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November 2009


November 2, 2009


Acer recently outpaced Dell as the second largest PC seller in the world. Is No. 1 Hewlett-Packard next on the list?

Acer Chairman J.T. Wang reportedly intends to ship 40 million notebooks in 2010, a number that could help the Taiwanese company challenge and even overtake current champ Hewlett-Packard for the top spot in portable PC sales.

To achieve this goal, Acer is looking to kick up revenue by more than 70 percent over the next three years, said Wang in an interview with Reuters.

Much of that revenue growth is likely to come from an anticipated 50 percent gain in sales for low-cost Netbook PCs. As the economy improves, Wang expects to sell an ever greater number of low-priced, portable PCs, a segment that has been very kind to the company.



and, if this rumor from PhoneArena (via Electronista) is correct, a fourth is on the way. The Sony Vaio P netbook is said to be making its way to Big Red for a very low price; $300. The Vaio P retails for $850, which means quite a subsidy from Verizon, and quite a deal for their customers.

The VZW-edition of the P will pack Windows 7 and a non-standard 160 GB hard drive. Normally, this Vaio only comes with 60 and 80 GB hard drive options, which could be a sign of an error in the rumor.


November 3, 2009

Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD),division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the availability of its new line of Satellite Pro, Tecra and Portg business laptops with Windows 7 support. The Satellite Pro line features new screen size options in 15.6-inch, 17.3-inch diagonal display configurations as well as a 13.3-inch diagonal touch-screen display and includes performance enhancements that will appeal to cost-conscious professionals looking for a reliable PC at the right price.

'Windows 7 provides us with the ability to offer our customers the many productivity enhancements in the new operating system that enable business professionals to work more quickly and effectively while in the office or on the road, as well as innovative features such as Touch in form factors beyond Tablet PCs,' said Carl Pinto, vice president of product development, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Products Division.

Touch-enabled Laptops Enhanced Productivity

Building on its expertise in Tablet PCs, Toshiba is bringing the intuitive touch experience to laptops built for mobility. Leveraging Windows 7 multi-touch capabilities, the new Satellite Pro U500 Touch laptop features a 13.3-inch diagonal multi-touch screen display that helps mobile professionals easily tap, drag-and-drop and scroll through files, calendars, tasks, or zoom in and out of a window with just a two-finger pinch. In addition, Toshiba is including touch-ready basic productivity software, Toshiba LifeSpace' on the Satellite Pro U500 Touch.

Perfect for students, administrators and teachers, Toshiba has updated the Portg M750 with more powerful Intel Core' 2 Duo processors2. With its pen and touch input, the convertible Tablet PC with a 12.1-inch diagonal display supports solutions that encourage 1:1 learning and interaction in the classroom, enabling students and teachers to draw diagrams, take notes or annotate documents in their own handwriting. Users can feel confident with their computer purchase as Toshiba delivers the Portg M750 Tablet PC with the utmost security, functional features and a generous Three-Year Standard Limited Warranty. The Portg M750 Tablet PC comes equipped with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with upgrade media for Windows 7 Professional. Prices start at $1,279 MSRP1.


November 4, 2009

CNET News 

One of the smallest, most pocketable ultraportables still remains the Sony Vaio P. We always liked its slim design and high-resolution screen...the problem was that it was far too expensive. That Sony Vaio P netboksproblem may be in the process of being rectified, according to reports that Verizon could be adding the Vaio P to its subsidized Netbook offerings this week. The cost? A mere $299, according to Gadgetmix and Phonearena. While that would require a 2-year contract, the original Vaio P cost around $1,000 at the beginning of 2009, making the subsidized price very appealing.

Even better, the P seems like it will be outfitted with a 160GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, and Windows 7 Home Premium. While it will have to compete with other high-quality Verizon Netbook offerings like the HP Mini 311, the Vaio P is another high-design Netbook we wouldn't mind owning at the right price, especially with 3G built in.



