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June 2006


June 1, 2006

Pimp My... Golf Cart!!!
PR Newswire

Even the person who has everything has never seen anything like this before! Featuring satellite television and a cigar humidor, not to mention the tablet PC and totally "blinged-out" golf ball washer, the ultimate "pimped out" golf cart will be auctioned-off to benefit The Motion Picture & Television Fund, one of the entertainment industry's leading non-profit organizations. The golf cart, which was custom-designed and built by MTV's "Pimp My Ride" experts along with Galpin Auto Sports, was used by Michael Douglas in the recent Michael Douglas & Friends Presented By Lexus celebrity golf event.


The Tablet PC - "Better Than Useful"
Tablet PC Reviews

This new Tablet PC has changed all that. I work for at least two or three hours a day on my deck, surrounded by beautiful trees, enjoying the wonderful weather, and occasionally being visited by squirrels and birds. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a huge fan of handhelds. As much as I like this new Tablet PC, it doesn't go everywhere with me like my PDA does because it won't fit in my pocket. If a device isn't pocketable then it stays at home much of the time. I've no problem taking a big computer downstairs to the deck, but it doesn't go with me to restaurants.

Still, this device has had a big effect on my life.

Why a Tablet PC?

At this point, I'm sure some of you are thinking "He could get the same mobility with any laptop. Why a Tablet PC?"The answer is easy: because a Tablet PC so much more flexible than a regular laptop. I often do casual Web surfing where I'm just reading news articles or looking at comics. I'm not using the keyboard, so holding my computer in my lap in tablet mode when I'm doing this is really convenient.Or how about this; I recently wanted to show a bunch of my friends some digital pictures I had taken. By putting my device into tablet mode and holding it in front of me, my friends were able to get closer to the screen and see these images better.In addition, I often watch videos on the Tablet PC. Can you imagine buying a TV with a huge keyboard in front of it? Tablet mode is so much better.And it just makes more sense. I think we've all become so used to the mouse that we've forgotten that it's a really silly way to interact with a computer. How would you feel if the way you used your frying pan was to go to your sink and move the faucet around? That's pretty close to what you do when you use a mouse to control a cursor. Being able to pick up a stylus and actually tap directly in the icon you want is so much more logical.

For all these reasons I've been converted to the Way of the Tablet PC. Maybe you should consider giving up your old laptop and being converted, too.


Xplore Technologies Demonstrates Rugged Mobile Computers at at Globalcomm 2006
Yahoo! News

More than a year ago, Xplore Technologies distanced itself from competitors by providing rugged mobile computers with AllVue technology that enables Xplore Tablet PCusers to view their screen in direct sunlight. This improvement was made in response to customer needs and feedback and removed a major obstacle encountered with most mobile computers in field applications. In early 2006, Xplore deployed the integration of the AllVue screen with the auto-sensing technology, Dual Mode, which allows users to switch from pen input to finger- based touch input.

Xplore Technologies' complete line of Rugged Tablet PCs incorporates integrated wireless capabilities, durable magnesium alloy housings, shock mounted hard drives, enhanced XGA displays, fast Intel processors and onboard ports for expansion. These products are built to operate in physically demanding environments and will withstand exposure to vibration, extreme temperatures, moisture, dust or drops to concrete. These award-winning tablets meet the needs of users that are looking for durable mobile computing solutions that can operate far beyond the reach of normal mobile computing devices.

For more details on the complete line of iX104 Tablet PCs or to learn more about the compelling total cost of ownership of rugged tablet PCs, visit, or contact your nearest systems integrator.


Samsung Q1
PC Advisor

Imagine our excitement when a brand-new Q1 from Samsung – one of the much-hyped Origami devices that have been in the news so much recently – arrived at PC Advisor. Using the Tablet PC Edition of Windows XP, we were itching to put the Samsung through its paces to see just what it could do.


Sahara Tablet PC NB7630-N7

The most important and discriminating feature for any Tablet PC is the digitizer quality. The quality of the Sahara NB7630-N7 is above average. We tried a lot of drawing and writing with both the hands. The color quality is good and so is the viewing angle. One can also change the screen orientation at the touch of a button. It terminates the probability of people tilting their heads in weird directions to be able to view whatever you are browsing. A scroll button allows you to scroll the page when you have the screen folded over the keypad. Intelligent design allows for a standard sized keys along with more than enough room to rest your wrists.


June 2, 2006

FrogPad Announces the Seamless Integration of FrogPad Bluetooth Keyboards To UMPCs

FrogPad™ Inc. ( ), maker of the revolutionary portable one-FrogPadhanded keyboard, FrogPad™ announces the seamless integration of FrogPad Bluetooth keyboard with Bluetooth enabled UMPCs using Microsoft Origami, such as Samsung Q1, Sony Vaio UX, Nokia 770 and Symbian Smartphones. Dubbed the iFrog, the new keyboard incorporates FrogPad’s patented ergonomic layout designed around the 15 most-used letters in the English alphabet with the latest wireless Bluetooth technology, and accomplishes 100% of all functions of a QWERTY keyboard. FrogPad is the premier keyboard that will make these products successful. What will you do with your other hand?


Dr. Richard Shaw of Sutter Health named 'Mi-Co Impact Player of The Year
Carolina Newswire

Dr. Shaw has worked closely with one of Mi-Co’s key partners in the health care arena, Optiform. The Optiform team has worked with Dr. Shaw to Mi-Formsstreamline the collection of clinical data for the cardiology and Quality departments at the San Francisco based hospital.

According to Dr. Shaw “Using Mi-Forms software and the Tablet PC technology, we now have the right person collecting the right data at the right point in time”. Sutter Health, with over 41,000 employees, has a network of 28 hospitals and physician groups in Northern California.


The future of news, e-papers at the 13th World Editors Forum

From tabloid to tablets: the future of news and e-papers will be the topic presented at the sixth session of the 13th World Editors Forum, which begins Sunday in Moscow. A new generation of electronic readers has appeared: it combines an e-paper display with wireless networking and intuitive user interface. The always up-to-date information and low cost structure should provide the newspaper industry with a revolutionary tool to reconnect with traditional and new readers. But what will be the editorial consequences of e-paper and "tablet-style" newspaper?

Michael has been responsible for the incubation of Microsoft Reader, the Tablet PC, and the ePeriodicals on screen reading project. His group is currently responsible for Microsoft’s relationships with the Publishing industry and the recently announced New York Times Reader. He was also General Manager of the group responsible for the development of foreign language versions of Microsoft products for the Far East and Middle East.


Third Wave Exim to foray into retailing
DQ Channels

Talking about channel expansion plans, Seth says that while the company is open to working with any partner, it will focus on a few. It will add four more premium partners in the south once it enters that region. The company does not want to have more partners in its fold, though. 

This is because the tablet pc is a complex product and partners need to be educated on the applications that can be built on it and how it can be positioned to different customer verticals. This kind of interactivity is possible only with those partners who are really keen on selling a tablet on a regular basis, rather on a case-basis.

Third Wave Exim started distributing the Panasonic tablets six months ago and already the brand contributed almost 50% to its overall revenues of Rs 25 crore, last fiscal. This fiscal, the company expects business worth Rs 60 crore from Panasonic itself, with an overall turnover of Rs 80 crore. 


June 5, 2006

OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #23

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #23! Bowing to our listener Andrew Robinson's request we offer our tips and mention some JK on The Runcaveats to running the newly released 2007 Microsoft Office system on mobile computers including Tablet PCs.  We don't shy away from stating our opinions on the new official name of the next version of Office, either.  A couple of new utilites and program versions have been released recently and we talk about those so Tablet owners can determine if these tools are something they should take a look at.  Kevin Tofel is destroying his UMPC and we all get to watch.  MIndjet has released a Mac version of MindManager and we explain how to share maps in ink with your Mac friends.

Enjoy the show!


Connected: Microsoft info center shows how to combine technologies
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Microsoft Center for Information Work

I haven't even visited the place, but I'm salivating over what I've seen in pictures and videos: wide-screen monitors that wrap around the user, mobile devices that are powerful enough to allow audio and video communications with a command center, tablet PCs with the ability to drag documents and applications between the tablet and the wide-screen monitor.

I even get to use Tablet PCs once in a while to keep me from having to type my articles and other documents. With a Tablet PC, all I need to do is write with a penlike stylus.

It's not the individual applications that are so enticing about the Center for Information Work, although those certainly aren't relics from past generations. It's the vision that it creates -- the sense that we'll be able to take all these things we have today and put them together in a seamless work center that is less stressful, more productive and probably even adds a bit of fun to the daily routine.

The Center for Information Work even lets us get a glimpse of short-term secrets. After all, Tablet PC capability is expected to be shipped with every copy of the upcoming Windows Vista operating system -- although you will need hardware that can take advantage of it.


Weekend Project : Make Your Tablet PC Faster
Tablet PC Reviews

Make your Tablet PC faster and more stable. Create a new "hardware profile" in Windows sans the RAM and CPU leaching processes that slow you down. Do you have some spare time to work with your tablet this weekend? Give our Tablet PC tweaking weekend project a try!

Six Steps to Tame Your Tablet

You may or may not be aware of the many useless services that Windows XP runs in the background by default. With a little time and a fairly easy tweak, you can create a new "hardware profile" and drop the drain on your PC.


June 6, 2006

Tablet PC 2 Product of the Month is Back!

This month we bring you the HP Photosmart 385 compact Photo Printer

To say that we were impressed by the ease of use and quality of the prints from the HP Photosmart 385 compact printer would be an understatement.... In fact, we were nothing short of amazed with both the ease of use and the quality of the photos that came out of this compact printer.

