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February 2008


February 1, 2008

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 i440D Tablet PC

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GBM InkShow: MobileDemand T8700 Tablet PC Accessories
Gotta Be Mobile

If you watched us trying to destroy Mobile Demand's T8700 Rugged Tablet PC in our last

    Mobile Demand's T8700 Rugged Tablet PC

InkShow, you might be surprised to know that the T8700 is actually still working! If you have not seen that InkShow yet, I highly encourage you to do so. You get to see Team GBM having more fun than a geek should be allowed to have.

In this InkShow, I take a look at a few accessories like the docking station, carrying strap, and carrying case with enclosed keyboard.


February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

New Endland Patriots Helmet     SuperBowl 42  New York Giants Helmet


February 4, 2008

President Bush Getting In To the Tablet PC Game

President Bush with Dell Tablet PC

Brian T, a GBM reader, came across these pictures on CNN of President Bush using a Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC.

First Look :Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC


Lenovo x61/x60 Tablet PC - Error 2100 at Boot
Gotta Be Mobile

A few weeks ago on my way home from CES I was confronted with a "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error" on my Lenovo X61 Tablet PC.  It was not good and there was NO way to access the drive - it would not boot. There was no external access to the drive. Booting into Linux didn't show the drive either.   Nothing worked!  It wasn't too big of a deal because I do frequent backups so the only thing I lost was a few GBM e-mails  because they were POP and on my drive since the last backup.

The guys at Lenovo worked with me and I was able to get a new drive...  Not fun, but I was up and running in short order.

Then comes last night...  I started up my computer and guess what???  Another "Error 2100" - so much for watching the Super Bowl over SlingBox...  I went back to another computer and started to do some searching - I found that a little over a week ago there was a firmware update for the drives used in the x60/x61 that will solve this problem - from the fix page:

- This firmware update includes the fix for the case on a system with Microsoft Windows Vista, that the system may become to display the following error message at each power on, and then cannot boot from the hard drive. "2100: Initialization error on HDD0 (Main hard disk drive)"

Perfect I say!!  I did  the download, created the bootable ISO, put the drive in and PRESTO!!  I am booting again!!!

Moral of the story?  1. Check the link and see if you need to do the Hard Drive firmware update 2. It's a good example of how regular backups are not just beneficial, but critical!


Microsoft wants to bring Surface home sooner

When people get a chance to try out Microsoft's Surface touch-screen tabletop computer, they often wish they could take one home.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Monday that the company is trying to speed up that process after getting a lot of demand for a consumer version.

Mark Bolger

Mark Bolger, director of marketing for Microsoft's surface-computing effort, shows off the company's new touchscreen tabletop PC last May. The company is still working to ship the product.

When Microsoft announced its plans for Surface last spring, the stated plan was to bring the technology to consumers eventually, but the company warned that it could be five years before a version of the products would be on shelves at the local Best Buy.

But the company got a lot of pushback on that timing, Ballmer said.

"We're going to follow our nose," Ballmer said, indicating that Microsoft hopes to shorten the gap before a consumer version is available.


February 6, 2008

Toshiba Portege M700 Review
Tablet PC Reviews

Toshiba M700

Toshiba recently released the Portege M700 Tablet PC, which was all the rage at CES. The M700 takes the place of its predecessor the M400, although it has many similarities to the R400. The M700 has a 12.1" LED backlight display and is powered by a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor. This sleek business tablet is sure to have heads turning. Take a look at our complete review to see how the M700 performs and stacks up against the competition


a little late, but it looks like the HP is finally ready to take your money and hand over a tx2000 tablet. Nothing really new to report specs- or price-wise: $1,299 buys you a 2.1GHz AMD Turion, 2GB of RAM, GeForce Go 6150, 160GB disk, LightScribe dual-layer burner and a fingerprint reader, while $2,311 bumps you up to a 2.2GHz Turion, 250GB disk, Verizon 3G ExpressCard, and Vista Ultimate. And, of course, that 12.1-inch touchscreen that "has a digitizer.


