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May 2011


May 2, 2011

Laptop and Windows 7 Tablet PC Joined With Sliding Display Up For Pre-Order
Laptop Computer Planet

The confusing question of portable laptop/netbook or tablet could soon be solved with the release ofSamsung 7series tablet the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series.

Samsung originally announced their new Sliding PC 7 Series at CES 2011 as a ultra-portable convertible netbook. The system as a whole was quoted by Samsung as weighting in at 2.2 pounds and boosting full Windows 7 Home Premium style computing in that small package. At the time Samsung announced they would charge $699 for the hybrid PC.

For now you can only pre-order the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series because it will not be launching until later this month. However the $699 price tag isn’t something you have to settle for, Amazon.com has listed the slider for $649 on their online store.


Kensington Makes The Apple Tablet Stylish And Functional With Their iPad/iPad2 case
Top Computer Tablets

As the Apple iPad continues to flourish in the world of tablets, more and more users are trying to findKensington iPad case better and better ways to accessorize their favorite gadget. Considering that there are several ways to do this, for many the ultimate way to make their iPad and iPad 2 better is to add a stylish case to accompany the Apple hit.

The Blutooth keyboard adds so much to the iPad. No longer bother with the touchscreen capabilities, but work on something that is familiar. Especially for users who are new to the tablet world, the keyboard makes interacting and posting on the iPad so much more simple than typing through the touchscreen.

The built in stand is also a big time plus for the Kensington case. When you get to wherever you are going simply rotate the iPad upwards and presto, you can type and read from any surface with ease and comfort. Find everything your iPad or iPad 2 tablet needs with the help of the Kensington KeyFolio case, you are guaranteed to like what you get.


4 Reasons Tablets Are The Best Mobile PC Over Smartphones and Laptops

Selecting a Tablet PC can be tough, with over 80 currently available and a rumored 150 to be ready Tablet computersby year’s end. There are so many different models, sizes, manufacturers and features. But I think you should be asking yourself another question entirely. You probably already own a laptop and a smartphone, so why buy a tablet anyway? Below I have listed the Top 5 Reasons Tablet PCs are tops over smartphones and laptops and possibly the best mobile computer choice.

Better Battery Life

With anywhere from 8 to 14 hours of operation, battery life on a single charge offers more options in the tablet than smartphone or laptop. Laptops have nowhere near the run time, and smartphones can’t do as much. And battery life will only continue to improve as more competitors enter the tablet marketplace.

Mobile computing is all about what you can do with the greatest of ease. Acting as a phone, PC and eReader, as well as a multimedia and gaming centerpiece, there is no doubt that Tablet PCs are here to stay, and forecast tough times for laptops and smartphones as mobile PCs


Tablet PC frenzy hits a new high
Business Standard

Companies like Sony, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, Research in Motion and Acer, among others, might not have a followership in India like Apple’s but they are not letting up their play in the tablet PC market yet. The notebook segment, the bread-and-butter sector for players, had a share of 16 per cent while netbooks command a 12 per cent share in the seven million notebook market.

According to various estimates, tablet PCs could touch the one million unit mark in India in 2011-12 but Vishal Tripathi of Gartner believes, “Until the tablet PC prices drop to about Rs 15,000-Rs 20,000, it will not become a mass market device. Going ahead, we expect tablet PCs, netbooks and notebooks to co-exist in the Indian market.”

Samsung, the maker of the Galaxy Tab, has been in hot pursuit of Apple. With three models of Galaxy Tab, including a 10-inch screen PC, the company is confident it can capture a 40 per cent share in the Indian tablet PC segment this year. Ranjit Yadav, country head (mobile & IT), Samsung, says, “Samsung will offer a diverse portfolio in the tablet market this year. With tablets starting at Rs 24,000, we believe Samsung is positioned ahead of many in the market and will be aggressively marketing its devices through mobile and retail outlets.”


May 3, 2011

FUJITSU STYLISTIC Q550 Tablet PC - Avialable for Pre Order
tabletPc2.com FUJITSU STYLISTIC Q550 Tablet PC

Fujitsu announced today via their Facebook and twitter accounts that the new STYLISTIC Q550 Tablet PC will be shipping in June and is now available for Pre order through their web site.

Today is the day! 
We are excited to announce the launch of our new Slate -- meet the STYLISTIC Q550:

The STYLISTIC Q550 Slate PC combines a brilliant 10.1" wide-angle display, pen and multi-touch input, along with all the tools needed for creating content and collaborating. Running the Windows® 7 Professional operating system, the STYLISTIC Q550 integrates perfectly into existing IT infrastructures..


Amazon Gearing Up to Challenge Apple's With its Tablet Computer?
Sawf News

Amazon has reportedly entered into a contract with Taiwan based Quanta Computer for supply of Kindel Dxtablet computers starting the second half of this year.

According to Digitimes, Amazon tablets will use touch panels with Fringe Field Switching (FFS) displays sourced from E Ink Holdings (EIH).

Amazon's monthly off-take from Quanta is expected to peak at 700,000 to 800,000, suggesting that the company's entry into the already crowded tablet market isn't a me too effort, rather a hard push.

Quanta is currently OEM for RIM and Sony tablets and has been plugging itself as OEM for Lenovo's second-generation LePad.

Amazon's new tablet isn't a replacement for its Kindle e-book reader, which continues to show strong sales, though only in the US; its a frontal attack on Apple's near oppressive dominance of the tablet market.

By tightly integrating its services - e-books, streaming music and video - Amazon could price its tablet device aggressively, discounting it against the increased sales revenue that it would generate.

Barnes and Noble has similarly priced its Nook Color tablet aggressively at $250, when similarly speced Android tablets cost upward of $350.


Apple iPad Is Changing the IT Industry: 10 Major Ways

But the iPad's significance goes beyond the tablet market. That space might be where the device appeals to consumers, but its impact stretches across the technology industry. Companies that aren't even competing in the tablet market are seeing their operations affected by Steve Jobs and Company. And looking ahead, the iPad's impact will only continue to expand.

Simply put, the iPad is changing the technology industry in several major ways. Read on to find out how:

1. Tablets are all the rage

It's important to remember that before the iPad launched, there were PC tablets on store shelves. However, those tablets were niche devices that failed to catch on with the mainstream. The iPad, however, changed all that. The device ignited a tablet craze that caused several more devices to come out after it. Now, tablets are everywhere. And the iPad is the main reason for that.


Android alternatives to iPad 2

THE much-anticipated iPad 2 finally came to Singapore last week. However, while the Apple tabletAndroid alternatives to iPad 2 hogged the limelight, a number of equally interesting and feature-rich tablets based on the Android OS have also been launched.

At the top of the heap are the Acer Iconia Tab A500 and the Motorola Xoom, both 10.1-inch tablets with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), followed by the Sony S1 and S2 tablets, and, finally, the HTC Flyer. The Iconia Tab A500 and the Xoom have many common features. Both are powered by dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 CPUs and come with 32GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM.

Both are Wi-Fi-only devices, although the Xoom has a 3G version which is not yet available here. The webcam and the camera are 2-megapixel and 5-megapixel respectively. The screen resolution of both tablets is 1280x800.

Unlike the 10.1-inch tablets, HTC's Flyer uses Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The 7-inch Flyer has a pen-and-touch user interface. It is unclear which market segment HTC is targeting - smartphone users who want more features or tablet adopters who seek full multimedia functionality.

There is little doubt that 7-inch devices are more portable and usable - such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab, the best Android tablet in that category - but, at the same time, the tablet market seems to be moving towards 10-inch devices and the Honeycomb OS.

Meanwhile, Sony's S1 is optimised for rich media entertainment, while the S2 is tailored for mobile communication and entertainment. Both tablets are compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, and use Android 3.0.


Blackberry PlayBook To Get Video Chat & Facebook App In May
Online Social Media

Within the last few months anyone wanting to venture into the Tablet PC market would have no Blackberry PlayBook Facebook appdoubt been spoilt for choice, with the release of many great devices like the Apple iPad 2, HTC Flyer and the Asus Eee Pad choosing what’s right for you can be a bit of a struggle.

For many the choice was easy and people just stuck with what manufacturer they were use to, for those who use RIM handsets the BlackBerry PlayBook was top of their list. If you’re a user of this tablet then you may be interested to know that the PlayBook will be getting a video chat and native Facebook app in May.

As well as adding this much wanted video chat support RIM’s device will also be the first tablet to get an official native Facebook app, in this post from Pocket-Lint they tell us that this app will bring all the usual array of Facebook fun. This will allow you to view photos and video’s, check news feeds, chat, view and add friends and update your status.


G'Five to Launch Android Tablet

The third largest handset player in India, according to IDC, is all set to leap further by introducing a new Android tablet and 500 exclusive stores across the country.

G'Five, a Chinese mobile handset maker, is planning to launch an Android based tablet PC in India within the next one month.

The tablet will be a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen device based on Android 2.1. The choice of Android 2.1 is surprising as version 2.2 is already available in a wide variety of phones, including handsets from Indian brands such as Micromax and Spice.

Given the fact that the tablet will be based on an older version of Android, we are expecting it to be priced below Rs 15,000 as competitors such as Olive Telecom have got devices with the latest version of Android currently selling at Rs 19,000. HCL too has entered the market with its own tablet starting at Rs 14,900.


May 4, 2011

Best tablet PCs
CNET Australia

Though tablet computers have been around for many years, they were clunky and expensive. Interest in tablets were reignited thanks to Apple's entry into the category with the release of its relatively low-cost iPad.

Up until the recent release of the Android Honeycomb 3.0 competition with the Apple tablet has been Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1vfairly poor. For every Apple iPad 2 there has been a Creative ZiiO 7 to even out the balance.

In the coming months, however, we'll see a glut of competitive tablets with the keenly anticipated release of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Motorola Xoom. Until then, here are the best tablets available on the market right now.

The iPad 2 refines an already excellent product. Its easy-to-use interface, vast app catalogue and marathon battery life bolster Apple's claim to being the king of tablets.

We've loved using the Galaxy Tab 10.1v; it's lightweight and extremely responsive, but it's hard to overlook the features it is missing.

If your work environment would kill a regular tablet, Panasonic's CF-C1 could be just the ticket, and a surprisingly light ticket at that. It will, however, leave your wallet feeling similarly light.

Acer Iconia A100 : Acer is hedging its bets in the tablet size war, offering a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet alongside its 10-inch slate.


For tablets to succeed mainstream: Consumers simply must “get it”

Tablets are everywhere these days, in TV ads, big box retail stores and certainly all over the web. Blackberry Playbook TabletWhere they aren’t is even more significant: in lots of consumer’s hands. Tablet makers are racing to get products to market, but they are missing a key factor to get consumers to buy them. Consumers must look at a given tablet and “get it”; they must be able to see in just a short time how that product will fit in their lives. OEMs are failing at getting that message across, with the exception of Apple with the iPad.

I have been using and testing tablets of all kinds for years, and a big part of that testing is gauging consumer reaction to a given product. The mainstream consumer market is the target for tablets, and understanding how they react to them is vital for determining how well a given device might do in the market.

Tablet makers must make sure that, like the iPad, their product has a simple hardware design. They must put an interface on it that is totally intuitive and inviting to be touched, and most importantly invites the user to do things. No intimidation is allowed, just the invitation for exploration with the tablet. Make that the focus of all marketing for the tablet. Not whiz-bang features, not sophisticated functionality; get the message out that you can just do things with this tablet. That’s all mainstream consumers want to hear.


Asus to launch 2 more tablet PCs with Quad-core Tegra 3 ProcessorsAsus Tablet PC
9 Computer Store

Asustek the multinational computer product manufacturer company, popularly known as Asus which have recently launched 2 tablet PCS and now the Taiwanese company Asus is planning to launch two more Tablet PCs in between May or July 2011.

According to the reports, the company is planning to launch the 2 Tablet PCS; 10-inch Eee Pad Slider EP102 and 7-inch Eee Pad MeMo EP71 in the next three months.  And the new EP102 Tablet PC is powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and on the other hand, EP71 will be using Qualcomm CPU.


Oklahoma State students, faculty tout iPad in classroom

During the fall 2010 semester, five sections of two courses on two campuses used Apple's tablet as iPad as a learning toolpart of the university's iPad Pilot Program. The goal was to determine the impact the iPad would have on both students and faculty, and decide if it should be rolled out across the university at some point in the future.

Students also benefited greatly from Apple's App Store, OSU found. They were able to find "thousands of educational software possibilities" in the App Store to help complement Web-based tools they employed. Students also used Apple's tablet as a "substitute for paper and pen."

The iPad's touch-based functionality has proven useful in other educational institutions around the U.S., as well. Last year, Pennsylvania-based Seton Hill University announced that starting in the fall semester, all full-time students would receive an iPad for their course studies. Last month, a superintendent of schools in Auburn, Maine said that every elementary student in the district would receive an iPad 2 to aid them in their learning. He said at the time that the tablet is "even more important than a book."


