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September 2011


September 1, 2011

Coming Soon - 7 inch Lenovo ThinkPad A1 Tablet 

starting at $199.00

Lenovo 7 inch A1 Tablet

Linda A. Epstein ~ September 2011

Don't let the $199.00 starting price fool you, Lenovo's upcoming 7 inch Android The A1 tablet comes in  Black, bright blue, white and pink, i light in weight, can easily be used with one hand is a equipped all of the Android features found in more expensive Androids Tablets.   The 1024x600 pixel screen is crisp an clear, so its a easy on the eyes. .   It's under half an inch thin so the A1 fits easily in your purse or a pocket making it extremely portable.


Lenovo Announces three New Stylish Fashion Forward Laptops

   Lenovo U300S Fashion Laptops
Lenovo Gets Glam with Three New Fashion-Forward Ultraportable Laptops
Slim Design and Ultra-Responsive Performance Combine for the Must-Have Style Laptops of the Season

Today Lenovo moves into the fashion world with three new luxury laptops, the IdeaPad U300s Ultrabook, ,the U300 and U400 laptops.  Bridging haute couture with superior technology, these three laptops are designed for the fashion-minded consumers who want a product that is stylish, as well as powerful and productive.  They are the the ultimate fusion of technology and fashion for individuals who take technology and fashion seriously.


Samsung unveils the Galaxy Tab 7.7 - tablet/phone hybrid

Unveiled this morning at IFA in Berlin, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung unveils the Galaxy Tab 7.7  tablet/phone hybrid7.7. It is a 7inch tablet that can is also a phone that can make video calls.   The Samsung 7.7 is more big mobile phone more than a tablet.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the world's first tablet to feature the a Super AMOLED Plus display.   Samsung claims that the Super AMOLED Plus display allows for a wider range of colors with greater separation between lights and darks, making images incredibly vivid. If its anything like the screen on the New Galaxy S II phone the screen is amazing.

The 7.7 tablet's is only 7.89mm thick and 335 grams is very light. making it extremely purse nd pocket-friendly.

The Tablet features include a state of the art 1.4GHz dual core processor, 10 hours of video playback battery life, a three mega pixel camera, Android -3.2 Honeycomb OS, Micro SD cards of up to 32GB, 1080p high definition video playback and access to Samsung's hub services including music, games, eBooks and more.


nsquared develops 'Seamless computing' ties all your gadgets together

Dr. Neil Roodyn of nsquared is calling it "Seamless Computing" -- software which unifies Windows Phone 7, Surface, Windows 7 Slate and Kinect.  With  Seamless Computing you can start designing something on your cell phone and then move on to the Surface then continue designing with your tablet PC or Slate tablet to continue making modifications before walking through a 3D model of the building, navigating with Kinect's gesture interface.

Dr. Neil Roodyn is demonstrating the the user experience in the video below.



Nvidia Experiments with Video Games Streaming from PC to Tablet.

Nvidia has begun experimenting with streaming of video games from PC's to tablets. The technology will help tablet computers obtain the performance as well as a feature-set of modern graphics adapters on tablets that users that tablet users have been longing for.

Nvidia powered by Tegra

"Imagine playing Crysis 2 on a home PC and being able to stream it around your home to a tablet device, which could then be plug into your TV.   We are in the process of experimenting with this technology and that is all I can say," an Nvidia representative

The idea of playing PC or console games on tablets is not something new, its just something that has been difficult to do because Tablets didn't have the graphics power needed for gaming. 


New York Times developing Microsoft Surface kitchen table

The New York Time's R&D Lab is in the process of developing a kitchen table based-on Microsoft Surface touch screen technology.  The Kitchen Tablet of the future is designed to return the family back to an interactive family experience rather than having everyone looking down at their individual iPad's and not talking to each other.    The surface display will give family members the opportunity to sit at the table and interact with each other by sharing ideas and opinions across the surface table by swiveling and enlarging images and news articles. 

The New York Times envisions that the table will be a vehicle of discovery, that allows users to get information on products by placing them on the table.   Using The Surface table for reading the morning paper could also be a method for advertising.



New Sony Tablet S DeviceSony

Designed with an ergonomic, wedge-shape, the new Tablet™ S was designed for comfort over long periods of time.  The innovative design shifts the weight closer to the side so that it feels ultra light when held in one hand. making it feel ultra light in one hand.  The wedge design also creates the
perfect typing angle when the Tablet S is set on a table.

   "Imagine all of Sony’s expertise folded to fit perfectly in your hand. A tablet that streams 7 million
      songs and downloads the latest movies from Sony Entertainment Network, is a PlayStation™  certified device and acts as your universal remote control. All on our most fluid touch-screen ever. "

According to Engadget the new Sony Tablet S considerably thicker than then Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the iPad and not always as comfortable in your hand when its being held.


Samsung's Series 7 tablet PC runs WindowsSamsung Tablet
Tablets Planet

It's clear that even with all of the attention around it's Android releases, Samsung has not forgotten the Windows tablet PC market.     On Wednesday Samsung unveiled a new 11.6-inch slate style tablet PC named the Samsung Series 7 Slate.

The Samsung Series 7 Slate was not designed to compete with the iPad.  The target market is pro-sumer and business users t that’s are not willing to spend $1,000+ on a tablet PC running windows, with a Wacom digitizer and a digital pen.

Starting at $1,099 for the 64GB Windows 7 Home Premium model, pricing for the Samsung’s Series 7 Slate will be higher than the Asus Eee Slate EP121.  64GB Windows 7 Professional model is   $1,199 and $1,349 for a 128GB Windows 7 Home Premium/professional model with a dock and keyboard. 


