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February 2009


February 2, 2009

Want a Wireless Plan with Your Netbook?

PC makers and telcos are pairing up to offer discounted devices with wireless data plans, but success could come at the expense of feature-laden phones Stripped-down computers known as netbooks have been taking a bite out of laptop sales for the better part of a year. Now computer makers are trying to capitalize on netbooks' popularity by pushing them into a new market—the one occupied by smartphones like Apple's iPhone and Palm's upcoming Pre. The strategy has yielded some attractive deals for consumers, who can score big discounts on Dell (DELL) and Acer netbooks that are paired with wireless data plans from AT&T (T). For PC makers, chopping hundreds of dollars off their prices and emphasizing netbooks' always-connected nature broadens the little products' appeal. Ordinarily, these machines that sport small screens and keyboards and less powerful processors than full-sized notebooks can cost $300 or $400.

Pairing netbooks with wireless plans is also a way to differentiate the machines, designed for reading e-mail and surfing the Web, from full-sized laptops that can cost three times as much. "For many people, the notion that you're not connected is almost foreign," says Michael Tatelman, a vice-president of global sales and marketing at Dell. "I don't think you'll see us exiting the model any time soon." In fact, the PC maker is exploring the possibility of selling printers and monitors bundled with 3G service, for quick transfers of photos from a camera or Web site, for example. "We're looking at all those things," says Tatelman.


GBM Inkshow: Fujitsu LifeBook U820
Gotta Be Mobile

i n this Inkshow, I take a look at the Fujitsu Lifebook U820, a tablet UMPC/MID released at the end of 2008 that employs Intel’s Atom Z530 processor. Besides almost making me blind as I to tried to read the tiny 5.6″ screen supporting 1280×800 pixels upon unboxing, the U820 runs Vista Business on only 1.6GHz of a single core processor utilizing 1GB of RAM.


February 3, 2009

Microsoft Anounces 6 versions of Windows 7

Microsoft has created a SKU line-up where each SKU is a superset of the previous SKU. This meansWindows 7 Logo that each higher edition SKU will have every feature lower edition SKUs have. We will be  focusing on two primary editions of Windows 7:  Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional.   They will continue to offer a few targeted SKUs for customers with specialized needs:  for price-sensitive customers with small notebook PCs, some OEMs will offer Windows 7 Starter. For customers in emerging markets, we will make Windows 7 Home Basic available.   Businesses have two recommended choices: Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise.  Windows 7 Professional is recommended for small businesses and Windows 7 Enterprise is recommended for mid- and large-sized businesses that have a Software Assurance Agreement with Microsoft. The SKU lineup for Windows 7 is:  Windows® 7 Starter, Windows® 7 Home Basic (in Emerging Markets only), Windows® 7 Home Premium, Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® 7 Enterprise and Windows® 7 Ultimate.

  • For Consumers, we recommend Windows 7 Home Premium for most customers and Windows 7 Professional for customers who want additional features and functionality useful for small business activities.
    For Businesses, we recommend Windows 7 Professional for most customers and Windows 7 Enterprise for medium-to-large business and enterprise customers that choose to license Windows through Software Assurance.
  • The features in each version of Windows 7 build upon the one before it. As customers move up from one SKU to the next, from Windows 7 Starter through Windows 7 Ultimate, they gain additional features and lose none.


Most Popular Tablet PCs of January 2009
Tablet PC Reviews

Welcome to the January 2009 Most Popular Tablet PCs list. This report is made using the total page-views each product page receives in one month; so each time someone clicks one of the product links, they are submitting a vote in our monthly rankings. This list doesn’t always show which models are the best selling, but instead the models that readers want to research the most.HP continues to hold the number one position with the tz2500z having a strong lead and the tx2z slipping from #2 to #5. The Lenovo X200 jumped up back into the #2 spot for this month and we saw quite a few older models make there way into the list again. We guess this is from models being clearance off as manufacturers make way for the newest models.


Apple patent shows possible design for upcoming Tablet PC/MID

On the last day of 2008, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington sparked a rumor about Apple’s plans to unveil a “large sized iPod touch with a 7 or 9 inch screen” in the fall of 2009 that will be their very first tablet PC. Arrington further revealed that, “Prototypes have been seen and handled by one of our sources, and Apple is talking to OEMs in Asia now about mass production.” Well, I’m not dreaming of ever seeing the prototypes and handling them myself, but something tells me that the device illustrated above, taken from one of Apple’s recent patent applications, shows us the exact same thing Michael Arrington is referring to: apple’s upcoming tablet PC.

