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September 2008


September 2, 2008

Coolest technology- OneNote audio recording synchronized with note-taking

OneNote is a program that has revolutionized the way I work with its stellar note-JK Onenote Audio Notetaking features.  It is also one of the best programs for a Tablet PC (although it works well on any PC) with superb ink-handling capability.  I have taken literally thousands of pages of notes using ink on the screen of my Tablet PCs and it is hard to imagine life without OneNote.

One of the coolest features of OneNote is nothing new, it's been around for a long time but I often hear OneNote users mention that they aren't aware of it.  That technology is the audio recording feature of OneNote that can be used for a variety of functions.  OneNote will use a computer's microphone to record a meeting or lecture for example and it compresses it on the fly so the audio file is not huge.  Once a recording is made OneNote puts the player controls right on the note page for easy access but this is just the start of the coolness. 


Most Popular Tablet PCs of August 2008
Tablet PC Reviews

Welcome to the monthly listing of the "Most Popular Tablet PCs". This report is compiled HP 2500 Tablet PCbased on the number of views each product page receives, so every time someone clicks on a product they're giving it a vote in that months rankings.

These rankings don't necessarily indicate which models are the best selling, just which ones TabletPCReview readers are most interested in learning about.

HP still reigns at number one, with the tx2500 and Lenovo follows a close second with the X61. Many users are loving HP's tx series tablets due to the price and features offered. No big changes this month just a few shifting of spots. Although, new to the list this month is the Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 and I expect the leaked Lenovo X200 tablet to be making the list soon. So stay tuned for the newest releases because we will have all the latest news for this back to school and holiday season.


The Gigabyte M912V Tablet PC Marvel
Mobile Computing

If you are looking for an innovative and unique tablet PC, then the Gigabye M912V is for you. This PC comes in a sleek and compact design with various interesting features. The Taiwanese Manufacturer is typically eclipsed by its national Asus, who has seen widespread success with its EEE PC 901 netbook, but the company is nevertheless fighting back with its own netbook. Furthermore, Gigabyte have established themselves well in the tablet PC market, as evidenced by this model.

The 1280 x 768 LCD panel measures 8.9 inches and is fairly lightweight. It weighs only around 1.3 Kilograms, which is the same as many compact netbooks and subnotebooks, plus it comes with a very elegant and stylish design.

The touch screen display that can actually rotate by up to 180 degrees stands as a testament to the innovation and enterprise put forth by Gigabyte in this model. This rotatable display is the hallmark of any tablet PC, and provides the user with a wonderful computing experience.

This amazing tablet PC has the option of expansion to HSDPA, a slot for the Express Card, a 2.5” SATA HDD 160 GB hard drive and a 1.3 megapixel integrated web camera. The Gigabyte M912V tablet PC is ideal for higher end software applications as it runs on the Microsoft Vista Home Operating System.

Its small dimensions make it easily portable and the touch screen feature and multimedia options provide the user with unending enjoyment. This tablet PC is available in black and silver colours.


South Dakota Regional Medical Center to Implement Motion® C5
Wireless Workforce Online

outh Dakota-based Rapid City Regional Hospital, a not-for-profit regional medical Motion C5 Tablet PCcenter, has chosen Motion Computing's 300 Motion® C5 mobile clinical assistants (MCA) solution, to enhance the functionality of the hospital's existing MEDITECH Client Server Health Care Information System.

Rapid City Regional Hospital, a 310 acute-care and 56 psychiatric beds facility, is a network hospital of Regional Health. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited medical center has over 3,000 employees serving across western South Dakota. With Motion Computing's technological solution in place, the hospital expects to enhance patient care services and streamline workflow processes through improved clinical documentation.

Motion® C5, which works on Intel's mobile clinical assistant (MCA) technology, was developed after extensive research jointly done by Motion Computing and Intel Corporation, involving active participation from thousands of clinicians and leading clinical solution providers. Being highly portable and flexible, the advanced clinical tool allows clinicians to access, schedule, and update patient data anytime. C5 also supports multiple features like handwriting and speech input, integration of wireless and data-capture, image-acquisition technologies, optional barcode scanners, RFID readers, and digital cameras. The solution has been adopted by more than 1,000 hospitals worldwide


September 3, 2008

Motion Announces Upgrades to the LE1700 Semi-Rugged Tablet PC

Motion Computing®, a leader in mobile computing and wireless communications, todayMotion LE1700 Tablet PC announced upgrades to the highly versatile LE1700 Tablet PC. The LE1700 is a semi-rugged tablet PC with a 12.1 inch display that is designed specifically to improve the productivity of professionals who spend the majority of the workday computing while walking or standing. Its flexible design, superior ergonomics, integrated features and adaptable capabilities provide high-end performance in a lightweight, mobile design that is ideal for use across a wide range of work environments.

The enhancements to the LE1700 are designed to improve usability in the field without impacting battery performance:

  • An additional Intel® Core2 Duo processor option, the Ultra Low Voltage U7500, offers up to a 10 percent increase in performance over the previous Core Solo processor without impacting battery life
  • Enhanced UltraView and UltraView Anywhere displays which provide a brighter, wide viewing angle in an SXGA+ resolution of 1400 x 1050
  • A new 64GB solid state drive (SSD) option that provides better performance and added durability by better protecting the PC against extreme shock and vibrations

Motion Announces New Offerings for Its Most Rugged Tablet PCs
Business Wire

Motion Computing®, a leader in mobile computing and wireless communications, todayMotion c5 tablet pc announced the availability of two new options that improve the usability and security of the F5 Tablet PC and C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA). The new smart card reader enables companies to improve the security of critical data by enhancing authentication processes. Additionally, the EasyConnect USB/Ethernet module allows for easy connection to other devices or local area networks (LAN), without sacrificing the durability and protection offered by the fully sealed, protective design of the rugged tablet PCs.

The optional, integrated smart card reader, manufactured by ITG OMNIKEY® supports both Windows® XP and Vista® operating systems and features an ExpressCard™ interface, a transmission speed of 12 Mbps, and the highest reading performance rate on the market today. Additionally, the EasyConnect USB/Ethernet module is lightweight, easily connects to the devices’ docking connector, and features one 2.0 USB port and one 10/100 Ethernet port.


PERMANENTLY Delete Sensitive Data WITH Secure Delete 2.0

Diskeeper Corporation today released Undelete® 2009 which now includes an Undelete 2009electronic data shredding feature called, SecureDelete® 2.0. This ensures your confidential files and even file remnants are permanently rendered unrecoverable.

