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November 2005


November 1, 2005

UMass first Microsoft IT Showcase School
eSchool News

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has been designated Microsoft Corp.'s first-ever "Information Technology (IT) Showcase School," under a new Microsoft program that aims to highlight IT excellence in higher education.

Courses run through the Isenberg School of Management, which Microsoft intends to turn into case studies for the effective university-level use of its ConferenceXP videoconferencing and interactive Tablet PC applications.
  • The new Learning Commons, which brings together technology, library, and student support services in a single building.

  • The school's record of encouraging women to study mathematics, science, technology, and engineering.

  • Its center for teaching, which sponsors Microsoft's Tablet PC Community of Practice.


Xplore Partners with SCC and Secures Order for 151 units from units from Royal Netherlands Air Force
Yahoo! News

Xplore's iX104C2V(TM) Tablet PCs with ALLVUE(TM) Technology Helps Automate Maintenance Process

Xplore Technologies® Corp., a leading international rugged Tablet PC provider, today announced that it has teamed with SCC in the Netherlands, a leading provider of IT services and solutions, to secure a 151 unit order for Xplore's rugged iX104C2V Tablet PC system from the Royal Netherlands Air Force as part of their automated mobile maintenance and reporting system.

We field tested and implemented a pilot project with a number of Systems Integrators and alternative rugged mobile computing systems," stated Major Peter J. Woudsma from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. "We selected Xplore's rugged Tablet PC System based on our needs for a rugged, reliable Tablet PC that provided screens that were actually viewable in varying outdoor lighting conditions and provided ATEX safety certifications."

The Royal Netherlands Air Force will use Xplore's rugged iX104C2V Tablet PC Systems for maintenance and reporting on F-16 fighter jets and Apache helicopters owned by the Air Force. Currently these activities have been carried out by field maintenance crews via paper-based service and repair manuals. In connection with the rugged pc deployment, the manuals have been automated and digitized so that tasks such as service documentation distribution and updates can be done via the Xplore computers, providing an accurate, timely, easy and cost-effective update remotely to all of the Royal Netherlands Air Force bases throughout the operating arena.


Active Ink Software Launches the Active ClipBoard
PR Web

Active Ink Software, Inc., a Microsoft Tablet PC Premier Partner announced the general availability of the Active ClipBoard, which allows you to store words, phrases, files and images in a clipboard for later insertion into other applications.

The Active ClipBoard can store an unlimited number of text items and can be alphabetized for easy retrieval. Text can be input using a digital pen and includes 13 different handwriting recognizers for improved results.

“Tablet PC users who have had difficulty copying or inserting words into other applications will find the Active ClipBoard a much better method for inserting and storing text", says Steve Hoffman, Vice President of Active Ink Software. "Stored text can be copied into any Microsoft Windows application.”


Lenovo Reports Second Quarter FY2005/06 Results
Business Wire

Lenovo's performance in the second quarter was positive as PC shipments grew 13 percent year over year (according to industry reports). The results were driven by shipments of PC systems introduced after the PCD acquisition, such as the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and the model refresh of the ThinkCentre desktop PC line. Lenovo's PC operations in China, the Americas and Asia Pacific all showed profitability, although the PC operations in EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) reported a loss.


Pharos Supplies Microsoft with Advanced SiRFXTrac(TM) Powered GPS Receiver for AutoRoute 2006
Business Wire

AutoRoute 2006 with GPS Locator users can connect the sleek and stylish GPS to a USB port on their Portable PC or Tablet PC. The unique modular design of the Pharos GPS receiver also allows users to connect via Bluetooth wireless link or CompactFlash to turn their Windows(R)-based or Windows Mobile(TM)-based devices into a real-time GPS navigation solution. Additionally, customers using the standard version of Microsoft AutoRoute can also turn their mapping software into a real-time GPS tracking solution with Pharos' award-winning Bluetooth GPS receiver.

New "AutoRoute 2006 with GPS Locator" introduces voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, offers easy-to-use tools to plan personalized trips, and uses GPS to keep travelers on track.


Tablets are tools

One enthusiastic Tablet PC supporter with whom I speak regularly said to me on Friday, "Students are going to pick some sort of tool to take to school. It might be paper and pen, a desktop, laptop, or it can be a Tablet."

Yep. People have plenty of tools from which they can choose.

Every now and again the thought crosses my mind that I should try to go back to pen and paper for a while -- just to try it out to remember all the advantages of being able to scribble a note on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it in my pocket. Typicially this thought crosses my mind when I realize that I don't even have a "real-ink pen" on my desk and haven't had for quite some time.


Dell Says New Focus Will Cut Into Profit
New York Times

Dell Inc. warned investors yesterday that its shift in strategy to focus on higher profit margins would result in lower-than-expected revenue and earnings in the third quarter.

Dell's news comes as the industry reports stronger sales growth. Gartner, the research firm, forecasts that global PC shipments will grow 12.7 percent in 2005. Unit sales of mobile PC's, including laptops and tablet PC's, are forecast to grow 31 percent in 2005, Gartner said.


November 2, 2005

Review: HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC
NewsFactor Network

Tablet PCs are rivaling their notebook counterparts in full force these days. The HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC is no exception, packing enough hardware to outperform many midlevel business laptops and managing to do so in a smaller, more mobile package.

Yet, with an expensive price tag and some questionable functionality, the tc4200 will still have to a overcome a few issues before it can gain mainstream acceptance.

HP's Tablet PC is somewhat customizable, allowing users who need a moderately HP 4200powerful tablet to get what they want. A standard tc4200 comes with a 1.86-GHz Intel Pentium M processor (with the only two alternatives being a 1.73- or a 2.0-GHz chip). Next to the CPU is 512 MB of DDR2 SDRAM and a 60-GB, 5,400-RPM hard drive. This is not a bad set of options for the system core.

A 12.1-inch swivel LCD allows the user to twist and fold the unit easily into tablet mode. The sharp and clear screen has an effective "sparkle free" cover that serves to to reduce glare. Overall, HP's tc4200 in tablet mode represents a decent, if not spectacular, touch-screen offering.

Pros: Comfortable Digital Eraser Pen and jog dial; nice touch screen.

Cons: Expensive and heavy.

Verdict: This Tablet PC packs enough hardware to outperform many midlevel business laptops, but at 4.7 pounds, the tc4200 comes up short in mobility. Considering it costs almost two grand, there are better options.


Agilix Labs Named as One of Utah's 'Emerging Elite' Companies by MountainWest Capital
PR Newswire

Agilix Labs, Inc., a worldwide leader in mobile learning solutions, today announced it has been named one of Utah's "Emerging Elite" companies by the MountainWest Capital Network.
The announcement was made October 27, 2005 at the annual Utah 100 Awards luncheon.

"We are extremely pleased to be named among the 'Emerging Elite' by the MountainWest Capital Network," said Curt Allen, Agilix president and chief executive officer. "It is rewarding to be recognized for the promise we are showing as a company, but the greatest reward will be accomplishing our organizational goals and making Agilix even more of a success."

Agilix applications are open and extensible by schools, software developers and integrators, run on any Windows XP computer and take full advantage of the Tablet PC.


Tablets working for Lenovo as quarterly profits increase 22%

Shipments of innovative Lenovo PC products, introduced after the acquisition of IBM's loss-making PC unit in May, grew 13 per cent during the three-month period, industry reports said.

This growth rate was fuelled by the demand for such products as the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and the model refresh of the ThinkCentre desktop PC line.


MedLink VPN Now Offers Complete HIPAA Solutions for the Health Care Industry
Business Wire

MedLink VPN, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Media Group Corporation (OTCBB:WMGC), announced today it is pleased to offer a total health care solution for government HIPAA compliance through its Tablet PC, EHR, VPN Secure Database, MedLink Optical Cards and Secure Health Mail services.

The combination of these technologies, when used together, allows doctors, hospitals and medical institutions to securely collect, store, transport and wirelessly share Electronic Health Records (EHR's).

HIPAA requires organizations to apply "reasonable and appropriate safeguards" when e-mailing protected health information (PHI). Due to the HIPAA standards, physicians until now have avoided email as a way to communicate with patients in order to reduce their exposure to HIPAA violations.


Seattle Avionics' New EFB 'Ready to Fly'
Aero-News Network

Voyager 3.0 Pre-installed on Motion Computing LS-800 and LE-1600 Tablet PCs 

Seattle Avionics Software has announced immediate commercial availability of its new Voyager Flight Software System EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) bundle.

