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January 2007


January 1, 2007

Happy New Year From


January 2 , 2007

The 2006 Engadget Awards: Nominate the Tablet PC of the Year
It's time for the 2006 Engadget Awards, and we're asking for your nominations for the Tablet PC of the Year. 2006 Products of the Year line

jkOnTheRun Review- Fujitsu P1610 Tablet Mode Bump Case

I have been getting a little concerned about the safety of the P1610 when I carry it by itself in my hand so I decided to pick up the Tablet Mode Bump Case from Fujitsu (part # (FPCCC79).  I received it this past week and have been using it for a few days so I thought I’d share what I could about this capable case.Fujitsu P1610 Bump Case

Fujitsu offers two bump cases for the P1610, the Tablet Mode Bump Case that I purchased and the Convertible Bump Case which provides usage of the device in either Tablet mode or laptop mode.  The two cases are almost the same price ($79 for the Tablet Mode and $80 for the Convertible) and since price wasn’t a factor I decided to get the Tablet case because it looked a little smaller than the Convertible case.  The last thing I wanted to do was take my nice small Tablet PC and bulk it up with a huge case.

The Tablet Mode Bump Case is constructed out of durable Cordura nylon and has a very secure feel to it.  It is slightly bristly feeling and it never feels like it’s going to slip out of my hand.  The case has a handle on the top with a rubber grip that is not only comfortable but very secure too.  The front of the case is padded with very rigid padding on all surfaces which provides some protection, although I wouldn't want to drop the case with Miyagi inside.  The point is to give it a little protection from the bumps that invariably happen when you are mobile with a device like the P1610.  There are cutouts in the case for all ports and buttons, Fujitsu has done a good job making sure that everything on the P1610 is accessible while in the case, even the PC Card slot which lets me use EV-DO while encased.  The case will fit the P1610 with either the standard or extended battery fitted, and since I use both this was another deciding factor for my purchase.  There is a removable spacer that goes in the case when the smaller standard battery is fitted to make sure the device fits snugly and that all cutouts line up properly.


CES 2007 Tablet PC & UMPC Community Gathering

A couple of people have asked me if it's too late to RSVP. Please keep sending your information in - clear until the last minute. I would like to keep track of who is planning to attend the CES 2007 Tablet PC and UMPC Community Gathering to make sure the room arrangement remains adequate. So far, hardware manufacturers (OEMs and IHVs) are dominating the RSVP list, with ISVs a quick runner up. This could end up more like year 2 gathering, where we had a very strong representation of hardware companies for end users to talk with. The feedback companies received was tremendously useful and definitely had an impact. I hope to see the same type of interaction this time also.

Cheeseburger Las Vegas, in the Aladdin Casino Desert Passage.
Tuesday, January 9, 2007
3:30PM - 6PM
RSVP to ljheiny@hotmailcom.

 Keep spreading the word. You can link to the details


January 3 , 2007

Allegiance Technology's 48 hour Tablet PC demo program

Allegiance Technology's 48 hour Tablet PC demo program is the only one of its kind.  It came about because so many of our prospective customers want to be able to see and touch a tablet PC before they spend serious money on one.  Since our tablet PC demo program is so popular, we appreciate your patience during times when all units are out.

Currently, we have the following models available:

  • Motion LE1600 with View Anywhere Screen
  • Motion LS800 with View Anywhere Screen
  • Fujitsu ST5112 with Indoor/Outdoor Screen
  • Fujitsu ST5111 with backlit outdoor screen
  • Toshiba Tecra M7 Duo Core
  • Toshiba Portege M400 Duo Core
  • Fujitsu P1610
  • Tablet Kiosk UMPC eo 7110
  • Coming soon - IBM/Lenovo X60 with Multiview/Multitouch screen!


imagine LAN Announces UltraSync Portable™ for USB Flash Drives
PR Web

imagine LAN, Inc., a leading developer of mobility and recovery software applications, today announced the introduction of UltraSync Portable, an extension of the UltraSync™ family that has been specifically designed to meet the sync needs of USB flash drive users.

UltraSync Portable enables you to sync your Windows XP or Vista PC with your favorite USB flash drive or other portable memory device (microdrive, iPod®, MP3 player, etc.) and take all your favorite digital content (Files, Documents, Pictures, Internet Favorites, Music, Videos, and Outlook®) with you for use when you travel or use borrowed PCs. When you return, UltraSync Portable will automatically sync any changes made on both your PC and your flash drive.

UltraSync Portable runs from a USB flash drive and supports bi-directional sync partnerships (including deletion sync) with multiple PCs. In addition, UltraSync Portable provides a handy single direction migration feature to easily setup digital content on a new desktop, notebook, tablet, or UMPC.


Free on-screen keyboard for the UMPC and Tablet PC


On-screen keyboards are utilities that put a translucent keyboard across the screen of Tablet PCs and UMPCs to provide a quick and dirty method of typing on the screen by tapping on the keys.  My experience with them is you either love them or hate them.  Ilium released their InScribe keyboard for free a few months back and now a Channel 9 member has written one that is also available for free download. The program seems pretty simple and the author has posted a short video demo of the keyboard in action.


Tablet predictions for 2007
Loren Heiny
With the beginning of the new year, it's that time again: To make predictions for all things Tablet in 2007.Here's my list:1. Tablet sales will continue to grow. Yeah, that's an easy one. By how much though? I predict they'll be just under double from this year. Let's call it 80% growth. 2. With the launch of Vista and the continued adoption of notebooks as the form factor of choice by more and more consumers, distinct Tablet marketing will get lost in the shuffle. People may use Vista and its Tablet features (such as the handwriting recognition in a Smart Board setup) and not even think in terms of Tablet PCs. Similarly, we'll see more manufacturers sell Tablets and not even use the word Tablet. Don't get discouraged, though. This is only temporary. Read prediction 3 to see why.3. By the end of the year, Tablet PCs as a distinct form factor will make a revival. Why? Because of the competition. What competition you ask? The MIT OLPC for one. UMPC-like devices for another. 2007 will bring more devices with similar capabilities to Tablet PCs (ultra portability, touch digitizers, and so on), and so as the number of "tablet" entrants into the market increases, the value of the Tablet as a Tablet will become better understood and accepted. The result will be that by 2008 we'll see a renewed growth in Tablet marketing by OEMs and Microsoft.4. 2007 will be the year of the touch display. We'll see more displays with touch digitizers built in and more dual digitizer displays with an active digitizer as well as a touch digitizer.5. More mainstream and existing software products will include Tablet or touch features. For Microsoft there is an obvious reason to further adopt Tablet technologies in its applications. However, I see the trend continuing in other mainstream products during 2007. I'd put Adobe near the top of the list to surprise the market with a Tablet capable here for Lorens full list of predctions Tablet predictions for 2007


LifeBook P1610 Tablet PC
PC World
The P1610 is similar in weight and size to its predecessor, the LifeBook P1510. (It's slightly slimmer at 1.4 inches deep, and it measures 9.1 by 6.6 inches.) Included, however, are several notable improvements, among them a reasonably roomy 80GB hard drive, and a PC Card slot in lieu of the P1510's integrated CompactFlash slot.Furthermore, the 8.9-inch, WXGA swiveling touch-screen display now has a higher resolution--1280 by 768 pixels--and a proprietary coating that helps optimize how the image looks in bright sunlight. On the touch-screen display, you can use either your fingertips or the included (and exceptionally thin) stylus to navigate. In my tests I found this flexibility a real boon, as tablet PCs typically allow you to use only a specially configured stylus to input data via the screen. (I tested a shipping version of the notebook running Windows XP; you can choose to purchase it with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition instead. The P1610 is also billed as Vista Capable.)


January 4 , 2007

Dueling Tech Shows Prepped for Next Week

On Sunday, Gates will highlight Windows Vista, which is being marketed to consumers with a "Wow Starts Now" tagline. Due to launch on January 29, Windows Vista includes a number of improvements aimed at consumers, such as digital video recording, digital music, digital photos, and digital video capabilities, as well as the ability to record DVDs.

But Vista is also expected to touch off a new generation of more inspired PC hardware, including portable and desktop devices that combine Media Center, Tablet PC, and touch screen capabilities. Microsoft is also going to announce a Windows Home Server product at the show, which has now been widely misreported around the Web. Expect a full report about Home Server on the SuperSite for Windows as soon as Gates announces the product.


Imagine LAN Announces UltraSync™ v2.0 for Windows® Vista and XP PCs

Imagine LAN, Inc., a leading developer of mobility and recovery software applications, today announced UltraSync version 2.0. UltraSync, the PC-to-PC synchronization application for files, music, pictures, video, Outlook® email, and browser favorites, has added support for Vista and Outlook 2007 in version 2.0.

