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March 2007


March 1 , 2007

Philips introduces wireless medical tablet powered by Intel
Phlips Tablet PC

Philips and Intel will launch a new wireless, handheld medical device later on this year. This news arrives just as Motion Computing has unveiled a competitive product, the $2,200 C5 medical tablet PC. Both Motion's and Philips' devices are based on Intel's mobile clinical assistant platform, a system designed with the intention to improve accuracy, efficiency, and work flow for healthcare professionals. Philips' new tablet device will sport a 10.4-inch, 1,024 × 768 touchscreen as well as WiFi and a digital camera, aiming to streamline data entry and better monitor wounds and healing. The device will allegedly read both barcodes and RFID tags to prevent medication errors and confirm staff and patient ID; here's to popping antibiotics, not hormone pills, after surgery!


Lenovo X60 Tablet PC road test begins

The kind folks at Lenovo have provided me with a review unit of their latest TabletX60 Tablet PC PC, the ThinkPad X60. I'll have a few months of hands-on time to evaluate this convertible and share my impressions (at last) of Tablet PC life in Vista. I've been laboring mightily, but ultimately unsuccessfully, to get my trusty old Toshiba M200 Tablet running Vista. The best I've been able to manage is a slow jog.

As an aside, I've had a number of discussions with fellow M200 users who have expressed their dismay at being "abandoned" by Toshiba who decided pretty early on in the public beta cycle for Vista that they were not going to support the new version of Windows on that device. Given that the M200 was, in its heyday, the best-selling Tablet PC on the market I'm sure the decision was not made lightly. But it is a three-year-old PC and there were obviously enough driver issues to force the decision.

I've been saying for some time now that the X60 was emerging as my object of desire for my next Tablet. At the CES show in January, I spent enough time at the Lenovo kiosk in Microsoft's pavilion playing with the demonstration unit they were showing that I think the booth folks were convinced I was some kind of crazy stalker. That admittedly sub-optimal test drive only reinforced my opinion that this was the right device for me.

I'm going to focus on the actual experience of using this device and discuss how Office 2007 (particularly Outlook and OneNote) and some of my longstanding favorite Tablet PC applications work on this beauty. Office 2007, OneNote 2007, MindManager Pro, and my essential utilities (ActiveWords, Anagram, SnagIt, and ClipMate) are already installed (yes, it was a late night).

I'm sending the Dell D620 I've been using back to the office for redployment. The X60 looks to be all the PC I need.


Sending US soldiers to a "virtual Iraq"

A soldier is riding in a humvee convoy through what could be the tranquil Mojave Desert. Soon the vehicle is passing through a Middle Eastern city where the smell of exotic spices and cooked lamb waft through the truck as it rumbles past burned-out cars and bombed-out buildings. In an instant, a second humvee explodes in front of the soldier's vehicle, and the concussive force of the bomb shakes the truck.

This scenario is part of a new virtual reality system developed by researchers to help soldiers who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brought on by their service in the Iraq war.

Using a tablet PC, the person treating the soldier can gradually add more frightening stimuli. With this technique, "a person experiences a little bit of anxiety, and they stick with it and talk about it, and eventually that anxiety extinguishes," Rizzo said


Siemen's serve@Home - Automation and Management for the House of the Future

One step in the right direction comes from the Siemen's serve@Home Home Tablet PCManagement System. Designed for mobile and remote interaction, this system can let you control various systems and appliances around your home wirelessly and via cell phone or internet.

And unlike similar systems cropping up, the serve@Home communicates wirelessly with appliances via encryption (VPN tunneling) to help alleviate some security concerns.

The system works by networking appliances equipped with a small slot in which a retrofit-able System Interface card is inserted. Using a 230 volt power supply and an Ethernet interface, this home management system can communicate with appliances via a wireless network. Using the home automation portal dubbed "cockpit" you can interface with your devices via PC, tablet PC or PDA. All features of your appliances can be changed or checked via this interface, as well as providing normal PC information functions such as email, web, music and television.


March 2 , 2007

First Look HP tx1000 Entertainment Tablet PC

HP tx1000 Tablet PC

Lightening fast and rich in features, the HP tx1000 takes the Tablet PC in a new direction

The HP tx1000z is not intended for the road warrior or business user who needs Tablet functionality 24/7.  It's designed for those who want to have fun and get a little work done on the side.


KB Homes selects Active Ink's tablet PC form filling software for field operations.
press release

KB Homes, Inc., one of the leading home builders in the United States has selected Active Ink's Tablet PC form filling software for use in their field operations. Field personnel will be utilizing the Tablet PC and Active Ink software for collecting information regarding the status of customer service requests and transmitting data back to the home office wirelessly. 

Active Ink Software is a leading developer of tablet PC software. Their form design software eliminates paper forms by creating the digital equivalent.  For more information, visit the company’s web site at


The 'Porsche' of portables
Edmonton Sun

The Toshiba Portege R400 ($2,999) is about as exotic a lightweight notebook as Toshiba r400 tablet pcyou'll currently find. Not only is it the company's first portable designed expressly for use with Windows Vista, but it's easily one of the most innovative and interesting machines it has produced.

Weighing in at well under two kg, the R400 is also one of a recent breed of business-oriented portable PCs that can morph back and forth between a laptop and a pen-based tablet computer. Give the screen a 180-degree twist and lay it flat over the keyboard, and presto -- instant tablet, and all the possibilities that go with it.


Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris? Use a Tablet PC to decide!
Gotta Be Mobile

Enter the Tablet PC!  I have not yet experienced the use of a Tablet or UMPC in a restauranVinot, but it really seems a natural to me.  So I was most excited to see this story about a software company that has addressed the restaurant and wine list dilemma.  They have developed an application called Vinio, which is an extensive digest of wines, and even interfaces into a wine inventory, etc. at a restaurant.  It can also be adapted to a restaurants food menu, beer list etc.  I had seen mention of this a couple of years back, but it is great to see the level to which they have taken this innovative tablet app, and thought it worth of posting today.  I can't wait until I get my first "taste" of an application like this!  I'd love top get a copy of the software to do an InkShow on also!   Hmmm, I wonder if it will help me select a wine to sip on while doing the video?

There is a very cool video on HP's site that shows what this product does.  Go check it out.

Watch the HP demo video


78% growth of Tablet PCs in schools projected

America's Digital Schools 2006 - Mobilizing the Curriculum projects that there will be a 78% growth of Tablet PCs in schools over the next five years. Dad points to this study and breaks out their projections even further.


Pen tablets good for distance learners

Did you know that if you have a desktop or notebook PC running Windows Vista Premium SKU that you can still have Tablet features? Plug in a digitizer, such as one made by Wacom, and Tablet features will be available to you. It's a fairly inexpensive way to benefit even more from your PC!

I think this is particularly interesting in distance learning situations. Check out what Sylvan Online is doing with digitizers (also known as "pen tablets" or "graphing tablets") to help with distance tutoring:


March 5 , 2007

The Product of the Month is Back!

See what the most asked about accessory from the 2006 List for Santa is


Audi take Ultra Mobile PC to a new level

Samsung Q1 UMPC

Recently I was contacted by Audi Australia by a rather freshly-migrated sounding German man. His name was Wolf [no surprise there] and his desire was to automate the manner in which Audi records and interacts with leads (names and numbers) from the Motorshow floor. The upcoming Motorshow was to be held in Melbourne, and in a very German like manner Wolf had only given me a matter of days to help him address his problems…all of them.

So after several emails, a couple of meetings and a dinner, Wolf and I became intimately acquainted with Audi’s intentions. For one, they needed to digitize a somewhat prehistoric data entry strategy, and secondly they wanted to utilize the latest technologies, both hard and soft. So I call in the big guns, Samsung and Dr. Neil.


Vista on the iTablet

This weekend I took the challenge of installing Vista on my iTablet. Up until a little birthday present arrived in my inbox last week I had been told that the iTablet would not support Vista due to BIOS issues. Well it appears that the BIOS issues can now be resolved with a BIOS update from Amtec (the OEM).


Toshiba's Not-So-Potent PortegeR400 Tablet PC

Being a longtime admirer of tablet PC technology, I jumped at the chance to test the Portege R400-S4931, Toshiba's first laptop packed with Microsoft's new Vista operating system. I give the machine high marks for its performance as a traditional laptop and tablet PC. But I take issue with its high price, especially considering its smaller hard drive and less powerful Intel processor than in comparable machines.


OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #35 - the Vista show

James Kendrick and I are back with a long overdue show #35 and the discussion quickly turns to the new Tablet PC that I am evaluating compliments of Lenovo and our friend Buzz Bruggeman. Since the new Lenovo Tablet is running VIsta (Business Edition), a quick discussion of the merits of the Tablet PC bits in Vista is in order. We eaqch relate what we like best about the Vista operating system on Tablet PCs.

Listen here (MP3, 17.2 MB, 50 minutes) or

Subscribe to the show (RSS)


UMPC is saving our Planet
Hugo Ortega

for lovers of UMPC is that the little Ultra-Mobile devices are actually considered one of the smallest contributors to Green House Gases, and Carbon Dioxide gain.
As you all know Jon Dee is the founder of Planet Ark and he is also a Tablet PC user. His gola in life to to create a sustainable and renewable planet and he sees Tablet as playing a significant role in that; even the paperless office remains at the forefront of his Tablet PC productivity practices.


Ink Analyzer Explorer released
Gotta Be Mobile

Josh Einstein, of Einstein Technologies, has just released a fantastic tool for developers interested in learning more about developing for the Tablet PC and how the ink analyzer works, called Ink Analyzer Explorer.


March 6 , 2007

Tablet PC Post update

The Tablet PC Post server keeps going down. We've restarted the server several times in the last 48 hours and it will work for a while, then stop again. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have it fixed as soon as possible.

Update: Layne repaired parts of the database that appear to have corrupted. Now the site is back up and running. Thank you for your understanding.

While he was looking at the referrer log files, he noticed that there have recently been 891,920 944,000+ references to Cool! Almost a million!!


Samsung’s First Ultra-Mobile PC Optimized for Windows Vista, Makes Its Debut
Business Wire

Q1P for Windows Vista Features Pentium Processor, 1GB of Memory, 60MB Hard Drive and Windows Vista Home Premium

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a global leader in digital media and digital Q1 UMPCwith Vistaconvergence technologies, announces its newest Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) model, the Q1P for Windows Vista, which is Samsung's first UMPC to qualify for Windows Vista certification.

With the introduction of Samsungs Q1 and the more powerful Q1P UMPC last year, a new category and form factor for PCs emerged: a truly ultra-mobile device that provides the power of a PC, but can be accessed anytime, anywhere, even where desktop computers are not an option and notebook PCs are impractical. Intended as a companion PC, the Q1 UMPC provides users with an innovative way to combine PC functionality along with multimedia versatility and advanced connectivity, all in an ultra-mobile platform.


Toshiba Celebrates 10 Years of One-to-One Anytime, Anywhere Learning
American Digital Networks

Continuing its commitment to delivering mobile innovations that improve the way Toahiba Tablet PCpeople teach, create, collaborate and learn, Toshiba's Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the 10-year anniversary of its Notebooks for Schools program widely recognized as initiating the one-to-one learning movement in the U.S. This milestone is highlighted by Ursuline Academy of Dallas, one of Toshiba's premier examples of how notebook computers and Tablet PCs can be integrated into a school system and make an immediate impact on the teaching and learning process.

Ursuline Academy of Dallas—one of the six original schools in the United States to launch a notebook computer program in 1996—has been consistently recognized as a leader among the secondary schools with a one-to-one learning program. During the past 10 years, the academy has served as the blueprint for successful one-to-one learning and has hosted more than 4,000 teachers and education professionals to share information about their pioneering approach for combining technology and education into a cohesive learning program. The academy is close to total Tablet PC adoption by faculty and students, a testament to the use of Tablet PCs in the education market.

In working with educators over the past 10 years, Toshiba has seen significant gains in terms of popularity and market acceptance of the Tablet PC. This is largely due to the intuitive nature of the technology, which provides students and teachers with an unprecedented level of flexibility. A key educational benefit for students using Tablet PCs is the stylus pen, which provides students with the ability to manually replicate what teachers write on the board.

"Teachers draw diagrams and formulas on the board, something you just can't do with your mouse, but with the Tablet PCs you simply turn it over and write on it, which helps give a more accurate depiction of what you're doing, beyond what words can express," said Alejandra, an Ursuline Academy of Dallas student.


Lots of Tablet PC Goodness In PC MagazinePc Mage Tablet PCs
Gotta Be Mobile

The March 30 edition of PC Magazine is chocked full of Tablet PC information mostly of the first look variety. They take a look at the Lenovo Thinkpad X60, the Toshiba R400, the HP tx1000, and the OQO Model 02. The coverage seems to echo a lot of what we are hearing from real users and some of my own suspicions following CES, especially about the performance of the Toshiba R400 and the digitizer of the HP tx1000. Note that at the moment this is only in hard copy or Zinio editions. PC doesn't’t seem to have these articles listed as of yet.


Elluminate Announces Free, Full-Function Web Conferencing vRoom
Market Wire

"The collaborative opportunities available in Elluminate's vRoom are tremendous," said Dr. J. Ricky Cox, a professor at Murray State College. "I use vRoom and my tablet PC to conduct virtual office hour sessions in my chemistry courses. Audio capabilities in vRoom allow me to discuss problem-solving strategies with my students while I use the tablet pen to work problems and draw structures on the whiteboard. I also use vRoom with research colleagues across the country to plan experiments and converse about scholarly manuscripts we are writing."


Windows Vista Drives Demand for Akustica Microphones in Mobile Computers
Market Wire

Manufacturers Set to Deliver Laptops, Tablets With Clearest Voice Input Yet

Akustica, the pioneer in on-chip acoustic systems, said today that new and natural human-machine interfaces in the Windows Vista operating system are beginning to drive user demand for high-quality voice input. Akustica's digital-microphone arrays are being integrated rapidly into laptop, convertible-tablet, and slate PCs, particularly by early adopters like Fujitsu and TabletKiosk. Akustica also anticipates that, in the coming months, other major PC manufacturers will announce Windows Vista-equipped laptops and Tablet PCs with Akustica digital microphones.


Tegatech Australia swells product stable
CRN Australia

Sydney-based tablet PC distributor extends TabletKiosk portfolio and signs OQO 02.

Sydney-based tablet PC distributor Tegatech Australia has boosted its product stable after inking exclusive deals with TabletKiosk and OQO 02.

The deal involves Tegatech adding TabletKiosk’s Sahara i-series Slate range and OQO’s range of 5” ultra-mobile PC.

The new ranges are being offered in Australia to Tegatech reseller channel only, which is now 200-strong with three sub-distributors.

Hugo Ortega, principal at Tegatech told CRN the tablet market is growing and the new product additions will offer good margins for Tegatech’s resellers

“The OQO signing is a new deal for us, while we have been working with TabletKiosk for three years, but it has further added to its portfolio,” he said.

Ortega added Tegatech is fully focused on the tablet and ultra mobile PC market and its resellers will get exclusive access to the products which gives them protect in certain markets.


March 7 , 2007

Laplink PCsync for Ultra-Mobile PCs



For a limited time, every customer purchasing PCmover or PCsync download versions will receive a free genuine Laplink USB transfer cable.

PCmover – already the best-selling migration product in the world – is about to become even more popular. Because starting today, Laplink is giving away a free Laplink USB transfer cable (MSRP $39.95) with every copy of PCmover or PCsync purchased. 

PcSync for Tablet PCs

Laplink PCsync synchronizes large files and folders between Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) and other Windows XP or Windows Vista PCs. Tailored and optimized for UMPC displays, PCsync allows user to quickly and easily synchronize photos, music, videos, and more

Supports Ultra-Mobile PCs, Tablet PCs, Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista PCs, external storage devices and Windows Mobile 5 devices (planned)


Mi-Co and Partners Highlight Latest Tablet PC Applications for Healthcare at HIMSS ConferenceMi-Co for tablet PC

At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference held February 25th through March 1st in New Orleans, Mi-Co and its partners (including Lenovo and Logical Ink) highlighted technologies specifically designed for healthcare professionals involved with mobile data capture. Their audience included software companies seeking a handwriting interface for their Electronic Medical Records Systems.


Update for Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Development Kit 1.7

Brief Description
The Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit facilitates building ink-enabled applications for Tablet PC.