The Voyager EFB includes the pilot's choice of either a Motion Computing LS-800 or LE-1600 tablet PC, pre-installed, configured and tested with all Five Voyager Flight Software System 3.0 modules, an XM WX Bluetooth receiver and antenna, and a Pharos Bluetooth GPS receiver. The LS-800 version Voyager EFB bundle will be available at AOPA Expo for the introductory price of $3995, or the LE-1600 bundle for $4199, both complete with "special edition" laptop bag to carry it allhome in.

"Most pilots tell us they want to go paperless, sooner rather than later, but are not interested in sinking tens of thousands of dollars into an installed avionics stack which may be outdated in only a year or two", says John Rutter, President of Seattle Avionics Software.

Motion LS1600

"Over the past 18 months, many of our customers have researched, picked and purchased the Motion Computing tablets as their affordable, digital, portable solution for the cockpit. After doing our own research, we agree with our customers. The Motion Computing tablets featuring the ViewAnywhere screen is the ideal solution for pilots looking for an affordable way to always have current digital charts, approach plates, and weather on their kneeboard."

he new Voyager EFB bundle, being so portable, is especially ideal for pilots who rent multiple or different aircraft, flying club members, and pilots with multiple aircraft. The added safety of always having terrain awareness and in-flight weather is incredibly valuable, even for pilots with STC approach certified, in-dash GPS's.


Microsoft AutoRoute 2006 to Use Pharos SiRFXTrac GPS Receiver

Pharos has announced their supply agreement with Microsoft today. Pharos will supply an advanced highly sensitive SiRFXTrac powered GPS receiver to be combined with the latest version of Microsoft's AutoRoute 2006 with GPS Locator. AutoRoute is a European version of the best-selling mapping and trip planning software in the U.S. -- Microsoft Streets & Trips.

Pharos GPS

AutoRoute 2006 with GPS Locator users can connect the sleek and stylish GPS to a USB port on their Portable PC or Tablet PC. The unique modular design of the Pharos GPS receiver also allows users to connect via Bluetooth wireless link or CompactFlash to turn their Windows(R)-based or Windows Mobile(TM)-based devices into a real-time GPS navigation solution. Additionally, customers using the standard version of Microsoft AutoRoute can also turn their mapping software into a real-time GPS tracking solution with Pharos' award-winning Bluetooth GPS receiver.


Active ClipBoard Review

Active Clipboard
ActiveInk recently  released Active ClipBoard which retails for $49.00.  Active ClipBoard expands the functionality of the  Tablet PC by providing custom handwriting recognizers along with information I want to paste on a regular basis. This article provides an overview of the features Active ClipBoard offers.


November 3, 2005

Easy animation to get novices jumping for joy
New Scientist

Drawings sketched on the screen of a Tablet PC can be animated in seconds thanks to new software - all it takes is the flourish of a stylus

DRAWINGS sketched on the screen of a Tablet PC can be animated in seconds thanks to new software. All it takes is the flourish of a stylus.

The software, called K-Sketch, allows a relatively unskilled user to sketch out a scene on the PC's screen, select the parts they want to animate, and then simply drag these objects over the display to make them sweep, loop or spin in whatever way they want. The computer records these movements so that it can play them back as an animation.


Exclusive: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates talks to Computing

To his credit, Gates is not afraid to laugh at himself. Asked what he would have done differently 30 years ago if he knew then what he knows now, he replies: ‘I’m hardly in a position to complain.’

Nonetheless, there are a few things he might have changed.

‘There were many areas where we got into something too early,’ he says.‘For example, internet TV. Now that is going to pay off for us, but we could have started five years later. The tablet PC we probably could have started a few years later than we did. And there were certain parts of our search engine capability we could have started earlier.

On the future of the PC

Computer users are increasingly turning to new devices for accessing key applications and information. PDAs, mobile phones, even digital TV, are all changing attitudes towards the ubiquitous PC. But, not surprisingly, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates still sees the PC – albeit a very different one – as the future.

‘The PC will be able to recognise speech, you will be able to use ink with it, and it will have a camera capability so it can see what is going on,’ he says.

‘The tablet form factor will be something you just take with you to meetings. There is a lot to be done. The PC will be a phenomenal device compared with what it is now.’


November 4, 2005

Careers in Mobile PC / Tablet PC Technology on the Rise

People go where the money is and one way to tell where companies are spending money is to see who they're trying to hire. A year ago, you might find one or two job listing that mentioned "knowledge about Tablet PCs" as a requirement. Today, has 42 listings that mention "Tablet PC". Wow.

There are jobs from Engineer to merchandise specialists. Quite a range. The companies advertising aren't just the regular Motion Computing, Toshiba (Insides Sales - Notebooks & Tablets) or even Microsoft

Look at MRI Network's ad for Sharepoint and Biztalk Architect:

The Tablet PC and solutions based on Office 2003 is the leading edge of technology in the workplace. We make it a point to always stay abreast of the newest and most compelling technologies. We are riding the leading edge with productivity solutions using the freedom provided by Tablet PC based solutions as well as the extended XML- based functionality of the latest version of the office tools that are used by virtually everyone.


Still learning new Tablet PC tricks

What new things have you learned how to do on your Tablet PC this week?

I just learned a cool OneNote pen trick. Should I be embarrassed to confess that I used OneNote almost every day since its release and haven't been using this great method for moving tabs around?

Tap and drag a left column side tab, then drag it off the page. Yep, completely off the page. Then, without a pen lift, drop the tab to the preferred location. Now you can move something from the bottom to the top in a tap, which is especially useful when you have long tab lists.


ThinkPad returns to retail

Consumers will be able to purchase either a ThinkPad Z60t widescreen or a ThinkPad T43 with biometric fingerprint readers starting Sunday, China's Lenovo Group said. The laptops will retail starting at $699--a 50 percent price drop from their usual $1,399 price tag online. The computers are expected to compete with similar designs from Office Depot's other PC suppliers: Hewlett-Packard, Sony and Toshiba.

It's the first time ThinkPad-branded computers have sat on store shelves since IBM backed out of the retail business in 1999 in favor of a direct-sales model.

Office Depot said it will also retail ThinkPad models belonging to the X Series and R Series, as well as Lenovo's X41 Tablet 12-inch convertible tablet.


PassAlong Networks CEO's Tablet PC

What's your single favorite gadget?

Fujitsu T4010D Tablet PC with Microsoft OneNote software

Price: About $1,500

Why do you love it?

The Tablet PC let's me easily convert handwriting to text or leave it as "ink." I can search across hundreds and hundreds of pages of my notes in a few seconds. Microsoft's OneNote software works like the ultimate paper notebook, with infinite pages and tabs, plus the ability to mix typed, hand-written and voiced notes. I can put pictures and graphics anywhere. It has great outlining, which I use for managing action item lists, and it is easy to share pages with others



November 7, 2005

Tablet PCs hit the mainstream
San Francisco Chronicle

Why type in meetings when you can write? Create searchable archives of handwritten notes, convert them to text and share them with colleagues. You can do a lot with a tablet PC, and the past six months have seen a slew of new tablets in all shapes and sizes.

ThinkPad X41 Tablet

Editors' rating: 7.4 out of 10 (Very good)

HP Compaq tc4200

Editors' rating: 6.9 out of 10 (Good)

Motion LE1600

Editors' rating: 7.0 out of 10 (Very good)

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

Editors' rating: 6.5 out of 10 (Good)


Wishlists for the Tablet PC World

Craig Pringle built out his wishlist for the Tablet PC world . He wants a TIP-less interface, write anywhere, easier ink on the web, and more. All good ideas


Are you sitting comfortably?

Get out your Tablet PC – if you are one of the few people who have one of these. This is, when you first think about it a neat solution, as you can swivel the screen round to hide the keyboard, and then lounge on your sofa or in your chair, holding the Tablet PC as you would a book, prodding at its screen with its stylus to surf away as you choose.

My experience of doing this in practice isn't quite so soft-focussed gorgeous as the theory, though. First off, I don't know a Tablet PC that is as light to hold in one hand as a paperback book. My arm starts to flag after a while, and then I have to shift around to find a position where I can rest the Tablet PC without having to hold it – and invariably comfort suffers.

Also I drop the stylus down the sides of the sofa, and as I can't prod the screen without it, I need to go a-huntin'. I might come out of the foraging experience a little richer, and having found, along with some cash, a few bits and bobs I'd thought were lost for ever, but I'm now tetchy and I've missed my TV programme. (Yes, I know there are some passive-screened Tablet PCs around nowadays that respond to finger prodding, but I don't happen to have one of these at the moment).


