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September 2012


September 4, 2012

Hands On: Microsoft Office 2013 on Samsung's Windows RT TabletAtiv Smart PC laptoptablet hybrid
PC Magazine

Samsung kicked off IFA here by unveiling its new Ativ lineup of portable devices. That included the Ativ Smart PC laptop/tablet hybrid and the Windows RT-based Ativ Tab tablet. The Ativ Tab comes with Microsoft Office 2013 pre-loaded, while Smart PC buyers get a 60-day trial. But how well does Office translate to the tablet? We stopped by Samsung's booth to check it out.

All of the Office 13 apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – are accessible from the start screen, users just need to tap the icon to launch the office program of their choice.

Even though Microsoft has customized Windows 8 for the touch, Microsoft Office looks the same as it does on the desktop, so if you know how to use Word on your PC, you'll know how to use Word on your Ativ Tablet.


September 5, 2012

With iPad Mini on the way, does Kindle Fire 2 matter?

Summary: If Apples new iPad mini is at the same price point as the Amazon Kindle Fire 2, does the Kindle stand a chance in the competitive market,  or is it game over for the Kindle once the iPad mini is iPad Vs Kindle Fireavailable?

Amazon is expected to release a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet on Thursday -- but if Apple releases a similarly sized and priced iPad this fall, Amazon's tablet may be doomed.

The iPad has absolutely dominated the tablet market since its 2010 release. Its huge app library and best-in-class features have given would-be tablet rivals little room to grab even the tiniest slice of the market.

Without a key differentiator from the iPad, Amazon will have to re-think its strategy for battling Apple.

"So far the customer's choice is deciding between high end, Apple, and low end, Amazon," said Aaron Kessler, senior research analyst at Raymond James & Associates. "If Apple releases a price competitive [iPad] Mini, that could completely change the low-end market."

The Kindle Fire's eye-popping price and smaller size helped Amazon carve out as much as 14% of the market during the 2011 holiday season, according to IHS supplied. The iPad still held 57% of the market that quarter, but taking away that much share from Apple was a minor coup for Amazon.

But if the low-end/small tablet market mirrors that of the full-size devices, Amazon could be in big trouble. Other tablet makers -- like Hewlett-Packard (HPQ, Fortune 500), Motorola, and Research in Motion (RIMM) -- learned the hard way that when customers have $499 to spend on an iPad or another tablet for the same price, they're almost always going to choose the iPad.

"Apple [iPad] has been the tablet of choice when people can afford it," Kessler said. "So if pricing were equal, Apple would have the edge. Amazon has to add value in other ways."




Windows 8 tablets will replace laptops -- by being laptops

Summary: Features on the upcoming Windows 8 tablets will address the majority of current tablet limitations because they can do everything a laptop does

Last week's Advice Line explained why tablets won't replace PCs any time soon. It created quite a stir, with one camp in agreement, a second pointing out that early PCs lacked a lot, too, and a third complaining I was ignoring Windows 8, which will address just about every tablet limitation I listed.

Like today's tablets, early PCs were limited
I agree with those who pointed out that early PCs were limited. They didn't replace mainframe or midrange computers. They were, for the most part, used as adjunct devices that provided capabilities different from what anyone could do on a mainframe or midrange system -- for example, electronic spreadsheets, personal databases, presentations, and so on. The parallel with the current crop of tablets is obvious.

Now we have tablets, and just about everyone has figured out that the user experience of accessing functionality through a browser is inferior to accessing the same functionality through a custom app that runs on the tablet OS. We've reinvented client/server computing. I wonder what we'll decide to call it this time.

Windows 8 will address tablet limitations
Those who raised their hands in favor of Windows 8 are also right. Windows 8 provides just about every bit of the functionality -- other than the missing screen real estate -- I listed as tablet limitations last week, along with other shortcomings I've mentioned from time to time.

In many cases, Windows 8 devices will address these limitations by being laptops, not tablets. Rather, they'll blur the line that separates laptops and tablets to the point that a gadget is a laptop when you've attached a keyboard and mouse, and a tablet when you haven't.

There's nothing wrong with this and quite a lot that's right about it -- which is to say, when taking the view from 50,000 feet, the Windows 8 approach looks just about perfect. But Microsoft's problem is a problem in-house IT faces every day, too: the Edison Ratio.


Panasonic Upgrades Fully-Rugged Toughbook® 19 Convertible Tablet PC
Business Solutions Magazine

Summary: Panasonic has upgraded their Toughbook 18 Tablet pc with the Intel® Core™ i5-3320M vProTM processor, 500GB of storage, USB 3.0 and more....

Panasonic, an industry leader in rugged, reliable mobile computers since 1996, today announced Panasonic Toughbook® 19 Convertible Tablet PCupgrades to the Panasonic Toughbook 19, its best-selling rugged convertible tablet PC. The updated Toughbook 19 now comes with an Intel® CoreTM i5-3320M vProTM processor (up to 3.3GHz) with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. Other enhancements include expanded storage, a more responsive touchpad and an innovative ambient light sensor, allowing automatic backlight shut-off to improve battery life. With these and other upgrades, the reliable Toughbook 19 continues to be the ideal investment for a broad spectrum of demanding work environments, including the military’s front lines, in police and emergency services vehicles, and in the field for use by service workers and utility and maintenance technicians.

Panasonic Toughbook® 19: Key Improvements

  • Upgraded processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3320M vProTM(up to 3.3GHz) with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
  • Expanded storage: 500GB 7200rpm hard drive (shock-mounted flex-connect with quick release)
  • Improved battery life: 10% longer, delivering10 hours per MobileMark 2007 testing on the touch model
  • Added connectivity options: USB 3.0 port provides up to 10x faster file transfer speeds
  • Increased touchpad responsiveness: Now using Interlink’s VersaPad
  • Added ambient light sensor: Allows automatic backlight shut-off to enhance battery life
  • Improved battery calibration tool: Now capable of running in the background, allowing simultaneous use of computer


September 6, 2012

Lenovo's ThinkPad X230T Tablet PC, Tested And Reviewed
Tom's Hardware Guide

Summary: If your looking for Tablet PC that can run all of the Windows applications, that you need to get your work done on a daily basis, Lenovo's X230T convertible Tablet PC gives users the convenience of a Tablet without sacrificing performance or a keyboard .

