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November 2006


November 1, 2006

FranklinCovey Releases PlanPlus Online
Business Wire

The integrated contact management capabilities within PlanPlus Online allow customers to easily track leads, organizations, contacts, tasks and sales opportunities and integrate action items with their daily task list and schedule. A simple sales process is included with the application, along with the ability to track client or opportunity history, view the activity of other team members and create detailed reports. PlanPlus Online is collaborative and scaleable for individual and small, medium or large business use.

We are excited to present an online application that features the same components our customers enjoy using on their desktop, laptops, and tablet PCs, says Jeff Anderson, Vice President of Product Management for FranklinCovey. This application will provide mobile professionals and work groups with access to all of their planning and contact management needs anytime, anywhere. We are confident that PlanPlus Online will enable increased productivity for these professionals as they implement FranklinCoveys proven planning principles.

FranklinCovey also offers PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook and PlanPlus for Windows XP software for customers who wish to incorporate the planning system on their desktop, laptop or tablet PC.


A look at the Mobility Center
Gotta Be Mobile

Craig Pringle, a Tablet PC MVP, has posted a great overview article on Vista's Mobility Center. Trust me, if you own a Tablet PC, UMPC, or a laptop, you will be spending some time in the Mobility Center. So now, is a good time to familiarize yourself with it. The Vista team did a great job of bringing together the many apsects of mobile computing and providing a clean, central location to the most common issues faced by mobile professionals.

The Mobility Centre is one of those Vista features that once you find it and start using it you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

The first thing you need to know is how to get to it. You can of course find it in the control panel, or if you enter “Mobility” into the Start search box you will find it. However there is an easier way, the keyboard shortcut Windows key + X. That is fine if you are docked or in laptop mode on a convertible; but for tablet use I recommend assigning a hardware button to launch the Mobility Centre.


November 2, 2006

ATP has added New units to their 48 hour demo program

Allegiance Technology's 48 hour tablet PC demo program is the only one of its kind.  It came about because so many of our prospective customers want to be able to see and touch a tablet PC before they spend serious money on one. 

UMPCs  TabletPC

Many of you have sampled our 48 hour demo program. We continue to expand and update the units we have available for this program. Currently, we have the Motion LE1600 and LS800, IBM X41T, Toshiba Tecra M7 and Portege M400, as well as the TabletKiosk eo 7110 and 7210 UMPCs.


Take Note Of—And Notes On—These Tablet PCs
PC Magazine

Attention all note-takers and doodlers: Whether you're a board room exec with a schedule full of meetings or college student with a calendar overrun by class, a convertible tablet may be just what you need. With screens that flip into a notepad-like surface where you can write notes, scribble and draw, Tablet PCs combine the functionality of a good old pen and paper with the features of a traditional laptop—so you can write, literally, into any program.

All tablets come with a stylus pen that can be stored in the chassis when it's not in use. The Toshiba Portégé M400-S4032 's pen actually ejects automatically from a slot near the screen when the screen is flipped into a tablet—very Bond like. The Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 's stylus feels and works just like a ball point pen.

Toshiba Portégé M40-S4032 ($2,200 street)
The Toshiba Portégé M40-S4032 is currently the only tablet available that features integrated Verizon EV-DO wireless and a dual-core processor.


Do I Need The Trusted Platform Module?
Tablet PC Reviews

This is a question many have probably asked as they pondered the purchase of aTrusted Platform Module new Tablet PC. Most of the major Tablet PC manufacturers, Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba, and Fujitsu, Gateway and Acer, already have models with the TPM inside or plan to release models with the TPM in the not-too-distant future. Industry analysts believe the chip may be in almost every computer by the end of the decade.

So what exactly is the TPM? Put simply, the TPM is a small chip that provides an encrypted environment to store passwords and other security and authentication information. The TPM in conjunction with software provides validation of authentication information such as biometrics and passwords ensuring that only authorized users have access to the data contained on the Tablet PC.

As an example, before the advent of the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Windows based Tablet PCs had a gaping security hole -- the password used to access a password protected Tablet PC was stored in clear text on the machine which made it very easy for a hacker to gain access to the machine. With TPM the password can be stored in an encrypted format in the TPM making it virtually impossible for an unauthorized user to derive the password.


tech gift guide

eo UMPC i7210 from $1,399 (U.S.)

There's notebooks, ultralights and then there's the eo.

Its name is Latin for "go, advance or progress" says the company and this tablet PC is designed as a portable device for those on the move.Holiday Tablet PCs

With its size — the screen is just seven inches - there aren't a lot of features above the barebones. There's a 60 GB hard drive and 4-in-1 memory card reader in addition to 1GHz processor. That doesn't seem like much but the usage is really designed for quick communication on the go, email, web browsing and rudimentary entertainment.

Its prime use has been for physicians to replace charts and other mobile field workers to process work order and capture signatures.

There is, however, a growing community dedicated to these Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) which are based on Windows XP Tablet edition. The screen is touch-sensitive and the unit comes with built in camera and microphone.


Fancypants UMPCs by Crispin Jones for PBJ


PBJ is a company that specializes in all types of tablet computers. Designer Crispin Jones was commisioned to reinvent the most boring part of all technology... the plastic box that holds the sexy electronic components. With a goal of bringing classic craft designs to the technology scene Mr. Jones has created a pleasing case modeled after the Japanese suzuribako boxes used to store writings implements. Beyond the stylistic reasons for the deep decorative lines; the texture carved into the surface provides a no slip hold for fingers.


November 3, 2006

Selling ‘grab and go’ appeal

Microsoft specifies that the UMPC is a flat, hand-held device halfway between a smartphone or PDA and a notebook PC in size. It also has a touch-sensitive screen, rather than a keyboard. Other features include an internal hard drive, wireless internet connectivity, Bluetooth and a version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. With hard drives varying between 30GB and 60GB, battery life for the early models is estimated at two-and-a-half hours.

Glyn Evans, TabletKiosk UK Agent at PocketPC Solutions, says the company has received a number of enquiries for its TabletKiosk range from businesses in the hospitality industry, a couple of major car manufacturers, schools, software developers currently using tablet PCs and manufacturing firms. However, Evans believes that most seem to be evaluating these devices and as yet have not committed to the technology in the UK, although this will only be a matter of time. Meanwhile, in the US, major companies are already integrating these devices into their solutions.

“We have had a number of companies buy the UMPC to integrate into portable x-ray machines and engineering companies looking to replace aging tablet PCs with large numbers of UMPCs,” Evans says. “Most appear to be evaluating them to run bespoke software, or to replace large numbers of tablet PCs cost effectively.”

