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July 2006


July 3 , 2006

ProjectRoadmap lets you use your pen to schedule meetings, arrange travel accommodations, map your route, and even invite your Microsoft Office Outlook® contacts to the meeting, all in one application. The many export formats let you share the meeting plan with anyone.

Project Roadmap

The ultimate support makes traveling easy

Tablet PC software designed specifically for the busy traveler. A unique set of pre-defined electronic forms which help you with all aspects of traveling; from packing your things to booking flights and hotels, to planning your meetings or mapping your tour of an exotic destination. Complete the forms in natural handwriting on your Tablet PC, and let the computer recognize it into text, look up your maps, connect you to your Airline’s website, and more. It’s the ultimate sidekick for the jet-set!


Traveling with a Tablet PC

I've just returned from a few days in San Francisco and used my old Toshiba M200 Tablet PC for the first time in nearly a year. I had forgotten what a pleasure a small, powerful Tablet PC can be. The M200 is so much lighter than the Gateway Tablet PC I have been using and the high-resolution display (1400 x 1050) is an absolute joy to use with the new 2007 versions of Outlook and OneNote.

It's been quite fun rediscovering the joys of a lightweight Tablet and I'm now seriously inclined to take a closer look at Toshiba's new M400 which offers all of the essential goodness of this device with the added bonus of a dual-core processor and built-in optical drive.


Vista enhancements for the Tablet PC

Microsoft MVP Terri Stratton has put together an excellent review of the enhancements in Windows Vista for Tablet PC users. I especially liked the discussion of the new navigation and editing "flicks" - actions that are invoked with a flick of the pen in a particular direction. Combined with the ActiveWords InkPad, I should be able to initiate just about any action or application I need on a Tablet PC running Vista with a flick of the pen or by scribbling a few letters.

Flicks for the Tablet PC


Up Close and Personal with the Panasonic Toughbook-18 Tablet PC
Tablet PC Reviews

Last week while attending the C3 event in New York, we had a chance to check out the Panasonic Toughbook "Ruggedized" Tablet PC. The Toughbook-18 is known as an industry standard to be the toughest Tablet PC around.

Toughbook Tablet PC


Tips on demonstrating a UMPC at NECC

Next week is the National Education Computer Conference (NECC) and several of the ISVs that develop applications that run on Tablet PCs and UMPCs are exhibiting. This will be the first conference that these ISVs will have UMPCs to show-off. Here are a few tips:

4) Make sure you explain that UMPCs run Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. One way to reinforce the capabilities is to tack on, "The operating system is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which is a full Windows OS. It's Windows XP Professional plus handwriting and speech recognition."

8) Help them understand how UMPCs can be used by students. Build your own story, but here is an outline of what is possible:

Describe an ideal classroom, which the one-to-one computing initiatives are working toward. Each student is issued a UMPC, the instructor has a Tablet PC, and administrator walks in for classroom assessment with a Tablet PC. Students and teachers can all use a wireless projector to share information. Students can submit assignments and exams electronically.


July 4 , 2006



July 5 , 2006

jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #21- Mobile PC recovery strategies

Listen to jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #21 here 7.0 MB, 20 minutes)

Jkcoverart_2_11This show it's back to the basics with a pure audio podcast that looks at recovery strategies for mobile PCs that do not have an optical drive or in some cases a keyboard.  I offer some common sense strategies for preparing now for the unthinkable crash that leaves your UMPC/ Origami, Tablet PC, or other ultra-portable unable to boot.  Instead of having a brick on your hands these tips might let you get back up and running.  If you have your own tips and advice for recovering an unresponsive device please leave them in the comments to share with others.


You'll soon be able to get your hands on Asustek's first UMPC

Asustek's first UMPC has received FCC approval meaning that we should be seeing a US release of the R2H very soon. For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the ASUSdevelopment of the R2H, DailyTech had a chance to play around with a unit at Computex and it's quite impressive. The unit features a 7" WXGA screen, WiFi, BT 2.0+EDR, 1.3MP camera and biometric security. Asus engineers also told us that they are hoping for at least two hours of battery life with its first UMPC effort. Asus expects the R2H to retail for under $1,000 which would put it right in line with Samsung Q1, but far below the Sony VAIO UX50 and UX90.


OneSnap powertoy for OneNote available

Onesnap_1Andrew Wheeler's OneSnap powertoy for Microsoft OneNote was declared a contest winner a few weeks back and the application is now available on the MSDN blogs. Andrew was one of five winners in a Microsoft OneNote powertoy competition and after reading about the functionality, I can see why.

OneSnap adds a small camera icon to Internet Explorer; when you find a web page you want to capture to OneNote, simply hit the OneSnap icon, much like the Send to OneNote powertoy. The difference lies in the control you have as to where in your OneNote notebook you want OneSnap to send the clipping to. With OneSnap, you can deftly choose which Folder and Section the clipping will reside. Sweet powertoy Andrew!


Improve Your Tablet PC Experience with Windows Vista

Tablet PC technology will take a big step into the mainstream with the release of Windows Vista, as the following versions will include Tablet PC functionality:

Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Ultimate

In this article I'll explain some of the obvious as well as the not-so-obvious changes in store for Tablet PCs using Windows Vista.


Drawing Comics, Onezumi Style

Welcome to our first Video Tutorial. This is a full start to finish video of the creation of one of our comics on my Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC. *Updated* We now have the full length Video Tutorial available, or you can view it in smaller parts. You may need to have Quicktime installed on your PC or Macintosh to properly view them, but they should play fine as long as you have a Flash player installed. The videos are slightly scaled up here by, You might want to view them directly at the Youtube site ( or by clicking the main part of each video window) since they are best viewed at their regular size by clicking the first "size" button on the lower right of the video window when viewed on their site.