Apple’s recent patent application, titled “DISPLAY HOUSING FOR COMPUTING DEVICE”, shows what looks like a mobile Internet device without a keyboard but possibly with a touchscreen display. The Apple logo is even prominently displayed in several of the illustrations, which could mean that this design is near complete.

Of course, as these designs are just found in a patent application, Apple might still come out with an entirely different device if the rumors about their upcoming tablet PC come true this year. Hopefully, more info about it surfaces in the near future. See more illustrations after the break.


February 5, 2009

TabletPc2.com 2009 Valentines Day Gift Guide

Toshiba Qosmio® X305-Q708

There are all kinds of ways to express your feelings on Valentines day.  For those of you looking for something a little more unique than hearts and flowers this year, I've gathered a few things to inspire you......   Flaming hot laptops,  a candy apple red netbook, The finest Caramels,  Chilled Champagne, the perfect martini or wine glass,  the perfect accessories for the iPhone 3G, a kiss created from DNA........


Windows tablet PC resists extreme cold
WindowsForDevicesRoper Frozen tablet pc

Roper Mobile Technology (RMT) announced an 8.4-inch tablet PC with 500MHz AMD Geode LX 800 or 1.0GHz Intel Celeron M processors. The Duros 8404 resists shock, dust, and water, has a hot-swappable battery, and comes with solid-state storage or a hard disk drive (HDD), RMT says."Unlike a laptop, the Duros is designed to be carried with you," RMT says cheekily. Touting the device as "evenly balanced," the company says the Duros features a multi-directional handgrip/wrist strap, as well as an available vehicle mount (right).

According to RMT, the Duros may be operated from -4 to 122 deg. F (-20 to 50 deg. C), as the photo at the top of our story dramatizes. The device can withstand four-foot drops onto concrete, as long as its HDD is not operating, the company adds.

The Duros 8404 is equipped with an 8.4-inch resistive touchscreen display, with 800 x 600 pixel resolution and an optional "sunlight-readable" configuration. To the right of the screen, as the photograph below shows, there are membrane keys that toggle power, lock the system, control cursor movement, and may be assigned to various function keys, the company says


GBM InkShow: The Athena ArtPC

It is raining Netbooks in the Crocker/Savaiano household, and who better to check them out than Athena’s Art PCmy lovely wife, Thomasin. She does have an affinity for these small devices. She also seems to really like the idea behind Athena’s ArtPC. Athena has developed a process of embedding a design into the cover for their Netbooks that I think will be very attractive to some, especially kids. Thomasin seems to agree and I’m glad they also offer the more traditional skins as well.

Download the InkShow here.


February 9, 2009

Deal of the Day: HP tx2z Tablet PC - 30% Stackable CouponHP Pavilion tx2z
Gotta Be Mobile

LogicBuy.com’s Deal of the Day is a one heck of a deal: 30% off coupon for the HP tx2 mulit-touch tablet pc, which puts the tx2z at $749.98. Details below:

Huge 30% Coupon Code on the Multi-touch 12.1-inch HP Pavilion tx2z Convertible Laptop when you order with $50+ accessory (Router). Available for online customization with FREE shipping, FREE upgrade to 250GB Hard Drive from 160GB($50 value), FREE HP DeskJet Printer ($70 value) after mail-in rebate. This 4.65 lbs. laptop features a glossy, titanium finish & “Reaction” imprint pattern to go along with gesture-capable multitouch display. $1,209.98 - $150 instant discount - $300 stackable coupon - $10 mail-in rebate = $749.98 with FREE shipping.That’s one of the lowest price we’ve seen for the TX2z. This deal ends after limited redemptions have been reached.


