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August 2013


August 1, 2013

Microsoft Mobile Office Heads To Android OS, But Still Not TabletsOffice for ANdroid

Summary: Microsoft's launch of Office mobile for android is for smart phones not tablets

Microsoft , as part of its continuing rollout of Office to mobile devices, announced Wednesday that Office Mobile for Android is now available for download.

The app allows Office 365 subscribers basic editing tools for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as document synchronization.

Office Mobile has been optimized for the small screen of your phone so you can get things done efficiently," Microsoft said in a blog post. "When reviewing Word documents, the Resume Reading feature takes you to the exact point in the document where you left off on your PC so you don't waste time searching. The new Slide Navigator lets you browse through PowerPoint presentations fast while Speaker Notes help you practice on the run."


August 2, 2013

Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 review: Windows 8 tablet with a rugged design
PC Advisor

As the ToughPad name implies, the FZ-G1 is a rugged tablet designed for outdoor use. This Windows 8 Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 Tabletdevice has a 10.1-inch screen, but measures 19mm thick and weighs 1.1kg – almost twice the size and weight of a 10-inch iPad. That’s because the screen is surrounded by a 0.75-inch bevel of sturdy plastic and further reinforced by a layer of tough rubber that runs right around the edges.

Panasonic states that the FZ-G1 is certified water- and dust-resistant to IP-X5 standard and that it can survive being dropped from a height of up to 1.2m. We certainly wouldn’t want to argue with any of those claims, as the FZ-G1 definitely feels sturdy enough to survive some serious manhandling.

Inside that armour is a fairly conventional Windows 8 tablet. The FZ-G1 is currently only available in a single configuration with a third-generation (Ivy Bridge ) dual-core Intel Core i5. This processor runs at 1.9GHz, and is joined by 4GB memory and 128GB solid-state drive.

Visibility is important for an outdoor device such as this, so Panasonic has wisely opted for an IPS panel with anti-glare coating. It’s a high resolution for the 10.1-inch size too, at 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display produced a very bright, sharp image, with good all-round viewing angles so that you can hold it up and show it to colleagues with no difficulty.

The ToughPad FZ-G1 lives up to its name and is well suited to outdoor use. You are paying quite a premium for that rugged design, but it’ll earn its keep on building sites and other environments that would be too harsh for a conventional laptop or tablet.


New Google Nexus 7 review
Associated News

The Nexus 7 is, without doubt, the best non-Apple tablet on the market. The speed, screen and Google Nexus 7attention to detail make it head and shoulders above the rest, and nipping at Apple in terms of design and feel. As it has done with Samsung, HTC and Motorola in the past, Google paired with Asus to design and manufacture this slender tablet.

The new tablet comes with a $30 price increase over last year’s model. Along with the high resolution 7-inch screen, the newest Nexus boasts 16 or 32GB of storage, along with Wi-Fi and, in the US a 4G LTE version.

There’s also a front 1.2 megapixel camera and, unlike the first version, a rear camera as well, with a 5 megapixel sensor with a micro USB port for charging.

The screen is the Nexus 7’s killer feature, and it’s amazing. Google and Asus have managed to do what Apple can’t and fit the HD screen into a 7-inch tablet. It’s hugely impressive, and breathtaking when displaying 1080p video, which looks bright, vibrant and flawless.

The processor and graphics systems also got a big boost to deal with the power needed to drive 2.3 million pixels, and there’s a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro at the heart of the Nexus 7.


August 5, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro price slashed by $100: Pro vs Apple iPad 4 fight intensifies
Northern Voices Online

Things are looking exciting for tablet lovers. Microsoft Surface Pro price slashed by $100 and so Surface Pro vs Apple iPad 4 fight intensifiesMicrosoft Surface Pro with Pen

Microsoft has slashed the price of its Surface Pro tablet/laptop hybrid by 10 percent. Until August 29, you will now be able to buy Surface Pro for a reduced price tag. After the price cut, the highly-recommended Windows 8 tablet is $100 cheaper

The price cut is temporary and will only be there for the time being. The cut applies to the high-end versions of the gadget; 64GB and 128GB. It is not clear which other regions will get advantage of the price cut. In the U.K. and Australia, the price-cut versions may not be available.

The Surface Pro is really an exciting device. Though looking like the Surface RT, it is a new device with a fill-size Widows 8 and a lot of new features. With its price is down, it is the best time for people to buy the Surface Pro for both their laptop and tablet uses


Google's latest Chrome browser brings tablet-like touch features to PCs

Got touch? Google’s latest Chrome Canary build adds touch navigation features to your touchscreen PC,Google Chrome Tablet just like on the Chromebook Pixel. With the new features, Google continues to unify the web experience across devices, regardless of the platform they run

Browsing on a PC using Chrome will soon be much like surfing the web on a tablet; if your PC has a touchscreen, that is. Google has improved touch navigation and interaction on its Chrome Canary browser, a cutting-edge version of the company’s Chrome software.

The move to add more touch features to Chrome — at least in a very early build — is a nod to the rise of touchscreen-capable PCs. And it suits Google’s strategy with Chrome as well, which is to offer a unified web experience across all devices, regardless of the operating system they run on.


Nexus 7 dominates over fellow Android tablets, rivals iPad mini
Stabley Times

The new Nexus 7 has arrived, and while its price has slightly increased, its pixel count has gone throughGoogle Nexus 7 tablet the roof. The new Android based seven inch tablet from Google has one-upped Apple, which is still trying to get its second generation iPad mini out the door and is hoping for a fall launch.

The Nexus 7 2.0, has proven to be an internet sensation in the days before its retail launch this week. While the iPad mini 2.0 may sing a different tune down the road, here are seven reasons the new Nexus 7 outpaces the current iPad mini.