July 6 , 2006

Ultimate Ears 5 Pro Product of the Month

Ultimate Ears 5 Pro

The sound quality of the 5 pro is amazing, the base, treble and midrange sounds are clear and defined, the overall sound is smooth and there was no noticeable distortion.  I tried them with an iPod, with the Samsung Q1 UMPC, Tablet Kiosk Sahara i215 Tablet PC, Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, Fujitsu 4210 Tablet PC, Gateway M280E Tablet PC, with my nephews Sony PSP and even with my Dell media center.    While the pro 5 can't make a device with bad sound sound good, it makes devices with great sound, sound even better.

Ultimate ears with Q1

Listening to music with Ultimate Ears and Samsung Q1 UMPC


Vista and Tablet PCs - A Pen Flick InkShow


In this first in a series of Vista and Tablet PC InkShows, we take a look at Pen Flicks. Pen Flicks are gestures that allow you to do simple navigational and common functions more quickly and with less effort. Things like scrolling down, copying text, issuing a keyboard command with a stroke of a pen, etc.

Watch for more Vista Tablet PC InkShows in the coming weeks as we try to give you some ideas on what lies ahead.

  • Watch the InkShow ( 7:51, 24.9 mb, WMV format. Best viewed by downloading to your computer and watching it locally)



July 7 , 2006

BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset Accessory InkShow
gottabemobile gottabemobile

What good is “going mobile” if you have wire after wire to fool with, right? Well, if you spend much time in the car, doing voice recognition, or walking around your office on the phone or on Skype, chances are you need to take a look at a Bluetooth headset.


HP goes dual core for TC4400 Tablet PC
tc4400 tablet pc

Designed with corporate users in mind, the TC4400 Tablet PC from HP packs an Intel T2400 Core Duo processor (1.83GHz) to keep everything running smoothly as you multitask through your busy day at work. Featuring a 12.1-inch XGA LCD display, the TC 4400 allows for a 160-degree wide-viewing angle.


Q1 Extended Battery Picture

Q1 UMPC with extended battery

According to the Source he is getting around 5 1/2 hours out of this battery browsing the web while listening to mp3s.


July 10, 2006

MathJournal 2.0: Customer Wish Lists Comes True  
xthink Press Release

xThink has released Version 2.0 of MathJournalTM, a user-friendly, powerful math tool for the Tablet PC. The release introduces many features derived from customer wish lists:
  • Major expansion (75%) of the library of math functions, including functions for statistics and matrix math, and operations with scalars, complex numbers, vectors, and matrices.
  • Even better recognition of handwritten, two-dimensional math expressions
  • More math symbols, including Greek letters and operators, such as summation and product
  • Streamlined user interface, including context menus
  • Enhanced MathML (for typeset math output)
  • Console control to enable keyboard-based math

Xplore Technologies Launches New iX104C3 Mobile Computer
PR Newswire

Xplore Technologies(R) Corp. (TSX:XPL), an innovative manufacturer of rugged Xplore Tablet PCmobile computers worldwide, today announced the introduction of the new iX104C3 Tablet PC with durable finger print reader and user accessible hard drive and PC card bay.

Xplore, which brings a history of leadership and innovation to the rugged pen tablet industry, has again demonstrated this expertise and customer-oriented concern by introducing the first-ever use of biometrics for access of data on a rugged pen tablet computer. The durable finger print scanner allows users the added security authentication benefit, as well as a user-accessible hard drive and PC card bay so that users can manage and maintain better control of sensitive materials.

"We believe that the iX104C3 tablet is the only rugged computer in today's market that possesses this vital security/loss prevention feature. This product is another welcome addition to Xplore's rugged mobile computing family and will bring enhanced, refined benefits to our end-users."

In addition to the security feature, the finger-print scanner has been designed with the flexibility to perform other functions. The user accessible hard drive and PC card slot allows the end-user further flexibility to administer and control resources within their application requirements. The new iX104C3 Tablet PC is also RoHS compliant which satisfies new European requirements.

For more details on the iX104C3 Tablet PC or to learn more about the compelling total cost of ownership of rugged tablet PCs, visit, or contact your nearest systems integrator.


UMPC Users Should Embrace Sony's Product

The Sony UX Micro PC line is interesting for two reasons. First, Internet surfers should watch the headlines the product line is generating and second users should compare product features focused on during reviews. In this short article, we’ll take a look at both ideas in relation to Sony and compare the meme to the UMPC market. Will UMPC and Sony products compete head to head?


Gateway M285-E Convertible Tablet PC Review

This is a Tablet PC Convertible, which basically means this is a standard laptop Gateway 285 Tabet PCthat can be converted into a tablet, so it can be used as both a tablet and a regular notebook. There are several advantages and disadvantages to this. The main downside for many people is the fact that the screen is connected to the rest of the laptop by usually one hinge, and thus this single hinged needs to be quite sturdy in order to withstand the daily grind of the constant changing between modes. Gateway did an excellent job at creating this hinge. While visually it may not look so durable, it is quite the opposite. It feels very solid and I don't have any fear of possibly damaging or breaking off the screen when I am switching between modes.


