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December 1, 2010


2010 "List for Santa"
Holiday Gift Guide

TabletPc2.com 2010 list for Santa Holiday Gift Guide


Dell Inspiron Duo review

When Dell first demoed the Inspiron Duo and its vertically rotating screen on stage at IDF in Dell Inspiron Duo TabletSeptember, our mouths nearly hit the floor. It looked like a plain old netbook until its 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen did a magical backflip and folded down over its keyboard to morph into a tablet. It was like nothing we'd ever seen before. And we actually figured it would be the sort of system that would stay locked up in Dell's labs, but when its specs were revealed -- a dual-core Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, and Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator -- it became evident that the netbook / tablet hybrid was the real deal. Running Windows 7 Home Premium and Dell's new Stage interface, the $550 netvertible has the potential to successfully straddle both the netbook and tablet world. It also has a real shot at being the perfect device for those wavering between buying a netbook and a tablet. Indeed, the Duo is filled to the brim with potential, but what's the thing really like to use? We've spent the last few days with the Duo (and its Duo Audio Station) to find out, so hit the break for the official Engadget review!


Tablets: Apple iPad has strong head start, but Samsung gaining ground
Lexington Herald Leader

The Galaxy runs Google's Android 2.2 operating system.

I got to sit down and play with the Galaxy for about 20 minutes the day I was writing this story, and I came away impressed.

I've been a proponent of the 7-inch tablet, and I'm now convinced that I'm much more interested in tablets of that size.

The Galaxy comes in a Wi-Fi-only model for $599 or with 3G Internet service from T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

Sprint and T-Mobile are selling the Galaxy Tab for $399 when the buyer signs up for a two-year data plan.

The only downside to the smaller screen is in checking my Gmail account. I had hoped the Galaxy would automatically scale HTML e-mails to fit the screen. But when opening these messages, I had to scroll around to see the entire message.

The Android operating system also seems to have many layers and many settings. Apple's iOS is much simpler, with fewer choices to make.

That may or may not be a good thing, depending on how much of a "techie" you consider yourself or the gift recipient.

All in all, the Galaxy is a fine tablet that does everything I could ask it to do. Plus it has front and rear cameras to shoot photos and video or for video chatting.

The Galaxy Tab can show Adobe Flash content as well as HTML5.

DELL STREAK: Firmly straddling the line between tablet and smart phone is the 5-inch Dell Streak.

First of all, the Streak is the only device in this comparison that's a full-blown 3G phone.

The Streak also runs the Android operating system and includes a GPS chip and compass to provide turn-by-turn navigation.

The Streak also treads into e-reader territory with full integration into the Amazon Kindle bookstore.


Apple patents show convertible tablet, MagSafe optical data connector
Apple Insider

Patents granted to Apple on Tuesday reveal that the company could be working on a device that converts from standard laptop form to tablet form as well as a magnetic connector that provides both power and an optical data connection.

In a Nov. 30 patent entitled "Application Programming Interfaces for Scrolling Apple The patent app shows a notebook form factor device that has a screen that pops up like a normal notebook screen and then can slide forward over the keyboard to create a tablet form factor. It’s important to point out that while the art in the patent app shows the convertible tablet, the patent app itself is not for a tablet form factor device, but for tech that covers scrolling. The patent app is titled “Application Programming Interfaces for Scrolling Operations.” Still, it’s cool to see that the design geeks over at Apple are at least thinking about new form factors.Operations," Apple depicts a laptop that slides into tablet form as an example of a device that would take advantage of the patent's scrolling operations.

The drawings first show a laptop with a traditional keyboard, body, display frame and display. Then, according to the patent, "the laptop device can be converted into a tablet device" by sliding the display across the keyboard.

Since the patent relates to scrolling operations, it would presumably not cover the convertible laptop to tablet form factor. Apple does, however, disclaim in the application that the patent contains "specific exemplary embodiments."


ViewSonic next in line with iPad competitor
Good Gear Guide

ViewSonic is the latest manufacturer to announce the launch of a new tablet device that will compete with the popular Apple iPad.viewsonic Tablet

Better known for its low priced LCD and LED monitors, ViewSonic will launch the ViewPad 7 Android tablet in Australia "sometime in January", describing the device as "a smartphone, computer, game centre and e-book all combined in one".

The ViewPad 7 ($699) has a 7in, capacitive touchscreen, supports multitouch, and runs the latest 2.2 or "Froyo" version of Google's Android platform.

Like the competing Samsung Galaxy Tab, the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 has mobile phone capabilities and also features dual cameras, meaning it can be used to make videoconference calls across a 3G or wireless network. Unlike the Galaxy Tab, the ViewPad 7 is a 900MHz and 2100MHz 3G device, meaning it won't work with Telstra's Next G network, which runs on the 850MHz network band.


December 2, 2010

Acer talks big: plans to upend the iPad
Mobile Computing News

Acer has been exuding confidence lately, talking big about its plans to not only dominate the whole PCindustry, but to also upend the runaway train that is the iPad. Two to three years at most is how long the company’s leadership believes it will take the Acer tablets to both erase Apple’s head start in the tablet PC market, and usurp the company, too. Them’s fighting words!


Moto splits up, preps tablet PC

As expected, Motorola Inc. has split into two independent entities, as previously announced.

Amid the move, Motorola is preparing to roll out a new tablet PC, according to an analyst. This week, Motorola also approved the separation of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. from Motorola. Motorola Mobility is the handset unit. Sanjay Jha, formerly Motorola co-CEO, is now CEO of Motorola Mobility.


The New HP Slate 500 Tablet PC Has Arrived
World News Heard now

he much anticipated hp slate 500 tablet pc is finally here. The new tablet comes with an 8.9 inch HP Tabletscreen that ahs a very captivative multi touch feature, a finger control option or the new digital pen by HP.

The device runs on a 1.86GHz Z540 processor. The device also comes with a 64 GB hard drive; crystal HD enhanced video chip, as well as a GMA 500 GPU.

In regard of the device connections the device has, a USB port, a HDMI port, an SD card reader, Wi-Fi connectivity and an audio in/out jack.


December 3, 2010


2010 "List for Santa"
Holiday Gift Guide

Our Eight Annual "List for Santa" Holiday Feature includes more than 100 products including, Tablet PCs, Slate PCs, Laptops, iPhone & iPad, Accessories & Outstanding Technology Products for the Holidays.


Fujitsu Working On Enterprise Tablet PC's, Drops Some Info On A 12-incher
Tablets Planet

Fujitsu has come out and declared that they have developed a new 12.1-inch enterprise tablet PC Fujitsu DL Padtitled the DL Pad. Fujitsu also announced their first customers, the Japan company Dai-ichi Life, they have sold them a reported 50,000 units of the DL Pad. At this time the company is keeping the tablet PC a enterprise market device but the DL Pad could potentially shift into a consumer device in future.

Sadly, with the announcement of the DL Pad Fujitsu is still being pretty secretive on the specs the touch tablet features. The only tid-bits known are that the DL Pad will feature a 12.1-inch touch display, measure in at approx. 20mm thick, weight 950 grams, run Windows 7, come with USB connectivity, come with a 3MP camera, offer 7 hours battery life and feature the ability to be locked and/or have files wiped remotely to prevent the loss of important data.


December 6, 2010

ViewSonic tablet with Tegra 2 launched at $400
AfterdawnViewSonic G Tablet

ViewSonic has begun shipping their G tablet this week, making it available at retailers like Office Depot.
The price for the tablet is $400, $100 under the price of the cheapest Apple iPad, which offers 16GB of storage and Wi-Fi support.

ViewSonic's G has a 10-inch display with 1024x600 resolution, and runs on a powerful 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC.

While the tablet runs on Android 2.2 Froyo, it is unclear whether Android Market access is native since ViewSonic has its own "G Tablet Apps Store."


Samsung Galaxy Tab Tops 1 Million Units Shipped

Samsung has sold more than 1 million Apple iPad rival Galaxy Tab tablet computers worldwide, a significant jump for a product that notched 600,000 units sold two weeks ago before the Thanksgiving holiday rush.

Samsung spokesperson Kim Titus confirmed the milestone to eWEEK Dec. 3, but declined more details about where sales of the Android 2.2-based machines proved the highest


The Sixth Annual Life on the Wicked Stage Ink Blot Awards

I created The Life On The Wicked Stage Ink Blot Awards as a celebration. Yes, it's a Ink Blot aWARDScelebration of the 1 year anniversary of this blog. But it is more than that. It is a celebration of a community that I have come to know and admire. The Tableteers that make up the Tablet PC Community are an amazing collection of individuals who know and work with the Tablet PC platform. They are fiercely protective of it, insatiably curious about advancing it, very intelligent, often wickedly funny, at one time very forgiving and patient, and in the same breath, scathingly critical when the need arises. They are also exceedingly willing to evangelize the platform to anyone who will listen, and in my humble opinion, have helped keep the spotlight on The Tablet PC in ways that may, in the long run, prove to be responsible for keeping the platform thriving.


Fast Forward: Tablet computer alternatives to iPad
Washington Post

It's not quite accurate to say that only two categories of tablet exist - the iPad and Everything That's Not the iPad. But that description isn't far off.

If not the iPad, what else?

Samsung's Galaxy Tab, by its specifications and features alone, would be the obvious choice for iPad refuse-niks. But this smaller, lighter Android device doesn't have an equally shrunken price - largely because it's sold only in 3G versions customized for the major wireless carriers. So either you sign up for a two-year wireless-data contract (which only lowers the Tab's price to $399.99 at best) or you pay "unsubsidized" prices of $599.99 or $649.99.

The Galaxy Tab does include front and back video cameras, a browser that can play Adobe Flash content (sometimes after a pause or a stutter), and access to the Android Market (though some apps fail to fill the screen and most aren't customized for that larger space). But its video-calling software comes nowhere near the ease of Apple's FaceTime. And Samsung earns an extra foul for shipping this thing with a proprietary data/power USB connector - who does this company think it is, Apple?