UltraSync combines several categories of synchronization into a single easy-to-use application, resulting in effortless synchronization. UltraSync syncs over your wireless home or office network so you don't need any special cables to connect your two PCs, and UltraSync's unique AutoSync feature knows when your PCs are in range and can automatically start a sync when it detects a connection between the two systems.

UltraSync v2.0 Features
- File/Folder sync
- Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 folder sync (messages, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.)
- Browser favorites sync
- Sync Selection Wizard
- Deletion Tracking (files and Outlook)
- Overwritten/Deleted file recovery
- AutoSync (automatically start sync process when two partnered PCs are connected via
wireless or wired LAN)
- Skin Selector (decorative skin selection for the UltraSync "dashboard" UI)

Availability and Requirements
UltraSync v2.0 is supported on Windows Vista and Windows XP/SP2 systems (UMPC, notebook, tablet, desktop) with a minimum of 35MB of available space. Retail versions of UltraSync v2.0 will be available from imagine LAN in mid January 2007. An OEM version of UltraSync v2.0 is available now. An upgrade to UltraSync version 2.0 will be available for version 1.0 customers (including Sony UX preload customers) on the imagine LAN website in late January.


Getting ready for CES 

My nieces are getting ready for CES. Right now they are sitting at the kitchen counter loading software onto a UMPC. TabletKiosk graciously sent them a V7110 UMPC to borrow for their interviews during CES.

Last CES the girls borrowed an HP TC1100 Tablet PC. This is what they use to record most of their Neek Talk podcasts. However, in getting ready for CES they were privately discusssing how they'd be embarrassed to have a 3 year old Tablet PC on the show floor this year when they are so enthusiastic about the new hardware and Windows Vista. In their last podcast they brazenly asked for a loaner (without telling any adults with editing power, I might add) and TabletKiosk promptly responded.

Thank you TabletKiosk!


Motion Computing's New Agreement

Motion Computing has announced a manufacturing agreement with ASUSTeK. ASUS will become an original design manufacturer of Motion tablet PCs and peripherals. New Motion products built by ASUS will be released beginning in 2007.

This new agreement augments Motion's existing relationship with Compal Electronics based in Taiwan and China. Compal will continue as a strategic partner for Motion, including manufacturing of Motion's current product family as well as developing new Motion designs.

This is exciting news because ASUS produces a wonderful convertible Tablet PC as well as the best UMPC on the market. What will be Motion Computing's product and will Dell be offering these for purchase too? Maybe we'll all find out once CES 2007 begins.

This is great news for all Tableteers.


January 5 , 2007

CES 2007

Live from Las Vegas

Sneak Peaks of New Tablet PCs, UMPCs and Accessories

Beginning Saturday Night....

CES 2007

The World's Largest Annual Tradeshow for Consumer Technology!
The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology and America's largest annual tradeshow of any kind.


Mac Tablet PC


Mac-based tablet PC launched
Digit Magazine

Other World Computing (OWC) and Axiotron ohas announced plans to unveil a Mac-based tablet computer they're calling the ModBook. It will debut at next week's Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

The ModBook is described as "a high-end slate-style notebook computer," designed in California by Axiotron and available in the US exclusively through OWC. Pricing was not announced.

The ModBook is, at its core, a laptop Macintosh that's been modified. It features Wacom "Penabled" hardware for stylus input and is compatible with Inkwell, the Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" pen input technology that provides system-level handwriting and gesture recognition to Mac applications.

The ModBook will also feature optional Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities, built-in iSight camera and CD/DVD combo drive. OWC describes the chassis as "aircraft-grad magnesium alloy."


January 7 , 2007

CES 2007

Live from Las Vegas

Sneak Peak

TabletKiosk's New Sahara i440D Tablet PC

Everything we asked them for, and more.....

TabletKiosk Sahara i440D

The New TabletKiosk Sahara i440 Series Slate Tablet PC being announced at CES 2007 comes in three versions and runs Windows Vista.

The Sahara i440D series looks good, feels good in your hands, has a 1.83 GHz Intel Core™ Duo processor, up to 4.0GB of memory, Biometrics, Bluetooth, Intel® Pro 3945 802.11a/b/g networking, stereo speakers, an Dual Digital Microphone Array and a PCIMICA SLOT!!!


Kohjinsha SA1F00A UMPC hands-on

kohjinsha UMPC

Nice, we got to spend a few fleeting moments with the Kohjinsha SA1F00A convertible tablet UMPC. It's kind of pushing the boundaries of what a UMPC actually is since, well, as we said it's a convertible tablet, but it's a damned tiny and small one. It's also rather solid-feeling (hey, Japanese engineering at work). Image gallery, hop to it.


January 8 , 2007

Its 2:45 am here in Las Vegas and I have a full day of meetings at CES tomorrow so I'm going to call it a night, but the Photos From CES Unveiled, Bill Gates Keynote, HP's party and more will be up as soon as I can catch my breath and get them posted for you!

The New HP Tablet PC Hits the Party Scene at Las Vegas hot spot Pure Nightclub


The New Toshiba R400 Tablet PC

This exquisite notebook and elegant Tablet PC in one will be available for purchase
here at on 1/28/07 with a starting price of $2,599.Toshiba R400 Tablet pc

Created to harness the innovation in the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system, the Portégé® R400 is an exquisite notebook and an elegant Tablet PC all in one. Encased in a scratch-resistant ultraviolet clear-coat case, the 12.1" diagonal backlit LED wide-screen high-brightness display with wide viewing angles, in conjunction with Microsoft® Windows Aero™, delivers a rich visual experience. And with advanced EasyGuard™ security features, including a biometric fingerprint reader, multi-level passwords and TPM encryption module, the Portégé® R400 is as secure as it is attractive.

Detailed Specs:  R400-S4931    R400-S4833    R400-S4832    R400-S4831


CES 2007: Samsung launches UMPC with flash hard drivesamsung Q1
TG Daily

One of the first opportunities to get your hands on a 1.8", NAND flash-based solid state disk (SSD) drives may be Samsung's upgraded ultra mobile PC (UMPC).

The new "Q1P SSD" integrates Samsung's 32 GB SSD instead of the 1.8" hard drives of the original Q1 and Q1P. As a result of the SSD, Samsung claims that the device achieves a boot time that is about 25-50% faster than a comparable device with a traditional hard drive. The SSD is rated at data read speed of 53 MB/s and a data write speed of 28 MB/s. Also, Samsung claims that the Q1P SSD UMPC is able to withstand twice the impact of the hard-drive-enabled model.


Medion UMPC confirmed, coming January 30

medion umpc

The last we saw or heard about a UMPC from Medion was way back in September when a grainy image of such a device was leaked at IFA. Turns out that the grainy image was real, as Bill Gates recently demonstrated a UMPC device from Medion at his CES keynote in order to tout a new version of Microsoft's Origami Experience user interface. In a move sure to please readers interested in the impressive specs list of the MD RIM 1000 -- 6.5-inch touchscreen, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, onboard GPS, DVB-T tuner and webcam -- Medion's first UMPC is to be made available on Jan 30, which happens to be the same date that Microsoft plans to release this other piece of software you may or may not have heard about


HP Redefines Personal Digital Entertainment Experience with Entertainment Experience with Expanded Portfolio for Consumers
Business Wire

HP today expanded its portfolio of digital entertainment offerings with a new consumer PC category and a broad lineup of digital entertainment products and services that aim to fundamentally change the way people connect, access and enjoy high-definition and personal digital content.

Announced at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the offerings include the industrys first all-in-one touch-screen PC and touch-screen consumer tablet PC based on Microsoft Windows Vista,(1) HPs first home media server, nine new high-definition TVs, a Blu-ray disc writer, new digital content delivery services and home automation solutions.

Additionally, the companys online photo service, Snapfish by HP, has released a new software tool that will enable members to bypass the photo upload process and send their pictures to their PCs or Snapfish accounts without a single click of a mouse.

New touch-screen PCs for computing wherever life happens in the home

To meet the changing ways in which people want to access and enjoy their digital content, HP, the worldwide PC sales leader,(2) has introduced its latest innovation in PC design.

The new HP TouchSmart PC is the industry's first all-in-one PC based on Microsoft Windows Vista. It provides users with one-touch wireless access to information, communication and entertainment through HP SmartCenter, a new customizable user interface that includes HP SmartCalendar for family calendaring and HP PhotoSmart Touch to manage digital photos. Featuring a 19-inch HD widescreen with adjustable touch-screen display, Vista remote control and personal video recorder with HD and SD TV programming, the HP TouchSmart PC enables "walk-up computing," the ability to quickly and easily have touch access to digital content wherever life happens in the home.