Flash-happy BlackBerry forges alliance with Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Adobe to tackle rampant iPad
Courier Mail

APPLE’S dominance of tablet computer sales will be tested this year after BlackBerry overnight BlackBerry Playbook Tablet with Angry Birdsteamed with tech giants Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Adobe to tackle the powerful electronics maker’s iPad.

Addressing a 6000-strong crowd at BlackBerry World in Florida, RIM co-chief executive Mike Lazaridis was joined on stage by Microsoft head Steve Ballmer who announced support for the company’s PlayBook tablet.

The 7-inch gadget will receive web and mapping data from Microsoft’s Bing search engine – support that will also be added to the homescreen of BlackBerry smartphones.

Mr Ballmer said Bing would become the “default search engine” on the devices, differentiating it from incoming Google Android tablets that delivered app “chaos” for consumers.

But RIM also announced plans to use those Android apps to increase the number of apps for its tablet, confirming rumours yesterday that it would let Google Android app makers transfer their work to BlackBerry’s tablet.


Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 targets iPad, tablets

Adobe is hoping to capitalize on the tablet craze, as its Creative Suite 5.5 version now includes toolsAdobe CS 5.5 to target the Apple iPad, Android and BlackBerry tablets.

The Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is a set of tools that are commonly used by content creators to create things like magazines, newspapers, websites and much, much more. Basically, if you’re creating any consumer facing publication, you’re going to use some elements of Adobe’s software. The 5.5 version includes tools which lets content creators target the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and the variety of Android tablets that are coming.

The tablet emphasis with Creative Suite 5.5 isn’t much of a surprise, as Adobe knows how big of a role smartphones and tablets will play in the future. The company has been pushing its Open Screen Project for years and this is aimed at getting its content on as many screens as possible.

While we may never see Flash on the iPhone, you can be sure Adobe will have a lot of its fingerprints on many iOS and other tablet apps.


ViewSonic Updates Android OS for ViewPad® 10 Tablet

The Best of Both Worlds Just Got Better With Windows® 7 and Google AndroidTM 2.2

Following its recent North American availability announcement for the ViewPad 10, ViewSonic Corp., aViewsonic leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today released details on how ViewPad 10 users can update their system to Android 2.2.

The 10.1" ViewPad 10 gives users a choice between Windows 7 and Google Android within the same device, making this tablet ideal for business users looking to maximize productivity while simultaneously enjoying the device for entertainment purposes.

"The ViewPad 10 allows business users to take their desktops with them, running the same Windows-based apps they are used to on a tablet form factor,"


May 5, 2011

Xplore Launches Industry's Most Rugged Tablet PC at New York's Harvard Club
Business Wire

Xplore Technologies® Corp., respected leader and pioneer of next-generation rugged mobile wireless tablet PCs for domestic and global markets, will launch its new family of rugged tablet computers, the iX104C5, believed to be the industry’s most powerful, rugged, and sunlight-readable PCs ever developed.

The launch will have on hand Xplore’s iX104C5 rugged tablet PCs mounted on a paint shaker and submerged in an aquarium tank filled with water as visual demonstrations of their ruggedness. Four new units will be launched and on hand at the event – general, sunlight readable specific, cleanroom and military.

Mobile Demand Tablet PC


Will Apple Move To A 3D Display For The iPad 3?
Online Social Media

As you probably already know Apple simply decimated the competition after they re-ignited the tabletiPad 3 PC market with the release of the first generation Apple iPad. This pretty much showed other manufacturers the future and now everyone wants a piece of the tablet PC market. But there’s one question in our minds…

Will Apple move to a 3D display for the iPad 3? We are already hearing about other manufacturers that are perhaps trying to get one up on the competition but Apple are generally the trend setters. That is why there’s so much anticipation and hype around their iPhone 5 that we are hearing is due in September.

The truth of it is nobody outside of Apple really knows what’s going on or what is coming, look at the way the new Thunderbolt peripheral hit us, nobody saw that coming. As for the iPad 2, there was no official confirmation or acknowledgement from Apple until it was available. We are seeing the odd tablet entering the market such as the LG Optimus and Apple will no doubt be monitoring the success of it when it enters the market.


Motorola Xoom Vs ipad 2: Choose Among These Two Professional Tablets
Industry Today

If you need a Tablet PC and getting trouble in finding the best option for you then just visit any online portal and give a look to Apple iPad2 and Motorola Xoom. Both these tablet PCs are gaining much popularity among the people for their attractive looks and high-tech features. You will find many major differences in both these tablet PCs. One of the biggest difference in these two tablet PCs is the camera. You will find 0.7 rear-facing camera in Apple iPad2 whereas Motorola Xoom has 5 Mega Pixel rear-facing camera. For video calling Apple has added VGA front-facing camera in its iPad whereas Motorola has added 2 Mega Pixel front camera in its Xoom.

You will find both these tablet PCs in three different memory variants such as 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB internal memory. But Motorola will also allow you to extend the memory of your tablet PC using its micro SD memory card slot. Motorola Xoom is available only with Wi-Fi model whereas Apple iPad2 is available in two different models that is Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G model.

You will find both these tablets with all their memory variants and models in all online portals with many beneficial deals such as contract, pay as you go and Sim free. This is the reason that people love to buy their tablet PC from online portals. The leading network Vodafone is offering free internet access up to 2 GB with its 24 month contracts with all the varaints. You will also find iPad2 with all other deals but contract is the best deal among all ipad 2 deals which can also give you many free gifts with your iPad2.

If you want to go for Motorola Xoom then I have good news for you as all the deals are also available with Motorola Xoom. Like iPad2, Motorola Xoom Deals can also give you this tablet PC at low prices. You will find contract deals of Xoom and iPad2 on all major networks such as Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Three Mobile, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange. So people visit any online portal and compare the deals of both these tablet PC to get the best deal for your desired tablet.


May 6, 2011

So You Want to Buy Mom a Tablet for Mother’s Day

Tablets for Mothers Day

So instead of the traditional Mother’s Day brunch and flowers, you want to take a risk and get your mom a tablet for Mother’s Day, because eReaders were sooo last year.

First ask yourself these few questions:

Are you ready to explain what it is you actually got her? (This may or may not pertain to some mothers).

Do you have time to take out atleast 3 hours of your day, everyday, for the next two weeks to help her learn how to use her tablet?

Ok, so you can deal with all that, now on to which tablets might be perfect for your Mom this Mother’s Day.

let’s start with the obvious. Everyone and their mother knows about the iPad 2. There are billboards, commercials, whole websites bowing down to this tablet. But should you get it for your mom?

Is your mom always in hurry? Well the T-Mobile G-Slate might be perfect for her, as it is one of the few tablets on the market that packs in 4G speeds.

So is your Mom the type that likes options – Well the Samsung GALAXY Tab comes in three different sizes that would appeal to those Mom’s who likes choices that go from big to small.  The thing is – which one is just right for your mom?

So your mom is a power mom… she juggled everything when you were young – a career, a household, and she still does. She is never too far from her BlackBerry and can beat you in an email thumb war. The BlackBerry PlayBook is exactly what this suit wearing mom needs.


The rise of tablet computers
Los Angeles Times

The era ushered in last year by Apple's iPad has upended the personal computing world. Retailers and iPad on Subwaymanufacturers think tablet sales will outpace laptop sales in the U.S. as early as next year.

There was a time when Steve Mehta was on his laptop nonstop. Nowadays, he hardly touches it.

The 43-year-old attorney uses his tablet computer to highlight legal briefs, take notes for court cases or flip though a digital version of the California probate code.

"The laptop is so limited," Mehta he said as he stood against the wall of a crammed Los Angeles subway car, watching an episode of "Modern Family" on his tablet. "But everything you want to do, this thing does."

So long, laptop? Not quite. But in just over a year, the tablet era ushered in by Apple Inc.'s iPad has upended the personal computing world.

"There's definitely a huge swing to the tablet market," Barragan said. "Pretty soon everything is going to be touch-screen."

But early adopters say portable keyboards, wireless printing and the wide availability of software and entertainment over the Web probably will make tablets more appealing to laptop devotees.

The tablet is also becoming an all-in-one reading device, with access to digital versions of thousands of books, newspapers and magazines.


Report: Android Tablets Facing Massive Oversupply

The Xoom isn’t selling well and no one has heard of any of the other Android tablets. You know what that means, right? Massive inventory excess might be coming! SALE! SALE! SALE!

Digitimes points out that non-Apple tablet makers will likely face an oversupply of tablets later this year. We agree. These tablets are currently meant just first adopters, the general public need not waste their money. Even Motorola, which arguably has the best brand power on the Android team, can’t move enough Xoom’s to impress. Asus might be the only one exempt from this thought, but only because supply chain issues are limiting Transformer tablet production to just 10k units per month rather than the scheduled 200k.


Baruch College And The National Grid Foundation Showcase Tablet PC-Based Mathematics Curriculum At Demo Event

-Baruch College in partnership with the National Grid Foundation showcased a tablet PC-based program called the Math Skills Enhancement Program today at the college. This innovative program, aimed at improving students’ understanding of mathematics by utilizing technology-based interactive instruction, focuses on the national STEM initiative to improve college students’ competitive strength in the technical, scientific and mathematics arenas. Photos of the event can be accessed here.

“For today's college graduate, mathematical skills are essential to be successful in the business world”

The National Grid Foundation creates opportunities for solutions to educational and environmental issues. Thanks to the Foundation’s financial support, Baruch College faculty from the Mathematics Department of the Weissman School of Arts & Sciences has developed math tutorials on tablet PCs by way of specialized instructional software. The result is an improved method of visually explaining assigned math problems—both in the classroom and at home, as the tutorials are also made available for students online


May 9, 2011

Xplore Launches New Rugged Tablet PC Family

Industry’s Most Rugged Tablet PC Withstands Operating Seven-Foot Drops

New Xplore Rugged Tablet PCs

Xplore Technologies® Corp., a respected leader and pioneer of next-generation rugged tablet PCs for domestic and global markets, today announced the launch of its new family of Xtreme Tablet computers. Representing the fifth generation of its iX104 line, the iX104C5s are believed to be the industry’s most powerful, rugged, and sunlight-readable PCs ever developed.

“Today, this line of iX104C5s sets new benchmarks for rugged tablet computing,” said Mark Holleran, President and Chief Operating Officer of Xplore. “When you are working in extreme conditions, you need the toughest ‘rugged’ you can get. That’s Xplore.”

The iX104C5 family of tablet PCs, powered by the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, was developed with customer input from a variety of industries where end-users work in the most demanding environments such as utilities, warehousing/logistics, public safety, field service, transportation, manufacturing, route delivery, military and homeland security. Xplore’s “Voice of the Customer” product development methodology is what drives the engineering and implementation of critical rugged, wireless, performance and expansion capabilities. Differentiating features added as a result of customer feedback include the tool-less removable dual solid state drive (SSD) module, tool-less access to the SIM and microSD ports, and an ingress protection rating of IP-67 for submersion in water.


HP Announces EliteBook 2760p Tablet PC

HP EliteBook 2560p and 2760p – light, powerful and travel-ready

Available in a stylish platinum color, the ultraportable HP EliteBook 2560p Notebook PC and EliteBookEliteBook 2760p Tablet PC 2760p Tablet PCs blend modern design and precision engineering.

The HP EliteBook 2560p sports a thin, clamshell design with a lightweight 12.5-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD,(3) 16-inch x 9-inch display, and an integrated optical drive for added on-the-go convenience. Offering the same functionality as a conventional business notebook along with the flexibility of a writing tablet, the 12.1-inch diagonal HP EliteBook 2760p allows for pen use or finger touch.

Both EliteBook models offer second-generation Intel Core i7 or i5 dual-core processors,(5) Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0(7) and vPro technology.(6) They also feature full-size 7,200 RPM hard disk drives(8) and solid-state drives (SSDs) for longer battery run time, increased durability and quieter, cooler operation.


GBM InkShow: ARMOR X7 Rugged Tablet PC – “Tough Enough”
Gotta Be MobileArmor X7 Tablet

Got my hands on another rugged Tablet PC recently: the ARMOR X7 from DRS Technologies, the smaller brother to the X10gx I reviewed earlier. But don’t let the size fool you. It may be petite by comparison, but it’s just as rugged. Definitely tough enough.

As this tablet will be deployed in a vertical environment, a typical user will be running custom software designed for their task. Again, it’s important to think about how this software will look on the small high-res display. Default OS is Windows 7 Professional, so the tablet can run any Windows application (within the limits of the hardware), but it’s just not intended for things like Office and Acrobat.


Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Review: Innovative Design Makes This Tablet Stand Out

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet doesn't stand on its own. But when paired with its Asus Epad Transformer Tabletmatching keyboard dock, the Transformer morphs into a tablet that strikes an admirable balance between productivity and entertainment. At $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model (or $499 for the 32GB Wi-Fi model, prices as of May 6, 2011), the Transformer is the least expensive Android 3.0 tablet to date; and the smaller-capacity version bests Apple's iPad 2 by $100.

