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April 2007


April 2 , 2007

Congratulations to Kevin Tofel - New Tablet PC MVP
Kevin Tofel Tablet PC MVP

Usually on a Sunday morning, I'll sleep in. Today I woke up for no good reason at 4:55am. Don't know why, just couldn't sleep. I headed downstairs for a quick drink of water, but had no urge to try sleeping again. Samantha, the Samsung Q1P, was nearby, so we dealt with our insomnia together and checked e-mail. Can you believe that not 20 minutes prior, the above e-mail was sent to me? I seriously thought it was an April Fool's day joke, but it appears that it's not: Microsoft was kind enough to award me a Tablet PC MVP!

Welcome to the Team Kevin!


OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #36- the shout-out show!

Otr_tpc_cover_art_new Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #36 and shout-outs are in order all around with the shipping of Marc's book the Unofficial Guide to Outlook 2007, a must read for all Outlook users.  The shout-outs continue with this show dedicated to the newest Tablet PC MVP, Kevin Tofel!  Well deserved and long overdue.  Next up on the shout-out list is Josh Einstein who has released the OneNote Calendar utility that is a must-have for all OneNote users.  The dynamic duo wax poetically about the Asus R2H, one of the most capable UMPCs out there. Another shout-out goes to Warner Crocker for his relentless Vistamization of his Asus UMPC.  Marc professes love for the Lenovo ThinkPad x60t convertible tablet and tells us why.  Shout-out # whatever goes out to Michael Scherrotter formerly of Mindjet who recently joined Microsoft.  JK is hotly awaiting the availability of the new Motion LE1700 slate Tablet PC and discusses why.  JK forgets which podcast he's doing for a split-second, can you find it?

Listen here ( MP3, 17.4 MB, 50 minutes) or

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What a long strange trip it’s been
Marc Orchant

With apologies to my favorite band, that's exactly the feeling I had last night when IThe Unofficial Guide to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 arrived home from ETech in San Diego to find a box from Wiley and Sons waiting for me in the front hall. In it were copies of my book, The Unofficial Guide to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. For 10 months, beginning in March of 2006, this book has been a major (and daily) part of my life. Writing it during one of the most tumultuous beta cycles I've ever experienced (4 major UI revisions), a change in full-time jobs, my son beginning high school, my daughter finishing college, along with the errata of life in 21st century, was an unforgettable experience.

Writing a book was one of those things that's sat on my Someday/Maybe list for a long, long time (it's a GTD thing). Now my Unofficial Guide is now officially a reality. Pretty darn cool.


Product Article: Clever Media Control Multiroom AV (2/4/2007)

The new Clever Media Control (CMC) range of products, available exclusively through Computerlinks UK, is designed to allow Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) to sit at the heart of a whole-house digital media solution. The system provides a single, easy-to-use wireless tablet interface for viewing, searching and playing back media stored on MCE and for controlling a multiroom audio visual distribution system as well as other commonly-used entertainment products.

Samsung Q1 Media Controler


Lenovo X60 Tablet PC on the road blogs 

had my first real opportunity to put the Lenovo ThinkPad X60t to work as a conference machineLenovo X60 Tablet PC this week at the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies conference in San Diego and I'm more impressed than ever with how useful this machine is for someone who needs a perfect balance of portability and power. While there were power strip and outlets available throughout the facility during the event (and a big hat tip to the facilities people for making that happen), I never had the oh gosh, I need to make sure I'm sitting near an outlet panic that plagues notebook users at these all-day-into-the-evening events. On two occasions, I was able to wring 5+ hours of usable juice from the extended battery the X60t came equipped with.

Ultimate EarsAs an added bonus, I also had my first real opportunity to try out Ultimate Ears 5 Pro earbuds I've been evaluating on a reasonably long flight and was delighted to find that not only do they deliver the most astonishing bass response and stereo image of anything I've ever inserted into my ears, they also do an outstanding job of noise cancellation. The steady white noise thrum we subject ourselves to when we get onto a plane vanished and all I heard was the music, movie, or podcast I was listening to.

I will not leave home without these amazing earbuds ever again!  I'll do a full post about these ear buds soon. They're not inexpensive but they are well worth the investment if you fancy yourself to be any sort of an audiophile and they're nearly as effective at eliminating ambient noise as the dedicated (and much bulkier) noise-canceling headphones I've tried


Tablet PC Battery Life: How Wireless Affects Power Consumption
Tablet PC Reviews

Whenever we review notebooks one of the questions that always needs to be answered is, what's the battery life like on this Tablet? We all know manufacturers overstate the quoted battery life for a system, probably because they test for battery life under ideal conditions for getting a high number. For example, wireless off, processor underclocked, system idle, LCD brightness set to low, no DVD and so on. So when your notebook with a quoted 5 hour battery life actually gets three hours, you're left wondering what happened to those other two hours the manufacturer got?


Asus R1 Tablet PC with Vista User Review
Tablet PC Reviews

The Asus R1 is the perfect computer for a student on their way to college. It is builtAsus R1 Tablet PC very well, lightweight and easy to take notes on. Not only is it a great performer, it has a nice design too. This Tablet is perfect for non-students as well. It can be used in business settings, community settings or any setting you need a computer. The Asus R1 passes off as a great notebook, and then the center hinge allows it to convert into a Tablet. This gives the R1 more of a business feel and professional look compared to other notebooks.

Vista uses the computer space more wisely and it has been great for Tablet PCs; the handwriting recognition is close to perfect. I love the windows search it is so much easier to find things quickly with out going through every file and folder.


April 3 , 2007

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet now available with ABGN Wireless and Core™ 2 Duo processors   * MISTAKE *

  • Free standard shipping
  • No Payments for 90 Days with Bill Me Later® on orders over $750.
  • Save up to $400 through April 16


* Update - My source at Lenovo says the information on the web site is a mistake and the core 2duo is not available on the X60  - I will pass on any information as it comes to me


Surface Wave Touch Technology might be next

This week I was lucky enough to have a "Surface Wave" Touch Monitor (named: IntelliTouch) cross my path. As the description ("Surface Wave") alludes to the Touch Screen itself registers coordinates by interacting with a sound wave that crosses the screen. Quite literally X and Y coordinates (cursor movements) are recorded by someone breaking this Sound Wave by placing their finger on the screen. Cool!

Hugo Ortega


Mobile Medical Solution: Mi-Co Announces Support For Motion Computing's C5
Wireless Workforce Online

To effectively demonstrate the capabilities of the new C5 device, Mi-Co built a form-based sample application using Mi-Forms. This application was designed for the Motion C5 Tablet PChealthcare industry with the end users' needs in mind. It integrates Mi-Forms' industry-leading handwriting interpretation, Tablet PC forms development and Tablet PC forms runtime environments with the unique features of the C5: a barcode and RFID reader and a digital camera. This sample form is representative of the capabilities available to software companies developing ink-enabled interfaces for their enterprise applications. Software companies focused on clinical documentation and minimizing errors can reduce their time to market for support of the C5 by joining the Mi-Co partner program where they will gain access to Mi-Forms script source code supporting the device. To learn more, contact the company at 888-621-6230.

"We are pleased that Mi-Co, with its forms-based solution for tablet PCs, has announced and demonstrated support for the C5," stated Tony Bonadero, vice president of marketing for Motion Computing. "The demonstration showcased on the C5 at HIMSS was extremely compelling and helped to show the product's value proposition to attendees."


