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May 2005


May 2, 2005

EKM Corp. Enhances LABTrack With Tablet PC Digital Ink Functions
Business Wire

San Diego-based EKM Corp., an award-winning knowledge discovery systems technology firm, continues to lead the electronic lab notebook (ELN) market with added features such as Digital Ink. Digital Ink technology allows users to handwrite notes directly onto a tablet PC by using a stylus.

EKM's Digital Ink technology, provided with Microsoft Windows for the Tablet PC Edition, is now compatible with the enterprise and team versions of the company's LABTrack ELN. LABTrack - software that runs on any Windows-based device - is the first electronic lab notebook based on a scientific word processor platform that allows researchers to format electronic pages that mirror paper-based notebooks. With Digital Ink, LABTrack users can now quickly jot down notes and draw directly onto the notebook pages when typing on a keyboard isn't convenient.

Digital Ink gives LABTrack users the choice of converting their handwriting immediately into text or saving it as ink on the notebook page and converting it into text at a later time.

"The benefit is that by using mobile devices such as Tablet PCs, researchers can enter information immediately and very quickly," said Richard Stember, LABTrack creator and CEO of EKM's Scientific Division. "The Electronic Lab Notebook should be as easy to use as paper - and now it is."

EKM incorporated digital ink into LABTrack with Austin, Texas-based Motion Computing, one of the leading suppliers of tablet PC's.


Collaboration Among Microsoft, University of Virginia, Thomson and ...
PR Newswire

Students participating in the technology-rich courses provided formal evaluations of the tools and materials and gave predominantly positive feedback on the content, Microsoft(R) OneNote(R) software and the HP Tablet PC 1100, A number of benefits and advantages emerged from the study, including

HP Tablet PCs are valuable additions to course materials -- 83 percent of students viewed the HP Tablet PC as favorable and approximately 80 percent of students used the Tablet PC for applications beyond the pilot class such as note-taking in other classes and e-mail.

The program combined Thomson's rich library of digital content and e- learning applications with Microsoft OneNote software and HP Tablet PCs, allowing students to take digital handwritten and/or typed notes anywhere on the page, and access the interactive educational platform from any location. In addition, the technology and content package enabled students to collaborate with each other and communicate digitally with their instructor in real time on campus and in wireless classrooms.


Lenovo completes acquisition of IBM's PC unit
Computerworld New Zealand

Upcoming product introductions could also include a version of the ThinkPad X41 notebook with a rotating screen that can be folded back against the keyboard, allowing it to be used as a tablet computer. Documents describing the notebook, called the ThinkPad X41 Tablet Series, were recently made available on the website of the US Federal Communications Commission. The FCC's approval is required before any device that includes a radio, including wireless LAN connectivity, can be offered for sale in the US.


Mobile Systems Come On Strong
Information Week

As organizations grow comfortable using notebook PCs over desktops, they're also expanding their mobile strategies. Mayville State University in North Dakota has relied on laptop computers for its staff and students for years, and last year it began using tablet PCs, as well, CIO Keith Stenehjem says. When Stenehjem put out bids for tablet PCs for the 2004-05 school year, he had expected their costs to be too high. He was surprised to find them competitively priced with more traditional systems.

The school's goals for nearly a decade have been "to provide ubiquitous computing to the faculty and students on a 24-by-7 basis," Stenehjem says. "During that period, technology has improved and prices have gone down." After a limited test in the spring, and then a larger test with summer-semester students and faculty, Mayville purchased 800 M275 tablet PCs from Gateway Inc


Winsted Receives Indication Of Interest for Select UBC Assets
Market Wire

"We have been approached by a serious buyer for some of the assets which we purchased from UBC," stated Winsted CEO Mark Ellis. "Unlike our all-stock deal, this would be a cash transaction. The best utilization for some of the underutilized UBC purchased assets is to turn them into cash. Our anticipation is to deploy this new money into MedSpa Solutions for further market penetration, into Qbe Technology for further PC Tablet improvements and market deployment for Spencer Communications.


Rethinking the word processor
Baltimore Sun

You can, of course, search through notes for specific words, as you do in word-processing programs now. More significantly, you can also assign one or more categories to each note, such as "Birthday Party Planning" or "Vacation Ideas," and then only display the notes from those categories. For users of pen-based PC tablets -- and come on, there must be one or two of you out there -- EverNote also lets you write in notes directly, via your pen.

So what is the use of a program like EverNote? Clearly not to write a letter to your boss; your regular word-processing program is fine for that. Instead, it works best with jobs where you pile up lots of extra information from different sources.


ZyDoc Extends Enhanced Performance Transcription Services to Transcription Services to Urology

The company uses transparent embedded technology that leverages front- and back-end speech recognition, workflow enhancements, and the Internet. ZyDoc is a development partner with SUNY Computer Sciences at Stony Brook, a Microsoft Solutions Partner, a ScanSoft Platinum Dealer, and an IBM Speech Premier Business Partner. In 2004, ZyDoc was ranked third nationally in medical transcription by The Medical Records Institute and was named the Healthcare Tablet Application of the Year.


Gates, Allen both looking toward miniature PCs
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Illustrating the concept, Gates displayed a non-working mock-up that Microsoft had created for the purpose. Unlike FlipStart, which looks like a miniature laptop, the device Gates showed is flat, similar to a slate-style Tablet PC, but in miniature form. The screen is about 7 inches across.

Like FlipStart, the small machine would run the same full-fledged Windows operating system and programs used by laptop and desktop computers, not the specialized Windows Mobile operating system and programs that Microsoft offers for smart phones and personal digital assistants.

But it's not yet clear when or whether the idea will catch fire among consumers. There's a risk that machines such as FlipStart could get lost in the niche between standard laptop computers, Tablet PCs, PDAs and smart phones with computing capabilities, said Roger Kay, vice president of client computing at research firm IDC.


Joe Wilcox Talks About Longhorn Marketing

Joe's right, though. Microsoft doesn't do enough to put Media Center and Tablet PC front and center. Those two are gonna play huge roles in the future. Why?

Let's come back to the movie theater again. Portable devices and entertainment. Those are two areas where you'll see big growth over the next few years.


Averatec C3500 Tablet PC under $800
4U sells the Averatec C3500 Series Tablet PC for $799.00 with Secret Code (offer details below).

The Averatec C3500 Tablet PCD combines the power of a notebook and functionality of a Tablet PC. The convertable Notebook 12.1" Tablet is powered by a Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M 2200+ processor and comes with 512MB RAM and a 60 GB hard drive. Wi-Fi and Ethernet is also integrated.

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is pre-installed and includes a built-in CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination drive.
Buy the Averatec for the ultra-low price of $799.00 now. Find the Secret Savings Code below.

Secret Savings Code: GEEKTABLET

Offer Expires 5/10/2005
Product Link: Averatec C3500 NBB
To Save $500.00 and get the incredibly powerful, portable, versatile Averatec Tablet PC for an incredible $799.00, just add to shopping cart and enter the Secret Savings Code GEEKTABLET in the red promotional code field during checkout - price will be reduced AUTOMATICALLY!


Mac OS X Tiger Launch - No Tablet Computer Support Yet...
Tablet PC Reviews

"Overall, Tiger is the best and most advanced personal computer operating system on the market, despite a few drawbacks. It leaves Windows XP in the dust."


