see, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile products dominate our list. No surprise, right? That’s the fastest-growing market segment right now. But you’ll also find plenty of gadgets, tech toys, and entertainment products that made the cut.




Gadget Review: Juiced Systems' Microsoft Surface 5-in-1 Adapter
themortonreport.comJuiced Systems' Microsoft Surface 5-in-1 Adapter

One of the advantages of the Surface RT and other tablets in the Surface family is the presence of a USB port that allows these devices to be directly connected to a variety of peripherals, including printers, flash drives, and a mouse. If you want to use two USB devices at the same time, however, you need a USB hub. That is effectively what Juiced Systems' Adapter is, but in a compact mobile-friendly form.

The adapter plugs into the existing Surface USB port and hugs the side of the tablet so it is not easily displaced. It only has two USB ports of its own (and both are USB 2.0 because it was designed for the original Surface RT), but it adds storage options through single SD and MicroSD card slots. Admittedly the Surface and Surface RT already have the latter, but it is hardly readily accessible. With the 5-in-1 adapter you can pop a MicroSD card in and out with ease.



December 12, 2013

Microsoft reveals Surface Remix Project contest winners, lets you lets you listen to the musical masterpieces

When Microsoft unveiled the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, the company also unveiled the Surface Remix Project contest. Microsoft unveiled today that over 1,400 remixes were created and submitted Surface Remixrepresenting a huge range of creativity.

The winners were selected by judges including Linkin Park, Steve Aoki, and the Xbox Music team. The grand prize winner, Brian Yates, won $2,500, a Surface Pro 2 along with the Surface Music Kit by Microsoft, a premiere release on Xbox Music and will be included on an upcoming Linkin Park Ep. 

The limited edition remix cover features pressure sensitivity, much like the touch covers. You can set beats per minute, select custom sounds, hooks, instruments, fx and vocals. This cover pretty much allows you to remix your favorite songs and allows you to be a home-made DJ. 





Spotify Free: Mobile and tablet users can now listen to free music
Ecumenical News

On Wednesday, popular music streaming service Spotify announced that 'Spotify Free' users will have Spotifyfree access to offline music on their tablets and mobile devices. This comes after years of Spotify asking users to sign up for a 'Spotify Premium' subscription to be able to listen to music offline, a service which cost subscribers $9.99 plus any tax and is restricted to people with a credit/debit cards or – available in some countries – if you have a PayPal account.

The move comes as happy news for owners of Android, Apple, and Windows smartphones and tablets, who unless they shelled out for the paid subscription found limited use for the Spotify Free app on mobile devices, platforms where offline music capability is pretty much a necessity.

One limitation of Spotify Free has been that its users are unable to play music offline, whether on a computer, or on mobile devices. The company's announcement today is set to enable this much missed feature.

As of today, free users will be able to sync unlimited music to their mobile devices for enjoyment offline, with only one caveat, they cannot skip tracks or rewind more than 10 times, and they are required to listen to any album or playlist in so called 'shuffle mode'. This means Spotify free users are unable to pick a specific track while listening offline, and will have to leave it to a random generator.




HP's Whitman says desktop PCs aren't dead. Did she miss the memo?
ZDNetHP Meg Whitman

HP chief executive Meg Whitman on CNBC on Wednesday morning discussed the company's tablet strategy alongside its traditional desktop and notebook product range. Quick to point out that the company's business and enterprise business has a "tremendously strong lineup," she was also reluctant to call time on the traditional PC.

"We can go all the way from virtual desktop to workstations to desktops... by the way, desktops are not dead... to laptops to hybrids to tablets for the commercial enterprise," she said. 

Granted, PCs aren't yet dead but they are frail and dying.



December 13, 2013

Video: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7in review - tablet with excellent performance and great screen
PC Advisor Video: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7in review

Click the photo for the full video review

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX range of tablets gives you a choice of either a 7- or 8.9 inch screen. Thisis the smaller model, which isn't to be confused with the new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, which looks identical. (See also: The 16 best tablets of 2013)

The flush-mounted buttons are much easier to find and use than on older Kindle Fires.