Fujitsu Expands Support For High-Speed Connectivity On Multiple Notebooks and Tablet PCs
Wireless Workforce

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation recently announced expanded support for high-speed connectivity on multiple LifeBook® notebooks and tablet PCs. The LifeBook T5010, T1010, P1630 and T2020 convertible Tablet PCs join the LifeBook U820 convertible mini notebook in providing built-in access to AT&T's BroadbandConnect High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) network. The LifeBook T5010Tablet PC and the LifeBook E8420 notebook will support EVDO in the second quarter of 2009. Both broadband services provide 3G performance for mobile devices. Faster download speeds deliver an optimal wireless Internet-browsing experience, while faster upload speeds make it easier for users to send large files, such as videos, photos and business documents. LifeBook T5010 Convertible Tablet PC
LifeBook T1010 Convertible Tablet PC
LifeBook P1630 Convertible Tablet PC
LifeBook T2020 Convertible Tablet PC


Acer finally gets a 10-inch Netbook: the

Having already shouldered its way aggressively to the front of the Netbook hardware pack with its uber popular 8.9-inch Aspire One, computer manufacturer Acer Inc. has now launched a Acer Aspire One Netbookconsolidating attack on the market in the shape of its new 10.1-inch Aspire One (AOD150). The slightly larger successor to Christmas 2008’s best-selling Netbook, the new Aspire One is set to tighten Acer’s clamp on consumer appeal thanks to a retail price of just $350 USD, which sees the delivery of more screen space, correct relocation of the 8.9-inch model’s clunky mouse buttons, and Acer’s fairly generous (but not quite full-size) keyboard.“The new Aspire One AOD150 comes on the heels of its highly successful 8.9-inch predecessor, which was one of Amazon.com’s top three holiday best sellers in the consumer electronics category,” enthused Acer in its official release. “The global market share leaser in thenetbook category, Acer is offering the 10.1-inch Aspire One AOD150 to U.S. customers today with prices beginning at $349.99.”


February 10, 2009

February 10, 2009

Dell Launches Latitude XT2 First Multi-Touch Capable Tablet PC

  • Latitude XT2 features better performance, enhanced security and manageability than the previous generation  
    Ultra-portable, lightweight form factor that is thinner than competitors  
  • More than 11 Hours of Battery Life 

Dell today announced the Latitude XT2 convertible tablet building on the industry’s first tablet PC with multi-touch screen capabilities designed to enhance security, increase performance and extend battery life. The system starts at $2,399 and is available today at www.dell.com/latitude.Dell XT@ Tablet PC

Tap into the Future – With the Latitude XT2
The industry's first tablet PC with multi-touch screen technology has taken superb to a new level with the Dell Latitude XT2. The XT2 lets you use natural gestures like a pinch or tap for scrolling, panning, rotating, zooming and more.

  • Innovative multi-touch responsive screenDual-digitizer for low pressure, high touch accuracy
  • New LCD-based wireless antenna design for excellent connectivity

A Touch Of Genius

The XT2 provides an outstanding tablet experience. A high-performance system designed with intuitive input capabilities including a capacitive multi-touch screen and pen, the Latitude XT2 can work the way you want. With just a stroke of your fingertips, you can:
  • scroll through large web pageszoom in on graphics, photos or online mapsenlarge emails to aid readingclose your screen collaborate in real-time
  • and more
Once you experience multi-touch on the XT2, your keyboard and touchpad may get lonely.

Pricing for the Latitude XT2, available now, starts at $2,399.


February 12, 2009

TabletPc2.com 2009 Valentines Day Gift Guide

Toshiba Qosmio® X305-Q708

There are all kinds of ways to express your feelings on Valentines day.  For those of you looking for something a little more unique than hearts and flowers this year, I've gathered a few things to inspire you......   Flaming hot laptops,  a candy apple red netbook, The finest Caramels,  Chilled Champagne, the perfect martini or wine glass,  the perfect accessories for the iPhone 3G, a kiss created from DNA........


Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC
PC Magazine 

The industry's first tablet PC with multi-touch screen technology has taken superb to a new Dell XT2 Tablet PClevel with the Dell Latitude XT2. The XT2 lets you use natural gestures like a pinch or tap for scrolling, panning, rotating, zooming and more. The XT2 provides an outstanding tablet experience. It's a high-performance system designed with intuitive input capabilities that can work the way you want. At just an inch thin with an ultra small power supply, the XT2 can comfortably go almost anywhere. It also offers great features and plenty of flexible options.


February 13, 2009

MobileTechRoundup 162: Son of Kindle and Economic Stimulus

MoTR 162 is 27 minutes long and is a 24.7 MB file in MP3 format.
CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly

HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)

Matt has his own economic stimulus plan :)
Amazon Kindle 2, Whispersync and content on mobile devices.
Google Sync arrives through ActiveSync licensing.
TeleNav on the Android
Freeware of the show: WizMouse adds scrolling in Windows when apps don’t have the focus.