Most of you thought that the XO OLPC would be succeeded by the XO-2, dual display laptop, right? Well, it appears that the idea has been binned, in favor of an XO tablet computer, and taking into account the popularity of netbook computers, we can see why they’d want to check out tablet computers. The bad news is that you can’t expect it until at least 2012, which is still a long way away. By that time will we all be sporting phones that can project 20-inch images, and flying cars? We’ll have to wait and see.


November 5, 2009

ARCHOS once again is leading the way in innovation with the introduction of the Netbook of the future, the ARCHOS 9 PCtablet. The new ARCHOS 9 PCtablet combines the performance of a high end netbook with breathtaking aesthetics, excellent ergonomics and a tactile interface on a superb screen.

Archos 9 Tablet PC

Pure lines, extreme thinness (0.67''), 800g and a stunning black finish, the ARCHOS 9 PCtablet pushes the boundaries of elegance and simplicity on a Netbook, fulfilling the expectations of the most mobile users. It provides all the power and comfort needed for daily usage.
With this ultra-light and thin PCtablet, you can watch you videos (including Full HD format), browse the web, “video chat”, or write your mails or documents.



While the world and his wife seems obsessed with the Apple Tablet, which is still, let’s remember just a rumour at this point, Microsoft’s Courier tablet looks increasingly impressive. Read on to find out about the amazing interface of Microsoft’s magic tablet…

If you’re used to the fairly convention files and folders structure of Windows (even the shiny new Windows 7), Microsoft Courier looks like it could blow your mind.

The heart of Microsoft Courier’s UI is the rather snazzily named Infinite Journal. It’s a notebook which catalogues your writing, drawings, photos and multimedia. It is actually structured with pages and each item has a time stamp and is geotagged.

There are also options to add your own custom cover to the Infinite Journal and the ability to search not just by time, location, file name and tags but via handwriting recognition.

There is also a view called Smart Agenda which summarises the content in your Infinite Journal showing appointments, emails, to-do lists, weather and messages from friends in one place.

In this marvelous multi-touch world we live in gestures are vital and Microsoft Courier has them. A one-finger tap and hold will clip and copy content, a flick vertically scrolls, two fingers gestures open and close apps. Up or down opens apps while swiping across the screeand off closes them. You can also pinch to zoom.


DavidAlvarezOnline.com is now Live

David Alvarez

The Official website for Tony Winning Actor David Alvarez from the musical Billy Elliot on Broadway is now Live.  Next week I will be introducing David to the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC.



November 6, 2009

Microsoft's Courier Could Match An Apple Tablet PCMicrosoft's Courier
Microsoft Watch

Apple has been earning a lot of press lately about the oft-rumored Tablet PC--I did my own scuttlebutt round-up about it earlier this week, complete with an analyst stating that Apple's partners make it harder and harder to keep secrets.

They're not alone in either the tablet PC or scurrilous-rumors category, though: Gizmodo has been drilling deep into the Courier, a tablet/booklet that will supposedly run on Windows 7, with Microsoft-crafted hardware, and let you take notes and run applications. On Nov. 4, the blog hit the proverbial motherlode, publishing several slides and a short video of Courier allegedly in action.


Asus Delays EEE Keyboard 'Till 2010, 10” Tablet PC Coming

The Asus Eee Keyboard, previously confirmed for an October 2009 release, won't be out until 2010. Savvy gadget nerds probably realized this several days ago, when the netbook-inside-a-keyboard didn't launch within the one month window given. Now, Digitimes gives us the reason why. Apparently the original version of the Eee Keyboard didn't pass wireless regulation testing.

Asus also confirmed that, during the CES 2010 show, they'll be debuting a 10” tablet PC as well as several smartbooks. They'll also show off some Atom N450 netbooks, new ultraportable PCs, and possibly a 9” grayscale E-Reader. In addition, CES could see the first unveiling of “several” Asus Android smartphones.


November 9, 2009

Acer rides Windows 7 wave and readies 1420P tablet notebook
Ethio Planet News

Fresh from research indicating that Acer has now overtaken Dell in worldwide PC sales, the Taiwanese giant is now adding a second multi-touch Tablet PC to its burgeoning list of notebooks. Following on from the recently announced 1820P, the new model, 1420P, will ship with an 11.6in touch-sensitive, rotating screen with resolutions of either 1,366×768 or, on the cheaper model, 1,024×600.

