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July 2011


July 1, 2011

Fujitsu 4th of July Sale


HP TouchPad first look

TrustedReviews says...

It's still a bit early to tell if the TouchPad will really take the fight to the iPad but it HP TouchPadcertainly trumps it on many fronts. The interface is slick and great for multi-tasking, it has loads of neat extras like Synergy and Quick Actions, you can easily drag and drop files onto it without the need for iTunes or such like, and the web browser supports Flash! However, limited app support and a lack of 3G currently look like limiting this tablet's appeal.

HP TouchPad - Design and Hardware

Today HP officially unveiled the TouchPad here in the UK to great fanfare, despite it not actually being available to buy for a little while yet. Nonetheless a couple of days ago, we had a chance to have a look at the final design and see whether it's going to be worth the wait. Here are our latest thoughts.

The tech specs of the TouchPad have long since been known with it packing an iPad equalling 9.7in screen with an identical 1,024 x 768 pixel resolution, a 1.2GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and all the usual front and back facing cameras and such. The result is a device that doesn't stand out from the crowd all that much on the hardware front. That said, it does distinguish itself thanks to an all gloss finish, eschewing the brushed metal and matt plastics of most rivals. While this does give the TouchPad a unique style it does of course leave it open to picking up and showing off scratches like no other.


Tablet As Canvas: 13 Tablet Artistry Apps, Tested
Tom's Guide

Which tablet art software is best for each tablet operating system? We review applications for iPad, Android and Windows tablets.

When the first tablet computers were introduced years ago, the goal was to replace pen and paper. The Go Pad was going to be used by insurance agents to fill in policy Tablet Art on Displayapplications and claim reports and Windows Tablet PCs came with handwriting recognition and a journal app (not a painting app). Yet, professional artists have been using pressure-sensitive Wacom pens and digitizing pads beside their computers for years to sketch and paint with tools like Painter. Only recently have the tools become available to turn a tablet touch screen into a true medium for artistic expression.

Fast forward to the explosion of affordable, lightweight tablets we see now and you can sketch, paint and take notes on a digital screen. You can do a lot more than finger-painting with the right software; natural media painting packages simulate real brushes and different types of paints and papers – so pastels blend together, watercolors bleed into each other and dry on the page, oil paints mix and have texture. What’s the difference from doing that on paper? Turns out that being able to undo mistakes and keep a copy can inspire almost anyone  to be more creative.

You can use natural media painting packages on a Mac, but your only option is to use a (pricey) Wacom Cintiq screen or a tablet that sits next to your Mac (or get the unofficial Axiotron Modbook tablet conversion). For Windows you can use ArtRage or Painter on a tablet PC with either a Wacom active pen or a capacitive stylus depending on the screen type, which makes it more portable as well as more like painting or sketching (although an iPad or Android tablet is more portable still – and there are tablet art tools that will wow you).


Wholesaler Chinavasion Launches Android Tablet PC Category, Offers Special Deals on Android Devices

Pioneered by the Apple iPad back in 2010, the tablet craze has just about hit every Chinavasion Android Tabletcorner of the world. The rapid sales growth and increased fascination with tablet PCs have no signs of stopping, however, with the steep price tag of brand name devices like Apple, Motorola, and Samsung, only a small percentage of the world will ever use one. Now, there's good news from Chinavasion wholesale, the top unlocked Android phone supplier.

That's why popular Chinese wholesaler Chinavasion has created a new Android Tablet PC section, featuring special deals on original Android tablets and smartphones found in China. From Chinavasion's Public Relations spokesperson Rose Li:

"The Apple iPad is definitely a great device and no doubt it set the standard for all the tablets we have today. However, not everyone can afford products from a name brand like Apple. It's the also the same thing with recent Android Tablet PC launches from big brands like Motorola and Samsung - their price is way too steep for the average consumer. That's why we finally launched our own Android Tablet PC category, where you can find completely original tablets and smartphones direct from China for only a fraction of the price."


July 5, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet PC: The Top Trio of Tablet Technology
Video Gaming Pros

When the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was announced back in January of this year, it immediately Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1generated major interest, as did a few of the other Android tablets that were announced. With Google integration, big beautiful screen, and about a million multimedia options backed by Flash support and a powerful processor, it was immediately dubbed the “iPad Killer.”

But then the iPad 2 came out, slim, light and gorgeous. And Samsung did something very few computer makers ever do. They gave Apple their props, saying it was “very thin” and that they, Samsung, had to go back to the drawing board. The result of that honest appraisal of their situation is the thinnest 10.1 inch tablet available, at 8.6 mm (iPad 2 is a fat 8.8 mm), and a tablet that boasts the three top tech components in their fields.

The Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core 1 GHz processor teams up with 1 GB of RAM to deliver what will certainly win Best Tablet Processor of 2011. This guy is a monster, and makes watching movies, surfing the web, downloading and placing calls as fast and visually prefect as is possible. All the best tablets have the Nvidia Tegra 2 chip set, and even some smartphones and laptops. It is just that versatile and powerful. There simply is no better tablet processor, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 shines with it onboard.


The iPad's victory in defining the tablet: What it means

Apple's view of the tablet is now the accepted model, but one that most commodity competitors still haven't figured out

It's hard to believe that a year ago, the tech media was fixated on the future direction of the tablet, with many pooh-poohing the design of the Apple iPad as too simple and likely to fail for not having all the ports and connections that typified PC design. Every wannabe tablet maker that wasn't Apple showed off designs replete wih USB ports, HDMI ports, memory expansion card slots, and more.

A year later, Apple's iPad accounts for about 90 percent of tablet sales -- hardly a niche. It's popular among consumers as a gaming and entertainment platform, among businesses for sale force, field force, an all sorts of specialty uses, from reconnaissance monitoring on the battlefield to medical recordkeeping at the hospital bedside. (Even the pope uses an iPad.)

The only other major tablet competitor is the Motorola Mobility Xoom, which has the bevy of ports and connectors that a PC-oriented user would want. (The mediocre Acer Iconia tablet also has PC-style port proliferation, but little market presence.) So, a year after the conventional wisdom said that successful tablets would need to be as port-happy as a netbook or laptop, it turns out such devices are the minority. What does this mean?

It means that users don't want tablets to be flat PCs. Consumers have accepted Apple's notion -- or maybe Apple simply discovered this latent belief and tapped into it -- that a tablet is a PC supplement, not a replacement. It's the "third device" -- a notion that ignited much debate within the punditocracy (as a valid question) when the iPad was first announced.

All those tablets, like the original Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak that slapped the smartphone version of the Android OS onto a netbook screen -- those weren't real tablets, and customers knew it. What was a real tablet? An iPad, because it was clearly different at so many levels.