September 2, 2011

Toshiba Launches AT200 Tablet
PC MagazineToshiba A200 Tablet

Toshiba's latest 10.1 inch Android tablet, the AT200, was unveiled Thursday at IFA in Berlin.

Measuring only 0.3 inches thick and weighing just 1.2 pounds the new Toshiba AT200 is very light and very thin. 

The display is a 10.1-inch touch screen , 1280-x-800 display with a 1.2-GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor, which makes it one of the first Android Honeycomb tablets not using the Nividia Tegra 2 processor.

Features include both front and rear cameras, micro SD, micro HDMI a& micro USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flash support, eight hours of battery life.


Kupa to demonstrat X11, a new generation Windows Based Tablet PC
San Francisco Chronicle

Kupa will be demonstrating X11, a new generation Windows based pen + touch, 10 hour battery life, 128 GB SSD tablet computer at the IFA Consumer Electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany. Due to overwhelming demo request, please contact Kupa representative at the trade show to test out the latest advances in tablet PC.

There is only one more day till the beginning of IFA 2011, and the anticipation is building for technology enthusiasts to finally see and test Kupa X11 for the first time in Europe. X 11 is a new generation Windows based pen + touch, 10 hour battery life, 128 GB SSD tablet computer from Kupa and Kupa couldn't pick a better timing than showing X11 at the IFA Consumer Electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany.


September 6, 2011

Sony has high hopes for two new tablet computers
News 10NBC

With the new Sony Tablet-S shipping in the coming weeks, Sony has their eye on both consumers Sony S1 & S2 Tabletsand the iPad.

"We wanted to come out with a unique differentiated product and I think we have," says Sony's Ty Takayanagi. "We've embedded everything that we know about consumers electronics, all of our entertainment assets into one device."

In what Sony considers an extension of the Sony experience, the new Tablet-S includes a Play Station feature, Sony e-reader, music and movies and the "true black" screen from it's Television technology.

In addition to the Tablet-S Sony also has a smaller 4G Tablet with a dual screen, that weighs only 13 oz and folds in half, the smaller Tablet will be sold through ATT.


Amazon redesign to make Tablet Friendly Site
USA Market News

Amazon is in the process of a major website redesign that could modify the way people shop on Amazons web portal.  The redesign is intended to to make Amazon’s site easier navigate on a tablet PC.  

No date has been announced but Amazon is expected to launch their tablet computer in coming weeks, so the redesign of the site is likely to coincide with the launch of their upcoming Tablet.


First PlayStation Tablet Hitting Stores Soon
Mobile bloom NewsSony Playstation certified Tablet

On September 17th ,  The first PlayStation tablet is scheduled to launch in the Japan.  Powered by Android, the new Sony Tablet will allow users access to download Sony’s online entertainment, incluing, movies, PlayStation games, music and books.

The Tablet S looks a lot like an Apple iPad, and will be available in both 16 and 32GB versions, along with the option of adding 3G or Wi-Fi. It will be released by the end of this month. The Tablet S has a bit of curve at the back of the long edge which raises the device a little from the surface it’s placed on. The touchscreen measures 9.4 inches and the device weighs in at 1.3 pounds.


Tablet War: Amazon Kindle Tablet Vs Apple iPad 2
International Business Times

Apple iPad may have held the top tablet spot but according to MG Siegler from Touchscreen the upcoming Amazon Kindle tablet could have what it takes to challenge the iPad.

Amazon Kindle e-reader gives users the privilege to browse and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blog's and other digital media .

The new Amazon tablet features include a 7-inch multi-touch capacitive screen with two-finger touch.  

Steve Jobs stated that 7-inch is not ideal for tablet: “These are among the reasons that the current crops of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA — dead on arrival.”  those words turned out to be true for the Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy tablet and the BlackBerry Playbook.  We will have to wait and see if the outcome will be different for Amazon’s Kindle 7 inch tablet.


Amazon Tablet PC to lead a whole host of low cost devices
Product Reviews

No matter how good it is, not everyone can afford to purchase an iPad.  When HP announced it was Amazon Tablet PCshutting down the Touchpad tablet, The $99.00 liquidation sales for the remaining HP TouchPad stock sent consumers racing out to buy them.  This proves that there are droves of people who would like to own a tablet but cant afford the current prices.   The Amazon Tablet PC is going to be the first of many inexpensive tablet devices coming to the tablet market.

According to an article on Compterworld analysts are believe that there will be a flood of devices priced between $200.00 & $300.00 in the coming months.  The Amazon Tablet is believed t to be priced around $299 and is expected to be the biggest success in the low end tablet market.


Dell Partners with Baidu to Develop TabletsDell laptop logo
International Business Times

Dell Inc has announced that it will be partnering with China's top search engine Baidu Inc in the development of tablet computers.

"We have a partnership with Baidu and you know we have the Streak 5 tablet, so the partnership will be in that space," said a Dell spokeswoman, adding that both firms were also cooperating on the mobile handset front.



September 7, 2011

No company is better evidence of this trend than HP, which, after lowering the price of its TouchPad tablet by 80%, to $99, instantly saw sales figures rocketing. (Analysts estimate the now-discontinued TouchPad could soon be the second best-selling tablet behind the iPad, and HP has since decided to extend manufacturing of the TouchPad through the end of October.) Other iPad competitors must follow suit and understand that while $99 is on the extreme low end, there is no way they can ever compete with Apple on retail shelves with the same price tags hanging from their devices.