Tablet PC Battery Care 101
Tablet PC Reviews

To get the most out of your Tablet PC, one of the highest priorities to consider is battery life. Properly caring for your battery will keep it running to its highest capacity avoiding early replacement and will ultimately save you money. It is not uncommon for Tablet PC and notebook computer users to innocently kill a battery long before its intended expiration simply by the way he or she is "using" it. Well using your battery is OK of course, but with a bit of extra knowledge and care, you just might squeeze out several months to even a year of extra use out of your battery. Our simple guide will tell you how!


July 11, 2006 Review: Samsung Q1 UMPC

The Ultra Mobile PC was designed for ease of mobility and convenience and the Q1 provides that.

If you enjoy the convenience of having all of your desktop applications, email, MP3, Pen and Ink capabilities, GPS and other computer features all in a 1.7 pound package doesn't weigh you down when your out and about the Q1 is worth looking into. 


Mobile Demand Announces XTablet T8600 Rugged Tablet PC

Mobile Demand T8600 Tablet PC

xTablet T8600 (NEW - available Q3, 2006)

  • User friendly, integrated numeric keypad

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than non-rugged computers

    High performance Intel Centrino 1.1GHz processor with up to 1.2GB of DDR2 RAM

    Superior mounting capability providing charge power and communications to printers

  • High capacity battery for full shift / route day


Tablet Kiosk EO with Extended Battery

Priced at 149.95 TabletKiosks Extended life battery (six cell) for both the black and the white eo V7110 UMPC's will provide over 4 hours with wifi on and blue tooth active.

EO Extended Battery


July 12, 2006

Version 4.5 of Pushbutton Plus and Bluebeam Lite Is Released
Computing News

Bluebeam Software has released v. 4.5 of Pushbutton Plus and Bluebeam Lite to include Tablet PC compatibility in Bluebeam Revu. With this latest release, both Desktop and Tablet users can create accurate PDF files from CAD and use Bluebeam Revu to view large format PDF files and easily redline PDF designs and specifications.

Bluebeam Revu v. 4.5 offers several features for Tablet PC users including a clean interface for easy PDF viewing and navigation. There are several high quality markups available using the tablet pen including true text, free text, callout boxes and leader lines. Markups can be erased using the top of the tablet pen, and users can double click the tablet pen on the screen to zoom in and out of the PDF. Bluebeam also works with users' Tablet PC Auto Recognize tools to automatically translate written text to true text that is searchable in a PDF.

Additional v. 4.5 features available to Tablet and Desktop users include adding toolsets and profiles, multi-selecting and grouping markups, adding bookmarks and hyperlinks to a PDF, saving files as a v1.5 compressed PDF, and adding columns in the Revu markup list. Additionally, Bluebeam Lite v. 4.5 provides AutoCAD LT 2007 compatibility.


Asus R2H: Origami UMPC in 'quite good' shocker
Crave, UK

Our friends at Asus (of Lamborghini and leather laptop fame) have just sent usAsus UMPC the company's version of the Intel/Microsoft Origami concept. It's called the Asus R2H and it's the most serious rival to the Samsung Q1 Ultra-Mobile PC.

The R2H also has an integrated GPS receiver, the aerial for which is tucked away at the rear of the unit, so you can use it to find your way home when you're not using the device as a portable media player. Finally, there's a very handy mouse nipple at the top right that you can use to navigate your way around the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.


Toshiba M400 Inkshow Review

I got my first good look at the Toshiba M400 convertible Tablet PC in January at CESgottabemobile  in Las Vegas.  At that time, it had not been officially released.  There was quite the clamor to get information on the machine. 

In this InkShow review, I spent a lot of time going over the details of the machine itself, plus did some comparison to my M200, which has been my primary Tablet PC for a while.  What did I find?  Check out the InkShow to find out! 


July 13, 2006

Microsoft Makes Virtual PC Free
PC Magazine

Microsoft said this week that it will make its Virtual PC software free -- not just the older Virtual PC 2004 version, but its upcoming software for Vista, too.

Users can download the Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1 software from the Microsoft web site. The software allows users to run multiple instances of operating systems on a single computer, allowing users to test a new development environment or simply try out a new configuration without changing the underlying OS.

Microsoft's Virtual PC 2004 SP1 software requires Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP Professional or later, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or later.

Microsoft also said that its upcoming Virtual PC 2007 for Windows Vista PCs will also be released free of charge.


AB Precision introduce new Guardian miniature ROV

In the early nineties, ABP and its Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV) Cyclops provided the world’s EOD community with its first readily available Robot means to remotely deploy EOD tools in confined and difficult to access areas such as those found in buses, planes, trains and residential dwellings.  Through continuous development Cyclops has remained at the forefront of capability and versatility in this rapidly developing market and to this day is the favoured equipment by many of the world’s most respected EOD authorities. 

The vehicle has incorporated into it a variety of positional sensors. These feed back to the tablet PC in the Base Station which in turn displays a mimic of the vehicle showing its current status. A collision detection function uses this information to warn of and stop any potential module collisions.


OQO Receives Two Awards for Innovation and Leadership
PR Newswire

OQO Inc., leader of the UMPC-Pro market and creator of the world's first and OQOmost powerful ultra mobile PC (UMPC), today announced that it has received two notable industry awards in the last sixty days. The company has been recognized by Red Herring magazine as a winner of the annual "Red Herring 100 North America," a list of 100 privately held companies in North America that play a leading role in technology innovation. In addition, the UK computing publication PC Plus has awarded OQO the "PC Plus Performance Award" recognizing its industry leading technology.