"Applications make it"

Hilton and Craig responded to my question about, "Which came first: your interest in Tablet PC hardware or interest in a Tablet PC application?" Hilton is like me -- hardware first. Admitedly, we're a bit of an exception because we were early-adopters of Tablet PC technology.

Let's take Craig's response now, "Without those things [software applications] a tablet is just the web on a platter. Applications make it."



Tablet Authority Announces Best Deals Anywhere on the Motion Motion Computing LE1600 and the LS800 Tablet PCs, with Prices Starting at $1,666
PR Web

Tablet Authority, the online Tablet PC reseller, is heating up the competition in the Tablet PC market with exclusive offers on selected models of Motion Computing Tablet PCs.

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) (PRWEB) November 5, 2005 -- Tablet Authority, the online Tablet PC reseller, is heating up the competition in the Tablet PC market with exclusive offers on selected models of Motion Computing Tablet PCs.

Until November 30, 2005, Tablet Authority is offering a specially configured LE1600 1.5GH Intel Centrino model with 256MB of additional RAM for $1,945, a savings of $333 off retail.

Motion Computing LE1600

- 1.5GH Intel Centrino (the fastest LE1600 unit)
- 768MB RAM Total (256MB added to standard configuration)
- 30GB Hard Drive
- Retail price with extra RAM: $2,278
- Tablet Authority Price: $1,945
- Total Savings: $333

The LS800 1.2GH Intel Centrino model is just $1,666. That's a savings of $233 of the retail price.

Motion Computing LS800

- 1.2GH Intel Centrino
- 256MB Total RAM
- 20GB Hard Drive
- Retail price: $1,899
- Tablet Authority Price: $1,666
- Total Savings: $233

Complete product specifications are available at the Tablet Authority website, .


November 8, 2005

Handango Launches Tablet PC Catalog; Mobile Downloads Leader Enters the Software Market for Microsoft Tablet PCs
PR Newswire

Today, Handango, the leading provider of mobile content, announced that it has entered the rapidly-growing market for downloadable Tablet PC software with the launch of a Tablet PC catalog. Customers can download applications on Handango's Web site at and on the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Software store at . Now, Tablet PC owners have a place to discover and download the best selection of software for their Tablet PCs. Additionally, Handango has extended its robust marketplace platform, Handango AMPP, to support Tablet PC applications, enabling Tablet PC manufacturers to create new streams of revenue through their own branded software storefronts.


Agilix Labs Chooses Handango Commerce Engine for Tablet PC Software Commerce and Delivery
Yahoo! News

Handango, the leading provider of mobile content, today announced Agilix GoBinderLabs, Inc., a worldwide leader in mobile learning solutions, has chosen the Handango Commerce Engine to provide secure Tablet PC software transaction processing and provisioning at and . Agilix will take advantage of the Handango Commerce Engine's marketing features, as well as online software delivery capabilities, to sell and deliver its award-winning applications.

Utilizing the Handango Commerce Engine, Handango's industry-leading commerce architecture, Agilix will be able to deliver its leading Tablet PC applications, including Agilix GoBinder(TM), Blackboard Backpack(TM) and InfiNotes, directly to customers. Agilix will also be able to take advantage of the Handango Commerce Engine's marketing features, such as up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, upgrade and promotional campaigns, electronic gift certificates, viral marketing and more. With these features, Agilix will be able to spread enthusiasm about its innovative products and increase revenue per transaction.

"We are excited such an innovative company like Agilix chose Handango as its source for commerce," said Randy Eisenman chief executive officer and president of Handango. "The addition of Agilix to our list of Handango Commerce Engine customers confirms how adaptable and robust our e-commerce solution truly is. We look forward to further expanding our downloadable content knowledge and expertise to Tablet PC software developers around the world."

"With the expanding growth of mobile learning and the Tablet PC market, we were looking for an e-commerce engine that would allow us to seamlessly deliver our best-selling solutions to our customers," said Curt Allen, president and chief executive officer of Agilix. "We chose the Handango Commerce Engine because it offered us amazingly rich functionality, dozens of promotional features and the flexibility needed to meet our precise requirements."


Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet
infoSync World

All it took was a transition from IBM to Lenovo, and voilá; the first tablet ThinkPad was born. The X41 is the newest member of a long and Thinkpad distinguished line of laptops which have always been the favourites of business travellers due to their sturdy designs, and this model is no different. Despite being a tablet convertible, the X41 still feels like it's made out of brickwork yet offers a good set of features with an apparent focus on battery life.


The Lenovo ThinkPad X41 is productivity first, and everything else second. A modest set of specifications and a small screen are both features which lend themselves well towards keeping size and weight down whilst still providing sufficient power for most usual tasks. Battery life, however, is only average considering the hybrid tablet nature of this convertible - and a compromise clearly made to keep size down. In the case of the X41, users also pay a slight premium to get the smallest convertible out there - but it's money well spent.


Leading CRM Provider Names Sanford Group as Marketing Partner
Business Wire

The usability of Dovarri's newest, customizable, and mobile CRM solution, version 6, has impressed the likes of sales guru Jeff Gitomer, Hewlett-Packard, and the University of Houston's prestigious Bauer College of Business, along with 1,000 other customers, who now use it to manage their own sales force. Dovarri has selected Sanford Group, with its history of successful product launches, to propel their new product line and their company to the next level of success.

Dovarri is web-hosted software that was designed by sales people for sales people. Their flexible, user-friendly, mobile, sales solutions improve productivity on the road and are notebook, PDA and tablet PC compatible. Using Dovarri, sales teams can work more efficiently and effectively, while management gets the real-time reporting it needs to maintain a clear picture of the entire sales operation


November 9, 2005

Saint Mary's School Creates 3-Ring Digital Binders with ThinkPad Tablet PCs from Lenovo; First High School to Offer Students ThinkPad Tablets
Business Wire

Lenovo today announced that Saint Mary's School, an independent all-girls' college preparatory school in Raleigh, is the first high school to deploy ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs to students and faculty. The writable slate and Thinkpad Tablet PCunique functions of the ThinkPad X41 Tablets will help students and teachers discover new ways to work, learn and interact in the classroom and on campus.

The fall semester marks an exciting advancement in the school's curriculum as Saint Mary's launches its ATLAS program - Applying Tablets for Learning and Academic Success. Saint Mary's School will work with Lenovo to integrate tablets into the classroom and expects the technology will facilitate greater collaboration and more efficient and engaging lessons.

Tablet PCs enable Saint Mary's School faculty to approach traditional classroom exercises with an innovative twist. For example, instead of sketching a costume design for dance class using a pen and paper, students can use graphical software and the tablet's stylus to quickly create, review and modify images, such as changing scene and costume colors with the click of a button. Music teachers can e-mail (1) handwritten lessons in musical notation to student tablets for tailored homework assignments. In biology class, a student's well-executed molecular diagram can be instantly distributed electronically, instead of made into a transparency or drawn on the chalkboard.

"With my ThinkPad Tablet in writing mode, I can have geometry notes on a projection screen, highlight and color code items of importance and work out examples while facing the students. I can even refer back to previous examples, which I couldn't do when I had to frequently erase the board," said Katie Bradbury, Saint Mary's School mathematics teacher. "I envision my notes one day being completely tablet generated. I will send my students a document and we'll work on the lesson together. Students will then save the notes on their tablet and have their own electronic binder."

The school selected the ThinkPad X41 Tablet for its weight, handwriting recognition capability and keyboard-to-writing slate convertibility to support classes in a liberal arts and sciences curriculum. Teachers and students are now able to create and share images, diagrams, documents and research as they are developed for immediate feedback or to save or print for absent students. For example, a wider variety of activities is now possible since both images and words can be captured, saved and shared during classroom lessons. These electronic documents can also be manipulated in real-time through image, text, sound and color, then shared across the room or across the city through the Internet to a classmate home sick from school that day.

Using tablet PCs, teachers can engage every student, whether they are an auditory or visual learner. In addition, the portability of the tablet expands lesson options. "When I am away from a classroom I can still use the functions of my computer as if I was in my office," said Kathy Burke, Saint Mary's School tennis coach. "The drawing function is great for athletics because I can use the tablet for diagrams and explaining drills. After I draw a drill I can then share it with students."


DTK launches series of military and industrial notebooks

DTK Computer Middle East has announced the launch of its FrontLine series of notebooks and tablet PCs in the Middle East. The FrontLine series comprising M10, M30, M40 and M70, is characterised by its rugged exterior and is ideal for field jobs such as transportation, logistics, emergency services, data collection, military, police and the mobile workforce as a whole.