If not the Tab, what else?

Here's where the market gets fragmented.


Is Windows 7 Tablet-Only Edition On The Horizon?
International Business Times

If the year 2009 was the year of Netbook, 2010 can be called the year of tablet PCs. The launch of Apple iPad turned around this market, with technology companies of all sizes jumping on to the tablet bandwagon.

Currently, Microsoft offers only Windows 7 for tablet manufacturers that is also being used in PCs, laptops and netbooks.

Meanwhile, Credit Suisse has said it expects software giant Microsoft to release a version of Windows 7 specific to the tablet form factor in the first half of 2011, which will be based on the Windows 7 kernel but with a new, tablet-optimized user interface (UI).

"Specifically, we anticipate 'Windows 7 Tablet Edition' to be more touch- and tablet-friendly with a new UI "shell" (based on Windows Media Center and/or Metro as opposed to the traditional Taskbar interface of the currently default Explorer.exe) on top of existing Windows 7 'piping', analyst Philip Winslow wrote in a recent note to clients.


Asustek Expected to Launch Intel Core i5 Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

Asustek is expected to launch a tablet PC running on Intel’s Core i5 CPU, which is slated for an end of year release. The high-end 12-inch tablet will be priced between $1,000 and $1,200 according to DigiTimes, and will be initially be available in the U.S. and Europe. As the tablet is powered by a Core i5 processor, it will likely run on Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS.


December 7, 2010

Toshiba Planning 3 Tablet PC's in 2011
Good E-Reader

Toshiba has been very busy in the research and development department! In the last few months Toshiba Folio Tabletthey released the Folio and the Libretto, both of which did not enjoy the success Toshiba had anticipated. Digitimes is reporting that Toshiba has big plans for 2011, including 3 new Tablet computers running Google Android, Google Chrome and Windows 7.

Toshiba has models already all done up and looking pretty to debut at CES in early Janurary. They have outsourced the production of these units to Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Technology.

Two of the models in development feature a 10.1 inch screen with the last one to have a 11.6 device. Toshiba is planning on these two tablets to fall right in line with their PC division.


Google shows off Honeycomb tablet

Google almighty has been showing off a tablet PC running a tweaked version of its Android mobile operating system.

Google's vice president of engineering, Andy Rubin, whipped out the device on stage at the D: Dive Google Tablet PCInto Mobile Conference, and made a big deal of what he called the 3D capabilities of the dual-core Nvidia Tegra chip sitting inside the Motorola-built sleek, black iPad-alike.

As you can see in a video on the Wall St Journal's All Things Digital here, the bit of '3D' shadow appearing on Google maps is distinctly underwhelming, even if the tablet looks pretty snazzy.

Rubin was concerned to show off the upcoming Android iteration named Honeycomb, so called, we thinq, because its boasts new APIs that allow applications to be split into multiple views and lined up nicely on tablet-sized screens.

Tablet computers lined up to compete with Apple's iPad predominantly run Android OS which was built for phones. The ill-fated Toshiba Folio 100 as well as Samsung's Galaxy Tab fall into this category.

A decent Google-built tablet OS should shake things up a bit when it appears some time in the new year.


iPad And Samsung Galaxy Most Wanted This Christmas
Unbeatable.co.uk News

Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are definitely the most popular new gadgets for Christmas 2010.

New tablet computers from Apple, Samsung and Dell are this years must have gadgets. It is estimated that the British public will splash out a around 4 million pounds on these handheld covergence devices. The king of the Tablet PC is the iPad, basically it has done for the PC what the iPod did for the CD player.

The 'iPad effect' has propelled the tablet PC into the mainstream and unsurprisingly it has become the must-have gadget for consumers this Christmas. Don't expect tablet PC sales to slow down after Christmas. BlackBerry, Dell and HP all have new products hitting the shelves in 2011, as well as the much rumoured iPad 2 (yawn!).


Verizon brings football to the tablet with iPad app
ConnectedPlanet iPad football app

This one is purely for the fantasy football freaks among us. If you are wondering why anyone would need to watch RedZone on an iPad while at home—and probably watching football on TV at the same time—than you are not a member of the target audience for this app. Perhaps that’s why Verizon didn’t bring out the trumpets for its launch. Such specialized iPad TV apps show how useful the tablet really can be as a TV accompaniment, though the big fanfare should be saved for the more broadly appealing iPad TV apps, such as the one launched by Comcast that include content navigation, TV viewing and DVR management.


10 Glaring Flaws of the Latest Tablet PCs

When it comes time to evaluate the important computer product news of 2010, the vast majority of annual roundups will point to tablets as some of the hottest products of the year. After all, when Apple released its iPad earlier this year, the tablet craze officially began. And an increasing number of computer makers decided that the time was ripe to expand their own product lines with new tablet designs. That's precisely why, as of this writing, Apple is joined by Samsung, Dell and several others in the tablet space, all vying to grab a hefty share of this rapidly growing market. But due to the sheer number of tablets that are both available and on the way, it's much easier now for consumers and enterprise customers to see what's missing in that space. As popular as tablets are and as successful as Apple's iPad might be, the devices still fall short in some important ways. The manufacturers must consider fixing those problems in 2011. Not only will it make customers happier, but it will also improve those companies' chances of selling more products.


December 8, 2010

Apple iPad 2 tablet rumored to invade in February 2011

Until Apple CEO Steve Jobs steps in front of a live audience to unveil the new iPad 2, don’t expect to hear anything but rumors. So far, the iPad 2 is rumored to include a front-facing camera, mini-USB Steve Jobs With iPadport, gyroscope features, and additional RAM, which were all common complaints from generation 1 iPad owners.

Apple has sold 4.19 million iPad units during its fiscal Q4 (2010), a lower number than expected, but has still helped kickstart the tablet market. However, the iPad still controls 95.5% of the tablet market, according to Strategy Analytics, though even more competitors are now emerging.

The iPad 2 will have the benefit of resolving some of the iPad’s flaws, along with knowledgeable consumers with deeper pockets.

Analysts expect the current iPad to lead the e-reader market through Christmas, despite the Amazon’s stronghold on the market. After the release of the iPad 2, Apple will immediately shift focus towards marketing the new gadget — and will draw even more attention to the trendy device.


Smartphones, Tablets Empowering Consumer Health Care Technology in 2011

Consumers are turning to smartphones and tablets PC to help them monitor their health. This is also leading to the consumerization of health care technology.

Consumers are increasingly using smartphone and tablet PCs, such as the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, to monitor their own health. This, according to a Dec. 6 report from research firm Ovum, is leading to the consumerization of health care technology.

The report "2011 Trends to Watch: Health Care Technology" discusses how consumer health devices will increasingly appear in the consumer market. Ovum is a division of research firm Datamonitor.

"We expect consumers to turn to their smartphone or tablet computer for health care advice and preventative care more and more," Cornelia Wels-Maug, Ovum senior analyst and author of the report, wrote in a statement.

Tablets were also recently named among the top health care sector purchases by nonprofit IT trade association CompTIA.


ExoPC Slate review
TechRadar UK

For the same price as the iPad, you'll soon be able to get an 11-inch Windows 7 tablet.Exo Tablet PC Slate

The ExoPC Slate has comparable storage to the iPad (32 or 64GB) but it also has a webcam, hardware-accelerated Flash (and Silverlight), handwriting recognition, fully accessible USB ports and an SD card slot – and of course it runs any Windows application you want.

If that were enough to rival the iPad, PC manufacturers would have been outselling Apple for months. The iPad may be locked down and far less powerful than a PC, but it's also slick, lightweight and supremely usable.

The ExoPC Slate has taken this long to become available because it comes from a small Canadian company that has had to switch suppliers and is still negotiating for distributors in some countries

It's also developed its own touch user interface for launching apps; a promising approach that's still something of a work in progress (and doesn't get in the way if you want to stick with using the standard Windows 7 interface, which has some optimisations for touch.


December 9, 2010

Intel Prepares For Netbook And Tablet War

We’re about to see a wild fight to build the processors that power the smartphones, tablet computers, and netbooks consumers are turning to for online services

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Intel has quietly assembled a new business unit focused on netbooks and tablet computers.

While Intel’s x86-based Atom processor has thrived in the netbook market, it’s facing tough competition in tablets from companies such as Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Texas Instruments, who are pushing ARM’s smartphone processor design into more sophisticated devices, such as Apple’s iPad.

The chip giant has created a new business unit that it calls the netbook and tablet group. The unit will be run by Douglas L. Davis, the current head of Intel’s embedded and communications group, who will be charged with making sure Intel can fend off all kinds of competition in the burgeoning market for PC offshoots.


December 10, 2010

First impressions: Samsung on a roll with Galaxy Tab tablet
Stark Insider

Samsung is on a roll — recently overtaking Motorola as the number one manufacturer of Android-Samsung Galexy Tab Tabletpowered smartphones — and now with the first viable competitor to the Apple iPad. We finally received a Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch tablet powered by Android 2.2, and are putting it through the paces here at the Insider labs (looking an awful lot like Starbucks these days).

The quick summary: this device pleasantly surprises.

Features that set it apart from the iPad, however, are sure to attract a significant number of buyers: removable micro-SD card, front and rear-facing cameras, plus all-important support for Adobe Flash– all features notably absent on the iPad.


Samsung Gloria Tablet Will Have A Slide-Out Keyboard,

Rumor has it that Samsung is furtively working on a new tablet PC, but this one’s with a difference. Unlike the Galaxy Tab, this  tablet PC comes with a slide-out keyboard. Sounds like a Ultra Mobile Samsung Gloria Tablet pcTablet PC (UMPC), or more like the Samsung Q1 UMPC that Samsung debuted quite some time ago.

Christened as Samsung Gloria, this Samsung Gloria Tablet PC is a Windows 7 machine. Something that obviously distinguishes it from the other tablets is that it has an actual physical keyboard that slides out from under the 10 inches-something capactivite multi-touch enabled screen to reveal a full QWERTY keypad.