Due to illness the Product of the Month feature was not updated in April or May but its back now! 

I sincerely apologize to those of you who look forward to the "Product of the Month" Feature.   Were never at a loss for products so rest assured that it's back to stay!


East Point Systems Selects Active Ink's Tablet PC Form Filling Software
PR Web

East Point Systems, Inc., the leading provider of software for the Mortgage Field Services Industry, has embedded Active Ink's Tablet PC form filling software within their new software system. The new product is a comprehensive default services solution for the Mortgage Industry consisting of specialized office processing, field worker Tablet PC processing and a common communications platform. Property inspectors and preservation contractors can now make use of Tablet PCs to collect information regarding the status of defaulted properties, and wirelessly transmit the data back to the communications hub. From there, it can be routed to the contractor’s home office and ultimately to the mortgage institution that requested the service.

The system automates the entire field service process (work order request, field reporting, photos, billing, and lender update). It also reduces the amount of time it takes to process inspection and preservation work from days to hours. Field workers that have developed a level of comfort with traditional paper forms can now use the Active Ink forms filler as the digital equivalent and make use of the Tablet PC's digital pen technology to write directly on the screen.

active ink


Asus showcases R1 and R2
DailyTech, IL

Asus is making a bigger name for itself in the mobile market with a wide rangeASUS R1 Tablet PC of mobile devices ranging from 11.1" ultra-light notebooks to 17" desktop replacements. The company showed off two of its newer offerings today at Computex.

First up is a model that many of you are already familiar with thanks to the FCC. The R1 is Asus' first entry into the Tablet PC market and features a 13.3" glossy widescreen display. Asus didn't skimp on the features either with support for Intel Core Duo T2300, T2400, T2500 and T2600 processors, DVD burner, modular drive bay to support an additional battery, GbE, an ExpressCard slot and biometric security. Hard drive options include 80GB, 100GB and 120GB offerings.

Also on the show floor was the new R2 UMPC



Dana Bostick and his Life With Ink

am a professional property inspector and as such, I need to use a computer of some sort all day.  Until about a year and a half ago, I used a conventional laptop / notebook type computer.  After about a year, my refurbished Compaq© laptop died and could not be fixed without a motherboard replacement.  Decision point!  My livelihood depends on using these things and I needed a reliable unit for field use.  I started searching for a replacement.  My ancient AcerLite® P-150 backup laptop machine just wasn’t cutting it.  My budget was a bit tight and a quick search of Pricegrabber© brought to light an NEC VersaLite® slate tablet for only $1200.  Now, this was intriguing!


Toshiba M400 Tablet PC Review

If I worked back at the corporate or attended a lot of meetings where discussing things with a team and sharing digital forms of those discussions Toshiba M400was important, then look no further than the Toshiba Portégé M400 Tablet PC.
Armed with this notebook, you can take screen grabs of working items, make notes directly onto it, pass it around, output this display through a projector and even record the actual discussion.

Microsoft One Note also has advanced features that allow you associate audio with drawings and other features that really bring out the power a Tablet PC can offer.

This was my first experience with a Tablet PC, and I have to say I was quite impressed. The Toshiba Portégé M400 offers a compact yet powerful system that allows for a very different style of notebook use than what I'm used to. It's light weight makes it extremely portable and using either Journal or One Note seemed to become quite natural for jotting down ideas. This isn't exactly the ultimate solution that will provide the "paperless office", but it's certainly a big step in the right direction.

Of course an amalgamation of a Tablet PC and rollable displays just makes perfect sense to me. Consider your Tablet PC outputting to a wireless access point embedded in the meeting table, which has rollable displays at each seat. Sounds like science fiction? Perhaps not in a few years.


Ultra mobile PCs go head-to-head
PC World Canada


New devices from Samsung and TabletKiosk could be viable laptop replacements, but they'll put a dent in your wallet.

Samsung's Q1 and TabletKiosk's EO--the first systems based on the Microsoft/Intel Ultra Mobile PC specification--prove you can cram an awful lot into a small package. Both devices condense the best features of a tablet into a package that's less than half the size and weight of a typical laptop.

Notebook-like notebooks
Previously called Origami, the UMPC spec combines a touch screen with a tablet's pen input. Both the shipping devices I looked at are about the same size and weight: 9 inches wide by 5.5 inches high by 1.25 inches deep, and just under 2 pounds. In fact, if they were red, you'd think they were Etch-A-Sketches with a few extra buttons. Each has two powered USB ports, and each uses a 7-inch LCD and a 1.8-inch 40GB hard drive. Both systems run Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with Touch Pack, a version of the operating system with extensions for the touch screen.


June 7, 2006

Fujitsu Announces Fifth Generation of Top-Selling Convertible Tablet PC

Industry's Lightest Convertible Tablet PC With a Modular Bay Adds Market's First Bi-Directional Display Hinge

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the LifeBook® T4210 Tablet PC, the fifth generation of its best-selling convertible. The only convertible Tablet PC on the market with a built-in modular bay that supports an optical drive or an additional battery, the LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC is further distinguished by the industry's first bi-directional display hinge offering the ability to turn the screen in both directions for added convenience and flexibility.

Powered by the Intel® Core™ Duo Processor, along with the enhanced functionality of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, the LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC combines the convenience and familiarity of a notebook with the powerful and versatile functionality of a slate Tablet PC.

In conventional notebook mode, the LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC offers a keyboard for typing. Rotate and fold the screen down and the LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC transforms into a tablet configuration for pen-driven navigation through forms, or use the stylus to make handwritten notes and drawings with digital ink. The enhanced stylus of the LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC includes two buttons and a built-in eraser for added convenience. The stylus and active digitizer continue to work in the notebook configuration.

"Fujitsu continues to evolve the convertible Tablet PC category with features that improve the user experience and performance enhancements that drive increased productivity," said Paul Moore, Sr. Director of Mobile Product Marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation. "Whether it's swapping the DVD for an additional battery or turning the display in either direction, the LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC offers unsurpassed flexibility allowing mobile professionals to work exactly the way they want without compromise."


Microsoft Still Working on Tiny Haiku PC
PC World

The launch of the ultra-mobile PC hasn’t quenched Microsoft’s thirst to find a blockbuster product in the portable PC space. In fact, the company has continued to work on another mini-Tablet PC concept, the Haiku, and expects it on the market within the next few years.

"We’d like to see them out in the US$500 to $700 range. The closer to $500 the better," said Otto Berkes, general manager of Microsoft’s Ultra-Mobile PC operations, on the sidelines of a conference in Taipei on Wednesday.

The Haiku device he showed off at the Via Technology Forum was basically a display screen about the size of a paperback book. The idea is to use screen input methods to work the device, which would include a version of Microsoft’s OS for Tablet PCs.


White Electronic Designs Corporation Awarded $4.3 Million Order to to Provide Max-Vu(TM) Technology for Leading-Edge Mobile PCs
Yahoo! News

White Electronic Designs Corporation (Nasdaq: WEDC - News) today announced it has been awarded a $4.3 million order to provide display screens featuring White's leading-edge Max-Vu(TM) technology to an industry leading laptop and tablet PC manufacturer. Max-Vu(TM) provides a means of optimizing contrast, dramatically reducing glare and significantly increasing the viewability of traditional Active- Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCD) in outdoor and high ambient light conditions. Max-Vu also provides the added benefit of increased physical strength of the screen, which can enable mobile PCs and tablet PCs to be used in more environmentally demanding applications.

Mr. Shokrgozar continued, "As mobile PC and tablet PC technology becomes more widely adopted, the need for improved optics and mechanical integrity becomes critical. The Max-Vu lamination technology increases contrast by 5 to 10 times in high ambient lighting conditions, dramatically cuts down on glare and adds increased mechanical resistance to impact. The integration of Max-Vu technology into mobile PCs and tablet PCs will enable these devices to be used in more places and in more demanding applications. We are very pleased that our technology has the ability to add significant performance value to a new class of computing devices with exceptional growth potential."


President tells IBM to develop tablet PCs
Business Standard

President APJ Abdul Kalam on Tuesday asked IBM to join the global knowledge platform by developing low cost tablet PCs and computers based on nano technology.

Addressing the IBM Employees’ Town Hall here, he pointed out that the world knowledge platform, consisting of partners from various countries, will enable joint design, development, cost effective production and marketing of knowledge products in various domains.

“Missions relating to energy, health care, knowledge products, electronics, ICT and automobiles can be the focus areas to meet the market demands of the respective countries. Multinational companies, through collaborative efforts, can design, develop and manufacture a tablet PC with multilingual capability and open source operating system,” he stated.

He pointed out that students should be able to use the tablet PC as a digital book, notebook and an e-learning device. “The one time investment must make students’ life easy and it


Tablet PC is better than a laptop

In the real world, people have to make choices and compromise on futuristic features when it comes to buying laptops.

They could, however, opt for tablet PCs that can put a majority of laptops to shame. Essentially, they are notebook-shaped (some even look like a slate) and you can write on them with the help of digitizing tablet technology or a touch screen. What that means is the stylus can do almost all the functions of a keyboard or mouse.

The tablet PC is much more flexible than a regular laptop. Holding a computer in tablet mode while reading an e-book or watching a movie is really convenient. Or maybe even watching pictures and videos with friends (putting the device into tablet mode) to get a closer peek at the screen.

Although tablet PCs made it to the shelves a while ago, they have never managed to shed their ivory tag for the masses. Not surprisingly, even today people are quite hesitant to include them in their IT budgets. Manufacturers, though, are singing a different tune. They claim there’s a “mushrooming growth and demand for tablet PCs”.


