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December 2011


December 1, 2011

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The 9th Annual TabletPc2.com List for Santa


Windows 8 Tablets Will Be a Huge Hit: 10 Reasons Why

With Windows 8, Microsoft hopes to make its mark in the Tablet world. With vendors such as Dell, HP and others helping Microsoft achieve its goal, it should take long once Windows 8 is released next year.

1.   As with most previous iterations of the operating system, Windows 8 will likely be a success on the desktop and laptop.   In all likelihood that success will carry over into the tablet market where customers who are happy Windows 8 on their desktops,will want a slate style tablet running Windows 8 as well. 


Microsoft working on Office suite for Apple's iPad
Tom Warren

Roumor has it that Microsoft is said to be working on a version of its Microsoft Office suite that will be compatible for use on iPad.    The Daily reported on Tuesday that its sources confirm Microsoft is readying an iOS friendly Office suite.

WinRumors can confirm that Microsoft has been readying iOS versions of its popular Office applications for a number of months. Microsoft released OneNote for iPhone, earlier this year.


Amazon And Apple Can Both Be Tablet Winners?

Although the Fire may trounce other Android-based rivals rather easily, the iPad will however prove a very different beast to conquer.

Apple’s dominance in the tablet arena iPad remains for the most part unchallenged, and as long as they continue to innovate, it will be extremely difficult to unseat the iPad from its throne.  In an effort to The take some market share away from Apple the Amazon Fire is priced much lower and will appeal to those who cant afford an iPad 2.


Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet Finally Give Apple iPad a Run for the Money

It’s clear that both Amazon and B&N realize that the way to successfully compete with Apple is to offer a great user interface, easy access to content and  a lower price than the iPad. It’s no longer possible for manufacturers to simply offer the basic Android tablet user interface and let the user figure out where to find useful content.


December 2, 2011

The 9th Annual TabletPc2.com List for Santa

2011 Tablet Gift Guide




Apple iPad 2 vs ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime



Hands on: Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime review
TechRadar UK

Tablets in the Enterprise: Risks and Rewards
Network World


December 5, 2011

The 9th Annual TabletPc2.com List for Santa

Fujitsu Q550 Slate Tablet PC


MobileDemand xTablet C1200
Rugged PC Review

Mobile Demand Cl1200 Outdoor Display

MobileDemand is known for their xTablet rugged Tablet PCs, but earlier this year  they added the the new xTablet C1200. The xTablet C1200 is a convertible Tablet OP that quickly & easily transforms from a a rugged laptop into a rugged Tablet PC allowing mobile professionals who want a tablet, but who also need laptop-class performance, connectivity and access to business applications anytime, anywhere.


Are Windows 8 Tablet and Chip-Makers Teaming to Copy Apple Magic?

Unless Microsoft starts making its own processors and devices, it can't be an Apple-like company in control of everything. But it may get part-way there by asking chip-makers to team up with only one or two device-makers for Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft is letting Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments each pick two hardware partners for Windows 8 devices -- one major and one minor. 

Qualcomm has selected Samsung & Sony, Texas Instruments chose Toshiba & Samsung and Nvidia has chosen Lenovo& Acer.


December 6, 2011

Microsoft Previewing Windows 8 App Store

While the new Metro-themed Dashboard will be arriving on the Xbox 360, Microsoft will reveal additional details about the Windows 8 storefront during a special event held today

Microsoft will reportedly share loads of details surrounding the upcoming Microsoft Windows Software Store on Tuesday during an event held in San Francisco. The store itself isn't expected to launch until after Windows 8 goes retail which, according to a leaked roadmap and rumors, should be around fall of 2012.

According to reports, the new storefront built directly into Windows 8 will offer free, paid and trial versions of Metro-themed software -- even in-app purchasing will be supported. Legacy Windows apps -- those developed for Windows 7 and earlier -- will be sold directly from publishers by way of a landing page in the new store that links back to their product off-site. Traditional apps will also continue to be sold through retail shops and third-party download sites.



