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December 2009

December 1, 2009

Get your hands on a limited-edition Toshiba laptop custom designed by these men of innovation.

Toshiba has teamed up with GQ Magazine and four men of innovative talent to create a series of customized, limited-edition laptops that reflect their lifestyles and personalities. To support the four men’s chosen charities, these unique collector’s items will be auctioned off on eBay this holiday season.

Steeler's Hines Ward, the Office's Rainn Wilson, Aerosmith's Joe Perry and House actor Omar Epps have all contributed to this project, with each laptop specifically designed to reflect their lifestyles and personalities. To support the four men's chosen charities, these unique collector's items will be auctioned off on eBay this week.

Steeler's Hines Ward Custom Toshiba Laptop   Aerosmith's Joe PerryCustom Toshiba Laptop


Omar Epps Custom Toshiba Laptop   Rainn Wilson Custom Toshiba Laptop


Mobile Tech Minutes — ThinkPad Ultrabase Dock for x200 Tablet PC

I have been covering the loaner Lenovo ThinkPad x200 convertible notebook for a while — you can watch a video of the x200 in action here. The x200 has an accessory that is a must-have for the mobile worker, the Ultrabase docking station. In this video I show the Ultrabase with all the various connectors, and show how the x200 goes into the dock. I also show how easy it is to remove the x200 from the dock to take it on the road.


December 2, 2009

Asus Netbook Goes Multi-Touch
Tom's Hardware GuideAsus Netbook Multi-Touch

Asus revealed last week its first multi-touch netbook, the Eee PC T91MT. The device offers a swivel screen that supports Microsoft's Windows 7 Multi-Touch gestures. The netbook even weighs in at a hefty 0.96kg and measures just over one inch thick, making it easy to take notes in class simply by using the touch of a few fingers.

"The Eee PC T91MT's multi-touch functionality makes interacting with the computer so intuitive and effortless, it encourages users to get creative," the company said. "With its support for Windows 7 Multi-Touch gestures, virtually every task can be performed with a tap, drag, pinch or flick."


Acer: We'll Be First to Launch a Chrome OS Netbook
PC World

Acer may be the first manufacturer out of the gate with a Google Chrome OS netbook in the second half of next year, according to the latest Internet rumors. JT Wang, the computer manufacturer's chairman recently told DigiTimes that he was confident his company would be "the first vendor to launch [a] Chrome-based netbook" by next year.

Acer's interest in bringing a Chrome-based network to market quickly isn't surprising, given that Acer also wanted to be the first manufacturer to bring a Google Android netbook to market.



It was so close I could taste it. Two weeks ago we were ready to publicly launch the CrunchPad. CrunchPadThe device was stable enough for a demo. It went hours without crashing. We could even let people play with the device themselves – the user interface was intuitive enough that people “got it” without any instructions. And the look of pure joy on the handful of outsiders who had used it made the nearly 1.5 year effort completely worth it.

It’s a sad day at TechCrunch HQ. Hitting the publish button on this post, which makes all of this so…final…is a very hard thing to do. I’m enraged, embarrassed, and just…sad. The CrunchPad is now in the DeadPool.


December 3, 2009

Seventh Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Tablet PCs, Netbooks, Notebooks, Laptops, All-In-Ones, Accessories & Outstanding Technology Products for the Holidays

This year's list includes more than 100 products from over 35 vendors.  Tablet PCs, Netbook's, Laptops,
All-In-One PCs,  Entertainment, Accessories, iPhone, Digital Cameras, Storage Solutions and more............ 

 Lenovo X200 Tablet PC with Multitouch Screen

Brought to you by Lenovo


Time Inc. Tablet Promo

Everyone in the universe is excited about the Time, Inc.’s proposed tablet PC magazines. With some good reason – the demonstration video below, showcasing Sports Illustrated (and narrated with gusto by SI editor Terry McDonell) is pretty snazzy. Think of a Kindle that is in color. And can play video. And runs on a real computer. And that you probably shouldn’t take in the bathtub.



