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January 2006


January 1, 2006

Tablet Pc 2 Happy New Year



January 2, 2006

The year`s best digital buys
Business Standard

Tablet PCs - portable machines that run Windows XP and have touch-sensitive screens - remain a small part of the market. I particularly like some of the lightweight “convertible” tablets that have appeared this year, including Lenovo’s ThinkPad X41 and Fujitsu’s 1510d, both of which can operate in standard notebook mode, or like a writing slate with an electronic pen.

At an ever more basic level, most of the applications and private data that mobile professionals need can now be carried around on a Flash memory USB drive that can be plugged into virtually any PC


10 Things to Look for This Year in Mobile Computing

4. Tablet PCs will push down toward laptops in terms of price, and some will take the place of being marketed as a high feature laptop, not just one with a digitizer pen and swivel screen.
Much like with what has happened in the auto industry with hybrids going from being just fuel efficient transportation to alternative performance vehicles (see the way Toyota markets Lexus hybrids versus Toyota brand ones), the same kind of thing will happen with TabletPCs. We already see with models like the Toshiba M4 that if done right, a tablet can more than be a suitable laptop. Along with processor upgrades, we can look for more efficient tablets to take the place of all but the most powerful laptops today (those usually powered by desktop CPUs).


Toshiba Launches 'Talk-2-Toshiba'
EFY Times

Monday, January 02, 2006:  On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first mass-marketed laptop, the computer systems division of Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd in partnership with HCL, has announced a new service initiative, 'Talk-2-Toshiba'. The service is a simple 2-step process for users to instantaneously reach Toshiba directly for service support solutions

To activate this service, the user only requires accessing the Toshiba WEB address and a simple 2-step process to enjoy this call-back service. Visit and type your phone number in and click on the phone icon.

Instantaneously, the phone will ring. Once the call is accepted, a Toshiba Global Support Center Agent will then speak to the user directly. Calls can be of warranty or services nature, or software or hardware issues related to Toshiba notebooks, tablet PCs and pocket PCs.


What to Expect in 2006

Here are my predictions in technology for 2006.

4. Tablet PC's will become more mainstream, but won't replace laptops entirely until 2008(ish)

Tablet PC sales will continue to build momentum and the marketing campaigns of Gateway will be matched by their competitors.  Dell will even announce a Tablet PC towards the end of the year.  Otherwise, shareholder will start wondering why they're paying so much for the Google AdSense keyword.  Someone will buy out Motion Computing entirely.


Little Helpers

The Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D takes a slightly different approach, befitting its role as a convertible tablet PC. Its 8.9-inch wide-SVGA display (1,024 x 600) is more fujitsu tablet pcrectangular than square for spreadsheet viewing, and it folds back to create a writing slate. At 2.2 pounds, it’s a featherweight, but you sacrifice having an internal CD or DVD drive. Compare it with the heftier Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet, which weighs in at 3.5 pounds and comes stocked with a 12.1-inch display and an integrated fingerprint reader for security. The tablet option isn’t for everyone, but users who work in warehouse environments or who really like the ability to use the handwriting technology will want to consider it. Some buyers may want to wait a bit for the new, improved version of the tablet PC OS set to debut with Windows Vista sometime this year.


CES: You are invited to Tablet PC Gathering #4, plus Blogger Meetup

Where:    Cheese Burger at the Oasis
               At the Aladdin's Desert Passage

When:    Friday, January 6th at 4PM

Prices range from $10 to $30. Individuals will pay their own expenses.

From the convention center, take the CES Shuttle Bus #4. (Mid-day service from LVCC to hotels is every 30 minutes.) Get off at Paris and walk to the Aladdin's Desert Passage. If you take the monorail, exit at the Paris station.


January 3, 2006

Little Helpers

The Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D takes a slightly different approach, befitting its role as a convertible tablet PC. Its 8.9-inch wide-SVGA display (1,024 x 600) is more fujitsu tablet pcrectangular than square for spreadsheet viewing, and it folds back to create a writing slate. At 2.2 pounds, it’s a featherweight, but you sacrifice having an internal CD or DVD drive. Compare it with the heftier Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet, which weighs in at 3.5 pounds and comes stocked with a 12.1-inch display and an integrated fingerprint reader for security. The tablet option isn’t for everyone, but users who work in warehouse environments or who really like the ability to use the handwriting technology will want to consider it. Some buyers may want to wait a bit for the new, improved version of the tablet PC OS set to debut with Windows Vista sometime this year.


CES: You are invited to Tablet PC Gathering #4, plus Blogger Meetup

Where:    Cheese Burger at the Oasis
               At the Aladdin's Desert Passage

When:    Friday, January 6th at 4PM

Prices range from $10 to $30. Individuals will pay their own expenses.

From the convention center, take the CES Shuttle Bus #4. (Mid-day service from LVCC to hotels is every 30 minutes.) Get off at Paris and walk to the Aladdin's Desert Passage. If you take the monorail, exit at the Paris station.


January 4, 2006

January 4, 2005: Note from the Editor

Were on our way to the 2006 International CES show in Las Vegas and will be updating the site with photos and information for you as often as we can.

Things at CES can get pretty hectic, so if we get behind please bare with us!

This month will include coverage from CES an update on our Editors Choice Tablet pc, and first looks a at some of the new Tablet PCs that will be be available in the coming months.

We will also be bringing you reviews of  the Lenovo Tablet PC and the new Fujitsu P1501D Tablet PC and some new software reviews.

Based on reader feedback, In the coming months we will be expanding the coverage on to include more Digital cameras, networking equipment and Media center PC's along with more unique products and accessory items.

Many of you have asked that we update our "The Best Tablet PC" article and that we include an Editors Choice Tablet PC from both the Slate and Convertible form factors, so will will be doing that in the next month or two as well.

We appreciate all of your support and glad you like our "Think outside the box" approach.

Happy New Year to all,

Linda A. Epstein
Microsoft MVP Tablet PC


DualCor Technologies Previews New Handtop PC
PR Newswire

-- DualCor cPC combines the power of a desktop PC, the instant-on convenience of a PDA and the always-connected functionality of a cell phone
-- First all-in-one mobile device to concurrently run Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and Windows Mobile 5.0

DualCor Technologies, Inc., today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), previewed the DualCor cPC, the world's first ultra portable personal computer to simultaneously run full-function Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and Windows Mobile 5.0 operating systems. This unique device represents a new category of hardware for global enterprise computing and promises to end the compromise between mobility, functionality and productivity for the mobile business professional.

We're excited to see tablet functionality appear in a broad range of mobile PC products," said Chris Barry, group product manager of Tablet PC at Microsoft Corp. "The DualCor product is an innovative approach to providing full PC functionality in a highly mobile form factor."


FranklinCovey Releases PlanPlus(TM) for Windows(R) XP 5.0
PR Newswire

Latest Planning Software for Notebook, Desktop, and Tablet PC Adds New Features to Improve Usability

FranklinCovey ) announces the launch of PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0, the company's latest release of planning software.
PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0 has a customizable user interface, FranklinCovey applications for the Palm(R) OS, full category support, improved task organization and enhanced note-taking features.

As a stand-alone electronic planning system with the look and functionality of a paper planner, PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0 is designed for a desktop, notebook, or Tablet PC user with the Windows XP operating system.

The software incorporates a calendar, contacts, and task management with enhanced features for daily and weekly planning, note-taking, and organization using the same layout and functionality of the FranklinCovey paper planning system.

Tablet PC users will have digital ink support for all areas of the planning system. These users can take notes in their own handwriting and convert it to standard text.


Lots of Business Products at Consumer Electronics Show
FOX News

The annual convention, which is known for displaying everything from enormous flat-screen televisions to tasers and robotic dogs under the bright lights of Las Vegas, will also play host to a number of more buttoned-down products in 2006, including a new crop of notebook PC products

Given that many of the business-oriented details of the new operating system — such as its Restart Manager — have already been discussed by Microsoft, Gates may instead focus on Vista's Media Center capabilities, or outline its Tablet PC functionality.

Businesses might find tablet PC talk of interest. Tablet PCs, which use pen input and a special Windows XP Tablet Edition operating system, have generally been slow sellers compared to standard notebooks. However, tablets have found homes in areas such as health care and education.

Meanwhile, some firms have also begun to show interest in Media Center PCs for audiovisual duties in showing presentations in boardrooms or sales meetings, some PC makers say.


January 5, 2006

A Sneak Peak of the new Toshiba Portégé M400 Tablet PC at CES



PREVIEW - New Toshiba M400 Tablet PC w/ Dual Core Processor
Tablet PC Reviews


The cat has been out of the bag for awhile. Intel will officially announce its newest Dual Core Processor technology on Thursday afternoon here at CES Las Vegas. What does this mean for Tablet PC's . How about a major performance boost!

