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July 2007


July 3 , 2007

HP Compaq 2710p tablet PC gets FCC approval
engadget, CA 

HP 2710 P tablet pc

Just as we mentioned in May, the HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC is definitely on its way, having just received FCC approval. The 3.6-pound, 12.1-inch tablet runs on an Intel Core 2 Duo ULV, features Bluetooth, 802.11/a/g/n, and offers an integrated EvDO or HSDPA broadband module, thus making it seriously enticing to anyone looking for an ultralight with some real connectivity options. Check the link for many, many pages of sweet FCC testing documents.


Top 10 Tablet PCs of June 2007
Tablet PC Reviews

Welcome to the monthly listing of the "Top 10 Tablet PCs". This report is compiled based on the number of views each product page receives, so every time someone clicks on a product they're giving it a vote in that months rankings.

These rankings don't necessarily indicate which models are the best selling, just which ones TabletPCReview readers are most interested in learning about.

1. HP Pavilion tx1000 Tablet PC
2. Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC
3. Fujitsu LifeBook T4220
4. Asus R1 Tablet PC
5. Gateway E-155C Tablet PC
6. Toshiba Portege M400
7. Fujitsu LifeBook T4215
8. Sony VAIO UX Micro PC

9. Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

10. Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC







July 4 , 2007


Happy 4th of July


July 5 , 2007

Tablet PC Docking Station

There a several docking options for tablet PCs but most are cumbersome and for the most part, ugly. The DTR (desktop replacement docking stand) takes any tablet in its open form and mounts it neatly onto the docking port.

The DTR Stand

The dock itself transposes all of the tablets power and port functions so you don’t lose any USB functionality. The entire setup comes with a pair of integrated speakers and a wireless keyboard/mouse. It’s a more ergonomic setup that makes you feel like you’re working on a real desktop again.

Designer: Adam Ohern


Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 Smallest Tablet Convertible UMPC Launches in Oz

Revel in Your Work and Life with the Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 – World’s smallest* tablet-convertible UMPC in the Palm of Your Hands

Sydney, Australia, July 04, 2007 – Fujitsu PC Australia today proudly launches itsFujitsu LifeBook U1010 UMPC first ever ultra mobile PC series, the futuristically-inspired LifeBook U1010. Created explicitly for the tech lover, mobile executives and field professionals, this small wonder ends your search for the ultimate mobile entertainment device. Bundled with optimum capabilities in its svelte frame, this compact gadget is set to impress!

Staying true to Fujitsu’s thin and lightweight motto, the LifeBook U1010 weighs just over half a kilogram, thanks to its high density mounting technology and lightweight, 0.3mm glass LCD screen. But don’t be fooled by its petite frame. This mini powerhouse can handle multiple operational possibilities like watching movies and listening to music, viewing and editing documents, video-conferencing as well as surfing the Internet – all that you can do on your hand-held, tablet and notebook PC! What’s more, it comes with a newly designed, ultra slim 0.2mm aluminum plated QWERTY keyboard, which does not add to the device’s weight or thickness. The U1010, world’s smallest in its class , is among the very few UMPCs which has such an astounding feature.

An even greater delight is the device’s convertible, swivel form factor – a first in the UMPC market – which gives you the flexibility of using the LifeBook U1010 like a hand-held, tablet or notebook PC. To top things off, it has a Palm Resistance touch screen that allows your fingers to do the walking, in the absence of a stylus. Just touch and go. Its unique Glide Point Pointing device also makes interaction with your personal companion that much easier.


Add a thumb-board to any UMPC
By James Kendrick

Samsung really ratcheted up the thumb-board/ no thumb-board debate  Freedom Mini Duo Bluetooth keyboardwith the introduction of the Ultra Q1 UMPC. The unique split thumb-board certainly has birthed many debates over the utility that tiny keyboards bring to the UMPC platform. One thing that these debates seems to verify is that when you really need a little keyboard it's great to have one handy. The folks at Freedom feel the same way and have released the Freedom Mini Duo Bluetooth keyboard , a keyboard that folds up to the size of a credit card. The theory is if your UMPC (or other Bluetooth-enabled device) doesn't have a thumb-board and you need to tap out some text you can simply pull this baby out of your pocket or bag and have an instant keyboard available.


July 6 , 2007

NTID Receives $900000 Grant for Tablet PC Project
RIT News

NTID Receives $900,000 Grant for Tablet PC Project
Researchers Evaluate Use of Equipment to Support Students with Hearing Loss

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a college of Rochester Institute of Technology, has received a three-year, $900,000 Steppingstones of Technology for Individuals with Disabilities program grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Grant monies will be used for the project, Evaluation of the Use of Tablet PCs and C-Print to Support Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, which will be led by Michael Stinson of NTID’s Department of Research and Teacher Education. Co-principal investigators are Lisa Elliot, Susan Foster, and Marc Marschark, all of the Department of Research and Teacher Education. Marschark also is affiliated with NTID’s Center for Educational Research Partnerships.

Tablet PCs are mobile computers whose touch screen or “tablet” allows users to operate the computer with a stylus or digital pen instead of, or in addition to, a keyboard and mouse. The computer is linked to a network using a wireless or wired connection.

The project will evaluate two options for using tablet PCs to provide support services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. One option uses the tablet to provide real-time notetaking support, and the other uses it to provide graphics as well as real-time text. Middle and high school age student participants with moderate to profound hearing losses, enrolled in public school programs in four locations, will receive either real-time notetaking or speech-to-text plus graphics support.

The research team will examine the effects of tablet PCs on classroom achievement by conducting a study of retention of a simulated lecture with 90 students, a study of fidelity of implementation by the service providers, and an observational study of 16 classrooms using one of these two options. The materials that service providers, teachers and parents can use to facilitate students’ use of tablet options also will be refined during this project.

The project will yield knowledge that will be critical in moving toward subsequent widespread implementation of tablet-based notetaking and speech-to-text services.


Newsmaker: Engineering a career at the PC's creation

Thirty-five years ago, the technology industry began a slow but dramatic shiftChuck thacker that ultimately would lead to the creation of the modern computer industry. In June, Microsoft researcher Chuck Thacker won the prestigious John von Neumann medal for his role in that transition.

Thacker was the chief designer of the Alto, the first personal computer to use a bit-mapped display and mouse. Along with Bob Metcalfe, he also was the co-inventor of the Ethernet local area network. More recently, Thacker had a major hand in the design of Microsoft's Tablet PC.