NewspaperDirect Offers Two Applications Optimized for Windows Vista

Newspaper Direct and PressReader for Windows Vista provide an authentic newspaper reading experience across all Microsoft platforms, including Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and Windows Mobile devices. Download PressReader to enjoy digital replicas of more than 450 newspapers from around the world.


SOFTPRO: Silver Partner of Adobe for e-signing

signDOc for Tablet PC

Softpro is now an Adobe Silver Partner. Signdoc, Softpro's multi-award winning Tablet PC software, secures electronic documents with handwritten signatures. SignDoc enables the seamless embedding of digital wet ink signatures in electronic documents, thus enabling a completely paperless document workflow while still retaining the simple and well-understood signing process of traditional paper-based processes.


SmartDraw 2007 on a Tablet PC InkShow
Gotta Be Mobile

Every day it seems we come across another application that has decidedy it is time to implement Tablet PC functionality.  As more notebook PC's start to add Tablet components, ISV's are seeing that having ink ability in their applications makes sense.

 In this InkShow, we are examining this inking ability in SmartDraw 2007.  I have used SmartDraw on many occasions in the past, but had not seen the last few versions, so was quite amazed at the progress they have made with this program. 

Watch the Hi-Res InkShow   Learn more about SmartDraw 2007   Download the 30 day trial


March 8 , 2007

First Impressions: The Toshiba R400 Tablet PC

Toshiba R400

In a world where first impressions are critical, Toshiba hits the ball it out of the park......


Parrot and Intel to launch wireless interface for UMPC and in-car audio systems
Mobile Digest

Bluetooth specialists Parrot has teamed up with Intel to develop type of in-car entertainment Parrotsystem, hooking up a UMPC to the car's entertainment system.

The system will use a Bluetooth Gateway hidden behind the dashboard of the vehicle, allowing the the UMPC to connect automatically and the use of voice recognition and text-to-speech technology, which means you can theoretically access your address books, calendar or email as you drive up and down the motorway.

And with audio streaming, you can also playback the music on your UMPC through the car's speakers, while passengers in the backseats could watch videos, surf the net, send instant messages or games


March 9 , 2007

The New Editors Choice Tablet PC

Lenovo X6 Tablet PC

The Lenovo X60 Tablet PC

Each generation of Tablet PCs, brings us faster processors, more memory, bigger hard drives and generally longer battery life, but those are expected improvements.  Those things alone are not impressive or exciting enough to put a Tablet into the running for the "Editors Choice" Tablet PC. 

The Editors Choice Tablet PC only changes when something comes along that offers features and options that exceed those of the current "Editors Choice" Tablet PC.     An Editors Choice machine needs to be light, powerfully, easy to travel with, offer advancements in technology and have reliable manufacturer support.  The new Lenovo X60 Tablet PC offers all that and more.....Read the Review


Portable recording studio for the musician in your life

The SoundGate tablet PC is perfect for the one-man recording studio. It has most of Soundgate tablet pcthe inputs that you are going to need, including RCA, XLR, 6.3 mm audio jack, headphone jack and of course, USB. It also has two softkeys and buttons for adding and controlling effects. Couple that with a 10” touchscreen and a flip-down keyboard, you’ve got a nice studio all wrapped up into a nice little package.

It’s also great for musicians that are still learning. It can transcribe music, display sheet music and lyrics, generate accompaniment and even display a metronome.

Don’t go looking for one just yet, this is still a concept design so we’re not sure that we’ll ever see one.


PhatWare's PhatPad on a Tablet PC InkShow
Gotta Be Mobile

v Phatware recently updated their Phatpad software to work with Windows Vista.  I had the opportunity to have a demo copy to play with to do an InkShow, and I am not disappointed.  This is my first time with the program and I have to say that I was impressed with the program. 

v  In this InkShow, I have run through some of the main features of the program.  One thing I liked was the shape recognition while jotting down a note.  There are many of the features that I didn't go over in the InkShow, but there is a free 30 day trial for anybody that wants to experience the full featured program for themselves.  Some of the improvements for this version are:

  • Allows to load background images
  • Allows toolbar customization
  • Supports handwriting recognition (PenOffice and/or CalliGrapher software is required, sold separately); Tablet PC recognizer can be also used
  • Supports vertical and horizontal auto scrolling
  • Allows to mix digital text, handwriting and drawing on the same page
  • Supports document templates
  • Supports printing (Desktop/Tablet PC)
  • Supports document password protection with 265-bit encryption
  • Includes 7 UI themes (Desktop/Tablet PC)

- Watch the Hi-Res InkShow (Windows Media Player format 19:14, 55mb)
- Learn more about all of PhatWare's products
- Download the 30 day trial


March 12 , 2007

*NEW* Tablet PC 2's Editors Choice Convertible Tablet PC NEW*


Portege R400
Sydney Morning

It makes sense to be able able to write directly on the screen of your notebook computer, yet Tablet PCs have hardly set the world on fire. Toshiba is hoping to change that with the Portege R400 - first, by making a Tablet PC look really cool; second, by making it extremely functional.

As far as Tablet PC design goes, however, the R400 is a step up in looks and features. It's a pity not all the cool stuff is available at its launch.


First Impressions: The Toshiba R400 Tablet PC

Toshiba R400


Diskeeper 2007 I ncreases Vista Performance on your Tablet PC Review: Toshiba Portege R400
Sydney Morning

Diskeeper and VIsta

Diskeeper does this by utilizing a new technology called, InvisiTasking™. This enables it to run in the background without intruding on system demands.  Transparency is achieved by tapping only into unused CPU and I/O resources and then processing Diskeeper’s own activities on the most granular level.


March 13 , 2007

GottaBeMobile Accessory InkShow: The Otterbox Laptop Case
Gotta Be Mobile

The quest for mobility goes hand in hand with the quest to protect our gear while being on the roadotterbox. Choosing the right case is one of the many decisions that mobile warriors have to make at some point and forums are filled with posts that ask which case works best. For those who need a little more protection for their devices in environments that are a bit more rugged, Otterbox makes a number of cases and protective solutions for all kinds of mobile gear in all kinds of environments. I was lucky enough to be given one of these cases at the Tablet PC Meetup at CES as a door prize and I’ve finally found the time to check it out.

In this InkShow I more than check it out. With the help of our Master Carpenter at Wayside Theatre, Paul Callahan, we drop it, jump up and down on it, bang it with a sledge hammer, run it under water, drop it in a creek, and run it over with a car. That’s right, we run it over with a car. And you know what? Well, I won’t spoil the results other than to say OtterBox knows what they are doing.


Lenovo is currently running an offer where you take a very quick survey (estimated time to completion is < 2 minutes) and receive a complimentary tablet pen.

I have two pens, the standard one that came with my M200 that I use as backup and my main one (a Wacom Capless Cross Executive Pen); so I’d recommend trying to pick this one up if you have a Lenovo.


Tablet PC musings from the MVP Summit blogs

arrived in Seattle earlier today and had a great meetup with many of the Tabet PC MVPs at the Microsoft Global MVP Summit in Seattle this afternoon. As you can imagine when a group of Tablet PC geeks gather, there was much sharing, comparing, and showing off of toys and gadgets. The most anticipated of these was the Vulcan FlipStart that James Kendrick brought with him. I can attest that it is indeed a heavy device with the extended battery attached and that it is capable of surviving a drop from waist height onto a marble floow with out a scratch (I didn't do it).

Tomorrow I hope to get a bit of hands on time with Toshiba R400. There are a number of Lenovo X60 Tablets on hand and everyone seems to have nothing but good things to say about it (except to note that the screen looks a little subduded when compared side-by-side with the R400 - I'll see for myself tomorrow.


aSamsung has added a Windows Vista-based model to its UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) tablet family. The "Q1P for Windows Vista" UMPC has achieved Windows Vista certification, and boasts a 1GHz Intel Pentium M ULV processor, 60GB hard drive, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless, and a 7-inch wide-VGA touchscreen, according to the company.

Samsung reports that it created a task force to ensure that its products -- including the Q1P UMPC -- would be certified for operation with Microsoft's new Windows Vista OS.