Actual Window Manager 4.0 Improved for Tablet PC

Actual Tools, a leading innovator in system enhancements technologies, has announced the release of Actual Window Manager 4.0, a suite of 40 tools to organize the desktop for convenient computing. The new version comes as a response to the requests and suggestions from Tablet PC owners who use Actual Window Manager as a productivity tool on their handheld computers. Many of them were inspired to adopt this software after it had been examined and recommended by Jeff Van West in his article "Actual Window Manager is Must-Have Software on a Tablet PC." Mr. West is the author of Tablet PC Quick Reference by Microsoft Press and a regular columnist on the Microsoft Expert Zone website.


Microsoft Tablet PC Chat Going on Now

Want to know how to use the TIP? Have development questions? Ask the Tablet PC product team. Join session now. It ends at 11AM Pacific Time.


June 8, 2006

Bluebeam Software Releases v. 4.5 - Includes Tablet Pc Compatibility

Bluebeam Software, a leader in file-sharing solutions for CAD users, BlueBeamannounced today that it has released v. 4.5 of Pushbutton Plus and Bluebeam Lite to include Tablet PC compatibility in Bluebeam Revu. With this latest release, both Desktop and Tablet users can create accurate PDF files from CAD and use Bluebeam Revu to view large format PDF files and easily redline PDF designs and specifications.

Bluebeam Revu v. 4.5 offers several features for Tablet PC users including a clean interface for easy PDF viewing and navigation. There are several high quality markups available using the tablet pen including true text, free text, callout boxes and leader lines. Markups can be erased using the top of the tablet pen, and users can double click the tablet pen on the screen to zoom in and out of the PDF. Bluebeam also works with users' Tablet PC Auto Recognize tools to automatically translate written text to true text that is searchable in a PDF.

Additional v. 4.5 features available to Tablet and Desktop users include adding toolsets and profiles, multi-selecting and grouping markups, adding bookmarks and hyperlinks to a PDF, saving files as a v. 1.5 compressed PDF, and adding columns in the Revu markup list. Additionally, Bluebeam Lite v. 4.5 provides AutoCAD LT 2007 compatibility.

"Bluebeam's Tablet PC compatibility allows Tablet PC users at job sites to add high quality markups and comments to designs, specifications and other documents on their tablets and email them to clients and project team members quickly and easily,"


Asustek preps Origami UMPC R2 for sale in July

Having displayed its Origami Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC), the R2, at the CeBIT 2006 IT tradeshow in Germany, Asustek Computer is now preparing sales of the device in July, according to the company. R2 UMPC

Asustek exhibited its R2 at the ongoing Computex Taipei 2006 tradeshow and stated that official sales will kick off in July. Featuring an Intel Celeron M ULV 900MHz processor and a 7-inch panel, the R2 has a compact size of 234.24x133x28mm and weighs only 920 grams. The R2 will be priced in the range of 799-1,099 euros, the company said.


Manufacturers admit to Ultra Mobile PC problems

The UMPC, as specified by Microsoft, is a flat, handheld device midway in size between a smartphone or PDA and a notebook PC. It has a touch-sensitive screen, but no keyboard.

Other standard features include a version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Bluetooth, an internal hard drive, and a wireless internet connection.

Criticism of early UMPCs has focused on high prices, poor battery life, and excessive weight and heat. The same criticisms have bedevilled past attempts at similar handheld PC concepts.

An AMtek representative, who did not wish to be named, conceded that manufacturers are concerned.

A major problem is that users are comparing UMPCs with what seems to them the most similar existing product, the notebook PC.


HP gives dollars, equipment to Eckerd College
Tampa Bay Business Journal

The award package will include 21 HP Tablet PC's and other HP mobile devices. HP is awarding more than $7 million in mobile technology, cash and professional development as part of its 2006 Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) Technology for Teaching grant program


June 9, 2006

More powerful Origami Ultra Mobile PCs on the way
What PC

The next generation of Origami Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) will boast enhanced features including longer battery life, larger screens, more powerful CPUs, TV tuners, GPS navigation and 3G connectivity.

New models are already on the drawing board, and slated for launch by the first quarter of next year, manufacturers say, following criticism of the first generation of Ultra Mobile PCs.

The UMPC platform, originally developed by Microsoft, is a handheld tablet-style wireless PC controlled with a touch screen and pointing devices. It has no keyboard, and early models have been faulted for their weight and short battery life.


Buy Michael Douglas's Pimped Out Golf Cart

Michael Douglas's one-of-a-kind golf cart is hitting the auction block to Tablet PC Golf Cartbenefit the nonprofit Motion Picture & Television Fund. The cart, which is a 2002 EZ-GO, was outfitted by automotive experts on MTV's Pimp My Ride, before being used by Douglas in a charity golf tournament. The cart is custom painted (as you can see, above) and has a built-in KVH satellite receiver that delivers DirecTV onto a 7" flip-down screen, MTX speakers, a DVD player, Tom Tom GPS (for those extra-large golf courses), a Star Gate mobile tablet PC in the steering wheel, a cigar humidor, and electric beer cooling tube - and more! A new set of Cleveland Golf Clubs, with a bag, are included. 

The auction is online at 


Tablet PC Expert Zone Chat - Select Questions and Answers
Tablet PC Reviews 

On the first Wednesday of each month, we join in on the Tablet PC Expert Zone Chat with Microsoft. "Tuning in" will offer you yet another outlet to get information about the Tablet PC Platform, hardware and software. Microsoft's group of experts are on hand to answer all of your questions. Below are a few select questions of interest that we singled out of the mix from yesterday's Expert Zone Chat. We of course added out "two cents worth" below each of the expert's answers.


Notebook News: Toshiba Portege Tablet PC Integrates EVDO Toshiba Tablet PC

Fulfilling its commitment to delivering ubiquitous computing, Toshiba's Digital Products Division today announced the Portege M400-S4032 Tablet PC with integrated high-speed Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO) technology for Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess service.


June 12, 2006

Keep taking the Tablets
The Age, Australia

EO umpc

Microsoft's new Origami platform lets you do some amazing folding tricks when it comes to reducing the size of tablet PC-based devices.

Fold a tablet PC in half and you've got something roughly the size of TabletKiosk's eo UMPC v7110, one of the first generation of Ultra Mobile PCs running Origami (basically Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 with a few enhancements thrown in).

The v7110 weighs a mere 900 gm and sits comfortably in two hands, although it does feel a little chunky at 24.8 mm thick and gets quite hot because of the fanless CPU design.

Available in black or white, it has a seven-inch, 800x480, widescreen display, which can't be rotated to portrait mode.


Most Famous Microsoft Blogger leaves Redmond for Silicon Valley

Robert Scoble, the most renowned Microsoft blogger, leaves Redmond for Silicon Valley. That is what he confirmed in one of his latest blogs, stating also that his future destination is

Scoble became famous for bringing a lot of trafic to Microsoft team blogs and Channel 9, although this wasn't his mission in the software giant structure.

On the "good-bye" blog he clearly specified that he remains a Microsoft fan, and that his leaving should not be interpreted as an anti-MS attitude (" I love Microsoft and Microsoft did not lose me — at least as a supporter and friend. I am not throwing away my Tablet PC or my Xbox or my other Microsoft stuff"). He also praised Microsoft as being one of the companies that changed the world and that has never interfered with his views, nor with his expenses


Dennis interviews a Mystery guest, and makes a GBM announcement!

We spent a few minutes discussing him, his views on what is going on in the Ink SHowgeneral Tablet/UMPC PC world, and then he helped me to share some special information Rob and I wanted to pass on to our readers on in the way of an announcement.  You don’t want to miss the news at the end, but will especially enjoy hearing from my “Mystery” guest!

Listen to the InkShow interview here! ( 17 minutes, 64mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


June 13, 2006

Motion Tablet PC's Spotted at TechEd 2006 in Boston
Tablet PC Reviews 

Our very own Brian is in Boston attending Microsoft's TechEd in Boston. Here we have some photos of the new Motion LE1600TS Tablet PC. This model Motion Tablet PCuses a fully capable touch screen in lieu of the typical electromagnetic technology found on the standard LE1600 Tablet PC.

The implementation of a standard touch screen has been designed for special use by Motion's vertical industry clients. The logic behind this feature is for clients who wish to use the LE1600TS Tablet PC integrated into a kiosk. This allows the use of just a finger to activate input on the touchscreen. Hospitality, gaming and retail clients in particular have been targeted as users for this unique (to the Tablet PC) technology. Check out Brian's pics from the Motion kiosk at TechEd 2006 in Boston:


Electronic real estate closings debut in Indiana

Stewart Title Services of Indiana coordinated all three closings, with Krystal Hunter acting as closing officer and e-notary. The closings were done on a Toshiba M400 tablet PC, using a stylus to sign on the computer screen within the Internet browser, the company said. The buyers and refinance customers then signed additional documents using the "click-to-sign" method.


MAPS foundation presents grants
Marquette Mining Journal

Linda Winslow of the Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation Grants Committee presents grants to four MAPS educators at the May 31 board meeting. From left are Winslow; Francine Darling, who received $2,000 to fund teacher technology training expenses this summer; Fred Cole, $412.63 toward an NCEE grant “We the People” in the MAPS Alternative Education Program; Linda Goodman, $1,699 to fund a pilot program for enhancing interactive technology in the classroom with a portable tablet PC, which will allow teachers to move around the classroom while using the computer for teaching;


Panasonic and Novatel Wireless Announce First Joint UMTS/HSDPA Certification on Cingular Wireless Network
Business Wire

Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, manufacturer of durable, reliable Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers, and Novatel Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVTL), a leading provider of wireless broadband access solutions, today announced they have successfully achieved their first joint certification for the Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 convertible tablet PC incorporating Novatel Wireless' embedded Expedite EU730 HSDPA module on Cingular Wireless' UMTS/HSDPA-based BroadbandConnect service. The CF-18 is the only fully rugged convertible tablet PC with embedded UMTS/HSDPA-based wide area wireless available today


The Gadgetress

The tablet PC is definitely reaching out to the rest of the world. There are many more programs available. The writing/doodling feature is now integrated with most Microsoft products so you can scribble on PowerPoints during presentations. You can write directly in Word and Excel files. And you can draw in Outlook messages or send the handwritten text as GIF images.