Price: the Nexus 7 climbed from $199 in price to $229, but that’s still a hundred dollars cheaper than the $329 iPad mini. Sure, the Nexus 7 is a noticeably smaller tablet. But for a sub-tablet, that’s the whole idea.

Pixels: the new Nexus 7 offers a higher pixel density than the iPad mini, which means its screen looks more detailed from any given distance.


August 6, 2013

New Nexus 7 review: Is this the best value tablet on the market today?

Summary: This review is packed with pictures so be sure to click through to tech radar to check them out.

Whether you call it the Nexus 7 2 or just the Nexus 7, it hurdles right over the iPad mini in both parts Nexus 7 tabletand price. For just a little more money, it offers greater functionality than a Kindle Fire HD. It so surpasses the original Nexus 7 that Google has swept last year's tablet under the rug; it seems to be retired from the Play Store altogether.

The new Nexus 7 also has a very bright display, with auto-brightness doing a perfect job of adapting to your environment. Like any tablet, it's at its best in moderate indoor light. It does washout in bright direct sunlight, but no more than the best displays out there.

Be it phone or tablet, a Nexus device is a flagship Google product. That means pure Android, with no third-party overlay getting between you and Google's mobile OS.

A Nexus device usually debuts a new version of Android, and the Nexus 7 is no exception. The svelte 7-incher is the first gadget released with Android 4.3


Apple iPad 5 Release Date Nears: Redesigned Specs Surface In Photos And Videos
International Business Times

While these photos and videos haven't been confirmed by Apple – these iPad 5 parts certainly appear legitimate, especially considering how long the iPad 5 has been in the rumor mill.

We believe Apple will announce iOS 7, as well as the iPad 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 at an event taking place on Tuesday, Sept. 3, which would mean Apple would release iOS 7 about one week later on Wednesday, Sept. 11. We also believe Apple will release its newest and perhaps riskiest smartphone yet, the plastic iPhone 6, on Friday, Sept. 13, but we also believe the iPhone 6 won’t launch alone on that date. With consideration to the adjusted release date timeline from trustworthy KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we believe Apple will release the iPad 5 the same day as the budget iPhone, on Sept. 13



Apple's Tablet Share Falters As Customers Wait For Next New Thing, Microsoft Making 'Notable Progress'

Apple led the tablet market in the second quarter, even as its market share plummeted as customers held off buying to see what the company comes up with when it starts releasing new products this fall.

No. 2 ranked Samsung was the biggest winner, with shipments nearly quadrupling to 8.1 million units.

“A new iPad launch always piques consumer interest in the tablet category and traditionally that has helped both Apple and its competitors,” Tom Mainelli, research director for tablets at IDC said in a statement. “With no new iPads, the market slowed for many vendors, and that’s likely to continue into the third quarter. However, by the fourth quarter we expect new products from Apple, Amazon, and others to drive impressive growth in the market.” 

Overall, tablet shipments worldwide totaled 45.1 million units in the second quarter, up from 28.3 million shipments a year ago.



August 7, 2013

Apple Inc. Leads PC Market, Lenovo Tops Tablet Segment

Tablets outperforming desktops and notebooks

Apple remained at the top in PC sales globally but slipped to second position, after Lenovo Group Limited (ADR)(OTCMKTS:LNVGY), in tablet segment, according to Canalys, which incorporates tablets in its quarterly ranking of PCs.

Lenovo tablets are gaining popularity in the market after their traditional PCs showed strong hold in the market and gained in shipment.

“Lenovo is on an upward curve with its tablets, expanding in mainland China and Latin America, where there is little competition from the likes of Google or Amazon,” Canalys Analyst James Wang said in a statement.

World Wide PC shipments


Apple Offers $10 Chargers Through Trade-In Program After Fatality In China

Apple said it will sell an Apple-branded USB power adapter for $10 — rather than the usual $19 — to iPhone, iPod and iPad customers who turn in a third-party charger.

The program, which kicks off Aug. 16 and runs for two months, was announced after an iPhone user in China was electrocuted by a faulty charger. Even though Apple wasn’t to blame for the death of the Chinese flight attendant, the company last month put up a Web page on its Chinese site showing how to tell whether a charger is a genuine Apple one or not.

Though most non-Apple adapters are safe to use, Apple, in a posting on its website, said it was motivated to set up the trade-in program after “recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit and third party adapters may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues.


August 8, 2013

New Microsoft Surface RT Ad Highlights The iPad's Shortcomings


The iPad has been dominating the tablet scene for quite a while now, although recent numbers show that perhaps Apple could be losing their grip at the number one position to Android manufacturers who have been churning out pretty impressive hardware with affordable prices, the new Nexus 7 being a prime example. In any case the iPad is still considered by some as the tablet to beat, and despite Microsoft’s recent woes with their Surface tablets, it looks like the company has decided to take another shot at the iPad, showing off some of the shortcomings of the iPad versus the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Some of the iPad’s shortcomings, according to Microsoft, would be its smaller display, a lack of a physical keyboard and a kickstand, and how the Surface RT tablet can be used with Microsoft Office while the iPad does not come with productivity suites, just to name a few.


SMI, Tablet Kiosk Collaborate to produce eye tracking tablet PC

SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH (SMI) of Germany, eye-tracking technology solution provider is TabletKiosk eye tracking Tabletcollaborating with Tablet Kiosk, manufacturer of enterprise-grade Tablet PCs, to develop and produce the first Tablet PC with market-ready eye tracking integration.

SMI's remote eye tracking technology was integrated seamlessly into TabletKiosk's new Sahara EyeSlate, allowing for contact free eye control that does not require an external eye tracking module.