Mobile Notebooks: Fujitsu First To Offer Solid State Drives In Its Pen-Enabled LifeBook Notebooks For Optimal Performance And Data Protection
Wireless Workforce Online

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation recently introduced the first pen-enabled notebooks with solid state drives (SSDs). The LifeBook P1610 and LifeBook B6210 ultra-portables will offer an option for an SSD, an advanced NAND flash-based replacement for traditional hard disk drives. Fujitsu also introduced a rugged case for added durability and reliability.

The LifeBook P1610 notebook and its predecessor, the LifeBook P1510 notebook, can be further fortified in tablet mode with an optional 3/4-inch thick flexible Santoprene case. The case, which provides access to all ports, offers additional protection against accidental drops, bumps and the rigors of a day on the road. fujitsu


The LifeBook P1610 convertible notebook, a light-weight powerhouse packed with full PC functionality and an 8.9-inch indoor/outdoor touch screen, is designed for on-the-go mobile professionals who require the flexibility of a tablet for note-taking or navigating through forms-based applications, along with the traditional keyboard input of a notebook computer. The LifeBook B6210 notebook, popular in fast-paced, forms-intensive workplaces, is equipped with a bright 12.1-inch XGA display offering the flexibility of touch screen input and the productivity of a notebook computer.


GBM How-To Series #2 : Linking to OneNote in Outlook 2007
Gotta Be Mobile

This week's How-To is one that I have found extremely useful for keeping your Outlook 2007 appointments and OneNote 2007 notes organized. Like many, I have used Outlook for managing my calendar, and OneNote for keeping my notes organized. I never considered joining the two. When I first used OneNote to record audio on OneNote some years ago, I was WOW'ed at how effective this could make my meeting time. Needless to say OneNote changed not only my effectiveness in meetings and such, but solidified my commitment to tablet PC technology in my life. Sorry, I digress. Linking my appointments with my notes is not quite that significant, but it really does help me to keep my notes (and recordings, etc inside my notes) organized and allow me to find them easily when I need them.


Pen Commander Review

PenCommander, by PhatWare is a difficult product to describe. It is an application launcher,Pen Commander but it’s more than just an application launcher. The idea behind PenCommander is that you issue a command by writing it into a small window on the screen. The command is recognized and if it corresponds to a pre-configured command it executes it.

Getting started with PenCommander
Once installed the best thing to do is have PenCommander to start with the computer. This means that it is ready for a command from you without you having to do anything to make the application run. To use PenCommander, simply write in the command that you want and watch it do what it’s told.

By default PenCommander has a number of commands built in. The most useful one to start with is “vpc” which is the command to run Visual PenCommander, but it also includes commands to run the various Microsoft Office applications, notepad, wordpad, paint, a run command and others.


April 4 , 2007

Webcast series to help you learn about mobile PC applications

You asked and asked and asked for Microsoft to help show off some of the cool applications that include special features for Ultra-Mobile PCs, Tablet PCs, Windows SideShow, data synchronization, and other mobile PC features. And yes, Microsoft listened. Shocking, I know. Better yet, Microsoft acted.

A new webcast series began this week: Learn to Use Applications Optimized for Mobile PCs.

SmartDraw kicked off the series and that recorded webcast will be posted on the Mobile PC Developer Center within the next few days. Phatware is up next with its PenCommander. The talks are short and sweet - 20 minutes, which should give you a good idea about the company and application. The last 10 minutes should be the best because it's time that you can ask the ISV questions about the application! Finally, direct contact with these influential ISVs.


WEBCAST: Learn to Use Phatware's PenCommander, Monday, April 9, 10:00 A.M. PT
PenCommander allows you to use a pen to call up commands that can control your computer, such as editing documents, inserting often repeated text into documents, launching applications, and much more. PenCommander supports Windows Vista
Tablet technology.


Did you get the newsletter?

Code Project

This month information about a special, community contest by Code Project is included. Software developers can submit sample code and an article documenting the process to for a chance to win a Samsung Q1 Ultra-Mobile PC. Todd Landstad and Frank Gocinski posted a couple of sample projects to help people get started -- hopefully, stimulate a few new ideas. You can read about the contest and additional information at:

Community members, such as OEMs, ISVs, and community websites and bloggers submit information. If you have relevant content that you produced, please share it too! You can email it to mpcnews at microsoft dot com.


Can't Hit Those Control Buttons On Your UMPC In Low Res? Try This
By Warner Crocker

In a blog post talking about screen resolution and how the human eye works Vikram UMPCVikram Madan is hailing a new “pseudo-power-toy” for Ultra-Mobile PCs. The UMPC Scroller utility will correct one of the bizarrest problems that UMPC owners are more than familar with. In the native low-res screen resolutions many dialogue boxes pop-up with the contorls, (OK, Cancel, etc..) off the screen so that you can’t access them without moving to a higher resolution.

The UMPCScrollbar Utility runs in the background and pops up an on-screen scrollbar whenever it detects a non-reisizable dialog taller than the available working screen estate. The scrollbar then allows you to nudge the dailog buttons that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Turn It Off, Kids!
PC Magazine

Bill Gates restricts his 10-year-old daughter's screen time to 45 minutes during the week and an hour and a half on weekends. Granted, she goes to a school where the kids use tablet PCs every day, but still, he's doing this for a reason. The limit is clearly more important than the potential gain.

Put simply, you can't rely on kids to limit their media intake. Media literacy requires more than having an off switch on the TV. It requires parents with the knowledge and will to press it. It means not just knowing what your kids are watching, but what games they're playing and what lessons are being learned. Sascha knows this, of course. But there are huge swaths of this country that don't.


April 5 , 2007

Does your app work in 480x and x480?

When Tablet PCs were introduced people had to start thinking about portrait mode, which commonly had a minimum of 768x1024. Last year when Ultra-Mobile PCs were introduced people started thinking about how x480 impacts application design. Some of this year's UMPCs have portrait mode too, so now 480x and x480 are the minimum resolutions in which your application may be viewed.


Enhanced Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC Images

Further details are a little sparse at the time of writing, but based on the released imagery alone Samsung’s Q1 Ultra Mobile PC is undoubtedly primed to cause somewhat of a stir in the UMPC world.

Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC

We are anxiously awaiting further information concerning the enhanced Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC and will, of course, offer an update on TFTS the moment further information becomes available.


April 6 , 2007

Saitek Easter Basket

A Unique take on an Easter Basket from Saitek

easter egseaster egseaster egs

Intel Motorcycle Has No Mirrors, No Dashboard
Mobile Magazine

Click to Zoomumpc motorcrcleThey haven't told us whether it'll be running on Windows Vista, but here is an Intel-designed motorcycle that boasts all sorts of technological goodies. It may not be as fast as the KillaCycle or even have as sexy a name, but what the Intel bike does have is a removable UMPC "that doubles as a virtual dashboard", granting you access to all your computer applications as you tear it up down the highway.

You'll also notice that this motorcycle does not have conventional mirrors. When you're going as fast as you are, I guess you have no time to look at what's behind you, but when the need arises, you can switch on over to the rear-facing cameras mounted behind you, presumably sending their feed to the UMPC between the handlebars. On this same UMPC, you can enjoy full audio and video capabilities, GPS, and a 3G data connection. Top this all off with a quad- or octo-core chipset, and you've got yourself a pretty advanced bike. Too bad it's not commercially available, to my knowledge.


Student Tablet PC Taking Applications for Author Position

I think we need some fresh blood here. Between school and busy college lives, we’re having trouble keeping the site as active as we’d like.

Instead of letting it just suffer a slow, painful decline, we’re opening up the lines for an additional author. Maybe we just need help.

Why would you want this position as STPC author?

Well, if you’re posting a lot anyway and you’d like a little formal recognition for it
If you wouldn’t mind a little extra cash each month from google ads
If you’re looking for a job in technology (getting your name out is a great networking tool)
If you’re looking for an activity you can put on your resume that doesn’t require frilly meetings and elections
What would it require?