Reportedly, the Samsung Gloria Tablet features a 1.8 GHz processor flanked by 2 gigs fo RAM and 128GB of flash storage. Whether, there is scope for expandable storage and if hardware acceleration is supported by the device is not known at this point of time.

The Samsung Gloria Windows 7 Tablet that you see in the picture here is an artist’s render by  Blogeee.net and shouldn’t be mistaken for an actual picture of the tablet. Samsung is yet to release any news or pictures of the Samsung Gloria Tablet PC. For now, it is being said that the Samsung Gloria Tablet will launch in early 2011, and will probably run a custom UI skin over its native Windows 7 OS.


Adam Norton Ink Tablet PC Available for Pre-Order
Yahoo! Tech

The Adam Norton Ink Android Tablet PC is here and it will apparently feature Android OS, 2.2, but is Adam Norton Ink Tablet PCfeverishly working on an update to the newest Android OS versions, 2.3 (Gingerbread) and possibly even 3.0 (Honeycomb), according to the Adam Norton Ink official blog post. Available for per-ordering beginning today, Dec. 9, the tablet PC will only be available to those people who have a registered account on the Norton Ink official blog and left comments. However, all others who want a chance to order the Norton Ink tablet PC can do so beginning next week.

Fulfilled Promises

This tablet PC is making many tech-watchers happy and has started a massive tablet PC internet trend. Part of the reason is because the company has apparently fulfilled most of the promises it made to consumers, which include lowering prices of other Norton tablet PC versions, updates on Android 2.3 and 3.0, release of pricing, user interface, colors and "Mystery Features" details. The log also details that today, December 9 2010, could be a day, "deserving an entry into the his tory books," because Adam, the company behind the Norton Ink Tablet PC has not only fulfilled a consumer dream, but also started a tablet PC revolution. Adam has officially called the Android OS for their Norton tablet PC "Eden."

Main Tech Specifications

Some of the Norton Ink Tablet PC's tech specifications are amazingly similar to that of Apple's iPad, another revolution in tablet PCs. The Norton Ink will feature an NVIDIA Dual Core Tegra 250 processor, a 10.1-inch diagonal WVGSA touchscreen with a 1024 by 600 pixel resolution, a 3.2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3GPP capabilities. With the Android 2.3 and 3.0 upgrades, the Norton Ink will offer more support for OpenGL ES and OpenSl ES, copy and paste, a more intuitive user interface and massive memory management upgrades, among other features.


December 13, 2010

2011 will be the year of the Tablet PC and of the Apple iPad 2
Laptop Shop News

Sales of tablet PCs are set to increase dramatically over the course of the next 12 months and Tablet Computersparticularly for the iPad from Apple.

A report on the subject from eMarketer suggests that sales of the iPad will more than double during 2011, compared with this year, when roughly 8.5 million of Apple’s market-leading tablet devices are expected to have been sold.

With so many rival tablets being made available by other consumer technology giants, it is perhaps unsurprising that Apple’s share of the US market is predicted to fall slightly in 2011 but sales are nonetheless expected to continue a strongly upward trajectory.

“By 2012, eMarketer forecasts nearly 41 million Americans will have a tablet device, or 12.8 per cent of the total.”

There was some more good news for Apple today as Google revealed that the iPad is among the top three most searched for terms in its search engine, alongside ChatRoulette and pop star Justin Bieber.


Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless Tablets and Apple iPad - The Best The Best Tablet Computers on The Market

Finding the best tablet computers has become a major problem since Apple iPad is not the only one iPad tablet  in useon the market anymore. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of models including Android tablets, Viewsonic tablets or Samsung Galaxy Tabs. The Viewsonic is starting to offer the Viewsonic tablet which works with both Microsoft Windows 7 or Android and Research In Motion has also announced it would launch its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Dell’s Streak is a tablet computer which has a 13 cm multitouch display and other features which makes it a great choice. Streak is a fully functional 3G phone which has a five megapixel camera – something that the iPad lacks, and a VGA front facing camera for video calls.

Wireless carriers have also launched various models of iPads – Verizon Wireless offers the iPad with a Wifi hot spot and AT&T Wireless with a 3G network support. Archos offers an Android tablet which does not have a 3G network support but has a Bluetooth which allow users to tether it to their smartphones so that they can get 3G.

Consumers can also purchase e-readers, which are not exactly tablet computers, even though the first two products launched on the market, the Kindle and the Nook, run versions of Android OS.

According to various analysts, tablet computers are sought after by most consumers and are considered to be the highest demand gifts this holiday season. Most studies show that in January 2010 consumers had no real options for buying tablet computers, but today, there are at least a half dozen viable options, with more coming. A year ago, tablets were not on the gift shoppers’ list but this changed in April 2010 when Apple’s released its Apple iPad. The company had sold over three million iPads and captured almost 95 per cent of the world tablet PC market. However, even if the tablet computers market has developed a lot in 2010, it is expected to develop even more over the next period.


Intel fights for slice of tablet PC and smartphone market
This is London

Intel today said it was making headway getting its chips into tablet computers, although smartphones using its processors are still a year away from going on sale.

The company hopes new chips due to be released next year will invigorate its mobile business, which has struggled to get off the ground amid explosive sales of Apple's iPad tablets and smartphones using Google's Android operating system.

“The consumer (tablet) products will roll out over the first half of next year,” said chief executive Paul Otellini.

He said manufacturers have agreed to use Intel chips in 35 tablet models, including Dell, Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba.


Microsoft and HP's Slate Tablet

Nine years after unveiling the first Tablet PC, Microsoft renewed the attack on this market. This time,HP Microsoft Tablet PC the tablet that Steve Ballmer presented using the term slate to better differentiate it from its predecessors, abandoned the pen for the benefit of multi-touch. With a size of 8 / 9 inches, the object in question runs on Windows 7 and uses both portrait and landscape that has various "modes": films, eBook and PC.

Steve Ballmer is believed to be almost as powerful as a PC. He said the device is "perfect for reading, surfing the web and view multimedia content on the go." He, then, demonstrated this slate.

While Ballmer insisted especially on the model of HP, there were two other aircraft on scene, including one from Archos. Microsoft has not said anything about the technical features of the slate of HP. It should arrive in the market in the middle of the year.


Sharp Galapagos tablet goes on sale in Japan
Good E-Reader

The onset of winter is hitting most of the world but the tablet PC segment seems to be getting Sharp Galapagos tablet hotter with each passing day. Its just a couple of days ago that we have seen the Notion Ink Adam finally up for pre-order. And now, its the turn of the Sharp Galapagos tablets which are on sale now. The tablet PC is however only available in Japan to begin with and can be picked up from almost all major electronics and computer shops in that country. In fact, Sharp is looking to push the Galapagos tablets in a big way and with that in mind is making sure the tablet is also available from convenience stores which will ensure its not just the tech freak but even the average citizens too become aware of the Sharp tablet and its virtues. The tablet though isn’t on stock at the convenience stores right now and but is accepting orders for the same.

As for the tablet itself, its two devices measuring 5.5-inch and a 10.8 inch model that make up the Galapagos range. Both the tablets run the Android operating system which has been worked upon extensively by Sharp to make it just right for its tablet. The company however is loathe to call the device as proper tablet PCs and seems comfortable to market these as multimedia devices. Sharp has also put in place a content store that will have on offer a variety of material such as digital books, magazine, videos, and so on that will also act to justify the multimedia tag that the device carries.


December 14, 2010

Microsoft to Announce New Slates Targeting the iPad
New York Times

A decade ago Bill Gates, founder and former chief executive of Microsoft, presented a new class of Bert Keely -Microsoft Tablet PCcomputing to the world: a Tablet PC that offered a fully functional computer with the “intuitive aspects of pencil and paper.”

Since then, Microsoft has struggled to gain traction with a slate-like device, yet each year the company announces new products, software or operating systems that try to promote a world of Windows-based slate computers.

Next month, at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft will give it another try, presenting a slew of new slates that it hopes will offer some competition to the Apple iPad, which has quickly become the leader in this market.

According to people familiar with Microsoft’s plans, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, is expected to  announce a number of these devices when he takes the stage at C.E.S., showcasing devices built by Samsung and Dell, among a number of other manufacturing partners.

Microsoft hopes these slates will offer an alternative to the Apple iPad because they move beyond play, people familiar with the tablets said. “The company believes there is a huge market for business people who want to enjoy a slate for reading newspapers and magazines and then work on Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint while doing work,” explained a person familiar with the company’s tablet plans.


Analyst: HP WebOS Tablet Coming In March

The world already knew that HP planned to release a tablet PC running webOS, the operating system it acquired when it purchased Palm. HP has been vague on the timing of this webOS tablet, however, preferring to say “early 2011” instead of a more exact date. Now, BMOCapital Markets analyst Keith Bachman says the device will debut in March.

The information comes, as it often does in the technology industry, from East Asia. A group of BMO analysts including Bachman recently met with more than 30 tech-related companies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. The analysts summarized their findings in a Dec. 13 call with investors.

Bachman, who covers enterprise hardware, said on the call that HP’s long-awaited tablet will bow in March 2011. He is the second analyst to point to this date. In late November, Stifel Nicolaus analyst Doug Reid also pointed to March as a likely launch time for a webOS tablet.

To date, HP has released one tablet, the 9-inch Slate 500, which is based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system and targeted at the corporate market


The Pre-CES Tablet Hype is in Full Swing
Gotta Be Mobile

Actually the pre-CES Tablet hype has been swinging for some time now, but it is beginning to pick upMSi Tablet steam. Last year at CES it was all about Tablets and Slates as everybody and their brother promised that they would be bringing a touch screen Tablet to market. It was so crazy that the press jumped all over it and that’s where “The Year of the Tablet.” Well, as we know that changed quickly after Apple’s iPad announcement and everyone retreated and retrenched aiming for 2011.