Powered by a choice of Intel’s CULV processors – Celeron and Core 2 Duo – on top of a GS45 chipset that integrates the GMA X4500MHD graphics, Acer quotes a maximum battery life of around eight hours, based on the supplied 5,600mAh six-cell battery.


Netbook popularity continues to grow

What do you get when you build a laptop computer without the DVD drive? A small, lightweight (2 to 3 pound) computer called a netbook that does most of the things you want from a notebook Netbookcomputer.

You can get on the Web, do e-mail, and light word processing.

Just about all of the new models have a Web cam and come with WiFi and Bluetooth capability.

"They're terrific portable computers, if you travel a lot," says Jim Barry, the consumer electronics industry's Digital Answer Man

"And they start as little as $250. The highest-priced ones are only about $500."

This might explain why netbooks are growing in popularity.

"Just about all of the companies that make portable computers or desktops for that matter are now making Netbook computers."

Most netbooks have a Windows or Linux operating system. Some models come with Windows 7 Starter Edition.


Dell's first rugged tablet PC shows at FCCDell Latitude XT2 XFR
Ethio Planet News

An FCC filing (PDF) from Novatel has revealed that Dell plans to apply its rugged XFR badge to a tablet PC for the first time. Titled the Latitude XT2 XFR, it would take the company’s familiar 12-inch XT2 convertible tablet but harden the system for use outdoors or in more dangerous workplaces: the body would have extra shock-absorbing protection, particularly at the corners and the hinge. It would also have protected ports to guard against dust or water.



If you’ve been holding out for your next netbook with view to upgrading to a touch capable device and you have a somewhat restrained budget then the Windows 7 powered Asus Eee PC T91MT Tablet Netbook will doubtless prove a particularly tempting proposition in offering the enhanced usability of a compact convertible along with an 8.9” touch capable LED LCD display.

The Asus Eee PC T91MT Tablet Netbook (specifically the T91MT-PU17-WT) comes with a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 processor and 1GB DDR2 RAM (which can be upgraded to a maximum of 2GB) under the hood whilst, in terms of storage capacity, you’re looking at an integrated 32GB solid state drive backed up, of course, with 500GB of online storage space courtesy of Asus’s Eee Storage facility.

The Asus Eee PC T91MT Tablet Netbook can be ordered here.


Austin American-Statesman

Now, even as the economy continues to falter, Motion, whose biggest competitor is electronics giant Panasonic Inc., could have an advantage.

Its target customers are in health care and construction, two industries expected to grow this year, thanks to the federal government's economic stimulus plan.

In the spring, Motion launched a new slate tablet PC, the J3400, designed for rough and tumble treatment, including drops, bumps and dusty and wet conditions. Priced at $2,299, it includes a camera, GPS and all-day battery life.

David Krebs, a mobile and wireless analyst at VDC Research Group in Natick, Mass., said Motion "was one of the earliest pioneers in this market, and they're clearly recognized as one of the top leaders, both in market share and in innovation.

"There's something of a rebirth happening in this category right now, thanks to renewed interest in health care, construction and the military. Motion is in the right place to benefit from that."


November 12, 2009

Netbook Buyers Don't Want Windows 7 'Starter'
I ternetNews.com

Many users looking to buy a netbook are put off by units that come with Windows 7 Starter Edition, according to a survey by an online consumer comparison shopping site. Unfortunately, the site, Retrevo.com, found consumers have little choice.

The site found that most of the netbooks sold by Amazon.com -- 23 out of 28 -- came with what Retrevo referred to in a blog post as "a low-end feature-starved version that lacks many of the features that make other versions of Windows 7 so attractive." In short, they almost all come with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows 7 Starter Edition pre-installed.

So Retrevo decided to ask its customers what they think.

With some 1,100 consumers responding, the non-scientific survey found that 56 percent said they'd be dissatisfied if a new netbook came with Starter Edition, the lowest-end edition of the new Windows 7 operating system.

In addition, 61 percent did not realize that Windows 7 Starter Edition lacks features that come standard with Windows XP, which until now has been the most popular operating system to ship with netbooks.

