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October 2011


October 3, 2011

TabletPc2.com 2011 Editors Choice

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Slate

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Tablet PC

An Editors Choice Tablet PC is a Tablet that offers not just bells and whistles, but a great combination features that people need and use on a regular basis, good value and a machine that offers uses an exceptional computing experience right out of the box.  The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Tablet is all of that and more. 


Adobe Photoshop Touch for CS5

Today at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, Adobe announced six Touch Apps, designed for Android tablets Adobe Photoshop Touch for Tabletsand the Apple iPad.  The new Touch Apps allow anyone to explore ideas and present their creativity anytime, anywhere.

They star of the show is Adobe Photoshop Touch, a long overdue app that will bring the creativity and image-editing powers of Photoshop to tablet and Tablet PC's.

The new touch apps will bring professional-level creativity to the millions of tablet users world wide.  The touch apps include the ability's for image editing; ideation; sketching; mood boards; website and mobile app prototyping; and presentation of your finished work.

Available in November, the Adobe Touch Apps are key components of the new Adobe Creative Cloud that was also announced today at Max.   Adobe's Creative Cloud will be available in early in 2012. 



HTC follows BlackBerry to $299 tablet bargain bin

On Friday at Best Buy the price on the 7-inch HTC Flyer Tablet was dropped from $499.00 to $299.00. With last weeks announcement from Amazon that the Kindle Fire Tablet is priced at just 199.00 we expect to see price drops on more of the Tablets, especially those that are not selling well. HTC Flyer Tablet Orice Dropedadjusts to

The 7-inch HTC Flyer Tablet comes runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, has a color touch screen, front and rear cameras, 16GB of storage, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, a microSDHC slot, and a single-core Qualcomm processor.

According to the Cnet review in May , the HTC tablet was overpriced from the start.  Overpriced-tablets dropping in price is not limited to the HTC. Best Buy also dropped the prices on the 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook earlier in the week.  The price on the Motorola was dropped in July and the HP Tablet was dropped to $99.00 when HP announced that it was being discontinued.



First Tablet Buyers Guide

Earlier today at the IAB MIXX Conference in NYC, The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence announced two initiatives to take the tablet advertising marketplace to a new level.

The first initiative is the Tablet Buyers Guide for the U.S. Mobile Marketplace. The Tablet Byers Guide will provide a roadmap to help marketers and agencies navigate the ongrowing growth between consumers' and tablets.

"As the role of tablets in consumers' lives continues to grow, advertisers are quickly moving to incorporate tablet advertising into their marketing plans," said Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence. "Tablets today combine the best of both worlds of interactive media devices -- the large screen, hardware power and flexibility of PCs, and the intimacy, always-availability and simplicity of smartphones. With the introduction of the Tablet Buyers Guide and our upcoming Tablet Creative Advertising Showcase, the IAB aims to provide actionable resources that advance tablet advertising, as well as the mobile advertising arena as a whole."


Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition Democratizes Tablet Publishing

This morning at the the Adobe MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe announced the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition allowing freelance designers and small design firms to publish interactive content created with Adobe InDesign(R) CS5.5 software on Apple iPad.

Priced at $395 per application, Without writing a single line of code, the Single Edition of DPS gives designers the ability to their existing skills and workflow's to create an applications for the iPad.


October 4, 2011

Highlights From Apple's 'Let's Talk iPhone' Keynote

New iPhone is the iPhone 4S - No iPhone 5

Pre Orders October 7 - Available October 14   Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint

16GB-$199.00 32GB-$299.00 64GB-$399 with 2 year contract

4S will offer eight hours of 3G talk time. Six hours of browsing, nine on WiFi. 10 hours of video, and 40 hours of music. "Fantastic battery life."

8 Megapixel camera-for many this will be the best still camera they've ever owned and the best video cameras they've ever owned

The iPhone 4 was of course GSM vs. CDMA. The 4S is both -- GSM and CDMA World PhoneApple iPhone 4s Pricing

intelligently switch between the two antennas between transmit and receive."

A5 chip - 2x faster, dual-core graphics are 7 times faster than previous iPhone.

Features:   Siri - Intelligent assistant, you ask the iPhone a question and it gives you an answer - Siri can also follow voice commands  -

Ask Siri "Who are you?" Siri says "I am a humble personal assistant." Humble for now, maybe. That round of applause might change things.  Siri is the best feature of the new iPhone 4S.

AirPlay Mirroring - you can get connect your iPhone 4s to your TV screen.

1080p HD video recording.

backside illuminated CMOS, 73 percent more light. It's faster, too -- one third quicker.

 iPhone 4s features

iCloud is free for iOS 5 and Lion users. 5GB of online data free, but you can buy more if you want.

There's a daily backup from iCloud too, contacts across all devices, calendar events

iOS 5 Available on October 12th

PC Free feature, so you can activate your device without plugging in. "There's no need for a computer." And, you can get wireless iOS updates.

iPad is the "undisputed" #1 tablet in the world. Tim says "everybody and their brother" is trying to compete, but three quarters of all tablets sold are iPad's.


October 5, 2011

Symantec will offer Data Loss Protection for Tablett in 2012
eChannelLineSymantec for Tablets

Symantec has announced it is planning to offer Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Tablet, which will be the first comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) solution for the monitoring &nd protection of sensitive information on tablet computers.   

"In the past, we did not have a product for tablets that worked for all the use cases people were concerned about," said Tim Matthews, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Symantec . "We could have dealt with the corporate email, but the issue though is people weren't often connecting to the corporate network or were doing things like file sharing that we couldn't catch before."

Symantec will start by offering DLP for the iPad in the first quarter of 2012 and follow with protection for Android sometime in the second half of 2012.


Review: Pierre Cardin PC-7006G Tablet PC Pierre Cardin PC-7006G Tablet PC

Yes, fashion designer Pierre Cardin has produced a tablet – and at £299 the snappily named PC-7006G costs the same as the 7in competition, such as Acer’s Iconia Tab A100. Still, an air of luxury is essential for a tablet that bears such a brand, and Pierre Cardin doesn't disappoint. It arrives in a smart leather case with discreet branding, and the unit itself feels extremely solid, with the merest hint of give at the rear and good build quality elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the screen on the Pierre Cardin is one of the worst we have seen on any tablet.  The 480 x 800 resolution 7 inch screen is grainy and the viewing angles are remarkably bad.