Day 2: WPC

Day 2 of the Worldwide Partner Conference flew by. The Windows Vista mobility booth was the corner meeting place today, as people stopped to learn about Mobility Center, handwriting personalization, Meeting Space (the release name for what is listed as "Windows Collaboration" in Windows Vista Beta 2), Windows SideShow gadgets and play with a UMPC.

Fujtisu has its new LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC out at its booth. I noticed that it was getting quite a bit of attention. The mid-weight, high performance system continues to look like a great work-horse.


July 14, 2006

Ultimate Ears is Offering TabletPc2 readers the chance to

Win a pair of Ultimate Ears Superfi. 5 pro Earphones

Value: $249.99

Samsung with Ultimate ears


Fujitsu LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC w/ Core Duo - Full Review
Tablet PC Reviews

The Fujitsu T4210 is an exceptionally fast, high-performance Tablet PC in a small package. While we would prefer the "indoor" display option, the T4210 has been a pleasure to use. With its acceptable "real world" standard battery life, top-grade build quality and exceptional built-in security, the T4210 can make a great choice for the mobile professional and student alike.


July 17, 2006

HP TC4400: Notre revue complète

HP turned to a convertible model, HP TC4200 correctly equipped from a HP 4400material point of view and which constituted the offer Tablet PC of the Giant. After a first satisfactory generation, HP thus gives this model to the style of the day while integrating a number of requests of its customers and while being levelled compared to its direct competitors (Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu Siemens). Announced during May 2006, HP TC4400, new generation of convertible of HP, proves to be a doubled relevant update of a power embarked out of the commun run. On the way thus for a complete review of HP TC4400

HP TC4200 is first convertible Tablet PC of the giant, until there pledged with work resulting from the division of Compaq and at the origin of the tempting TC1100. For this reason, this portable was a gallop of test wanted by the market (the market of Tablet PC is dominated by the convertible one which cumulates more than 70% of the sales). For proof that the model functioned well, it was renewed with this new generation, the HP TC4400, which entirely preserves form Factor and the hull of the TC4200 with some material updates in addition in particular the passage to the platform Core Duo of Intel.


Motion Computing Offers New Trade-In ProgramMotion Logo
Business Wire

Motion Computing(R), a leader in ultra-mobile computing and wireless communications, has today announced its MotionAssist(TM) trade-in program. MotionAssist services are support programs that help customers acquire, protect and repair Motion(TM) products.

The Motion trade-in program gives customers the option to apply the value of existing computer equipment toward a purchase of new Motion tablet PCs, while retaining resale value and disposing of older equipment. Myriad products are eligible for this program, including computers, network and telecom equipment, monitors, PDAs and digital cameras.

In order to help prevent customer identity theft or loss of confidential information, Motion's trade-in program was built to support the disposal of pre-owned computers and sensitive hard drive data. The trade-in program standards adhere to industry and government regulations including HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Billey and the United States Department of Defense. Each trade-in program customer receives a certificate of data erasure for corporate or organizational auditing and reporting.

"As we approach the fourth anniversary of the tablet PC launch, many Motion tablet PC customers are beginning to refresh their product supplies," said Valerie Walden, Motion senior vice president of marketing. "Motion's trade-in program is designed to give real value to old equipment, enabling greater customer productivity through the latest technology while addressing the top security concerns associated with disposing of confidential data."


Otterbox 7030 Laptop Case Review

With the OtterBox 7030 Medium Laptop Case you can protect your Tablet PC or laptop. The OtterBox Laptop Cases come in a 3 different sizes depending on the size of your display. The smaller case is designed for 13" displays, the medium case is for 15" and the large is for 17". I tested the OtterBox 7030 case with the Motion Computing LE1600. The 7030 case will hold a tablet pc or laptop that has a 15" screen. The case is designed to be water resistant, dustproof and drop resistant.


Take the guesswork out of maintenance decisions
Reliable Plant Magazine

1) The manual approach: The conventional method is to examine each piece of equipment with clipboard in hand and write down the key data. The information is then transcribed into a database.

Depending on your plant size and the number of assets, it can be extremely time-consuming to physically walk around and gather information from the nameplate, go into the engineering files, find original OEM drawings and equipment manuals, and capture as much of that information as possible.

That’s why companies like Allied have developed another option:

2) Software tools: When time is a factor, equipment lists can be created much faster and easier with a tablet PC and a software tool. Here’s how it works.


Next-Gen IT Workforce: Chicago High School Will Give Every Student A Tablet PC This Fall

"God is going high tech."

That's how Jorge Peña, an associate principal of De La Salle Institute, a Catholic high school in Chicago, describes the school's decision to have all of its 360 incoming freshmen lease tablet PCs. It's the next big step in a program started about five years ago to equip teachers with laptops. Among the reasons the school switched to tablets for teachers: They can write on them while facing students and use projectors to beam lessons on a whiteboard.

Each freshman's tablet will be loaded with four textbooks: Algebra 1, world history, French or Spanish, and the Bible, all of them on PDF files that can be printed out. The tablets also are equipped with Microsoft Office and handwriting recognition software, another reason the school went with the devices. "Most students don't type 40 words a minute, and that wouldn't be fair," Peña says.


July 18, 2006

Nuance Introduces Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 - Advanced Speech Recognition that Transforms the PC Experience
Business Wire

Dragon NaturallySpeaking also improves its accuracy as it is used, learning and honing its precision with every dictated word. By removing the need to specifically train the product users can start realizing the benefits of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 more quickly than ever before. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 includes a full library of re-designed on-screen tutorials that significantly reduce the time it takes to become an every-day user of the software. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 also includes support for Bluetooth(R) headsets and microphones, as well as Tablet PCs and a number of new mobile devices, giving people the freedom to dictate wirelessly or on-the-go with a PDA or digital recorder.