“Their size and price make them more attractive than the traditional tablet PC and as these devices run the full tablet operating system, the handwriting recognition and usability are the same, with only the reduced screen size causing a problem for some users and applications,” he says.

“Battery life is an issue for some at present, although there are extended batteries available for some models that give up to five hours of continuous usage.”

Chang says the battery life of a tablet PC or an average notebook that a sales person carries is about three to three-and-a-half hours if used continuously.

“R2H [the Asus UMPC offering] comes with two batteries, which if users charge them fully, will give them the same battery life for a whole day’s use,” he says.

“Normally people who look for mobility do not switch on the notebook or UMPC for a whole day; normally it is only at meetings with customers, or for other business purposes.”


Lenovo "sceptical" about Vista
PC Pro

Lenovo is still firmly behind the Tablet PC concept. Godin claimed that enterprise clients were actively asking for Tablet PCs as part of its ThinkPad range. 'They view this as a strong factor in their decision to buy Lenovo laptops,' he said.

When we asked if the Tablet PC market was even big enough to be concerned about, he added: 'It's a small market but it's very fast growing. Large customers want [Tablet PCs] so they can have a complete range of notebooks for their business.'


Using a Mini Slim Keyboard with a Tablet PC Review
Tablet PC Reviews


While buying a Tablet PC, hand writing recognition wasn't my first priority, yet I was disappointed by Microsoft's hand writing recognition software, even when writing nice clean type letters. For some reason it insisted that a round circle is any letter but an 'O'.

What bothered me more was the lack of keyboard shortcuts, any simple action like CTRL+S save that was done in half a sec, took several clicks and ten times longer. Not to mention those actions in hidden sub menus and worst of all, how do you perform actions that require a combination of key and pen at the same time?

Thanks to its small form you'll be able to put it beside you or even on your lap along with the tablet, this allows me to keep my pen drawing hand on the board and quickly change tools and perform actions without lifting my pen hand. Because it's rigid you can use it even on soft surfaces like a sofa (or your belly if you haven't worked out lately). Its width will allow you to cover its entire key area with one hand alone, clicking key combinations across the layout like Left SHIFT+P without stretching your fingers.

Some might say it defies the purpose of a tablet and that you can't hold a tablet that way. I believe you can work about 5 times faster with the keyboard & pen together than pen alone so it only helps the tablet. Furthermore, many of today's tablets are too thick and heavy to hold with one hand anyway. But most important I really can see myself adding a padding to the underside and putting it on the tablet screen lower portion as I hold the tablet in my hand quickly alternating between a pen and one handed typing .


This keyboard is really good for shortcut keys and the occasional typing, I'd recommend it to any Tablet PC user who wants to speed things up.


November 6, 2006

Franklin Wireless USB EDVO modem

November Product of the Month - Franklin Wireless USB EDVO MODEM

An excellent solution for anyone using Tablet PCs or Ultra Mobile Pcs that do not have a PC slot and want the ability to have an Internet Connection Anywhere, Anytime.


SpyBot And Tablet PC Incompatibility Issue
Gotta Be Mobile

I’m on the road enjoying time away from Tablet PCs and the connected life this weekend. But I ran across this bit of news that needs to be shared. Apparently the latest update to SpyBot Search and Destroy will do some damage to Tablet PCs, so if it is a part of your security arsenal (as it used to be mine before setting up the Beta of Vista) you need to be aware of this. What follows below is from an post on jkOnTheRun. The info was sent by Mickey Segal.

The latest updates for the anti-spyware program "Spybot Search and Destroy" (; most updates dated 3 November) seem to recognize some key Tablet PC functionality as a threat and delete it.  The damage can be undone with Windows XP System Restore.


Apex Offers Lease Deal on Motion Tablets
Business Wire

Today, Apex Software announced that the company is now offering a special lease deal on Motion Computing Tablet PC bundles. The bundles are specifically designed to meet the needs of the Fee Appraiser in the field.

We are finding that many of our Appraisal customers are relying much more heavily on mobile solutions, said Jeff Henderson, Apex Software Marketing Manager. We just want to make it as easy as possible for Appraisers to acquire the tools that are best suited for their needs.

The lease program requires zero down and just $99.98 a month for 36 months. The bundle offers a choice of a Motion LE 1600 or LS 800 Tablet PC with Centrino, View Anywhere Display, 1GB Ram, 60GB Hard drive, Motion Pak Software, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, the bundle includes a one year warranty, bump case, car charger, rapid repair program, accidental drop insurance, and pre-loaded Nexus, the latest generation of Apex mobile sketching software. Specially tailored bundles can be created upon request.


HP doubles awards in education grants across EMEA
Maktoob Business

HP has named 12 universities across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) that will each receive an HP Mobile Technology for Teaching Grant for equipment and training. The number of grant recipients has doubled this year, marking an expansion of the grant program to Central & Eastern Europe and Africa

The HP Tablet PCs will allow students who are developing software applications for use in the healthcare environment to test their applications in real, clinical settings. Software developed specifically to support the handwriting and INK annotation capabilities of the HP Tablet PC will become part of the overall campus telemedicine pilot system.


MobileTechRoundup show #76

Sammy and Flash now have a new buddy named Qbacca that is part of MobileTechRoundup show #76, thanks to Ponce. I also had a chance to talk about my T-Mobile purchases, which went much better than James' attempt to get a T-Mobile SIM card. I am liking the Dash and am seeing if it can knock the Nokia E61 from my hands. We also each spent a couple of minutes talking about what devices we had around us during the recording and it is quite an impressive list. If you have any questions about any that we mentioned, feel free to post them on the MobileTechRoundup website. James and Kevin are also quite impressed with the new Fujitsu P1610D Tablet PC and after further checking out the specs, I have to say it does look compelling.

Listen here (MP3, 32.4MB, 35 minutes)


November 7, 2006

Fujitsu Boosts Performance on LifeBook Convertible Notebooks Maximizing Mobile Workforce Productivity
Market Wire

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the LifeBook® P1610 Fujitsu P1610convertible notebook, a 2.2-pound powerhouse packed with full PC functionality and enhanced with an 8.9-inch indoor/outdoor touch screen display for on-your-feet, on-the-go computing. Fujitsu also announced the LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC, a new edition of its highly popular ultra-light 4.3 pound full-size convertible notebook featuring the high-performance, power-efficient Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor.

