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November 2010


November 1, 2010

TabletPc2.com Christmas Mouse

The elves are hard at work and preparations are in full swing for TabletPCc2's eighth annual "List for Santa Holiday Feature - If you have, or know of a product would like considered for inclusion in the Holiday feature Let me know by Thursday November 4th.


Call With Samsung Galaxy Tab: How it Works
Daily Fresh News

Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best tablet from the market,is even better than the Apple iPad. Perhaps it is little used as a tool for telephone conversation. Yet, size and weight aside, the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy TabTab proves to be a reliable phone. A tip: acquire earphones.I like the new Samsung Galaxy Tab very much.

In the end, is one of the distinguishing features of the iPad, his opponent. The ability to use it for making and receiving calls is one more arrow in the quiver of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is clear that we are not talking about a cell phone, but a multi-function tablet for which, at least for now, and in these early versions, it seems unlikely to be used as the main instrument of the telephone conversation. More useful, perhaps, imagine for emergency calls, or even as a second phone number.Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great tablet.


Martha Stewart and the iFund back iPad publisher Callaway Digital Arts

Apple’s iPad has been hyped as the future of publishing — books, magazines, you name it. Now high-profile venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is putting millions of dollars behind that idea. martha-stewart-ipadThrough its iPhone- and iPad-focused iFund, Kleiner just led a $6 million round in iPad app publisher Callaway Digital Arts.

Lee described the company as a cross between publisher Random House and animated film studio Pixar. The apps released so far sound like books optimized for the iPad and enriched with multimedia content. The first app, Miss Spider’s Tea Party, is based on the Miss Spider’s series of books. Children can read the text themselves, but the app can also read to them, and it illustrates scenes with animation.

Callaway Digital just announced its latest app, Martha Stewart Makes Cookies, which includes recipes, instructional videos, shopping lists, and more. It was created in partnership with Stewart, who will be demonstrating the app on her show today, according to co-founder and chief creative officer Nicholas Callaway. The company is working with other well-known partners — the Callaway Digital website hints that apps based on Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesame Street are coming soon.

The company isn’t releasing its products as e-books through the Apple’s iBookstore, but as standalone apps. Eventually, Callaway said he plans to create a storefront with the App Store


Nokia may build tablet PC
AME Info

Niklas Savander, executive vice president and general manager of markets for mobile handset maker Nokia, has said that the company is considering plans to produce a tablet device to rival Apple's iPad, The National has reported. "We are always eyeing what I would call the 'neighbouring businesses' to see if it would make sense for us to enter it," he said.


Asus launching Android, Windows tablets

Asus is the latest tech manufacturer to climb on the tablet wagon, and it’s hedging its bets by offering tablets with different operating systems.

Like Acer, which has also unveiled its plans for the tablet market in the past week, Asus reacted fast after Apple launched the iPad. However, the time between realizing it had to compete in the tablet sector and actually bringing product to market has allowed Apple to build a considerable lead with the iPad. A lead which has already eaten into netbook sales.

The first to arrive will likely be a 12-inch tablet running Windows 7, retailing for around $1,000. Which sounds far too pricey to me for it to be able to compete with the current tablet market leader.

7- and 9-inch tablets will follow early next year, some powered by Windows (expected to be Windows 7 but not guaranteed), some powered by Android. The Android model, powered by an ARM-based Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, would cost around $399, with the Windows model coming in $100 more at $499.

Asus’ devotion to the Windows platform will be tested with this tablet release, because Windows 7 really isn’t suited to the form factor. A fact which Microsoft has itself accepted. If Asus’ Android tablet outperforms the Windows 7 tablet then expect Asus to quietly drop it until Microsoft releases the tablet-friendly Windows 8 in 2012.


Viewsonic To Launch Viewpad 7 and 10 Tablets In US

It seems as the days go by more and more players offer their products to enter the market for the tablet computer. It is safe to say that the monopoly of Apple and its iPad is all but over and it is rather beneficial that they actually did have a head start going into the sales.

The latest arrival into the tablet market is a product of Viewconic. Viewsonic have always been known for manufacturing computers that could boast of very high quality as far as the graphics and the display are concerned. Is that not what a tablet is all about?

The computer that integrates good graphics and high resolutions on a screen that needs to be top of the draw is precisely what a tablet PC is all about as far as our knowledge goes. That being so, Viewsonic had to be a favorite among the prospective makers of tablet computers.

Soon enough the country would be seeing the launch of the Viewpad 10 and the Viewpad 7 from Viewsonic. The Viewpad 10 in the 10 inch tablet from the company while the Viewpad 7 has been compacted into only 7 inches.

The specs of the Viewpad look pretty good too. Both these pads would be android tablets being powered by the Android 2.2 operating system. Two cameras would be integrated of which one would be dedicated to the cause of video conferencing using the device.


November 2, 2010

The New CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tabsamusun galaxy tab

Due to Launch on the 1st November 2010, Samsung approached CrystalRoc and Micro Anvika to create a unique and eye catching finish to the new Galaxay Tab. And this is what was created........!

The CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab is encrusted with 5700 Swarovski Bright Crystals, each and every one being hand-applied to create the world’s most exclusive tablet computer. The Galaxy Tab logo is elegantly realised in Jet Hematite producing a unique bespoke design that can be customised to be as individual as the user.

Exclusivly available through Micro Anivka at Harrods, London.



Apple's iPad Makes Disabled, Recovering Patients Say 'iCan'

According to a New York Times article, the smart tablet device has become a popular therapeutic mechanism for people with disabilities of all kinds, even those who have limited movement.

One of these unexpected users is 7-year-old Owen Cain, who has limited strength and movement due to a debilitating motor-neuron disease he's had since infancy. Without the strength to even maneuver a computer mouse, Owen’s family was more than surprised when he one day opened an application on an iPad, which just the slight touch of his left pointer finger. It was the first time Owen had successfully showed signs of movement after years of attempts at several computerized communications contraptions.

Seen as a sign of hope, not only for Owen and his family but also for health experts, this function of the iPad may open doors to a new world of recovery and rehabilitation.

For example, a speech pathologist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center uses text-to-speech applications to give patients a voice, while a young Chicago man used an iPad to surf the Internet shortly after a spinal injury, even when his hands were clenched into a fist. And, parents of autistic children are using applications to teach them basic skills, such as brushing teeth as well as communication.

According to Gregg Venderheiden, a university professor, the multi-media technology gadget also serves as a cheaper, more convenient alternative to what those with disabilities would normally use to obtain or regain communications skills.

"Say you have somebody who's had a stroke, for example, and they wake up, and they can't communicate," said Venderheiden, also the director of the Trace Research and Development Center at the University of Wisconsin. "Instead of buying a $5,000 communications aid you take out your iPad and download an app and -- bam! -- they can communicate."


Tablet PC's Are Here To Stay
Tech Digest

The big news today has undeniably been the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. From the various ipadpricing plans to the blinged out CrystalRoc Tab, encrusted with 5700 Swarovski Crystals, it seems that the tablet is big news again.

In August we took a look at the Top 20 tablet PCs to see how they stacked up against Apple's. Now four months on we thought it would be fun to revisited the article to see what tablets we thought would be game changers.

It is of little surprise that we all thought the iPad would be a success, but it has far exceeded all expectations, with some experts predicting that Apple will sell 21 million iPads by the end of next year. So despite the whole slew of other tablets arriving on the market, it looks like its going to take a lot to kick the iPad off its throne.


58-inch iPhone Table is multitouch on steroids

Steve Jobs may not have endorsed this, but if the Table Connect for iPhone takes off, it could give iphone tableMicrosoft's Surface a run for the money. The only thing holding this gigantic 58-inch working iPhone desk back is the need to hook up a jailbroken iPhone to the "table" via a 30-pin dock connector.

Still, the idea of multitouch on steroids--Cupertino style--should get Apple fanboys salivating to get their mitts on one. According to Engadget, the magic begins when the iPhone is docked and the entire contents of the screen get projected onto the full-HD capacitive LED table via the Table Connect app. It's not just supersized multitouch, it's multiperson touch.

The Web site states that the prototype table is compatible with iOS4, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3Gs, but gives no clue as to pricing. Still, you won't have to countdown too long as more details will be out soon enough in an upcoming video demo launch.


Oak Trail, Intel Atom Processor for PC Tables will be launched 2011

Atom processor for tablets, with the nickname Oak Trail, previously announced by Intel at Computex event, Taiwan, mid-2010. Intel promises Oak Trail will launch in early 2011.