We commonly pack tablets and notebooks into our luggage when we hit the road. However, it's a pain Lenovo ThinkPad X230T Tablet PCin the butt to carry them both around. If we're forced to choose between them, the tablet always gets left behind, if only because it lacks the productivity potential of a business-class notebook. Although they're great for Web browsing and email, tablets are still insufficient when it comes to doing serious work.

Despite their limitations, tablets continue to interest us. Instant-on availability, one-handed operation, touch screen user interfaces, and comprehensive connectivity make them ideal travel companions. In contrast, notebooks are nearly impossible to operate unless you're sitting still. And they're overkill for reading articles and e-books.

The tablet PC turns out to be a really cool compromise, serving as a compact notebook and convenient tablet in one device. Tablet PCs have been around for years, but the lack of a true touch screen-enabled Windows operating system limited their popularity. As tablets come down in price (and size), opportunities for tablet PCs to really take off seem to continue drying up.

Unfortunately, we'll need to wait until Windows 8 launches before realizing the full potential of next-gen tablet PCs combining notebook and tablet functionality. The good news is that Lenovo is one of a handful of vendors still willing to carry the torch, even ahead of Windows 8. Its newest Ivy Bridge-based X230T is a convertible tablet in the company's ThinkPad X series, nearly identical to the Sandy Bridge-based X220T that came before.

The X230T employs a rugged magnesium alloy shell that will please professionals, though the palm rests and keyboard frame made of matte black plastic may be more susceptible to damage from rough handling


September 7, 2012

Head-to-Head: How Amazon's Kindle Fire HD Compares With Apple's iPad
Wall Street Journal

Summary:Amazon has jumped into the Tablet Wars with guns blazing.  Adding No one but three, new Tablets to its Kindle family, including a HD Kindle Fire Tablet designed to compete directly with the Apple iPad,    The Wall Street Journal compares the specs and features of the new Kindle Fire HD tablets with the iPad's.

Across the board, the Kindle Fire tablets, which now start as low as $159, are cheaper than equivalent AMazon Kindle Fire HD Apple iPads, which starts at $499. The larger Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE service costs either $499 or $599 depending on how much storage you want. The iPad with LTE costs $629 to $829 depending on storage

Screen Size
The iPad has both a larger screen and a higher resolution than the Kindle. The iPad has a 9.7 inch screen, measured diagonally, compared with the 8.9 inch Kindle. And Apple has 264 pixels per inch compared with 254 for the Kindle. Apple has touted its so-called ‘Retina display’ as a key difference between its iPads and competitors.

Apple says there are more than 225,000 apps designed specifically for its iPad. Amazon didn’t say how many apps are available for its Kindle Fire HD, which runs a custom version of Google’s Android operating system.



Amazon Unveils New Kindle Tablets
Wall Street Journal

Summary: Yesterday Amazon officially unveiled an entire family of new Kindle Tablets ranging in price from $159.00 to $499.00.   The three new high-definition Kindle Fires are priced  between $199 and $499.    Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos said "We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices."   That said its highly likely that Amazon is losing money on the Kindle hardware.   


Amazon kindled a price war in the tablet computer market, unveiling a new slate of the devices that pack in more features at lower prices than Apple dominant iPad.

At an event in an airplane hangar Thursday, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos introduced a family of Kimndle Paper Whotenew Kindle Fire tablets. While the devices included technologies that are already available in many other tablets, Amazon's new products stood out for their low prices, especially compared with Apple's popular iPads.

In particular, Mr. Bezos dropped the price of an entry-level Kindle Fire to $159 from $199. Apple's newest iPad starts at $499. He also introduced three versions of high-definition Kindle Fires at between $199 and $599. A $499 model, which includes 4G capability that enables a connection whenever there is a wireless signal and 32 gigabytes of memory is $230 cheaper than Apple's corresponding 4G iPad.

The new high-definition Kindle Fires are priced lower than competing tablets in part because of support from advertising. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Amazon was discussing ad-supported tablets.



Amazon's Kindle Fire HD will give Apple's iPad fits

Summary: Packed with features the Kindle Fire HD will be a great choice for both consumers and business users. The $599.00 Kindle Fire HP comes with complete with Microsoft Exchange that will allow users to sync e-mail, contacts and calendars with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo right out of the box. 

For home users features like Dolby audio, FreeTime, that allows parents to set time limits for their children and tablet and X-Ray for Movies, which lets users connect to IMBD to get information on the film they are watching.  This top of the line Kindle HD is set to give the iPad a run for its money.

Kindle Fire HD Features

Don't think for a minute that the Kindle Fire HD is just for home-users. True, it's got lots of consumerish features such as FreeTime, so your kids won't spend all day on the tablet; Dolby audio for music and movies; X-Ray for Movies, which will let you get film info from IMDB while you're watching a film; and so on. That's all nice, but it was the business features that caught my eye.

This new top-of-the-line Kindle comes with Microsoft Exchange support and out of the box can sync e-mail, contacts and calendars with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. As I was watching this I couldn't help thinking that is what RIM's Blackberry PlayBook should have been... and wasn't. Maybe the forthcoming 4 LTE PlayBook can be competitive, but the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD have raised the bar.

For its display the Kindle Fire HD has a 1920x1200 screen. It also includes a front-facing HD camera with a customized version of Skype for video-conferencing.

This new model Kindle also includes dual-band 2.4 and 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi. Amazon also claims that this is the first tablet to use two antennas. This mean that it can use 802.11n' built-in MIMO (multiple input, multiple outputs) functionality. In practice, Amazon claims that will make the Kindle Fire HD 21 percent faster Wi-Fi than the iPad.. The top-end version of the product also includes 4G LTE support.


September 10, 2012

Apples and Orange: the Kindle Fire HD

Summary:  Amazons Kindle in a bargain in the hardware department because Amazon isn't concerned with making a profit from the hardware.  Instead Amazon is focused on the income from users purchasing Applications, movies, books and shopping for other items.   Combine the price of their Tablets with the upgraded feature on the Knew Kindle Fire HD and Amazon has taken is a major step up in the Tablet arena.   Apple on the other hand is quality and hardware focused.

Kindle Fire HD Tablet

I've used the Kindle Fire for a year now. It's fine. The Android-based OS isn't particularly horrible. It runs lots of apps, plays games, offers free Prime video streaming and lets you read books. It's not an iPad, but it's a functional enough tablet for many uses.

Its $200 price tag (now $159, used from $120) made it a good choice for casual purchasers. Its big drawback, however, was its lack of connectivity away from WiFi. Enter the HD.