The Microsoft Windows Vista-capable LifeBook P1610 and LifeBook T4215 convertible notebooks, which deliver renowned Fujitsu reliability, are designed to meet the needs of mobile and field professionals in healthcare, field and sales force automation, and supply chain management who require the flexibility of a tablet for note-taking or navigating through forms-based applications, along with the traditional keyboard input of a notebook computer.

Click for Spec's and Comparisons of new Fujitsu Tablet PC's


SA1F00A, a Japanese UMPC-like


We don’t have much information at that time regarding the specs, except that this small Yokohama based Kohjinsha company will offer starting tomorrow a UMPC-like at an unbeatable price. Anyway, this little convertible seem quite promising.


Tablet PCs: 4 years and counting

The official launch of the Tablet PC was November 7, 2002. A week from now will be the four year anniversary. The Mobile Connections event should be quite a birthday party.

Today there are over 18 Tablet PC models and 4 UMPC models on the market. What changes in the technology and operating system platform do you predict for the next 4 years?


P1610 / LOOX Tablet PC First Looks InkShow
Gotta Be Mobile

When you go to a Mobile PC / Tablet PC conference, you never know what the folks from Microsoft will bring with them. Fortunately for you and me, they had the Japanese version of the Fujitsu P1610, the LOOX, on hand and let me borrow it for several hours.

Although not a complete video review, I take everyone through a quick "first looks" video review of the P1610 / LOOX Tablet PC running Vista and show you why this device is so much better than the P1510 - and why I'll end up buying one. Dennis Rice will be doing a more thorough InkShow on the P1610 in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully this video will provide you enough information to whet your appetite.

Watch the video ( 5:25 minutes, 28.8mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download).


November 8, 2006

Windows Vista Goes Gold

Microsoft announced today that Windows Vista has been released to Vista Ultimatemanufacturing. Vista will mark the first big shift in Microsoft consumer operating systems in over 5 years.

With Vista, Microsoft promises increased security with an improved firewall and Windows Defender and User Account Control. Other fresh additions include integrated desktop search, Internet Explorer 7.0, Windows Sidebar, Windows Sideshow, built-in system diagnostics, improved gaming support, fully integrated Speech Recognition as well as support for Windows SuperFetch, Windows ReadyBoost and Windows ReadyDrive.

Windows Vista will be available in four  distinct retail versions:

  • Windows Vista Home Basic, $199/$99.95 (full/upgrade)
    Provides a basic platform for home users who want to keep tabs on email and Internet activity. Comes standard with Vista's new Search Explorer, Sidebar and Parental Controls.

  • Windows Vista Home Premium, $239/$159
    Builds on Home Basic by adding the Windows Aero interface, Windows Media Center functionality, Windows Tablet PC technology and integrated DVD burning.

  • Windows Vista Business, $299/$199
    Supports the Aero user interface, offers improved document managing and Windows Tablet PC functionality.

  • Windows Vista Ultimate, $399/$259
    Vista Ultimate combines the functionality of Vista Home Premium and Vista Business.

Asus R1F Tablet PC First Notebook To Get Stamped with Vista x86 ...
Gotta Be Mobile

Lots of talk about the Asus R2H Ultra-Mobile PC these days, and there has been some, but not as much talk about the Asus R1F Tablet PC. This might change the conversation a bit. The Asus R1F Tablet PC is the first notebook (smile Sumocat) to receive the Vista’s x86 Premium logo. No, that’s not preimum ready or Vista capable. That’s the logo that says this Tablet PC will do the do with Vista. Check out more here at Laptop Review.

ASUS R1F tablet PC quick specs:

Processors: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processors T7600/T7400/ T7200/T5600/T5500: 2.33GHZ-1.66GHz, 667MHz, 4MB/2MB L2 cache
Chipset: Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset
Memory: DDRII 667MHz, up to 2 GB
Display: 13.3&Prime WXGA (1280×800) Color Shine LCD, ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
Graphics: Integrated Intel® 945GM
Hard Drive: SATA 80 / 100 /120 GB, 2nd HDD available, Swappable hard-disk supports
Optical Drive: DVD-Super Multi, Hot Swappable Optical Drive Module
Card Reader: MMC/SD/Mini-SD/XD/Memory Stick/MS Pro/MS-Duo/MS-Pro-Duo
Connectivity: Integrated V.92 MDC Fax/ Modem, with Azalia-Link Compliant , 10/10/1000 Ethernet, Integrated 802.11a/b/g, Built-in Bluetooth™ V2.0+EDR (optional)
Dimension & Weight: 317x 232x 35mm, 1.9 kg (3-cell, with travel drawer)


jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #25- Samsung Q1 SSD in use

Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #25 here (WMV format, 640 x 480, 275 MB, 42:43 minutes)

The Samsung Q1 SSD is the Korean model of the Q1 that has no hard drive.  It has a blazing fast 32 GB solid state disk instead and iis the device I use every day in my work.  Well, you can see for yourself in this video shot in living color.  I try to show the Q1, lovingly named Flash, going through the paces I normally use it for daily and I hope it gives a little insight into how I can use such a small device with a little screen to be really productive.  Enjoy the show and let us know what you think.

I apologize for the buzzing noise in the background.  It was not there until the WMV file was spit out and too late for me to fix it.


November 9, 2006

HP Compaq TC4400 Tablet PC Convertible - Review
Tablet PC Reviews

The HP TC4400 convertible Tablet PC is a refresh of the popular TC4200. The HP  TC4400 Tablet PCTC4400 exterior casing remains essentially the same as the TC4200. The new TC4400 is a solid business-class machine. The design exemplifies durability and endurance, yet hints at practical simplicity. The TC4400 boasts utility, professionalism and style to suit the most conservative of  business travelers

The Bottom Line

The HP TC4400 is a solid, business-class, full-featured Tablet PC convertible. I would recommend this model to consumers and business users looking for a portable, no-nonsense, secure Tablet PC Convertible. The TC4400, with its Core Duo CPU and solid build is powerful and built for the roa


HP Awards Real Estate Pros Who Personalize Their Businesses With Technology
Business Wire

HP today announced the winners of the third annual HP Real Estate Technology contest, which recognizes real estate professionals using technology to provide clients with a better and more personalized experience.

Winners of the contest used HP technology in creative ways to increase sales, save time, be competitive and aid in the overall success of their businesses. A panel of five industry and technology experts judged a record number of more than 600 entries. Eight winners were announced at the 2006 National Association of REALTORS® Conference and Expo.