Anil Nanduri, Marketing Director of Intel Corp., said the development of Oak Trail is on schedule. He also stressed the improvement in energy consumption of the Atom processor.

“Consumption is the biggest in the tablet to the screen. In the case of the use of idle, we can compete with any solutions out there,” he said.

According Nanduri, Oak Trail will give the ability to browse and watch videos 12 hours on a tablet device.

Tablet market increasingly crowded world since Apple released the iPad. Some manufacturers also have emerged with their respective brands, ranging from Samsung Galaxy Tab to BlackBerry Playbook.

Although crowded, Intel so far has struggled to dominate the processor market for tablets. Opponent weight adalh that license ARM processor designs to several manufacturers, including Marvell Technology, Qualcomm and Nvidia.


November 3, 2010

Sorry Apple, The 7" Screen On The Samsung Galaxy Tab Is Good
Business Insider

It seems like seven inches is just fine for a tablet, according to the first round of Samsung Galaxy Tabreviews of the GalaxySamsung Galaxy Tab.

So much for Steve Jobs's "Dead on Arrival" prediction.

Here's what they are saying:

* Engadget says the 1024 X 600 LCD display produced incredible visuals. The screen's smaller size means a lighter device that won't tire your arms after long periods of use.

* The Tab scales phone-sized apps well. Engadget was able to get popular apps like Angry Birds to run without blurring or pixelation.

* Slash Gear reports that the audio quality is great from headphones, and surprisingly good from the internal speakers.


LG to take on the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab by releasing the LG Pad Q1 2011

LG is officially jumping in the tablet ring to join the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab by LG Logoannouncing they’ll be releasing the LG Pad. This has an 8.9-inch display, a Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor
and will run off the Android OS Honeycomb. Target release date is for Q1 of 2011.

An LG spokesperson stated that “LG Electronics decided to launch a new tablet PC, so-called LG Pad, both in the domestic and overseas markets in the first quarter of the next year when Google unveils Honeycomb, tablet PC-version Android
OS… While the existing tablet PCs focus on e-book, movie, music and the Internet functions, LG’s new tablet PC is jumping into the market with more diverse contents based on powerful functions”.


Dell Plans Cloud Computing Acquisition and Tablet PC Push
ABC News

Dell Inc, the world's No.2 PC maker, will announce an acquisition related to cloud computing on Tuesday, its chief executive said, while ramping up its tablet PC line to compete with rivals such as Apple.

Speaking at an event in Hong Kong, Michael Dell also said that he had received feedback from developers that it was easier to develop smartphone software using Microsoft's Windows operating system than Google's popular free Android system.

"We're going to have a significant number of new tablets in the next year," Dell said. "There're lots of debate about the size of the market, who's buying these devices, and those questions always emerge when there's a new form factor."


Creative to release 2 Android Tablet PC's named Ziio
Good E-Reader

Two new tablets will be available this December running on Google Android 2.1, it is the Creative Ziio 10 and the Creative Ziio 7.Creative Ziio Tablet PC

The Creative Ziio 7 will be a 7 inch TFT, Resistive Touch Screen with a resolution of 480×800. This unit will also include 8 GB of memory to store your music and videos. It will also feature a front sensor, a speaker, and an accelerometer. You can also choose what memory you want, you can get the 8 GB version for £199.99 or the 16 GB version for £219.99 .

The Creative Ziio 10 will feature a 10 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024×768. This unit has well will have the sensor, speakers and accelerometer. You will have two different price points for this new device, you will get a 8 GB version for £249.99 and a 16 GB one for £269.99.

Both of these new tables will feature a Zililabs ZMS-08 processor and will include Bluetooth, WIFI and Micro SD cards for added memory. They will also include speakers, a microphone and a front facing camera. Also bundled with each device is a Stylus to interact with the device.


Size Matters For Tablet PCs
PC World

ViewSonic's ViewPad 7, a tablet PC with a 7-inch display, is the latest in a line of machines that bridge the gap between a smartphone and a tablet.

While there's still confusion about whether or not the ViewPad 7 will be able to make phone calls (mainly because ViewSonic is still in discussions with wireless carriers AT&T and T-Mobile about distribution), the device itself comes equipped with a SIM card for both voice and data.

Other manufacturers have released similar-sized models such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch tablet and phone (without phone service) starting at $399 with a Sprint contract. Then there's the Archos 7o, a 7-inch display tablet described more as a media player that retails for $199, and the , a 5-inch combo smartphone/tablet that costs $299 with a two-year contract.

So far, none of the models has really captured the imaginations or pocketbooks of businesses or consumers.

I used to think it was because Apple was rumored to be working on a 7-inch iPad, and that manufacturers were trying to offer something similar, but several of the models were probably in development long before Apple allegedly decided to make a Lilliputian iPad. And all that speculation was before Steve Jobs recently squashed any tiny iPad rumors and called all 7-inch tablets "dead on arrival," saying that all their deluded manufacturers would soon make them larger.


Nokia Z500 MeeGo Tablet leaked by Nokia themselves
IntoMobile Dell Streak

With Apple’s iPad taking the world by storm, and with more operators signing on board to offer it to consumers, the tablet market has officially taken off. You know what that means, right? Competition. Samsung, with their Galaxy Tab, has tried to enter the spotlight, but reviews are mixed, especially since Google themselves are saying that Android is not optimized for tablet form factor devices at all. That will probably change with the next major version of Android, Gingerbread, due to hit the market any time now. There’s also Chrome OS, but let’s not worry ourselves about that right now.

So what’s Nokia’s response? They don’t really like talking about that mistake, and a sequel is out of the question, which is why they’re going to try getting into tablets with a model known as the Z500. The name was accidentally published in Nokia’s very own Ovi Store and infamous Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin has confirmed that the product does indeed exist, but the Finnish firm is second guessing themselves as to whether or not they should bring it to the market.


November 4, 2010

Toshiba Folio 100 tablet PC available now

Toshiba launches touchscreen, Android 2.2 tablet

Toshiba's Folio 100 tablet is now available to buy in the UK. The 10.1-inch touchscreen device Toshiba Folio 100 tablet PCruns Android 2.2 and is priced at £329.

The tablet has a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, slightly larger than the 9.7-inch screen on the Apple iPad, and weighs 760g. At £329 this device is cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPad.

We first got our hands on this tablet PC back in September at IFA - see our first impressions in the Toshiba Folio 100 tablet video.

Toshiba Folio 100 tablet

The Folio 100 runs on the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and has 16GB of storage capacity, expandable to 32GB with a SD memory card. The tablet supports Flash 10.1 for video playback and has a range of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 2.0. 

According to Toshiba the Folio 100's battery should last for seven hours, based on 65% web browsing, 10% video playback and 25% standby time. 


LG tablet running Windows 7 spotted at FCC
Good E-Reader

We might soon have one more tablet to play around with, one that runs the Windows 7 operating LG Tablet PCsystem and sports the familiar LG logo occupying pride of place on the tablet PC’s front. Its LG H1000B Windows 7 Tablet that we are talking about and reports point out the tablet might just have passed through the Federal Communications Commission.

Complete details are yet to come by and we might not have all the bits and pieces before CES 2011, more so since LG is believed to have requested for a month and a half of confidentiality from FCC.

However, the tablet is likely to have Intel Atom inside though the exact chip is still a mystery. The screen does look to be of 10 inches and the entire thing is turned out in a glossy finish. Also, as of now, features like an SD card slot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi b/g/n can be associated with the device.

LG had only recently made it known they would wait for the tablet friendly version of Android to come out before embarking on their Android tablet plans though they have gone ahead with Windows 7 that too isn’t too highly regarded for delivering its best in a tablet PC.

Nevertheless, this is the second device from a prominent manufacturer after the HP Slate 500 to come up with a Windows 7 tablet.


Gigabyte T1125 redefines the convertible tablet PC
Geek WIth Laptop

Gigabyte reckons that it has the right stuff to compete in the rapidly growing tablet market, by Gigabyte T1125 Tablet PCturning back to an old design classic: the convertible notebook. Enter the T1125.

Combining the features of an ultra-portable laptop and a tablet PC, the Gigabyte T1125 – codename ‘der Kavalier’ – is a pretty tempting proposition, while its specifications reveal that it’s more than your average device.

Like the old tablets of yore, the T1125 can be used in either a tablet format or as a traditional laptop, thanks to a swivelling touch-screen. While that layout hasn’t exactly set the world on fire previously, the ultra-slim nature of the T1125 could convince skeptics otherwise.