Amazon Kindle Fire To Possibly Out Sell Apple iPadAmazon Kindle Fire Tablet
Phones Review

Apple iPad has been at the top of the Tablet league since it released, However now the Amazon Kindle Fire looks like it very may topple the Apple iPad off the top of the pile.

According Cult of Android, the new Kindle Fire tablet, with it's $199 price point, is on target to overtake the iPad with the “biggest tablet launch in history.”


October 6, 2011

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs - 1955-2011


Steve Jobs
1955- 2011 

"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, the world has lost an amazing human being,"


Steve Jobs leaves a legacy like no other
By Jon Friedman, MarketWatch

Jobs had a mystique that CEOs could learn from. He will never be replaced on the American scene. He helped create a technology that reflected quality, style and reliability. He revolutionized industries time and again — the personal computer with the Mac, music with the iPod, communications with the iPhone and personal computing again with the iPad. See Steve Jobs: A decade in pictures.

No CEO in our time will likely possess the qualities of Jobs, primarily as a visionary but also as a marketer and a brand manager. He never relied on focus groups. He trusted his instincts and intuition. He reveled in taking risks. He was a genuine maverick, renegade and trailblazer. Do you like or love Pixar movies? Thank Steve Jobs for that.

You had to respect his accomplishments, his passion and his powerful desire to make a difference in our culture and society. He made a mark like nobody else.

He will be missed.


Windows is the most preferred OS for a tablet
Tablets Planet

A new study conducted by Boston Consulting Group shows that the majority of tablet users in the U.S. as well as Chinese consumers want a Windows-based tablet.

AllThingsD columnist, Peter Kafka, pointed out  that a similar conclusion was found in a previous study conducted by the Forrester Research Group. Back in August  The study by the Forrester group reported, “Only 9% of consumers considering buying a tablet actively prefer an Android tablet — compared with 16% who prefer iOS and 46% who prefer Windows.”

Windows the Prefered Operating system for Tablet


Amazon Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ComparisonKindle Fire TV shows

Amazons new tablet the Kindle Fire by is the biggest threat to the iPad to date.   In order to make their new tablet competitive, the Amazon Fire only comes with one side hard drive - 8GB and does not have features users have cone to expect, such as a camera, Bluetooth, or a 3G option.  Only having one skew helps to keep the cost down, and Amazon as priced the Fire Tablet at an affordable $199.00 which is less than half the price for the least expensive iPad.  

Here’s is a comparison of the features of the three tablets:

Amazon Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Comparison


October 7, 2011

Toshiba expands ultra-light and ultra-thin tablets range

Toshiba Computers is expanding its selection of Tablet and Ultra Light computers.

Toshiba started their expansion with the the AT200 tablet and at the CEATEC the they announced two the AT700 and AT3S0tablets for the Japanese market.

The AT7000 run Android, has 10.1-inch screen, weighs 558 grams and is only 7.7mm making it the world’s lightest and thinnest tablet. 


Apple's Key to Success: Turning Tech into Lifestyle
Voice of America

Steve Jobs and Apple have profoundly changed the way people use and view technology as well as how individuals all over the world obtain information.

Apples devices are frequently refered to as "lifestyle products." and they consistanty designs the most user friendly and bet looking products makesit the choice consumers around the world choose Apple over other brands. 

"And that's the beauty of apple products I think and that's why consumers love them is that they are transparently beautiful," Lih added.  "You don't have to learn to use them. You pick it up and it seems natural, but just imagine all the man hours and the work that it takes to get to that point and most companies cannot replicate that either work ethic philosophy or final product."

He says the company's legacy of making consumer friendly products started when Apple was first established in the 1970s.


October 10, 2011

YouTube Space Lab Lifts Off with Lenovo Aboard

YouTube SpaceLab 

Today Lenovo and YouTube announced YouTube Space Lab a joint venture with Space Adventures, NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), for a worldwide competition called the ,  for 14-18 year old students to design a science experiment that can be preformed in Space. 

Lenovo will be offering a YouTube Space Lab Special Edition ThinkPad Tablet that comes preloaded with deep-space images and astronomical apps like Google Sky Map, Thinking Space, NASA for Android and more.

The top two winners will attend astronaut training in Russia and their experiments will be conducted and live-streamed on YouTube by astronauts aboard the International Space Station — 250 miles above Earth!

The YouTube Space Lab is part commitment to showcasing and providing students access to the vast wealth of educational content available on YouTube as well as Lenovo's focus on equipping students with 21st century skills via information technology.

Lenovo's legendary ThinkPad is the laptop currently certified for use on the International Space Station.


Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet from Motorola Solutions USA

Today, Motorola Solutions launched the ET1 Tablet, a tablet PC intended for enterprise-level deployments in a range of vertical markets.  Targeted specifically at business users the Motorola ET1 Tablet is the first Android-based tablet from Motorola Solutions


The new Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet doesn't compromise on the thing enterprise users need most: security, durability and flexibility.

Packed with features that help users access information faster and improve performance , The Et1 Tablet is designed to make your enterprise ready for whatever the future holds and whatever your customers demand. It’s an uncompromising approach to mobile computing, and it's the only tablet that’s flat-out enterprise.

The ET1 Tablet is powered by a OMAP4 dual-core 1 GHz x2 +DSP 1 GB RAM, 4 GB Flash plus 4 GB microSD (totals 8 GB flash memory)and will support up to 32 GB microSD,and runs Android 2.3.4, Enhanced with Enterprise functionality



Hands-on with Myriad's Alien Dalvik 2.0 on an iPad (video)

Myriad's Next Generation Alien Technology Brings Android to Apple

Engadget has an preview of Myriad Alien Dalvik 2.0, the software that allows users to run android App on the Apple os. 

From the Press release: Myriad Alien Dalvik 2.0 to extend Android apps to tablets, TVs, automobiles and more, creating new revenue opportunities and opening up Android ecosystem to new sectors
Alien Dalvik 2.0 to remove technological barriers to create consistent user experiences and mobilize content across multiple platforms and screens, taking the headache out of fragmentation and content management Myriad to demo Android apps on Apple iPad, for the first time, at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011



T-Mobile announces 7 inch SpringBoard and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1T-Mobile announces 7 inch SpringBoard Tablet

T-Mobile USA has announced the 7 inch SpringBoard tablet from Huawei and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, both tablets have with HSPA+ radios. At this time no pricing has been announced and both tablets will be available in time for the holidays.


Pricing has not been announced but The T-Mobile SpringBoard is being advertised an affordable tablet pre loaded with BlockBuster on Demand, T-Mobile TV, Netflix, and even TeleNav GPS Navigator software.  Powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, the T-Mobile SpringBoard has a 7 inch display, SD card slot, 5 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front facing camera. 