The Keyboard Docking Station: How It Works

The Transformer gets its name, of course, from its companion piece, the $149 Mobile Docking Station. And Asus got this critical part of the equation right. The Mobile Docking Station transforms the Transformer into a netbooklike clamshell that weighs just under 3 pounds when combined (the docking station itself weighs 1.41 pounds). The bottom surface is composed of textured brown plastic, matching the design of the Transformer tablet itself. The two parts fit together seamlessly and easily, unlike keyboards that are of separate sizes and designs from the tablet (as is true of Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad 2); and the solution is far more integrated and elegant than even the best designed iPad cases I've seen that include a keyboard. The two pieces are of matching size, and when you attach the tablet to the hinged dock, the dock flips across the front of the tablet, just as if the combination were any other clamshell laptop. I didn't have any trouble aligning the tablet and snapping it into position; a slider lock beneath the tablet conveniently locks it into place.


The Back Page: Only Two Companies Can Compete with iPad: Amazon & Microsoft
The Mac Observer

Hmmm…I don’t think I said it quite so elegantly at the time, but that’s how I think about it today. I ipad amazon microsoftalso wrote a passage about Apple being the price leader in tablets, but in this piece I’m focusing on the experience part of the equation because it’s the experience the iPad offers that sells the device, not the need for a media tablet per se. Indeed the need for a media tablet doesn’t exist at all, only the desire for one.

To really hammer in this point, that desire has so far been defined and created by the experience the iPad offers, and the extension of that thought is that Android tablets don’t have an experience to offer, and I don’t think they ever will.

There are two companies that might be able to bring an experience to their media tablet, however, and if they are really, really lucky, it might even be a compelling enough experience to get people to want one. Those two companies are Amazon and Microsoft.


T-Mobile G-Slate Review

Review: The T-Mobile G-Slate joins a growing array of competent Android 3.0 tablets, but cheesy red-and-blue 3D effects and a number of quirks coupled with a lack of options keep it from rising to the top.

The American tablet market is heating up. With the iPad now in its second generation, the BlackBerry T-Mobile G-Slate TabletPlayBook attempting to capture a new audience, the Acer Iconia Tab targeting bargain hunters, and the Motorola Xoom already deemed a failure, where does the T-Mobile G-Slate (aka the LG Optimus Pad) stand? Well, time will reveal the sales, but from our time with the device, the forecast is decidedly hazy.

We’ll keep our Honeycomb comments brief, but as you can read in our Iconia Tab review, we’re not particularly fond of Google’s first tablet OS just yet. It runs a bit sluggishly and is oddly unintuitive and overly complicated at times. Still, despite our preference for the BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS, we have grown used to Android 3.0 well enough, and it serves its purpose.

The LG G-Slate is a fine tablet with fine features, but because of its price and lack of configuration options, it is a tablet only meant for those who can afford an expensive price tag and monthly fee. No Wi-Fi-only version is available. Whoever decided to add red and blue 3D to this tablet made a big mistake as well. All it has done is add to the weight and cost of the unit. A general lack of 3D content to play also means you won’t be doing much 3D work, even in anaglyph.


BeBook Live tablet delivers the goods for Froyo diehards

It's pretty fitting that BeBook chose the word "Live" for its new product, because until we got a note BeBook Live tabletfrom a member of its staff earlier today, we weren't entirely sure it was still kicking. The company has followed up its solid, if pricey, black and white e-reader with, get this, an Android tablet. The BeBook Live tablet has a seven-inch multitouch color screen, a 2MP front facing camera, 1080p HDMI out, Flash support, and 4GB of built-in memory. Weirdly, the device's "tablet OS" is actually Android 2.2, which will no doubt feel downright antiquated when it launches in June for $279



75 Percent of Physicians Prefer Apple iPad, iPhone

A new survey by Manhattan Research reveals that 75 percent of physicians in the United States have purchased an Apple mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

The firm has completed its "Taking the Pulse U.S. 11.0" survey, an annual report that examines how physicians are using technology. It studies physicians' use of the Web, mobile devices and other technology tools.

Although multiple tablets are hitting the market, including the Samsung Galaxy and RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, the iPad continues to dominate the tablet market in health care.

"The iPad really is the primary tablet at this point," Avallone said. It will be interesting to see in a year whether any of the competing tablets gain market share against the iPad in the health care field, he added.

A similar March survey by research firm Aptilon found that 79 percent of doctors preferred the iPad, yet another report by Mobihealthnews.com predicted that Google, HP and RIM would challenge Apple's tablet dominance.

Many health care applications exist for the iPhone and iPad, including AirStrip Cardiology, which allows doctors to access patient heart readings on the go.


May 10, 2011

Fujitsu Begins Taking Orders for Tablet With New Intel Chip

Fujitsu is now taking orders for its Stylistic Q550 Slate PC tablet, one of the earlier tablets to use OakStylistic Q550 Slate PC tablet Trail, Intel's first dedicated tablet processor.

The tablet is priced starting at US$729, and will be delivered in the U.S. starting in June, according to Fujitsu's website.

Fujitsu originally announced the Stylistic tablet in February and said the product would be targeted at business users. The device has a 10.1-inch multitouch screen, which can also accept stylus input. The tablet runs Microsoft's Windows 7 Professional OS and also includes the Office Starter 2010 productivity software.

The $729 model includes 30GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage and a two-cell battery. Another model, at $849, includes 62GB of SSD storage and a four-cell battery.

Fujitsu has for years offered tablet PC models with keyboards and folding screens. The Stylistic Q550 will be the company's first tablet without a keyboard. It will compete in an increasingly crowded tablet market dominated by devices with ARM processors such as Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab.


Moved by good vibrations: tablet prototype helping the blind to 'see' diagrams
The Australian

A DEVICE that makes it easier for the visually impaired to build a picture of graphic information GraVVITAS device for tablet pc to help the blindcould soon be trialled in Victorian schools.

The multimodal computer tool, known as GraVVITAS (Graphics Viewer using Vibration, Interactive Touch, Audio and Speech), has a touch-sensitive tablet PC at its core and uses vibration and sounds to guide the user around a diagram.

Developed by Monash University's Faculty of Information Technology, the device offers a practical, low-cost approach to providing refreshable and accessible graphics to the blind.

Clayton School of IT head Kim Marriott has developed GraVVITAS with PhD student Cagatay Goncu in partnership with Vision Australia.

The device, currently a prototype, has small external vibrating motors that attach to a user's fingers via a glove. The motors buzz when an object displayed on the screen is touched.


Asus Cannot Produce Enough iPad 2 Killer Tablets

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus, it seems, may have been caught by surprise by the huge demand and success of the Eee Pad Transformer.Asus E Pad Transformer

According to Netbooknews, which quotes a well informed source, the manufacturer can only deliver 10,000 tablets per month, which is only a tiny fraction of its more illustrious rival, Apple's iPad 2

Asus is apparently determined to ramp up production quickly and is looking to deliver up to 30 times that amount per month.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer has been a very popular tablet - even topping Amazon's best selling tablet list - for two main reasons. Firstly, it provides great value for money; it is both cheaper than the iPad 2 and has a bigger screen with a better display resolution.

Then there's the fact that it has a rather affordable accessory that can convert it into a fully fledged netbook with a 16 hour battery life altogether.


Queen Elizabeth Smitten By IPad 2

Queen Elizabeth wants an iPad 2, after being smitten by Prince William and Harry's touch screen  Queen Elizabeth wants an iPad Tablettablet.

he Sun, a tabloid newspaper in the U.K., says Her Majesty, described as "very switched on," was impressed with the tablet's ease of use, screen and lightweight construction. The sources also say Prince William and his brother Harry described their grandmother as cool and her fascination as hilarious.

"She thinks it will be great to keep her entertained on all the long trips she has to make," said the Sun's source.

But the Queen isn't the only high-powered official with an iPad-fetish. Last month, President Barack Obama said he also owns an iPad. "I'm the president of the United States. You think I've got to go borrow somebody's computer?"

Nobody knows what the Queen plans to use her tablet for, but it may be put to good use. In March, Hungary drafted its new constitution on an iPad.


May 11, 2011

Motion CL900 Tablet  Now Available for Orders

Motion CL900 Now Available for Orders
Effective today, the Motion CL900, the latest addition to Motion's suite of enterprise-built tablet PCs, is now available for shipping with the standard 4-week lead time from authorized Motion Reseller Partners.

CL900 Webinars:
The New Motion CL900, Enterprise-Ready Tablet PC
Running Time: 30 Minutes

Date: Thursday, May 19
1:00 pm CDT
Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)
Register Today

Date: Thursday, May 24
11:00 am CDT
Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)
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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Confirmed for June 8th Arrival
Gotta Be Mobile


 Samsung had promoted the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with its sleek, slim form factor and the company’s new Samsung experience (similar to TouchWiz but not quite as dominating and for tablets) on top of Android 3.0 Honeycomb at CTIA, and now Samsung Mobile has confirmed via Twitter that the slim 10.1-inch tablet will be headed to U.S. soil on June 8th. Like the Apple iPad and the Motorola Xoom, the tablet will be coming in various configurations and the WiFi edition will be the first to land come early June. In a move to be more competitive with Apple’s tablet–the rival Honeycomb-powered Motorola Xoom with 4G LTE support was criticized as being overpriced at $800 on Verizon Wireless–Samsung will be mirroring the prices offered by the iPad. With the WiFi-only Galaxy Tab 10.1, the company will offer the 16 GB version for $499 and a 32 GB version for $599.


BlackBerry PlayBook Tips for All RIM Tablet Users

Research In Motion's (RIM) first tablet PC, the BlackBerry PlayBook, was released in the United States BlackBerry PlayBook Tips for All RIM Tablet Usersand Canada almost a month ago, on April 19. Whether you ran right out to your local electronics retailer to pick up a PlayBook and you haven't put it down since, or you just nabbed a RIM tablet of your own today, you're sure to benefit from the following seven PlayBook tips and tricks.

Get around your device faster and do more in less time. Capture on-screen images and save them to your picture gallery. Manage Wi-Fi and connect to the networks you want, when you want. Boost browser security. Control how applications behave while multitasking, and more. Keep moving for specifics

Thankfully, RIM built a gesture into the BlackBerry Tablet OS to allow you to wake your PlayBook's display without tapping the power button. Just slide a finger from the bottom gesture-area of your PlayBook's screen to the top, or vice versa, while it's sleeping to wake your display


The LG G-Slate tablet PC – a tablet ahead of its time
Mobile Computing News

Reviewing tablet PCs is very difficult. You have to review them on their own merits, but within a greater context of the overall industry, too. So, with the iPad catching everyone unawares and becoming a tour de force in consumer electronics, how do other tablets escape being compared to it? The answer: they don’t. So, how does the LG G-Slate stack up to Apple’s tablet? From a hardware standpoint, it stands tall.

The LG G-Slate is an Android Honeycomb tablet PC, that, unlike many of its competitors, is only available in one SKU. It has an 8.9-inch 1280×768 display, with 32GB of flash storage. A 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor does the heavy lifting, and it features dual-cameras for teleconferencing. The rear-facing camera has a 5MP resolution, while the front-facing camera tops out at 2MP.

Its build quality is up there with the best. It’s incredibly sturdy, and on initial inspection, looks a more comfortable size than either 7 or 10.1 inches.

What we don’t like

Where the hardware stands tall, the Android Honeycomb mobile OS that powers the device too frequently comes short. This is not due to the OS alone – it’s very good and very polished, but where it lets you down, you feel it. Sometimes the LG G-Slate lags when performing certain functions. This isn’t a train smash, but it is an annoyance when it occurs.



Android Market launches movie rentals, thousands of titles available to your PC, phone or tablet

Google just announced movie rentals in the Android Market at its I/O conference. Chris from the Android services team just hit the stage at Moscone and demonstrated renting movies on the Android Market from your phone, tablet or PC with a single click. "Pinning" mirrors the experience with apps and books, you can select it on your PC and download to the device in the background for offline viewing. Movies are live in the market right now, support on all Android 2.2 or higher devices is expected "in a couple of weeks" and tablets will get support bundled with their upgrade to Android 3.1.  


Microsoft Introduces New Gestures for Surface

Touch screen technology has been around for quite a while, and the way we've been interacting with Microsoft Introduces New Gestures for Surfaceit has been somewhat limited to swipe and multi-touch. Microsoft Research, using its Microsoft Surface as its base point, has demonstrated more gestures recognizes the shape of your hand to perform various features.

This goes beyond the usual things we've seen on touch screen devices, where multi-touch is the norm as companies add more gestures revolving around the finger interacting with your screen. From what we've observed, these gestures from Microsoft are more suited for large screen devices, so we won't be surprised if it doesn't make its way onto smartphones or even tablets.

Check out the full story over here and watch the video demonstration here.


Apple granted horizontal docking iPad patent

While Apple was busy talking to one part of the U.S. government today as part of a congressional hearing, another branch was granting the company a slew of patents, with one of the most an iPad with an additional connector slot on the side of the deviceinteresting ones being a design for an iPad with an additional connector slot on the side of the device.

The design, which is dubbed simply "portable display device," credits Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Apple industrial design chief Jonathan Ive, and 13 others as inventors.