Powered by an Intel i3 or i5 ultra-low voltage processor, giving it a significant amount more grunt than a typical tablet or netbook, the 11.6in device may look pocket-sized but it’s a fully-fledged powerhouse.

Gigabyte is clearly aiming for a different class of consumer than most tablet manufacturers, packing THX-certified sound into the system via four dual-channel speakers and including HDMI output for sending video and audio out to a home entertainment system as well as a clever docking station that turns the tablet into a fully-fledged desktop PC in the home – complete with DVD drive.

Unlike traditional ultra-compact devices, Gigabyte has even included a range of ports for your external devices: both the device itself and its docking station include USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, while eSATA is also an option if you want to connect external storage devices into the mix.  There’s also a 1.3 megapixel webcam and dual-array microphone, both designed to be compatible with Intel’s High Definition webcam standard.


Asustek to join tablet parade with new models in Jan

Taiwan's Asustek Computer Inc is set to start selling its first tablet computers in January next year, joining other tech rivals to compete with Apple Inc (AAPL.O) in the fast-growing market.

An Asustek official said on Thursday the company will sell its EeePad tablets running Windows software in January and then others with Google's Android system in April, but the selling prices have not yet been decided.

A growing number of tech firms hope to take advantage of the buzz surrounding Apple Inc's popular iPad. Tablets, with their bright LCD touchscreens and longer battery lives, have hurt sales of regular laptop computers.

Dell Inc expects to launch a significant number of tablet PC models next year [ID:nTOE6A107A], and LG Electronics plans to launch a tablet device based on an upcoming version of Android


November 5, 2010

Dell hybrid tablet Duo 'coming soon'

Dell's hybrid Netbook-tablet is "coming soon," according to a Dell promotional video. Will this give prospective iPad buyers pause?


The Inspiron Duo, which debuted at Intel's developer conference in September, converts in a novel way between a Windows 7 Netbook and Windows 7 tablet. To convert to a Netbook, for example, the user opens the tablet, flips the screen, which then converts it to a traditional keyboard-equipped, clamshell Netbook design.


Tablets market: Dell, Samsung, Apple line up models
Economic Times

Dell wants to Streak its way into this category. Samsung Electronics is offering a Galaxy of features to make up for its somewhat late entry. Apple, of course, is sitting pretty with consumers drooling over its Pad in hordes.

Tablets, or mobile computing devices, are the newest, and perhaps, the toughest battleground in the consumer devices market. And India is one of the key battlefronts. Samsung Electronics’ much-awaited entry into the tablet market with the launch of the Galaxy Tab in India (on sale from November 10) points to two distinct trends.

That tablets are now a big business: they are the fastest-growing of all computing devices globally. And the giants of the computing, telecom and consumer electronics space will rough it out for a share of this business.

What’s behind all this trailblazing success of the tablet? For one, it’s the most converged of all entertainment and computing devices, which makes it appealing to all, from a pre-teen to a CEO. Secondly, the tablet was embraced and reinvented by Apple in the form of the iPad. The success of the iPad has spawned more than a dozen variants of tablets, many of them already available in India for Rs 7,000 onwards. The big three, however, are the iPad, the Galaxy and the Streak.


Sharp Tablet PC: Galapagos 003SH and Galapagos 005SH will be released on December

Sharp will be prepared two tablets PC. They are the Galapagos 003SH and 005SH. Both will take us to the world of three-dimensional (3D).

Sharp said that to view 3D content in the tablet PC that also functions as a cell phone, without spectacles. Both tablets provided 1GHz Snapdragon CPUs, operating systems Android 2.2 and 3.8-inch screen with 3D capabilities as well as resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

There are some major differences between these two devices. For the type 005SH, there Qwerty keyboard. While the series does not have it yet 003SH equipped with better cameras, with a 9.6 Megapixel model that can record 720p video. To 005SH, is only 8 MPxcamera.

The launch of this tablet will be different the second time. For the 003SH will be coming soon from December 2010, while the 005SH followed in February next year. Not yet known how much the price tag of which will be offered.


November 8, 2010

iSwifter app launches Flash content on the iPad, with Apple's approval

Following through on its promise, iSwifter has launched its app on the iPad that allows users to access Flash content.

Apple and Adobe are still patching up their differences over the Flash multimedia platform. But iSwifter has figured out a way around the current stand-off by streaming Flash videos to Apple mobile devices. In doing so, iSwifter could have far-reaching consequences in the increasingly fragmented mobile markets.


Samsung Galaxy Tab: Samsung expects to sell 1 million this year
Product Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched in the UK this week, with consumers in the US getting their Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablethands on the device next week. It sees Samsung releasing their first tablet PC to take on the iPad.

Carrie-Ann Skinner of PCWorld is reporting that Samsung’s president of mobile business JK Shin expects the company will sell over a million Galaxy Tabs this year. He said “I estimate we will be able to sell more than a million units worldwide by the end of this year.”

The smart looking 7-inch device is powered by a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird Arm-based processor, and runs Android Froyo 2.2. Chin added “You can literally use it by holding it in one hand or put it into the inside pocket of your suit.”


Tablet shopping? Here are 10 things to keep in mind

Now that the iPad has broken the ice, the IT world is poised for a deluge of tablet-style computers toApple iPad hit the market in the next few months. We’re expecting to see several hit the shelves in time for the holiday buying season, going from basically one choice to an overwhelming variety of options. As many iPad users have discovered, the light, thin tablet format is great for those who need something more than just a smart phone when out and about, but don’t want to carry around a full-fledged laptop or netbook. It’s also excellent for checking a Web site or your email while lounging on the sofa or out by the pool at home.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting a tablet for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you may be wondering whether to stick with the tried-and-true iPad or go with one of the Android or Windows 7 offerings that will be on the market soon. The answer depends on your preferences, budget, and how you plan to use it. Here are 10 things to consider when you choose your new tablet.

1: Does size matter?

Everyone wants a tablet that’s light and thin and easy to transport, but there’s a difference of opinion regarding the best screen size for this form factor. The iPad set the standard at 10 inches (well, actually 9.56) and weighs 1.5 to 1.6 lbs (depending on whether it has 3G). Some users have expressed a desire for a larger (12-inch) screen, but more have mentioned that the iPad is just a little too bulky.

Several of the emerging competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab (which is coming to Verizon on November 11 and is expected to be carried by all four major U.S. cell phone companies), are going with a 7-inch screen size. The Tab weighs less than one pound, which could make a big difference to those who will be carrying it around all day. Steve Jobs apparently doesn’t agree.

4: 3G or Wi-Fi only?

Another decision you’ll need to make is whether you want a tablet that’s 3G capable or a Wi-Fi only model. The iPad comes in both iterations, and so will many of its competitors. The Wi-Fi only models cost less, but of course the 3G models (which can also use Wi-Fi) offer more flexibility. Remember, though, that 3G service plans add to the cost (varying from around $15 to $60 per month, depending on the carrier).

If you have mobile hotspot service on your cell phone, you may be able to buy a Wi-Fi only tablet and connect it to 3G over Wi-Fi instead of buying an additional data plan. Another option is a separate mobile hotspot device, such as Verizon’s MiFi.

Or if you intend to only use your tablet at home, you can connect it to your own wireless network. Once again, it depends on your particular usage needs.

6: Input options

Tablets like the iPad have proven to be great devices for consuming content, but less great for creating it. The onscreen keyboard isn’t the most comfortable thing to work with for long documents, and the touch interface, while appropriate for many tasks, can be frustrating for others. There is a wired keyboard dock available for the iPad, or you can use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with it.

Some tablets will make it easier and faster to use the onscreen keyboard by including Swype. It may take a bit of practice to get up to speed, but a lot of those who use Swype swear by it and won’t even consider a device without it.


iPad Tops Tablet Buyers' Wish List "
PC Mag

Four out of five tablet buyers plan to purchase an Apple iPad, according to a survey from research firm Changewave.

ChangeWave surveyed 3,108 consumers in October for a 90-day outlook on PC and tablet trends. Eight percent of respondents are holding out for RIM's Blackberry PlayBook, which does not yet have a launch date. Another 3 percent want the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which will be available from T-Mobile on Nov. 10, from Sprint on Nov. 14, and Verizon on Nov. 11. AT&T and US Cellular are also expected to have the Tab at some point. Another 2 percent, meanwhile, are looking to buy the business-centric HP Slate.

Changewave also asked iPad owners about their level of satisfaction with the Apple tablet, and 95 percent of iPad owners said they were either "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied."