October 11, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Crowned T3 Tablet Of Year

iPad 2


T3 has crowned the the Apple iPad 2, the 2011 Tablet of the Year

From the day it was launched in March 2011 the Apple iPad 2 has dominated the tablet market by a wide margin.  None of the Android devices or RIM’s touted iPad killer, the BlackBerry PlayBook even came close in sales compared to the iPad2.

For a list of all the winners check out T3's Awards 2011 winners feature.



Gartner: PCs are Yesterday, Tomorrow is Tablets
International Business TimesLenovo Tablet at CES

With the massive growth of the tablet sector, Tablet sales continue to soar and PCs sales declining at a rapid clip, market researcher Gartner has concluded that the the computer industry is irrevocably shifting to tablets.

According to said Andrea McIntyre, research director at Gardner, "Tablets will be substitutes for several of the consumer electronics consumers often carry with them. Thin-and-light mobile PCs with tablet-like features will become mainstream,"  "As a result, tablets may push out "bulkier PC styles that have been the norm," she added.



Window's Tablet PC 'OCS9' Selling by Reservation
International Business Times (press release)



Beginning October 18th The OCS9 Tablet , will be available for pre order through DYNAMISM(www.dynamism.com)

Produced by OCOSMOS, OCS9 is Microsoft Window’s tablet, powered by the Intel Oak Trail processor.

There is an optional docking station which allows the OCS9 to connect to the television for playing music, games, movies, cable, and internet.


iPad in the enterprise

Wondering if the iPad make the leap into the world of enterprise?  Most think not, because of the lack of enterprise software.  In most business Outlook, word and excel are the most common apps used and they are not available for the iPad.  

A search for enterprise apps in Apple's app store, shows plenty of options — unfortunately most of them are simple utilities not usable productivity apps.  Interesting perhaps and useful, possibly, but few enterprises are going to trust what's on offer here to run their business.


Tablet Theft is an Epidemic: Utilizing a new Tablet Lock to Protect Your company's investment
PR Newswire

"Tablet Computer theft is an epidemic in the making," says Alexander Gad[1], a security expert and a veteran in the computer security industry.

a remarkable Two thirds of today's Fortune 100 companies are expected to adopt or pilot the iPad and/or other tablets.  On top of that, there is unprecedented adoption from middle schools, high school and collages as well as in in the B2B market and homes.

The use of a of a tablet lock my prevent 40% of tablet thefts.

Gad concurs with the study's conclusions, "Experience confirms that simple and cost-effective measures can dramatically lower the chances of computer theft.  Believe it or not, even something as simple as leaving the lid open on your your laptop or keeping the power cord attached reduces the odds of theft. And using a Tablet Lock on your Tablet Computer removes the act of stealing it from the crime of opportunity category."


October 12, 2011

CTIA: Hands on with just-announced T-Mobile Springboard tablet

On Tuesday Huawei  announced their new Springboard Tablet for T-Mobile, the new 7 inch Android T-Mobile Springboard tablettablet will be in competition with other the 7-inch tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

I was able to get hands on time with the new Springboard on the floor of the CTIA Enterprise 2011 show in San Diego.

The 14 ounce Springboard Tablet felt good in my hands, it's small and light.  The aluminum body of the Springboard gives it the feel of a premium machine rather than an inexpensive one.

The tablet’s 7-inch screen has 1280-by-800 resolution so photos and documents looked good on it.  Other features include a 5-megapixel camera on back and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, 1.2-GHz dual-core processor and HSPA 14.4 data capabilities that for fast processing and speedy T-Mobile “4G” data.



New Twonky(TM) App Beams Videos From Your Tablet to TV

PacketVideo announced today its Twonky(TM) Beam Browser video streaming app is now available Twonkyfor iPad and Android tablet users. With Twonky Beam Browser, you can browse Web videos on your tablet and beam them directly to any Internet-connected TV, without needing cables to
connect to devices.

EXECUTIVE QUOTES: "All of our Twonky products are created to improve the digital experience, and since tablets represent a new platform for engaging with digital content, they're a natural extension for us. Twonky Beam Browser makes it easy to discover new video content and have the best possible viewing experience by instantly beaming it from the tablet to the TV." - Osama Al-Shaykh, CTO of PacketVideo

"Adding Twonky Beam Browser to our app portfolio streamlines the discovery and enjoyment of video content from the tablet. Our new free tablet app brings beaming to your fingertips -- you simply select videos through the app and beam them wireless to your TV, no special cables or costly adapters required." - Rick Schwartz, Director of Connected Home Software at PacketVideo


October 13, 2011

Cheaper SmartPaddle tablet PC introduced, still not the best value
Tablets Planet

SmartPaddle tablet PC

Even though the Archos Tablet is the most well known and gets the most press Archos is not the only tablet makers France.     EviGroup also offers their own windows based tablet PCs.   Unlike Archos however the eviGroup tablets are less than the best value for the money, actually you get less for your money when you buy eviGroup tablet PCs as opposed to buying a tablet PC from companies like Acer, HP, and MSI.


Microsoft Surface 2.0 multi-touch tabletop availability pushed back to January 2010

The Samsung SUR40 Surface 2.0 multi-touch tabletop that was unveiled by Microsoft in January 2011 Surface 2.0will not be available this year. Instead the Samsung Surface 2.0 table is now expected to be available for be available for purchase in January 2012.

For months Microsoft had been promising that the next-generation of Surface would be available for 23 countries before the end of 2011.  "I had heard from some Surface developers there were some issues with the software powering the devices. But when I contacted Samsung, the OEM making the Surface 2.0 devices, via e-mail, I was told on October 12 that the SUR40 is now officially a January 2012 deliverable"

Surface 2.0, which can be installed as a table, a wall-mountable and/or vertical/horizontal kiosk, is only four inches in depth and features a 40-inch HD 1080p screen.    Pricing is expected to be in the neighborhood of $7,600 USD.


