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April 2013


April 1, 2013

Consumers give Microsoft Surface Pro almost perfect rating

Summary: It comes as no surprised that The public has taken a liking to the new Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets because it offers end users the convenience and portability of a tablet along with the ability to run all of the app's they are used to on their Tablets.

On CNN's Technology Minute last evening, the panel talked about how Microsoft's Surface Pro still definitely has a market, despite constant negativity from certain tech sites that desperately want to see Microsoft fail.

To see how much consumers love their Surface Pro devices, we combined the user ratings at Amazon.com, Best Buy, and other sources. The Surface Pro averages a rating of 4.62/5 from 396 user reviews. The aspect that consumers like the most is screen quality. Some consumers also think the Surface Pro ($899 for the 64GB version and $999 for the 128GB version) is too expensive, but it isn't a big deal to most people.

View slideshow: Microsoft Surface Pro


Windows 8 Blue: Top 5 New Features We're Excited To See In Surface Pro, RT Tablets
iTech Post

Summary: Windows Blue, when it arrives will offer App Snapping, New Apps, Enhanced PC Settings, Windows blueCustomizable Metro And New Live Tile Sizes and a Better SkyDrive.

This past week was a big one for Windows Blue. First, leaked images and video hit the Internet and detailed some of Windows Blue's new features. Secondly, Microsoft finally acknowledged that the Windows 8 update exists in the form of project "Blue," something it had never done before.

Of course, we don't know everything Microsoft has in store for the Windows Blue update, but the leaks did reveal at least a few new features. With Windows 8's big focus on touch capabilities and the new Metro UI, it's obvious that the operating system was designed ideally for a tablet like the Surface Pro or RT. Windows Blue continues that trend by adding new features that will make the Surface experience much better. Here are five features we're looking forward to when Microsoft releases the update later this year.


April 2, 2013

Windows 8: How to free up disk space on Microsoft Surface tablets
Computerworld New Zealand

Summary: On of the major complaints about Microsoft's new Surface Tablets is that they have far less usable disk space than advertised.  Thankfully, there is a way to free up to 7GB of additional disk space on the drive by create a USB recovery drive and deleting the Windows 8 recovery partition.

The issue comes up because the 32GB version of Surface RT has only 16GB of free disk space; the 64GB has 45GB. The story is worse with Surface Pro where the 64GB model has 29GB free, while the 128GB has 89GB free.

Fortunately there's a simple way to regain some of that space by removing the recovery partition from the hard drive, liberating 3.5GB on Surface RT and 7GB on Surface Pro.

First, though, users must create a separate recovery drive they can use to resuscitate Windows 8 should it become corrupted.

NOTE: Once the recovery partition is removed from the hard disk, the USB recovery drive is the only way to recover, so the USB stick must be kept in a safe place.

Here's how to make the recovery drive using a built-in Windows 8 tool.


Dell Latitude 10-ST2 Windows 8 Pro Tablet: the Good and the Bad

Summary: Dell has jumped back into the tablet market with the Latitude 10-ST2 Tablet.  THe Atom processor lacks power so this Tablet would not be a good choice for the power user, but would be fine for surfing the net and reading email.

Tablet computing is all the rage right now. Apple has its iPad and iPad mini. Samsung has the Dell Latitude 10-ST2 Windows 8 Pro TabletAndroid-powered Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note; and Microsoft has Surface RT and Surface Pro. Dell also has a Windows 8 Pro tablet – The Dell Latitude 10-ST2. How does it measure up to the expected tablet experience? Is it a good alternative to either the 64GB or 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro tablet? Let's take an in-depth look and find out.

The Atom processor doesn't have a lot of horse power. In fact, it's pretty anemic. The system is optimized for a few specific app's – Microsoft Office being one of them – but don't expect it to power through anything else. The weak processor performance even seems to affect network traffic, disk I/O and display performance as well, though obviously system interaction between dedicated sub components will also factor in.

The Dell Latitude 10 ST2 is one of the few Windows 8 Pro tablets I know of that comes with a desktop styled docking station, which provides a base to charge the tablet as well as monitor and LAN connectivity. It also provides a number of USB 2.0 ports and an audio port. It's not a bad option, but it's not providing a compelling reason to purchase the tablet.


April 3, 2013

Microsoft May Be Developing Smaller Surface Tablets, E-Readers

Summary:  The cat is out of the preverbal bag that Microsoft is gearing up to add smaller sized tablets to their surface line of tablet pc computers and may be expanding into E-readers as well.

While Microsoft’s current line-up of Surface tablets compete directly with devices like the Apple iPad, Mocrosoft Surfsce Pro with penit still doesn’t have a mid-sized device to compete with smaller tablets like the iPad Mini and, notably, Amazon’s Kindle Fire. There is some tantalizing evidence, though, in the latest release of the Windows 8 Certification guidelines that state that Microsoft will now officially support smaller resolutions and, perhaps, screen sizes, which would allow manufacturers to create a new generation of smaller Surface tablets in the 7-inch range.

New language shows official support for resolutions as low as 1024×768, a popular resolution for smaller tablet screens. Current Microsoft tablets must have a resolution of at least 1366×768 to receive logo certification, or the license for manufacturers to include the official Windows 8 logo on their Windows 8 devices. Notably, the new, lower resolution has an aspect ratio of 4:3 like older tube TVs, where as formerly all resolutions supported were on the more modern 16:9 standard.

Regardless of aspect ratios, this could signal that Microsoft is ready to start working with smaller and lower-cost tablets, a device size that’s been outselling larger tablets lately. Notably, it might also let Microsoft finally enter the e-reader world, something it’s been working on for years with little to show for it. Microsoft has had a long-standing partnership with the beleaguered bookseller Barnes & Noble. Mary Jo Foley reasons in a smart post on All About Microsoft that it would be logical for Microsoft to develop the hardware for a new generation of smaller Windows tablets and let Barnes & Noble provide access to its large Nook-based library. This makes the smaller Suface seem like a slam dunk, but there’s more to smaller tablets than books.