Few realize it, but deleting files on a normal basis doesn't actually erase the data; it merely removes the pointer to that data on the disk thus allowing it to be overwritten. Behind the scenes, that data is still intact—leaving otherwise sensitive corporate information vulnerable to viewing.

With new SecureDelete 2.0 (enabled by default in Undelete 2009), files that are secure deleted are immediately purged from the recovery bin and then overwritten using sophisticated bit patterns governed by the National Security Agency/Department of Defense. This renders the formerly accessible data gone—forever.

“It's something that gives others peace of mind when they come to me with sensitive information,” notes Mark Chong of MOAT Digital Design Inc.  “There have been times when I've been entrusted with confidential data, which I delete afterwards using the SecureDelete 2.0 function.”

But what of those files that have been “deleted” earlier in time and now reside in remnants across the drive’s free space? SecureDelete 2.0 now has a Wipe Free Space feature that securely deletes all such free space and renders its file remnants equally unrecoverable.


September 4, 2008

Dell introduces its first netbook, the Mini 9
Dallas Morning News

Dell Mini (

Dell surprised no one this morning when it released its first netbook, the Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

The new device, which packs an 8.9 inch screen into a 2.24 pound package, will compete with similar models from Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Asus and others.

The cheapest configuration -- which comes with a Linux operating system, 512 MB of RAM and just 4 GB of storage on solid-state drive -- costs $349.

The top-of-the-line model -- which comes with Windows XP, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of solid-state memory -- costs $599. It also comes with a built-in WebCam and Bluetooth connectivity.

An early review on CNet praises the Mini 9, but some analysts wonder why Dell wants to enter the netbook market.

Introducing your new best friend. Complete with connectivity features, you have the freedom to live without ever losing touch.

  • Connect with advanced wireless options
  • Light and compact for an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Dynamic & Customizable user interface

StellarWindow: A Virtual Planetarium For Your Tablet PC
Wired Blogs


StellarWindow is a great little toy from Japanese company Fairy Devices. Billed as an "interactive planetarium", iIt's a combination of hardware and software that gives a guided tour of the starry night sky. A USB dongle contains accelerometers and a compass, and this talks to the software to tell it exactly where your computer is pointing.

Hold it up (this is recommended for notebooks and tablets, not desktop PCs) and StellarWindow will show the section of sky behind it and offer extra information on stars and planets. It also works backwards: pick a constellation and the software will tell you which way to look. It won't be cheap, though: the launch price is expected to be ¥26,000, or $240. For that you could grab a cheap telescope and a book of star maps.


September 5, 2008

Back to School: Affordable notebooks and netbooks

HP2500 Tablet PC

Best Tablet Notebook: HP Pavilion tx2500z Series ($899)

The HP Pavilion tx2500z series of tablet PCs offers a relatively affordable and light-weight computing option. The 12.1-inch screen tilts, swivels, and flips and these newer models have HP’s hipster “Echo” designs on the lid.

Until tomorrow, you can get some pretty decent extras: $150 instant rebate, free upgrade to 3GB of RAM, free shipping, and 50% off of Office Home and Student Edition


September 8, 2008

TabletKiosk to preinstall Eyesboard on new Tablets

TabletKiosk is always looking for ways to add value to their nice Tablets and UMPCs Tablet Kiosk Tablet Pc with Eyesboardand they are announcing today the inclusion of the Eyesboard, an on-screen configurable keyboard, with all Tablet PCs and UMPCs.  They are also making Eyesboard available as a download for existing TabletKiosk owners.

We have mentioned Eyesboard a few times beginning a couple of years ago so it has been around for a long time in the Tablet world.  PlazaLogic has continued to improve and expand the functionality of Eyesboard and TabletKiosk is well-served to include it on their Tablets. 

“Given that touch screen kiosks with virtual keyboards are now commonly used in airports and retail stores, today’s Tablet PC owners are more familiar with the idea of on-screen typing,” said Martin Smekal, president of TabletKiosk.  “By including the Eyesboard as a standard feature on all of our tablets, we believe that we have greatly improved the overall mobile computing experience.”

The  Eyesboard virtual keyboard looks and behaves like an actual computer keyboard with its traditional QWERTY key layout, separate numeric keypad and accessible function keys.  To maximize screen real estate, the Eyesboard is fully user resizable, and capable of docking or minimizing to the taskbar—so that the keyboard is always accessible even when editing a full size document. It also features adjustable opacity settings to allow whatever is below it to be completely hidden or partially visible.  In addition, the Eyesboard virtual keyboard conveniently appears at the Windows Log-In screen for easy password input, but runs with restricted functionality to maintain system security.

Kudos to TabletKiosk and PlazaLogic for getting together to provide a useful tool to TabletKiosk customers.  Existing owners of TabletKiosk products check their web site for information about getting your downloaded copy


Steven Sinofsky and the Tablet PC: What Do We Really Know?
Gotta Be Mobile

Here’s my issue. Sinofsky has clamped down on communication about Windows 7 and now is using the blog, Engineering Windows 7, to talk about the process behind assembling the next version. I applaud the effort to talk about what’s happening behind the scenes. That said, I don’t think Sinofsky is as naive about the impact of what he writes in that blog as he appears to be about Tablet PCs. Maybe I should say I hope he isn’t. When you control information the way Microsoft now is doing, and talk about that control, what you choose to share has powerful meaning, even if used as “an example.” The same is true with what you choose not to share. This community has been on pins and needles about the future of Tablet PC computing for some time now in the wake of Microsoft’s poor marketing and implementation of what Tablet PCs can and do offer. That only increased when the Tablet PC’s biggest advocate, Bill Gates, retired from the day to day.

That point is driven home to me by Steven’s comment. He chose to focus on the screen size issue rather than address Loren’s larger issue:

The performance fix for the Tablet bits is not to remove them. It’s to address the lower level implementation details. I wish he was signaling that that’s on the Windows 7 to do list.

So do I, Loren. So do I.

So, Steven, you’ve opened the door for dialogue now with the Tablet PC community, and at the risk of making you feel like you need to say even less about Windows 7 in the future, what you wrote “too big” in this instance, is an invitation we’d love to take you up on. Let’s talk about the future of Tablet PC computing. I think you’ll be surprised by what you hear.

Editors Note: Well Said Warner!