This years grand prize winner, Leslie Sullivan, a broker/owner with RE/MAX Hometown in Magnolia, Texas, will receive a full suite of HP mobile products(1) that will enable her to further personalize and improve her business solutions.

Sullivan embraces technology to help maintain efficiency while on the go. Using an HP Tablet PC, she impresses clients with how easy it is to personalize contracts and pull up marketing materials in an instant. The device, enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology, allows Sullivan to be at the park with her kids while still being at her job as a real estate professional.

With the HP Compaq Tablet PC, Im able to respond quickly to my clients needs and even personalize the materials I send them, said Sullivan. I can quickly create a contract on the spot on the tablet, have the client sign it and, via Bluetooth technology, I can then send it wirelessly using my phone. This saves me and my clients valuable time since I dont have to run back to my office to print and then fax the contract. Im no longer a slave to the office. I have my office with me.


November 10, 2006

Journal: the undervalued notes program

In light of my recent OneNote fun, I had switched to Journal out of need since all I had installed was a broken OneNote beta and Journal. When the beta wouldn’t install again so I could get to my notes, I panicked and installed the OneNote 2007 Beta 2 on another computer in the house, printed all my OneNote notes to Journal, and then copied all the Journal files to my tablet. It was Journal that I finished up my busy week with since I didn’t have time to try to figure out what was going on with my beta of OneNote.

What did I gain from this? Well, I’m still only using Journal. That’s right. This whole Journal thing is working for me. I really thought I’d miss little things about OneNote after using it all semester, especially after using the new OneNote all semester with all the new features. Did I slip and hit my head at some point this week? No, I’m not going crazy, I just realized a few things that are important to a student:

1. Stability
2. Flexibility
3. Familiarity
4. Simplicity


Digital-signature innovation to bolster retail security
Engineering News

When was the last time a sales assistant flicked your credit card over to check whether your scribbling on the sales invoice corresponds with your reference signature on the back? Unable to remember? That’s because it rarely happens anymore.

However, a newly-established local arm of an Austrian IT company hopes to change this rather lax security by turning the signature process into a fully digital operation.

This would mean a retail client would be asked to sign on a tablet PC, which can then be verified instantly and cross-referenced electronically with a reference signature in any bank’s database.

line The Tablet PC Search Engine
Gotta Be Mobile

Want to search for more information on Tablet PCs and UMPCs? Check out, Ed Holloway’s latest creation. He has worked with Google’s Search Engine co-op plan and created a “personal search engine” that allows you to search through sites and blogs devoted to Tablet PC, UMPC, and mobile computing goodness. Ed has cobbled together a list of these resources from his feeds so if you know any he’s left out, let him know as he continues to work on TabletGoo.


OneNote EMR WorkBench   &  OneNote SOAP Toolkit Released

The abletFactory has released a new product. The OneNote EMR WorkBench is a combination of OneNote EMR Toolkit ($295) and OneNote eScript Toolkit ($295) Users have requested that we combine both programs into one. Centralized Patient and Provider databases are now easily accessed and shared. Template preview, support for mul­tiple prescriptions, historical tracking have all been updated or added. More Details for OneNote EMR WorkBench Here

OneNote SOAP Toolkit Released

Now you can have an EMR system based upon the power, versatility and features of OneNote. This creative solution, optimized for Tablet PCs lets the practitioner have complete and thorough control of all patient record keeping for a successful private practice. The philosophy behind this solution is to take advantage of the features and capabilities of Microsoft’s OneNote program and provide a user friendly interface to directly import information from external systems, such as PMS (Practice Management Systems) or your current paper charts and records into the OneNote system. More Details for SOAP Toolkit Here



November 13, 2006

MSDN Webcast: Overview of Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) Development for Windows Vista – 11/14 10am PT

An Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) is a fully functional computer that is small, mobile, and runs a complete version of a Windows operating system (currently Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and soon Windows Vista). UMPCs present many new and exciting opportunities for application development. Join us to find out what is involved in developing for the UMPC, and learn how to create outstanding applications for these new devices.


OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #32- get ready for some new devices!

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick sit down for show #32 and have a look at the jkontherunofficial Office 2007 release, talk about the Blue Man Group, discuss the affect Vista will have on the UMPC and give shouts out to the creators of some cool videos.  Are UMPCs fully functional Tablet PCs?  You bet and we tell you why on this show.  Plus, according to the Tablet PC duo, get ready for some great Vista devices early next year (think CES 2007).  There is a lively discussion about the convergence of communications with computing devices and smartphones and the impact that will have on mobile technology.  Enjoy the show!


Toshiba Tablet PC To Have Newgen Healthcare Solution

Newgen Software Inc., a provider of solutions to healthcare, banking, financial and insurance sectors, is going to bundle its healthcare solutions onto Toshiba's family of tablet PCs for resale. This collaborative solution is meant for doctors, medical professionals and practitioners requiring anytime, anywhere access to various documents stored at a central server, from their Toshiba tablet PCs.


Added Vista features coming to PDF Annotator
Gotta Be Mobile

I just received a newsletter from Grahl Software, the makers of PDF Annotator, an applicatin that lets Tablet PC users annotate PDF documents using pen and ink. It looks like they are adding some new features that will be available only within Vista. When we get word of a new release of PDF Annotator for Vista and find out what those features are, we will be sure to post an article.



November 14, 2006

First Look Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC

Lenovo X60 Tablet PC


GottabeMobile Exclusive Video Review of the Lenovo X60 Thinkpad Tablet PC

So, let’s take a look at the Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC. In this GBM Hardware InkShow I take a walk around tour of the unit I received which comes with the SXGA + (high res) screen option and is an engineering sample provided by Lenovo. I also discuss the battery options, examine the Nav Dial, take a look at the many utilities that come pre-loaded on the Thinkpad, and even show you a neat trick or two exclusive to the Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC. In my opinion, Lenovo has a winning entry in the Thinkpad X60 and it will certainly have as large an impact on the Tablet PC market as their original X41 entry, which was enormous.

Watch the video ( 40 minutes, 280mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC Review

The ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC is the second generation X-series Tablet PC / notebook convertible machine from Lenovo. The X60 Tablet PC is a Core Duo based machine that offers both significant performance and feature enhancements over its X41 Tablet PC predecessor.  The X60 Tablet (X60t hereafter) is based upon the 12.1" screen X60s ultraportable released earlier this year. While many have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Tablet PC incarnation of the X60, we're happy to say the best comes to those who wait.


Lenovo x60 ThinkPad Tablet PC InkShow Exclusive Interview on GottaBeMobile!

