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July 2005


July 1, 2005

Biz gadget / Life Drives
Bermuda Sun

Last week we highlighted the pros of a note recording software for a Tablet PC, but even better than paying for software is a free offering from Microsoft. The Experience Pack for Tablet PC allows for a quick scribble while you’re on the run to your next business meeting. The July issue of ‘PC World’ magazine gave this free piece of software three and a half stars out of five.


Gates calls for better search technology

Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect was speaking before a conference hall here packed with over 7,000 IT professionals, government officials and students. Gates is in Singapore for the day, following a trip to Thailand.

"We have the availability of information wherever you go, delivered by the breakthrough of wireless networks" in the office and in public areas, he said.

"This means that when you take the portable PC with you, you're connected...That portable (device) will get even smaller and will turn into a tablet device where pen and ink can be used as well as the keyboard."


PhatWare and WebIS join forces
MTekk IT Services

"To provide our customers with a faster and easier purchasing experience, PhatWare Corp. in cooperation with Web Information Solutions, Inc. (WebIS), has launched a new online store for mobile software products.

The store supplies mobile software made by PhatWare and WebIS, including all of PhatWare's products for Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and Tablet PCs.


New Self-Service Kiosks Help Hospital Reduce Patient Wait-Times Paperwork, And Anxiety

In the past, patients needed to sign in and then wait for administration workers who called them individually to complete registration paperwork. Now, using wireless tablet PCs, three or four patients at a time can check in while one hospital worker is nearby to answer questions or correct errors--in insurance information, for example--collected a day or so before during preregistration processes.

Galvanon offers a tablet PC version of the check-in kiosk, which Newark Beth Israel Medical Center uses, as well as desktop and traditional freestanding versions of the kiosks.


Tablet PCs: Is the writing on the wall?

Tablet PCs have enjoyed a brief resurgence of publicity since IBM and Lenovo Tablet PCChina’s Lenovo Group unveiled the first ThinkPad convertible notebook at the start of June.

But after having remained a decidedly niche product since Microsoft chairman Bill Gates launched the first prototypes at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas in 2001 to great fanfare, the big question is will the IBM and Lenovo launch be enough to ignite more mainstream business interest?

Some analysts claim it will. Michael Gartenberg, vice-president and research director at Jupiter Research, says the X41 Tablet series is a no-compromise PC but with added tablet functionality as a bonus.

"This will kick-start the market and these products have the potential to move the market forward. As people become more aware that they can gain tablet functionality without any trade-offs such as battery life, we’ll start to see sales picking up during the second half of this year,” he says.

Gartenberg claims that, despite rumours to the contrary, the tablet PC is alive and well and being used. He claims the he potential market is equivalent to that of notebooks, but a key problem is that many end-users are simply unaware of that tablets even exist as retail outlets, among others, have failed to push them.


Infowave Announces New Release of Enterprise Mobile Applications
Business Wire

Mobile workers can access information and execute transactions in an environment that does not depend on direct access to the corporate systems of record. This enhances usability and training, accelerates ROI, and allows Infowave to offer solutions for many different industries and integration to predominant corporate enterprise applications for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, maintenance management, and plant information. It extends the reach of these client applications to small device footprints, like PDAs and tablet PCs, and takes advantage of specialized client device hardware that includes scanners, RFID receivers, GPS receivers and signature tablets. The multiple wireless connectivity options of the client device are augmented with a disconnected mode that maintains a local database for transactions and other storage requirements.


July 4, 2005

Happy 4th


Gates: Internet needs improvements

"We have the availability of information wherever you go, delivered by the breakthrough of wireless networks [in the office and public areas]. This means that when you take the portable PC with you, you're connected up," said Gates. "That portable [device] will get even smaller and will turn into a tablet device where pen-and-ink can be used as well as the keyboard."


Computex proves its allure for world IT buyers
Taiwan Headlines

The association's statistics show that the most interesting products to buyers at the show this year were thin-client computers, notebook computers, tablet computers, computer peripherals, LCD television sets, palm-sized devices, handheld gadgets, motherboards and touch screens. Retailers constituted the majority of buyers this year, followed by manufacturers, importers and exporters, wholesalers and assemblers, the statistics show


News in brief from western Pennsylvania
Penn Live, PA

Leaders of the Catholic school in Erie credit its tablet PC program for the enrollment boost.