We scoped out the upcoming Toshiba M400 convertible tablet on Wednesday night. Toshiba tells us this refresh of the popular M200 will be available in February. Armed with a dual core processor from Intel, a biometric scanner and refined design, the M400 looks to be an exciting and welcomed addition to the Toshiba Tablet PC line.


Working Together: Voyager Flight Software System And WingX
Aero-News Network

Voyager 3.0 is the first and only integrated flight software system, comprised of individual software modules that work together to cover all aspects of flying: pre-flight planning, in-flight moving map/situational awareness, IFR procedure management, and more.  Customers choose the modules which fit their needs and they integrate together into one seamless application. Modules may be added individually or in any combination as needs change.

In addition to the new WingX support, Voyager 3.0 can export flight plans to most Garmin and Lowrance handheld GPS units, Anywhere Map from Control Vision, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Voyager runs on most desktop PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows XP. Seattle Avionics Software also just announced a turn-key EFB solution that combines Voyager with a Motion Computing LE 1600 or LS 800 Tablet PC, a Pharos Bluetooth GPS and an XM WX satellite weather receiver


CES - Gates shares his vision of the digital lifestyle

Microsoft Corp. Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates shared his CEScompany's future vision for seamlessly connecting users to personalized digital content through next-generation software, services and devices during his keynote at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here in Las Vegas Wednesday.

Though many of the technologies highlighted were cutting edge, Gates also revived two technologies that have not quite lived up to their hype, but that insiders say are particular pet projects for the Microsoft founder -- Tablet PC and IPTV (Internet Protocol television).

During his keynote, Gates said that Microsoft is making a lot of investment in providing Tablet PC capabilities in Vista, and expects to make inroads in that area this year. "Driving that to the mainstream is something we're committed to," he said. Microsoft launched its Tablet PC device at CES several years ago, but the product did not catch on with consumers as the company had expected.


Keynote Remarks by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software ...

One of the special things we've been doing with Windows is creating a tablet version. Now, this fits in with the fact that the growth in PCs was not only fantastic but portable machines are making up a higher and higher CESpercentage. And what we want to do is get this capability, the tablet capability down so it's the mainstream of Tablet PC. We've got dozens of partners building great Tablet PCs, they're getting better and better. In fact, there are some new technologies that are going to make that price premium for this tablet capability very, very small.

Gateway is helping us lead the way with this new CS200. It's a great machine at very much a mainstream portable price.

Part of the way that we're getting this premium down is we're using new digitizers that are called passive, and that means that it will be a simple decision to say, yes, I want to get that tablet capability.


  Toshiba Brings Wide Lineup of Latest Advances to CES 2006

Toshiba Corporation has announced the diverse line-up of technologies andCES systems that the Company will bring to the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2006, in Las Vegas. At CES, Toshiba will look to tomorrow and demonstrate its total commitment to innovation and excellence in digital products

Detachable Display

Toshiba's detachable display brings a new level of freedom to personal computing, especially tablet computing. The detachable display works as normal notebook display when attached to the PC. Separated, it's light and ultra-portable, and, like a good book, allows the user to curl up in a comfortable place -- and still stay productive. The detachable display is particularly suitable for business meetings: the display alone can be taken to meetings and used to read documents, and even write memos. It is also a strong tool in sales presentation, especially one-on-one explanations. Thanks to the IEEE802.11g wireless connectivity built into the prototype, all on-screen updates are processed and displayed in real time, while input via the stylus are transmitted to the main body.


OQO Introduces a Tablet PC Edition of the Model 01+
Yahoo! News

Industry's First Ultra Mobile PC Now Converts Into a Windows XP-based Tablet PC - Ideal for Sliding Into a Handbag, Lab Coat or Shirt Pocket

OQO today announces the Tablet Edition of its newest ultra mobile computer, the OQO model 01+. Now the smallest and most portable PC available running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, the OQO model 01+ Tablet Edition is the size of a handheld and as powerful as a full-size notebook computer. Ideal for mobile professionals, sales and service professionals, and healthcare workers, among others, the OQO model 01+ Tablet Edition is a complete mobile computing tool with touch screen capabilities.

"The OQO model 01+ tablet edition sustains our vision of providing complete Windows XP functionality in a truly pocketable form factor," said Jory Bell, OQO's CEO. "Now users can choose between the OQO's integrated thumb keyboard with trakstik navigation or simply slide out the 01+ digital pen to access XP tablet's advanced handwriting recognition, E-ink and navigation."

"We strive to provide Tablet PC users with a variety of form factors that they can take with them on the go," said Chris Barry, group product manager of Tablet PC at Microsoft Corp. "We're pleased that OQO has built their transportable 01+ on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition."

OQO model 01+ Tablet edition features include: Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 software Intuitive touch screen capabilities 1GHz processor 30GB hard drive (shock-mounted) 512MB RAM 4.9" x 3.4" x .9" 14 ounces 800 x 480 W-VGA 5" display (indoor/outdoor readable) 3D accelerated graphics with 8MB video RAM QWERTY thumb keyboard with mouse buttons and TrackStik® WiFi® Bluetooth® USB 2.0 FireWire® (1394) 3.5mm stereo headphone jack Microphone Pen-based digitizer NEW support for screen rotation NEW support for network boot (PXE) Removable lithium polymer battery Battery life up to three hours, depending on usage

The OQO model 01+ Tablet Edition is now available for $2099 and can be purchased in the United States from the OQO store at, or by calling OQO sales at 877-676-6688. International customers can purchase through authorized international reseller eXpansys at


Microsoft Showcases Windows Innovations to Help Customers Navigate Through the Digital 'World of More'
Yahoo! News CES

Gates provided examples of ways that Windows Vista enables a superior computing experience, whether on a home PC, laptop or Tablet PC:

* Fast on/off. Windows Vista-based PCs will turn on and off more like traditional consumer electronics. * Windows Mobility Center and Windows Sync Center. The Windows Mobility Center will allow customers to access and change mobile computer settings from one easy place; the Windows Sync Center will unify portable devices such as phones, PDAs and music players. * Integrated Tablet PC functionality. Tablet PC in Windows Vista will include improved pen-based navigation, touch-screen support and customizable handwriting recognition.


CES 2006: Bill Gates Keynote
Pocket PC Thoughts

In 1982 the personal computer was Time's "Man of the Year", and Gates CEStalked about how the growth of the PC has revolutionized the world as we know it. He launched into a demo that he believes will be made possible by the end of "The Digital Decade" (the next four years). There was a large touch screen and he used his fingers to drag and drop photos of the kids and art that they had created. He then sat down at a desk with a massive three-panel LCD display, with huge icons and an active video conferencing session. Bill picked up a thin Tablet PC and was able to take content from the Tablet PC and drag it into the conferencing window. The remainder of the demo was done at an imaginary airport, and was quite cool.


January 6, 2006

CES: Central Hall

When you walk into Central Hall, you cannot miss Intel and Microsoft's exhibits. The contrast between these two booths hit me immediately, with Intel's warm blue and red combinations and Microsoft's bright white with color indicating sections for gaming, music, communication, and other Vista highlights. Either way you turn, you'll see mobile PCs, MP3 players, smart phones, video players, gaming machines and everything else you can imagine. 

A bit later others were discussing how Motion Computing Tablet PC was demonstrating a concept design with a dual active and touch digitizer. Tap twice with your finger to enable finger scrolling. Imagine sitting on your couch tapping your way through the browser and then picking up the pen to ink away....


CES 2006: Show-Stopping Photos From Day 3
PC World - CES

OQO announced the Tablet Edition of its 01+ mobile computer. The small device is the size of a handheld, and can be operated with the thumb keyboard or digital pen. The device costs $2100 and is available through


Microsoft shows a little more Vista
Computer Business Review

Gates also said Microsoft was working on a tablet version of the OS. He said there were "dozens" of new Tablet PCs being developed by OEMs that would help breathe life into the market for Tablet machines. "In fact, there are some new technologies that are going to make that price premium for this tablet capability very, very small," Gates said. CES

"Part of the way that we're getting this premium down is we're using new digitizers that are called passive, and that means that it will be a simple decision to say, yes, I want to get that tablet capability."

He said Microsoft had invested "a lot" in the Tablet version of Vista, including into how to automatically adjust to users' handwriting style.


In-car gadgets take off

Ford Motor Co. is putting an actual computer into its F-series and Super Duty trucks starting this spring. FORDLINK, developed through a partnership with Microsoft Corp. and Grand Blanc-based Stargate Mobile, is a rugged tablet PC designed to be used on the job site.