GBM InkShow: Toshiba M700 Tablet PC Overview
Gotta Be Mobile

Over the last week I had the pleasure of having the new Toshiba M700 Tablet PC.  In the past I have owned 2 Toshiba Tablet PC's.  My first Tablet PC was the Toshiba M4, I purchased that because of the dedicated graphics card of 128 meg, it was the best on the block back then.  The next Toshiba I owned was the M400 - another powerhouse but without the dedicated graphics.  I was very happy with the M400 and would probably have it still today if it wasn't for the long term eval I currently use.  I'd like to give Toshiba a big thanks for sending us this unit for our hands on look and review!

The Toshiba M700 Tablet PC keeps that 'powerhouse' feeling alive.  With the ability to have up to a 2.6 Core 2 Duo processor, this thing will scream!  The only thing missing is the dedicated graphics card, but that isn't common in any Tablet PC these days...  Join me as I take in the M700 in this InkShow.  I first start out by looking over the outside of the unit, then the keyboard and scree, the latch/swivel mechanism and then look at the screen and the inking.

Enjoy the 26 minute look at the Toshiba M700 Tablet PC

Download the video right to your machine (187meg download)


Give the Tablet PC “conversation tracker” a try

Although we’re still working on the Tablet PC micro-conversation tracker, you can give it a try live at its temporary, developer home here.

Tablet PC “conversation tracker


February 8, 2008

One week left to enter the TabletPc2.com Logo Contest
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Round-up of recent Tablet PC tid-bits

Have you noticed the new face to the Windows Vista Developer Center? Thanks for the update, Eliot.

Classroom Presenter 3 was released by University of Washington's Center for Collaborative Technologies. This presentation tool can be used in classes by teachers and students.

HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative deadline approaching: February 14, 2008 for US; March 31 for Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific; and April 10 for Latin America. This has been a phenomenal program and has helped many schools get started with Tablet PCs.

Interested in following the pulse of Tablet PC ecosystem? Loren has built a conversation tracker. You can check out the temporary location at http://www.thredr.com/tabletpc.html Otto Berkes topped the list for a few days with the most inbound interest. Will you be next source of cool information?

Steve Hughes posted a fantastic set of pictures and description of the Tablet PC & UMPC Community Gathering at CES 2008. Thanks for sharing!!

TabletPc2.com is running a contest for a new logo. A TabletKiosk Sahara i440D Tablet PC is the prize to the winner. See site for details.


February 11, 2008

Microsoft Research's InkSeine coming this Friday
Ars Technica

Ken Hinckley from Microsoft Research has unofficially put together a prototype Tablet PC note-taking application designed and built from ground up around the pen. InkSeine (rhymes with "insane") gives you the ability to easily search the web or your local computer directly from your ink.  Although it's scheduled for a public release on February 15, 2008, Microsoft insists that it is not intended for public consumption: "InkSeine is a research demonstration only, and is not a Microsoft product, nor is it intended to become a product. It is just something we built as a pure research project to explore novel pen and ink functionality."

The program has a fairly extensive feature list, full of very innovative and intuitive ideas. InkSeine's main focus is search. Searching is built-in to the application, meaning there is never a need to switch to a separate "search application." Searches that are made straight from the user's notes can be saved there for later viewing. According to Microsoft Research, it all comes down keeping everything in one place when you are working on a project:

The Tablet PC offers a terrific sandbox for ideation and creative design sketching: inking is great for thinking. InkSeine pushes this experience to the max while using its great search capabilities to enable you to access all the digital content (emails, documents, web pages, design diagrams, etc.) on your tablet - all the information that you need in order to think through a problem and decide what to do or what to try next.

For more information, check out the official InkSeine Blog. Alternatively, you can watch these two demonstration videos that should, at the very least, pique your interest:


HP named 2007's largest global PC maker
Times of Malta

HP has been named the world's largest PC manufacturer for 2007, with 18.8 per cent of global PC unit shipments for the calendar year, according to results from the fourth calendar quarter of 2007 released by industry analyst firm IDC.