Well, CES2011 is just around the corner and of course we’re expecting to see a slew of Tablet/Slate options there as well. Keep in mind that what you see at CES doesn’t always make it to market and often it is the latter half of the year before what does actually surfaces. Brad Linder links to a NetbookNews post saying that MSI is once again promising a “new generation” of Tablets at CES2011. As Brad points out the quotes around new generation point back to the fact that MSI was there with Tablets in 2010, but none of them made it to market.


Apple iPad WiFi & 3G Versions Now Available on Best Buy Online

Those who haven’t managed to pick their Apple iPad yet can do it now. Best Buy has begun selling the Apple device on its online store and the WiFi as well as 3G versions are now available.  The new online sale comes further to the retailer kick-starting the sale of the iPad via its physical stores some time ago.

For Apple, the Best Buy sale of the iPad comes as a shot in the arm. The company had been vigorously adding retailers for sale of the device for quite some time now.  The roping in of Target and Walmart to sell the iPad was part of this move.   The Apple iPad is available at AT&T and Verizon stores too.


December 15, 2010

“Magical” Apple iPad Wins Top Spot as Most Memorable New Product Launch of 2010
Business Wire

While it is no surprise that the iPad secured the number one spot as the Most Memorable New Product Launch of 2010, a host of equally interesting product introductions garnered consumer attention in this year’s Most Memorable New Product Launch survey. Technology products took five spots, with the Windows 7 coming in a close second to the iPad and compensating for the failure of Vista in 2007. Rounding out the tech trend were Motorola Droid (#4), iPod Nano (#6) and Samsung 3DTV (#8). Quick, low cost breaks were also a theme, with consumers remembering small indulgences in the form of small but tasty impulse purchases like Pretzel M&Ms (#3), McDonald’s Smoothies (#5), and Starbucks VIA instant coffee (#7).

“Every year the Most Memorable New Product Launch survey teaches us about where our culture is headed.” says Julie Hall, Executive Vice President of Schneider Associates. “From the app-revolution evident in the iPad and Droid, to 3D televisions to tiny touch screen devices like the Nano– consumers respond to and love what’s ‘next and new’ in technology.”


Tablets in 2011: what to expect
TechRadar UK

The key differentiator between the iPad and previous attempts at tablet PCs was that Apple didn't try ipad Tabletto shoehorn a full-blown computer operating system onto the device.

In essence, the iPad was a really big iPod touch, and as simplistic as that sounds, it didn't stop it flying off the shelves. People who had never even heard of tablet PCs suddenly had to have one.

Now every consumer electronics manufacturer out there is either launching or developing a tablet device to compete with the iPad. So what will 2011 have in store for this new breed of tablet loving consumers?

Apple iPad 2

There's no point ignoring the elephant in the room, so we'll kick off with the inevitable iPad 2. Will the iPad 2 be Apple's difficult second album, or will it just be a refinement of the market leading product? Our money's on the latter.

When the iPhone 3G launched, it addressed the majority of the iPhone's shortcomings. This time around there's not a whole lot that needs fixing, but we can expect Apple to make enough improvements to convince any fence-sitting consumer to take the plunge.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook has received a lot of attention over the past couple of months, and that's not surprising. Not only is it the first tablet device to spring forth from the BlackBerry stables, but it also sports the most advanced hardware specs yet seen.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Although we've seen a glut of Android-based tablet devices appear in recent months, Froyo, or Android 2.2, isn't ideally suited to a tablet form factor.

Samsung may have done a sterling job in making Froyo behave admirably on the Galaxy Tab, but the fact remains that we're going to have to wait for version 3.0 of Android for a truly slick tablet experience.

Up until recently, the general assumption was that Gingerbread would be version 3.0 of Android, but that proved not to be the case. Gingerbread has just launched as version 2.3 of Android, so we're going to have to wait a little while for version 3.0, and the enhanced tablet functionality that comes with it.

What we do know is that Android 3.0 will be called Honeycomb, and it will be a very tablet friendly operating system.

And there's more…

It's clear that 2011 is going to be a big year for tables, and everything mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg. With the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas only weeks away, we're likely to see a whole host of new tablets announced, previewed or launched.

Of course we'll be out at CES 2011, pushing our way through the crowds and grabbing every new tablet device that we can get our paws on. So, check back in January to see how the tablet PC market is looking as 2011 kicks off.


Lenovo Group to introduce tablet PC in China within weeks
Trading Markets Lenovo Le Pad

China's biggest PC maker the Lenovo Group is expected to unveil a tablet PC , the LePad, in China in a few weeks, according to Huang Weiming, chief finance officer of the company.

After debuting in the Chinese market, the Lenovo Group plans to introduce the LePad in other countries, such as the US, but no specific timetable has been drawn up for this yet, according to Huang.


So, Why Not a Tablet PC?
PC Magazin

A friend of mine recently commented that he likes the iPad, but really wanted a tablet that handles handwriting recognition, can capture pictures he draws, and still integrates with all the things he lenovo x201 tablet pcuses normally, such as Outlook, Web browsers, etc.

Of course, there is a product like that: the Tablet PC, which multiple vendors have made available using various versions of Windows for nearly a decade now. With touchscreen support, and with a very accurate stylus, such machines can be used as a tablet. 

The handwriting recognition has gotten pretty decent over the years; and of course, it has a full complement of applications. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Windows applications. Furthermore, many of the same e-reader stores and applications, such as Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's NOOK, and Google's eBooks, are also available for Windows PCs.

Such machines are very flexible. Some are convertible units with keyboards, while others are in the "slate" format factor. Most have a built-in video camera (and of course, you have lots of software choices for video calls, starting with Skype...). The capacity of such machines well outstrips most of the tablets on the market that are currently being discussed because they take conventional hard drives.

So why aren't we all using these?

In recent months, I've played with a couple of the convertible Tablet PCs, specifically, the HP EliteBook 2740p and Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet. While these are the two most mainstream vendors, both Fujitsu and Motion Computing also make tablet PCs, and have broader lines.

Not surprisingly, the Elitebook was faster, but the ThinkPad X201 had significantly better battery life than the EliteBook 2740p--at least on this new test using a *PPT slideshow. The X201 lasted 4 hours 20 minutes; the 2740p gave out after 3 hours 2 minutes.

In the year to come, it will be interesting to see if the iPad and the upcoming Android tablets get those kinds of features; and interesting to see if Windows-based Tablet PCs can get thinner, lighter, and get applications that are really designed for the touch interface. Microsoft promised a lot for tablets at last year's CES--let's see if it can deliver this year.


New Windows 7 Samsung Gloria Tablet PC To Be Demoed At CES

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer will be unveiling his company’s plans to take on the Apple iPad during the Consumer Electronics Show to be held in the first week of January. This is after Redmond failed to Samsung Gloriaproduce any goods of worth in the past one year since the company demoed HP Slate at CES 2010.

So what is Ballmer demoing this time? Word is that it is going to be primarily two devices – one made by Dell and another from Samsung. The Samsung Gloria, as it is speculated to be called, will be a 10.1″ Slate PC running Windows 7. There is however another speculation that Microsoft could also reveal finer details about the next generation Windows 8 during the demo.

There is not much information on the specs of these Windows 7 tablets though the Samsung Gloria could be equipped with a ‘slide-out’ keyboard.


December 16, 2010

Corporations may start ditching notebooks for tablets

Whether or not Apple's iPad has eaten into consumer notebook sales has been debated much of the year, and now two leading analysts say they see a similar tablet incursion coming to the business world.

iPad usage comparison

It's not only the iPad, although it is mainly the iPad, as it was out on the market first, last spring. There's also Samsung's Galaxy Tab, released this fall, as well as HP's work-oriented Slate; and BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet, due out early next year. And Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to share several Windows tablets, some likely to be business-oriented, at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


New Acer Iconia laptop come Tablet PC will set you back £1500 and will be out in January 2011
Laptop Shop News

The newly unveiled Iconia dual-screen tablet PC from Acer is to be made available in the UK from the middle of next month at an initial price of £1,499, it has been confirmed.Acer Iconia Tablet PC

A promo event in New York towards the back end of November saw Acer showcasing a raft of new tablet PCs but the dual-screen Iconia was arguably the most fascinating of the lot. It features a clamshell design and a pair of 14-inch touch-screen displays, boasts an Intel Core i5 processor and can come with storage capacity of up to 750GB.

The Taiwanese firm behind the release is offering an “entirely new computing and touch experience”, and has out-lined its UK release and pricing plans.

Mooly Eden from Intel’s PC client group said at the release of Iconia: “Combining the adaptable and energy efficient performance of the Intel Core i5 processor with Acer’s Iconia provides new and immersive ways to seamlessly view and interact with your favourite videos, photos, websites and movies.”

Like most of the major players in the consumer technology industry, Acer is currently looking to make strong headway in the fast-growing tablet PC sector, which is expected to see tens of millions of devices shipped next year.


More Than 60 Tablet Computers Debuted This Year
PC World

Although you may not have heard or seen most of them, more than 60 tablet computers produced byTablets almost 50 manufacturers were introduced around the world in 2010. Most of the tablets have been introduced in the last 75 days, aren't branded by names most consumers would recognize and many of the slates are being sold in China, according ABI Research, a technology analytic and forecasting firm headquartered in Port Washington, N.Y.

Many of the tablets have seven-inch displays, run Google's Android operating system and use processors produced by Freescale Semiconductor, ABI reported. Most of the devices are WiFi enabled, so they have Internet access, and since many use Android, their users are accessing the Android Marketplace for apps, it added.


HTC Set Release Date for Their Tablet PC in 2011
Gadgets and gizmos

The mobile phone manufacturer HTC is set to branch out to produce a tablet pc that they feel will be able to take on the might of the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab as early as 2011.

The mobile giants gave an interview to mobilebusinessbriefing.com, the CEO of HTC Peter Chou revealed“[Customers] may want Windows or Android; or they may want big screen or small screen, they may want keyboard or tablet; HTC will let the consumer decide.”


