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May 2007


May 1 , 2007


Developing Windows Vista™ Applications for the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC)
Speaker(s): Todd Landstad - 10:00 A.M. - 11:15 A.M.
The Ultra-Mobile class of Windows Vista personal computers enables new mobile scenarios for your users. Find out more about the Ultra-Mobile PC--the device-like computer that is small, mobile, and runs Windows Vista--and why you should be writing applications that are optimized for it. Learn how to compliment your device solutions and develop best-in-show applications for the UMPC.


T Balance System adds Motion Control to Tablet PCs

The British Telecom (BT) research labs in Ipswich work on a device called BT Balance System. The device adds makes notebooks motion-sensitive.

BT Balance uses microchip called an accelerometer and software to enable users to read through books or documents by just flip the Tablet PC. This haptic interface is similar to controlling the Nintendo Wii

The accelerometer chip is a Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMs), which works by detecting changes in the acceleration and gravity of an object.
The BT Balance System is still a research project and not ready for commercialization.


Unboxing the OQO 02 outside America
By Hugo Ortega

Finally I can reveal why the FedEX Man came to visit And the reason is the new Model OQO 02 - BEST and Docking Station!

As I mentioned Mr. FedEX (his name is actually Ben) has been known to come to my place once or twice before but on this occasion I must admit that even I was a little more excited than usual. Given the Ultra-Mobile PC story and where it is up to today you’ll soon see why replacing a desktop and becoming truly Ultra Mobile is nothing but a little black-package away.

View it on


May 3 , 2007

First look: Mindjet MindManager 7

Mind Manager 7

Mindjet announced yesterday that MindManager 7 will be released on May 30. I've been using the pre-release version for a couple of weeks and have have found it very easy to use and stable enough, even in pre-release form, that it’s replaced version 6 on both my Tablet PC and my Mac. Chuck Frey has a very thorough first look on his Mind Mapping Software Weblog and you’ll undoubtedly be reading quite a bit about this new release in the coming weeks.

One big reason why I think that’s so is that Mindjet is the first company to develop a product using the same user interface featured in the core Office 2007 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook). MindManager has long featured one of, if not the, best integration schemes with Office applications and their decision to embrace the new UI in their latest version provides a very comfortable, seamless experience for Office 2007 users.


Gateway E-155C Tablet PC Review
Tablet PC Reviews

Tablet PC Features

The E-155C is pleasant to work with in Tablet mode, the active Wacom enabled pen works very well, on par with the much touted Lenovo X60 tablet PC. Writing feels really quite natural, close to the true paper and pen experience. One dissapointment is that the screen doesn't automatically orientate itself with the user when rotated into tablet mode, this has to be done using the screen rotate button that's on the screen. This falls far short of the X60 Tablet PC that has a built-in accelerometer to detect the orientation of the device and rotate to face the "right way up" based on how the user is holding it. The E-155C runs Vista Ultimate in which the Tablet PC features are built-into the OS -- it's a nicer Tablet PC OS implementation than XP was.


GBM How-To Series #9 : Backing Up Vista Handwriting Recognition
Gotta Be Mobile

In my last How-To, I illustrated how to train Vista to recognize your own style of handwriting. In the ensuing discussion, it became apparent that with all the time and effort spent training Vista, there was not a really good way to back up all that hard work.

 Think about it, you spend hours training the handwriting engine, what are you gonna do when you have an inevitable mishap of some sort. Use more than one system that you want the same recognition capabilities on? What about just good old piece of mind for if you "over train" your system. Face it, as good as is may be, this is a very large problem for anyone who rely's on the handwriting recognition features of Vista. So, how do we solve this huge problem? Never fear, the GBM community stepped up and illustrated a very good solution. GBM'er Bruce Miller (bmhome1) offers this easy tip for using the Windows Easy Transfer system to create a backup of your precious handwriting files. Way to go Bruce!


May 4 , 2007

That Was Then, This Is Nowtoshiba r400

For longer trips, I leave the Sony Vaio behind and instead take Toshiba's Portege R400 Tablet PC notebook, with its larger 12.1-in. screen. With an extended battery that can last six hours, it weighs about 4 lb. but includes high-speed data, in this case from Verizon Wireless.