Well, we are pretty excited at GottaBeMobile, and we have got some great exclusive video for you!  If you have been following our site for the last week or so, you may have seen several references to a secret mission we have been mentioning, and we can now bring you information on what the big mission is all about.  Well, the mission is officially over, and it was a raging success! Here’s the scoop on what all the fuss is about.


November 15, 2006

The Chalice ( Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC ) on sale Downunder

without further ague Tegatech Australia would like everyone to know that the Fujitsu LifeBook P1610, and the Fujitsu LifeBook T4215 are now on sale in Australia, and will be deliverable by the end of this month!

As Australia’s Tablet Guy I couldn’t help but get involved – so if you’re going to purchase directly from Tegatech Australia just type “Uber Tablet sent me” in the comments section of the order and you’ll receive a free* extended battery for either model!!! Exclusive only to readers of this blog. Bloggers Buy P1610 here, Buy T4215 here.

*only applies to direct retail purchases coming via the UberTablet blog. Those customers near Tegatech Australia authorized resellers will be sent to purchase from there.


24 hours with a P1610 Tablet PC
Gotta Be Mobile

Well, it has been 24 hours since I received the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC, and I have to say I'm very, very pleased with it.

 I'm working on an InkShow that should be up sometime this weekend, so I'm hoping this article will answer a few questions folks have until I can get that video shot. For a quick "First Looks" at the P1610, take a look at this InkShow I shot last week while at Mobile Connections. That InkShow and this article should keep you satisified for just a little while.


UMPC Fabric Keyboard (Video)

When I was emailed a photo of the Elektek Fabric Keyboard by a friend in England I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Shortly after posting a picture the manufacturer sent me an email and said, “hey, I’ve got one with me and I’m in Sydney.” I just love being Australia's Tablet Guy!!!

So a few coffees later and here we are; I must admit I am a fan. Not only does it function but it also looks funky. Be warned though…don’t tear or pierce the fabric as the circuitry will die! Stay tuned to hear more about these sort of devices; and ask me anything you may want to know as I too am interested.

In regards to Bluetooth regrettably this in an interface that we will not see in this device.

See it on


Gateway Puts a Twist on Educational Technology With $1.6 Million ...
PR Newswire

Gateway, Inc. the nation's third-largest PC company, today announced it was awarded a $1.6 million contract with United Independent School District (UISD) in Texas for M280 Convertible Notebook PCs and associated training, technical M280 tablet PCsupport and services.

As part of the three-year contract, Gateway will provide middle school students in the district with more than 1,000 convertible notebooks for use with day-to-day instruction and online testing.

The unique design of the Gateway(R) M280 Convertible Notebook enables it to be easily "converted" from notebook into tablet-mode by swiveling and folding down the display. This mode is ideal for the classroom environment, allowing students to use the PC for solving mathematical equations and taking notes with a digital pen. Students can also draw diagrams and edit documents directly on the widescreen display, which provides valuable extra work space over standard format displays.

"We're delighted that United Independent School District is investing in our tablet solution, which offers many advantages to the educational process and can help increase student engagement and learning,"


Richard Powers Uses Tablet PC Voice Recognition To Write Novel
Gotta Be Mobile

Wired Magazine talks with author Richard Powers about his latest book, The Echo Maker. What’s intriguing about this is that Powers uses voice recognition on a Tablet PC to do some of his writing.

I’ve always wanted the freedom to be completely disembodied when I’m writing, to feel as if I’m in a pure compositional state. Typing is a highly unnatural activity, and your writing style ends up reflecting the cognitive shackles. When I started to use the tablet, things that are extremely difficult to do on a word processor opened up to me

What I love about his approach is the combination of voice recognition and using the Tablet PC to make sketches along the way. Tablet PCs and the creative process. A natural in my opinion.

line Named Tablet PC Reseller
PR Web recently became an authorized reseller of "on-the-go" tablet PCs. The clipboard-style personal computer can be used in the field--anywhere outside a traditional office setting. With wireless connectivity, you are no longer limited to doing business in an office with these lightweight, portable PCs. The company sells the entire line of these Motion Computing brand tablets.


November 16, 2006

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC MultiTouch and Ultrabase
Gotta Be Mobile

Well, the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC InkShows just keep on coming!

In this installment, Dennis Rice takes a look at the MultiTouch XGA / Outdoor screen option, and also the Ultrabase mobile docking solution.  The X60 Tablet PC is very much a unique device, and these two options are a couple of very strong points to consider.

Watch the MultiTouch / Ultrabase InkShow here


TechNet Summit: Gates on Google, iPod, Zune, bubbles and the and the future

Gates is still beating the drum on speech, ink and the Tablet PC, as digital approaches that will change the way people work, and mentioned projecting documents on a table via software and cheap cameras, which has been a long-term Microsoft research project. 


What’s the right mobile technology for your business?
Living IT

Q What about tablet PCs?

A Tablets are great for specialist applications, especially if you need to input data into forms by hand. You can make notes on the screen and the tablet will even recognise handwriting – but the technology still leaves something to be desired at the moment. A new version of the tablet is due early in 2007 and promises to be much more practical. Meanwhile, unless you have a very specific need, tablets offer little more than a standard laptop.


November 17, 2006

Tablet PCs and the enterprise

Questions persist over the future shape of the Tablet PC platform, but as we examine, there is thriving demand and applications for these devices in key business sectors

Tablet PCs, defined as portable PCs featuring electronic pen input instead of or sometimes as well as a standard keyboard, are back in the news again.

Rumours are currently circulating that PC maker Dell is about to launch a tablet model early next year. Dell is one of the few major laptop vendors never to have ventured into the tablet market, regarding it as too much of a niche in the overall mobile computing scene.

With Microsoft readying the Vista operating system for shipment, with the handwriting recognition capabilities of its Windows XP Tablet PC software now enhanced and built-in, Dell has apparently decided to rethink.

Thanks to Vista, says Microsoft, a Tablet PC will now be able to better recognise a user's writing thanks to new features integrated right into the heart of the OS.

It seems timely therefore to take a look at where the Tablet PC fits into today's enterprise, and examine where it adds value over and above more mainstream portable hardware. We look at some of the uses tablets are typically put to, the types of tablet available, the technologies they use to connect to corporate networks and the ways in which they can be integrated into an over all mobile armoury.

There are, it should be noted, two types of Tablet PC - slate and convertible. Slates are lightweight, slim and do not have a permanent keyboard attached. Convertible tablets have an attached keyboard and look like a conventional laptop, with a screen that can be rotated to lay flat over the keyboard.