"With the iPad having already set the bar so very high in terms of customer expectations, these new tablets all have their work cut out for them, in order to succeed in the race to gain new market share," Paul Carton, ChangeWave vice president of research, wrote in a blog post.


November 9, 2010

Kno unveils iPad-style tablet computer aimed at students
Telegraph.co.ukKno Tablet

Kno is aiming to rival Apple’s iPad by launching a tablet-style computer aimed a students

The device – which is available in single and dual-screen models – can be used as an ebook reader and to take and annotate lecture notes, as well as to organise school and university timetables and keep track of projects.

The entry level Kno reader has a 14in screen, and will cost around $599 when it goes on sale in the United States, $100 more than the entry level iPad. The dual-screen version also features 14in displays and will set students back $899. Both support touch input, and are based on a Linux operating system.


Best Buy now selling two Android powered tablet computers

The Best Buy circular in this weekend's Columbus Dispatch featured two Android-powered tablet computers hoping to find a niche as alternatives to Apple's popular iPad.

The Cruz Tablet retails for $299 and is available at the Best Buy stores at Polaris and Marysville, but online tablets are backordered by two weeks.  The Archos Home Tablet retails for $199 and is currently available at all local Best Buy stores.

The Cruz Tablet sports a responsive 7-inch capacitive touchscreen

The Cruz Tablet is highlighted by its responsive 7-inch capacitive touchscreen.  Poor touchscreen performance has hampered early entries in the Android tablet landscape, including the Augen Tablet.

The device, powered by Android 2.0, features built-in WiFi and handles most media formats.  The touchscreen is capable of displaying resolutions up to 800 x 480.


November 9, 2010

Kno unveils iPad-style tablet computer aimed at students
Telegraph.co.ukKno Tablet

Kno is aiming to rival Apple’s iPad by launching a tablet-style computer aimed a students

The device – which is available in single and dual-screen models – can be used as an ebook reader and to take and annotate lecture notes, as well as to organise school and university timetables and keep track of projects.

The entry level Kno reader has a 14in screen, and will cost around $599 when it goes on sale in the United States, $100 more than the entry level iPad. The dual-screen version also features 14in displays and will set students back $899. Both support touch input, and are based on a Linux operating system.


Best Buy now selling two Android powered tablet computers

The Best Buy circular in this weekend's Columbus Dispatch featured two Android-powered tablet computers hoping to find a niche as alternatives to Apple's popular iPad.

The Cruz Tablet retails for $299 and is available at the Best Buy stores at Polaris and Marysville, but online tablets are backordered by two weeks.  The Archos Home Tablet retails for $199 and is currently available at all local Best Buy stores.

The Cruz Tablet sports a responsive 7-inch capacitive touchscreen

The Cruz Tablet is highlighted by its responsive 7-inch capacitive touchscreen.  Poor touchscreen performance has hampered early entries in the Android tablet landscape, including the Augen Tablet.

The device, powered by Android 2.0, features built-in WiFi and handles most media formats.  The touchscreen is capable of displaying resolutions up to 800 x 480.


November 10, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs Apple iPad: Who Gets The Best Tablet Crown?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs Apple iPad: Who Gets The Best Tablet Crown? Looks like iPad maybe the undisputed king of the tablet community. In the six months since Apple launched its tablet, no other major manufacturer has released anything that comes close to the iPad experience.

However after Samsung Electronics having launched its Galaxy Tab, the iPad has company in the market; if not competition. However industry experts are of the opinion that the Galaxy Tab won't be much of a competition. For starters, the experience an iPad delivers is as polished and smooth as it gets. What the Galaxy Tab does offer is a genuine choice to tablet owners.

The difference between the two tablets starts on a very basic level, like the line-up of wireless partners either electronic gadget has gathered. Apple's 3G iPad uses service from AT&T; 3G-ready Tablets will be offered by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and regional carrier US Cellular; all with their own data plans.

The USP's of the Galaxy Tab are in its size and weight. With a 7 inch Touch Screen and its weight half as much as the Apple product, the Galaxy Tab makes for a slightly, if not much, portable tablet than the iPad, which has a 9.7 inch screen. The display of the Samsung device is quite impressive, too, with a higher dots-per-inch count than the iPad has, even though its resolution is lower. Also, the Galaxy Tab features a camera- a 1.3 MegaPixel with a flash, which is conspicuously absent from the iPad.


Toshiba Libretto W100 - two screen tablet laptop soon
IT ChuikoToshiba Libretto W100 Tablet

The company "M. Video has announced that the first in Russia starts selling laptop with two touch screens - Toshiba Libretto W100 . During the New Year sales network of "M. Video" will focus specifically on his progress.

Portable Laptop Libretto W100 is comparable in size to the Tablet PC: the diagonal of both its touch-screen is 7 inches. Weight machine does not exceed 850 grams.
Libretto W100 is based on Windows 7. Despite its small size, technical specifications are comparable with the parameters of full-scale notebooks. CPU Speed: 1.2 GHz RAM - 2 GB (standard DDR3), a computer equipped with a solid-state disk (SSD) capacity of 62 GB and a Web camera, shoots video in HD. In Libretto W100 built a USB port, card slot for microSD. The tablet supports most modern wireless interfaces. When using the office functions battery device missing for more than 5 hours.


November 11, 2010

Tablet PC Market Heating Up

iPhone, Slate, and Galaxy comparisons

The Tablet PC market is heating up with new contenders entering the market to compete for your consideration. Apple has clearly set the bar and grabbed an early market share. The question is will other vendors throwing their hat in the ring have significant offerings to entice Tablet PC Users?

Samsung introduces a potentially strong contender with the Galaxy. I’m not sure where they came up with the name — but I digress. The main draw to the Galaxy is it runs Android OS and will be offered by the 4 major cellular providers. The Galaxy offers a very responsive 7 inch screen. Support for Flash is built-in to Samsung’s browser providing a rich web experience people are used to.

HP enters the game with the HP Slate. The HP Slate is slated for business applications which will surely interest the business community. While the Slate looks to be an interesting option it comes loaded with Windows 7. Out of the gate Windows 7 has some glaring inefficiencies like no cut and paste, no multi-tasking and Windows Mobile 6.x apps will not work on Windows 7. The real verdict on Windows 7 remains to be seen.

I hesitate to include the Barne’s & Noble’s Nook Color since it is marketed as a eBook Reader. But if you look closer it’s a full 7 inch Tablet running Android OS extending it’s capabilities beyond an eBook reader.

Here is a recent comparison of the Tablet PC devices.

Tablet Comparison


Tablet PC Price Wars

Look out, iPad. According to a Bloomberg report, Research In Motion Ltd., plans to begin selling its BlackBerry PlayBook for less than $500, undercutting Apple, Inc.’s iPad.

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie told Bloomberg that the PlayBook will go on sale in North America starting in the first quarter of 2011. The PlayBook is RIM’s business-friendly answer to Apple’s consumer-centric iPad, and boasts a seven-inch touchscreen, dual high-definition cameras for video capture and video conferencing, measures less than half an inch thick, weighs less than a pound for ultra-portability and has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. 

With the tablet market set to skyrocket – IDC predicts worldwide media tablet shipments will grow from 7.6 million units in 2010 to more than 46 million units in 2014, it’s no wonder price wars among tablet manufacturers are being waged.

But not all manufacturers are resorting to bottom-basement price points. Given its business-friendly specifications, the HP Slate 500 is the PlayBook’s closest rival and is a Windows 7-based tablet with a 8.9-inch, 1024×600 resolution screen, a 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor, a Crystal HD accelerator for HD video playback, two gigabytes of RAM, and a 64GB SSD.


It's a Tablet. It's Gorgeous. It's Costly.
New York Times

Every time there’s some new hot, heavily hyped gadget from Apple, it takes only a few months for the copycats to crop up. IPod? Zune! IPhone? Android! Samsung Galaxy Tab

The iPad? Well, it came out in March, and the iPad alternatives are just landing in stores now.

Many of them run Google’s Android phone operating system. That’s a shrewd move. Android is mature, polished and free (to the pad makers), and it comes with an existing library of 100,000 apps. Furthermore, any gadget fan who’s used an Android phone will feel instantly at home on the tablet.

In other words, if you make an Android tablet, you can hit the ground running.

The most hotly awaited Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a sleek, sturdy slab, 7.5 by 4.7 by 0.5 inches. The glass front is a 7-inch multitouch screen; the back is off-white plastic.