Lenovo to Launch Tablets in India in 3 Months
Wall Street Journal

plans to launch its consumer and commercial tablet computers in India in the next three months, as it seeks to grow market share in a country where Internet usage is on the rise.


September 8, 2011

Microsoft lines up its big swing at tabletswindows 8

Next week Microsoft will show it's new version of Windows on a tablet computer.

Windows chief Steven Sinofsky will show off a an early version of Windows 8,  its next touch-enabled, tablet-friendly operating system in Anaheim next Tuesday.

The first generation of Windows 8 tablets are expected on the market in about 12 months.


Microsoft And Samsung Team Up To Make Bill Gates's Tablet Dreams Come True
Fast Company

BillGates with Tablet PC's

Rumors from a source in Korea say that a new Samsung tablet running Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8, will be unveiled at MS's BUILD developer conference next week.

It's been almost ten years since Bill Gates, took to the stage at for the keynote at Comdex show and unveiled the Tablet PC.  At the time he predicted that "next year a lot of people in the audience will be taking notes" with them.

Eight security improvements to look for in business tablet PCsRich Cheston, Chief Technical Architect at Lenovo
TechJournal South

By Rich Cheston, Chief Technical Architect for Lenovo’s Software & Peripherals

Given the fact that a tablet issued by a corporation has corporate data that is not secured by the Android operating system used in tablets.   Since the release of android tablet computers there has been a constant request to make the this new generation of Tablets as secure as a PC.   The lack of security limits the technical support that can be employed and effects the use of tablets in business.

The eight main areas of security improvements that now can be found in tablets as a result of this analysis, and individuals and businesses should seek them out if they want the best protection. The areas are:

  1. Encryption
  2. Anti-Malware
  3. Data Leakage Protection
  4. User Authentication
  5. Application Control
  6. Anti-Theft Technology
  7. Rooted Device Detection
  8. Backup Recovery and Syncing Program


Adobe announces update that enables Flash video content on Apple iPad and iPhone

Adobe has finally announced updates that will enable both the iPad and iPhone to stream video content.

Adobe has updated Flash Media Server 4.5 to support Apple iOS so that their iPad and iPhone device devices will allow publishers to easily create HTTP content stretched across multiple devices and platforms.

Adobe has also updated Adobe Flash Access 3.0 to support Android devices.


September 9, 2011

Intel Says that Ultrabooks will become Tablet PCs

Intel in visions the new Ultrabooks eventually evolving into a convertible notebook.  Apparently they have chosen to ignore the the fact that the convertible Tablet PC has been around 10 years. decade.

Intel Ultrabook Tablet experience

At conference this week, Intel excitedly described the “new” category evolving to include screens with touch functionality that swivel.   Intel CFO Stacy Smith, said that "Ultrabooks of the future will combine the touch tablet with a laptop"  Why he would say that was the future when Tablet PCs have been doing that for 10 years is unclear.


Court rules Samsung can't sell tablet in Germany

A German court has ruled that Samsung cannot sell their new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Germany Apple vs Samsung over rounded corners. becauset its design "too closely" resembles that of the Apple iPad 2.

Clearly Apple did not "Invent" rounded corners!

As the issue appears to be the rounded corners of the iPad, from where we stand, it looks like apple is obviously afraid of Samsung and Samsung's Tablets.  - We cant help but wonder why Apple thinks that they should be allowed to have a monopoly on rounded corners on anything.  

In a statement, Samsung said "severely limits consumer choice in Germany." and will be appealed.


September 11, 2011

Never Forget 9-11-01

Honor.  Remember.  Reunite.

I will never forget the horror of watching the second plane hit the World Trade Center.
I will never forget the being in NYC 6 weeks later and seeing the aftermath.
I will never Forget those who lost their lives trying to save others....

The National September 11 Memorial will help us ensure that the innocent men, women, and children killed on 9/11 are never forgotten. Join us to honor, remember, and reunite.


September 12, 2011

Tomorrow TabletPc2.com will be reporting to you live from "Build" the Microsoft developer conference where we expect to see Windows 8 "officially unveiled" and all of the advantages it will offer to Tablet computing demonstrated.


Windows 8 Tablets , Why We Need Them

With the additions iPad os, Android and the HP Web OS all fighting for supremacy in the tablet world, Windows 8 OS is about to jump into the frey.   Below you will find reasons why were are excited and looking forwards to running Windows on a tablet.

The key word: interoperability.  the ability for all of your existing apps to devices to be compatible with one another.    Apple, Android have both come along way but neither of them offers the compatibility you get with windows computers.   Your existing apps that you use and rely on on a daily basis to be productive should al run on Windows 8.   File handling and app compatibility are still problems with Android and the iPad.  

Tablets like Fujitsu's Stylistic Q550. This Windows 7 tablet quietly shipped this summer, with a clear aim at vertical markets and corporate use. Why? Because those markets already have custom apps designed for use on laptops that could translate well to a tablet--but those markets need the platform stability and compatibility that Windows 7 already provides.

Today's Windows tablets from Fujitsu, Viewsonic and Motion Computing are all trying to keep up with Apple but the current version of windows making that extremely difficult. Hopefully Windows 8 will change that.  This week at "Build" in Anaheim Microsoft is expected to show off Windows 8 and what it will bring to the Tablet Space.   

The Benefits of Unity

Consumers and Corporate IT  will both benefit from a Windows-based tablet.

With Windows 8 being a fully touch-optimized OS, the Windows platform, along with the all of the apps are designed and developed for Windows, will give it the potential to compete with ios and Android in the tablet space.   

Personally, I like the ability to use Microsoft office and Adobe Dreamweaver on all of my machines. I like having apps that works on every machine I use and I don't like having to change the way I work when I switch tablets.  That said I am very much looking forward to seeing what Microsoft has done with Windows 8.  