A love/passion for Tablet PCs and/or all touch technology
You need to be a student, and more than a “student of life”
At least 10 posts a month. That’s only one every three days. Easy as pie (usually).
So how do you apply?

Send your name and a brief background to
Attach/Include a sample of your writing, preferably an article you would post if you were selected. No length requirement, but use your own judgment. It could be a post you already made on your own personal blog or a forum.


April 9 , 2007

Hugo Ortega goes the HTC

Recently I posted about whether I would “Shift” or not! (Shift as in the HTC Shift). The reason for the post was that I had never witnessed so many emails regarding a product release as I had regarding the HTC announcement. I must admit that I was excited too so when the opportunity came to upgrade my existing Mobile Phone I couldm’t help but go for “The Shift” myself, or at least the Dopod 838pro, as The Shift is still not available. LOL.

See it on

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Fujitsu LifeBook P1610
The Age

t's about half the size of a typical notebook PC and weighs a little less than a kilogram, yet the LifeBook P1610 is still a surprisingly functional little machine.

The P1610 is a Tablet PC, so its 22.6cm touchscreen can be twisted back on itself to lie face up on the keyboard. You can then use the included stylus to write on the display or tap away at the on-screen keyboard, menus and buttons. It's a fast and convenient way to use your PC when you're on the go.

Those who prefer to interact with the notebook in a more conventional manner can use the keyboard to type but be warned - it's about two-thirds the average size, so it's not ideal for those with big hands.


April 10 , 2007

Celebrating Active Outdoor Lifestyles: OtterBox Sponsors Sea Otter Classic
Monterey, Calif. April 12-15, 2007

Otter Products, LLC., recognized for rugged cases to protect technology and OtterBoxvaluables in the outdoors, sponsors North America’s largest cycling festival, the Sea Otter Classic. Held in Monterey, Calif. April 12-15, 2007, the 17th Annual Sea Otter Classic will host over 50,000 fans and 10,000 athletes to promote outdoor recreation and activities.

“At Otter Products, LLC., we have always generously sponsored deserving organizations and individuals,” said Brian Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing. “This year, we decided to focus efforts towards an organization that helps promote the core of our company, people in the outdoors!”

The Sea Otter Classic’s mission is simple, to make people's lives better through participation in sport and recreation, and through celebration of an active outdoor lifestyle.

OtterBox Tablet Pc Case Review

OtterBox Rugged Laptop-Tablet Pc Case Review


ADLIB supplies JBL VerTec for Nine Inch Nails

Keppler used his own Digidesign venue console - with absolutely no outboards. The only additional device he had out front was a stereo pre-amp for the audience mics - utilised for the nightly show recording on Pro Tools. Two Dolby Lake Processors and two Lake Contours took care of the system processing and control, along with a Mesa EQ hooked up to a wireless tablet PC.


Notebooks sweeping the desktop
Australian IT

Customers are now looking for more balance between price and features.

"One option is to invest in the much-hyped tablet PC, which combines a traditional notebook layout with a touchscreen.

"Tablets have sold well, particularly in the education sector," Toshiba's Whittard says. "There's not much of a premium over a similarly specifi ed notebook.

"Tablet PCs continue to be most widely adopted by people in specifi c industries, such as medical and manufacturing," HP's Bradburn says.

The average consumer isn't showing the same degree of enthusiasm.

"The reality is that the tablet is still a premium product, so it's always going to be a minimal part of any vendor's mix," Lenovo Australia-New Zealand ThinkPad senior product manager Frank Luburic says.

Tablet PC users may also fi nd increased joy in Vista, since it automatically supports tablets rather than requiring a separate operating system, unlike XPgeneration tablets.

According to Whittard, Toshiba has already sold out of its original Australian shipment of the Vista-only Portege R400 tablet.


FNIN Launches, the Internet's First Weekly Investor Givaway Website
PR Newswire Promotions Give Investors the Opportunity to Win a Valuable Premium Every Week Such as a New DELL Notebook Computer, a New Microsoft Tablet PC or Windows Mobile Smartphone for Sharing Their Investment Preferences.

First National Information Network (FNIN), the leading provider of qualified and pre-qualified investor leads and contact databases, announces the launch of, the Internet's first weekly investor giveaway website. Participating investors will have the opportunity to win one of a number of prizes dispersed each week in a random drawing of all contestants. The drawing will be conducted by the FNIN marketing team and winners will be contacted directly. Eligible participants must visit and complete the simple Investor Profile form to be eligible.


Asus Headquarters Tour
Tablet PC Reviews

Asus is going to continue pushing the G1 notebook into Best Buy stores and told me that soon more Best Buy's will be carrying the G1. They also stated that they have been negotiating with Best Buy to start carrying other Asus models, no word on which models though.
Asus PCs

They are also proud of how successful the R1 and R2 have been. In fact in the near future we will see newer editions of both models. No comment though on when we will see these newer models, but I think the updated R1 is already in progress and remember that was Asus's first Tablet PC.


April 11 , 2007

Toshiba Portege R400 Convertible Tablet PC InkShow
Gotta Be Mobile

Just when it seems to me that I have seen it all in the Tablet PC hardware world, I Toshiba Portege R400.jpgget to do another review on a new piece of hardware. There really is no such thing as the "best" piece of hardware folks, so give up that search.  There is however a piece of hardware that fits your needs very well, and if you like beauty and quality fit and finish, the the Toshiba Portege R400 is for you!

I tell you that just to prepare you for the fact that the subject at hand today, the R400 Tablet PC, is most certainly not for everyone.  It is targeted at the higher end buyer who is a mobile professional and demands high quality, great looks, and solid basic functionality, AND demands Windows Vista right out of the Box.  In my opinion, this machine fits that bill very nicely, albeit at a price point that will keep the more budget minded and timid spender from hitting that "Add to Cart" button.

Watch the High Resolution InkShow here


Education continues to contribute to Tablet PC sales

In a recent publication addressing Tablet PC sales, Tablet PC Sales are Slowly Gaining Momentum, Garter specifically calls out use of Tablet PCs in education, particularly higher education as a dominant market driver of convertible form factors.

The article also states, "In the past year, there has been growing interest from students, mostly in higher education," and "Inserting nontext characters into notes or new documents — Many higher-education students and faculty in math, chemistry, physics and engineering are using tablet PCs." I just pulled out two of the several possible quotes from the report about Tablet PCs in education, all of which are address the growing role of education in the Tablet PC market. I specifically see that the efforts through Microsoft Research, such as with its RFPs and workshops, has been a major driver of this interest, as well as commercial software applications extending value.

Gartner provides three possible forecasts, which I find very interesting. It lists good, better, best scenarios in which the main dependency is how much marketing attention Microsoft provides for Tablet technology.


The 2006 Engadget Awards: Vote for Tablet PC of the Year

Engadget Awards

Now's your chance to cast your ballot for the 2006 Tablet PC of the Year! (For the purposes of this award, UMPCs will compete in Handhelds.) Our Engadget Awards nominees are listed below, and you've got until 11.59PM EST on Sunday, April 15th to file your vote. You can only vote once, so make it count, and may the best tech win! The nominees: Fujitsu P1610, Gateway CX210 / M285, Kohjisha SA1F00, Lenovo X60, and Toshiba Portege M400.


April 12 , 2007

Sneak Peek Photos TabletKiosk's New Sahara i400 Tablet PC Dock

i400 Tablet PC dock

I've always said that for the best possible user experience anyone buying a Slate Style Tablet PC should also purchase the docking station with it and my feeling on that have not changed.   The ability to dock your slate at home or in your office and attach a usb keyboard and mouse, DVD, printer or any or any other accessories you happen to need or use is important for both usability and convenience. 