Ink Fight: Differences Between Active Digitizer and Passive Touch
Gotta Be Mobile

Twisted Logic. Actually that’s the name of the blog where Mike started a discussion about the differences between inking on an active digitizer and a passive touch screen. Yes, there are differences and he covers them in a comparison between the Lenovo Thinkpad X41 and the Samsung Q1. Kevin Tofel of jkOnTheRun picked up the conversation and reminds us about the Samsung Q1’s touch utility called “Constant Touch” which really hasn’t been publicized all that much. (I’ve not had any hands on experience with this but it looks like a very interesting solution to some of the touch issues.)


November 20, 2006

Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC Video Review Hardware InkShow
Gotta Be Mobile

In this Hardware InkShow video review, I take a closer look at the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC, examine ink notetaking and touch, review the keyboard and compare it to the ThinkOutside Stowaway keyboard, and address some usability issues. In addition, I take a look at some of what you can expect out of the box.

The more I use the P1610, the more impressed I am with it. I've never used a touch device that supplied such a good inking experience. My only negatives are the cramped keyboard and the limit of 1gb, but those are to be expected with an ultra mobile computer and are not deal killers for me. The next thing Fujitsu could do to improve this tablet would be to incorporate true multi-touch to offer the benefits of an active digitizer and touch. This will be an ultra portable tablet pc that I plan on holding on to for a while. It is a complete solution for the way I work when going mobile.     Watch the InkShow


Tablet PC big hit at Berwick
Portsmouth Herald News

In a seventh-grade humanities class at Berwick Academy, students focused intently on their geography research projects. Rather than textbooks and lined paper, students had tablet computers on their desks, enabling them to access online reports and data. Some students read text and looked at maps or made notes on the screens that later became part of their reports.

A tablet PC (personal computer) is like a normal laptop computer, but it has ink-enabled applications that allow the user to write on the tablet screen using a stylus pen. The academy is the first school in Maine to adopt the technology, according to the school's Web site.

According to Wendy Harrington, Berwick Academy's director of technology, students take notes in longhand, draw, make musical notations on the tablet screen, create charts and graphs, all of which can be saved and transmitted.

"The school's board of directors recommended the introduction of tablet PCs after careful study of the use of computers in classrooms," Harrington said.

She said the board wanted to ensure the introduction of the tablet PCs would support the school's educational goals, not just technology for its own sake.

"At Berwick Academy, we have a heavy emphasis on writing and the use of tablet PCs fosters this goal," she said.

"Some parents expressed concerns that using tablet PCs would isolate students," Harrington said. "To the contrary, we have found that students work more with teachers and other students."

She told the story of a student who e-mailed her teacher at home during the evening concerning the meaning of an important word. "The teacher and student had a great dialogue, which would never have happened (were) it not for the PCs." Using the tablet PC's WIKI webspace, students work together on projects, something unthinkable just a few years ago, Harrington said.


Toshiba unveils Tablet PC with integrated 3G
Maktoob Business

Toshiba’s Computer Systems Division unveils at Gitex its first notebook with Tochiba M400-3g Tablet PC integrated 3G/3G+ capability, the Portégé M400-3G Tablet PC. The embedded 3G/3G+ access will enable users to connect to email, internet and data networks without using a separate PC card, simplifying connectivity and providing access to critical business data anytime, anywhere.

Toshiba customers will now have access to 3G and 3G broadband high-speed services (HSDPA), which significantly increase download speeds to around 1.8Mbps and upload speeds up to 400 Kbps. When a customer moves into areas without 3G+ broadband coverage, the network automatically switches to 3G or GPRS, so that regardless of where a user roams, data availability is ensured and customers can remain connected to business critical data via the well-established GPRS data service.

“Business professionals need connectivity and email on the go, but up to now they haven’t been able to stay connected easily; the technology developed by Toshiba for the Portégé makes this a reality,”


November 21, 2006

The Samsung SPH-P9000: Convergence at Hand
Tablet PC Reviews

Samsung SPH-9000

For many the Holy Grail of mobile computing is a device that combines the power of full size Tablet PC functionality with the portability and ease of use of a cell phone. Samsung has taken an evolutionary step closer to the ultimate in convergence with the SPH-P9000

The Samsung SPH-P9000 probably comes closer than any device to date to achieving the convergence of Tablet PC power and mobile phone portability. The device packs an impressive set of features into a form factor that occupies the space between UMPCs and Smart Phones.

At 5.6" x 3.5" x 1.2" the unit is small enough to be pocketed (albeit a large suit pocket), yet at 1.2 lbs not a device you'll ever forget you're carrying. The screen sounds like an acceptable compromise at 5" diagonal and 800x480 pixels. For internal storage the SPH-P9000 uses a 30GB hard drive but I would imagine that could be replaced with a flash based drive for lighter weight and greater battery life.

Samsung's press materials say the device runs Windows XP but we're assuming they mean Windows XP Tablet Edition since the unit features touchscreen capability. No word on the processor so it remains to be seen whether or not XP would run at an acceptable speed.

Another goodie thrown in for good measure is a 1.3 megapixel camera aimed at the user and ostensibly for video calling.

The engineers at Samsung apparently took the term Origami to heart when designing this device. Perhaps one of the most interesting features is that the unit unfolds to reveal a decent sized QWERTY keyboard.


November 22, 2006

I've just completed a neat little Tablet PC utility that I have wanted for a long time.  The tool lets you write search terms on a small form, and instantly send the terms to a Google search inside your default browser with one tap (or a gesture).  No more awkward use of the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) inside a web page!!


Fujitsu, the Leader in Pen Computing, Announces the Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PC Series
Market Wire

Fujitsu ST5100 Tablet PC

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the Stylistic® ST5111 and ST5112 Tablet PCs, the first slates on the market to offer the latest Intel® Core™ Duo Mobile Technology, delivering maximum power, performance, and battery life.

Ideal for project-based applications, as well as for mobile professionals in markets including healthcare and field and sales force automation, the 3.5-pound Microsoft Windows-Vista capable thin and light slates save time and reduce data-entry errors.