Microsoft- Tablet PC is not a feature of the OS, it is not even necessary

I love Tablet PCs.  That is no surprise as I have been using them and writing about them for years.  The Tablet PC is a true innovation by Microsoft, one that has yet to be duplicated by anyone else.  The Tablet PC enthusiast community has long groused over the lack of education to the public about what this platform can do for them.  My recent declaration that the Tablet PC has devolved into just a feature of the OS and not a platform of its own touched a few nerves both in agreement with that opinion and disagreement.  It turns out that I was wrong about the Tablet PC being a feature of the OS.  I point to some statements by Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft who is blogging about the work being done in Redmond on Windows 7.  I wasn't going to comment on this blog post by Sinofsky lest I be accused of MS-bashing but as you might imagine a lively discussion is taking place about them

Loren Heiny reacted as I did and has penned a good response to Sinofsky's unbelievable statement about his Tablet PC.  Sinofsky then responded to Loren that we are reading too much in what he said.  I don't think a person in his position of responsibility at Microsoft makes a clear statement like this and then backs off it.  It is clear that Sinofsky believes that for his own use having the Tablet PC functionality on any device smaller than 12.1 inches is a waste of resources.  That is unsettling enough in its own right but the fact that Sinofsky is helping determine what will be in Windows 7 makes this very unnerving. 


Clevo TN121R Tablet PC Review
Tablet PC Reviews

The Clevo TN121R is an interesting tablet. It came customized from AVA Direct, with its 2.5GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 200GB hard drive. This 12.1" tablet is a tiny powerhouse, great for college students or business professionals who need a travel companion.


The Clevo TN121R is a solid tablet with a nice touchscreen display and a fast processor. AVA Direct lets you customize this tablet to your liking and needs, which is a bonus. It is easy to take notes on and quick at surfing the Web. No complaints with the processor or hard drive. Battery life could be better and you definitely need a spare pen because the stylus is cheap. The design is sleek, but it gets full of fingerprints, so have your cleaning cloth handy. Starting price is good for what you get and remember you can add whatever features you need to this Barebone tablet.


September 9, 2008

GETAC Upgrades Popular V100 Notebook/Tablet PC with Industry Industry-Leading 1200 NITS Display

Company Combines Screen Brightness and Anti-Reflective Technology to Enable Daylight Viewability Six Times Better* Than Competitive Solutions  
GETAC Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of rugged computers that meet the demands of field-based applications, is upgrading its popular V100 Notebook/Tablet PC with GETAC's exclusive Sunlight Readable Technology (SRT) to offer a super-bright screen display operating at 1200 NITS without sacrificing the notebook's battery life. By simply opening and swiveling its display, the V100 quickly converts from a notebook computer to a tablet PC. These, and other features, make the GETAC V100 the ideal choice for users with "mission critical" applications in full sunlight including search and rescue teams, military personnel, law enforcement officers, utility workers and others to avoid errors, diminished productivity, physical danger, and eyestrain.
In addition to its bright, easy-to-read screen display, the GETAC V100 is fully compliant with MIL-STD 810F and IP54 standards for ruggedness including the ability to withstand heavy rain, airborne dust and debris. For further protection, the hybrid notebook/tablet PC has a removable hard drive that is shielded by a special mechanism to prevent damage during operation; anti vibration compounds, which serve as a shock absorber during transport; and an anti-shock housing to further protect it if bumped or dropped.
"Our 1200 NITS display made its debut in GETAC's B300 fully rugged notebook and has been extremely popular with our customers," said Jim Rimay, president, GETAC. "By offering a display with superior brightness and the highest effective contrast ratio in its class, the V100 rugged convertible computer is an amazing breakthrough for rugged mobile users in every field."


GBM InkShow: 3-Way Tablet PC Comparison
Gotta Be Mobile

In this GBM InkShow, I put the Fujitsu T5010, Fujitsu T2010, and HP TX2051 through their paces. Of course there's no such thing as a winner in these types of comparisons since each device is dedicated to a separate market. The T5010 is the high-performance beast in this comparison. Running the latest Centrino 2 Duo Core processor and 2GB of the latest DDR3 RAM, the T5010 is simply blazing. The T5010 is the most expensive of the group, but if you're looking for all out speed in a larger-than-12" tablet, this is the only way to fly. Its weight is offset by its sheer performance and screen real estate. The T2010 is the ultra-mobile computer of the group, using an ULV processor and weighing in at 3.5 pounds. The T2010's price is nestled between the T5010 on the high end and the TX2051 on the low end. Battery life and portability reigns supreme with the T2010. The TX2051 is an Entertainment PC with best-of-group speakers and the full array of media buttons. It's more of a media-centric notebook with tablet functionality built-in, but its exceptional inking capabilities and its touch feature cannot be overlooked. However, its narrow viewing angles is problematic. It's also the least expensive of the group. Keep in mind the TX2051 has been replaced with the TX2500.


September 10, 2008

Everun Note Ffull Review
UMPC Portal

Are we entering a new era of mobile computing where the UMPC could be the only Everrun notecomputer you ever need? The processing module you can take anywhere? Raon Digital are breaking into exactly that category of converged mobile devices with the new and interesting Everun Note. Here at UMPCPortal we’ve been lucky enough to get hold of one of the first samples out of the door for some long term testing but after 4 days of hard but enjoyable testing, were ready to bring you the full review.


Toshiba Unveils 240 GB Hard Drive For Ultra-Mobile PCs

Toshiba on Tuesday introduced a 240 GB hard disk drive for ultra-mobile PCs and a 120 GB HDD for portable media players.

Both devices are 1.8-inch HDDs with a speed of 4,200 revolutions per minute. Hitachi (NYSE: HIT) also makes an 80 GB model. All the drives have parallel ATA interfaces and an areal density of 344 GB per square inch. The larger device has a maximum weight of 2 ounces and the smaller HDD 1.7 ounces.

The largest of the drives is a dual-platter product that's especially suited for ultra-mobile PCs and high-end digital video recorders, Toshiba said. Ultra-mobile PCs, sometimes netbooks, are typically sub-$500 notebook PCs with display sizes of 10 inches or less. The term also can apply to some tablet PCs.