October 14, 2011

Motorola Debuts Cheaper, Kid-Friendly Xoom Family Edition Tablet
PC Magazine

Today, Motorola debuted less expensive , kid-friendly version of their Motorola Xoom tablet, the Xoom Family Edition. Motorola  Cheaper, Kid-Friendly Xoom Family Edition Tablet ‎

Priced at $379, the new 10.1-inch Xoom Family Edition will be and will be sold exclusively through Best Buy beginning Oct. 16, 2011.   The Xoom Family Edition has 16 GB of storage and is Wi-Fi only; Motorola began selling a Wi-Fi-only Xoom in March with 32 Gbytes of storage, for $599.

bundled with the kid friendly Xoom is a "MotoPack by Motorola" an app downloader with the Xoom Family Edition, that pushes app's that Motorola has selected for the tablet, and ensures that they can run on the Xoom hardware. The Xoom Family Edition runs Android 3.1 "Honeycomb".

The tablet also ships with a Kid Zone by Zoodles app, which serves as a gateway for kids that allows them them access to a content that's been pre selected by the parents. Additionally, the Zoom Family Edition comes preloaded with Quick Office Pro HD, MotoPrint, and games like Asphalt 6 and Sim City Deluxe.



Sony Video Unlimited hits Tablet S; more Android devices planned
Los Angeles Times

Yesterday, Sony launched its Video Unlimited TV rental and movie service on its Tsony s tabletablet S.  The service is the sony answer to Netflix and and the Tablet S is intended to compete with the iPad as well as the abundance of Android tablets.

Sony, is one of the few companies out there involved in more than 1 technology sector. -- tablets, phones, computers, TVs, TV and film production and distribution, music production and distribution, video games, cameras and many others businesses. So this venture into video rentals does not come as a surprise.

What does come as a suprise is that Sony is going to offer the Video Unlimited app on non-Sony devices running Google's Android.

Video Unlimited will offer more than 6,500 films and over 40,000 TV episodes from just about all the major studios and networks and many indies, and can be found on Sony Ericsson phones, Sony Blu-ray players, PCs, TVs and the company's PlayStation gaming consoles.


Up close with a Windows 8 tablet from Samsung

We managed to get our hands on one of the new Tablets running Windows 8 operating system Windows 8 tabletfrom Microsoft.  The tablets, which Microsoft showed off at the Build developer conference in september, will be coming out next year.

The tablet is the Series 7 Slate made by Samsung. You can use the tablet as a full-fledged PC, running the familiar Windows-like user interface. But you can make things happen on the screen by tapping them with your finger.

The really cool part happens when you press the main button on the tablet and it shifts the display into the Metro user interface (pictured). The Metro interface has big icons called tiles to make it easy for the user to navigate using touch instead of a mouse.  The tiles are colorful and easy to look at, very much like the tiles in the Windows Phone 7 software that runs on Microsoft-based smart phones.



HTC mulls idea of launching dual-mode 4G tablet PC
Focus Taiwan News Channel HTC 4g Tablet

HTC Corp.,is likely to launch a tablet computer that supports both the LTE 4G broadband speed as well as China's home-grown high-speed network.

"It's one of the possible options our company will consider," Steve Wang, associate vice president of HTC's mobile application and software design, told CNA when asked about plans to launch a dual mode LTE and China's TD-LTE 4G tablet PC.

The move is expected to intensify mobile device competition between the top brands as Apple's rivals, HTC and Samsung, have already launched 4G smart phones and tablet PCs.


'Steve Jobs Day' Receives Official Proclamation for Today

California Governor Jerry Brown Declares October 16th Steve Jobs Day

Jerry Brown, the Governor of California upgraded a tweet to a oficially proclaim Sunday, October 16th, Steve Jobs2011 "Steve Jobs Day"

PC magazine has posted the full text of Brown's proclamation

"In his life and work, Steve Jobs embodied the California dream. To call him influential would be an understatement. His innovations transformed an industry, and the products he conceived and shepherded to market have changed the way the entire world communicates. Most importantly, his vision helped put powerful technologies, once the exclusive domain of big business and government, in the hands of ordinary consumers. We have only just begun to see the outpouring of creativity and invention that this democratization of technology has made possible.

It is fitting that we mark this day to honor his life and achievements as a uniquely Californian visionary. He epitomized the spirit of a state that an eager world watches to see what will come next."


October 17, 2011

A Rising Star from the House of Windows: A Super Thin Tablet PC That Packs a PunchOCS9 tablet Windows-based tablet PC
press release

The OCOSMOS’s OCS9 tablet Windows-based tablet PC is now available online beginning tomorrow, October 18th at Dynamism.  the OCS9 is touted as Window’s thinnest-ever tablet, at a mere 11.9mm thin and runs Windows

Powered by the Intel Oak Trail processor, The OCS9 was designed for use across broad spectrum including hardcore gaming, social networking and interactive entertainment as well as office applications.    The OCS9 features include a 9-inch multi-tool 1280 x 800 MVA-TFT display with scratch-resistant glass, a detachable QWERTY keyboard, b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, USB, stereo sound and a long-lasting battery. 

“The OCS9 Tablet PC is a revolution in mobile culture,” said Jay-Hun Kim, OCOSMOS General Manager for Marketing, “With its powerful Intel Oak trail chip and OMOS key controller, the OCS9 is positioned to blow away other portable gaming consoles on the market, not to mention PCs, and users will find that 2D and 3D image editing is even faster than on a desktop PC.”


Some PC vendors switching to Windows 8-based tablet PCs

According to Digitimes there are some PC vendors, including Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell, who are planning to launch of Microsoft's Windows 8-based tablet PCs in the third quarter of 2012. 


Xplore Closes Financing
press release

Today Xplore Technologies the manufacturer of award-winning rugged tablet PCs, announced that they have received $2.32 million in gross proceeds from the issuance of 2.32 million shares of Series D Xplore rugged tablet PCParticipating Convertible Preferred Stock.  Xplore's s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer,  Philip Sassower purchased $500,000 of Series D Preferred stock in the private placement.

"The private placement provides Xplore with added financial resources and working capital to support the recent launch of our new improved iX104 rugged tablet PC" stated Mr. Sassower. "We believe the best in class feature-set of our new family of devices favorably positions Xplore to serve the expanding rugged tablet PC market. Our expectation is that the proceeds from the private placement will enable Xplore to fulfill the expected increase in demand for its new product line and maximize its chances of success in a market with growing awareness and traction."


Tablet Proliferation: One Size Does Not Fit All

Believe it or not, right now, there are more than 50 tablet brands available in India.

Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and Motorola—have all launched tablets in India. So have many PC OEMs such as Asus, Dell and Acer.  In addition to the OEMS known world wide there are also the local and regional brands of Tablets available. .