Video: Xbox 360 Dashboard Update 2011 Preview



Xbox 360 updates its dashboard with more Kinect control ‎
Washington Post

Big changes are coming to the Xbox 360 dashboard, though Windows fans will likely find them oddly familiar.

The new layout is a complete departure from the design Microsoft introduced for the console in 2008 and instead embraces the “Metro” design elements now on Windows phones and planned for Windows 8. The unification works beautifully on the Xbox, eliminating the clunky flipcard design in favor of the tiles that make up the core of Metro’s design.

The real change to the dashboard, is not in its looks, but in the greatly expanded voice and motion control. Pulled way beyond the “Kinect Hub” on the current interface, users can use their hands and voices to navigate through the vast majority of Xbox menus. This expansion, combined with the console’s new Bing integration, has made searching for content on Xbox Live far more intuitive.


FP TECH SURVEY: The Rise of the Tablet

Tablets have fundamentally changed the way financial advisors do their work and there’s every reason to believe they will continue to be the dominant tool of choice in the advisory community for years to come.

According to Financial Planning’s 2011 Tech Survey, almost four in 10 financial advisors already have a tablet PC and another 33% plan to buy one in the next year. Of these early adopters, a whopping 85% own an iPad.

Never have so many advisers deployed a new technology so fast. Last year, only months after its launch, 17% of advisors had iPads. Another 51% planned to buy one – and they made good on their word.


December 7, 2011

Motorola Unveils Droid Xyboard Tablets
PC Advisor

Motorola Tuesday announced its newest entries into the tablet market--the Droid Xyboard 8.2 and Droid Xyboard 10.1, each offered via Verizon with LTE mobile broadband. An announcement of something new was long in coming; Motorola already unveiled the Xoom 2 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but Motorola Droid Xyboard Tabletsbeyond that, Motorola has been suspiciously quiet on the U.S. front ever since its Xoom became the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet to market this past February.

the Droid Xyboard, the name leverages the success of Motorola's “Droid” family of smartphones, which have long been flagship models for Verizon. And it also marks a clean break with the original Xoom, which remains a capable performer but took a lot of knocks for its bulky design.

Both feature dual-core 1.2-GHz processors and 1GB of RAM (curiously, Motorola has not been any more specific than that, so no word on whose platform the company is using). Both will be launched in December, and both ship with Android 3.2 and will be upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich next year.


Now Available for iPhone

Flipboard, one of the most downloaded and popular apps for the Apple iPad, is coming to the iPhone Flipboardtoday.

The original app — which turns your social-network posts, photos and videos into a magazine-like visual experience — was designed solely for the iPad and launched shortly after the first iPad was released in July 2010. But "going onto the iPhone was our No. 1 request from users," Flipboard CEO Mike McCue says.

Most of Flipboard's 4.2 million users reach for Flipboard once or twice a day, in the morning with their coffee or in the evening as they're preparing for bed.

"But people really wanted to use Flipboard when they were standing on line at Starbucks, at the airport, walking back and forth," McCue says. And they wanted to do it with a one-handed operation, using their thumb to flip.

So the challenge for Flipboard was creating a smaller version that could be viewed properly on the iPhone

The iPhone app takes most of its iPad counterpart’s features and displays them perfectly on the iPhone’s screen to give readers one place to enjoy stories from Twitter, Facebook, selected partners and other social networks and sharing services.


Microsoft Reveals Windows Store in Bid to Crash Tablet Party

The Windows Store will debut with the launch of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, which will be released in beta in February 2012, company officials said on Tuesday. The full release is believed to Windows 8 metro interfacebe coming in the fall of next year.

The Windows store will be “the most significant development opportunity ever,” Windows Web Services team corporate vice president Antoine Leblond said on Tuesday, and “a really important part of the Windows 8 platform.”

The new Windows Store is expected to launch after Windows 8 goes on sale next year, which is  interfacebelieved to be happening in the fall. Immediately accessible from Windows 8, the new app store is expected to be cast as a competitor to Apple’s Mac App Store, offering free trials of Metro-themed programs in addition to the full paid versions, according to multiple reports.