The HP personal computing lineup delivers some of the industry's most stylish designs and easy-to-use features, such as the youth-designed Artist Edition HP Pavilion notebook and the tablet and touch-enabled HP Pavilion tx2000 Entertainment Notebook, both of which debuted earlier this month at CES 2008.


HP tx2000z Tablet PC User Review
Tablet PC Reviews

Overall I would totally recommend this system to anyone. A classmate of mine has the Lenovo X61 that he paid $4000 dollars for, and the tx2000z can do everything it does and more. He was looking at my system and saying "Wow, it has that in it too…you got all that for how much?" So I think it's safe to say I got a good deal. Any user that is looking for a solid, consumer friendly, affordable tablet can't go wrong with the tx2000z.

I will be getting another tx2000 in about a week and a half, which is at the other end of the spectrum and is fully loaded. I am going to install 4GB of RAM into this system and run some benchmarks and battery tests. I'll keep you everyone updated on that project


February 12, 2008

First Impressions:

The Toshiba M700 Tablet PC

Toshiba M700 Tablet PC


HP Compaq 2710p
PC Authority

The tablet features of the 2710p work well. The stylus, which can be tethered to the laptop via the included strap, pops out of the top left-hand corner of the chassis. The screen is responsive and smooth to work on, and Vista’s much-improved-over-XP tablet features recognise even hastily scrawled notes.


Dell adds new touch to tablet PCs

Dell is setting new benchmarks for tablet PCs with the addition of the Latitude XT, the thinnest and one of the lightest 12.1-inch convertible tablets available. It is also the brightest in its category, with an optional daylight viewing panel.Dell Tablet PC

The Latitude XT is also the industry's only less than two kilogram convertible tablet with pen and capacitive touch capability.

Capacitive technology senses the touch of a finger, with no pressure required for the system to recognise input. It is also the forerunner to emerging multi-touch capabilities that allow the use of more than one finger for tasks such as zoom and repositioning a picture, for example.

Other touch features available on the Latitude XT include:

* Accuracy and speed - touch response times on the Latitude XT are faster than the other competitors' products;
* Advanced digital palm rejection technology, helping prevent inadvertent contact that disrupts pen input; and
* Maintenance-free, no-battery pen with eraser and "right" mouse click functionality.

"We are listening and aim to exceed customers' expectations," said Gavin Slevin, Client products brand manager of Dell South Africa. "Until now, customers have been forced to make trade-offs in tablet functionality to have usable systems. The Latitude XT will revolutionise the way customers interact with their systems, allow customers to take full advantage of tablet technology and enable customers to get more done with greater speed and precision."

Most competitive tablets on the market today rely on resistive touch that requires the application of force for the system to recognise user interaction. The older technology can be less accurate and durable than capacitive touch and may not support multi-touch.


February 13, 2008

Allegiance Technology Partners With Window Fashion Company
Gotta Be Mobile

John Hill over at AllTP has just sent us an announcement regarding a new partnership for his company.  This looks like a very interesting  solution and a wonderful and productive use of a Tablet PC.Motion Tablet PC

Allegiance Technology Partners (ALLTP), a computer reseller company specializing in tablet PCs, has been selected by Hunter Douglas Window Fashions to offer customized tablet PCs to all of their dealers.

The partnership allows Hunter Douglas dealers to purchase tablet PCs that were specially configured to fit dealer needs. The tablet package includes a Motion Tablet PC, Disto laser measuring device and the Hunter Douglas DirectConnect® software.

With the HD DirectConnect, field representatives use the BT laser measurer to put all the window lengths and widths in the Tablet PC which goes right to the website.  Then they can sit down with the customer and pick fabrics, colors, etc.  By the time they are done, they have a complete quote, can get a deposit and then send everything directly to the manufacturing facility


Unplugged Family PCs: mobile life

When Mom's Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC arrived at the end of December, it was the first of a new set of PCs finding their way into our family. She's been traveling around the country with it - quite happily. It doesn't add much to her suitcase and she can email from hotel rooms. Loren purchased a new Toshiba Portege M700 within the first few hours it was made available in early January. With it's 2.6GHz processor, it has the performance that he needs as a developer. Elizabeth a has Toshiba Tablet PC for college. Layne revitalized a Tablet Kiosk slate, so he could use it as a research notepad as he writes his thesis using his Gateway.