RCS students receive Tablet PCs
Rogersville Review

It was hard to tell who was more excited about the arrival of Fujitsu Tablet PCs at Rogersville City School, the students or school personnel.

The Fujitsu T4215 Lifebook units, distributed to 55 staff members in early April, were officially presented to approximately 214 students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades Thursday morning.

“This is the day we have been waiting for all year,” Director of Schools Ravan Krickbaum said. “This is the day the latest in technology comes to students at Rogersville City School and we are so proud.”

School officials had originally entered into a lease/purchase agreement to distribute Gateway Tablet PCs at the start of the 2006-07 school year. That lease was terminated and new bids solicited in February because of maintenance concerns.

“I know we are at the end of the school year and we had planned to do this a lot sooner but we are very excited this implementation is taking place today,” Brandy Shelton, RCS Technology Director said. “We are not looking at this as having only a few weeks left in the school year. We are looking at this as an opportunity to see how much we can accomplish in this month.”

The initiative, dubbed Project SM@RT (Success Matters At Rogersville Tennessee), will assign a Tablet PC to each student for use in the classroom during the school year.

In addition to the units, the building and on the surrounding grounds have been equipped with wireless technology.

“This is something unique and very special. As far as I know, this is the first one-to-one initiative of its kind in the entire state of Tennessee,” said Dennis Holmes of Outsource, the Kingsport-based firm that installed the wireless technology.

According to Shelton, the Tablet PC units, unlike traditional laptop computers, can be configured so the user can “write” on the screen.

“A wireless projector has been installed in every classroom. With this technology, a teacher will be able to roam around the room freely with a Tablet without being tethered, work on it and it basically becomes an electronic chalkboard,” the technology director said.

The wireless technology will allow teachers to send students their assignments directly to the individual student Tablet PCs and the students will be able to complete the assignments and e-mail them back to the teachers.

“From receiving your assignment, to completing it, to submitting it — the process will be paperless,” Shelton said.

Shelton also predicted Tablet PCs will eventually become standard equipment in every classroom and could replace the traditional textbook.


May 7 , 2007

Coming Tomorrow.....

A Peek at the Samsung Q1 Ultra Launch in NYC

q1 ultra

Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting the Photos and information from tonight's Samsung Q1 Ultra Launch in NYC posted tonight as planed.

I've run into some unexpected technical difficulties that should be resolved by tomorrow and I will post the Photos and news from the Q1 Ultra Launch sometime tomorrow afternoon, or earlier if possible.


Samsung Unveils the Q1 Ultra, the Next Stage in the Evolution of of Ultra Mobile Personal Computing
Business Wire

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced the company's next-generation UMPC family, the Q1 Ultra, at the Samsung Experience in New York. The Q1 Ultra advances Samsung's line of ultra-mobile computing devices, answering the growing demand for companion PCs that offer the power of a desktop or notebook computer but can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
Samsung Q! Ulrta

Complete with an integrated split-QWERTY keypad, mouse, and user-defined function keys, the Q1 Ultra UMPC is designed to enhance productivity, ease-of-use and portability in a range of personal and professional scenarios. With an increased battery life of 4.5 hours coupled with faster speeds, flexibility and mobile functionality, the Q1 Ultra product provides a compelling solution packed into a 1.5 pound package.

The announcement marks one year since Samsung, along with partners Microsoft and Intel, pioneered a new category and form factor of PCs with the introduction of the Q1 UMPC. The Q1 family delivers full PC capabilities when a desktop computer is not an option and a notebook PC is impractical or simply undesirable. Through its combination of PC functionality, multimedia versatility and advanced connectivity, the Q1 has become the best selling UMPC in the world.

The Q1 Ultra is available with prices starting around $799 and it can be purchased through a variety of retail and e-tail outlets including Best Buy, Circuit City, CDW, CompUSA,,,,, Tiger Direct, PC Connection, B & H Photo and PC Mall.


HP Compaq 2710p tablet PC coming in July?

hp 2710p Tablet PC
HP Compaq's tablet range is the latest to get a new machine, this time in the form of the 2710p tablet PC which is apparently the replacement for the tc4400. Specs are very sparse for this particular model -- apparently all the source could dig up was that it'd come with 802.11n wireless and, wait for it, an optional webcam configuration. Other than that, this aluminum metal (at least, the render looks like real metal) tablet is due to hit sometime around July this year.


OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #37

Listen here ( MP3, 19.6 MB, 55 minutes) or

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Otr_tpc_cover_art_new James Kendrick and I hit the ground running in show #37 and device reviews are the order of the day as we discuss the HP tx1000 Entertainment PC and the Lenovo ThinkPad x60 with the multi-touch screen. Both devices are touchscreen convertibles and we have a rousing discussion of the merits of a convertible notebook with a touchscreen. Does James think the tx1000 makes a good Tablet PC? Has my opinion of the Lenovo X60t changed now that I've been using it for a while? Listen and find out.

As I reported earlier in the week, Mindjet has announced the release of the next version of one of our favorite Tablet PC applications. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and you'll find out all about the next version of MindManager Pro 7 as we delve into the new features. You'll even hear about the new features in the Mac version of MindManager.

Enjoy the show!


FCC Approves GETAC V100 Rugged Tablet PC

Another gem found in the hallowed approvals at the FCC is the GETAC V100 getac tablet pcConvertible, a rugged tablet PC featuring a 10.4" display, a 180° rotatable screen and boasting light weight design. Meeting rigorous standards for military, law enforcement and field service applications, the V100 comes in a magnesium alloy case.

The fan-less design contributes to lower power consumption, and at 2.2kg, this is easy to carry around as well. The 80 gig hard drive is protected from damage during operation. The display is a touchscreen one, and readable even in broad daylight.

The GETAC V100 is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, 3G and 802.11 a/b/g capabilities making it an all-rounder. It also features a reversible waterproof camera. No word on the pricing yet.


May 8 , 2007

Notes and Photos From The Samsung Q1 Ultra Launch in NYC

qu ultra

Smaller and lighter in size, packed with new and enhanced features the new Samsung Q1 Ultra takes the UMPC to a new level.

Last night at the Samsung Experience in New York Samsung took the wraps off the new Q1 Ultra, Ultra Mobile PC.   The event showed off the Q1 at its best and gave the press the opportunity to view and experience the Q1 for themselves.  

Paying close attention to the requests and feedback from consumers the new Q1 Ultra includes a significant number of enhancements and improvements including a split-QWERTY keypad, 4.5 hours of battery life, SRS TruSurround 3D, stereo speakers, enhanced LCD brightness, 1024 x 600 resolution, Support for 3.5G HSDPA wireless cellular modem communications, video chat web cam support and a high- resolution  recorder/still picture camera video, enhanced biometrics and full Tablet PC capabilities.


Motion Computing offers SSD for LS800 Tablet PC

Motion Computing®, a leader in ultra-mobile computing and wireless communications, today announced the availability of a 1.8-inch 32GB solid state drive (SSD) for its Motion LS 800 tablet pcaward-winning LS800 Tablet PC.

With this flash-based memory offering, Motion™ is delivering a more durable and better-performing ultra-mobile computing solution to vertical industries including aviation, mobile gaming, and field sales and service.

An SSD is a hard drive alternative based on flash memory. Unlike a traditional HDD which uses spinning discs and read/write heads, an SSD is designed with flash memory, having no moving parts. The new drive has the same shape and size as a HDD and uses the same connectors for integration into existing systems.

“Solid state is an excellent storage technology option for ultra-mobile computers,” said Jillian Mansolf, vice president of marketing at Motion. “From casinos interested in offering a portable gaming experience to field service workers computing while walking and standing, the LS800 with SSD helps protect data despite everyday knocks, bumps and jolts.”

Motion engineering tests show that the SSD reduces power consumption to give the LS800 about 10 percent longer battery life. Motion tests also show the LS800 runs approximately 40 percent more efficiently with an SSD, with faster data access time.


May 10 , 2007

Lost Your Tablet PC Pen? Here's a Novel Solution
Gotta Be Mobile

Kathy Jacobs is a Microsoft MVP for OneNote and she’s doing some blogging at Vitamin CH-The Cure For All Computer Ailments. While her blog covers a number of computing solutions, she does cover some good OneNote info (also Powerpoint) there as well. 

This morning I noticed this post about a situation that Tablet PC users occassionaly run into. Kathy points to novel solution for how to keep from losing your stylus. I won’t spoil it by reprinting it here, instead head over to Kathy’s blog and discover it yourself.