LG C1 Express Dual Tablet PC Review
Tablet PC Reviews

The LG C1 is an impressive Tablet PC. Its lightweight design and glossy piano LG Tablet PCblue/black finish give this Tablet that professional appeal. Its Core Duo 1.2GHz processor doesn't lack in performance either. The C1 doesn't have an internal optical drive just like the Toshiba R400, but the C1 weighs much less and is definitely small enough to take anywhere with its 10.6" WXGA display. LG does have an external drive though that is included in the price, very sleek and it fits perfectly in your bag even with the Tablet. The C1 is perfect for any user, especially if you are looking for something lightweight that runs Windows Vista. The only problem is getting your hands on one if you live in the U.S.


Tablet PC is what I love and Teaching is what I do best. So since becoming a blogger I have been gifted with the ability to bring two joys in my life together – Tablet and Teaching. So in an effort to provide the most effective use of my time, skills and knowledge I have decided to accept an invitation to join the GottaBeMobile Team! Yep, you heard me…I’m on the Team! I am the fourth MVP on the GBM Team, the First International Team Member, and one of only a few Australians to make it to the USA without leaving Sydney.


My UMPC has Speed Dial for websites: Opera 9.2

Opera_speed_dialThe latest version of Opera has a nifty feature called "Speed Dial" that comes in handy with a UMPC. Sure, you can use it on any Windows machine, but it gets me to my favorite sites pretty quickly on Samantha, the Samsung Q1P. You start using the new feature in a blank browser tab where you can save up to nine of your favorite sites. Each site takes a spot on the 3 x 3 page and you can drag or move sites to the nine different placeholders. The idea is that these sites are set to "speed dial" just like nine of your most used phone numbers on a phone. If you need quick access to any of the nine sites, you just enter the number in the Opera address bar.

April 13 , 2007

Mobile PC Users

Pc_sync Want an overview on how to sync your companion UMPC with a desktop? How about sharing information between two notebooks? If you have time on Monday, there's a scheduled webcast at 10 am PT via this Microsoft LiveMeeting link. The focus will be on Laplink's PCsynch product:

"Looking for a fast, secure way to synchronize files between your Ultra-Mobile PC and another PC? Laplink’s PCsync enables automated file transfer and synchronization between PCs running different versions of Microsoft® Windows, including Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows 2000."

The webcast is free and is actually a series of Mobile PC webcasts in progress; the current schedule is right here.

HP Pavilion tx1000
PC World

An artfully designed ultraportable convertible Windows Tablet PC, the HP Pavilion tx1000 is geared for multimedia. It's lightweight (4.2 pounds) and has some HP TX 1000 Tablet PCdistinctive design touches, including a unique touchpad, that make it interesting. But its poor battery life and reflective screen make it a less-than-desirable traveling companion.

All of the ports are conveniently laid out along the sides; helpful, readily visible gray icons identify the connections so you don't have to hunt. Buttons for HP's QuickPlay software (which lets you play DVDs or music without having to boot Windows) and for rotate the screen occupy the area just below the screen.

Converting from notebook to slate mode is easy, and the 12.1-inch screen rotates into place firmly. One quibble: The screen jiggles a bit when the tablet is in notebook mode and you are moving--say, if you're on a train--and that can be a little distracting. The tablet has an easy-to-use touch screen, though HP doesn't include a stylus or a place to stow one, so you have to tap the screen with your fingertip. The screen's responsiveness is quite good, however.


April 16 , 2007

Intel offers up cheaper, simpler mobile platform for consumers

Just over a year ago, Microsoft and Intel announced the Origami platform which intel mid UMPCwould lay the foundation for Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs). UMPCs were supposed to retail for between $599 to $999 and were based around the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. "We believe that (ultra-mobile PCs) will eventually become as indispensable and ubiquitous as the mobile phone today," said Microsoft VP Bill Mitchell in March of 2006

The prices never did quite dip into the $599 USD range and UMPCs never did quite live up to initial sales forecasts (Samsung has sold fewer than 100,000 units of its Q1), but the market is still pushing forward. As manufacturers like Samsung, Asus and HTC are working on second generation UMPC designs which run on Windows Vista; it looks as though Intel is looking to take the "bigger than a Smartphone, smaller than a laptop" sector in a different direction. Intel posted two slides on its website ahead of Intel Mid UMPCIDF Beijing which detail the new Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform.

Intel is targeting the MID platform, codename McCaslin, to appeal more to the consumer market. Most UMPCs are priced out of the typical consumer market -- with prices ranging from around $900 to $1,800 -- and end up being purchased by business professionals instead of the average user who has been spoiled by $500 laptops and carrier-subsidized Smartphones.


GottaBeMobile Hardware InkShow: The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
Gotta Be Mobile

The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is the follow up to the much ballyhooed N770 Internet Tablet PC and it has gotten just as much attention if not more so. One of those tablet pcchronicling every detail about the N800 is Thoughtfix and we’d like to extend a very special thanks to Thoughtfix for giving us the opportunity to check out the N800.

Nokia’s Linux based Internet Tablet PC is just what the name says it is. It provides a handy and very small mobile solution to surfing the web, checking email, VoIP and chat, and listening to media. Is it an Ultra-Mobile PC? Well it is ultra mobile given its very impressive diminutive size, but it doesn’t have the horsepower of its larger cousins. Is that an issue? Depends on what you need to do in your mobile lifestyle. Choosing the right mobile device for your scenario is all about personal choice, and I can see any number of situations where this could be a very attractive on the road solution.


Have you ever wished that the screen rotation button on your Tablet PC processed the rotations in a different order? It's called Orientation Sequence Settings and you can most certainly change it! Take a closer look at today's How-To and find out more.


Homework -- Keeping children, parents and teachers together

HOMEWORK integrates educational software with broadcast quality video from the Channel Four educational TV series ‘The Number Crew’. Children work in a teacher-led group using an interactive whiteboard, either on their own or in small groups using tablet PCs. The teacher can use his or her own tablet PC to plan lessons, manage the class, allocate work and monitor each child’s progress. Parents can see what their children have been doing at school, are able to offer help and hence feel more involved with the classroom.

Teachers were enthusiastic about using the HOMEWORK system - as long as it was robust and well integrated with the rest of the school's activities. For the children using HOMEWORK meant they spent more time on their learning, displayed greater concentration and engagement and enjoyed the choice of activities and computer game style ‘rewards’. Parents enjoyed using the tablet PCs with their children, they were better able to talk with their children about school numeracy work and were able to better understand what, and how, their children were learning at school.

Commenting on the study Professor Rosemary Luckin, who led the research team said:

"Children benefited from having their own personal tablet for learning about maths at home and in the classroom. Teachers appreciated being able to offer learners exciting multimedia activities and non-paper based homework. Parents enjoyed working with their children using the technology at home and being able to see what their child had been doing at school. All-in-all a great success and a model for other such schemes


Artist Develops Digital Look Book
Women's Wear Daily 

American painter Laurance Rassin, known in the art world as an international rising star, is hoping to do just that for the fashion world. His latest creation is a digital look book, which utilizes a PC tablet. Rassin used the device to showcase his apparel collection at the Palm Beach Fashion Show at Mar-A-Largo last month in Palm Beach, Fla. The look book is Rassin's modern-day branding tool, an updated technological showcase that originated from his days as founder and chief executive officer of Adwheels advertising.