The Dell Streek, was one of the first PC OEMs to launch its tablet. According to the Executive Director, Marketing, Consumer & SMB, Dell India. "The 5-inch Streak hits the sweet spot between traditional smartphones and larger-screen tablets,”

Acer has jumped back into the tablet game with its Iconia series. “We have launched three variants—two based on the Android Honeycomb platform and one based on Windows Phone 7. We have adopted a good mix of marketing activities for promoting the product line across the target audience. In addition, we have several channel incentive programs,”


October 16, 2011

'Steve Jobs Day' Receives Official Proclamation for Today

California Governor Jerry Brown Declares October 16th Steve Jobs Day

Jerry Brown, the Governor of California upgraded a tweet to a officially proclaim Sunday, October 16th, Steve Jobs2011 "Steve Jobs Day"

PC magazine has posted the full text of Brown's proclamation

"In his life and work, Steve Jobs embodied the California dream. To call him influential would be an understatement. His innovations transformed an industry, and the products he conceived and shepherded to market have changed the way the entire world communicates. Most importantly, his vision helped put powerful technologies, once the exclusive domain of big business and government, in the hands of ordinary consumers. We have only just begun to see the outpouring of creativity and invention that this democratization of technology has made possible.

It is fitting that we mark this day to honor his life and achievements as a uniquely Californian visionary. He epitomized the spirit of a state that an eager world watches to see what will come next."


October 18, 2011

Motion Introduces the CL900 SlateMate for Seamless Mobile Productivity
press release

Motion CL900 Slatemate

Motion Computing has introduced the Motion CL900 SlateMate.  The slatemate is a patent-pending and industry-first productivity tool that can extend functionality of the CL900 Tablet PC.  Integrated into the tablet PC's internal frame, the first CL900 SlateMate module is a magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner. SlateMate was designed to enable the future delivery of new integrated configurations that meet the needs of users across vertical markets.

The Motion CL900 Tablet PC is a durable, lightweight and highly-mobile tablet PC that provides up to eight hours of battery life. In combination with SlateMate, the CL900 provides users with security, connectivity and the flexibility of fewer devices to manage.



iPlayer tablet pc Watching BBC iPlayer On Tablets Grows 15% In A Month
World Internet TV on PC

Tablets love the BBC iPlayer and viewers enjoy watching TV on their tabletsIplayer to watch TV on Tablet PC

According the the latest figures released by the BBC, t between August and September, viewing of BBC iPlayer content on tablets rose by a remarkable 15%. The reason being that  watching Online TV and tablet PC‘s were made for each other.

The catch-up TV service had 153 million requests for TV and radio streaming across all platforms during September in the United Kingdom.   It's clear that the tablet boom and popularity iPad's and Android tablets was instrumental in driving the number of requests.

Tablet PC’s requesting content grew from 4 million in August to 4.6 million in September. This figure is still only a small portion of the overall 153 million monthly requests, and tablets accounted for about 3% of the total requests. But the figures still show that tablet TV is growing massively.


October 19, 2011

Kupa Showes Off Its new Windows Based Tablet Computer
PR Web (press release)



Kupa showcased their X11 Windows Tablet PC computer, at CTIA in San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA last week.   At the Kupa booth those who attended the convention had the opportunity to to see the Kupa tablet running Windows 7 pro as well as getting a preview of Windows 8 on one of the tablets. 

Features of the X11 include, both Pen and touch input, 10 hours of battery life, front and back cameras, and Wifi + 3G capability, fingerprint sensor and  handwriting recognition.  Users at the show were excited to see a Windows based tablet.


Solution the new Tablets lack of USB ports

Those of us who use multiple tablets on a daily basis forget that not everyone has access to all of accessories and work around's for simple problems like the lack of ports on Tablets like the iPad and the Galaxy Tab.  This article from the Sacramento Bee solves the problem.

Problem:   The iPad has a serious problem, because there is no USB port There is no easy way to print important content from an iPad.   Most solve this problem by sending what they need to print to a computer with printing capabilities, which works but is time consuming.   Are there any devices or workarounds available to fix this problem?

Solution:  We agree, The lack of USB ports on tablet computers is a major flaw. Why spend several hundred dollars for a PC and still not be able to easily connect it to a printer, flash drive or card reader?

The key phase in this situation is "easily connect."  there are separate USB adapters available for purchase that will allow you to connect some tablet computers to external devices, such as printers.

There is a external USB adapters for the iPad , Samsung Galaxy Tab and for Motorola Xoom which has has a micro USB port but an adapter for standard USB is also available

The Lenovo ThinkPad is equipped with a standard USB port so no additional accessories are needed.


October 20, 2011

Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS AnnouncedAndroid Ice Cream Sandwich

Yesterday in Hong Kong, Google unveiled the long-awaited Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS for tablet and mobile phones.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich features include a faster interface, updated graphics, folders and integration with Google+, Face recognition, inline spell checker, tabbed browsing and more.

Ice Cream Sandwich is expected in November and Asustek / ASUS already has plans to launch a new tablet running the Android Ice-Cream Sandwich before the end of 2011.


When It Comes to Tablets, Intel Bets on Windows 8.
X-bit Labs

During Intel's quarterly conference call, Paul Otellini, chief executive officer of Intel told analysts that "To date, our presence in tablets has not been large. With Windows 8, you have monolithic operating system across PCs and tables that Intel can participate in and bring in the advantage of legacy support for applications and device drivers. In that dynamic, I think we have more upside than downside,"

Currently the media tablets available is dominated by Apple's iPad and is trailed by Samsung Galaxy Intel Medfield and cloverview chipsetsTab family with an assortment of other products from OEM's like Asustek Computer, HTC, Motorola and others.   None of those tablets - whether they utilize Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems is running an intel processor, instead they are based on system-on-chips with ARM processor technology.

According to the Intel, the upcoming Medfield chipset has been optimized for both low power and high performance and is projected to deliver long use-time, rich media and gaming, and advanced imaging capabilities.

Designed for tablets less than 9mm that weigh less than 1.5 pounds The new Medfield/Cloverview chipset, will go into production at the end of the 2011.   Intel expects actual tablets devices running the new chip to start showing up during the first half of 2012.  The release date for Windows 8, which will support both desktops/notebooks and tablets is not know at this time.


Asus unveils Transformer prime tablet PC

Asus unveiled the details on their next generation tablet PC, named the the Transformer Prime is only 8.3 mm thick and will feature 14.5 hours of r battery life, a 10-inch display, a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset, mini-HDMI port and a an SD card slot.  There was no mention of a USB port.