CNET News.com recently caught up with Thacker after he received the von Neumann award, bestowed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Microsoft’s OneNote - A More Flexible Solution
Mobility Site

Until Office 2007, Microsoft’s OneNote application was mostly a curiosity for anyone except Tablet PC users. But with the most recent release, OneNoteOneNote has really come into its own as a note-taking and research tool. Faster and more effective than Microsoft Word, OneNote combines the flexibility of a three-ring binder with the productivity of being able to throw together all types of electronic information?including handwriting, typed words, and Web page snippets. OneNote is filled with other clever solutions for collecting, organizing, and sharing different types of digital information. For example, it has screen-capture capability, screen sharing (electronic whiteboard), and blog-posting support.

OneNote’s navigation interface takes a little getting used to, but only because most of us have spent so long with the current File | Open Document paradigm. And it’s still not easy to write legibly with a stylus, although a better tablet resolution makes it easier than it was. Taking notes with your keyboard is still faster, if you can touch-type. Consider integrating the two together, a strength of the new OneNote.

You don’t need a tablet, so check it out … try it … you will like it.


July 9 , 2007

Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC Review (Video)fujitsu 420 review
Tablet PC Reviews

Fujitsu has made many users happy with the release of their newest Tablet PC, the LifeBook T4220. The LifeBook T4220 steps in to take the place of its predecessor the LifeBook T4215. Both contain many of the same features, but the T4220 is built on the Santa Rosa platform. The T4220 is the perfect travel companion considering in only weighs a little over four pounds and its bi-directional hinge will definitely have heads turning.


Engadget China meets Aigo's first UMPC: The Patriot

Aigo's Patriot

Engadget China has just gotten its hands on an old friend of ours, a UMPC based on Intel's McCaslin MID spec. Recently we've seen this same design on the Amtek U560, but this version bears the Aigo badge proudly. Of course, since this (the company's first foray into the UMPC market) is based on the 2007 archetype, the Patriot has some of those bulky, Hummer-esque design qualities that don't hold up to the newer, sleeker, and smaller Menlow-based models (which Intel is heading towards for 2008), but under that jumbo exterior there's an 800MHz, Vista-ready heart of gold.


ThinkPad X61 Review Using OneNote Web Exporter Powertoy
Gotta Be Mobile

GBM Forum member krypticide has published a review of his Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet PC using the new OneNote 2007 Web Exporter Powertoy that we blogged about yesterday. There are some good observations on the X61 and this is an excellent example of how to use the OneNote 2007 Web Exporter Powertoy, all wrapped up in one


Teach Your Tablet PC New Tricks!

Actual Window Manager 4.5 builds on the functionalities of earlier versions that were reviewed and found useful by many Tablet PC experts and further extends its commitment to the Tablet PC market by adding "Copy to Clipboard" / "Paste from Clipboard" title buttons, "Hide mouse pointer" feature, and an option to keep windows layout automatically.

We are excited to be offering new Actual Window Manager," says Michael Tretyakov, Actual Tools CEO. "This release has been inspired by the requests from our customers for new features and the positive feedback from Jeff Van West, the author of Tablet PC Quick Reference by Microsoft Press and a regular columnist on the Microsoft Expert Zone website. His review "Actual Window Manager is Must-Have Software on a Tablet PC" was a phenomenal opportunity for us to tell more Tablet PC lovers about our product."

Additional Information Review "Actual Window Manager is Must-Have Software on a Tablet PC" by Jeff Van Vest can be found at the following link: http://actualtools.com/reviews/detail.php?ID=934


July 10 , 2007

New Samsung ultra-mobile portable PC with a fingerprint sensor
Help Net Security

AuthenTec's AES1610 fingerprint sensor will be used in Samsung's new Q1 Ultra model ultra-mobile PC for consumers. Samsung’s Q1 Ultra combines extreme portability, rich multimedia versatility, advanced connectivity and the full power of a Windows Vista-enabled desktop PC, and is the first Samsung UMPC to offer AuthenTec’s Power of Touch to “on-the-go” users.
Q1 Ultra
AuthenTec’s award-winning AES1610 combines security, convenience and personalization into the smallest form factor used in PCs today. The sensor’s “Always-On Authentication” feature greatly reduces the risk of compromised data in the event the UMPC is lost, stolen or left unattended.

UMPCs such as Samsung’s Q1 Ultra are easily portable devices that provide all the capabilities of a PC, but in a much smaller form factor to improve anytime, anywhere access. With the launch of the Q1 Ultra, Samsung will extend the power and functionality of their ultra-mobile line by offering a rich feature set that enables superior connectivity and multimedia opportunities.


Windows Vista - Tablet & Laptop Features

It's a good video detailing pen taps, panning, pen flicks, handwriting, mobility settings, and even wireless network projection, which is something I haven't seen yet.


Cubit Computers may re-launch Tablet PC
Business Standard

Ahmedabad-based Cubit computers, one of the first companies to bring the Tablet PC to India is planning to restart manufacturing the product in its facility in Himachal Pradesh.

The re-launched Tablet PC is expected to be equipped with Wi-Fi, a Core 2 Duo processor and advanced touch screen options. The company will also be extending its insurance cover for laptops to the re-launched product.

The Tablet PC was launched by the company in late 2002 but the rising demand for laptops saw Cubit discontinuing mass production of the product to make way for laptops.

Aimed at providing a mobile computer to professionals, over 200 units of the Tablet PC were taken up by teachers and doctors till it was available in the market. The Tablet PC functioned completely through touch screen technology, which will be retained in its advanced version.

“While laptops keep growing over 35 per cent every year, there is still a market for the Tablet PC provided it is equipped with the latest technology. We offer insurance cover on all our laptops and this will include the Tablet PC when it is launched, since customers look at insurance as an important factor while buying technology-based products,” said Jayesh Bane, VP Sales, Cubit Computers.


July 11, 2007

How to modify, add or remove a touchscreen virtual mouse

"So how do I add / remove / modify that virtual mouse on my touchscreen tablet?"Virtual Mouse Settings I've seen this question quite often lately and while it's easy to explain the answer, it's even easier to show the answer.

This is the little virtual mouse we early Vista adapters saw (and wonder about) when we upgraded our touchscreen Tablets and UMPCs. For the life of me, I couldn't readily find the settings for it and based on the e-mails I've received, I suspect others are having the same problem.