As the PCs in the family get refreshed, the older PCs start looking -- well, old.

Dad lovingly uses an HP TC1100 Tablet PC with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. There's no doubt that it's a work horse, but he really could use something new, longer battery life, and a little peppier.


February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Battle of the Pavilions, HP tx1000 vs. tx2000
Tablet PC Reviews

The digitizers, of course, are the biggest difference between the two tablets. The tx2011 HP TX2000  & TX 1000 Tablet PChas a dual digitizer including a Wacom active digitizer with touchscreen and the tx1001 has a passive digitizer with a touchscreen. I should state that I have had a very positive experience with the passive digitizer on the tx1001. I take notes most days and after the panel broke-in I was very happy taking notes on it. I am not an artist and I have a large Wacom Tablet for work (where I’m also connected to a larger monitor) so I don’t need pressure sensitivity on the tablet screen.

Having said that I much prefer the writing experience on the tx2011. Ink looks better and I’ve always liked the hover ability of an active digitizer. Incidentally when connected to my 1920x1200 external display the tx2011 in tablet mode can be used as a normal desktop Wacom tablet. The active digitizer works with the older ARTz pens (I have not tested an Intuos Wacom pen yet) so I guess it has 256 levels of pressure sensitivity (I said guess). The “ink” on paper feel is not as good as my Acer C111Tci due to the glossy screen and I prefer the Acer screen size and shape for inking, but the ink experience on tx2011 is still excellent.


Microsoft Invents a Reason to Buy a Tablet
IT Management

Why would anyone want to buy a Tablet PC?

All that may start to change tomorrow, when a prototype application called InkSeine -- which is, essentially, a digital notebook on crack -- is released for public trial.

InkSeine is being developed by a small team at Microsoft Research. The application is for demonstration purposes only, and not on track to become a real Microsoft product you can buy. But if InkSeine gains traction as a popular enabler of pen-based computing, you can bet it will be productized -- or, better still, built into the Tablet PC version of Windows, possibly as a replacement for the Windows Journal application. Many revolutionary products started out as research projects. Google comes to mind, for example.

Here's what InkSeine can do:

• Serve as a virtual pad of paper. You can scribble and writes notes, draw pictures and doodle. Words can be recognized, and used as commands or search terms.

• Search. You can search the Web, your e-mail or your Tablet PC right from the "pad of paper" using pen gestures. For example, just write your search term longhand, circle it, flick your wrist in the right direction and the search is launched.

• Select and embed "clippings" -- images, document or Web page parts, etc.

• Drag and drop links into notes.

• Create insta-icons (with automatic, in-page links) by just snapping a picture of any portion of any screen, including the document or Web page you're linking to.

InkSeine has user interface innovations, such as "radial menus" and pen gestures that make it one of those applications you have to see to understand, so check out this video.

If you have a Tablet PC or other pen system running either XP or Vista (preferably Vista), you should download InkSeine here (wait until tomorrow, Feb. 15, when the "public" version hits).


Welcome to the OQO outlet store. Products offered in the outlet store provide substantial savings. OQO Refurbished Products ship with our standard 1-Year warranty and are factory tested to original specifications. For extended protection, you have the option to purchase Extended Express or System Care Express Protection Plans. Anytime / Anywhere Productivity™ is just a few clicks away. Quantities may be limited.


February 15, 2008

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February 19, 2008

Tablet PC 2 Logo

The TabletPc2.com Logo Contest Finalists have been notified
and the winner will be announced soon!