October 21, 2011

Can Android Tablets Topple the iPad? Not Just Yet
PC Magazineboxed iPads

Apple's iPad remains the tablet king with 67 percent of the global market, but Android is picking up steam, according to Friday stats from Strategy Analytics.

Apple has sold 40 million iPad's and iPad 2s since their April 2010 debut, which means they have a 67 percent of the global tablet market and an iPad has 80 percent market share in the United States. Gartner has said that the iPad will likely make up 73.4 percent of worldwide tablet sales in 2011.

the Android tablet sales in the market grew from 2% t last year to 27%, driven by offerings like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Acer Iconia.  Everyone is watching to see how the Amazon Kindle Fire will do because some feel that it is is the only real threat to the iPad.



Windows 8 is not 'landscape first' insists MicrosoftWindows 8 in landscape mode
TechRadar UK

David Washington, who is a Windows 8 developer has insisted that the next generation of the Windows OS (code named Windows 8) even though almost all of the demos are in landscape mode, Windows 8 is is not built to be primarily viewed and used in landscape first.

Windows 8 has been designed form the ground up to be tablet friendly, but where rivals like Apple's and Android operating systems were build on their cell phone so they are shown primarily in portrait mode.


Amazon offers trade-in program for old Kindles ‎Amazon Kindle
Los Angeles Times

The good news: Amazon has announced a trade-in program for used Kindles.  The not so good news, you may not get as much as you would expect, because the price of the new Kindle Fire, which is scheduled to begin shipping Nov. 15, is only $199.00 which is half the price of what the original Kindle — just $199.cost.  Trade in prices range from $28.00 to $135.00.

Now if you were to trade in your iPad 2 in perfect condition, Amazon is offering up to $330.  Amazon is doing what they can to tempt consumers who already have tablets to trade for one of theirs.

Amazon is now offering trade-ins for , Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Acer, Toshiba, Motorola, ViewSonic, Blackberry , HP Touchpad's and PanDigital tablets.


October 24, 2011

tabletTablet PC expert Hugo Ortega launches first eBook discussing operating systems
Press release

Hugo Ortegas eBook Tablets: Know Your Operating System provides an overview of the big three tabletablett operating systems and more

Tablets PCs have proven to be a true alternative to netbooks and notebook computers. This neweBook is essential reading about this exciting device segment, relevant for enterprise users considering which platform to integrate into a work environment, or consumers approaching the decision about which ecosystem to use for their mobile computing.
The eBook can be purchased now on Amazon.com

The tablet PC market is now a mature market offering various (and often confusing) options. Consumer choice in the decision on which tablet to buy often resides in the operating system. The main choices are the (often) familiar Windows; the newcomer, Android; or Apple, with its ecosystem of content and apps. Understanding what user experience these operating systems bring to tablet PCs, as well as other less well-known tablet operating systems, is crucial to making an informed decision about a tablet purchase.

Hugo Ortega has lived the tablet scene since its inception and is bringing all those years of hands-on, media, business and mobile lifestyle experience to a series of eBooks about tablet computing. ‘Tablets: Know Your Operating Systems’, published by MetaPlume, explains the benefits and drawbacks of the operating system options and discusses topics such as productivity, apps, price, versions, features and a look to the future.


Dell, HP Already Backing Microsoft's Windows 8 For Tablets

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8, the next version of their Windows OS in the second half of Dell tablet2012.  In September they showcased Windows 8 at their Build Developer conference that took place in Anaheim California. Windows 8, which has been optimized for touch computing on tablet pcs and will be targeted at both the computer and tablet markets. 

Windows is already the dominant platform in computers, but the new OS it will compete primarily with Apple‘s iOS and Google‘s Android in the tablet segment.  Dell HP, and Samsung already have Windows 8 Windows in the works.  At the Build conference the Tablets given to attendees were from Samsung.  All of them will be launching tablets to coincide with launch of Windows 8.


Tablets, apps help autistic people communicate

As a companion piece to an interview this evening with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, CBS' "60 Minutes" focused on how touch-screen tablet computers--like those introduced by Apple--are helping non-verbal autistic children communicate with their parents.


The app used by one autistic person in the segment is Proloquo2Go. It's marketed to the parents of kids with special needs--specifically those with autism, apraxia, and other disabilities that affect their communication. Proloque2Go is just one of a growing number of apps that supplement existing speech or replace speech that is not functional to improve social interaction, school performance, and give the kids a better sense of self-worth.


Apple iPad`s Reign as Top Tablet Won`t Last Forever: 10 Reasons Why

Currently, the Apple iPad has more than 66 percent of the tablet market.  Android-based tablets, have only about 26 percent of the tablet market.   All other tablet makers that are trying to grab market share with their own platforms are trailing far behind those competitors. Considering all that, it appears that Apple will dominate the tablet space for at least the next year. But what will happen after that?

While the iPad might lead all devices in unit sales for the next year, it will eventually be overcome by competitors most likely Windows 8 - This eWEEK slide show explains why.


Android Tablet Owners Now Get Top Magazine Articles for Free
Sacramento Bee

Zinio, the world's largest and most popular newsstand, announced today that its "Explore" offering is Zinonow available to Android tablet users. Zinio Explore is the only offering today that allows consumers to discover the latest premium stories from top magazines for free.

Zinio Explore which is offered in the "Shop" and "Read" sections, provides access to the top stories from every major magazine genre.   Updated daily, The articles include new issues and among others include T3, Marie Claire, Maxim, Rolling Stone, Harvard Business Review and National Geographic.


October 25, 2011

Tablet users don't want to pay for news

Roughly 11 percent of adults in the United States own a tablet computer, and more than half those 11& use those tablets to read their daily news from traditional news portals such as the New York Times Tablet users don't want to pay for newsand CNN.

Interestingly enough, a new study "The Tablet Revolution and What it Means for the Future of News," by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in collaboration with The Economist Group. shows that as much as people like reading their news on Tablets, most are not willing to pay for news on their tablets.  

According to Pew and The Economist Group . "Reading and watching the news is one of the "most popular activities on the tablet, about as popular as sending and receiving email (54 percent email daily on their tablet), and more popular than social networking (39 percent), gaming (30 percent), reading books (17 percent) or watching movies and videos (13 percent),"    General web surfing is they only tablet activity that's done more on a daily basis is general Web surfing (67 percent).

Today, 77% of tablet users say they use their tablets every day and spend an average of about 90 minutes on them.