Toon Boom Debuts Storyboard Pro
Animation Magazine

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, a digital storyboarding software solution for films, gaming, advertising and animation projects. The entirely paperless process is designed to save directors and producers significant time and costs, while also saving a few trees in the process.

Key features of Storyboard Pro include a true WYSIWYG, multi-layer drawing engine that mimics the traditional storyboarding process using a graphic tablet and pen compatible with Tablet PC for Windows and Vista, as well as Mac Intel. The release also offers simultaneous animatic creation (complete with complex camera moves), pre-production management functions and total pipeline integration with AAF, CSV, PSD and PDF file format support.


April 17 , 2007

SmudgeGuard prevents smudges,


The smudge-prevention glove ensures against ink and graphite stains on the side of your hand and pinky and keeps your writing, artwork, and tablet PC smear-free.


6 Simple OneNote 2007 Tips

1. Insert Space to Widen the Page

You probably know you can make the page longer by inserting space, but did you know you can make the page wider by inserting space? Click the “Insert/Remove Space” button and move the cursor to the edge of the page. You should see the insert/remove line change to a vertical bar instead of horizontal.


2. Open the Pen Toolbar

The default OneNote set-up doesn’t have the pen toolbar exposed. The first thing I recommend for people with a Tablet PC to do is bring out the toolbar (View—>My Pens Toolbar) and find a nice home for it. You can even dock it on the bottom of the screen if that works best for you.

6. OneNote SideNote: Keep-Window-on-Top

If you haven’t enabled the OneNote SideNote, you should (Options Panel—>Other). This gives you instant access to a notepad with all the benefits of OneNote. My favorite way to use this is with the keep-window-on-top option. This should be default, but if it’s not, it’s the little push-pin on the top left corner. This is great for research, homework, or shopping lists ^_^.



Intervolve Teams with Top PC Maker to Bring Tablet PC Solutions toto the Consumer Packaged Goods and Distribution Markets
Business Wire

Intervolve, Inc., the pioneer in providing on demand supply chain software using Web and mobile technologies, today announced a new business relationship with Lenovo to deliver tablet PC sales and distribution solutions for consumer packaged goods distributors. Intervolve and Lenovo will jointly sell Intervolve solutions and Intervolve will resell ThinkPad X60 Tablet PCs. The go-to-market alliance includes Intervolve as one of several strategic Lenovo Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that provide solutions for ThinkPad X60 Tablets with Microsoft Windows Vista, and the only ISV currently providing solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods and Distribution markets.

As part of the agreement, Intervolve and Lenovo will jointly sell the combined hardware, software, and services solutions to beverage and consumer packaged goods distributors. By offering customers an end-to-end solution designed by technology leaders in their respective industries, distributors will have innovative business productivity and market intelligence solutions at their fingertips.

The rock-solid design of Lenovos ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC includes a shock-mounted hard-drive and roll-cage making it a reliable and durable tool for on-the-go computing. It is a thin and light 12-inch tablet that also offers layered security tools including an encrypted hard drive and integrated fingerprint reader to prevent unauthorized access to information. The ThinkPad X60 Tablet also come equipped with ThinkVantage Technologies, a suite of self-help tools helping to manage profiles for Internet connections and easy recovery of lost or corrupted files, among other features.


April 18 , 2007

Intel Ultra-Mobile PC Platform for 2007-2008 Announced

On Day 2 of IDF, Intel officially confirmed the McCaslin platform.
They call it the Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007.

The new platform for second generation UMPC will feature both traditional UMPC andHTC UMPC MID (Mobile Internet Device - the budget UMPC running Linux). The 2007 Ultra Mobile platform is composed of three distinct components similar to Centrino branding -

The MID platform is divided into three different categories to better suit the needs of the audiences - Stay in Touch, Be Entertained and Access Info & Locate. 'Stay in Touch' devices will be optimized networking,  'Be Entertained' will sport better multimedia capabilities while 'Access Info & Locate devices' will be packed with GPS and navigation powers. They are expected to be sub-$1000 surely.

For 2008, Intel already has some updates for the UMPC platform drafted. The UMPC2008 platform is codenamed 'Menlow'. It will feature 45nm 'Silverthorne' processor using the 'Poulsbo' chipset. 'Silverthorne' is expected to be a step towards Intel's dream of 0.5W TDP processors for UMPC.


Fly Away with the QWERTY-fied Tango Wings UMPC

The details are pretty slim, but if you want to get your hands on a UMPC and Tango UMPCabsolutely must have a full QWERTY keyboard, then this number just might be right up your alley. Apparently dubbed the TANGO Wings by Sungiu, this UMPC appears to have a standard 7-inch color display as well as quick access keys along the piano black frame, though it is somewhat interesting to find the directional pad mounted to the left of the screen rather than to the right.

You can only assume that the display is a touchscreen, but when it comes time to do some text input -- like writing an article for a tech news blog -- then the slide-out QWERTY keyboard comes into play, separated in the middle for ease of thumb access. As you can see the Windows button on the keyboard, we can safely conclude that this sucker is powered by Microsoft.

The actual tech specs of the innards remains a mystery, as does the thought process behind naming a UMPC the "Tango Wings."

Toshiba Tablet PC


High: The Toshiba Portégé R400-S4931 ($3,500) is the first laptop to use Ultra-wide band––low-powered radio signals––to connect wirelessly to peripherals as far as 30 feet away. Its monitor swings around, transforming it into a tablet PC, a biometric fingerprint reader comes standard, and two banks of superbright battery-saving LEDs light the notebook's 12.1-inch widescreen. With an 80GB hard drive and an Intel Core Duo processor, this computer can handle all your business needs with style.

First Impressions: The Toshiba R400 Tablet PC


Samsung Q1b UMPC/Tablet PC Hands-On Review
Tablet PC Reviews

Seeing that this is a review of the Samsung Q1b UMPC/Tablet PC, we are going to take a look at mobility from the side of Tablet devices. It's no longer a question of the ability of the devices, the Samsung Q1b is an impressive piece of machinery packing Windows XP Tablet Edition, a 32GB flash hard drive, a touchscreen-based interface and enough connectivity options to keep your contacts from being aware that you are on the go. But there still is a question that needs to be asked: Is the Tablet PC, especially with the advent of flash memory hard drives and their increased performance, worth investing in? Let's dive into the Q1b and then revisit this question.


Intel launches 'Centrino Jnr' for UMPCs

Seeking to spur growth in the mini-tablet market, Intel today unveiled its new Ultra Mobile 2007 'McCaslin' platform for Windows and Linux devices.

The platform encompasses both the existing Windows-based Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) category with screens sizes of 5 to 7 inches, and smaller mobile Internet devices with screens from 4 to 6 inches. ZDNet Australia revealed earlier this week the smaller Redflag on UMPCunits will be aimed at consumers and run Linux.

"Intel's positioning of UMPCs as mobile Internet devices and its choice of Linux as an OS makes sense for OEMs, as the target audience is now consumers and prosumers rather than mobile professionals," said Hugo Ortega, director of Sydney-based tablet PC and UMPC distributor Tegatech Australia.

"UMPC sales are being dragged down by their high price, unrealistic expectations and lack of functionality with Windows Vista. Given that current UMPCs and Tablet PCs are considered as niche products, it makes sense for Intel to adopt a broader market strategy," Ortega said.


HP Raises the Bar on PC Design with New Line of Personal Computers
Business Wire

HP today introduced an attractive new line of consumer PCs that, for the first time, have been designed to complement any room of a home that features the latest HP tx 1000 TabletPCconsumer electronics and home appliances.

Part of HPs The Computer is Personal Again campaign, the redesigned PCs have an elegant, piano-black finish with refined silver trim and subtle, blue LED light accents.