GammaTech Introduces Its Newest Mobile Rugged, Convertible Notebook Computer

Designed Specifically for People on the Go, Unit Includes 12.1" Touch Screen Display, Web Cam, HD Stereo Audio and up to 8GB of MemoryGammatech D12C Tablet PC

GammaTech Computer Corp., a major international manufacturer and supplier of innovative notebook and tablet computers, has introduced the newest member to its line of cost-effective, high-performance rugged convertible notebook computers, the D12C. Lightweight for easy mobility, the unit is ideal for on-the-go salespersons, students, and travelers, among others. GammaTech will feature the unit at the upcoming 2011 CES.

"The D12C is designed so it can be easily used virtually anywhere," stated Steven Gau, GammaTech President. "There is no reason why on-the-go individuals should not have access to fully featured, convertible notebook computers that are rugged enough to stand up to the daily grind. The GammaTech D12C is exactly that."

For ultimate flexibility and functionality, the GammaTech D12C is a rugged notebook computer that transforms quickly and easily to a Tablet PC. It is drop and shock resistant and tested to stringent MIL-STD-810G requirements. Its unique spill resistant design protects it from accidental spills, as its spill resistant C-face includes the area around the keyboard, touchpad,


December 17, 2010


2010 "List for Santa"
Holiday Gift Guide

TabletPc2.com 2010 list for Santa Holiday Gift Guide

Our Eight Annual "List for Santa" Holiday Feature includes more than 100 products including, Tablet PCs, Slate PCs, Laptops, iPhone & iPad, Accessories & Outstanding Technology Products for the Holidays.


Aidacase Keycase Folio Deluxe iPad Case Reviewed
hometheaterreview.comAidacase Keycase Folio Deluxe iPad Case

The iPad is one of the hottest new devices on the market. The purchase of which automatically creates a new question: what kind of case do I buy? Because you are going to want to have a case to protect your brand new technological baby. There are sleeves that you can tuck the iPad into, but they are only good for traveling as you can't use the iPad while it is inside. There are form fitting cases, but it is questionable how much protection they offer. There is also the question of whether or not to get a Bluetooth keyboard to pair with the iPad for longer sessions of typing. Enter Aidacase's Keycase Folio Deluxe. The Keycase Folio Deluxe has a strong design and a built-in Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard. Retailing for $99.99, it effectively combines the price of a Bluetooth keyboard and a case into one convenient package.


What Will the Tablet PC Market Look Like in 2011?

It's no secret that Apple enjoys an unprecedented lead in the touch tablet market. The last major accounting put Apple at an incredible 95 percent market share. Until the iPad's first real competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which shipped late in the year, Apple pretty much had 2010 all to itself. Next year will be different. In fact, the tablet market is about to get very crowded -- and very weird.

it all starts January 6. On that day, CES 2011 begins. The show will be a tablet-fest unlike anything we've ever seen. The generally expected outcome for the market is that the coming flood of tablets will usher in a new range of choice for tablet buyers, and Apple will be forced to share the market with competitors who offer pretty much the same functionality at a lower price, or more and better features at pretty much the same price.


December 20, 2010

Best Buy gives free 3G, 4G routers with iPad bundlesBest Buy gives free 3G, 4G routers with iPad bundles

Best Buy has quietly started up a new promo that gives away a free 3G or 4G router with an iPad, store visitors discovered on Sunday. Those who buy any Wi-Fi iPad and start up a two-year data plan can get either a MiFi on AT&T, a Fivespot on Verizon or an Overdrive on Sprint. Terms spotted by 9to5Mac reveal the discounts are due to end January 2.

The bundle is a major discount over the carrier-run deals, which either require a full 3G iPad (at AT&T) or include a router but cost as much as buying the 3G iPad by itself (Verizon). It's not clear if these require a plan above the minimum from each network.


Fujitsu LifeBook T580 convertible tablet available in the USFujitsu t580 Tablet PC
Techconnect Magazine

Announced back in September, the LifeBook T580 'tablet PC' from Fujitsu, which features a 10.1-inch LED-backlit bi-directional rotatable screen with four-finger multi-touch and dual digitizer support, and runs Windows 7 Professional, has went on sale in the US.

This mobile machine can be equipped with a 1.33 GHz Intel Core i3-380UM or Core i5-560UM processor, at least 2GB of RAM, up to a 320GB hard drive or a 64/128GB solid state drive, it has 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth, a built-in webcam, a fingerprint sensor, a spill-resistant keyboard, and a 3- or 6-cell battery.

The LifeBook T580 starts at $1,149 and can be found here .


Samsung Galaxy Tab a clear challenge to iPad
Boston Herald

If you use an Android-operated smartphone, you’ll feel at home with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This 7-inch tablet that runs on the Android 2.2 operating system is the latest challenger to the iPad. And it hits a nice sweet spot between a regular smartphone and Apple’s 9.7-inch device.

The Galaxy Tab’s screen is super sharp (with 1024-by-600 pixels) that’s on par with a desktop PC monitor or laptop. Because Google is integrated into the phone, it comes with apps found on other Android phones, such as Google Search by voice, Google Maps with Street View, Gtalk, YouTube, Picasa and contacts/calendar synchronization. And it ships with built-in GPS as well, something the iPad doesn’t.

The Tab weighs 13.4 ounces and has a responsive touchscreen, on par with the iPad’s and better than the Archos 7 and Dell Streak tablets I’ve previously tested



Windows 7 “VIBE ExoPC” Tablet To Be Pre-Ordered
Online Social Media

With Christmas less than a week away and the New Year just around the corner, the tablet market Windows 7 “VIBE ExoPC” Tablethas been growing in numbers, from Apple’s popular iPad, and the forthcoming next generation on the way, Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet, offering’s from Dell, ViewSonic and so on, is there room for yet another? We are talking about news of the “Ciara VIBE ExoPC Windows 7 tablet, which will give you a minimum of 4 hours battery life.

The 11.6-inch tablet which is available for pre-order from the Microsoft store, is packed full of goodies including that of a High Definition LCD BrightView touch screen with the added benefit of a fingerprint-resistant coating, Intel’s Atom Pineview-M N450 1.66 GHz, L2 cache 512 KB and as Softpedia reported, 2 GB DDR2 667 Mhz memory. Also included in the Expo is the accessibility to play back HD videos, 1.3 megapixel webcam, 2 x USB 2.0 ports and much much more.



Windows Tablets, Bing Features, Google Competition Marked Microsoft Week

Microsoft’s week involved rumors of Windows tablets, some new Bing features, and yet another round in the never-ending competition against arch-rival Google.

For people who follow Microsoft, this week offered a distinct sense of déjà vu, with rumors suggesting the company plans to reveal a new line of Windows 7 tablets during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Should that come about, it would essentially be a repeat of January 2010, when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used his keynote to unveil a tablet from Hewlett-Packard along with offerings from two smaller manufacturers.

According to unnamed sources speaking to The New York Times, one of the tablets will be “similar in size and shape to the Apple iPad,” although “not as thin.” It will feature a “slick” slide-out keyboard and run Windows 7 in landscape mode with “a layered interface that will appear when the keyboard is hidden.” The Times’ Dec. 13 article suggested that tablets from Dell and Samsung will make an appearance at CES.

Even as Apple’s iPad continued its months-long sales rampage, and a growing number of Android-based tablets threaten to take market share of their own, Microsoft has dipped only its littlest toe in the tablet market: HP’s enterprise-centric, Windows-equipped Slate 500 reportedly had a limited production run, although demand may drive a wider release.

Microsoft executives claim that next year’s release of Intel’s “Oak Trail” Atom processor will power a new generation of Windows tablets. “Oak Trail is designed to be lower power,” CEO Steve Ballmer said during this summer’s Financial Analyst Meeting. “Lower power is good in a lot of ways. It leads to longer battery life, no fan, lower kind of noise levels, a lot less weight—a lot of things people like.”

Combined with the rumors about CES 2011, it seems that Microsoft really is preparing to compete more directly against the iPad and other tablet devices. However, the company will have to face down not only Apple and Google but also Research In Motion’s PlayBook, which is expected to target the enterprise.


Picking up the tab: New Tablet Plans from Globe
Manila Bulletin

Technophiles and fashionistas will definitely agree: the tablet PC is the hot new thing.  It is the new black: sleek, sexy and capable of making just about anyone look amazing.   Small in size but huge on style, tablets make even the slimmest laptops look ungainly.  And the graceful tap-&-slide moves on a tablet bring mobile computing and web surfing to a whole new level.   Games and apps become more engaging, and the internet experience becomes richer than you could have imagined on such a compact device.

Globe’s Tablet Plans are the perfect complement to your spanking-new tablet. Whether you’re a super social-networker or an expert app-downloader, you can choose the Tablet Plan that fits your style. All you need is a Globe SIM and you’re ready to go.  You can get a Globe Tablet Plan for as low as P499 a month, and that already comes with 50 hours of internet use on your tablet. If you live and breathe surfing, then the boundless browsing of Plan 999 could be your ticket to online nirvana. If you prefer prepaid, just load P50 for a whole day of Super Surfing, or pop in P220 for a full five days of net satisfaction. 


LG to Sell Samsung Tablet PC
Telecoms Korea

LG Uplus, a unit of LG Group, announced Monday that it will offer Samsung Electronics’ tablet PC, the Galaxy Tab to its customers starting this Wednesday.

As an affiliate of LG Electronics, the smallest mobile carrier seems impatient to wait for LGE’s tablet PC, the Optimus Pad, which will be released as early as the first quarter of next year.


December 21, 2010

Tablet Evolution presented by Motorola


Samsung Galaxy Tab became our tablet of choice

So while we were out for dinner one night last week, I broached the subject of a tablet computer as Samsung Galaxy Tab Tableta holiday gift, explaining why I thought it would work for her. She wasn’t really aware of the Galaxy Tab, and was very skeptical about getting an iPad. I explained how the Galaxy Tab differed from the iPhone, and on our way home, we stopped at a corporate T-Mobile store so she could get a hands-on feel for the device

As we stood there discussing the merits of the tab for what she would do with it the store manager came over to us and let us know that there were a lot of holiday promotions going on and he could take $100 off the price of the Galaxy Tab. This meant that the price of the unit, after the mail-in rebate, would be $250; the same cost as either the color Nook or our preferred GPS. It’s also my personal sweet spot for impulse buys for electronic gadgets, though the choice was really my fiancé’s. At that price, any arguments against the Tab we had went right out the door, and so did we, with the Galaxy in our possession.