Dell Latitude 10 review

Summary:  The long battery life on the Dell Latitude 10 is great, but the lack of power and single USB port can be an issue if you if your a power user that multitask and uses programs that take a lot of resources.

Dell's Latitude 10 is a business-focused tablet that offers long battery life in a device comparable Dell Latitude 10 Tabletin size and weight to an iPad, but running Windows 8 Professional.

First announced last year as part of Dell's corporate Windows 8 line-up, the Latitude 10 has taken a while to finally reach customers, only shipping in the UK within the past few weeks.

Dell's release is an attempt to address the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend by building enterprise-class devices that have more consumer appeal, and the Latitude 10 is one of the resulting products.

To this end, the Latitude exhibits good build quality and one feature few other tablets can boast: a removable battery, which can be swapped for a spare or easily replaced, should it develop a fault.On the plus side, even the Dell's standard battery delivered a full working day's use in our tests, while on the downside, the device's 32-bit Atom processor limits it to 2GB memory and more modest performance than tablets based on Intel Core chips.

Despite its small size, this battery pack managed to power the Latitude 10 for an impressive nine hours and 22 minutes in our tests, which should be enough for a full working day and is considerably longer than tablets based on Intel's Core processors.


Google to launch new Nexus 7 tablet in July

Summary: Goggle is expected to launch a update version of their Nexus 7 Tablet with a more powerful processor this summer.  Goggles goal for the new Nexus 7 is to sell upwards of eight million Nexus 7 tablets in 2013.

Two sources aid the new device would be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, replacingGoogle Nexus 7 Tablet the Nvidia Tegra 3 used in the first version.

Google is aiming to ship as many as eight million of the Asustek-made tablets in the second half of the year, throwing down the gauntlet to other low-end tablets such as Amazon's Kindle Fire and Apple's iPad mini.

Google, which gets almost all of its revenue from online advertising, wants the aggressively priced Nexus tablets to be a hit as more Nexus users would mean more exposure for Google's ads.

The latest version will have a higher screen resolution, a thinner bezel design and adopt the Qualcomm processor over Nvidia's for power reasons.


April 4, 2013

Dell Confirms New Windows 8 Tablet PCs, Laptops and Hybrids to Launch This Year
Press Blue

Summary: There appears to be a lot of rearranging going on at Dell besides Michael Dell working on buying back the company and making it a private company again.   New Tablets including Convertible Tablets and Hybrid tablets are into he Dell pipeline.

It’s no secret that the conventional PC industry is slowly dying a death and some of the world’s Dell Latitude 10 Tabletbiggest brands are being forced to re-think their ongoing hardware roadmaps. As such, it should come as no real surprise to hear that Dell is apparently lining up a series of new Windows Tablets with the intent to launch them before the end of the year.

And clearly looking to tap into the serious user and corporate markets rather than a general media consumption audience, the new Dell Windows Tablet

In addition to the new Dell Tablet range, various new convertible hybrids and laptops will be released before the end of the year.

Depending on exactly how and when the new Dell Tablet range is launched, there’s every possibility that it could give the likes of the Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro Tablets a serious run for their money. Demand for both of Microsoft’s tablets has so far been tepid to say the least having failed to strike a chord with any real market.


Finally! Apple Reveals their Hybrid Notebook Tablet Details
Patently Apple

Summary: We heard rumblings that it was coming and now it looks like those rumblings are coming true.  Apple is building an Hybrid tablet.

Apple Introduces their Hybrid Notebook-Tablet

Apple Hybrid Tablet

Apple Finally reveals their hybrid notebook-tablet device. Apple states that their invention may take the form of a computing device including a base and a display selectively removable from the base. When connected or coupled to the base, the display may be rotatable and may pivot from an open position to a closed position. When disconnected or decoupled from the base, the display may be positioned in substantially any manner suitable by the user for viewing the display.

The display may communicate with the base wirelessly and data and/or power may be transmitted to and from the base and the display without the need for cables or wires. The data and power transmission may be wireless when the display is decoupled from the base and wired when the display is coupled to the base.


April 5, 2013

Apple iPad 5 Release Date and rumor round up
Capital Technologies

Summary:  If the current rumors are correct you can expect to see a new and improved iPad 5 Tablet in the next 25-60 days.

We have some really big news for all those Apple fans who have been waiting for the next Apple ipad and iPad minigeneration of Apple iPads to come out. Multiple reports have suggested that the Apple iPad 5 could arrive in the month of April or May this year.

Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of rumors and reports about the next generation iPads which include the Apple iPad 5 and the Apple iPad Mini 2. Different rumors gave out different release dates for these next-gen tablets, but now we have something new but with a lot more logic and reasoning.

A group of people with links to a variety of sources has suggested that the iPad 5 will be unveiled by Apple in the month of April or latest by May. During a conversation about Apple’s product lineup and roadmap for the year 2013, discussions with journalists indicate that the Apple iPad launch should take place in Spring, but the rumors indicate that the company is pushing the device launch later in the year.
Early or late, we know one thing for sure. The Apple iPad 5 will be much better than every other iPad that the company has already released. The iPad 5 is said to incorporate the design and looks of the iPad Mini and at the same time will have a much better hardware configuration as compared to the New iPad.


April 8, 2013

Apple's iPad 4 Vs Sony Xperia Z Tablet – Who's Got The Edge?
Gadget Gestures

Summary:  Sony is known for quality products and we have high expectations for their Xperia Z Tablet,  which from the spec's, include a quad core processor, 2GB of memory and an 8.1 MP camera,  it looks like Sony could give the Apple iPad a run for its money in the Tablet space.