When Windows 8 does launch, it will represent a radical departure from previous Windows operating systems, with a much more interactive feel designed to do well on tablets and other touch-screen devices. Instead of the traditional start menu, Windows 8 will feature a start screen with tiles representing different programs and applications (see photo), including direct access to the new Windows Store. In a smaller example of Microsoft’s eagerness to gain ground in the changing hardware landscape, users will have the option to sign in using screen gestures instead of the normal type-in password.


Dell kills 7" Streak as Amazon's profitless Kindle Fire ravages Android tablets
Apple Insider

Dell has thrown in the towel on its last Android-based Streak tablets in the US aDel Streak 7s new analysts step forward to note that Apple's only competition in tablets is coming from Amazon, although saying it is "needing to do so by selling at cost."

Dell introduced its Streak 5 (originally named Mini 5) as a hybrid small tablet/smartphone in May 2010, with both a 5 inch display and 3G calling features that placed it somewhere between Apple's iPod touch and iPad. It also introduced a 7 inch Streak, which has featured 4G connectivity.



December 8, 2011

$99 Tablet Computer Novo7 Hits U.S.: Will It Challenge Apple iPad?Nova 7 Tablet
International Business Times

Novo7, a $99 tablet computer equipped with Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and several other hot features, is set for release in the U.S. in the coming months, expected to hit the American market later this winter.

The tablet, currently available only in China, is already being compared to Apple's iPad, and many consumers and tech analysts are quick to note its impressive features and much-hyped performance.



Ultrabook vs tablet PC comparison- what to choose and why

Netbook Live When Intel introduced the ultrabook, they claimed that the ultrabook will have tablet like features. Tablets are basically “always on”- all you have to do is touch the screen or press the home button and you’re back in the saddle.

Ultrabooks are said to resume work just as fast as a tablet can, so in a matter of seconds you’ll be able to be back in action, thanks to the speed of the SSD inside and tweaked software.

But let’s take a look at what makes an ultrabook different from a tablet and see if you’re better off with one of them instead of pairing them up.


2012 Tablet PC and Color E-Reader demand to reach 94.9 million

HTC Tablet

For 2011, the evolution in the tablet PC market can essentially be characterized into 4 key stages: (1) upbeat market outlook; (2) aggressive product promotions; (3) worse-than-expected sales; (4) comprehensive year-end sales review. The drastic market change took everyone by surprise.


December 9, 2011

The 9th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Motion CL900 Tablet PC


This tablet means business -Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet reviewLenovo ThinkPad Tablet

From the moment you pull it out of the box, it is instantly apparent that Lenovo’s very first Android ThinkPad Tablet is made for work. It’s not trying to be pretty. In fact, looking at this thing, you might even have the fleeting thought that maybe Lenovo is making a not-so-subtle point about the pretty chrome devices that are fluttering around this holiday season.

This tablet is exciting because it means that above and beyond rugged tablet makers, some of the PC manufacturers who are plunging into this wide-open race for market share are beginning to think seriously about the business sector’s needs around tablet computing.




Samsung's Next Tablet Could Have Retina-Beating Display [RUMOR] samsung tablet  & apple iPad


Samsung is developing an 11.6-inch tablet with a 2560×1600 pixel display, which might put the display of Apple’s next generation iPad to shame, Boy Genius Report claims, citing a “trusted source.”

The tablet will reportedly run Android 4.0 with a 2 GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 CPU, and it’s likely to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February 2012.



Motorola's New DROID XYBOARD Tablet Will Cost Your A Fortune
Business Insider

The Motorola DROID XYBOARD, formerly known as the XOOM 2, is now on sale at Verizon, Engadget Droid Xyboard Tabletreports.

The XYBOARD is available in five diff rent options, all with 4G LTE. . Three models have 10.1 inch screens, and there are also two with smaller 8.2 inch screens.

According to Engadget The 16GB 10.1 inch XYBOARD starts at $529.99 for the 16GB model on a two-year data contract. It will compete with the 16GB iPad (with 3G) at $629.99, which requires no data contract.

Off contract, the 16GB 10.1 inch XYBOARD will cost $699.99.