The new 4G Kindle adds that connectivity in, bumping the price to $500 for a 32 GB model plus $50 for a year of data. In iPad terms that works out to a little over $900 for a cellular 32 GB iPad with 12 months of 250 GB/month service at $15/month. If you're willing to bring the storage down a bit, a 16GB iPad 3 + service is closer to $800.

No matter how you look at it, the Fire is a bargain. Of course, its role with Amazon and users is quite different. Amazon can afford to sell its units for low prices because they're primarily consumptive devices. Amazon's profit is made up by commerce through its store. When users rent movies, buy books or shop for other items, the Fire pays its rent.

Apple's business is its hardware. It focuses on product quality to command a premium price. With high-quality features like Retina displays, long-lasting batteries and a seductive operating system, they offer products to a more particular set of customers, who are willing to weigh cost against intangibles.




Toys 'R' Us to Sell Tablet For Kids

Summary: Toys ‘R’ Us has announced that they begriming today they are taking pre orders for their new Tabeo Tablet for kids.  Priced at 149.99 the Android tablet has a 7 inch screen and comes complete with WIFI, runs flash and includes fifty preloaded pre-loaded games, books, and educational app's.  In addition to the preloaded app's, there will be over 6000 free downloaded app's available in the Tabeo store.    It comes as no surprise to me that Children of technology are now recognized segment of the tablet market.

Toys ‘R’ Us Tabeo

Toys ‘R’ Us today announced that it is releasing its own tablet. Designed specifically with kids in mind, the tabeo tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet that will come with 50 free, pre-installed apps to entertain children. Toys ‘R’ Us stated that the design of the tabeo focused on “safety” for children. It comes with integrated parental controls for filtering internet access and a special tabeo store with “safe” apps for kids.

“Over the past year, we’ve spent considerable time talking to parents and children to determine what features and functions they really want in a kids’ tablet, resulting in tabeo,” said Troy Peterson, divisional merchandise manager for Toys“R”Us. “We are proud that tabeo offers robust and flexible parental controls that can help protect children as they surf the Internet, and we are pleased to offer the tabeo App Store, which features only kid-safe content carefully curated by the Toys“R”Us team.”

The tablet itself has a 7-inch, 800 x 480 screen, 4GB of memory, a microSDHC slot, 1GHz ARM processor, and a front-facing camera. It will run a version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Toys ‘R’ Us will begin selling the tabeo for only $150, exclusively through its stores and website starting October 21. The company is already taking pre-orders for the tablet through its website.



PC Companies' Major Tablet Mistake
PC Magazine

Summary: After years of believing Tablets could only be successful in enterprise and not giving consumers credit for knowing a good thing when they see it, the major PC OEM's are racing against time trying to catch up with the tablet explosion.  Many are banking on the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

Recently, it's interesting to note that most of the major movers and shakers in tablets are not PC Tablets for schoolcompanies, but rather consumer electronics companies.

This is an important distinction. To PC companies, tablets were just handheld versions of PCs since they were all based on Windows and supported Windows apps on the market. In late 2008, as word surfaced that Apple might be entering the tablet business, it became clear that tablets were a really big deal and could have a huge impact on the future business of PC vendors.

They mostly thought that a tablet had proven to be successful only in vertical markets and would be too expensive for consumers. They were all focused on quarterly sales goals and pretty much dismissed my predictions that a consumer interest in tablets could impact their current PC businesses.

Now, two years after the iPad was released, all of the PC vendors are scrambling to play catch up. And to their chagrin, they not only have to compete with Apple, but with consumer giants like Google, Amazon, and Samsung. The scariest thing to them is that the tablet is actually eating into their PC sales—a reality they could not have imagined even a year ago.

All of the PC vendors are Windows-based companies and are now putting their hope in Windows 8 for tablets. They believe that this will allow them to belly up to their competitors, especially Apple and Samsung, which have gained serious traction in business and enterprise. I am not sure that this will happen, however.


September 11, 2012

Never forget  9.11.2001


In Google and Amazon's Shadow, NEC's Carbon Fiber Tablet Joins 7-Inch Class
Wall Street Journal

Summary: With the big guns like Apple, Google and Amazon unveiling new tablets its easy to overlook some of the smaller players in the ever growing tablet arena.   Today NEC took the wraps off their a new 8.8 ounces light, 7 inch Media's Tab Tablet is 37% lighter than the new Kindle HD tablet. Thanks to a Carbon Fiber case the Media's Table is the lightest tablet over 6 inches in the world.  The question is how much will it cost?

With Googleand Amazon.com Inc AMZN rolling out new offerings in the seven-inch tablet space — not toNec Medias Tab Carbon Fiber tablet mention the nonstop chatter about a possible iPad Mini from Apple  it’s hard for a tablet manufacturer to stand out among the giants with a book-sized slate computer.

Japanese electronics conglomerate NEC . is trying to do just that with a new seven-inch Medias Tab UL. Japan’s electronics manufacturers have been largely shut out of the tablet computer market by Apple and others — and NEC is no exception. The company has introduced seven tablet models without making a discernable mark globally.

While the technology in the new NEC device is truly impressive, the company also encounters the same problems gripping the entire Japanese electronics sector. The product is focused strictly for the Japanese market and the innovations featured in the product make it too expensive to compete with global competitors.

NEC is banking on what it calls the world’s lightest tablet over 6-inches, thanks to a carbon fiber casing developed by Japanese materials maker Toray Industries. Carbon fiber may be best known for helping to reduce the weight of airplanes and automobiles, but it is being used more in consumer electronics including high-end notebook computers. NEC said this is the first time carbon fiber was used in building a tablet computer. At 249 grams, or about 8.8 ounces, the Medias Tab UL weighs 37% less than the 395-gram (13.9 ounces) Kindle Fire HD, and 27% lighter than the 340-gram (12 ounces) Nexus 7 from Google.

But using the expensive carbon fiber comes at a price, quite literally. While NEC won’t comment on how much the tablet will cost when it goes on sale on Sept. 13, expectations are that the new tablet will cost more than Y60,000, or about $760. Both the Kindle Fire HD, due to ship later this month, and the Nexus 7 are selling for $200.

The harsh realities of trying to sell a product that is so much more expensive than its rivals are keeping the company from jumping into a global roll-out. The company will start selling the new Medias Tab in Japan only while it considers an overseas expansion, said Toru Nakano, chief manager at NEC’s Cloud Devices division.