The five finalists were chosen from more than forty entries!
My sincere thanks to everyone who took time to enter.
  We had some fabulous entries so its taking longer than expected to pick just one from the forty plus entries

View the Finalists Entries Here


HP's UMPC 2133 revealed

HP Compaq 2133

We've just received these images of HP's rumored UMPC. Honestly, we have no reason to doubt their authenticity. The HP Compaq 2133 "lifestyle accessory" features a big, scratch resistant 8.9-inch 1366 x 766 (WXGA) display, ExpressCard/54 slot, Wireless LAN, nearly full-sized QWERTY (95% of full), integrated webcam, and optional SSD in a 2.5-pound anodized aluminum sex pot running Vista or Linux. Or so say the tipped images. Funny how the once keyboard-less UMPC-class device has now morphed into an Eee PC-like mini. Still, if this is what we can expect from the UMPC crowd come Silverthorne then you can count us in, HP.


HP UMPC coming this spring?

Over a seafood dinner with HP management last Friday, the PC maker offered more than just aorta-clogging cuisine. In an informal chit-chat session, we learned that HP is readying its first UMPC which may hit the market in late spring.

Spec-wise, it disclosed... absolutely nothing. But digging deeper between the lines, we suspect the company's maiden voyage into this niche segment is likely to be competitively priced, much like the ASUS Eee PC. In fact, according to one HP staff, "you won't even need to consider this purchase. You'll buy it like a handphone without a thought". At this price range, we reckon it is unlikely to be a convertible tablet PC like the LifeBook U1010. Claiming that its UMPC will address several issues plaguing the current crop of pocketable portables, we were told that one of the key areas of improvement will be in battery life, though again no specific numbers were mentioned.

HP staffers also mentioned that this product has great potential as a lifestyle accessory, catering to professionals as well as youths. Again, we read between the lines that it is likely to be exceptionally portable and no larger than 10 inches. In the personalization department, the Palo Alto company mentioned laptop skins, so it may be possible that HP may offer custom skins for its first UMPC.

The only thing for certain is that HP is gearing for an official launch within the next few months. So for those of you contemplating a UMPC, you may want to wait just a little longer.


DT Research Delivers First Mobile Tablet With Integrated Barcode
Data Collection Online

WebDT Mobile Tablets are lightweight and slim, yet durable enough to withstand commercial use. The devices are available in 8.4-inch (WebDT 360) and 10.4-inch (WebDT 310) touch screen displays which feature flash-based storage and extendable, hot-swappable batteries. Each unit has a customizable operating system that supports the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, CE .NET and Windows Tablet PC operating systems. Therefore, companies that have existing commercial applications that run on these operating systems do not need to spend the time or money to have their applications re-engineered to run on WebDT Mobile Tablets. In addition, DT Research offers enterprise-class device management software for the WebDT tablets, which provides the convenience of comprehensive remote device administration.

The three new integrated hardware options deliver a point-of-service mobile device that improves customer service, increases the accuracy of data entry and speeds access to information from any location. For a demo of a WebDT Mobile Tablet with these new hardware applications, go to www.dtresearch.com/product/mobiletablet_video.htm.


No such thing as too thin
Australian IT

THE fashion industry might be experiencing a backlash against supermodels being too thin, but some road warriors and gadget fans can't get a portable PC that's skinny enough.

As well, Fujitsu is keeping faith with the tablet PC concept, the space-saving and transportability concept that even after many years of hype has still failed to make much of an impact.

Fujitsu's P series, headlined by its P7230, attempts to marry ultra-thin form factors within the constraints of the tablet formula with its swivelling screen.

Most recently the company leapt into the ultracompact market sector with its LifeBook U1010, a handheld PC with the small keyboard and screen that defines these gadgets.

It also adopts the tablet design, but offers a range of connectivity options such as 3.5G and HSDPA, as well as standard computer functionality.

Whether punters will prefer their portable computers tall and skinny or all-round petite, it's clear that users of all types are certainly demanding the ability to carry around as much of their computing resources as possible.


February 20, 2008

Roper Mobile techno9logy Duros Rugged Tablet PC

Roper Mobile Technology unveiled a new rugged tablet PC today called the Duros. Duros Roper rugged tablet PCis a Windows XP based tablet PC sealed to IP-65 levels for dust and water and is manufactured to MILSPEC 810F.