The extra port could also open up the device to work with additional accessories that required the I/O, a limitation Apple's recently gotten around with its own add-ons, such as the Digital AV Adapter. This $39 accessory, which was released alongside the iPad 2 earlier this year, adds an additional dock port next to the HDMI out connector so users can plug it into a monitor, while continuing to charge or sync. Meanwhile, older accessories like the iPad camera adapter kit require exclusive use of the slot.


May 12, 2011

Will Amazon make a tablet? 'Stay tuned,' says Jeff Bezos

Asked today about the possibility of Amazon launching a multipurpose tablet device, the company's Jeff Bezospresident and CEO Jeff Bezos said to “stay tuned” on the company’s plans. In an interview at Consumer Reports' offices, Bezos also signaled that any such device, should it come, is more likely to supplement than to supplant the Kindle, which he calls Amazon’s “purpose-built e-reading device.”

Bezos acknowledged the popularity of reading e-books (many of them sold by Amazon) on tablet computers such as the iPad. But he added that this popularity doesn’t spell the demise of the Kindle.

“We will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device,” he said. “In terms of any other product introductions, I shouldn’t answer.”

At another event at our headquarters, Bezos responded to a question from a visiting retail reporter about a possible Amazon tablet in a way that also seemed to suggest the possible co-existence of the Kindle and other Amazon devices: “I hate the term 'killer,' as in one device killing another in the marketplace.”


Google assures Chrome OS is not a tablet platform ‎
TG Daily

You may be confused about the difference between Android and Chrome OS. Here it is.Google Chrom OS

Chrome OS is Google's open-source operating system designed specifically for notebook computers. The search giant recognizes that for traditional PCs, using a mobile operating system just won't cut it. A laptop running on Android wouldn't make a lot of sense, so Chrome OS is basically a web-centric operating system designed to power more data-intensive functions and applications.

Meanwhile, the tablet market is something else entirely. Unlike some pundits, Google sees the two as completely separate worlds with a defined line between them. There is no blurring of the tablet/PC market for Google.


The Tablet PC Rise Continues – 100 Million Units Estimated For 2012
Top Computer Tablets

Last year Apple ushered in a new era in mobile computing by making the Tablet PC a viable, even 4 tabletsdominant, player in the Mobile PC marketplace. And as far as experts and analysts are concerned, it appears that tablet sales will actually outpace laptop sales as early as 2012. The tablet computer has arrived in 5 inch, 6 inch, 8.9 inch and 10 inch sizes,and can be seen just about everywhere. Wherever you are reading this, chances are you can look around you and spot at least one Tablet PC right now. And it is outpacing laptops in use and portability. Just ask Steve Mehta.

Mehta is a California attorney that uses his tablet on the Los Angeles Subway where he used to use his laptop. He says that the laptop is limited because of size, and now he just logs onto his tablet as soon as he gets on the Subway to check his schedule, study law briefs, take notes or prepare for court. And Mr. Mehta is far from the only person employing the portability of the tablet on a daily, even hourly basis.


May 13, 2011

Fujitsu introduces 10 inch Windows tablet with slide-out keyboard

Fujitsu  has introduced its answer to the Samsung Series 7 Sliding PC. At first glance, the Fujitsu Fujitsu TabletLifebook TH40/D looks like a slate-style tablet PC running Windows 7. But there’s a slide-out keyboard tucked away behind the screen.

The Lifebook TH40/D features a 1.5 GHz Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail processor, 1GB of RAM, a 120GB hard drive, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, and a 03.MP camera. It has 2 USB ports, an SD card slot and an HDMI port.

The computer weighs about 2.4 pounds and measures 0.69 inches thick. That’s not bad by laptop standards, but it makes the Lifebook pretty thick and heavy compared to modern consumer tablets such as the Apple iPad 2 or virtually every Android tablet on the market right now.

Fujitsu will begin offering the Lifebook TH40/D in Japan in late June.


Samsung Shows Amazing New Display: Will The iPad 3 Have It?
Online Social Media

When you think about Apple and what they have done for the tablet PC market it’s pretty amazing. Samsung  2560×1600 resolution displayTablet PCs aren’t a new concept, they have been around for a long time yet they lost their appeal because of a few reasons such as poor battery life and them perhaps not being the full package .

With that being the case people favored laptops and their own static PCs but then Apple decided to enter its own product into the tablet PC market, the Apple iPad. Overnight things changes dramatically and all of a sudden the same dead market was re-ignited and became cool again. Since then we have seen Apple’s next model released and literally the day after people were already talking about a successor. Now we can tell you that Samsung has shown an amazing new display and we are wondering if the iPad 3 will have it.

This new display that Samsung has created will be on display at the International Symposium next week with a pretty amazing resolution. The 10.1-inch screen puts literally everything in the current market to shame with a 2560×1600 resolution and as mentioned by Chris Rawson of TUAW.com at 300 dpi it compares to the flashy retinal display of the iPhone 4. Not only that but it utilizes the new Samsung PenTile technology to use up to 40% less power, in a couple of words… Mind blowing.

This proves that high resolution tablets are possible without compromising the battery life which stands favorably for the iPad 3 however at 10.1” it’s slightly too big for the current Apple 9.7” design which makes us lean towards possibly a retinal display of some sort that they couldn’t quite get into the iPad 2


Apple's frenemy Samsung readying tablet display with more pixels than 27-inch iMac (Retina Display-powered iPad 3, anyone?)

Samsung will next week demo a new LCD display technology that will put future tablets in the RetinaiPad 2 Disney Tangles Display realm. Developed by Samsung’s subsidiary Nouvoyance, the new WQXGA 10.1-inch display stuns with a whopping 2560-by-1600 pixel resolution. Take a deep breath – that’s more pixels than on your 27-inch iMac and double the pixel count on full HD displays.

It uses PenTile RGBW technology that consumes 40 percent less power, a statement claims. Samsung will show off this tech at the SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium next week. The company expects to have commercial availability of this technology for tablet applications later this year.

It’s also possible that Samsung beats Apple to the tablet punch by outing a tablet to showcase the new display technology ahead of iPad 3. Some watchers claimed that the costs associated with implementing a high-resolution Retina Display on iPad 3 would be too prohibitive.


Affordable Superpad Tablet PC Holds Its Own In The Popular Tablet World
Top Computer Tablets

When you name something the Superpad, you had better have features that back it up. Well SuperPad Tabletfortunately for the Superpad 10.2 inch tablet, the features really back up their audacious title with some of the latest and fastest technology upgrades to hit the tablet world, all for less than $200 through Amazon.

Not to mention that through Amazon you will also be able to see that the Superpad 10.2 inch tablet was originally$350, making your savings reach over $150 and if that is not an incentivve to buy then what is.

The 10.2 inch tablet is in the same vicinity as the likes of the iPad and other top end tablets in terms of size. The multifunction touchscreen provides a dazzling display and the icons and apps on the screen are not cramped or difficult to access because of the ample finger room on the screen. 

Take the device anywhere and stay connected. The Superpad Tablet PC comes with a built in webcam that will keep you connected to whoever you need with the included built in Wi-Fi which is certainly one of the best features of the tablet. The Google Android device sports the Android system which means millions of the best apps and one of the fastest processing speeds in the world.

Never lose your way again because the Superpad is not only a useful tablet but also a GPS device. You can download and buy maps through the online store linked with the tablet so that you can use it as a personal navigator. In case you don’t want to operate the tablet using only your fingers the box comes with a pen that you can use to take notes or draw or navigate through the Superpad.


May 16, 2011

Apple's iPad App Treasure Chest Their Most Valuable Commodity For Tablets
Tablets Planet

Looking for reasons why people buy this a certain product over dozens of other options will forever be on the minds of analysts (market watchers). Trying to figure out why millions of people are buying the Apple iPad is just the latest question. Some say people are buying iPad’s over other tablets because it is a status symbol and others believe people buy them because they work best for them.

65,000 apps for iPad

I say it’s a bit of both of those reasons, but right now for Apple the biggest reason someone should get an iPad over competing devices has to be applications (apps). There are literally multiple thousands of apps available just for the iPad.

Well were does the competition sit right now in the apps game? Well the only competitive platform at this time in tablets for iOS and the iPad is Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb. At this time application selection is limited, very limited. Estimates have the amount of Android 3.0 apps pegged at under 200. This shortfall is has hurt the platform to an extent so far, prices of Android 3.0 tablets haven’t been too forgiving and those that have been priced affordably are hard to come by.


What makes a Best Buy tablet?

We're all in favour of advances in technology and have embraced tablet computers, however there are still only a select few with a Which? Best Buy award. And what's worse, we've tested two tablets that are best avoided having received the rare Don't Buy accolade.

Which? members can read our full, lab-based tablet reviews to find out more about those particular models, but here's a run down of pitfalls to look out for when buying a tablet.

1. Screen quality

The screen quality is of paramount importance when it comes to tablets. A decent screen can create a seamless interface between the device and its user. A poor screen causes frustration.

2. Battery life

You can buy a tablet with the most gorgeous and responsive, HD touchscreen in the world, but if the tablet's battery dies after just a few hours you'll wish you'd saved your money. Tablets sent to the Which? Test Lab are put through a set of rigorous real-world tests to see how long a fully-charged battery lasts when playing HD video or browsing the web. 

3. Design and build quality

Apple sets very high standards with both the original iPad and iPad 2. Slim yet strong; lightweight yet powerful. And while the big brands are trying hard to make their tablets ooze the same level of design and quality, not all of them are really able to cut the mustard.

Motorola's Xoom, for example, weighs a pretty hefty 707g although that manifests itself in a reassuringly solid feel. On the other hand, one of the Which? Don't Buy tablets - we won't embarrass the manufacturer by naming it here - weighs in at a whopping 920g but has a nasty habit of flexing and creaking when you touch the plastic body. This is a real let-down when you're expected to pay more than £400 for a tablet.

4. Tablet operating system

A lot of people will put the choice of operating system (OS) down to personal taste. Users of Android phones might opt for an Android tablet for the sake of familiarity. Others who want to use their tablet as an extension to their Windows PC may opt for a Windows 7 tablet, and all of this makes perfect sense.

However it's vital the interface works for touch operation, which means large, easy to use icons and logical gestures to save time. Apple's iOS is well-suited, as is Android 3.0, but many tablets use older version of Android not designed for tablets. Likewise, many complain that Windows works beautifully on a PC but isn't quite cut out for touchscreens. So when all's said and done, the choice of OS is largely based on personal taste, but some systems simply work better than others on tablets.

5. App store

Tablets are all about the apps. Interact with the app stores and you'll get a lot more out of your device - be it productivity, entertainment, news or utility. Again the interface between the user, including the payment method for buying apps, needs to be straightforw


Webinar: The New Motion CL900, Enterprise-Ready Tablet PC
Field Technologies Online

A Rugged, Lightweight and Powerfully Equipped Tablet PC, Purposefully Designed, Developed and Built for Mobile Business

Motion Computing, a leading global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, will hold the webinar "The New Motion CL900, Enterprise-Ready Tablet PC" on Thursday, May 19, 2011, at Motion CL900 Tablet PC1:00 p.m. CDT and Thursday, May 24, 2011, at 11:00 a.m. CDT. Attendees will learn how the CL900 meets mobility needs and how Motion's robust, versatile suite of Tablet PCs is suitable for virtually any mobile environment.

The CL900 is Motion's latest rugged tablet PC designed for mobile productivity across target vertical markets including construction, field service, retail and healthcare. The tablet PC features integrated front and rear facing cameras, digitizer pen, multi-touch input and navigation, Gorilla Glass for enhanced display protection and up to a 62GB solid state drive (SSD) for added durability. At only 2.1 lbs. and starting at just $899, the CL900 complements Motion's current offerings.

Date: Thursday, May 19
Time: 1:00 p.m. CDT
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Motion Computing Tablet PC


Nvidia CEO Disappointed With Android-Based Tablet Sales

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is not amused by poor Android-based tablet sales, and he is blaming weak marketing strategy as much as the products themselves.

Nvidia’s powerful Tegra 2 processor powered the first Android Honeycomb based tablet PC device, Nvidia CEOthe Motorola Xoom, but the tablet failed to create ripples in the market. The processor also powers the Android based Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device.

“It's a point of sales problem. It's an expertise at retail problem. It's a marketing problem to consumers. It is a price point problem,” the CEO said, CNET reports.

He also claimed that product prices and configurations were completely off base, preventing companies like Motorola and Samsung from making a dent in Apple's market base.

“The baseline configuration included 3G when it shouldn't have. Tablets should have a Wi-Fi configuration and be more affordable. And those are the ones that were selling more rapidly than the 3G and fully configured ones,” he added,

On the brighter side, the CEO believes that the next wave of Android-based tablets will be much better than the first generation ones. He admitted that no one had expected Android tablets to become a hit straightaway and added that the new Tegra 2 based Android tablets should be a significant improvement over their predecessors.


Hands-on tech: Tablets increasingly prove popular

Maherly Schaeffer of Farmington got an iPad 2 for her birthday May 11, making her one of millions of people who own a handheld tablet. Will this burgeoning trend leave desktop and laptop owners Lady using ipadfeeling left out?