Users can send and receive e-mail, access the Internet and run any Windows XP-based application on the 2.5 pound device, which is mounted to the transmission tunnel and can be detached to use at a job site. It's likely to be priced around $3,000.

"Anything you can do at your office you can do in the truck," said Ford spokesman Steve Weiner. "You can work without going into the office."


Pre-Show Keynote and Events Heighten the Buzz for a Spectacular 2006 International CES
Business Wire

"2006 is going to be a big year for the digital lifestyle...themes will be high definition and partners of all kinds. It is going to be user-centric, and CESsoftware has to provide power, but also simplicity," said Gates.

With the help of pop star Justin Timberlake and MTV President Van Toffler, Gate's announced Microsoft's new venture, URGE; a partnership with MTV Networks which will provide music and editorial content programmed by consumers for consumers. Gates also highlighted Microsoft's hundreds of wireless, hardware and PC/ OEM partnerships that will enable the seamless consumer experience and predicted the advent of tablet PCs, high resolution digital cameras, wireless phones and VoIP.


Live From CES: DualCor Mobile Computer
Gear Live

DualCor Tablet PC

CES affords us the opportunity to see many new and wonderful devices thatCES will never make it to market. Fortunately, the DualCor cPC isn't one of those. The Dual Cor is a relatively small form-factor, full-fledged mobile PC. It sports a 1.5 GHz processor (and another, lower speed chip), 40 GB HD and 1 GB of DDR memory . Its namesake is highlighted by two separate processors running two separate operating systems . The 1.5 GHz x86 processor runs Windows XP Tablet Edition. From the XP interface, you can switch cores and OSes to Windows Mobile 2005, allowing you to run your box considerably longer and allowing it to function on the road as a normal PDA (and, potentially, a cell phone).


OQO becomes an "ultra personal" Tablet PC

OQO is shipping a version of its "ultra personal computer" with Windows XP Tablet PC edition. The OQO model 01+ runs the same 1 GHz Transmeta processor as its predecessor, the model 01 introduced in the fall of 2004, but features more memory, a larger disk drive, and handwriting input. QOQ

The compact (4.9 x 3.4 x 0.9 in.) model 01+ is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, lab coat, or handbag yet packs the power of a full-sized notebook computer, according to OQO. The unit includes 512 MB of DDR RAM and a 30 GB, 1.8-inch shock-mounted disk drive. Both 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless are supported, along with USB 2.0 and Firewire. Ethernet connectivity is also available, via a docking cable.

The 5-inch "outdoor-readable" wide VGA (800x480) display features an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the display's backlight to the appropriate level for the surroundings. The screen slides on a rack and pinion mechanism to reveal the 57-key QWERTY thumb keyboard with mouse buttons and "TrackStik" pointing device.

"The OQO model 01+ tablet edition sustains our vision of providing complete Windows XP functionality in a truly pocketable form factor," said OQO CEO Jory Bell. "Now, users can choose between the OQO's integrated thumb keyboard with trakstik navigation or simply slide out the 01+ digital pen to access XP tablet's advanced handwriting recognition, E-ink and navigation."


Tiny tablet PCs showcased at CES

It was only a matter of time before tablet PCs went the way of ever-CESshrinking portable computers. But it is still a pleasant surprise to see these mini-machines at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Convertibles are fully functional notebook PCs with displays that can rotate and flip down to turn the unit into a tablet.

Fujitsu is at CES showing off its 2.2-pound LifeBook P1510D that can run on Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC edition or Windows XP Professional. Fujitsu Tablet PC

The three-cell battery offers as much as 3.5 hours of battery life and the optional six-cell battery, which pushes the weight of the unit to 2.5 pounds, offers as much as seven hours of life.

OQO, meanwhile, announced a tablet edition of its ultraportable PC, the Model 01+. This little device weighs only 14 ounces and runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. It's small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, measuring 4.9 inches x 3.4 inches x 9 inches.


January 7, 2006

More Photos From CES coming soon!


Toshiba's WiFi-screen Tablet PC laptopCES

Toshiba Prototype tablet pc

Toshiba was showing off that concept laptop we saw earlier this year -- you know, the one with a detachable display that communicates with its body by way of WiFi. It's also DLNA compliant so you can cruise around while watching video or interacting with your machine (so long as you don't get out of signal range). We got to handle the actual display part of the unit, and we have to confess, we fell a bit in love.


CES: Oh what a night

Thank you to everyone who attended the Tablet PC / Blogger gathering last night. I really enjoyed the conversations and the concert afterward!

A very special thank you to those companies who sponsored dinner: Provolabs, Lockergnome / Chris Pirillo Show, abletFactory, OQO, and Microsoft Channel9/ .NET Evangelism group.

Everyone got a special surprise when Monster Cable gave Stevie Wonder concert tickets to everyone; Etymotic Research handed out a new adapter designed for Skype users; OQO passed out t-shirts; and everyone got a Tablet Guy, CoDe Magazine Focus Magazine: Tablet PC and Mobile PC Edition, and a Channel 9 guy.


Microsoft To Ship All OS Bits With Every Version Of Vista

Microsoft plans to market several versions of Vista but will distribute all of the OS bits with every product shipped so users can easily unlock and step up to more full-featured versions using electronic keys, sources said.

"No matter which edition you buy you get all the bits and a key to unlock it. Everyone will have all the bits," said one source familiar with Microsoft's plans. "Right now we maintain master images for each version of Windows XP and it's a lot of work. Now there's just one master image."

According to published reports, Microsoft plans to ship seven SKUs of Vista that fall into business and consumer categories, corresponding with the existing Windows XP Pro and Home Editions. The consumer versions include Vista Starter Edition, Vista Home Basic Edition and Vista Home Premium Edition, the report said. The business lineup includes Vista Professional Edition, Vista Small Business Edition, Vista Enterprise Edition and Vista Ultimate Edition.

The high-end version, Vista Ultimate, contains all consumer and business features, including Media Center and Tablet PC bits, sources said.


The Future Of The Desktop Environment

So what will the user desktop environment look like in 2009? For starters, the “desktop” will be wherever you are. More users will adopt notebooks, possibly opting for the tablet PC style notebooks, such as the Gateway CX200X, which can be converted from a notebook computer to a digital notepad. One of the primary advantages of this feature is the ability to walk and compute simultaneously. Because you can write directly on the screen, using the computer on the go is significantly easier. By 2009 many communities and campuses will offer free wireless Internet access, so users will be able to walk and surf at the same time.


Toshiba Brings Wide Lineup of Latest Advances to CES 2006
AVinfo, UK

Detachable Display

Toshiba's detachable display brings a new level of freedom to personal computing, especially tablet computing. The detachable display works as normal notebook CESdisplay when attached to the PC. Separated, it's light and ultra-portable, and, like a good book, allows the user to curl up in a comfortable place -- and still stay productive. The detachable display is particularly suitable for business meetings: the display alone can be taken to meetings and used to read documents, and even write memos. It is also a strong tool in sales presentation, especially one-on-one explanations. Thanks to the IEEE802.11g wireless connectivity built into the prototype, all on-screen updates are processed and displayed in real time, while input via the stylus are transmitted to the main body


January 9, 2006

More Photos From CES coming soon!


Hot and High-Tech for 2006: The Best of the Best from the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics show is underway this weekend in Las Vegas showcasing the hottest in high-tech for 2006 and products that will make the lives of consumers a little easier.

Products like the ThinkPad x41 Tablet from Lenovo make getting organized simple: it functions as a PDA and doubles as a portable notebook, which can take handwritten notes with a Tablet Digitizer Pen ( Multitasking phones make lugging around music and gaming devices a thing of the past (

For more information on the Consumer Electronics Show and the hottest gizmos and gadgets for 2006, go to, click on our CES segment and then download our podcast to see the segment online.


CES 2006: Picks and Pans
ABC News

Sneak Peek: Toshiba's gigantic booth had an intriguing section with demos of new technologies that may not reach the market for years, including notebooks running off of fuel-cell technology and a Tablet PC with a detachable, wireless screen. The latter product—vaguely reminiscent of Microsoft's failed Smart Displays, but more elegant—lets you leave the computer in place while you wander around your office or home with the pen-enabled screen. —Harry McCracken


CES Tablet PC / Blogger Gathering Photos

Loren wrote an excellent description of how the Tablet / Blogger gathering at CES grew. He also reminded me of a few other companies that contributed to the event: ActiveWords told everyone they could have a free copy of ActiveWords; TechSmith gave everyone copies of SnagIt; Flickr handed out buttons; and a few other traded items on individual basis. This is in addition to my previous list of companies and individuals that I thanked for contributing.