The new desktop and monitor designs complement the recently introduced HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Notebook PC, the industrys first touch-screen consumer tablet PC, which began shipping last month. The notebook features curved edges and a piano-black glossy finish with the HP Imprint design, a touch-screen display, built-in miniature remote control, HP QuickPlay instant movie viewing feature, karaoke and a screen that swivels 180 degrees and folds flat for working or enjoying movies in tight travel spaces such as airplanes or trains.


Tablets efficient for those on the go
The Jersey Journal

You know computers are getting smaller every year, but do you know about tablets? Tablet computers make notebooks seem large; they're made for extreme on-the-go computing.

I've been testing two different kinds of tablets this week, and while I'm not ready to trade in my desktop computer, I can see their advantages. Tablets fill the gap between smartphones, which can go online but have small screens, and notebooks, which cost more and are heavier to carry.

The second model I've been using is a fully-fledged computer, the TabletKiosk eo eo UMPCUMPC i7210 ($1,399). "UMPC" stands for ultra-mobile PC, and it means that the tablet uses a new version of the Windows operating system made just for tablet PCs.

With a UMPC, you can do anything you can on a regular computer, but you hold the computer like you would a pad of paper. Select items on the screen either with the included stylus or with buttons to the left and right of the screen that mimic the actions of a mouse. Some UMPCs slide up to reveal keypads, but this one doesn't; to type, you either write on the screen or tap on a virtual keyboard.

If you're looking for a computer that can travel anywhere, consider a tablet. They're great ways to stay connected wherever you go.


April 19 , 2007

The New Gateway® E-155C Tablet PC

The Thin & Light Convertible is a fully-featured solution for the highly mobile user who needsDigital Pen and Eraser and Touch Screen technology the versatility of an advanced notebook with innovative tablet features. Designed with complete connectivity options and the latest mobile technology, the Thin & Light Convertible is a lightweight, durable system designed to withstand your mobile demands.Decide how you work with touchscreen, tablet, keyboard and microphone capabilities. Revolutionize the way you work with the features of an advanced Thin & Light Notebook with an integrated optical drive paired with the flexibility of digital ink and a bidirectional hinge.

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo ULV Processor U7500 (1.06GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache)

Click here for More Information and full Specs


Is the pen still mighty in the computer age?

Your grandchildren may use a stylus on a tablet PC instead of a Bic on tablet paper, but they will continue to write.

That's because even in an era when elementary school students are adept at mousing and teenagers are fiends at text-messaging, some experts say that writing with a pen is still the backbone for teaching people how to read and learn facts.

The difference will be in how the characters are made.


April 20 , 2007 

WEBCAST: Learn to Use ArtRage 2 UMPC, a Natural Painting Application, Monday, April 23, 10:00 A.M. PTArtRage

Ambient Design's ArtRage 2 UMPC has been specifically designed for Ultra-Mobile PCs. It has a redesigned interface and workflow for small form-factor, portable PCs. You can paint and sketch using your whole screen as a canvas, and take your art with you wherever you go.


Medion UMPC RIM 1000: a first lookMedion uMPC


Medion, the Germany-based specialist in mobile kit such as notebooks, handhelds and satellite navigation devices, has launched a 'second-generation' Ultra Mobile PC, the UMPC RIM 1000. Aimed at commuters and other mobile profesionals, the UMPC RIM 1000 will be available from May 2007, both online and at a number of retail outlets, for £799.99 (inc. VAT).


School district moves ahead with laptop project
The Capital Journal

The Pierre School District is moving ahead with preparations for the South Dakota Classroom Connections laptop project.

T.F. Riggs Principal Mike Fugitt said district representatives met with representatives from Gateway Computers Wednesday to begin working on the lease agreement for ordering electronic tablets. The district hopes to have the tablets by July 23, when staff members will begin training, Fugitt said.

A tablet PC is a notebook or slate-shaped mobile computer. Its touch screen or digitizing tablet technology allows the user to operate the computer with a stylus or digital pen, or a fingertip, instead of a keyboard or mouse. The computer is linked to a network using a wireless link.


Taking Action on the Vision for High-Quality Education
Computing News

This is where we see a great fit for delivering the Microsoft Student Innovation Suite, which rounds out our Partners in Learning program by adding a one-to-one student-focused offer that helps governments get involved. We're finding that governments today are actively exploring the idea of subsidizing or giving computers to their students, whether those are inexpensive refurbished PCs, new laptops, Tablet PCs, or locally manufactured PCs targeted for use in educational settings.


April 23 , 2007

Dell_d420 Quite a few people have been hoping that PC maker Dell would come out with a Tablet PC.  Not only would a Dell Tablet PC help validate the platform it would also make it easier for companies who use Dell computers exclusively to make Tablet PCs available for those employees who prefer them.  There have been rumors of a Dell Tablet PC for months and I recently received some additional information that sounds very credible.  A jkOnTheRun reader who wishes to remain anonymous recently discussed the Dell Tablet with two Dell representatives at two different public events and this is what he was told by Dell:
  • Dell will release a Tablet PC in the September/ October 2007 time frame
  • The Tablet PC will be based on the Latitude D420 notebook computer and will be a convertible Tablet.
  • It will be compatible with all Latitude D series accessories such as docking stations, power adapters, etc.
  • This Tablet PC will be the last system released in the popular Latitude D series.
  • The Dell Tablet PC will have an active digitizer only.
  • Wireless Broadband will be an option
  • Widescreen display

Like all Dell Tablet PC rumors you need to take this with a grain of salt but it seems like a very credible piece of information. 

PhatWare releases PhatPad 4.2 for Windows Vista and Windows Mobile
PR Web

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PhatPad 4.2, the next generation of the company's award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows-based Tablet, Desktop and Windows Mobile powered Pocket PCs and Smartphones, which is “Certified For” Windows Vista.

PhatPad allows users to draw pictures, jot notes, or put a mixture of pictures and typed text on a virtual scratch pad. The program uses new digital ink technology, which provides a very smooth ink flow, so it feels like writing on an actual piece of paper. While working with the note editor, PhatPad offers standard editing commands in addition to a customizable pen palette and variable pen width.


Windows Vista Media Center for watching saved programs on a UMPC

With business and consumer PCs available today under 3lbs, we're starting to see a greater diversity of applications -- including for entertainment. Microsoft's Ultra-Mobile PC website states, "Have more fun on the go." lists, "Be entertained with videos, games, music, pictures or TV on the go."

Using a PC for entertainment is familiar to people. The new aspect is the mobility. Luckily, with Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate Editions (consumer SKUs) there are some great out-of-the box experiences for entertainment -- even entertainment while you're moving around or disconnected from the Internet.

Windows Media Center is a great example of this ready-to-go entertainment application for recording, organizing, managing, and viewing media content. You can find it on your start menu. Because I have been using it regularly on this UMPC, Windows Media Center is available at the touch of a button.

Movie On UMPC

Windows Media Center is available with Ultra-Mobile PCs using Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate Editions.

Even though Windows Media Center is designed for you to use with a traditional PC with TV, you can easily use it with your UMPC. First, you'll need a tuner. I use an Adaptec Dual TV Tuner. It was designed for Windows XP and connects to the UMPC via USB cable. It works and that is what is important to me, at the moment. If I were getting something today, however, I'd probably get something like the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick, as it is wireless. The Adaptec tuner allows me to record radio or television onto the UMPC with all the regular convenience of Media Center, then the benefit of 2lb UMPC allows me to carry that media with me wherever I go and watch or listen whenever I want.