If you like the show, please consider voting for us at Podcast Alley. It only takes a minute and it helps us get the word out about the show!


February 17, 2009

Netbooks worm their way into businesses

When ADNH Compass, a 17,000-employee catering company based in Abu Dhabi, decided to give its branch managers new PCs late last year, it chose Acer Inc.'s Aspire One netbooks instead of full-size laptops.

"The users who are not that computer-literate were excited that something like this was being given to them," said Graham Smith, ERP software manager at ADNH Compass. But it was Smith himself who pushed for the purchase of the low-cost, downsized Aspire One systems. "Both our operations managers and logistics operators are always on the move, so it makes sense to have something light and portable," he explained.

Now Smith is working to enable users of the 2.5-lb. netbooks to access the company's Web-based SAP applications via 3G wireless connections. He said that will let the branch managers at ADNH Compass, which operates throughout the Middle East, do month-end inventory counts in real time as they walk through product storage areas.

Netbooks such as the Aspire One and Asustek Computer Inc.'s Eee PC typically have smaller screens and keyboards and use less powerful processors than conventional laptops and notebook PCs do. But they're also lighter and usually less expensive, with prices often starting at under $400.


Digitizing Google Earth with a Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

Meg over at GIS @ Vassar put up a post that kind of hits both my interests – GIS and Tablet PC’s.  The new historic aerial photos feature in Google Earth 5.0 brings out a new level of use for a Tablet PC.  Head over and check out how some change detection is accomplished right from Google Maps using a Tablet PC and the built in Polygon creation tools.  The historic aerial photos feature in Google Maps 5.0 will open up a whole new level of analysis and this is a nice example of how having a Tablet PC comes in handy!


February 16, 2009

Sony warns of laptop shortages

Vendor is struggling to meet VAIO P demand – expects free supply by end of March

Sony has warned of supply shortages for its VAIO P ultra-mobile PC until at least the end of Sony Vaio PMarch due to huge demand, despite its large price tag.

The device, which was unveiled at last month's Consumer Electronics Show, is priced at £850 for the consumer version and £1,000 for the business model, but despite that, Sony has said that it is currently only able to supply around 50 per cent of orders.

"The products will start to ship next week and [both models] will be in short supply because the level of demand has been quite scary," VAIO business unit head Nicolas Barendson told MicroScope.


February 18, 2009

Lenovo 48-Hour Sale

Special eCoupon offer
Enter eCoupon USP48HOURSALE in your shopping cart to receive the maximum savings. eCoupon savings end February 18.


GottaBeMobile.com and Notebooks.com Ink a Deal
Gotta Be Mobile

We’re happy to announce that GottaBeMobile.com has been acquired by Notebooks.com, another authority in the mobile computing space. Combined, the two sites will continue to serve millions of mobile technology enthusiasts and buyers.



New My Book® World Edition™ Network Hard Drives Offer Plug and Play Installation and Automatic Continuous Backup To Keep the Entire Family’s Data Safe

WD® (NYSE: WDC), the world’s leader in external storage solutions, today introduced its newly My Book® World Edition™ Network Hard Drivesredesigned My Book® World Edition™ network storage drive, simplifying the critical but tedious task of backing up an entire household’s precious files. Designed for consumers who have multiple computers on a home network, the new drive will be available in 1 terabyte and 2 terabyte capacities, and is compatible with PC and Mac® computers. 

Keeping your family’s data safe
If you’re the family Chief Technology Officer, you understand the importance of backing up photos, music, video and all the other files that are so important to your family, right? And maybe you’re the only one in the house that gets it. Now you don’t have to nag the rest of the family to back up, or chase down their computers to do it yourself. In just a few simple steps, you can set up automatic and continuous back up to the World Edition drive for all your family’s computers. Whew, okay, that’s done and now you don’t have nag anymore.


Secondary PC Display Using Tablet PC

Check out Internet Table Talk that has put up a guide on on using your existing tablet PC to double up as a secondary PC display. This guide has been confirmed to work with Windows 2000 and XP, although it remains to be seen whether it will play nice with Vista. In the end, you will get an actual side display and not some segment of your desktop. For the PC, you will need RealVNC and a Windows virtual display driver, while your tablet will need VNC Viewer which is located in the extras and installed via App Manager. To get the full skinny, head on here and have fun! Sure breathes new life into your existing tablet PC while saving you a couple of hundred dollars on a USB secondary display.