December 7, 2009

Holland America Line Features Microsoft Surface in New Mix Lounge on Several Ships
PR Newswire

Innovative Touch Screens and Specialty Lounge Are Part of Latest Signature of Excellence Enhancements

As part of its ongoing Signature of Excellence enhancements, Holland America Line will install five Microsoft® Surface® units in Mix, its newest lounge venue with three specialty bars -- Martinis, Champagne, and Spirits & Ales. Already in full operation on ms Veendam, Mix and Surface units will be completed on ms Rotterdam by mid-December, followed by three additional ships.

An exciting new entertainment space, Mix is a destination lounge where guests can meet and mingle throughout the day and night. Mix is an open and inviting space anchored by a pianist providing entertainment for the three distinctly themed specialty bars.


December 8, 2009

Touch is the new Mouse
Special Broadcasting Service

Two weeks ago, I was sent a Fujitsu Lifebook to play with for a fortnight.  Not just any laptop Fujitsu Tablet PCthough, this was a Tablet PC.

Tablet PC you say? - They've been about for a while, with the screens that flip around and lay flat on the keyboard - you then take out the 'PEN' and tap away.

So at first, this was a bit like 'ok, sure... I get it' - then I took some time with it, and realised that combined with the power of the Windows 7 touch software, this was quite compelling.  Multi touch meant that zooming and panning was easy, some of the software included helped demonstrate the potential - Like the virtual Globe which allowed me to spin the Globe with one finger then stop it and zoom in with a multi-touch pinch or expand.

Pretty Impressive.

I tried then to take out the pen and write something.  Worked well, and amazingly it recognised my handwriting - handwriting which was described by my year three teacher as 'like a spider with ink on each leg crawling across the page' and has not improved since.


Absolutely everything you need to know about Apple's rumoured tablet device
Macworld UK

Q. What is the Apple Tablet?
A. Rumour points to Apple working on a large iPod touch device with extended computing functionality. This would make it similar to the PC Tablet devices.

Q. Why are there so many rumours about an Apple tablet?
A. The mythological Apple tablet has a long and distinguished history in Apple folklore.

Q. Why would Apple want to release a Tablet now?
A. The tablet rumour really returned en-masse when netbook-style computers arrived on the scene. Ever since Asus kicked off the market with its EeePC, Apple has been under pressure from its customers to create a lower cost computing option than the MacBook for lightweight work (email, surfing the web, and so on).


December 10, 2009

Apple tablet PC due April 2010

Apple is preparing to unveil its tablet personal computer in late March or April, with manufacturer partners poised to roll out as many as one million units per month, according to an Oppenheimer research note.

The highly anticipated tablet is expected to pitch Apple into the digital book market popularised by Amazon.com's Kindle e-reader. Apple declined to comment.

Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner said the new tablet could boost Apple's earnings per share by 25c to 38c per quarter, assuming that it sells one million to 1.5 million units each quarter at an average price of $1 000 and a corporate average net income margin of 22%.

"Our checks into Apple's supply chain indicate the manufacturing cogs for the tablet are creaking into action and should begin to hit a mass market stride in February," Reiner wrote.

"The February ramp schedule suggests a late March or April commercial release, since Apple will need to build at least five to six weeks of inventory before going live."

He said the tablet will have a 10.1-inch multi-touch LCD screen similar to that of Apple's iPhone.



Mobile Computer 

If you just can’t wait for the tablet computer of your dreams to be delivered (latest rumour: launching in March 2010 for $1,000), then why not make your own? That’s just what Dell Mini forum member (and professional designer) Pak-Kei Mak did and the result is a dual-screen portable that, while clearly in the prototype stages, still shows plenty of promise.


December 14, 2009

Tablet PC could be the big fad for 2010

n China, 2010 will be the year of the Tiger. In the tech world, 2010 will be the year of the Tablet - or so it seems. Eee Pad Tablet PC

A bevy of tech companies have teased, talked, and have not denied rumors that they are working on a fabled tablet computer. Here is a look back at 2009 tablet buzz with a look forward to 2010 - the year of the Tablet.