“Not necessarily,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, a high-tech research company based in California. “PCs and laptops will still be around for heavy lifting, like spreadsheets or writing a novel.”

Schaeffer agreed. She said she likes the fact that “you can do so many things” on tablets like the iPad — but did concede that she couldn’t do quite everything on it. Yet, anyway.

A recent poll produced by The Nielson Company showed that while tablet users used desktops and laptops less frequently, they still did use them.

“I work from home and I need some of the bigger programs like InDesign and Photoshop,” Schaeffer said, so she wouldn’t consider having her tablet permanently replace her laptop.

Even as tablets evolve, Bajarin said he thinks that the tablet-computer relationship will follow a similar path as sound-recording technology, in which digital files have taken center stage but CDs — and even the occasional vinyl record — are hanging in there.

The iPad is not the only tablet around; its competition includes the Motorola Xoom, Blackberry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Archos 70 and Android tablet, among others. There are also eReaders like the Amazon Kindle. But it’s been Apple that has led the tablet charge; the iPad debuted on April 13, 2010 and, according to the International Data Corporation quarterly media tablet and eReader tracker, 73 percent of the 10.1 million tablets sold in the fourth quarter of 2010 were iPads. The iPad 2 debuted March 11 and continued the trend of strong sales.


May 17, 2011

Amazon: Analyst Says Evidence Mounts That Tablet Is Coming

Blair writes that there is “increasing” evidence that a tablet is coming. He thinks Amazon will follow up the Kindle e-book reader with a 10-inch media centric tablet “that leverages the broad range of content” offered on the company’s Web site, including streaming movies to Amazon Prime customers, music, games and e-books. He expects an Android-based tablet that also leverages the company’s cloud-drive storage service.

“What’s different about Amazon jumping into the tablet sector is that the company is the only tech company outside of Apple to have a diverse range of content available to potential tablet users on day one.” he writes. “As with Apple’s iTunes, users could log into the Amazon tablet using their existing Amazon ID and instantly gain access to movies, TV shows, music, digital games, Android Apps (yes, Amazon recently launched an Appstore for Android), and more.  Apple has frequently spoken of the power of the number of credit card users iTunes has [and] Amazon is the only other player in the industry to have something similar.”

Blair thinks Amazon could jump to near the front of the tablet pack from day one, “both due to its ability to market the product on its homepage (as it currently does the Kindle) and the ability to offer users access to a wide range of content that rivals iTunes at launch.”


Samsung Announces Retina Tablet Display
Tom's Hardware Guide

Samsung will be revealing an ultra-high resolution display for tablets at the SID Display Week 2011, which will opened its doors over the weekend.

The 10.1-inch screen features a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, which is four times the pixel density of common 10.1" (Android) tablets such as the Motorola Xoom (1280x800 pixels). Apple's iPad and iPad 2, by the way run with 1024xz768 pixels.

The Samsung display has a density of 300 dpi, which falls just short of the iPhone 4's 326 dpi an could be considered the first "Retina" display for tablets. According to the manufacturer, the screen delivers a brightness of 300 cd/m2 indoor and outdoor as much as 600 cd/m2 to, which should be enough to see content on the display even in direct sunlight.


Move over, iPad -- there's a new tablet in town. . .
Irish Independent

A challenger app-ears: The 10.1v can capture video and good stills unlike the iPadSamsung Galaxy Pad 10.1v

More than 12 months after the iPad hit the street, viable rivals are emerging only now -- all hell-bent on knocking the Apple tablet off its perch.

That's because major players such as Google needed to dramatically rewire its Android phone software to function effectively with the bigger screens of tablets.

The award for the first tablet to surface with this new Android software -- codenamed Honeycomb -- goes to the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V.


RIM Tries Hard to Right the PlayBook

It all started in April when RIM, maker of the BlackBerry handhelds, released the PlayBook, a tablet Blackberry PlayBook TabletPC that arrived with practically no fanfare. Unlike the release of the iPad--or even a Harry Potter book for that matter--there were no lines for the PlayBook.

But now the "soft launch," as it has been called, could rival the previews of the Broadway production of "Spiderman" for this year's worst0handled arrivals. Just this past weekend, and less than a month after the release, RIM recalled about 1000 of the tablets due to problems with the operating system.

This reportedly was only for the 16GB versions of the 7-inch tablet. And while 1000 units might not sound like all that many, it is worth noting that the device hasn't exactly been flying out the door. Only about 45,000 units were sold on its launch day.

The big "selling point" of the PlayBook was that it could sync with the smartphone--a feature that is actually necessary for the tablet to access e-mail, calendar, and even IM. As a result, it isn't seamless, especially as the BlackBerry is already ideal for on-the-go e-mail, calendar, IM, and Web surfing. As one BlackBerry user, for me the tablet's only advantage is a larger screen, but its smaller form has me reaching for my laptop instead.


HTC Flyer More Expensive Than iPad 2 Even On Contract
ITProPortalHtc Flyer Tablet

he HTC Flyer Android-based tablet has been unveiled by Three on a 15GB monthly data allowance for £30.99 per month on a two year contract with an upcost fee of £169.

With a total cost of ownership of more than £900, the HTC Flyer can hardly be considered as a bargain especially when Apple' tablet device, the benchmark by which all others are measured, costs less than that at £879 at Three.

The HTC Flyer is currently on sale at Dixons for £599 and given that 15GB broadband costs £15.99 at Three, one can argue that the mobile phone operator is not significantly subsidising the deal.


May 18, 2011

Intel To Unveil More Than 10 Tablets With PC Makers At Computex

Intel Corp Wednesday unveiled plans to introduce more than 10 new tablet personal computer models that run on its own chips at the Taiwanese computer trade show later this month, as it seeks to expand beyond its PC stronghold into mobile devices, where designs from ARM Holdings PLC have become the standard.

The microprocessor maker plans to showcase the new tablet computers along with its PC manufacturing partners at Computex, which opens on May 31 in Taiwan. Asian PC makers such as Asustek Computer Inc. (2357.TW) are also expected to showcase new tablets at the trade show.

The move comes a day after Intel reaffirmed a bullish view of the personal computer market and announced what it called a third major shift in its chip- development strategy, moving more aggressively to cut power consumption to target smartphone and tablet computers and streamline future designs for laptop computers.

Intel is launching a new set of chips, code-named Oak Trail, designed for tablet-style devices as it seeks to catch up with ARM Holdings, whose technology is offered by a number of licensees--including Qualcomm Inc., Nvidia Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc.

While Oak Trail improves Intel's position, analysts say the company faces an uphill struggle, as it comes late to the game and is also handicapped by its lack of strong partnerships and applications designed for Android or other popular tablet operating systems, unlike its position in the PC world with Microsoft Inc.'s Windows.

Meanwhile, Intel's general manager for Asia-Pacific, Navin Shenoy, said more than 35 of Intel's chip-based tablet models are on track to be shipped through the year.


Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review (Limited Edition)

in order to better compete with the iPad 2, Samsung has high hopes that this is the slender slate to knock Apple off its pedestal. SlashGear brought back the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Limited Edition white version from Google I/O 2011 this week.

The second-gen Apple tablet was significantly thinner than its predecessor, at 8.8mm, and sent Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung scurrying back into its labs to rework their rival to better compete. The end result – along with its smaller Galaxy Tab 8.9 sibling – arrived at CTIA 2011 in March, a waifish 8.6mm that bested the iPad 2′s bulk by a scant 0.2mm. In the process it lost some megapixels, taking the camera down to 3-megapixels though still with autofocus and flash. The original tablet was rebadged the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V, a Vodafone Europe exclusive.

With Honeycomb the common factor across the 10-inch Android tablets we’ve seen so far, differentiating between the slates comes down to more personal preferences. Weight, shape, thickness and material all play a huge part in how you feel about a tablet, something intended to be grabbed for a quick email check, curled up with on the sofa for an idle browsing session, or dropped into a bag for use on the move. It’s no surprise that Apple spent so much time at the iPad 2 launch detailing the physical changes of the second-gen tablet: this is a segment where tactile attraction goes a long way to help justify what’s usually an emotional rather than rational purchase.

On that front, the fact that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is such a slight slate earns it a disproportionate amount of our approval. Yes, it lacks the ease of wired connectivity other Honeycomb tablets offer, and it doesn’t have a clever battery-equipped Keyboard Dock like the ASUS, but the vast majority of the time it’s bulk – or lack of – that makes the difference. Samsung has made a tablet that feels like a tablet should: science-fiction thin, quality display and lightweight.


May 19, 2011

Fujitsu Lifebook T901 Tablet PC on Sale NowFujitsu T901 Tablet
Gotta Be Mobile

Yesterday, Fujitsu announced the follow-up to their T900 convertible, the Lifebook T901 Tablet PC. While it is a straightforward spec-bump in many respects, there are a few notable changes, including five-finger gesture support and optional NVIDIA Optimus graphics.

Less straightforward is the addition of gesture support for up to five points of contact. Important to note the words “gesture support” here. This indicates that a slide of multiple fingers could trigger a command, like page up or down, but not be read as separate cursors in MS Paint. Not groundbreaking, but a step up from the two-finger recognition on the T900.


The Tablet Market: 15 Vendors Gunning For Apple's iPad Tablet Crown

It's Getting Awfully Crowded In The Tablet Market

Hurry, hurry. There are already two generations of Apple's iPad tablet and while early sales figures Tablet in the Grassfor the iPad 2 may not match the record-setting first-generation figures, you can't win if you don't play. The onslaught of Android devices on display at CES 2011 in January has expanded as vendors re-adjust their strategies and offer various form factors and platforms in order to differentiate their product.

If the scramble to develop competitive tablet PCs resembles a gold rush, that's because the top five global PC vendors HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba have all offered extensive and varied tablet plans, as have other manufacturers, who may be faced with the first great opportunity to expand their market share in a long while.

But is it possible to beat Apple in the tablet market now that its second-generation device is thinner, lighter, cheaper and faster than its first? We take a look at 15 vendors with 15 different answers.


May 23, 2011

Toshiba Thrive vs iPad 2 and Xoom: specs comparison
Product Reviews

We now have news that the name of Toshiba’s new Honeycomb tablet will be called the Toshiba Toshiba Thrive vs iPad 2 and XoomThrive. The first thing we would like to know is how it compares to the Apple iPad and the Motorola Xoom? Looking at the specs comparison it could be anyone’s, as it is with a host of other tablets on the market.

It did not take a genius to know what Toshiba were going to call their 10-inch tablet, as a website had already been parked for it. We should start to see the first set of commercials soon for the new device; we do find it strange that you can already pre-order the tablets, which come in either 8GB or 32GB.

That is the first thing that we will look at, the iPad 2 comes in a choice of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB; the Xoom only comes in 32GB. However, Apple’s tablet fails in the fact that it does not have an SD Card slot, whereas the other two do.

The Thrive looks like it will use the same Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor, the iPad 2 uses the A5 dual-core 1GHz CPU. Both the Xoom and Thrive have the same 5-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front-facing cameras. Again, the iPad 2 fails here as well – cameras have never been Apple’s strong suit.

Toshiba’s upcoming tablet has the benefit of an HDMI port, and although this is very good the iPad 2 has no need for this if you have Apple TV. The reason for this is the fact that you are able to stream everything direct to your TV and enjoy your content on a big screen.


TouchPad will beat iPad: HP's Eric Cador
Computer Business Review

New tablet will emulate HP's success in PC market, says HP European chief HP TouchPad

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has said that its tablet computer "TouchPad" will reach to the top of the tablet market, just as its PCs reached the number one spot in the PC market.

The Telegraph reported that at a press conference in Cannes, HP European head Eric Cador claimed that the company's ambition was to lead the tablet market started by Apple.

Cador said, "In the PC world, with fewer ways of differentiating HP's products from our competitors, we became number one; in the tablet world we're going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus."

The HP Touchpad uses the WebOS operating system. There are some concerns about the availability of apps for the tablet. But HP claims that apps that run on the Web can be adapted to run on WebOS.

Cador said the company will find a way for its tablet device to reach the top through consumer experience, branding and marketing.

Cador said, "only one company plays in both the consumer and business and world. We tend to talk about technologies. But the way the user is going to look at tablets means it's about experience. The way the corporate is going to look at it is to say that its employees, who are also consumers, have got to like it and it's got to be secure. We're going to deliver that.

Beyond that, it's about marketing and branding."


MSI's WindPad 110W Windows 7 Tablet PC Is Available For Pre-Order
Tablets Planet

The MSI WindPad 110W tablet PC is available now for pre-orders on ExcaliberPC.com. The ETA MSI's WindPad 110W Windows 7 Tablet PC(Estimated Time for Arrival) for pre-orders on tablet PC is June 1, 2011 according to the product page. For $599.00 you will get a 1.5 GHz AMD C-50 powered 10.1-inch tablet PC with a 32GB SSD. That price includes ExcaliberPC’s reported $100.00 discount, list price is $699.00 for the 32GB model.