HP also introduced the industrys first consumer tablet PC optimized for Microsoft Windows Vista and on-the-go entertainment. The HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Notebook PC features a touch-screen display, built-in miniature remote control, HP QuickPlay instant movie viewing feature, karaoke and a screen that swivels 180 degrees and folds flat for working or enjoying movies in tight travel spaces such as airplanes or trains.


OQO Unveils the Model 02 Ultra Mobile PC

CES Keynote Speech -- Bill Gates today showcased OQO's next generation ultra-mobile PC, the model 02, in his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Weighing a mere one pound and small enough to fit in a pocket, the model 02 is the world's smallest Windows Vista capable computer. The model 02 is up to four times faster and has a display more than six times brighter than its groundbreaking predecessor, the model 01+. Redesigned from the ground up, the model 02 features a new ergonomic backlit keyboard and capacitive TouchScrollers(TM) for easy input and navigation. The model 02 incorporates complete wireless connectivity - including EV-DO Wireless WAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth - ensuring the user has high speed and uncompromised access to the internet, email, and networked applications.


January 9 , 2007

Toshiba reveals the Portege R400 Tablet PC at CES 2007

One of the main features included in the new Toshiba Portege R400 is the Toshiba Edge Display. This is a secondary display located on the front edge of the Portege R400 that will act as your Personal Information Assistant displaying alert e-mail and calendar notifications. That doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? But what if we told you that these notifications are received even when the R400 is switched off? Yes, you will be able to receive the notifications while the R400 is on notebook or tablet mode AND when it’s switched off. This means that you don’t need to switch the new Toshiba Tablet to check if you have received that important e-mail that you were expecting… Even if the R400 is switched off, you will receive a notification when you have received the e-mail and then you can switch the Toshiba R400 on to read the e-mail. This is a fantastic feature that will greatly extend the battery life of this new sexy and powerful machine that never sleeps.

With the Portege R400, Toshiba also announced the Toshiba Port Replicator, that allows the Portege R400 to wiressly connect to peripherals. Simply connect your peripherals to the Toshiba Port Replicator and thanks to the integration of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology with wireless digital video capabilities the Portege R400 will automatically connect to the peripherals when it comes within proximity of the Toshiba Port Replicator without the need of any cables. This will eliminate the hassle of connecting and disconnecting peripherals


Its 3:07 am here in Las Vegas and another full day of scheduled meetings here at CES tomorrow, will be interesting to see if the "wow" factor from the new HP tx1000 (photo below) and home center PCs is can be beat


Stalking The Wild UMPC

Very few UMPCs exist, yet Microsoft's (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) specified format (a UMPC must run a full version of Windows, and starting today, that version must be Vista) has plenty of competitors. At the "Digital Experience" floor show in Vegas Sunday night, there were more non-UMPC tiny computers floating around than Microsoft-approved ones.


HP’s first consumer tablet PC

It’s the first tablet PC from HP and I love it. It has a swivel touch screen, combination of black and silver colors and weighs only 4.23 pounds … the tx1000 is simply sexy.

Look under her hood and you will find an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56 processor, integrated NVIDIA GeForce Go6150 GPU graphic card, 2GB RAM, (*phew*), 160GB hard drive, 8x double layer DVDRW drive, built-in 802.11b/g WLAN, integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and Altec Lansing speakers. What else you could ask for in a new tablet? There is even an external antenna for Verizon wireless broadband so that you can stay connected wirelessly.


January 10 , 2007

CES Reports: The Tablet PC and UMPC Meetup
Gotta Be Mobile

What a party! This year’s Tablet PC and UMPC Meetup turned into quite a shindig. I heard a headcount of around 100 or so in attendance at Cheesburger Las Vegas. Numbers are one thing, but let me tell you the feeling in the room was thrilling throughout the evening. With a mix of Tablet PC evangelists, users, OEMs, developers, Microsoft folk, and a few friends and family in attendance, you could feel a very positive energy emanating within the room.

In certain corners of the restaurant folks were showing off their own personal machines, next to manufacturers who were showing off accesories. In one area, TabletKiosk’s Martin Smekal engaged the Neek Talkers, (Elizabeth, Sarah, and Kim Heiny) in a long conversation. Watching that occur from a distance lended a very special feel to the event that is really hard to describe, even though it is often done so with the word communiity. It certainly is a community of like minded individuals, but in my humble opinion, the energy coursing through that room was bigger than just the sense of that word community

This entire evening would be possible without the work of the First Lady of The First Family of Tablet PCs, Lora Heiny, so everyone owes her a big thank you. And speaking of the First Family, it was great to meet Robert and Joan Heiny, the folks responsbile for all those Heinys, and although Loren wasn’t there, he and his brother Layne, who was in attendance, hooked up a webcam and streamed the event live. (You can check it out here.)


TabletKiosk ruggedizes UMPC
The Tech Report

Microsoft's Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) platform was launched close to a year ago, and there are numerous UMPCs on display at CES. TabletKiosk is showing off a new ruggedized UMPC based on VIA's C7-M 1.2GHz processor and VX700N north bridge. The device sports an LED-backlit panel with an 800x480 resolution and 350 nits brightness, and there's an outdoor screen option for those looking to improve visibility in sunlight. A biometric fingerprint reader, PCMCIA and SD slots, GigE, and VGA output have also been added to the mix. Users can also choose between two and four-cell batteries that offer 2.5 and up to 3.75 hours of run time, respectively.

TabletKiosk isn't targeting its ruggedized UMPC directly at consumers, but anyone will be able to buy one through the company's web site. Be prepared for some sticker shock, though. Rugged doesn't come cheap, and the UMPC will sell for $1399..

In addition to revealing its UMPC plans, TabletKiosk is also pushing a new 12" tablet that will eventually be available with a Core 2 Duo processor option. The tablet features Intel's 945 chipset, is Vista-compliant, and can accommodate 2.5 hard drives up to 7,200RPM and up to 4GB of memory.



January 11, 2007

Yahoo News

Kim Heiny with TabletKiosk

'Neek Talk' reporter Kimberly Heiney holds up her tabletkiosk computer, on which she was able to install the new Microsoft Vista operating system, as she waits on line to listen Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates' keynote speech at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Jan. 7, 2007. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)


Yahoo News


'Neek Talk' reporters, the Heiny sisters Elizabeth, left, Sarah, center, and Kimberly, use their Tablet computers running the new Microsoft Vista operating system, as they wait on line to listen Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates' keynote speech at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

line Announces Major New Release of SmartDraw 2007
Emediawire, creator of SmartDraw®, the world's most popular business graphics software, todaySmart Draw announced an update to SmartDraw 2007 (release 8.1), bringing major feature enhancements and Tablet PC readiness to its award winning program. With SmartDraw, anyone can create professional-quality business graphics such as flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, timelines, floor plans and more in minutes - no experience or training required.

"We are consistently improving SmartDraw to exceed the needs of our customers, and the new release includes major enhancements for flowcharting and mind mapping, along with vastly improved graphic capabilities. Also, for the first time SmartDraw is now available for use on a Tablet PC, and it works with Vista, Windows XP and 2000," stated chief executive and founder Paul Stannard.


OQO Delivers World's First Ultra Mobile PC With Integrated Mobile Broadband Service Powered by Sprint
PR Newswire

OQO Inc., leader of the UMPC-Pro market and creator of the world's smallest fully-functional Windows XP computer, today announced that OQO will be offering the new OQO model 02 computer with integrated mobile broadband capabilities via the Sprint (NYSE: S) Power Vision Network (SM). Where available, the advanced Sprint mobile broadband network provides wireless high speed data services and covers more than 188 million people. The model 02's integrated mobile broadband technology means convenient, fast, and secure connectivity to the internet, email, and business applications for mobile professionals wherever Sprint (NYSE: S) has coverage.

The defining advantage to mobile broadband technology is that it doesn't require a wireless hotspot for connectivity. The combination of wireless broadband capability and the widely available Sprint network, together with the model 02's pocketable design and enterprise-class performance signals a monumental shift in the level of productivity that is now available to enterprise users, who can carry their model 02 when traveling and can be connected anytime.


Tablet PC & UMPC Counter

Tablet PC Counter was started almost two years ago, however, there has been a placeholder. Today, new software was installed which allows members to submit and vote on the latest stories about Tablet PCs and UMPCs.