Xplore Technologies Names New VP of Marketing as Roll-Out of Rugged Tablet Line Expands

Xplore Technologies Corp. (OTCMarkets.com-XLRT), a recognized leader in the rugged tablet PC industry, announced that it has named John R. Osborne its new Vice President of Marketing. Xplore ix104c-dmr tablet

"John brings a proven background in the marketing of rugged tablet computers following his Senior VP of Global Sales & Services position at General Dynamics-Itronix," said Mark Holleran, President and Chief Operating Officer of Xplore

Xplore is ramping up as it continues its worldwide launch of its line of five new rugged tablet PCs. The iX104C5 line includes five different models developed for use in a variety of environments and applications:

-- iX104C5 DMSR(TM) - Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable Xtreme Tablet

-- iX104C5 DM(TM) - Dual-Mode Xtreme Tablet

-- iX104C5 DML(TM) - Dual-Mode Lite Xtreme Tablet

-- iX104C5 M(TM) - Military Xtreme Tablet

-- iX104C5 DMCR(TM) - Dual-Mode Clean Room Xtreme Tablet

Based on third-party certifications, Xplore's new iX104C5 tablet PC line surpasses the standards and specifications that are the measuring sticks for rugged tablets computers in today's marketplace. Designing and building computers for "Real World Rugged" situations, the iX104C5 line withstands seven-foot drops to plywood over concrete and operating four-foot drops directly to concrete. All models feature industry-leading sunlight-readable displays and are the first tablet PCs with easy, tool-less access to internal storage for in-field upgrades or repairs. The iX104C5s are also certified for use in hazardous locations. Xplore's iX104C5 tablet PC line is powered by the Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 processor and utilizes Windows(R)7 operating system.


5 Very Best Tablets For The Money!

Around the same time as now last year, if you wanted to purchase a solid tablet it was just between the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and the first-generation Apple iPad. However since the start of this year, the tablet market has changed and so has the comparison game. With the introduction of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, big name manufacturers have joined Samsung and taken the Android OS as a solid platform to build tablets on. However with so many tablets all sporting very similar specs, which are the best tablets for the money? Here are our top 5 picks, based on what is already available in the market at the moment.

5 very best tablets for the money

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

This was the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet and although it had a buggy start (no Flash, 4G LTE coming later on, lack of Honeycomb optimized apps), it still stands as a good buy if you don't mind forking out for the higher than normal price tag. Some of the key specs of the Motorola Xoom Android tablet include a 10.1-inch widescreen HD display with 1280:800 resolution, 5-megapixel rear-facing camera for HD video capture and 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat, a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, full suite of Google Apps and services, access to Android Market, Adobe Flash Player support and a stock Android 3.1 Honeycomb platform.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer correct one of the biggest mistakes of the Motorola Xoom and that is the price tag. The tablet will set you back $399 (16GB) and $499 (32GB). Now of course, this tablet won't technically be able to "transform" without the keyboard dock. That unfortunately is not included in the package and you will need to plunk down an additional $150


TouchPad not designed to dethrone iPad, says HP's Richard Kerris
Pocket Gamer.Biz

Executives may be less willing to talk up the chances of their tablet 'taking down iPad' now Apple's HP Web OS Tabletsdevice has passed the 25 million mark, but the market leader remains the top target for most rival efforts on the shop shelves.

Not so when it comes to TouchPad, however, which has just gone on sale in the US.

According to HP's worldwide developer veep Richard Kerris, there's room enough for TouchPad and iPad to exist comfortably, side by side.

"This market is in it's infancy and there is plenty of room for both of us to grow."

Despite the apparently different market strategies, however, Kerris did acknowledge that there is one area where its aims are identical to Apple's: building up the strength of the ecosystem the tablet taps into.

All the small things

HP has already claimed that the webOS 3.0 powered device will have 6,000 apps available from day one – that's twice the number of iPad only apps Apple's tablet launched with, but naturally well down on the 100,000 it boasts now.

"It's not just about the tablet," Kerris added.

"It's about the OS, the ecosystem and connecting devices like phones, printers, tablets and computers together."

Kerris said features such as wireless syncing of calendars, emails, photos and other files across webOS devices are "little things", but ones that "matter so much to individuals".

"We're the tablet that when you take it out of the box it doesn't ask you to connect to something to get started."


Why HP TouchPad will fail against Apple iPad 2, Galaxy Tab and other tablets
International Business Times

Chiefly, the TouchPad's bulk can be an instant aesthetic turn off. Apple brought to the table the art ofHp Touuchpad Tablet making beautiful devices, a trait none of the competition has been able tom replicate fully. HP fails in this too. Seen side by side, the TouchPad loses on aesthetics instantly, before even one gets into the details like its weight of 1.65 pounds and thickness of 13.7 mm.

Secondly, HP's fancied WebOS 3.0, the operating system that runs the TouchPad, doesn't present anything new compared to Apple iOS and Google's Android. It has some fancy features like card view and functions named 'clever interface', 'synergy' and 'multi tasking', it fails to impress as unique proposition compelling users to switch from the iPad 2 or other myriad Android tablets.

An Engadget review of the TouchPad concludes by saying that compelling alternatives to the TouchPad are readily available in the market now.

Thirdly, the pricing of the tablet looks unimaginative. The popular feeling is that HP should have been more competitive in pricing the tablet. The TouchPad's success squarely depends on how many would-be iPad 2 customers it can wean away. Currently iPad 2 is the unchallenged leader in the market, enjoying about 90 percent of the tablet market share. Some tablet users think they might not buy TouchPad even if it was priced $200 less than iPad 2. Such is the loyalty that Apple commands in this segment. Probably a bad move by HP?

Another area the TouchPad loses out against iPad 2 is connectivity. The TouchPad offers WiFi connectivity, and HP has promised that a 4G-enabled tablet will be launched later in the summer. Till that happens, the WIFi, 3G-enabled Apple iPad will continue to attract customers. It is puzzling why HP did not include 3G in its tablet.


Acer guns for tablet top spot

PC builder Acer has declared war on its competitors by predicting that it will emerge as the leader of Acer Bobby Watkinsthe tablet market in the years to come.

The firm recently unveiled its Iconia family of tablet PCs, which run on either the Android or Windows 7 operating systems.

Speaking at the PC vendor's summer partner conference in Windsor, Acer UK managing director Bobby Wat­kins said the devices are a fundamental part of the firm's growth strategy.

"We are super serious about tablets and we will lead the market in the next few years, which may sound like a bold statement, given how far ahead one competitor is at the moment," ex­plained Watkins.

"[But] we have the broadest line-up [of tablet PCs] available and a big marketing campaign in place to support our plans."

Watkins said Acer's tablet PC line-up has been warmly received by end users, but admitted there had been some initial scepticism from the firm's channel partners.

Robert Peckham, chief executive of Apple consultancy Mac Technology, said that Acer's tablet PC line-up does not look likely to trouble Apple's dominance of the market.

"Acer's product range is im­pressive, but the Asus tablet is lower in price and the Mo­torola Xoom has good screen quality," said Peckham.
"I do not think it will pose a major threat to Apple's dominance, but it might do a good job of mopping up the rest of the market."