May 3, 2005

Tablet PC 2 Accessory of the Month - May 2005


Microsoft's Metro Technology Has Adobe Acrobat in the Crosshairs
NewsFactor Network, CA 

Dubbed "Metro," the new Microsoft technology would give the next Windows version a built-in method to let people accurately view and print graphical documents even without the application that created the original file. That's also the basic idea behind the Adobe technologies.

Apart from the Longhorn preview, Gates showed new hardware products and prototypes that expand the concept of the Tablet PC. He also announced the availability of long-awaited editions of Windows for advanced, 64-bit microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices and Intel .


A special Tablet PC Show interview

A special show with a special guest. James and I had the pleasure to sit down (in three time zones) with a member of the First Family of the Tablet PC, Lora Heiny. Lora is well known to most everyone involved in the Tablet PC community and we had a wonderful conversation that covered a lot of ground.

In the interview we find out how many web sites and blogs the First Family is directly involved with (more than two dozen) and Lora fills us in on all the fun things shown at WinHEC including the convertible Tablet with the sliding screen, Bill Gates’ UMPC and the Intel Entertainment slate. We also talk about some of the newest Tablet PCs that have been recently announced and how the different choices confronting the prospective consumer meet anyone’s needs.


HP Compaq TC4200 Tablet PC "First Look"
Tablet PC Reviews 

The new TC4200 Tablet PC from HP is an exciting product. At only 4.5 lbs. and powered by the Sonoma-based Intel Pentium M processor, this convertible Tablet PC functions as the perfect powerhouse travel companion. The TC4200 also sports a 1.3" thick, sturdy and roadworthy casing, a bright 12" electromagnetic display and operates as a perfect sub-notebook and a fully-functional Tablet PC.

Of honorable mention is the improved Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 video architecture. For users who require more punch and performance for graphics editing and 3D, this new video solution although not "dedicated", (it shares system memory) promises significant gains over the consumer-level "Intel Extreme Graphics" chips found in the majority of Centrino Tablet PC's and notebooks.


Collaboration Among Microsoft, University of Virginia, Thomson and ...

According to study results released today, the majority of participating students report that the tools either increased understanding or retention of class content, or stimulated greater interest in coursework.

The results mark the first research findings of the pilot project that was launched at the start of the 2004 academic year aimed at identifying and measuring the value high-tech tools and rich digital content could bring to students and instructors*. The first phase of the project involved 362 UVa students enrolled in the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' fall 2004 biochemistry, psychology and statistics classes, as well as their instructors. Students participating in the technology-rich courses provided formal evaluations of the tools and materials and gave predominantly positive feedback on the content, Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2003 software and the HP Tablet PC 1100. A number of benefits and advantages emerged from the study, including the following:

HP Tablet PCs are valuable additions to course materials. Eighty-three percent of students viewed the HP Tablet PC as favorable, and approximately 80 percent of students used the Tablet PC for applications beyond the pilot class such as note-taking in other classes and e-mail.


May 4, 2005

Another round of updating software

A few weeks ago Loren updated TabletFlash and released MathPractice Starter. As some of you have noticed, he also is prepping for the addition of the new MathPractice SkillPak, a bundle. The download is there for the trial version, along with some videos on the MathPractice page. Online store, FAQs, more video demos, screenshots and other things are needed before it's officially ready. You can take a peek at what's going on though.


Churchill Downs Incorporated Picks a Winner - Major Racetrack Company Goes With Gateway for a Complete Enterprise Technology Makeover
PR Newswire

Gateway, Inc. today announced that it will be the exclusive provider of front- and back-end technology improvements to world-renowned horse racing venue operator Churchill Downs Incorporated

Gateway has supplied CDI with a full suite of products to meet the demands of the organization, including Gateway(R) 975 and 995 rack-mount servers offering optimal storage and networking capabilities, Gateway(R) M275 tablet PCs, Gateway(R) M460 and M680 notebooks and Gateway(R) E-Series desktops


May 5, 2005

Siemens Business Systems selects RF PC Handheld Reader from ACG for RFID project at Jacobi Medical Center
Contactless News

Patients at Jacobi Medical Center in New York are being equipped with RFID wrist bands that contain the patient's medical history and identifying number. To read those wristbands, Siemens Business Services chose a portable hand-held reader supplied by ACG Identification Technologies.

In contrast to barcode, RFID wristbands do not require direct access with the reader; they can be scanned through clothing and blankets. The hospital staff uses lightweight PDAs or tablet PCs with a RFID reader to read the data without disturbing the patient. As a result, care of patients has improved. Doctors and nurses can quickly and easily identify patients and can accurately and safely dispense the correct drug dosage at the correct time to the corresponding patient.


May 6, 2005

Big Break COntest  Tablet PC banner

6th annual 2005 Big Break! International Screenwriting Contest.

Enter today for your chance to win $15,000 in cash and prizes, plus a foot in the Hollywood door!

The first prize winner will receive $10,000 cash, a Microsoft Tablet PC and all prizes listed in rule 10. Also, round-trip airfare to Los Angeles with 3 nights hotel accommodations and meetings with industry executives and agents. Final Draft, Inc. will have the right to determine choice of hotel, airline and flights.

The second prize winner will receive $3,000, plus a Microsoft Tablet PC.

The third prize winner will receive $1,000, plus a Microsoft Tablet PC.


SOA Executive Forum recap

Our SOA Executive Forum yesterday went extremely well. I would have blogged more of it, but it seemed like every session I went to was standing room only and I'm not very productive with a laptop standing up (note to self: another reason to get a Tablet PC). The only time my seat was guaranteed was when I moderated the CTO Reality Check panel at the end of the day


Real-time graphics used for BBC election coverage
4RFV, Ireland

RT Software's new MixTV real-time graphics system, which is powered by NVIDIA Quadro graphics hardware, was used for the first time by the BBC during its live UK General Election coverage.

Viewers saw it in action when the graphics of constituency results appeared to sprout from the tablet PC screen on presenter David Dimbleby's table. The power of MixTV was fully demonstrated when the PC was passed around the table and the position and perspective of the computer generated graphics remained true.

Traditionally, this type of effect could only be achieved in postproduction, not live on television using data which had only just been received. MixTV heralds a new era in real-time graphics.


WinInfo Short Takes: Week of May 9

Microsoft won't reveal yet which product editions it will provide for Longhorn, but Bill Gates did say that there would be a Tablet PC Edition in his WinHEC keynote address last week. Of course, Gates also said he was going to ship Longhorn in early 2005, so maybe we should just give him a pass on that one.


Mi-Co VP Presents Trends in Digital Ink at Correctional Technology ...

I am very excited to be presenting to individuals involved in state and local departments of corrections,” stated Joyner, “because digital ink applications running on Tablet PCs can definitely save these organizations time and money. Unfortunately, corrections is a “growth industry” in the US and institutions that are highly efficient in capturing data and using information is a positive trend for all tax payers.”

Mi-Co was invited to speak in association with Gateway® which is demonstrating their technology at the conference. Gateway is highlighting Mi-Co’s Mi-Forms Software System on the Gateway M275 Series of Tablet PCs. The M275 Series is an incredibly versatile and feature-packed notebook that easily transforms into a Tablet PC.

Mi-Co and Gateway have a number of joint commercial and governmental customers deploying Mi-Forms on the Tablet PC.