When I recorded the movie from TV, I saved it in "Good" quality. It was standard digital cable, not HDTV, and played in fullscreen, not widescreen. The replay quality of the movie is great for my purposes and my priority of watching at my convenience. I can watch a few minutes here and there -- no matter what location I'm in, as long as I have a little battery power.

If you're going to watch full-length movies on your UMPC while traveling, I do suggest turning off extra applications that aren't being used to conserve battery power for your viewing pleasure.


Chatting it up on a UMPC

UMPCs push the edge of technology too. I want devices to communicate wirelessly,im on umpc remotely. Most UMPCs have two USB ports. This seems fine when you're at a desk and can connect to a dock. But move away and still try to video IM. What happens? I want a wireless webcamera. I want a wireless microphone. I want an audio mixing station. The kids want a IM to be a mobile karaoke app (they talk about music a lot) that they can carry with them up and down the stairs or in the backyard, all to chat with their friends. Mobility pushes the limits.

That said, Windows Live Messenger and Skype are both usable on UMPCs today. And true to the benefit of a full-featured operating system like Windows Vista, IM can be in the background or at the front of what you are doing, and is flexible enough to change priorities without having to change the machine. Here are a few screenshots:

The UMPC is rougly the size of standard paperback books. I frequently use the UMPC in portrait mode. Portrait mode on a UMPC is 480x800 -- not exactly common, so I expect to run into some issues with screen size fit. Webcameras viewing definitely pushes the limit of portrait mode. It would be great if the layout could move around a little. Here is a screenshot of IM fullscreen in portrait.


Samsung to Release Improved UMPC Next Month

Samsung Electronics unveiled its second-generation UMPC (ultra-mobile personal computer) on Thursday. The company announced that it will follow up on the Q1 UMPC that it released last May with the second-generation Q1 Ultra this May.

The Q1 Ultra runs the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system and is designed to be very power efficient. The basic battery pack holds a charge for 4 hours and 30 minutes and the expanded batteries go for 8 hours and 30 minutes, increasing the usage time by up to 50 percent over the Q1. The Q1 Ultra also introduces a QWERTY key pad, making it easier to use than the Q1 which had no keyboard.

SamsungQ1 ultra

Kim Hun-soo, the vice president of Samsung’s PC division, said, "The Q1 has received a great response since it was first launched and it showed us the possibility of the UMPC market. The Q1 Ultra features functions that reflect the demands of consumers and it will be major player in the category."

April 24 , 2007

FUJITSU new UMPC revealed

Fujitsu is entering the UMPC market with a splash. They recently unveiled their newest UMPC design at Intel Developers Forum. Not much has been released about the specs, but we did get some information on what this tiny Tablet will be sporting.

FUjitsu UMPC

It seems to have a nice Tablet PC design, since the screen rotates and lays flat over the keyboard. No word on pricing or when exactly this will be available, but rumors are saying maybe this summer.

Hopefully we will see this UMPC hit the market soon, but then again none of this is set in stone. Just keep your eyes peeled because information is leaking out everywhere and this Tablet/UMPC is sure to be in the news for awhile.


CIC and Top PC Maker to Provide Biometric and Electronic SignatureSignature Solutions for Tablet PCs
PR Newswire

Communication Intelligence Corporation, a leading supplier of electronic signature solutions for business process automation in the financial industry and the recognized leader in biometric signature verification, announced today a sales and marketing agreement with Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) to provide its electronic signature solution for ThinkPad Tablet PCs and for the companies to jointly promote their product offerings.

Through this agreement, CIC joins Lenovo's Tablet Influencer Program and provides Lenovo its full range of biometric and electronic signature solutions. Lenovo's sales team will actively promote CIC's electronic signature products to its users. The joint product offerings represent an ideal solution for any application requiring electronic approvals or user authentication using biometrics.

According to IDC, convertible tablet PC unit shipments will reach more than one million this year and more than four million by 2010. With more industries relying on tablet PCs, Lenovo tablet customers include mobile professionals in fields such as healthcare, insurance, real estate, education and sales


Springtime in Bahrain with MA Lighting

“From the outset I knew that grandMA was the control system I wanted, but there are not many consoles in the local rental market yet, and non were available for the shows, however, with a MA 2Port Node, a tablet PC and a DMX fader wing I could lighting controled with a tablet PC have the next best thing,” explained Holbrough.
   The first act he used the technology for was Youssou n’Dour. “We had an overnight turnaround from the previous show, and the final positions of the band were only worked out at the sound check on the afternoon of the concert.” Using grandMA 3D Holbrough had prepared a “busking” show and updated the position presets when the band was on the stage: “With grandMA 3D networked on another laptop it took only a few minutes to touch up a dozen stage focuses for 22 moving heads.”
   Holbrough faced a few challenges during the show: “Most of the songs were sung in Youssou’s native Senegalese. I had an assortment of colours and beams placed on executor buttons on the tablet PC so I could quickly match the mood of the song with a touch of the stylus


 Kohjinsha upgrade tiny convertible with touch-friendly screen

If there’s one thing I love more than pie and kicking the shins of small children, it’s Tablet PCs.  And in that respect I’m like a whole lot of people for whom size - or, more accurately, the lack of it - is an indecent draw, even if I know it would have long-term implications on boring things like usability. 



Samsung Q1b UMPC Review

As this is a review of the Samsung Q1b UMPC/Tablet PC, I am going to take hard a Samsung Q1blook at mobile computing with this sort of device.

It's no longer a question of the ability of the devices; the Samsung Q1b is an impressive piece of machinery packing Windows XP Tablet Edition, a 1GHz VIA C7-M Processor, a 40 GB hard drive, a touchscreen-based interface, and enough connectivity options to keep your contacts from being aware that you are on the go.

But there still is a question that needs to be asked: Is the Tablet PC, especially with the advent of flash memory hard drives and their increased performance, worth investing in? Let's dive into the Q1b and then revisit this question.


Folk Art on a Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

I love to see artists who are using Tablet PCs to create as I think the platform is Art on a Tablet PCmore than a natural fit for that kind of creative talent. Antonia Burns is Virginia artist who recently (last year according to this article) discovered the “fun of drawing directly on a tablet computer, which allows me to work with photos and also provides the freedom to work anywhere.”  You can view all of her artwork (she also works in on canvas or board) at her Online Gallery and the work she has created on a Motion M1400 Tablet PC is located here.  (Note that some of the images do contain nudity.)


April 25 , 2007

Technology that changed one broker's biz

In October of 2005, I purchased a Tablet PC. I chose the Motion Computer because of the long battery life. I can recharge with my keyboard at night and go all day without having to return to the office.

I use a data modem card with it so I can log on anywhere. No more running to Starbucks or elsewhere to log on.

In the summer, we spend a lot of time at our lake house, so I no longer have to have Comcast brought into the cottage -- I just use my tablet. Since I have the anywhere screen, I can see it while laying out on the boat. No jet skiers, please!
Finally, all my contracts are on the tablet. If a seller or buyer is ready to go, I can fill out the contract, print to Journal Writer, and they can sign it right on the spot. I can then e-mail them right from the tablet and also send to my assistant and my e-mail at home. Voila, it's done.

Clients are impressed. No longer do you have to talk about being a Realtor with the main emphasis on technology -- they see it in action. In fact, several times I think I could have been a distributor for the tablet PCs. So definitely this has been my biggest and most effective time-saver and technology tool.


Powerful New Tablet PC-based Software for Construction SiteSite Supervisors, Foremen and Project Manager

Trimble Extends its Construction Positioning Solutions with the New -- Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software for Tablet PCs

Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) today announced the introduction of Trimble® SCS900 Site Controller Software Tablet Edition. Using Trimble site positioning total station or Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the Trimble SCS900 Tablet Edition simplifies construction operations, increases efficiency in the field, and minimizes downtime.
The announcement was made today at the BAUMA 2007 International Trade Fair, the worlds largest construction equipment exposition.