The M10 is a full-featured, fully ruggedized tablet PC that is built to survive drops, rain, dust, salt air and similar harsh environments. The tablet PC is encased in a die-cast magnesium shell that is drop and shock vibration protected. Tested and certified for all fields including transportation, logistics, industrial fields, emergency services and government operations, the M10 has a 10.4 inch touch screen with state-of-the-art digitizing technology and enhanced writing recognition. With secured wireless communication and networking capabilities, the system is an advanced solution for Wi-Fi mobile networks.


Leading California Bay Area Healthcare Clinic Selects CompassCare Inc.
PR Newswire

With the CompassCare system installed, physicians in Dameron's OccHealth clinic will now enter their information on a tablet PC using stored responses to capture clinical notes in real-time while eliminating dictation and difficult-to-read handwriting. "The CompassCare system will significantly improve clinical documentation and operational efficiency while reducing costs and data entry errors," says Hull. The HIPAA-compliant system also stores and continuously backs-up the data for improved security and better record-keeping.


Toshiba refreshes product line
Reseller News

The M200 tablet PC has a new wide-view screen to improve users’ ability to view the screen at any angle, while the top-of-the-line Satellite M60 multimedia machine now sports a 1.86GHz Pentium M 750 processor.


The Esoteric Beat: Tree, Scrawl, Orion

Meanwhile over at the rather more sensible University of Washington, Seattle, some new animation research could provide an interesting device with potential use in games design. Games designers illustrating their pitches could find K-Sketch a vital tool as they try to demonstrate their ideas to artists and programs in animated form. The system allows users to turn sketches into simply animations using a Tablet PC touchpad, by allowing users to select elements from a sketch and apply animation processes to them. The idea has broken previous problems in automated animation by the use of sophisticated AI which can identify different elements of a sketch and then apply the necessary motion 'physics' to them.


November 10, 2005

Local Washington Teen Honored With the Grand Prize in Microsoft Start Something Amazing Awards
PR Newswire

After conducting a five-month nationwide search, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) today announced the five winners of its Start Something Amazing Awards, honoring Jeannine Johnson of Puyallup, Wash., as the grand prize winner for her unique and inspiring use of Microsoft(R) Windows(R)-related technology to pursue her passion for drag racing. Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates will meet with Johnson today at Microsoft's headquarters, where he will present her with the award for the Sports & Games category in addition to the overall grand prize, and will discuss how she uses Windows-based technology to help monitor her race car's performance and keep it running flawlessly.

As the grand prize winner, Johnson will be featured in a national Microsoft Start Something print advertisement in early 2006, which will run in Entertainment Weekly, ESPN Magazine, National Geographic and Rolling Stone. As the winner in the Sports & Games category, she will receive $5,000 worth of the latest Windows technology, including a Media Center PC, Tablet PC and iriver H10 portable music device. In addition, Johnson and a guest win a behind-the-scenes experience at ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, Conn., including a tour and an opportunity to meet personalities from ESPN's "SportsCenter," appear on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza," and have lunch or dinner with an athlete at New York City's ESPN Zone.


IT's the Rx to cure what ails the health care sector
Globe and Mail

Dr. Roger Stronell gets IT.

He sees the power of information technology in health care. He continually seeks ways to use IT to improve patient service delivery and enhance the productivity of doctors at his clinics.

That's a refreshing attitude in a professional community where aging legacy computing systems and disparate applications that don't easily exchange information are the norm. From an IT perspective, hospitals and health care centres in most of Canada operate in information isolation -- a problem that often limits both the quality of care and the efficiency of doctors.

Tablet personal computers -- portable laptop-like electronic pallets for handwritten information -- were introduced to the KARMA clinic setting a couple of years later. The tablets allow physicians and nurses to log patient care and other information on the spot and directly into the clinic database through a wireless connection. "As much as staff were reluctant at first, they now prefer tablet PCs to the handwritten chart," Dr. Stronell says.

The clinic will soon make it possible for doctors to write a script from a tablet PC, print it out as a patient medical prescription and electronically log a copy of that prescription into the same common database as other patient information. The prescription can be sent by wireless connection to a chosen pharmacy, where it may be printed and also kept as a permanent record.


I Love My Tablet
Vanguard Online

My Tablet PC gets me better grades. This is not because it is lighter or faster than the ThinkPad, it is because it is better suited for the work I do at Bentley. While the Tablet PC is slightly heavier and has less RAM, it has several huge rewards. The capabilities that the Tablet offers in note taking, graphics work, group work and reading of electronic materials offset any drawbacks.

The Tablet offers several real technical advantages which set it far ahead of the ThinkPad. It has more USB ports, which means you can have more devices plugged into it. It has a Firewire port so you can edit video. It has a Secure Digital Memory Card Reader so you can exchange data between your cell phone, PDA or digital camera without cables. It has a DVD burner so you can burn movies or back up your data. It also has the two very distinct advantages of having a stylus and being able to lay flat.

The Tablets do ask a little bit more of the user but they give so much back. It is true that you can run fewer programs and that they are a little bit heavier to lug from class to class. But when you look at the Tablet as a tool instead of merely as a way to chat and download music you cannot deny the advantages. They bring together all of the advantages of paper and computers.


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November 11, 2005

Schools Tap Tablet's Flexibility 

"They really have the potential to go mainstream, particularly if the cost is about the same as a notebook, and that seems to be where it's headed," Bajarin continued. "I predict that within three years, all the ultra-light notebooks will have tablet functionality as well." Bajarin's favorite convertible is the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC. The unit's unique swivel hinge allows the screen to rotate 180 degrees. Users can take handwritten notes directly on the 12.1-inch screen with Lenovo's Tablet Digitizer Pen. "There's been a perfect storm of all the technology coming together," Michael Schmedlen, eastern regional manager for education at Lenovo, told He credits manufacturing and materials advances that enable companies like his to keep the unit's weight relatively light at under five pounds, as well as advances in Wi-Fi, OCR and an optimized version of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. "We weren't the first to market, but I think our timing has been spot-on," said Schmedlen. One of the early success stories for Lenovo has been in education. The company recently announced a deployment of X41s to close to a hundred students plus faculty at St. Mary's School, an independent women's college preparatory school in Raleigh, N.C.

Tablet PCs enable the school's faculty to approach traditional classroom exercises with an innovative twist. For example, instead of sketching a costume design for dance class using a pen and paper, students can use graphical software and the tablet's stylus to quickly create, review and modify images, changing scene and costume colors with the click of a button.


Using a Toshiba Portege M200 for a year

This week marks the one-year anniversary of my using a Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. The M200 is still in great shape. I haven't had any hardware problems with it. Zero. Zip. Zilch. It's still using the same 40 GB hard drive, same processor (Pentium M 1.6 GHz, 400 MHz FSB), and yes, the same hinge.

The little M200 has traveled tens of thousands or miles. It still has plenty more to go too. About 6 months ago, I did add 512 MB of memory to it and that pepped the system up. Today, I want to add EVDO to it, so l no longer have to rely on poor airport, conference or hotel wireless access.

My opinions about what I will want in a daily Tablet PC in a year are already forming. The under 4 pound Motion Computing LE1600 and Lenovo ThinkPad x41 Tablet PCs are certainly appealing. When you carry around a fully functional computer all the time, weight does become a factor.


Acer 'slide & fold' Tablet

Acer makes some nice tablet PCs at a reasonable price, but its latest demonstrates Acer C200why it's the number one Tablet PC vendor in Australia.

Dubbed a next generation of Tablet the Travel Mate C200 is designed specifically with the mobile sales professional in mind. Sporting the first ever 'slide & fold' screen with a single-motion conversion mechanism from notebook to tablet PC functionality, the C200 has the grunt to back up its looks and price (RRP $3,499 ).


No More Pencils...Students Use Tablet PCs In Class

A local school has become one of the first in the country to convert to tablet PCs from paper and pencils.

An anonymous donor to St. Mary's School paid $200,000 for the first batch of 95 Lenovo ThinkPad tablet computers. School officials hope to have enough computers for all students by 2007.

The tablets allow St. Mary's students to follow classroom lessons on a touch screen -- taking notes, highlighting important information and receiving and sending information to their teachers.

"If I have my notebook open, I don't have to go in my bag and take out another highlighter. I can just easily highlight in whatever color I want," Tawanah Reeves said of using her tablet PC. "If I want to erase something, with a highlighter you cannot erase, with this, it's easy as that."


OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #3- Robert Scoble interview

ON the Run with Tablet PCMarc Orchant and James Kendrick chatted for an hour with the number one Tablet PC evangelist, Robert Scoble, who did the interview sitting on the red couch. Robert was raring to talk about a whole lot of wide-ranging topics and everyone will take a lot away from this show. He talks about his Toshiba M205 and M4 and elaborates which one he carries and why. We talk about the Gateway Convertible Notebook and the improvements being noted with Tablet PCs appearing in more retail space. Scoops of note- the MSN Virtual Earth team are releasing something really cool in the next few days and the Microsoft Tablet PC team will have a major announcement "really soon" (we tried but Robert wouldn't say exactly when). Future prediction from Robert- next year will be the year of HDTV so get ready.


Dialogue Flybook
IT Week

Despite its rotating display, the Flybook is not a full-blown Tablet PC. It uses a plastic passive stylus and runs the standard edition of Windows XP. However, the touch-sensitive screen allows users to hit on-screen buttons using a fingertip, unlike the active stylus technology of Tablet PCs.


Two Local Michigan Entertainment Buffs Honored With Microsoft Start Something Amazing Awards
Yahoo! News

After conducting a five-month nationwide search, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT - News) today announced the five winners of its Start Something Amazing Awards, honoring Andre Isom of Benton Harbor, Mich., and E.J. Dyksen of Lansing, Mich., for their unique and inspiring uses of Microsoft® Windows®-related technology to pursue their passions for entertainment. Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates will meet the winners today at Microsoft's headquarters. Gates will present Isom with the award for the Music category based on his use of technology to run his own music studio and will present Dyksen with the award for the Memories category for his use of Windows-based technologies to create a sketch comedy show.

Armed with a handful of witty friends from his college improv troupe and Windows-based technologies, Dyksen created a comedy show called "Laughterhouse Five." He was thrilled to find a way to combine his interests for comedy, filmmaking and computers -- whether using his Windows XP-based Tablet PC with Microsoft Office OneNote® to script show ideas, Windows Server(TM) 2003 to communicate through message boards or his Media Center PC to edit footage. After completing an eight-minute pilot sketch last spring, Dyksen and his friends now plan to distribute their comedy show using Windows Media Video HD technologies -- all from his dorm room in central Michigan.


November 14, 2005

Connoiseur Intros 'Affordable' Tablet PC

Connoiseur Electronics has introduced the Connoi T 2300 - a Tablet PC, Connoi T 2300 which the company maintains, will help the customer discover something more than a notebook at the most affordable rate. The company is touting the Connoi T 2300 as the only affordable tablet available in the country.

The tablet PC comes with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, Intel Pentium M Processor 735 (1.70 GHZ, 2 Mb L2 Cache), Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Intel 855GME/ICH4M Chipset Motherboard, Intel PRO/Wireless 220BG network connection, 512 MB DDR memory, up-gradable to 2 GB, 80 GB ATA/100 HDD, DVD/CD-RW combo drive, built-in LAN, 12.1" XGA TFT LCD supporting EMR pen-based input (1024x768 Resolution) and a 1Year carry-in warranty.


Vegas bets on wireless gaming
Contra Costa Times, CA 

Cantor G&W, an affiliate of New York-based Cantor Fitzgerald L.P., wants to provide the system and the devices to the Las Vegas casinos. For the Wall Street firm, the business leverages its experience with mobile trading technology.

"This is about allowing people to play their favorite casino-type games without being restricted to the traditional convenience of a casino floor," said Joe Asher, managing director of Cantor G&W. "Fundamentally, a $100 million bond trade is the same as a $10 bet on a football game or $10 on a hand of video poker."

He said the devices, ranging in size from a handheld computer to a slate or tablet PC, could be another source of revenue for the casinos and help them keep customers longer.

To gamble using the mobile devices, a casino visitor would need to show identification to obtain one from the casino, and then deposit money into an electronic account. Under the law signed by Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn in June, a wireless-blackjack player could gamble in public areas such as the bars, restaurants, pool area and convention hall of a casino. The devices could not be used in hotel rooms or other private areas.


MySouthwest Sweepstakes - You could win a Lenovo™ ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC!
southwest airlines

Take MySouthwest with You! Register for a chance to win a Lenovo™ LenovoThinkPad X41 Tablet PC from October 14 to November 15, 2005. Login to your MySouthwest account and click on the MySouthwest Sweepstakes link to enter!2

The new innovative ThinkPad X41 Tablet is specifically designed to help users be more productive, efficient, and secure. Easy to use and quick to convert from laptop to tablet, it provides users the opportunity to utilize hundreds of third party applications like Microsoft's OneNote, as well as draw pictures and convert handwriting to text for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Designed as part of the industry-leading X40 series, the ThinkPad X41 Tablet is the smallest and lightest 12" convertible tablet, for the ultimate mobility in a choice of versatile ultraportables. The newest X series family member appeals to customers that value the ultimate in computing mobility and need the flexibility of a tablet.


Intel Grants $57,720 for Tablet PC in Math Classes

Karen Nugent reports that Intel granted $57,720 for 20 wireless Tablet PCs, plus six classroom projectors for use in three math classes at Nashoba Regional High School, Bolton, MA. Congratulations Mary Marotta and cooperating math teachers. Mary's the high school's technology department chairperson. (Bob, The Tablet PC Education Blog)


November 15, 2005

WEBCAST: Advanced Tablet PC Development Topics  - Thursday, November 17, 2005 11:00 a.m. PT

Are you mastering the fundamentals of the Tablet PC Platform and eager to learn more? Are you already an expert and want a few tips and tricks? This is the session for you. Learn about features such as implementing gesture recognition, using the Clipboard, storing recognition results, and the new RealTimeStylus API.


DyKnow and Agilix Labs Partner to Deliver Mobile Learning Solution
PR Newswire

DyKnow, a leader in interactive education, and Agilix Labs, Inc., a worldwide leader in mobile learning solutions, today announced a partnership to integrate DyKnow Vision with Agilix GoBinder(TM) and Blackboard gobinderBackpack(TM) to deliver enhanced, mobile learning solutions for its customers. DyKnow Vision empowers educators to present prepared or spontaneous class notes that appear on computers in front of students, which means that students no longer have to struggle to copy notes in class. Students can simply add their individual annotations and problem solutions to create a more complete electronic notebook. Using Vision, professors can retrieve, display and even replay student work to spark class discussion. Students are thereby empowered to lead the class, collaborate and share work with the professor and classmates from their seats and replay notes to review the lesson. When outside the classroom, students can view and modify their electronic notebooks.

Agilix GoBinder enables students to take digital notes using a keyboard or digital ink and capture additional learning content from Microsoft Office application files, PDFs and Web pages into a digitally rendered version that is stored in the GoBinder database. Stored notes and other objects can be annotated, highlighted and searched. In addition, Agilix GoBinder includes a calendar, task and contact manager to help students stay organized and manage their schedules and assignments. Blackboard Backpack adds to Agilix GoBinder the ability to synchronize course content from Blackboard servers, enabling students to take their Blackboard content offline.


November 16, 2005

In the classroom: Taking to Tablet PCs in primary

Using the tablets across the curriculum
With the support of the head and ICT co-ordinator Ceri Roberts-Thomas, staff quickly began to enjoy the flexibility and portability of the tablets. Year 6 did a data-logging project, for example, measuring sound, temperature and light, over 24 hours, in 20 locations round the school. Years 3 and 4 measured a shadow cast by a stick over the length of a school day.

“They began by finding a website that described the sun’s apparent movement,” says Ceri Roberts-Thomas. “Then when they measured the shadow; they went out every hour with the tablets instead of taking a bit of paper.”

Both groups used the Journal software facility on the tablet to write up their work, making use of the tablet’s handwriting recognition feature. So the whole exercise - web research, outside observation, data entry and write-up - was done on the tablets. Clearly only some of this exercise would have been possible with more conventional primary ICT provision - and even it wouldn’t have been done so easily or conveniently. The children probably wouldn’t have had as much fun either.

The next step, new this term at St Peter’s, is to allow the tablets to go home for homework. The school approached this with care, keeping parents fully up to date through letters and “hands on” meetings, urging that all the family take advantage of having the devices at home.

The rule is that the tablets are collected from and returned to the classroom by parents - something that’s worked without hitch.

“Parents have been keen to use the tablets at home,” says Margaret Jones. “It’s something new for most of them, and they like to know what the children are using at school.”