General Dynamics Itronix announces new tablet to bridge rugged-commercial gap

General Dynamics Itronix has introduced the new semi-rugged GD3015 tablet PC. The durable GD3015, weighing less than three pounds, delivers the full functionality of a notebook with the critical components and options needed by mobile professionals working in public safety, utilities, transportation, warehousing and industry field services. The GD3015 comes equipped with Microsoft Windows7 operating system, embedded security, a 10.4-inch sunlight-viewable screen and 3G wireless network connectivity. Also adaptable to the unique requirements of mobile computer users, the modular GD3015 offers magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, camera and additional options.

The ergonomically designed GD3015 is as easy to use as a commercial tablet, with the rugged durability to stand up to the dirt and weather of field environments while taking the bumps and vibration that comes with life on the road.


July 6, 2011

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Tablet PC Now Available for Purchase at Office Depot

Office Depot, celebrating 25 years as a leading global provider of office supplies and services, today ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Tablet PCannounced availability of the ASUS(R) Eee Pad Transformer. The product is currently available for purchase online at www.officedepot.com and at Office Depot retail stores nationwide for $399.99 (16GB) and $499.99 (32GB).

The Transformer features the powerful and responsive Android 3.1 operating system, an optional keyboard docking station, Adobe(R) Flash(R) 10.2 support and ASUS' intuitive Waveshare user interface that results in an exciting portable tablet for content creation, social communication, high-definition media playback and smooth realistic game play.

"The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer truly stands out from other tablets currently on the market with its great price point and unique features, including the expandable keyboard dock," said Randy Wick, Vice President of Technology Merchandising for Office Depot. "Customers who purchase this tablet will have access to thousands of Android apps, hours of entertainment, and the ability to remain productive when away from the office -- all in a single device."

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer also has an optional docking station available for $149.99 that will enhance your tablet experience by providing a full-size keyboard, two additional USB ports, a built-in SD Card reader, and a multi-touch trackpad. The docking station also extends the Transformer's 9.5 hours* of battery life up to 16 hours*.


HP Touchpad and Touchstone dock: first video look

After returning from a Vegas vacation, I found one last jackpot on my doorstep: An HP Touchpad and Touchstone wireless charging dock. Both are review units sent from HP, and the devices went on sale last week. This model is the 32 GB unit, which costs $599, while the optional Touchstone dock is an additional $79. In this video overview of the hardware, you can see similarities to Apple’s iPad; although the Touchpad is thicker and weighs slightly more, it uses the same 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen display as Apple’s tablet.


Russell Brand's Hilarious TouchPad Promo Videos

HP has comedian Russell Brand promoting its new TouchPad tablet in a series of whacky videos. Each segment highlights a different feature of the TouchPad. It's pretty funny, even if you can't understand what he's saying half the time. Our first impressions of the TouchPad were iffy at best. But until we have a full review, take a minute and laugh it up with Brand:


Broad Range of This Year's must have Tablet PCs now Available at dabs.com's Tablet PC Store

With this year’s must have gadget being the Tablet PC many people will be unsure of which model is right for them with so many choices available on the market. UK Computing specialists dabs.com Dabs Tablet pc storehave launched a dedicated Tablet PC store to help consumers find the right Tablet PC for them.

With Tablet PCs now available from computing brands such as Asus, HP, , Acer and many others, the ability to pick out the right tablet PC has proven difficult for many consumers which is what dabs.com aims to clear up with the introduction of the Dabs Tablet Store.

Visitors can easily see the wide range of Tablets available and get all important info on which model, operating system and features they want to look for when they are buying a tablet PC.

Whether shoppers are looking for tablets running Windows 7 or Android’s new 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ OS there’s a tablet for everyone in the store. have been specifically designed for tablet PCs and their touch screen interface in mind visitors can easily find a Tablet PC that suits their needs from the new Acer Iconia to the popular Asus Transformer.


July 7, 2011

Mossberg's Mailbox
Wall Street Journal

Q: I am going back to school in the fall and I contacted the school to see which laptop or tablet I should be using. They replied I would need the Adobe Flash Player to run the lectures. While I love Apple, I understand the newest Apple laptops and the iPad do not support Flash. Is this correct? If so, what should I buy?

A: There's a lot of confusion about this, so here's the story. Apple's Mac laptops and desktops do indeed run the Adobe Flash Player, and thus Flash videos and websites, just like Windows PCs. While they no longer ship with the Flash software pre-installed, you can quickly and easily download and install it free of charge at http://adobe.ly/3omS9y. Once you do, Flash videos and websites will work on your Mac.

By contrast, the iPad won't accept the Flash Player in its built-in browser and thus cannot run Flash videos or websites. There are some third-party browsers for Apple's tablet, such as Skyfire and Puffin, that do run Flash on Web pages, albeit clumsily at times. The latter are available in the iPad app store. If you want a tablet that runs Flash natively, you could buy one of the newer Android models, or the HP TouchPad, but be aware that some Flash videos and websites don't run properly on the current generation of Flash-enabled tablets.


Tablets for Students: Investing for the Digital Generation
Business Insider

South Korea is planning to replace all textbooks with tablet computers by 2015, according to a report by The Chonsunilbo. The Ministry of Education has allotted around $2.04 billion (2.2 trillion won) for the endeavor.

"The government also wants to build a cloud computing system in all schools, so that users can access a database of all digital textbooks and choose what they want from their tablet PCs,” reports the Chonsunilbo.

This is a bold move. It is not, however, the first attempt to digitize classroom texts. In 2009, seven American universities tried out Amazon’s Kindle DX E-book as a textbook substitute. Reed College, one of the participating schools, reported that the Kindle DX “was unable to meet their academic needs,” although they added that E-books would become more useful once several issues have been addressed.


Motorola, Toshiba Android tablets go below $500

Motorola has at long last reduced the Xoom's entry price to $499, while Toshiba's new Thrive starts at $429, bringing some needed price relief to the tablet market.

Motorola today cut the price on the Wi-Fi only 10-inch Xoom tablet to $499, from $599. The Xoom's high price has stigmatized it from the beginning as being uncompetitive with Apple's iPad.

But today's price drop changed that: the Xoom's specifications now make it quite competitive with Apple's iPad. For example, the $499 Xoom with the Android 3.1 operating system has 32GB of flash storage and 1GB of system memory versus the $499 iPad's 16GB and 512KB, respectively.

Motorola's new pricing also takes on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, whose Android 3.1-based Wi-Fi version is priced at $499 with 16GB of memory and 1GB of system memory.

And Toshiba's 10-inch Android 3.1 tablet is even cheaper. For $429, the Thrive--now up for sale--packs 8GB of flash storage and 1GB of system memory. A model with 16GB of flash is $479, undercutting the price of the similarly configured iPad and Xoom. Two features of note are the Thrive's removable battery and SD card slot, distinguishing it from the Xoom and iPad.


The Satellite: Extra Storage for Tablets on the Go
Wall Street Journal

Tablet computers generally do a good job of playing videos and music, and displaying photos and documents. But they have limited capacity to store all these files, so you typically can carry only a fraction of your PC's data on them.

You can get apps that allow tablets to access files you've stored in the cloud on services like Dropbox or SugarSync, but these require an Internet connection and can be slow.