Build quality is excellent but since it doesn't have rounded edges, it's not comfortable to hold in one hand as Google's identically priced Nexus 7, and it's considerably wider when held upright.

It weighs just over 300g and in practice it's impossible to tell the difference in weight between the two.

There are just two ports: a headphone socket and microUSB. Unlike the Fire HD, the HDX has a front-facing webcam which can be used for Skype calls.




Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer doles out his top five management tips

While there are some who would argue that outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer isn't someone to Steve Ballmerwhom others should be listening for management advice, I disagree.

I had a chance to ask Ballmer during a late November 2013 interview I had with him in Redmond for his top management tips for other CEOs. I shared his lessons learned in a contributed piece for Fortune that you can read here: "5 management tips from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer."

The five:

  1. Make sure you see the whole playing field
  2. Don't pin hopes on a single individual or "dream team"
  3. Realize there's no perfect business model perfect for every era
  4. Don't place only long-term or only short-term bets
  5. Know your limits



December 16, 2013

Tablets in 2013: Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft
The Next Web

There are, naturally, other companies that build and sell tablets. Not only did 2013 remind us that the tablet market is large enough for many small players to fight it out, but even retailers designed and sold their own tablets in the hopes to make a quick buck. The bigger battle, however, is taking place between the big five, as each are putting in more and more resources to win over consumers.Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Tablet buyers thus end up supporting Apple’s iOS ecosystem, the Android ecosystem (in its many variations), or Microsoft’s Windows 8 ecosystem. 2013 showed us that even those who want to pick one platform and stick with it, end up using more than just one at home, at work, and on the go.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the bigger picture of what each company did, and tried to do, this year.

In October, Apple introduced the fifth-generation iPad, called the iPad Air, and a second-generation iPad Mini that comes with a Retina Display. The iPad Air went on sale on November 1, while the second generation iPad Mini was released on November 12.

In April, Samsung revealed the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3. In June, it followed up with 8-inch and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 3 tablets as well as the 10.1-inch ATIV Tab 3 running Windows 8.

In September, itSamsung  revealed the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. While Samsung has been trying to simplify its tablet line, it is still difficult to keep track of, given the overlapping smartphone, phablet, tablet, and laptop brands.

Amazon’s Seattle rival may have been pushing tablets for ages, but the Surface line is still very much in its infancy. The company unveiled its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 refresh in September.



Tablet gift? Consider strong slate of iPad challengers
Longview News-Journal

Once upon a time, people who craved a tablet computer bought an iPad.

But Apple faces its strongest slate of challengers this Christmas season, with several tablets besting the trend-setting iPad on price and features.

There are still plenty of reasons to get an iPad — either the full-size iPad Air starting at $499 or the iPad Mini at $399. Versions of both are available for $100 less, but you get a slower device with a lower-resolution screen. The Air is lighter and thinner than previous full-size models, and it feels nice in your hands.

But for a top-notch experience, you’ll pay a top-notch price. That’s where Android tablets come in.

You can get Amazon.com Inc.’s Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 for $120 less than the iPad Air, at $379. It’s even lighter, by about 17 percent, though I couldn’t feel much of a difference holding the two side by side. The Kindle’s screen has a higher resolution, but the display measures just 8.9 inches diagonally compared with the Air’s 9.7 inches

Beyond Android, you have plenty of Windows tablets to choose from, all with multi-user capabilities. The app selection is limited compared with iPads and most Android tablets. But Windows tablets are the only ones to offer a full version of Microsoft’s Office software. It’s free with tablets running a lightweight version of Windows 8.1 called RT. With iPads and Android tablets, you’re limited to Web versions of Office.

Microsoft sells a 10.6-inch RT tablet, the Surface 2, for $449. For $130 more, you can get a keyboard cover with keys that move. A more powerful version, the Surface Pro 2, starts at $899. It runs a regular version of Windows 8.1, meaning it can run older Windows programs, not just ones designed for RT. Microsoft markets these as laptop replacements, and the cover has been redesigned such that it works better for typing on your lap.




Dell Venue 11 Pro: The anti-iPad
CNET Dell Venue 11 Pro

My first impression of the Dell Venue 11 Pro is positive. It's very different from the iPad Air but that's OK.