Neek Talk Podcast #4: Interview with Chris Barry

Neek Talk Podcast #4: Interview with Chris Barry

During CES, Elizabeth and Sarah interviewed people using an HP TC1100 Tablet PC. Despite the loud noise on the show floor, they were fairly successful recording conversations with people.

These two teens posted their interview with Chris Barry, Microsoft Group Product Manager for current Windows XP based products at a new location: 


January 10, 2006

Microsoft Mobile Platforms Division (MPD) Partner Briefing

Microsoft Mobile Platfrms Division is hosting a ISV Partner Briefing this February 1st and 2nd. This is an opportunity for developers and software vendors to learn about the MPD product strategy and vision into the next couple of years. The two day event will be packed with information about Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Vista, and the road ahead.

Sessions include both marketing and technical tracks. We suggest you send both product-level marketing and technical decision makers to the event. In addition to Microsoft presenting, we are working to ensure that you can cross pollinate with other leaders in this industry to form the deeper business connections, which can lead to improved sales for your products.

Sessions include:

  • MPD Vision by Bill Mitchell, VP Mobile Platforms Division
  • State of the Business, Annual Report by Robert Williams, Director of Business Development
  • Marketing Update
  • Solutions Sales Specialist Overview
  • Tablet PC and Mobile PC Features in Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista Overview
  • Tablet PC Technical Drill Down
  • Partner Opportunities
  • Developer Guidelines on Building Mobilized Software
  • The Future and Lifestyle PCs
  • Windows Vista Launch and Opportunities
    And much more…

Hands-on Labs include:

Hardware Compatibility Labs: Bring your software product to install on the latest Windows Vista, Community Technology Preview (CTP).
Windows Vista, Mobile PC and Tablet PC End-user Features Labs
Windows Vista, Mobile PC and Tablet PC Developer Training Labs

Dates: February 1 and 2, 2006 ...... Location: Microsoft Campus

Register now


Mi-Co Names Chris DiPierro Director of Software Development

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture software company, announced today that Senior Software Engineer Chris DiPierro has been promoted to Director of Software Development.
"Chris has been with Mi-Co virtually from the beginning" said Dr. Greg Clary, Chief Technology Officer at Mi-Co, “and from our initial release of Mi-Forms he has been a driving force in our software development. We are excited about Chris bringing his extensive talents to the director position.”
DiPierro, who has over a decade of experience in software development, has been with Mi-Co since 2000.  DiPierro has driven a number of Mi-Co’s major initiatives including the technical efforts to ensure that Mi-Forms met all the requirements of the Microsoft Tablet PC Software Verification Program. In addition, DiPierro serves as Mi-Co’s HL7 Project Director, and has successfully completed all requirements of the Health Level seven Control Certification Program. DiPierro has attained the distinction of being certified as an HL7 V2.4 Control Specialist.


Asus displays their new R1F Tablet PC but keeps it on the DL

Asus was showing an unannounced (and still unannounced) Tablet PC at CES titled the R1F. According to its spec sheet it sports a snappy 2.33GHz Yonah processor, a 13.3-inch LCD, and a fingerprint reader. That's all we know so far, but it doesn't seem like a bad machine if Tablet PCs are your thing, or even if they aren't, since Yonah currently tops off at 2.33 of the sweet gigahertz.


Gates Keynote CES2006 - Downloadable
Automated Home

In his keynote, Gates shared Microsoft’s vision for the future of consumer technology, highlighting the important role of software in developing and delivering innovation that benefits the industry, our partners, and people everywhere. If the past is any indication, expect the unexpected. Bill has used his keynote address at CES in the past to unveil new products ranging from Xbox and Tablet PC to Smartphones. And with Microsoft’s strong lineup of innovative new products scheduled to launch in 2006, including Windows Vista, this year’s keynote provides a glimpse at the important new technologies that will be shaping the industry".


New handheld computer debuts at CES

A new category of handheld computer hit the market last week at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one that simultaneously runs a full-function version of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0.The ultraportable DualCor cPC from DualCor Technologies is the only wireless handheld desktop PC, or handtop, to combine the functionality of a desktop PC, personal digital assistant and mobile phone.


January 11, 2006

The World's First Sports Stock Market Teams with DeLorean Motor Company for Super Bowl XL Halftime Giveaway
Business Wire, the world's first global sports financial exchange, announced today its upcoming Back to the Futures 25th Anniversary DeLorean Giveaway. (ASM) has teamed with the DeLorean Motor Company to offer all of its users the chance to win a unique DeLorean Motor Car during the 2006 Super Bowl XL.

By simply trading one football future on the ASM exchange, users are automatically entered in the Back to the Futures 25th Anniversary DeLorean Giveaway, regardless of the performance of their portfolio holdings. The winner of the Back to the Futures 25th Anniversary DeLorean Giveaway will be announced via a special webcast from the DeLorean Motor Company's Houston, TX headquarters during the Super Bowl XL Halftime show, and will receive the special 25th anniversary edition DeLorean, complete with a wireless sports trading terminal that features a Microsoft PC Tablet and a state-of-the-art stereo system.


PhatWare Releases PhatPad 3.0 for Windows Mobile-based Devices
IT Backbones

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces PhatPad 3.0 to provide mobile professionals with more creative options for taking notes and to make notes easily accessible anywhere. PhatPad is an award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows-based devices, Tablet and Desktop PCs that allows users to draw pictures, write text and create animation on a virtual scratch pad.

Version 3.0 provides better integration with the most recent versions of CalliGrapher, PhatWare’s handwriting recognition software for Windows Mobile, and PenOffice, PhatWare’s handwriting recognition for Tablet and Desktop PCs. PhatPad 3.0 also offers improved integration with the built-in Tablet PC handwriting recognition engine. Additional enhancements include improved support for landscape mode and devices with square screen displays, and customizable background, pen, and grid colors for notes.


Core: A Gigantic Step Forward for Mobile Technology
SQL Server Magazine

Last week, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006 in Las Vegas, Intel released a new platform for notebooks, Tablet PCs, and even certain classes of desktop computers that promises to greatly improve both battery life and performance. Dubbed the Core processor, this new 32-bit chip--and its accompanying Centrino Duo chipset--is replacing the popular Pentium M line of products, offering huge improvements for business travelers.


January 12, 2006

GeoMEM - Products added: CertainTechs' SiteGIS for MapInfoand SurfLink
Environmental Data Interactive

The Rockware Field Collector (RFC) lets you collect borehole log data in the field using a PC or laptop. It is composed of a series of forms designed for easy field collection of soil borehole and groundwater well data in the field using a tablet PC or Laptop. The RFC collection of specialized forms runs in ESRI's ArcPad application, and also links to Rockwares' popular LogPlot program for boring log and well construction diagrams.


Microsoft Extends XP Home Support To '08

Microsoft has quietly extended the support lifespan of Windows XP Home, which as recently as last week was scheduled to be put out to pasture at the end of this year.

Analysts had pointed out that XP Home, and most other XP operating systems, would be cut off from technical support on Dec. 31, 2006, a potential problem since XP's successor, Windows Vista, isn't to release until shortly before that date

Microsoft said that all Windows XP products--which include Home, Pro, Embedded, Media Center, and Tablet PC--will enjoy mainstream support for "two years after the next version of this product is released."

Assuming Vista releases in November of this year, XP's mainstream support will end November, 2008.


What 2006 holds in store for IT
Computerworld Australia

The tablet PC goes mainstream, really. I had this one on the list for 2005, but it turned out that the hardware just wasn't ready. Now, with the OEMs finally learning how to build machines that don't compromise when it comes to function and with Microsoft's Tablet PC mainstreamed into Vista, there's no reason for IT to hold back. Look for even more interesting designs to come in '06 that will change the way IT thinks about mobility.


January 13, 2006

Ford touts F-series trucks as mobile offices

First unveiled in November, the companies used last week’s Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to publicize the mobile office. Ford Tablet PC

The Ford mobile-office system features a Stargate Mobile tablet PC running Windows XP Professional with full Microsoft Office capabilities, GPS navigation and broadband Internet access, according to Weiner. The computer is a rugged lightweight model mounted within easy reach of the driver, he said. The driver can remove the tablet computer and take it from the truck just as a user would use an ordinary laptop, he said.

The computer itself is built to withstand the rigors of a typical construction job site, Weiner said. A special console will be available for optional accessories such as a printer, digital camera and credit card scanner.

Weiner said the tablet computer screen is about 8 inches wide, and the computer is ruggedized. There are no moving parts, he said.

“It’s all flash memory, so it’s more durable. It’s designed for the job site. The screen is bright enough so you can actually see it outside – you can undock it from the mount and carry it around the job site,” Weiner said.