Yoxall has spent a lot of money on its tablets - some of it from external funding and parent support, but much of it also from budget. Margaret Jones, though, is comfortable with the policy.

“We made the right decision,” she says. “At the beginning we had technical problems, but now everybody is getting used to things. They’re in use from Reception to Year 6, the children are using ICT more in their lessons, they’ve learned a lot more skills, they’re enormously confident.”


InfoCase Announces New X-Strap 18 for Panasonic Toughbook

Sturdy, Comfortable Grip Designed for Rugged Convertible Notebook-to-Tablet PC

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Nov. 16, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- InfoCase is pleased to Toughbook CF18announce the availability of the new X-Strap 18 for the Panasonic(r) Toughbook(r) notebook computer. This innovative carrying solution was designed specifically for the Panasonic Toughbook CF-18, which easily converts from a notebook to a tablet PC with one easy swivel. The X-Strap is the newest addition to the InfoCase/Panasonic product line.

The Toughbook CF-18 is designed to provide increased mobility and reliability to professionals in field service and across numerous vertical markets, including automotive service diagnostics, aviation, healthcare, insurance and public safety. The X-Strap attaches securely to the Toughbook CF-18 machine and provide users a sturdy, comfortable grip in addition to a shoulder strap for easy transportation. The combination of powerful machine performance and superior machine facilitation creates a complete solution for any work environment.


Next-generation paperless real estate office coming soon

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Greater Los Angeles is creating a technology-driven, paperless real estate office in an effort to streamline the home buying and selling experience.

The office in Manhattan Beach, Calif., is slated to open in January 2006.

The office will be equipped with the latest tools and technologies, including a digital transaction management system, Tablet PCs, laptop docking stations, VOIP phones and wireless Internet access.

Every sales agent will have access to a Tablet PC, which can serve as his or her office while out in the field, enabling access to anything needed to interact with clients and transactions. Agents also will be able to provide buyers and sellers real-time access to their transactions via the Internet.

"For clients, the agent will have the ability to sign contracts electronically and respond to client inquiries instantly," said Chris Crocker director of operational strategy for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Greater Los Angeles. "Signing contracts electronically will give buyers and sellers an edge when trying to secure a property in this competitive market."


Symantec Symantec Security Solutions to Ship on HP Desktop, Notebook, and Tablet PCs
Market Wire

Symantec Corp, today announced that Symantec solutions will be offered across the HP commercial PC lineup to help protect business users worldwide. Either Symantec AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware Edition, along with any upgraded versions of the same programs, will ship on select HP commercial notebook, desktop, and tablet PCs distributed in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Users will receive 60 days of complimentary protection updates for either Symantec AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security. Once the initial subscription expires, users will have the option to purchase either a 12-month or 24-month renewal. Small business customers running Symantec AntiVirus will also be able to purchase five-, 10-, and 25-user licenses.


November 17, 2005

Profile | Microsoft - A New World of Work
Computerworld Singapore

But having the best products is not enough, he was quick to add. “It is useless to have the best technologies, if you don’t have the support of the local IT community or if your products don’t reach out and remain relevant to the local marketplace.” In Singapore, Microsoft has embarked on a five-year education initiative with IDA to facilitate the research, development and piloting of innovative infocomm technologies in Singapore schools. Under BackPack.Net, several local schools have been experimenting the concept of a “paperless” classroom where students bring their Tablet PCs instead of books and stationery to class. In another collaboration, AlexandraHospital, the IDA and Microsoft embarked on Healthcare.Net to bring the use of innovative infocomm technologies into the healthcare sector. The aim is to pilot and test features that can bring about patient-centric, seamless, safe and cost-effective healthcare systems. Innovations that work can then be deployed in other healthcare institutions in Singapore


Acer TravelMate C312XMi - Tablet PC

The Acer TravelMate C312XMi is the latest tablet PC from Acer. At first this looks Acer TravelMate C312XMi like a pretty ordinary notebook with a 14.1in display that offers a native resolution of 1,024 x 768, not that remarkable these days. However, a closer look at the screen hinge hints that this is much more than a normal notebook. It’s located in the middle of the base of screen and enables you to swing it around 180 degrees and lay it flat.

The TravelMate C312XMi is Centrino branded and as such uses an Intel chipset and wireless network card. In this particular model the chipset is the i915PM since it features a discrete graphics card. The Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG wireless network card supports the 802.11b/g standards. Acer has also fitted Bluetooth to this specific model.

The graphics chip comes from nVidia and is the entry level GeForce Go 6200 with TurboCache. It has 32MB of local memory, which means that it doesn’t use up any of the system memory unless it’s doing 3D. It’s not really intended for games, but you could still run some games on it albeit at lower resolutions.

The hard drive is an 80GB 4,200rpm unit from Seagate, fairly slow compared to what you tend to get in notebooks these days, but at least it’s fairly spacious. The optical drive is from Toshiba and writes to DVD+/-R media at 8x, DVD+/-RW at 4x, DVD+R dual layer at 2.4x and finally DVD-RAM at 5x.


Winsted Preps Qbe Technologies' PC Tablet for Physician Markets
Market Wire

Winsted Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: WHLI), a Business Development Company (BDC), is pleased to announce that it has been prepping Qbe Technologies' PC Tablet for the physician markets. This includes research and interviews into necessary hardware and software needs on all physician practice and administrative levels.

"There is something quaint about the way a doctor take electronic notes," stated Winsted CEO Mark Ellis. "Most doctors speak into a digital recorder, upload the files, and send them to a transcription service. Then the doctor would cough up $1,500 a month for next-day service to get Word files of the reports. Some PC tablet makers are starting to target this market with their set of strategies. Our thoughts are to incorporate their thinking and add a few twists of our own that we have learned from successfully operating medspas."


Microsoft creates Institute for High Performance Computing at the the University of Southampton
eGov monitor

This week sees the launch of the Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing at the University of Southampton.

Led by Professor Simon Cox and Dr Kenji Takeda in the School of Engineering Sciences, the Institute will push state-of-the-art technologies to tackle real-world scientific and engineering problems. World-class researchers in the School of Engineering Sciences work closely with industrial partners that span the aerospace, automotive, bioengineering, marine and telecommunications sectors.

Staff from the Southampton Institute for High Performance Computing will be demonstrating their Tablet PC-based photonic crystal design system on the Microsoft stand at Supercomputing 2005 in Seattle. Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, delivered the conference keynote speech yesterday (Tuesday 15 November


Sahara To Invest Rs 400 Crore In India, Launches Products
EFY Times

The compact NB2630-N7 Tablet Notebook from Sahara Computers weighs a mere 2.5 Kg. and is powered with Intel Pentium M Dothan 1.7 GHZ processor (Centrino mobile technology) that provide powerful graphics basis the Intel 855 Embedded Real 256 VGA Graphic chipset. The Wi-fi tablet notebook features 12.1" TFT screen with rotational capability to complete 360 degrees with 80GB Ultra ATA 4200 HDD. The notebook also gives the user the ability to write more data due to its DVD R/RW 8/4/8X Dual drive and comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition Operating System


November 18, 2005

Tablet PC Guy

"Tablet Guy" is busy overseeing the photo shoot for our 2005 List for Santa


Ford to offer TabletPCs in F-Series pickups

Stargate TabletPC

Ford, Motorola, and California Custom Sport Trucks have teamed up to offer Stargate Mobile touchscreen PCs as dealer-installed accessories in F-Series pickups starting next year. Ford introduced what it’s calling the “mobile office” at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Vegas, which includes the Stargate-manufactured TabletPC, cellular broadband, GPS, and a printer. The PC certainly isn’t cutting edge, sporting a 1 GHz Transmeta Crusoe processor, 256MB RAM, 4GB flash memory (no hard drive here, folks), 8.4-inch SVGA screen, and PCMCIA and CompactFlash slots. However, since Ford is targeting this not at mobile programmers and designers but at construction contractors, the setup should suffice for basic bidding, ordering, and invoicing tasks.


QArea, Sym Systems Corporation and Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative Contribute to Socially oriented IT technology

The E-Talk Tablet device by Sym Systems Corporation is a portable speech device for anyone who has lost the ability to speak. The E-Talk is a Tablet PC based on Windows XP - so in addition to being a speech generating device, it also supports a large number of applications designed for the PC. The E-Talk Tablet uses the E-Talk 3 Software System, providing word prediction, multiple languages, and the ability to completely customize the display.