American Airlines pilots begin using Apple's iPad during all phases of flight
Apple Insider

Summary:  More Pilots on American Airlines will have the pleasure of leaving heavy flight bag filled with paper behind in favor an iPad loaded with the Electronic Flight Bag program.  The airline is expected to save over a million dollars a year on fule costs alone by switching from paper to the iPad.

American Airlines this month is expanding its iPad Electronic Flight Bag program, as 777 aircraft pilots American Air;ines cockpitbegin using Apple's tablet during all phases of flight, helping to save an estimated $1.2 million per year on fuel costs.

The iPad is currently the only tablet approved by the FAA as an Electronic Flight Bag, and American Airlines is the first commercial carrier with FAA approval to use the iPad in all phases of flight, the company highlighted this week in a press release (via The Next Web). An Electronic Flight bag reduces or replaces paper-based reference materials and manuals usually kept in a pilot's carry-on kitbag. When stuffed with paper, those bags can way as much as 35 pounds.

American Airlines estimates that replacing the 35 pound bags with an iPad will result in $1.2 million in annual savings based on current fuel prices.

The airline became the first commercial carrier to gain approval to use the iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag in June of 2011. And as of this month, American Airlines plans to use the iPad in all phases of flight.


September 12, 2012

It's Official iPhone 5

pre-order Sept. 14th -  Release Date Sept. 21

iOS 6 Update September 19th

black & white iphone 5

Every aspect of iPhone 5 has been updated

New features summary, display, LTE, A6, cameras, dock connector, iOS 6

iPhone 5 screen size has been increased to 4 inches
new size allows it to display an extra row of app icons on its home screen
new screen offers a 16:9 ratio, matching that of widescreen televisions.

Same price as the iPhone 4S. $199 for 16GB - $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB

  • New chip, the A6
  • 18% thinner than iPhone 4S
  • Made entirely out of glass and aluminum
  • world's thinnest. 112 grams -- 20% lighter than 4S
  • Vertical pixels add a 5th row of icons to the home screen
  • Four inch screen, and that 1136x640 iPhone 5 features
  • Touch sensors are now built into the display itself. 30% thinner as a result, also makes display less prone to glare.
  • Widescreen movies look better, Schiller says. 44% more color saturation than iPhone 4S. Now takes us to sRGB display spec.
  • Existing apps center with black borders on the side (or top/bottom)
  • the first new feature, Schiller says. Onto "Ultrafast wireless technology."
  • Huge jump in performance, but 22% smaller than A5 chip
  • 2.1x launch pages app, 1.7x for saving image from iPhoto app. Basically about 2x the performance
  • A 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics..
  • battery life is now 8 hrs 3G talktime, 3G browsing. 8hrs LTE browsing, 10 hrs Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hrs video, 40 hours Music. 225 hrs of standby.
  • 8 megapixel sensor, 3264x2448 resolution w/backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f2.4 aperture. 25 percent smaller.
  • New: dynamic low light modeiPhone 5 Widescreen Video
  • Combines pixels in the dark, which gives you up to two f stops better performance in low light.
  • New "sapphire crystal" and "precision lens alignment."
  • crystal protects the lens and improves the clarity
  • New image signal processor in the A6 chip, does spatial noise reduction, with a "smart filter" something that produces better low-light performance and captures photos faster
  • 8 hours of LTE browsing
  • 28 megapixel images, so full quality.
  • 1080p video, the stabilization has improved. Face detection for 10 people, and now you can take photos while you're shooting video.
  • Front camera: Now FaceTime HD camera with 720p support, backside illuminated sensor, and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6.
  • The video camera has better stabilization. And the front-facing camera is finally 720p
  • Noise-canceling improved as well, Schiller says. New feature called "Wideband audio."
  • new connector, lightning canbe plugged in in either direction. 80% smaller
  • 30 pin to Lightning adapter will let you plug in your 30 pin connector and use with a Lightning plug.
  • iOS 6 is all set for the iPhone 5.
  • iOS6 3D maps navigation works in portrait and landscape
  • You can use Siri to update your Facebook status
  • New iPhone is available in white and black The aluminum finish is different on the white and black models: silver for white, slate for black.


How Windows 8 tablets could beat the iPad

Summary: If Microsoft puts the effort into marketing to position itself properly, and has enough developers writing app's that people want and need, Windows 8 could have what it takes to beat the iPad.   Microsoft has the ability to do it right, the question is will they.....

Most of the Windows 8 tablet-vs.-iPad chatter would have you think these two devices are in a head-to-head competition, going after the same customers. For one to win the other has to lose, and so on and so forth.

The needs of the enterprise for tablets are very different from those for consumers: Enterprises require manageability, and employees must be able to do actual work, not just be entertained. Consumers need none of the former and only a limited amount of the latter -- which is why both Apple and Microsoft could win a tablet nonwar, with Apple ruling the home and Microsoft ruling the enterprise. If the tablet marketplace does cleave this way, it will help limit the impact of a gaping hole in Microsoft's tablet competitive position: apps.

In the short run, the success of Windows 8 tablets probably depends on some level of separation between the enterprise and consumer marketplaces. In the long run, Microsoft is in a position to re-reverse the flow -- to make its enterprise-oriented tablets desirable enough that employees want them at home or, at least, are allowed to bring them home. From Microsoft's competitive perspective, this is just as good as an employee buying a new one. Either alternative deprives Apple of a sale, which is, from a strategic perspective, a happy outcome.

For this to happen, Microsoft will have to succeed in attracting independent developers in the quantities it needs for its app store. It will also have to curate its app store effectively enough to gain IT's trust, while keeping enough of its appeal that consumers won't ignore it the way they've been turning their noses at Microsoft's pathetic attempt to mimic the Apple store.

The opportunity is there. Whether Microsoft has the ability to take advantage of it is an open question.


September 13, 2012

Here's How The Kindle Fire HD Stacks Up Against The iPad
Business Insider

Summary: This side by side comparison of the new Kindle Fire HD and iPad details the features of both tablets.  When it comes to price, storage and data costs the Kindle Fire HD Tablet beats the iPad as far as the rest of the features go, the iPad wins again.

Amazon recently unveiled its Kindle Fire HD tablet. Kindle Fire HD vs iPad

It's a huge step forward from last year's Kindle Fire. It more closely matched Apple's iPad in size and features. So which one should you buy?