There are also a bunch of free programs developed for the sake of the tablet, like a calculator, Tic-Tac-Toe game and Art Tool for Tablet PC, which showcases the elegance of a digital pen. I felt like I was painting, pressing harder with the pen for thick lines and lighter for that brush-stroke look. While most of the free tools are amateurish, it's an attempt to make this a computer for the whole family. Now, what about remote-control technology to control every electronic gadget in the house?


June 14, 2006

Review: Gateway CX2620 Convertible Notebook
Top Tech

Tablet PCs offer the best features of traditional laptop computers and the convenience of pocket PCs. Gateway's CX2620 combines the power of a desktop-replacement portable and the ability to write directly on a 14-inch widescreen display. Despite a few quirks, there are enough impressive features in this tablet PC to make it an attractive hybrid.

The CX2620 has a slightly larger shape than most tablet PCs. Its case measures 13.6 x 1.4 x 11.5 inches and weighs 6.9 pounds without the battery installed. The unit runs the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.

Our only major concern with this tablet PC is the reliability of the pen stylus. We did not test this model long enough to detect any premature failure of the pen device. But some consumers who bought this model have complained that the pen has a high failure rate. So we recommend buying a second pen stylus just to be on the safe side.


CPS Case Workers Go Wireless With 'Tablet PC'

Texas Child Protective Services is changing the way it operates. Soon every case worker in the state will be equipped with a mobile office.

When David Smith walks out the door, his office is always with him. The family and protective service investigator is equipped with the latest in technology, called the ‘Tablet PC’.

“It gives us the ability to go out and work in the field and to access our workloads, and any referral forms, and any background information, that otherwise we would not be able to get unless we went back to the office,” Smith said.

In north Texas, and across the country, CPS has come under scrutiny because of the high workloads of case workers. Now, new technology will allow them to get out of their offices and into the field more often.

The company Accenture came up with a solution for the department. They offered CPS a ‘Tablet PC’ that is wireless, highly mobile, and accepts handwriting.


A hot tip about Tablets, batteries, and testicles

In this weather, losing the power brick for a Motion Computing Tablet isn't just a nuisance. It's a tragedy.LE1600 Tablet PC

I've never been what you might call short of opportunities to borrow the latest and greatest portable gear, and up till relatively recently, used to swear by the ThinkPad range. But I needed a Tablet, and fell in love (well, "rather liked" is better!) the LE1600, especially with its keyboard-lid.

The thing is, almost all notebook PCs get hot. The Motion Computing Tablet is no exception. In this weather, a hot PC on your lap is a horrible experience. And so the magic feature of that lid is the fact that it has no active electronics in it, no battery and no processor. Every other PC portable you can name, puts the processor, battery and fan on your legs.

This one, is cool, even when the temperature in London reaches 30 degrees C in June (hottest day for 99 years, I'm told).


June 15, 2006

Residents at Valley Baptist Medical Center Are Overjoyed With Ingenious Med
Yahoo! News

The convenience and ease of use of IM Practice Manager has allowed physicians to focus on providing the highest quality of care. Physicians or administrators can easily enter patient information using an Internet-enabled PC, Tablet PC, or handheld, and physicians can access information changes in real-time through IM Practice Manager. According to Gonzales, "The immediacy of being able to enter admissions ensures that attendings only have to go in for billing purposes." Thus, IM Practice Manager allows physicians to spend more time with the patient, while decreasing and in many cases eliminating the time associated with filling out paperwork.


Going mobile: Power tools for culture change
Plant Services

Todd Pacific Shipyards (Figure 3) is a sprawling, 46-acre facility in Seattle and Everett, Wash. Todd Pacific installed a CMMS from IFS that uses handheld terminals. A large wireless system lets foremen download daily activities from anywhere on the site, see where every worker is deployed at any given moment, and assemble project teams on the fly. “We want to deploy wireless PC tablets with voice recognition on our ships,” says Mike Taylor, IS director. “By writing on the tablet or speaking into it, our employees will be able to generate work orders quickly and load them into the IFS system no matter where they are.”


Ultra Mobile PC Update
PC World

PC World's Dennis O'Reilly noted the many usability compromises imposed by UMPCs, including cramped screens, difficult navigation, truncated windows, and dialog boxes that open outside the viewable areas. He also lamented the lack of an optical drive. But he grudgingly said that either the Q1 or a similar device, TabletKiosk's EO ($1164), could be "the portable computer I've longed for," if their prices were lower. Both devices could replace a full-featured laptop "if you're willing to live with an overcrowded screen and a few costly but necessary add-ons," Dennis writes.


June 16, 2006 REVIEW : Toshiba Protege M400Tablet PC

Toshiba M400 Tablet PC


Toshiba Tecra M7 Dual-Core Tablet Appears
PC Magazine

The first specifications of the new Tecra M7 widescreen tablet have appeared on a Web page on Toshiba's EMEA site. Toshiba M7 Tablet PC

The Tecra M7, which was showed off last week by company executives at an Intel event in Hyde Park , will feature an Intel Core Duo T2400 microprocessor, probably making it the first dual-core tablet. Exectutives told PC Magazine this week that the tablet would cost between 1,200 and 1,300 pounds within the UK, the equivalent of about $2,200 to $2,400.

The tablet will run the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system, the Toshiba site indicates. No launch date has been published, although the notebook is expected to launch in July in the U.K.


Toshiba updates its Tablet PC line

Toshiba has announced the latest edition to its Tablet PC family in the form of the Tecra M7. The Tecra M7 brings support for Intel's Core Duo platform.

The Tecra M7 is powered by a 1.83GHz Core Duo T2400 processor and supports up to 4GB of DDR2 memory. An 80GB hard drive is included as is a dual-layer DVD burner. Graphics duties are handled by an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M with TurboCache which powers a 14.1" WXGA+ (1,440x900) display. Your usual assortment of interface options are present including four USB 2.0 ports, one Firewire port, TV-out, 6-in-1 media reader, Bluetooth and Intel PRO/Wireless 3945BG 802.11a/b/g support.

There are no pictures available yet of the new Tecra M7, but Engadget reports that it should look quite similar to the Tecra M4 pictured on the right. Expect for the Tablet PC to start at around the $1,600 price point.


Tablet PC - No Longer A Commercial Failure

A tablet PC is a light weight slate shaped hand-held computer or a slim note book PC. The idea is to replace the traditional pen and notebook with a tablet PC and stylus or digital pen.

Historically the tablet was used by the Egyptians to write on clay tablets with a writing stick. In the present day the clay tablet has been replaced with a screen and the writing stick with a stylus. The tablet PC may be considered the pen and notebook of the future. They typically weigh around 2-3 pounds and their main feature is portability. The idea of a tablet PC was floated by Alan Kay of Xerox but was a commercial failure until now, when the prices have fallen down and it is expected that the prices will fall in future. The first widely sold Tablet PC was Newton of Apple Computers.

The hardware consists of a slim touch screen, stylus, optional wireless keyboard and mouse. In this type of computers the data input is not through the traditional mouse and keyboard but through a stylus or a virtual keyboard on the screen. It also has the facility of data input through wireless keyboard and mouse. The stylus is used to write directly/tap on the screen or fingers are used to input data through the touch screen. There is a magnetic field over the screen which interacts with the stylus electronics, hence the user can rest his hands on the screen without distorting the image and only stylus movement affects the screen. They come in various sizes like 8.5 inch, 10 inch and 14 inch.

There are different types of tablet PCs like slates, convertibles and hybrids. Slates consist of just the screen and the stylus. If a slate is attached with a keyboard it is called a convertible. Typically the keyboard is attached with a single joint and it folds/opens onto the screen. The Hybrid has a detachable keyboard so that it can be used both as a slate or a convertible.

Tablet PCs come with resident softwares like handwriting recognition software, speech recognition software, shorthand entry software, virtual keyboard etc,.

There are various advantages like portability, users who are not comfortable with keyboards find stylus more friendly, they do not interrupt line of sight as they are kept on the table and are helpful in meetings and are handheld so can be used in giving presentation while standing up. The disadvantages of Tablet PCs have been cost till now but since the prices have fallen and are falling, hence is not a constraint anymore.

Various companies like Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba Fujitsu, HP, Gateway, Compaq, Motion, NEC etc are manufacturing Tablet PCs.

Are they future proof?Till recent years the Tablet PC was a commercial failure but with the advances in battery technology, handwriting recognition software, wireless internet access, larger memory, better screen resolution they are being accepted as commercially viable option. Many popular science fiction movies portray the use of Tablet PCs. Tablet PCs are bound to replace the notebook & pen and future books, magazines, newspapers.


Resistive touch screen option for Motion Computing’s LS800 Tablet PC
WHITE Electronic Designs Corporation (WEDC), a provider of rugged display solutions, has introduced the Pro 8 Series, a resistive touch screen option for Motion Computing's LS800 Tablet PC.

The Pro 8 Series replaces the LS800's digitised display with a resistive touch screen.