Available through Ford dealers as a dealer-installed option, the target price for the system is around $3,000, which would include the tablet computer, the carrying case -- which has a keyboard and a mouse in it -- as well as a desktop mount and charger, Weiner said.


Taking GIS Into The Field: Why The End-User Experience Is Critical To Success

From a usability standpoint, a designer in the field should find it simple to verify and add pertinent information at the job site. A tablet PC with a pen interface — not a keyboard with typed edit commands — provides the most familiar and easiest way to locate maps and related information, query the system, change views, and handle other design-related functions.


Technology tablet
Express Computers

Acer is pitching its tablet PCs to medics in the Indian healthcare segment. Abhinav Singh finds that this initiative is paying off .

Acer’s TravelMate tablet PCs were initially marketed at the head honchos of the corporate world. Now the company is targeting doctors and specialists for whom a tablet PC can be a powerful tool.Acer C202

Representatives of Acer are hopeful that the tablet PC will be an instant hit in the healthcare vertical. Explains Rajendran, “Currently in India, the ratio of physicians to the population is quite low at around 0.5 to 0.6 doctors per 1,000. In developed economies this can be 6 to 8 times higher. One way to deal with this low ratio is to improve the productivity of physicians. Healthcare specialists are widely- travelled, well-informed and highly-networked.” Acer is marketing its recently-launched TravelMate C202 Tablet PCs to this category of professionals.

At present the company sells about 100 tablet PCs a month. “We are hopeful of ramping up sales by at least another 50 percent in the next few quarters,” says Rajendran. Acer is also launching an initiative called DEAN (Doctor’s Empowerment with Acer Notebooks) for Indian doctors. Under this scheme, a doctor is offered an instant rebate of Rs 4,000 at the point of purchase for a TravelMate C202. Beyond this, during the first quarter of 2006, Acer along with Intel will identify a set of 50 leading healthcare institutions to drive programmes to enable higher IT adoption.

User experience

Dr Mohan Badgandi, Head of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Department at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore is a dedicated user of the TravelMate C110 and C310 tablet PCs. He uses them to copy case notes and queries of patients, and it has become easy for him to show patients their case sheets. Comments Badgandi, “Earlier, it took a long time for me to duplicate all my interactions with the patient on a desktop PC [he took his notes on paper and later transferred them to the PC]. Using a stylus I can now directly write on a tablet PC. Earlier I could see 15 patients a day on an average. Now the number is 60.” Badgandi believes that the tablet PC will be a valuable tool for the healthcare vertical by helping providers automate many paper-based processes and streamline the practice of medicine.

The tablet PC has also resulted in better management of patient records. It makes it easier for a doctor to send queries to other hospitals and conduct clinical research in co-ordination with specialists. Tablet PCs in conjunction with a hospital LAN or WLAN can greatly boost productivity. Adds Badgandi: “I can handle 6 to 7 clinical trials at a time compared to the 2 to 3 trials I could undertake earlier.” Sketches of any ailment are also captured with ease with the tablet PC, and the doctor has been able to increase the awareness level of the patient regarding the intricacies of his case.


January 16, 2006

Ultra-Portable Fujitsu LifeBook P1500 Convertible Notebook Wins 2006 PC World Innovations
PR Newswire

Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced that the ultra-portable 2.2-pound Fujitsu LifeBook(R) P1500 convertible notebook, the first touch screen notebook to offer the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Fujitsu Tablet PCoperating system, was honored with a 2006 PC World Innovations Award.

Equipped with an 8.9 inch SVGA wide screen display, the LifeBook P1500 notebook is compact enough to go anywhere and light enough to hold effortlessly, with the versatility to easily convert from a conventional notebook into a slate tablet. Use a fingertip to easily navigate through forms or the Internet. Use the pen stylus for jotting notes and capturing signatures for contracts or purchase orders.

The 2006 PC World Innovations Awards recognize both benchmark and breakthrough products that set the standard for innovation with unique qualities that distinguish them from the pack. PC World's editors compared hundreds of products before narrowing the field to the 25 winners. More information can be found at


USA: Software speeds up R&D for new army materials

TEXbase also introduced tablet PCs which allow users to directly input information into a personal computer – eliminating paper and pencil and removing an entire step in the project reporting process.

Overall, the step-saving software and tablet PC compatibility is said to have led to a 55% reduction in direct labour required to test, document, calculate, and report findings in the engineering of new army materials.


Ultra-mobile PCs put Windows in your hand

Two new products are designed to advance the ultra-small PC format, which squeezes Windows into devices comparable in size with a handheld PDA.

OQO has updated its namesake handheld to include Tablet PC functionality, while newcomer DualCor Technologies has unveiled an unusual device that runs both Windows XP and Windows Mobile.

OQO has issued the OQO model 01+ Tablet Edition, a PC weighing less than 450g that runs Windows on a 5in display. The device is an update of the original model 01 that launched late in 2004, and adds Tablet PC capability through a touchscreen and the Tablet PC Edition of Windows. The OQO model 01+ Tablet Edition is priced at $2,099 (£1,190) and is available via reseller Expansys.

Looking ahead, DualCor will in March ship its cPC, a handheld device that also has a 5in screen, but comes with two processors. A 1.5GHz VIA processor runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, while an Intel XScale chip runs Windows Mobile 5.0 at the same time. This approach combines the application-compatibility of a PC with the always-on communications features of a smartphone in a single device.


Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook P1510 review
infoSync World

No larger than an oversize paperback, Fujitsu Siemens' LifeBook P1510 convertible ultraportable tablet has Jørgen Sundgot slobbering like he's rarely done before.

Ever heard of a convertible ultraportable tablet before? We didn't think so. That's because just about the only notebook fitting the bill is the LifeBook P1500 series from Fujitsu-Siemens. Of course, we've managed to lay our grubby mitts on a specimen of this swiveling little sensation, and we'll go ahead and spoil the fun for you right away: we like it. We really like it.


Al Futtaim Technologies supplies Toshiba Tablet PCs to GEMS Schools
AME Info

Al Futtaim Technologies, a member of the Al-Futtaim Group's Electronics Division, recently signed a contract with Global Education Management Systems (GEMS), a leading education provider in the region, to supply over 200 Toshiba tablet PCs for use by teachers in GEMS schools which includes the Wellington International School, Jumeirah College, Dubai American Academy, Royal Dubai School and Jumeirah Primary School.

"When we saw exactly what the Toshiba tablet PC can offer and the fact that it has a 14" convertible screen and built in Optical Disk Drive, we were convinced that it would be an excellent solution to support our vision of using the very latest technology for the tech-integration programs of GEMS schools," said David Ho, Group IT Director, GEMS.

The Toshiba tablet PC has full computer capabilities and offers new advanced handwriting and speech recognition enabling the creation and storage of notes and voice input. The units will be wirelessly connected to multimedia projectors in the classrooms and will enhance curriculum delivery.


Assembly goes high tech

The questions weren't a good sign for deputy borough clerk Janice Case as she guided members of the Mat-Su Borough Assembly through an introductory course on how to operate their new laptop computers. Despite the initial obstacles, the students proved to be quick learners.

Assembly members learned the basic operating skills for their new Toshiba Tecera T4 Tablet PC computers, which were purchased to allow the borough to eliminate the use of paper for a packet distributed to assembly members. A typical packet for each of the regular meetings averages between 200 and 500 pages.

Once everyone figured out how to turn on their computers, Case quickly took them through a tutorial on how to operate the software, which will allow them to write notes with a stylus on their copy of the packet, right on their computer.


The 2005 Engadget Awards: Nominate the Tablet PC of the Year

It’s time for the 2005 Engadget Awards, and we’re asking for your nominations for the Tablet PC of the Year.

Nominating is easy. Just leave a comment as you normally would with what you're nominating for this category (remember, comments must be validated!). You don’t have to include your reasons for nominating it or any of that stuff, just leaving the name is fine.


  January 17, 2006

Symbility Solutions to Demonstrate the Power of 'Insurance Mobility'; Innovative Claims Solutions Provider Joins Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Others for Insurance Mobility Tour

Symbility Solutions Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Automated Benefits Corp. (TSX VENTURE:AUT), will join Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint and to promote wireless communications in demonstrating mobile applications for insurance executives and analysts at the Insurance Mobility Tour, a three-city event kicking off in Chicago on January 31, 2006.

The tour will feature a panel of industry experts discussing the timely issues of mobility in today's insurance industry. Specific sessions will deal with the challenges of implementing the latest technologies now, as well as the vision for these platforms in the future. After the presentation in Chicago, where the Tour makes its first stop at the Palmer House Hotel, the series will head to New York City at the Marriott Marquis on February 13 and it will conclude in Boston at the Tremont Courtyard by Marriott on April 14.