March 14 , 2007

Bill Gates still loves the Tablet PC

In his keynote at the Microsoft MVP Global Summit yesterday, Bill Gates and Rich Kaplan held a very relaxed and unscripted Q&A session following Gates' address. A number of really fine questions were posed regarding the philanthropic work Gates is doing through his foundation, the role of technology in education, entrepreneurship, and the ever-increasing impact of the net and Software as a Service. My favorite question though was what technology was Gates most excited and proud to have helped introduce. After mentioning some of the obvious things like his original BASIC interpreter for the Altair, his work on the TRS 100 (I had a whole 32K to work in so there was quite a bit of room to stretch out"), and Windows, Gates delivered the best line of the morning (from my admittedly biased perspective). He announced tha, as everyone in the room knew, the one technology he was really roud of and still very excited about was…

the Tablet PC!


Cebit: Samsung Revamps Ultra-Mobile PC
PC World

One year after Samsung Electronics introduced its first Q1 ultra-mobile PC, the company has revamped the device, making it lighter and more powerful.

The new device, called Q1 Ultra, will be unveiled Thursday during a press conference at the Cebit exhibition in Hanover, Germany.

Weighing in at 690 grams, the Q1 Ultra is 12 percent lighter than the original Q1, which weighs 780 grams. It’s also slightly smaller. The Q1 Ultra measures 228 by 124 by 24 millimeters, compared to the Q1, which measures 228 by 140 by 27 millimeters. The improvements will make the device easier to carry around.

Other changes include a sleeker overall look and a 7-inch touch-screen liquid crystal display (LCD) that offers 1,024-by-600-pixel resolution, instead of the 800-by-480-pixel resolution of the original. In addition, the touch-screen keypad on the Q1 has been replaced by a hardware keypad. The keypad is still divided in two parts, with half on each side of the device, so that users can type while holding the Q1 Ultra with both hands.

The Q1 Ultra ships with an 800MHz Intel microprocessor, 1GB of DDR2 (double data rate 2) memory and an external USB keyboard, and adds support for high-speed downlink packet access networks and WiBro, a mobile version of WiMax, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Optional extras will include a fingerprint scanner, dual digital cameras and a navigation pack.

As expected, the Q1 Ultra also received a software upgrade, shipping with Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium operating system instead of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Pricing and availability of the Q1 Ultra were not immediately available. The Q1 is on sale from about US$1,300 to $2,000, depending on the processor.


Hugo Ortega practices what he preaches

You may remember my 3 part video of the Samsung Q1 and why/how I managed to take myself from Tablet user to fulltime Ultra-Mobile PC user. In the video I detailed the specific use of extended batteries to make my life more mobile, and the use of the Samsung Organiser pack to make my productivity more effective.

What I am posting is a photo that sums up exactly what I was talking about in my video. In the video I mentioned the Organsier Pack and how it allowed me to (obviously) use the keyboardtablet pc



Microsoft and Lenovo Connect Customers to Integrated Online Services
PR Newswire

March 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As a part of their continued collaboration, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Lenovo today announced a global agreement to pre-load Windows Live(TM) services on Lenovo PCs sold worldwide including ThinkPad notebooks, ThinkCentre desktops and Lenovo-branded PCs. In the coming weeks, Lenovo will be the first PC maker to provide its customers worldwide with immediate access to the Microsoft(R) portal ( and Windows Live Toolbar ( for a more integrated and personalized Web experience as they work, communicate and conduct their day-to-day activities.


HP's Entertaining Pavilion

After two weeks of poking and prodding a review version of Hewlett-Packard's (HPQ) HP Pavilion tx1000, I became quite attached to the device. It's chock-full of user-friendly entertainment capabilities. And it's no slouch when it comes to tablet functions; the tx1000 boasts a bright 12.1-inch touch-ready widescreen display that doesn't require a stylus. For those on the market for a tablet PC—folks who are big on entertainment and tight on budget—this one is well worth considering.


Mi-Co Announces Support for Motion Computing's C5
Market Wire

Mi-Co, the leading mobile data capture software company, announced that it successfully demonstrated support for Motion Computing's new C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) recently at HIMSS, the largest healthcare technology conference held in the United States. The C5 was announced by Motion Computing on February 20 during a joint conference with Intel in San Francisco.

To effectively demonstrate the capabilities of the new C5 device, Mi-Co built a form-based sample application using Mi-Forms. This application was designed for the healthcare industry with the end users' needs in mind. It integrates Mi-Forms' industry-leading handwriting interpretation, Tablet PC forms development and Tablet PC forms runtime environments with the unique features of the C5: a barcode and RFID reader and a digital camera. This sample form is representative of the capabilities available to software companies developing ink-enabled interfaces for their enterprise applications.


March 15 , 2007

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC, how nice to meet you

Samsung Q1 Ultra

At risk of life and limb, we got up close and personal with Samsung's second generation UMPC: the Q2 Q1 Ultra. What did we find? Nothing, the Q1 Ultra, Ultra Mobile PC (so nice, they named it twice?) is exactly what we heard. Still, in what may be a first, this UMPC actually looks better in person than it does in the collateral. We couldn't actually get hands-on with the unit. For that we'll have to wait until tomorrow. We're dying to know about the chipset powering the Vista Home Premium pre-load. In the mean time, check the pics and official specs in the gallery below.


Photos: Asus reveals rugged UMPC
Crave, UK

asus rugged tablet PC

The Asus R2H was one of the few ultra-mobile PCs we actually liked, so you can imagine our delight when we encountered its successor at CeBIT today. Asus refers to it as the "Highly integration UMPC" (sic) and its major selling point is that it's semi-ruggedised.

Like the full-sized Rugged Military NB, it's not designed for the everyday consumer. It's for the sort of bloke/bird who might find themselves climbing a mountain, traversing the desert, or possibly fighting insurgents in hostile environments.

Asus wouldn't say exactly how rugged it is, but this early prototype has a 7-inch 800x480-pixel screen, integrated GPS for satellite navigation, a 1.3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and some form of Via processor. It's completely fanless, so it's silent, and its 3.5W power consumption means the battery should last a long time.


March 16 , 2007

Asus Unveils a Rugged Tablet PC and UMPC at CeBit
Tablet PC Reviews

Asus kicks off CeBit with the introduction of two new devices. The first is a 13.3-inchAssus Rugged widescreen convertible Tablet PC, which conforms to the IP 54 standard for sand and water protection. The Tablet's codenamed Rugged Military NB, so my guess is it will be targeted toward military or government use. This Tablet kind of resembles Asus's R1F Tablet, but with a ruggedized chassis and housing.

The second device Asus debuted was a UMPC that contains a keyboard, codenamed the Highly Integration UMPC. It resembles the R2H and it even contains some of the same features like GPS, but still looks to be an upgrade. It will feature a 7-inch (800 x 480) display with 1.3-megapixel camera and a power-saving VIA processor. The Highly Integration UMPC looks to be more like a mini-tablet and will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

asus rugged tablet PC


CeBIT 2007: Sharp Displaying the World's Largest Tablet PC?
Tablet PC Reviews

Largest Tablet PC

At CeBIT 2007 in Germany Sharp had a large booth dedicated to showing off their business machines (think copiers) and Aquos flat panel LCD displays. But coolest of all was their larger than life touchscreen display that could pass as a gigantic, and very unportable, Tablet PC.

The two Sharp reps demoing this display had been there all day but were still quite obviously getting a huge kick out of using it. Google

Strangely, Sharp didn't even talk about using the Tablet PC OS with this display. They focused on using their SharpDesk software to capture an image of what's on the display and then storing it to a file server or printing it out using a Sharp printer of course. Quite obviously they're a bit narrow sighted with seeing how it would work with their own software and hardware solutions. Though a Tablet PC has of course been focused on a form factor you can take along with you as a personal PC (hence the term Personal Computer) there may be some situation where directly using tablet input technology on a very large display is beneficial. And a lot of fun.


Outlook input needed from the Tablet PC community for Microsoft
Gotta Be Mobile

We met with Microsoft's Outlook Program Manager last night. They are in the planning stages forOutlook Outlook 14 and 15, and have requested some specific information from the tablet pc community in regards to Outlook and tablet pc / ultra-mobile pc usage.

What they are looking for is how you currently use Outlook with your Tablet PC / UMPC. Describe your work scenarios when in convertible and slate mode. When operating in slate mode, how are you currently using your pen to interact with Outlook.

They are not asking for input right now on how you would improve Outlook from an ink perspective, so please keep this mind. Please post your responses in this forum thread

The Outlook Program Manager and others on the team will be monitoring this thread for input. Please help spread the word on this and lets get as many use cases and scenarios for the Outlook team as possible, so they can understand how a tablet user currently uses Outlook. Your input can can help impact the future of Outlook.