EV-DO Rev. A Continues to Expand the Reach of Mobile Broadband Around the World

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that CDMA2000(r) operators, particularly those with CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) networks, are continuing to see tremendous success with their wireless data offerings, bringing advanced mobile broadband services to a rapidly-growing list of markets around the world. Rev. A is delivering on the promise of 3G by providing users an affordable solution for high-speed Internet access and mobile services and enabling operators to build and fortify profitable business models. CDMA2000 delivers some of the highest ARPUs in the industry and positions these operators for success as they look to complement these assets and services with mobile broadcast and next-generation broadband technologies such as LTE and Mobile WiMAX.

In North America, there are 13 operators offering commercial Rev. A-based services, with another eight in deployment. In Latin America and the Caribbean, there are six commercial Rev. A networks and eight in deployment. There are currently 68 commercial Rev. A devices from 28 suppliers, including PC modem cards, USB thumb drives, mobile notebooks, tablet PCs, Wi-Fi routers, machine-to-machine connections, embedded modules, wireless desktop phones, smartphones, multimedia handsets and touchscreen communicators.


September 11, 2008

Remember 9/11


Vivienne Tam and HP team up to launch a designer UMPC
Shiny Shiny

Vivienne Tam and HP

New York Fashion week is in full swing (check out Shiny Style if you don't believe me) and we have news of a new laptop! Yes, once again fashion and technology have merged to create a hugely covetable UMPC. This year HP have teamed up with Vivienne Tam and designed a gorgeous Chinese Red laptop for you to feast your eyes on. It has a 10.2 inch screen and is decorated with peonies (which I'm told symbolize the female heart). That's about all I can tell you though as they've released NO SPECS at all. It's all about fusing fashion and style with tech, and apparently important stuff such as hard drive capacity, USB slots or whether it has a solid-state drive are unimportant.

They have promised that it will fit in with their 'technology ideals' though, so you can hope that it will compare to the other UMPC's on the market. It's not going to be out till Jan 2009 though so I guess they have time to work on that. We're also told it has really pretty packaging as well, so it's a shame you'll only enjoy the stylish red box for as long as it takes to tear it open.

The peony print on the laptop mirrors the latest line of clothes from Vivienne Tam, and you'll also be able to download it as a desktop wallpaper from her new website (in October). Her site will include things such as style widgets and interactive outfit games, which should be fun.

Everyone seems to be entering the UMPC market nowadays, and the flowery design reminds me a little of this Asus. The key theme seems to be targeting them towards women (remember LG's pink UMPC?) and making it handbag friendly. It may sound a little condescending but HP tell me that women's requirements in technology actually raise the bar in production as they've realised females won't put up with shoddy processors or hard to navigate menu's.


September 12, 2008

GBM InkShow: First Look at the HP 2730p Elitebook Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

Well. This is going to be a very popular Tablet PC. No question about it. HP has listenedWarner with HP 2730 Tablet PC to users of the predecessor HP 2710p, added some features that aid usability, and is prepared to ship the HP 2730p with the new Intel SSD technology. This is going to make this Tablet PC a winner. Some of the features they’ve added include a double clutch mechanism to keep the stylus from falling out of the garage, a jog dial, and you now have both a touchpad or a track stick to choose from. Choice is a great thing.

Download the High Res version.


September 15, 2008

Tablet Struggles To Find Mainstream Pt. 2: Selecting A Unit
Gotta Be Mobile

In a previous post, I detailed my plan to purchase and use a Tablet PC exclusively, blogging about my observations and experiences over the course of two weeks.  I discussed reasons why the tablet has struggled to reach the mainstream, my lack of interaction with the tablet platform, and shared the areas that I would be using a tablet in my daily computing tasks.  My goal was not only finding a tablet that would bring greater mobility and productivity but also finding a tablet that wouldn't break the bank.  As a strong supporter of buying refurbished computers, I decided to search the outlets and eBay for the right machine.

  • HP 2710p:  I settled for the HP 2710p because it met my basic criteria, had earned respected reviews, and was in my price rage.  Although the 2710p is listed as $1,5000 on the HP site, it is possible to snag one much cheaper through the HP Business Outlet.  I purchased my 2710p on eBay from a private seller.  The grand total was $580 for a refurbished unit and two extra batteries.  The model I purchased will be running Windows XP Tablet addition when it arrives, and I am anxious for the inking to begin.

Things I Like In a Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

It doesn't take me long to figure out whether I'll like a particular tablet pc or mobile pc. I've developed this mental list of things that are personal to me, and when an OEM hits them, I'll usually reciprocate by using their product:

  • I like track sticks, but I don't like them to stick too high above the keyboard. I find it easier to type and navigate the mouse, rather than having to go back and forth between a trackpad and the keyboard.  Lenovo's Thinkpad track sticks are the best I've ever used.
  • I like quiet mouse buttons. There are too many mobile pcs and tablet pcs out nowadays with loud clickity-clackity buttons. What's up with that?
  • I like screens that are flush with the bezel. This is a small detail that means so much to a tablet pc user
  • I like multi-card reader slots. I hate messing with cables when moving pictures from my camera to the tablet pc
  • I like manual volume controls that are accessible when in tablet mode, like those featured on Toshiba's M200 / M700 Tablet PC
  • I like extended batteries that can be charged in the docking station - kudos to HP and their 2710p / 2730p design, and to Lenovo and their X61. I'm frustrated that Dell's Latitude XT extended battery can't be charged while docked.
  • I like fingerprint readers that are on the screen rather than on the palm rest

September 16, 2008

HP annouces new hi-definition multimedia PCs

HP TouchSmart IQ800

Hewlett-Packard announced on Tuesday a new series of consumer notebook and desktop PCs that focus on enhancing users' multimedia experience.

The new notebooks include HDX16 and HDX18 models, designed for a mobile, high-definition computing experience. They both have built-in TV tuners, Blu-ray, wireless networking, and high-end theater-quality audio/video options.

The HDX16 features a 16-inch wide-screen with 720 or 1,080-pixel HD resolution. The HDX18, on the other hand, has a full-size 18.4-inch Ultra BrightView 1,080-pixel HD screen and a high-end graphics card. Both models sport HP MediaSmart that allows for playing hi-def multimedia content. The two are slated to be available later this month with the prices starting at $1,299 for the HDX16 and $1,549 for the HDX18.

On the desktop front, the newcomer is called HP TouchSmart IQ800 series, featuring an all-in-one touch-screen that can double as a TV with a 25.5-inch diagonal high-definition wide screen. The TouchSmart PC is wall-mountable, has the native resolution of 1,920x1,200 pixels, and a built-in slot-load Blu-ray player.