MIKE WENDLAND: Tablet's cool, but my heart is with Macs
Detroit Free Press

wouldn't drive my wife's Honda to an interview with Bill Ford. So when Microsoft Chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates came to town last week, I didn't take my Mac PowerBook to my interview with him; I brought along a Tablet PC.

The model I have, a Motion 1400, is what's known as a slate tablet. It's less than an inch thick and has no keyboard, but it has a nice 12-inch screen that you write on with an electronic stylus.

Gates was impressed. "That's the same one I use," he told me as we sat down for our interview and I began scribbling notes on it, simultaneously recording our interview with a built-in Microsoft program called OneNote.


May 9, 2005

Wireless watchdog
Australian IT, Australia

As chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Samuel is the umpire who keeps Australian business playing by the rules.

With the rise of broadband blurring old boundaries between traditional media, telecommunications and the internet, the job requires a solid knowledge of technological developments and how they will affect the playing field.

At home in Melbourne, he uses a tablet PC to work with documents, using the handwriting feature built into the operating system for notes and amendments.

Naturally, the car has GPS navigation, "which is fascinating". At home there's a digital television, "and I'm just about to get a PVR".

Occasionally, Samuel will take off his regulatory hat and go for a walk, but he takes some technology with him.


Connecticut Police Department Deploys Citrix Software for Secure, On-demand Access to Law Enforcement Applications
Business Wire

Today using Citrix, applications are centrally deployed and managed on Citrix Presentation Server, and each patrol car has a tablet PC that can access applications, including municipal, state, and federal criminal records, over a wireless network in real-time. Now time lags and dropped calls that plagued communications no longer exist. The officers log in once and have uninterrupted access to all their applications while they change devices and network connections, even when they drive through wireless dead zones in their police cruisers.


Tablet PC can't seduce Mac lover
Seattle Times

Business journalists who heard Bill Gates speak at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers conference last week in Seattle didn't get the full story.

The Microsoft chairman pitched the Tablet PC during his speech and mentioned that Detroit Free Press tech columnist Mike Wendland used one during an interview the previous week. "He'd switched from an Apple," Gates said.

Not exactly. Wendland said his Motion 1400 Tablet is a great tool for a reporter and he did bring it to his Gates interview. But Wendland remains a diehard Mac user.


Students replace books with Tablet PCs
Monessen Valley Independent

Carnegie Mellon University is conducting an experiment at The Ellis School and one of CMU's own classes in which traditional textbooks are replaced with a Tablet personal computer. The HP Compaq 1100 Tablet PCs weigh 4 pounds and have been adapted so students can highlight key passages on the screen and write on the e-text with a digital pen. Students also can send their homework on the Tablet PCs and get material from their teachers.

Nine eighth-graders at Ellis have replaced their hardback geometry and earth science texts with Tablet PCs. The geometry class uses software developed by Shadyside-based TextCENTRIC that allows students to highlight passages and trade material with their teacher.

Besides its lightness, Gunawardena said, another popular feature is the search engine, which works like Google. Students type in some key words, and the search engine finds a particular passage faster than they could from the index of a hardback.

He teaches a class to 25 students who use Tablet PCs. A few of them complained that it is hard to read on the small screen and that because of copyright restrictions, they cannot print out material from the e-text. As a result, students have to cut and paste material, then print it out.

Cara Palermo, 19, a freshman from Linwood, N.J., prefers taking notes on the Tablet PC for her computer science class.


"According to Jim" 100th episode
Hollywood Reporter

One of the ways the "Jim" staff copes with the workload and communicates more effectively is via a digital system instituted by Hodes a little less than two years ago. The show features the first paperless, all-digital writing staff in TV history, having completely replaced paper scripts with portable, wireless-enabled, spiral notebook-sized tablet PCs.

"We're paper-free, which just won us an Environmental Media Award for reducing our use of paper by a few hundred thousand pages a year," Hodes boasts. "At the end of the production day, we don't have to sit around waiting for copies of the rewritten script. The script just appears instantly on our tablet PC."


May 10, 2005

GijimaAst's SignSecure, SignDoc in top 12 of Microsoft's contest

Products of the company Softpro, distributed in southern Africa by GijimaAst, were recently ranked as the best biometrics applications for tablet PCs worldwide. Microsoft held an international developer contest titled "Does Your Application Think in Ink?" where Softpro's SignDoc and SignSecure products were one of 12 winners out of 260 global submissions from independent software vendors.

SignDoc securely embeds handwritten signatures into documents according to various e-sign laws. SignSecure allows users to log on to a PC or network using a handwritten signature in place of a password. Both products won Microsoft's national "Tablet PC Challenge" in Germany in February 2004.

Tablet PCs and specially selected writing tablets or pen pads capture static images and dynamic characteristics of a signature. Softpro's software captures both character sets, encrypts and stores them, and offers a sophisticated option to verify signatures, thus providing a convenient way to secure e-processes.


MIKE WENDLAND: OneNote greatly simplifies interview
Detroit Free Press

Ever since Bill Gates singled out my use of a Tablet PC in a speech in Seattle last week, I've been barraged with e-mail from people asking me about the software I used to take handwritten notes on the screen while simultaneously making an audio recording.

I've written before about the Tablet PC. Some come as laptops, with a screen that swivels and flattens down over the keyboard. Some, like the Motion 1400 model I use, are called slates because there is no attached keyboard; the unit resembles a big Etch A Sketch. Mine weighs about three pounds, is a half-inch thick and has a 12-inch screen. I can attach a keyboard to it when I want it to work like a desktop, but mostly I just carry it around to surf the Net, check e-mail and take notes.

It's all made possible by what has to be one of the most innovative and productive pieces of software ever invented, yet very few people have heard of. It's called OneNote, and it's a $99 application from Microsoft that is officially described as a note-taking and management program.

You can use OneNote on any Windows computer. On traditional desktops and laptops, you type your notes. On a Tablet PC, you can also use a stylus to take handwritten notes or draw diagrams, and you can mix and match typed notes with handwritten notes.

So when I interviewed Gates, for example, I scribbled away on the surface of my Tablet just as if I were taking notes on a paper pad. As he said something that I knew I'd want to quote later when I sat down to write my story, I just scribbled an asterisk next to the handwritten note I made of his quote.


Cheap Asus SLI boards out there

The Geeks are also selling a refurbished Averatec C3500 Tablet PC for only $879. It features an AMD XP-2200 mobile CPU encased in a transformable sub-portable notebook. The rest of the configuration is pretty standard. 512MB memory, a 12.1-inch touch sensitive monitor, 802.11g wireless LAN and wired LAN, DVD combo, USB 2.0 ports etc.


May 11, 2005

Blue Diesel Expands Capabilities Through Partnership With Proscape

Proscape, a leading provider of face-to-face selling and marketing effectiveness software for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced a partnership with Blue Diesel, one of the nation's leading interactive marketing companies, to develop customizable messaging for Tablet PC-based sales materials.

 Proscape offers a software solution that enables pharmaceutical sales forces to manage sales and marketing content including visual aids, case studies, clinical reprints, POA materials, opinion leader videos, managed care information, and training materials. The system then distributes the information to sales reps in the field via the Internet/intranet for playback on Tablet PCs.

A growing number of our clients are evolving their sales aids to be tablet PC-based, rather than paper-based," said Kelly Gratz, president of Blue Diesel. "Not only is the online format more flexible and easier to update with new information, it also gives the sales rep the ability to customize the presentation for the specific physician they are calling on.  We're thrilled to partner with Proscape in offering our clients a tool that enables them to be more targeted and strategic in their sales efforts."