With a choice of state-of-the-art display technologies, text and graphics can be easily seen under various lighting conditions. The Stylistic ST5111 Tablet PC features a 10.4-inch screen, the largest front-lit reflective display in the industry. The XGA TFT display provides outstanding outdoor viewing and is optimized for direct sunlight conditions. The Stylistic ST5112 Tablet PC offers a 12.1-inch bright transmissive indoor/outdoor XGA display with greater than 160° wide viewing angles, allowing for consistent image quality at varying angles.


jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #28- Fujitsu P1610 video review

Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #28 here (WMV format, 320 x 240, 192MB, 52 minutes)

For the bandwidth-conscious, there's a low-res version too. (WMV format, 320 x 240, 94 MB).Jk_icon_medium_3

This show is a video overview of the new Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC and I think once you've seen this baby in action you'll see why I like it so much.  It's a mini-Tablet PC with an 8.9" touchscreen displaying 1280 x 768 and in the video you'll see why it provides a complete Tablet PC experience without an active digitizer.  You'll also see the first look at the port replicator and extended battery that provides 6 hours of ink time.


Allegiance Technology Partners wins major Tablet PC contract
Gotta Be Mobile

Great news for Allegiance Technology Partners, and Tablet PCs in general. As further proof that Tablet PCs are problem solving solutions, has inked a major contract to provide a total Tablet PC solution for the Montgomery County Health Department in Pennsylvania. They will be using Motion Computing Tablet PCs and forms based software from Active Ink Software

Here is the press release:

Allegiance Technology Partners (ALLTP), a solution provider specializing in tablet PCs, has been chosen by the Montgomery County Health Department in Norristown, PA to provide a total solution for health inspectors in the county.

ALLTP will provide Motion tablet PCs, electronic forms software and portable printers for Montgomery County’s 23 health inspectors to use while checking restaurants for compliance with the county’s codes.

“Implementation of this solution will allow the county to inspect more facilities in less time and with greater accuracy, thereby creating a safer environment for the residents and guests of Montgomery County,” said John Hill, President, ALLTP.

The Motion LE1600 tablet PCs will be loaded with Active Ink, a software program purchased by the County as the platform for their health inspections. The software application will allow the County to go paperless by creating digital health inspection forms for use on their Tablet PCs.


MobileTechRoundup show #78

A couple of new gadgets ended up in the hands of the MobileTechRoundup crew and in MobileTechRoundup show #78 you'll hear all you want to know about the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC. I also picked up a Zune and offer some initial impressions and thoughts on this latest multimedia device entry. Kevin chimes in with a freeware for you iPod owners as well. We also reminded the listeners to register at for some awesome 10th anniversary prizes

Listen here (MP3, 32MB, 35 minutes)


November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving decoration


November 24, 2006

Black Friday mobile gear shopping guide

  • Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC: This new ultra-portable convertible Tablet PC was just released, but a couple of mobile enthusiasts already have some first impressions that have me thinking about a sale of my Q1 for an upgrade to this model. Check out James Kendrick's video and Rob Bushway's InkShow to see why the P1610 is compelling. The P1610 uses an 8.9 inch, 1280 x 768 resolution touch screen display with amazing palm rejection technology and sports a 1.2 GHz Core Solo processor, up to 1GB RAM, up to 80 GB hard drive, SD card slot, 802.11 a/b/g and Bluetooth 2 radios, and integrated fingerprint security sensor. The Fujitsu P1610 starts at US$1,599.
  • Samsung Q1 or ASUS R2H UMPC: I have been using a Samsung Q1 UMPC for several months and am pleased with this UMPC device that allows me to work on the go and carry a light load. The Q1 is optimized for multimedia and if you are looking for an UMPC with more enterprise focused features then I recommend you check out an ASUS R2H device. Make sure to check out Josh Bancroft's 162 detailed photos where you'll see every detail and feel a bit more comfortable buying online. Both of these UMPC devices are available for about US$1,000.


I think this post will create some real excitement Downunder. Not only has Australia officially announced the release of the ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC, and the R1F Convertible Tablet, via Tegatech Australia, but the specs look pretty good too.
Given the maturity of the IT market in Australia and New Zealand it comes as no surprise that ASUS has held nothing back. The package Downunder includes all the usual International specifications but also the Bluetooth Keyboard and an External DVD RW. Interestingly it is one hundred dollars cheaper than the TabletKiosk i7210 so it will be interesting to see how this affects overall UMPC takeup. It looks as though it will ship with the smaller battery here, no sign of he "big battery" my friends in USA have blogged about.

I know many of you were almost waiting for this announcement like little kids at Christmas time - so without further delay head on over to the Tegatech Australia website and have a look! Apparently this solidifies Tegatech as the only Company in the Southern Hemisphere officially entitled to wholesale all the Microsoft Origami Devices.

I had a play with the device recently and just loved the "all-in-one" concept


Panasonic CF-18 ToughBook Tablet PC Review
Tablet PC Reviews

With a moniker like "ToughBook", a design to military standard MIL-STD-810F, and a price tag considerably above technically comparable Tablet PCs models, outstanding build quality and features are a consumer expectation. In this regard, The Panasonic CF-18 doesn't disappoint. Like its full-sized notebook model siblings, the CF-18 is built rock-solid to withstand use in extreme environments and is graced with internal components and industry standard features.


November 27, 2006

Windows Vista Secrets for Tablet PC?

Tim Sneath has been posting a wonderful series of "Windows Vista Secrets".  (The ability to start Quick Launch items with the [Win+<n>] keys has changed my life -- thanks Tim!)

I have my own set of tips for Windows Vista -- some secret, some not -- that apply mainly to laptop and Tablet PCs, so I thought I'd share.

#1: Windows Mobility Center

Windows Mobility Center

Windows Mobility Center is a great one-stop portal for managing a LOT of settings on your laptop or tablet -- power scheme, audio volume, screen brightness, projection, rotation, as well as one-click access to myriad other Control Panel applets for stylus input and handwriting recognition.

It's definitely not meant to be a "secret", but for some reason we really did bury it in the Start / Programs / Accessories menu...  Place a shortcut to MblCtr.exe on your Quick Launch bar, or pin it to your Start Menu, for easier access.

Update: Reader benwatt reminds me that [Win+X] will launch the Mobility Center -- for laptops and Tablet PCs with keyboards


Windows Vista FAQ, Netherlands

Q. What's with all these different versions of Vista?

A. Windows Vista's mitosis into five retail flavors is nothing new. Though Windows XP came in only two retail editions--Home and Professional--Microsoft also released two OEM versions: Media Center Edition and Tablet PC Edition. In effect, the features of XP's four editions are being recombined into four new retail Vista editions.

Picking the right one for you isn't as hard as it may seem. If your hardware barely meets the new OS's minimum requirements, you don't care about Vista's slick new Aero interface, you don't connect to a Windows Server domain, and you don't need Media Center or Tablet PC features, you can choose Home Basic--but under those circumstances you probably won't get much out of Vista, anyway. For another $60, Home Premium gives you Aero and Media Center.