Top five tablets

In last ten years, netbook's and tablet PC rolled into the computing world and since the launch of the iPad the Top 5 tabletsexcitement around Tablet computing has grown in leaps and bounds.

Mobile Indian has chosen their Top Five tablets for August and September. The list takes price and all needs into consideration.  

Their criteria for choosing the tablets included display size , combination of hardware & software, features, included applications, 3G support, Flash support, WiFi, Bluetooth and battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 (Galaxy Tab 10.1)

The Galaxy Tab 750 is the best tablet so far, which explains why Apple is trying to stop them from selling it with a full on court battle. court to

Apple iPad 2 - The most popular tablet with consumers, can anyone give it a run for the money?

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer - a great choice those who crave features-rich tablets.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 - the only Android tablet that comes anywhere close in features to the ASUS Transformer tablet.

Motorola XOOM- The First Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) based tablet.  Available in WiFi Only and WiFi+3G models.

Head over to Mobile Indian to read why each of these Tablets was chooses as "the Best"


The Future of Tablet computing
The Express Tribune

Samsung to show a Windows 8 tablet next week, report says

HP offers refund to TouchPad and Pam Pre 3 buyers that paid full price
PC Advisor

Intel Inside: Samsung's Windows 8 tablet that'll be shown next week runs on an ...
Tablets Planet


September 13, 2011

Microsoft Unveils A Radically Redesigned Windows 8

Building "Windows 8" live from Microsoft Build



Microsoft Unveils A Radically Redesigned Windows 8

Steve Sinofsky at  Microsoft build

Today Microsoft formally introduced Windows 8 on Tuesday to of software developers from around the globe that gathered at the Microsoft Build Windows conference in Anaheim, Calif.  Microsoft announced that it has reimagined Windows for the "changing world of computing."

The Windows Windows 8 has a totaly redesigned l interface and is optimized for touch screen use on tablets.

The result of the redesign is a kind of hybrid PC and media tablet,that maintains all of thel the functions of a standard PC but the enhances the user experience on a tablettablet.

"Windows 8 is designed to be "touch first, but equally at home with mouse and keyboard," said Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft's Windows division president.


 September 14, 2011

Windows 8 Developer Preview available as free download

Microsoft has released the free download Windows 8 Developer Preview OS for tablets, to the public,

The free download of windows 8 is the same software build that Microsoft gave to developers on prototype Samsung tablets this week at the company's Build conference in Anaheim.


Why Windows 8 sets the scene for Apple's iPad HD

Microsoft has introduced Windows 8 yesterday to rave reviews at the Build Windows conference in Anaheim.  - This laid the ground work for Apple to swoop in and announce the iPad HD -- the iPad that's a Mac, just as Windows tablets will be a a PC,


Acer Iconia A501 to Enter Tablet PC BattlefieldAcer Iconia A501
Headlines News

In a span of less than 30 days, HP TouchPad discontinued their new Tablet and Apple who has waged a legal battle battle managed to have the Samsung Galaxy Tab permanently banned in Germany.

As the Apple gears up tp launch the iPad 3next into the tablet PC market, Acer and AT&T have announced t the 10.1 inch Android Acer Iconia Tab A501 Tablet will making its debut this weekend.  The Iconia Tab will run on the AT&T 4G HSPA+ network.  Pricing is between $330 and $480 with a contract.



September 15, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate: Powerful, Slick, and the Best Windows Slate to Date
Tablet PC Review

With the Windows 8 release is just around the bend, if Microsoft has any hope of making a a Samsung Tabletdent in Apples hold in the market space, it's the Samsung Series 7 Slate that has the best chance. According to Tablet PC review, It's by far, the nicest Windows 7 tablet date

With the exception of  3G The Samsung Series 7 Slate features the same hardware build as the Windows 8 reference tablet Microsoft handed out to BUILD conference attendees,.

The crystal clear 11/6 inch LED display is extremely impressive and is large enough so that you can see everything you need and work without feeling like your out of real estate on your screen.

The Samsung Series 7 Slate weighs only 2.1 pounds and is less than half an inch thick.  Features one full-sized USB 2.0 port, micro HDMI and micro SD, additional USB 2.0, HDMI, and Ethernet ports are available on the optional dock.



Seton Hall University Adds 400 Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet PCs to Mobile Technology Toolkit

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet and Laptop are the New Seaton Hall University Power Couple

Seton Hall has announced that it is the first University in the United States to use Lenovo's ThinkPad Lenovo Think Pad TabletTablet PC. More than 400 tablets have been distributed between students and faculty in the Sciences, Honors & Business Programs.  The University has made the 10.1-inch Android 3.1 tablet the main tablet for their Mobile Computing Program and considers it an essential teaching device.

Seton Hall students will be useing a variety of the ThinkPad Tablet's pre-loaded applications includingDocuments to Go, which allows them to view and edit Microsoft Office documents as well as to synchronize their latest papers with their desktops using USB or Bluetooth connections.

Seaton Hall University is also developing a customized chemistry science application that will expand the classroom experience with an interactive experiment processes for students.

"We believe the tablet will be instrumental in changing how students learn and influencing teacher-student interactions in and out of class," said Michael Schmedlen, director of worldwide education, Lenovo. "With the ThinkPad Tablet, Seton Hall and other education institutions can take advantage of an incredible piece of hardware to complete assignments, consume multimedia content and collaborate with peers, all in a device that's standardized and IT-friendly."