Fujitsu intros first Santa Rosa PCs

Validating earlier FCC leaks, Fujitsu put itself in the midst of the Santa Rosa launch t4020 Tablet OCtoday with four new LifeBook models using the enhanced processors. Commanding the announcement is the T4220 tablet. As confirmed, the system will be unusually quick among tablets with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo. 1GB of RAM, a 120GB hard drive, and a DVD-RW drive are now part of the stock configuration along with the already-known 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth. It ships later in the spring starting at $1,750.


May 11 , 2007

Learn to Use NewspaperDirect's PressReader, Monday, May 14, 10:00 A.M. PT
Download and store your favorite newspaper titles from amongst NewpaperDirect's growing list of publishing partners. PressReader provides an authentic newspaper reading experience across all Microsoft platforms, including Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs, and Windows Mobile devices.

See the full schedule of Tablet PC and UMPC Software webcasts coming up at the link below

Learn to Use Applications Optimized for Mobile PCs
Which applications work best when you're on the go with your notebook, Tablet PC, Ultra-Mobile PC, or Windows SideShow device? This new webcast series provides an in-depth look at applications built for Windows Vista mobility. Special features include: data synchronization, power management, ink annotation, ink recognition, network awareness, data access, enhanced UI for touch, and Windows SideShow gadgets.


GBM Podcast #17: The Technical Difficulties Show
Gotta Be Mobile

Suffice it to say though, that we’re back with another GBM Audio Inkshow with lots of Tablet PC and UMPC goodness to talk about. Not only that, Hugo’s back from CeBit Australia, and Dennis and Warner grill him on what mobile gadgets he saw and didn’t see and much more. And yes, we are still flirting with getting in trouble with PETA.


May 14 , 2007

Webcast at 10AM: Reading Newspapers on your Tablet PC

One Month Free Trial of and Press Reader register at Promo Code: MSWEB07


RCS first in state to provide students with own computer
Kingsport Times

Teacher Alice Brooks helps sixth-grader Colby Couch with a program on one of theirFujitsu Tablet pc new Fujitsu 'PC Tablet' laptop computers at Rogersville City School.

About 215 Fujitsu "PC Tablet" laptop computers have been distributed to the RCS sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders who are familiarizing themselves with the ways that the new computers will be applied to classroom learning full time beginning with the upcoming summer school. Another 55 teacher's edition laptops have also been distributed.


GETAC Introduces New V100 Rugged Tablet PC and P470 Rugged Notebook
Tablet PC Reviews

At the Government Technology Conference-West (GTC West) show this week, GETAC unveiled their newest line-up of rugged notebook/tablet PCs. They introduced the V100 Rugged Tablet PC and the P470 Rugged Notebook into the family.GETAC  V100 Tablet PC

The GETAC V100 exceeds every performance and reliability standard that users demand from a fully rugged computer while offering a number of optional features not available elsewhere, said Mike Simek, Manager, GETAC Sales and Marketing. The ability to instantly convert the V100 from a laptop to a tablet PC gives mobile users the flexibility they need as well as the confidence that their data is safe from the elements and the rigors of their job inside the V100s water-proof, shock-proof and drop-proof magnesium alloy case.

The V100 is available now through GETAC authorized resellers. Visit for more information.


A Tablet PC Education Success Story
Gotta Be Mobile

Bishop Hartley High School is a private Catholic high school in Columbus, Ohio. The school’s administrators wanted to deploy technology in the classroom to enhance learning for all students. So when Tablet PCs pre-installed with Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition arrived in November, 2002, the Diocese of Columbus embarked on an ambitious one-to-one computing program in which students use the Tablet PCs all the time. The ultra-portable form factor, pen-enabled computing, ink-integration for the Microsoft® Office system programs, and wireless capabilities have captured students’ and teachers’ imaginations. Over the years, students have used the Tablet PCs to enhance their individual ways of learning, and teachers incorporated the technology into their lessons. With students working harder and enjoying school more, Bishop Hartley’s Tablet PC one-to-one computing program is a lesson in success.


A tough UMPC for road warriors
Malaysia Star

TOUGH, lightweight and full-featured, the new eo TufTab v7112XTG is an ultraportable mobile PC (UMPC) built for itinerant professionals or those working in non-traditional working environments.

  eo toughtab

According to California-based TabletKiosk, the TufTab line is designed to endure physical stress and withstand harsh environmental conditions. As such it has better protection from rain, dust, humidity, extreme temperatures and vibration than a standard computer. 