Part of the issue is that the on-screen or virtual mouse is called the "Touch Pointer", which is only descriptive after you know what it's referring to. In some cases, you can also show or hide this virtual mouse using a tray icon if your environment supports it. I've found that the setting doesn't "stick" however, meaning that once you reboot, that virtual rodent reappears. 

Virtual Mouse

On behalf of our readers a big Thank You goes out to Kevin C. Tofel


Bapco Journal

CMC has announced the release of its latest rugged tablet PC, the JLT8404.JLT8404 Rugged Tablet PC

The all new tablet PC has been developed for workers that need a handheld computer with a full screen and full PC functionality, and featuring embedded communications, GPS, long battery life and which is useable in all environments.

CMC’s solution, the JLT8404 uses the experience of its earlier tablet PCs and has resulted in a new platform, which features a powerful processor and has integrated Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/GPRS GPS, with antennas embedded in the housing to ensure no possible damage.

The JLT8404 is exceptionally compact, featuring an 8.4” sunlight viewable touch-screen and function keys to provide the user with maximum ease of operation and reliability.

For more information about JLT products and CMC’s full range of rugged mobile computers, log on to www.cmc.org.uk


Raon Digital Everun UMPC Full Review

Raon Digital Everun

The Everun the first ever consumer focused UMPC that gets it right. It has a great balance of hardware and software features in an small and stylish package. Unique features such as SSD, auto-rotate, optical mouse, auto screen dimming, USB client mode and auto key backlighting prove that a lot of thought has gone into the Everun. Build quality seems good and battery life is more than acceptable. Even the pricing is good. What's bad to say about it?

Well the keyboard layout could be better and it would be much more useful if a media card slot was available. The early promise of HSDPA for $799 is certainly not true and in full-spec, its not as cheap as it first sounds. The question is, how long is it until an Everun killer comes along? I personally don't think we'll see anything this side of Christmas that will match the Everun for consumer satisfaction although the Fujitsu UMPC and Amtek U560 would be devices to watch carefuly.

Availability and pricing.

The Everun is available through a number of resellers worldwide. Here is a list of the main distributors (via Raon Digital)


Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 Ultra Mobile PC

Fujitsu's new LifeBook U1010 is a tablet convertible UMPC that runs on UMPC Fujitsu LifeBook U1010platform with Windows Vista and has 5.6 inch display. It's currently available in Asia market

It's a Hand-held. It's a Tablet. It's a Notebook. The LifeBook U1010 deftly exhibits chameleon-like versatility with its multi-functional design. Handle it like a Hand-held when you're on the move. Twist the screen, and it becomes a Tablet PC with pen input. Use it like a notebook, with a Qwerty keyboard. The LifeBook U1010 equates unparalleled fun, and maximum functionality. Anywhere.


USB Duet™ Technology

USB is ubiquitous today. This technology is most popular in consumer devices and gadgets, such as digital cameras, flash drives, mobile phones, and printers. USB Duet Technology from PLX adds a USB client port (like on digital cameras) to a mobile PC system and enables the port to have multiple functions such as sharing files and peripherals. Its familiar usage models (e.g. mass storage) and plug-and-play capabilities allow instant usability.

step by step video showing how the EZ-Dock can be used with the UMPC



July 12, 2007

Mirage Beta for UMPC's & Touch Panel Tablet PC's

Autonomic Controls has announced the Beta Release of Mirage, which allows remote management and playback of digital media stored on a PC or network. It can run on UMPCs, Web-Tablets, Windows CE and other devices.

Mirage running on a UMPC

Mirage can run on UMPC's, Tablet PC's, in wall touch panels and more.

Remote Access to digital music and video media using UMPC's and touch panel Tablet PCs

Mirage is a leading example of a new wave of software that leverages touch based computing. It allows users to browse and playback media stored anywhere on their network using an interface similar to an ATM machine, without having to operate a computer.


July 13, 2007

Gateway Brings Color To You Lap
Gotta Be Mobile

Gateway M-150X family shot rear

Not really Tablet PC news here, but Gateway has been making some Tablet PC news lately. They’ve just released two new laptop lines (the M-Series and the T-Series) that are aiming at those that love their high definition and also a splash of color. You can have your choice of Blu-Ray or Optical drives (when will that silly standards issue ever get resolved). The M-Series also has an optional 1080p-capable display.

The other intriguing factor? Gateway is adding a splash of color to these new editions. Take your pick among slate grey, pacific blue, or crimson red


Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC User ReviewLenovo X61 Tablet PC
Tablet PC Reviews

Overall, I am completely satisfied with this tablet. Like any computer, it has its little bugs, but compared to anything I’ve used before, this blows it out of the water. Every interface you use (screen, keyboard, etc.) is excellent, and the system performance is astounding for such a small machine. The size and battery life make this one heck of a mobile computer.


July 16, 2007

Sahara Slate PC i440D 48-Hour Demo
Steve S

I’d guess that the thing that most people want to know about is the screen; after all, the screen is the very heart of a slate. The news is good. First, in a side-by-side comparison with my TC1100 (the only comparison that I could do!), the i440D’s screen was both perceptively brighter, even with the touch overlay, and the colors were purer. Whites were whiter and pale blues were cleaner.

Sahara i440D Tablet PCs.

In summary, the i440D is an excellent example of current slate design with power and features that definitely raise the bar. The prototype, seen in February, has matured into an attractive and capable product that cries out for Vista so that these attributes can be properly showcased. Even if TK elects to stand pat on this design, Fujitsu and Motion had better start watching their backs more carefully!

The i440D exhibits many strong points in its design:Sahara Tablet PC in DOCk

o A clean and trim form factor, easy to carry and cradle for use;
o A bright, easy-to-use dual-mode screen;
o A fast and powerful CPU and system architecture;
o A “bloat-less” software load (so refreshing!);
o Easy accessibility for wireless, RAM and HD upgrades;
o At a very decent price, and…
o The stand!