The MSI WindPad 110W was initially unveiled along with the 10.1-inch MSI WindPad 100A Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet at CeBIT 2011 in Hanover, Germany. When the WindPad 110W tablet PC showed itself at CeBIT it was the only the second Windows 7 tablet PC announced with an AMD Brazos platform Fusion APU inside –the first was the Acer ICONIA Tab W500 which has been released in the US already.


Microsoft's Tablet PC: Intel Offers Insights on Components
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

ARM processors are used in most smartphones and tablets today. Microsoft announced in January Steve Ballmer Microsoftthat it was porting Windows to ARM for the first time — to date, Windows has run exclusively on Intel’s x86 processors.

Intel’s senior vice president of software Renee James spilled more details on Microsoft’s ARM plans at a conference for Intel investors today. They were first reported by Bloomberg’s Dina Bass.

According to James, the ARM versions of Windows will be tailored for tablets and smartphones and will not be able to run apps built for older versions of Windows, which exclusively run on Intel’s x86 architecture. The Intel version of Windows 8 will run older apps.

Previous rumors have suggested that the ARM version of Windows 8 could come out earlier than the x86 version — perhaps as soon as this year.


Xplore Technologies Launches New Website

The launch of our most rugged line of tablet PCs, the iX104C5s, called for a complete overhaul of the iX104C5 DMCR Tablet PCcompany's website as well," said Mark Holleran, President and COO of the rugged tablet PC maker. "Our new website features a wealth of information on the recently launched products, as well as on our services, our customers and the markets we serve. It also includes video of our launch, the testing our computers go through to assure that they are as rugged as possible, and 'Technology TapOut', a feature video that is illustrative of the abuse Xplore's computers are built to withstand."

Xplore launched its line of five new rugged tablet PCs earlier this month. The iX104C5 line includes five different models developed for use in a variety of environments and applications:

  • iX104C5 DMSR? - Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 DM? - Dual-Mode Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 DML? - Dual-Mode Lite Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 M? - Military Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 DMCR? - Dual-Mode Clean Room Xtreme Tablet

Based on third-party certifications, Xplore's new iX104C5 tablet PC line surpasses the standards and specifications that are the measuring sticks for rugged tablets computers in today's marketplace. Designing and building computers for "Real World Rugged" situations, the iX104C5 line withstands seven-foot drops to plywood over concrete and operating four-foot drops directly to concrete. All models feature industry-leading sunlight-readable displays and are the first tablet PCs with easy, tool-less access to internal storage for in-field upgrades or repairs. The iX104C5s are also certified for use in hazardous locations. Xplore's iX104C5 tablet PC line is powered by the Intel® Core? i7 processor and utilizes Windows7® operating system.


Fashion 2.0 | The Trouble with iPad Magazines
The Business of Fashion

The aesthetically appealing iPad has also found particular resonance with both fashion consumers Vanity Fair June 2011 iPad Issueand industry insiders. “Pictures and videos look amazing on the tablet,” said founder and editorial director of Dazed Group, Jefferson Hack. “Photographers, stylists, art directors and designers are all showing their ideas, inspirations and finished work on [Apple] tablets.”

But in stark contrast to the overwhelming success of Apple’s tablet, iPad magazines have yet to take off. Indeed, for many of the world’s largest publishers, who have poured millions into developing digital editions for a device that has often been declared “the saviour of magazines,” iPad apps still account for a tiny percentage of total circulation. “In the long run, it is certain that tablet ownership and readership of magazines on tablets will expand,”Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and president of Condé Nast International, told BoF. But figures released a few months back by the Audit Bureau of Circulation in the US show that despite rising iPad sales, average monthly downloads of iPad magazines slumped towards the end of 2010 after an initial surge of interest, indicating that consumers are giving the magazine app experience, as currently conceived, a collective thumbs down.

“Publishers should not rest on the assumption that readers want to be merely readers,” said Jeff Jarvis, highly respected media thinker, journalism professor and author of What Would Google Do? who spent ten years as president and creative director of Advance.net, the online arm of Advance Publications, which owns Condé Nast. “They have proven a will to create and share,” he continued. “What makes the tablet special is that one can interact with content and with fellow readers — just presenting content is lazy.”

But there are signs that change is afoot, and magazine companies are beginning to think more creatively about how to use the iPad. “I believe there will be a strong market for these magazine ‘replicas,’ which will be a tablet version of the print product with added interactive features, like video,” said Mr. Newhouse. “But at the same time, publishers will produce a lot of completely new branded products for iPads, along with other tablet devices and smartphones.”

In order to earn a presence in the lives of today’s digital consumers, for whom the internet makes content abundantly available, these new products may have to be very different from magazines as we currently know them. “The best thing to do on tablets is to experiment: with form, with user interface, and with thinking of readers in new roles in new places and times,” continued Mr. Jarvis. “The tablet and the smartphone will merge and diverge in ways we can’t predict now.”


Acer eyes a bigger slice of the PC, smartphone pie
Business Standard

In spite of the odds, the company has done its ground work and is confident. “Acer will aggressively develop data-consumption products like its Iconia series of tablet PCs and smartphones based on the solid foundation of its main PC business. That’s going to be our advantage over players who have little or no presence among the mass-market PC users.”

Mukund says Acer products will be more affordable and easy to use. “The company has developed smartphones and tablets whose content can easily be shared on different screen sizes, which was one of the primary requirements of users, as per our internal feedback.”

Enterprise customers, as highlighted by the customer feedback report, expressed a desire for Windows-based tablet PCs while individual users were happy with the Android operating system.

The study results prompted Acer to adopt a dual-OS approach for its tablet PCs — something that no other vendor did. With the Iconia series, the company has launched five devices. “We are the first in the marketplace to have launched the tablet on the Google Android Honeycomb – open platform and on Windows 7, offering the feasibility of choosing between dual operating systems. As our products have been developed on the basis of the feedback from focused group discussions, it gives us a better understanding of consumer needs,” says Mukund.

To make a mark in the smartphone and tablet PC market, the company has to position its brand aggressively. For Acer’s Iconia tablet PCs, the company has planned a total spend of $1 million.


External Storage For Tablet PCs Coming Online

The need for additional storage capacity in iPads and Android tablets is opening a new niche for Seagate Goflex external Tablet PC storage Drivestorage vendors.

Seagate recently released the latest edition of its GoFlex line, the Satellite geared toward the iPad/Android tablet PC market.

Hitachi GST, which was purchased by Western Digital, announced its intention of entering the market next month.

The 500GB GoFlex portable hard drive, $199, is designed as a carry-along device that will give iPad and tablet PC users extra storage capacity, said Greg Falgiano, Seagate’s senior product marketing manager.

The iPad version is available on Amazon.com and directly from Seagate. It will appear in Best Buy shortly. The Android version is expected to ship in late June, Falgiano said.



Enjoy High-Speed Web Browsing with Blackberry PlayBook Contract
Industry Today

BlackBerry Playbook is a Tablet PC, introduced by RIM (Research in Motion). The device is powered by a dual core ARM CPU, ultraportable and speediest web tablet available in the market to let one experience high speed web browsing anytime.

BlackBerry Playbook is one of the fastest web tablets and is a great rival for other brand of tablet PC available in the market. BlackBerry PlayBook is coming with 7 inches capacitive LCD touch screen with contract and other kind of deals with six leading network service providers in UK.

The user can easily buy the Blackberry Playbook Tablet with SIM free deals, pay as you go deal and contract deal. The deal is available with all the leading network service providers such as Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-mobile, 3-mobile and Virgin network.

From the best Blackberry Playbook contract deals available on BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet, the user will get chance to own numerous benefits like free minutes, free text, and instant cashback offers.

The memory a BlackBerry Playbook Tablet possess is 16 GB. The gadget is ultraportable and handy for the people of every class. It displays easy navigation features with wireless networking and a 7" LCD touch screen. The device is meant for playing games with high graphic content and supports 1080p HD videos. There is a micro USB port, which allows easy connection to your computer.

The BlackBerry Playbook contract is a 7 inch tablet with 1GB RAM and featuring WiFi Network, full HD video support, Micro HDMI, Micro USB, Dual Camera (rear 5MP and front 3MP), 1GHz Processor and multi-touch capacitive display screen with a resolution of 600 X 1024 and much more. The battery is 5300 mAh and the projected life of the battery is around eight hours. The device comes with the choice of internal memory which is 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.


May 24, 2011

iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom
Geek WIth Laptop

Apple’s iPad 2 has long dominated the tablet market because it had no proper competition. All the iPad 2 vs Xoomother cheap tablets were unable to offer the same user-experience and people did not even consider buying them. Things have changed, however. iPad 2 has finally found its match, a device able to offer similar quality performance – meet Motorola Xoom.  Here is a short comparison between the two tablets.

Xoom has a bigger display and a bigger resolution, 10.1-inch and 1280×800 pixels, while iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch screen with a 1024×768 resolution. But when it comes to bright light usage, iPad 2 has the upper hand due to its higher light legibility.

What’s inside?

Both tablets are powered by 1 GHz dual-core processors (A5 for iPad2 and Nvidia Tegra 2 for Xoom).  No difference here, they both offer high-speed internet experience and fast running apps. Xoom uses Google’s first OS especially designed for tablets, Android 3.0. Honeycomb, whereas iPad uses iOS 4.3. The advantage for Apple is that they have previously tested their OS in iPad1; therefore iPad 2 has an improved OS, while Xoom is only at the beginning from this point of view.


The Amazon Tablet: Everything you need to know
Know Your Mobile

We take a look at all the rumours, leaks, speculation, and opinion, surrounding Amazon’s as-yet-unannounced Android-powered tablet device(s)

2011 will forever be known as the year that tablet devices became a mainstream phenomenon. So Amazon Tabletfar, we’ve seen around 50 separate releases worldwide since MWC 2011 and CES 2011 and there’s still plenty more to come. But possibly one of the biggest of all these soon-to-be-announced tablets is Amazon’s Android-powered device – or devices.

In this respect, Amazon has a big advantage over pretty much every other Android tablet manufacturer out there, including Samsung, LG and Motorola. And all of this is before we even begin to look at the rumoured spec that Amazon’s tablet is reported to be packing. In short, Amazon could very well be the company that finally takes a bite out of Apple’s tablet market share.

Operating System

All of Amazon’s up-and-coming tablet devices will be powered by Google’s Android operating system. The only thing we’re not sure of is which iteration they’ll feature. At present, there’s no word on release dates, so it’s difficult to pinpoint which version of Android they’ll use.

Amazon already has an Android Apps Store in place, so users buying the Amazon tablet devices will be able to bypass the Android Market and, we’d assume, use one click buying on Amazon’s version via their Amazon accounts. This could be a serious blow to Google’s Android Market – and is no doubt something Google is already very aware of.


In terms of services, Amazon has pretty much all the bases covered with its Kindle app, Cloud Player service and its newly launched Android Apps Market.

No other tablet manufacturer, bar Apple, of course, has this level of services at their disposal. In this sense, we expect Amazon to be a serious threat to Apple’s current domination of the tablet market place.

‘On the face of it,’ says Robert Bamforth, Quocirca Analyst, ‘Amazon could be more of a threat than other tablet companies as it can offer the complete proposition. Ultimately, this isn't about tablets - who has the biggest screen, best OS, fastest graphics, USB ports or even Flash support – it's about end-to-end user experience.’


Amazon Now Offering BlackBerry PlayBook Pre-Orders Ahead of June 1 Launch
Top Computer Tablets

The BlackBerry PlayBook that has had a much better than expected reception thus far from Tablet PCBlackBerry PlayBook Tablet buyers is now available at the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon.com. Research In Motion (RIM) realizes that allowing access to the popular PlayBook on Amazon will extend the tablet’s allure past the business class customer it was designed for, and can attempt to attract multimedia-loving tablet shoppers with its long list of media-centered abilities.

Getting the PlayBook to Amazon is definitely the right play to call for RIM, especially after their eye-opening 50,000 unit 24 hour launch and over 250,000 total units sold.

But the PlayBook is far from a business-only tablet. The multimedia features and multitasking capabilities are strong to be sure. The 7 inch display is on a capacitive multitouch LCD screen with 1024 x 600 resolution that trumps most all tablets. And you can always expect reliable multitasking without slow downs in speed or response thanks to the 1 GHz dual core processor.


Tablet Computer War Is Reshaping the Technology World
Seeking Alpha

While the tablets may very well be only a trend or a transitory technology, their high consumer Barns & Noble Nook Color adoption rates make them a vital frontier for the technology industry. The stunning growth of the tablet industry only highlights to all companies, even giants like Apple

Here is a closer look at some key companies in the tablet computer war as well as recent events that detail how they are chasing market share:

Barnes & Noble Inc - Perhaps BKS is the most glaring example of how transformative it can be to find success in the tablet market.

Not only has the Nook allowed Barnes & Noble to capture ~25% of the eBook market, the Nook color's touch screen, email, game, video and internet browsing capabilities inspired us to wonder if the Nook color is the market's cheapest tablet. As straight forward as this pricing component may seem, Android based tablets had long failed to either match the iPad's quality or beat the iPad on price. The Nook color is not a true tablet computer, but the point is that there is large consumer demand for an entry level tablet device like the Nook color. Barnes & Noble's success has not gone unnoticed. Liberty Media recently offered $17 per share in cash to acquire the company to gain access to the Nook and eBook business.