For example, Starter Edition lacks multiple monitor support, the ability to personalize the desktop, and DVD playback capabilities. It also does not sport the Aero user interface.



For the last few days, rumors about an Nvidia-made tablet PC based around the Tegra processor have circulated around the Internet. Now Nvidia's given Engadget some straightforward info about the device. The gadget is currently in the prototype phase, and comes in several different sizes. It currently runs Windows CE and uses a resistive touchscreen, although we're likely to see it run the Android OS and feature a capacitive touchscreen when it launches.

This gadget is currently set for a launch roughly around March of 2010. This is extremely exciting, because the images we're seeing of the current prototype look almost identical to the iTablet renders we've been watching for months. While Apple may never actually end up producing such a device, a Tegra-based tablet running Android sounds just as good. If not a little bit better.


. The Newest in Notebooks and Netbooks


Windows 7 was naturally the star of the show at Microsoft’s recent Windows 7 Launch Event in New York City. But also taking the stage was an assortment of new computers, many designed to take advantage of the new operating system.

While browsing through the aisles of machines on display, I found several that caught my eye, especially among the notebooks and netbooks. I discovered several portables that take advantage of Windows 7 multitouch, a few that convert into tablets, and others that can run for several hours on a single battery charge. But the big theme was thin and light. The newest in notebooks and netbooks are thinner and lighter than you might have thought possible, so they're great options for your users who are always on the go.

Acer  Aspire 1420P

The Aspire 1420P was on display for only a very short time, so I didn't get much of a chance to play with it. But based on the demo and its specs, this could be a winner. This 11-inch notebook has a swivel top that converts it into a tablet PC. From what I could tell, it's thinner and lighter than some of the other notebook/tablet combo portables that I've seen. I'm not sure if Acer classifies this as a notebook or netbook (the lines have been getting very blurry)

Lenovo  ThinkPad X200 Tablet with Multi Touch

Lenovo offers its own combo notebook/tablet PC, slightly larger than Acer's but also a bit thicker and heavier. Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo, it's also likely to be speeder than Acer's Celeron driven-machine. Lenovo provides up to 4GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive or 128GB Solid State drive. The company claims a single battery charge can keep the PC running for around 9 or 10 hours. Add in a weight of around 3.5 pounds, and you've got another good choice for road warriors. The 12-inch screen can swivel to turn the ThinkPad into a full-fledged tablet PC. You can even order an Optional SuperBright Outdoor panel designed to eliminate glare and reflection when you take the PC outside



November 17, 2009


GTM will be demonstrating Alirti™ at the upcoming CES from booth 36440 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, upper level of South Hall 4. Stop by Globaltel Media’s booth for a daily chance to win a tablet PC. For demos and more information on Aliriti™, visit www.alirti.com.



November 18, 2009

AT&T Lands Samsung Go Netbook For $199 On Contract
Hot HardwareSamsung Go

Today, AT&T introduced its newest netbook, the Samsung Go. It weighs in at 2.8 pounds and can connect to AT&T's data network (where available), sports an eye-catching midnight blue color, a soft texture design, LED-backlit, borderless glass display (which is scratch resistant, by the way) and comes with a 4-cell battery. There's also 3 USB sockets, a 160GB hard drive, Windows 7 Starter, a 1.3MP camera and an Atom N270 CPU.

The Samsung Go is available beginning Nov. 22 through AT&T retail locations or online



Laptops from Asus and Toshiba, followed by Sony and Apple, had the lowest failure rates of the nine manufacturers included in a report from Square Trade, a provider of electronics warranties. Hewlett-Packard, which is the world’s largest producer of PCs, came in last.

Asus and Toshiba are the most reliable laptop makers, and netbooks have a 20 percent higher failure rate than laptops, according to a Nov. 17 study from SquareTrade, an electronics warranty provider that analyzed the failure rates of more than 30,000 new laptops covered by its warranty plan.

The report arrives just in time for the holiday shopping season, and offers an overview of laptop failure rates, failure rates caused by accidents versus malfunctions, and netbook failure rates compared to those of laptops.