Samsung sweated the details on this thing. The screen is gorgeous. The touch response is immediate and reliable. The whole thing is superfast and a pleasure to use


BlackBerry to sell tablet below $500 to undercut iPad sales
Economic Times

With co-CEO Jim Balsillie on Wednesday announcing that the company's PlayBook tablet will be priced under $500, shares of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) soared on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Wall Street.

RIM unveiled the PlayBook tablet in September to take on Apple's iPad. It will hit the market early next year.


November 15, 2010

Choosing The Right Tablet For You

Selecting the tablet best suited for your lifestyle depends on size, operating system and price.

This could easily be called the year of the tablet. Apple kicked off the craze in January when it Apple iPad Tabletsunveiled its iPad. By the time the iPad went on sale in April, the device had racked up so much buzz (and presales) it was clear Apple had produced another hit.

The electronics industry took notice. With the holidays approaching, everyone from PC makers to cellphone manufacturers, monitor suppliers and booksellers is racing to release some version of a portable, touch-screen computer.

Choosing the right tablet hinges on a few key features: size, operating system and price. Tablets are designed for portability, so length, width and weight matter. The iPad's 9.7-inch screen is a good fit for a backpack, but is too large for many purses and handbags. A number of companies, including Samsung and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion , are betting that 7-inch screens will be more appealing. Other vendors, such as Dell and France's Archos, offer tablets in even smaller sizes, ranging from 2.8 inches to 5 inches. Some of these devices look more like MP3 players or smartphones, but have the advantage of sliding easily into a pocket.

Likewise, consider whether you will mostly hold your tablet in one hand, on the go, or use it while reclining or sitting. Some people consider the 1.5-pound iPad unwieldy for one-handed use; Toshiba's 10.1-inch Folio 100 is even heavier. Mid-size tablets, such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab and RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, weigh about half a pound.

A less obvious but equally important consideration is the operating system. Some tablets, such as HP's Slate 500, are specifically geared toward business users. The Slate, accordingly, runs Microsoft's Windows 7 and has a USB port for connecting to printers. It went on sale in October; reviews so far have been lukewarm. A number of other tablets are based on Google's Android mobile platform. In general that means they can connect to Google's mobile applications store, the Android Market, though the way in which this is implemented varies by manufacturer.


Samsung Galaxy Tablet: iPad's new rival?
Top Tech Reviews

Video Conference, Navigation, eReading, Browser & Augmented Reality’ are some of the upfront features of the new Samsung Galaxy iPad. Galaxy’s 7-inch Android tablet is Samsung’s contender for the iPad.Samsung Galxay Tab Yes you heard it right, 7-inch screen in contrast to iPad’s 9.7-inch. But Galaxy has something better to offer, something everyone thinks apple missed; a camera, in fact a dual camera. Additionally, the galaxy tab includes a Flash media player and a removable memory card (Thank God!). Despite the small screen size, the Galaxy tab has the same resolution. So yes, it is a serious competitor of the Apple’s iPad.

AT&T will sell the Tab for $649.99 without contract from 21st of November however AT&T personals could not confirm the price and the sales date of Galaxy. On the other hand Verizon wireless and T-mobile USA would be charging something around $600 without a contract. Unconfirmed reports have suggested that the Galaxy Tab would be sold with monthly data plans by AT&T, similar to those offered for Apple’s iPad tablet. Verizon began selling the Galaxy Tab without a contract for $600 on Thursday. Verizon offers four data plans, ranging from $20 per month for 1 GB of data to $80 a month for 10 GB of data.Here’s the break down:

Apple’s iPad tablet with Wi-Fi + 3G — $14.99 for 250 MB or $25 for 2GB

Sprint: Starts selling the tab for $400 with a two-year contract. Sales start Sunday.

T-mobile: Sales already started at $600 a piece, without contract, with two data plans.

Verizon: $600 a piece, without contract. Sales have already started. Four data plans have been offered.

AT&T: $649.99 without contract. Sales start Nov 21.


TIME Magazine's '50 Best Inventions of 2010' features Apple's revolutionary iPad

TIME Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2010 features Apple's revolutionary iPad, of course:apple iPad

"How does Apple keep out-inventing the rest of the tech industry? Often, it's by reinventing a product category that its competitors have given up on," Harrty McCracken writes for TIME Magazine.

"In theory, the iPad is merely a follow-up to such resoundingly unpopular slate-style computers as Microsoft's Tablet PC," McCracken writes (with a straight face? - MDN Ed.) "But Apple is the first company that designed finger-friendly hardware and software from scratch rather than stuffing a PC into a keyboardless case."

McCracken writes, "When it calls the results 'magical' and 'revolutionary,' it's distorting reality only slightly. One analyst says the iPad is the fastest-selling nonphone gizmo in consumer-electronics history."

The full list can be seen here.


Lenovo's LePad Tablet Due in US in 2011
PC World

t's no secret Lenovo has its eye on the tablet market, and now China's biggest PC manufacturer appears ready to challenge Apple's iPad in the U.S. The company's LePad, an Android-based slate announced in July, will arrive stateside next year.

According to a report in Friday's Wall Street Journal, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing has confirmed the Lenovo U1 TabletLePad will sell in the U.S. The tablet will join an increasingly crowded market, including the popular iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which may ship in both 7-and 10-inch models by the time Lenovo's slate arrives. Other competitors include Research In Motion's PlayBook and Dell's Streak.

Yuanqing, who didn't announce the LePad's price, said his company is debating whether to use Google's Chrome operating system on its portables, the Journal reports. But given the vaporous nature of Chrome OS, a browser-based operating system that stores all of a computer user's applications and data online, it seems likely that LePad would run Android, at least initially.

In addition to LePad, Lenovo has several tablet designs under development. Its IdeaPad U1, a Windows laptop with a detachable touchscreen that functions as a standalone Linux tablet, debuted in January but won't ship until next year. The U1 was originally slated to ship in June and cost about $1000. But it was put on hold when the tablet didn't meet Lenovo's quality standards, according to IDG News reports.


Apple iPad wins 'best gadget' award
The Press Association

Apple has trumped Amazon and Sky to win a prestigious best gadget accolade with its iPad.iPad in Case

The iPad beat the Amazon Kindle and Sky 3D to win both the gadget of the year and readers' gadget of the year gongs in the 2010 Stuff Gadget Awards.

Stuff magazine editor and judge Fraser Macdonald said: "The iPad's success was by no means pre-ordained. It's expensive and functionally limited.

"But it is also quite gloriously indispensable and only making itself more so with the increasing number of apps and accessories. To see it is to want it, and that's why it's our gadget of the year."

Microsoft's motion-sensor gaming system Xbox Kinect won readers' votes for innovation of the year.

The annual awards recognise the best consumer technology released in the past year and are decided by expert judges and readers.

Apple's iPhone4 won phone of the year, and the compact hybrid electric Honda CR-Z car took the eco gadget title.


Nvidia CEO Expects Android Tablet Deluge

Nvidia expects there to be a deluge of Android-based devices into the tablet market to challenge the dominance of Apple's iPad tablet PC in the next few weeks.Nvidia

Talking analysts and reported during a conference to announce results of the last quarter, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that the popularity of tablet devices is because they are used in all types of industries, ranging from hospitality to automobile and healthcare.

He said that the upcoming landslide of Android-based tablets will be powered by Nvidia's Tegra processor which will “give you the benefit of higher performance and much, much better multitasking and better graphics.”

Talking to Cnet after the conference call, he said that the Android tablets will contain a new version of the OS modified to work well with large screen tablets along with smartphones.


November 16, 2010

Exo PC slate hands-onWindows 7 tablet turns up at Pocket-lint towers

Why have a tablet PC running a mobile OS (iOS 4 or Android) when you can have one running a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium edition.Exo tablet PC

That’s the argument you are likely to hear from Exo PC, makers of a new slate/tablet device that is coming out in the very near future.

The new tablet, which Pocket-lint is the first to see in the UK, will sport a very responsive 11.6-inch LCD touchscreen with a 1366 x 768 resolution and be powered by a 1.66GHz Intel Pineview-M N450 processor.

You get 2GB of on-board RAM and storage options of 32GB or 64GB to complete with the Apple iPad.

The rest of the specs read like a mobile phone, complete with Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel forward facing camera for video calling, and an SD card reader so you can add pictures or video from your camera.