While the XYBOARD doesn't sound expensive, in order to purchase one you will have to commit to more than $1,000 worth of data from Verizon over the next two years.   Without a contract, the price is $699.99


December 12, 2011

Record Breaking Sales Mark the Beginning of the Tablet Wars
Search Engine Journal

A previous Chitika Insights study showed a dip in online activity just after Black Friday, however looking at the latest data, the results are resoundingly in support of recent reports that consumers have embraced the Kindle Fire, and as a result buoyed its record sales. Online activity from the fire is at a record high, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Tablet manufacturers have made it clear that there is space for competitors in the open market for companies other than Apple. The HTC Flyer, BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Kindle Fire amongst other devices entered at price points which in some cases are less than half the price of the iPad; Black Friday and Cyber Monday have successfully kicked off the Tablet Wars.


Sony Tablet S vs Asus Eee Transformer Prime
Know Your Mobile

sony tablet vs Asus Transformer Tablet


Asus' Eee Pad Transformer Prime is a tablet that is enjoying a lot of publicity in the run up to its expected December release. But this isn't all that surprising when you consider its pakcing a next-generation chipset and bleeding-edge hardware.

It's important to look past the 'power is everything' mantra though, as Apple's iPad 2 has decisively proven, and with that in mind we've selected a stellar Android tablet – the Sony Tablet S – to hold up against Asus' new creation to get a view of exactly how much it offers.



Tablet Cellular Connections Losing Out to Wi-Fi
San Francisco Chronicle

As tablet adoption increases in the U.S., the rate of cellular connections is failing to keep pace. Instead, more tablet owners rely on Wi-Fi-only connections, according to the latest research from The NPD Group's Connected Intelligence.

"There are multiple reasons for greater Wi-Fi reliance," said Eddie Hold, vice president, Connected Intelligence. "Concern over the high cost of cellular data plans is certainly an issue, but more consumers are finding that Wi-Fi is available in the majority of locations where they use their tablets, providing them 'good enough' connectivity. In addition, the vast majority of tablet users already own a smartphone, which fulfills the 'must have' connectivity need."



Asus Transformer Prime Tablet May Arrive in Time for Christmas

After many feared the tablet would be delayed until next year, reports now quote Asus as saying it will ship December 19. If that holds true, it would be good news for consumers eager to snap up the Android tablet in time for the holidays.

Late Friday night, Dec. 9, a rumor was circulating that the much anticipated ASUS Transformer Prime would be delayed because of WiFi problems. A fresh report from SlashGear, however, reports the tablet will start shipping in about a week. ASUS now says it is trying to figure out who released the statement about a supposed WiFi-related delay in shipping.

"At this point, we still show to be on schedule to start shipments the week of 12/19. I will provide an update once I have additional information," an ASUS spokesperson said.


Low-cost tablets try hard to please buyers
Business Standard

There are many buyers looking for low cost tablet PCs. That’s what is keeping vendors like Datawind, Milagrow, Spice, Beetel, HCL, Reliance and Lenovo, among others, optimistic. According to CMR data, Indian consumers will buy around 85,000 tablet PCs in 2012, and already the market has attracted over 15 players with their tablet PC models.


December 13, 2011

The 10 Best Android Tablets
PC Magazine

Turns out that the most compelling Android tablet we've seen so far doesn't even run Honeycomb. Best Android Tablets 2011Amazon's Kindle Fire uses a modified version of Android 2.3, or Gingerbread, which is meant for phones. It's not perfect, but the smaller 7-inch screen, and Amazon's OS tweaks, along with its own high-quality content ecosystem and on-board Appstore make for one of the best tablet entertainment experiences you can find. And its $200 price, in a market where most tablets cost around twice as much, means Amazon has a real chance to steal some market share from Apple. If the Kindle Fire doesn't do it for you, though, check out the slideshow for a look at our other top-rated Android tablets or compare these tablets side by side.



Microsoft upgrades OneNote to support Apple's iPad

Microsoft has added support for the iPad tablet with the latest release of its OneNote productivity app for the Apple OS.

OneNote 1.3 is free to download and use for up to 500 notes. When users reach their note limit, they can upgrade to the premium edition--Microsoft charges $4.99 for unlimited use on the iPhone and $14.99 for unlimited use on the iPad.