"Just 14 percent of these tablet news users have paid directly for news content on their tablets. Another 23 percent, though, have a subscription to a print newspaper or magazine that they say includes digital access.  Thus, the percent of these early tablet news users who have paid either directly or indirectly for news on their tablet may be closer to a third. That is a much higher number than previous research has found more broadly of people paying for digital content."

However, "a large majority of those who have not paid directly for news on their tablet remains reluctant to do so, even if that was the only way to get news from their favorite sources."


Smaller, cheaper tablets could become a big dealAMazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Smaller, less expensive tablet computers that are more portable than the iPad are finally starting to hit stores in the United States. These inexpensive Tablets could hit a crucial sweet spot in the consumer market.

The iPad's popularity, isn't dwindling, but the consumer demand for tablets is not one-size-fits-all

In truth, tablet size is a key factor for people when they are shopping for tablets.  An iPad measures is 7-by-10 inches, which is too big for a typical pocket or purse, and close to twice the size of the basic Kobo Vox, Nook Color and Kindle Fire tablets.  Tablets and other devices that aren't as easy to carry around tend to mainly get used only at certain times of day, in certain settings.   Which raises the question, "mobile" larger tablets like the iPad really are.


The Tablet Revolution and the Future of News

Some speculated that the tablet PC wouldn’t find a home amongst casual computer users due to the smaller screen and lack of keyboard. However, as the industry quickly found out, the opposite took place, and the casual users were the ones that adopted the tablet PC much more than the hardcore computer users. It seems obvious now — why would a power user give up a mouse, keyboard, and horsepower? Why wouldn’t a casual user adopt an easy-to-use touchscreen interface?

An easy-to-use, portable device is generally what the casual market likes, and that type of device makes it easy to consume anything the device can actually run. In the case of the tablet PC, the Pew Research Center in collaboration with The Economist Group found that 77 percent of tablet owners use their tablet every day, and spend an average of 90 minutes on them — an amount of time that one would speculate accounts for an average person’s personal computer time per day. One of the most popular activities spent on the tablet is consuming news, and 3-in-10 tablet users actually spend more time consuming news now that they have a tablet. News seems to be going the way of the portable device, with the tablet leading the charge, and here’s all that information. Infographically.


VA plans government's largest tablet computer deployment

The Veterans Affairs Department plans to field up to 100,000 tablet computers, the largest such deployment in the government, VA disclosed last week in a request to industry for technical help.

The department has developed a work around for federal wireless security standards that supports the devices' management in a vendor-operated cloud computing environment, according to the request.

While the VA intends on deploying Windows Tablets along with Android tablets and Apple iPad's.   Currently neither the Apple or Android operating systems currently are not compliant with Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2.

Roger Baker, the VA Chief Information Officer commissioned a study earlier in the year to "determine if the application programming interface list released by mobile vendors will be sufficient in mitigating the lack of FIPS 140-2 encryption on the device in the VA's network environment." That result of that study concluded that mobile device management will be able to provide security for tablets running the Apple mobile operating system, according to VA.


October 26, 2011

Dinner with a Microsoft employee irritated Steve Jobs so much he created the iPadSteve Jobs Biography by Walter-Isaacson

According to Steve Jobs Biography by Walter-Isaacson, the iPad would never have been created had a Microsoft employee not boasted to Jobs over dinner that they had a revolutionary tablet in production.

From the Steve Jobs Biography:  Bill Gates was annoyed that the guy kept revealing information about the tablet PC he had developed for Microsoft. “He’s our employee and he’s revealing out intellectual property,” Gates recounted. Jobs was also annoyed, and it had the consequence that Gates feared. As Jobs recalled:

This guy badgered me about how Microsoft was going to completely change the world with this tablet PC software and eliminate all notebook computers, and Apple ought to license his Microsoft software. But he was doing the device all wrong. It had a stylus. As soon as your have a stylus, you’re dead. This dinner was like the tenth time he talked to me about it, and I was so sick of it that I came home and said, “F** it, let’s show him what a tablet can really be.”

Jobs went into the office the next day, gathered his team, and said, “I want to make a tablet, and it can’t have a keyboard or a stylus.”


Archos 101 G9 review

Archos 101 G9 Tablet

What do you want from a tablet? It's a question that many reviews want you to ask yourself before invariably buying an iPad 2, but it's a question that's particularly relevant to the Archos 101 G9.

Designed for gaming and media playback, the Archos 101 G9 Tablet is an Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet is one of the most affordable Android 3.2 tablets on the market.

Despite the low price point, this Tablet is rich in features and ports so it doesn't appear that too many corners have been cut to bring the price down.

Features include: 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen with native resolution of 1280 x 800, Texas Instruments 1GHz OMAP 4 dual-core processor that is slated to be upgraded to 1.5GHz in 2012, mini HDMI port, micro SD slot, standard micro USB port And when it comes to the all-important display, you can rest assured that the 10.1-inch screen is capacitive (and responsive), and boasts a healthy native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. 


Best Buy ready to catch tablet fever sales
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Between falling sales, low stock price and a weak economy Best Buy is surviving in these tumultuous times.  Best Buy isn't giving up and they believe that Tablet sales of iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire and others will be strong during the holidays and beyond. 

As the 2011 Holiday shopping season approaches, Best Buy has spared no expense in readying itself Best Buy Tablet Centralfor the expected tablet onslaught. They have spent a considerable amount of money creating their "Tablet Central" concept in stores and training employees on how to answer questions and sell Tablets.  Best buy also intends on having more full-time employees available in their tablet department.

With Microsoft Windows 8 due out in 2012, Best Buy expects the intrest in tablets to last beyond the holidays. 

CEO Brian Dunn told the Star Tribune: "I see tablets as increasingly important" to Best Buy's overall strategy, "We're already thrilled with sales of iPad's. We're going to see all of the big plays in the world play in this space. Choice is going to be very, very important. And Best Buy stands for choice."

For Best Buy, the tablet category is finally starting to offer viable alternatives to the the iPad, which is why retailer invested the money to roll out Tablet Central.


October 27, 2011

Dell Unwraps Latitude ST Tablet PC - Windows 7 Slate

Dell  Latitude ST - Tablet PC

Aimed at professionals the new Dell Latitude St has a 10.1 inch multi-touch display, weighs under two pounds , and run microsoft's windows 7 operating system, making it compatible with the software that people already own and need to use on a daily basis.   

While the The primary target for the new Dell tablet is Business, Healthcare and Education, the Latitude ST will work for anyone who wants a Tablet running the Windows 7 OS.