Our Sneak Peek Photos of TabletKiosk's New Sahara i400 Tablet PC Dock


Kingston Technology today announced the availability of two new consumer USB drives.
Kingston DataTraveler II Plus – Migo Edition

The Kingston 8GB DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition. Robust capacity and data synchronization software from Migo make Kingston's newest USB drive the perfect solution for business professionals and consumers who need to share, store and transport large quantities of data.

kingston Data Traveler

- The Kingston DataTraveler 100 (DT 100) USB Flash drive. A new "thumb-action" slide positioned on the side of the drive makes retracting and protracting the USB connector a simple single-hand operation. The capless design houses the USB connector safely inside the DataTraveler's casing. Capacities available include 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

Editors Note:  At home and in the office I use Kingston Flash drives to move data and install programs on my Tablet PCs and UMPCs.    I never go on the road with out one or more Kingston Data Travelers in my bag.


Some Random Sunday Thinking On Tablet PCs and UMPCs
Gotta Be Mobile

Just some random thinking on Tablet PCs and UMPCs on a Sunday. It might be worth sharing, it might not.

  • I still enjoy the freedom a Tablet PC gives me in the workplace. Every day.
  • I’m increasingly trying to integrate a UMPC in those same situations but find that a UMPC is becoming a one task (note taking in OneNote 2007) device in most circumstances.
  • I still wish Inking on a Tablet PC was more integrated in the OS and thus more transparent.
  • I still enjoy relaxing with a Tablet PC in slate mode and perusing the Internet or reading feeds. That is a singular joy for me.
  • Touch on a UMPC is becoming more of a use to me as a navigational tool the more I use it.
  • Touch on a UMPC still has a long way to go.
  • Isn’t there some happy medium between “hard touch” and “soft touch?” “Hard Touch”  works better for me in Inking notes. “Soft touch” is useless in this case in my experience.
  • Small may be in, but I find that using a 12” convertible Tablet PC offers me less frustration than using a UMPC.

Editors Note:  I agree with Warner on all of the above!


Office Hours: How OneNote made friends in a corner office

As part of my work on Office Online content, I recently had the pleasure of meeting onenoteJeff Raikes, the president of the Microsoft Business Division. When you work in the trenches like we writers and editors do, you don't often get a first-hand glimpse of the work habits of senior executives. I was surprised to discover to what extent, as Jeff himself put it, he's an information worker just like the rest of us.

On his desk, Jeff had three large, widescreen LCD monitors, side by side, all rotated in portrait mode. Since he spends a great deal of his time looking at information in various page-like formats, this setup makes the most sense for him. In front of him was his Tablet PC — a laptop computer with handwriting capabilities. Jeff is a big fan of tablet computing, which is catching on in schools and universities across the country. Although OneNote does include several cool tablet-specific features, you don't need a Tablet PC to use and enjoy OneNote. It works equally great on desktop PCs and laptop computers.

After noting his office and computer set-up, we talked about how OneNote helps Jeff accomplish three of his main business priorities:

  • Managing a personal information repository
  • Taking his whole office on the road
  • Using information seamlessly across multiple Office applications


July 17, 2007

BLuebeam On a Table PC


New in version 5.5
Bluebeam PDF Revu 5.5 takes the Tablet PC experience further by adding a horizontal scroll bar for better navigation, an option to startup Revu with a blank page, and a toolbar button to insert a new page with one tap of the pen. The pen is truly mightier than the keyboard.

Bluebeam Revu includes features specifically designed for Tablet OS users who are looking for a quick and easy way to review and annotate PDF files with the ease of their Tablet PC pen. More info BLuebeam

Bluebeam PDF Revu

Bluebeam Software Inc., a leader in innovative PDF solutions, announced today the release of Bluebeam PDF Revu v. 5.5 with new technology that simplifies PDF creation, enables PDF text editing and improves PDF markup for greater efficiency. New functionality in Bluebeam PDF Revu allows professionals from any industry including AEC, Legal, Government, Education, and Finance, to communicate ideas and share information more effectively with PDF


Fujitsu Adds Core 2 Duo to Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PC
Press Release

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today refreshed its Stylistic (R) ST5100 Fujitsu Stylistic 5100 Tablet PClightweight slate Tablet PC Series with the new Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage processor offering superior performance levels with extended battery life.

Weighing just 3.5 pounds and delivering up to 9.5 hours (1) of computing time with a high-capacity nine-cell battery, the ENERGY STAR (R) version 4.0-compliant Stylistic ST5111 and ST5112 Tablet PCs are ideal for highly mobile professionals in markets including healthcare, and field and sales force automation.

Less than one-inch thick, the comfortable-to-carry slates make text and graphics easy to view in various lighting conditions with a choice of state-of-the art display technologies. For mobile professionals whose work is primarily outdoors, the Stylistic ST5111 Tablet PC is fitted with a 10.4-inch reflective front-lit XGA display optimized for direct sunlight conditions. With a bright 12.1-inch indoor/outdoor XGA display featuring a wide, 160-degree range of viewing angles, the Stylistic ST5112 Tablet PC offers excellent viewing in a variety of lighting environments.



GottaBeMobile Software InkShow: Touch and Google Maps on a UMPC
Gotta Be Mobile

With the release of the iPhone, Google Maps added some new features for that little heard of device. One of those features added is the ability to shift a route on the fly using drag and drop. Basically you can click on a route that is displayed and drag and drop it to the road you wish to take. That sounds very handy and also something that should in theory work on a UMPC or other touchscreen.

I thought I’d give this a shot on a UMPC using the touchscreen to see how well it would work. I used the Samsung Q1P to do this. (The Asus R2H running Vista and Camtasia Studio is just too slow to really show how this works.) In this very short InkShow I demonstrate it in both IE and Firefox.

Watch or download the High Res version  (5:16 minutes, 32.2mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


A Tablet for health care

Doctors and nurses are increasingly abandoning clipboards and paper files forMotion C5 tablet PC electronic patient files. However, a number of practitioners aren't happy with the devices available for carrying on their rounds

Motion Computing, which makes Tablet PCs, thinks it has a solution: a plastic-encased unit specifically made for the health-care industry that can be disinfected and has an integrated handle for easy carrying.

The Austin, Texas-based company, which sells its hardware through partners in Canada, announced last month it is going into final pilot testing of the C5, a 1.4kg (3.2-lb.) device running Windows XP Pro Tablet Edition with a 10.4-inch screen. It runs on an Intel 1.2 Ghz Core Solo processor.


