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January 2012


January 1, 2012

Happy New Year From TabletPc2.com

Happy New Year From TabletPc2.com


January 3, 2012

Lenovo, Acer Planning Wintel Tablet in 2012

What is a Wintel tablet? - Windows + Intel = Wintel tablets

Computer makers Lenovo and Acer are reportedly planning to release tablet devices running the Windows 8 platform from Microsoft and sporting Intel chips known as Clover Trail

With Microsoft expected to launch of Windows 8 during the third quarter of 2012, Wintel tablets are expected be on the shelves in the same time frame.  As tablet sales continue to grow, enterprise users are looking for tablets that can run Microsoft's office applications.  Acer and Lenovo are joining Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Microsoft in their plans for a Windows-based tablet to rival Apple’s iPad.



CES 2012 Preview: Tablets
PC Magazine

It's going to be raining Ice Cream Sandwiche tablets at CES.    In the Android tablet space, we're going toCES 2012 be seeing cheap tablets, quad-core tablets and everyone's attempt to be the best Android 4.0 tablet on the market.

Quad-core tablets will be a big deal as several vendors follow up on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime with Nvidia Tegra 3-based tablets. Qualcomm may finally show a tablet running its new quad-core S4 chipset, in response.

The majority of tablets shown at CES will most likely be running Android 4.0.   But I'm hoping in Steve Ballmer's keynote we'll be hearing more about Windows 8 tablets.


Milagrow launches TabTop PC for women professionals

Milagrow has launched a version of their TabTop PC Tablet in pastel colors. Designed specifically for Milagrow TabTop PC womans Tabletprofessional woman,  the Android 2.3.1-based TabTop PC for Women has a special user interface, weighs 275 grams and comes preloaded with more fifty app's.

“Women have fast evolved as intelligent consumers of electronics. They know and look for features important to them and go for devices that are both easy-to-use and carry. As it weighs only 275 grams, it slides in with ease into a woman’s handbag. The Woman's TabTop is created for women professionals who look for an ideal combination of a powerful device, both in terms of performance and portability without lugging around excess weight. We have also preloaded it with special women security and anti theft applications”

TabletPc2.com Editors note:  "As a professional woman I want a powerful Tablet that runs Windows, so that I can get my work done.   I can't imagine any professional woman walking into a business meeting with a pink tablet."    As for special woman security and anti theft apps....that makes no sense what so ever.


January 4, 2012

Windows 8 tablets secret weapon: OneNote and inking
James Kendrick- ZDNet

I strongly urge the folks at Redmond to remember the big advantage over the competition in the tablet One note ink note space, and work the pen and OneNote into the forefront of Windows 8 tablet design.

I agree with James 100% - as we move closer to Windows 8, I hope that Microsoft remembers how useful the pen can be a remembers to showcase those features when they are demonstrating windows 8.

"I hope that Microsoft doesn’t forsake its legacy of the Tablet PC and includes pen/ink handling in the core of Windows 8.  I hear from readers regularly wanting a good method of taking ink notes on iOS and Android tablets, and nothing comes close to the existing technology in Windows. Ink needs to be front and center in the Windows 8 tablet products."   James Kendrick


Canadian man enters U.S. by showing passport on iPad
usa today

Martin Reisch of Montreal Canada said Tuesday that a U.S. border officer let him cross into the United States from Quebec after he presented a scanned copy of his passport on his Apple iPad.  Reisch, who was on his way to deliver Christmas gifts to a friends children, when he realized he had left his passport at home, decided to try showing the scans of his passport on his iPad rather than turn around and drive two hours back home to get his passport. 


Sony slashes Tablet S price by $100

Sony has dropped the price of its Tablet S by $100.   Now the 32GB Tablet S has gone from $600.00 to $500.00 and the 16GB model Tablet s has dropped to $400.00.


iPad Mania Aside, Tablets Are Inefficient Work Devices for Lawyers

Personally, if forced to spend my own money on a tablet, then I'd strongly consider a tablet PC instead of a tablet appliance. Tablet PCs are full computers running desktop operating systems, but in a smaller tablet format. That's different from standard gadget-based tablets, which are derived from smartphone software.


January 5, 2012

Acer's Iconia Tab A200 Tablet Upgradable to Android 4.0

Acer has announced that their new Iconia Tab A200 tablet will be available on Jan. 15 and be Acer's Iconia Tab A200 Tabletupgradable to Android 4.0.