The 206 x 135 x 29mm UMPC is powered by a 1.2GHz Via C7-M ULV (ultra-low voltage) processor and comes preloaded with a choice of Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Tablet Edition or Suse Linux.


May 15 , 2007

Photos and Notes from Bill Gates Keynote this morning

Tablet and Touch Technology on display in Bill Gates Keynote at WinHEC 2007

WinHEC 2007 Keynote: Mobile devices are the fast growing area and Windows tablet and touch technology is a big part of that.  Bill Gates showed Both prototypes and shipping product during his Keynote from WinHec 2007 this morning.   Topics Bill Gates talked about this morning included, Tablet and Touch technology, Windows Rally, Windows Home Server, Windows Server 2008, and a glimpse into the future.


First Photos From WinHEC 2007

WinHEC 2007 doesn't officially start until later today but I have a few photos from tonight's Expo for you to enjoy. I will be adding photos and information as time permits so check back daily to see the new additions. 

Fujitsu UMPC


For your viewing pleasure two new GottaBeMobile Hardware InkShows

Mobile Demand's Rugged xTablet T8600

OQO model 02 with Docking Station



Revolutionary USB Duet Provides Ultra-Portable Machines with Fastest, Simplest PC-to-PC Connection

PLX Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLXT), the leading global supplier of PCI Express®, USBTaletKiosk  PLX and other standard I/O interconnect solutions, today announced it will demonstrate at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in Los Angeles the industry's first Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) machines enabled with PLX's USB Duet™ technology.

The demonstrations feature USB Duet - a revolutionary cabling technology allowing computers running the Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems to connect through a standard USB cable -- in two applications the technology excels in: video-file sharing and computer docking.

The first demonstration shows a USB Duet-enabled TabletKiosk™ eo TufTab™ v7112XT UMPC computer connected directly to an Xbox 360 console through a standard USB cable. Because USB Duet allows UMPC machines to appear as simple USB storage devices, such as flash drives (which require no driver installation), the Xbox 360 system automatically detects the v7112XT as a new storage device and easily accesses its shared folder. The high-speed connection - up to 480Mbps -- enables full high-definition-quality video to be played back on the Xbox 360 console, and then displayed on an HDTV.


Tablet PC design concept has a flexible color display
Sci Fi Tech

folding tablet pc

Take a look at that tablet PC on the upper left, and imagine it folding up into that palm-sized package you see on the right. That's the idea of designer Daniel Alexander, whose concept for a foldable tablet PC uses flexible color screen technology that doesn't exist yet, but displays similar to this are under development right now.

The color screen of that tablet PC is flexible enough to fold all the way in half, and the QWERTY keyboard below sides up underneath to form this compact package, which can then be used as a cell phone. The concept calls for rubber hinges and sealing edges so the folded assembly will be completely waterproof. It's a beautiful design that could actually find its way to the real world in the next few years.


May 16 , 2007

Fujitsu claims 'world's smallest Vista PC' title
Reg Hardware
Fujitsu UMPC

Fujitsu has taken the wraps off what it claims is the world's smallest Windows Vista PC: a tablet PC-styled "microminiature" machine with a 5.6in display and weighing just 580g

It's not great surprise to learn that the FMV-U8240 - part of Fujitsu's LifeBook range - is based on Intel's Ultra Mobile Platform, announced this past April. The three versions of the machine all use the new A110 processor - aka 'Stealy' - clocked to 800MHz. They have 20GB hard drives and 10/100Mbps Ethernet on board as standard, and 512MB to 1GB of DDR 2 memory, depending on model.

The U8240 measures 17.1 x 13.1 x 2.7-3.2cm, and opens up like a notebook to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. That tiny screen - with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels - rotates table PC-fashion for folk who prefer a more UMPC-like mode of operation.