Pricing announced for HP Compaq's 2710p Tablet PCHP 2710 Tablet PC

Time to start counting those pennies, HP just announced the pricing on their new 12.1-inch, 3.6-pound 2710p Tablet PC. $1,649 gets you through the door sans OS but with a 1.06GHz Core 2 Duo ULV U7500 processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, GMA X3100 graphics, and 60GB 4200 PATA disk. Bump it up to $2,478 for a 1.2GHz U7600, 80GB 4200RPM PATA disk, 2GB memory, Bluetooth 2.0, and a Vista Business pre-install. Each config brings that thin, bright, battery friendly WXGA LED-backlit display (with digitizer) we've heard rumored since January.


July 18, 2007

10 Things - Using checkboxes on the Tablet PC & UMPC
Nick White

If you've used Windows XP on a Tablet PC, then you're probably aware that it wasn't very easy to select multiple files when in Tablet mode.  Luckily, Windows Vista changed this to make it a lot easier to navigate via Windows Explorer and use the Tablet functionality of your Tablet PC.  It may not seem like a big difference at first glance, but it matters.

When you hover over any group of files with your Tablet PC pen, a checkbox appears to the left of the file.  Tapping this box will check it and allow you to continue selecting more files.  Once all the files you need are selected, you can then move, copy or delete them as a single group.


Voice controlled wheelchair, thanks to UMPC

UMPC Controled wheelchair

This powered wheelchair is equipped with a UMPC which interprets voice commands and controls the motion of the wheelchair. The UMPC has a customized GUI on it for controlling the chair as well. On top of controlling the wheelchair, the UMPC can also be used as a regular computer for internet access, productivity or entertainment. Think about the development costs that Think-a-Move has saved thanks to this form factor. Previously, to get a controller this size they'd have to source a custom embedded solution that in the end may not even have all of the capabilities of the UMPC. I think it's amazing that we are finding so many novel uses for the UMPC as it begins to enter more and more into mainstream consciousness.


Microsoft picks new UW center to develop distance learning technologies

Anderson and his students have spent the past five years developing an innovative tool, Classroom Presenter, which can be used with ConferenceXP. Classroom Presenter uses digital notepads, called Tablet PCs, to let instructors write on their projected slides. In his classes, Anderson has taken the project one step further by giving students their own Tablet PCs. He assigns short exercises during class that students submit over the room’s wireless network. Anderson can immediately review the students’ work, display their responses, and tailor his lecture accordingly. He believes it offers unique possibilities for distance learning.

"In our live classes, using the Tablet PC is a tremendous change because it means that I can get information from all my students simultaneously," Anderson said. "I’m very, very interested to see it working in a distance class, because the hardest thing in distance learning is to get contributions from the remote students."


Another Student Review of the Lenovo X61 Tablet PC 
Lenovo X61 Tablet PC

To summarize, I really like the X61. I think every student wondering what tablet to buy should stop wondering now and go order one. It will save you time and the chance of making the wrong decision. Sorry, buddy, but Kevin, the X61 is where it’s at. (See? I’m just full of opinions. I warned you).

Also note that I won’t have many X61 pictures for now since my camera is currently dead.


Buying used? Do more than take it for a spin
Houston Chronicle

Intrigued by the possibilities of writing on a computer the same way she would on a piece of paper, my lovely wife recently bought a Tablet PC.

As a psychotherapist, she was drawn to this type of portable by the notion that she could jot down her case notes by hand, and then be able to search them, a feature of both the Windows XP and Windows Vista iterations of Microsoft's Tablet PC software. The ever-elusive goal of a paperless office also appeals to her.

Get the original discs.

Get a clean machine.

Get docs and the box.

Get some history.

There are also some things you should do once the system comes.

Trust but verify.

Update everything.

Scans on, shields up.


July 19, 2007

Spellex Tablet Suite 2.0 with Tablet PC EnhancementsSpellex Tablet PC Suite

Spellex has announced the Spellex Tablet PC Suite 2.0 for specialty terminology. The new Tablet PC enhancement recognizes hundreds of thousands of comprehensive English terms, including words relating to business, language, current trends, and Internet technology.  With the Spellex Tablet PC Suite, you can also enhance your handwriting recognition and spell checking ability by adding specialized terms from the medical, legal, and scientific fields.


Rugged Tablet PC Receives Outstanding Reviews
PR Web

Independent reviews praise the MobileDemand Tablet PC for its ruggedness and abilityMobile Demand Tablet PC to serve a broad range of industries and applications. MobileDemand's Tablet PCs can be used anywhere from the shop floor - to the delivery truck - to the check-out line.

In recent months, news and reviews of the MobileDemand xTablet T8600 Rugged Tablet PC has been buzzing all over the Internet. Independent reviews by GottaBeMobile.com, RuggedPCReview.com, TheTablePC.net, and TabletPC2.com praise the MobileDemand Tablet PC for its ruggedness (meets MIL-STD 810F) and ability to serve a broad range of industries and applications.


Happy Birthday to the ThinkPad- first Tablet PC IBM 2521

One of the longest running lines of mobile gear is the ThinkPad, begun at IBM and now carried by Lenovo, the line usually encompassed very innovative technology at a premium price. According to Lenovo, today is the 15th birthday of the ThinkPad line as the first model shipped in 1992. What most people don't realize is the first ThinkPad, the IBM 2521 ThinkPad, was a pen-based PC running the PenPoint operating system from Go Corporation. That's right, the first ThinkPad was a Tablet PC!


Q1 Ultra-V ultra mobile PC
PC World

Q1 Ultra

Designed to supplement--not replace--a notebook or desktop PC, the Q1 Ultra-V combines the functionality of a PDA with that of a notebook, according to Samsung. It packs a 60GB hard drive, measures just 9 by 5.5 by 1.25 inches, and weighs only 1.5 pounds. Unfortunately, it is inappropriately saddled with Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, which seems to plunge every function into a molasses bath. Samsung claims that its AVStation Now software can run movies, music, or photos without performing a full Windows boot; but I found that it booted Windows and took more than 3 minutes to load--2 minutes longer than a normal Windows boot. A dedicated AV button on the Q1 Ultra-V's side launches this multimedia package.


July 20, 2007

A First look at the Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC


The new Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC is a eye pleasing silver with a matt black top.  It weighs in at 4.9 lbs with the Modular Dual-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer installed. (4.3 with the weight saver)  Built to meet the needs of the business man/road warrior who is always on the go in mind everything about the T4220 feels strong and sturdy, including the bi directional hinge that allows you to turn the screen in either direction.