Sony’s Xperia Z Tablet is certainly an interesting device. Introduced at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona last month, the Xperia Z is a high-end slate with plenty of cool specs. However, with Apple's iPad 4 Vs Sony Xperia Z Tabletthose specs and a price point that is sure to be high, the Xperia Z is right in the crosshairs of Apple’s iPad. Sony will hope the Xperia Z tablet can prove a viable alternative to Apple’s all-conquering device, much like the Xperia Z is the company’s first ever home run smartphone.

If Sony wants to outright defeat the iPad then the Xperia Z Tablet will likely fail. The simple fact is the Xperia 10 could be a vastly better unit, but the iPad has a market presence that most can only dream of. Sony’s best bet of success is to approach tablets as it is smartphones, and to try and build its presence by offering a viable alternative to the iPad. In other words not to beat Apple in the market share, but to steal some of the iPad’s market.

However, before the Xperia Z can even take some of Apple’s glory it WILL need to be a kick-ass slate, and on paper things look good. The Sony tablet arrives with a 10.1 inch display featuring a resolution of 1200 x 1920 resulting in a pixel density of 224 ppi, while the iPad 4 has a 9.7 inch display with a higher resolution of 1536 x 2046 and more pixels per inch (264 ppi).

The Xperia Z has 2GB of RAM compared to the iPad 4’s lower 1GB, it also boasts a higher megapixel rate on the rear cam with 8.1-MP compared to the iPad’s 5-MP. A quad-core Snapdragon Krait processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, while Apple’s A6X dual-core CPU is running at 1.4 GHz.


Apple iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 comparison
PC Advisor

Apple iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Summary: Taking into account that new versions of Google & Nexes tablets are due later in the year, PC Advisor has a nice comparison of the Galaxy Note 8, Google Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad mini.

Two of the biggest tablets on the market are the Google Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad mini, but Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note 8.0. We compare these three contrasting tablets in our Apple iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7 tablet comparison review.

There's plenty to talk about with these three very different tablets so we've split this article up into various sections so you can concentrate on the areas which are important to you.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is the most recent of the tablets here and we're expecting new versions of the Nexus 7 and iPad mini this year, so bear this in mind.


Acer Iconia A1-810 great specs and cheaper than iPad mini
Phones Review

When Apple first launched the original iPad the device gave the kiss of life to the tablet PC market and has since seen a huge number of devices become available at a number of price levels. Now a Acer Iconia A1-810 Tabletnew Acer Iconia A1-810 7.9-inch tablet PC has emerged that will provide a cheaper alternative to the Apple iPad mini with some great specs.

It has a 7.9-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 that is powered by a quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz and coupled with 1GB of RAM. There is only 16GB of built in storage but unlike some of its rivals there is the option of further expansion via a microSD card.

There is also a 5-megapixel rear facing camera with a 0.3-megapixel unit on the front, and the Acer is running the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. The device measures in at 208.7mm x 145.7mm x 10.5mm weighing 460grams.

The device has yet to be announced officially by the company but is down for a June release, and should come around the same time that the second generation of Nexus 7 is expected to arrive.


April 9, 2013

Cheap tablets here and they're not too bad
The Daily Telegraph

Summary:  With prices under $100.00 Android Tablet prices have reached the point where for some, they can be considered disposable. 

Major retailers are offering some Android tablets from less than $90 and many other models under Cheap Tabletthe $150 price mark.

Kogan's cheapest tablet is the Agora 8-inch for $119, Harvey Norman has the PendoPad 4.0 7'' for $88 and Mobicity has the BWC 7-inch for $89 and the BWC Smart 10-inch for $149.

Ruslan Kogan, of Kogan Technologies, said when the iPad was launched three years ago, the top model was nearly a week's wage for most people.

But the growth of the Android system and components produced on mass in Chinese factories meant that an increasing number of companies were putting together tablets without having to go through the expensive process of developing an operating systems and app store.

''Our tablets were developed with conversations with our customers and one thing our customers were saying is that they wanted a tablet but they didn't need one,'' Mr Kogan said.


Two unique tablet deployments prove that the iPad is for all ages

Summary: This is one of my favorite deployments of a tablet to date.  At Cedar Sini Hospital her in Los Angeles they are using iPad's in the NCIU.  THis allows new mothers who for medical reasons can not be taken down to the NCIU to see their newborn baby and lessons the separation anxiety.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles recently deployed iPads in its neonatal intensive care unit (NCIU), primarily for mothers to interact with their new-born children and medical staff.neonatal intensive care unit

The roll-out sees one iPad being given to the mother, while another is placed next to a child’s incubator when admitted to NCIU. Mothers are allowed to log onto to the solution, which is called BabyTime, twice a day to check on their child.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center says that these iPads come in handy for mothers recovering from a Caesarean section. Indeed, the center claims that 20-30% of mothers who have undergone a C-section do not feel well enough to travel to the NICU in the first 24-48 hours.

“BabyTime will help bridge communication with the family and the baby's medical team and is an excellent use of technology to help new mothers bond with their babies, even when they cannot be physically at their babies' bedside,” said Charles F. Simmons Jr., MD, who chairs the Cedars-Sinai Department of Pediatrics.

“When doctors and nurses are treating a new-born in the NICU, mom can be right there asking questions and getting updates, even if she's on a different floor.”

This wasn’t the only unusual tablet deployment to come out this week, with a number of newspapers, including The Daily Mail, reporting that a Christian church in the United Kingdom is now using tablets and WiFi to stream bible passages and church hymns.

St John’s Church in Mickleover, Derby has taken to tablets and other digital devices, mainly because some members of the congregation have struggled to read the small text on the paper-bound bibles


April 10, 2013

The 5 Best Windows 8 Tablets
PC Magazine

Summary: PC Magazine has posted their 5 best Windows 8 Tablets along with specs and links to to the review for each of the five tablets.