March 19 , 2007

Fujitsu First to Offer Solid State Drives in Its Pen-Enabled LifeBook Notebooks

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today introduced the first pen-enabled Fujitsu P1600notebooks with solid state drives (SSDs). The LifeBook® P1610 and LifeBook B6210 ultra-portables will offer an option for an SSD, an advanced NAND flash-based replacement for traditional hard disk drives. Fujitsu also introduced a rugged case for added durability and reliability. The rugged-enhanced notebooks, designed for optimal portability and data protection, are ideal for medium-sized and large organizations within vertical markets, including healthcare, aviation, and field service, which require a light and compact, but highly durable mobile computer.

The 2.2-pound LifeBook P1610 convertible touch screen notebook and 3.2-pound LifeBook B6210 touch screen notebook are now offered with two flash-based SSD configurations, 16 GB or 32 GB. SSDs offer lower power consumption, added ruggedness, high reliability, and improved performance.



The Code Project Windows Vista Mobile PC Competition

Win one of three Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PCs
(over $1000 value each!)

Today’s applications must work in an increasingly mobile environment as people seek new ways toSamsung Q1 be productive anywhere and at anytime. Mobile PC applications have to be better aware of the environment which they are running, power and network status, varying screen resolutions and new forms of input including Touch and Ink. And when you’re building an app for mobile use, you need to consider all these factors. 

Show others how you can write a great app that encompasses these needs, write an article about what you’ve done, and you can win one of three cool Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PCs – the world’s first UMPCs. The Q1 is a compact PC that runs full Windows XP or Windows Vista, including all Tablet PC features plus a touchscreen. It’s a great portable PC, media player and more.

One winner each month!

Our judges will take the top-ranked articles submitted during each month and choose one that they feel best showcases the Windows Vista Mobile PC capabilities. All decisions are final.

The top winner each month will receive a Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC.


Unconventional Computers
Daily Breeze

In navigating the competitive technology market, TabletKiosk doesn't take on the topTablet Kiosk dogs.

The Torrance-based maker of tablet PCs and ultra-mobile PCs instead supplies computers to small, niche markets "that the big guys don't care about," said Martin Smekal, the company's president and CEO.

Smekal, 44, co-founded the company in 2003, and calls it a "boutique manufacturer" because it custom-designs and builds tablet PCs and UMPCs for businesses in six different markets: control systems, education, health care, home automation, hospitality and gaming.

Customers can select the PC's color, hard drive, memory and operating system, which includes Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista or Linux.

"We originally thought of it as a device for taking notes. ... What we're finding are people are integrating it more and more into their daily lives," Smekal said.

Flexibility and creativity have allowed the company to create a series of tablet PCs and UMPCs, launch an online retail site, and distribute its products worldwide.

"We're not trying to follow the conventional wisdom of the PCs. Hence why we do white machines, why we name them after a desert as opposed to 'XT473,' " Smekal said, in reference to TabletKiosk's new line of Sahara Slate i400 tablet PCs.

The company also tries to distinguish itself and build loyalty by ensuring customers get a live person when they call for help.


MobileEyes(TM) Fire Inspection Software Helps Growing Mississippi Community

The fire department's new inspection software MobileEyes(TM) runs on a tablet PC and includes handwriting recognition capabilities that make note-taking as easy as writing on a yellow pad. It also includes the ability to easily access all the required fire inspection and building codes via the Internet.


March 20 , 2007

Eo Tuftab

TabletKiosk Launches eo TufTab™ and Sahara TufTab™
New Semi-Ruggedized Solutions for Mobile Computing

TabletKiosk™, a leader in mobile computing solutions, today announced its entrance into the rugged Tablet PC market with the introduction of the eo TufTab™ v7112XT and Sahara TufTab™ i310XT. 

TabletKiosk developed the TufTab line for professionals who require more rugged and secure solutions for their mobile computing needs including protection from rain, dust, humidity, extreme temperatures and vibration.


"The List"

Our Top Ten Tablet PC & UMPC Products & Accessories
All on One Easy to Find List - On the List

Updated March 20 , 2007

Why "The List" limited to 10 items.

Lets be honest, If every time you try a new product it becomes your favorite, and is added to the list, and nothing is ever removed from the the list, then the list would be meaningless. 

By limiting the list to 10 items you can be sure that the items on the list are there because they stand out from the pack

It also means that the List changes through out the year, so check back from time to time to see what's new on the list.

You Can't Buy your way onto the List.          You Can't Apply for it.                 

  You have to Earn it.


Bolles School Tablet PC Institute 2007
The Tablet PC Education Blog

Bolles School will offer a hands on Tablet PC Institute 2007, April 18-20, 2007, again this year. Last year, it was so successful that they had to turn down registration applications.

Here are more examples from the Bolles School Tablet PC Institute of how teachers use Tablet PCs in classes.


FOSE full range

Gateway will be introducing its M285-E Convertible Notebook.

This unit acts as both a notebook PC and a tablet PC. The display can be swiveled and folded down over the keyboard, letting you take notes on the 14-inch screen itself.

The machine runs a 1.66-GHz Intel Core Duo processor and comes with 512MB of RAM. It features a magnesium display enclosure for enhanced durability.


IT Team Builds a Better Document Scan

We quickly realized that we could create the system we wanted by integrating AccuRoute with nQueue's Embedded cost-recovery platform. Because nQueue is software-based (it resides on Tablet PCs attached to our MFDs), we were able to link nQueue's software with AccuRoute, leveraging information that had been entered for cost recovery and using it to build a document profile for WorkSite. With this system, no cover sheets are needed to scan. Our users simply enter three pieces of information at the MFD: their employee number, the client number and the matter number. nQueue then builds a control file for the particular scanning option and sends it to AccuRoute for processing. We refer to this approach as our "Quick Scan" solution.


March 21 , 2007

Media Center improvements for pen and touch
tablet pc team blog

Discussion of Tablet PC technologies in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and beyond - brought to you by the people on the Tablet PC team at MicrosoftMedia Center tablet PC

Aaron Stebner provided instructions in this blog post to help users optimize Media Center for Pen and Touch interaction.

"There are 2 new settings available in Windows Media Center for Windows Vista that can be used to control the visibility of mouse-related controls in the Windows Media Center UI.  These settings are primarily designed for touch-screen development scenarios, but can be useful in other situations as well. "


Forum to assist artists with tips, business sources
Huntsville Forester

It’s ramp up time for Summer Company. If you’re a youth between 15 and 29 and returning to school in the fall, with a viable business plan you could qualify for Summer Company.

That means you not only get the support to start up your summer business, you also get up to $3,000 for doing it. Act fast and you could be entered into a draw for a PC Tablet. Check out the link on our website for more information or contacts at


Is Tablet alive and growing? My thoughts.
Gotta Be Mobile

This is not a new question.  It has been debated and asked many times in the past few years.  I have entered into the fray a number of times myself, and been most involved in touting it.  So where are we in the Tablet PC world?  Here are my current rambling thoughts:

1. Tablet PC has matured - I guess you will have to develop your own criteria on what is "mature" before you agree or disagree with this statement, but for me, I think it is ready. There are lots and lots of good choices for Tablet PC's, and some mainstream OEM's are in the business of producing Tablet PC's. The public is much more aware of what the concept is, although a lot of education still is to be done on just what can be done, and apps need to catch up (more on this later).

2. Microsoft is still committed - Having just returned from Redmond and having spent a couple of great days with the team doing Tablet PC / UMPC at Microsoft, I can vouch for their committment. Add to that the session with Bill Gates where he stated that Tablet is still a favorite of his, and he "continues to believe in Tablet", and you have soe pretty strong support.


Microsoft's UMPC platform is a year old, but how far has it come?
DailyTech, IL

Samsung Q1 Ultra

The next few months should be rather interesting as we are sure to see more second generation devices announced. So far it seems that UMPCs have taken one step forward with the Samsung Q1 Ultra and one step backward with the new Asus T83 UMPC. Looking more like a miniature Tablet PC than a UMPC, the T83 in most respects is an actual step backwards from its R2H predecessor. Asus managed to launch a device that is larger, heavier, slower and has less features than the device that proceeded it.