Daewoo Lucoms debuts UMPC Solo M1
Telecoms Korea

Daewoo Lucoms, a local computer manufacturer spun off from Daewoo M1 UMPCElectronics, releases ultra mobile PC Solo M1.

The UMPC supports for PMP, MP3 player, DMB, Web CAM, Bluetooth and navigation. It is powered by Intel 900 CPU and MS Windows XP Tablet Edition.


Mini-keyboard, leather case, external ODD, DMB receiver and built-in navigation are optional. It was priced at 998,000 won.


Review: Portege M400 tablet

Why it's a Toy of Summer: First, the tablet and electronic handwriting feature lets you write on the screen as opposed to typing, for things such as "electronic postcards." Second, the lightweight of the notebook makes it easier to carry along on vacation, you don't have to feel like you're taking along a really bulky notebook, easing any guilt you may have about bringing a computer with you while you're supposed to be relaxing.


July 19, 2006

Student Guide - How to Buy the Right Tablet PC
Tablet PC Reviews

Some students will choose a desktop computer. Many are seeking a notebook computer. Chances are if you are reading this piece, right here at, then you are one of the best computing devices for the academic community at large - the Tablet PC!

The Tablet PC is a very exciting and powerful platform, however Tablet PCs vary greatly in designs, features, capabilities and price. Making the right choice can be a daunting and confusing task. To help make the process easy, we have outlined some steps to guide you through the confusion and hype. Read on to assure that you make the right choice in your Tablet PC purchase! We are here to help you with our special tips on "How to Buy the Right Tablet PC".

Who knows how far the Tablet PC will take you?

Step One -  Decide What "Kind" of Tablet PC You Need

The best place to start is by deciding what kind of computer you plan to carry around. Or is it going to stay on your desk?. Perhaps you aren't the type to take it with you. Will your Tablet PC sit on your desk 90% of the time? Will your Tablet PC go with you to class every day? Knowing how, when and where you will be using your Tablet PC is an essiential first step in deciding which models to consider for purchase.


GBM Exclusive: Audio InkShow With Tablet Enhancements For Outlook 3.0 Developer Josh Einstein


Teo30einsteinIt only took us three tries due to some crazy technical difficulties, but we got her done. We’re thrilled to bring you this exclusive Audio Inkshow interview with Josh Einstein, the developer of Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 3.0 (TEO 3.0) which is now available for sale as of today. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for this with eager anticipation (the software, not the interview) but now, today, you can get your hands on TEO 3.0, and listen to Josh Einstein talk about this amazing Tablet PC application. 

TeoappointmentJosh and I talk about the many new features that he has loaded TEO 3.0 with. There is a bevy of new functionality that moves this “must have Tablet PC application


Microsoft's latest is flat-out impressive
Seattle Times

Microsoft researchers are developing a system that turns a tabletop, desktop Surface Computeror other smooth horizontal surface into a computer display and user interface.

Forget the mouse and keyboard. This "surface computing" software follows hand movements to control functions such as zooming in on a map. It can recognize and interact with sheets of paper, cellphones on the desk and other objects

Microsoft researchers are also trying to push the traditional family calendar — sticky notes, scratch-outs and all — into the digital age.

"The idea was to build a digital calendar that's as easy to use as paper and available anywhere you want," said Microsoft researcher A.J. Brush, brandishing a Tablet PC and a stylus.

She wrote "Dinner at 7 p.m." in one field and dragged it onto the calendar. The event can be set up to repeat, so if soccer practice is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the calendar fills it in automatically.


July 20, 2006

Tablet PC Coming to a Disney Channel Near You

Disney Channel’s new original movie, Read It and Weep, features a girl writing her journal on a tablet PC. Yes, I have young kids, that’s how I know. Maybe now I can skip watching High School Musical for the 9th time and see some tech on Disney. Bratz "laptop") but we still need more technology aimed at girls. Tech will be more important in the future and we can't afford to let our daughters fall behind. You can catch the movie on the Disney Channel July 21st. I'll probably DVR it just for the Tablet PC shots. Oh yeah, and because my daughter is begging me to record it.


Microsoft shows off research to academics

Microsoft this week held its annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, the annual get-together of Microsoft researchers with engineers and scientists from academia. The goal of the two-day conference, which took place at Microsoft's Redmond campus and ended Tuesday, is for the attendees to yap about technology in research and for Microsoft to show off what it can offer to the research community.

The highlight for Microsoft is its DemoFest, an exhibition of some 40 of its projects and technologies. Among the projects it demonstrated to delegates include Windows Vista and its Tablet PC technology.


July 21, 2006

Ultra Mobile PC: An Australian Story

Today, as part of my Aussie Tablet PC Guy duties, I decided to sit down with both the Samsung Q1 and the TabletKiosk EO Ultra Mobile PCs. Because there was so much ground to cover and lots of omissions due to time constraints I’ve turned the VLOG into a two-part series. The show notes below give you guide as to what’s contained and I’ll leave the rest up to your own viewing pleasure.

On this occasion I’ve aimed at making the review informative and have chosen the touchscreen as the main subject matter to focus on. Every time I rip a VLOG I also gain a new found respect for VLOGgers in the Tablet space.

Australian Tablet PC Distributor Tegatech Australia is now shipping the Tablet Kiosk EO Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) and hopes to have the Samsung Q1 ready for Distribution shortly.