Q. I have a tablet PC. Can I install Vista on it? Should I?

A. Yes you can, if you buy a Vista version that offers tablet functionality: Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate. But before you do, check your hardware configuration against Vista's requirements. Many tablet PCs are relatively underpowered and may not make very satisfactory Vista systems.

Vista editions that do support tablets introduce some new pen-oriented features. You gain more control over where the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) writing area appears, the cursor changes shape to make what you're doing clearer, and gestures called "Flicks" enable you to perform navigational tasks such as scrolling with a quick pen maneuver.


Apple Tablet PC Confirmed
Smart House

Sources in Taiwan have said that the focus has been more on the home and theiTablet education environment than the enterprise marketplace. Several months ago I was told that Apple was exploring a neat new device that is basically a touch screen that links to various source devices including a brand new media centre that Apple is planning to launch next year.

The Mac tablet has been designed to handle third party applications such as home automation software that will allow users to control lighting, audio, entertainment devices and security feeds. It also acts as a full blown PC has wireless linking for a new generation of Wireless Hi Fi speakers that are currently being tested by Apple.

Also taken into consideration was the use of the device in educational environments where presenters often want to walk around while having access to source material being presented to a screen or auditorium speakers.

The new MAC tablet has Intel processors as well as a docking station that allows the device to link to screens with HDMI input. The docking station also has additional memo0ry capability so that users can stream content to either the tablet PC or the docking station or directly to a media centre if one is being used.


November 28, 2006

2006 List for Santa

Check out all the items you want Santa to leave under your tree

Offering an exceptional selection of holiday gifts for computer enthusiasts, music lovers and technology buffs alike, The 2006 List for Santa has something for everyone.'s Fourth Annual List for Santa

Xplore Teams Up With Progressive Gaming International to Offer Wireless Gaming
PR Newswire

Xplore Technologies Corp. (TSX:XPL), an innovative leader in the rugged PC industry, teams up with Progressive Gaming International Corporation (PGIC), a leading provider of technologies used in the gaming industry, to offer customers wireless gaming capabilities.

Xplore's iX104 rugged Tablet PC is used in conjunction with software provided by PGIC that allows clients to wager on individual outcomes within a sporting event such as, "will the next play be a pass or a rush?" It is further intended that this solution will eventually be allowed to extend to other areas of the casino, whether at the casino bar, restaurant and even poolside.

"We wanted to provide a solution for gaming enthusiasts who wanted the ability to wager and track their bets during games and events from anywhere in a casino where allowed by regulations. We needed to find a hardware product that was flexible and rugged enough to be handled by everyday patrons but also had to function well with our software. After some comprehensive research, the Xplore iX104 Tablet PC seemed the most logical choice," stated Brandon Knowles, Vice President of Gaming Technology at Progressive Gaming International


Tablet PC Form Automation Software from Field2Base Increases

Field2Base Inc., announced today the general availability of Version 4.0 of its Forms2Base software offering. Forms2Base Pro along with its free, restricted use sister product, Forms2Base Lite, offer clients a simple yet powerful method of automating paper forms commonly used for field data collection purposes. While designed specifically for use on Tablet PCs, Forms2Base will also run on laptops and desktops running the Windows XP operating system.


Q1 vs Q1B

Today I thought it important to define a "couple" of differences between the Samsung Q1 and the Samsung Q1b. At first glance they appear the same device with the later containing "b" generation benefits. While this holds true for a couple of the specifications it does not hold true for all. Because one of the most common questions I get asked at the moment is, "when will the Q1b become available Downunder?" I thought I'd help you all understand the differences.

So before we get too excited about Q1B lets look at the differences between the two...and it might interest you to know that the price should be "about" the same.


EO one minute, gone the next

FedEX man came today and left these; shame they were gone 45 minutes later. Atleast he is back again tomorrow.

Since pictures speak louder than words, enjoy this:

TabletKiosk eos


November 29, 2006

Surviving a "Near Death" Experience: How to Save Your Tablet PC After a Spill
Tablet PC Reviews

tablet casket

Don't plan to bury your notebook or Tablet PC just yet...

If you are one of the lucky few to have a Panasonic ToughBook CF-18, then please disregard the rest of this article. However if you are one of the other 99.9% of mobile computer owners and have a machine that doesn't get along with liquids very well, we have some steps that you can take to save your investment when an accident happens.


KathieEM22 and the Grand UnveilingGotta Be Mobile Winner
Gotta Be Mobile

Yes, a new Tablet PC is enough to make anybody smile, and here’s proof. Even though it took awhile, we finally received (and finally got a chance to post) some pictures of GBM’s Make Me Mobile With Motion Contest winner KathieEM22 and her new Motion LS800 Tablet PC.


November 30, 2006

A Laptop for Everyone on Your List
ABC News

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a shiny new laptop. But with so many to chooseLenovo X60 from, where do you even start? Take a deep breath; we can help you find a laptop for everyone on your list, from the entertainment-obsessed, YouTube-loving teen to the 3D-gaming guru—not to mention everyone in between.

Business pros, educators, students, and sketch artists will love the newly upgraded Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet, which lets you write, literally, into any program. Just flip the rotating screen 180 degrees, grab the easy-to-use digitizer pen, and doodle away. The system is super easy to carry, at only 4.4 pounds, and its seven or so hours of battery life will get you through a nearly a full day of meetings or classes without a hitch.

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet ($2,299 direct)
This convertible tablet boasts an Intel Core Duo processor, 1GB of RAM, three screen options, integrated EV-DO, and around 7 hours of battery life.


New Law & Tablets Blog

Law & Tablets BLogWelcome to Law & Tablets. This space will host a discussion of the use of Tablet PCs and Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) in the legal profession. I will try to cover items for those considering their first tablet purchase, those in the learning process, and even some of the more advanced practitioners. I hope you will join in the discussion. If you have stories you would like to share, please send me an email at tabletpc (at) tpbishop (dot) com . Thank you for your consideration and participation.


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Tablet PC Quick Compare
includes photos and allows you to quickly and easily compare the differences between individual Tablet PCs





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What is Tablet PC?

If you want the reliability and power of Windows XP, with the added benefit of pen and ink, the Tablet PC is the solution for you

The Tablet PC

The Tablet PC is a fully functioning mobile computer that runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which includes new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input. Tablet PCs come in three styles, Convertible, Slate and Hybrid.