TabletKiosk and SMI plan to market the Sahara EyeSlate both as an augmentative/alternative communication device (AAC) and also as a powerful Windows 7 and Windows 8 Tablet PC that can be controlled via eye gaze, touch, voice or handwriting recognition in lieu of a physical keyboard and mouse.

Included with the system will be SMI's powerful Eye Tracking Software Developer's Kit (SDK) so that developers can integrate the Sahara EyeSlate Tablet PC's eye tracking functionality into their existing software solutions.



The Market for Tablet PCs In Healthcare


the Tablet PC has been focused on as it mimics clipboards and other products already used by physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers. The Apple iPad is the most prominent device but other competitors generate a significant amount of usage as well, including. Samsung, Research in Motion (BlackBerry), Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, Motion Computing, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Tangent and others.This Kalorama Information report,The Market for Tablet PCs in Healthcare, looks at the role these devices can play in reducing costs and making healthcare more efficient. The report also presents the opportunity for makers of these devices.

There are four primary markets for these new technologies. The report provides Tablet PC usage estimates for all of these sectors:

Hospitals - Physician offices - Home healthcare and nursing homes - Other, including first responders, institutional, and military.



August 9, 2013

Lenovo Launches New Convertible Windows 8 Tablet PC Miix

Lenovo has included a convertible format tablet PC for its Windows 8 devices. After using the hybrid Lenovo Miixdesign as its basis for recent models like IdeaPad Yoga S, ThinkPad Twist, and ThinkPad Helix portables, the PC manufacturer now introduces Miix into the growing list. The company has recently announced that the new tablet-laptop could now be ordered for delivery in as early as August 28.

Miix is a tablet with a display coming in a dimension of 10.1 inches X 6.8 inches X 0.4 inches. It comes with an AccuType keyboard that could be a ‘quick flip’ for its conversion into a notebook. The same keyboard is obviously detachable so the slim device would instantly convert itself into a tablet.

The device could be a cheaper alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Pro. At a starting price tag of $599.99, Miix may be short of some of the advanced features of Microsoft tablet, but more importantly, it also runs on the new Windows 8. The Surface Pro, although subjected to a steep price cut last week, is still comparatively costly at a starting price of $799 (64GB version).


Lenovo ThinkPad Helix review

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Helix is nothing if not versatile. This 11.6-inch Windows 8 Pro touchscreen tablet can Lenovo ThinkPad Helixoperate as such, dock to a razor-thin keyboard to become a dual-battery notebook PC, and then flip with acrobatic ease to become a desktop presenter.

n configurations that use both the tablet and the keyboard, we saw impressive battery life of 6.5 hours thanks to the presence of a battery in each component. The Helix’s longevity dropped to just 2 hours when operating as a tablet with a single battery.

In tablet mode, you get one Mini DisplayPort connection, one USB 2.0 port, a SIM-card slot for optional mobile broadband, and a combo headphone/microphone jack. The keyboard dock adds a pair of USB 3.0 ports and a Mini DisplayPort connection.


Eight Windows 8.1 Features you should know before release date

If we look closely at Windows 8.1 preview version, which is available for free to download and try at Microsoft website, we will find that it is an overhaul update for Windows 8 initially. The new version will add few essential missing features in Windows 8 such as the Start Button and better search option.



August 12, 2013

Samsung 50 GB Dropbox offer

Register Your New Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3, Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 and Get Over $200 in Perks* New Hulu Plus users get a 3-month membership and new Boingo users get Wi-Fi access for 12 months. All that, plus $10 in Google Play™ credit and up to 50GB of Dropbox™ storage—yours for 2 years from the time you set up the app.

Dropbox, a free service that lets you bring your documents, photos and videos everywhere and share them easily, today announced an integration with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II. With these integrations, Dropbox users can now enjoy a seamless content syncing experience across all Samsung devices.

People who purchase the new eligible Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II and complete the Dropbox get started guide (dropbox.com/gs) can get 50 GB free space for two years.


ViewSonic Viewpad 100Q 10-inch tablet priced like Nexus 7
Phones ReviewViewSonic Viewpad 100Q 10-inch tablet

The Android tablet PC market has got extremely crowded in the last couple of years especially in the entry level market with smaller sized hardware, but now we have news of the ViewSonic Viewpad 100Q 10-inch tablet that is priced like the Nexus 7.

ViewSonic may not be the most recognisable name when it comes to Android devices but the company has been producing a number of mid-range tablets for a while now. The company has now revealed a new device called the ViewPad 100Q which is a 10-inch device that is powered by a Rockchip RK3188 1.6GHz quad core processor.

The IPS HD display also has 2GB of RAM under the hood along with 16GB of on board storage that is expandable further via microSD card, and there is even a HDMI port thrown in for good measure. The device will ship running the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, and while the device hasn’t got the most powerful specifications the price may appeal to many users.


Some features on the iPad are straight forward – a touch screen is, after all, designed to be easy to iPad hidden featuresuse.   More adventurous users have, however, discovered some hidden features that are perhaps not so obvious and have shared them.   Here we provide give you a quick tour of the best hidden features of the iPad and show just what it can do.

Buried under general settings is an innocuous little switch that turns on multitasking gestures. This allows you to use several fingers at once to control the iPad.

Pinching four or five fingers across the screen will return you to the Home Screen of the iPad from any App.

Swiping four or five figures upwards will reveal the multitasking bar, showing which Apps are currently running. Swiping down again will hide it.

Swipe those digits to the left or right will allow you to change Apps at flicking speed.

Split your keyboardiPad split keyboard

This feature is designed to help those who prefer are more ergonomic typing position rather than having their hands fighting over the keys.

Tap and hold the keyboard button on the bottom right that you would normally use to hide the keyboard. Then select "split" from the pop up menu.

You do need to have the option turned on in the keyboard menu in settings.