Since 2004, the school has given all incoming freshmen wireless computers that are about half the size of laptop computers. Students use them to take notes, write papers and download research, school spokesman Chris Hagerty said.


July 5, 2005 July Accessories of the Month

For the Month of July we bring you a few things we would not want to be without.  Compact, light weight, portable accessories from our friends Targus.   Accessories that enhance the use of your use of your Tablet PC , anywhere you use them.


Electrovaya Announces New Scribbler SC3000 Tablet PC

Sc3000 Tablet PC


Main Features
• State-of-the-art SuperPolymer® Lithium-ion 75 Whr battery
• New Toshiba Wide Viewing Angle Display
• Dual Array Microphone System for better quality of sound†
• Now available “Outdoor Viewable Screen” for your Scribbler‡
• Extended battery run-time of up to 9 hours*
• Fast Intel Centrino 1.5 GHz processor with 2MB L2 Cache ensures superior performance, efficiency and power management
• Very bright 12.1 inch Pressure Sensitive Screen
• Light Sensor adjusts screen-to-environment brightness
• Integrated Biometric Device for Finger Print Sensor
• Integrated IEEE 1394, Intel 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi wireless network connectivity
• Sleek, thin, and lightweight design
• Over $300 worth of software included
• USB powered devices require an external power source to operate


Couple makes e-history with house closing

HP taet PCsIt was easy, especially compared to signing for the house when we bought it three years ago."

Besides, when they closed on the purchase of the house, "we didn't have these cool computers," Cathy Simmons said. She was referring to the two thin, gleaming HP silver tablet PCs, used for the closing.

The digital or "paperless" real estate transaction is catching on. Big companies, trade groups and entrepreneurs are investing in technology platforms, back-end systems and software to automate the real estate transaction, and are digging deeper for change to revolutionize the closing process for consumers

As Fisher set up the two tablet PCs, Schaffner said half-jokingly, "In your next closing, you might be able to close in your pajamas and slippers."


The Annoying World of Notebook Shopping
PC World

As I mentioned recently, I've been in the market for a Tablet PC. I've always found that one of the smartest things you can do when you're contemplating a particular notebook is to lift it--so you get a sense as to just how much of a burden it'll be when you carry it around. Also important: Trying out the keyboard (and, in the case of a tablet, the pen) to see whether the manufacturer's take on input matches yours.

That should argue in favor of doing your buying at a retail store rather than via the Web, no?

Er, no. At least not necessarily. Over the long weekend, I drove around to local outlets of national electronics chains. My goal was pretty simple--I wanted to heft a tablet or two and try out their pens before I plunked down my money. Here's a blow-by-blow account of what I Found..............

Maybe I should aim my wrath at the shoplifters and vandals who force retailers to take extreme protective measures. But are you startled that I ended up buying my Tablet PC online?


21st Century Tablets
CBS News

For the past couple of years, Microsoft has been subscribing a cure for PC users who don't want to type on a keyboard to take notes during a meeting. Take a tablet - a tablet PC that is. Thinkpad Tabet PC

A number of PC makers have filled that prescription, but none better than Lenovo, the Chinese company that recently acquired IBM's personal computer division. The new ThinkPad X41 Convertible Tablet gives you all the advantages of a tablet PC without any of the annoying side effects.

Tablet PCs allow you to write and draw on the screen and use the computer as if it were a smart electronic clipboard. Most run Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet Edition operating system which is optimized to work with an electronic "digitizer pen" along with a keyboard. You can use the pen in lieu of a mouse to point, write and draw on the screen.

Before I go on, I have to admit that I'm pre-inclined not to like the Tablet PC because I have terrible handwriting. I learned to type when I was in elementary school, long before personal computers, and get writer's cramp if I have to hand-write more than a few words. What's more, like most touch typists, I can type much faster than I can handwrite. Still, I like the ThinkPad X41 Tablet because it gives me a choice


Need Help With Calculus? Tutors Coach US Students
Wall Street Journal

Career Launcher's software allows teachers and students to talk to each other during the live session. Teachers also use a tablet PC to draw diagrams and formulas to help explain the lesson or answer questions. They can see each other through a live feed using a Web camera.