Asustek is rumored to be working on an Eee Pad, according to Digitimes. Rumors of a Dell tablet won't go away. Earlier this year, rumors of a Microsoft two-panel tablet appeared after Gizmodo got its hands on one of Redmond's concept videos.

And starting Friday, the JooJoo Web tablet is supposed to go on sale for $499 at thejoojoo.com. And of course there is the ever-present Apple rumor that "soon" it will introduce a tablet.

Let's take a look at the hottest tablets that may, or may not, be hitting store shelves next year.


Samsung 2010 Roadmap: Tablet PC, 3D and LED Monitors
Product Reviews

Samsung have a big year ahead of them, they have recently announced their roadmap for 2010 and the focus will be on tablet PCs, as well as 3D and LED monitors. The Korean consumer electronics maker have not given details about the specific products, so we do not know if the tablet will have a slate design.


Gadgetell: Eee Pad, another tablet joins the fightEee Pad Tablet PC
NewsFactor Network

So lets see, in one corner we have the rumored Apple Tablet, in another corner we have the newly renamed JooJoo, and a rumored Dell tablet to be revealed at CES in another. The market for tablets has just exploded in the last few months. And as evidence, we have another to add to that list.



What Innovation Could an Apple Tablet Offer?
Blogging Innovation

With all of the internet chatter about Apple's rumored tablet computer, I've been asking myself two questions:

1. Does it make sense for Apple to make a tablet computer?
2. What innovation could an Apple tablet offer?


December 15, 2009

Samsung Plans To Produce Tablets [Samsung Details Plans For Tablet PC ...

Samsung has revealed that they plan to produce a Tablet PC before the end of 2010. An employee in their Australian division revealed that the South Korean mothership is firmly behind entering the Tablet PC space. They also hinted that new 3D and multi touch monitors would be released from the PC manufacturing giant.

The leak also revealed that Samsung is planning to spread the touch technology around. They will include multi touch technology in notebooks, and regular standalone monitors. As for 3D monitors, Samsung is working closely with American graphics giant NVIDIA to produce more 3D monitor technology.ythZ line

Goobye, Net book…2010 Hello tablet

If this year was the year of Net book, 2010 will become the year of Tablet PC. As rumors of tablet PC that were spread this year will become reality in 2010, market will be formed in earnest.
The rumor of global PC advancing into tablet PC businesses continued throughout this year. PC makers such as Dell, MS, Apple and Asus and non PC makers like Tech Crunch were said to release tablet PC, the rumor said.


Apple to Release Tablet PC in 2010

Apple is preparing a new goody for every techie in town! A tablet personal computer is headed your way in late March or April 2010. So, anyone planning to get a new computing gadget soon can plan on this upcoming Apple tablet PC.

Your question now is probably about the features that it’s going to have. The surest thing is, it is going to have a 10.1-inch LCD screen with multitouch capability


Pfizer Adds New Type of Tablet to Sales Calls
Wall Street Journal

Pfizer Inc. is equipping its sales representatives with new portable computers designed to improve their pitches to doctors—and at the same time help the drug maker comply with the law.

The New York-based company has been providing its thousands of sales reps with tablet PCs, a type of laptop computer whose screen can swivel and on which reps and doctors can write with a special pen.

Pfizer, maker of cholesterol drug Lipitor, believes the tablet PCs, which typically cost about $1,500, will help sales reps provide more thorough and up-to-date information about drugs to doctors, and in a timelier manner ...


December 17, 2009

Fujitsu's LifeBook Tablet PC includes all the mobility features you’d expect in a notebook, but with benefits such as a 360-degree rotating display, multi-touch interface and the ability to handwrite notes.


December 18, 2009

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Multitouch notebook
PC World MagazineLenovo ThinkPad T400s Multitouch

The touch screen on the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Multitouch is responsive and accurate. It's not just a novelty; it can actually be useful if you're a photographer or designer. We also love the keyboard and build quality of the T400s laptop.