The Ultimate Tablet SmackdownTablet smackdown
PC Magazine


Many people thought 2011 was going to be the year of the tablet, but when Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPad 2 back in March, he renamed it the "year of the iPad 2."

He was right.

Over the last few months, I've looked at a number of tablets and tablet operating systems. All have individual strengths and weaknesses, but in the end, there's no getting around it: The iPad is unquestionably in its own class, clearly supported by sales statistics in today's market.


Apple's iPad 3 Launching March or April: Rumor

Apple’s next iPad will launch in March or April, according to a new report in the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes.

That Dec. 12 report cited unnamed “sources in the supply chain” for the information, adding: “The next generation iPads are expected to be available in the next 3-4 months as makers in the supply chain have started delivering parts and components for the new tablets to OEM contractors while reducing those prepared for iPad 2.”

If that report proves accurate, it would mean Apple is indeed sticking to the same release cadence as the previous iPad versions, both of which hit the market early in their respective launch years.


December 14, 2011

American Airlines as tablet showroom: Apple enterprise grade, Samsung consumer

Take a captive bored audience stuck on a plane. Add consumer electronics. Stir with in flight iPad 2 in Airline cockpitentertainment and flight plans and you get an interesting tablet face-off and a tug of war between business and consumer uses.

American Airlines on Tuesday got FAA approval to put Apple iPad's in the cockpit in all phases of flight.  Today American Airlines announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices in would be used in the pas sanger cabin for in flight entertainment.

The Galaxy Tab Tablets for passengers, will be loaded with moves and new releases. The Samsung tablets will be available in first class and business class on transcontinental flights.


The Security Pro's Guide To Tablet PCs
Dark Reading

Why hasn't tablet security been a major concern until now?  Tablet computers aren’t new by any means, however past attempts to bring tablet PCs to market failed because the tablets were laptops disguised as tablets. Today’s generation of tablet is more like a smartphone than a laptop, which brings with it many benefits but also creates many new security concerns.

"We’ve known about tablets for a long time, but these are different tablets today," says Tony DeLaGrange, security consultant and co-author of the mobile security policy course set to debut at the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative in December in Washington, D.C.


American Airlines will save 1.2 million dollars a year by using the iPad in the cockpit.

Flight charts on an iPad 2

The FAA is allowing American Airlines to be the first airline allowed to use the Apple iPad 2 in all aspects of a commercial flight. This reduce 40 pounds of weight from an average flight which creates an astonishing savings savings of $1.2 million dollars a year.


December 15, 2011

Kindle Fire Owners Love Their Tablet, Flaws and All

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is no Apple iPad, nor is it a replacemtn for one, but it apears that the majority Fire owners are fine with that. Kindle Fire Apps

In a recent open thread on Mashable regarding the product’s recent troubles, freshly minted Kindle Fire owners shared their stories — and mostly, love — for what could end up being Amazon’s most successful gadget ever.

A lot of users vouced their frustration with the poorly placed power button, lack of volume-control buttons and fonts that are too small for certain features.  Some returned the device*.  However, it apears that the majority comented on how they only paid $199 which is considerably less than the $500 you’ll spend for an entry-level Apple iPad — and they said they were more than satisfied for the price they paid. 

Repeatedly, commenters outlined the very same problems found by me, Nielsen and others. Yet, they invariably came to the same conclusion: These are minor issues easily fixed with a software update, and the Kindle Fire’s a great bargain for $199.

Kindle Fire problems include: uncontrollable carousel, poor Amazon Prime movie selection, a sluggish OS, small text. However, he ends with this: “The good news however is that the majority of the problems listed above, can be fixed with software updates and better written apps.

* I was one of those returned the Kindle Fire  - Linda A. Epstein, Editor in chief TabletPc2.com


Pulp Friction: The Kindle Debate
New York Times

The most closely matched Tablet to the Fire is not the iPad its Barnes & Noble’s New $250 Nook Tablet.  Mr. Meyers said he used it but had not tested it extensively. “I think the Nook Tablet is less buggy and more polished than the Fire, thanks to B&N’s experience with the Color Nook,” he wrote in the e-mail. “But longer term I just think Amazon has so much more and broader and better integrated content to offer that I’d buy a Fire now rather than go with a Nook.”