Apple Patents Tablet Mac
The Mac Observer

Apple Computer was granted a patent for an enigmatically titled "Electronic device" Tuesday, May 10th, 2005. Illustrations for the device clearly indicate it to be a tablet-style Macintosh, and patent filings specifically compare it to the "HP Compaq Tablet PC" and several other tablet machines.


Wireless frontiers
British Industry

Wireless technology is blooming in the industrial sector. Malcolm Wheatley examines the latest emerging technologies

the benefits are self-evident. Salespeople are more productive, for a start. “Instead of spending three and a half days on selling, and a day and a half on administration, we’re getting four and a half days of selling achieved,” he says. The extra time spent selling increases the revenues – and the profit. What’s more, the immediacy of the quotation “slightly increases the conversion rate,” he adds. Overall, reckons Young, each sales representative is generating around £25,000 extra business – not a bad return from a small tablet PC and some customised software.


May 12, 2005

Microsoft Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2005

Photos from MEDC

While the big news at MEDC was the Announcement of Windows Mobile 5.O there were plenty of Tablet PC's to be found

Tablet PC carpetFrank - Sahara i23 Tablet PC


City of Prince George Receives Award for Their Innovative use of GIS Technology
Spatial News

In another application, cadastral, underground infrastructure and the City's archive of water, sanitary, and storm drawings are loaded on a Tablet PC and accessed through ArcPad. This replaces a system whereby hardcopy versions of those records were accessed through the central archive at City Hall. Having this data in the field has also proven invaluable in emergency situations.


May 13, 2005

Car Tablet PC — 5 large for what?
engadget, CA

Car Tablet

We’re sure there’s someone out there who’s willing to lay down $5K for the Car Tablet PC, an ultra-small PC with an 8.4” TFT, built-in keyboard, 40GB HDD, 1.4GHz Pentium M and integrated speakers, designed to be used while you’re cruising the freeway. But for a lot less, we can get a car-ready Mac mini with a touchscreen display, or any number of homebrew options. Check out the new book Geek My Ride


Fujitsu LifeBook T4010 review Fujitsu Tablet PC

Fujitsu has managed to hit that sweet spot with their LifeBook T4010 convertible tablet PC. Weighing in at 4.6 lbs. with dimensions similar to other highly portable convertibles, the LifeBook manages to pack in an optical drive, card reader and all the ports you'd expect to see on a serious notebook. While most compact Windows XP Tablet PC Edition notebooks have no internal CD or DVD drive, Fujitsu managed to fit that all important drive into their design.


May 15, 2005

Channel 9 Forum has Ink

Check it out! Channel 9 now has ink-enabled forums. Visit the site, participate in the discussion, and post your own ink messages.


4200 RPM vs. 5400 RPM Hard Drive - Performance vs. Battery Life
Tablet PC Reviews

Here at we have had the subject come up time and time again. Readers want to know: Which hard drive should I get in my Tablet PC? This year more manufacturers than ever are offering a 5400 RPM hard drive option over the 4200 RPM found in most notebooks and Tablet PC's.


May 16, 2005

Motion LE1600

Forum member fpanagak just received his copy of Laptop Magazine and has posted a scanned image of an article where they discuss Motion's newest Tablet PC, the LE1600.

Motion LE1600 Reading from the image, it would appear that this new tablet has 3 microphones, since they say that it has an extra one (the M1400 has 2) for improved voice recognition. It also appears it will be sonoma based since they mention a second-generation Centrino. Also from the article, it would appear that the hardtop keyboard has been reengineered to be more notebook-like. What really struck me was the DVI port. If true, I think Motion would be the first tablet pc with a DVI port, something I think would be very much needed by the medical industry.


sahara banner

New Website Launched!

We've launched our new website! With better organization and a fresh-new look, we'll continue to add more products to our offering as well as more information and resources over the next months


Microsoft Home: Domestic digital bliss?
IT World 

There are laptops, tablet PCs and handhelds, all connected by a wireless home network, and the whole house is regulated through computer controlled heating, security and lighting.

Dad and Son come home, consume cookies, Mom watches more TV in the bedroom. Dad helps Son with homework on the kid's Tablet PC while they both watch the game Mom recorded for them earlier.

Microsoft is pitching the home as a digital dream, where technology gives individuals their own space for expression, entertainment and distraction. ... So, who knows? Maybe domestic bliss is digital.


GiveMePower and Leica to Unveil Next-Generation Laser-CAD Solution

Profiled in a recent Microsoft Corporation white paper and acclaimed as "truly revolutionary" by industry trade publications, PowerCAD SiteMaster is the first system of its kind to fully automate the creation of wireless, laser-generated 'as-built' floor plans, area estimates and inspection drawings for building information professionals. Using a Leica DISTO(TM) Plus handheld laser, SiteMaster facilitates instant "point and shoot" creation of detailed, AutoCAD(R)-compatible drawings anytime and anywhere using a Bluetooth(R) wireless desktop, laptop or XP tablet PC, or a Windows(R) Mobile(R) pocket PC, handheld PC or pocket PC cell phone, which combines the power of a pocket PC with the convenience of a cell phone.


Software tracks, protects sensitive electronic data
Inside Bay Area

Computrace is one of a number of software companies that protects laptops from theft by monitoring their location when unauthorized persons seek to use them.

Of course, if you don't want to recapture your data and merely want to restore the value of the hardware, you can merely insure the machine through Safeware (, a computer insurance agency. Safeware will protect your PDA, smart phone and tablet PC as well.



The Tablet PC has never caught the imagination in quite the same way that Microsoft or many of the hardware vendors who signed up to be partners had envisioned. True, it has found niche markets in both business and education but for the most part, people remain unimpressed with what it has to offer.

Not so with the Averatec C3500, a fully functioning tablet that manages to come in at an affordable price of £695 (inc. VAT). Averatec is a new start-up company in this country that has been in operation in the States for over twelve months. The company is funded by TriGem, a Far-East manufacturer, so the company’s pedigree is assured.

As a fully-fledged Tablet PC, the Averatec C3500 proves, to some degree, that you get what you pay for. The poor battery life and sluggish performance attest to that. However, as a budget priced laptop that can be used occasionally in slate mode, users may well forgive its flaws.


Windows Messenger 5.1.0680 in inglese
Software Zone

Improvements in file transfer functionality for users with multiple network connections (such as configurations involving both wired and wireless network connections or users of VPN connections).

Improvements in Tablet PC and laptop support. Specifically, this includes improved support for ink as well as improved performance when using power saving features in portable computers such as standby or hibernation.


May 17, 2005

Motion Computing LE1600 Tablet PC
Business Wire

Motion Computing Launches Industry's Next-Generation Tablet PC; New Motion LE1600 - First Slate Tablet with Latest Intel Centrino Mobile Technology - Is Lighter, Slimmer and Capable of Up to a Full Day of Battery Life

Motion Tablet PC

Motion Computing(R), a leader in ultramobile computing and wireless communications, today unveiled the LE1600, a slate tablet PC that enhances user productivity with its improved ergonomics, technology innovations and advanced security capabilities; in a slimmer, lighter and more durable design. Building on the widely-acclaimed design of Motion's award-winning M-series tablet PCs, the LE1600 packages the latest generation of Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology, longer battery life management, and design durability optimized for mobile professionals in healthcare, field sales and service, government and education.