There's no word yet on availability outside Japan


GBM Podcast #18: The Bozzo TC1000 Show
Gotta Be Mobile

Here we go with another GBM podcast. At least here two of us go. Hugo is missing in action (for good reasons) but Dennis and Warner carry on gallantly in The Bozzo TC1000 Show. Yep, we spend a lot of time talking about Albert Bozzo’s wacky statement about Tablet PCs last week, and somehow we manage to talk about the beloved HP TC1000 line of Tablet PCs in just about every conversation

Direct download or listen to the podcast here


Motion-Sensing Tablet PCsTablet PC
MIT Technology Review

Machine in motion: British Telecom's Adam Oliver demonstrates the company's new motion-sensing technology, installed on a tablet PC. The technology is built around an accelerometer chip. When the user tilts the machine to the left or right, the software interprets this and moves the cursor accordingly.

The pilot project enables a user to scroll through menus or applications simply by tilting or rotating the tablet PC. The system starts with a specially designed adapter containing tiny accelerometers, which measure acceleration. The adapter plugs into any tablet PC via a USB cable. When a user moves the PC, the sensors detect the motion. Special software then interprets the PC's movements and translates them onto the computer screen.


May 17 , 2007

Final Photos from WinHEC Coming Tomorrow


Microsoft To Debut 'Origami' Ultra-Mobile PC Specs For Vista

Microsoft is at work on a version 2.0 "Origami" experience for Windows Vista on Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPC).

The second set of possible UMPC specifications under consideration calls for ultra-thin PCs that weigh less than 1.5 pounds, incorporate 5-inch or 7-inch displays .and are housed in an 18- to 20-mm footprint, executives said.

Potential features of the next-generation Origami design at the drawing board include an integrated QWERTY keyboard, a touch screen fully integrated into the LCD, at least 1 GB of memory, and battery life of between three and four hours, said Microsoft Vista development manager Vikram Madan, at the Windows Hardware Engineering conference.

Microsoft revealed plans for its next Origami 2.0 design in 2007 on the heels of two significant UMPC announcements by Samsung and Intel.

In March, Samsung announced the first UMPC running Windows Vista, called Q1P, that weighs 1.7 pounds. That succeeds Samsung's first Q1 UMPC released last year.

And even as Microsoft plans to move forward on its Origami experience for Windows Vista, Intel last month unveiled a new Ultra-Mobile PC platform, code-named McCaslin. It expects OEMs to begin shipping McCaslin-based UMPCs this summer.

In late 2008, Intel plans to release an upgrade to the UMPC platform, code-named Menlow, and an associated chipset solution, code-named Poulsbo, that will ship on a single piece of silicon. The next-generation UMPC platform will feature a new 45-nm processor, code-named Silverthorne, Intel said.

Meanwhile, AMD is pursuing its own UMPC agenda based on its Geocode LX800 processors. At WinHEC, one AMD executive walked the halls carrying Data Evolution's compact, sleek Cathena XP UMPC weighing less than 2 pounds and running an AMD processo.


This Time, Samsung Has Made a Tiny PC That's Practical to Use

I've been testing the Q1 Ultra and, at least for certain classes of users, I believe it's a pretty good product, despite some lingering downsides and compromises. It addresses the biggest weaknesses of its predecessor and throws in other improvements, yet starts at a significantly lower price -- $799 compared with $1,099 for the original Q1.Samsung Q1 Ultra

The biggest improvement: Even though the Ultra is a tablet computer, still able to accept handwritten notes and meant to be controlled by a stylus, this new model now has a built-in keyboard. It's just a tiny BlackBerry-style keyboard but it makes writing emails and typing in Web addresses practical.

In the new Ultra model, the built-in keyboard, meant for thumb typing, is split, with half of the keys on either side of the screen. This approach looks daunting, but works pretty well once you get the hang of it. Unfortunately, Samsung and Microsoft didn't build any intelligence into this keyboard, so it doesn't automatically complete words, add punctuation and capitalize the first letters of sentences, unlike the keyboards on most smart phones.

While still the same size, the screen is both brighter and has a higher resolution, so open windows can be easily moved and closed. There are now mouse buttons and an optional internal high-speed cellphone modem is available. The navigation pad is simpler and is easily programmable, though you have to manually set its arrow keys to mimic the arrows on a real keyboard.


May 18 , 2007

Dell enters tablet market

Dell is working on its first design for a tablet PC, which will be called the Latitude XT.

The XT will be based on Intel's Santa Rosa platform and will almost certainly have a 12.1-inch screen. It will take a convertible form, which means it will be a notebook computer with a screen that can be twisted around to create a touchscreen slate.