And frankly, I think  if the initial announcement of the Galaxy Tab had been with a contract price of $250, the online headlines would have screamed “iPad Killer!” rather than the lukewarm response the Tab initially received.


ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Tablet PC Review
Hot Hardware

ViewSonic is a household name that many consumers can identify with in terms of their lineage in theViewsonic Tablet LCD market. So, at least on the surface, it would make sense that a panel manufacturer would have solid leverage in components and materials, to compete in the white-hot tablet arena. We gave you a preview of their 10-inch Tegra 2-based g-tablet, not long ago and we actually have that in house right now for testing, though there are OS updates coming that we're hearing should offer a better experience. In the meantime, we also have their 7-inch ViewPad 7 tablet here and it has been recently buffed out with Android 2.2 for what is arguably the best tablet experience on the market currently, at least on this side of the Apple fence. The ViewPad 7's 7-inch form factor is decidedly more portable than a 10-inch slate, and this device has every IO option you could ever want, including micro-USB, micro-SD card, and SIM card slots, as well as front and rear facing cameras...


December 22, 2010

HP, Microsoft to take on Apple's iPad and each other at CES
Apple Insider

Just like last year's Consumer Electronics Show, HP and Microsoft will be showing off their latest tablet competitors to Apple's iPad. This year however, the two PC partners will be tablet rivals.

The report says HP's new hardware will "run on Sprint's fast 4G network, but otherwise it has hardware specs nearly identical to Apple’s iPad." It also states the new HP tablet will be thinner than the iPad, weigh less (1.25 lbs compared to the iPad at 1.5 or 1.6lbs), have a USB 3.0 port and front and rear facing cameras, both with LED flashes.

It's unclear from the report what the screen sizes of the three PalmPad units expected to be shown at CES will be, but a fourth model intended for universities is said to have an 8.9 inch screen and "any other specs specifically requested by the institution." The report speculates that the other versions will "probably" offer screens "nearly identical to the 9.7 inch LCD on the iPad."


MSI prepare their 10 inch Wintel powered Tablet PC at CES
Laptop Shop News

A new ten-inch tablet PC is to be introduced by MSI at next months CES show.MSI Tablet PC

It’ll be powered by Wintel and will be aiming to compete with the similarly sized iPad from Apple when it is unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas in January.

Following what MSI is hoping will be a well-received tablet introduction, the Asia-based firm will then be looking to make a range of ARM-powered alternatives available from the spring. So from April or May, consumers worldwide should be able to get their hands on MSI tablets that incorporate Nvidia Tegra 2 technology and operate using the 3.0 version of Google’s Android operating system.

The number of tablet PCs being readied for launch in the US and elsewhere over the next few months makes it difficult to keep to keep track but MSI will reportedly be aiming to have an impact at the more inexpensive end of the Android-operated tablet PC market.

Or, as sources suggest: “Due to increasing availability of tablet PCs from other vendors, MSI is expected to adopt a more aggressive pricing strategy to promote its tablet PCs, asserted industry watchers.”

The most popular Android tablet PC currently on the market and selling well worldwide is the Galaxy Tab from Samsung, which was made available in October and has already shipped more than one million units.


Kno Tablet is an 'Electronic Textbook

Computing, for students, gets on to yet another plane starting tomorrow with the Kno tablet all set for debut. The tablet PC from the Silicon Valley startup is ready for roll out and shipping of the pre-Kno Tabletordered units will kick-start in a few hours from now.

Dubbed a special-purpose slate for students, the Kno tablet has been kept away from critics’ eyes and that explains why there has been not much of written word on the device as yet.

Now, just hours ahead of shipping, we hear that the device could carry with it a retail price of $900. Aimed at the student community, the device has been designed to let them read textbooks and take notes.

The company has not revealed how many units have been ordered. Sporting a 14.1-inch display, the single-screen version has been built to display most textbook pages without even have to scroll.

A dual-screen version is also in the offing, and that would let students spread text across two electronic pages – a la textbook. With preorders for the dual screen version also growing, we expect to see this variant too soon.


Sony Vaio Tablet PC makes a surprise appearance on the FCC
wireless goodness

It looks like Sony will be making a big announcement at the 2011 CES.  Today, a “tablet PC” from the company made a surprise appearance on the FCC.  The device, known as the PCG-31211L, won FCC approval for its 802.11 b/g/n wireless capabilities and Bluetooth, and an outline of the device was disclosed in label location photos, above.

We don’t know much else about the tablet.  However, FCC documents do show that the device uses Sony’s VGP-BPL21 battery – the same battery used in the company’s F, NW, CW, Y, S, B and SR series notebooks.  That suggests that the PCG-31211L will be a full sized tablet – not a palm top device or iPad clone.


1 in 5 American Adults Plan to Own/Purchase a Tablet by 2014
San Francisco Chronicle

More than 1 in 5 Americans currently own/plan to own a tablet computer within the next three years, according to a new online survey conducted in November by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Fuze Box, with an estimated 9 million currently owning tablet devices. This new research shows a major growth opportunity for tablet-related applications and usage for personal and business reasons.

"Since before the iPad launched in April, we've persisted that tablets would soon become a widely used business tool," says Jeff Cavins, CEO of Fuze Box. "With 2 in 5 tablet owners using their device for business by 2014, we have officially entered the post PC era and the potential is there to reinvent the business environment for collaboration with portable and tactile computing devices, complete with cameras, document sharing, cloud computing, and storage."


December 23, 2010

Android LifeTouch dual screen touch based Tablet PC from NEC coming at CES 2011
laptopshop.co.ukNec dual screen Tablet PC

Japanese IT giant NEC is preparing to launch a dual-screen Android tablet PC in a few weeks’ time, along with a range of services designed to make life easier for users of Google’s latest mobile operating systems.

The dual-screen device is being billed as a ‘Cloud Communicator Tablet’ and is set to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in the US next month, with another single-screen alternative to be launched at the same event.

With a pair of seven-inch LCD screens, which can run separate programs simultaneously, the Cloud Communicator will be aiming to grab as much of the limelight as possible at what is one of the biggest shows on the consumer technology calendar.

Both new tablets from the Japanese manufacturer will come equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity options, as well as Bluetooth, and a new Android-operated mobile laptop is also scheduled for its first official outing in Vegas next month.


IN Media Announces Windows 7 Tablet PC

IN Media Corp today announced the release of the Windows 7 Tablet PC, The Tablet PC runs on the full featured Windows 7 operating system the most popular operating system in the world. The product is powered by the 1.66GHZ Intel Atom processor and unlike most tablets comes with a whopping 160 GB hard drive of storage built in allowing users to store all their content including music, games and movies. The Tablet comes with an HDMI interface for viewing high definition content on the tablet or via the tablet to a large screen HD TV, With a forward facing camera and an 11 1⁄4 by 6 inch brilliant LCD screen Skyping and social networking are being brought to a whole new level. The product also comes with built in eReader functionality.


“We wanted to launch a tablet that did everything, not just a media player or eReader or net book but all those things and much more” stated IN Media C.E.O. Nick Karnik. “The touch screen the Windows 7 Tablet PC had all the full functionality of a PC in an elegant and efficient tablet format and because of the operating system users are not limited to what type of video formats they can view as all are supported including the most popular, Flash.

The product is scheduled for shipment in Q1m 2011 and will roll out in Asia and the U.S. with at a suggested retail price of $399.


Reports: Microsoft Set to Announce Tablet Version of Windows
PC World

Microsoft is set to announce a tablet version of its Windows os at the Consumer Electronics Show Microsoft Logonext month, according to separate articles from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

The reconfigured OS will run on processors from chip maker Arm, according to the reports.

Neither news report specified if this new Arm-based version of Windows would be based on Windows Embedded Compact, on Windows 7 itself, or whether it is an entirely new code base altogether.

Microsoft did not respond immediately to comment.

Last July, Microsoft signed a licensing deal with Arm that would allow the software giant to design its own Arm-based chips, much like the Apple designed the A4 chip for its iPad.


Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC Releases in March 2011
Seer Press

Research in Motions, hotly anticipated Blackberry Playbook tablet is set for release in March 2011, Blackberry Tablet PCwith the device being made available worldwide by June. The device will be largely marketed at the business consumer, but features plenty of non business functions making it suitable for the consumer.

The 8GB device is believed to be priced around $399 at entry level. 16 and 32GB models are available, and the price will increase by $100 each time.

Some of the more eye catching features of this tablet are that it will feature two HD cameras, front and rear facing for conference calling as well as:

The device will sport a specifically designed operating system from RIM: The Blackberry Tablet OS

Dual core Processors with full support for JavaScript, Adobe products including Flash, HTML5 and WebWorks.

The Playbook is one of many new tablets due to be released in 2011


Can The Market Support 4 Tablet Operating Systems?

Apple's time nearly alone in the tablet space is set to come to an end quickly. Motorola is preparing to launch an Android-based tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab has already been on sale for a couple of months. RIM's PlayBook is coming to the market by the end of the first quarter, and HP/Palm are prepping a webOS-based tablet. Microsoft may throw its hat in the ring, too (though who knows in what form).

Just how many tablet platforms can the market support?

Apple's iPad has been a clear hit with consumers and even some businesses. It has sold more than 14 million units. Android appears to be off to a decent start in the tablet space, too. Samsung reported earlier this month that it has already sold more than one million Galaxy Tab tablets. A Motorola Android tablet -- especially one which includes compatibility with Verizon's Long Term Evolution 4G network -- sounds like it will be a success out of the box.