Symbility recently signed on for the Microsoft Insurance Value Chain (IVC) partner program, which allows the company to avail itself of Microsoft's sales and support forces, as well as a greater level of integration with Windows software as it continues to evolve. In addition to joining the Microsoft IVC partner program, Symbility Solutions is also a member of the Microsoft's Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC), Microsoft Tablet PC Partner Program and continues to work closely with Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded Devices Division.


Toshiba Introduces HD DVD Notebook And Tablet PC At CES

Toshiba introduced a revamped high-end Qosmio notebook and prosumer Tablet PC powered by Intel's new Centrino Duo processor at International CES.

In addition to the new processor, Qosmio will have an HD DVD drive option when it ships in March, said Toshiba's Chris Casper, group manager product marketing. Pricing is not set, but Casper expects the notebook cost to fall into the $3,000 range.

Other additions include better screen resolution, 1,080p, Dolby Home Theater, an HDMI output and higher-wattage Harmon Kardon speakers.

Toshiba's new Portege M400 Tablet PC, shipping in the second quarter, features several upgrades over the current M200 that it is replacing in the market. It incorporates the Centrino Duo processor and an optical drive slot that can handle a DVD drive. The unit has a 14-inch 4:3 aspect ratio display and weighs 4.5 pounds. While Portege-branded products are usually targeted at businesses, the M400 will sell at retail alongside Toshiba's Satellite line of Tablet PCs. A $2,000 suggested retail price is expected at shipment.


January 18, 2006

Xplore Enhances Award-Winning Lineup with Dual Mode AllVue(TM) Tablet PC
Canada NewsWire

Innovative Technology Company Combines Dual Mode Capabilities with Unique AllVue(TM) LCD Technology - a Winning Solution for Field Based Personnel Xplore Tablet PC

AUSTIN, TX, Jan. 18 /CNW/ - Xplore Technologies(R) Corp. (TSX:XPL), a leading provider of rugged Tablet PCs worldwide, introduced today a durable mobile computer that offers users both active stylus and finger touch input, as well as the optically enhanced AllVue display, all in a single product offering.

With its introduction of the iX104C2DV, Xplore further distanced itself from the competition by providing a highly functional, wireless enabled rugged Tablet PC that has both unparalleled input flexibility and viewability in the field. Xplore Tablet PC

"This dual input feature gives our customers both the accuracy and digital inking capabilities of an active digitizer as well as the convenience of a true finger-touch resistive input panel without having to manually toggle between them," said Holleran.

Holleran added that many customers want the ability to use their finger when Xplore's rugged Tablet PC is docked to assist with navigation and dispatch tasks, then use the active stylus or pen when they leave the vehicle and need to carry out a mobile application, such as those associated with patient management, data gathering, location mapping, incidence reporting and wireless information sharing.

In addition, many clients with mission-critical applications want the insurance of being able to enter data with their finger in case the active digital pen is lost or damaged.

Xplore's Tablet PCs with AllVue have recently received Editor's Choice Awards from both Pen Computing and TabletPc2. Pen Computing, a recognized media pioneer in the mobile computing market, awarded their prestigious Editor's Choice Award for Best Rugged Tablet PC Slate to Xplore.

Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, Pen Computing's Editor-in-Chief said: "Sporting exemplary industrial design, the flagship iX104C2DV Tablet PC is extremely tough, technologically completely up-to-date, yet also has an attractive industrial design... Its AllVue display is superior to anything else we've seen."

TabletPc2, an on-line source for Tablet PC comparisons, news, reviews and information, awarded Xplore an Editor's Choice Award for best Indoor Outdoor display. Linda A. Epstein, TabletPc2's Editor and Publisher said: "When it comes to outdoor displays that we have used, reviewed and photographed for, the Xplore iX104 Rugged Tablet PC wins our Editor's Choice... The depth of color on the iX104 display is excellent and it remains clean and clear both indoors and out."

Xplore's Dual Mode AllVue Tablet PC features the Intel Pentium(R) M processor 733 (Ultra Low Voltage), and Centrino mobile technology, providing customers with a 1.1Ghz processor, a 400MHz system bus, 2MB of L2 cache, and Intel Pro Wireless 802.11a/b/g wireless networking. iX104C2

systems can also be enabled with optional Bluetooth, wireless WAN, LAN and external GPS for additional multi-modal wireless communications capabilities.

Xplore's entire Rugged Tablet PC line is designed, warranted, and third party tested to US Military environmental standards (MIL-STD 810F). With more than 30 unique design elements, Xplore's Tablet PCs can operate under severe conditions such as extreme hot and cold temperatures, exposure to dust, moisture, intense vibrations, and four foot drops to concrete. These are minimum standards for many mobile enterprise customers. Xplore's Rugged Tablet PCs (C2 family) have a comprehensive three (3) year warranty, have been UL1604 and ATEX certified for use in hazardous

locations, have WIFI(R) and CCX(R) (Cisco Compatible Extensions) certifications, as well as Microsoft(R)'s Hardware Certification Approvals (WHCL).

For more details on the complete line of iX104 Tablet PCs or to learn more about the compelling total cost of ownership of rugged tablet PCs, visit, or contact your nearest systems integrator.


EKM Corporation Signs Teaming Agreement with SAIC
Business Wire

EKM Corporation, an award-winning Knowledge Management firm and a leader in Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, has teamed with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a world leader in providing outsourcing and IT services. This teaming agreement matches a leading lab notebook vendor with an expert in global rollout support.

Many laboratories around the world have implemented LABTrack to enhance their R&D and discovery efforts. LABTrack offers the reporting and searching capabilities of a relational database while mirroring existing laboratory notebook practices. With electronic signature (21 CFR Part 11) functionality built-in and the optional AbsoluteProof(TM) automated protection scheme, LABTrack's notebooks are viewed as legally acceptable documents in a court of law, before the PTO and compliant GxP (cGMP, GLP, etc). Combined with a wireless tablet PC, users gain complete mobility while working in a secure ELN environment.


Seagate 2.5-inch disk drive with 160GB

To meet the needs of the notebook market, Seagate is launching its first product based on perpendicular recording technology with its Momentus 5400.3, 2.5-inch hard disk drive that has a top capacity of 160GB.

With more than 60 percent of the notebook market expected to be at 80GB and above this year, Seagate realized that to achieve those densities in a 2.5-inch hard disk drive, it either had to increase the aerial density or the number of platters and heads.

The operational shock tolerance of the 5400.3, 2.5-inch drive is 350Gs compared with 250Gs of its previous drive. And it offers non-operational shock tolerance of approximately 900Gs. In addition to notebooks and tablet PCs, the 5400.3, 2.5-inch drive is being targeted at non-PC applications, such as external storage, printers, copiers, MP3 players and NMC blade servers that require high shock protection.


What's the Difference Between Customer Experience Management and Experiential Marketing?

But today, event-driven marketing tactics are becoming increasingly popular in nontraditional venues:

  • Microsoft's somewhat recent and highly successful multi-venue Tablet PC promotional event. Born out of a partnership between Microsoft and the Jack Morton agency, the event resulted in 125,000 product demonstrations in high-traffic airport terminals in major hub airports across the country.

Board hears tech plan
Newszap Arizona

  The day when every high school student carries a laptop to class, and teachers wear headphones to teach, is looming closer in Scottsdale schools.

Ernest Nicely, Scottsdale Unified School District’s executive director of technology, outlined a seven-year technology plan to the governing board Jan. 10.

With a price tag of $89 million, or $12.7 million per year over the seven-year plan, plus the cost of training teachers and maintaining equipment, board members have a lot of figures to digest before the plan comes back for approval in a few months.

Mr. Nicely’s vision is for the district to select two high schools for a pilot project, and issue a laptop to all freshmen. As each intake of freshmen receives a notebook or PC tablet, computer technology will take hold in all grades, and eventually extend to all high schools in the district


January 19, 2006

eStand Music Technology Available to the Public for the First Time
PR Newswire

Breakthrough PC-based Music Viewing and Annotating Program Comes Pre-Loaded on Tablet PC or in Professional Software Version

Eliminates Annoyances of Paper Sheet Music

Estand on Tablet PC

e-Stand, Inc., creators of the world's foremost music viewing and annotating software, announced today that its state-of-the art, PC-based products can now be purchased by the general public for the first time. eStand Professional Software, eStand Deluxe Software and the eStand Mobile Tablet are now available for sale exclusively online at Networked versions of eStand are also available for music groups and orchestras of any size through customized order and installation.