The screen is an 8.4-inch sunlight viewable SVGA with resistive touch capability. The processor in the system is either a Geode LX 800 or an Intel Celeron M 1GHz. The system can have up to 1GB of RAM and 120GB of storage space. A 64Gb SSD is optional and the battery is hot swappable.

Connectivity options for the system include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and optional built-in GPS. Operating temperatures for the system are -20C to 50C and Roper says the machine can withstand a 4-foot drop onto concrete.


ritePen 2.7 for Windows, has been released

The new version of our popular handwriting recognition software, ritePen 2.7 for Windows, ritePenhas been released on the website http://ritescript.com. The new website is dedicated to EverNote Corp.'s digital ink and recognition software and technologies. 

New features of ritePen 2.7 include:

  • Spanish handwriting recognition (more languages are in the works).
  • Import of large word lists into custom vocabulary to further improve recognition of industry and user specific terms.
  • Advancements in digital ink technology, desktop integration and remote operation with corporate Citrix and RDP installations.
  • Enhanced Vista compatibility.
  • Multiple fixes and improvements.
    ritePen® is an advanced handwriting recognition software for Microsoft Windows-based pen-enabled computers. Users of ritePen can write anywhere on their screen or other input surface and have their handwriting instantly converted to text for use in any Windows application, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and numerous others. ritePen is a seamless extension of normal writing because it accurately recognizes virtually any handwriting style, does not require learning or training, and allows you to write in whole sentences, while automatically segmenting your handwriting into words and lines.


OmniMD Introduces Integrating Medical Billing with Electronic Medical Records
Kansas City infoZine

A medical billing service is a doctor's key to getting paid. Although the medical profession is adopting various systems to streamline workflow, most doctors are still finding it difficult to get paid fairly and quickly.

In addition, insurance companies regularly change their medical review policies with respect to claim payments. Rejected claims due to non-compliance or submission errors result in a decrease in reimbursement and, hence, revenue.

OmniMD is a HIPAA compliant Internet/Tablet PC/ PDA based Electronic Medical Records solution and integrated Medical Billing system, designed to fully automate the work-flow of contemporary practices and healthcare organizations. It is available as ASP, Hosted or enterprise version.


Bluebeam PDF Revu 6.0

Bluebeam® Software Inc., a leader in innovative PDF solutions, announced today the BlueBeamrelease of Bluebeam PDF Revu® 6.0, a major upgrade to the desktop application that simplifies PDF creation, viewing, markup and editing, with a redesigned interface, enhanced markup and editing tools and exclusive new online search technology. 

Bluebeam continues to revolutionize the PDF world with WebTab™, an integrated web browser that gives direct access to the Internet within Revu.  According to Richard Lee, President and CEO of Bluebeam Software, Inc.,"Bluebeam is taking PDF technology beyond simple file conversion, giving users a professional desktop application to incorporate PDF into their entire workflow."  Bluebeam customers can search online for PDF brochures, online PDF catalogs and other documents and view them in Revu, then utilize that content with markup and editing capabilities.  Web pages and PDF documents are viewed in tabs side by side to combine PDF document viewing and online search in one application. 

Bluebeam PDF Revu 6.0 also adds digital signatures to its professional PDF editor, giving more support for paperless offices.  With digital signatures, users can designate digital signature fields, create signature styles, sign PDF documents and validate signatures in PDF documents.  Bluebeam improves PDF markup and editing with the addition of PDF file attachments, a typewriter for adding text markups and filling out PDF forms, and drag and drop bookmark functionality.


Review: Toshiba's Portege M700

As Microsoft's tablet version of Windows has evolved, manufacturers have improved theToshiab M700 hardware on which it runs.

The CMP Channel Test Center took a look at the $1799 Toshiba Portege M700 (-S7002) and loved it -- as much for its fit, finish, design and performance as for the ability it provides VARs to add layers of value in specific vertical market solutions.