Rev Up the Decibels as Fujitsu’s LifeBook U2010 Navigates the Urban Jungle
TweakTownFujitsu’s LifeBook U2010 UMPC Top

Good things come in small packages. Fujitsu’s LifeBook U2010 brings into being both a wealth of computing functions and technological power, in an agreeably diminutive form factor for the ultimate in mobility.

Sydney Australia September 16, 2008 — Fujitsu Australia today proudly unveils the LifeBook U2010, the successor of the futuristic Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC), the LifeBook U1010, which won over many Fujitsu converts along with a host of worldwide accolades. Mobile professionals, glamazons and urbanites will be enchanted with the computing delights contained in this polished powerhouse and they will absolutely impress onlookers everywhere.


Fujitsu's LifeBook U2010 jam packed with goodies

Fujitsus first entrant to the UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC) market, the LifeBook U1010 received much attention and praise following its launch last year. Now comes the U2010 which further improves on the ingenuity of the original with a very impressive feature-set.Fujitsu’s LifeBook U2010

In its continuing 3-in-1 tablet/notebook/handheld PC tradition, the LifeBook U2010s most notable advancements come in the form of built-in GPS navigation and wireless music on-demand.

Music on-demand sends a crystal clear FM signal within close range to your cars stereo, allowing you to play your notebook's music library through your car sound system. This and the embedded sat nav make the LifeBook U2010 a terrific partner if you travel a lot of kms in your car.


Review: Lenovo's ThinkPad W700

Weighing in at 9 pounds, eight ounces with its battery installed, the ThinkPad W700 really doesn't fit the bill of a "laptop." Think of it as more of a "portable desktop" or an all-in-one - - but however you label it, it's one more nice piece of engineering, design and performance from the Raleigh, N.C.-based computer maker this year.

This offering from Lenovo comes with a few surprises - - including a digital pen and touch pad beneath the keyboard which allows for tablet-like note-taking directly into the computer.

The ThinkPad W700, announced last month, has a price tag to match its heft: $2,978. But a review of the system in the Test Center's lab finds it to be well worth it for the value it delivers. In the ThinkPad W700, Lenovo says it has built a workstation-class portable PC that outperforms any other in the industry; while we're not comparing it to other systems, head-to-head, in this review, the Test Center finds that the ThinkPad W700 lends itself to a compelling business case for those who need a combination of high performance and business readiness.

The digital pen and touch pad feature was a nice addition. Located to the right of the track pad and right and left mice, the touch pad allows for the taking of handwritten notes directly into the PC itself; we found it worked fine for items like digital signatures and for note-taking via the free web service Evernote. For lengthier note-taking, we still prefer to type.

The Bottom Line: the ThinkPad W700 is no toy, nor is it an on-the-go fashion PC. It's a top-performing PC workstation that provides all the punch of a nice desktop without taking up the full real estate of one.


September 17, 2008

"The List 2008"
Our Top Ten Products & Accessories
for Tablet PC - UMPC - Mobile PC - Road Warriors


OQO CEO Dennis Moore ResignsOQO UMPC

I really enjoyed the past year or so at OQO. The technology is incredible, the intelligence is staggering, and the creativity is really exciting. This is a company that deserves a great future, and will accomplish great things. However, my time there is at an end, and OQO remains in good hands.


ARMOR Rugged Computer with Intel(R) Drive Survives Baja 500
Corporate Media News

The ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PC from DRS Technologies (www.drsarmor.com) and a ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PCnew solid-state drive from Intel Corporation have passed one of the most punishing tests imaginable - the SCORE Baja 500 motorcycle race. A standard ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PC with a SATA II (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) solid-state drive was mounted on a Honda CRF450X and left running for the duration of the grueling race.

The test was proposed by Troy Winslow, marketing manager, Intel NAND Products Group, who is also an accomplished "weekend" motorcycle racer. "In this particular test we were doing a proof-of-concept for withstanding shock and vibration," Winslow explains. "We wanted to show that the unit was running throughout the race and could withstand severe shock and vibration."

The team selected the ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PC, a commercially available unit that was based on rugged mobile computing solutions for industrial and military use in extremely demanding environments. "DRS is proud that Intel selected our rugged ARMOR X10 tablet to demonstrate their new solid state hard drive," said Bill Guyan, vice president, Business Development of DRS Tactical Systems. "ARMOR products are designed to meet the extreme challenges of shock, vibration, dust, and temperature - exactly the kind of rugged demanding environment as the SCORE Baja 500 race."

The race course featured hundreds of miles of punishing off-road terrain, very dusty conditions and plenty of heat, both from the desert environment and the motorcycle exhaust. The ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PC came through the Baja 500 and was running flawlessly even after 11 hours over rough terrain. "ARMOR performed as expected," said Guyan. "Our products are made to support critical missions for Industry, transportation, first-Responders and our military. ARMOR is designed to provide dependable performance wherever our customers must go to get the job done."

"In our view, it was mission accomplished," said Winslow. "Baja was a good torture test of the Intel(R) High Performance SATA Solid-State Drive and of the ruggedness of the ARMOR computer."


September 18, 2008

First Look : Lenovo X200 Tablet PC

Lenovo X200 Tablet PC
The New Lenovo X200 Tablet Pc - 30 floors up in Manhattan

Those who have been waiting for Lenovo to release their newest Tablet PC will not be disappointed.   With its cutting edge technology, long battery life and weighing only 3.5 pounds, the new Lenovo X200 Tablet PC is going to a hot commodity.

Showcasing the latest technologies to improve user productivity featuring extremely long battery life, the new Lenovo X200 is designed to enhance the user experience in every way possible.

One of the most notable improvements in the X200 Tablet PC is the Touch features which have been redefined to include excellent palm rejection. - For those of you who have had problem with this in the past, the X200 has effectively resolved the problem of palm rejection when your writing.

The new Lenovo X200 Tablet PC features longer battery life, improved outdoor visibility from bright LED backlit panels, a dual swivel hinge and improved touch for better usability. An assortment of options including GPS, Solid State Drives, LED back light panels, roll cage, integrated camera and digital microphone, Integrated WWAN,
WiMax, WLAN, UWB, Bluetooth and the x200 Ultrabase allow users to customize their X200 Tablet Pc to best suit their individual needs.