Tablets have moved from the gimmicky fringe to the mainstream, with multiple new touch-friendly models released by every major manufacturer. Spurred on by the tablet-friendly Windows 8 and new hardware that fits PC power into slimmer and lighter devices, these handy PCs won't be going anywhere. But just because they're the hot new thing doesn't mean that every tablet PC is great, which is why we're here in the first place—to weed out the clunkers and help you know what's best, and why.

Name Acer Iconia W700-6465 Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro Razer Edge Pro HP Envy X2 (11-g012nr)
Editor Rating          
Lowest Price $839.99 Amazon $1,035.00 Dell $952.50 Amazon $1,449.99 Amazon $699.99 HP Direct
Dimensions 0.5 x 11.75 x 7.75 inches 11 x 7 x 0.52 inches 7 x 11 x 0.5 inches 7 x 10.9 x 0.8 inches 11.9 x 0.66 x 8.1 inches
Weight 2 lb 1.47 lb 2 lb 2.1 lb 3.11 lb
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8
CPU Intel Core i5-3317U Intel Atom Z2760 Intel Core i5-3317U Intel Core i7-3517U Intel Atom Z2760
Processor Speed 1.7 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.7 GHz 2.4 GHz 1.8 GHz
Screen Size 11.6 inches 10.1 inches 10.6 inches 10.1 inches 11.6 inches
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels 1366 x 768 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels 1366 x 768 pixels 1366 x 768 pixels
Storage Capacity (as Tested) 128 GB 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB 64 GB
Battery Life 6 hours 34 minutes 9 hours 20 minutes 4 hours 58 minutes 3 hours 14 minutes 7 hours 08 minutes
Type Tablet Tablet Tablet Gaming, Tablet Ultraportable, Tablet, Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage
  Read the Review Read the Review Read the Review Read the Review Read the Review


Apple iPad Mini Vs Acer Iconia A1 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: Who Is Poised To Be Apple’s Competitor?
Tech Thirsty
Acer Iconia A1 Tablet

While everyone’s going ga ga over the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, discussing how it is poised to be the perfect competitor to the Apple iPad Mini, Acer introduced its own counter to this popular 8-inch tablet – the Iconia A1-810. Now even though the company wanted to keep a low profile, we couldn’t help but notice this tablet.

Like the iPad Mini, the Iconia A1-810 also has a 7.9-inch display, with a resolution of 1024X768 pixels and comes with a price tag of £199, making it quite an interesting alternative to the higher priced iPad Mini. The device is powered by a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM, and comes with 16 GB of internal storage.


April 11, 2013

Microsoft said to be working on a 7-inch Surface tablet
Microsoft Surface Pro with blue keyboard

Summary: Right now this is still a rumor but it does makes sense that since Microsoft has entered the Tablet PC hardware market that a 7 inch or other sizes will be come available in the Surface line of Tablets going forward..

Microsoft Corp is developing a new lineup of Surface tablets, including a 7-inch version expected to go into mass production later this year, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the company's plans.

Microsoft executives felt they needed to keep pace with the growing popularity of smaller tablets like Google Inc's 7-inch Nexus and the 7.9-inch iPad Mini introduced by Apple Inc last October, one person told the paper.


Tablets Rise, PCs Decline - Who is Winning the Market?
Mobile Enterprise

Summary: the Tablet Market is growing in leaps and bounds and the PC market is declining at a steady pace

A consumer- driven device, tablets are used by millions of workers every day, and the form factor is growing in popularity by the year. According to Gartner’s "Forecast: Devices by Operating System and User Type,” worldwide tablet shipments are predicted to be 197 million units in 2013, a 69.8% increase from 2012.

"While there will be some individuals who retain both a personal PC and a tablet, especially those who use either or both for work and play, most will be satisfied with the experience they get from a tablet as their main computing device," said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner. "As consumers shift their time away from their PC to tablets and smartphones, they will no longer see their PC as a device that they need to replace on a regular basis."

"Lower prices, form factor variety, cloud update and consumers' addiction to apps will be the key drivers in the tablet market," said Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner. "Growth in the tablet segment will not be limited to mature markets alone. Users in emerging markets who are looking for a companion to their mobile phone will increasingly choose a tablet as their first computing device and not a PC."


April 12, 2013

Guess Which Android Tablet Is The World's Most Popular

Summary: it comes as no surprise that Samsung is on the top of the Android Tablet list.

It's A Samsung World, We Just Live In It

It’s a Samsung. This should not be surprising considering that Samsung basically controls the entire Android industry, from smartphones to tablets and everything in between. In Animoca’s network, the top Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, holding 11.8% of the market. Second place also goes to a Samsung device, the Tab 10.1 with 8.3%. After that come two generations of 7-inch Amazon Fire tablets, with the original grabbing 7.5% market share and the HD weighing in at 4.9%. 

Localytics agrees with Animoca that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 sits atop the Android tablet heap. After that, the two company diverge a bit.

Perhaps because Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets cannot access Google Play, Kindles are underrepresented in the Animoca data. Localytics puts the original Kindle Fire in the No. 2 spot and set the Nexus 7 at No. 4, both with much stronger showings percentage-wise than in the Animoca data. 

most popular android machines


Regain Balance With Rugged Tablet PCs
Manufacturing Business Technology

Summary: From inside a warehouse to controlling sound in venues a rugged Tablet PC can be used safely and effectively in many situations.

If your company has weathered the downturn in the economy by shedding excess inventory and Mobile Demand Tablet PCstreamlining operations, you may be ready for the next step in the new economy.  You can regain balance of warehouse operations with rugged tablet pcs.  In Manufacturing and Warehousing industries, a rugged tablet pc can help you to move from the tight controls of a recession back to a better equilibrium, which focuses more on customer needs and satisfaction.