Promising Ultra-Mobile PCs

Founded in 2000, San Francisco startup OQO was the first to load a full Microsoft OQO UMPC(MSFT) Windows operating system onto a handheld device. OQO's first commercial version of the product won accolades at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2004, and a successor was cited by Guinness World Records as the smallest, fully loaded, personal computer.

And while it didn't catch on widely with users, OQO kept plugging away and recently released a second generation of the ultra-mobile PC. It's too early to quantify demand for this emerging family of computers, says NPD analyst Stephen Baker. But some of the biggest names in consumer electronics—including Sony (SNE), Samsung, and Asus—are following OQO's lead.

For a consumer, it's not hard to see the appeal. They're smaller than laptops and so-called tablet computers, but more powerful than pocket PCs and smartphones.


March 22 , 2007

You don't need pretty handwriting to use a Tablet
Craig Pringle

ne of the common beliefs I encounter from people who have not used a tablet is that the OS will never be able to decipher their particular brand of handwriting because it is not neat or consistent enough.

My usual response is to show some of my handwritten notes and demonstrate how they have been correctly recognized and are searchable in OneNote.

However, while at the MVP Global Summit in Redmond recently I decided to dispel this myth once and for all with a little help from some of my fellow Tablet MVPs. I opened a new page in OneNote and passed my LS800 around. What follows are actual handwriting samples from some tablet MVPs. These are all very heavy tablet users and all report very high levels of accurate recognition, especially in Windows Vista.

Tablet PC Handwriting 

As you can see even those with great penmanship have inconsistencies and chickenscratchers (like me and JK) can still experience a high level of successful handwriting recognition. Hopefully this shows that your handwriting is not a barrier to realizing the amazing benefits of using a .


Cruella de Vil look-alike has its advantages
Computerworld New Zealand

Toshiba's latest tablet PC is expensive but nice

The Toshiba Portege R400 laptop has just landed on my desk this week. It's dressedR400 Tablet PC up like Cruella de Vil, half black and half white, and has very sleek design with glossy surfaces and sharp corners.

The swivelling screen feels very sturdy and the hinge snaps into place – a definite plus. When turning the screen 180 degrees and folding it down over the keyboard it automatically switches the display into tablet mode. The stylus works all right, even though it took me about ten minutes to sign into my Gmail account. Is my handwriting really that bad?


Lenovo ThinkPad X60
PC World Magazine

The Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC is a hybrid notebook and tablet PC that is easilyX60 Tablet PC converted by rotating the screen. It is similar in build to the Thinkpad X60 (Model: 170693M) notebook (non-tablet) which we looked at earlier, but its tablet functionality adds a little extra flexibility, ensuring it will be particularly useful in specialised environments, such as hospitals and warehouses.

For tablet users this small, light tablet PC will offer hours of casual usage away from a power source and will comfortably handle a good range of commonly used software. The standard ThinkPad chassis is rugged and is easy to hold onto. The 8-cell battery protrudes from the edge of the unit, which looks a little strange in notebook mode, but acts as a great grip when in tablet mode.

The Lenovo X60

Tablet PC 2's Editors Choice Convertible Tablet PC


PhatPad 4.1 Software Review
Tablet PC Reviews

For those of you who like to take handwritten notes or doodle on your Tablet PC, PhatWare has answered your requests. They recently released PhatPad 4.1 for Tablet and Pocket PCs, which lets users draw pictures, jot text notes or put a mixture of pictures and typed text on a virtual scratch pad.

It takes no time to download the software and in minutes you can be scribbling away. The updated version offers many new features like vertical and horizontal auto scrolling, a customizable toolbar and it supports Windows Vista.

PhatPad 4.1 is available now for a special offer price of $34.95 and PhatWare is also running a special combo price for software sets. For more information click here.


March 23 , 2007

Tablet PC Gives Lawyer the Write Stuff

Practicing in a legal community that is 15 miles as the crow flies from downtown Seattle (but sometimes 15 years behind in technology), I can't help but smile when downtown lawyers ask me how I was able to e-mail them a handwritten note, a snipped Web page with inked comments or an attached cover letter -- signed in blue ink. Tablet PCs, when used to their potential, create a "wow" factor that clients love, judges appreciate and opposing counsel envy.

Last May, I purchased a tablet computer from TabletLawyer for about $3,700. I picked Motion Computing Inc.'s model LE1600. TabletLawyer is a Poulsbo, Wash.-based tablet computer sales and consulting firm, founded by solo attorney James Province.

My tablet computer is now my primary computer in my law practice, which is oriented towards serving small business owners with their real estate and estate planning needs. I'm currently with Sherrard McGonagle Bohannon & Miller, based in Poulsbo, but I am in the process of transitioning to a solo practice.

I purchased the largest memory and longest-lasting batteries I could get, along with a docking station. The cost, to my surprise, was only about $300 more than a traditional laptop with similar specifications. However, the real selling point was the complimentary training (from a lawyer, no less) that I received by purchasing my system through TabletLawyer, combined with the competitive pricing for the computer. With about two hours of training, I quickly overcame the learning curve of using a tablet computer.

line offers flash tablet PC ideal for asset mapping

Barnard Castle, Co Durham, UK - has launched a new rugged tablet PC called the JLT 8404 that offers the option of flash storage in place of a hard drive.

This allows the device to run embedded XP with unrivalled reliability enabling operation in conditions beyond the scope of a hard drive equipped devices.  The JLT 8404 incorporates Bluetooth and WiFi with options for GPS, 3G and GPRS and can be supplied with up to 8GB of flash or a 40GB drive. provides end-to-end solutions for data collection and wireless communications and the new device adds to the company’s portfolio of industrial-grade handheld computers.  The JLT 8404 is the only tablet PC of this specification to offer a flash storage option.  Without a hard drive all moving parts are eliminated, the tablet is designed to work in harsher environments than comparable devices. This makes it ideal for applications such as asset mapping, field surveys and maintenance inspections.


March 25 , 2007

GBM How To: Pen / Touch Friendly File Selections in Vista
Gotta Be Mobile

For those who came from or are still on XP Tablet Edition, you are quite familiar with how painful it is to do a multi-select while using a pen or touch. If you use a slate tablet pc or a UMPC, it is especially difficult because you can’t resort to built-in keyboard. You end up having to fiddle with the ctrl keys and shift keys in the TIP, and the end result is that the file selection gets all messed up, frequently requiring multiple retries.

Well, Vista improves that for us by providing checkboxes next to file names, but unfortunately the option is turned off by default, so most new users to Vista never know its even there. In my opinion, it is one feature that all Tablet users, whether pen or touch, should turn on. In addition, it is a feature I’d love to see added to other applications like Outlook where multi-selects are done. It is just another example of making an application touch and pen friendly.

Here is how to turn on checkbox file selection:

  1. Go to Start, Computer
  2. Next, go to Organize, Folder and Search Options
  3. Filecheckbox2Then, Go to View, and scroll down to “Use checkboxes to select items” and check it.
  4. Click Ok
  5. Now, when you hover over a file name with your pen or mouse, a checkbox will appear that will let multi-select items much easier ( see image below ). For touch users, you “just have to know” that the checkboxes are on the upper left hand corner or beside the folder – another nuance of not having hover in touch. By touching in that empty area, the checkboxes will work. It just takes a little practice to figure out where they are.


March 26 , 2007

Our Tablet PC Quick Compare include photos and allows you to quickly and easily compare the differences between individual Tablet PC'S
Updated March 26, 2007


Introducing the Motion LE1700 Tablet PC

Motion LE1700 Tablet PC

Packed with Exciting New Features Not Found on any Other Tablet PC

Motion Computing Takes the Tablet PC to a New Level 

and Leaves the Competition Playing Catch Up

12.1" High Resolution SXGA+ Display

WriteTouch™ technology offers three programmable input modes:

Pen Only: Use only the pen to interact with the Tablet PC
Touch Only: Use only finger touch to interact with the Tablet PC
Auto Mode: Switch between pen and touch simply by using the switching gesture

line video review of the LE1700 Tablet PC

We are very pleased to bring everyone this first look at Motion Computing’s newest Tablet PC, the LE1700, in this special launch day video review. It has been about two years since the release of the LE1600, and many people were wondering if this day would ever come. It has!