Designed with the needs of busy professionals and the IT professionals supporting them in mind the Latitude ST Tablet features include the features business users need be productive in the office along with "grab and go" portability that makes its easy to use anywhere they need to go.  


Adobe Carousel Photo Sharing for Tablets
Digital Camera Review

Adobe announces today the availability of Apple iOS device support for Carousel, an emerging cloud Adobe Carouselproduct/service for storing, editing and sharing photos. At the PhotoPlus Expo this week, we had a chance to do some preliminary "kicking of the tires" on Carousel, discovering interesting features such as photo catalogs, "Looks," and "Adjustments" which we think will be popular with consumers. In the first half of next year, Carousel is expected to be available for Windows PCs and Android OS phones and tablets. 

Adobe calls Carousel “an ecosystem for your photo library.” Essentially, it will let you access your entire photo library and edit and share pictures from wherever you are through a tablet, smartphone or PC. The current version will work only on iPad 1 and 2, iPhone 3Gs and 4, iPod Touch 4G, and and Mac/Lion computers. Also, Carousel works only when you are connected to the Internet through WiFi or 3G/4G.


TCO Certified Launches Sustainability Certification for Tablet PCs
PR Newswire

TCO Certified, the worldwide third party sustainability label for IT products, today launched TCO Certified Tablets, the program’s first sustainability certification for tablet PCs. The TCO Certified Tablets label offers IT buyers a way to more easily identify tablets designed to help them meet sustainability demands while not compromising the user experience. The launch coincides with the announcement that the Samsung SLATE PC Series 7 is the first tablet to meet the label’s demanding criteria for environmental design, ergonomics and social responsibility.


Tablet computers The Hot gift for the Holidaysipad with a bow

It comes as no suprize that according to a Consumer Electronics Association study, that iPads and other tablets are the expected to be at the desired gadgets this holiday season.




Online Tablet Purchases Could Hurt Traditional RetailersBest Buy Store
PC Magazine

Even though The holiday season sees a surge in sales of electronic gadgets, this year, its highly possible that the brick-and-mortar stores, could be hard hit in the sales departments because even though tablets are expected to be hot items for the holidays, many shoppers are expected to buy their tablets, directly from the manufacturers online sites.

While this is good news for good news Apple and for Amazon with their new Kindle Fire tablet, according to a Wall Street Journal report,  its not good for stores like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Staples, which are all hoping for boosted holiday sales to to make up for less than stellar sales during the rest of the year.

As reported above, the CEA has predicted in a study that tablets will be the top-selling device this season.


October 28, 2011

HP will make Windows 8 tablets
Los Angeles Times

Hewlett-Packard announced Thursday that it has decided to keep its PC business. HP TouchPad Tablet

But what about tablets? And what about HP's WebOS operating system, which also went under a strategic review in August? 

Whitman addressed those questions in a call with analysts Thursday after breaking the news that HP PCs were here to stay, saying that HP would build tablets running Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8, as the Technology blog has reported, will run on PCs as well as tablets.

"We're at the beginning stages of a new segment in personal computing," Whitman said of tablets in the call. She also said that she doesn’t believe it’s too late for HP to succeed in the tablet market and that “the work we do with Microsoft is extraordinary compelling."

Whitman said in the call that HP's Windows 8 tablets would launch sometime next year and that the company would be narrowing its focus to help the company succeed not just next year, but also in 2013, 2014 and the future.


GameStop Steps Into Tablet PC Sales
Wall Street Journal

Videogame retailer GameStop plans to begin selling tablet-style computers as part of an effort to expand its gaming device offerings.

The company plans to begin selling tablets based on Google Android operating system during the holiday season at 200 of its U.S. stores on Friday. GameStop's pilot program will include specialized tablets made by Asustek, Acer and Samsung.

"Customers have been telling us that they like to game on multiple devices," said J. Paul Raines, GameStop's chief executive. "We believe there is a gaming opportunity on tablets."


October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween


Get set for a Windows PC comeback

Windows 8, the Ultrabook, and HP's second thoughts about exiting the desktop market suggest that competition for users' hearts and minds is far from over Windows 8

The Mac share of the PC market may be growing, led by the rousing success of the MacBook Air, but it's still less than 13 percent. And 20 million tablets may have sold worldwide in the first half of the year, but that's still a far cry from the 100 million or so Windows PCs that shipped. More to the point, since when did the people who bought those tablets junk their PCs? What they really want is an integrated experience across their PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

And with Windows 8, Microsoft finally seems to have gotten that. Windows 8's Metro interface may seem tacked on at first, but it's great for tablets and, of course, originated on Windows Phone 7. So once users get accustomed to it, they'll enjoy a unified cross-device experience. Reportedly, porting Windows 7 apps to Metro will be a snap, and with a UI tool designed for HTML5 grid layouts, developers will easily be able to create apps that work on multiple screen sizes and orientations.

Then there's Microsoft's new Windows Live sync capabilities. If you log on with Windows Live ID from a Windows 8 PC, Windows 8 tablet, or Windows Phone 7 smartphone, all your configuration settings can travel with you among those devices, along with even your last state when you logged off -- your open documents, apps, and so on. That should take synchronization across devices to a whole new level.



Schools expect to have more iPads than computers in next 5 years
Apple Insider

A new survey of technology directors in U.S. school districts found that all of them are testing or deploying the iPad in schools, and they expect tablets to outnumber computers in the next five years.

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray revealed the results of the small survey of 25 educational ipad 2 casestechnology directors at a conference on the integration of technology in the classroom. The poll found that all of them were utilizing Apple's iPad in schools, while none were testing or deploying Android-based tablets.

"While this may be expected due to limited availability of Android tablets early in the tablet cycle, we also see it as evidence of Apple's first mover advantage," Munster said. "We also see a trend in education (which is mirrored in the enterprise) that familiarity with Apple devices among students (or employees) is causing a demand pull within institutions to also provide Apple devices."

IT directors who spoke with Piper Jaffray indicated that within the next five years, they expect to have more tablets per student than they currently have computers. And since the iPad represents 100 percent of tablets seen in schools, Munster said the word "tablet" might as well be synonymous with "iPad."


Best Buy has some HP TouchPad's for sale, - with a catch.
Product Reviews

Best Buy has anounced that it will have an HP TouchPad 32GB bundle available for $149.99.  According to PCMag the catch is that in order to to get one of these bundles customers will have to purchase a new PC.   The deal will start on November 1st and is available online or in the retailer’s stores.

Best Buy says that the deal will be available on a first come, first served basis




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