The Iconia Tab A200 tablet which ships with Android Honeycomb features a 10.1-inch screen and is priced from US$329.  When it become available in February, there will be no charge for the upgrade to Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich.

The tablet, intended for applications such as video, gaming, social networking and Web browsing, will ship first in the U.S., but should be available in the rest of the world fairly soon, an Acer spokeswoman said.


Lenovo Edge S430 - Worlds First Thunderbolt Laptop

Lenovo Announces Edge S430 - Worlds First Thunderbolt Laptop

New ThinkPad Edge Laptops Fuse Small Business with Lifestyle Computing
Portfolio Includes Essential, Mainstream and Premium Laptops

 ThinkPad Edge S430 is the worlds first Laptop using Intel Thunderbolt technology.  Designed for Image conscious professionals This striking laptop in Mocha Black measures less than one-inch thin and has metal accents, a soft-touch finish encased in an elegant thin and light design.


My Three Biggest Tablet Computer Surprises Of 2011

1.  Tablets are a business tool

Tablets are a great platform for media consumption and games, but I doubted their usefulness for business.  With no keyboard or file system, no easy way to print I didn't expect them to catch on the way they did.   Business users desire to T lighten their bags and include more fun in their daily rituals is so great that business users have worked around the drawbacks in today's tablets. Users have learned to type on screens and adapted DropBox as a file system.  Built-in 3G is a big draw - I have noticed that most business users have it and most personal users do not.


Goggle Nexus tablet PC to launch in March?
PC Advisor

According to Digitimes, the upcoming Goggle Nexus tablet PC will be available in March or April which means it will most likely be unveiled in February at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

Furthermore, the web site, which did not name its sources, said the device would run Goggle Android Ice Cream sandwich 4.0 and be priced to compete with the Amazon Fire.


January 6, 2012

CES 2012: The Future of Tablet Revealed in Vegas
Tablet PC Review

Next week in Las Vegas Nevada, Android tablet makers will enter CES 2012 with hope for low-cost ces logoAndroid tablets,on par with Amazons Kindle Fire and Barns and Nobles NOOK Tablets, which have done fairly well in the consumer market.  They are also hoping that the new and improved Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS combine with quad-core processors and high resolution screens will keep them in the game.

Next comes Microsoft Windows 8, which we expected to have a major presence at CES 2012.

Exactly what will we actually see in Las Vegas of Microsoft’s last great hope for tablets, is anyone's guess.  Will there be any interest in Android tablets in 2012?  That remains to be seen. But here’s what the team at TabletPCReview thinks.


Women and tablets are BFFs

Ladies Love a touch screen

According to one research firm, If you're considering buying a Kindle Fire, iPad or any other tablet for the first time , there's a good chance you're a woman in your forties.....

In their holiday tablet poll, of 2,485 consumers taken in November 2011, Maritz Research broke down the tablet market into four different types of tablet customers based on the responses--low-end buyers, newcomers, single-minded buyers, and tablet-committed buyers.  Surprisingly three of the four types were dominated by females.

TabletPc2.com Editors note: It would be interesting to know what the age group was of those polled


January 9, 2012

TabletPc2.com Live from CES


Lenovo IdeaPad S2 Tablet

Lenovo Unwraps IdeaPad S2 Hybrid Tablet at CES 2012

Last night Lenovo unveiled their new IdeaTab S2 tablet.  The Ideapad S2 is 10 inch tablet that converts into a laptop when you snapped into its keyboard/dock.    With the addition of the keyboard docking option adding a keyboard, second battery. 

Weighing only 1.27 pounds and a very thin 8.69mm, the new Ideapad s2 Tablet one of the thinnest and lightest 10 inch Android tablets on the market.   


Hands-on with Vizio's laptops, desktops and 10-inch tablet
Vizio 10-inch tablet

Engadget has spoken with Vizio CTO Matt MacRae, and found that the Vizio Tablet is being done in cooperation with with Microsoft and has confirmed that the tablets will ship in late summer.  The new 10 inch Vizio Tablet the tablet, is running Vizio's custom Android skin and will be upgraded to Android Ice Cream Cone when its available. 