Considering a netbook purchase? You aren’t alone.

“[By 2009,] netbooks have achieved a feature-set maturity that has allowed them to fully compete with low-end notebook computers,” according to SquareTrade. “Laptops have historically been among the most popular electronics gifts, and this year the netbook is especially attractive to shoppers operating on tight budgets looking for an inexpensive way to replace an aging computer

It defined netbooks as laptops costing less than $400, entry-level laptops as those priced between $400 and $1,000, and premium laptops as those passing the $1,000 mark.



Foxit Corporation, a leader in mobile/desktop PDF solutions and Ritescript®, a division of Evernote® Corporation, a provider of handwriting recognition and digital ink technologies have announced an immediate availability of PDF PenSuite Pro™.

“We at Ritescript are excited about the cooperation with Foxit Software, a world-renowned PDF expert.” said Leonid Kitainik, general manager of Ritescript.  “With the fast growth of Tablet PC usage in healthcare and the proliferation of electronic whiteboards in education, our joint product will make doctors, nurses, students, and teachers more efficient in their offices and on the go and will contribute to the paperless world.”

Revolutionizing the PDF for Healthcare and Educational Professionals
The PDF PenSuite Pro is a powerful and inexpensive PDF authoring tool emphasizing digital ink features. This technology is geared toward professional users in the healthcare and education markets. The PDF PenSuite Pro makes it easier for healthcare offices and doctors along with educators and students who are increasingly using Tablet PCs, convertible netbooks, pen tablets, interactive whiteboards, and any other digital pen.


Getac Announces Fully Rugged Notebooks and Tablet PCS
PR Newswire

Getac Products Surpass Rigorous Test Processes for Heat/Cold, Sand/Dust and Water to Ensure Outstanding Performance in Any Environment

Getac, a leading innovator and manufacturer of rugged computers that meet the demands of field-based applications, announced that its line of notebook computers and Tablet PCs has been MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F and IP65 certified by an independent testing lab to withstand severe environmental conditions. These standards were established by the military to ensure minimum performance standards for any product used by agencies and organizations within the Department of Defense.


November 19, 2009


Right, the good news first: a new report says the Apple tablet will now come in two flavours, LCD and gorgeous OLED. The bad news: that means the Apple tablet will likely be delayed until the back end of 2010 as Apple tries to bring costs down.


November 23, 2009

AT&T, LG Launch 3G Netbook

LG Electronics is entering the U.S. netbook market and it is teaming with AT&T (NYSE: T) to offer customers a subsidized mini-laptop that has integrated 3G access.

The LG X120 has relatively standard specifications for a device of its class including a 10.1-inch screen, 1 GB of RAM, 160-GB hard drive, high-definition stereo speakers, Wi-Fi, and a 3G modem to access AT&T's 3G network on the go. The netbook is powered by Windows XP, and it also comes with a SmartOn interface that gives users one-click access to specified applications.

The netbook will be available at RadioShack retail stores and online for about $180 with a two-year contract for AT&T's mobile data plan, which costs about $60 a month with a 5-GB cap. AT&T's mobile broadband subscribers will also receive free access to more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.


Recently I was given just 24 hours to explore a first production build of the Apple iTablet -- and here are my first impressions and discoveries. First, it's more like an iPhone than a MacBook. The operating system depends on gestures, and expands the vocabulary. Your hand is going to be dancing.

Second big news: it's not just an application platform and full-color reader and media player. It's also a dual camera and, yes, read this twice, a phone.



Acer released a convertible tablet PC that runs Windows 7 on a dual-core Celeron processor. The Aspire 1420p -- unannounced in the U.S. but given away by Microsoft to those attending the company's PDC (Professional Developers Conference) this week -- includes both a Acer Apsire 1420P Tablet PCpivoting, 11.6-inch display with multitouch and an HDMI output, says Acer.

According to Microsoft, all full-conference attendees at its 2009 PDC, held this week in Los Angeles, were given Acer's Aspire 1420p tablet PC (right), whose U.S. pricing and availability have not yet been announced. In an interview with CNET, Windows division president Stephen Sinofsky is quoted as saying that Microsoft employees worked with Acer to customize the device, though it just wasn't possible to delete Bluetooth and cram in GPS as they had hoped.