Choose Multi-Functional, Adaptive Technologies
Rugged tablet pcs are able to be programmed for your different needs and can be adapted to changing distribution situations.  Moreover, Rugged tablet pcs are multi-modal technology devices which you can use for a variety of tasks including voice picking, near and far range scanning in put-away, scanning for inventory applications, and capturing signatures from receiving docs.  Using this technology allows your company to react to market changes more quickly to make better decisions about managing labor and production costs.  

With appropriate and versatile technology, you can keep labor, distribution and manufacturing costs down so your workforce and movement of goods are more efficient. Whatever costs you incur by investing in tablet technology should be recovered as they help you efficiently rebalance your inventory.For more information on Rugged Tablet PCs from MobileDemand, please visit the MobileDemand blog or Rugged Tablet PC website

Mobile Demand xTablet Demo


April 15, 2013

ASUS Transformer AiO desktop/tablet hybrid goes on sale for $1299
Digital Trends

Summary: While other OEM's are going smaller Asus has chosen to go bigger with the Asus Transformer AiO desktop - Tablet hybrid Pc.   The new Aio is also unique in that it runs Microsoft Windows 8 when docked and Android Jelly Bean when the tablet is removed from te dock.

Perfect for gigantic people who want an iPad experience (in terms of human-to-tablet size ratio) or for people who believe big equals best, Asus is now selling the Transformer AiO P1801 ASUS Transformer AiO desktop/tablet hybriddesktop/tablet hybrid in the US.

Yes, it’s a PC running Windows 8 and yes it’s an 18.4-inch Android tablet that you probably won’t want to take with you on public transport. We first got our hands on the P1801 at CES 2013 in Las Vegas a couple of months back and were intrigued by this rather extraordinary piece of kit.

Connected to its dock, it’s a Windows 8 machine with a decent-sized monitor, powered by a third-generation Intel Core i5 0r i7 processor and with 1TB of storage. Lift it from the dock and it becomes a gargantuan tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of solid-state storage .

DT’s Jennifer Bergen, who went hands-on with the device at CES in January, had a lot of good things to say about it, praising its “sharp and bright” full HD LED-backlit IPS display. Perhaps surprisingly for a piece of kit this size, the almost-six-pounds machine “didn’t feel overly heavy”, according to Jennifer.

A neat though essential feature is the handle on the back of the tablet, making it easy to haul about your home – thinking about it, wheels might have worked just as well.

It has a kickstand too, so you can easily prop it up when it’s away from its dock. One assumes the kickstand works effectively to really stabilize the device, for you wouldn’t want to see this giant heading towards the floor after a particularly over-enthusiastic tap or swipe.


Standardizing on Windows tablet PCs to simplify device management

The enterprise can take a lesson from schools when it comes to device management.

Many school districts and universities have chosen to deliver Windows-based tablet PCs to end users to provide a standard environment that makes it easier for their IT departments to manage end-user devices.

While some technology needs are specific to an industry, each market has its own set of IT managers and CIOs who deal with issues that transcend industry lines. Technology standardization, bring your own device, or BYOD, policies, mobility and security are just a few areas that IT managers and CIOs must contend with in supporting both education and enterprise end users.

These issues have gained prominence as the market for tablets and smartphones heats up, and technology research companies such as IDC have reported that worldwide first-quarter 2013 PC shipments dropped nearly 14%. Indeed, businesses are eyeing tablets as a viable mobile platform, while some educators have already begun installing large number of these devices for students and faculty.

Businesses have only just begun to notice Microsoft's Surface tablets, but many schools have already deployed Windows-based tablets from Microsoft OEMs instead of Apple iPads. For example, Geary County Schools in Junction City, Kan., and Seton Hall University in South Orange, N.J., have provided Samsung Series 7 Slate devices to their students, faculty members and school administration.


April 16, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 reviewSamsung Galaxy Note 8

If the iPad mini was Apple's response to the small tablet craze, then the Galaxy Note 8.0 is Samsung's rebuttal.

The light, slim tablet sports some impressive specifications that slightly edge out the iPad mini: a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 1280x800 pixel display.

It's not the impressive specs that make the Galaxy Note 8.0 stand out, however. The big sell is productivity, with Samsung pushing its pressure-sensitive "S-Pen" stylus and dual-window support, allowing you to run two apps simultaneously. With a stylus and multiple apps running at the same time, Samsung believes you can regain some of speed and efficiency you get from a laptop.


Dell takes pre-orders on XPS 18 Touch AIO tablet/PC

Dell has begun taking pre-orders for the touchscreen device on Dell’s US website.

There are three different configurations with the cheapest starting at $900.XPS 18 Touch AIO tablet/PC

For that money, you get a 1.8GHz Intel Pentium U2117 dual-core Ivy Bridge-grade processor with 64-bit Windows 8 operating system, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

All models feature standard Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics processor unit (iGPU) graphics plus wireless keyboard and mouse.

For an extra $100, the $1000 model delivers a dual-core 1.9GHz Core i3 3227U processor with a larger 500GB hard drive.

The top-end $1350 version kicks things up to a Core i5 3337U processor, 8GB of RAM and the storage combination of a 500GB hard drive alongside a 32GB mSATA SSD, essentially to provide Intel’s Rapid Start Technology (fast starting within a few seconds).


April 17, 2013

A Laptop Screen With Tablet Ambitions
New York Times

Let’s admit it: Love it or hate it, Windows 8 was designed for touch screens. Its new facade, the colorful quilt of square tiles that I call TileWorld, was born for finger operation. Samsung Ativ PC Pro tablet

Many of these machines have screens that flip, twist, rotate or detach so that you can use them either as laptops or as tablets. The HP Envy x2, Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo Helix, Dell XPS 12, Asus Vivo Tab, Asus Transformer Book and the Acer Iconia W510 all fall into this category.