With an 8.4” display, WEDC's Pro 8 Series is one of the smallest and lightest slate PCs available today.

It is compact, offers outstanding mobile performance with Intel Centrino mobile technology and is complete with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.


The Samung Q1 UMPC performs well on the road

I am seriously thinking about buying the Q1 for myself because I can use it as a portable media center, in car GPS system with nice large display, internet tablet to carry around the house or office, electronic note taker for the office, portable salvage engineering computer, podcasting radio, digital photo album and frame, and desktop companion. The stereo speakers play very well and with the integrated Bluetooth radio my Bluetooth stereo headphones work well. The Compact Flash slot allows me to pop in a CF slot after recording content using the Neuros Recorder 2. The display is bright and very readable in the 800x480 resolution and I really appreciate the 80 degree integrated stand for watching video content and using the Q1 on a desk. The Samsung Q1 UMPC did what I needed it to do and performed very well as an ultra portable computer.


June 19, 2006

Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC Receives Expanded Product Availability
Market Wire

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced that it has expanded retail distribution of its new Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) due to strong initial sales and growing customer excitement for the device.

Launched May 1 in the United States, the Samsung Q1 is now sold in all 32 Fry's Electronics stores and soon will be available at various Best Buy stores in Texas. Initially, the Q1 was sold via Best Buy's e-tail outlet,, and at

"The Q1 was in high demand from the moment it debuted on the Best Buy and CDW websites," said David A. Nichols, Director, Display Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. "That demand is what's driven us to make the Q1 available at all Fry's Electronics stores plus the Texas-based Best Buy outlets. In addition, we'll soon be announcing yet another distributor for the Q1."

Developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Intel, the Samsung Q1 is among the first of a totally new category and form factor of PC -- a truly ultra-mobile unit that can easily be carried in a small briefcase, daypack or purse. Yet, the Q1 still offers the power of a PC that runs Windows XP Tablet Edition with an Intel Processor, 512MB memory and a 40GB Hard Drive. With its brilliant 7-inch LCD touch screen and integrated wireless communications capabilities that include WiFi and Bluetooth, it is a PC that you can use anywhere, anytime.


eo Recall: Latest update

I received a confirmation from TabletKiosk. We are getting practically a new machine!
We will be transferring each customer's RAM, hard drive and back panel to a
new machine. If upon testing any of the reused parts appears to be defective it will also be replaced.

It seems to me that this is the best thing to do and I would like to thank TabletKiosk for trying so hard to have this issue fixed in the best way possible.


Paramedics get keyed up
Australian IT

Victoria's Metropolitan Ambulance Service has been examining ways to streamline paperwork for a while. It called for expressions of interest in late 1999 for a Victorian Ambulance Clinical Information System (VACIS) to be used by it and Rural Ambulance Victoria.

A system based on a tablet PC was put out for field evaluation to 15 stations. Ron McLeod, who started as an ambulance driver in 1978, was the senior officer at northern suburban Thomastown at the time, and keen for anything to streamline time-consuming paperwork.

VACIS II has been ported to work on a tablet PC and the mobile service chose the Panasonic Toughbook, which can be used in used in the front or the rear of an ambulance.

Tied down in the ambulance, they can be used with a keyboard or as a tablet with a digital pen.


Origami feedback mixed, says Samsung
PC Advisor

Feedback from customers who have bought Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.'s Q1 device suggests that a pre-launch teaser campaign by Microsoft Corp. might Q1 UMPChave backfired, a Samsung executive said Monday

The Q1 went on sale in the U.S. in May and is based on Microsoft's Origami platform. Microsoft collaborated with Intel Corp. to create Origami, which combines a tablet edition of Windows XP with a pen-based tablet computer similar in specification to a laptop computer."Feedback has been quite mixed," said David Steel, vice president of marketing for Samsung's digital media business, in a briefing with reporters at the company's headquarters in Suwon, south of Seoul.

A positive or negative response is generally related to how much of the pre-launch Origami hype the person had been exposed to, Steel said.

Samsung is looking ahead to a second-generation ultra mobile PC. In preparation the company is examining the user interface and how people interact with the device. The Q1 can be used with a keyboard, pen or via its touchscreen.


Biometrics Success Leads Fujitsu Siemens Computers to Add AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensors to 8 New Notebook and Tablet PCs
Business Wire

Building on the success of its first biometric PC last year, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has added the advanced security and convenience of AuthenTec fingerprint sensors to eight notebook and tablet PCs - the broadest range of biometric PCs in Europe.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers again selected the EntrePad 2501A from AuthenTec -- the world leader in fingerprint sensor security, innovation and sales - for its new STYLISTIC ST5032 tablet PC and different models of LIFEBOOK Series; S7110, E8110, E8210, P7120, P1510, T4210 and Q2010, as well as to the CELSIUS H240 mobile workstation. Fujitsu Siemens Computers introduced its first biometrics tablet PC, the STYLISTIC ST5022, with an AuthenTec sensor in 2005.


Does using a Tablet PC change what software you use?

By simply watching people use Tablet PCs I can see that how they use a PC changes once they use a Tablet PC. Once they switch back to a tower PC with a static display these little patterns appear to continue to persist, such as wanting to touch a pen to a display's surface to chose options faster than dragging a mouse across a table in order to select something on a remote display.

But for those of you who use Tablet PCs, have you chosen different software because you're using a Tablet PC? Do you use Mindjet MindManager now because you can diagram differently with pen and ink, and you might not have even tried that application before you used a Tablet PC? Or do you find yourself drawing in ArtRage 2, when you never really opened an application with a similar purpose, such as Paint, prior to using a Tablet PC?


June 20, 2006

Fujitsu Announces the LifeBook B6210 Ultra-Portable Touch Screen Notebook
Market Wire

Fujitsu b6210

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the ultra-portable LifeBook® B6210 touch screen notebook, enhanced with longer battery life and the performance power of the latest Intel® Core™ Solo Processor Ultra Low Voltage.

The 3.2 pound LifeBook B6210 notebook, popular in healthcare, field-force automation and other fast-paced, forms-intensive workplaces, is equipped with a bright 12.1-inch XGA display offering the flexibility of touch screen input and the productivity of a notebook computer. Mobile professionals can choose either Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 or Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

The LifeBook B6210 notebook offers the most security features available in a Tablet PC platform. With embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Smart Card ready, optional biometric fingerprint swipe sensor, Fujitsu Security Application Panel with over 800,000 possible combinations, two-level hard drive password protection, and a security lock slot, data and assets are secured.

The Fujitsu LifeBook B6210 notebook with Microsoft Windows XP Professional is priced starting at $1,599(2) for a recommended base configuration and the Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 is priced starting at $1,649(2) for a recommended base configuration. The LifeBook B6210 notebook is immediately available through the Fujitsu direct sales force, website, channel partners and select retail outlets(3). Users can choose from a recommended configuration, or they can customize their system using the Fujitsu Configure To Order (CTO) program.


Honeywell Unveils Industrial Wireless Roadmap

The network will support various industrial protocols and up to 30,000 devices such as tablet PCs and sensors and will co-exist with other wireless devices like PDAs, pagers, walkie-talkies and cell phones.


Microsoft Announces 2006 Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Innovation Award Winners
Yahoo! News

Sales and Marketing -- GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Inc., Mississauga, Ontario. GlaxoSmithKline is one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

GSK's solution utilizes a Tablet PC, powered by Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition, and Proscape Technologies Inc.'s software. The solution has allowed GSK to dramatically reduce the cycle time between introducing a new product marketing campaign and measuring its results. By using Proscape's software, a sales representative can easily, quickly and effectively convey key product information in an engaging and memorable way through multimedia presentations running on the Tablet PC. Based on data from GSK's CRM application, these presentations can be tailored for different market segments, thereby maximizing their educational value.


Skipjack’s uncorks digital ‘Wine Skipper’ steward
Boston Herald

It’s a digital-age substitute sommelier.

The Skipjack’s seafood chain has introduced the Wine Skipper at its Boston restaurant.
The wireless PC tablet helps customers figure out which wines are dry or sweet, and which ones pair well with the wasabi-crusted salmon versus the Jamaican-jerked mahi mahi.
The portable Wine Skipper is available for diners’ use at their tables. It’s linked to the Skipjack’s Web site, and a click on “favorites” sends one to an alphabetized list of the restaurant’s 150 or so wine selections. From there, customers can link to wineries, descriptions of their wines, and reviews by oenophile Robert Parker Jr. and Wine Spectator magazine.


June 21, 2006

On the Road with Office 2007

In airports on my way to San Francisco for a Microsoft Office 2007 reviewers' Fujitsu P1510 Tablet pcworkshop last week, I became the envy of everyone in the security lines. I had just bought a Fujitsu P1500 LifeBook Notebook Tablet PC so small (9" x 6") that it fits in my purse. I've never had so many strangers ask me about a device as when I pulled that machine out for its X ray.

I got my tiny Tablet because I'm frustrated trying to type on my big Dell Latitude when I have to fly coach. My regular laptop won't even open all the way when the person in front of me leans back, and I had to finish an article on last week's flight. And after having used the Office 2007 beta on a desktop for some time now, I wanted to see how the Office beta would work on a Tablet PC.


Q1 Origami gets a keyboard

Q1 keyboard & Case

Samsung is bundling a plug-in keyboard with its pioneering Q1 ultra-mobile PC (UMPC), the company announced today. It fits into a folding case that can also carry the portable.

The 'organiser bundle', as the company calls it, is available now at £799 inc VAT – the same as the launch price of the machine without a keyboard.