The Venue 11 has a gorgeous 10.8-inch -- an unusual size -- 1,920x1,080 IPS display, and the model I'm using is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom Z3770 "Bay Trail" processor with 2GB of memory.

And Dell bundles Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 with the $500 tablet (64GB version).

I've been using it for about a week and the 64-bit Bay Trail processor feels fast running the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1. (Note that 64-bit Windows 8 for Atom won't arrive until the first quarter of 2014.)


Surface Pro 2 or Venue 11 Pro? In this respect, the Venue 11 is not unlike the Surface Pro 2 -- which also squeezes a Haswell processor into a tablet design. And that appears to be Dell's target market: businesspeople who need a tablet that can also serve as a lightweight laptop.


Note that it's thinner and lighter than the 10.6-inch Surface Pro 2. The Venue 11 Bay Trail model is 0.4-inches thick and 1.68 pounds compared with the Surface Pro 2, which is 0.53 inches thick and 2 pounds. (The Venue 11 Haswell model is 0.48 inches thick and 1.75 pounds).

And the similarity doesn't end with the processor. Dell offers two keyboards for the Venue 11. One is the "Dell Tablet Keyboard -- Mobile," which integrates a battery, extending battery life. The other is the Surface-like "Dell Tablet Keyboard -- Slim," which is a cover and a keyboard.


December 17, 2013

Tablet highs and lows of 2013

In 2013 the blurred lines of tablet/laptop hybrids continued to confused us all, budget slates came Tablets 2013crashing onto the scene like a wrecking ball, 2012's best tablets got lucky with substantial upgrades, and LG even came out to (Google) play again.

Notable standouts include the Dell Venue 8, a smoothly performing, no-frills slate running pure Android 4.3, and the Asus Memo Pad HD 7, which boasts a sharp screen with an impressively wide range of color. The budget trend makes tablets more accessible and, with some manufacturers stepping up their game, these promising devices may just signal the end of choosing between performance and price.

Supersharp screens
For tablets, this year's holy grail of features was a crisp and colorful screen. The superhigh resolutions and sky-high pixels-per-inch (ppi) on some of 2013's top tablets make last year's screens look like dull underwater mosaics. Even some budget tablets got in on the trend, like the Asus Memo Pad HD 7, which managed to impress with its impressive range of color and included calibration software.

2014 will bring the usual slew of new tablets and, hopefully, upgrades to models that didn't see a 2013 refresh, like the Google Nexus 10. I expect tablets to continue to shrink in thickness and weight, keeping the trendy sleek aesthetic alive, and for prices to become more competitive than ever. Check out what Eric Franklin expects for tablets at CES 2014 and leave your own 2014 tablet predictions, along with your tablet highs and lows, in the comments section below.



iPad Air crowned Tablet of the Year at the 2013 TrustedReviews Awards

With the original Google Nexus 7 having taken top honours on the tablet front in 2012, Apple’s dramaticTrustedReviews Awards redesign of its flagship tablet this year, making its 9.7-inch offering slimmer, narrower and lighter, has given the Cupertino-based company the coveted mantle of Tablet of the Year.

Although having faced internal competition from the hugely popular iPad mini, the iPad Air has seen Apple’s full sized tablet return to prominence, winning favour with both the 2013 TrustedReviews Awards judges and voting public alike.

A unanimous victor with the team, the iPad Air also claimed 33.39 per cent of the public vote, almost 10 per cent more than any other tablet.

The iPad Air was one of only two mobile products that scored the maximum 10/10 last year,” TrustedReviews Editor Evan Kypreos said of the Apple tablet victory.



December 18, 2013

Apple Names 'Disney Animated' iPad App of 2013
Animation Magazine


The folks at Disney Interactive have something to crow about today as Apple has selected Disney Disney Animated' iPad AppAnimated as its Best iPad App of 2013. Disney nabbed the honor for the first time ever out of a 100,000 iPad apps in competition for the year.

Disney Animated is a premium interactive experience which gives fans unparalleled access to an array of content related to Disney animation, including text, art, sound, images, interviews and interactive activities, spanning all eras of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ history—many of the materials have not previously been available to the public. From the character design of Aladdin‘s Genie to the cutting edge, Scandinavian-influence CG of Frozen, users can experience 90 years of Disney artistry like never before.