In an effort to help you answer that question, here's a feature-by-feature breakdown of how it stacks up against the iPad.

The $500 Kindle Fire HD comes with 32 GB of storage and 4G LTE. The most affordable iPad with 4G LTE is $630, and it's only got 16 GB of storage

The Kindle Fire HD blows the iPad out of the water with a flat yearly rate of $50 for 250 MB of data per month.

Depending on your carrier, an equivalent plan for your iPad will cost roughly $20 per month, or $240 a year,


Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
tech radar

Summary: Includes a micros DS port for expansion and has good battery life, and plenty of Samsung app's are included with this 7 inch tablet, when upgraded to Android Ice Cream sandwich the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 can hold its own among other 7 inch tablets in performance and features .  If you can find one at a good deal, its worth considering, but at the original $400.00 price tag there are better choices.

Looking much like a squeezed-down iPad with a Samsung logo in place of a home button, the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 plusTab 7.0 Plus (Wi-Fi) is a slim seven-inch tablet that feels pretty good in the hand, and features a slightly wider bezel on the sides than the Nexus 7, offering a little more holding room for one-handed reading.

Thanks to an update issued just days ago for the Wi-Fi version, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus now runs Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich, which delivers a slicker-looking interface whether you use the tablet in portrait or landscape orientation. As is the case with other Samsung devices, ICS is overlaid with its own TouchWiz skin

In addition to the Wi-Fi model, 4G-capable versions are available from specific cellular carriers.

The device includes a micro SD port on the left side that accommodates cards of up to 32GB, letting you expand out the storage as desired.  This is a a key feature missing from both the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, making this a friendlier option for those with large media libraries, as well as folks who want to tote around quite a bit of content when not in range of Wi-Fi.


September 14, 2012

Thanks to the Kindle Fire HD, expect bargain-basement prices for Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablets

Summary:  Analysts seem to think that to compete with Amazon, Microsoft will price Windows 8 Tablets at $299.00 or less,  personally while that may be possible on the Windows 8 RT Tablets I don't see that happening on full Surface Windows 8 tablets.  

Microsoft has yet to announce pricing for its Surface line of Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets, but thanks to the Kindle Fire HD's $199 pricetag, you can expect a Surface tablet to cost $299 or less. So says an analyst, and I think he's on target.

Shaw Wu, an analyst with Sterne Agee, wrote this in a recent research note after the Kindle Fire HD announcement, according to GeekWire:

"We believe the pressure for MSFT to price its Surface tablet aggressively is now greater than ever. Initial press reports indicated a price point of $599, a premium to the new iPad, but we now believe it will likely need to price at $299 or lower to give it a fighting chance."

An argument can be made that the Kindle Fire HD and the Surface tablet aren't comparable devices. The Kindle Fire HD isn't designed to be an all-purpose tablet, and is primarily a way to buy and use Amazon's ecosystem of entertainment content, while the Surface is an all-purpose tablet.


Firmware maker says it could enable dual-boot Windows RT, Android devices

Summary:  Would you be interested in a Tablet that could dual boot between Windows 8 RT and Android?  According to Insyde, the dual boot scenario could be a possibility in the future.

Tablets and PCs could come with a dual-boot capability to load either Microsoft's upcoming Windows RT or Android, but device makers will need to be interested in building such devices in order for it to make its way to the public, firmware company Insyde Software said on Thursday.

Insyde makes firmware and software tools for the boot environment on PCs and tablets before initializing the operating system. The company can provide the firmware and tools based on standard UEFI boot specifications for the dual-boot Windows RT and Android devices, and the company has seen interest from some device and chip makers, said Aven Chuang, general manager of the PC business group at Insyde Software.

Microsoft has said Windows RT will be sold only pre-loaded on tablets and PCs because of the high levels of software and hardware integration, according to a Feb. 9 blog entry. And chip makers have dismissed the idea of being able to uninstall Windows RT from tablets to install a supporting version of Android.


Apple edges Amazon in JD Power tablet satisfaction survey

Summary: The results of JD Power's Tablet Satisfaction survey don't come as a surprise.  Apple has dominated the Tablet market since the launch if the iPad and they go out of their way to provide a great user experience in their stores.  While Amazon provides and exceptional online experience, they do not have physical stores for customers to go to for help.

Apple ranked highest in J.D. Power and Associates' tablet satisfaction survey.

The survey, which J.D. Power plans to conduct yearly, relied on tablet users who had owned their devices for less than two years. The index was a composite of -- in descending order of importance -- a device's performance; ease of operation; styling and design; features; and price.

J.D. Power's survey points to a close battle between Apple and Amazon, which enjoyed a wide lead over the rest of the pack. The industry average was 832, according to the survey. Apple scored 848 of 1,000 possible points while Amazon finished slightly behind with 842.

Samsung came in third with 827 points.

JD Power Tablet Satisfaction Results

In an interview, Uma Jha, the senior director of mobile devices at J.D. Power, said that Apple and Amazon were winning recognition from customers by playing on their respective strengths in tablet computing.

"Apple is known for its user experience and that's something that customers liked a lot," he said. "Customers were very high about their apps and the integration of the apps into their daily lives. With Amazon, they really liked the e-book functionality that it offered as well as the price (of its tablets.) That made it a worthy competitor to Apple."


September 17, 2012

Microsoft CEO talks Surface pricing, hints at iPad competition

Summary: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, spoke with the seattle times and gave out an idea of what people can expect to see on the "yet to be determined" pricing of the eagerly awaited surface Tablets. 

WHile We don't what the actual cost will be when surface is releases, , but we do know it is not going to be $199.99.  According to Ballmer the sweet spot is between $300.00 and $700.00 dollars, for a full featured tablet, so look I would expect to see Surface priced somewhere in the sweet spot, and in direct competition to the iPad.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has all but poured cold water on a $199 price tag for the long-awaited Surface tablet, set to debut alongside Windows 8 next month.

In an interview with The Seattle Times, Ballmer hinted at the tablets pricing without going too overboard with detail. He said while Microsoft has a "very competitive product from the features perspective" with the forthcoming tablet, the software giant has yet to settle on a price for the Surface.

"If you look at the bulk of the PC market, it would run between, say, probably $300 to about $700 or $800," he said in the interview with the newspaper. "That's the sweet spot."