There are little glitches because this is beta software. Plus, I am a little nervous about this project because in order for it to work the site must include everyone from the community.


FranklinCovey Announces Updates to Planning Applications and New Gadget for Windows Vista at CES 2007
Business Wire

FranklinCovey (NYSE:FC) today announced updates to its award-winning productivity applications, PlanPlus for Windows and PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook, which will be compliant with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 by January 29, 2007. Both applications are based on the FranklinCovey Planning System and assist users in getting organized and focused on their priorities, to increase overall effectiveness using a desktop, notebook or Tablet PC.

FranklinCovey also announced the release of the FranklinCovey Task List Gadget for Windows Vista, which enables users to quickly view their PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook or PlanPlus for Windows task list within the Windows Vista Sidebar. It allows users to add and sort tasks by rank and priority using the FranklinCovey planning methodology. The gadget will be available with the 30-day trial or purchase ($99.95) of PlanPlus v.5.1 for Windows or PlanPlus v.4.1 for Microsoft Outlook. Both applications and the gadget were created with development partner, Agilix®.



January 12, 2007

The Fujitsu T4215 Tablet PC OverviewFujitsu T4215

“If you have thought about a Tablet PC but, like me, didn’t think you needed one, think again. I haven’t had this much fun with a new laptop in a long time. Being able to write on the screen is truly amazing. It personalizes the experience of using a computer in a way I would not have imagined. It also personalizes your communication by bringing back your own hand - something that was lost when we dove into the land of email and typed messages”


Kingston Releases New DataTraveler ReadyFlash USB Drive for Use with Microsoft Vista ReadyBoost

Kingston Ready Boost

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, has announced the availability of its new DataTraveler ReadyFlash USB drive for use with Microsoft’s new Vista ReadyBoost software. The USB drive was designed and tested by Kingston based on precise performance specifications outlined by Microsoft. Kingston’s DataTraveler ReadyFlash is currently available at Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot,,, Fry’s, and other retail and online outlets.

“Kingston is dedicated to providing our customers with memory solutions based on the latest technologies available such as Microsoft’s new Vista operating system,” said Mark Akoubian, product Line Manager at Kingston Technology. “We are pleased to be working with Microsoft to help users of Vista maximize the features and performance of the software.”

Windows ReadyBoost can improve the overall performance of some computers by using portable flash memory devices to supplement system memory. To learn more about Windows ReadyBoost, go to

To learn more about Kingston’s DataTraveler ReadyFlash USB drive go to


CES Report: A InkShow interview with Motion Computing's Scott Eckert
Gotta Be Mobile

Scott Eckert congratulating Joan Heiny, who just won a Motion Computing Tablet PC When the term Tablet PC is thrown out, there are a few key vendors that come to mind. Motion Computing is one of them. They have been a major player in the Tablet PC space from the beginning and have continued to set the bar in terms of innovative new products. Unfortunately, it has been close to two years since they have released some new products and the tablet space is getting anxious.

In this video interview from CES, I talk with Motion's CEO, President, and co-founder Scott Eckert. We talk about new trends in mobile computing, and when we could expect some new products from Motion. In the interview, Scott tells us that 2007 will be Motion Computing's biggest product year yet, and that they have a solid, exciting roadmap ahead. So....stay tuned. Looking forward to it, Scott!

  • Watch the InkShow ( 24 mb, 4:27 )
  • Visit Motion Computing



January 15, 2007

Chinese Tablet PC Maker To List
Pacific Epoch

Beijing based electronics manufacturer Hanwang Technology will invest 200 million Yuan in the R&D and promotion of new tablet PCs, reports National Business Daily. According to an unnamed insider, Hanwang Techonology is preparing to list on the domestic stock market in the first half of 2007 to raise 300 million Yuan. According to a Hanwang Technology director, Hanwang Technology is currently the only company in China with tablet PC technology patents. Hanwang previously produced pen scanners.


Tip: Installing Windows Vista RTM on TabletKiosk eo v7110 UMPC 
v7110 UMPC

If you plan to install Windows Vista on your TabletKiosk eo v7110 Ultra-Mobile PC, we've been using the drivers that TabletKiosk has posted for Windows XP. You can find them in the v7110 download section.We've been installing them all: Graphics, chipset, Touch digitizer, etc. Save to your hard drive, unzip, and then run as administrator.


Transition to Outlook 2007 advice

Michael Linenberger, whose Total Workday Control is my most recommended guide to serious Outlook productivity, has just authored an excellent and comprehensive guide to making the transition from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 using his methodology. In his typical fashion, the articles are extremely easy to follow and well-illustrated. If you have a copy of TWC, you'll be up and running in the new version of Outlook in a short while.

If you haven't yet read this book and count on Outlook to be the dashboard application for your day, there is no better guide to maximizing the application's potential in my opinion. Disclosure: I wrote the Foreword to Mike's book because I was so taken with the work he's done.  Check out the book site for more information.

Mike is also the author of Seize the Workday – the best book on wringing maximum productivity out of a Tablet PC. Yes, I am a big fan.


Hugo Ortega reviews Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC

10 Days ago Panasonic delivered me the CF-18 Tablet PC as part of their Toughbook range. If you’ve never owned or played with a Toughbook it may interest to you that it’s actually a rather nice machine in both look and feel. At first glance there are all the features you would expect from a manufacturer targeting Military and Utilities as its main audience; there are exposed screw heads, rubber mounts, latches, panels and more brushed alloy than a Hummer (well almost).

Toughbook Tablet PC

Overall I was pleased with the device and its intended use. Ruggedisation is something that will become more popular in the mainstream as devices like Ultra-Mobile PC and Tablet PC become more mobile, i.e. full day usage. Because end-users will look at taking UMPC on extreme sports outings, and even as a travel mate, ruggedisation is going to become a key factor. Given that TabletKiosk launched its first entry into the Tough Tablet market via the ToughTab 7” UMPC this week at CES 2007 it’s not hard to see that I am right. Many corporate and enterprise folks favour ruggedisation as a form of future proofing their dollars and one can only expect that mum-and-dad consumers will do the same in the not too distant future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into Panasonic’s Toughbook CF-18. If there’s any questions you have or anything in particular you want to see this year on the UberTablet Blog just let me know…it’s your resource!


CES 2007: Bill Gates' Keynote

Waiting in line for the keynote was definitely a high point during CES 2007. The Heiny clan met up with Linda A. Epstein and Chris De Herrera as the line started to form. We, of course, started to talk about Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs. The Neeks pulled out the TabletKiosk eo v7110 Ultra-Mobile PC, on which they were proudly showing that they had installed Windows Vista. This quiet sharing turned into a bit of a flurry.

Damian Dovarganes, an AP photographer, began taking photos of the Neek Talk reporters using these pen and touch computers. You can see two of these photos on Yahoo News, which syndicates AP photos.

I don't think the girls quite knew what hit them. Within a few seconds there were cameras pointed at them from all directions. AP, Reuters, LA Daily, and many more. Dave Winer was even passing by and snapped a photo, which you can now see on his Flickr account.

This activity made quite an introduction to Bill Gates' keynote. The keynote included several examples of newly announced Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs, including the following:

The selection of Tablet PC and UMPC hardware that appeared in the keynote was a diverse group. The HP uses an AMD processor, the Medion and OQO a VIA processor, Toshiba uses an Intel processor. It was really good to see such a broad selection noted.

Of course, there were several other Tablet PC and UMPC models on the trade show floor and in people's hands, from the new LG Tablet PC to the TabletKiosk Sahara slates. I have photos of many and will share those with you soon.


Looking Beyond the Whiz-bang Technology: Using Mobile Learning Technology Tools to Improve Economic Instruction 

The paper addresses three scenarios -- where the instructor has a Tablet PC and the students do not, where the instructor does and students bring laptops, and where the instructor and the students both have Tablet PCs. We hope that the teaching and learning community in economics profits from our work. However, the work will not stop with this paper, this blog will be the source and link to other assistance to using the Tablet PC in economics.


January 16, 2007

Changes in ActiveSync 4.5 Beta 2 help improve issues related to setup, partnerships, and connectivity with the PC and Microsoft Exchange. In addition, it includes a troubleshooter utility that scans your computer and device to identify problems and offers information and corrective actions to solve them.

ActiveSync 4.5 Beta 2 supports synchronization with a desktop or tablet PC via USB cable, Bluetooth, or infrared connection.