Sharp Galapagos tablets join HP TouchPad ‎on the discontinued list Sharp Galapagos tablet

It appears that another line of tablets line has fallen victim to the iPad.

Launched only 9 months ago,  Sharp has announced that it is discontinuing its Galapagos Tablets.   With the exception of one 7 inch model Sharp is canceling the entire Galapagos tablet line.

Sharp will stop taking orders for the 5.5 and the 10.8-inch Galapagos tablets on September 30, 2011



Intel's Ultrabooks to cost around $1000 on launch
Economic Times

Intel has announced that their upcoming 'Ultrabooks' devices will be priced in the $1,000.00 dollar range when they are launched, but they expect price to eventually drop below $799.00.

That $1000.00 price tag will bring Ultrabooks, which are slimmer, faster and lighter than conventional notebook PCs closer to tablet devices in terms of pricing.  Intel does not expect the Ultrabooks to be in direct competition with tablet devices because as they are geared to consumers with different requirements than those using tablets..

"Initially, the Ultrabooks should be priced in the sub-USD 1,000 (Rs 45,000) category. But the prices should come below USD 799 and even further lower in the coming years," Intel Vice-President and PC Client Group General Manager Mooly Eden said.


September 16, 2011

Apple's iPad 2 and new Windows 8 tablet face off in 11-minute video
By Zach Epstein



More than 300 Windows 8 features that Microsoft didn’t show at the Build Confrence

Windows 8 features not shown at Build

Microsoft showed off many of the new Windows 8 features this week at the BUILD conference in Anaheim.

In addition to the features that were shown, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky, showed a slide with a very a long list of additional features that Microsoft has included in Windows 8.   WinRumors has posted a list of the additional features that Microsoft is working on for Windows 8.


Windows 8: How Microsoft's PC Overhaul Will Take on Apple's iPad

Perfect timing for Windows 8.

When Apple launched the iPad, the Windows OS running a tablet was for the most part aimed at windows 8 vs ipadvertical markets, not to the consumers that Apple and Google had their sights on.

The second generation of the iPad was released before the majority of first-generation Android tablets were available for sale. Even now, many months later, none of the android competitors are making a dent in Apple's hold in the Tablet sector.

For the most part, app developers have ignored the tablet side of Android , creating an opportunity for another OS to attract both consumers and the almighty app developers that make and break platforms.

Enter Microsoft and Windows 8. With no release date in sight, Microsoft took a deep dive into its upcoming operating system at the company's BUILD conference for developers this week. Tablet support took center stage as the company showcased a drastically different interface designed for touchscreens.

At every turn, Microsoft executives emphasized "fast and fluid," suggesting that Windows isn't a mess of legacy code. Everyone who attended the conference got a prototype slate running Windows 8, to use in developing and testing new apps. Better still, Microsoft made this Developers Preview version of Windows 8 available for download by anyone who wants to try it out.

With tablets sale growing in leaps and bounds, and not catching on, Microsoft and Apple are set to rekindle their rivalry.   The difference being that at the moment Apple's is out in front.

Here is why we think that Windows 8 be a legitimate competitor to the iPad.

Windows 8 is both an acknowledgment and a rejection of how Apple's iPad works.

Apps are everything. They're all you see on the home screen, and when you're running an app, there's not much else to do besides exiting the app and launching another. Because the iPad has such great apps, this simple approach has been a rousing success.

Other platforms, like Android and webOS, are failing because their navigation improvements--say, better multitasking and faster app switching--don't make up for their lack of great apps.

Microsoft is changing the role of apps. In windows 8 on the start screen, there are living tiles that give users i ability to see information at a glance and navigate to the places they want to be.


Microsoft windows 8 tablet will need no plug-ins
Northern Voices Online

The upcoming Microsoft windows 8 tablets will will make things easier for users and tablet fans. Starting with needing no plug-ins. 

Windows 8 is the first OS being developed that will be designed from the ground up for touch and tablet computing.   Android which is used a variety of tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom was originally developed for smart phones not tablets.

Now there is more clarity on how the new Windows 8 will look and what it will do.   A report in PC Magazine says that Adobe Flash will be removed from IE 10 that will be based on Windows 8.





September 19, 2011

Stevie Wonder thanks Steve Jobs for iOS and its accessibility features



Looking for the new 7in tablet king? it's the Acer Iconia Tab A100Acer Iconia Tab A100 Tablet
Australian Personal Computer

In the 7 inch Tablet space, where there is no Apple iPad to contend with,  the new Acer Iconia Tab A100, is the top contender.   The 7 inch tablets are are smaller versions of their larger 9 and 10 inch tablets.  The only thing you lose in chosing a & inch tablet screen real estate.   Seven inch tablets now run the same os and apps, and many of them have the same ports. 

It’s all about the form factor – 7 inch tablets are for those who want something larger than a smartphone but not as big as a full sized tablet tablet. 


Five Reasons Why it's Too Late for Windows 8 to Challenge Android's Dominance
International Business TimesWindows 8

Windows 8 is tablet focused and Microsoft hopes to get back in the game when Win 8 is released, but for now, Apple dominates the tablet market with no viable competitors in site

Here are five reasons why Microsoft may not succeed against Apple or Android.

1.  Unlike Windows 8, Android and Apple iOS are app-centric and Apple already has more than 500,000+ apps, and close to 90,000 of those apps are are designed for the iPad.    E Android has about 250,000+ apps. T  he Windows Marketplace, on the other hand, has only 9,000+ none of which are for windows 8 and and they there is ,little chance of then catching up with Apple anytime soon. .


Amazon Makes Site Tablet-Friendly

Amazon's new streamlined design, with a larger search bar, less buttons  and repositioning of digital Amazon Tabletcontent before merchandise is being rolled out across the country. 