With eStand Professional or eStand Deluxe software, musicians have the ability to store, view, annotate and share sheet music as never before. eStand software, which can be installed on any PC running Windows XP or Windows 2000, allows immediate access to the musician's entire music library. Users can pull up a song, make and save annotations and even turn pages hands-free with the optional footswitch. When used with the eStand Mobile Tablet or any touch screen device, annotations can be made directly onscreen, yet the original file remains clean and unmarked for other users. Estand on Tablet PC

eStand Professional Software retails for $399.00 ($599.00 less an introductory instant rebate of $200.00). eStand Deluxe Software retails for $149.00 ($199.00 less $50.00 discount during its introductory period). The eStand Mobile Tablet retails for $1,699.00 ($1,899.00 less an introductory instant rebate of $200.00). All products, including eStand Footswitches, are available at


Partnership Saves Taxpayers Millions
UK News, Kentucky

With the new wireless electronic network, prison medical providers now go from exam room to exam room providing care to inmates while documenting their notes, prescriptions and other orders on a tablet PC. The tablet computer then immediately updates the official electronic medical record for that inmate by sending information wirelessly to the EMR server.


ASUS Slate and convertible models? writes, “In yet more Tablet PC news, Asus will be releasing both a slate style and notebook convertible style Tablet PC in Q2 of this year, meaning April or May time.  Below are some known specs of the RF1 Tablet PC from Asus.” I know people saw the convertible at CES. Did they also show a slate model? Anyone else have information?


Podcast: On the run with Tablet PCs #10

I like the, “What do you want to write today?” intro for the On the run with Tablet PCs podcast.

James and Marc welcome all the new Microsoft Tablet PC MVPs, discuss happenings at CES, and Tablet PCs and Vista.


Inking queries

I've been using Loren's SearchTIP for a couple of months now. It is my default home page in IE. A couple of weeks ago, he added a Google News search button and Technorati blog search. This is helpful for me because I search these categories daily. So far, my favorite feature is that I can drag the handwritten results together in order to change the search possibilities. For example, I can check to see who mis-spelled "Tablet PC" as "tabletpc" with the drag of the pen, and then click of Blogs button.


January 20, 2006

Lenovo x41 Tablet pc Review:

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC

It's not a secret that my personal preference is a slate style tablet pc, but were I to need a full size convertible Tablet PC for everyday use,  because of the battery life and weight its highly likely that this would be the convertible I would be toting around.   In fact I'm sorry that I don't own one of these to demo and show clients who are considering convertible Tablet Pc's.


What Tablet PC do you have?

I found myself sitting next to Gregory Peter Panos, whom some of you will remember as the man with the wearable computer a dozen and more years ago. He has been Chairman of the Los Angeles SIGRAPH shows at least four times, and is a pioneer in work on Virtual Reality. His business card now says "Creator", which in his case is probably apt. He noticed I was working with Lisabetta, the HP 1100 TabletPC, and showed me his new Fujitsu model. It's a true tablet, no keyboard (you can use a wireless detached keyboard, of course), and more suitable for artists and graphics professionals than my general purpose tablet. The colors were gorgeous, and the Toshiba is very fast.


Security360 Recap: Balancing Security and Mobility
CCN Magazine

PDAs, smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs — more and more, mobile devices are a part of the IT mixture for companies of all sizes as they look for ways to keep mobile professionals connected to their information while on the go. Yet many companies do not have policies or technologies in place to effectively address the specific needs, uses and risks posed by mobile technology.


January 23, 2006

Lenovo x41 Tablet pc Review: IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC

It's not a secret that my personal preference is a slate style tablet pc, but were I to need a full size convertible Tablet PC for everyday use,  because of the battery life and weight its highly likely that this would be the convertible I would be toting around.   In fact I'm sorry that I don't own one of these to demo and show clients who are considering convertible Tablet Pc's.


Podcast: Neek Talk interview with Chris De Herrera and Linda A Epstein

Our 6th podcast is finally done. There were many technical diffictulties in getting this one recorded, edited, and posted. Though, we think it’s a great podcast and hope you enjoy it. We would like to thank Chris D and Linda E for their patience in working through the technical difficulties while standing in the walkway at CES 2006. They share their thoughts about Tablet PCs with us in this podcast. (NeekTalk)


Adobe to Dramatically Accelerate Collaboration for Product Design and Development With New Acrobat 3D Software
Business Wire

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) 3D, new desktop software that helps extend document-based 3D design collaboration capabilities to virtually anyone across and beyond global organizations. Using Acrobat 3D and harnessing the reach of Adobe Reader(R)(1), extended project teams can more quickly, securely and cost-effectively drive to completion critical communication processes that require 3D visualization.

Pricing and Availability

Acrobat 3D is immediately available in English, French and German language versions. The Japanese language version is expected to be available in February 2006. The product has an estimated street price of US$995. Registered users of Acrobat 7.0 Professional and Acrobat 6.0 Professional can upgrade to Acrobat 3D for estimated street prices of US$545 and US$699, respectively. The product is available for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000 (with Service Pack 2), Windows XP Professional, Home and Tablet PC Editions


Cyberlaw Central shares opinions about the Acer TravelMate C200 Tablet PC
The Acer TravelMate C200 Tablet PC has all the traditional features of a convertible Tablet PC — digitizer, pen, keyboard, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, but it doesn’t look like others you’ve seen. Acer changed the hinge to one that slides into place instead of rotating. Kevin Thompson has a new TravelMate C200 and blogged his impressions at Cyblerlaw Central, including what new software he is using now that he has a Tablet PC:


New, low-cost tablet PCs can revolutionalize schoolwork

Salem Statesman Journal

With the development of new, low-cost tablet PCs, schools now can fully realize all of the advantages these devices offer.

Tablet PCs are compact computers that come in two forms: convertibles that can be used either as a slate or a laptop with a fully integrated keyboard, or less-expensive computers that only function as a slate with a screen and a stylus.

What makes tablet PCs revolutionary is not their form, but their versatility. Users are able to write on the screen with a stylus to create handwritten notes or messages that can be converted to regular text by the computer. The PCs can be held like a clipboard and written on or placed flat on a surface like a notebook.

The tablet can access online textbooks via Wi-Fi, a wireless Internet system, or store them on its hard drive, letting students take multiple textbooks anywhere without having to carry anything larger than a notebook. Electronic versions of textbooks are easier to use, as students can search for specific content instead of looking it up in the index.

What makes tablet PCs revolutionary is not their form, but their versatility. Users are able to write on the screen with a stylus to create handwritten notes or messages that can be converted to regular text by the computer. The PCs can be held like a clipboard and written on or placed flat on a surface like a notebook.

The tablet can access online textbooks via Wi-Fi, a wireless Internet system, or store them on its hard drive, letting students take multiple textbooks anywhere without having to carry anything larger than a notebook. Electronic versions of textbooks are easier to use, as students can search for specific content instead of looking it up in the index.

Web-based texts also can be longer and richer in information than their paper-based counterparts, because traditional books can only get so thick and heavy before they are a major inconvenience. Also, students generally are more enthusiastic about technology than they are about books.

Another advantage of the tablet format is the almost complete elimination of paper-based notes. Students either can type notes with the keyboard or write them by hand with the stylus for later conversion to standard text. All notes can be neatly organized by subject and date, so students will always know where each day's worth of notes is stored. Notes taken previously also can be amended at a later date without the traditional crossing out and scribbling in the margins.

Homework and worksheets also become easier with the tablet PC. Teachers simply can e-mail the assignment to students to complete either in their own handwriting with the stylus, or with the keyboard. When they are done, students can e-mail the homework to the teacher as an attachment, either from home or when they return to school.

Using a computer on all their homework gives students the advantage of using the spelling and grammar checking feature of word processing programs such as Microsoft Word. Also, having an electronic copy of their work after turning it in serves as a useful review tool for students or a backup in case something happens to the first copy.

Tablet PCs also have the potential to save schools money. Using a substantially reduced amount of paper saves the school dollars that would otherwise go to paper, copy machines, ink and toner and printers. Tablet PCs in the hands of every student also could do away with specialized computer facilities, freeing space in crowded schools. With the new space, schools could teach more students without the need for costly expansions.

Perhaps schools soon will realize that tablets have the potential to be an easier, more efficient and less-expensive way to help educate students


Ink Gestures Add-in

InkGestures beta now available for download

JumpingMinds has posted a public beta of InkGestures, an add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook HTML email messages that allows you to edit documents using a pen on your Tablet PC.

Before you get started editing, you'll want to look through the screenshots and videos on how to use the 20 editing gestures.



January 24, 2006


ArtRage 2

Ambient Design announces the release of ArtRage 2.0.

Ambient Design is pleased to announce the release of ArtRage 2.0, the update for the award winning paint package for Windows and Macintosh OS X.