For all intense purposes this is a netbook PC without the keyboard or clamshell design. You can of course just plug in a keyboard and mouse


I-Slate: Solar Powered Tablet PC for Rural Kids

Not to be confused with the working name of Apple's iPad, which still hasn't show up officially here in I-Slate: Solar Powered Tablet PC for Rural KidsIndia, I-Slate is the latest tablet PC targeted at Indian rural students, and is under development at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in collaboration with Rice University (USA). Although this isn't the first time that a portable computing solution is being developed for the rural kids in India - the indigenous Rs. 1,500 tablet Sakshat being the pioneer - the I-Slate appears to be a more practical solution.

I-Slate seems perfect for our conditions because it's designed to be completely solar powered, and therefore perfect for rural students without electricity. Technical specifications are scarce, with only concrete information available on the energy efficient solar powered microchips which are being developed by the Institute of Sustainable and Applied Infodynamics (ISAID) of NTU and Switzerland's Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology. The capabilities of the devices are still unknown, which is being primarily claimed as an electronic notepad, so its credentials as a tablet PC are still not verifiable till we have more clarity on its OS and processing specifications


A New Rugged Tablet PC From X2 Computing Plays Multiple Games Simultaneously

X2 Computing, one of the leading providers of computer-based gaming solutions has launched the X210GM, a new ruggedised tablet PC. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of gaming applications, it is the first commercially available tablet computer to provide a three point resistive multi-touch screen for gaming applications with options for capacitive, standard and lensed models. Uniquely, this will enable multiple games to be played simultaneously on a single device and deliver significant additional revenues to gaming operators.

According to Francis Davis, Sales Director of X2: “This new tablet PC is designed to meet the precise requirements of gaming operators and has the resilience and reliability to provide dependable service in the most demanding environments, unlike the consumer-based devices that are offered by other suppliers. It will make a significant contribution towards helping operators to increase the level of third party gaming content, driving up revenues and profitability.”

The X210GM is based on the Intel® Atom N270 1.6GHz processor and is compatible with a range of operating systems including Windows® 7, Windows® 7 Embedded and Windows 7 compact (CE), which makes it easier to control content management and software updates across multiple locations. It has a robust, ruggedised casing, integrated handle and variable position kick stand with a 10.1” three point multi-touch screen and a built-in gyro enabling games to be played in landscape or portrait mode according to user preference. The X210GM uses the latest 802.11n wireless technology providing access to additional video-rich content and, with a range of storage options up to 520GB, has the power to run even the most demanding gaming applications.


Do PC Makers Have an Edge in Tablet Market?
Wall Street Journal

A bullish study from Oppenheimer Monday predicted that unit sales of tablet devices would grow nearly seven-fold over the next four years, MarketWatch reported.

Apple will likely capture the lion’s share of that growth, at least in the near-term, given its powerful first-mover advantage with the iPad, which sold nearly 7.5 million units in its first six months on the market. But competition is coming fast – the Samsung Galaxy Tab hit the market last week, and new devices are arriving from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Research In Motion Ltd. – just to name a few.


November 17, 2010

3-way input and 4-point multi-touch technology

Fujtsu Asia Pacific has launched the LIFEBOOK T580/TH550, the new addition to its comprehensive tablet PC product line-up featuring 3-way input (Touch,Write, and Type), and 4-point multi-touch technology.

The new LIFEBOOK T580/TH550 consists dual digitiser support for enhanced writing input and enhanced flexibility via the bi-directional auto-rotating touch screen.

The new Tablet PC is powered by Intel Core i3-380UM / i5-560UM / Pentium U5400 processor and the Intel HM55 express chipset, and weights 1.4kg giving the system optimal processing power and increased mobility for busy executives and advanced consumers.

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific product marketing manager Edmund Lim said the unique 4-point multi-touch and dual digitiser features to the LIFEBOOK T580/TH550 allows for pen input and capacitive multi-touch support.


Carlson Introduces New Supervisor Tablet PC

n the first class of the 3rd Carlson User Conference, being held in Louisville, Ky., Randy Noland, V.P. of Business Development for Carlson Positioning and Machine Control, introduced Carlson’s all new Carlson Supervisor. It’s a small, rugged tablet PC with many extras designed for real performance in the field by the construction, landfill, mining and land surveying industries. Carlson Supervisor. Tablet

“The new Carlson Supervisor fills a real ‘sweet spot’ for the site manager and land surveyor,” says Noland. “It’s rugged and driven by a powerful 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. The seven-inch wide screen is the best I have seen in direct sunlight. The big screen is perfect for gloved fingers and large enough to be of use in a pickup truck, ATV, GPS pole or even in heavy equipment making the Supervisor suited for some machine control applications.”

Produced by HHCS Handheld USA Inc. for Carlson, the Carlson Supervisor features full Windows 7 functionality with a daylight readable, seven-inch touchscreen. Tough enough to work in the most challenging environments, the Carlson Supervisor has 2GB of DDR2 RAM plus a 64 GB SDD.


Good, Bad, Or Irrelevant: New Blackberry Tablet Three Times Faster

The CEO of Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) told the Web 2.0 conference that his firm’s new Blackberry Tablettablet PC is “three to four times faster” than the iPad. Jim Balsillie said “Go to YouTube and see it. It’s fast. It’s self-evident when shown,” according to Bloomberg

The new RIMM “Playbook” has not sold a single unit, and it is not clear that anyone cares about whether one PC is faster than another if it meets the minimum expectations of consumers.

What is clear is that Apple has the “hot” brand, and that RIMM’s smartphone market share has begun to dwindle as Apple’s has risen. RIMM also has no software application store to match the Apple App Store. Apps are one of the critical tethers Apple has to its customers. RIMM has no reason to believe that it has any tethers at all.


PC World and Currys pull Toshiba Folio 100‎
PC Advisor

PC World and Currys have stopped selling Toshiba's Folio 100 tablet PC following a high rate of Toshiba Folia Tablet PCreturns.

Toshiba's £329 tablet was made available earlier this month. The rival to Apple's iPad runs Google's Android 2.2 platform, has a 10.1in capacitive touchscreen and is powered by an nVidia Tegra 2 chip.

It also comes with 16GB of built-in memory and has an SD card slot allowing for as much as 32GB of storage capacity to be added, taking the Folio's overall capacity to 48GB.

We can confirm that we have taken the Toshiba Folio off sale temporarily as we have had a high level of returns and we do not want to give our customers a bad experience of what is actually a very good product," said Anina Castle from PC World.

"We are working with Toshiba to identify what the issue is and hope to have a resolution very soon."

Toshiba confirmed it was aware of the returns and "is currently working with Dixons Retail to provide a solution".


November 18, 2010

SlingPlayer for iPad delivers all kinds of television to Apple's tablet

Sling Media has posted a preview video of their upcoming iPad app, and you can watch it in action right after the break below. It looks pretty darn good -- the app of course allows you to stream everything that comes from your Slingbox DVR device, including live TV, DVR'd content, or any on-demand offerings you might happen to have. The iPad app uses Apple's own H.264 codec, so while this is just a video demonstration, presumably the real thing will look just as good.

sling media player


PeeWee PC outs second convertible tablet PC for kids

PeeWee PC has introduced its second convertible tablet for kids in the PeeWee Pivot 2.0 notebook. Pee Wee Tablet PCIt replaces the original Pivot introduced in 2009, is rugged with a waterproof keyboard and sports a rotating touchscreen that pivots and turns the notebook into a touchscreen tablet. The device weighs 3.7lbs.

A webcam is built-in, while it has been upgraded to a 1.66GHz Intel Atom to go along with 1GB of RAM. Preloaded software still includes Windows XP Home and 15 educational games. PeeWee Patrol and Privacy limits time spent browsing and gaming while blocking sites. Parents can also access browsing history and control the notebook remotely.

The 10.1-inch touchscreen has a 1024x600 resolution, though it can be optioned up to a 1366x768 screen. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are integrated, while a 160GB hard drive stores data.

The PeeWee Pivot 2.0 is available now for $599.


The FT To Reimburse Staff For iPads Or Other Tablet
Tech Digest

The Financial Times has announced that they will give a £300 rebate to any of their 1,800 staff against the purchase of an iPad or other tablet PC.

The iPad upon its launch was hailed by many in the publishing industry as the saviour of print, and although this probably isn't true, there are still a number of opportunities for the role of tablet PC's in publishing.

By rebating any staff who buy an iPad, the FT are making a rather bullish statement on the potential opportunities presented by this new medium and their plans for distribution. They already has a very successful app for the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. So encouraging tablet reading habits in their own staff, should come as no real surprise.