The clipboard-sized Motion LE1600 Tablet PC weighs 3.1 pounds and features a slim, tapered design, about a quarter-pound lighter and a quarter-inch thinner than the Motion M1400. Motion's new flagship product runs Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and is built-to-order per customer specification.

"The LE1600 builds upon Motion's history of offering best-in-class slate tablet PC design for an unsurpassed mobile computing experience," said Scott Eckert, Motion Computing's CEO. "After listening to our customers in the mobile workforce, we have enhanced nearly every component, feature and design element in the LE1600 to increase productivity for on-the-go users while providing enhancements in mobility, performance and security. Through our leadership in product innovation, as well as our build-to-order manufacturing model, Motion is well-positioned to increase its already-significant share of the worldwide tablet PC market."

The Motion LE1600 is the first slate tablet PC to ship with the latest generation of Intel Centrino mobile technology (formerly codenamed Sonoma), including the Low Voltage (LV) Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.5GHz, the Mobile Intel(R) 915GMS Express Chipset, and the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200 BG Network Connection, providing enhanced performance, graphics processing, power management, and flexible WLAN capabilities for the mobile platform. In addition, the LE1600 includes 512MB of upgradeable 400MHz DDRII memory and a 30GB hard drive, upgradeable to 60GB. The hard drive is a shock-mounted 1.8" design for enhanced durability.

With the LE1600's innovative battery logistics, mobile professionals can achieve up to a full work day of computing time without recharging. The Standard Battery provides more than three hours of use, and a slim, optional Extended Battery attaches flat against the back of the LE1600, maintaining even distribution of weight and balance. When used in tandem, the two batteries are hot-swappable and can provide up to eight hours of computing time -- more than double the battery life of the award-winning M1400.

Embedded Security Ensures Data Integrity

The LE1600's advanced security capabilities help ensure user, network and enterprise data are protected. An embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) enables hardware-protected encryption, as well as secures digital certificate storage for authentication and secure e-mail applications. The built-in fingerprint reader uses biometric data to prevent unauthorized access to system resources and encrypted data. The LE1600 also features the new Motion Security Center for quick access to the tablet PC's authentication, password and encryption applications.

The Motion LE1600 is available from Motion's international network of more than 700 value-added resellers or at for $2,199 MSRP. Motion is also selling the LE1600c -- a Celeron version -- for $1,899 MSRP.


Our Internet Reservations Volume is larger than CRS/Voice
Restaurant News Resource

Hospitality Solutions International (HSI), a division of MICROS Systems, Inc, and a leading software developer, announced plans to showcase wearable/mobile computing hardware and self-ordering kiosk solutions for point of sale to the foodservice industry.

The tablet PC and HSI Profit Series point-of-sale software address the complex needs of a market that demands streamlined integration. The wireless, lightweight tablet PC provides the same full-sized point-of-sale screens as a wired terminal and may be used as a desktop or workstation when coupled with a docking cradle and keyboard. Because the tablet PC operates the full point-of-sale application, all features including HSI’s terminal offline are available to all users. Data is stored in the Compact Flash memory and then synchronized to the server when within range of the wireless access point.


The Tablet PC Show #8

The Tablet PC Show is back after a too long hiatus and Marc and I discuss the Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC powerhouse, the HP tc1100 workhorse and the Treo 650. OK, the Treo is not Tablet specific but Marc is using it to great advantage with his Tablet PC and he tells us what he thinks about the phone and the combo. We finish up the show talking about mobile connectivity options for Tablet owners including the lightning fast EVDO network from Verizon. Enjoy the show and we are waiting for your feedback.


Tablet computing -- part 2: The hardware and software
San Diego Daily Transcript

Last week I wrote that tablet computers running Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 work so well that it's well worth considering one if you're looking to buy a new notebook. It adds a new dimension to the PC and provides lots of additional versatility.


Mini-Review: Bluetake Bluetooth BT007Si USB adapter and BT510 Mini mouse

I recently received a couple of accessories from to review, and they are vital for my newfound TabletPCGeek status (I have been posting quite a bit about my new Fujitsu T4010 Tablet PC on my blog).

Bluetake then sent me its new Class 1 Bluetooth BT007Si USB adapter and BT510 Mini Mouse. I first installed the IVT BlueSoleil driver instead of using the limited Windows XP SP2 drivers because I wanted to get all the profiles available for the dongle to see if the IVT driver was any good.

All I can say is, "WOW, the BlueSoleil driver ROCKS!"


May 18, 2005

Compare the New Motion LE1600 Here

The LE1600 integrates the latest innovations in ultra-mobile technology with the optimum balance between high-end performance and a lightweight, purely flexible Tablet PC. The LE1600 provides an impressive bundle of features that will enhance your mobility and productivity.


Gearing up for Greatness exclusive

The Hollywood Bowl "Gears Up" for the 2005 Season

 fujitsu tablet PC

Between The Village People, Cher, The Hollywood Bowl and myself there were seven Tablet PCs and an Elephant being used in the Hollywood Bowl that day including the Sahara i213, 2 Fujitsu's, a Toshiba M200 an Xplore and 2 Motion M1300s


Motion Computing LE1600
ABC News

The Motion Computing LE1600 is our latest Editors' Choice among tablets, thanks to improved components, a superior screen, and an airtight security suite.

As Windows XP Tablet PC Edition continues to get better, so do the tablets themselves. The Motion Computing LE1600 is a prime example of this, and thanks to better components, a superior screen, and an airtight security suite, it gets our Editors' Choice nod.


Tablet PC has a “a day" of battery lifeMotion Tablet PC
Inquirer, UK

MOTION HAS released a new Tablet PC that it claims can run for a day without a recharge.

Of course Motion’s day is a little shorter than we have here in Blighty. The Tablet can only last eight hours, but the spinsters from from Motion tell us that this is a working day where they come from.

The LE1600, based on Intel's Centrino platform, is lighter and thinner than its predecessors. It runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and is built-to-order per customer specification.


Saving the Trees - Digital Ink Pioneers Gather for Geekfest!
Tablet PC Reviews

The future is now and it is a day of "paperless" data capture. As the world slowly moves towards the wonderful technologies of Tablet PC's, handwriting recognition, electromagnetic pens and tablet screens, the demands for digital ink support increase. Recently the "3rd Annual Mi-Co User Day" took place. Some of the big players that joined in were HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Motion Computing and even the IRS!


University of Arizona Selects Gateway as Campus-Wide Provider of of Computing Products and Services
PR Newswire

The five-year arrangement, which is expected to total more than $45 million in sales over the life of the contract, establishes Gateway as the University's premier technology provider, bringing sales discounts on desktops, notebooks, tablets and servers to the institution as well as its student body.

The company will provide the university with the company's robust professional line of products including E-Series desktops like the ultra-reliable E-6300 and the space-saving Profile 5.5, managed notebooks including the unique M275 convertible tablet PC and Gateway's powerful new servers.


Toshiba's new retail range brings tablet technology to town
Computerworld Australia

*Satellite R10

Tablet PC technology has finally arrived in the retail marketplace. For home-users and students looking for a fast and productive way of editing documents and email whilst on-the go, the Satellite R10 tablet PC is a great option. It features a large 14 inch poly-silicon display, pressure sensitive digitiser, a 60GB hard drive and 1.7 MHz processor to ensure a high quality resolution and fast access, making it ideal for watching DVDs as well as pen-based application whilst mobile.