Microsoft Gets Its Tablet Strategy Right

What did Microsoft do right this time around? Two strategic moves, in our opinion.

The first was development of Surface 2, which gets the hardware-software bundle right at a competitive price. With its Windows operating systems, Office Suite and keyboard, the Surface 2 has bridged the gap between laptop and tablet, appealing to users who seek the full functionality of a laptop rather than a smartphone in a tablet.

The second strategy is a partnership with Best Buy.

Microsoft’s Windows Stores occupy between 1,500 square feet to 2,200 square feet of Best Buy floor space, allowing consumers to compare and purchase a broad range of the company’s products and accessories, including Windows-based tablets and PCs, Windows Phones, Microsoft Office, Xbox, and so on.

The bottom line: Though late, Microsoft is getting its Tablet strategy right by addressing genuine consumer needs; and by letting consumers experience the product in its retail stores is a move in the right direction.



December 19, 2013

Microsoft pulls Surface update; fix delayed until 'after the holidays'
IDG News Service

Microsoft said Friday that it has pulled a faulty update to its Surface Pro 2 tablet, and won't have a fix ready until "after the holidays."

In November, Microsoft released an update to the Surface Pro 2 that added an additional 90 minutes to its battery life, under PCWorld tests. But a December update to the Surface Pro 2, ironically, re-introduced battery issues, along with a host of other problems. 

On Wednesday, a support engineer, "Josh_F," reported that the update had been pulled. 

"To ensure the best experience for our customers during the holiday season, we have taken steps to remove the update for Surface Pro 2 that was previously published through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013," he wrote. "We are working to release an alternative update package after the holidays."



Apple TV snubbed, Time Warner Cable app out on Amazon Kindle

Time Warner Cable subscribers that currently own an Amazon Kindle Fire HD or HDX tablet now have access to 300 live channels and 5,000 on-demand titles via their tablets. Time Warner already rolled out VOD for Roku set-top boxes, Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles, the Samsung Smart TVs, and Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

It was rumored the Apple TV would receive the TWC TV app, but it looks like that might have to wait until early 2014.

Time Warner, like other cable operators, continues to try and tempt users to migrate content away from the living room - and rolling out apps for devices such as the Kindle Fire is an important step in the process. In a battle against cord-cutting




Kurio tablet for kids get mixed Amazon reviews
Phones Review

There are so many kids out there that would love a new tablet for Christmas, but mum and dad may notKurio tablet for kids be able to afford to pay for an Apple iPad or a Nexus 7. Many parents have opted to buy the 7-inch Kurio tablet for kids because of the price.

If you re look for Christmas ideas when it comes to buying your child a new tablet some may suggest buying the Kurio kids tablet because it is only $109.99, which has been reduced from $200, which makes this a good buy.

The Kurio tablet for kids uses the Amazon App Store and not Google Play, the tablet has had a lot of mixed reviews. Some really love it saying it’s a brilliant tablet for both adult and child, but some are really disappointed because it’s very slow when searching the Internet. In one of the Amazon reviews a customer said, “It makes surfing the net next to impossible and an incredibly frustrating experience. I kid you not it took 25 minutes to check an email with Gmail. It was the same with almost any other site on the net.”



December 20, 2013

Apple, Samsung Dominate Tablet Market Best Tablets

A majority of consumers stick with gear made by Apple or Samsung. This has been true of smartphones for the past two years, and it is now true of tablets as well.

Data from ABI Research suggests that the tablet market will hit 285 million units by the end of the year, with 70 million sold in the US. That's enough tablets for one out of every four people.

Apple's early lead in the market, fueled by the original iPad, has weakened over time. After reaching a market share of more than 90% at one time, it holds onto just more than half the market.



Ballmer: Microsoft Had to Build Surface to Compete with Apple
The VAR Guy

Microsoft (MSFT) believed it had to construct and brand its own tablet to compete with Apple chief Steve Ballmerexecutive Steve Ballmer revealed to ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley in a recent interview.