HP Compaq's 2710p Tablet PC in the wild and shipping

You won't find a press release for it, but the wait for the 12-inch, HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC is over. Orders placed with HP today will ship July 25th or August 3rd if you opt for the $199 1xEV-DO (Verizon) Broadband module for full-on wWAN connectivity. In fact, AVING already has pics of the sleek, 3.6-pound, LED backlit convertible mucking about in the wild including this shot of it snuggled up to, and publicly mounting its docking station after a few too many celebratory champagnes.


The Media Center Show #115 Kevin Tofel on UMPCs

The Media Center Show is a weekly podcast focusing on Digital Media and WindowsTHe MEdia Center SHow Media Center. Guests ranging from Microsoft Media Center developers, to manufactures and 3rd party developers chat about how to get the most out of your Media Center and live the digital life Hosted by Ian Dixon in Audio and Video

This week podcaster and blogger Kevin Tofel joins me to talk about UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PC). We talk about the different devices available, what you can do with them and how you can use them with Windows Media Center


Call for Best Mobile PC Practices
Tablet PC In Education Blog

Here's a chance for educators using Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs, and other mobile PCs in classrooms to share your best practices.

T.H.E. Journal is currently looking for the following types of articles for future issues and for our eNewsletter, T.H.E. SmartClassroom:

School Perspectives - discuss a specific topic, trend, or concern about education technology.

Case Studies - have you implemented technology and learned a lot from the experience? If so, share your efforts about what worked -- and what didn't.

If you have a potential article, or questions about the above topics, please e-mail editorial@thejournal.com

Tableteers have valuable experiences that others can emulate. Consider passing it on, so more students may increase their rates of learning as have your students.


HP hopes for a Midas touch from the TouchSmartHP TouchSmart
Globe and Mail

The official name for it is "gesture-recognition technology," but no self-respecting geek would call the process of poking your finger at a computer screen anything but "touchy-feely computing."

The tablet PC, which uses this kind of interface, has been around for a few unremarkable years now, as have those cash registers one sees in sports bars and some restaurants. There was a desktop computer model made by Hewlett-Packard Co. in 1983, called the HP 150, which was one of the first touch-screen machines.


July 23, 2007

Eastfield College granted 2007 HP Technology Leadership Award
Pegasus News

Eastfield College was awarded a 2007 HP Technology for Teaching Leadership award designed to transform and improve learning in the classroom through innovative uses of technology.

Faculty at Eastfield College are using pen based tablet PC's and wireless technology to increase student interaction and participation in General and Organic Chemistry lecture courses. The purpose of the computer technology is to make students more active in their classroom learning experience and to enhance a cooperative learning environment. The Leadership grant awarded to Eastfield will allow for expansion of this project to additional faculty including courses in other disciplines. For more information on this project see our web site at www.eastfieldcollege.com/smpe/chemistry/HPGrant/index.html

Eastfield is one of 10 HP Technology for Teaching higher education grant recipients that have been selected for the Leadership award in 2007. The award package includes HP Tablet PCs, cash and professional development with a total value of more than $120,000


first impression
Tech-Savvy Real Estate Agents Gain the Edge
Success Magazine

In addition to her Treo smart phone, Sullivan uses a versatile HP Compaq tc4400 Tablet PC to help streamline her workload. “I can have clients sign documents on my computer screen by using the stylus instead of printing out pages for them to sign,” she explains. “When I’m negotiating contracts, agents will contact me and send digital versions I can work on and return by email. This saves me a tremendous amount of time.”

By using new technology, mixed in with some “old school” farming and prospecting tactics, Sullivan was able to generate $8 million in sales for 2006. She expects revenues to reach $9 million in 2007. Her reliance on an HP Tablet PC earned her the top honors in Hewlett Packard’s 2006 Real Estate Technology Contest.


July 24, 2007

The Tablet Reconsidered

Tablets are excellent for Web browsing. Now that the Web is a primary reason people turn on their computer, the pen is actually a more efficient and precise way to navigate pages than a touchpad, and many convertibles have scrolling wheels that make page navigation even easier. With the automated form fillers already built into many browsers and toolbars, there is even less of a need for typing text.

For watching or listening to multimedia on a portable device, it beats having a keyboard hands down. When in Tablet mode, a convertible is all screen and only screen. You only need to hit play, pause and volume on a media player, anyway, so why not sit back and let a movie fill your lap?

The Tablet OS is much improved. Now integrated into most versions of Vista, the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) is much more accurate in translating, learning, and editing your handwriting than it once was. I have used every iteration of the Tablet OS and many third party solutions over the years and I am amazed at how much the recognition engine gets right now. The TIP now is available wherever you need it on screen, and filling out forms with it can be extremely accurate because now the OS detects the kind of information the field wants (i.e. zip code, state, etc)

Instead of changing the world, the Tablet PC found its own little niche in the computing world we already constructed for ourselves around keyboards and mice. It is a handy alternative mode of input that is making more sense as our computer habits themselves more beyond text.

If you are looking into a new laptop anyway, you may find that a convertible model with Tablet functionality will give you more flexibility. It is not a revolution in computing, but in some ways our ways in which we are using a computer are starting to catch up with the Tablet.

If you are in the market, take a look at any of the Toshiba Portege models since Tosh has been consistently among the best convertible designs I have seen. The newest ThinkPad X60 is pricey but exceptionally well built and with the best keyboard you can get in portables. Finally, if you are looking for really midget-sized PCs consider some of Fujitsu’s LifeBook offerings. Fujitsu has been making extremely compact convertibles that are getting better and better.


MobileTechRoundup 105: iPhone non-buyer remorse, problem solved

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.
MoTR 105 is 34:00 minutes long and is a 31.1 MB file in MP3 format.


Matt and Kevin buy the iPhone at virtually the same time while Twittering the entire episode.
15 years of ThinkPads.
Happy Birthday to Warner Crocker!

This looks like it will be of use. Frank “CTitanic” Garica is linking to a utility from TodoUMPC team member Angel Garcia called Tablet_FnKey, that from what I can tell allows users to reassign alternate actions to hardware keys and buttons. It looks like you need a FN key press in combo to call the action. According to the notes, it works in both XP and Vista. I haven’t had time to try this out, so if you do, report back and let us know what you think.