Sit back and enjoy this two part series named: Ultra Mobile PC: An Australian Story.


Windows Vista Upgrade Path for Tablet PC users

Microsoft posted Windows Vista upgrade planning information for Windows 2000 and Windows XP users. Tablet PC users will be especially interested in that upon final release they will be able to upgrade to Business and Ultimate versions without wiping the drive and totally reinstalling. The page states, "You can upgrade in-place, which means you can install Windows Vista and retain your applications, files, and settings as they were in your previous edition of Windows."

If you want your Tablet PC to run Home Premium, then you will need to do a clean install. Check out the upgrade info page for details about whether your PC is Vista capable or Premium ready.


Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and Accessories - Back to School Sale
Tablet PC Reviews

Lenovo is making an offer some of us won't be able to refuse! The highly-acclaimed ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC is now on sale for $1,499. Free shippping for the X41 is also part of the deal. Lenovo's Back to School Sale also includes super deals on ThinkPad accessories. For the X41 special pricing go here.


Apple patents touch-screen technology
What PC?

Apple has filed a patent for a touch-screen technology that could be used in a media player or tablet PC. 

The patent application, entitled 'Proximity detector in a handheld device', was discovered by news and rumour site AppleInsider. 

"The portable computing device may, for example, be a portable computer, Tablet PC PDA, media player (e.g. music player, video player, game player), digital camera, GPS module and the like," the application states.

Apple has filed a patent for a touch-screen technology that could be used in a media player or tablet PC

The technology can function when items are placed close to the screen, but not touching it


July 24, 2006

OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #26

JK on the RunListen here ( MP3, 22.7 MB, 66 minutes)

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #26! Listener Jonas Knipper sent us a great email with a question and a suggestions so this is the Jonas Knipper show!  Jonas wants to know what slate will fit his needs for school and he wants us to talk about the software each of us uses on our Tablets so this entire show is devoted to those two topics.  We discuss a lot of programs that we use and get into why we use them so maybe you can find a gem you are not currently using.  Thanks for writing us, Jonas.  Marc tells us about, a great spot to find super cheap deals on all kinds of hardware and accessories, and we talk a little bit about the discontinued HP tc1100 that you can still buy.  Are they building new ones or not?  We make an open offer for any HP executive who wants to come on the show and discuss the tc1100.


Nice recognition for a great ISV

Rick Segal points out what many Tablet PC owners who use Outlook have TEOalready discovered - that Josh Einstein, developer of Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO), demonstrates so much about how to do software right with his product and his approach to customer support. Einstein Technologies released the long-awaited and well-worth-the-wait TEO 3.0 this week. If you've read my blog for any amount of time or listened to the podcast I do with James Kendrick, you know I consider this essential software for anyone using Outlook on a Tablet PC.


SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra Mobile PC Receives Expanded Product Availability
Samsung Press Release

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in semiconductor, Q1 UMPCtelecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced that it has expanded retail distribution of its new Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) due to strong initial sales and growing customer excitement for the device.

Launched May 1 in the United States, the Samsung Q1 is now sold in all 32 Fry's Electronics stores and soon will be available at various Best Buy stores in Texas. Initially, the Q1 was sold via Best Buy's e-tail outlet,, and at

"The Q1 was in high demand from the moment it debuted on the Best Buy and CDW websites," said David A. Nichols, Director, Display Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. "That demand is what's driven us to make the Q1 available at all Fry's Electronics stores plus the Texas-based Best Buy outlets. In addition, we'll soon be announcing yet another distributor for the Q1."


July 25, 2006

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TabletKiosk eo v7110 UMPC Review

If I had to choose one word for the eo it would addictive.... 

Tablet Kiosk's eo v7110 Ultra Mobile PC was designed with productivity, mobility and convenience in mind and it does a great job of providing users all of that.   The user friendly buttons on the face of the eo give you the ability to access everything you need at the touch of a button

eo with ultimate ears

If you think you would enjoy the convenience of having all of your desktop applications, email, MP3, Pen and Ink capabilities, along with all of your other computer features in a 2.0 pound package that is easy to carry around and easy to use the eo v7110 UMPC, purchase the extended battery and the eo will make a great addition to your computer arsenal


Diskeeper Press Release

It was July of 1981 and Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” was ruling the radio airwaves. But company founder, Craig Jensen, was busy programming away—five years before his award-winning Diskeeper® was even born. Originally named Executive Software, the company’s first product was called EXECMail, an electronic mail system whose clients includes Xerox, Icicle Foods, the US Navy Reserve and a humble first year’s earnings of $90,000. But it was the release of the Diskeeper defragmenter to an overwhelming public reception in 1986 which would put Diskeeper Corporation on the IT global map.

Derek De Vette, VP Public Affairs and 16 year company veteran, notes “In the early days, users hearing of Diskeeper would call up and say, ‘This sounds too good to be true. But if it’s true, I’ll buy it.’ We’ve since sold over 20 million licenses! Fragmentation is now a recognized problem on all computers. It’s no longer just an IT issue—Diskeeper is a must-have performance enhancer for any PC.”  Editors note - Including the Tablet PC and the UMPC!


Samsung Means Business with Its Q1 UMPC
Channel Insider

Despite a less than warm initial reception for the diminutive PC category by analysts—ultramobile PCs are small, keyboard-less handheld computers capable of running Microsoft's Windows XP—Samsung said its Q1 UMPC has exceeded its expectations, particularly for businesses.

Meanwhile, depending on the success of the device, its future plans include at least one Q1 follow-on and possibly offering Samsung-brand notebooks again in the United States.