With their head start, Apple and Google have set the tone for what tablets can deliver. This leaves RIM, HP/Palm and Microsoft behind the eight ball a bit, though RIM has been talking tough about its QNX-based PlayBook, which it says outperforms the iPad. PlayBook OS, webOS and whatever Microsoft thinks is worthy of running on tablets has to not only offer the same features that iOS and Android do, but they have to take things further and offer what iOS and Android do not.


BenQ to Launch R100 Tablet PC in Early 2011
PC World

Taiwanese consumer electronics vendor BenQ plans to launch its first tablet PC in China and Taiwan during the first quarter of 2011, a company representative confirmed Wednesday.

The R100 tablet boasts a 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution and runs Google's Android mobile OS. It also has an ARM-based processor made by Samsung Electronics that runs at 833MHz, according to information provided by BenQ.

With the R100, BenQ will join the ranks of other companies around the world putting out tablet PCs to compete with Apple's iPad. BenQ hopes to sell the R100 in content deals that pair the device with reading material such as books, or magazine and newspaper subscriptions.


December 24, 2010

Coming Next Week - The Best Of 2010

Happy Holidays From TabletPc2.com


Lenovo LePad and U1 Hybrid early hands-on

Believe it or not, it's been almost a year since we caught a look at Lenovo's IdeaPad U1 Hybrid, and Lenovo LePad Tablet PCwhile we've heard numerous times that the device and a new tablet part -- the LePad -- were still kicking, we've got some rock solid evidence this time around. Okay, we got some of the best evidence out there -- pictures and early impressions of the China-bound 10.1-inch LePad tablet and its U1 dock / shell. Now, we don't want to get your hopes up too much -- we didn't get to spend all that much time with either of the units and they were in very early form,

LePad - Forget whatever you remember about the U1 tablet that we saw at last year -- the 10.1-inch LePad is a totally different beast. And we mean that in a very good way. The version that we saw, which is the one slated for release in China sometime this month or next, had a very responsive capacitive display with much (much!) better viewing angles than the former 11.6-inch model. To boot, Lenovo has wisely ditched that Skylight OS for Android. Navigating the Android 2.2 interface (we're still assuming Lenovo's waiting for Honeycomb in the US) was pretty smooth, and as you can see in the pictures, the company's drastically retooled the stock experience by bringing over quite a bit from its LePhone skin. The colorful UI is a bit too playful and in-your-face for us, but it stretches across three panels -- one has circular app shortcuts, another is divided into four media panes (music, photos, etc.), and a final one stores widgets. That middle media pane was actually pretty slick -- similar to the UI on the Skylight version, you can adjust the size of the different music, photo, video and e-book boxes by dragging the circular toggle in the middle. Other than that though, it doesn't seem like Lenovo is doing much to take advantage of the extra screen space within apps.


ASUS Eee Pad E121 makes video tease: 12″ Core i5 Windows 7 slate

ASUS is dropping some serious hints about its upcoming Eee Pad EP121 tablet, ahead of the slate’s official debut at CES 2011 next month. According to the teaser video, the ASUS EP121 will have a 12-inch display and use an Intel Core i5 processor; that’s up from the Core 2 Duo ULV chip we first heard back in May. There’ll also be HDMI and USB connectivity, along with Windows 7

Other hardware includes a USB port, SD card slot and a webcam, and ASUS says the EP121 has a multitouch display but also suggests – in the teaser at least – that it will work with a digital stylus for art work. That would hint at a dual-mode active digitizer, supporting both finger and pen control, something many people have been waiting for in an iPad rival.

ASUS is positioning the Eee Pad EP121 as a machine for content creation as well as consumption – they make a point of mentioning it will run Office and show a keyboard hooked up for easier text entry – as well as gaming and HD video. Whether it’s going to be enough to make Windows 7 tablets appealing, we’ll have to wait until CES 2011 to find out.



ARM & Intel To Fight For Tablet Supremacy At CES 2011

Las Vegas is going to be for one week, the battleground for the war that ARM and its partners will be waging against Intel, one which may determine who will take the lion share of the tablet PC market next year.

Digitimes said that Elitegroup Computer System Asustek Computer and Micro-Star International (MSI) are going to showcase tablet computers

at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, with a growing proportion of Android-based models compared to last year. ECS will rely on Marvell or Samsung rather than Qualcomm or Nvidia to deliver its first tablet devices. Apart from the fact that they will run Android, they will feature either a 7-inch or a 10.1-inch multi touch capacitive screen. In addition, ECS will also demonstrate Widows 7 tablets based on Intel's Atom architecture.

MSI will also showcase a 10inch tablet device based on Windows 7 and Intel Atom as well as prototypes of ARMDroid tablets, highly likely to be Gingerbread-based.


December 27, 2010

Now What Do I Do With This New Tablet I Got for Christmas?
Gotta Be Mobile

So, you got your wish and got a Tablet for Christmas. Perhaps it’s an iPad, or maybe a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or maybe some other Tablet/Slate. No matter, I’m sure you’re already up and running. You’ve pinched and zoomed, you browsed the web, you’ve probably listened to a bit of music and watched some video, checked out your contacts and sent an email or two. Now you’re hungry for some App action. After all Apps are what make Tablets so much fun and turn them into what you want them to be. One of the great things about adding software to a Tablet is you’re not spending nearly as much as in year’s gone by to add Applications to a new computer. Maybe that’s why we’ve made Apps the shortcut lingo for Applications.


It's tablet time at CES 2011

This year the Consumer Electronics Show, in early January, is shaping up to be the year of the tablet. Yet the most (some would say “only”) successful tablet to date is the one that won’t be at CES. Apple sold 7.5 million iPads in the first six months and no doubt millions more this holiday season. Its shadow will hangs over the show, forcing a wide range of companies–chipmakers, computer hardware and consumer electronics companies, software developers and wireless carriers–to announce plans for tablets. Here’s what I’m expecting to see.

An Android assault
Google’s mobile operating system has been a hit on smartphones, but even the most recent version, Android 2.3 or Gingerbread, available on the Nexus S, isn’t really designed for tablets. As the first to market, Samsung has had some success with the Galaxy Tab, which runs Android 2.2 (aka Froyo), but most reviews have noted that the 7-inch slate feels more like an over-sized smartphone than a true tablet. The first version that will be designed for tablets, known as Honeycomb, will be out sometime in 2011.

RIM has a new playbook
This one is much simpler: there’s one new device, the PlayBook, running a new operating system. The PlayBook is a 7-inch tablet that is based on a dual-core processor (RIM isn’t saying which one yet) that will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2011

What about Windows?
The big news here is that according to Bloomberg Microsoft will announce a version of Windows for ARM-based tablets at CES. This would seem to contradict a lot of what Microsoft has said to date regarding tablets.


December 28, 2010

The Best Tablet PC
Computer Products & Accessories of 2010

1.  At the top of the list for the Best of 2010 is the TEGA v2 Multi-touch Tablet PC.   A truly impressive Tablet PC that can be go anywhere you go and be used for work, travel or play, the TEGA v2 can do it all.   It's sleek, it's sexy, it runs Windows 7, fits easily in Chanel bag and I can install everything I need for work or travel on it, which a which makes the TegaV2 Tablet my personal favorite of the new "slate" style Tablet PCs.   

Tega v2 Tablet PC


Onkyo Announces TA117 Tablet Just Ahead of CES 2011

Onkyo's New Tablet Comes Onkyo's New Tablet Comes Just Ahead Of New Product Flurry at Onkyo TA117 Tablet PCAnnual Electronics Show] Read: Onkyo Announces TA117 Tablet Just Ahead of CES 2011 [Onkyo's New Tablet Comes Just Ahead Of New Product Flurry at Annual Electronics Show] » TFTS – Technology, Gadgets & Curiosities

Well, the folks out at Onkyo may have missed the Christmas shopping season, but they’re going to make up for it with a slightly late present for us that comes just ahead of the CES show, the TA117 tablet PC.

The Onkyo TA117–which will come in sub-flavors the TA117C3 and the TA117C1–is set to offer (for both) a 10.1 inch touch panel display running at 1024 x 600 resolution, Android 2.2, an Nvidia Tegra 250 processor running at one gigahertz, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a microSD slot, two USB ports (just 2.0, I’m afraid), an HDMI output for when ten inches just isn’t enough screen, 1.3 megapixel camera, and a docking port with optional stand.

The sub-flavors, meanwhile, really only differ in terms of RAM and storage space. The TA117C1 will pack 512 megs of DDR3 RAM and eight gigs of storage, whilst the TA117C3 will double the RAM to one gig and the storage to 16 gigs.

It’s actually, spec-wise, one of the better tablets out there, according to reports, so if you’re meaning to go tablet, you may want to lay hands on one of these. It’s got the Samsung Galaxy Tab beat display-wise, that’s for certain, but the Galaxy Tab has 3G while the Onkyo doesn’t. It’ll be interesting to see how the new Onkyos perform and if they’re really a match for the Galaxy Tab, and of course, the iPad. It’s also interesting that Onkyo’s working both sides of the tablet fence, offering up devices for both Android and Microsoft. Kind of a strange move, I suppose, but at the same time not really, especially at this still-early stage of the so-called “tablet wars”


The top 10 tech trends of 2010

The iPad and the rise of the tablets

When the new year dawned, almost no one in the world knew what an iPad was.

Outside of the techno-geek community, few had even heard of tablet computers -- the hybrid, missing link between smartphones and laptops.

Then in late January, that all changed. With the unveiling of Apple's much-anticipated tablet computer, Apple didn't invent tablet computing. But the gang from Cupertino, California, certainly pushed it into the mainstream.

Now, 13 million or so sales later, the Apple gadget is at the top of the list of gadgets that children 6 to 12 want to see under the tree this year, according to Nielsen research.

And it's starting to get some company.

In a field of tablets running Google's Android operating system, the Samsung Galaxy has emerged as the iPad's chief rival. Early this month, Samsung said that the tab had sold 1 million units since its launch in October.

Tablets don't have the computing heft of slightly larger laptops or the pocket-size storage of a smartphone. But their video, gaming, Web-surfing and media-consumption abilities are capturing a big audience and it's a safe bet they're here to stay.