Most of those use a stripped-down, low-powered processor, though (the Intel Atom). They have enough juice for tablet apps, but you’ll find them slow for desktop PC tasks.

That’s not true of Microsoft’s own Surface Pro, which packs Intel’s powerful i5 processor. When I reviewed this sleek, attractive tablet/PC in February, I noted that it was an incredibly well-executed hybrid. It’s a half-inch-thin, two-pound tablet, but the kickstand in back and the keyboard/screen cover in front let you turn it into a real Windows desktop PC in seconds. Its limitations are a feeble battery, undersize keyboard and limited storage (only 23 gigabytes in the $900 model).

Which brings us to this piece of reader mail, which arrived shortly after that column was published: “How could you write about the Surface Pro without mentioning the Samsung Ativ PC Pro ($1,200)? It has the same Intel processor as the Surface Pro, but much better battery life, bigger screen, bigger keyboard, 1080p screen and more storage. Yet it’s still under two pounds.”

The full name of the machine he was describing is the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T, which at 18 syllables sounds as if it were named by the federal government. It’s a laptop whose screen detaches, becoming a tablet, when you press a release button and tug. Awkwardly enough, in laptop mode, the detach button covers up the Windows button used to open Windows 8’s Start screen. In laptop mode, you have to use the Windows key on the keyboard instead.


A Worthy Tablet for Children
New York TimesPolaroid Kids Tablet

The Polaroid Kids Tablet ($150) is yet another seven-inch Android 4.0 portable option for children. But it’s worth a second look, because unlike the now dozens of others, both the power and volume controls are well marked, easy to find and right there on the front panel. You can’t miss them.

This might seem like a small detail, but when you mix this simplicity with a drop-proof rubber bumper, 35 preinstalled apps and a book and music player, you can see an Android-based tablet that is as easy to use as the more toylike LeapPad2 and InnoTab 2. The price is comparable, too, once you consider the batteries and game cartridges required by the LeapPad and the InnoTab.

Unlike the toy options, this tablet gives you Wi-Fi and access to thousands of Android apps.


April 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 review

Has Samsung gone mad with so many different sized tablets and phones?

With the Galaxy Note 8.0, which bridges the space between the Note 2 and Tab 2 10.1, it's clear that Samsung is continuing its approach of throwing out as many devices as it can in an effort to catch as many consumers as it can.


the Galaxy Note 8.0 has some great things going for it. For example, it is light. Very light. So while it's a bit big to hold in one hand with your fingers wrapped around the sides (you end up holding it like a book instead, gripping the front with your thumb, the back resting on your fingers, and trying to stop the device sliding out of your mitts), it's a pleasure to not have to keep swapping paws like with some other devices.


April 19, 2013

Toshiba Unveils KIRA Ultrabook With PixelPure 2560 x 1440 Resolution Display

Toshiba Kira Ultrabook pixel perfecion

Toshiba has unveiled KIRA™, a Toshiba Kiranew premium brand for consumers. The first device to launch under the brand is KIRAbook™, an all-new Ultrabook™ featuring the company’s first ultra-high resolution PixelPure™ display and a striking new lightweight and compact design precision engineered with AZ91 pressed magnesium alloy. KIRAbook embodies the elegant nature of the new brand with a striking industrial design, premium build materials and an exceptional overall experience with a two-year warranty[i] , plus complimentary Platinum service and support. KIRAbook will make its debut in the U.S. market in early May.

13.3-inch diagonal display has a native resolution of 2560 x 1440, achieving razor-sharp clarity and makes it the only Windows 8 laptop with ultra-high resolution available today. Constructed with AZ91 pressed magnesium alloy, a honeycomb-base and Corning Concore Glass, its exterior is resistant and durable while still maintaining lightness and style.
Additional notable specs/features include:

  • 3rd generation Intel Core processors
  • 256GB Solid State Drive
  • 8GB of 1600 MHz memory
  • Harman Kardon speakers complemented by audio processing by DTS
  • Frameless LED backlit keyboard
  • Platinum Service & Support: two-year, 24x7 phone support, dedicated support team and more
  • Pre-packaged with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11 software, as well as a two-year subscription to Norton Internet Security, Norton Anti-Theft and Norton Online Backup
Available with both standard and touchscreen display configurations


Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC Available for Pre Order Now

One of my favorite things from CES was Lenovo's IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC which will be shipping the first week of next month.  The 27 inch Table PC is an excellent choice for family's and those whoLenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC enjoy multi player games as well as those who like myself, who enjoy working on a large screen.


The 27" IdeaCentre Horizon multimode PC enables comfortable multi-angle use as an All-in-One (AIO)  desktop, and provides a unique multi-user experience as a table PC. Use Horizon's three exclusive gaming accessories to amplify your digital entertainment experience.


Apple's iPad 5 'to be 25% lighter and 15% thinner'Black and white ipads
Digital Spy

The next generation iPad will be lighter and thinner than the iPad 4, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple's iPad 5 is said to be both 25% lighter and 15% thinner than its predecessor due to a number of tweaks.

Kuo, who has a strong track record in revealing Apple's future product plans, said in a note that one of the key reasons the iPad 3 and 4 didn't meet sales expectations was because they were heavier and thicker than the iPad 2.


April 22, 2013

Microsoft Surface Outsells The Nexus 10 And Points To Redmond's Post-PC Future

Benedict Evans’ look at the Nexus 10 sales number makes for interesting reading but his kicker at the end, that the Microsoft Surface devices were outselling the Nexus 10′s, caught my eye. When you look at the numbers, it tells an interesting story on Microsoft’s future in the tablet/laptop space.