The new layout is designed to improve the shopping experience for current iPad users, and to make sure when Amazon’s new tablet is ready to launch the site is optimized for viewing on a tablet



The Top Ten Lessons Steve Jobs Can Teach Us - If We'll ListenSteve Jobs

It’s human nature to overlook the importance of the here and now.  Those who are great and live among us seem more normal because they’re breathing the same air that we are.

But, make no mistake, once Steve Jobs is no longer with us, there will be an outpouring of emotion.  The tributes will be endless.  And there will be collective regret that we weren’t more awake, paying attention, while he was with us.

The wisdom he shared with us at every major speech, or on an earnings call, or in a casual chat put up on YouTube will seem 10 times wiser because he’s no longer with us.

So, let’s pause today and try to remind ourselves of some lessons Steve Jobs has taught us all — if we’ve been willing to pay attention:



Microsoft creates its own walled-garden with tablet Metro apps

Microsoft is adopting the Apple policy for applications on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8, is an operating system for both desktops and tablets that is based around what Microsoft is calling “Metro-style” apps which are applications optimized for touch screen devices.

Like Apple, Microsoft all Metro apps will have to pass Microsoft scrutiny and have to be downloaded through the new Windows Store.


September 20, 2011

The Massive Windows 8 Tablet Wave Is Coming
PC Magazine

The Great Windows Tablet Rush

Microsoft did not create Windows from the ground up for people sitting behind a monitor and keyboard. They didn't create the slick Metro UI for laptops. They didn't make a big deal about putting Windows 8 Windows 8 TOuch featureson ARM for kicks. No, they did it for the huge wave of Windows 8 tablets that are in the works.

Windows 8 is Microsoft's strategy for taking down the iPad. More broadly, the iPad has shown there's a real demand for the kind of experience a tablet can bring. Unlike traditional PCs, tablets are a growth market, and companies like growth markets.

Microsoft had to do something big to try to prevent Apple from being the only successful player in the Tablet game.

Windows 8 is an enormous bet by Microsoft to leverage its huge developer base for Windows and put them to work on tablets.

Windows 8 is about bringing an an army of tablet developers together to go after iOS.  With Metro built into the win 8 os if you want to develop software for Windows, you can't not develop for tablets.


G'Five to launch tablet PC under Rs 10K this month
The Mobile Indian

The new G'Five device will be a 7 inch Android tablet aimed at the mass market. Given the fact G 5 tabletthat Beetel already has a tablet in this range we expect G'Five to at least match Beetel Magiq's specs.

G'Five is planning plans to launch a 7 inch touchscreen Android tablet.  The tablet will be released in India by the end of this month

The company is also seeking to expand its retail network to sell this tablet to a wider audience.


Motorola to take another stab at Apple's iPad with new 7-inch tablet
Apple Insider

Motorola has stated publicly that it will release a "fun" and portable" 7-inch tablet before the end of theMotorol 7 inch Tablet year

The yet to be named tablet from Motorola has been pictured in a leaked photo provided to This is my next.    The photo shows a very thin tablet with slightly angled corners running the Android Honeycomb OS.

The new tablet has not been confirmed by Motorola, but two of the expected features on the new tablet are both micro-USB & micro-HDMI ports.


September 21, 2011

Putaway With Rugged Tablet PCs

Rugged tablet PCs such as the MobileDemand xTablets have become Mobile Demand Tabletincreasingly important tools in streamlining the putaway processes for a growing number of industries.

Historically, the putaway processes have been one of the more overlooked areas for businesses involved in shipping, receiving, storage operations and the supply chain in general. Poor processes and unreliable technology resulted in paper-based tracking and large storage spaces—with personnel literally scrambling to react to orders and store pallets or products in the order they prefer.

Also, similar to other paper-based processes, staying organized throughout the day and in the long run can be a very difficult task to conquer. However, with rugged tablet PCs, add-ons and various mounting and carrying options, the power and flexibility to execute a comprehensive, optimized, and successful putaway system has eliminated these time-consuming and resource-draining requirements.


Fujitsu Launches "ARROWS" Brand for Smartphones and Tablet PCs
Japan Corporate News

Next month, Fujitsu will begging rolling out it's new ARROWS line tablet PCs.

The Fujitsu ARROWS brand is embodies speed, innovation, performance and power of Fujitsu smartphones and tablets.  These are the features necessary to show Fujitsu's leadership in future smartphone and tablet PC markets.

What ARROWS targets

Founded in Fujitsu's brand promise of "shaping tomorrow with you," the ARROWS brand aims to help realize customer aspirations, and together, to contribute to a prosperous future.

As a new brand that looks not only to Japan but to the world, ARROWS products seek to meet the needs of customers everywhere, working with them to create new value. Fujitsu will continue to offer an advanced level of basic specifications and features while incorporating Fujitsu's forte of human-centric engineering.

The first model offered under the ARROWS brand will be the Docomo Tablet ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D. Going forward, the ARROWS brand lineup will continue to add other smartphones and tablet PCs.


Windows 8 tablet challenge

Windows 8 is much more than a tablet OS, and that may be its downfall in the hot mobile market.Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft is putting all of its skill and efforts into making Windows 8 work on every type of computer, with basically two OSes in one, is ambitious and points the new OS at both mobile and conventional computer users. This is a huge challenge to get right, but it is clear Microsoft is giving this its best shot.