February 19, 2009

Lenovo ThinkPad X200t 12.1in Tablet PC

Tablet PCs have traditionally been a niche concern. With a few notable exceptions, like the HP Lenovo X200t Tablet PCPavilion tx2050ea, they're made exclusively with business users in mind and particularly those who, in marketing parlance, work in "vertical environments" - otherwise known as people who stand up a lot! This could be a supervisor in a factory, warehouse or shipping depot, an architect on a building site or an executive moving from meeting to meeting, but whoever it might be, the needs and usage are very specific, often requiring bespoke software to get the job done. And, when it comes to Tablet PCs, Lenovo and the ThinkPad brand is oftentimes an obvious port of call.

Today we're looking at the ThinkPad X200t which is, believe it or not, the first widescreen Tablet PC ever to don the ThinkPad name. Based on a 12.1in, 1,280 x 800 resolution display it bears all the hallmarks of the ThinkPad brand: it's black, it's adorned in soft-touch plastic and it's built like a Roman road.

Indeed, outside of genuinely ruggedized notebooks, such as the ToughBooks from Panasonic, it's hard to think of a notebook brand that's as reassuringly rugged as a ThinkPad. Its magnesium alloy chassis and high quality plastics ensures every element of the machine is reassuringly sturdy and robust, while the 360 degree hinge for the screen has a smooth but secure action.


February 23, 2009

Trimble Tablet - A New Breed of Rugged, Portable and Connected Field Computer for the Construction Industry
PR Newswire

Trimble today introduced the new Trimble(R) Tablet for Construction, a rugged, versatile and fullyTrimble Tablet PC connected handheld computer for heavy and highway and marine construction professionals. The new Trimble Tablet is an integral component of the Trimble Connected Site(TM) portfolio of productivity-enhancing technology solutions to streamline construction workflows between the head office, field crews, site supervisors and earthmoving machines. Combining laptop computing capabilities with a large, daylight readable graphics screen and the simplicity and operational power of the Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software, Trimble has once again raised the bar for in-field construction computing, site supervision, measurement and stakeout operations and eliminated the need for multiple costly devices on the construction job site.

The announcement was made today at the 2009 Trimble Dimensions User Conference.

Built Tough for the Construction Site

The Trimble Tablet was designed specifically to take on the perils of the construction job site. It is extremely rugged, with an IP67 environmental rating, long battery life and tough washable housing. Its design eliminates the need for a cooling fan and utilizes solid state disk drive technology so that it can withstand shock and vibration for operation on an all terrain vehicle or truck, and has fully sealed USB and serial communication ports. The tablet is protected by rounded rubberized bumpers, making it both easy to hold as well as providing protection for the computer.

An Integral Component of the Trimble Connected Site

The easy-to-use tablet PC with built-in cellular and WiFi connectivity allows construction professionals to quickly receive design changes or updates in the field and to deliver measurement or stakeout results back to the office for on-the-spot approvals. Connectivity gives field crews the ability to rapidly communicate on site problems, take corrective actions or provide information to the project engineers upon request. Trimble Tablet is at home in the hand, on a rod, in a supervisor's truck or on a desk in the office, and through advanced office and vehicle docking stations can be moved quickly from one location to the next providing optimized use with computing peripherals such as keyboards, mice and large display monitors.

The Trimble Tablet is expected to be available in April 2009 through the Trimble Heavy and Highway Construction distribution network.


Screw licensing OS X - Give me an iPhone-based netbook

Jason Perlow wrote a great piece tonight on why Apple should license OS X to netbook builders like Asus, Dell, and HP. This certainly hasn’t been a strategy that has gone well for Apple, nor is it anything they’re likely to do any time soon. However, it’s the last thing they need to do, and, as much as the “branding” buzzword irks me, I really think it would dilute the Apple brand (there, I said it…brand, brand, brand). That is, after all, what sells Apples (that, and a pretty great OS on some nifty hardware).

Just as Apple provides users with premium laptops (at a premium price), premium MP3 players (at a premium price), and premium smartphones (at a premium price), they could own the premiumnetbook market by basing their model on their iPod Touch. Make it 10″ convertible tablet with the same multitouch interface found on the Touch, dispense with a touchpad since the touchscreen would give you everything you need, and you’d have a very thin, light, snappynetbook in a new wide form-factor for which customers would gladly pay $600-$700.