Hardware specs and design specifics have not be finalized, but they were able to confirm that they're as thin and light as they looked in the press photos.  The screens on Vizio's new All-In-One , laptop and Tablet demo units were very impressive, and Vizio has promised that they will be among the best available when they ship.



Asus has announced two new tablets. One of which will be a higher-resolution Eee Pad Transformer Prime. The second Tablet  is a 7-inch tablet.   

With the addition of the Hi-Res Prime, Asus becomes the tablet OEM that with plans to build an Android Tablet with a 10.1 inch 1920-by-1200 resolution display.


January 10, 2012

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

At CES Lenovo's unveiled  a new IdeaPad called the Yoga.    The Yoga is Running Windows 8 on a 13.1 inch multitouch screen on a 360-degreen hinge so that it transforms into a Tablet PC.



January 11, 2012

We're on the Show Floor at CES
More photos and information Coming Soon!

Dell has discontinued its 5 &7-inch Streak tablets, but they have not given up on the Tablet form factorDell Streak Tablets.  In late 2012 Dell will launch a new tablet. According to a company executive, sighting the “general failure of everyone that's tried to introduce a tablet outside of Apple" Dell has been taking its time. 

Few other details are known about Dell’s upcoming tablet, besides a late 2012 introduction. The company was coy to say whether it would use Windows 8 or Android for its tablet, but the year-end timing resonates with the expected launch of Microsoft’s next version of the OS, with tablet optimizations.

With tablets taking a significant number away from PC sales, Dell will also launch Ultrabook's they announced the XPS 13 this week at CES 2012.


January 12, 2012

More photos and information from CES Coming Soon!

Fujitsu Introduces Waterproof ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi Tablet

Fujitsu Waterproof ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi Tablet

Fujitsu today announced the release of ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi, a new tablet PC targeted toward consumers in the ARROWS series of tablets and smartphones. The new tablet will be available for purchase throughout Japan in consumer electronics stores as well as Fujitsu's WEB MART shopping service site from January 19th.

Feature include : 10.1 inch display, fingerprint sensor, IPX5/7 water-resistant, high-speed Wi-Fi data communications, high-speed and high-efficiency dual core CPU, DLNA support, and a highly responsive Saku-Saku Touchpanel. .  The Arrows Tab has a lightweight, slim body style and it features and Dolby Mobile v3 front speakers,so users can truely enjoy video entertainment.



Using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint On an iPad

Walt Mossberg shows us his experience with Desktop OnLive - the free iPad app that brings full, genuine Windows versions of the key Office productivity app's—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—to the iPad.     These are the real Microsoft Programs that look and work just like they do on a Windows PC.   Desktop OnLive lets you create or edit genuine Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on your iPad.

more information can be found at : desktop.onlive.com


January 13, 2012




Best tablet of CES 2012: ASUS Transformer 700 series (Prime refresh)Asus Transformer Prime with keyboard

According to Zdnet's James Kendrick of all the tablets appearing at CES this week the one to beat is the ASUS Transformer 700 series. THe Transformer 700 series has a screen resolution that higher than most laptops.

There was definitely no shortage of tablets at CES, but the majority of them were me-too Android tablets of one size or another.   There were some prototype slates spotted running Windows 8, and as always, a few prototypes that will never see the light of day.

James feels that the refreshed Transformer Prime hardware shown this week in Las Vegas makes it the best of CES 2012 in my book.


January 16, 2012


Viewsonic VP Mike Holstein Demos New Android, Windows Tablets




Lenovo might have solved the laptop or tablet question with their new hybrid PCLenovo  Yoga Tablet
Laptop Computer Planet

When it comes to Tablets Lenovo is thinking ahead giving users what they want - the Tablets of the future. Tablets such as the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid.

The ThinkPad X1 Hybrid Lenovo is the Tablet users have been clamoring for.  With an Intel processors powering the Windows OS as well as a Qualcomm ARM processor that powers the laptops instant-on OS, Lenovo is the first company to have a marketable hybrid computer that offers that.

At CES Lenovo unveiled another first,  the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga ultraportable laptop featuring a double hinged display that flips back turning the laptop into a Windows 8 tablet PC.


Tablets: bruised and confused at CES 2012Toshiba Excite X10 Tablet

Tablets announced at CES were in three categories : budget, premium, and mutant.   I have a feeling that these three themes will set the tone for tablet product strategies for 2012

Surprisingly, my favorite tablet of CES is the Asus unveiled the Memo 370T from the budget category. Priced at just $250.00, The Memo is a feature rich 7-inch tablet with shocking specs, including the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor. 