"What we've seen is that once people are actually holding a UMPC, they start to see the possibilities. Seeing pictures or reading about it doesn't do it justice," said David Nichols, director of product marketing for Samsung Electronics' Information Technology Division, based in Irvine, Calif.

"We're exceeding the initial expectations that the group had for the product…now we have raised the bar. We're excited about the prospects we see going forward."

The Q1's small size—it's far smaller than a lightweight tablet PC, which might come with a 10-inch or 12-inch display and weigh between three and five pounds—means it's easier to carry for highly mobile workers such as field sales agents or medical personnel, Nichols said.

"You'll see an additional wave of UMPCs available in the holiday timeframe," said Mika Kramer, head of Microsoft's new Windows Client Mobility Marketing Team, in a recent interview with eWEEK.

But Samsung, too, has its eye on the future.

Nichols implied that Samsung is looking at offering more than one type of UMPC going forward—it might deliver a corporate model and a consumer model—as well as investigating beefed up wireless capabilities.


Automakers, Michigan Health Plans Extend e-Prescribing Initiative
PR Newswire

Doctors at Henry Ford electronically prescribe by accessing DrFirst's Rcopia point of care software using a personal computer or wireless device such as a tablet PC. They can order or renew prescriptions and then transmit them over the Internet to retail and mail order pharmacies. HAP and Henry Ford provide training and ongoing support to office personnel, and HAP provides funding support and project management for the program. What began as a modest pilot project last year with 60 physicians quickly became a Henry Ford Health System-wide initiative, engaging more than 600 physicians.


MedAptus Launches Version 7.0 of Electronic Charge Capture
PR Newswire

Version 7.0 introduces numerous new functions and enhanced features to the growing MedAptus customer base. A major component of this latest version is Physician Workstation, a Web-based charge capture tool designed to closely mirror the company's popular handheld-based software in terms of functionality and overall user experience. Physician Workstation is also completely interchangeable with MedAptus' handheld and Tablet PC versions of its Charge Capture, giving physicians hardware-flexibility based on care setting.


News that Matters: Tuesday Morning Edition

There is also a little tidbit I gathered from Judie's Gear Diary. Judie is one ofDualCor TabletPC the Gadgeteers. In her latest diary entry, Judie mentioned that she just purchased an engineering sample of the DualCor cPC. According to her, she was told that "future shipping versions will include built-in WiFi and Bluetooth". This is news to most of us, as the DualCor's one disadvantage was the lack of any built-in wireless support. For those who missed it, the DualCor cPC will feature a device with a 800x480 screen, and doubles as both a full Tablet PC as well as a Windows Mobile for Pocket PC device! It will have a VIA 1.5GHz processor running the Tablet PC OS, and an XScale processor running the Pocket PC portion. A 30GB hard disk will be built-in, and accessible by both the Pocket PC and the Tablet OS portion. I think this is a neat idea, personally, but I am not sure about the market potential in general. I can see this selling well among medical professionals who have many reference titles running on their Pocket PC, but may need a Tablet PC for ward work including pulling up imaging results such as X-rays, ultrasound scans, CT scans and the likes.


Gateway M285-E
ABC News

Gateway firmly believes that a convertible tablet PC should be a full-size Gateway Tablet pcnotebook with tablet features. Case in point is the Gateway M285-E ($1,843 direct as tested). This dual-purpose system has a large 14-inch widescreen, a full-size keyboard, and all the pen features a tablet user wants. Now factor in the portable's Intel Core Duo processor and PCI Express graphics from ATI, and you've got a system just as powerful as any notebook on the market.

Weighing a hefty 7.3 pounds, the M285-E is better suited to sit on a desk or your lap than it is to stay in your arms for long


BellSouth Profit Grows 11 Percent
Washington Post


Todd Smith demonstrates how a BellSouth FastAccess DSL wireless tablet PC can be used to shop at the BellSouth Gear Store at the company's Home of the Future in Atlanta, Monday, July 24, 2006. BellSouth Corp., the dominant local telephone provider in nine Southeastern states, said Monday its second-quarter profit jumped more than 11 percent on a slight increase in sales. The results, announced before the market opened, beat Wall Street expectations. (AP Photo/Ric Feld)


July 26, 2006

BlueBeam Revu for the Tablet PC InkShow

BlueBeam Revu is an application that lets you view, markup, and edit PDF Ink SHowdocuments using your Tablet PC. There are a lot of things that BlueBeam has done that are specifically tailored to the Tablet PC user. From a built-in TIP, to searching ink in the PDF, to a high quality zooming and panning function.The best one, in my opinion, the ability to store ink components in a tool set and re-use them later in other pdf documents. For people who mark up a lot of documents or use specialized editing symbols, that is a killer function.


InkGestures to support Office 2007

Several people have asked me lately if InkGestures is being updated for Word 2007. Yes it is.

The Office 2007 version of InkGestures includes new ribbon toolbar integration as well as gesture enhancements.

I've asked Microsoft if it would be OK to post a screenshot of the new InkGestures, but I haven't heard back. I'll post it as soon as I get permission.

ink guestures


Back To School For Toshiba

New York Toshiba Digital Products introduced its back-to-school notebook computer line that includes two new chassis, a 12.1-inch ultra-portable and a widescreen Tablet PC.

The R25-S3503 Tablet PC convertible notebook was equipped with a 14.1-inch widescreen display for the first time to give users, particularly students, a better note taking platform, said Casper. The unit comes with digitizer pen and handwriting recognition software that will turn notes into text.