OtterBox Launches iPhone 3G Protection
iPhone 3G Defender Case

Wipe that bead of sweat from your forehead, the anticipation is over! OtterBox releases iPhone 3G protection in the semi-rugged, drop and scratchproof Defender™ Series design. Case available now in black and coming soon in white, black/yellow and pink.

Listening to customer suggestions about the first generation iPhone Defender™ Series case, OtterBox improved the design of the iPhone 3G case. The new case allows access to the silence switch, provides an improved screen and better fit and feel. Sync/charge, home, sleep/wake, volume, camera and headphone jack all remain accessible. Acoustical vents safeguard the microphone and speakers from dust and dirt to allow clear sound transmission. Case also includes a holster-style swivel belt clip which converts into a display stand when device is inserted screen out.

“Our waiting list for iPhone 3G cases has been building for months,” said Curt Richardson, CEO, Otter Products LLC. “OtterBox engineers have worked hard to introduce slim and durable protection for Apple’s hottest new device. Good design takes time and we wanted to guarantee our customers quality.”


BVS Releases Site Survey Tablet PC Software for Wi-Fi Analysis
Wireless Developer

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. has released Swarm(TM) tablet PC software for indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi site surveys.

Swarm(TM) combines the power of realtime Yellowjacket® 802.11b/a/n/g Wi-Fi receiver measurements with GPS geo-coding accuracy. Swarm(TM) software is composed of three unique applications that all run on the Yellowjacket®-TABLET PC. First, create your survey bitmaps with both Linear and GPS PROJECTOR software. Next, simply walk or drive to any spot with GPS reception while Swarm(TM) COLLECTOR scans all 802.11b/a/n/g channels and correlates them to your exact location automatically via GPS or manually by tapping on the touch-screen. GPS measurements provide both LAT and LON as well as time stamping for a complete Wi-Fi survey path anywhere in the world. Finally, survey data such as RSSI, MAC and SSID may be exported into Swarm's ANALYZER for further mapping coverage studies in multiple graphical and tabular layouts. In areas with little or no GPS reception, Swarm(TM) ANALYZER only needs a few reference points to fill in the locations for the rest making it effective for quick outdoor studies. Surveys may be exported further into KML files for plotting in applications such as Google Earth(TM)


September 22, 2008

In the last few weeks, I've received several inquiries about the annual CES Tablet PC & UMPC Gathering. Correct, it'll still be actually at CES in January and it's only September. However, the feedback continues to be so positive and long lasting that people are already looking forward to the event! I'm pleased that it's continued to be so successful.

The industry is advancing and I want to make sure that the product interests represented are forward looking. Yes, I'm sure there will be plenty of Windows 7 chatter and hardware comparisons. A couple years ago we expanded the gathering to include mini-Tablet PCs more commonly known as UMPCs. Last year people interested in MIDs attended. My observation is that the common connection is an interest in natural input. Do you agree?


September 23, 2008

GBM InkShow:
Interview with Lenovo’s Mika Majapuro on the ThinkPad X200T Tablet PC


I got a chance to talk with Lenovo World Wide Product Manager, Mika Majapuro, prior to the Pepcom kick off and he was kind enough to sit down and walk through the new improvements and features of the Lenovo ThinkPad X200t Tablet PC. Lenovo is trumpeting three takeaways here, improved battery life, the multi-media features, and improved performance. Take a listen to what Mika has to say. I think you’ll hear a few surprises.


Breaking the Mold: New Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook and Tablet PCs Defy Ultraportable Computing

Design Improvements Shave Off Weight, Improve Battery Life and Simplify Usability on ThinkPad X Series

Lenovo today announced two new ThinkPad notebooks that significantly address the key factors mobile computer users consider today -- light weight, long battery life and usability. With models starting at just 2.4 pounds1 and with models offering maximum battery life lasting up to more than 13 hours2, the ThinkPad X200s notebook leads Lenovo's business-class notebook portfolio for lightest weight and longest battery life. Lenovo's new ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC also leads the industry for its light weight design, with models shedding almost 10 percent over the previous generation Tablet PC's weight. Additionally, the Tablet PC also offers models with nearly 50 percent longer battery life.

Both PCs offer improved usability over previous Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks, notably with the ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC's enhanced multimedia capabilities, dual swivel screen and a full-size keyboard. And to help protect against bumps and bruises, Lenovo brought its innovative ThinkPad top cover roll cage pioneered in the ThinkPad X300 notebook to select models of the ThinkPad X200s notebook, balancing light weight with extreme durability.


Here are some pictures of the HP 2730p Tablet PC and the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC. You’ll see the size differences as well as the different layout of the keys. I’m still trying to figure out how to give you the best representations of the screen and viewing angles with the equipment I have. That said, both have very good good viewing angles in my opinion. In the photos below, both Tablet PCs have the screen brightness turned all the way to full on battery power, which as I’m sure some know is not the brightest setting if you are on AC power.


September 24, 2008

Ultra Mobile Devices To Sell 200 Million Units By 2013
Wired Blogs

From just about 10 million units in 2008, shipments of ultra-mobile devices—which include ultra-mobile PCs, netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs)—are expected to exceed 200 million in 2013, according to a ABI Research report.

That's about the anticipated size of the worldwide laptop PC market.

While smaller than the wireless handset market, says ABI Research principal analyst Philip Solis, the ultra-mobile devices business is forecast to reap revenue of nearly $27 billion in 2013, says ABI.

Netbooks, which account for about 90% of today’s ultra-mobile devices sales, are likely to be upstaged by MIDs, which could capture about 68% of the market. Ultra-mobile PCs will be a niche category, says ABI.


Xplore Launches New iX104C4 Rugged Mobile Computer
Utility Products Magazine

Xplore Technologies Corp. (OTCBB: XLRT), a maker of award-winning rugged mobile Xplore iX104C4 Tablet PCcomputers, today announced its new iX104C4 Tablet PC. "Our new iX104C4 has the best indoor/outdoor viewable display in the market today and signifies another milestone for Xplore as we continue to innovate in the rugged tablet computing segment," said Mark Holleran, President and Chief Operating Officer of Xplore.

One of the first users of the new iX104C4 was Hydro One, the largest electricity transmission and distribution company in Ontario, Canada, where the new units have been tested for several months. "The Xplore tablet is a champion in design, and the newest generation is no exception," stated Blain Smith, Hydro One, "We tested the new iX104C4 and experienced 20% greater performance than other rugged products." With more than 1,200 Xplore iX104 systems deployed, Hydro One has seen nearly 100% accuracy for data collected in the field.