Meet the Motorola Xyboard, iPad's latest rivalMotorola Droid Xyboard 10.1
USA Today

Get ready to get acquainted with the Droid Xyboard 10.1 and Droid Xyboard 8.2, the long awaited double follow-up to the very first real iPad competitor, the Motorola Xoom. The two tablets have a few differences that we'll explore. Most of the features are identical between the two, (including support for 4G LTE, the fastest flavor of mobile network around), but the 10.1 is targeted more toward business users who need portable office computers, while the 8.2 excels in the multimedia department



GammaTech Introduces Fully Rugged R13C Convertible Computer

GammaTech has added another model to its line of fully rugged convertible tablets. The Durabook R13C, which is an upgraded version of model R13S, passes Military Standard 810G certification for drop, shock, and spill protection, plus explosive atmosphere, salt, fog, and freeze/thaw standards. It is designed for Police, military, homeland security, field service, mining, and mobile workers in any type of outdoor environment.



December 16, 2011

TabletPc2.com "List for Santa" Holiday Gift Guide

Fujitsu Q550 Tablet PC

Tablet PC 2's Editors Choice Slate Tablet PC


Microsoft's quietly huge moves into Apple's ecosystemMicrosoft SkyDrive in  iTunes store

How many applications Microsoft have in the Apple App Store? ” Surprisingly the answer is t 14, with more apps in the pipeline.

Microsoft SkyDrive, which was released this week, gives iPhone and iPad users 25 GB of free storage is a dedicated iOS app that gives SkyDrive users folder-and-file-style access to everything they have stored in their cloud storage.


Apple iPad close to 60 per cent of worldwide tablet PC market shareiPad 2
Broadband Genie

Despite missing Q3 sales forecasts, it is predicted more than 60 million tablet PCs will have shippedworldwide by the end of 2011 - with well over half of them being Apple iPads.

According to IDC’s ‘Media Tablet and eReader Tracker’ there will be a strong demand for tablets this quarter, pushing shipments to a predicted 63.3 million units. 

Close to 60 per cent of these are said to be Apple iPads, with the majority of the rest being powered by various incarnations of the Android operating system.


December 19, 2011

How Apple's Future Revolves Around Siri
International Business Times

Apple plans to integrate all of its devices including the iPhone and iPad via Siri"Smart" Bluetooth 4.0.  The feature that will bring all of this together is Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri, which debuted on the iPhone 4S.

With Siri, Apple has proved that it can make virtual assistants both useful and friendly.  Siri's artificial intelligence technology allows users to make call, text, e-mail, schedule meetings, surf the Web and find answers to complicated context-sensitive questions, by asking siri questions.  Siri was developed by DARPA and SRI Ventures, and is the the largest artificial intelligence project in U.S. history to date. 




Google Nexus tablet in next 6 months teases Schmidt
SlashGearGoogle Tablet

Google chairman Eric Schmidt told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sea that “In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality”   he also confirmed that they intend on leveraging its voice recognition technology to better challenge Apple’s Siri. 

“Steve Jobs was the Michelangelo of our time” he told the newspaper, “[he] realized the revolutionary potential of the tablet and has created an amazing product like the iPad.”


December 20, 2011


From all the buzz about iPad, or Android tablets, you'd never know that Windows slates are available ExpoPC tabletand that they offer many unique benefits. I recently bought the ExoPC from Microsoft Store. It is a Microsoft Signature Series PC selling for $399 and running Windows 7 Home Edition

The tablet feels very solid and well built, not flimsy by any means -- it's built to last. There is a good size border around the display (bottom edge in landscape is slightly wider than the other three sides) so there is plenty of room for holding it with your fingers, without covering the display, which measures 11.6 inches. By that measure, ExoPC is more notebook than iPad or Android tablet.