The Satellite R10 is also equipped with Toshiba’s latest ruggedised technology including three-dimensional drop detection technology, which protects the hard disk drive data from sudden impact. Toshiba is the only vendor that incorporates a shock detector from three angles, maximising the protection of information.

The Satellite R10 also comes with an optional Tablet Multi Dock, for simple connection to optional peripherals whilst at home or in-the-office.


May 19, 2005

Motion Computing Launches Swanky Tablet PC

The new LE1600 (from $1899) is the first slate tablet PC with the latest Intel Centrino Mobile technology. More interesting, it's now lighter and slimmer compared to the M1400, and is capable of up to a full day of battery life - if you go for the optional hot-swappable extended battery. It also supports an attachable all-in-one mobile keyboard, mini-dock, and charging station, offers Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g), Bluetooth, infrared and Gigabit Ethernet ports, and supports the Trusted Platform Module (hardware-based encryption).


EverNote releases ritePen 2.5 handwriting recognition software

ritePen 2.5 improves the core UI functionality and handwriting recognition on Windows-based pen computers like Tablet PCs. With ritePen, users can navigate the desktop and write on the full screen in electronic ink, with their handwriting automatically converted into text and entered into any Windows application.

The software includes natural editing gestures, provides a list of alternative answers, as well as allows the addition of custom user vocabulary to further improve recognition accuracy of special terms and abbreviations.


Tablet PC interface: The write stuff

More details are emerging about the Tablet PC interface, which could turn out to be the most important IT innovation since the browser if it moves us from the keyboard to a more natural way of interacting with intelligent machines.

Pen-driven Tablet PCs have, of course, been available for years; what has changed is that Microsoft has designed an interface around them, and has the power and perseverance to push it into the mainstream.

Like many major Microsoft projects, Tablets may not be an immediate success. But the company and its developer partners have taken great pains to ensure that the interface is immediately useful.

A more contentious compromise involved not making the handwriting recognition adaptive: you can add words and names to its dictionary but it does not learn your particular little ways.

Bodin Dresevic, lead developer of the Tablet PC team, explained that this was to avoid new users having to go through a learning process and continually having to cope with correction boxes.

"There is 14 years' work behind the handwriting recognition in the Tablet PC and we have examples of thousands of scripts from people across the world," he said. "We don't need to make it adaptive."


Kingston Launches New 'Ultimate' Line of SD Cards
Yahoo News

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. today announced the further expansion Kingston Ultimateof its Secure Digital (SD) Card product line with the release of new ultra-performing 'Ultimate' SD cards, initially shipping in 512-MB and 1-GB capacities.

The new SD Ultimate cards offer significant performance benefits over the current Standard and Elite Pro lines of SD cards, including 133X super-fast transfer rates of larger size files -- ideal for the shooting demands of professional digital photographers.

"Kingston developed the SD Ultimate line to give pro users and serious digital enthusiasts a greater array of choices for their digital media," said Mike Kuppinger, senior product manager, Kingston. "Our SD Ultimate cards provide superb performance to help users optimize their high-end digital equipment -- whether it's a digital camera, MP3 player or PDA,"

* Editors Note:   These work great for transferring photos, music and data to and from your Tablet PC and your camera, desktop and other Tablets.  The speed of the Ultimate card allows you to shoot video from your digital camera without skipping or missing frames.     Click here to Purchase


Motion Releases Redesigned Tablet PC
Mobile Health Data,

Austin, Texas-based Motion Computing Inc. has released its 4th generation le1600 tablet pcTablet PC featuring several technological and ergonomic upgrades to its prior models. The LE1600 model also is thinner than the vendor's M1400 Tablet PC released a year ago.

Motion's redesigned model features rounded edges, improved speaker, battery and screen capability, and includes the latest version of the Intel Centrino Mobile processing technology.

The vendor also redesigned the pen on the new Tablet PC, which is now thicker, weighted and tethered to the device. It features an eraser that can be used on-screen. Motion also redesigned the Tablet PC's optional attachable keyboard to additionally function as a docking station.


May 20, 2005

Updates for Motion Tablet PC Users
As always, we like to remind our current customers to update their drivers and BIOS regularly to receive the best mobile computing experience.

New BIOS A05 for M1400 - Motion recommends downloading BIOS A05 for improved reliability of PCMCIA peripherals.
Learn more

Updated Motion Computing M1400 Dashboard - The M1400 Dashboard has been updated to version This new update addresses anomalies with Bluetooth connectivity particularly for users that have upgraded from Service Pack 1 to Service Pack 2.
Learn more


May 23, 2005

Microsoft Announces Imagine Cup 2005 US Software Design Invitational Winners
PR Newswire

First-place winner. James Barrett, John McKeon and John Sells of Virginia Commonwealth University developed ECESIS, a Tablet PC-enabled application designed for use in early-childhood education classrooms to facilitate writing instruction. Using the application, students will complete a series of lessons that will be stored on the application server and distributed to client applications via Web services


Fujitsu Tablet PCs and Microsoft OneNote at the Indy 500

Fujitsu Tablet PC at indy 500

Race cars aren’t the only fast machines at this year’s Indy 500. Target Chip Ganassi Racing engineers are using new Fujitsu Stylistic Model ST501D Tablet PCs running Microsoft OneNote to help them design, build, tune, and run three Toyota-powered IndyCars in the world’s largest motorsports event.

Michael Carbone, IT director for Chip Ganassi Racing, said they looked at other brands of ruggedized PCs, but decided to outfit fifteen members of the engineering staff with Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PCs, because of the 12.1-inch XGA TFT indoor/outdoor display. “The display actually gets brighter as the sun gets brighter,” Carbone said.

Julian Robertson, Chief Engineer for the #33 Target Toyota IndyCar, said racing the Target Racing team members prefer Tablet PCs to laptops when working in the pit lane at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where harsh conditions can severely task both engineers and their tools.

“Our tablets are fully functional PCs, but they are lighter and easier to use,” he said. “We save a lot of time writing on the screen with a stylus rather than keyboarding.”



click to purchase Diskeeper pro   click to putchaseundelete

Executive Software announced today that Diskeeper®9.0 and Undelete® 5.0 have been given the coveted Editors’ Choice awards in the May 24th edition of PC Magazine

Diskeeper -- The number one automatic defragmenter™, is the industry leader, consistently employing the most cutting-edge technology such as Smart Scheduling® and I/O Smart to allow seamless daily defragmentation of  systems.  Diskeeper is the most highly awarded system tool of its kind -- with a record 231 awards and editor accolades received in 2004 alone.   Diskeeper  has long been recognized as the market leader in disk defragmentation with over 16 million sold, spanning the spectrum from consumers to the enterprise.  

Read Tablet PC 2's Diskeeper review here


AMD Renews Bid For Set-Tops, Tablet PCs
Extreme Tech

Advanced Micro Devices has released the AMD Geode LX, a low-power processor that the company hopes will help it achieve its "X86 Everywhere" strategy.

The chip's selling point is its low power: 900 milliwatts, substantially less than the 7 watts or so that the 1.2-GHz Pentium M 753 from Intel consumes. However, AMD's Geode LX runs at a fixed rate of 500 MHz, which AMD executives say will be enough to run Windows XP.