The iX104C4 design implements best in class sunlight readable display technology, Dual Mode flexible user interface, redesigned antennae, new integrated wireless modules, Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition/ Vista® Business compatibility and improved overall performance. The iX104C4's key features include:

- 1.2 GHz Intel® Core™ Duo processor
- 50% brighter Dual Mode AllVue Xtreme display technology
- Integrated RS232/422/485 serial port
- 2X improved reach with 802.11n Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz
- 2X more memory capacity


September 25, 2008

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X200 Tablet racks up awards

Reviews of the tablet version of Lenovo’s X200 ultraportable are in. The big change in this version, which replaces the longstanding ThinkPad X61t, is the switch to a widescreen Lenovo X200 Tablet PCdisplay. The X200 Tablet is also thinner and lighter, weighing about 3.5 pounds with the standard four-cell battery and a little more than 4 pounds with the eight-cell version.

Both Laptop Magazine and PC Magazine tested a $2,323 configuration that includes a low-voltage 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo L9400 (the regular ThinkPad X200 uses a standard-voltage Core 2 Duo chip); 2GB of DDR3 memory, which also operates at a lower voltage; the latest Intel integrated graphics; and a 7,200rpm 160GB hard drive. This configuration also includes an LED-backlit display that accepts pen-input only. You can also choose an LED-backlit display works with both the included pen and your fingertip–but is not as bright–or a standard LCD display. All three have the same 1,280×800 resolution. The alphabet soup of wireless options–Wi-Fi, wireless WAN, Bluetooth, WiMax, UWB, Bluetooth and ThinkVantage GPS–is also pretty impressive.

PC Magazine says the X200 Tablet easily retains its predecessors Editors’ Choice thanks to the Centrino 2 upgrades, lighter chassis, enhanced speakers, and widescreen display options. Laptop Magazine awards it an Editors’ Choice as well stating its “one of the best tablets of the year thanks to smooth performance, durability, and numerous wireless options.”


Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD Begins Shipping

First of its kind Slingbox capable of streaming both SDTV and HDTV; now available from Sling Media

Slingbox PRO-HD

Sling Media, Inc., a leading digital lifestyle products company, today announced its next generation Slingbox™ PRO-HD is now available for purchase from www.slingmedia.com and leading online and brick and mortar retailers nationwide for $299.99. Sling Media is also pleased to announce the Slingbox PRO-HD will be available at leading Canadian retailers for $329.99 in the coming weeks. The Slingbox PRO-HD is a revolutionary new product that is capable of streaming HD content from a home television source, including over the air HD digital signals (ATSC), digital cable channels (Clear QAM), HDTV cable set-top boxes, HDTV satellite receivers, or HD DVR’s, to a laptop or desktop computer in and around the house. Additionally, customers who have a high speed broadband connection that features upload speeds of 1.5 Megabits per second or higher, Slingbox PRO-HD can even stream HD TV signals outside the home to just about anywhere you can receive a high-speed network connection.

With the availability of the Slingbox PRO-HD, Sling Media has also updated its SlingPlayer for Windows software for PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista. SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows is now available for download from Sling Media’s web site, www.slingmedia.com.


Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet
PC Magazine

Lenovo's last remaining nearly square screen (with a 4:3 aspect ratio) is finally being replaced by the ubiquitous widescreen format. It had been almost a year since the company updated its beloved convertible tablet—the ThinkPad X61 Tablet . The ThinkPad X200 Tablet ($2,323 direct) packs in many more refinements, such as a lighter chassis, a better speaker system, Intel Centrino 2 parts, and three choices of display panels offered in the widescreen format. It easily retains the Editor's Choice, held previously by the X61 Tablet.


Intel WiMax to go live, will devices follow?

Intel and Sprint Nextel will team up to launch the first WiMax network in Baltimore on Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium Mobile PCOctober 8--what the chipmaker is calling the dawn of 4G broadband because of its high speed.

Some WiMax-based devices have popped up already. A listing on Amazon, for example, shows a WiMax-enabled Nokia N810 "Portable Internet Tablet." Samsung has announced a WiMax-capable Q1 Ultra Premium Mobile PC with a 7-inch screen.

And laptop suppliers have indicated in the past that they will bring out WiMax-capable machines. Dell, Sony, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Toshiba have all indicated in the past that WiMax products will be forthcoming.

"There are several notebook vendors that are going through a certification process to get the notebooks certified on the network. Information about that will be made public on October 8," the Sprint spokesperson said.


Panasonic ups ante with new Toughbook line
Coolest Gadgets

When it comes to tough notebooks, only one company comes into mind for most people - Panasonic and their range of Toughbooks. The name itself gives the game away, I Panasonic Toughbook T8suppose, and today we have major updates to the Toughbook line, spearheaded by the thin and light F8, the T8 which is a tablet alternative that you can use as a bullet proof shield

Panasonic Toughbook T8
Designed with input from “walking workers,” the Toughbook T8 notebook is a tablet-alternative notebook with a touch screen, stylus and screen rotating software. The system features a 12.1 inch touch-screen LCD and convenient rubber hand strap. Equipped with an ultra-low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, the 3.3 pound T8 provides an 120GB hard drive and 1GB SDRAM (expandable) and delivers up to 7 hours of battery life, depending on operating environment.


September 26, 2008

Mobile Computer Users Are Now in the Majority

Mobile PCs have moved into the majority, with 53% of computer-using adults using either a notebook or tablet PC, according to the Busy Mobiles Report from MetaFacts, Inc.

"Corporate road warriors have been swarmed by busy consumers," said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts. The large-scale nationwide survey found that 44% of the mobile PCs used 40 or more hours per week are owned by households, 31% are owned by large businesses, and 25% by small & medium businesses, education, and government.

"There are many busy mobile PC users," said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts. "Nearly 13 million American adults use a notebook or tablet PC 40 or more hours per week, and 60% of these active users regularly use three or more PCs, moving between home, work, and publicly-owned PCs."


Hammerhead Rugged Tablet PC Takes a Beating (Video)
Tablet PC Reviews

Check out this Tablet PC from DRS Technologies. It's the Hammerhead Xtreme Tablet PC and it literally is getting beat by a hammer. Now that is what I call product testing.

The Hammerhead is designed and manufactured to MIL-STD-810F, and the Hammerhead product line is tested for drop-shock, moisture, dust and vibration resistance, temperature extremes as well as other conditions mobile workers face daily in the field, on the road or in the office.