Now, two companies are coming out with small, portable, companion hard disks that massively increase the storage capacity of tablets. And because most tablets lack USB connectors, these external hard disks stream their content to the tablets over a special, local Wi-Fi network they create. No Internet access is required. The content remains on the external device, though you can download files to the tablet's own memory for permanent storage there.

I've been testing the first of these gadgets to emerge. It's from Seagate Technology, the big hard-disk company, and is called the GoFlex Satellite. It costs $200, and holds 500 gigabytes of data, far more than the 64 gigabytes that is the maximum on typical current tablets.


July 8, 2011

Toshiba Thrive Tablet Comes to Best Buy July 10

The Toshiba Thrive, the latest tablet to challenge the Apple iPad, will be available July 10 at Best Buy stores, the U.S. electronics retailer announced today.

The new Android tablet has a 10.1-inch display with 1280-by-800 resolution. By comparison, the iPadTRoshiba Thrive Tablets 2's 9.7-inch screen is 1024 by 768.   The Thrive is priced competitively with the iPad, too. The $480 model has 16GB of storage, runs Android 3.1 (Honeycomb), and has an NVidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. It features a front-facing 2-megapixel webcam, and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, too. A $580 model has 32GB of storage.

The Thrive comes in a Wi-Fi version only, whereas Apple sells both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/3G versions of the iPad. Toshiba's tablet is a bit thicker and heavier than both the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well.

In a recent hands-on preview of the Thrive, PCWorld's Melissa Perenson praised the tablet's connectivity features, which include an SD Card slot and USB port; mini-USB; and a full-size HDMI port.

"Those four ports translate to some extraordinary possibilities that expand just how you may be able to maximize using this Android tablet -- especially in light of Android 3.1 gaining USB host functionality for adding USB devices," Perenson wrote.


Tablets Are a Smarter Buy Than E-Readers: 10 Reasons Why

A new study from Pew Research reveals that the number of people who bought e-readers over Tablet PCthelast several months easily outpaced those who opted for tablets. The research firm's findings have helped stoke flames that suggest the future of mobile reading might be done on e-readers, rather than on tablets, as some have forecast. However, when it comes to choosing between a tablet and e-reader, it's hard to choose the latter when all the devices' features are taken into account. Tablets, like Apple's iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, boast far more functionality than their counterparts. As Barnes and Noble has shown by transitioning its Nook Color from an e-reader to a tablet, most hardware vendors realize that tablets are the future. For consumers thinking about buying a new device in the coming months, opting for a tablet rather than an e-reader seems like the best idea. Click through the following slides to find out why tablets, rather than e-readers, should top consumer shopping lists.

Consider the Apps One of the key advantages that tablets have over e-readers is the apps available to them. The iPad 2, for example, currently provides access to Apple's App Store, which has more than 90,000 applications available for the company's tablet. Android-based tablets allow for access to the Android Market. If applications are what consumers are after, tablets are their best bet.

E-Books Are Available On Tablets It's important to note that tablets offer support for e-books. In fact, Amazon's Kindle store is available in mobile application marketplaces, alongside other e-book stores. Because of that, tablet owners will find a massive collection of e-books at their disposal, while those who are running e-readers will only be able to choose books from the respective device's store. E-book availability alone helps tablets trump e-readers.


July 13, 2011

Motion Expands Price, Performance and Peripheral Options for the J3500 Tablet PC

Motion J3500 Tablet PC

Motion Computing®, a leading global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, today announced that the Motion® J3500 Tablet PC is now available with the Intel® Core™ i3 processor. This new option creates a lower entry price point for organizations that require the performance, flexibility and durability that the J3500 brings to mobile workforces, but do not need the advanced systems management capabilities of the Intel® i5 or i7 vPro™ processors.

deal for field professionals across vertical markets who need a robust device for often harsh mobile work environments, the J3500 is also now available with a 30GB solid state drive (SSD) option, further lowering the starting price of the tablet PC while providing the reliability and performance benefits of an SSD. With these new additions, Motion can offer customers the most robust price, performance and feature options on a rugged tablet PC to support a variety of mobility needs.

The J3500 with the i3 processor is compatible with all of the peripherals designed for the J-Series Tablet PCs, creating new levels of affordable power, security and manageability. As the ideal mobile computing device for virtually any environment, the J3500 now provides organizations with more options in order to match the performance and cost of the tablet with the requirements of their mobile business processes.


'We view a tablet as a PC': Microsoft chooses to repeat history

Microsoft is trying to excite the tech crowd with Windows 8, the next version of the platform that the company is pushing for computers of all types, including tablets to compete with Apple’s iPad. The folks from Redmond have been showing early prototypes of Windows 8 that look a lot like the Windows Phone 7 interface, with live tiles sliding around the screen. It is obvious the attempt is to keep the Windows platform as the dominant line for Microsoft, while the rest of the mobile world has realized that full-blown computers are not what tablet customers want. It is beginning to look like Microsoft is about to repeat the Tablet PC history, and that is not a good thing.Windows 8

Now, a lot of people have asked me, are we going to produce a phone that is a tablet? You know, are we going to use Windows Phone 7 to produce tablets? Well, that is in conflict with this strategy. We view a tablet as a sort of PC. We want people to be able to do the sorts of things that they expect on a PC on a tablet, things like networking to be able to connect to networks, and utilize networking tools, to get USB drives and plot them into the tablet. To be able to do things like printing, all of the things using Office, using all of the things you would expect from a PC and provide a hybrid about how you can do that with the tablet, as well.

The comments shined a light on Microsoft’s view of the tablet market that is not accurate. It keeps alive the mistaken view that drove Microsoft’s Tablet PCs, that full-blown computers are what consumers want in a tablet. That didn’t work with the original Tablet PC, and that is not going to work for today’s consumer tablets. It’s looking like Microsoft is determined to repeat history, and a failed one at that.

Apple set the consumer space on its ear with the release of the iPad, the first tablet that breached the mainstream market in numbers. The iPad defined an entire market that has companies scrambling to penetrate, and none have done so successfully to date. What caught consumer’s eyes in the iPad was the fact that it wasn’t a full PC with all of the complexities those bring. No, the iPad was a pure mobile OS that focused on bringing a touch tablet experience that was simple yet full-featured enough to let users do the things that matter. Getting on the web, playing games and consuming media were the focus of the iPad with iOS, and consumers bought into the system by the millions.


Amazon Plans Tablet Computer By October

Amazon.com Inc. plans to introduce a tablet computer before October, said people familiar with the matter, in a move that will heighten the online retailer's rivalry with Apple Inc.

The Seattle-based company will also release two updated versions of its popular Kindle electronic reader in the third quarter of the year, the people said. One will be a touch-screen device. The other won't have a touch screen, but will be an improved and cheaper adaptation of the current Kindle, said people who have seen the device.

An Amazon spokesman didn't return requests for comment. The company's chief executive, Jeff Bezos, has hinted about a forthcoming tablet in recent media appearances.

The new tablet will intensify a growing clash between Amazon and Apple. The two tech-industry titans are already fighting for customers for their respective digital book, music and video businesses. Now Amazon will have a device that will compete closely against Apple's popular iPad, as well as other tablets such as Samsung Electronic Co.'s Galaxy Tab.