Download details: ActiveSync 4.5 Beta 2


My Samsung Q1 Story (Video)

Recently, before Christmas to be exact, I sold my Fujitsu T4210. “What” I hear you yell! My logic was this: If I move my gadgets I will all remain ahead of the pack and knowledgeable enough to warrant anyone reading this blog. What ended up happening was the deepest exploration of my personal views on mobility and what UMPC really means to me.

Because I moved my T4210 on pretty quickly I was faced with the dilemma of which machine to choose next. I am bit lucky though in that I had “almost” anything at my finger tip. So what did I reach for and why??? That is the million dollar question.

The following is a succinct three-part video documenting my thoughts and feelings towards Ultra-Mobile PC today and why I was able to replace my desktop, and therefore increase my productivity! So grab some popcorn and sit back and watch another episode of the UberTablet blog; or is that vlog?

Part One
View it on MyYouTube


Toshiba & Microsoft Collaborate on Vista Tablet PC

Toshiba of Canada Information Systems Group has collaborated with Microsoft to create the Portege R400 convertible Tablet/notebook computer, deemed the “world’s first” with the ability to synchronize e-mail and calendar events through Microsoft’s exclusive Active Notifications feature. 

Active Notifications is used in conjunction with Toshiba’s ConfigFree, which helps detect and connect to the strongest and most reliable network connection available. Toshiba’s Edge Display also aids in e-mail synchronization: it serves as a secondary display on the front edge of the notebook, acting as the user’s Personal Information Assistant, allowing him to monitor e-mail inbox and calendar activity. The Edge Display is viewable in both notebook or tablet mode, and even when the unit is stored away in a carrying case. Whether the system is running, or in suspend mode, information will be available to the user. 


Circuit City sets smaller store, new kiosks

Circuit City will roll out new, smaller stores in June that showcase consumer-friendly innovations such as in-store kiosks that enable "real-time" chats between customers and the retailer's Firedog technology support staff, CEO Philip Schoonover announced Monday.

The latest store format will be smaller - approximately 20,000 square feet - compared to the typical 30,000- to 35,000-square-foot existing Circuit City stores, Circuit City spokeswoman Jackie Foreman told

In addition to the kiosks, the retailer will also arm employees with new wireless "tablet PCs." Schoonover said the tablet PCs act as a "guided selling tool" to help employees to better understand customers' needs and help decide on product choices - what type of flat screen TV they want, for example.

Using the PC tablet, employees can quickly sketch a sample diagram of the customer's living room and enter specifics such as size of the room and height of the walls. Based on other variables such as brand preference and price, employees can then recommend the best options for the customer.


January 17, 2007

Vista-Loaded Convertible Tablets
PC Magazine 

Vista was (surprise, surprise) big news at CES 2007, and it's even making waves in the tablet PC market. We bring you three of the latest, hottest, Vista-equipped tablet PCs out there.

For one, handwriting recognition has greatly improved, wherein each pen stroke is reliably translated into digital text. For other mistakes, Vista has a built-in training program that will fine-tune the operating system to make corrections go a lot smoother, no matter how illegible your handwriting is. If you write over a letter in a word, the operating system knows that a correction is called upon rather than adding another letter. The embedded Vista technologies also make it easier for vendors to add intuitive touch-screen capabilities, and you'll find at least one vendor that has chosen a touch-screen over the more popular Wacom digitizer screens.

Last year, we saw flashes of Vista's SideShow feature at work. The Toshiba Portege R400-S4931 turns concept into reality by embedding a secondary display that has the ability to receive e-mail notifications, real-time alerts and RSS feeds without the need to boot into the operating system

The HP Pavilion tx1000 launched with tons of features, including Win-dows Vista, at CES 2007. It's a machine built for multimedia mavens, with its built-in optical drive, an integrated Web cam, a Verizon EV-DO antenna, and 802.11n wireless capability. The tx1000 is also a big proponent of Vista's embed-ded touch-screen capabilities.

Reviewed in this story:

Toshiba Toshiba Portege R400-S4931
First Toshiba PC to launch with Windows Vista; it offers plenty of exciting new features, including a sexy design, lightweight chassis, and a SideShow-enabled secondary display

OQO 2 UMPC OQO model 02
This little handheld PC launched at CES 2007, dual-booting both Windows XP Pro-fessional and Windows Vista Home Premium. It has a built-in QWERTY keyboard and weighs exactly 1-pound.


HP Pavilion tx1000 Tablet PC
HP Pavilion tx1000

By far the most feature loaded convertible tablet to date, loading things like an embedded Webcam, integrated optical drive, WWAN  (EV-DO), and 802.11n wire-less.


Adding ink support to a Non-Tablet

In my review of the Acer Ferrari 1000 one of my criticisms of it was that it was not a tablet.  This was only partially tongue-in-cheek.  The fact is that I would not buy a pen and ink challenged computer as my main Mobile PC.  But since I have this one, lets see what we can do about ink enabling a Vista machine that does not have a digitizer.

Wacom Tablet

What you Need

On the computer side you need a Vista Machine that is running one of the following SKUs:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows Vista Ultimate

In other words, not Home Basic or Started as those SKUs don't have the tablet functionality such as the TIP and pen flicks.

In addition you need some hardware to replace the missing digitizer hardware.  This is where the Wacom graphics tablet comes in.


The EVO Tablet Arm from LCDArms
Gotta Be Mobile

One of the vendors I desperately tried to get to see at CES was LCDArms. Unfortunately, EVO Tablet Armtime got away from us and we were not able to make it by. However, Joe Tosolt, LCD Arms Marketing Manager,  showed up at the Tablet PC meetup, so I was able to get a closeup look at their EVO Tablet Arm.

I was very surprised at how light and elegant the EVO Tablet Arm was. Made of  aluminum, the mounting arm floats above your desk, giving you the freedom to move your tablet pc / umpc anywhere you want for optimal ergonomic needs. This is the perfect accessory UMPC or slate owners that don't have a docking solution, but need something mounted for desktop use


Asus R1F Notebook to Tablet PC Convertible Review

Considering all the features you get for the price, which is affordable at around $1,500, it is hard to passAsus R1F Tablet PC up on the Asus R1F if you're looking for a notebook with the added Tablet PC functionality. It features good performance with its Core 2 Duo processor and ample storage with up to a 120GB hard drive. It's not too heavy or too big to take on trips or hold while standing for awhile. If you use the Splendid Video Technology movies look great, despite some graininess due to the Wacom screen layer. The plastic housing is a little cheap feeling, but the R1F is still durable. The plastic housing helps keep the cost and weight down as well. I enjoyed the R1F in both notebook and Tablet mode, nothing beats writing on the screen especially when you are in a hurry. The screen can double as one big post-it-note and the R1F definitely helped keep me organized.


January 18, 2007

The Top Reasons Students Need Mobile PCs

When I brought home my things from school today, the thought, "Man, I really need to get a Tablet PC" crossed my mind more than once. In one arm, I had a 2 1/2" three ring binder for four classes and a separate 1 1/2" binder for another class. In the other arm, I had a few textbooks for homework, and my pencil case. Then, I figured out why a Tablet PC or a UMPC would be more logical than an outdated, standard, binder-filled backpack.

  1. Weight. By the age of twelve, my backpack weighed a good 25 lbs. And that was not including textbooks. In contrast, I have seen many Tablet PCs and UMPCs that weigh around 3 lbs or less.

click to read the entire article


HP extends PC market share lead
Prdomain Business Register

HP strengthened its lead position in the worldwide PC market, according to results from the fourth calendar quarter of 2006 released today by IDC.(1)

Results from the analyst firm for the period mark the sixth consecutive quarter that HP has grown faster worldwide than the global market. HP has continued to extend its market share lead over its closest competitor while maintaining revenue and profit growth for its PC business.

Last week, HP introduced a new category of consumer touch-screen desktop and tablet PCs, a home media server, nine high-definition televisions, as well as other new digital entertainment products and services at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. More information is available at


New Ground on Ease of Use
Wall Street Journal 

After months of testing Vista on multiple computers, new and old, I believe it is the best version of Windows that Microsoft has produced. However, while navigation has been improved, Vista isn't a breakthrough in ease of use. Overall, it works pretty much the same way as Windows XP. Windows hasn't been given nearly as radical an overhaul as Microsoft just applied to its other big product, Office.

Versions and Upgrading

Vista comes in six versions, two of which are primarily aimed at consumers. One, called Home Premium, is the one most consumers will want. It contains the full Aero interface, and it includes the functionality of Windows Media Center and Windows Tablet edition, which have been discontinued as separate products. Home Premium costs $239, or $159 if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Windows. It will come preloaded on most midrange and some high-end consumer PCs.