General features include Intel Core Duo Processor T2050 and the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 operating system, a DVD SuperMulti double-layer drive, 100GB hard drive and a $1,349 suggested retail price.


July 27, 2006 presents

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at a soon to be released Ultra Mobile PC.



First Look - Gateway M285 Tablet PC with Widescreen Display
Tablet PC Reviews

This week we received our Gateway M285 Tablet PC review unit. The GatewayGateway M285 M285 is one of the first Tablet PC models to include a widescreen display - a feature that makes this model stand out of the pack. Starting at $1,129, this well-equipped tablet is hard to ignore for consumers who seek outstanding bang for their bucks!

The M285 carries the capabilities to get work done and satisfy entertainment requirements. The bright widescreen display, solid feel and array of features make this convertible Tablet PC from Gateway a worthy consideration for most anyone in the market for a moderately priced tablet ready to rock right out of the box.


How to use Windows Vista on Mobile PCs

The release of Windows Vista coincides with an important milestone in technology. For the first time in history, sales of mobile PCs—which include laptop, notebook, Tablet PC, and Ultra-Mobile PC computers—are growing faster than those for desktops. This means that there are more and more customers-working more hours in more locations-who want, need, and demand to take advantages of mobile features. You need to start designing for use on the road, in meetings, on the assembly line, in the cockpit, or even in the living room, and Windows Vista is uniquely positioned to give you the tools you need to meet the new opportunities and challenges that mobile form factors bring to the developer space.


Xplore's "Rugged" Tablet PC

Dubbed the iX104C3, it is being marketed as "the essential rugged mobile computer designed to satisfy customer requirements."

Xplore appears to be stuck on the word "rugged," so prepare yourself. The company "has remained true to its original mission: to be an innovative provider of rugged mobile computing systems."

The results of this effort have produced "what customers are calling a ‘best-in-class' rugged computing family," according to the Xplore site.

The site also provides some information more specific to the iX104C3.

It is "powerful" and "secure," with a "durable fingerprint reader for Windows security authentication." Xplore also claims the Tablet PC is "versatile," "viewable," "easy to use," and "mobile."



July 28, 2006

Toshiba toughens up its budget laptops

Toshiba has also introduced the Tecra M7, a widescreen laptop with a swivel display to convert it into a slate-mode Tablet PC. It is aimed at the desktop replacement market, but also enables digital ink input. “We’re looking to Windows Vista with this, which will offer users a better Tablet experience. Analysts say Tablet use will increase once Vista is available,” said Chan


New Lenovo Boasts Top-Flight Performance
PC World

Two machines make their debut: the HP Compaq tc4400 and the Lenovo 3000 V100.

The HP Compaq tc4400 is a compact, convertible tablet. The $2179 model's design features such thoughtful touches as a fingerprint reader at the top of the screen--so it's usable in both tablet and laptop modes--as well as a Ctrl-Alt-Del button at the side of the screen, for easy access in tablet mode. However, this laptop is a bit bulkier than you might expect of an ultraportable. In addition, the device weighs 4.6 pounds, a little heftier than competing ultraportables we've seen. Its WorldBench 5 performance was quite strong (it achieved a score of 88); but its tested battery life, though good at 4 hours, 11 minutes, was more ordinary.



July 31, 2006


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Don't Get Locked Out of Your Tablet PC
Tablet PC Reviews 

It's either happened to you or someone you know. Perhaps you created a new user account for your Tablet PC, then a week later you simply can't log into the account! "What the heck was that password?"


Squads roll out high-tech help
Roanoke Times

With the Panasonic Toughbook tablet PC that sits in the ambulance, members could write directly on the screen, filling out the forms by hand, as they are accustomed.

Members just equipped the Panasonic Toughbook, so named because of its durability, with Global Positioning System software called CoPilot Live. A monitor between the driver and passenger seats displays directions. The squad hopes to have GPS capabilities in all ambulances by next year.


"Wow - laptops sure have changed!"

The gentleman sitting next to me exclaimed, "Wow - laptops sure have changed! I wouldn't even attempt to be using one while we're going through this." When he said that I noticed that the people around me had closed the lids to their notebooks and were putting trays upright. The Motion LE1600 slate that I was using was resting on my knee and I didn't even have the tray down, plus I was using the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) to handwrite an entry in a Word document. Then, I started laughing. I realized that I was completely relying on the TIP to recognize what I was writing, which it was doing accurately, although there is absolutely no way I could have recognized what I was writing myself. Even when I had written "my" in cursive it looked like a bunch of lumps with a vertical tag. If I had been using pen and paper, I'm sure I would not have been able to decipher my own words at a later time. But luckily, the Tablet PC did its job and converted my handwriting to typed text, despite the rough flight.


Getting the Most from a Tablet PC
Associated Content

In the world of portable computing, Tablet PCs aren't as widely used as they could be. Dominated by primarily laptops, tablets are seen as more of the expensive brother of the laptop mainly because of the special screen that laptops use to enable use of the pen. Besides the obvious "wow" factor for being able to write on the screen, which normally will throw people off if they are not expecting it. All types of people can get plenty of use out of a tablet PC besides the obvious business professionals. When shopping for a portable computer, There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about when purchasing a tablet PC, and each of these factors will dictate what kind portable you buy.

  • Anyone can find a great use for a tablet PCs
  • There is a lot of tablet specific software, tablet add-ons, as well as using existing software
  • Portable computers can fall in laptop, or tablet catagory as well as being in both.


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