Eric Greffier, the company's director of client marketing for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, told ZDNet UK that Dell's delayed entry into the tablet market was timely. "Historically, I do not believe there has been a market for [tablet PCs]," he said. "The convertible format is recent. All three form factors [slate, convertible and hybrid] have been fighting in a small market, and it is clearer now that convertible is the format."

Greffier also suggested that the inherent tablet PC support and enhanced handwriting recognition included with Windows Vista made the form factor more attractive, as users would in the past have had the added cost of buying the Tablet PC Edition of Windows XP.

"We wanted to wait for Vista and the Santa Rosa [Centrino Pro] ultra-low voltage platform," he added, suggesting that the new platform's enhanced power management made it possible to "have enough brightness at the LCD level" to make the tablet usable outdoors without overly compromising battery life.

Tablet PCs have been available in one form or another since the late 1980s, but became more mainstream with the introduction of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition in 2002. They have traditionally been used in a small number of vertical markets, notably healthcare, where the ability to write on a screen while walking is often seen as particularly advantageous. Most computer manufacturers have been selling tablets for a while, but Dell has held out.

Dell plans to reveal more details regarding the tablet later in the year.


May 21 , 2007

Dell makes it official - Were Comming to the Tablet PC space

There's been some chatter about a Latitude Tablet PC coming from Dell. Check out what Jeff Clarke has to say.

Dell Tablet PC

Designed specificly for the health care, education and Corporate market place, the New Dell Latitude wll be one of the lightest Tablet PCs in the market place

Watch the Dell Tablet PC Video


Don't look now, but Tablet PCs are on the rise
Ars Technica

Derided by some and purchased by even fewer, the Tablet PC concept has had a rough go of it since its formal blessing by Microsoft in the form of Windows XP Tablet Edition in 2002. Pen-based computing is significantly older than that, but Microsoft's push marked the first major attempt to bring traction to the concept of laptop hardware. It has largely labored in niche status, but that is about to change for several reasons.

One sign that the tide is turning has to be Dell's decision to launch a Tablet PC. Dell's senior VP and GM of its business product group, Jeff Clarke, announced the news on the Direct2Dell blog. Clarke said that Dell is preparing a Latitude Tablet PC for "later this year." According to Clark, "the technology and customer and usage models have evolved to the point that it makes it right for Dell to enter the marketplace."

Dell's arm's-length distance from the Tablet PC had been widely interpreted as a sign that the world's most volume-oriented PC business didn't see much potential in the Tablet PC. While Dell's stature has atrophied somewhat in recent years, the adoption of the Tablet PC is still significant.


LG Launches the XNote C1 Tablet PC
Tech2, India

LG Electronics has unveiled the new XNote C1 Tablet PC that has finger touch input with auto-sensing technology as well as stylus input which provide easy and quick input especially when using dial keys.

LG Tablet PC

The C1 Express Dual comes with 10.6 widescreen LCD panel. It is 27mm thin and weighs 1.31kg. It comes with a standard 82 keys keyboard making it comfortable to type. The sound quality is SRS WOW HD, 24bit High Definition backed with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 that provides special graphics for this Ultra-portable Laptop.


The Myth of ReadyBoost
Gotta Be Mobile

After installing Vista Ultimate I inserted high performance SD cards in both my Lenovo Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC and Asus R2H UMPC. Initially it did offer a performance boost, especially on the R2H, which has a slower processor (Celeron) and a slower hard drive (4200 RPM.) But as I used each system more and more, I began to notice that returning from sleep and rebooting became longer and longer with more and more disk activity happening with each occurrence. After doing some research I decided to remove the SD cards and I noticed an immediate lessening of this disk activity in these instances.


HP Compaq's 2510p laptop / 2710p tablet to rock LED displays

If you can somehow look back all the way to this year's humble beginnings, you'd HP 2710 Tablet PCknow that HP was already whispering about LED-backlit laptops, and while it's taken a tick to hear something official, it looks like the long-awaited upgrade to LED-based displays will be landing shortly. The HP Compaq 2510p 12.1-inch laptop and 2710p tablet PC will reportedly be the first two on the list to receive such treatment, and while we've already seen the majority of the specifications for the both of 'em, the tantalizing Illumi-Lite display is definitely icing on the cake. Unfortunately, pricing information is still being held behind tight lips, but the firm's duo of LED-packin' machines are scheduled to ship out in Q3 of this year.