The T400s Multitouch is one of the best built notebooks on the market and the addition of a touch screen makes it a much more interesting proposition than the regular version. Its keyboard is solid and a joy to type on, and its multitouch screen is responsive and accurate.



December 22, 2009

Fujitsu Introduces Stylish, Highly Mobile Mini-Notebook With Latest Processor Technology From Intel

Fujitsu announced today in North America one of the first mini-notebooks to feature the new fujitsu LifeBook(R) MH380Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor N450 (code-named Pine Trail), which offers increased processor and graphics performance and features greater energy efficiency for reduced power and improved battery life. The glossy, ruby-red
LifeBook(R) MH380 mini-notebook has a starting weight of just 2.97 pounds and sports a 10.1-inch high definition HD display, webcam, Bluetooth, large hard drive and standard six-cell battery offering up to seven hours of battery life(1). With Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 Starter as the operating system, the LifeBook MH380 mini-notebook offers computing in a lightweight, highly mobile configuration.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 Mini-Notebook Highlights
• 2.97-pound starting configuration
• Up to seven hours of battery life with standard six-cell battery
• New Intel Atom Processor N450
• Glossy ruby-red finish with chrome accents   
• 10.1-inch HD display with 1366 x 768 maximum



Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition announced
Pocket-lint.comPackard Bell EasyNote Butterfly Touch Tablet PC

Packard Bell has announced the new EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition offering a convertible design and a multi-touch screen with 180 degrees rotation that transforms the laptop into a tablet PC.

Running Windows 7 Home Premium, the tablet PC offers an 11.6-inch display with a 1366 x 768 screen resolution, full-size keyboard, 5-in-1 card reader, up to 4GB RAM, HDMI port, webcam, Wi-Fi, optional 3G and Bluetooth and weighs less than 1.6kg.

Powered by an ultra-low-voltage processor from Intel, other features include a multi-gesture touchpad, while the 6-cell battery offers 8-hours of power.


December 24, 2009

Fuseproject and One Laptop Per Child Unveil $75 Tablet PC for Kids!

One Laptop Per Child and legendary designer Yves Behar have just unveiled the XO-3, an Fuseproject and One Laptop Per Child $75 Tablet PCaffordable next-gen tablet pc for kids! The third generation OLPC is made completely from plastic and is semi-flexible to make it more durable for children’s rough & tumble lives. Yves Behar’s Fuseproject is currently working on the design and hopes to have these devices ready to ship by 2012 for the incredibly affordable price of $75 each.

The One Laptop Per Child program, started by Nicholas Negroponte, is still in full swing and over one million laptops have been distributed to children around the world. In fact in Uraguay, every public school child between the ages of 6 and 12 has one. Fuseproject hopes that their third generation device will be a handy tool to help children learn and grow.



Financial Times has reported that Apple is preparing to hold a media event in January.

This media event could see them launching the much talked about Apple Tablet PC.

The company has apparently booked a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The report said that Apple could hold the event on January 26.

Apple has declined to comment on these rumors. However, the company is likely to waste no time in launching new updated products just after the holiday season is over.


December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from Tablet PC2


December 28, 2009

Gateway EC18T, 11.6'' Tablet PC, Passes FCC

There's little doubting it now; 2010 is going to be the year of the tablet. We've got a slew of new tablet PCs and touchscreen, convertible tablet notebooks heading our way next year. One of Gateway EC18T Tablet PCthem, the Gateway EC18T, has just been approved by the FCC (via Netbooked). Now we know exactly what this svelte new tablet packs under the hood.

. So far, the EC18T is shaping up to be a perfect student/business traveller laptop. It's thin, packs great battery life, and has enough power behind it to handle image editing and other intensive tasks. This machine will launch at some point in 2010, no information on MSRP or availability has been released.


If Asus doesn't make a machine you like (or are at least fond of in some way), you aren't looking hard enough. As the company famous for putting the netbook (and thus, the Eee PC) on the map continues to broaden its horizons in the notebook market, it's taking a breather from shipping new "Seashell" machines to introduce a horse of a startlingly different color. The Eee PC T91 is unlike any Eee PC we've seen before, namely because the screen can be spun around and flipped down. tablet PC style.