While that estimate pegs the tablet to be in-or-around the $500 price range, the chances of a price tag at the lower-end of the scale seems unlikely. The Microsoft boss hit out at lower-priced tablets, claiming that, "they do less," but noted that Apple's iPad may have set the benchmark for the price of the firm's tablet.



MobileDemand xTablet T7200 Tablet PC

Summary: Mobile Demand Rugged Tablet PC continue to grow with the times and remain in control of the sound for venues such as the Hollywood Bowl.  Read on for an in depth review of the XTablet T7200, Mobile Demands newest, toughest, and fasted tablet now offers an xView Pro™ transmissive and reflective indoor/outdoor display.Mobile Demand xTablet T7200 Tablet PC

MobileDemand has been synonymous with rugged Tablet PCs since the company's start, and the xTablet T7200 is no exception. It's a very solid, very well built computer and can handle a good degree of punishment (as MobileDemand likes to demonstrate in their often hilarious ruggedness testing videos). The operating temperature range remains the same at -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 60 degrees Centigrade), but the tablet can now handle repeated drops from five feet per MIL-STD-810G, 516.6 IV, and sealing is now at the IP65 level. That means the xTablet T7200 is totally protected against dust, and it can also handle low pressure water jets from all directions, albeit with limited ingress permitted.

The chassis of the xTablet T7200 is made of lightweight magnesium alloy, the housing of a tough plastic. Everything feels very sturdy, and there is extra protection provided by the rubber bumpers that are screwed onto every corner. All ports are protected by hinged rubber plugs. These must be firmly in place as there are no additional barriers between the outside and inside of the xTablet T7200.

Also available are on-screen keyboards and handwriting recognition. The latter requires some getting used to, but once mastered it works almost flawlessly. The recognizer can be used as is, or you can "personalize" it so it learns your handwriting style or how to handle characters or words that are recognized incorrectly.

The xTablet T7200 is, in fact, one of the few resistive digitizer tablets where the ink goes on quickly and smoothly enough to make reliable handwriting recognition possible. Also note that MobileDemand offers a version with an active digitizer.

Mobile Demand Rugged Tablet PC


Patch Talk: Should Tablet PCs Replace Print Textbooks in School?

Summary: Is there any excuse for children to be carting around heavy text book when school book can and should be available to all children on a Tablet computer.  Be it an inexpensive Nook or an iPad, schools should make all text books available on Tablets and work towards eliminating the cost and the weight of printed text books from students backpacks of all ages..

With the rising popularity of the Apple iPad and Google Nexus 7, should heavy print texts go the way of the buffalo?

Garden City has iPads in pilot programs in each school building.Students learning on tablets

"We are piloting tablet use at the primary, elementary, middle and high school levels and in content areas across the curriculum while developing our infrastructure and a solid method of assessing how tablet computers improve student learning," said Dr. Rita Melikian, director of educational technology and staff development. "Our special education teachers and speech pathologists, in particular, have been utilizing the specialized applications available on the iPad."

Tablet PCs and eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle offer a wide range of possibilities through interactive textbooks, digital applications, light-weight and are enviornmentally friendly overall.

Melikian says the school district wants to be deliberate about its expansion of tablet use and is monitoring usage in other districts to keep fully informed.

"The district’s iPad user group meets throughout the year and is working to define and quantify effective tablet use in the classroom setting. Tablets are another tool teachers can use to deliver instruction – when it comes down to it, though, a good teacher trumps all," she said.

The drawbacks are numerous, of course – iPads cost $499 to start and even a basic Amazon Kindle is $79 while many textbooks are free as a part of the education system. The devices are sought after by everyone and sell well on the black market, which could make school children the targets of someone looking to make a buck.



Microsoft to give all 94000 employees new Windows 8 PCs, phones
Los Angeles Times

Summary: In gearing up for the launch October Launch of Windows 8 and Surface Tablets, At the Microsoft Company Meeting, Steve Ballmer informed all  94,000 employees that Microsoft will be providing them with new Windows 8 PCs, Windows 8 phones and the new Microsoft Surface tablet.

The Redmond, Wash., company is getting ready for the big launch of Windows 8 and a slew of new steve ballmer on Tablet PCproducts, and at the company's meeting earlier this week, Microsoft told employees they'll be getting new Windows 8 PCs, Windows 8 phones and the new Microsoft Surface tablet.

The Redmond, Wash., company is getting ready for the big launch of Windows 8 and a slew of new products, and at the company's meeting earlier this week, Microsoft told employees they'll be getting new Windows 8 PCs, Windows 8 phones and the new Microsoft Surface tablet.

“Steve Ballmer acknowledged that Microsoft is on the eve of one of its greatest moments as it prepares to ship a remarkable lineup of devices and services," said Lou Gellos, Microsoft's director of corporate communications in an email statement.

PHOTOS: The Microsoft Surface

"In order to make sure that employees have the latest and best technology to both be more productive and to be great evangelists, he announced that they would receive a new Windows 8 PC to replace their current work device, a new Windows 8 phone and a Microsoft Surface RT," he said.

The company employs 94,000 people around the world full time, meaning Microsoft will be handing out about 282,000 Windows 8 products.

"Great Microsoft company meeting, even ignoring my onstage cameo and Ballmer's generous Oprah-style hardware giveaways to all employees. ;" tweeted one employee.

Windows 8 launches in late October, and that's around when the employees will get their new toy


September 18, 2012

Asus Windows 8 tablet pricing comes in high; Demand likely low

Summary: Asus' Windows 8 tablets will run between $599 and $1,299.  Anything running full versions of Windows 8 is going to be at a premium price, how well a Tablet from anyone will sell with a $1299.00 price tag remains to be seen.

Asus has a trio of Windows 8 tablets on deck for the holidays, but the pricing is so high---$599 to $1,299 for a hybrid---that it's going to be nearly impossible to compete in the marketplace.

We were leaked Asus' holiday roadmap and the slide below tells the tale.

Asus Windows 8 Tablets



September 19, 2012

American Airlines announced today that it will deploy 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Notes to its flight attendants onboard its aircrafts

American Airlines announced today that it will deploy 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Notes to its flight attendants onboard its aircrafts. Flight attendants will use the Galaxy Note to record customer meal and beverage preferences, access customer information and identify high-value customers or customers requiring special assistance. Essentially, American Airlines has chosen the Galaxy Note to modernize their inflight services and better serve their passengers.