Amazon Tablets Sport Android, Tegra Quad-Core Chips: Bajarin

Amazon could launch a 10-inch and or 7-inch tablet computer to compete with Apple's iPad, the RIM PlayBook, HP TouchPad and the army of Android tablets as soon as for Christmas.  Amazon.com

Amazon.com is aiming to release at least one tablet computer based on Google's Android operating system in time for the holiday 2011 season, said an industry analyst May 23.

Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin, who spoke to sources in Tapiei where many computers are manufactured, said in a PC Magazine piece that the bookseller-turned-mobile-device maker plans on releasing a 10-inch tablet, and possibly a 7-inch tablet later this year.

The tablets, which will challenge Apple's iPad, the Android-based Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab slates, Research in Motion's Blackberry PlayBook, as well as the HP TouchPad, will feature LCD screens, support Adobe Flash and run Nvidia's Tegra quad-core chip.

Bajarin's report is the latest in a pile of evidence that has been steadily mounting since Amazon launched its Amazon Appstore for Android in March.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stoked the fire 10 days ago when he told Consumer Reports to "stay tuned" on the topic of an Amazon tablet. One week before that, Taipei-based DigiTimes said Quanta has received tablet orders from Amazon.

One month ago, Engadget and gdgt Co-founder Peter Rojas said he's almost certain Amazon is having Samsung build a tablet that could run a custom version of Android rather than the Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" tablet OS. Rojas said such a device could launch as soon as this summer.


OfficeMax Expands Selection of Tablet Computers With New Acer Iconia Tab A500
PR Newswire

OfficeMax to offer the new 10.1-inch Acer tablet computer at OfficeMax.com and in-stores nationwide

OfficeMax® Incorporated , a leader in office supplies and services, today announced that the Acer Iconia Tab A500 Tabletcompany is expanding its selection of tablet computers by adding the new Acer® Iconia Tab A500 in all of its more than 900 retail locations nationwide and through OfficeMax.com.  The new Acer Iconia Tab A500 will be available at OfficeMax for $449.99 (1) starting today.  The new Wi-Fi enabled tablet PC computer is Acer America's first 10.1-inch tablet running the Android™ 3.0 (Honeycomb) operating system. Applauded by PCWorld for its unique inclusion of both a USB port and microSD Card slot, its support for Dolby® Mobile audio and its custom home screen widgets that help organize applications, the new tablet computer from Acer offers new user-friendly features for users on-the-go.  

"We are excited to offer Acer's new Iconia Tab A500 in all OfficeMax's retail locations and online," said Ryan Vero, EVP and Chief Merchandising Officer for OfficeMax. "Its light-weight, slim design and exceptional operating platform is designed for customers who prefer a smaller-sized tablet. The power, speed and versatility behind the Iconia Tab create an enjoyable user experience."  

The new Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablet PC features a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen that provides accurate finger-tip control for personal access to applications, games and entertainment. The tablet computer also provides an enhanced level of performance with its NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 mobile 1GHz dual-core processor and integrated GeForce™ GPU that enables customers to enjoy HD gaming, 1080p video and faster browsing, as well as running multiple applications, digital media playback and flash-based sites, games and applications.


How The Tablet PC Is Transforming Our TV Watching Habits
World Internet TV on PC

Few could have imagined when Apple launched the iPad, how quickly the tablet market would grow, Tablet TVand how they would help in bringing the new dawn of digital TV to the masses. A Nielsen survey of around 12,000 connected device owners showed that 70% of tablet owners said they use their devices while watching television, and 57% of tablet owners use their device in bed, when we usually watch TV.

Most TV networks, from Netflix and Hulu Plus amongst many, have apps and websites that run on tablet devices (the HBO Go app was downloaded a million times in the first week of release). Google TV will be running soon on Android, and everyone is scrambling for a piece of the tablet TV market.

Every study is predicting that the tablet market will explode in the next couple of years. According to the USC Marshall Institute for Communication, tablet ownership will double by 2012. By the year 2014, Gartner is predictingsales will surpass 208 million units. tablets in circulation. And when we reach 2015, Forrester Research predicts that over a third of consumers will have and use a tablet PC.

Tablets will soon take over from old fashioned remote controllers, already many companies let you control whats on TV from your tablet. It is not only content and streaming TV that the tablet PC brings, many content providers are providing apps that integrate with whatever show your watching.


May 25, 2011

Ben E. Keith Beverages Deploys MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PCs

Ben E. Keith Beverages, one of America’s largest beer wholesalers, chooses to equip its field sales Mobile Demand Anheuser Bushreps with MobileDemand xTablets to sell more beer. The xTablets are replacing their older, less-functional handheld devices. They selected the MobileDemand Tablet PC for its right-fit form and function. The full-screen 7” display allows for more efficient product look-ups without having to scroll through hundreds of SKUs on a tiny screen. The built-in bar code scanner and integrated numeric keypad make it quick and easy to take inventory and enter quantities. The rugged design ensures the devices stay up and running, keeping sales reps productive all day every day. Ultimately, Ben E. Keith’s goal was to provide the sales force with a fully-rugged mobile computer that would help improve efficiency throughout the work day as well as maximize the business benefits of their hardware investment.

"After evaluating the alternatives, we found that the MobileDemand xTablet T7000 combined with A-B Mobility software was clearly a great tool to sell beer. We were able to successfully implement over 250 xTablet T7000 units at eight locations ahead of our original schedule," says Steve Fleming, Vice President of Administration at Ben E. Keith. Mobile Demand xTablet T7000 with Bud Light beer

The xTablet T7000 has been an even more versatile rugged computer than Ben E. Keith had originally expected. Aside from inventory tracking and ordering, sales reps can utilize profit calculators and merchandising and shelf space tools. In addition they can access general business applications including the Internet and email, Excel files, videos and presentations directly on the MobileDemand xTablet. Essentially, the Tablet PC is like having a mobile desktop. Anything Ben. E. Keith sales reps can do with an office computer they can do in the field with an xTablet. In addition, downtime is no longer an issue with high capacity batteries which allow for the sales reps to use the rugged tablet pc for the entire work day without having to connect to a power source or replace the batteries.

Mobile Demand Tablet PC

Visit the Ben E. Keith case study page on the MobileDemand website for the full story. You can view additional images on our MobileDemand Photo Page.


Friskies Launches Free iPad Games-- For Cats
The iPad Guide

As if your cats don't have enough toys, cat food maker Friskies has used the latest in cat behavioral research to create iPad games tailored to your pets. Now cats everywhere can scratch up your iPad cover and leave paw prints on your new Apple tablet in a quest to hunt virtual fish.

Three games in all have been released in web-app form at the site Games for Cats, which are all essentially variations on a theme. Brightly colored object floats around the iPad screen until the cat touches the object, it then disappears or breaks up into several other objects. The games actually keep score and add points every time an object is successfully batted by your feline friend.

Cat Fishing, Tasty Treasures Hunt, and Party Mix-Up are the titles of the games, which will be released at a future date on the App Store as iPad applications. For now, they are best played on a web browser that has full-screen viewing such as Atomic Web. The games were coded entirely in HTML5/CSS3 and are compatible with other tablets such as the Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android.

Friskies ipad games for cats 


Group Mobile Adds New Xplore Rugged Tablet Computers to Product Line
PR Web

Group Mobile, well known for carrying the top brands in rugged laptops, rugged tablet PCs, rugged Xplore’s iX104C5 Tablet PC UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs), rugged PDAs, and rugged handheld computers has added the next generation of rugged tablet computers from Xplore Technologies to its product line up — the iX104C5 DMSL (Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable), iX104C5 DM (Dual Mode), iX104C5 DML (Dual Mode Lite), iX104C5 DMSL-M for Military, and the iX104C5 DMCR for Clean Room environments.

Xplore’s iX104C5 family of rugged tablet PCs are powered by the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and were developed with customer input from a variety of industries where end-users work in the most demanding environments such as utilities, warehousing, logistics, public safety, field service, transportation, manufacturing, route delivery, military, and homeland security.

Based on third-party certifications, Xplore’s new iX104C5 tablet PC line surpasses the standards and specifications that are the benchmark for rugged tablet computers in today’s marketplace. The iX104C5 line can withstand operating seven-foot drops to plywood over concrete and operating four-foot drops directly to concrete. All models feature industry-leading sunlight-readable displays and are the first tablets PCs with easy, tool-less access to internal storage for in-field upgrades and repairs. The iX104C5s are also certified for use in hazardous locations.

Key features of the [iX104C5 DMSR™ Tablet include AllVue™ Xtreme LCD technology for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions; auto-sensing dual-mode technology to accept both pen and finger touch inputs; tool-less access to SSD, SIM, MicroSD, and battery; rapid field replaceable input connectors, memory, and wireless card


Can Modern Mobile Web Apps Loosen Apple's Grip on Tablet Publishing?

By now there’s little question that the iPad has defined the modern tablet, and media companies Playboy on iPadhave tackled the promising concept of digital subscription publishing with varying degrees of success. We’ve seen impressive offerings from Esquire, Wired, and Sports Illustrated, and new iPad-only products like The Daily. What do all these digital publications have in common? If you want them, you’ve got to download them from Apple’s App Store.

Users are cool with this — we’ve been downloading content apps for a while now. But from a publisher’s point of view, there may be a shakeup on the horizon.

Playboy recently released its iPad app, a subscription service that offers everything from the monthly magazine (yes, everything), as well as a deep archive that spans all previous issues. The interesting part? You won’t find Playboy in the App Store — it’s an iPad-optimized website.


What Are Tablets Good For? News Reporting, for One

A few months back, I some early enterprise iPad adopters who said that while they liked the new NYC times on a tablet Tablettablet computers, they weren't initially sure what to do with them.

The problem is that tablets fit somewhere in between the realm of smartphones and PCs -- they're cool and fun to play around with but it's tough to imagine some glaring need they fill in the workplace

The upside to having no clear need to fill is that it lets tablet adopters experiment with performing different tasks that they otherwise might not have been able to perform with their PC or smartphone. This week, for example, I brought my BlackBerry PlayBook with me to MIT's CIO Symposium and used it to quickltalked withy and easily record video from the various panels and lectures.

The reason the tablet form factor hit a sweet spot for me as a reporter's aid is that it combined portability, ease of use and high-quality video recording to make my life much easier than it was during previous attempts to film events with Web cameras. Think of it like this: In the old days, if reporters wanted to record video they'd have to hold a camera in place and then upload their video onto their laptop and then further upload it onto YouTube. The tablet cuts out the middle man by letting me point-and-click and then upload my recording directly onto YouTube. My first effort of taping with a tablet is displayed below:

Another advantage of tablets-as-video-recorders is their large screen size -- so instead of peeking through a tiny little lens to focus on your subjects, you get to see them fit neatly onto your screen. This means that when you're interviewing people it's easy to check if your camera is still focused on them if they start moving around. The touchscreen interface on the tablet makes it remarkably simple to start and stop recording.

I guess the bottom line is that the tablet's portability, ease of use and attractive display give it plenty of uses for people in a variety of different professions. For instance you can imagine a doctor recording a video of a patient on a tablet and instantly uploading it to a central hospital database for other physicians to examine. Or perhaps you're an interior designer and you want to have pictures of your past work scanned into your tablet as a sort of "virtual portfolio" to show prospective clients


Asustek Introducing Hybrid Phone-tablet Device

Asustek Computer will introduce a new device next week combining the features of a phone and a tablet PC, making it a potential rival to the Dell Streak and possibly heralding more such devices, the company and analysts said on Tuesday.

The Taiwanese PC maker posted a teaser on Facebook asking the question "pad or phone?" about its device to be unveiled on Monday ahead of the annual Computex show in Taipei.

"I'm guessing it will be something of the order of a tablet merged with a phone," company spokesman David Chang aid. However, he declined to give specifications of the new hardware.

The company released its first tablet, the Eee Pad Transformer, in March.

Computex, a popular venue for new hardware launches, is expected to bring together 37,000 buyers and 1,800 exhibitors from next Tuesday through June 4. Tablets will be a dominant theme of the 2011 show.

Asustek may be designing a hybrid to stand out in the increasingly crowded non-Apple tablet market, said Peter Lin, a Taipei-based analyst with IHS iSuppli. It would be in the same league as the Dell Streak, a 5-inch tablet that runs on Google's Android 2.2 OS and can make calls, he said.

Users may find that size awkward, Lin said. "It sounds a bit weird," he said. "For a phone to be five inches, that's already pretty big, but for a tablet that's a bit small."


May 26, 2011

Apple iPad 3 to have better display with Samsung super AMOLED screen
International Business Times

Tim Cook, Apple's Chief Operating Officer, visited South Korea to begin discussions on integrating ipad & Galaxy TabSamsung's super AMOLED technology to enhance the future iPad 3 screen displays.