Another Best of CES award nominee was the Toshiba Excite X10--the thinnest, lightest 10-inch tablet money can buy.  With a base price of $529, this is my touchstone for the premium tablet category. The specs are impressive, the design is gorgeous


iPad, Windows 8 Tablets Could Alter the Business Tablet Landscape in 2012

While many enterprises in the past year have turned to Apple’s iPad for their business tablet needs, Microsoft is looking to change that in 2012 with its Windows 8 operating system.

Apple’s iPad remained the number one tablet choice for consumers and businesses in 2011. However, in 2012 Windows 8 could change that, when Microsoft releases Windows 8 on tablets.


January 17, 2012

Microsoft's Windows 8 Includes Tablet Hardware Requirements

According to “Windows Hardware Certification Requirements”) posted on a Microsoft Website, Microsoft Windows 8 on tablets and convertible PCs, will have its own set of minimum hardware requirements.   Requirements include at least 10GB of free space, a minimum of five touch points, five hardware buttons—(power, rotation lock, Windows key, volume up, and volume down), WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0 + LTE for networking, minimum 1366-by-768 screen resolution, at least one USB 2.0 controller and exposed port, a 720p camera, and a combination of gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, and magnetometer. 

“These systems are primarily focused on consumption scenarios such as Web browsing, media, and casual gaming,” reads an accompanying note. “It is likely that this form factor will also emerge in the enterprise as a productivity PC.” In light of that, “These systems are optimized for consumption and light productivity. Requirements are based on these usage patterns.”

In the document Microsoft defines the convertible form factor as a PC that transforms into a tablet when input devices such as keyboard and mouse (“pointing device”) are removed.




MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC Provider Announces Partnership with Barcoding, Inc.
PR Web

According to today's Press release, MobileDemand, a leading provider of Rugged Tablet PC computers has entered into a reseller partnership agreement with Baltimore-based Barcoding, Inc., a leading mobility systems integrator focused on automated data capture and wireless technology.

As a Mobile Demand reseller, Barcoding sell the xTablet T7000, T8700 and C1200 rugged mobile computers and accessories along with its own integration and other professional support services.


Killer Windows 8 tablet design: Bring back the HP tc1100HP tc1100 Tablet PC

Summary: We are already seeing tablets with keyboard docks, but none as practical as the HP tc1100 hybrid design from years past. Let’s bring it back with Windows 8.

Tablets are here to stay, and Windows 8 tablets will arrive before the end of the year. At CES we saw the return of the convertible notebook, several models displayed had a tablet screen slip down on top of the keyboard for dual duty as both a tablet and a laptop.  Rather than revisit the convertible notebook that yields a heavy, thick tablet, I’d like to see the rebirth of the hybrid HP tc1100 with the detachable keyboard.

TabletPc2.com Editors note: THe HP Tc1100 is a long time favorite of tablet users including myself.


January 18, 2012

eBooks Can Now Be Read on Any Computer or Tablet

Have you ever wished that you could find app that can be used across multiple platforms in one place?  Now you can.   Until this week, users had to search to separate Amazon and Barnes & Noble app stores sites to find all those free eBook reading app's. Now LifeWithSiri.com provides links to all all the free eBook reading app's on their home page.

The new LifeWithSiri.com website also provides comprehensive information about how to use Siri, the voice-recognizing “personal assistant” on the iPhone 4S.


LG Electronics Launches LTE Tablet PC

LG Electronics has launched its first tablet computer based on long-term evolution (LTE) technology.

The Optimus Pad LTE is LG's first LTE-capable tablet PC, will be launched in South Korea to compete with Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Apple's iPad, LG Electronics said in an e-mailed statement.

"With tablets generating five times more traffic than the average smartphone, it's not a huge jump to assume that tablet users need and want faster connectivity,"



January 19, 2012

iBooks 2 for iPad puts textbooks on your tablet

iBooks 2 for iPad - interactive text books

Today at the Guggenheim Museum in New York Today Apple announced that starting today, they are "reinventing the textbook".  iBooks 2 is a revised ebook store for the iPad that includes, free editions of many books.  Clear ely designed with the intention of educating kids using Apple's tablet.  The new Textbook section includes interactive school books. 