September 20, 2012


Summary: Dell is gearing up for the launch of its Windows 8 Computers for business users.  Yesterday they announced anew laptop, tablet and desktop computers all running Windows 8. No Pricing or availability was announced but it is a safe guess to say you can expect them to be ready in time for Microsoft's Oct. 26 launch of the Windows 8 os. 

The new Latitude 10 tablet computer, which is a 10-inch model that allows the use of the latest touch-enabled applications for mobile enterprise workers. The Latitude 10 supports existing Microsoft productivity applications and is compatible with existing IT management consoles, according to Dell. The Latitude 10 includes swappable battery capabilities and robust security options for encrypting all data from the hard drive to the USB port.




Summary: According to an hP press releases, they will be announcing a new Tablet "Soon"  Ho soon?  no one knows but I would expect it on or before October 26th when windows 8 is released.

"An enterprise-ready tablet will be announced soon." No hint at the specs, though we have to wonder if it's the rumored Windows 8-powered "Slate 8" tablet we've heard about in the rumor mill. And now that HP has announced most of its fall products, we're wondering if that slate is actually the same tablet that made an appearance in those ads that ran during the Olympics this summer -- after all, HP's yet to acknowledge the thing with an official name. We suppose we'll find out soon, whenever that is.

Full press release here


September 21, 2012

Tablet PCs the Right Choice for Rugged World
Gotta Be Mobile

Summary: Our friends at Gotta Be Mobile have an excellent article on the advantages  of rugged Tablet PCs.  Well worth the read this in depth article explains how the advantages of a rugged tablet outweigh the costs.

Rugged Tablet PCs can go just about anywhere. They can stand the heat of summer while riding shotgun in a hot truck cab and perform equally well below freezing. They can be dropped onto hard surfaces without flinching and shrug off the dirt and debris they run into at manufacturing facilities and constructions sites.

  Mobile Demand xt7200 tablet set up in office

Rugged tablets generally meet military standards and international protection ratings for vibration, drop, dust, humidity and water protection. While some consumer tablets can be outfitted with protective cases, they still cannot match the durability and reliability of a real rugged Tablet PC.  For example, the Tablet T7200 will operate in temperatures ranging from -4F to 140F. By comparison, the iPad is inoperable in heat as low as 95F, displaying a warning screen that tells the user to wait until it cools down.

Consumer tablets have very few ways to connect to peripherals, networks and other devices. Rugged Tablet PCs offer a full array of expansion options including USB, Ethernet and Serial ports. Peripherals like credit card scanners and QWERTY keyboards are ruggedized as well.



Where is HP's Windows 8 Tablet?
PC Magazine

Summary: When Microsoft Launches Windows 8 on October 26. HP will not be among the manufacturesHP windows 8 Tablet PC showing off new Tablets running Windows 8.  The HP Tablets will not be available until January 2013

HP won't have a true tablet running Windows 8 until January, according to sources with knowledge of the company's plans. Even then, it appears that the first Windows 8 slate from the computing giant will be targeted at enterprises rather than consumers —this "mystery tablet" has popped up in HP ads in recent months.

The computing giant has also apparently passed on, or been passed over by Microsoft for the initial run of tablets based on Windows RT, the ARM-optimized variant of Windows 8. A few months ago, Redmond reportedly set a firm limit on the number of Windows RT tablets that would get approval for the Oct. 26 launch of the OS. Just two chip makers—Nvidia and Qualcomm—and four OEMs—Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, and Dell—got the green light from Microsoft to ready ARM-based tablets running Windows RT for the launch.

HP was originally in that lineup but backed out for unspecified reasons in late June and was replaced by Dell, according to sources.



September 24, 2012

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2

For those of you who have been waiting for a Tablet that can do it all the wait almost over......Lenovo Think Pad 2

The Lenovo Tablet 2, which I had the pleasure of seeing last week at Pepcom is an exceptional Tablet that has a full sized usb port, full support for Microsoft Office and has an optional digitizer pen.  

Measuring less than 10mm, the 10.1" ThinkPad Tablet 2 goes everywhere you go. And, with up to 10 hours battery life, it keeps going for as long as you need it to. Use 3G and 4G* support to stay connected to colleagues, family and friends.

Besides the new, fun and immersive Windows 8 Apps, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 will also run productivity ones, including: Adobe® Photoshop®, Quicken®, TurboTax® and more.

The Lenovo Table 2 should be available for purchase when Windows 8 launches at the end of October


Tablets at Work: The Challenges Ahead

Summary: As the Tablet market grows in leaps and bounds the desire for Tablets that can be used for business is growing as well.  Business do not have the resources to provide both laptops and Tablets to all of their employees so the need for windows 8 Tablets, that can do everything a laptop can will give business more options. President Obama using an iPad Tablet

Tablets are playing an increasingly visible role at work, but questions of how they fit in -- and which ones suit the demands of business best -- are still up in the air.

Tablets are proving a hard nut to track as mobile devices gain more traction in the enterprise market, and their unique capabilities are bringing special challenges to IT professionals, ranging from their place in the growing cadre of business tools to managing security.

These sleek, interactive devices entertain and engage us in living rooms, cars and waiting rooms, and are now following us into the workplace -- and the competition is heating up to provide full-functioning devices that keep our attention both at work and at play. Tablets are more than just laptops without screens or smartphones with larger screens, and IT administrators are scrambling to better understand and accommodate these devices' unique place.

Tablets certainly have their advantages. People find them less cumbersome for on-the-go use, when compared to a laptop, and their note-taking, appointment functions, e-mail updates and online search capabilities are impressive. In addition, tablets almost universally offer better battery life than your garden-variety laptop, making them a more powerful mobile resource.

And unlike smartphones, tablets come in all shapes and sizes, from the iPad to multiple Android devices, with their six- and seven-inch screens, to models with 10-inch displays or larger.


Hands on: Dell Latitude 10 review

Summary: With Windows 8 scheduled for release in October, Dell has joined forces with Microsoft and Intel to build a Tablet packed with the features that consumers needed to make a Tablet that will serve business users who need and want a Tablet  for work, not just for playing games and checking emailDell Latitude 10 Tablet

Even if you already use an iPad or Android tablet for work, chances are a Windows 8 tablet isn't the first things that pops into your head when you thinking about working on the go.

We've managed to get our hands on the Dell Latitude 10 tablet, and its fair to say that this already feels like a better thought-out offering than what we've seen on the market from Dell previously.