ReVolution rugged notebook

KONTRON’S rugged notebook or convertible-tablet PC now comes with Pentium M 1.7GHz and sunlight readable LCD screen. Kontron is represented by Dedicated Systems.

Kontron TabletPC  
Features embedded Bluetooth technology.
The ReVolution is a fully Windows-capable computer that converts in seconds from a notebook to tablet with a quick flip of the rugged, 180° display hinge.

Built to take punishment that would cripple an ordinary notebook or tablet, the ReVolution is tailored for field-deployed professional working in challenging conditions.

The notebook can be custom-tailored to best meet specific applications. It features impressive communications capabilities, including embedded Bluetooth technology, optional integrated CDPD, CDMA, or GSM for wireless WAN connectivity.

Its full magnesium construction design is tested to US military and NEMA standards for resistance to shock, vibration, water, temperature and dust.


Tips For Purchasing Your Company's Laptops

The main function of your laptops should be considered. For instance, if you have workers that require a lot of note-taking (floor managers/inspectors, real estate agents, medical personnel, etc.) a slate or tablet PC would be a more appropriate choice for your company. If your workers or employees do a lot of traveling then you want the lightest and most portable laptop or notebook you can find.


November 21, 2005

The Xbox 360 is Coming....


Will the real Tablet please show it's pen?

Are these Tablet PCs?

When Microsoft launched Windows XP Tablet PC Edition just three years ago, it had to build a campaign for the benefits of the new hardware designs and operating system as compared with prior pen computers. Many companies have learned from this experience and are using it to their advantage. For the sake of brainstorming, I assert that these upcoming, non-Microsoft products are now part of the tablet ecosystem. Sure, they might not be part of Microsoft’s ecosystem, but general users can certainly see the similarities. Features are being adopted by other products.


November 22, 2005

Acer TravelMate C200 Provides the Ultimate Tablet PC Computing Experience; Acer's Newest Tablet PC Combines Notebook Features and Tablet Functionality With Extreme Mobility
Business Wire

Acer America Corporation, one of the leading worldwide suppliers of IT solutions, today introduced a new generation of tablet PCs, the TravelMate C200 series. This brand new Acer Tablet PC sports a patented sliding-track mechanism for one-of-a-kind convertible notebook functionality. Featuring Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology, the 12.1" TravelMate C200 continues Acer's legacy of providing innovative Tablet and Notebook PCs to end-users who demand a combination of performance and functionality.

The TravelMate C200's innovative sliding mechanism allows for a one-motion conversion from Notebook mode to Tablet mode. The system can be easily converted from Tablet to PC mode by simply pushing the LCD module from its closed position to the upright location of a typical notebook PC. Thanks to its advanced ergonomics and its one-motion conversion process, the Acer TravelMate C200 Tablet PC creates the ultimate Tablet PC experience in mobile computing.

"The TravelMate C200 is a natural extension of our Tablet PC legacy which began with the very first convertible Tablet several years ago," said Maarten de Haas, vice president, Marketing and Product Management, Acer America. "Acer's view of the Tablet PCs is focused on the continued evolution which will bring Tablet functionality to the masses. The size and feature set of the TravelMate C200 will allow end-users to employ this newest Tablet as a mobile solution suitable for use in the boardroom or in the field."

Robust Performance, Small Size

The Acer TravelMate C200 series combines efficient computing and advanced technology. Based on the new Intel "Sonoma" platform that combines Intel(R) Pentium M processor and the Mobile Intel(R) 915PM/GM Express chipset, the TravelMate C200 series also features dual-channel system memory support -- DDR2 533 MHz, 256/512MB scalable to 2GB -- and a ATA/100 Hard Disk drive offers a storage capacity of up to 100GB. All models feature a slot loading DVD Dual double layer burner or DVD/CD-RW (tray) and a 4-in-1 card reader that supports Secure Digital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), Memory Stick(R), and Memory Stick PRO(TM) standards.

The convertible Acer C200 Tablet PC sports a high contrast, widely viewable and tablet optimized 12.1" XGA TFT LCD display managed either by NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) Go 6200 graphics, PCI Express(TM) or through the integrated Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 900 with up to 128MB of shared memory.

Acer's brand new Tablet PC offers desktop PC versatility through the Acer ezDock, a PCI Express-based port replicator designed to accommodate up to 24 legacy and next-generation devices. What's more, the internal Acer MediaBay hot-swappable drives -- a choice of second battery, DVD Dual double-layer or HDD up to 100GB -- improve expandability and extensive storage. With the optional Acer MediaBay battery, the TravelMate C200 can reach up to 8 hours battery life.

For communication and connectivity the TravelMate C200 offers maximum flexibility through integrated Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG/2200BG network connection chipset featuring dual-band tri-mode IEEE 802.11a/b/g or 802.11b/g and an integrated Bluetooth module. In addition, the standard 10/100/1000 Mbps Fast Ethernet card and 56Kbps ITU V.92 fax modem provide instant connectivity options for home and office environments.

All models have a complete series of I/O ports, including three USB 2.0 ports, Fast infrared (FIR) port and a Firewire 1394 port.

The TravelMate C200 series also integrates the new Acer Soft Button, a software utility designed for Tablet PC users. Especially useful when an Acer convertible Tablet PC is in tablet mode and the launch buttons and hot keys cannot be easily reached, the Acer Soft Button provides rapid software launches, fast Internet and email access, easy system configuration and quick and effective adjustments to the connectivity options.

The TravelMate C200 series supports the new Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition providing seamless integration for all Windows-based applications and others specifically developed for Tablet PCs, with pen and voice input.


The Acer TravelMate C200 series is available through Acer authorized resellers throughout North America with prices starting at $1399.


Tablet PC’s - Finding the Best Model for You
PR Leap

The Tablet PC is the latest in personal computer devices and is quickly becoming one of the hottest items to own. The Tablet PC is personal computer notebook that is smaller in size than the standard laptop. Lightweight and compact a Tablet PC is perfect for note taking, report generating, surfing the internet, corresponding via email and it is convenient for people on the go.

What makes a Tablet PC so versatile it the ability to handwrite notes right onto the monitor screen, which can easily be converted to typed text. You can access PowerPoint presentations and Word documents and use a pen to make notes right onto the presentation. Use that Tablet PC when hosting or participating in business meeting, or as a student taking notes during a class or lecture.


The Tablet for People who Hate Tablets

The Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC definitely falls into the luggable category. But the weight is worth it for people who want a 14" display, internal optical drive, mobile performance system with active digitizer and pen. if you are testing the next Windows operating system, Windows Vista, then you might prefer this Tablet PC also.

In a recent review Pocket Lint came close to calling it the "un-tablet" because of their perception about ultra-portability being the primary tablet feature and with the M4, portability definitely takes a backseat to performance.

If you’re not convinced with the idea of Tablet PC, then the Tecra M4 may well be the machine for you – as it’s the tablet for people who hate tablets. Think of it more as a notebook with a flexible screen and you can’t go too far wrong.


November 23, 2005

Microsoft's Xbox Gamble: Micropayments, Personalization, and and Digital Media
Connected Home

Xbox 360

Microsoft likes to claim that it takes "bet the company" leaps into new markets, but I'd argue that the company's billions in cash, and its tradition of deep R&D spending, probably offset any risks it's supposedly taking. That said, everyone's favorite software giant isn't afraid of tackling new challenges. Microsoft has been at the forefront of mobile-device development for almost a decade, and its Tablet PC efforts have rejuvenated an interest in pen-based computing that had been missing in action since the early 1990s. But you won’t find a more clear view of Microsoft’s potential company-changing future than in the work it has done with Xbox, its video game franchise. If Xbox is ultimately successful, that product line might do what even Windows has been incapable of doing: Give Microsoft a foothold in the living room.


New Acer TravelMate C200 Tablet PC Officially Announced in USA
Tablet PC Reviews

The first thing that you will notice in Acer's new TravelMate C200 Tablet PC is the innovative "sliding" display mechanism. This is quite different from Acer C200other Tablet PC's which use a standard "hinge" to allow the display to rotate and fold. Acer boasts that "thanks to its advanced ergonomics and its one-motion conversion process, the Acer TravelMate C200 Tablet PC creates the "ultimate Tablet PC experience in mobile computing". Whether or not this is true will be left for users to decide.

On the hardware front, the specs look good. I already love the fact that this model offers a "slot-loading" DVD burner. The addition of a slot loading drive is long passed due in the PC world as Apple has offered this design as a standard for years.