As Ballmer comes down the backstretch of his 34th year at Microsoft—and last as chief executive—he didn’t mince words when he told Foley the vendor knew it was risking OEM relationships by making its own tablet. (Uh, channel relationships, too!)

But it had to be done, he said, to protect the company’s flanks. Ballmer believed that Microsoft needed sales coverage at the high end of the tablet market to compete with Apple, lest it cede that entire segment to its rival. But he didn’t think the company’s OEMs could get there effectively enough to challenge Apple.

"I was concerned that we had areas of vulnerability in competing with Apple and without any (first-party) capability, that we were not transacting that well just through our OEM partners," he said, acknowledging that Apple’s iPad was “a higher-end brand” than Microsoft’s OEM Surface models.

While Ballmer went the extra mile to make sure he conveyed Microsoft’s concern over its OEM relationships, he said Microsoft faced facts that its “OEMs do great work, but there are places their brands and investments don't travel.”

By building and branding its own Surface tablet at the high end of the market, Microsoft believed it could "supplement the work of our OEMs, hopefully make our OEMs stronger through the process, by making our overall competition with Apple,” Ballmer said.


Sony VAIO Tap 11 Ultrabook review

The rush is on to offer tablet PCs with ever stronger laptop alter egos, and Sony makes a splash with its new VAIO Tap 11. It’s a full Windows 8 tablet PC, impossibly thin and light, with a gorgeous screen and an even thinner keyboard cover at no additional charge.Sony VAIO Tap 11 Ultrabook

And, wait—is that a fourth-generation Intel Core i5-4210Y processor? Yes, and it comes with 4GB of DDR3/1600 memory and a 128GB SSD, too, conferring some serious Ultrabook cred to this 1.7-pound panel. The Tap 11 is almost as skinny as Apple’s iPad Air, and it makes Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 look chunky.

The VAIO Tap 11 is not the carefree experience one hopes for from a tablet. It’s surprisingly fiddly and awkward as an on-the-go PC.

Now for a dose of reality. In spite of the Tap 11’s great looks and high-octane silicon, Sony made too many compromises in its pursuit of marketing superlatives: It’s the thinnest, lightest 2-in-1 Ultrabook you can buy. But it’s merely an okay tablet and, at best, it’s a short-term stand-in for a notebook. You can find much better choices at the Tap 11’s $1100 price level—notably the Surface Pro 2 ($999 for the 4GB RAM/128GB storage model plus $130 for its keyboard cover).



December 23, 2013

Consumer Reports: Tablets, Tablets Everywhere
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

This holiday season, tablets are bound to be a top gift item. Chances are there’s someone on your holiday list who’s been dropping hints that they want one. Consumer Reports has released its ratings of close to 100 tablets.






Surface 2 Pro Unboxing
Chris Pirillo




10 great apps for a new tablet
usa today

It's a good list, so I'd like to share it with all of you who might have a new tablet in your life this holiday season. All the below apps are free.

1. Facebook    2. Flipboard  3. Skype    4. Amazon Kindle   5. Dropbox

6. Netflix          7. Pandora    8. Snapseed   9. Candy Crush Saga    10. Weather Channel



Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids review: a decent but pricey children's tablet
PC Advisor

We’ve seen and tested out virtually every kids’ tablet out there and the bad news is that few are very good. In general, most are under-powered or have a poor screen, despite their relatively high prices. See all kids' tablet reviews



December 24, 2013


The best Ultrabooks, hybrids, tablets, and desktop PCs of 2013

My definition of “personal computer” extends to all forms of PCs—provided they run Windows, that is. So this list includes all-in-ones, desktop towers, hybrids, Ultrabooks, and tablet PCs. The machines you’ll top tablets & PC's 2013see here are the best of the best of what we saw in 2013, but they’re not ranked in any particular order (and there are at least two machines in each category).

Best Hybrids: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro  &  Microsoft Surface Pro 2  

PC manufacturers have been struggling to come up with the perfect notebook/tablet hybrid for several years now. Few have come as close to building the perfect combo as Lenovo, with the IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro.

Microsoft builds plenty of hardware, but the company apparently grew weary of waiting for one of its hardware partners to build a great hybrid that favored the tablet side of the equation. The Surface Pro 2 is the company’s second effort in that direction, and it’s a winner.