Microsoft’s adjusted Windows revenue for the quarter was $4.62 billion, which means the Surface Pro contributed around 4% to the Q1 2013 numbers (I’ve not included Surface RT numbers in here, but I’d expect them to be making a positive contribution as well).

Now have Surface Pro on sale for a full quarter, and assume there will be some economies of scale and more efficiencies in the retail process over the year. If you wanted an early sign on how Microsoft was going to operate in the ‘post-PC’ era, you’ve got one here.

Yes the volumes are low, and the Surface range is not as attractive as the iOS choices available. But if Microsoft can build up the sales of the Surface Pro in 2013 and reach four to five million unit sales a year, they will have a healthy income stream from their Surface range. Much like sales estimates, there is conjecture and assumption in making a jump from 400,000 sales in one month and extrapolating a similar sales level throughout the whole year, but it’s not an impossible jump to make. It’s certainly within Redmond’s reach.

For Google, the Nexus 10 is almost a technology demonstrator. But Microsoft’s Surface is a key part of the companies future, and sales of the hardware are a key part of their strategy. The advantage to out-selling the Nexus 10 is that Microsoft are reaching more than the developers, hackers, and geekerati that the Nexus 10 reaches… but they need to keep reaching out and selling to create a place in the new mobile computing era.


April 23, 2013

Apple iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2 Could Lead over The Galaxy Note 8.0 and Kindle Fire by 82%
Tech Thirsty

Even stiff competition from the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire don’t stand a chance against Apple’s upcoming tablets. So yes, it may take a little while longer for Google’s Android OS to take over the world of tablets.iPad and iPad Mini

According to Chitika, a research firm, in March 2013, 81.9 percent of all web usage from tablets in Canada came from Apple tablets. This figure is 1.4 percent times more than the numbers for February. During the same period, the web traffic coming from Kindle Fire reduced from 8 percent to 7.1 percent, while the Samsung’s Galaxy tablets accounted for just 4.3 percent of the share.

But just because there’s more web traffic coming from Apple tablets, does this mean it’s selling better than other devices? That’s not necessarily true, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is expected to be a bestseller upon its launch. There’s also going to be tough competition in the form of the Sony Xperia Z tablet. It just means that Apple tablet users are more engaged on their devices.


Revolutionary Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop Tablet Teased, Coming Really Soon
Laptop Computer Planet Blog

Both Dell and Lenovo will soon have competition in the hybrid Windows 8 laptop space from former budget computer maker Acer. Earlier today Acer posted a teaser video for an upcoming hybrid Windows 8 powered laptop that the company plans to fully unveil on May 3rd.

The teaser video doubles as a teaser for the upcoming Star Trek movie (Star Trek Into Darkness, coming to theaters May 17, 2013), where I assume Acer will have their new laptop featured in select scenes.


April 24, 2013

Intel Plans to Promote Android-Powered Hybrids
Market Leader
intel logo

Intel, the famous US tech giant, has announced about its plans to promote hybrid PCs (something between tablets and laptops) powered by Android OS. Such devices will cost some $500.

Experts say that the major reason for such a decision is connected with poor sales of tablets and laptops powered by Windows 8. At the same time, Android-powered devices are fairly popular worldwide.

According to unofficial sources, Lenovo, a Chinese tech giant, is also planning to introduce a 11-inch tablet PC powered by Google’s operating system. The release is said to be scheduled for May 2013.


April 25, 2013

MobileDemand xTablet T7200 Rugged Tablet PC Officially Certified to Be Used with A-B Mobility Full Screen Presell and Driver Sell Software

The rugged tablet PC running mobility software will greatly improve the beer delivery operations and sales and is available through Daugherty Business Solutions.

anheuser buschMobileDemand xTablet T7200 Rugged Tablet PC

MobileDemand, a global provider of rugged Windows tablet PCs, is pleased to announce that the popular xTablet T7200 rugged tablet PC is now certified to be used with the Anheuser-Busch Mobility full-screen (legacy) Presell and Driver Sell software. The xTablet T7200 is the fifth generation of MobileDemand’s durable tablets to be approved to assist Anheuser-Busch sales representatives throughout the United States.

The xTablet T7200 is the next generation of the successful xTablet T7000 and is designed to withstand the elements that a beverage distributor will encounter on a daily basis including beer coolers, desert heat and multiple drops to various surfaces. Options such as a barcode scanner give a sales rep greater productivity and efficiency in the field, improving overall customer satisfaction and increasing sales. The xTablet T7200 runs a Windows 7 Professional operating system on an Intel Atom processor, giving the AB reps the power they need to complete their daily operations successfully.


April 26, 2013

Apple iPad Mini 2 Versus Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Which Will Win?
iOS Doc

These past weeks we have seen many smart phones and tablets being announced and / or iPad Mini 2 Versus Samsung Galaxy Note 3launched, by companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony or HTC. It is now time for Apple’s devices (the iPad Mini 2, the iPad 5 and the iPhone 5S) to get the spotlight. However, Apple is silent when it comes to reveling its iDevices’ specs. A direct consequence of Apple’s silence is a plethora of rumors as people try to guesstimate the specs of Apple’s upcoming iDevices.

Samsung is at the other side of the spectrum as they don’t shy away from offering details about their upcoming products, even though they are not really official yet. Thanks to rumors and the numeorus reports about the two competing products (the Apple iPad Mini 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3) we have enough to make a direct comparison between the two tablets.


Windows 8 tablets grab 7% of shipments, Apple's iPad still controls nearly half
Apple Insider

Apple's iPad offerings continue to dominate the tablet segment, but tablets running Windows 8 have had a small impact, accounting for one in fourteen tablets shipped in the first quarter of 2013.