Finally, it is great to see that Acer is using the wonderful NVIDIA Go 6200 GPU for graphics, rather than opting for the less desirable Intel integrated GMA 900 graphics solution.

A few other features to note, Acer also is offering its "ezDock, a PCI Express-based port replicator designed to accommodate up to 24 legacy and next- generation devices", an "internal Acer MediaBay" that accommodates hot-swappable drives, a choice of second battery, a hard drive up to 100GB and also an optional "Acer MediaBay battery", rated at up to 8 hours battery life (by the manufacturer).


Touch and ink do work together

Fujtisu is now shipping its Lifebook P1510D notebook with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system. The P1510D is an interesting notebook from several standpoints, including that it uses a touch screen instead of an active digitizer. Yes, it is still a "Tablet PC".

I've had the chance to use this little Fujitsu Tablet PC on several occasions. It's easy to use. Great to carry around because it's only 2.2lbs. When I'm looking through web pages, I can scroll through the pages with my fingertip. It will run all the regular Windows XP software applications, plus ink-enabled applications designed especially for Tablet PCs.


Gateway CX200
PC World 

This Tablet PC has a nice wide-screen display, but it's heavy and sluggish.  

The CX200 Tablet PC boasts a beautiful swiveling touch screen in a wide 14.1-inch format--the first such tablet wide screen, according to Gateway. The screen makes for a very nice notebook, leaving room for a large Cx200 Tablet PCkeyboard and an integrated optical drive. On the downside, wide-screen displays make awkward tablets--I found myself scrolling horizontally a lot when holding the CX200 like a notepad. This unit is also very heavy for a tablet, weighing 7 pounds with its high-capacity battery (a $44 option we tested). At least the way the battery extends out allows the battery to double as a grip, which helps when you tote the tablet around.

The CX200 starts at $1099, which is cheaper than any other currently available convertible Tablet PC. But because of its weight, I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of money on a loaded version like the $1905 unit I looked at; you can get much lighter tablets for the same money, if not with the same processor. The $1099 model of this tablet with a Celeron processor and a CD burner would make a nice introductory unit for people who aren't yet sure how they feel about writing on a screen.

The CX200's 3-hour battery life was also a little disappointing considering the high-capacity battery we tested with. Using two batteries at once is possible by removing the optical drive, but we didn't try this configuration.

Upshot: Although a very heavy tablet, the CX200 can be among the least expensive available and a good notebook. Go for the $1099 configuration (plus the $44 high-capacity battery); much lighter tablets are available on the high end.


November 24, 2005



November 28, 2005

Fall 2005 Tablet PC Buyer's Guide

It is exciting to see that this year we have more Tablet PC choices than ever! There are so many in fact that it can be downright frustrating for the consumer to find the right model to fit his or her individual needs. We will try to cut the clutter and marketing hype out of the equation in this guide and focus on the overall specific features and benefits that define the various models - and hopefully provide you, the consumer the direction you need to make a great choice in your Tablet PC!

So just how many big name brands are offering Tablet PC's currently? Probably more than you would think. Just look at this list:

  • Acer
  • Averatec
  • Compaq & HP Compaq
  • Electrovaya
  • Fujitsu
  • Gateway
  • IBM (Lenovo)
  • Motion Computing
  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • Toshiba
  • Viewsonic


A Speedier Superstore
Business 2.0

Wal-Mart may stock just about everything you need, but you still have to actually go inside the store to get it. Soon you might be able to pick up your groceries, dry cleaning, office supplies, prescription meds, and DVD rentals without leaving your car. That’s the goal of AutoCart, a high-tech drive-through superstore set to debut next spring. Customers will be able to place orders 24 hours a day and drive to AutoCart to retrieve their purchases.

How AutoCart Makes It Easy

1. Placing Orders
Customers make their selections online, by phone, or onsite using a touchscreen tablet PC. Each driver is assigned to a pickup station.


Tablet PCs: Stuck In A Niche

Can touch-screen technology, lighter systems, and wider use of 'digital ink' move pen-based computing beyond health-care, pharmaceutical, and education markets.

Three years after their introduction, tablet PCs have settled into a small niche serving people who regularly take notes or fill out forms while on the job. Now Microsoft and system vendors are working to improve the machines, making them more useful in their current markets and perhaps expanding their use into new ones.

Early results from efforts to resolve some drawbacks of tablet PCs will appear in new tablets hitting the market in the coming weeks: They're a bit cheaper and support a wider range of interaction. Some models let users trigger functions by touching the screen with their fingers instead of a stylus. A new ThinkPad from Lenovo Group Ltd. weighs in at a pound lighter than competitors' products that convert to regular laptops--a big plus for a machine that people carry around all day. And Windows Vista, the version of Microsoft's PC operating system due next fall, will let virtually all workplace desktops and notebooks that run it recognize digital ink messages and annotations to documents, according to Microsoft.

Tablet PCs also will play a role in Microsoft's new "Live software" effort to develop applications that users can access from multiple PCs and devices over the Net, chairman Bill Gates said in an interview this month. "Eventually, Live will use vision, and speech, and ink," he said. "It's about neat new ways of communicating."


November 30, 2005

List for Santa Reindeer

Coming Soon's 2005 List for Santa


Acer TravelMate C312XMi
PC Advisor

We've lost count of exactly which generation of tablet PCs the TravelMate C312XMi is part of, but Acer tells us it's the fourth, and who are we to argue?

Whether this is going to be the time that the tablet PC concept catches on outside the education and healthcare sectors is anyone's guess, but if you're thinking about buying a convertible tablet then the C312XMi is well worth considering.

Practicalities first. It weighs 2.9kg, which is slightly on the heavy side for a convertible tablet, but still isn't too much of a burden to carry. It feels sturdy, fits comfortably under the arm and is easy to hold when you're making notes on it.

The screen, which automatically changes from landscape to portrait mode when the Acer is converted from notebook form into a tablet, gives a surprisingly good image, and managed frame rates that weren't far off playable in Doom3 and Halo.

The 1.73GHz Pentium M 735 processor and 512MB of DDR RAM give the Acer a respectable if not spectacular amount of power. Our WorldBench 5 suite posed some problems for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition but in the tests we could run, the Acer performed adequately, without setting the world on fire.


An easy tablet for builders to swallow - Fujitsu PC and Companion Systems
Computerworld Australia

Unlike most computer programs, OnSite Companion is not just meant to be used at your building company’s headquarters on your office PCs. It is designed to be used in the field by your building staff and contractors, on a ruggedised, yet extremely lightweight portable computer known as a Fujitsu ‘Stylistic’ Tablet PC. These PCs look like they are the screens from laptop computers, as they come with no built-in keyboard. While this might sound different to the portable laptop computer you are familiar with, the Tablet PC is designed to be used with a special pen known as a stylus, letting you write directly onto the screen using your existing handwriting style. It has a long battery life ideal for on-the-road and on-site use and can be used and read clearly in all lighting conditions, even in direct sunlight. As long as you can read and write, you are ready to use OnSite Companion to boost the productivity and efficiency of your building business - even if you’ve never used a computer before or only have limited experience.

Why Tablet PCs?

OnSite Companion has been optimised for use with tablet PCs, particularly the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5031, for mobile and site based personnel, offering the additional benefits of handwriting recognition, sketching, daylight visibility and extreme mobility. Because these computers are controlled by a pen, which you use to click on buttons on the screen, handwrite messages and more, it can be instantly used by anyone able to read and write, whether or not they’ve used a computer before. Companion Systems are now able to offer Fujitsu Tablet PCs to your company at very reasonable rates


Academic Tablet Computing Wiki

Channel9 is hosting a new Wiki about Tablet PCs used in schools and research institutions. If you're involved with a school, education ISV or other academic project, it's time to participate in this new wiki. While you're over on C9, you can stop by the general Tablet PC wiki too.


Intel adds colour to the laptop
Sydney Morning Herald

The world's largest computer chip manufacturer has set its cap at the fashion business with a new design collaboration aimed at dressing up laptop computers.

According to research conducted by Intel, 40 per cent of computer users in the US find their laptops to be generic, boring, dull, sterile or lacklustre while 60 per cent would like to be able to customise it with options such as colour, patterns and fabric.

This shift in mindset has led it to collaborate with a company called Toray to embed a colourful and durable micro-fibre fabric Ultrasuede into laptop casing.

Intel's new laptop designs are still in the concept stage, but the company said it was working with manufacturers to encourage the introduction of colour and design into existing products.

Intel said it was also a driving design force behind the tablet PC concept, which is now widely available..




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