Best Windows Tablets: Dell Venue Pro 8  & Toshiba Encore

Finally, a Windows tablet that we can recommend without reservation. Dell’s 8-inch Venue Pro 8 runs the full Windows 8.1 operating system, so you can install and run just about any application that runs on Windows on a device that you can hold in one hand. Dell even includes a license for Microsoft’s excellent Office Home and Student 2013.

We’ve only had our hands on the Toshiba Encore for a few days, but we’re excited with what we’ve seen so far. The Encore’s form factor is very similar to that of Dell’s Venue Pro 8 and it uses the same Intel Atom microprocessor, but we’ve already discovered that it remedies one of the Dell’s few flaws: It has a micro HDMI output.




Apple iPhone 6 and iPad Pro to release in May and October next year

According to reports, Apple is to begin production of the iPhone 6 with a 20nm processor, slightly large iPhone 5sdisplay than the iPhone 5S, and the components provided by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and the launch is scheduled for May 2014. While DigiTimes didn’t mention any further details about the next-generation iPhone’s specs, other sources claim that the device will feature a 4.8-inch display.

In addition to iPhone 6, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro or iPad Maxi – the moniker is yet to be set – is also in the pipeline, the sources speculated. The tablet is slated for the October launch and will be appealing both business world and educational universe. It might be a hybrid device between iPad and MacBook Air,



December 25, 2013

happy holidays from tabletpc2.com



December 25, 2013



December 27, 2013

New US sales figures show the changing face of PC and Tablet Pcs

It appears that, in addition to adding touchscreens to notebooks, PC manufacturers will be betting big on convertible, 2-in-1 tablet/notebook hybrid devices in 2014. Looking ahead to the new year, manufacturers are already ramping up production on convertible devices.



Meet the tablets that had to die before the iPad could succeed

TechRadar UK

It's not easy to pin-point when exactly tablet computers landed in our palms. It was a gradual, quiet and directionless revolution that stuttered along until one idea changed everything. HP Tablet PC

There were just eight tablet-like devices between 1993 and 2009 before Apple introduced the first iPad - none managed to take off. Post iPad and in 2012 alone there were over 128 million tablet sales worldwide, with Apple taking 53% of the market.

All those failures were just as important as that one success though. Here we look at the four tablets that took one for the team and allowed the iPad to rise from their ashes.

Microsoft Tablet PC - 2002

Microsoft came late to the tablet game in 2002, but it was by far the most accomplished. They shipped with a tablet version of Windows XP, had 600MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, an impressive 10GB of hard drive space, bluetooth and wireless networking.

It also had the handwriting recognition software that seemed to be the industry standard for tablets at the time. It was a true heavyweight.

They looked almost identical to the tablets of today and had some impressive specs for a portable computer that is more than a decade old. Bill Gates reportedly said in 2002 that "within five years I predict it will be the most popular form of PC sold in America."



December 30, 2013

Ten Great Apps for Your New Tablet
Top Tech News

Summary: while i don't necessarily agree with the order these apps are in, it is a great list for first time tablet ones to check out.

Some essential apps can get you started with your new tablet, or help you get a loved one going. tablet appsLoading up a Facebook app for social networking on the go is essential, as is Flipboard, which turns Twitter feeds and Facebook posts into a magazine-like experience. The Dropbox app can take care of all your tablet data storage needs for you.

Weather Channel. (Apple, Android, Nook, Amazon, Windows) Everyone wants to know whether it will be cold or dry tomorrow. The weather app has cool graphics and animation that make it fun to discover the coming week.

Netflix. (Apple, Android, Amazon, Windows, Nook) Movies and TV shows look great on tablets -- they were made for consuming entertainment.

Dropbox. (Apple, Android, Windows, Amazon) The downside of the iPad is there's no storage Relevant Products/Services slot to add or remove media. The Dropbox app can take care of that for you -- just upload on your computer to Dropbox, and pull it down on the iPad.

Amazon Kindle. (Apple, Android, Windows, Amazon, Nook) Sure, Apple's iBooks app has plenty of e-books, but Amazon's store has way more. Via the Kindle app, you can read them on your iPad.