Interactive textbooks

Digital textbooks are more intrusting and give students the ability to pinch into photos and check out animated 3D models what they are studying.  

Children can test their knowledge-acquisition powers with quizzes, and make notes on the virtual page "This is on the test" was the example used in the press conference. In a section called 'My Notes' you can view all your notes together, creating study cards.


iPad brings the tablet war to the office, but is Microsoft ready to fight back?

The tablet wars are heating up again. But this year the fight moves out of the consumer arena and ontoipads sid by side the corporate battlefield, where the outcome is going to be far less certain, even though the stakes are just as high.

Right now, according to Gina Luk, senior analyst at analysts Strategy Analytics, 55% of tablet purchased are purchased by consumers and only about 10 per cent of tablets sold ar3e for business. .

Unexpected surprise is that 35 per cent to 40 per cent of tablets are being sold to consumers for them to use at work.  The implications are that while workers see tablets as a worthwhile business tool, their employers are reluctant to lay out the cash for new tablets.

Luk expects that tablet deployment and adoption will gain momentum in 2012, with the proportion of tablets being bought by businesses expected to grow to around 18% to 20% by 2015, as the number of business applications available on tablets increases. 

At the present time the t majority of the tablets being used in business are iPad's and iPad2's but in late 20112 Windows Tablets will enter the ring and thats where the real battle will begin. 


January 20, 2012

Ultrabooks, Tablets and the Space Between

The new Ultrabook's may be targeting the tablet pc sector, but using a tablet pc is a different experience from using a laptop.   Both convertible and hybrid tablets are gaining in popularity, and with the addition of accessories such as third party keyboards for tablet computers tablets are picking up more steam than ever.



Intel Sets Sights on Tablets in 2012Intel Logo
PC Magazine

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini said "Tablets are a little bit about hardware and a lot about hardware,"   He admitted that to date, Apple stands head-and-shoulders above its competitors in the Tablet space.    He also predicted that ICS-based tablets would begin to make inroads in 2012, and that the introduction of Microsoft's Windows 8 OS along with new hybrid tablet designs could also have an impact.

According to Otellini, With a new transistor technology, some major acquisitions, the debut of the Ultrabook category, and newfound optimism about the smartphone and tablet market, it's only going to get better for Intel"


January 23, 2012

Microsoft quietly kills off the desktop PCWindows 8 task manager

To be honest, I am intentionally misinterpreting what Microsoft said.

What Microsoft is actually saying is that tablet PCs — not laptops or desktops — should have the same mobility as smartphones, meaning that Windows 8 tablets should have multiple choices such as WiFi over 3G or 4g for mobile connectivity.

Microsoft is in fact, building an entirely new operating system with an equally new touch-oriented UI, an app store, and various other tablet-specific features.



Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition Review
Tech Gadgets Web Motorola Xoom Media Edition tablet

MotoCast, Motorola's streaming service, which is an exclusive applications on the Xoom 2 Media Edition tablet allows users to share video files from your PC or Mac direct to your tablet so that you can stream clips, pictures and music to wherever you are over a Wi-Fi connection.

Motocast also makes it easy to enjoy the your holiday photos and videos in the living room or hook up the tablet to your HDTV and stream a film from your computer`s hard drive.   

Additional features include an 8.2 inch screen with a resolution od 1280×800,  16gb of storage space, Wi-Fi only edition. five megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a two megapixel camera on the front.


McGraw-Hill Creates iPad Edition of the World's Most Influential Medical Textbook
press release

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine now available with unprecedented interactivity --Heralds a new era for learning and accessibility of medical content

McGraw-Hill today announced the launch of Harrison's for the iPad, the digital edition of the world's most influential medical textbook, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, created exclusively for the world's most sought after tablet computer, the Apple iPad.


January 24, 2012

Teen designs 17" tablet PC, seeks investment pledges

James Hartman, a teenager from of Los Angeles asks “why are there no large tablets on the market?” He has 17 inch tablet pcdesigned a 17″ tablet PC and launched it on Kickstarter.com to srum up investors.

Hartman says, “I’m here to produce the first 17 inch touch-screen Tablet computer for sale. Many DIYers have done similar projects, but there has never been one on the market. Most major PC market analysts say that Tablets will dominate the notebook market in the next five years. Many PC manufactures are attempting to address the Tablet market, but they are missing one key thing. There are no large tablets on the market. I believe that a large Windows Tablet PC will become necessary if Tablets are set to dominate laptops.”