The other main consumer edition of Vista is the stripped-down version, called Home Basic. It includes the improved security and search but leaves out the new Aero interface and the Media Center and Tablet functions. It will be preloaded on low-price PCs. Home Basic will cost $199, or $100 for upgraders.


January 19, 2007

HP redefines personal digital entertainment experience
Maltamedia Daily News

HP has expanded its portfolio of digital entertainment products with a new consumer PC category and a broad lineup of digital entertainment products and services that aim to fundamentally change the way people connect, access and enjoy high-definition and HP Tablet PCpersonal digital content.


Announced at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the offerings include the industry’s first all-in-one touch-screen PC and touch-screen consumer tablet PC based on Microsoft Windows Vista™, HP’s first home media server, nine new high-definition TVs, a Blu-ray disc writer, new digital content delivery services and home automation solutions.

HP also introduced the industry’s first consumer tablet PC optimized for Microsoft Windows Vista and on-the-go entertainment. The HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Notebook PC features a touch-screen display, built-in miniature remote control, HP QuickPlay instant movie viewing feature, karaoke and a screen that swivels 180 degrees and folds flat for working or enjoying movies in tight travel spaces such as airplanes or trains.


OQO PC comes small, but benefits are big
The Daily Advertiser

The new model, unveiled last week during Bill Gates' speech at the Consumer Electronics Show, is improved, though it also exacts trade-offs. Notably, the standard battery is a relative weakling, and the machine is not ideal for touch-typing.


Yet there's something attractive about this itty-bitty computer, especially when you take advantage of a pretty fast cellular connection to the Internet.

The new OQO is the latest in an expanding field for bantamweight computers known as UMPCs (ultramobile PCs), a class of machines being pushed by Microsoft. They are more robust, and larger, than PDAs but generally not the versatile workhorses that conventional laptops are.

You can use an optional digital pen to tap directly on the screen and select objects. The $29 pen is supplied when you order Tablet PC software, the pen-based Microsoft operating system, a $100 premium.


CES Interview With Bill Gates: Part 2 Transcript
Mercury News CES

I wanted to talk about the momentum in Tablet PCs. It’s not mainstream yet but there are good things happening. Vista is the big milestone now in terms of hardware people are building. But I get to give a lot of speeches all year long.
Q:  Does the handwriting recognition learn this time around?
A: It harvests the documents on your machine. It looks at the search index. It looks to understand what words you looked at and re-weights them for you. That harvesting is the big, big advance.

Q: It doesn’t specifically recognize your handwriting? It doesn’t tailor itself to your handwriting?
A: Not in any significant way. There are a few things like number forms and left hand and right hand. You can teach it new symbols that aren’t in there. It’s not a complete redesign.

Q: Are you still lobbying for that?
A: Yes. The sky is the limit on how good we want to make that.


As Retail Becomes Hyper-competitive, Retail Technology Vendors Re-position Themselves as Solution Partners
Business Wire

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled World Quarterly Retail Systems Outlook on POS Systems, Handheld Terminals and Tablet PC Markets - 2Q 2005 should facilitate understanding of the current and future market forces in retail, into actionable strategic marketing initiatives for retail technology vendors as well as solution providers.

Streamlining the supply chain, improving employee productivity, and customer facing applications are strong drivers for Tablet PC adoption in retail. In the in-store space, tablet PC adoption is likely to be slow due to cost issues and lack of clarity in item level radio frequency identification (RFID) adoption. Retailers are undergoing accelerated business innovation to achieve profitable differentiation. With rapidly increasing technology spending, retailers are seeking technology vendors who are willing to collaborate in their risks as well as rewards.

Technology vendors in the POS, handheld terminals, and Tablet PC space are focused on providing multifunctional device architectures capable of forward and backward integration into the retail value chain, explains the analyst.


January 22 , 2007

jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 30: The Origami Experience

The Microsoft Origami Project team was generous enough to provide us the forthcoming Origiami experienceOrigami Expereience software and we give you a quick tour. Unlike the original Origami interface, I think I'll be using this new one on my UMPC running Vista. You'll see how everything is accessible and usable without a stylus and the performance is nothing short of astounding!

Watch the brief video and then watch for the Origami Experience software to become available around Vista launch time!

Subscribe to jkOnTheRun Mobile Media Edition here (RSS)


OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #34- CES Wrapup

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick sit down (finally) for show #34 and have a chance to ruminate on JK on the Runfinally meeting face to face at the Tablet PC meetup at the CES recently in Las Vegas.  Both hosts are taller than they thought and give a good wrapup and discuss impressions of the CES.  There were two new Tablet PCs announced at the CES and the hosts give their thoughts about the two devices.  UMPCs are enablers, not limiters as some reviewers seem to think.

Listen here ( MP3, 20.8 MB, 60 minutes) or

Subscribe to the show with this link 


HP Wins Multiple Industry Awards at CES 2007
Business Wire

HP earned nearly 20 industry accolades at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this month, including Best of Show awards from the Consumer Electronics Association, Yahoo! Tech, Popular Mechanics, Sound & Vision and LAPTOP magazines. HP touchsmart

In all, more than 15 products were honored, including the HP TouchSmart PC, the HP MediaSmart TV and the HP MediaSmart Server as well as the recently announced HP Photosmart Studio.

The breadth of the awards underscored HPs efforts in redefining the digital entertainment experience for consumers with new PC and digital photography products and services.

The recognition we received at CES validates that there is a new age of innovation in digital entertainment, said Satjiv Chahil, senior vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP. Consumers are looking forward to new ways to connect, access and enjoy their digital content and HP is there every step of the way from introducing a new paradigm in mobile entertainment with a Vista-based tablet, to creating a new experience of walk-up family computing and entertainment with the TouchSmart PC, to bringing rich media content back into the living room with the MediaSmart TV.


Origami Experience InkShow on an Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC
Gotta Be Mobile

While we were all standing around the Tablet PC meetup in Vegas, we got to see the new Origami Experience for Windows Vista.  We were also given a copy of the program to try out, and of course I had to ask if we could do an InkShow on it...  as you can see, the answer was Yes!!  This is a total overhaul of the Touch Pack that was installed on Windows XP UMPC's.  The old Touch Pack was primarily just a launcher to start other programs.  The Origami Experience is much more of a program itself as you will see in the video - though it still has the launcher part in there as well.

Watch the High Res Origami Experience video here (8:00 minutes, 42.5mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


EverNote 2.0 beta adds Advanced Image Recognition technology

Capturing notes and information is an essential function on a Tablet PC and there are a couple of well designed applications available that alone almost make having a pen-enabled Tablet PC worth it. I switch back and forth between Microsoft's OneNote and EverNote and just received a press release announcing EverNote Portable and the public availability of the beta version of EverNote 2.0.


SmartDraw 2007 Software Review
Tablet PC Reviews

SmartDraw recently released a Tablet PC version of SmartDraw 2007 and I was able to test this software first hand. I have to say I was impressed because I am not an artist, by any means. SmartDraw makes it possible for anyone to create professional quality business graphics such as flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, time-lines, floor plans and more in minutes.

SmartDraw 2007 is the company's first Tablet PC-enabled version, allowing users to take notes and create high quality graphics on the go. It was nice to be able to write directly on the screen and input your information on the charts or graphs. Most of their templates help keep you organized like the flow charts or mind-maps, but there are templates for business professionals. You can create graphs, floor plans, forms, electrical diagrams, web pages or entire presentations. Not only can you create an entire presentation, but you can save and export it as a PowerPoint, Word or Excel document, PDF and as a JPG photograph. That is one of the great features about SmartDraw 2007, especially for mobile users.


January 23, 2007

Tablet PC MVP Marc Orchant's new Outlook 2007 book
Gotta Be Mobile

In the latest episode of the "On the Run with Tablet PC's #34" Podcast, James Kendrick and Mark outlook 2007 guideOrchant briefly discussed Marc's new book, "The Unofficial Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007".  If you have followed Marc's blogging and general online presence, you will know that he is an excellent technology writer, as well as all around good geek!

Marc knows this product, and as an extremely mobile worker and Tablet PC MVP, you can bet it will answer a lot of the questions you have as you move to this new version of Outlook 2007.  Covering everything from the simple management of tasks to handling incoming email, Marc will take you on a fast track to learning a tool that is the basis of so many mobile workers day to day use of a mobile PC.  There is a lot of new things in Outlook 2007, and I am quite sure will do a good job covering them!


Lenovo package is good thinking
Washington Times

Spend about $2,000 for a notebook computer and you should expect some things.
One of the interesting surprises of the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 is what comes with it: 1 gigabyte of RAM, a 120 GB hard disk drive and the tablet display, which is activated with a pen-stylus device. All this in a package that weighs less than 4 pounds and has five hours of battery life -- enough for a flight across the continent.