Global tablet shipments in the first quarter of 2013 hit 40.6 million units, according to new figures from Strategy Analytics. Of those, Apple's iPad and iPad mini accounted for 19.5 million units, or 48.2 percent of the market. That figure is down from the same quarter a year ago, when the iPad had 63.1 percent of quarterly shipped units.

Tablet Shipments

The difference this year: increasing competition. From Google's Nexus 7 to Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0, the Android tablet segment has grown from 34.2 percent of shipments last year to 43.4 percent of shipments for this quarter. The three months from January through March saw 17.6 million Android tablets shipped, narrowing the shipment gap between Android and iOS quickly.

Microsoft's Windows 8 platform is also a relatively new entrant into the tablet sector. Windows 8 tablets accounted for 7.4 percent of tablet shipments last quarter, or three million units. Less than one-sixth the number of iPads shipped, the platform's sales figures are a disappointment for Microsoft, which has found itself scrambling to regroup and retool its approach to the tablet market.



The Tablet Market is Growing Too Fast for Apple
Motley Fool

Investors have been fretting lately over Apple's declining tablet market share. The days of the iPad gobbling up 75% of the market are gone. That's not to say that the iPad is faring poorly overall as a business; it's just that the overall tablet market is just growing too fast for Apple to maintain such hegemony as rivals jump in.

Android, in particular, has risen dramatically, in large part due to low-cost models targeting lower market segments. This is the first full quarter that Apple has been shipping the iPad Mini, but that device is still priced at a premium relative to the competition in the small-sized segment. Two of the most prominent Android tablets, Amazon.com's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7, are also sold at cost, so there's little profit opportunity within the Android army.

Windows is now showing up on the scene with 3 million tablets shipped during the quarter.


April 29, 2013

Samsung announces 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung has announced that they will be adding new device to its Galaxy Tab line — The 7-inchGalaxy Tab 3 tablet will be in stores stores in late spring or early summer.

The Galaxy Tab 3, with its smaller form, will be another competitor in the mini-tablet market, which includes the iPad mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and, to a lesser extent, its higher-end Galaxy Tab 2 7.7.

Specs on the new tablet include a 7-inch 1,024-by-600 pixel display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage space and support for microSD cards up to 64GB. 3-megapixel rear camera & 1.3-megapixel front camera.

Samsung will launch the Wi-Fi version in May and a 3G version that can make phone calls will come out in June.

Samsung did not announce a price for the Galaxy Tab 3.


iPad Scores Top Spot in JD Power Study Again
The Mac Observer

The 2013 J.D. Power U.S. Tablet Satisfaction survey results are out, and Apple took the top spot JD Power iPadwith it's popular iPad. Apple's tablet also scored a five out of five circle rating, and this marks the second year in a row the iPad was ranked as the best tablet.

The iPad scored 836 out of 1,000 in the study, which included rankings based on performance, ease of operation, styling and design, cost, and features.

Following Apple in a close second place was Amazon's Kindle Fire with a score of 829. Samsung was third with 822 points, Asus was fourth with 818, and acer brought up last place with 784.

The study included 1,857 people who have had their tablet for less than a year, and found that sharing a tablet tended to result in overall higher scores. Tablets that were shared among four or more people earned a satisfaction score of 853, while single-user tablets earned 28 fewer points at 824.

"It is somewhat unexpected to find that although 64 percent of tablet owners were the sole decision-maker involved in their device purchase, many of them share their tablet with someone else," commented J.D. Power senior director of telecommunications services Kirk Parsons.


April 30, 2013

Microsoft to shift focus to tablet computers

Microsoft Corp. plans to focus more on making devices such as tablet computers with its OEM Microsoft Campuspartners, as the world’s largest software maker tries to offset the weakness in the global personal computer market that has hit sales of its Windows 8 operating system.

“We certainly believe that tablets are a huge bet moving forward,” chief operating officer Kevin Turner said at a company event in Bangalore. “Microsoft is really transforming themselves from a software company into a devices and services company and we’re in the middle of that transition.”

The company will spend $10.1 billion in research and development this year as it focuses on new areas such as mobility and cloud computing, he said.
Microsoft launched its Surface tablets last year as part of the effort to offset the decline in personal computer sales, with more users migrating to smartphones and tablets.


Apple iPad Mini Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3- Does Samsung Have Enough Nerve To Oust Apple?
Tech Thirsty

The battle of the smaller warriors is set to begin but we wonder if the Galaxy Tab 3 has enough in it Apple iPad Mini Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3to beat iPad Mini black and blue.

First things first—the Galaxy Tab 3 is powered by 1.2GHz dual-core processor against the dual-core A5 processor pumping life into the iPad Mini. If bigger means better, then the iPad Mini beats Galaxy Tab 3 with its 7.9-inch multi touch display. To spice up its appearance further, Apple has added LED-backlight with IPS technology on the iPad Mini. Against the Tab 3’s TFT display, this does emerge as a winning card at the outset. On digging deeper, we found that the 169 ppi pixel density of the Tab 3 punches out the Apple prodigy after all.


Tablets replacing PCs at Australian schools
Computerworld Australia

he Australian education sector is increasing its spending on tablets and cloud infrastructure as demand for PCs fall, according to analysts at IDC.Tablets replacing PCs at Australian schools

“As iPads and tablet PCs are increasingly becoming ‘digital school bags,’ they are acting as ‘thin client’ for the education of students when connected over the Internet,” said IDC analyst David So. “This trend will become the main driver for the growth in hardware in the education sector.”

In addition, the National Broadband Network (NBN) and other ICT investments by the Australian government will drive digital delivery of education over cloud infrastructure, IDC said.

"To mitigate the risk of being disrupted by technology and innovation, the Australian education sector is beginning to leverage off the cloud infrastructure in the form of Internet applications that are driving the spending for mobility, social, and Big Data,” said So.



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