For some reason, splitting the keyboard also provides access to hidden keys – so press in the empty space next to the Y and you will type a T, next the H and it will type a G, next to the V and it will type a B, and so on.



August 13, 2013

Windows 8.1 to be made available in October
theverge Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 update will be made available in October alongside new hardware from partners, including 7- and 8-inch devices. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley originally reported details on the Windows 8.1 timing on Monday, and our own sources have confirmed that the gap from RTM to release will also allow Microsoft to continue supplying fixes and patches ready for the General Availability in October.

Windows 8.1 includes a number of multitasking improvements, new smaller Live Tiles, and a built-in Bing-powered search engine. A near-final version of the update leaked to the internet recently, offering a closer look at the changes between Preview and RTM. Microsoft is adding in a number of tutorials and Windows Phone-like menus to ease complaints over the usability of the operating system.


Apple, Amazon & Samsung all set to rush out new tablets next month

Hold up on buying that new tablet -- a new report claims that Apple, Amazon, Google, Intel and iPad at the Apple  store Samsung all intend to release their latest models next month.

Citing “sources from the upstream supply chain”, Digitimes reports that Apple will kick-start this buying frenzy by introducing two new iPhones – including a budget model -- and iPads at its special event on September 10.

As a result, the website writes that the company will cut the price of its iPhone 5 and original iPad mini, news which could yet give a boost to Apple’s flagging tablet sales.

Apple will not, however, be the only tablet player with new models on show next month.

Confirming earlier reports, Digitimes says that Samsung will announce its new Galaxy Note 3 – most likely at the IFA tech show in Germany – and confirms those rumors that Amazon will unveil its latest 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets for between $149 and $169.


Apple iPad Mini vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7: Display, Design, Watching Music, Videos / Apple Has Best Tablet on the Market

Which tech company has the best small tablet? Is it the Apple iPad Mini, the Amazon Fire HD or the ipad mini kindle hd Nexus 7 tabletsGoogle Nexus 7? Let's break down the specs, display and design for all three to see which tablet has the edge.

The Kindle Fire HD may be the best tablet to listen to music on, however. Though I prefer the sound quality of the iPad Mini personally, the Kindle Fire HD design is a little more intuitive, installing the speakers on the sides of the tablet as opposed to putting both at the bottom.

When doing side-by-side comparisons of video watching on all three of the devices, the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini both excelled. The Nexus 7 seemed to perform a little bit better when watching videos on YouTube and Safari, while the Apple iPad Mini seemed to have the best resolution for Netflix. Watching videos on the Kindle Fire HD was by far the worst, due to unclear, dull images.

Though the Apple iPad Mini gets my vote for best tablet altogether, it does come with a price tag that is roughly $130 more than the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kind Fire HD.


Apple Said to Prepare Thinner IPad Model for Release This Year

Apple Inc. is preparing for a busy close to the year with the debut of a new iPhone and iPad models, seeking to retain its position in the increasingly crowded smartphone and tablet markets.

After having minimal product introductions since last year, Apple will unveil a new iPhone at a Sept. 10 event, according to a person familiar with the plans. New iPad models, including an iPad with a thinner body design and an iPad mini with a high-resolution screen will be unveiled later, two people said. Software for the devices, as well as for Mac computers, will also be revamped, Apple said in June.

The updates will enable Apple to present a refreshed lineup of its top-selling products to consumers ahead of the year-end holiday shopping season.



August 14, 2013

Laptops vs. tablets for a small business
TechRadar UK

Businesses approaching their replacement cycle for aging desktop and notebook PCs are asking Tablets vs. Laptops whether they can move to tablet devices. With the trend towards 'bring your own device' taking hold, employees increasingly want to use their own personal tablets and smartphones.

Small business owners clearly have a decision to make, but need to take care, as the IT in use must be integrated to provide the most efficiency.

The market at the moment has divided into a number of categories including traditional notebook PCs, the new range of ultrabooks, tablet PCs and hybrid notebook/tablets that attempt to offer the best of both worlds.


Intel revives OLPC rivalry with new Android tablet design

Intel’s 10-inch and 7-inch Android tablet designs are now available to manufacturers, and the resulting products could rekindle a long rivalry in the education market with One Laptop Per Child, whose first Intel Education TabletAndroid tablet became available in July.

The chipmaker’s 10-inch Education Tablet runs Android 4.0, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich, while the 7-inch tablet runs Android 4.1, code-named Jelly Bean. Information about the tablet designs was posted on Intel’s website earlier this month

Intel does not make tablets, but provides reference designs to device makers. Intel last year released a tablet design called the Studybook, which had a 7-inch screen and an Atom chip code-named Oak Trail. But the company scrapped the old name and adopted the brand Education Tablet for the new designs.


August 15, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8.1 'Blue' Release Date Coming Oct. 17; New Surface Tablet Coming Too?
International Business Times

Microsoft on Wednesday morning announced the official release date for its Windows 8.1 update, which Windows 8.1will arrive on Oct. 17 at 4 a.m. PDT. Windows 8.1 will release as a free update for Windows 8 users through the Windows Store and will also release on retail shelves and new devices starting on Oct. 18.

Microsoft said that Windows 8.1 “continues the vision” the company began with Windows 8, which was initially released in August but saw its general release date arrive on Oct. 26, 2012. Unfortunately for Microsoft, many critics lambasted Windows 8 for its restricted Windows Store and its touch-centric features that appeared to alienate Microsoft’s traditional desktop users, especially with its flagship hardware, the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, which was underwhelming in its own right from a sales, PR and critical perspective. The release date of Windows 8.1 may coincide with a new Surface tablet, as Microsoft has recently dropped the prices of its Surface RT and Surface Pro devices.