I've long maintained the IBM-branded notebooks have been among those with the best keyboards around, and this new model doesn't disappoint. That's encouraging given that a Tablet PC, by definition, should be designed as much for pen input as for typing.

Having a Wacom pen-based system in this Tablet PC is a good thing. Wacom's stylus systems are among the best.

 Because the machine arrived late last week, and because we're on the cusp of Microsoft Corp.'s expected Jan. 30 release of Windows Vista, it's going to take some time to see just how useful this kind of a machine really is. I'm not sure how many applications there are that can take advantage of all the pen-input capabilities a Tablet PC should offer, and I'm still a little uncertain as to whether it's worth the hassle.

But for the executive-on-the-go, or for any other kind of road warrior, having a fair amount of power in a rather light package is not at all a bad thing. I'm hoping for positive experiences with this computer and will be sure to report back in a few weeks.


January 24, 2007

The Insider's Guide to Windows Vista
FOX News

Vista Hardware Support

To help buyers identify hardware suitable for running Vista, Microsoft has a two-tier certification and logo program. The "Works with Windows Vista" logo provides assurance of basic Vista compatibility, and "Certified for Windows Vista" indicates that products specifically enable, or take advantage of, Vista features (such as Windows Aero).

Audio and printer driver architecture has changed as well, again with the goal of enhancing performance and stability. ­Vista also offers improved support for new varieties of peripherals and components, including Blu-ray and HD DVD devices.

Laptop and Tablet PC users get new goodies, too, without having to buy separate versions. New Tablet features include touch-screen support, improved pen navigation, gestures, and personalized handwriting recognition. And Media Center is now integral rather than packaged as a separate OS edition.

Vista's intriguing technology called SideShow lets devices with "auxiliary screens" show snippets of pertinent information even when the system isn't powered on.

Imagine the Caller ID display on the outside of a clamshell cell phone, only more powerful and flexible. We're waiting for hardware that will let us test SideShow firsthand.


Spokane Regional Health District Selects Active Ink’s Tablet PC software for Managing Food Inspections
Active Ink Press Release

active ink

The Spokane Regional Health District has selected Active Ink’s e-form software for managing their food inspections.  The District will be implementing a Tablet PC solution for filling out their food inspection reports. All food inspectors will be switching from paper to Tablet PCs over the next 90 days.

The food inspection will consist of an onsite visit to the food establishment. The food inspector will carry their Tablet PC with them on the premises and fill out an electronic form in lieu of the current paper form that they are presently filling out.

“Implementation of this Tablet PC solution will allow us to inspect more facilities in less time and with greater accuracy, thereby creating a safer environment for the residents and guests of the city of Spokane,” said David Swink, Environmental Health Director of the Spokane Regional Health District.


Technology Vendors in the POS, Handheld Terminals, and Tablet PC Space
Business Wire

Streamlining the supply chain, improving employee productivity, and customer facing applications are strong drivers for Tablet PC adoption in retail. In the in-store space, tablet PC adoption is likely to be slow due to cost issues and lack of clarity in item level radio frequency identification (RFID) adoption. Retailers are undergoing accelerated business innovation to achieve profitable differentiation. With rapidly increasing technology spending, retailers are seeking technology vendors who are willing to collaborate in their risks as well as rewards.

Technology vendors in the POS, handheld terminals, and Tablet PC space are focused on providing multifunctional device architectures capable of forward and backward integration into the retail value chain, explains the analyst. By leveraging on newer RFID, smart card and Wi-Fi technologies, these vendors are partnering with retailers to address complexities in customer demand, profitability, and operational challenges. This approach of partnership between retailer and solution vendor is expected to provide the much needed growth driver over the long term.


Hoft & Wessel has just got their skeye.pad XSL Tablet PC approved
High Tech Lounge

Look what we found rearing its head around the FCC offices this lovely Friday afternoon. German firm Hoft & Wessel has just got their skeye.pad XSL Tablet PC approved by the suits, and despite what your initial glance might tell you, it's not a Skype-pad (yes, you're not the only one who was fooled by the model name). Instead, this is a Windows 4.2-powered Tablet PC with an 8.4-inch touchscreen, 800 x 600 resolution, and dual stereo speakers. Naturally, it has its fair share of slots as well, including those of the CF, PC, and SD variety.

They'll be offering two different models, one with an integrated WiFi module (T23002) and one that will only get WiFi-ness via the SD slot (T23000). Both should support WPA and WEP encryption. Wondering how you go about entering text? Well, there's a hidden on-screen keyboard that you can access using an icon on the taskbar.


January 25, 2007

HP Compaq tc4400 tablet
CNET Reviews

Common wisdom says that change comes from within, an axiom that HP has taken to heart with the tc4400 tablet PC. Physically identical to its predecessor, the tc4200, the tc4400's updated model number indicates only a refresh of the components inside its case: brand-new Core 2 Duo processors, an updated chipset, room for more RAM, and larger hard drive capacities. Fortunately, the company also dropped the tablet's price to $1,479

HP Compaq tc4400
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition SP2; 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7400; 512MB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz; 128MB Mobile Intel 945GM Express; 80GB Seagate Momentus 5,400rpm SATA/150


January 26, 2007

Clarifying the Toshiba Portégé R400 Sideshow


The Portégé R400 tablet PC comes with an external display based on Windows Vista SideShow technology, that enables laptop manufacturers to include a secondary or auxiliary display in their designs:

This display can be used to easily view the critical information you need, whether the laptop is on, off, or in sleep mode. The convenience provided by these auxiliary displays will save time and battery life by allowing you to quickly view meeting schedules, phone numbers, addresses, and recent e-mail messages without having to start up your laptop.

Toshiba's Personal Information Assistant is the SideShow display. The Personal Information Assistant can display information from your e-mail store, Microsoft Outlook for example. But now comes the interesting part: how the e-mail gets there in first place.

Even though the official press releases (and the "reviews") call the process Microsoft’s Active Notifications, it is actually the good old Microsoft Direct Push system, based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2. The same system used to push e-mail to Windows Mobile devices.

But the folks at Toshiba did really well and there are actually three ways of getting your e-mail information out on the SideShow display. Two modes require the laptop to be active and running, while the third mode does not require the laptop to be on at all.

To start with it works because the Portégé R400 tablet PC comes with a built-in CDMA EVDO data adapter, connected through Verizon Wireless. Remember, ActiveSync with Direct Push on Windows Mobile devices works only over cellular data connections, but not over Wi-Fi, and it is the same on this tablet PC.


January 29, 2007

Live at the Windows Vista launch event

Alright, so we're reporting to you live from the big Windows Vista launch; you might not stand in the freezing cold for Vista, but we did for the big launch event here in NYC.


Dancers scale the wall of a New York building to promote the launch of Windows Vista from Microsoft. The company is going all-out to promote its first new operating system in five years.


Comp USA on 57th Street in New York Gears Up for Windows Vista


Toshiba's Portege R400 convertible goes on sale


HP's new twist on the Tablet PC

Hewlett-Packard's new "touch screen" tablet PC is ideal for small business users, as well as consumers, one of its creators has claimed.

HP Pavilion tx1000

While touted as a consumer entertainment notebook at its launch last week in South Korea, the Pavilion tx1000 (pictured right) still delivers the tablet functionality that SMB's required. As well it boasts a "twist and touch" 12.1 inch widescreen display, and uses "passive touch-screen technology" borrowed from HP's iPAQ PDA line.

In an interview with ZDNet Australia, Stacy Wolff, director of Notebook Design for HP's Personal Systems Group, described the tx1000 as "the Tablet PC, simplified".

"It's really a PC with touch technology which just happens to be in a notebook or tablet form factor. When you get into the Tablet PC with digitisers and all that stuff you ... you start to get into unique applications, and it requires a little bit more of an experienced user to understand that technology."


Vista Drivers for the Lenovo X60 Tablet PC

For those of you who own the Lenovo X60 tablet PC and will be upgrading to Windows Vista the drivers are no available on the Lenovo web site.

Download the most common drivers and software
Click the category below to quickly jump to the driver you need, then click the driver's version number for more information on how to obtain the file.


T-Mobile to Offer Free WiFi at Starbucks for Windows Vista Users

T-Mobile and Microsoft are teaming up to offer free WiFi at Starbucks, Borders Books and Kinkos locations around the U.S. for those with Tablets or laptops running the new Windows Vista OS. Vista will launch next Monday and this offer will be good January 26th through April 30th.