September 29, 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing Our Friends & Readers of the Jewish Faith
A Happy and Healthy Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah is the start of the Jewish New Year, and is celebrated during the month of Tishrei, which falls during September and/or October.  This year -- 2008 -- Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset, Monday September 29, 2008, and ends at sundown October 1, 2008. It is the Hebrew Year 5769.


NEW Fujitsu Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PC- (not available for order in the US at this time)

STYLISTIC ST Series : A tablet PC for true mobility

Be productive while being on the move with our STYLISTIC ST Series. The light, thin and Fujitsu Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PCrobust tablet PC allows you to take it everywhere whether you are on the way to an appointment or taking handwritten notes during a meeting. The transmissive 12.1-inch TFT WXGA display offers the best image quality.

Support for pen-based functions helps you carry out your work anywhere and to present it convincingly.
A further advantage is the battery lifespan which enables you to work for a long period.
Take a good look at the new housing. As well as being lightweight, the housing provides additional protection against damp or dust.
Enjoy relaxing and convenient working everywhere your business leads you.

  • Embedded mobile broadband (optional)
  • Semi-ruggedized housing
  • ConfCam on the back for easy documentation on the move
  • Fully-equipped computer for working indoor or outdoor while standing and walking
  • Strong and changeable battery for convenient working for the whole business day
  • Handwritten documents with electronic ink (no keyboard required)
  • Additional equipment from our broad range of accessories for using the device as a fully functional desktop
  • 64 GB Solid State Disk
  • 9 cell battery pack (optional)


200 Million Ultra-Mobile Devices To Ship In 2013
RF Globalnet

From a virtual "standing start" of just 10 million units in 2008, shipments of ultra-mobile devices (UMDs — the umbrella term for ultra-mobile PCs, netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices) are expected to exceed 200 million in 2013.

According to ABI Research principal analyst Philip Solis, "The UMD market will still be small compared to the wireless handset market, but with a forecast revenue of nearly US$27B in 2013, it will certainly be significant."

While netbooks account for about 90% of today's UMD market, they will fall to a distant second place by 2013, while MID (Mobile Internet Device) shipments surge ahead to take nearly 68% of the market, with Ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) remaining a niche category.

To put the UMD market forecasts into perspective, the 2013 estimate of 200 million shipped devices is roughly the anticipated size of the worldwide laptop PC market.

"As this market enters its rapid growth phase and starts to evolve," Solis continues, "we will see considerable experimentation with different distribution channels: some will sell direct from the manufacturer, some via retail outlets, and some through mobile operators who will subsidize them to encourage new data plan subscriptions."

A new study from ABI Research, "Mobile Internet Devices and UMPCs" analyzes the drivers and barriers for UMDs across the ecosystem. It examines the issues that will shape this market, including the contest between x86-based processors and ARM-based processors, distribution and subsidization, device definitions, and the effect of cellular voice-enabled MIDs. It includes detailed, segmented market forecasts through 2013.


Toshiba introduces new line of Netbook Flash Modules
The Tech Herald

Another Monday morning, yet another week kicked off by news from the ever-expanding world of the Netbook. However, breaking from the incessant stream of freshly-announced portable computers, Toshiba Corp. has revealed new additions to its NAND solid state drive portfolio that will see Netbooks imbued with small-form Flash Modules of 8GBs, 16GBs and 32GBs.


Firm tweaks 'boot' software to jumpstart mobile PCs
San Francisco Chronicle

When a PC is turned on or "boots up" chances are good that the start-up routine uses software developed by Phoenix Technologies of Milpitas. The 500-person company, which played a key role in catalyzing the development of PC clones in the 1980s, has had its ups and downs over the last two decades. Now it hopes to endear itself to the PC community with a new, quick-start routine for ultra-mobile PCs.

Ultra-mobiles are a new category of light-weight, low-cost laptops such as the Asus EEE-PC, the HP Mini and the Oqo PC. These tiny PCs, which compete in function with web-capable smart phones, operate under one huge disadvantage -- they take forever to boot up, said Phoenix chief executive Woody Hobbs.

Last year ago Phoenix started working on a jumpstart routine that it calls HyperSpace that performs a quick, partial boot that allows ultra-mobile PCs to perform tasks like browsing the web or checking e-mail. "Think of it as a smart phone in your PC," Hobbs said.


September 30, 2008

Tablet PC 101: Slate Tablet PCs
Gotta Be Mobile

There are two basic types of Tablet PCs: convertibles and slates. Convertible Tablet PCs are full computers and look just like a notebook pc, only the screen swivels around so it can also be operated in “slate” mode. Slate Tablet PCs are also full computers, but they typically lack a notebook style keyboard, with some even offering a slide-up or built-in keyboard to the face of the screen.  Both convertibles and slates can be operated by a digitizer pen, a finger, a keyboard, or a portable keyboard. Input using the pen is done by handwriting a note, writing in to a input window which then converts your handwriting to text, or is pecked out using an onscreen keyboard. Input can also be accomplished by using the keyboard or speech recognition.

Let’s dig in a little deeper to slate Tablet PCs:

Slate Tablet PCs come in various sizes, ranging from 5” to 12.1”, with most of them being in the 12.1” size range. The digitizer is normally either active ( works only with a pen ) or is dual mode (switches between active and touch). Most slate tablet pcs also have docking stations, so they can be used with a full keyboard, mouse, and monitor while deskbound or needing to dock in a vehicle. There are a range of non-rugged, semi-rugged, and rugged slate tablet pcs. Though not always the case, slate tablet pcs are often lighter than their convertible cousins. Slate Tablet PCs also lack a built-in cd drive, relying instead on a portable drive. However, slates, like Motion Computing’s F5, are now including rear-facing web cams to capture pictures like a traditional camera would.

Motion C5 Tablet PCPeople interested in slate tablet pcs will typically fit one or more of the following scenarios:

  • they use their computer while walking or standing around
  • when away from the office, they don’t typically need a keyboard. If the need to type comes up, a portable keyboard will usually suffice
  • taking notes with a pen is a primary input need over a keyboard
  • their job involves a lot of touch input
  • collection of form data in an office or kiosk environment
  • graphic artist
  • delivery personnel
  • field force workers
  • medical worker
  • Salesperson
  • might need a secondary computer to compliment a more powerful desktop / laptop



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