47% Of Doctors Use Smartphone, Tablet And PC

Tablet adoption already accounts for the bulk of the increase in mobile device use. Nearly two years agoStethoscope on Tablet, 80% of physicians reported using mobile devices at work -- but back then, most of them were using only smartphones. Last year, Manhattan Research found that 62% of doctors were using tablets for professional purposes. The lower number in the Epocrates survey may be related to differences in study samples.

Epocrates confirmed the finding of the Manhattan Research survey that digital omnivores tend to spend more time online on the three devices and go online more often during the workday than do clinicians who use only one or two "screens." Overall, the report said, "Tablet and smartphone usage accounts for upwards of 40% of a typical clinician's digital time at work. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners express the biggest preference for using mobile devices during the day."


August 16, 2013

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10 review

the Lenovo Miix runs Windows 8,is only 9.9mm (0.4-inches) thick and weigh just 576g (1.27lbs). And like those two machines, it comes with a keyboard, so you can easily turn it into a thin and light laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10substitute.

Pulling the Lenovo Miix out of its box for the first time, the (lack of) size and weight is definitely the first thing you'll notice. It's nearly half the weight of the Surface Pro, and considerably lighter than the Surface RT, Samsung Ativ Smart PC or iPad

The Lenovo Miix is smart, light, reasonably well-made and comes with an excellent keyboard to help you to use it like a laptop. The potential is here for it to be a great mobile work machine, provided you don't need to run anything too intensive.

The screen is really nice, too, and though it may not have a powerful processor, the speed with which it comes on from sleep is exactly what you'd want from a tablet.


Are Android Tablets Still All Tech-ed Up With Nowhere To Go?
MediaPost Communications

It would be nice if the rapidly evolving market in tablets would get its signals straight. Understanding how this multi-screen space is growing and where both media and marketers should place their bets is getting confusing

There are problems with the Canalys analysis, not the least of which is that a number of the top iPad apps are Apple programs like Keynote, Pages and GarageBand. The analyst also did not compare the bestselling apps on Android’s tablet that are not in the Apple App store. Android tends toward more productivity apps at the top of its stores, but many of the major games, media and social network apps are here in tablet-optimized versions. Canalys contends that compared to the 375,000 apps optimized for tablets in the iPad store, the number of tablet-specific apps in Google Play number in the tens of thousands.

I suspect the media usage gulf between Android and Apple tablets will begin to even out. I have to say I think the platform is getting a bad rap at this point, even if the experience is clearly inferior to the iPads. The key information apps that I use for my nightly tablet crawls, especially the media and aggregation apps, are mostly present on here now. The form factor and weight are superb for games and movies.


August 19, 2013

Samsung rumoured to be developing a 12-inch tablet

If reports around the web are anything to go by, Samsung Electronics is currently knee-deep in developing a tablet PC measuring a whopping 12 inches. If this rumoured tablet does live to see the light of the Samsung Logoday, it will find itself among other similar sized tablets in Samsung’s line-up.

According to the Korea Economic Daily, this upcoming tablet is likely to use Samsung Display’s LCD panel with a resolution higher than full HD. While there is no confirmation on this yet, the industry expects its release to be before October 2013.

In June this year, Samsung unveiled its Windows 8-running Ativ Q tablet in the global market. As far as displays go, the Ativ Q has quite an impressive display of 13.3 inches and a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels, giving it a pixel density of 275 ppi. Samsung had claimed then that this is the highest resolution QHD display.


Tesco 'to launch tablet computer' to compete with Amazon and Apple
The Independent

In a bid to compete with the entertainment ecosystems created by the likes of Apple and Amazon, Tesco retailer Tesco is reportedly planning to launch its own “iPad-like” tablet computer.

The device would be priced at around £100 and come loaded with Blinkbox, a video-on-demand service bought by Tesco in 2011. Set to challenge the likes of Netflix and iTunes, Blinkbox is Tesco’s attempt to move into the digital download market, a sector that’s growing by 17 per cent annually.

Retailers like Tesco have the distinct advantage of a customer-base of millions, the majority of which are signed up to loyalty schemes with a whole range of built-in incentives.

If both iTunes and Tesco are offering customers the latest episode of Game of Thrones for the same price, then the added bonus of money off your next groceries shop might prove a deal breaker.

No further details about the Tesco tablet have been released, and Tesco have declined to comment on the reports which appeared in The Sunday Times. Analysts say that the retailers could either re-brand existing devices or create their own operating and ecosystem, like Amazon. 

“Releasing a tablet linked to its own digital download service, Blinkbox, is a smart move by Tesco," said Fiona Keenan, consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel. "Tablet owners are incredibly loyal to the download store they are first linked to – 92% of Apple customers that download digital video do so via iTunes and Google has also been successful in attracting its tablet users to the Google Play store.  While this level of loyalty will be challenging to achieve, Tesco is in a good place to profit from both initial hardware sales and the long-term boost to its digital services.”


Xplore Technologies Ranked Third Overall in Tablets
Wall Street Journal

Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: XPLR), manufacturer of the world's most powerful, longest-lasting and ultra-rugged tablets on the market, has been ranked as a top three manufacturer for tablets by Xplore RangerX Tabletmarket intelligence firm ABI Research. In its 2013 Tablet Competitive Assessment, Xplore Technologies placed third overall, following Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc., respectively.

Xplore Technologies' iX104C5 ultra-rugged tablet product line can withstand a seven-foot operating drop to concrete, complete exposure to four inches of rain an hour blowing at 40 mph for 30 minutes per side, and blowing dust and sand at 30 mph for 30 minutes. The ultra-rugged line is also completely upgradeable and field replaceable, which minimizes downtime and improves efficiency in the field.

Xplore recently expanded its market reach with the RangerX, a rugged lightweight 10.2 inch tablet that is ideal for field service applications. The rugged Android tablet comes in at 2.2 pounds and has a battery life up to 10 hours, helping to boost productivity on the field.