The offer for free WiFi from a Vista laptop will actually go live tomorrow (January 26th) for those who managed to get a copy early. T-Mobile and Microsoft have a website up promoting this offer, it can be found here:


Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) Part Of Flight Training At Daniel Webster College
Aero-News Network

New Tool For DWC Flight Instructional Staff

The flight instructional staff at Daniel Webster College (DWC), Nashua, NH, recently implemented a new instructional and learning tool that's no bigger than a book.

Tablet PC in CockPit

Every flight instructor has been issued a HP Compaq combination laptop/tablet PC that will be used to access individual computer-based flight schedules and students records, and to document training in real-time during a flight lesson.

As EFBs, the computers hold valuable information


Installing Windows Vista on an HP TC1100 Tablet PC 

Today I upgraded an HP TC1100 Tablet PC from Windows XP SP2 to Windows Vista. The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor let me know that a couple applications that were installed should be uninstalled before the upgrade process started and that the system was able to handle Windows Vista Business or Ultimate Edition. So, I uninstalled Nero Essentials 7, as the advisor recommended. I also uninstalled the upgrade advisor itself. The advisor also recommended that I upgrade the graphics card, which is a bit difficult on a notebook, but ignoring that advice I proceded with the installation.

Upgrading the TC1100 to Windows Vista completed 2 hours and 15 minutes later. The wireless network was already functioning by the time login to the admin account was completed and Windows Update was downloading 4 updates. The four user accounts appear to be as they were in Windows XP SP2 and family photos and files all look safe. No pound signs in the Device Manager. Yes, all-in-all the upgrade to Windows Vista was a very simple experience.


January 30 , 2007

Windows Vista upgrade guide, part 2: hardware
engadget, CA

Tablet PC features - Yes, we know it's an obvious one, but we figured it was worth vista tablet pcmentioning since Vista offers up some key improvements in the arena: configurable pen gestures, a new tab for pen input docked to the screen's side, and a variety of improvements to handwriting recognition, among others. By and large, a Vista capable tablets or convertible laptops are required to take advantage of the goodies, though some (like the Snipping Tool for selecting arbitrary areas of the screen) are available to all. Just remember, tablet functionality is only available Home Premium, Business editions, and Ultimate, and not Home Basic.


Toshiba piles on Vista perks

Purpose: A computer built just for Windows Vista.

The lowdown: Toshiba, which has its U.S. computer headquarters in Irvine, spent two years working with Microsoft to make sure all the perks of Windows Vista are integrated in the Portege R400 tablet computer. Toshoba R400 Tablet PC

And I mean all the perks. The new white shell on black base? Toshiba wanted a sharp new design to make a bold statement as a Vista-only machine.

Love or hate the new look, the R400 is definitely built for early adopters. It has features other laptops only wish they had.

Internet access was a standout. There's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi plus gigabit Ethernet. But when none of these are available, the cell phone modem (using EV-DO technology with Verizon service) kicks in. Automatically.

I still haven't gotten used to the tablet PC functions, but I found this easier to use than in XP because the software is better integrated in Windows Vista. I like the option of penning my notes and converting them to text. Because this flips right back into a traditional laptop, you might even forget that it's a tablet.


FranklinCovey Announces Gadget for Windows Vista SideShow and Releases Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar
Business Wire

FranklinCovey today announced it will release the FranklinCovey Task List Gadget for Windows SideShow in March 2007. It also released the FranklinCovey Task List Gadget for Windows Sidebar today.

Additionally, FranklinCovey has updated its award-winning productivity software applications, PlanPlus v.5.1 for Windows (available now) and PlanPlus v.4.1 for Microsoft Outlook (planned release February 2007), for Windows Vista compliance. Both applications are based on the FranklinCovey Planning System and assist desktop, notebook or Tablet PC users in better managing their time and focusing on top priorities for increased overall effectiveness

PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook allows users to drag and drop tasks, appointments and notes within the different PlanPlus modules for increased productivity. It also includes digital ink support so Tablet PC users can take notes in their own handwriting within the PowerNotes note-taking and note management module. Traditional FranklinCovey Planning Page users can print information from Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and PlanPlus to all four FranklinCovey Planning Page sizes


Gates savors what could be his last big launch
Seattle Times

Microsoft unleashed a marketing blitz across Manhattan and the world Monday to announce that its most important products are available to the masses starting today.

In a spacious hotel suite near Grand Central Station, Chairman Bill Gates seemed at ease, and he smiled frequently during an interview with The Seattle Times on Monday. For good reason. At long last, his company's two biggest products -- Windows Vista and Office 2007 -- are done and on the market. Time to party. And get the sales pitch on.

Q: What's it like to be so closely identified with a product that so many people use on a daily basis?

Gates: Well it's fun when I get to go out to schools and see kids using it in ways I wouldn't have expected. My daughter is at a school where they use laptop computers and I've always believed in that Tablet [PC] concept. But to sit there and see her inking out her homework -- and, you know, she mails me what are called journal files that shows how she does on the quiz. It's pretty neat to see the technology at work.

I'm a big Tablet user, which, you know that market has grown a lot. It's millions. It's still not mainstream, but there's a ton of tablet improvements in Vista and so we're trying to drive to the point where it's common sense that you don't need textbooks, just every student has that. I think this is a significant step in moving us in that direction.

We have areas like Tablet or security where we're kind of out on our own leading the way. We have areas like search where somebody else has done good work or like in video games or in media devices. We're just taking our software-centric way of looking at things and seeing where we can actually bring new competition and do neat new things for end users.

About half the stuff we do is green field -- you know, Office innovation, a lot of that's pretty much we're off on our own; Tablet's like that; Media Center has been like that -- and there's another half where there's some tough competitors in there.


January 31, 2007

Tablet PC report


Download Origami Experience and passing of the torch

Hi all, I'm happy to announce that Origami Experience has been published to the download center for UMPC users who install or upgrade to Windows Vista. If you don't know what Origami Experience is, read some of the previous blogs and check out the video demo we have.

So, when you are all ready, click on the link below to download the Origami Experience Pack. It includes Origami Experience, Sudoku, and Windows Vista Touch Settings.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista
  • Supported Hardware: UMPC

  • line

OQO Model 02 with Vista now available

About a week back, Matt, James and I were wondering when OQO was going to update their Model 02 product order page for Vista. Looks like they did yesterday, which of course, was timed to coincide with the Microsoft Windows Vista launch. Gorkon, a jkOTR reader and frequent commenter, spotted the updated product page last night and noted the following: "Windows Vista Ultimate only adds $100 on top of the OQO price.


Vista Shines as Tablet Platform

Review: eWEEK Labs' tests of the operating system on two Tablet PCs show that Vista smoothes and enhances the tablet computing experience.

Microsoft's decision to incorporate Tablet PC features and functionality into the Windows Vista operating system is one that eWEEK Labs believes will help to convert Tablet PC skeptics.

We installed the operating system on two Tablet PCs—Lenovo's ThinkPad X60 Tablet and Fujitsu's LifeBook T4215—and found that Microsoft has delivered a much more practical and smoother tablet experience in Vista.

ThinkPad X60 Tablet

We've always been fans of Lenovo's ThinkPad notebooks, so it was no surprise that we were pleased by the Vista experience on the ThinkPad X60 Tablet.

Fujitsu LifeBook T4215

Fujitsu's LifeBook T4215 is a convertible notebook best suited for those who make heavy use of tablet capabilities but who want access to a traditional laptop

Despite the lower graphics score, we found that the LifeBook T4215 handled Aero just fine. As with the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet, Vista dramatically improved the handwriting experience on the LifeBook. Handwriting recognition was faster and more accurate than it was pre-Vista, and the device's full-featured TIP (Tablet Input Panel) made input easy.


Bill Gates' to-do list

NEW YORK--It's still a year before Bill Gates shifts from a full-time Microsoft worker to a part-timer. Which is good, because there's plenty he still wants to achieve.

Have you picked a couple things yet that you plan on working on when you do step away from full-time work?
Gates: It's too soon to really decide what those things will be. I'd be surprised if some things related to search or tablet PCs aren't in there. It's up to Steve to think, in that new role, how can I be most effective.


The (Few) Ways Vista Makes Office Work Better

- Auxilary displays: A new feature in Vista allows laptop-makers to build computers with small screens on the outside of the computer, similar to how closed clamshell cellphones might have screens that display the time or a photo when closed. For example, Capossela says, Toshiba has a new tablet PC out for businesses with a small screen that notifies users of new Outlook messages even if the computer isn't open.


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