ArtRage 2.0 adds tools for beginners and professionals alike. The new airbrush tool makes use of tablet tilt and pressure to allow realistic spray strokes. The paint tube and paint roller give you new ways to apply oils. The glitter tool works with the new Metallic Paint option to create sparkles on your canvas. Users can paint on multiple layers, and export or important layered Photoshop documents.

This new version of ArtRage comes in two versions. The Full Edition gives you all the new features, including four new tools, layers, metal paints, and much more for only $19.95US. Because of the support we received for ArtRage 1 we wanted to make a Free Edition as well that gives you all the tools ArtRage 1 had, with speed and tablet enhancements, and a few new things thrown in for good measure.


Alan Reiter on the Lenovo x41 Tablet PC

Alan has a wonderful list of his thoughts about the Lenovo ThinkPad x41 Tablet PC, applications, and how he uses his Tablet PC. You should read his entire post, but his conclusion is one that reinforces why I enjoy doing this so much:


As notebooks take over, here's a tiny, pricey one
Houston Chronicle

Let's kick off the Year of the Notebook with something very different: a very small, very loaded, very expensive tablet PC.

LS800 — $2,898, Motion Computing. I'd heard raves about the Tablet PCs made by Austin-based Motion Computing, and after seeing one at a conference last year, I was eager to get my hands on one. The LS800 is the company's latest small tablet.
Wait, "small" isn't the right word. "Puny" is better.

The goodies that have been packed into a space about the size of a trade paperback book are impressive. But it's still got the limitations of Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet Edition, including reliance on an onscreen keyboard or not-quite-there handwriting recognition.


FRA’s quiet classrooms use PC technology
Nashville City Paper

FRA’s quiet classrooms use PC technology
By Vandana Atreya,
January 24, 2006

Franklin Road Academy, a private preK-12 college preparatory school in Davidson County, may have the quietest classrooms in town.

It is Tennessee’s first school to implement the Tablet Personal Computer Program.

Students in grades 9-12 work in a state-of-the-art, high-tech environment.

While elementary and middle school students use both tablet PCs and paper, the secondary school students at Franklin Road Academy (FRA) study in a totally paperless environment.

The Tablet PC is the newest generation of laptop computers with more advanced features than a conventional laptop. It comes with pen-based input technology in addition to the use of a keyboard and mouse. The computer screens can be physically turned or reversed allowing students to use the PC as a notebook for taking notes during class. The notes can be edited, searched, stored, e-mailed and even projected onto a screen for classroom instruction.

FRA’s new smart classrooms include mounted wireless projectors, wireless network access, laser printers and video conferencing capabilities.

According to Director of Technology Steve Compton, having students using Tablet PCs in class opens the classroom to unlimited resources. Students end up learning not just class material but also the latest technology.

“We teach students how to back up files on the server, how to care for their equipment, use different kinds of software for math, music or a foreign language class and even search the Web for researching homework. The notebook on the PC acts like an unlimited blackboard,” he said.

Seventeen-year-old Jonathan Zielske, a junior at FRA said he is comfortable using the Tablet PC for his class work as well as homework.

“Taking notes on Windows Journal is very quick and easy. I totally depend on the PC for all my work,” he said.

FRA rolled out its Tablet PC program last July. The school partnered with technology providers VirtuCom and Fujitsu to supply Tablet PCs to the school for $2,000 each, almost half of what it would have cost parents to purchase them on their own.

“We gave students orientation sessions and encouraged them to use the Tablet PCs over the summer. About a fourth of FRA’s secondary school math and science books are digitized. The students are very comfortable with the technology,” Communications Director Carleen Matthews said. “Sometimes certain subjects do mandate the use of paper and that is OK. We are just trying to use our resources effectively,” she said.

The school hopes to transition its entire curriculum online for the next year. School administrators plan to make the Tablet PC program (currently mandatory for 9-11 graders but optional for seniors), a mandatory requirement for grades 7-12 for the next school year.

According to Steve Harris, dean of the upper school, school buildings can get pretty loud before class. ”The environment is much quieter when students are working on their Tablet PCs before classes begin.”


Acer to supply QBE full suite of IT hardware
iTWire, Australia

PC vendor Acer Computer Australia has won a deal worth up to $10 million with Australia's largest insurer QBE Insurance Group to supply a full suite of IT hardware to its Australian-based staff , including notebooks, desktops, servers, tablet PCs, LCD monitors and Wyse Terminals.


January 25, 2006

ArtRage 2.0 Comparison

Art Rage for Tablet PCs

Chad Essley, cartoonmonkey, has done a captivating review of ArtRage 2.0 and compared it to Alias Sketchbook Pro. Great stuff. I think I might just buy the new ArtRage (a free version is available still, but more features are in the $20 version).


Fingerprint sensor upgrades with advanced security

Touted as the industry's first fingerprint sensor with the most advanced security features, AuthenTec has unveiled the EntrePad 1610 with advanced biometric security and a small footprint for portable applications such as notebook and tablet PCs. In addition, the integrated solution - sensor and associated circuitry including a built-in USB interface—comes with a price tag of about $5, said to be the sweet spot for laptop manufacturers


Dr.Anne's MAGIC-HAND For Handhelds Makes Dieting A Cakewalk
PR Web

Now this unique and easy approach to good health, diet, and staying slim has just been made easier. For those who love their PDA’s, pocket pc’s and Palms, learning how to eat using the MAGIC-HAND Eating Plan is downloadable as an interactive Q&A tutorial.

Just released for 2006, it is one of the newest diet programs currently selling at , and For learning on the go, the course offers a series of nine 10-minute module sessions. Even without a handheld device, the MAGIC-HAND tutorial can go on a desktop computer using the Tablet PC version. Also, a free demo is available listing various foods in the different MAGIC-HAND food group categories.


 Travelin' with Tablet Guy!

Dennis Rice, Microsoft Tablet PC MVP, started a blog called “Travelin’ with Tablet Guy”. He has a little dialog going. Cute.Tablet Guy

When I first met Tablet Guy, I must say I was not all that impressed. I mean, look at the shoes ,man! But ya know, he kinda grows on you after a while. Compared to the Channel Nine Guy, he downright cute (sorry Scoble)! SO I’ve decided I’m gonna hang with him. He and I are gonna be buds, and travel the tabletscape together, commenting on things in the Tablet PC world as they develop. So stay tuned...! Come on Tablet Guy…, Let’s Roll!!


January 26, 2006

 Taking notes, version 2.0
Excalibur Online

Have you been in a course where you have to take complicated notes? For OneNoteexample, in an economics course, you might have to write definitions, then go straight into drawing up supply and demand tables. After you have spent $2,000 on a state of the art notebook, you are still struggling to open a graphics program to draw these figures. You have thus missed some of the notes, and at the same time, your figures are now in a different file than the rest of your notes.

There are relatively inexpensive software packages that can ease the task of using a notebook to take complex notes in class. One of these programs is Microsoft OneNote.

OneNote works very well with both Tablet PCs and graphing tablets, which are devices that let you draw with a special pen on the computer. A graphing tablet costs around $150, and if you have room for one in class, it will allow you to draw crystal clear diagrams with ease. With OneNote, these can be placed anywhere on the page in relation to the text. Also, digital audio recordings can be inserted within the document itself so that it can be easily accessed during revision sessions.

Highlight and edit anywhere on a page just as you would on paper. When used with a Tablet PC, it really can replace paper, with the bonus that all your information remains in one organized and searchable ‘place' on your computer. Although Tablet PCs are not necessary to use OneNote, it works great with those devices.


January 27, 2006

Cars get PCs despite safety concerns
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Now, both auto makers and car-accessory companies are making a renewed push with products designed to allow drivers to do everything they can do on a desktop PC -- word processing, Internet surfing, email -- while sitting in the driver's seat. Screens can be mounted anywhere from near the dashboard to the back seat. While many models are meant to be installed in the dash and replace the radio entirely,car makers are betting more on tablet computers that aren't as integrated into the car or on features like larger consoles, trays and Internet connections for storing and operating laptops.

By this spring, Ford Motor Co. will offer as a dealer-installed accessory for its F-series trucks a tablet computer that mounts into a docking station on the floor (the computer is about at cup-holder level), is powered by the vehicle's battery, and contains enough memory to store PowerPoint presentations, blueprints and thousands of MP3 songs. Ford developed the product in partnership with Stargate Mobile LLC and Microsoft Corp.


Win your own DocuPen RC800

Ready for a contest every mobile professional will love?

Fellow Tablet PC MVP Rob Bushway is giving away a brand new DocuPen RC800 pen based scanner worth $299!

Docupen 800

If you are intrested, head on over to Robs Blog and Answer this question as a reply to this thread: How would a pen based scanner like the RC800 impact your digital lifestyle? 



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