What the dual OS approach fails to address is that tablets and computers are very different devices that serve very different purposes. The success of the iPad is in large part due to the fact that Apple focused it to do tablet things very well, while ignoring conventional computer tasks. Microsoft has taken a different path with Windows 8 that may prove to be difficult due to its aim at addressing the needs of everyone, not just the mobile crowd.

Why the iPad is successfull

  • Performance is king: Tablets don’t need to be the best performers, but users will not tolerate lags in operation. The iPad delivers this and the perception is that performance is very good.
  • Good battery life: The iPad was the first computer that delivered all day usage on a single charge of the battery. Competing tablets had to match that, as consumers are not willing to plug a tablet into the wall in the middle of the day. Throw the tablet in the bag and use it as desired all day.
  • No maintenance: I can’t stress this point enough. Consumers want tablets to just work, with no effort required on their part to keep things running smoothly. Regular updates that are easily applied are the secret sauce behind the iPad’s success with users.


September 22, 2011

Packard Bell Liberty Tab G100 review

With the HP TouchPad being discontinued and the controversy around the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  there is an opening for another tablet to claim the title of "Best Table" on the shelves.  The feature packed Packard Liberty Tab G100 was unveiled at IFA 2011.

Packard Bell Liberty Tab G100 Tablet

The excellent feature set makes Packard Bell's Liberty Tab a great all around choice for a tablet. The High Definition Screen Dolby speakers are really impressive, and wit a Tegra 2 Dual Core processor under the hood, It’s one of the fastest tablets around.

Unfortunately, all of the good features are overshadowed by the fact that instead of being light and sleek, the Liberty Tab is bulky and heavy.


Kogan Agora 7in Tablet PC reviewKogan Agora 7in Tablet PC
PC Authority

The Kogan Agora may not be the cleast expensive budget tablet available, but its feature set helps to justify the higher price point.

Features on this Android 2.3 Tablet, include HDMI port for 720p playback, microSD card slot front-facing camera that takes pictures along with video that looks and sounds like undercover recordings.



A deep dive into Windows 8 Developer Preview

All of Microsoft's energy and creativity has been devoted to the new Metro interface; there's very little new of note for the old-fashioned Desktop.

As I tested Windows 8, I found myself wanting to use it on a tablet instead of my PC, because the big-tiled Metro was so much more visually appealing than the traditional Desktop, with a more intriguing feature set. After using Windows 8 for some time, it's clear that Metro is the future of Windows, and the Desktop the past.


September 23, 2011

Installing Windows 8 on the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet PC
PC Magazine

Since it has both a touchscreen and a full size keyboard, The Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet was a Windows 8 on the Lenovo X220 Tablet PClogical choice for installing the Windows 8 preview.

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 installs faster and easier than previous versions Windows. From start to finish, installation took launder 25 minutes. after

Important features such as Wi-Fi, the keyboard, touchpad, and USB ports, were all recognized and worked on install.  (The audio was not working due to a missing driver) 

Software such as Adobe Photoshop CS5, Cyberlink's PowerDVD and Apple iTunes installed and ran without any problems.

Powered by a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-2520M CPU and 4GB of memory the Lenovo X220 Tablet is a fast and powerfully Tablet.   Since the Windows 8 Developers Preview is lightweight and there is little running in the background, the performance of the X220 Tablet isn't effected when running Windows 8.

With the exception of a few missing drivers, Windows 8 Developers Preview is worth trying out on a tablet that has both a touch screen and keyboard and the The Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet is an excellent choice to try it on.


How to use an Android tablet to control your PC
Mobile Indian

You can use an Android Tablet as a remote control for your PCto access your desktop from anywhere you are.

By using a free to use utility called Team Viewer to remotely access your personal computer, you can use your Android based tablet to control you PC anywhere anytime.

How to use an Android tablet to control your PC


September 26, 2011

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Puts Business First

The new 10.1 inch Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet changes thing up by adding business class features that include including management software, full sized ports and an an optional digitizer pen.

Lenovo Thinkpad tablet PC    Lenovo Thinkpad tablet PC ports


Tablet Wars 2011: Amazon, Barnes & Noble to Tackle iPad, Each Other
International Business TimesTablet Wars

After two years on the market, Apple's iPad tablet owns close to three-fourths of the tablet market globally.  HP couldn't make a dent and after just 48 days pulled the plug on their HP Tablet.

Now it appears there are two serious threats to the iPad,   The upcoming tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The new Tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble are expected to be priced significantly below the least expensive

Amazon, is expected to unveil their first tablet on a press conference in New York on Wednesday



Amazon's Wednesday Tablet Launch a Threat to Apple's iPad, Analysts Say
Fox News

Is Amazon about to take a big bite out of the big Apple?Amazon

Amazon is expected unveil its tablet this Wednesday. Priced at $250 analysts believe that the Amazon Tablet could be the first real threat to the Apple iPad. 

"Wednesday is tablet day," BGC partners analyst Colin Gillis told Reuters.



Amazon Kindle Tablet: Android Tablet or eReader on Steroids?

Many have suggested that the iPad might be a "Kindle killer". While the two devices serve different Amazon Kindel vs iPadpurposes, there has always been some overlap. I argued about ten months ago, "Comparing a Kindle and an iPad is like comparing a spoon to a Swiss Army knife. Yes, both enable someone to eat a bowl of soup, but the spoon is more or less limited to that role, while the Swiss Army knife might also include a corkscrew, can opener, wire strippers, scissors, tweezers, magnifying glass, and screwdriver. Trying to determine which one is "better" is entirely subjective, and ultimately futile."

the upcoming release of the Amazon Kindle Tablet put it head to head with the Apple ipad which will change the dynamic in the the rivalry between the two.   The question is will the Kindle Tablet be an "iPad killer", as some predict or will it just be a glorified e-reader extra bells and whistles?