August 20, 2013

Samsung's Android dominance makes it an Apple contender

Samsung dominates as the top manufacturer of Android devices, and this was reflected in Flurry's Samsung Galaxy S4findings. The manufacturer's phones accounted for 59 percent in the overall sample of Android phones, and its tablets represented 42 percent of those devices.

While users in a variety of demographics favor Samsung devices, the report focused on two groups -- business travelers and moms -- two of the "most sought-after by advertisers," according to Flurry. Samsung smartphone users favored news magazines, tools, health and fitness, and education apps. Samsung's tablet users spent more time on communication apps.

When it comes to attracting people who spend the most time on mobile devices, Samsung's consumers are actually more like Apple's than other Android users, according to Flurry.

Samsung users also spend more time on apps within their devices than other Android consumers: 14 percent more than owners of other Android phones, and for tablet users, 10 percent more.



August 21, 2013

First 7 'Steve Jobs Schools' open in Netherlands, tout education through iPad
Apple Insider

As AppleInsider reported in July, the so-called "Steve JobsSchools" operate under a completely new Steve Jobs Schoolphilosophy that puts technology — namely Apple technology — at the heart of the classroom. Instead of textbooks, rigid schedules and a highly structured course of study, students are given a portable "virtual school" consisting of a single iPad loaded with specialized apps.

According to O4NT, the unique teaching method is a more efficient approach to reaching the 58 core objectives set forth by the Dutch Ministry of Education. By using a "one-on-one student-iPad ratio," the schools are able to adapt to the needs of individual students rather than tailor lessons for the group.

Not all of a student's life is spent glued to a tablet, however, as the daily Steve JobsSchool routine takes them around "subject rooms" located on the physical school grounds. Depending on their personal schedule, students can be found in the language room, math room, gym, technology lab, or at a planned activity for which they previously registered through one of O4NT's apps.

Parents and teachers can monitor a child's daily movements with the "iDesk Learning Tracker," which provides data on how long a student spent in a certain app, what level they reached and where they need help. The tool can also be used to compare a student's progress against other individuals, or an average for children of the same age.


Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch or Apple iWatch?
The VAR Guy

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. But if you only had the budget to buy or support a new Apple iwatch Google Glass Galaxy Geargeneration of wearable devices, which would it be: Google Glass, Apple iWatch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch? Hmmm...

The VAR Guy thinks the smart long-term bet is Google Glass. The reason: Complete Hands-free computing.

It sounds like Galaxy Gear will arrive in September 2013. Apple has never officially confirmed iWatch, though some folks think it could arrive this year. And Google Glass, currently in widespread testing, should be available for purchase in 2014.

Near term, smartwatches could be hot sellers. But for channel employees, The VAR Guy suspects Google Glass will offer more practical business use-case scenarios...



August 22, 2013

Three ways to optimize your Android tablet for work productivity

1.  Install useful apps

One way to optimize your tablet is to turn it into a powerful communication device. A good app for this would be HeyTell, which lets you record a voice message that you can send over Wi-Fi or 3G data. It Android in a suitbasically allows your tablet to function just like a walkie-talkie. The popular PC-to-PC voice call app Skype is also compatible with tablets. You can have it running in the background to notify you of incoming calls. You can even use it to share photos or chat with contacts in real time.

For note-taking purposes, you can download Flick Note for your Android tablet, which comes in both free and paid versions (the paid version, called Flick Notes Key, costs $5.01 USD, but it has extra widgets and no advertisements). Another option is Evernote, an app that lets you synchronize your notes to a password-protected private account. You can then read or modify your notes from any device, provided that it can access your account.

Another essential app for your tablet is Dropbox, which serves as both a storage locker and a method of syncing your important files across all your devices. This is very useful for times when you need to pull up an important reference file but don’t have it on your Android. The Kindle app, on the other hand, enables you to read important e-books using your device.



Microsoft offers ad-free Bing and Surface RT for schools

Microsoft's plan to battle Google in the classroom is launching today. Bing for Schools is a new ad-free Microsoft Bingversion of Microsoft's search service that includes strict filtering and privacy protections designed for schools. The pilot kicks off with 800,000 students in a number of US schools today, with plans to extend it elsewhere for non-pilot schools in the future.

While Microsoft is offering its discounted Surface RT hardware to schools directly, the Bing for Schools initiative also allows classrooms to earn free tablets for using the service. Classrooms, teachers, parents, or anyone can use the Bing Rewards program to collect credits towards free Surface RT tablets for schools. Each school will be rewarded a Surface RT when they reach 30,000 credits, which Microsoft says is the equivalent of around 60 Bing users using the service regularly for a month. The pilot kicks off today, and schools can register their interest in future plans through Microsoft's Bing for Schools site.



August 23, 2013

Traveling tablets: Three ringers for the road
Fox News

Travel means packing, and packing means packing light. Or trying to. So you don't want the extra weight of books, CDs, and DVDs to haul around, which makes a tablet the ideal vacation companion.Sony's Xperia Z Tablet

There are dozens of tablets on the market now, in various sizes and with various capabilities. Some are simple e-book readers, others with a snap-on keyboard can almost replace a laptop computer. Most shoppers are (overly) familiar with Apple's market-leading iPads, but there are alternatives that are as capable if not more capable than Apple's icons. Here are three of the best that I've tested.

Able to endure sand and surf, Sony's Xperia is the ultimate tablet-versus-wild weatherproof entertainer. With a 10.1-inch screen that has a true HD TV aspect ratio (for high-def movies) and the slimmest profile around, the Sony Xperia may be the best designed tablet on the market. 