AMD's goal was to create a processor with the highest performance per watt in the industry, according to Charles Ditmer, division marketing manager for AMD's Embedded Solutions Group and a marketing manager for the LX800 processor. Reducing the chip's power means that a wider range of devices can incorporate the chip. Over 17 customers are testing the design, with at least one from the tablet, personal video recorder, "micro" PC, thin client, and set-top box category.


New AMD Geode Processor to Provide Full Desktop Functionality on on Mobile, Embedded Devices
Business Wire

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE:AMD) today announced availability of the AMD Geode(TM) LX 800@0.9W processor,(a) enabling consumers to experience full-featured, desktop-style computing on a new generation of x86 architecture-based embedded and mobile devices. Requiring less than one watt of power,(b) the AMD Geode LX 800@0.9W processor supports the Microsoft Windows XP and XP Embedded operating systems, allowing users to leverage familiar business and consumer applications on low-power, fan-less portable products.

The industry standard x86 architecture, low power consumption and excellent performance makes the AMD Geode LX processor ideal for a wide variety of consumer electronics and computing markets, including multimedia devices, single-board computers, access devices and other general embedded applications. Examples of products that would benefit from the AMD Geode LX processor's capabilities include HDTVs, IP set-top boxes, thin clients, point-of-sale kiosks and Windows-powered tablet PCs. Furthermore, new categories of x86-based mobile multimedia devices that merge full desktop computing functionality with small form factor, battery-powered portability are now possible.


May 24, 2005

PatientKeeper V3 for MEDITECH to Be Demonstrated at 2005 International MUSE Conference
Yahoo News

PatientKeeper offers a broad range of mobile applications that support the workflow of physicians and other healthcare professionals. The products include: PatientKeeper Clinical Results(TM), PatientKeeper Charge Capture(TM), PatientKeeper Mobile Dictation(TM), PatientKeeper ePrescription(TM) (Powered by DrFirst), and PatientKeeper Reference Library(TM). In addition, PatientKeeper supports Palm OS®, PocketPC-based devices, and any tablet or PC running a web browser -- allowing physicians to utilize the computer platform most appropriate and convenient for their work


Amicore to Provide Electronic Medical Records Software for the ...
PR Newswire

"Amicore is thrilled to provide EMR software for the Waterbury Health Access Program," said Beth Isbell, Amicore's vice president of sales and marketing. "Amicore Clinical Management will enable WHAP providers to make informed treatment decisions, reduce costs by eliminating redundant tests and improve quality of care by creating a single health record for patients that can be securely accessed from the office, emergency room or virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

Amicore Integrated Management is being built from the ground up on Microsoft .Net Framework and leverages the Microsoft Tablet PC operating system to allow physicians to access medical data anywhere/anytime,


Crack staff hunting down sidewalks in need of repair
Boston Herald, MA 

City public works staffers are using high-tech ``tablet PC'' computers to identify and earmark some 3,000 sections of uneven sidewalk around the city for repair and replacement.

Calling the program CityWalks, Mayor Thomas M. Menino kicked off the $12 million repair program yesterday at the intersection of Columbus and Warren avenues in the South End.
This is just another way technology can help us deliver city services much more quickly and efficiently,'' Menino said of the wireless tablet PCs, which can transmit precise sidewalk locations and dimensions to City Hall instantaneously. The computers display map grids of the entire city


I have a dream
Always On 

In which doctors are transformed from small businessmen into entrepreneurs and make use of technology as a competitive edge

When my blood pressure, pulse and temperature are taken, I say good -bye to the nurse and wait for the doctor to come in. He arrives, having already read my chart in the hall on his tablet PC. He has seen the updates, and greets me with "so, you've gained four pounds. What's up with that? Your BMI is now 26."

We talk about my mental health, my back, my hip, and all the other minor stuff I have. He's not rushed, and I feel like he's really listening, not running off to the next room. He writes what I say on the tablet, and it comes out on the chart typed. At home, I can access this chart with my patient ID.


Amicore to Provide Electronic Medical Records Software for the ...
PR Newswire

"Amicore is thrilled to provide EMR software for the Waterbury Health Access Program," said Beth Isbell, Amicore's vice president of sales and marketing. "Amicore Clinical Management will enable WHAP providers to make informed treatment decisions, reduce costs by eliminating redundant tests and improve quality of care by creating a single health record for patients that can be securely accessed from the office, emergency room or virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

Amicore Integrated Management is being built from the ground up on Microsoft .Net Framework and leverages the Microsoft Tablet PC operating system to allow physicians to access medical data anywhere/anytime,


Crack staff hunting down sidewalks in need of repair
Boston Herald, MA 

City public works staffers are using high-tech ``tablet PC'' computers to identify and earmark some 3,000 sections of uneven sidewalk around the city for repair and replacement.

Calling the program CityWalks, Mayor Thomas M. Menino kicked off the $12 million repair program yesterday at the intersection of Columbus and Warren avenues in the South End.
This is just another way technology can help us deliver city services much more quickly and efficiently,'' Menino said of the wireless tablet PCs, which can transmit precise sidewalk locations and dimensions to City Hall instantaneously. The computers display map grids of the entire city


I have a dream
Always On 

In which doctors are transformed from small businessmen into entrepreneurs and make use of technology as a competitive edge

When my blood pressure, pulse and temperature are taken, I say good -bye to the nurse and wait for the doctor to come in. He arrives, having already read my chart in the hall on his tablet PC. He has seen the updates, and greets me with "so, you've gained four pounds. What's up with that? Your BMI is now 26."

We talk about my mental health, my back, my hip, and all the other minor stuff I have. He's not rushed, and I feel like he's really listening, not running off to the next room. He writes what I say on the tablet, and it comes out on the chart typed. At home, I can access this chart with my patient ID.


May 25, 2005

Power Up: Your OneNote Power Toy Contest

Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2003 is the new notetaking program for desktop, laptop, and Tablet PCs. OneNote empowers you by combining the freedom and flexibility of paper notes with the efficiency of digital organizational toolsOne Note on Tablet PC.

Show the world how you Power Up OneNote with the add-on functionality of PowerToys. It's your opportunity to influence the future of OneNote. It's your chance to wow a global audience. And it's your shot at winning one of five Toshiba Portégé M200 Tablet PCs.

To submit your entry, click here. If you need a copy of OneNote to compete in this contest, you can download a free trial here. And remember, even if you don't want to compete, you can still register for a chance to win, since a sixth Toshiba Portégé M200 Tablet PC will be awarded in an end-of-contest drawing. And don't forget to tell your friends through our Refer-A-Friend component.


Microsoft Canada, Children's Miracle Network and Premier Dalton McGuinty launch child technology center at Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Canada NewsWire

A collaboration of private sector, non profit and government representatives today celebrated the launch of the Child Life Interactive Computers for Kids (CLICK) program at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa, Ontario. CLICK is a partnership between Microsoft Canada, the Children's Miracle Network and CHEO.

The first of its kind in Canada, this innovative program gives children access to bedside connectivity, allowing them to maintain a level of normalcy while in hospital through state of the art technology. A wireless network, Tablet PC's, software and Xbox consoles, coordinated through a Child Life Specialist empower children to interact and connect with friends, family and the classroom, play games and express themselves through unique technology based projects.