The M700 is a sturdy notebook that easily converts to a tablet PC with a swivel of the display. Toshiba named the color of the magnesium alloy case Titanium Silver, but it looks more like a smoky grey to us.

In any event, this notebook/tablet was clearly designed with accessibility in mind. All the ports and status LEDs are positioned to be easily attainable even when using it as a tablet. On its left side are a cooling vent, security lock slot, two USB ports, and a PC card slot.

The front houses the on/off switch for the wireless antenna, the iLINK (IEEE 1394) port, microphone and headphone jacks, and a volume control. Additionally, all the indicator lights are on the rounded lip of the base's front. While this places them out of immediate view when used as a laptop, it allows them to be visible in tablet mode.

Reviewers in the Test Center found the widescreen 12.1 inch touch display to be sharp and vivid; the stylus provides for the sort of ease of use for which Toshiba has made giant strides in recent years. Integration with Vista's enhanced tablet features is seamless and intuitive to use.


February 21, 2008

HP’s mysterious ultra-mobile PC
ZDNet Blogs

Rumors of a new model, the HP Compaq 2133, started when the CNET Asia edition of the Crave blog mentioned earlier this week that “HP is readying its first UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) which may hit the market in late spring.” Engadget and others picked up on the report, and posted images and specs for the 2133:

One other note: At CES, HP refreshed its tx series consumer ultraportables. At 4.3 pounds, the tx2000z may be a bit bulkier than the HP Compaq 2133, and it lacks the novelty of the Eee PC. But the $1,000 base configuration gets you a 12.1-inch WXGA touchscreen (it’s a convertible tablet), a 2.0GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 processor, 1GB of memory, a 160GB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 graphics, and Windows Vista Premium.


Gates explains why Microsoft needs Yahoo

There are some schools today where all the kids use tablet personal computers. They are a small percentage of the schools, but the lessons we're learning in those schools in terms of how do you get it into the curriculum, how do you get the teacher comfortable with it, where is it better, how do you make sure the class is still concentrating in an appropriate way…those lessons have been learned. And so as you get the price down and younger teachers are embracing it, then it can spread quite rapidly.


Kojinsha's E8 UMPC Is Tablet Competitor for EEE PC

Clearly aiming for the same market as the EEE PC, Kojinsha's new E8 UMPC has the added bonus of being a touchscreen tablet. It does, however, beat me how the Korean-made E8 is being labelled by some as a UMPC—it looks more like a sub-notebook to me.

Kojinsha's E8 UMPC


February 22, 2008

Live Webcast: Enhancing Business Mobility with Pen Computing

Join us for this LIVE Event on:
Monday, March 17, 2008
2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM GMT

Overview: For years Pen-enabled computing devices have enjoyed great success and acceptance in highly vertical industries like delivery services, auditing and POS.

The primary limitations of early pen computing devices, which were the hurdles to early mainstream adoption, were the power limitations of the devices, no stable OS environment for application development, and the lack of a keyboard for traditional input.

Now, with the availability of Windows XP Tablet PC edition and Vista, which are both Pen-enabled operating systems, the flexibility afforded by dual function convertible notebooks and a host of 3rd party applications, Pen Computing has expanded into areas like healthcare, insurance, education, retail, and sales force automation. What used to be strictly vertical has now caught on as a preferred alternative to standard notebooks. Is now the right time for you to consider pen computing?

Join this one-hour live TechRepublic Webcast with Paul Moore, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems and moderator James Hilliard as they take you through this session and offer you the opportunity to get your questions answered during a live Q&A


February 25, 2008

Dell™ Tablet PC Helps Health Care Go Mobile
Business Wire

The Dell Latitude XT brings more than its exclusive sub-four-pound weight and pen and capacitive touch capability to health care professionals. The Dell laptop, one of the thinnest and lightest convertible tablets in the industry, using software from Axolotl, Sencor and e-MDs Healthanywhere, is ushering in a new connected era in health care and life sciences.