In many ways, Motion has again set the bar for other slate Tablet PC OEMs to meet. With the introduction of SXGA (1400 x 1050 resolution), Core 2 Duo, and integrated broadband, it is clear that Motion listened to their customers when designing this new version. In addition to integrated broadband (carriers unannounced at this moment), the LE1700 also supports a SIM slot for HSDPA and 3G in Europe. Theoretically though, there is no reason why other SIM cards shouldn’t work for those of us in the states. Guess we'll see as folks start buying them.

Watch or download the High Res version InkShow  (36:19 minutes, 275mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

Visit Motion Computing’s LE1700 product page


Is the demise of the daily newspaper inevitable?

Frankly, I've all about abandoned the local newspaper. By the time I open it, the stuff inside is essentially old news. I can get the same (or usually better) content online faster and cheaper. I do subscribe to the Sunday New York Times because my wife likes to read it and it gets me access to the NYT online services and NY Times Reader application for Windows (which makes for a great demo on the Tablet PC and never ceases to impress people with its fluid re-rendering pf page content. I think the Times is blowing it big time with their recently announced price model for this app though. It undoes much of the good they've accomplished in their attempts to remain relevant IMO. They offer a customizable home page with AJAX, RSS feeds, a decent toolbar (Windows only) and the Times Select service which makes bookmarking and retrieving articles really easy.

Then they go and announce a bone-headed, we-don't-really-get-it price model for the Times Reader app. Sorry - $165 is a bit too rich for most people's tastes.


Gateway's imminent new tablet PC
engadget, CA

Gateway New Table PC

Amongst the circulating rumors regarding Gateway's fate comes the information that Gateway is looking to update its Tablet PC range with a new model featuring a finger print scanner and an ambient light sensor. All we have to go on at the moment is a PDF manual which unfortunately doesn't list any specifications beyond the standard ports (they're very standard: VGA, Ethernet, PC Card, a Memory Card slot, FireWire, and USB) and the aforementioned ambient light sensor and finger print scanner -- which interestingly, but probably uselessly, doubles as a trackpad when the tablet is in tablet mode. Aside from that you'll note that the screenshots are of the machine running Vista, and not a lot else. Expect this machine to get some sort of C-class designation, which incidentally both Gateway and Acer have used for their tablet PCs


March 27 , 2007

review of the  Fujitsu-ST5112 Tablet PC

Fujitsu's Stylistic series of slate tablets have been around sometime and have evolved nicely over the years. They're generally easy to come by compared to those made byFujitsu ST5112 Tablet PC Motion or Electrovaya, are well made and have an excellent docking station option that makes the transition to desktop functionality easy

One of the better slate Tablet PC offerings on the market in terms of processing power, battery life, networking and security features, the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5100 series is a wise, though expensive buy. Granted most slate Tablet PCs are pricey, but the Fujitsu is a few hundred more than the competition. Given the very good specs, good battery life, excellent build quality and wide availability you may well find it worth the price.


Toshiba Portege R400 Tablet PC Review
Tablet PC Reviews

The Toshiba Portege R400 has been getting a lot of attention recently. The only Toshiba R400problem is all the attention it is attracting isn't always positive. The R400 has an innovative design, but lacks some key features. Many users don't see why the Tablet is so expensive when it does not have an internal optical drive and only has two USB ports. Thankfully it does have some unique features though like the Windows SideShow display, Windows Vista Ultimate, an LED backlit screen and its unique and secure hinge, which make it stand out above lower priced Tablets.

Weighing in at 3.7 pounds this Tablet is easy to take with you everywhere you go. The R400 makes a good travel companion, which is why it is targeted toward business professionals. It is even light enough to easily carry around in slate mode for extended periods of time.

Tablet PC Features

The R400 works great in both Tablet or notebook mode. The secure locking mechanisms combined with the swivel hinge give this Tablet a sturdy feel that seasoned Tablet users want. This comes in handy when you need to give a presentation because you can easily swivel it around so the screen faces your audience, and it will not wobble around. When you switch to Tablet mode the screen automatically reconfigures its orientation to landscape viewing. One less step the user has to do. There is a button on the screen that allows you to push it and rotate the screen orientation manually, we found that this didn't work by default, we had to manually go in and map it to the Tablet PC screen rotate command.

The hard drive has active shock protection, which is a nice feature when in Tablet mode because it senses any erratic movements. We all know it's much easier to drop a Tablet PC since you're standing with it than say a notebook that's on the desk most of a time. You might want to make the sensor slightly less sensitive (this is configurable with the Toshiba software) so it's not all the time popping up a vibration warning. In Tablet mode it's common to have to move around a bit and at the highest sensitivity the HDD protection warning popped up a few too many times.

The R400 has an active digitizer so there are no problems when it comes to writing on the screen with the pen. It is responsive, accurate and easy to navigate. I liked using the pen because it was lightweight and smaller than most, it didn't feel awkward in my hand.

Tablet functionality is supposed to be one of the most improved features in Vista as well. The R400 did take advantage of this improvement because in Tablet mode the OS did a good job of recognizing my scribble I call handwriting and it recognized pen flicks when navigating through menu options.


GBM How-To Series #1 : Audio Recording in OneNote
Gotta Be Mobile

How-To's; You have seen them here before from time to time, but the staff are happy to welcome you to the first of a series of weekly briefs on tablet-pc and UMPC how-to's designed with the new and novice tablet/UMPC user in mind. Look for them every Tuesday! Our goal here at is to help make tablet pc and UMPC experiences, the best they can be for all levels of users. Topics we intend to cover range from tablet and UMPC application tips, hacks, hardware how-to's, the list goes on. We may even poll our readership from time to time to see what you guys are looking for.

GBM How-To Series #1 : Placing a voice memo or audio recording in a OneNote 2007/2003 notebook.


Hands-on with Motion Computing's C5 medical Tablet PC

It was only a pre-production model, but we managed to get hands-on with the C5, that medical-centric Tablet PC that Motion Computing announced about a month ago. Obviously meant for healthcare professionals rather than regular consumers, but the C5 is definitely one fine-looking machine. Click on the gallery for a handful of hands-on shots.


Sprint Powers Up At CTIA Wireless 2007 with Showcase of Mobility Solutions
Business Wire

Embedded Solutions - As a leader in embedded EV-DO solutions, Sprint is demonstrating its latest advancements in rugged and ultra-mobile devices with embedded Sprint Mobile Broadband connectivity. Featured products include an ultra-mobile laptop from OQO; rugged and ultra-lightweight laptops from Dell, Panasonic and Sony; and the new Motion LE1700 Tablet PC. Additionally, Sprint will be displaying machine-to-machine devices - including Airlink and Digi which are certified for operation on the high-speed EV-DO Rev. A technology - for use in wireless WAN, telemetry and fleet management solutions.


Engineering School Professor Brings Tablet PCs, New Enthusiasm to Computer Engineering Course
University of Virginia

Engineers are widely known for their desire to take things apart and put them back together in a way that makes them more effective. So perhaps it’s no surprise that Mircea Stan, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Virginia, is applying these classic engineering traits to the very process of engineering education. Through interactive design software and several Hewlett Packard Tablet PCs, Stan is hoping to more effectively engage computer engineering students in research.

The Tablet PCs, 20 in all, were awarded to the U.Va. School of Engineering and Applied Science when Stan secured a 2006 HP Teaching for Technology Grant, designed to transform and improve learning in the classroom through innovative uses of technology. Stan has outfitted the Tablet PCs with Xilinx software design tools, which the students would not otherwise have had classroom access to, and a new program developed by the University of Washington, “Classroom Presenter,” which Stan equates to “PowerPoint on steroids.”

Stan has put the Tablet PCs into the hands of the 40 students in his Advanced Digital Design capstone course, required of computer engineering fourth-years, in which they work in teams to design a microprocessor system. This semester, each team has been given a Tablet PC to use as the group’s project repository and to enable the students to interact with the professor on a higher level than is traditionally possible during lectures.

“As professors, my colleagues and I are used to calling students to the blackboard as a way to engage students in classroom material,” says Stan. “But with the use of Tablet PCs and some powerful new interactive software, I am now able to give students an exercise to complete that they can each solve in their own way and send back to me immediately to be shared with the class.”


Absolute Software Extends Embedded Anti-Theft Security to Tablet Computing Market

Absolute(R) Software Corporation (TSX: ABT), the leading provider of firmware-based, patented Computrace(R) Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection and Secure Asset Tracking(TM) solutions is pleased to announce that Motion Computing(R), a leader in mobile computing technologies, has now embedded support for Computrace in the BIOS of its flagship LE1700 Tablet PC.