February 24, 2009

Toshiba Technology Alert: New Portégé Tablet PCs

Toshiba expands its Portégé M750 line to deliver a full performance Tablet PC solution forToshiba M750 Tablet PC the back-to-school buying season. The newest additions include the Portégé M750-S7211, Portégé M750-S7212 and Portégé M750-S7213 which offer users more options suited for their required use and budget needs. For the user who requires additional warranty coverage, the same configurations will also be available in a four-year limited warranty model. Featuring EasyGuard® Technology with PC Health Monitor, the Portégé M750 series can help protect your laptop from theft, spills and jolts as well as continuously check the performance and functionality of a systems’s critical hardware components and alert users when the system is in need of a tune up. Based on Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor family is designed to provide powerful energy-efficient performance so you can do more at once without slowing down.


Lenovo Touts Semi-Rugged ThinkPads, Panasonic Wants More Details

Lenovo designated eight of its ThinkPads as semi-rugged after the notebooks passed a battery of tests designed by the military. The semi-rugged designation means, according to Lenovo, that the notebooks can be put to hard labor in computing environments such as public safety, utilities, construction and the military.

The Lenovo notebooks that received the semi-rugged categorization include the ThinkPad X200, X301, X200s, X200 tablet, T400, T500, R400 and SL 300. The ThinkPads that were put through the wringer weren't necessarily designed to fit the rugged model, but were built and enhanced with durability features, including an air-bag-like protection system and roll cage.


ASUS T91: the Netbook-like Tablet PC Gets Reviewed

That ASUS Eee PC T91 prototype I prodded at CES gets a closer inspection today. Bit-Tech gives it a run-through and finds plenty to like about this low-cost hybrid between a convertible Tablet and traditional netbook. Like the Eee PC 900-series, the T91 uses an 8.9-inch display running a 1024×600 resolution; The screen is a resistive touch-screen, similar to the original UMPCs.


February 25, 2009

HP 2730p Elitebook Tablet PC

Tablet PC2 Review: HP 2730p EliteBook Tablet PC

Sleek and thin with a beautiful display the HP 2730p EliteBook Tablet PC is packed with features and small details that make the HP EliteBook Table PC experience stand out from the crowd. 

With so may Tablet PCs available today what makes the 2730p Tablet PC standout? 

Ease of use, an exceptional screens..... There is no question that HP paid careful attention to detail when designing the HP 2730p EliteBook Tablet PC. The listened to users   It's sleek, sturdy and powerful, the case is fingerprint resistant, it has a great pen and ink experience,a built in webcam and a light to illuminate the keys.. Those are just some of the features that made the HP Tablet PC stand out from the crowd. 


HP Touchsmart TX2 tablet PC

Unlike standard notebooks, tablet PCs such as this HP Touchsmart TX2 feature a screen that can swivel and fold back on itself.HP TX2 tablet pc

The screen is touch-sensitive, which means you can then write directly on the display with a stylus or use a finger to tap on icons and buttons, rather than having to use a keyboard and mouse.

HP has decided to take the tablet PC concept a step further by adding the ability to recognise multi-fingered gestures (of certain kinds). So, just as with the Apple iPhone, you can zoom in and out of photos by placing two fingers on the screen and then pinching them together or pulling them apart.
Click here to find out more!

We were impressed with how little pressure was required to get the 12in screen to react to a prod of a finger. The multi-touch gestures also worked pretty well. Rotating photos, for example, is achieved by holding two fingers on the display and then twisting one while keeping the other still. We started off trying to do this one-handed, but using two hands was much easier.


February 27, 2009

HP’s Touchsmart TX2 is unusual among Tablet PCs in that it’s intended for home use rather HP Touchsmart TX2 Tablet PCthan corporate use. You’ll find glossy patterned plastics more in-keeping with the company’s Palivion range than its Compaq machines. The only question is, is there actually a market for touchscreen displays on consumer laptops?

The panel works with both a stylus and fingers, making it easy to navigate the Vista OS. We found it too responsive, however, with the device reacting before we’d even touched the display. As such, it’s impossible to rest a palm on the screen when scribbling away with the stylus, forcing you to adopt a more uncomfortable hovering motion.

The TX2 excels when it comes to regular laptop use. The keyboard offers the excellent usability we’ve come to expect from HP, providing the perfect mix of quality and ergonomics. The tapered edges make it easy to distinguish the keys when touch typing, and the coarse plastics are tactile and robust.



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