Mark Jennings, Samsung's UK notebook business manager, said: 'The free organiser bundle and additional range of Q1 accessories, in particular our extended battery and power options, builds on consumer demand for flexibility and mobility in computing devices.'

He said sales of the Q1 had already exceeded expectations. The Q1 is the first ultra-mobile built to Microsoft Origami spec to be widely available in the shops. It has full Tablet PC functionality, which means it has viable handwriting recognition and can be used without a keyboard.

But the inclusion of one is a bonus for people who use the machine for heavy bouts of writing.


HP's Robust Tablet Doesn't Come Cheap
PC World

Convertible tablet/laptop offers ease of use and good battery life. HP Tablet PC

With a thoughtful design and long battery life, the HP Compaq tc4400--a convertible tablet PC--should please tablet users in the market for a robust system. Its steep price may deter some folks, however

In tablet mode, using the included stylus to write handwritten notes on the 12.1-inch screen was easy; and thanks to conveniently placed buttons on the right side, switching the screen to tabloid view was a cinch, as well.

To further assist tablet lovers, HP has situated the fingerprint reader on the top of the screen when it's in tablet mode (the right side of the screen when it's used as a laptop.) And a dedicated key for the <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Delete> function helps users make a quick restart in tablet mode, without having to switch back to notebook mode.


First Look - Fujitsu LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC with Core Duo

We have received our brand new Fujitsu LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC with Core Duo and have had enough time to work with it to share our first impressions. The word "FAST" comes to mind when trying to describe the T4210 user experience. One thing that the T4210 does noticeably well is provide zippy performance - right out of the box.


Fujitsu notebooks balance customer demands
PC World Magazine

Fujitsu Computer Systems launched an ultralight, 2.2-pound (997 grams) notebook on Tuesday, offering a PC that balances the conflicting demands of businesspeople.

The LifeBook Q2010 notebook is just three-quarters inch thick and uses a docking station to play CDs. The launch follows the June 7 release of Fujitsu's LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC, a notebook with a touch-screen that pivots to either the right or the left, and a stylus that also serves as an eraser.

The two designs reveal the challenge faced by PC vendors, since they withhold certain high-end customer demands, while providing many others. Like its competitors, Fujitsu often quizzes customers about the changes they want in future products. But the company takes the answers with a grain of salt.

"Customers ask for some things that are illogical or just not doable," said Paul Moore, senior director of mobile product marketing for notebook and tablet PCs at Fujitsu in Sunnyvale, California.


FEMA to Streamline Disaster Inspection Processes Using Silanis’ Electronic Signatures

Field inspectors visiting the affected areas will be equipped with Silanis’ electronic signing application and a tablet PC. After gathering information from the victim and completing an assessment of the damage, the inspector will have the person electronically sign the form needed to give FEMA the authorization to verify all information and make a decision whether to grant emergency insurance funds or not.

“Eliminating the time delays associated with moving and managing paper will enable FEMA to respond to citizens-in-need faster,” said Rich Warren, CEO of Silanis Technology. “Because requests for emergency funds will be submitted electronically, FEMA will receive them sooner which should shave time off of the total decision-making cycle.


June 22, 2006

Better service at Wimbledon
Computing, UK

Next week’s Wimbledon tennis championships will trial tablet PC technology to improve its real-time statistics service, as well as extending the use of WiFi networking to enhance security.Lenovo tablet pc

Tournament host the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) has worked with IT partner IBM for several years on capturing match statistics, feeding updates to its web site and to the information system that supports broadcasters.

The process uses specially-designed keyboards, but this year is testing tablet PCs from supplier Lenovo.


A Flute Student's Impressions of the Tablet PC

Megan Emigh is a phenomenal Juilliard-bound flute student who had a chance to try out my old Electrovaya SC 2100 Tablet PC, along with two of my footswitches - one from Delcom Engineering, the other being the Griffin PowerMate USB controller with my custom made "cradle". Megan was gracious enough to write this review, and gives an honest assessment of her experiences with this sort of technology for reading digital music.

PC Tablet Review by Megan Emigh

Overall, I was very impressed with the Tablet PC. The capability and potential of these computers is astounding. Even in my limited experience with these machines, I can already see that they are not just a gadget or a toy; but an extremely valuable tool for musicians. While I cannot say enough good things about the Tablet PC, I would be hard-pressed to come up with something positive to say about the pedals. Someone needs to design a foot pedal specifically for instrumentalists, which is both quiet and dependable. With a good pedal, I would have no fears using a Tablet PC in performance. So, to all musicians out there, don't miss the opportunity to be on the forefront of what promises to be a huge breakthrough in musical performances!


Attack of the 3D Desktop
Free Software Magazine, British Virgin Islands 

I guess it's just natural that folks pondering the future of the GUI would turn to 3D spaces. After all, clearly 3D has played a dominant role in the most important software genre: videogames. However, past efforts towards the "3D Desktop" have seemed impractical. Nonetheless, I think BumpTop, which utilizes a tablet PC and pen tool, is on to something big. Watch the You Tube and see what you think.

I've been using a tablet PC for a year now, and have to admit that using the pen instead of a mouse has made certain tasks—particularly grading papers—a breeze.


City of Tempe, Arizona Water Department Chooses Marshall Marshall GeoResults Mobile   Hammerhead tablet pc

The City of Tempe, Arizona, Water Utilities Department knew that by upgrading its technology and processes, it could improve customer service, data management, and work order processing while reducing paper and saving taxpayer time and money.

To solve these challenges, Tempe chose Marshall’s new GeoResults Mobile solution.  GeoResults Mobile is integrated with ESRI map data and Hansen asset/work order management systems on a tablet PC.



June 23, 2006

Electrovaya Announces Summer Savings on Tablet PC's and and Accessories
Market Wire

Scribbler Tablet PC

- Biggest Savings of the Year on Scribbler SC3100 Series

Electrovaya Inc. (TSX: EFL), a provider of portable power solutions, today announced a summer promotion on its Scribbler Tablet PC's and accessories, welcoming all customers to take advantage of incredible savings. Starting today, customers will be able to save hundreds of dollars when they purchase any Scribbler SC3100 series Tablet PC. Prices of select accessories and upgrades for the Scribbler have also been reduced.

"Electrovaya's summer sale is a clear, compelling way to tell customers how much we value their business - we want to thank them for their loyalty by offering the biggest savings of the year on our premium Scribbler Tablet PC series," said Dr. Sankar DasGupta, CEO of Electrovaya.

Sale pricing affects the following products:

Scribbler SC3100 - All models 10% off or more

Memory Upgrades - Up to 50% off

Hard Drive Upgrades - Up to 30% off

Optical Drives - 20% off

Wirestand - 20% off

Various Scribbler Covers/ Portfolio's - Up to 10% off

Electrovaya will promote the summer savings on its Web site until the end of August 2006.


Tablet PCs and Windows Vista

Have you used Windows Vista Beta 2 on a Tablet PC yet?

Oh, how quickly I've gotten used to the combination of Windows Vista Beta 2, Office 2007 Beta 2, and a Tablet PC. I've been resisting writing anything about it because I really want this blog to remain grounded in the practical aspects of "what is available today". Sure, you can download Beta 2, and maybe you have already. However, it's realistic that the majority of people want to use the stable environment of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 at least until Windows Vista is released.

So what are the advantages so far?


Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC - Our Full Review
Tablet PC Reviews

Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC - Outstanding Mobility, Limited Functionality

The Samsung Q1 UMPC can best be described as a miniature, scaled-down Tablet PC. This device is the first release of a collection of devices based on Microsoft's Origami Project. The Q1 is lightweight. It features wireless LAN and integrated Bluetooth. At one pound, eleven ounces this device can serve a select community of users. But we have to make one point clear. The Q1 and the UMPC itself is simply not a replacement for a real Tablet PC or notebook computer, but rather more along the lines of a super-powered PDA. Working with the small 7" screen and stylus is reminiscent of my PDA days. The Q1 to me is like a large Pocket PC with a real operating system (Windows XP Tablet PC Edition), a real hard drive, and a real CPU. That said, let's look at the Samsung Q1 in depth. We'll leave it to you to decide if the Q1 is worth your $1,100...


News, updates, partner information all wrapped up in a newsletter

Each month, Microsoft emails a newsletter that includes mobile PC articles, upcoming events, partner program updates, new hardware information, partner news and more. The newsletter is aimed at ISVs, but frequently contains information that techno-readers will appreciate. For example, when UMPCs were launched the newsletter contained information about the new models in addition to the Developer Quick Start Guide. The next issue of Mobile PC News will be released the first week of July. You can sign up for it at the Microsoft Subscription Center.



June 26, 2006

ThinkPad X60 TabletPC due end of year

A comment left on jkOnTheRun points to a web page on the Wake Forest Lenovo Tablet PCUniversity faculty web site that indicates the next version of the ThinkPad Tablet PC, the X60, will be out late in 2006.

Faculty members who choose the X60 Tablet PC will continue to use their current ThinkPad throughout the fall and exchange it for the Tablet in January, 2007. The new model Tablet will not be released by Lenovo until late 2006. We are choosing to wait for the newer model because the performance of the current model Tablet PC is not comparable to that of the T60. The new model will provide upgraded features that will better suit your needs.


UMPC and Tablet PC Application Contest: Develop.and win your own UMPC!