New HP Touch Pad Tablet Computer: What Will It Have To Give
Thinking Clearly

Have computing like nothing you’ve seen prior with your wonderfully slick and attractive HP Touchpad Tablet Pc that is available today on the market. It’s amongst a range of pc tablets which are available these days for sale. We shall check out the critical options that come with a HP Touchpad Tablet Pc and evaluate what they’ve got to offer a prospective user.

Hewlett Packard now have implemented its many decades of skills in making pc systems to be able to construct the HP Touchpad. Operated via Qualcomm’s effective 1.2GHz, Twin Core Snapdragon processor, this tablet pc will let you multitask faster and better than lots of its competitors.

Using HP’s unique web OS, this particular tablet computer is built to browse much more of the web, as a consequence of Flash and also HTML Five matchup, you’ll see much more of the web pages you love, in the way these were intended to be observed, and speedier than you’d imagine. A 32gb of built in hard drive will provide plenty of space for all the information and multi media you will require.

The actual HP WebOS operating-system functions very well on the 9.7″ multi-touch display screen, showing breathtaking 18-bit coloring within a 1024×768 image resolution. A broad angle Gorilla Glass monitor will be scratch and scrape resilient and also means that you can view every detail, even through poor perspectives. The actual HP TouchPad tablet will display webpages, online games and films in all their glory.


July 14, 2011

Tablet Pc Review: Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet
Thinking Clearly

The tablet PC was born out of the need for a bigger smartphone and a smaller laptop. It has the mobility of the first and the power of the latter. The iPad might have started the trend but other companies are hot on the heels of Apple with their own versions of the tablet.

The Toshiba Thrive tablet PC is one of those very user-controllable devices. Its OS is the Android 3.1 Honeycomb – a much more open operating system than the iOS. Even the Toshiba Thrive’s look is easily customizable with changeable back covers in a wide array of colors. Even better news for users is the replaceable battery of the Thrive. You don’t have to ship the whole tablet back to Toshiba for battery replacement – you could do it on your own just by removing the back cover.


Asus Transformer triumphs over Apple iPad: Washington Post executive
Focus Taiwan News Channel

The Washington Post's senior vice president and chief digital officer Vijay Ravindran has given a stirring review of the Asus Transformer, saying in a July 12 article that it "triumphs" over Apple's Asus Transformer triumphs over Apple iPadiPad1.

He said the Asus tablet is as good as any Android tablet currently on the market and is also affordable. He relished the US$399 price tag for the starter 16-gigabyte version, which is US$100 cheaper than the iPad2 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and US$200 less than Motorola's Xoom.

Ravindran further said the Asus Transformer's best selling point lies in its unique keyboard dock -- sold separately for US$150.

"When the tablet is docked, the entire unit folds like a traditional netbook," he said.

"As much as you love your glossy, new tablet, admit it, you miss having a keyboard every now and then. While other tablets have Bluetooth keyboard options, I found them clunky and lacking the option for a mouse," Ravindran lamented.

After a couple of months of using the Asus product, Ravindran said he is happy with his choice, mostly because the Transformer is a combination of a netbook and tablet, whereas Apple's iPad will leave a consumer hungry for a netbook with a keyboard.


Panasonic unveils the Toughbook H2
Fleet Owner

The latest in the Toughbook line of rugged computers has been unveiled by Panasonic Solutions Co. The Toughbook H2 is a rugged, ergonomic Windows tablet PC designed for mobility, performance, and connectivity in the field, Panasonic said.

The computer includes an enhanced Intel Core i5-2557M vPro processor (1.7 GHz with “turbo boost” up to 2.7 GHz) and 4 GB of RAM, expandable to 8 GB. There is also a 320 GB 7,200 rpm hard disk drive with an optional 128 GB solid state drive available.

The Toshiba Thrive tablet PC is one of those very user-controllable devices. Its OS is the Android 3.1 Honeycomb – a much more open operating system than the iOS. Even the Toshiba Thrive’s look is easily customizable with changeable back covers in a wide array of colors. Even better news for users is the replaceable battery of the Thrive. You don’t have to ship the whole tablet back to Toshiba for battery replacement – you could do it on your own just by removing the back cover.


July 15, 2011

Sony preps two oddly shaped tablets
CNN International

A tablet computer doesn't have to look like a flat rectangle.

For its entry into the U.S. tablet market, Sony Electronics is forgoing that common design, Sony Tablet PCspopularized by Apple's iPad. The Japanese company's upcoming tablets look and feel more like folded magazines and a pair of sunglasses than the parade of rectangles on the market now.

The first Android tablet, the S1, looks like dozens of other tablets at first glance. But the back has a "wraparound" curved lip that's supposed to feel like a magazine does when it's folded over. In a brief test Wednesday, this design felt more natural than some models with flatter backs.

The second, the S2, resembles an oversize sunglasses case. The rounded metallic gizmo can be flipped open like a book to reveal two touchscreens, each measuring 5.5 inches diagonally.

Sony's pair of tablets run Google's Android operating system. They will debut sometime in the fall, Sony executives said.

Sony will face mounting competition from new entrants. Tablet-industry newcomer Toshiba launched the Thrive this month, and Samsung Electronics, an early contender, continues to roll out tablets in a variety of sizes.


Tablet PC: Popularity Increasing as More People Buy
Thinking Clearly

The Compass Intelligence company held a Tablet pc survey to study how the market for Tablet Tablet PCcomputers is impacting the marketplace. The results found that many people plan to purchase new Tablets as soon as this year.

The results of the study were recently released in reguards to the Tablet market, out of the 1,103 that responded to the survey 23% have plans to purchase one or multiple tablet devices.  According to survey results of those 23% that plan to purchase tablets, most intend to do so within 2 to 9 months.

Several brands of Tablet computers were evaluated including’ Apples iPad; HP’s new WebOS touchpad; Samsung’s Galaxy;  the Motorola’s Xoom Tablet; and several others. Market leader of the tablet industry Apple will have even more customers according to the survey (iPad was the top selected brand by those who planned to purchase tablets).


Which Is the Best Tablet for You?

The iPad, BlackBerry's PlayBook, HP's TouchPad, Android—each has something unique to offer, and all are likely to improve over time

Looking back in time, there effectively were no consumer tablets in the beginning of 2010. Sure, Microsoft had Tablet PCs for nearly a decade prior, but these were heavy, had relatively short battery life, and suffered from a desktop operating system that wasn’t optimized for mobile use. It was Apple’s original iPad, making its debut on store shelves in April 2010, that kicked off the current tablet frenzy. Since then, companies have jumped into this hot market, hoping to score some of the estimated 53.5 million tablet sales that research firm IDC expects this year alone.

It took time for iPad competitors to appear, however, as Research In Motion, HP, Samsung, and many others scrambled to create or use new mobile operating system for such devices. At the Consumer Electronics Show this past January, a full eight months after the first iPad arrived, a slew of Google Android tablets were shown, and I had my first hands-on experiences with RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook. And just last week HP launched its TouchPad with the webOS system. Of course, while all this tablet activity happened in the first half of 2011, Apple improved the iPad with a successor device that’s even faster than the original, has two cameras, and can stream media to HDTVs.