Motion Tablet PCs Help Norris Public Power District
press release

With the real-time access, insight and communication capabilities that the J3500 Motion J3500 Tablet PCTablet PCs provide, a service order that previously took three or four days can now be completed in a single day -- resulting in up to 75 percent time savings.

Looking to the future, Norris Public Power District plans on utilizing the J3500 Tablet PC's integrated camera for enhanced documentation when dealing with meter tampering issues. The District also plans to incorporate its outage management system with the tablets. During a storm, for example, Norris Public Power District will be able to alert the linemen in real time via the tablets when customers experience power outages, where the outages are occurring and when power has been restored. The District will be able to more efficiently manage the linemen and restore power to its customers sooner.

"What it comes down to for us is being able to enhance our customer service and increase our efficiency, and the J3500 Tablet PCs help us do just that," said Krupicka. "The tablets streamline our entire workflow, from the office to the field and back again, reducing errors, increasing productivity and saving time and costs."


GammaTech Adds to Popular RT10 Line of Fully Rugged Industrial-Strength Tablet PCs
press release

GammaTech Computer Corp announced that they have added another model to its line of RT10 Tablet line of fully rugged Tablet pc computers.  The new RT10C features a touch-screen, 10.2" wide display and Windows 7 compatibility.

The fully rugged and sealed design completely guards internal components, making the tablet drop-proof, spill-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, and watertight.


Xplore Launches Facebook PageXplore tablet PC in the sniw
Press Release

Xplore Technologies announced that they have launched a Facebook Page to provide updates and other information on their award-winning rugged tablet PCs.

Xplore ( www.xploretech.com ) is engaged in the business of developing, integrating and marketing mobile wireless Tablet PC computing systems



January 25, 2012

Qantas begins trials of Apple iPad for in-flight movies, music
Australian Business Traveller

All passengers on that aircraft will find an iPad 2 sitting in their seat-back pocket, while those in business class will also get a flexible stand which can be used on the fold-down meal tray. The plane will carry one tablet for each of the aircraft’s 254 seats, with several spares on hand.

The system also has the capability to work with Android tablets, notebooks and even smartphones, although the trial is an iPad-only program.

"This pilot programme is about putting the wi-fi streaming capability through its paces" Webster says. "The system is able to support a variety of devices and the ultimate goal is for customers to bring their own devices if they choose" Webster says. "We’ll evaluate the trial at the end of this year and then make some strategic decisions."



e-tutor tablet: Cloud-based solution for students launched
Economic Times

he e-tutor tablet is a joint effort of Technopark-based e-tutor and Oztern Technology.

Ranjith Balan, founder and managing director of e-tutor, said that this will be the first complete solution for education to be made available on Tablet PCs.

"The teacher can easily explain concepts using the digital whiteboard that is set up in the Tablet PC. Using e-tutor learning tablet the students can access what was taught in the classroom and can also access the collaborative learning platform for discussions on relevant topics taught in the classroom," said Balan.

The product is also aimed at making internet a safer place for children. E-tutor tablet safeguards the connectivity from the personalized Tablets PCs provided as a part of the solution, and restrict it to connect to internet only through the synchronization module in the product.


tablet, e-reader ownership surges
U-T San Diego

The percentage of Americans who own tablet computers and e-readers surged after the holidays, signaling that more households are getting their information on mobile gadgets.

The market for tablets today is dominated by Apple. The company’s iPad, which starts at $499, accounted for 63 percent of all tablet shipments in 2011, according to estimates by investment firm Canaccord Genuity.

Amazon has reported strong sales of its $200 Fire tablet. But tablets running on Google Android operating system have yet to gain significant market share.



January 26, 2012

Harvard study warns of injury through tablet use

The draw of tablets and other mobile devices is their flexibility. You can take them almost anywhere and use them in many different ways.  A tablet can be held in your lap or you can hold the tablet in your hand. The problem is the postures people are adopting when using a tablet can be awkward and lead to discomfort with prolonged use.

The researchers at Harvard found that when using tablets, participants’ necks were bent more compared to when using a desktop or laptop computer, especially when the tablet was placed on the user’s lap. Understandably, such a position is going to cause extra strain on neck and shoulder muscles, which could cause short-term as well as long-term problems for the user.