Handango is looking for fresh and premier Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC Handango
content.are you up for the challenge?   By converting your existing mobile
applications or creating an entirely new title for Tablet PC and UMPC, you'll
be eligible to win one of three Ultra-Mobile PCs!    Personal Productivity,
Travel, Fitness, Medical, Multimedia, and Entertainment titles are all great
fits for our catalog.  The contest runs from now until August 31st..start


OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #24

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back after a hiatus with show #24! On JK On THe Runthis show there's a podcast first as we euthanize a dog on the air (just kidding).  Marc has a new gig with Foldera and we discuss how his mobile computer needs might change with the new project.  The question comes up slate versus convertible versus UMPC and Marc explains his thoughts what he might be looking for soon, and if you are a regular listener you might be surprised.  James might be looking for a new slate and likes the Electrovaya Scribbler 3100, not a UMPC.  Marc and James both take a poke at junkware that comes with downloadable software.  Dell provides an option on their online store to pay extra to get a new device with no junkware pre-installed, which is important as Dell is rumored to be working on a UMPC.

Enjoy the show!

Links of interest from the show:

  • Foldera
  • Motion LS800
  • Electrovaya Scribbler SC3100
  • Motion LE1600


Windows Vista to Enable Universal Pen Input
Digital Silence

Microsoft's upcoming Vista release introduces new pen input features for a faster, easier and more efficient computing experience. Wacom pen tablet and pen display users will enjoy new Vista-enabled note taking resources, handwriting recognition and time-saving gesture control options.

Select aspects of the Vista pen experience include:

Note Taking -- Microsoft Journal is an application exclusively for the benefit of users working with a pen tablet, interactive pen display or Tablet PC. Journal simulates a physical notebook, but with all the advantages of a digital medium. The pen can be used in Journal to jot notes and capture quick sketches providing valuable collaboration options for use at home, school and work. Journal also incorporates a powerful search engine that can even locate handwritten content.


Vista a low-end laptop breaker
Australian IT

MOBILE workers, and that seems to include just about all of us these days, should find their working lives at least a little easier, and perhaps more colourful, with Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system.

Be warned, however, that a quick glance suggests many road warriors will have to spring for new laptops if they want to take advantage of the spiffier new features

Better tablet technology: if you use a tablet PC, you'll find it easier to enter information with a pen. Handwriting recognition is more reliable and a new feature called Pen Flicks allows you to navigate a screen or call up shortcuts with a few easy gestures of the pen.


Cutting-edge PC blades for Vista

ClearCube Technology will today introduce new blade client systems that can run Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Vista operating system. These will include ClearCube’s first dual-core blade.

The ClearCube architecture replaces desktop PCs with rack-mounted blades for easier centralised control. User access is via a desktop console, thin client or wireless Tablet PC. The two new blades are the fastest single- and dual-processor models available, according to ClearCube.

“We’re staying in lock-step with Intel’s roadmap, and dual-core keeps us in line with the expectations of our higher-end customers,” said ClearCube senior technologist Ken Knotts.

The R1300 is priced from $1,999 (£1,090) and runs either a P4 or dual-core Pentium D processor with up to 2GB memory and dual Ethernet ports.


Another great naming decision

There must be something in the water up in Redmond. That's the only conclusion I can come to about some of the recent naming decisions that have been made at Microsoft. 

Now, some bright bulb has decided to rename the mobile computing group (which includes Tablet PCs) as the "Mobile and Tailored PC Division". Huh? Hilton Locke, at the end of a summary of the TechEd Boston 06 experience, drops this bomb:

Oh, and btw, if you happen to see the moniker "Mobile and Tailored PC Division" - it's our new name. Personally, I don't like it, but perhaps it will grow on me? 

Doubt it. There's a funny thread of comments on Dennis Rice's post at GottaBeMobile about the new name. Maybe a focus group would have helped?


Touch-sensitive Screen ­ Tablet PCs Are The Specialists

Laptops aren't great for note-taking. But who wants to write everything down and then decipher their scribbles before typing it all into their computer? Enter Tablet PCs, possibly the perfect solution to this problem.

Users can input handwritten notes directly and many models even have a record audio option, says Thomas Baumgaertner, of Microsoft Germany.

The device has proven particularly useful in the business world. Other consumers, however, might be unimpressed.

A Tablet PC is not necessarily a notebook with a touch-sensitive screen, but rather any notebook that uses the Tablet PC operating system from Windows XP, says Juergen Rink of the Hanover-based c't magazine. The most important distinction between these variants is whether the device has integrated handwriting recognition.


June 27, 2006

Toshiba Satellite R25-S3503 Notebook

Toshiba just unveiled its new Toshiba Satellite R25-S3503, convertible Toshiba R25notebook which has been designed keeping in mind the students and small business professionals. The new notebook is protected by a very hardy case, thus users don’t have to worry about damaging the notebooks and incurring extra costs. The R25-S3503 is called a convertible notebook as its lets one rotate and fold the screen down for use as a Tablet PC. You can also write just like they do on a Tablet PC via a digital pen-based. So tasks like writing notes, emails etc are done in a breeze, you can convert handwriting to text or just record there own handwriting


Toshiba Unveils Company's First Widescreen Tablet PC
Business Wire

Toshiba's Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., today unveiled the company's first widescreen Tablet PC with Toshiba M7the launch of the Tecra(R) M7. Toshiba's sixth-generation convertible Tablet PC is designed for maximum flexibility and performance by uniquely blending the productivity of a notebook computer with the performance of a desktop computer and the convenience of a notepad to deliver one of the industry's most robust mobile computing solutions.

The Tecra M7 is the world's first Tablet PC to incorporate a 14.1-inch diagonal widescreen WXGA+ (1440 x 900) display with Tablet PC support. This large display with increased resolution provides users with a greater amount of screen real estate to maximize the digital ink capabilities. Users can use the digital ink function to transform documents, spreadsheets and presentations into digital paper and use their own hand writing to enter data. In large or individual settings, such as meetings and lectures, the Tecra can be used as a mobile whiteboard. The rotating function of the display makes it easy to collect data and share information with an audience.

Less than six pounds(1), the Tecra M7 may be comfortably carried to meetings or classrooms, taken on a plane or on the road. Toshiba outfitted the Tecra M7 with the latest cutting-edge components and software, including Intel(R) Centrino(R) Duo Mobile Technology, Microsoft(TM) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system and Toshiba's exclusive EasyGuard(TM) technology to ensure this new business-class Tablet PC answers the demand for increased productivity. Demonstrating the advantage of Tablet PC computing, the Tecra M7 delivers up to four hours of battery life(2) affording users with plenty of time to complete projects before needing to charge.

"Toshiba is driving the growing adoption of Tablet PCs into mainstream business environments with the release of the Tecra M7," said Jeff Barney, vice president of marketing, Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems. "We have experienced unparalleled success in the education, SMB and healthcare markets as a result of Toshiba's commitment to developing convertible Tablet PCs with a focus on productivity. The Tecra M7 is a powerful mobile computing solution that delivers quality, reliability and security in a highly functional and flexible mobile computing solution."


Gateway (GTW) Receives Additional $6.5 Million Order From Winona Winona State University

Gateway, Inc. announced it has extended its contract with Winona State University (WSU) to include $6.5 million in M285 Convertible Notebook PCs and associated training, technical support and services. The one-year contract is for 4,200 notebooks to be used as part of WSU's Laptop Program, the largest tablet PC implementation for higher education in the country.


Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista(TM) Enables Universal Pen Input
PR Newswire

All versions of Vista (except Home Basic) provide complete pen functionality and with Wacom pens available for less than $100, an intuitive pen experience is now within easy reach. Select aspects of the Vista pen experience include:

Note Taking -- Microsoft Journal is an application exclusively for the benefit of users working with a pen tablet, interactive pen display or Tablet PC. Journal simulates a physical notebook, but with all the advantages of a digital medium. The pen can be used in Journal to jot notes and capture quick sketches providing valuable collaboration options for use at home, school and work. Journal also incorporates a powerful search engine that can even locate handwritten content.

Handwriting Recognition -- Vista introduces intelligent handwriting recognition as a natural supplement to keyboard input. This new recognition technology efficiently and accurately converts a wide variety of handwriting styles into typed text. For example, during a brainstorming session, a pen user can scribble down ideas and sketch concepts for collaboration with colleagues. The user has the option to share the information in handwritten form or convert it to typed text. In addition, the eraser end of a Wacom pen automatically activates an eraser tool to quickly and easily remove mistakes.

Gestures -- There are a variety of pen gestures available within Vista that enable users to navigate faster and that greatly enhance the overall computing experience. Flicks offers eight customizable gestures with actions determined by the user and Scratch Out allows pen users to delete text automatically with a scratching motion of the pen over the targeted text.


Toshiba Launches Its Back-to-School Notebook Line
PC Magazine

Anticipating increased demand for Tablet PCs, Toshiba has also updated their convertible tablet offerings and plans to have models available on both the Satellite and Tecra side of the house. As 14-inch widescreen systems, the Satellite R25 and the Tecra M7 are for tablet fanatics who desire a little extra display real estate. Both tablets weigh 5.9 pounds, which is not light for a tablet, but come with options for an Intel Core Duo processor, 100GB hard drive, and integrated graphics. Base configurations begin at $1299 for the Satellite R25 and $1599 for the Tecra M7.


Tablet PC reads handwriting or audio for quick note-taking
Cape Times

Laptops aren’t great for note-taking. But who wants to write everything down and then decipher their scribbles before typing it all into their computer?

Enter Tablet PCs, possibly the perfect solution to this problem. Users can input handwritten notes directly and many models even have a record audio option, says Thomas Baumgaertner of Microsoft Germany.

The device has proven particularly useful in the business world. Other consumers, however, might be unimpressed.

A Tablet PC is not necessarily a notebook with a touch-sensitive screen, rather any notebook that uses the Tablet PC operating system from Windows XP, says Juergen Rink of the Hanover-based c’t magazine.