Fast-forward to the present day, and there are now a number of tablet choices that simply didn’t exist 14 months ago. It can be overwhelming to pick and choose, because each tablet platform and device has certain pros and cons, even as most have $499 starting prices. I’m in the unique position of having at least one tablet from each platform in hand right now. After using them all in the past few weeks and months, I can’t tell you which tablet is the best for you, mainly because everyone has different needs. But my hands-on use of these devices can offer insights into which have standout features and which still face challenges that might not be acceptable to you.


July 19, 2011

Asus Transformer Tablet: Second Best in Sales After Apple iPadAsus Eee Pad Transformer

According to PC World second-best selling tablet after the iPad is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Given the number of tablets now on the market market, Asus coming in second to the iPad may give us a hint into what consumers actually want in a tablet, a tablet & a keyboard. the Asus  transformer's ability to transform into a quasi-laptop combines with its low price make it a very attractive choice for users who do not like the idea of being without a physical keyboard to type on.



Tablets Force a Shift

according to ABC News Consumers' increasing demand for tablets is a looming threat. Some 50 Tablets Force A Shiftmillion tablets are expected to be sold this year.  The PC industry has reason to worry because of how quickly the tablet has been able to claimed such a large corner of the market.

According to Goldman Sachs calls tablets "one of the most disruptive forces in computing in nearly three decades." It predicts that as many as 21 million people will buy tablets instead of laptops this year, jumping to 26.5 million next year.

If you have a tablet, you don't turn on the PC as much," said Brian White, a Ticonderoga Securities analyst who covers the PC industry. "If you have a tablet, you may not bring your notebook on a trip. It's only going to get stronger, and tablets are going to get better and better. This is a legitimate threat to a PC maker. They have to have both, and unfortunately most are behind in the game."


What Role Will Tablets Play In Back-To-School Sales?

Michele Norris speaks with Sean Murphy, an industry analyst with the Consumer Electronics Association, about tablet sales — and the role they are playing in back-to-school sales.

NORRIS: The consumer electronics business is changing in a big way. That's according to a new report out today from the Consumer Electronics Association or CEA. And that change can be summed up with one word: tablet.

Sales of tablets, the iPad chief among them, have skyrocketed. CEA predicts a 157 percent increase in sales this year over last year. And helping fuel that boost are high school and college-bound students.

For more, we're joined by Sean Murphy. He's been crunching the numbers for the Consumer Electronics Association. He's there with me in the studio. And let's start with your forecast for 2011. Tablets are still relatively young technology. This time last year, some experts were still wondering if they had staying power. What do the numbers that you crunch actually tell you?

NORRIS: Should we assume that these are particularly well-suited for the classroom?

Mr. MURPHY: I think they're ideally suited for the classroom for a variety of reasons. A tablet gives you the functionality of a notebook, but it's easier to use, it's smaller. And I think what we'll see, in addition to the ease-of-use, is professors will be much more interested in incorporating lesson plans.


July 20, 2011

Lenovo Launches Three New Tablets

ThinkPad Tablet, IdeaPad K1 & IdeaPad P1 Tablets Announced

ThinkPad Tablet, IdeaPad Tablet K1 and IdeaPad Tablet P1 Tablets

Lenovo has announced its first family of three tablets : The IdeaPad K1 Tablet for consumers, the ThinkPad Tablet for the business and the for the use in the home and office. 

The new Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tablet and ThinkPad K1 are the first tablets in the industry certified to deliver Netflix video streaming.  Lenovo's new family of tablets will use the Google’s Android 3.1 operating system.  The The New Lenovo Android tablets will provide access to the thousands of apps available in the in the Android Marketplace as well as apps in Lenovo's own App Shop.  The Lenovo IdeaPad P1 Tablet will be available with Windows 7.

Full Specs & Photos for the IdeaPad K1 Tablet Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 Optmised for the web

The advanced Lenovo® IdeaPad® Tablet K1 keeps you connected to music, movies and apps, on the go. It’s the web as you’ve never seen it before; the 10.1” IdeaPad® Tablet K1 with Android 3.1 is optimized for the web like no other tablet. The K1 comes with full support for the latest Flash content and complete Digital Rights Management (DRM) so you can legally download & store movies in every available format.

Lenovo P1 Tablet

Full Specs & Photos for the ThinkPad Tablet

From the makers of the ThinkPad® comes an exciting Android 3.1 Tablet that offers a superior multimedia and entertainmentexperience. The Lenovo® ThinkPad Tablet. Unlike the other Tablets, it comes with additional features to help businessprofessionals to do more on the go and also allows IT managers support them easily, no matter where they go.

Full Specs & Photos for the IdeaPad P1 Tablet Lenovo IdeaPad P1 Switch from work to play on the go

The stylish IdeaPad Tablet P1 is optimized for productivity and leisure, combining the power of a PC and the entertainment of a tablet. The 10.1” IdeaPad® Tablet P1 is a full-function pad, equipped with the power and performance of Intel® Inside and the flexibility of Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium. The multi-touch display works equally well with your fingertips or with the optional stylus pen; so now you can be more productive with Office documents, or get creative with photos while on the move. So forget typing! Jot down notes in your own handwriting using the stylus pen.


July 21, 2011

Tablets using Microsoft software top RIM's touted PlaybookLenovo ideapad P1

Tablets using Microsoft Corp software saw stronger sales than the high-profile Playbook from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion in the second quarter, according to Strategy Analytics

Even though Microsoft has yet to launch a version of its Windows software designed specifically for tablet computers it still picked up a 4.6 percent share of the market in the second quarter compared with a 3.3 percent share for Playbook, which is based on RIM's QNX software.

RIM launched Playbook, its first tablet computer, in April to lackluster reviews. Microsoft, which provides the same software for tablets as it sells to desktop computer makers, is not expected to launch dedicated tablet software until the late next year.


Webinar: The New Motion CL900 Ultra-light, Enterprise-ready Tablet PC

The new Motion CL900 enterprise-ready Tablet PC. A rugged, lightweight and powerfully-equipped Motion CL900 Ultra-light Tablettablet, purposefully designed, developed and built for mobile business. Learn how the CL900 meets business mobility needs and also how Motion's robust and versatile suite of Tablet PCs are suitable for virtually any mobile environment.

Date: Thursday, July 21, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm CDT (Chicago, GMT-05:00)
Duration: 30 minutes



Too much tablet? Apple, Microsoft at risk of overdose

Features of the overhauled Mac OS X include a ”Launchpad” view that lays out app icons in an iPad-style grid. Users will be able to double-tap the Mac trackpad to zoom in and out, as if they were Apple Lion LaunchPadusing an iPad or iPhone. The operating system can quickly switch apps and sites to full-screen mode, as if running them on a handheld device.

This is the computer, updated for a world that revolves around mobile technologies.

t’s just the start. Microsoft will be following a similar path with the next version of Windows, overhauling the default interface in a nod to the rise of tablet computers and mobile devices. Windows 8 is a big gamble, with the risk of alienating or at least shocking longtime Windows users, even though the traditional desktop will still be an option.