Motion is offering Absolute's Computrace(R)Complete(TM) with its LE1700 Tablet PC, the most feature-rich tablet PC on the market. The LE1700 integrates the latest LE1700 Tablet PCtechnologies aimed at enhancing productivity of mobile professionals in healthcare, field sales and service, government and hospitality, and now provides its customers access to the highest level of computer theft protection available on the market.

"Tablet PCs are the most mobile computers available and require diligent tracking to protect an organization's data and assets," said John Livingston, Chairman and CEO, of Absolute Software. "Motion Computing is the leader in the slate tablet PC market and this agreement reinforces that position and firmly establishes our embedded footprint in this growing market."

Traditional asset management systems can lose track of assets like tablet PCs when they drift to unknown locations or are not connected to the client network. With Computrace, the tablet PC reports changes in asset information on a daily basis over the Internet - regardless of its location.

"The Motion LE1700 tablet PC is portable, durable, innovative, and often used out of the office," said Tony Bonadero, Motion Computing vice president of product management. "Advanced security features and services are important to our enterprise customers as they roll-out larger numbers of tablet PCs to their mobile workers. ComputraceComplete can help our customers protect their tablet PC investment and key data, which is important for us in maintaining our leadership position in the rapidly expanding slate tablet PC market."

As the tablet PC market grows, so do incidences of theft and loss



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March 28 , 2007

OQO Increases the "Cool Factor" with its OQO-02 UMPC

OQO Commences Customer Shipments of the Widely Anticipated model 02
Vision of Anytime / Anywhere Productivity Realized with Numerous Industry Accolade

The model 02 is available at as well as throughOQO 02 Docking Station
select enterprise and retail channels with the option of embedded Verizon Wireless or
Sprint high speed mobile broadband. In recognition of the technical innovation and
breakthrough design of the model 02, OQO has been awarded Microsoft’s prestigious
2007 Windows Vista PC Innovation Award.

The highly acclaimed model 02 has already received numerous awards and accolades
including the coveted 2007 Windows Vista PC Innovation Award. “OQO’s commitment
to excellence and breakthrough design of Windows Vista powered PCs is impressive,”
said Scott Di Valerio, Corporate Vice President, OEM division at Microsoft. “We’re
pleased that partners like OQO are raising the bar for next generation PC design.”


Algiz intros ruggedized Algiz 8 tablet PC

Algiz Tablet PC

While there's certainly no shortage of ruggedized tablet PCs out there (or laptops, or UMPCs), upstart Algiz seems to think there's enough room for it to squeeze itself into the mix, recently announcing its beefy Algiz 8 tablet.

Hands On - Motion LE1700 Tablet PC
Tablet PC Reviews

TabletPCReview's very own Brian Beeler got a chance to check out Motion's newest slate Tablet PC to join their line-up at CTIA this week. The LE1700 Tablet was just announced on Monday, March 26th and is already making a splash due to its spec sheet. This little Tablet will be the first slate Tablet to have a Core 2 Duo processor and you can choose between Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or Vista Business as the OS.

le1700 tablet oc

Besides being the first slate Tablet to offer a Core 2 Duo processor, the LE1700 has many other great features. It has a 12.1" SXGA+ display with WriteTouch technology, which is optional and it only weighs in at 3.3lbs. The Tablet's size make it perfect for traveling professionals or college students who need it for note-taking.


New REALTY WORLD Franchisee in Northern California
Franchise Wire

“REALTY WORLD Northern California has pioneered the adoption of mobile technologies that allow agents to serve their clients from whatever location is most convenient – whether it’s accessing the latest listings from a coffee shop using a PDA or filling out and signing a purchase agreement right on the screen of a tablet PC,” Meyer says. “REALTY WORLD of Silicon Valley will set the standard for an entirely new kind of real estate office that meets the needs of agents and their clients without the high overhead costs of a conventional brokerage.”



March 29 , 2007

Adobe Unveils Preview of Acrobat 3D Version 8
Business Wire

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced a public preview of Adobe® Acrobat® 3D Version 8 software, a major upgrade to the desktop application for driving PDF document-based 3D design collaboration and computer-aided design (CAD) data interoperability capabilities to virtually anyone across the extended enterprise. Starting immediately, users worldwide can download a beta version of the product free from Adobe Labs, and experience the new and enhanced capabilities it will deliver for professionals in the manufacturing and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries. The preview can be downloaded at

The free, fully functional beta version of Acrobat 3D Version 8 is immediately available in English, French and German language versions at The preview is available for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4, Windows XP Professional, Home or Tablet PC Editions with Service Pack 2, and Windows Vista Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home Premium, or Home Basic Editions. The beta version will cease operating on June 15, 2007. Feedback can be submitted and discussed on the Adobe Labs forum. Technical support is not available during the preview period.


$5.4m For Religious School IT Projects
Bru Direct

Bandar Seri Begawan - As Part of its e-governance drive, the government has allocated $5.4 million for the implementation of 'Project InTeL' involving 38 religious schools in the country, which will be equipped with computer labs facilitated with tablet PCs.

In an exclusive interview with The Brunei Times, Husny Abang Taha said "Once the plan is settled'for each selected school will be equipped with a computer lab fitted with tablet PC."

He said that a tablet PC is able to recognise handwriting and enables it to be applied to a Windows set program. He added that the tablet PC maybe the first mobile computer that is able to recognise handwriting text. "The tablet PCs can store 'jawi' handwriting, used in religious schools, in the system, which can be retrieved it whenever needed," he added.

Each teacher who will be made in charge of the lab will also be trained.


March 30 , 2007

Learn to Use Applications Optimized for Mobile PCsSmartDraw for Tablet PC
Which applications work best when you're on the go with your notebook, Tablet PC, Ultra-Mobile PC, or Windows SideShow device? This new webcast series provides an in-depth look at applications built for Windows Vista mobility. Special features include: data synchronization, power management, ink annotation, ink recognition, network awareness, data access, enhanced UI for touch, and Windows SideShow gadgets.

WEBCAST: Learn to use SmartDraw, a business graphics application, Monday, April 2, 10:00AM PT
With SmartDraw you can create professional-quality graphics with a Tablet PC running Windows Vista Premium Edition. Get an in-depth look at how SmartDraw incorporates Tablet technology and mobile PC features into its application.


Paper Doll
Dental Economics

Paperless Technologies Dental ( and Dentforms ( Ink take this a step further. While a patient can complete forms online, both systems also have an option for an in-office electronic “form.” This system can be either a tablet PC or a desktop computer. The tablet allows the feel of paper as there is a “pen” to write, as well as check off boxes on forms. If the patient fills out the forms online, he or she can use the electronic pen either on the tablet - or an inexpensive signature pad - when he or she comes to the office to edit or sign the forms. Paperless Technologies Dental also allows patients to record a fingerprint for instant document retrieval and updating. Dentforms, by the way, has an arrangement with A new company, Advanced Document Center ( has specifically targeted the Dentrix document center, but also works as a stand-alone document-handling program.


New tablet comes with a Vista flavor

The tablet slate PC may be coming onto its own, courtesy of the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

Previous tablets were based on the distinct Microsoft Windows XP tablet edition operating system, which served as a barrier for the writing of new software applications for the tablet by software developers, stated Scott Ball, the Canadian country manager at Motion Computing. With the new LE 1700 running on the standard Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, that has completely changed.

Among the new features in the LE 1700 is the ability to input text via touch screen or writing on the screen with a digitized pen. Also, the new device contains the WriteTouch new handwriting recognition function that like speech recognition allows the users to teach the tablet system an individual personal writing style.

The Motion product allows for automatic and simple switching between the digitizer (i.e. the pen) and touch input, he continued. "WriteTouch accepts input from the pad of a finger or digitized pen."


Tablet PCs: Blending Digital Productivity & Mobility
by Toshiba America Information Systems

Tablet PCs in the Legal Profession from Toshiba America Information Systems toshiba

Today’s Toshiba Tablet PCs nicely emulate the classic pen-and-page medium as the interface to a powerful, mobile PC. And it’s here just in time to help the legal profession deal with a caseload of 21st century challenges, including pressure to account for billable hours, optimize productivity and compete with technically savvy colleagues in firms of all sizes.


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