It's also waterproof (I've put it in a pool and a lake, no problem; salt water is not recommended), which is more than a gimmick. It means you can leave it on the coffee table or kitchen counter without worrying that some fumble-fingers will destroy it with a spilled drink. 



Review: Sony VAIO Duo 13 hybrid

Sony’s VAIO range presents a broad selection of laptops with a somewhat confusing selection of names.Sony VAIO Duo 13 hybrid tablet The VAIO Duo 13 -is a hybrid tablet / Windows 8 laptop, much like the recently reviewed Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11S.

Aimed as those who want the benefits of a tablet without losing the non-touch interface of the keyboard and trackpad, the VAIO Duo we were sent has pretty impressive specifications on paper, including a dual core i7 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB Solid State Drive, but how does it perform in practice, and does it justify its the pricetag?

Sony certainly knows how to design an eye-catching computer, and the Sony VAIO Duo has a distinct design aesthetic of its own. When closed, it looks like a fairly chunky tablet, which makes sense with its 13.3-inch screen, and a thick bezel around the sides dwarfing most 10 and 7 inch dedicated tablets.


August 26, 2013

Intel bringing vision, 3D to laptop and tablet cameras
PC Advisor

From mundane 2D devices, integrated cameras in laptops and tablets in the future will change into powerful 3D tools that can sense movement, track emotion, and even monitor reading habits of children, according to Intel.

Intel is developing a "depth sensing" camera, which is an enhanced version of a 3D camera that can go deeper inside images to "bridge the gap between the real and virtual world," said Anil Nanduri , director of perceptual products & solutions at Intel.

Such depth cameras will be integrated into laptops and ultrabooks in the second half of 2014. The technology will initially appear in external webcams such as Senz3D external webcam, which was jointly developed by Logitech and Intel, and will become available in the coming quarters. The camera technology will ultimately trickle down to tablets and smartphones.


At Comic-Con, More Proof of the iPad's Staying Power

Apple may be the most important company in the comic book business. How? The iPad, which plays hostApple iPad, iPad mini and iPhone Tablets to millions of digital comics downloaded monthly.

"It took about 14 years of trial and error with digital comics to get them in a format in which they're palatable. Really, it's the iPad that makes them palatable," said sci-fi and comic book writer John Jackson Miller in an interview at last month's San Diego Comic-Con.

Don't expect Apple to introduce a full-sized comics edition iPad anytime soon. The Mac maker doesn't need to: comiXology is already the 66th highest-grossing app in the App Store as I write this. Over at Google's Play store, comiXology rates 48th on the list of top-grossing Android apps (which presumably includes both smartphone and tablet downloads).


Analyst: Samsung's Tablets Are More Innovative Than Apple's iPad
Tablet PC Review

Market-research firm ABI Research did a comparison of the products offered by all the top tablet makers and named Samsung as the most innovative of the group.

The analysts gave Samsung top marks for its wide array of tablet models -- the company offers devices ranging from ones with 7-inch screens all the way up to 11.6-inch displays with two different operating systems. Apple has just two different size tablets, and uses only one operating system.

ABI Research did acknowledge that Apple sells far more tablets than any of its competitors by saying that the iPad maker tops Samsung in its Implementation category.

Apple has successfully educated the marketplace through TV, print, and digital marketing about tablets and how they can be useful. The company also received perfect scores for its geographic market reach in all regions of the world.

Runners up in Implementation were Samsung and Lenovo.



August 27, 2013

Dell remains committed to Windows 8 for business tablets
PC Advisor

Dell plans to release more Windows 8 tablets and convertibles for business users later this year Dell Tablet

Windows 8 may be seeing sluggish demand, but Dell believes its the best OS for business tablets and plans to roll out more products built with the operating system later this year, a senior executive said Tuesday.

"The reason that our Windows tablets are more secure and easier to manage than Android-based products and iOS-based products is because of Windows on our tablets," said Dell vice chairman and president of global operations Jeff Clarke. "And we are not going to change that."

Clark made the comments while speaking to journalists at the Dell Solutions Summit in Beijing on Tuesday. He added that the company was focused on building tablets for business users, and not for consumers. "In business tablets we can differentiate our offerings from our competition," he said, pointing to Dell's work in making the devices more secure and easier to deploy for businesses

Dell expects demand for Windows 8 devices to pick up following the release of Windows 8.1, which Microsoft will release in October. "It is a dramatic improvement over the first version of Windows 8


HP Prepping to Launch Range of Tablets Starting At Rs 20000

Hewlett Packard (HP) has finally realized the need toHP Slate Tablet focus on the tablet portfolio. HP does have a tablet called ElitePad G1 which falls in a premium price category and a few more but it has not been able to make up to the popular highlights so far.

However, the recent reports that have appeared Online suggests that the company has been prepping themselves to launch an array of tablets in the coming two months viz. September and October. These tablets are reportedly said to come at the base price of Rs. 20,000 and will range up to Rs 60,000. This might have a deep impact on the manufacturers like Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and Apple as well. Since the month of September and October in India is quite filled with festivals, HP surely is planning to plunge into the market a the best time of the year.


PC, tablet makers get Windows 8.1

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 has reached its final "Release to manufacturing" stage and has, well, been released to manufacturers for inclusion in the annual blitz of holiday hardware. News of Windows 8.1's RTM status first broke this weekend.

What does this mean for you? Nothing, yet. While manufacturers have their paws on the final version of Windows 8.1 today, the free update won't appear in the Windows Store until October 17, with boxed discs and third-party hardware appearing on physical store shelves the day after.


Nokia Sirius: a 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet that looks like a Lumia

Nokia is preparing to back Windows RT by launching a 10.1-inch tablet soon. Sources familiar with Nokia Sirius TabletNokia's plans have revealed to The Verge that the tablet, codenamed Sirius, will be launched shortly. While prototype pictures of the device leaked earlier this month, we understand that the final design more closely resembles Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone products.