A major part of this can be attributed to Dell partnering with its tried and tested partners, namely Microsoft and Intel. The former for the operating system, and the latter for the important silicon driving this tablet. We saw a couple of Dell tablets at IFA 2012 recently, namely the Dell XPS 10 and the Dell Duo 12, but this is its first offering in its professional Latitude line.

There are a lot of hopes pinned on the Microsoft tablet-focused OS, but Dell does seem to have pieced together a solid proposition with the Latitude 10, with its business focus giving it a unique selling point in a market that is predominantly focused on consumers.

Dell isn't the only manufacturer doing this, but the handful of optional extras – including fingerprint and smart card readers – combined with the company's experiences supporting plenty of big companies should win out.

The fact Dell will be shipping a powered docking station alludes to the business asperations it has for this device, with the 4 USB port hub enables you to hook up a monitor, keyboard and mouse to turn it in a full working PC.

Probably the biggest headline grabbing feature of the Latitude 10 is the fact that Dell has engineered it with a replaceable battery - something pretty much unheard of in tablet circles. Dell believes the 2-cell battery should be good for around 10 hours in normal use, which is pretty standard for tablets.

The ability to swap in a second battery means you don't have to limit what you're doing to ensure you've got the juice to make it through a full working day – something that makes sense if you're trying to work on it.

From our initial inspection, the Latitude 10 feels like a true business tablet. And that's meant as much as a compliment as it is a criticism for its functional aesthetics. The replaceable battery isn't hidden behind some sleek aluminum plate, and those gaping ports haven't been left out in order to create a smooth piece of industrial design.


September 25, 2012

Microsoft's Tablet has Ability to Compete with Apple's iPad
Opposing Views

Summary: As the launch of windows 8 grows closer every day, analysts believe that Microsoft Surface has Microsoft Surface Tabletwhat it takes to compete with the iPad.

Analysts surveyed by Oppenheimer are anticipating that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT)’s Windows 8 will do well in the market, however as compared to Windows 7, it will probably see less demand due to the fact that only few touch devices will be offered at launch day.

Microsoft ( MSFT) is also looking forward to introduce Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets at the launch day to make its offering more attractive. An analyst, Shaul Eyal, said that he thinks Microsoft’s Windows 8 along with its Surface tablets will help the company to compete against its rivals, including Apple Inc’s iPad.



Kiddie tablets and other tech toys top Toy Insider gift list
Economic Times

Summary:  I've always been a fan of Children & Technology, and Tablets for Tot's are a hot item for the 2012 holidays.  Expect stores like Toys R Us, Target and & Walmart to be stocked with tablets such as the Leapfrog LeapPad2 Tablet and the Kurio 7.  

LeapFrog LeapPad2

Tis the season to give a tech toy. Tablets made for young kids and other electronic toys are expected to be found under many Christmas trees this year, as parents who are fans of gadgets such as Apple Inc's iPad look for products tailored to the younger set.

The Toy Insider, a holiday gift guide from a publisher serving the toy and licensing industries, as well as major toy sellers Walmart and Toys R Us, all put LeapFrog Enterprises Inc's LeapPad 2 on their lists of top toys for the 2012 holiday season.

In 2011, the first edition of the LeapPad was on several lists and sold well. This year, an updated version of the $99.99 tablet has a faster processor, twice as much memory and an additional camera on the front of the device.

"It's going to be the war of the tablets," said Laurie Schacht, chief executive and president of Adventure Publishing, which issues the Toy Insider Hot 20 list. "What the LeapPad 2 has done is it has really positioned itself not to be part of that tablet war but to be an item for younger kids that gets them ready to move into the older tablets."

Toy Insider's list, set to be released on Tuesday, includes the LeapPad 2 in its lineup of toys for three-to-five year olds and the Kurio 7 tablet from Techno Source for children who are 6 to 8 years old.


September 27, 2012

Barnes & Knoble announces Nook HD tablets in 7-in. and 9-in. versionsbarnes and Knoble Knook HD Tablets

Barnes & Noble announced two new tablets yesterday , the 7-in. Nook HD, starting at $199, and the 9-in. Nook HD+, starting at $269.

The Nook HD, a 7-in. tablet, features the highest resolution of any tablet of its size.

Both will be available in the U.S. in early November at retail stores, including Target and Walmart.  You can pre-order online on the Nook web site.

The original 7-in. Nook Tablet, released in November 2011 for $249, is reduced to t $179.



September 28, 2012

Intel provides a peek at Windows 8 Tablet computers
Washington Post

Summary: Intel showed off Windows 8 Tablets running the Clover Trail Chipset yesterday at an event in San Francisco.  Designed with Windows 8 in mind, Clover Trail is a 1.8 GHz dual core processor that is designed for Microsoft Windows 8 and is optimized to take full advantage of the new touch-friendly interface.   Tablets shown at the event were from Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Asus and HP. Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet at Intel event

Intel previewed a wave of tablet computers powered by a microprocessor that the company redesigned to make a bigger dent in the rapidly growing mobile market.

An assortment of major computer vendors made the tablets that were shown Thursday in San Francisco. All the devices depend on Intel Corp.’s new processor and Windows 8, a dramatic overhaul of the widely used operating system made by Microsoft Corp.

Intel’s new tablet chip, code named “Clover Trail” while it was in development, is called the Atom Z2760. It boasts a dual-processing feature that makes tablets run faster and with low power consumption so the battery life of a device should last 10 hours while it’s showing video or performing other tasks.

Intel Atom InsideThe chips that Intel makes for PCs devour more power, making them ill-equipped for tablets that are often used for long stretches without a recharge. That’s one of the main reasons Apple and other tablet makers have shunned Intel’s chips.

Windows 8 presents applications in a mosaic of tiles to allow for touch-screen navigation and highlight real-time information from the Internet. The revamped operating system also can be adjusted to work on traditional laptop and desktop computers with keyboards. That versatility is meant to appeal to office workers and others who want to use their machines to create content, as well as consume it.

To cater to that market, some tablet makers are designing hybrid machines that include a keyboard that can be untethered from the display screen.



Acer Iconia W510 Tablet Runs Windows 8 FAST (Video)
Maximum PC

Summary: Maximum PC has posted a hands on video showing just how fast the Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8-powered tablet is. 

As you will from the video below, this ain't your uncle's Atom processor. Navigating through Windows 8's touch interface was lightning quick.

The W510 is expected to go on sale in October when Microsoft formerly launches Windows 8. The price has not been announced, but competing designs peg it in the $650 range.




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