FT Group CEO John Ridding sent out the following memo his staff this morning stating:

"I'm pleased to let you know that we are launching today a new initiative that will allow FT staff to claim a £300 (€350/ US$480) subsidy for the purchase of a personal iPad or tablet. This will run from today until 30th June 2011.

The FT is making this investment because digital channels and tablet devices are becoming increasingly important for us and the media industry in general...We have seen rapid growth in readership on these new devices, which support and extend our "channel neutral" strategy. Given their importance and the wave of innovation that we are seeing in applications and services, we want to encourage all our staff to be expert and experienced in using them."


November 19, 2010

Hands-on with Dell Convertible Duo Tablet Laptop
Tom's Hardware Guide

Well, look what we have here! Meet Dell's new baby, the Inspiron duo.

The other day, Andrew spend a couple hours will Dell, chatting about the company's new Inspiron Dell Duo Tablet duo (it is supposed to be lowercase, we checked) tablet-cum-netbook. It would have been nice to take you all along with us, but we weren't really sure that would go down so well, so instead, you'll have to make do with these pictures and some as-yet unreleased information on battery life and the like.

Unveiled at IDF back in September, the duo made a pretty big splash for a couple of reasons. It was the first new convertible tablet PC that we'd seen for some time. The most recent one is the HP TouchSmart tm2t, which only saw an update to UM Arrandale processors in the past couple of months. The second reason is that the duo is a Tablet PC, and Andrew is particularly adamant that we not compare this to the iPad, which is not a tablet PC.

"The iPad is a great device, but remember that an iPad is tablet not a tablet PC. The ModBook is the only Tablet PC that is allowed to run the MacOS. It's expensive but it's one truly one of a kind. Tablets restrict OS functions. Tablet PCs run the same OS as their PC brethren."

So we know it's not a tablet, but a tablet PC, so what exactly is it? What's inside this nifty little netvertible?


Algiz 7 – Rugged Tablet PC From Handheld
Times of the Internet

It has a 7 inch screen and a design that makes it more like a cell phone. However, the handheld Algiz 7 – Rugged Tablet PCAlgiz 7 is a full-fledged tablet PC and, moreover, is specially built to withstand all kinds of accidents.

Designed for all those who live dangerously, James Bond-style, and subject to their daily risk of accidents laptop, rugged tablet PC is encoded with 65 in the IP Code IP (International Protection Rating) and military standard MIL-STD 810G ( Department of Defense Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests). IP 65 indicates that the tablet PC is fully protected against dust and resists smooth low pressure water jets. MIL-STD 810G Algiz 7 shows that bear very extreme conditions: it may fall to about 2 meters without anything to get hurt, resists mechanical shock and vibration, is protected from humidity, altitude, rain, dust and sand, face temperatures extremes and thermal shock.

In terms of design, Algiz 7 resistance compensates by something more robust appearance. 7-inch screen is not touch-type technology support, ultra-portable so it is controlled by physical buttons. Instead, the display is based on the technology of the MaxView Handheld, which allows reading the display even in direct sunlight or in badly lit environments.It weighs 1.08 kg, enough for a gadget multicel so small, measuring 14 cm x 22.9 cm x 4.1 cm.


November 23, 2010

Acer unveils tablets with 5-, 7-, 10-inch screens

Acer Inc, the world's No. 2 PC manufacturer, unveiled a range of tablet computers to help it compete with Apple Inc's iPad, wading into the fast-growing market.Acer unveils tablets with 5-, 7-, 10-inch screens

The tablet computer market is becoming crowded as more companies produce the new devices, which fall between traditional PCs and smartphones.

Chief Executive Gianfranco Lanci announced at a news conference in New York on Tuesday that the tablets would have 5-, 7-, and 10-inch screens, running on Google's Android software. A second 10-inch tablet will run on Microsoft's Windows.

The company said the WiFi-only models of the tablets would come out in April 2011, while the third-generation (3G)-capable models would arrive about a month later. The 5-inch tablet doubles as a smartphone.

Separately Tuesday, Acer's rival Dell Inc announced a new tablet that runs on Microsoft's Windows software.

Acer, based in Taiwan, said it was in talks with U.S. phone carriers for 3G connectivity for its tablets.


Why Your Next PC Will Be a Tablet
PC World

The world of computing is at a crossroads. The primary computer for most users today is not a PC; it's a phone. While the PC sits on a desk at the office or on a coffee table at home, smartphones go everywhere with us and integrate into every part of our lives. But despite getting smarter and smarter, phones are too small to replace PCs completely. We need a device that bridges the gap between what PCs do and what mobile phones do. That device has arrived. Welcome to the age of the tablet.

Unlike earlier, arguably premature efforts to transform tablet computing into a mass-market reality, today's models are here to stay. The new wave of slates is rolling in fast and furious, offering a tsunami of diverse options for every user.

Today's tablet is exactly what the name implies: a thin slab, dominated by its screen. These slender systems generally max out at 1.5 pounds, and few of them take up more space in your bag than an old-fashioned composition book would. The software for tablets has changed, as well. Instead of struggling to run a full-fledged version of Windows, which requires a significant amount of processing power and isn't optimized for use with a touchscreen, most new tablet models released nowadays run a relatively lightweight, touchscreen-focused mobile operating system such as Apple iOS or Google Android.

In the coming year, we are bound to see an astounding array of new tablets, including offerings from every major computer and phone maker, in many different sizes.


November 22, 2010

Dell Inspiron Duo, a first-of-its-kind netbook/tablet goes up for pre-order

At the grand opening of the Microsoft Store in Bellvue Square Thursday, Dell began accepting pre-Dell Inspiron Duo Tabletorders for the Inspiron Duo, a convertible Windows tablet PC that takes a completely new approach to the form factor.

Though there have been a handful of different designs for convertible tablet PCs over the last decade, the design most manufacturers have settled upon involves a rotating joint where the screen meets the chassis. Dell's Inspiron Duo, first debuted at IDF earlier this year, mounts the touchscreen on a bezel so that it can be flipped on its horizontal axis like a spinning target in pinball. When facing one direction, the Duo is a touchable netbook, when facing the other, it's a multi-touch tablet.

The stock model Inspiron Duo is equipped with a 10" capacitive touchscreen, a 1.5 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, 250 GB of storage, and a Broadcom Crystal HD graphics accelerator for a reported $549 with upgrade options available. In the Windows Team blog today, Ben Rudolph said the cold boot startup time for the Inspiron Duo is 36.5 seconds, and shutdown with no apps open takes 17.5 seconds.


Apple iPad tops Oprah's 'Favorite Things' list

Last week we heard about Oprah’s new iPad app and didn’t think too much of it. Just another oprah ipadpublication moving into the future and getting an iPad app. No biggie. But we didn’t think that the Apple tablet would be topping Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list, which is historically a pretty good list to get on if you’re looking to push your product and get some good recognition. You know how Oprah rolls: her word is gold and when she says she likes a new book or gadget, folks go gobbling it up!

After announcing that it was her “number one favorite thing ever,” Oprah did her Oprah thing and gave free iPads out to the audience, expressing utter joy at the experience of the thing. Also on the list was a five-year subscription to Netflix, a Sony 3D TV and Blu-ray player, Groupon’s partnership with Kiva and Microsoft Bing. But when it comes to being number one for Oprah, the iPad beats them all.

The Apple tablet has really been quite a revolutionary device regardless of how you may feel about it. It seems that most folks are split right down the middle – they either love it or hate it. But there was a time when critics said there was no market for a tablet PC and Apple proved them wrong by selling millions of iPads and spawning so many copy-cats. It has been very evident that other tablets have been rushed to market due to the raging popularity of the iPad.


Tablets coming for the holidays, but is it time to buy one yet?
Los Angeles Times

This year's hottest new tech gadget was undoubtedly Apple's much-talked-about iPad, the sleek Tablets for the Holidaystablet computer that has sold millions and started many discussions about whether the future of personal computing will be seen on a touchscreen.

But the iPad debuted only about eight months ago, and the entire nascent tablet market has emerged since then. That is hardly enough time for a new type of technology product to mature or to find the many generalized and specialized tasks it may eventually be used for.

Still, the flood of tablets is about to begin, and we've looked at a few of the newest ones in our Sunday business story about tablet computing, and the accompanying video.


November 24, 2010

Kids To Santa: Forget the Netbook and Bring Me an iPad!
NewsFactor Network

Apple's iPad is at the top of Christmas wish lists for 31 percent of Americans between six and 12 Santa with iPadyears old, according to a Nielsen survey. Among older consumers, a new computer, TV set, or smartphone ranked a bit ahead of the iPad. While electronics like the iPad are likely to be in demand, Nielsen found netbooks are so last year

However, Nielsen said a new computer actually topped the shopping lists of 20 percent of all U.S. consumers 13 years of age and older. The response is a bit surprising, given that 97 percent of households already have a computer, according to NPD.