Software tools available on the XT enable diagnostic imaging and image sharing, electronic health records, home health and disease monitoring, clinical assessment tools, electronic prescribing, patient entertainment and education, claims and benefits administration. Health care providers already using any of these software tools can easily and smoothly incorporate the XT into their technology operations.

Technology can play a critical role in driving efficiencies and improvements in health care, said James Coffin, Ph.D., vice president and general manager, Dell Health Care and Life Sciences. The combination of Dells innovative tablet and the latest software delivers new tools to help enable high-quality care across the health care industry.


Tablet PC available from APC Technology
Ferret, Australia

The E100 tablet PC allows you to take mobile computing to the level, combining the convenience of a tablet PC with the ruggedness required in industrial environments, which is available from APC Technology.

The tablet computing solution is only 1.3 kilograms and it is primarily designed for field and customer applications, as it can be used in mining, construction or excavation.

The E100 tablet PC also meets the MIL-STD-810F and IP54 standards for durability and protection against dirt, dust, water, motion, vibration and temperature that would usually render any generic tablet PC or computer inoperable.

Featuring an 8.4-inch TFT SVGA transmissive display that integrates a resistive touch screen panel, the E100 tablet PC is packed with features such as ultra-bright sunlight-readable displays or expandable mission boxes such as RFID, barcode and magnetic strip readers.

The E100 tablet PC sets a new standard in lightweight rugged mobility, making it suitable for deployment to an entire field based workforce.

The small but rugged tablet is built around an Intel Stealey processor that comes with 512KB of L2 cache and operates at 800MHz. It also features 512MB DDRII DRAM upgradeable to 1GB and a 60/80/100GB shock-resistant HDD.

All the hardware components are enclosed into a watertight fully rugged magnesium alloy case that can easily take vibrations or mechanical shocks


February 26, 2008

The Lenovo X300 is a true road warrior device

The Lenovo X300 has a starting weight of 2.9 pounds and a 3/4 inch thickness at its thinnest point while having a LED backlit display, 1,8 inch 64GB SSD (standard drive in this model), Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2 GHz processor, up to 4GB RAM, battery life up to 10 hours (using optional additional 3 cell battery), integrated DVD burner (optional), integrated webcam, integrated GPS (option), and more in a carbon and glass fiber body. It even has all the wireless options you could want with WiFi, Bluetooth, wireless USB, wireless carrier support (dependent on carrier chosen), and WiMax (won’t work until the networks roll out though). A device like this is of course optimized for the enterprise user with a fingerprint reader, I/O port diablement and 32-byte password protection.

Prices start at US$2,548 and if I was in the market for a high end road warrior device, then I think this would be the one

Announcing the all new ThinkPad X61 


Motion Computing C5 Tablet PC - One Year Later
Gotta Be Mobile

The big conference right now for IT and healthcare is the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMMS).Motion C5 Tablet PC

Making a big splash at HIMMS is Motion Computing, showcasing their C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant. When I was at St. Louis Children's Hospital this past week, several doctors and staff made mention of the C5, although I don't remember seeing one in use.

Motion Computing®, a leader in mobile computing and wireless communications, today announced that one year after its initial launch, the C5 mobile clinical assistant (MCA) is proving to change the way patient care is delivered. The success of the industry’s first mobile clinical assistant is clear this year at HIMSS, where the device will be featured by more than 50 vendors across the show floor.


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February 27, 2008

First impressions of The Fujitsu Lifebook P1620 Tablet PC

Fujitsu Lifebook P1620 Tablet PC

The new Fujitsu Lifebook P1620 perfect is travel companion that lets you get things done but doesn't take up space or weigh you down.   If your an individual who's always on the go, I highly recommend checking out the Fujitsu Lifebook P1620 Notebook - Tablet PC



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If you want the reliability and power of Windows XP, with the added benefit of pen and ink, the Tablet PC is the solution for you

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The Tablet PC is a fully functioning mobile computer that runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which includes new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input. Tablet PCs come in three styles, Convertible, Slate and Hybrid.