December 21, 2011

The Five Best tablets of 2011
PC World Magazine

Best Tablets

Here at PC World, we've reviewed almost every tablet that's launched in Australia in 2011, and even some that didn't hit our shores! From the iPad 2 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, we've covered them all. Without further ado, we present the top five tablets of 2011, the best of the best!


Firefox 9: Faster on PCs, all-new on tablets

Mozilla is laying claim to big performance improvements for Firefox 9, while Firefox for Android   has been given an new look entirely..

Firefox 9 for android

Firefox 9 (download for Windows for Android) continues the browser's rapid-release development oscillation, where feature enhancements and performance improvements take the lead in alternating months.



Sony Commits To Tablet Gaming With PlayStation 3 Controller Support

Sony's Tablet S has received a firmware update allowing users to play games on the system, including downloadable PlayStation 1 titles, with the PS3's DualShock 3 wireless controllers.

The update follows a number of moves Sony has made toward unifying game offerings on its portable console, mobile, and smartphone products -- such as the creation of PlayStation Suite, its cross-platform software development framework for Android-powered devices.


AAEON Premieres a New Rugged Tablet Computer

AAEON, a premier industrial PC company, is proud to premiere a new rugged tablet computer: RTC-1000i. This unit features the Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Intel® HM55/QM57 Express chipset and is a viable option for all your rugged tablet needs.


December 21, 2011

CES tech show will be last for Microsoft

After CES 2012 in January Microsoft will use CES to connect with its customers but they will no longer have a booth or be delivering Keynotes at CES, because the their product milestones are not in alignment with the January timing of CES.  G

Going forward, Microsoft will put on its own launch events when there products are ready to be unveiled.

This January, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO will deliver the CES keynote and will undoubtedly speak about the upcoming Windows 8 OS.   However since Windows 8 hasn't even entered the beta phase of testing, and it the software wont be ready for release until the third quarter of next year, so there will be no finished windows products at CES.


Apple to build more iCloud appsiCloud

Based on a recent job posting on Apple's corporate Web site, Apple apears to be gearing up to further develop their iCloud offerings with new and innovative applications for use with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch .

The original post, shows that Apple is looking for "proactive, creative-minded engineers to build the next generation of cocoa-based client applications that integrate tightly with a set of cloud based services."


Which Tablet has the Best Display?

Display expert Raymond Soneira put the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and Apple iPad 2 to the test and this is what he found.


Toy Maker Sues Android Tablet Maker Over 'Transformer' Tablettransformer robot

Hasbro is suing California computer maker Asus, saying the company’s new Transformer Prime tablet violates trademarks related to popular children’s action toys.

The Asus Transformer Prime Tablet PC is a computer, not a toy, and it transforms from a laptop with a keyboard into a tablet slate, without a keyboard.  It does not change into a robot or a race car.



Gadget Release Dates 2012: Tablet Computers, Smartphones and Everything in Between
International Business Times


December 24, 2011

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Holiday

Happy Holidays from TabletPc2.com


December 26, 2011
PC Magazine
Tablet Apps

Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet were two of the hottest gifts for the holidays. The While the Kindle Fire may be the best a way to read and watch content from Amazon and the Nook is a an excellent e-reader.  Both tablets run the Android os and can run thousands of apps designed just for Android.   As you settle down on the couch with your new tablet, follow our lists and instructions to get the best, hottest apps on your new tablet.

The easiest way to download apps onto the Kindle Fire is through the official Amazon AppStore. Here are the 16 Best Kindle Fire Apps .

Barnes & Noble's app store on the Nook has fewer apps than the Amazon AppStore, but B&N says the apps are more precisely chosen to work well on the tablets. Get yourself started with the 15 Best Nook Tablet Apps.



1. Windows 8 tablets

Windows 8 is one of the most drastic moves that Microsoft has made. The interface of their upcoming OSMicrosoft reception area is radically diff rent from Windows 7. The new tile-based Metro look of windows 8 was first used on their Windows Phone 7 last year.  Windows 8 is designed to be a touch-friendly, no keyboard or mouse neccessary interface that was designed from the ground up to run on tablet computers.   For those who hate change, the familiar desktop will be available to PC users who don't care for the new "Metro" look of Windows 8.