July 25, 2007

HP Compact Compact 2710p Tablet PC

The New HP Compact Compact 2710p Tablet PC

Designed with the business user in mind, the HP Compact 2710P is a no frills no fuss Tablet PC that feels sturdy in your hand and fits easily in a briefcase or backpack.  For convenience HP will offer an optional Ultra-Slim Expansion Base with integrated DVD+/-RW and an Ultra-Slim Battery for those times when you need DVD access or longer battery life. 


Toshiba Ships World’s First UWB Wireless Port Replicator

Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator. Toshiba’s new port replicator is the world’s first wireless port replicator capable of transferring baseband video. The Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator is currently compatible with three new configurations of the Portégé R400 series, the Portégé R400-S4834, Portégé R400-S4835 and Portégé R400-S4933, which are available today for purchase.

Toshiba’s Wireless UWB Port Replicator represents a significant breakthrough in docking technology. The integration of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) high-speed wireless technology capable of transmitting digital video wirelessly, allows the Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator to stream baseband video with up to SXGA resolution. Toshiba’s Wireless UWB Port Replicator is the first port replicator to stream baseband video. This enables users to easily stream unencrypted/uncompressed video, such as home videos, music and video CDs or Internet-based video.

Toshiba engineered the Wireless UWB Port Replicator to create a truly mobile computing experience by enabling Portégé R400 users to wirelessly connect their notebook to peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard or compatible external HDD and optical disk drives. The Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator eliminates the hassle of connecting and disconnecting peripherals, delivering the convenience and simplicity that mobile users demand.

With the same look and feel as the white and black high-gloss Portégé R400, Toshiba’s Wireless UWB Port Replicator features a compact, vertical form-factor to deliver a significantly condensed footprint. Enlisting a seamless approach to docking, the Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator can automatically detect and connect when the Portégé R400 comes within proximity of the port replicator. Additionally, the Wireless UWB Port Replicator can be configured as a shared one-to-one resource where Portégé R400 users would connect and disconnect with shared resources, such as projectors and/or monitors in a conference room setting.

Motion Computing Increases Commitment to Channel Partner Program
Business Wire

Motion Computing®, a leader in ultra-mobile computing and wireless communications, today announced enhancements to its channel partner program for partners in North America. This program helps partners maximize their revenue by leveraging Motion award-winning tablet PCs, mobile clinical assistants, software, service and support offerings to meet a broad range of mobile computing needs. It offers dedicated pre-sales support, secure deal registration, lead sharing, and Web-based training for improved partner education.

The enhancements to Motions channel partner program follow two recent product announcements from Motion the LE1700, the industrys leading slate tablet PC with integrated mobile broadband, and the C5, a mobile clinical assistant that integrates technologies relevant to healthcare workers. Through this program, Motion shares the strategies and tools partners need to maximize sales and extend to their customers further education on the benefits of ultra-mobile computing with a tablet PC.


When It's Time to Consider a Tablet

Opting for a Tablet could be the key to being a better student--if you know how to use it.

According to Tracy Hooten, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin and the founder of StudentTabletPC.com, those are just a few of the ways Tablet notebooks save students time and alleviate stress. We talked to Tracy about the benefits of a Tablet over a regular notebook and came away with five reasons why you should consider one for yourself.

1) Give your lecture notes Google-like searchability.
A Tablet learns your handwriting and makes all your notes digital, so you can easily find exactly what you need. Depending on how you set it up, you can search your notes by date, subject, or keywords. You can even scan in parts of your textbooks or handouts to add to your notes.

2) Have all your notes with you at all times.
In addition to searchability, saving your lecture notes on a Tablet PC means you have access to all your notes, from all your classes, at any time.

. Hooten points out that Murphy's law ensures that "Anytime you think 'I wish I had those notes from that class last semester' you won't have them or won't be able to find them." If you save all your notes on a Tablet, you have access to years of information right at your fingertips.

Learn more about Tracy Hooten, University of Texas student and founder of studentTabletpc.com.


July 26, 2007

Toshiba laptops get wireless dock

Toshiba Corp. on Wednesday announced that it has started selling the first laptops Toshiba r400 Tablet PC with Docking stationwith a new high-speed technology that allow them to connect wirelessly to a docking station that can support an external monitor.

The laptops are part of the business-oriented R400 line. They start at $3,079 and double as Tablet PCs, which allow the user to write on the screen with a stylus.

The docking station, or port replicator, costs $500. Apart from the monitor port, it includes four USB ports, an audio port and an Ethernet port. Comparable non-wireless docking stations from Toshiba cost $180.


The Need for Speed and a Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

If you are in to cars, then this article is for you. The Bangkok Post has a great article on the city of Stuttgart, Germany and its' automobile industry: museums, luxury car plants, etc. The AMG plant specializes in luxury cars and strives to focus on the human element as much as possible. However, they do recognize the need for some technology, and that is where they bring Tablet PCs:

The technician works with the core block of the engine linked with a tablet PC that is connected to the main computer via a wireless LAN system. The PC helps the technician scan parts before they're fitted to the engine. It is a measure of stringent quality control.


TabletKiosk Sahara i440D Slate Tablet PC First Look Review

Sahara i440D  Tablet PC

TabletKiosk recently introduced their newest Sahara Slate PC, the i440D and guess who got their hands on one. That is right, the i440D is in the TabletPCReview.com office and our model is running Vista. After spending a few hours with the i440D, I was quite impressed by how fast the wireless connection was and how responsive the pen was. Key factors to look for in a slate tablet considering it has no keyboard and probably will be lugged all over the place.


July 27, 2007

TabletKiosk Specials TabletKiosk

TabletKiosk has added a page to their site with specials- make sure to check bacl from time to ime sinc ethe special will change.

Check out our store specials! We have gone through our catalog and hand-picked some of the best deals for you.


Circuit City Sees the Future in Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

We all know the drill - go in to a big box store and mention the word "Tablet PC". Expect the blank stare, followed by "Uh....well, let me think.... Yeah, right...we've got one over here covered in cob webs, under lock and key. Is that what you are talking about? It came with this pen thingy, but we lost that years ago".

Well, the designers of Circuit City's new concept stores at least know what a Tablet PC is, and they see it playing an integral role in how they interact with their customers.

Concept stores include "The City" in Virginia. Schoonover demonstrated a customer experience where a buyer is approached by a sales associate with a tablet PC. The associate uses the computer to hone in on the buyer's needs: Which room will house the TV? Where will the hardware be placed? The PC enables the associate to sketch the room, placing furniture and determining what type of TV is best: LCD in Schoonover's case, due to bright daylight in the room


Writing notes on your computer

DON’T ASK ME for a pen, because I might not be carrying one. That’s because I now write down all my meeting notes in a computer that understands handwriting — even mine. Read on to see how this saves countless hours a week.