According to Microsoft, the Aspire 1420p includes accelerometers that can automatically change the system's screen from portrait to landscape mode. The system also supports Windows 7's multitouch capabilities and is "perfect for writing down notes using Microsoft OneNote 2010," the company adds.

Like other convertible PCs, Acer's Aspire 1420p features a screen that pivots and folds down over its keyboard, changing the computer into a tablet. The device has a full-size keyboard, and an 11.6-inch display offered in either 1366 x 768 or 1024 x 600 resolutions, according to the company. (PDC attendees reportedly got a glossy version of the display, with the higher resolution.)

According to Acer, the 1420p's screen supports either finger touch or pen input. Supported gestures include circular-motion scrolling, pinch-action zoom, and page flipping, the company says. Meanwhile, it's said, the device also sports a VGA-resolution webcam and an HDMI video output.



November 24, 2009

CNET News 

Netbooks--tiny laptops used for Web surfing and light production tasks--have gained in popularity as a cheap alternative to a laptop. They can be had for as little as $250--or under $100 when bought as part of a two-year contract at phone carriers such as a Verizon.

Inside new Netbooks will beat Intel's latest "Pine Trail" Atom processor. This watershed design will squeeze the graphics function--previously on a separate chip--into the central processing unit, or CPU, a first for Intel. And what does that mean to consumers? "Better battery life. But performance more than anything," Intel executive vice president Sean Maloney said in a recent CNET interview.


A Transformable Fully Rugged Notebook/Tablet PC (Two-in-One) GammaTech Introduces the GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S
PR Newswire

GammaTech Computer Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of notebook computers for over 22 years, today announced the GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S, the innovative, fully rugged 13.3" notebook computer that transforms quickly and easily to a Tablet PC for ultimate flexibility and functionality.


The GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S is powered by an Intel Core2 Duo processor. Intel® Core(TM)2 Duo processor delivers faster multitasking performance and greater energy efficiency so that users can be more productive. By combining breakthrough processing speeds with advanced power-saving features, Intel Core2 Duo processor lets users get more done in less time. The R13S comes with a 9-cell lithium-ion battery providing approximately 7 hours of functionality. The unit includes a GPS Receiver, Bluetooth®, Super-Multi DVD Burner optical drive, HD audio, built-in speaker and array microphone, support for Intel GME965 Integrated graphics and an onboard smart card reader. The R13S measures 13.5"(W) X 10"(D) X 2.3"(H) and weighs only 9.4 lbs.

"Our mission is to equip mobile rugged computer users in harsh environments with the ultimate functionality and durability they need to do their jobs. That's why we offer the GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S. And we offer the Two-in-One Notebook+Tablet PC at a significantly lower cost than other fully rugged notebooks in the market that do not provide the Tablet PC features," says GammaTech President, Steven Gau.


Cool Rui X9: A 10.1'' Windows 7 Tablet PCCool Rui X9: A 10.1'' Windows 7 Tablet PC

It was only a matter of time. Windows 7, in all of its multitouch-capable glory, has finally found its way onto a next-generation tablet PC. The X9 has a 10.1" touchscreen, runs Windows 7, and comes from Chinese manufacturer Cool Rui. Shanzai.com had a chance to get a sneak peak at the tablet, and they've got a whole bunch of photos of it in action. There's no confirmed date for the X9's US release, but it is expected to launch here.

The X9's screen is billed as dust, scratch, and fire resistant. It can support a pixel resolution of 1024 x 600, and runs with an Atom 270 processor.


November 25, 2009

PC World

Are you in the market for a laptop or netbook this holiday season? Then check out the hot deals Wallmart adbelow. I've scoured the Web looking for the best Black Friday laptop and netbook deals priced less than $400. I've found offers from many major retailers, as well as some handy tips to help you map out this year's shopping strategy.

If you can't get enough laptop information, then you should also check out PC World's 2009 Holiday Laptop Gift Guide to see which computers promise to be on everyone's wish list this year.


November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving








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