Skype. (Apple, Android, Windows, Amazon) Make free calls to your friends via a tablet. What's not to like about that?

see the full list here



New Tech Devices From Apple, Google, and Microsoft Will Dominate 2014

2014 should be far different. All three tech giants should roll out radical new products next year, including larger tablets, smartwatches, and smart TV devices.

Bigger tablets could pressure traditional laptops
In addition to expanding their ecosystems into the living room, Apple's iOS and Google's Android should also continue to eat into the market for traditional PCs. Reports have indicated that Apple is working on a larger iPad, while Google's Android partners have been said to be planning similar devices.

Apple's decision to call the full-size iPad the "iPad Air" suggests that another iPad is on the horizon

Larger-screen tablets could allow users to be more productive, leading to fewer sales of traditional laptops powered by Microsoft's Windows. So far, there have been no reports to suggest that Microsoft is planning a larger Surface tablet, but as this tech trend emerges next year, a bigger Surface wouldn't be surprising.

2014 could be the year of the smartwatch
Samsung released a smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, in 2013. But reviewers found the device lacking -- its sluggish interface and short battery life limited its appeal. Although Samsung claimed the Galaxy Gear's sales exceeded its expectations, reports claimed that consumers were returning the device en masse.

Google and Apple will enter the living room
Microsoft reaffirmed its commitment to the living room in 2013 with the Xbox One gaming console. In addition to playing video games, the device also serves to improve the owner's entertainment center -- adding voice and gesture controls to the TV-viewing experience.

Apple's acquisition of PrimeSense makes a fully featured, all-in-one Apple TV a near certainty. PrimeSense developed the gesture-control technology behind Microsoft's first Kinect -- as Apple integrated AuthenTec's fingerprint scanning technology into the iPhone, so it could integrate PrimeSense's technology into an Apple TV.



Want to type on that tablet? Here are our favorite Bluetooth keyboards and cases

Tablets make great consumption devices for video, books, magazines, and pictures, but they’re also Logitech bluetooth keyboard for windowsgood for productivity with a little help. A Bluetooth keyboard is a must if you want to get some work done that involves a lot of typing – just know that not all keys are made equal.

Tablet keyboards often lack key features that make “real” keyboard so easy to use, like good travel (how hard you have to press) and tactile feedback (the springiness or responsiveness of keys), well-sized and spaced keys that won’t have you mashing two or three at once, and access to often used functions. Good keyboard designers can incorporate all of these even into small devices. Here are some examples of the best:

We’re starting to see more Windows 8 tablets that are truly tablets and not part of a 2-in-1 package with a keyboard. That doesn’t mean you won’t still need physical keys (especially considering the annoying Windows on-screen keyboard). Per usual, Logitech has the answer. You might recognize the company’s Tablet Keyboard for Windows and Android ($63) because it’s almost exactly the same as the one made for Android and iPad from a couple of years ago. This model is made to work with Windows 8 and RT plus Android 3.0 and above (including smartphones) and includes special keys like the Start button and media controls.

This is not the thinnest or lightest keyboard we’ve used, but if you’re going to do a lot of typing you will appreciate not only the size of the keys but the travel and tactile feedback. The keyboard is light for it’s size and slim enough that it won’t take up too much room in your bag. The cover does double duty as a tablet stand and will hold screen sup to 13 inches.



December 31, 2013

Samsung Tablets Saw A Bigger Boost This Christmas

Onswipe Chief Marketing Officer Jason Baptiste says that “Samsung clearly won Christmas when it comes to tablets.” Onswipe reaches over 31 million unique mobile users and it looked at optimized sites during December 26th and December 29th, comparing it with figures from December 19th to December 22nd.

Onswipe tablet sales christmas 2013

The company found that Samsung Galaxy tablets saw a 50.4 percent growth and were trailed in second place by Nexus 7 tablets with 33.8 percent growth. iPads saw 20.4 percent whereas Kindle Fires were down in fourth place with 19.5 percent. It should be kept in mind that Onswipe has focused on percentage growth, which doesn’t necessarily mean that a particular tablet sold much better than the others during this period.:





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