I always thought this was a terrible waste of time, so when I it came time to upgrade my computer I chose a tablet PC — a machine that behaves like a regular laptop until you give the screen a twist and it turns into a computer capable of accepting handwritten input as well as pictures and diagrams.

When it comes time to enter text, a little box pops up and you just write down the information as if you were using a pen. This works for virtually any program. For e-mails and word documents, your handwriting is converted word for word into text, and it is amazing how accurate it is.

However, it is with a program called OneNote that the pen becomes mightier than the keyboard. With OneNote (an optional part of the Microsoft Office suite), the computer can interpret your writing as you go, or you can tell it to just accept anything — words, diagrams, squiggles, whatever.

I can also ask OneNote to search through my original notes for text I am looking for, just as I would do a search in Word, and it will actually find the text even though it is in my handwriting. Pretty slick!  Bottom line: If you find yourself juggling a lot of paper and you have a place to file electronic copies, you should consider going paperless, as I have,

Nova Scotia News - TheChronicleHerald.cab

July 30, 2007

Sahara Slate PC® i440D Black

The First Slate Tablet PC Available with Dual Pen and Touch Screen Input

TabletKiosk™, a leader in mobile computing solutions, today announced that the Sahara Slate PC™ i440D featuring both pen and touch screen input, is now widely available with either Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition or Windows Vista® Business operating systems.

“We are pleased to be the first manufacturer to ship a slate Tablet PC with dual pen and touch screen input,” said Martin Smekal, president of TabletKiosk. “Initial response to the Sahara Slate PC i440D is tremendous and we are seeing numerous enterprise accounts migrating over to our new form factor.”


Fujitsu Two Day Sale

Fujitsu 2 day sale

No Payments for 6 months with orders over $500 - Free Shipping!



Tatung launching 10.4-inch WebPad TX-3000 tablet PC

Not too many details on this one just yet, but the good news is that Tatung is reportedly Tatung TX 3000readying the 10.4-inch WebPad TX-3000 for release -- at least in Thailand, that is. Apparently, the company has been busy showing off the machine at Taitronics Bangkok 2007, and word on the street puts an AMD LX 800 processor and 1GB CompactFlash card within, and we could also see 802.11b/g WiFi, USB 2.0, PCMCIA, VGA output, audio in / out, and a three-hour battery pack on the final release. Sadly, we've no idea exactly when Tatung plans on loosing this thing to the public, but we're hoping it won't keep those eager to snap one up waiting for too much longer.


‘HOMEWORK' interactive learning system improves communication between children, parents and teachers
Gizmag, Australia

Getting parents involved in what their children are doing in the classroom and giving them opportunities to help their child at home can only better a child’s learning and education. The new learning system ‘HOMEWORK' is providing an effective means of simplifying this communication between the parents, teachers and learners by integrating educational software with broadcast quality video from the Channel Four educational TV series ‘The Number Crew’. Children work in a teacher-led group using an interactive whiteboard, either on their own or in small groups using tablet PCs. The teacher can use his or her own tablet PC to plan lessons, manage the class, allocate work and monitor each child’s progress. Parents can see what their children have been doing at school, are able to offer help and hence feel more involved with the classroom.


Dell has chosen to use their Direct2Dell blog to promote their upcoming Tablet PC. Their entry into the Tablet space has a lot of folks pretty excited as witnessed by the response to their first look video on the blog. Now they're back with a second video that addresses what you should do with a Tablet PC that drives you crazy. Their answer is to cut it in half with a table saw.

  It's an interesting marketing ploy but it leaves me with mixed feelings. On the one hand I'm glad that Dell is continuing to turn up the excitement level for the new Tablet but on the other hand this video leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.*

Dell Saw

Dell You Tube Video

Looks to me like Dell may be afraid of their competition

*Editors Note:  I agree with JK this one -   They should be using the quality's of their Tablet PC to generate the action and excitement around its upcoming release.


Microsoft Reader: Today's Ebook Solution

If you need more specifics, here they are. Microsoft Reader ebooks are made to be read on Microsoft Reader software only. You can read Microsoft Reader ebooks on Windows desktop and laptop PCs, Pocket PCs, and Tablet PCs.


July 31, 2007

New PDF Annotator 1.5: Just Type Right in a PDF Document

The whole world is becoming digital. Documents are no longer distributed on paper, but sent on their way electronically. To eliminate compatibility issues between the sender and the recipient, the PDF format was devised. Any type of file that uses this format can be opened, read or printed from any computer, but cannot modified.

TPDF Annotatorhis is where PDF Annotator comes in, to put an end to a forced passivity where dealing with PDF files is concerned. In the words of developer Oliver Grahl: "Users can process PDF's as if they were documents lying on a table in front of them. They can use any white space to insert comments, and they can point out important sections by underlining or highlighting them or correct mistakes by crossing words out." Whenever a document is presented in PDF form, PDF Annotator is the tool of choice when it comes to searching text, collaboration, or editing.

The software was first made available to users of Tablet PC's and graphics tablets in order to let them make corrections in place using a stylus.

PDF Annotator Version 1.5 has just been released. This means that PDF Annotator can now run on any desktop PC -- a request made by many users who wanted to be able to use this clever program on their office PC.

Try PDF Annotator free for 30 days

PDF Annotator 1.5 (6.5 MB) can be used with Windows XP, 2000, and Vista, and also with Tablet PC's. You can download PDF Annotator for a free 30-day evaluation from the website.


Toon Boom Studio 4 Is Coming
Digital Animators

Emmy Award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced the upcoming release of ToonBoomToon Boom Studio 4. As the all-in-one animation software, Studio 4 offers a smooth experience creating rich, eye-catching animations for video, websites, television, film, games, mobile devices, and more. Based on a powerful Emmy award-winning technology, Studio 4 brings greater capabilities to create a wider range of animation s easily, all within a more user friendly interface.

What’s new in Studio 4?

Studio 4 also includes: support of Adobe Illustrator layers, the Vectorize Preview window, improved drawing tools, Alpha Onion Skinning and support of Tablet PC OS (for Windows XP and Vista).






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