One lesson that Microsoft might learn from Apple’s Lion is that it’s possible to go too far.


OS X Lion Makes Windows 8 Too Late

Mobile devices have changed forever expectations of how computers should respond to human input. Point-and-click has been replaced by touch, grab, and swipe. As a result, consumers and workers who still require a desktop PC now want machines that look and feel like their smartphones and tablets. Microsoft and Apple both know this.

The difference between them: Apple's new tablet-mimicking operating system, OS X 10.7 "lion" is ready now. Windows 8? Could be later this year, or maybe sometime in 2012. No one really knows, and that's a problem for Redmond.


Review: Motorola Xoom tablet computerMotorola Xoom tablet computer
New Zealand Herald

While the iPad continues to lead the global market, the Motorola Xoom is being tipped as the first tablet on Google's Android platform to rival Apple's dominance.

Straight out of the box, with an elegant black finish bordered in silver, the Xoom certainly looks the part.

While slightly longer than other tablets - 25cm by 17cm - this paid dividends when it came to watching video or surfing the web.


Review: Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Tablet PCFujitsu Stylistic Q550 Tablet PC

Fujitsu’s Stylistic Q550 Slate PC is one of the first tablet computers to use Intel’s latest Atom processor (codenamed Oak Trail) and run the Windows 7 operating system (OS).

The Q550 is more secure than its rivals due to the ability to encrypt data on the SSD, and the presence of a fingerprint sensor and smartcard reader. There are also options to install a Trusted Platform Module, and the Softex single sign-on application.


Has Apple Already Won the Tablet War?
PC Magazine

Put simply, Apple may have already won the tablet wars. Apple Tablet War

Yesterday, before Apple announced it had sold another 9.4 million iPads, to bring the total up to somewhere near 37 million , I saw an eye-opening chart from research firm the Yankee Group that put the growing tablet market in the starkest terms imaginable. First I'll show it to you and then we can talk about what I think it means.

Keep in mind that this is all tablets, not just iPads. There's another healthy growth year in 2013, but by 2015, the growth has all but flattened out. Howe explained to me that the tablet market is set to mature at an unprecedented rate.


July 22, 2011

Video review: Apple Ipad 2 vs HP Touchpad

Chris Martin at the inquirer.net had posted a video review of HP touchpad vs the Apple ipad for Video review: Apple Ipad 2 vs HP Touchpadreaders to compare the two tablets.
TABLETS ARE ALL THE RAGE this year so we have pitted the tablet pioneer, Apple's Ipad 2, up against HP's newcomer, the Touchpad.

From a distance the two tablets look almost alike with only subtle differences in design. Their hardware specifications are similar, too, and the price points are identical for equivalent models.



Ambient Design, makers of ArtRage which was one one of the first drawing applications for use with a pen on a Tablet PC has just announced an new version of there award winning ArtRage software.

Artrage allows users of any age to enjoy drawing on a tablet pc or ipad .  Those who own a a Tablet pc with a pen / stylus can take full advantage of the features Artrage as it converts the pen into a paintbrush.   Artrage for iPad is curently onsale for 99 cents

ArtRage 3.5: is a Free update to Studio & Studio Pro. 3.5 introduces Multithreading to enhance tool speed, Package Files for easy sharing of user content, Scripting for recording and replaying your work, loaded palette knives, and much more. Click here for details!


Why You Need a Tablet PC

Do you need you need a tablet PC? Answering that question isn't as easy as the tablet vendors make it seem. After all, your business likely already has notebook computers and smartphones right? How and where does this tablet thing fit it in anyway? For some people, a tablet is simply a third screen that they will carry. That's a view shared by none other than Dell founder, Michael Dell. On a recent investor conference call, Dell was asked about his views on tablets. Dell responded that he sees it as a third screen (behind the notebook and the smartphone screen). As such, in his view, Dell wasn't going to be able to sell a lot of units as he doesn't see the tablet replacing the notebook or the smartphone.


Android cuts into Apple's tablet dominance
Mobile Business Briefing

Android is beginning to make serious inroads into Apple’s dominance of the tablet market, according to the latest quarterly analysis from Strategy Analytics. Apple’s share of the market in the second quarter of 2011 fell from 94 percent a year earlier to 61 percent. “Android captured 30 percent share of global tablet shipments in Q2 2011, noted Neil Mawston, Director at Strategy Analytics. “Multiple Android models distributed across multiple countries by multiple brands such as Samsung, Acer, Asus, Motorola and others are driving volumes. However, no Android vendor yet offers a blockbuster model to rival the iPad, and demand for many Android vendors’ products remains patchy. If Amazon decides to enter the Android tablet category later this year, that will bring fresh excitement and buzz to the Android community, but Amazon will need to deliver a truly standout offering if it really wants to make headway against the popular iPad.” Apple shipped 9.3 million iPads in the quarter.


July 25, 2011

Viewsonic Dual Boot Tablet Serves 2 NeedsViewsonic Dual Boot Tablet

Before you buy that Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook or Motorola XOOM, know that for real work use, it's tough to beat the ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Dual Boot Tablet PC.

The ViewSonic may be clunky and not much to look at, but heavens is it flexible. It's an Android device when you need the tablet thing, and a Windows device when you need the Windows thing.


Is iPad2 really unbeatable?the rest of the tablet field.
Venture Outsource

If Apple can stop HP on the beaches and push HP back into the sea, it might not matter if an improved product shows up two years later. A comparison is irrelevant since the real competition is the rest of the tablet field.




Welcome to the age of tabletsWelcome to the age of tablets
MSN India

Tablets have really started selling like hot pies. We bring you a low down on the tablets becoming the highest selling IT product.

Today, the tablet is slowly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. The tablet market is not old and the recent innovation with phones has already acted as a building block for tablets. So, we take a look at how tablets are changing the market, how they are changing the way we work and the recent developments regarding the tablets.


Tablet War: Toshiba Thrive Vs. Apple iPad 2
International Business Times

Toshiba Corp. entered the tablet race by releasing its 10.1-inch Android tablet, the Toshiba Thrive, on July 10. However, the tablet has to deal with the iconic Apple iPad 2, as the benchmark for design and performance has been set by the Cupertino giant.

Apple Inc.'s iPad scores over Thrive as far as OS is concerned. Honeycomb is good but has a lot of catching up to do as iOS is far better when it comes to user experience. Unlike Thrive, iPad 2 supports 3G too.


GFive to launch a tablet PC

Tablet computer, though similar in size, works like a normal computer. The company had earlier G5 Tablet PCannounced that it would introduce its Android and Windows software based tablet computers, priced below Rs 10,000, by the end of June.

Kingtech Electronics is fully owned Indian subsidiary of G'Five International.

The company is looking at introducing products with Android platform in the 10.1-inch HD display category. Its competitors in India would include the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Apple iPad, Motorola's Xoom and HTC 'Flyer'.