Windows 8 Reveal Steals Kindle Tablet Thunder
Tablet News

Amazons upcoming Kindle Tablet press conference promises will bring a first-hand look at what we expect will become the dominant Android Tablet PC on the market. The question has it still come too late?

For the average tablet user, the appeal of Android seems to be a combination of familiarity because of their smart phones combined with the fact fact that it is not coming from Apple.  With the impressive feature set in Windows 8, Microsoft is hoping to bring tablet users back to windows.


September 27, 2011

Toshiba Announces 7-inch Thrive Tablet Coming in December

7 inch toshiba Thrive

Thrive 7” Tablet, Powered by Android, Features Brilliant Hi-Res Display in Compact, Lightweight Design for Consumers On-the-Go 

Featuring a brilliant hi-resolution seven-inch diagonal touch display, the Thrive 7” Tablet offers a complete tablet experience with entertainment-optimized features in an incredibly portable design that weighs under a pound and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.


Disney Introduces Appmates Mobile Application Toys - First Toy to Allow Kids to Use The iPad as Virtual Play Mat
Press Release


Today Disney has introduced their new Disney AppMATes Mobile Application Toys.  AppMates are anew line of toys that comes to life by allowing kids to use the tablet's screen as a virtual play mat when Disney iPad Disney AppMATes used with an iPad .

Appmates feature miniature the cars from Disney's Pixar Cars 2 movie with sensors embedded in the base that are recognized by the app.   Users can download the free Cars 2 Appmates app from the iTunes app store, place their favorite Appmates toy on the screen and play.

"We believe iPad is becoming a critical canvas for the next generation of storytelling, and with Appmates we're bringing Disney characters to life in a way never previously imagined," said Bart Decrem, general manager of Disney Mobile.


On Wednesday, Amazon Will Unveil The “Kindle Fire”Amazon Fire

According to TechCrunch, Amazon's new tablet PC will be called the Amazon Fire.

According to Techcrunch, tomorrow at a press event in in NYC , Amazon will officially unveil the Kindle Fire.  The name Kindle Fire was chosen, to set the new tablet apart from Amazons current Kindles.

The Fire is scheduled to ship until the second week of November.


September 28, 2011

Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire Tablet -for $199.00

Amazon Kindle Fire

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, showed off the new Kindle Fire Android Tablet at a press conference in NYC this morning.   The new Tablet, called the Kindle Fire features a dual core processor, 7 inch touch screen and weighs under a pound. (14.6oz) but the most important feature to consumers may be the $199.00 dollar price tag which is less than half of the price of the least expensive iPad.  The Kindle Fire which runs Android, will have access to the Amazon library of over 18 million e-books, songs, movies and TV shows.   The 8GB kindle Fire will hold 80 apps plus, either 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books!


Samsung Brings Galaxy Tab 8.9 To U.S.

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablet.  Available for pre-order now, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tabletexpected to be in stores October 2.   Both the 16 GB -$469.00 and 32 GB- $569.00 models are wireless (there is no 3g option)

The new Galaxy Tab 8.9 is an Android Tablet that is 8.6mm thick and weighs under a pound.  Samsung's new tablet version of TouchWiz is running on the tablet and for enterprise users,software from Cisco, Sybase, SAP, and Citrix will be included.

Features include a dual-core T250S processor, WXGA TFT display (1280 x 800 pixels), Gorilla Glass, 3-megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.

The new Galaxy Tab 8.9 includes a suite of Samsung entertainment software, including their Reader Hub, Music Hub, Media Hub, and Social Hub.


How to Better Run Your Business From a Tablet

most tablets are powerful enough to handle the fundamentals of business computing--once you figure out how to fit them into your workflow. To help you tailor your tablet to your professional needs, we asked a few successful entrepreneurs how they made working from a tablet work for them.

Budget Tablets

If your using an iPad try downloading a better keyboard, Keyboard Upgrade  is one we find that works well.   On an Android Tablet try replacement keyboard apps such as, Thumb Keyboard or SwiftKey Tablet X.    In addition to those you can even Swype.  All of those will upgrade the default Android keyboard.

A tablet is only as good as the apps it runs, but thankfully both iOS and Android have been around long enough to boast app marketplaces brimming with a variety of useful apps


Enhancing Public Sector Efficiency with Rugged Tablet PCs
MobileDemand Tablet

As we all know, tough economic times call for tighter than normal budgets. In the public sector for example, reduced revenue means fewer resources to solve the pressing problems of everyday operations.

In order to effectively do their jobs, public sector companies needs to be leaner, more efficient, and more productive from day to day. Rugged tablet PCs used to complete field work can help with that immeasurably.



Tablet Users Willing to Pay for Digital Content

According to research from FTI Consulting Inc, Tablet users are far more willing to pay for online subscriptions to newspapers and magazines than users of laptops, PCs, or smartphones,

In the past tablet and Mobile PC users have largely been willing to pay a nominal fee for music, video, and movie downloads. They have been less willing to pay for newspapers or magazines.

Fifty Three percent of tablet users say they would be willing pay for some features.


September 29, 2011

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah

L'Shana Tova


TabletKiosk Partners with NewWave Technologies to Distribute Tablet PCs to the Mobile Data Capture Industry
PR Web

TabletKiosk, has announced a strategic distribution agreement with NewWave Technologies.  As an authorized value-added distributor, NewWave Technologies will now carrie TabletKiosk Tablet PCs and accessories.   NewWave also offer offers users the option of purchasing software from industry leader.

TabletKiosk Banner













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