Weekend House Cleaning on a Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

It is also the time that I do house cleaning and maintenance chores on my Tablet PC and also myTru_image_10_box_c UMPC(s). Most of that centers around backing up files and creating disk images. As I have the luxury of having several PCs at my disposal at the office, I don’t usually set up and run most of these chores over night on my mobile devices (I do on my desktop devices.) Instead I prefer to do so on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I’m at the theatre alone in our office. I’ll get things running on one device and do work on another. The primary task here is creating an image of the hard drive, but there are a number of things I do before and in addition to this.


May 22 , 2007

PC World Reveals Winners of the ''100 Best Products of 2007'' Awards
Broadcast Newsroom

Lenovo X60 Tablet PC


Tablet PC 2 Review on the Lenovo X60 Tablet PC


Anywhere Map Tablet EFB System with XM weather: $3595 save $400 Anywhere Map on Motion Tablet PC

When checking out, use this coupon code: FM052107LS800

This COMPLETE system includes the famous Motion LS800 tablet with 8.5” display, Bluetooth GPS, and Bluetooth XM WX datalink weather receiver for up-to-date weather in the cockpit. This system also includes power supply, mount, 1 year subscription to GPS data, 1 year subscription to Pocket Plates (Be sure to select the Pocket Plates option), and fuel prices!


May 24 , 2007

Samsung Q1B Ultra Mobile PC

Samsung Q1B UMPC

Via Processor Gives UMPC Longer Battery Life


Forget Inking: Tablet PCs Can Be A Great Diet Aid
Gotta Be Mobile

All three of the meetings above occurred this morning and each of the situations I described also occurred. However, instead of the waiting around, wasting time, and diet busting re–breakfasting, I was indeed able to use my Tablet PC to handle the issues that arose as I described, and move the meetings and my day’s agenda along quite nicely. And yes, as I was driving from one meeting to another, and then back to the office, I was listening to the most recent podcast using a bluetooth headset playing from my Tablet PC, given that I forgot to sync up my iPod before I left home.


May 25 , 2007

Toshiba R400 Tablet PC review

I first saw the Toshiba R400 a couple of days before the International CES 2007, in r400 Tablet PCLas Vegas, during a NDA covered presentation. It was exciting to see some new features being demonstrated with this tablet PC, including Microsoft Windows Vista support, Windows SideShow hardware, and a real demo of a wireless docking station.

Now I have the opportunity to actually use the Toshiba R400 for a month or so and share my impressions - and how it changed from the first time I saw it.


May 28 , 2007

Tablet PC 2 Memorial Day 2007

Memorial Day 2007



May 29 , 2007

Apple Modbook Tablet PC Ready for June Launch?
Mobile Magazine

Apple Modbook Tablet PC

Turns out that you can have a Apple-powered tablet PC sooner than you think, because the Modbook revealed at MacWorld should be ready to ship starting as soon as next month. The product isn't officially endorsed by the crew in Cupertino, but this is as close to a real Apple tablet PC as you're going to get for a while.

You should know, though, that the Modbook won't come cheap with prices starting at $2,279.


May 30 , 2007

The Shape of Computers to Come?
Wall Street Journal

It's time for computer designers to think outside the box. From Microsoft Corp. to Silicon Valley start-ups, technology companies are introducing computers with Surface Computerfundamentally new forms.

At a technology conference sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft today will unveil the fruits of six years of research pushed by Chairman Bill Gates -- a computer designed like a table with a touch-screen. The system, called Surface and aimed initially for use in hotels and casinos, includes features that allow users to buy tickets to events, wirelessly retrieve and display photos and play games. It goes on sale later this year.


May 31 , 2007

Lenovo X61 Tablet PC

First Look : Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet PC

The First Tablet PC featuring the new Intel Santa Rosa Processor

With the new Intel "Santa Rosa" Core 2 Duo processor, L7500 (1.6GHz) under the hood the most notable as well as noticeable difference in the Lenovo X61 is pure speed.

Add to that a clearer and brighter screen and beter wireless preformance and I have in my hand one Very Sweet Tablet PC....




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