The Trimble SCS900 Tablet Edition combines the easy-to-use data management system of existing Trimble SCS900 software with the graphics capabilities and processing power of a tablet PC.

The SCS900 Tablet Edition is available as a software product supplied on CD in U.S. and British English only at this time.


April 26 , 2007

Marry Poppins

Review: HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Tablet PC

Designed from the ground up with ease of use and customer satisfaction in mind.

The HP tx1000 is a lean mean screaming machine. In fact with the In fact with the AMD Turion(TM) 64 X2 Dual-Core TL-60(2.0GHz/1MB) Processor, the HP tx 1000 is the fastest Tablet PC I have ever had the pleasure of using.

Designed from the ground up with ease of use and customer satisfaction in mind HP has done an amazing job of building a full blown Entertainment PC that will appeal to a wide variety of users and provides people with a user friendly, versatile Tablet PC that is portable, innovative and packed with features that enhance the user experience.


Sahara TufTab: the tough touch-screen tablet PC
Gizmag, Australia

April 26, 2007 Tablet Kiosk have commenced shipping their Sahara TufTab heavy-duty touch screen tablet PC, built to be resistant to rain, dust, humidity, extreme eo toughtabtemperatures and vibration to make it the most rugged touch-screen tablet PC on the market.

Featuring wireless LAN connectivity, an Intel Celeron 1.0GHz processor, 1.0 GB of RAM and a large 12.1 inch sunlight-viewable widescreen LCD touch screen, as well as Bluetooth, biometric fingerprint scan security and a range of expansion options, the TufTab is a convenient tool for mobile personnel.


GBM How-To Series #7 : Using Vista Pen Flicks
Gotta Be Mobile

Flicks are a new Vista feature that allow you to navigate documents or change data using only your stylus. So you may ask, what's the difference between a gesture and a flick. There are only eight flicks available. Up, Down, Left, Right, and of course, the four diagonals and they are not bound by the input panel. You can use a flick anywhere on the tablet screen.

  1. Open the Pen and Input Devices dialogue by selection Control Panel, Mobile PC, Pen and Input Devices, or if you would like, on the Start Search input, enter 'Pen and Input' and press Enter.
  2. Select The Flicks tab, and make sure that Flicks are turned on by ticking the Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily.


Data Evolution's First Ultra-Mobile PC Launched in North America
Market Wire

Data Evolution Holdings, Inc.'s (PINK SHEETS: DTEV) wholly-owned subsidiary, Data Evolution Corporation (DEC), a leader in mobile computing solutions, today introduced DEC's first ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) to the North American market, the Cathena® CX.

The aggressively priced Cathena CX is the ideal solution for enterprises, education laptop programs, and individuals needing a full-featured, touch-screen tablet PC in a compact, convertible form factor.

"The Cathena CX continues the expansion of DEC's lineup of unique mobile and thin client computing products," said Robert Sowah, DEC's Chief Executive Officer. "This device demonstrates our commitment to our customers, partners and shareholders to constantly strive to bring leading edge technology to the market."

The Cathena CX, powered by an AMD Geode LX800 processor and pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows XP, is an ultra portable, convertible notebook that weighs approximately two pounds, features 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth® 2.0, 7" TFT touch-screen LCD with 800x480 resolution, and a near full size QWERTY USA keyboard.


April 27 , 2007

TabletKiosk Sahara TufTab i310XT Tablet PC
Rugged PC Review

A slate that can take some punishment

As the catchy name impliees, the Sahara TufTab i310XT was designed to meet the eo toughtabneeds of mobile enterprise users who need something a bit sturdier than your average slate computer. Sahara also felt that seamless wireless functionality was required to run the business applications such tablets are most often used for. So they set out to combine a rugged design with the full functionality of Windows XP Professional in a light, compact tablet and added the convenience of touch screen input so that mobile workers can easily input data for maximum speed and processing efficiency wherever their work takes them.


GottaBeMobile InkShow: PhatPad sync with a Windows Mobile device
Gotta Be Mobile

Today's InkShow is an extension of the InkShow from a couple of weeks ago on PhatPad.  The last Show was an overview of using PhatPad on the TabletPC specifically.  This InkShow is going to cover using the Phatpad application on a Pocket PC Device, Treo 750, and syncing the notes with a Tablet PC. 

With this InkShow, I have given a general overview of the features of PhatPad on a Windows Mobile device.  The quick demonstration will allow you to see some of the features to give you an idea what PhatPad has to offer.  I also show how the files sync seamlessly between the Tablet PC and the device.  As always, if there are any questions, feel free to ask!! 

Download or listen to this GBM PhatPad InkShow here


Tablet PCs and Koala Bears: GottaBeMobile Podcast #15

Ok, we can cover Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs, but we can’t do math. This is Podcast #15. Or so says Rob (does he do our books?) so we’ll take his kolaword for it. And in case you are wondering, no Koala Bears were harmed in the recording of this podcast. In any regard this show is full of mobile podcasting fun, and lots of talk about Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs featuring none other than yours truly, Dennis Rice, and Hugo Ortega.

We cover a range of topics, have a few laughs, and Hugo tries to get in hot water with the folks from PETA. Don’t ask, just listen.


April 29 , 2007

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Is there any “wow” left in the Tablet PC? blogs

Rob Bushway at wrote a thoughtful piece the other day pondering where the "wow" has gone in the Tablet PC segment. It's a well-balanced look at what he sees as a mature product segment lacking in significant new innovations that are likely to drive large numbers of new adopters to the platform. I've been using Tablet PCs for about as long as Rob – I first got my hands on the original Toshiba entry into the space (the Portege 3500) back in 2003 and I remember the "wow" experience it delivered.

James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun and my occasional podcast partner wrote an equally thoughtful rebuttal piece yesterday invoking the apparently imminent entry from Dell into the space as a sign of health and continuing validation for the Tablet PC. And, in classic blogosphere fashion, Rob has responded with a second post that moves the conversation forward,


April 30 , 2007

Learn to Use iGuidance, a Navigation Application, Monday, April 30, 10:00 A.M. PT

Mobile PC Users

iNav's iGuidance navigation software helps you turn your existing Tablet PC or UMPC into a navigation system. The touch-screen operation and map displays are enhanced for use with Ultra-Mobile PCs.


GottaBeMobile Hardware InkShow: The Gateway E155C Convertible ...
Gotta Be Mobile

tablet pcGateway5Gateway’s newest Convertible Tablet PC, the E155C, is one that I predict, if Gateway follows its previous marketing strategies for the M280/285, will become a very popular choice, especially among first time Tablet PC buyers. Aiming at the student and professional markets, this solidly designed Core 2 Duo Multi-Touch Tablet PC has a lot to offer.

I’m particularly impressed with the implementation of the Multi-Touch screen and very glad to see that Gateway has decided to once again embrace Wacom technology for the digitizer and the pen. It works as advertised and does so quite well. In my opinion the Inking experience is top notch. I’m also very impressed with the brightness of the backlit screen, (even though it causes some interesting lighting effects in the filming of the InkShow.) I did check out the screen in sunlight (although not shown in this InkShow) and it is indeed very readable in sunlight.

Watch or download the High Res version  (29:46 minutes, 227mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

Check out more on the Gateway E155C Convertible Tablet



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If you want the reliability and power of Windows XP, with the added benefit of pen and ink, the Tablet PC is the solution for you

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The Tablet PC is a fully functioning mobile computer that runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which includes new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input. Tablet PCs come in three styles, Convertible, Slate and Hybrid.