Apple's iPad 2 seeks new technology for upgrading its current liquid crystal displays supplied by Samsung rival LG. Samsung's AMOLED display technology has been equipped and marketed on their Galaxy S smartphone series and the company has future plans to use it on their line of tablets. If the AMOLED displays are adaptable to tablets, this could spell good news for Samsung and Apple.

"Apple wants to tap into Samsung's AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad 2, considered as many by the iPad 3 that is likely to be launched toward the end of this year," an anonymous source told The Korea Herald.

With the AMOLED technology, we can expect the iPad 3 to display even brighter screens and run on less power, meaning longer battery life after watching movies or playing games


A New Tablet From Acer Challenges iPad on Price
Wall Street Journal

The tablet-computer race is heating up. The latest entrant, Acer Inc.'s Iconia Tab A500, is the first to Acer Iconia Taboffer compelling competition to Apple's dominant iPad in one crucial area: price.

The Iconia Tab is Acer's first to run Google's Android operating system, and joins an increasingly crowded tablet field that features the PlayBook by Research in Motion Ltd., Motorola Inc.'s Xoom, LG Electronics Inc.'s G-Slate and Apple's own iPad2, which went on sale in March.

A WiFi-only version of the Iconia Tab went on sale on April 24 for $449.99. A new model that works on AT&T Inc.'s 4G wireless network is slated for release this summer for an as-yet-undisclosed price.

I have been putting the Iconia Tab through its paces, and, in my view, it offers the best value of any Android tablet on the market. While it doesn't beat either iPad overall, the Iconia Tab offers a decent alternative to Apple, especially for multimedia enthusiasts who want to display their content on a TV, PC or smartphone without additional gear.

Trying to best Apple hasn't been just a matter of hardware and software design— it has also been a pricing challenge. The first-generation iPad launched at $499, and Apple has knocked it down to $399 for any still available in stores. So far, the new Android-based tablets have induced sticker shock.


2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Accessorizes With Apple iPad App
All Car Tech

Automotive apps are all the rage, but it's a special kind of car that gets an app all to itself.Mercedes-Benz iPad App

The luxury 2012 CLS-Class four-door coupe is just such a car, and a free app available through the Apple App Store allows owners and potential owners to access information about the car through their iPads.

Information available through the app includes vehicle data with associated images and videos, as well as virtual tours taking you around the interior and exterior. An "Explore" option allows users to customize a CLS to their tastes.



May 27, 2011

Microsoft Set to Show Off Windows for Tablets Next Week

Microsoft may essentially have been first to the market with the modern tablet computer, but Windows TabletRedmond has seen any advantage there erased by a failure on the software side. Windows just isn't meant for the touchscreen world. No doubt the company is eager to change that, and is said to be set to debut its tablet operating system shortly, sources say.

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft would preview the platform in a set of demonstrations next week. The first comes at Walter Mossberg's All Things Digital D9 conference in California, followed by another overseas at the Computex show in Tapei. This would confirm reporting in March that indicated Microsoft was close to being ready to show off its work.

The tablet devices would run on NVidia's Tegra chip, which is intended for use in tablet devices. Nvidia says the dual-core chips are ideal for such small devices due to their low power consumption and integrated graphics processor.

While Redmond is taking the wraps off the tabletized Windows now, it's likely that the actual release will not come until March, Bloomberg says. It's pretty likely that the tablet platform would be built upon Windows 8, which may suggest that the desktop version of the software could be released around the same time.

Regaining some traction in the tablet market is arguably important for Microsoft. With 20 million iPads sold in a little over a year of availability, Apple's showing that there is pent-up demand out there.


An unidentified Alaska Airlines pilot with an Apple iPad
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines is giving pilots Apple iPads to replace paper flight manuals, it announced Friday.iPad for pilots on Alaska Airlines

Pilots typically carry a ‘flight bag’ with up to 25 pounds of paper manuals.

‘We’ve been exploring the idea of an electronic flight bag for several years, but never found a device we really liked,’ Gary Beck, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of flight operations, said in a news release. ‘When the iPad hit the market, we took one look at it and said this is the perfect fit.’

The iPads use an app called GoodReader, which has PDF versions of 41 flight, systems and performance manuals, reference cards and other materials, complete with links and color graphics. This lets pilots find information faster and more easily, Alaska said, adding that the materials also can be updated with a tap on the screen.

The airline evaluated iPads this past winter and spring with 100 line and instructor pilots and representatives from the Air Line Pilots Association union. It plans to give them to all pilots by mid-June.


Charming Tablet PCs to be Unveiled at Upcoming Computex Show
The Taiwan Economic News

Taiwan`s top suppliers of tablet PCs, namely Asustek Computer Inc., Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., and MSI Computer Corp., will unveil their latest tablet PCs at Computex Taipei 2011, which will be unveiled on May 31.

Asustek will announce its latest product one day before the show at a press conference. Industry executives estimate the newest product shares some features with the company`s EeePad Transformer, which doubles as a netbook when clipping into a dedicated keyboard and as a tablet when parting with the keyboard.

The company has recently made a splash in tablet PC market with EeePad Transformer, whose shipment volume is going up.

Gigabyte will debut its S1080 tablet powered by the Wintel architecture, which is a combination of Windows OS and Intel CPU. The tablet caters to business people with features not only for business but also for fun.


ASUS Eee Pad Slider tablet might launch soon
Good E-Reader

Asus is pursuing a niche segment within the tablet PC sphere – that of tablet PCs that come with ASUS Eee Pad Slider tablettheir own keypad that is either attached or detachable from the main tablet form. The Eee Pad Slider comprises of its own keypad that is attached to the tablet. First shown at the CES held earlier in the year, but ASUS has not been making much noise with the tablet until now.

By May 30th we are likely to be treated with some news concerning the Slider tablet at the Computex event. Till then, the only things known about the tablet is that it is likely to be based on a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and will have a 10.1 inch 1280 x 800 pixel display.

The other tablet from Asus with an attachable keypad – the Eee Pad Transformer has already gone on sale and initial reviews of the tablet has been quite convincing.


ViewSonic ViewPad 10
PC Magazine

Pros : Dual-boot offers Android and Windows. Windows OS supports Flash.ViewSonic ViewPad 10

Cons: Tablets aren't Windows friendly; you'll miss your keyboard and mouse. Android 2.2 isn't the tablet-specific Honeycomb, just scaled up smartphone software. No Android Marketplace. Button functions change depending on what application you're using. Tweaked Android OS doesn't support Flash.

Bottom Line: It may be priced competitively, but the ViewSonic ViewPad 10 it doesn't come close to competing with the best tablets available. Windows is crippled, Android is out of date, and the elegance promised by tablets is replaced with lumbering awkwardness.


May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

eagle bar

Asus Demos Phone-tablet Combo, Meego Netbook

Taiwan's Asustek Computer has previewed a smartphone-tablet PC combo device that seeks to bring together the strengths of both devices without completely duplicating the hardware.
Similar Articles:

The Padfone comprises a pair of devices: a smartphone and a dumb tablet.

On its own, the handset functions as a conventional smartphone but it can be inserted into a dock built into the back of the tablet. The user can then access all the smartphone's features and functions through the larger screen of the tablet. The tablet also includes a built-in battery that powers the device and can recharge the smartphone's battery.

Alongside the Padfone, Asus also launched a 7-inch tablet with glasses-free 3D display. The Eee Pad MeMO 3D comes with a companion Bluetooth handset that can be used to make calls through the tablet. No price or launch date was announced.


Computex 2011 Show To Feature Apple Tablet Challengers
Huffington Post

Computer manufacturers of all sizes and descriptions have been pushing to get a piece of the ever-expanding tablet market created by the launch of Apple's iPad in April 2010.Computex 2011 Tablet Challengers

The obsession with tablet computing will be on full display Tuesday as Computex, the world's second-largest computer show, begins its annual five-day run in Taipei. The prominence of tablets underscores a dramatic shift under way in the personal computer industry – and keenly felt in Taiwan, which is home to some of the world's biggest PC manufacturers – as many consumers opt to buy a tablet rather than a new PC.

Computex will feature more than 50 tablet models, said organizer Taipei Computer Association, with big names including Lenovo Group Ltd. and Toshiba Corp. having their products displayed.


HTC Starts Production Of iPad 2 Rival

HTC has apparently begun production of its 10.1-inch tablet, the Puccini, which will be a direct rival to the Apple iPad 2; according to Digitimes, it should be launched in June 2011.

The Taiwanese newspaper's sources claim that the device will contain a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 SoC clocked at 1.5GHz and will run on Google Android 3.0.1 Gingerbread.


Nvidia Shows Tablet Running Quad-core Tegra Chip

Nvidia has shown a prototype tablet computer running a four-core version of its Tegra processor and said products based on the new chip will go on sale starting in September.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Computex trade show in Taipei on Monday, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang also announced that Nvidia will have shipped 10 million of its existing dual-core Tegra 2 processors by the end of June.

Best known for its graphics chips, Nvidia has emerged as a force in the market for ARM-based processors used in smartphones and tablets, where it competes with more established mobile chip vendors such as Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.

The dual-core Tegra 2 is used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the LG Optimus and the Acer Transformer, which has a snap-on keyboard for people who type too much to use only a touch screen.

Huang showed the quad-core chip, code-named Kal-El, running a prototype tablet built by Nvidia to demonstrate its capabilities. Tablets with Kal-El will go on sale in September, followed by smartphones later in the year, Huang said.

Kal-El is a code-name and it's unclear if the final product will be called the Tegra 3. That could be tricky for Nvidia from a marketing perspective as it wants to emphasize that the chip has four cores.

Asked if Kal-El tablets will be more expensive than today's Tegra 2 tablets, Michael Rayfield, general manager of Nvidia's mobile business unit, said they will be offered at a "huge" range of prices.

Most Tegra-based tablets today run Google's Android operating system, but Nvidia is among the vendors working with Microsoft to bring the next version of Windows to Arm-based processors.

Kal-El will be the first four-core tablet chip on the market, according to Huang.


May 31, 2011

Coming Thursday - TabletPc2.com Dad's & Grad's Gift Guide


Intel Unveils 'Ultrabooks': Laptops With Tablet Features
Fox News

Intel unveiled a new category of laptops that it says will include the best features of tablets as the world's top chipmaker struggles to find its footing in the exploding market for mobile gadgets.Tablets in Intel Booth at computex 2011

"We're shooting for ultra responsive. You'll have always-on, always-connected, much more responsive devices, similar to what you would see with a tablet today such as an iPad," he said.

In Taipei on Tuesday, Intel's vice president Mooly Eden called the Ultrabook a "different category" from the tablet and notebook, hoping that it would appeal to a different category of consumers.

There'll be some confusion if you look at the fold factor; when you open it you'll see a PC but if you're on the go, just fold it and suddenly it's a tablet. Is it a PC? Is it a tablet? I think it doesn't matter," Eden told a media conference

"We're late. Today there are many tablets that don't have Intel inside, but we're putting in a lot of effort in order to catch up. And I believe we have caught up in tablets."

This month, Intel took the wraps off next-generation "3D" technology that crams more transistors onto microchips, betting it will eventually become a significant advantage in tablets and smartphones.

Intel also plans to shrink the circuits on its mobile chips by three sizes within three years -- a faster pace than normal --to make them much more efficient.

Kilroy declined to comment on recent speculation that PC maker Acer Inc is planning to launch a tablet within months using Intel's brand new Oak Trail chip and Google's Android operating system. Acer could not be reached for comment.


Heavyweights due at 'All Things Digital'

Microsoft Corp. is putting "troublesome" restrictions on makers of processors used to run the coming Windows tablet-computer operating system, Acer Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J.T. Wang said.

"They're really controlling the whole thing, the whole process," Wang said at the Computex trade show in Taipei without identifying the restrictions. Chip suppliers and PC makers "all feel it's very troublesome," he said.

Microsoft will unveil a Windows operating system with a touch-screen interface for tablet computers this week, three people familiar with the company's plans said last week. Acer, the No. 3 maker of personal computers in 2010, is among PC makers that expect to sell more tablet computers once the operating system is introduced to narrow the gap with Apple Inc.'s iPad.

Windows President Steven Sinofsky is scheduled to make a presentation at the All Things D conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, this week while Vice President Steve Guggenheimer will address Computex.

Microsoft is rushing to release a version of Windows compatible with chip technology from ARM Holdings Plc so Windows-based tablet computers can compete with Apple's iPad, which controls an estimated 64 percent of the tablet market.


Google, Microsoft to test Apple's tablet dominance
Economic Times

Google and Microsoft's attempts to loosen Apple's grip on the booming tablet-computer market will be put to the test this week as PC makers unveil new models at the Computex trade show in Taipei. Investors and analysts will be looking to see if Google's Android operating system can match the popularity of the iPad, while Microsoft may preview its next Windows platform for tablets a year after Apple's first offering hit store shelves.

"Investors want to know which tablet is better, which has the best price-performance , and when the non iPad camp is going to get going ," said Angela Hsiang, an analyst at KGI Securities in Taipei. "Previously, people couldn't actually see the products .  At Computex, we'll be able to touch and use them.



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