Among consumers who already own an iPad, NPD survey respondents said their usage increased over time -- growing from about 15 hours per week at the two-month mark to about 18 hours after three months and thereafter. Among those using the iPad outside the home, 37 percent said they used the device on trips and vacations, 21 percent at work, and seven percent while commuting.



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November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving


November 29, 2010

Acer Ups Ante in Tablet Market

Taiwan PC maker to offer Windows and 2 Android tablets in April

Acer will offer two Android tablets in April 2011. The 10.1-inch model will be the company’s flagship in the tablet market, sporting a ten point multi-touch screen with a native 1280 X 800 screen Acer Tablet PCresolution. Acer is emphasizing the tablet’s HD video abilities with both the screen and the tablet’s front-facing “HD” camera for high quality video calling. It also features HDMI output for simplified monitor and television connections. The tablet will also feature a 5-migapixel camera on the back. On the inside, Acer’s Android tablet will sport a dual-core 1GHz processor. Like the iPad, the unnamed tablet will feature a gyroscope for motion-based gaming and other apps. Acer also stressed the tablet’s support of Adobe Flash 10.1. A 7-inch model has the same feature set as well as a 1.2GHz CPU made by Qualcomm.

Coming a bit earlier than the Android tablets is Acer’s Microsoft Windows 7 tablet, due in Feburary 2011. The Windows tablet is a bit beefier than the Android models, 15mm thick and 2.2 pounds. It also features built in WiFi and 3G communication technology, though Acer did not specify which 3G standard the tablet would use or which carriers would support the device. Other details about the Windows tablet’s specifications are up in the air, with no word as to what its screen resolution or internal memory will be, though it will use an AMD silicon processor rather than the Intel and Qualcomm-made chips common to competing tablet models. Acer also says that the Windows tablet will sport front- and back-facing 1.3-megapixel cameras as well as a QWERTY keyboard-equipped dock for home use.

Both the Android and Windows tablets will act as seeding devices for Acer’s new media-sharing platform Clear.fi. The Taiwan PC manufacturer is taking a page from Apple’s cross-platform software strategy with Clear.fi, emphasizing the software’s ability to let users share their music, video, image, and other media libraries smoothly across multiple operating systems and devices. Any device with WiFi communications can be accessed through the Clear.fi interface, allowing access to media libraries and letting users take advantage of integrated social networking tools. Videos can be uploaded to Google’s YouTube while images can be easily uploaded to Flickr or Facebook through Clear.fi’s tools. Acer has not, however, linked Clear.fi to digital media storefronts like Microsoft’s Zune, Apple’s iTunes or other distributors like Amazon.com. As of now, Clear.fi is going to be leveraged purely as a filing and sharing tool, which may limit may limit active support from partners like Google and Microsoft despite the implementation of those company’s operating systems on the new Acer tablets.


2011: The Year of the Tablet Wars

The second generation of tablets won't require the sacrifices of the first. You had to pick a good multimedia experience or a good read -- you couldn't just say you wanted both in one device and not get laughed at. Next year, the laughter stops and the Notion Ink Adam is the first product to stop it. 2011 will be the year of tablet wars, and we haven't seen anything yet.

This has been an interesting month when it comes to tablets. Apple has pretty much owned the segment, but Samsung reports it sold (or shipped) 600,000 of its Galaxy Tablets in the first month, which may mean it's a player. HP almost had a surprise winner in its Windows 7 Tablet, but it can't seem to buy a break and under-forecast demand, which probably didn't please its new CEO very much.

Acer ended the month announcing several tablets, including a phone that is just slightly smaller than the already-shipping Dell Streak. Finally, Notion Ink quietly signaled it was going to have its second-generation tablet available -- at least for order -- on December 9th. We aren't even in 2011 yet, and the tablet wars are starting. That's what I'll look at this week.

I'll close with my product of the week, which is the iPad. So far, it's easily kicked the butt of every other product that has been brought to market, and it will likely kick most of what we see at CES next year. It is on my short list of products of the year.

Second Generation Is Worth Waiting For

The Notion Ink Adam is only the first in what will likely be a wave of second- generation products launched next year, including one from Amazon to replace or augment my personal favorite product, the Kindle. Which, by the way, likely means I'll still prefer the Kindle over the iPad this year, because I love to read outside as well as inside and can't live without my Kindle. I've read four books on it in the last week.

This is what makes the second generation interesting, because it won't require the sacrifices of the first. You had to pick a good multimedia experience or a good read -- you couldn't just say you wanted both in one device and not get laughed at. Next year, the laughter stops and the Notion Ink Adam is the first product to stop it. 2011 will be the year of tablet wars, and we haven't seen anything yet.


Tablet Wars, Part 2: Half a Tablet Can Be Better Than a Whole One
Seeking Alpha

In October, Jobs directed 4 criticisms at the avalanche of tablets expected this year. Two were at the 7" form factor. Here are excerpts from the Seeking Alpha transcript:

Second … a seven-inch screen is only 45% as large as iPad's 10-inch screen. … Well, one could increase the resolution of the display to make up for some of the difference. It is meaningless, unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of the present size. … There are clear limits of how close you can physically place elements on a touch screen before users cannot reliably tap, flick or pinch them.

Third, every tablet user is also a smartphone user. No tablet can compete with the mobility of a smartphone, its ease of fitting into your pocket or purse, its unobtrusiveness when used in a crowd. Given that all tablet users will already have a smartphone in their pockets, giving up precious display area to fit a tablet in our pockets is clearly the wrong tradeoff. The seven-inch tablets are tweeners, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad.

The iPad has a screen that rivals the resolution of small laptop (or a netbook) with its 9.7" LCD, while the B&N nookColor and the Galaxy offer a screen in a 7" form factor. The smaller size brings a smaller weight and price: the nookColor is half the price of the WiFi-only iPad while the 3G Samsung is essentially the same price as the 3G iPad (but with a camera).

Steve Jobs posits a chasm between the smartphone and laptop/tablet form factors, and says that his two extremes are the only ones that are viable:

However, a 7" tablet can be held with one hand, walking around and is roughly the dimensions of a paperback book. It works pretty well for reading most web pages and certainly for watching a 480x360 YouTube video.


Microsoft Patent To Offer Tactile Feedback On Displays

A new patent from Microsoft has surfaced and the idea could lead to touchscreens that could change its shape to create keyboards and other tactile objects, dubbed a technique for a "light-induced shape-memory polymer display screen". It's able to send ultraviolet light to a plastic layer above each pixel, changing its topography. Varying UV wavelengths would make different parts hard or soft, creating bumps and ridges that could feel like a real surface with tangible keys. This design could be used on hardware with projectors, such as the Microsoft Surface multi-touch table, though it might not be limited to devices with a projector only. Could this design mean that we'll also get an improved typing system on touchscreen devices in the future?


November 30, 2010

Coming Tomorrow

TabletPc2.com's 2010 "List for Santa" Gift Guide


Virgin's iPad-exclusive magazine, Project, hits e-shelves tonight

Looks like Rupert Murdoch wasn't the alone one interested in marketing an iPad-only magazine, and he's definitely not going to be the first. Virgin's Project launched in the App Store last night.

News Corp and Apple are rumored to be making a joint announcement on December 9, reportedly Virgin's Project Magazine for iPadconcerning the imminent arrival of the iPad only magazine The Daily. Looks like they’ve been beat to the punch by Virgin, which will launch Project, a magazine exclusively available for iPad, tonight.

Initial reports pegged Virgin founder Richard Branson’s Project as a light, browse-worthy, in-flight magazine – a logical conclusion for the Virgin Airways mogul. But a screenshot featuring Jeff Bridges and whole host of articles teasers on the cover seem to convey otherwise. It looks like the publication will be fully featured and have design, entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurs as its main tenants.

The new magazine app is designed similarly to Wired, not a bad move on Virgin’s part, seeing as it’s one of the iPad’s bestselling magazines. And as the launch creeps closer by the minute, Virgin is ingeniously holding a competition to redesign its cover art, driving up consumer interest and awareness. A note to hopeful participants: you’ll have to be in New York, San Francisco, or London and pay attention to Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, and Gowalla to find the locations of four USB drives with replicas of the cover. The winner will also get to design another issue in the coming year.



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