July 26, 2011

Samsung Is Only Tablet Maker Giving iPad 2′s Display a Run for Its Money
All Things Digital

Although the first wave of Android tablets couldn’t hold a candle to Apple’s iPad 2 when it came to Black & White iPad 2screen quality, analysis firm DisplayMate says the latest Galaxy Tab model offers a significantly better display than the other Android models, on par with the Apple tablet in many respects.

“While the iPad 2 display easily outperformed all of the previous Android Tablets, with the new Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung has delivered the first Android Tablet with an impressive, potentially outstanding display that beats the iPad 2 — except it produces gaudy oversaturated colors,” DisplayMate president Ray Soneira said in an email.

Given that the tablets are all roughly similar in price, Soneira said the wide disparity in screen quality is somewhat surprising.

“This is especially true for the Android tablets because they all have identical 10.1 inch 1280 x 800 screens running virtually identical software,” he said in a report being released on Tuesday.


Amazon's Tablet is going to compete with Apple's tablet

According to sources, Whispersync is the secret sauce in the company’s plan to dominate the tablet amazon tablet with Booksindustry.

The effort begins with books, but it could end with music and video.  Possibly, in an email on an Amazon tablet, which could last up to 90 days?  To date, Amazon neither confirms the existence of their tablet nor denies it.

Whispersync will be the key to Amazon’s tablet plans and to represent the company’s ultimate weapon against the tablet space’s Apple.

The tablet rumored to ship in a nine-inch form factor. Whispersync essentially turns the future tablet–or a Kindle–into a WiFi-free cell device that uses Cloud Drive in sharing and syncing large volumes of rich media, which includes books, music, photos and video.

This feature is unique and would appeal to numerous people since all they have to do is to look at the gadget and they got a signal.  It is simplicity at its best.

Amazon’s tablet may not defeat Apple’s tablet in terms of cost. Priced effectively, the combination of the Amazon Marketplace, Cloud Drive, and cell-based syncing service will likely boom with media users.

Whispersync-enabled Android tablet is going to be available by mid-October.


HTC Flyer reviewHTC Flyer Tablet pc
PC Advisor

The HTC Flyer is the first attempt at a tablet PC from the Chinese High Tech Computer Corporation, better known for making mobile phones. How does this expensive 7in Android tablet stack up against the competition?

The HTC Flyer is a 7in Android tablet that runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread version of Google’s mobile OS, with the addition of HTC’s Sense 2.1 interface overlay. Curiously, it launched in the UK at around the same time as the likes of the Motorola Xoom and the Acer Iconia A500 tablets, both of which run the written-for-tablets version of Android known as Honeycomb or 3.0.  


Time2Touch Tablet PC Packs Powerful Punch Above Its Price Tag
Press Dispensary

For those seeking a high-quality tablet PC that costs half as much as a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an Time 2 Tablet PCiPad but packs a similar punch, The Time2 Company (http://www.time2.co ) is launching the Time2Touch HC701A Tablet PC: a feisty new contender in the marketplace and its first branded product in the UK.

Latif Kothia, Director at The Time2 Company, says: “The tablet PC market is currently divided between high-cost devices such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, which aren’t within everybody’s price range, and an increasing number of low-cost, unbranded Chinese imports of dubious quality and possibly equally dubious lifespan. The Time2Touch HC701A, however, is a high-quality, fully-featured tablet PC that provides superb power and functionality while costing half the price of its rivals, at a time when people are watching their wallets and wisely counting those pennies and pounds.”


July 27, 2011

Potential iPad Beater: Consumers Ready for Amazon Tablet PC
Headlines News

At least 50% of consumers surveyed in a recent poll said they would seriously consider buying a Amazon Tablettablet PC manufactured by Amazon, who are expected to be launching their own Android Slate later this year as a direct challenge to the iPad.

There is currently quite an enormous gap between the products offered by Amazon and the tablet PCs doing the rounds, though it seems this is all set to change imminently. Consumers have been advised to expect that new Amazon tablet to launch in the early Autumn, sporting a 9 inch screen and a variety of features linked to Amazon’s music and video services.

Furthermore, the most appealing aspect of all may be the price, as the Amazon tablet is expected to retail for as low as $250 – which is half the cost of the entry-level iPad.


Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Break The Apple iPad 2's Hold on The Market?

With the release of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 just around the corner, many analysts have already Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1begun to question whether the tablet will be able to repeat the Galaxy S2 smartphone's success and knock Apple off of its pedestal.

Like its predecessor it boasts some pretty hefty features. The new Galaxy Tab will come loaded with Google's Honeycomb Android software and boast an impressive 10.1-inch touchscreen 1280×800 display, powered by a robust 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. On top of this, the tablet will have two cameras equipped with an LED flash.

The tablet will be available in either a metallic gray or glossy white. Samsung's Galaxy tablet will also, like most other tablets these days, be available in numerous versions.

The report indicated that the number of tablets running Android had declined by 3.1 per cent, meaning that the iPad series of tablets now accounts for about 95 per cent of the world's total tablet activations.


"World's thinnest tablet PC" shows up in China, calls itself the EKing

Eking Worlds Thinnest Tablet PC

Thought that Apple's iPad 2 and Samsung's new Galaxy Tabs are the thinnest tablets to exist in the market today? Well, you might want to think again, especially if the latest announcement made by a certain tablet OEM is of any indication. Apparently, a Chinese manufacturer known as Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology has developed what it claims to be the "world's thinnest tablet PC', and it comes in the form of its new EKing T9 device.


July 28, 2011

Tablets and smartphones displacing cameras, 'single-purpose' electronics

On Thursday, market research firm IHS iSuppli of El Segundo, Calif. predicted that tablets and smartphones will far outpace single-use electronics in demand and that shipments of digital cameras and the like will start to fall.

“The success of multipurpose electronic equipment, often coming at the expense of devices dedicated to a single task, is reshaping the landscape of the consumer electronics industry,” said IHS analyst Jordan Selburn, in a statement. The tablet, he said, is “truly a jack of all trades — and master of most,” replacing e-book readers. music and video players, calendars, alarm clocks, video gaming devices, GPS, and cameras.


July 29, 2011

Motorola Shippes 440k Xoom Tablets In Q2Motorola Xoom with Flash comic book character

According to Tech Crunch Motorola has shipped 440,000 Xoom Android tablets.

Motorola Mobility just released its Q2 earnings - According to the report  Motorola says that it shipped 440k Xooms during the second quarter.   In a previous report Apple stated that they havesold 4.69 million iPads during the same time period.



D&H's New England 2011 Trade Show Offers Unique Tablet Demos
Business Solutions Magazine

The distributor is implementing an exceptional opportunity at this show: The Tablet Demo Zone. At this special exhibit, attendees will be able to try six tablet models from D&H's partner vendors, including offerings from Acer, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung. Resellers who take advantage of the demo will be able to rank different models as Most User Friendly, Most Stylish, Most Innovative, Most Economical, Most Versatile and Most Enjoyable tablet devices of the show. In addition, the show will host an HP TouchPad Demo Theater, where resellers can observe this device's various features in action via a large-scale projection screen that mirrors the tablet's display.















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