We're told that Nokia's tablet will be thinner than the current iPad, and lighter at just over a pound in weight. The body of the device will be colored, and Nokia plans to include a 6-megapixel camera at the rear with a 2-megapixel shooter at the front. The 10.1-inch display that Nokia is planning to use will run at 1920 x 1080 resolution, and has been improved for outdoor readability thanks to a high amount of bright output. Sources have also revealed that the tablet will feature Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor alongside 2GB of RAM. We understand Nokia is aiming for 10 hours of solid battery life with LTE connectivity. Other features include a microSD port to extend the 32GB of storage, a Micro HDMI connector, and a Micro USB port.


Microsoft May Launch Nex-Gen Tablet With Windows 8.1
RTT News

While the new Windows 8.1 operating system is set to hit the stores later this fall, it is also rumored SUrface 2 tablet Windows 8.1that Microsoft may unveil its next generation Surface tablets soon, in a bid to revive interest in its flagship product.

The official release date for the tablet has not yet been revealed, but the recent price cuts hint the release of the Surface 2 and Pro 2, along with the Windows 8.1 OS.

The new tablet is indicated with the fingerprint sensing technology, a feature Apple has been reportedly working on for its iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. The technology allow users to instantly unlock their device while picking a call, without any other security measures required.

It is also speculated that the new Surface tablet may be powered by Intel's new Haswell processors, replacing its predecessor which suffered from poor battery life and a slightly bulky design.



August 28, 2013

Kobo unveils HD tablets and an ereader, aims to rival iPad and Kindle

TABLET MAKER Kobo has expanded its line of tablets and ereaders today, unveiling several devices aimed at making waves in markets dominated by Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle.

Kobo Tablets

Kobo's fresh tablet range includes two 7in models, the Kobo Arc 7 and Kobo Arc 7HD, and a 10in tablet, the Kobo Arc 10HD. The firm has also brought a small addition to its ereader lineup with the Aura, a cheaper alternative to the Aura HD that has a somewhat lower quality screen.

Powered by Nvidia Tegra chips, the Arc 7HD and the Arc 10HD have quad-core Tegra 4 1.7Ghz and a Tegra 4 1.8GHz processors, respectively.

The 10HD tablet display has 2560x1600 resolution, higher than that of Apple's Retina display on its iPad 4 tablet, which has 2048x1536 resolution. It runs the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean


August 29, 2013

New iPads will not be introduced at Apple's Sept. 10 event
Apple Insider

The well-connected Jim Dalrymple of The Loop revealed on Wednesday that there will be "no iPads" at iPad mini in handApple's upcoming event. The keynote is expected to feature Apple's next-generation iPhones, rumored to be called the "iPhone 5S" and "iPhone 5C."

Dalrymple's comments were provided in response to an earlier media report that had suggested iPads could be introduced at Apple's Sept. 10 media event. However, Apple has historically kept its iPhone and iPad announcements separate.

Last year, the iPhone 5 was unveiled at a media event in September, while the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad were introduced to the public in October. It's likely that Apple will follow a similar schedule this year, and introduce a second-generation iPad mini and redesigned fifth-generation iPad in October, ahead of the holiday shopping season.


Panasonic to unleash 20in 4K tablet at IFA
PC Authority
Panasonic  20in 4K tablet

Panasonic already revealed its monstrous 20in 4K tablet at CES back in January, but now it looks set to return with a vengeance – and a trimmer waistline.

Weighing in at 2.5kg in IFA, the 20-incher is now described as being the world's thinnest and lightest tablet – which means Panasonic's been slicing and dicing its way through every inch to shed that extra weight.

Whether or not that means the internals – a 1.5GHz Intel i5 processor, Nvidia GPU, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD – have had to be sacrificed, remains to be seen. But with a 4K display and a huge screen size, it'll be hard not to be impressed (and terrified) either way.


Why Windows tablets won't usurp enterprise iPads

Editors Note - I do not agree with this

Companies may be looking to introduce more Windows-based tablets into their corporate IT set-up — but the move is unlikely to dent use of iPads in the enterprise.

Windows tablets such as Microsoft's Surface are more likely to end up replacing corporate desktops and laptops than iPads, according to a survey of senior IT professionals by analyst firm Gartner — however much IT departments would prefer their users on Windows slates rather than iOS ones.

"A lot of the focus we saw with the participants in the study was they were looking at Windows 8 tablets like Surface with somewhat of a hopeful eye that they would be able to consolidate the number of devices that users are using," Gartner research director and report author Mark Cortner said.

For the IT department, the advantage of Windows tablets is that the management tools and experience built up from legacy Windows environments "is easily extended to those devices and that's by no means easily extended to an iPad", he said.

"Windows tablets may very well be a better solution than laptops for organisations going forward and they may provide those to their users, but that doesn't mean those users will stop bringing in their iPads."


August 30, 2013

Apple's iPad mini to be offered by Hawaiian Airlines as in-flight entertainment
Apple Insider

Hawaii's largest airline, and the 11th largest in the U.S., Hawaiian Airlines announced on Thursday that it will be offering Apple's iPad mini to passengers traveling on routes served by its fleet of Boeing 767-300Hawaiian Air aircraft.

The airline is contracting with Bluebox Avionics, an in-flight entertainment system supplier, to roll out the iPad minis in a total of 14 planes by Sept. 1. In all, 1,400 tablets will be dispensed to cover the 14 routes from Hawaiian Airlines' hub in Honolulu to the U.S. mainland, Asia, the South Pacific.

With the mini, passengers will have access to over 100 hours of movies, TV shows and games. Those traveling in Business Class will get to use the tablets free of charge, while those seated in Economy Class need to reserve units for $15 at the gate or $17 in-flight.











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