D: Notebook
Wall Street Journal

On Tuesday at the D: All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, Calif., Mr. Otellini displayed a sleek PC that doubles as a tablet. It is being sold to Chinese consumers -- a market Mr. Otellini noted includes 60 million urban households that have the money and desire to buy a PC, but haven't. He also showed off a management console for Chinese Net cafes that could serve as "IT in a box" for small businesses, and a thin, light, silver desktop. "The desktop machine needs to be reinvented," he said.

While the Tablet PC's reception has been underwhelming so far, Mr. Gates was serenely confident that it will catch on as graphic user interfaces did, quickly going from a fringe feature to a mainstream way of working.


Samsung develop 16GB flash drive
I.T. Vibe

Samsung Electronics today announced that it has developed the first Solid State Disk (SSD) based on Flash-memory technology for consumer and mobile PC applications that can store up to 16 GigaBytes of information.

The NAND-based SSD is a low power, lightweight storage media for notebook and tablet PCs. Using the industry's highest density NAND Flash, Samsung say they can now build SSDs with a capacity of up to 16 GigaBytes.


May 26, 2005

A Fun Freebie for Tablet PCs
PC World 

Microsoft's Experience Pack for Tablet PC adds some interesting tools and toys.Experience Pack

Tablet PC users, grab your styluses: Microsoft has a gift for you. The Experience Pack for Tablet PC may not be reason enough to buy a portable running Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition, but the free download is definitely worth the few minutes necessary to install it.

The Experience Pack consists of half a dozen utilities and applets that are more about fun and frills than hard-core productivity. Among the most useful in the shipping version I tested: the Ink Desktop, which lets you scribble directly onto a tablet's touch screen--a handy feature for jotting down quick notes.


Arcs of Fire

New Game and Source drop released

The M4 release concentrated on Tablet PC-specific enhancements as well as game-play improvements and coArcs Tablet PCntinual refactoring to improve performance and robustness. Arcs of Fire now runs in both portrait and landscape modes and re-sizes itself accordingly on screen rotation. AoF also responds to system-wide power events, serializing its current state to the disk on sleep or hibernate commands and restoring the current game on wakening. Gesture support has been added to AoF; try the circle gesture to toggle sound, the square gesture to maximize or restore the game, and the Star gesture to exit the game.


May 27, 2005

Tablet PC Reviews in Progress...

Fujitsu Lifebook T4010  -  Xplore iX104  -  Toshiba R15

The digital home: Part 2
IT Week

Once the relevant details had been emailed across, our cook was able to establish which ingredients were missing (the old-fashioned way by checking the cupboards), jotting down a shopping list onto an Acer C110 tablet PC as she went.

The tablet's handwriting recognition was able to decipher the scrawl, translate it into a shopping basket at's online supermarket and, within a few minutes, the food was ordered and on its way.

Microsoft's own response on this subject is tellingly vague. "Home automation forms a component part of the vision of the digital lifestyle and can be seen in many of Microsoft's products and services, for example the ability to handwrite onto a Tablet PC," said Paul Randle, product marketing manager for the Windows Client Group.

Elsewhere, fingerprint recognition was used to prevent the kids from logging-on to the household laptop (an Acer C300 tablet PC) with privileges that would let them view unsuitable websites or mess around with parents' digital archives of music, video, photos and documents. It's a useful implementation of biometric technology to help safeguard our families and our data.


Gorilla returns after illness
Chicago Sun

With a couple of shoves and a slap from her family, Rollie, a Lincoln Park Zoo ape who fell ill in April, was reintroduced Thursday to her gorilla gang.

A handful of zoo employees, including zoo director Kevin Bell, watched Rollie's return. One worker used a tablet PC to record gorilla movement in the pen, while another noted behavior on a Palm Pilot.


Steve Jobs: Souping Up Macs?

I’d certainly like to see an Apple tablet. While Microsoft’s Tablet PC, sold by a number of PC makers, has not as yet captured the popular imagination, it offers attractive features that you can’t yet get from the Mac. For a journalist like me, the ability to use a tablet and tablet software, such as Microsoft’s OneNote, which synchronizes audio recordings with typewritten or handwritten input, would be a boon.


VCU wins national software design competition by Microsoft

A team of Virginia Commonwealth University students has won top honors at Microsoft Corp.'s annual Imagine Cup software design competition for a tablet PC-based teaching tool for early childhood education.

The winning VCU team developed ECESIS, a tablet PC-enabled application designed for use in early childhood education classrooms to facilitate writing instruction. The ECESIS system will provide objective feedback and scoring of student progress, and includes a Web reporting interface that will be accessible to parents, teachers and school administrators.


May 30, 2005

Tablet PC 2 Memorial Day


May 31, 2005

Itronix Introduces Duo-Touch Tablet PC, Enhanced, Class-Leading Wireless Rugged Tablet
PR Newswire

Itronix Corp., a world-class developer of wireless, rugged mobile computing solutions, today introduced the Duo-Touch Tablet PC, a next-generation, portable, wireless, rugged slate tablet PC for mobile professionals in industries such as telecommunications, utilities, government, and insurance. The Duo-Touch feature updates include the Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 733 from Intel Corporation, integrated GPS, more memory, a brighter display, and a more rugged case. The name "Duo-Touch" refers to the new dual-mode touch panel, which provides both a passive touch screen and standard digitizer, or "active," touch screen. The Duo-Touch Tablet PC will be available for delivery in June 2005.

The Duo-Touch Tablet PC is based on the Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 733 and the Mobile Intel(R) 915GM Express Chipset, making it faster than the original GoBook Tablet PC. As a result, the system also delivers better performance without compromising battery life, as well as superior thermal management. The Duo-Touch utilizes the Microsoft Windows XP(R) Tablet PC Edition(R) operating system, making the Duo-Touch extremely user-friendly to field workers already familiar with the XP operating system.

Some tried and true features of the GoBook Tablet PC will be maintained for the Duo-Touch including the ergonomic design and form factor. The Duo-Touch's ergonomic footprint and light weight design, weighing in at 3.9 pounds, optimizes it for the mobile user. As with the original GoBook Tablet PC, extreme climate changes such as rain, snow, wind, dust, vibration, shock and chemical exposure will not hinder its performance.

It was designed for exposure to the elements including temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 60 degrees C (-4 degrees to 140 degrees F). The Duo-Touch is also backward compatible with most GoBook Tablet PC peripherals and accessories, including the desk mount and vehicle cradles. "Mobile field professionals who require the portability of a tablet PC, durability of a ruggedized computer, and seamless connectivity, now have another option without compromising power and performance


Computex: Tatung to showcase 17-inch multi-function monitor

Tatung will be showing a variety of display products and a wide range of home- and office-use devices at Computex 2005 (May 31-Jun 4) in Taipei.

Among the various display products, the company will showcase a 17-inch multi-function monitor (MFM), a 3.5-inch portable media center (PMC) display and a 12.1-inch tablet PC.

In addition, Tatung claims the tablet PC (TTAB-A12D) is the world’s first 12.1 tablet PC that supports the Intel Sonoma platform. Weighing only 1.4 kg and with having a depth of 1.8 cm, the tablet PC also has other features such as a fingerprint identification system


Mobile PC Sales To Drive Global Market
Media Center PC World

Worldwide PC sales will grow by 10% in the next year say analysts Gartner, but for a change the driving force appears to be mobile devices such as notebooks and tablet PCs.

Desktop sales only will rise by just over 4%, but portable PCs will see a massive increase in shipments of 26.5%.




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