The most important distinction between these variants is whether the device has integrated handwriting recognition.

“There are two models of Tablet PCs,” says Petra Kleine, product manager for Tablet PCs with Fujitsu Siemens in Bad Homburg. They are called Slade and Convertible.

The Slade sits in the user’s hand like a writing tablet, with only a few buttons on the side to turn the device on or off or to regulate the volume. Unlike a standard laptop, it has no keyboard. Users input data at fingertip on the screen or by using a special stylus.


June 28, 2006

iHangMan for UMPCs and Tablet PCs

This is a version of the game prepared for UMPCs and Tablet PCs where the computer thinks the word and it's our task to guess it. ihangman

The game comes with 3 lists of words, the main list of around 1000 words, the list of Capitals of Countries and the List of Countries names. You can create your own list of words in a TXT file adding one word per row, this feature makes the games virtually new every time that you add a new list of words to be used by the program.

This game is a perfect tool to practice your handwriting with the Tablet PC recognizer. You can also use it as a learning tool to teach your kids new words making the learning process a big fun. 


Missile Defender v1.2 for the Tablet PC

Defend your cities against waves of missiles, spaceships, lasers, dive-bombers and more! Tap to fire defensive missiles and blow up enemies, or draw shields over your cities to keep them safe. The classic game Missile Command has been updated for the Tablet PC.


Lyricue Gets Lifted to Higher Ground

With Lyricue, you can display song lyrics on the wall screens during worship. Lyricue With Lyricue 1.9.3, you can easily add Bible verses, and manage the display across the network from the comfort of your pew, using a server and a tablet PC running GNU/Linux. Support for two more languages makes Lyricue usable by more people as well.

Debenham initially developed Lyricue for his church in Gosford, Australia. He frequently runs the server and interface on one dual-headed machine running, while running another interface on his tablet PC, and controlling everything with a stylus. The dual-headed machine runs Ubuntu Dapper, while the tablet PC dual boots Ubuntu Dapper and Solaris Express.


Invention perfection
Columbus Dispatch

Marissa D’Anieri and Tiffani Zorn know firsthand that great ideas can be born from frustrating problems.

The two recently were selected from hundreds of local entries in the 2006 Invention Convention to participate in an intensive, weeklong workshop sponsored by Design Central. The Columbus company designs consumer products ranging from toasters to loafers.

And Marissa dropped the word bike from her invention, now called the Park n’ Lock, to make it sound more inclusive of other devices because a user also could secure a stroller or scooter.

Although the camp sessions were sometimes long and challenging, they also were fun, the girls said — especially because their ideas were on the drawing board.

They created their own logos on tablet PC computers that allowed them to draw on the flat monitor screens with a special pen.

Both had full input in the sketches and computer renderings, choosing their favorites from several designs.

Even more cool, a special machine carved life-size renderings of their inventions out of big foam blocks.

In the end, both made changes to their products.



Linda DeVlieg closed 80 transactions in 2005 for a total sales volume of $18 million. She enjoys participation in “New Mexico Select®”, RECS, and especially CyberStars™, a best-practices networking group of top-producing agents who focus on how to apply the most cutting-edge technology to the real estate industry in order to improve customer service and generate stronger profit. Now armed with two VA’s and a buyer specialist, 2006 has become a record-setting year. A resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1979, she enjoys the unique culture and desert beauty of the area, and tried real estate on the advice of a friend. She went home, signed up for the next class, and the rest is history. A running enthusiast, Linda loves to explore the trails of the Sandia Mountains near her home, and describes her dream vacation day as, “turning off my phone, shopping for wonderful things to cook, and using my Tablet PC for finding recipes!”


June 29, 2006

And I guess I’m glad I did. Today I have a 100% confirmation that TabletKiosk is planning a major announcement in 6 to 8 weeks. I’ve seen the email directly from TabletKiosk talking to their plans. Unfortunately, the email did not go into any details on what the announcement might actually be about. But it is happening and I am excited.

And good for TabletKiosk… this is a team that seems to get marketing and knows how to interact with the community. Bravo. In one swoop they’ve again created some buzz and attention for themselves.

We’ll be waiting for that announcement, TabletKiosk!


New Electrovaya Tablet PC Accessories Coming Soon
Tablet PC Reviews

We spoke with Electrovaya at the C3 Expo in NYC today. Although at this time there are no updates to the popular Scribbler SC3000 series Tablet PC, Scribbler owners and consumers will be thrilled to hear about three handy new accessories that are soon to be released.

Electrovaya Display

Upcoming accessories:

An enhanced "PowerPad" that will not only charge your Scribbler Tablet PC, but your digital camera, mobile phone and iPod as well. It will include USB ports built-in.

A new Keyboard Stand with Touch Pad for SC-2000/3000 series that will include include an integrated optical drive.

An extended-life battery for the Scibbler SC3000 series of Tablet PCs which will allow an additional hour of battery life. The extended battery will remain the same physical size as the standard battery.


Next generation of computer geniuses vie for Microsoft prize
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Knowingly or not, the United States team, from Virginia Commonwealth University, incorporated one of Gates' favorite technologies -- the Tablet PC -- into their project. But it didn't end with that pen-based computer.

"We're actually planning on moving this one to the new generation of Windows, Vista," said grad student Brandon Saunders, 22, as the Microsoft chairman smiled.


NOVA Mobility Systems' Ruggedized Tablet Redifines "Rugged"
Tablet PC Reviews

We are in NYC for the C3 (The Corporate and Channel Computing Expo) show reporting to you live. One particular Tablet PC-oriented point of interest was the Nova Mobility Systems booth. Here we found a touch screen-based ultra-rugged Tablet Computer. This model seems to have the makings to be a big contender for the popular Panasonic ToughBook ruggedized line of notebooks and Tablet PCs.

NOVA Rugged Tablet PC

We had a great chance to chat with Nova about some of the special features and benefits of the Nova ruggedized tablet computer. Please enjoy our photo tour of this interesting and practically indestructable piece of hardware...


June 30, 2006

Introducing InkDoku: Sudoku for the Tablet PC

This famous Japanese puzzle game comes directly to your Tablet PC. Use your stylus to handwrite your answers to an unlimited number of puzzles. If your Tablet supports the eraser mode of a stylus, simply use it like you were using a pencil!

Order InkDoku, designed specifically for your Tablet PC today and receive:

  • Unlimited number of puzzles!
  • Free access to support forum!
  • Special offers on future software!


University Announces Alliance With Fujitsu and Microsoft
Yahoo! News

Virginia Tech's College of Engineering has announced an industry alliance with Fujitsu Tablet PCFujitsu Computer Systems Corporation and Microsoft Corp. to support its new Tablet PC computing initiative for incoming freshmen.

The alliance between Fujitsu, Microsoft, and Virginia Tech will offer engineering students high levels of hardware and software purchasing power and support, and will also provide students, faculty, and staff with training and assistance throughout the development and implementation of new models of teaching and learning.

The Fujitsu LifeBook(r) T4000 Series convertible Tablet PC combines the convenience and familiarity of a notebook with the powerful and versatile functionality of a slate Tablet PC. In conventional notebook mode, the Tablet PC offers a keyboard for typing. By rotating and folding the screen it transforms into a tablet configuration. Using a stylus, students can make handwritten notes and drawings in a manner comparable to the way in which pen and paper are used. The LifeBook T4000 Series convertible Tablet PC offers a bright 12.1" display with greater than 160 deg. viewing angles. It is the only convertible Tablet PC on the market with a built-in modular bay that supports an optical drive or second battery for those extra long school days.

"We selected the Fujitsu LifeBook T4000 Series convertible Tablet PC based on its reliability and flexibility, as well as the company's ability to support learning experiences in or outside of the classroom," said Glenda Scales, associate dean for computing and distance learning, College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. "In our deliberations, we also balanced price, weight, service, screen size and years of corporate experience with Tablet PCs. While several vendors met our minimum computer requirements and were strong in a particular area, by selecting Fujitsu hardware we were able to meet the majority of our educational requirements for a Tablet PC."

"In the first year engineering courses, students will use their Tablet PC to literally sketch their designs on their computers instead of using a mouse that links to drop down menus. Additionally, students will create an electronic lab book where they will have the flexibility to include handwritten notes as well as collaborate with each other electronically," said Tom Walker, professor of engineering education (EngE).

Faculty will use applications such as Microsoft Office OneNote, Classroom Presenter, and SketchUp in support of the first year curriculum changes.

Beyond the freshman year, students will use Tablet PCs to actively participate in classroom presentations and exercises by drawing responses to queries and sending them to the instructor for public display and further discussion.


BMW 325Xi with UMPC/ Carputer/ Car PC SETUP UMPC in BMW

My UMPC is Samsung Q1, With an Intel celeron M ULV (900MHz), 512MB DDR2, 7" WGA Touch Screen LCD (800x480), stereo speaker and SRS sound, 40 GB hard drive, 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11 b/g, bluetooth 2.0, AVS NOW (multimedia instant on), 2 USB, 1 TYPE II CF Card, H/P Jack,VGA , DC-in, 3-cell battery (3hrs.) and 1.7 lbs. I use it at home to watch recorded movies from my network while its connected via bluetooth to my souround system. I use it in my car for multimedia apps. and GPS via Street and Trips 2006 and CF GPS from HaiCom. Also connected wirelessly to my cd deck via bluetooth and FM transmitter. At work i use it to write my notes for patients. Of all the gadget that I have, the Q1 is the most versatile and the most useful



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The Tablet PC

The Tablet PC is a fully functioning mobile computer that runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which includes new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input. Tablet PCs come in three styles, Convertible, Slate and Hybrid.



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