Startup Nivio Offers Virtual Windows Desktop to Tablets, PhonesNivio
PC Magazine

Nivio, is a a new fee based service that gives tablet, phone, and PC users users a virtualized Windows desktop launched today. 

The service will be at $15 per month for a Windows 7 environment. Students and children will pay $5 per month, and even less if they want to purchase applications.

The service, which launched Thursday, will support Android phones and tablets running OS version 3.0 and above



January 27, 2012

Apple iPad: Happy 2nd BirthdayHappy Birthday iPad

Apple's iPad turns two on Friday, assuming we accept the late Steve Jobs' announcement of the iPad as the device's date of birth rather than its April, 2010 release date.

Computer pioneer Alan Kay had conceived of a tablet computer, the Dynabook, back in 1968, around the time that the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, based on Arthur C. Clark's novel of the same name, depicted a tablet news reader.

Over the years, variations on the tablet theme appeared. Microsoft hardware partners shipped tablet PCs in 2002 and Windows-based tablets have lingered on, without much success.

Apple had a tablet of sorts in its Newton handheld device. The Newton had a ten-year run, starting in the late 1980s, but failed to achieve broad enough appeal to survive.



Tablets market to dominate desktops, notebooks, says Apple's Tim Cook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook was speaking at a conference call with analysts and he was confident about the ipad propped upfuture of tablets. He said that the market for tablets would bypass that of desktop PCs and notebooks. In the last few days, we’ve seen companies report their earnings over the last quarter and it’s clear that things aren’t looking too great for many companies. It’s the PC component manufacturers who seem to be getting hit quite hard as well. Apple, on the other hand, reported great profits and they’re very confident about the year to come. Apple is sure about their own iPad tablets and there’s almost definitely a new iPad coming in the months to come. But, it appears tablets, in general are going to pick up pace.

Apple also said that tablets were selling so well that even their Macintosh system sales were being affected by them


Telecoms bigwigs reveal their favourite gadgets and apps

The smartphone and tablet PC market are both filled with new devices such as the iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus and various new Android tablet PCs.

To find out which mobile device is the coolest is not easy, and looking at what the bigwigs in the mobile arena choose may help with this process.

Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys uses a Galaxy Note as both a tablet PC and a smartphone.


January 30, 2012

Worldwide Enterprise Tablet Market Forecast

While consumers played an important role in the rebirth and success of tablets, another surprising userPR-Logo base quickly emerged when businesses around the world began implementing and supporting the devices. In past computing cycles the enterprise market has typically lagged the consumer sector due to the fact that businesses often must develop in-depth device deployment plans. Tablets, however, were rapidly embraced by businesses due to the productivity and efficiency gains the devices offer enterprise users, as well as the fact that tablets are an extremely convenient computing tool for many employees. Overall enterprise adoption progressed so quickly that Apple reported that 50% of Fortune 100 companies were using the iPad in some form by the end of Q2 2010. Fast forward a few months to the 4th quarter of 2010 and this figured had risen to 80% of Fortune 100 companies.

Tablet adoption in the enterprise is occurring for a variety of reasons, but the key driving factor has been the realization that tablets can greatly improve output



Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 tablet review
Los Angeles Times


Motorola's Xyboard tablet line is just about everything I wished the Motorola Xoom had been when it was released not even a year ago.


January 31, 2012

Apple iPad 2 Vs ASUS Transformer Prime: Which Is Better?
Daily News Corner

Apple may be the number one selling tablet, but not everybody wants to own an iPad, and in fact, there are many who are more than happy to keep their options open.

How does the iPad 2 compare against one of these alternatives?

The iPad 2’s runs iOS 5, the Transformer Prime after an update now supports the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Depending on your preference of platforms, you can choose one or the other, but given the recent quirks with the ICS upgrade for the Transformer Prime, Apple wins the battle of platforms for now.




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Asking which model is the Best Tablet PC is like asking what flavor of ice cream is best:

everyone has their own opinion.

What is Tablet PC?

If you want the reliability and power of Windows XP, with the added benefit of pen and ink, the Tablet PC is the solution for you

The Tablet PC

The Tablet PC is a fully functioning mobile computer that runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which includes new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input. Tablet PCs come in three styles, Convertible, Slate and Hybrid.