Microsoft's new OS is entering the tablet market more than two years after Apple launched the iPad which took off faster than anyone imagines it could.  And the hottest gifts for the 2011 holiday season was the inexpensive stripped down Amazon Fire which is sold for $199.00

As PC growth slows down to a crawl, and the tablet sales grow at a rapid clip, Microsoft needs Windows 8 tablets to succeed so it will be intrusting to see how they market Windows 8 tablets.


Wall Street JournalTablet as a gift

Did Santa Bring you a Tablet?  If so congratulations, I hope you enjoy it.

Today's Tablets are serve multiple purposes, they are a combination gaming machine, e-book reader and Part Internet device, TV and baby sitter for toddlers.  Tablets are the ultimate leisure device.   Tablets give a first impression of being a computer without a keyboard, but these is more to them than that. They transform everything you love about the Internet into something more personal and fun. You curl up and lean back with a tablet.

The top accessories to consider for you new tablet would be, a case to protect it, , external keyboard and a digital pen.


December 27, 2011

Motorola aims to meet the needs of the professional and the needs of the consumer, with their new motorola Xyboard tbletXyboard 10.1 and Xyboard 8.2 tablets.

With the exception of size, the hardware and most features of the two Xyboard tablets are shared. The Xyboard 10.1 is aimed somewhat more towards the professional and the the Xyboard 8.2 more towards the consumer.

Motorola MotoCast software sets the Xyboard Tablet apart from other tablets out there.   MotoCast allows Xyboard users to access the files stored on their home PC from their tablet over cellular or Wi-Fi networks.  Users can install on their home (or office) PC, activate it on their tablet to access and download files, access files, stream music, in the background while they complete other tasks.  


December 29, 2011
CNETsony s tablet

Posting on a Sony forum last week, a company rep confirmed that Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, will be available for the Sony tablet and added that the timing and other details will be "announced in due course."

Outfitted with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Sony's 9.4-inch Tablet S hit the market in September. As reviewed by CNET's Donald Bell, the Tablet S is a bit pricey, running $499 for the 16 gigabyte version and $599 for the 32GB model. It's also Wi-Fi only, at least in the United States.



Ars Technica

The most important event for Microsoft in 2012 will be the release of Windows 8. Windows 8 will fuse Microsoft's long-standing tablet dream—the tablet as a kind of PC—with the post-iOS notion of "touch" and a new "design language"—that is, a standard look and feel, a standard set of idioms and concepts—known as "Metro." And Metro is going to be everywhere.



PC Magazine

"Businesses of all sizes appear to be determined to capitalize on the tablet phenomenon," NPD analyst Stephen Baker said in a statement. "The iPad, just as it is in the consumer market, is synonymous for 'tablet' in the business market, leaving Apple poised to take advantage of the increased spending intentions of these SMBs. NPD's research shows that iPad purchase preference is higher among larger firms than smaller ones, which is an important indicator that Apple is gaining traction far outside its typical consumer space.


December 30, 2011

Rumors of new Pads heat up as 2012 arrivesMan using iPad

Among the swirling rumors is that The iPad three is expected to be thinner, lighter, faster processor, retina screen, Suri and possible face recognition.

With the the International Consumer Electronics Show January 10-13 in Las Vegas and MacWorld/iWorld which is billed as "the world's ultimate fan event" for Apple lovers, January 26-28, observers are wondering whether Apple will announce the iPad three at Mac world or on February 24th, which would have been Steve Jobs birthday.


Toshiba Thrive 7 a Solid, Smaller Android TabletToshiba Thrive Tablet

Weighing 13.2 ounces and running Android 3.2 Honeycomb, Toshiba's Thrive 7” Tablet fits into pockets and bags. It's great taking pictures or sending a quick message with one hand and The textured back prevents it from sliding on smooth surfaces. 

Another feature that warrants mentioning is the fact that the user Interface on the Thrive tablet is both responsive and accurate, even when using small gestures or taps.

The Thrive Tablet is preloaded with Android app's, including Gmail and Goggle Music. And Toshiba has also included File Manager.



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