This so-called "netvertible" sector is still in its earliest stages, making the T91 one of the first netbooks available that also doubles as a full-fledged Tablet PC.


Rumored Tablet Sends Apple Shares Upward

Apple has reportedly rented a space at an arts center in San Francisco in January.  Given the Apple Tablet PCcompany's history of elaborate launch events for its star products like the iPhone and iPod, many are speculating that the rented space will be home to the big product announcement for the long-rumored tablet.  Given that Apple no longer sponsors the expensive MacWorld show, held each January, that conclusions seems a bit more logical.

A mix of the tablet rumors and pleased shareholders sent investors rushing "back to the well" as Brian Marshall, an analyst with Broadpoint AmTech, put it.  Having made sizable gains on Apple stock over the year, investors returned to the cash cow, sending shares soaring to a record high -- $213.70, currently, on a volume of 425,330 shares.

It's frosting on the cake for investors that a tablet has been widely predicted by Marshall and other investment analysts.  Those analysts point to contacts at hardware suppliers in Asia, which have reported sizable orders on large touch screens from Apple -- perfect for a tablet.


December 30, 2009

The Future of ThingsGoogle Netbook

According to rumors, Google netbook, which is based on the Chrome OS, features impressive technical specifications, placing it among the elite netbooks available today. Although the specs are currently subject to speculations, many websites have already given publicity to these possible technical features.



A global recession made 2009 the year of the netbook. Small, light and low-cost, these portables met the needs of price-pinched consumers and kept the overall PC market afloat. It was also a year that saw a proliferation of multi-touch devices, both from Apple—which even applied touch capabilities to its Magic Mouse—and tied to Microsoft Windows 7, which arrived Oct. 22. The growing needs of small businesses were also addressed, with laptops such as the Dell Vostro V13, and slim all-in-one desktops—whether for power-requiring designers and gamers, or geared toward busy families—debuted and impressed. Also noteworth was the addition of phone-maker Nokia to the ranks of PC competitors, which additionally include Sony, Lenovo, Gateway and HP.



The iSlate.com and iGuide.com URLs have reportedly been purchased and registered by Apple-backed corporations, according to reports from Mac Rumors and Tech Crunch. Some are saying that iSlate will be the name of the device, and iGuide the name of a related app store. Wired has a pretty thorough rundown of the how and what of the naming theory, but the URL registration occurred back in 2007 – could Apple just have been snapping up "i" names to cover its bases for future products?


Ub News

Notion Ink is dedicated towards the development of innovative products in the information, notion Ink tablet PCcommunication and entertainment space. It’s a Hyderabad based firm that has developed First touch screen tablet PC.

Upcoming CES at Las Vegas will become the right platform to introduce this to the world.
The first touch screen Tablet PC is developed by 6 IIT students and an MBA.

It’s basically a slim tablet with lots of connectivity like WiFi, Bluetooth and UMTS/HSDPA together with some slick video capabilities courtesy of an eight-core NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset and the 10.1″ 1024 x 600 Pixel Qi transreflective screen. That last one lets you use the tablet outdoors as well as indoors and can handle a grayscale mode as well.


Notion Ink tablet first with Pixel Qi display

While the world awaits the birth of the Apple tablet, there is another touch-screen device that may have more of an impact--at least technologically. Notion Ink has announced that Adam, an Android-based tablet PC, will ship in June 2010 for around $325. However, what is really exciting is that this machine may be the first to sport the new 10.1-inch Pixel Qi display.

What's the big deal with Pixel Qi technology? While it can perform like a standard LCD display, the Pixel Qi panel has a low-power transflective display, which allows ambient light to illuminate the screen, and an e-paper mode. The latter resembles a black-and-white e-reader and is meant to be used under bright environments. This allows the Nvidia Tegra machine to consume 90 percent less power than conventional panels.


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