Microsoft Tablet Aimed at Fighting IPad Faces Long Odds in Vegas

Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer, said to unveil new software for tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, will face skeptics who say his company won’t soon narrow Apple Inc.’s iPad lead.

“By the time Microsoft gets it figured out everybody will already own an iPad,” said Keith Goddard, CEO of Capital Advisors Inc. an investing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that holds Apple shares. “That train has left the station.”

Microsoft will announce a full version of the Windows computer operating system that runs on ARM Holdings Plc technology at the show, which begins in Las Vegas on Jan. 6, two people familiar with Microsoft’s plans said last week.

Allying with ARM is Microsoft’s way of stepping up rivalry with Apple, which has garnered the largest share of the tablet market with its iPad, a touch-screen device introduced in April that handles video, music and computing tasks. The effort may falter unless Ballmer can match the features consumers have come to expect from the iPad, Goddard said.

The new Windows version would be tailored for battery- powered devices, such as tablets and wireless handsets, the people said. Chips based on ARM technology are made by Qualcomm Inc., Texas Instruments Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.


December 29, 2010

At CES, Expect Tablet Mania

Next week, the world’s gadgeteers head off to Las Vegas for the annual geekfest known as the Consumer Electronics Show. The event always encompasses a vast array of products and technologies, but every year certain themes stand out. And this time around, one of those will be tablet PCs.

With the popularity of the AppleiPad, there has been a rush by hardware manufacturers and chip makers alike to rush into the category, which had been pretty sleepy until Apple entered the market. And products from the hardware and chip companies alike will be on display at next week’s show.

Caris & Co. analyst Craig Ellis this morning wrote in a research note that he now counts at least 69 entries into the tablet category, up from 38 when he last counted in November. He sees 2011 shipments of 53.6 million tablets, including 36.1 million iPads. Ellis notes that Samsung is targeting sales of 9 million Galaxy Tabs, and adds that checks in Asia find industry expectations for the category in the 40 million to 60 million range. He also points out that adjacent e-reader category could double next year to more than 20 million units, from around 10 million this year.


RIM Co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, outlines 2011 for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet PC
Laptop Shop News

RIM co-chief executive, Jim Balsillie has been talking about RIM, BlackBerry, the PlayBook Tablet and Rim PlayBook Tablethow RIM aim to dominate 2011.

RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone has carved out a reputation as a reliable and versatile device, but the brand’s image has suffered in 2010 at the hands of trendier Apple and Android devices. The company will be hoping that a New Year onslaught on the tablet market will be enough to boost their profile.

Technology expert, Sascha Segan expects RIM to go for the jugular with the “cool vote” in 2011.
“One thing we have learned over the last five years is that consumers are fickle.” He said. “They will always jump ship if something cooler comes along.”



Desktops Fade As Tablet Age Begins
Internet Search Engine Database

The desktop personal computer essentially a product of the seventies is just about to make way for the next generation. The Laptop, the Tablet PC and the Dual Screen Notebook just took the lustre off the doughty machine, which is seeing a steep decline in demand. As per Forrester Research, Tablets that would have 13% market share by next year could overtake desktop PC sales by 2013. 

Tablet computers which sold 20 million units this year thanks to iPad will sell 55 million next year and 208 million units by 2014, as per a recent Gartner survey. By that time the desktop would be closer to extinction and the Laptop sales would have peaked. However tablets and smartphones would between them ensure that more one billion new web empowered devices find consumers worldwide each year.


December 30, 2010

CES 2011: Archos 70 – Specs Released
Online Social Media

t is looking like CES 2011 should be re-named “The Tablet Showroom”; as more and more different Archos 70 Tablet PCmodels are going to be there. So far the most impressive advert we have seen of the tablet PCs has been from Motorola .

Now we are seeing that Archos will be bringing their new tablet PC too, but what makes this one stand out from the others? For starters it has a 250GB HDD inside it. This is the largest amount of storage space that we have seen in an Internet tablet PC. Have we got your attention now? Let’s have a look at more of its specifications.

The Archos tablet PC has a 7” capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480, an HDMI out port, an ARM Cortex A8 processor at 1GHz, WiFi and is compatible with most audio and visual file formats. It will be running on the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. You can read a full list of the device’s specifications here as there are simply too many to mention.

All in all, this looks like fantastic machine, you can click here to view a full demonstration of the tablet courtesy of Archos.


Fujitsu's LIFEBOOK T580 Tablet PC Increases Productivity and Mobility

Fujitsu has announced the launch of its LIFEBOOK T580 Tablet PC with 3-way input and a 10.1-inch Superfine HD Display. Weighing only 1.4kg, the LIFEBOOK T580 increases productivity by keeping Fujitsu t580 Tabletusers mobile and connected to their business wherever they are, while a host of security features keeps data safe at all times.

Building on almost two decades of leadership and experience in designing and manufacturing its own products, the T580 is Fujitsu's 's latest addition to its Tablet PC family, and is powered by Intel®'s Core™ i5 processor, up to 8GB RAM and a wide variety of SSD and SATA hard disk drives. The LIFEBOOK T580 also comes with 4-finger multiple touch functionality, enabling users to perform actions directly on the screen providing an intuitive user experience. To keep data safe around the clock, the T580 offers the highest security available including features such as the Advanced Theft Protection system, fingerprint sensor and Kensington Lock in addition to Fujitsu's own security systems.

"Since 1993 Fujitsu Tablet PCs have been serving in demanding roles to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers," said Chandan Mehta, Product Manager at Fujitsu Technology Solutions. "The result of 19 distinct generations of tablets, the LIFEBOOK T580 is one of the lightest and most powerful traditional Tablet PCs to enter the market. It is also one of the most secure, offering a range of security features to keep hardware, software and users' data safe, which is key when using mobile devices on the move."

The LIFEBOOK T580's 3-Way Input means that users have the choice to either touch, write or type, alternating between the signature Fujitsu Stylus Pen, the ergonomic spill-resistant keyboard or use the new 4-point multi-touch technology to perform actions, such as arranging items and files, directly on the screen. This latest 4-point multi-touch functionality offers a rich gesture vocabulary, opening up a whole new approach to interacting directly on screen that provides users with a unique tablet experience.

Consumer and business users looking for the ultimate viewing experience can enjoy a sensational video and audio experience thanks to the built-in HDMI and VGA output while the 10.1-inch SuperFine HD TFT display with auto brightness control runs on Intel®'s HD Graphics processor providing stunning 3D graphics and shading effects.

Fujitsu t900 tablet PC


December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011



LG Tablet PC: Running Android Honeycomb OS?
Online Social Media

CES 2011 has seen many tablet PC announcements already, so far we have seen a great advert from Motorola for their tablet PC that will be running Android Honeycomb, we have seen the LG Android BlackBerry PlayBook and an Archos tablet PC which looks pretty interesting .

It really does look like 2011 is going to be “The Year Of The Tablet”, which is pretty astounding when you think about the market about a year ago. Apple have pretty much turned what was a diminished market, into the one that everyone wants a piece of, including LG.

LG have had a tablet in the pipeline for a little while, but they have been reluctant to release it until there was an OS that was a little more tablet friendly. Now we are looking at potentially 2 or 3 tablets debuting at CES 2011 running the Android Honeycomb OS. This can only be a good thing as it offers more variety and competition between brands. What we like about LG waiting for a little while before releasing their tablet, is it shows they have taken their time to make sure everything is right


HTC files for "Scribe" iPad competitor tablet trademark
Apple Insider

A newly filed trademark from Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC revealed the company may be working on a tablet computer named the "HTC Scribe," in hopes of challenging Apple's wildly successful iPad.

The Dec. 26 filing from HTC describes "a handheld wireless device, namely, a tablet computer," Bloomberg reports. Though a trademark filing is far from a definite indication that the mobile phone maker will release the trademarked product, a tablet device from HTC, the world's largest maker of phones running Google's Android mobile operating system, is seen by many as inevitable.

The HTC Scribe would "provide an alternative to the iPad,” IDC program director Will Stofega told Bloomberg. “This will compete on pricing, and could be as good or better.”

In a Dec. 13 report, KGI Research analyst Richard Ko predicted that HTC will launch a tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show next week or during the Mobile World Congress in February.

The HTC Scribe would likely run Android 3.0, dubbed Honeycomb, which will be optimized for tablet use. Earlier this month, journalist Walt Mossberg asked Android chief Andy Rubin whether Honeycomb is a version that "happens to work on tablets" or a version for tablets. Rubin hedged that "it's a bit of both."


CES 2011 Preview: Tablets
PC Magazine

Google's Android Honeycomb will change the face of tablets in 2011…but its presence at CES will be limited.CES - Upcoming

This time last year, the tech world was holding its collective breath for the "slate" device Apple was heavily rumored to be releasing. A few weeks after CES, we had the Apple iPad, and a new product category with a clear leader was officially born. Since then, it feels like someone poured water on the tablet category or fed it after midnight. The sheer multitude of tablets seems to multiply like gremlins, and many of the products are equipped with operating systems that have a few gremlins of their own. CES 2011, nonetheless, will be remembered as the opening bell for the year of the tablet. Thus far, only two true contenders, Apple's iPad and Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Tab, have emerged as viable, enviable tablets. In about a week, that will all change…maybe.

By far, the most anticipated product in the tablet category is the 10-inch device headed our way from Motorola, rumored to be called the Xoom—but remember, the iPad was supposed to be called the iSlate. What differentiates Motorola's tablet from all other Android-based tablets—and we'll get to them in a bit—is that it will run on Google's Android Honeycomb operating system. Honeycomb is the latest version of Android, but most importantly, it is optimized for tablets. As Motorola's viral marketing campaign suggests, the Galaxy Tab is running a version of Android better suited for cell phones. Expect the announcements from Motorola to dominate the headlines during CES.

Another hotly anticipated product at CES 2011 will be RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, equipped with a 7-inch display and RIM's own operating system. The PlayBook weighs just under a pound.


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