Why does a teenager love the Tablet PC?
Tablet PC Questions

The attention to the unit is nowhere near her other machines, so I decided to ask her why. Her reply caught me to the quick. Solitaire. She loves to move the cards on her Tablet PC as she is chatting with five or six people in MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and AIM chat. According to her, moving the cards is far easier with a pen. It is faster and more enjoyable than using a mouse or keyboard.


July 6, 2005

Tablet PC memory bug fixed


A memory leak in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 causes a gradual decrease in available system memory. This loss in available memory causes degradation in system performance. When this behavior occurs, the user must restart the computer. This problem is caused by a memory leak in the tcserver.exe service.


Sacramento Awards $1.2 Million Contract for New Enterprise E E-Government Solution
Government Technology

Mobile government -- The city will implement Accela Wireless to empower inspectors with the ability to remotely input their results from the inspection site using a mobile device. The wireless application is built on Microsoft's .NET platform and is compatible with PDAs, laptops, and Tablet PCs running on the Microsoft Pocket PC, Windows 2000, or Windows XP operating systems


Shock-proof mobile devices
Itronix Tablet PC

Itronix makes also an interesting armored Tablet PC. The Duo-Touch weighs less than 4,5 pounds and has a touchscreen, 128MB of RAM, a Centrino 733 processor, GPS receiver, Bluetooth, WiFi, and EVDO/GPRS/EDGE, for connecting to anything, from anywhere. The case is made of magnesium and the unit keeps working at -4ºF, thanks to the built-in heating of the hard disk drive.


Allstate Insurance adopts Symbility's mobile claims system
Computer Business Review

According to Symbility, the mobile claims system runs on tablet and pocket PC's with integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS/1X wireless technology. It is designed to enable adjustors and contractors to write and process claims onsite in an effort to settle claims quicker


July 7, 2005

Motion Computing Launches Industry's Smallest, Lightest High Lightest High-Performance Tablet PC; Category-defining Motion LS800 Offers Powerful Computing Experience in a Compact, Durable Design
Business Wire

At about half the size of most tablet PCs today, operating Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and running the latest Intel Centrino technologies; the Motion Computing LS800 is the smallest, lightest high-performance tablet PC available.


-- Smallest, lightest full-strength tablet PC available

-- Enhanced security via fingerprint reader, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and software

-- Latest generation of Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology

-- Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA and Ethernet

-- Simplified power management

-- Full range of innovative and performance-enhancing peripherals

Motion Computing(R), a leader in ultramobile computing and wireless communications, today unveiled the LS800, the most compact tablet PC available running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. The new slate tablet PC, approximately the size of a paperback book, is small enough to slip into a lab coat pocket or attach to a tool belt and is optimal for highly mobile professionals in industries including route sales and service, manufacturing and healthcare. The LS800 slate tablet PC provides enhanced connectivity and security features, ergonomics and durability for uncompromised productivity.

Approximately half the size of most slate tablet PCs, the LS800 has an 8.4-inch display, is less than 1-inch thick and weighs 2.2 lbs. The LS800 is among the first tablet PCs with the latest generation of Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology, including the Intel Pentium(R) M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 753 (1.2 GHz) and the Mobile Intel(R) 915GMS Express Chipset.


IBM Lenovo X41 Tablet PC - Our Full Review

Excitement over the Tablet PC has gained steady momentum over the first half of 2005. Instead of existing soley for adoption by vertical markets such as the health/medical industry, law enforcement, academic and associated fields, awareness of the Tablet PC platform among general consumers has made a mad jump. Demand for Tablet PC's has fianally increased to the point that several brand name mobile computing manufacturers have entered the market with a variety of Tablet PC models, paving the way for many more to come. Enter Lenovo's IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and mobile computing consumers have a further renewed interest in the Tablet platform. Our read counts here at have peaked in response to this exciting new model. The red carpet has been rolled out for the grandest welcome for the X41 Tablet.


Motion launches A5 mini-tablet

Tablet PC maker Motion Computing has launched a small-size version of its slate tablet, the LS800, taking the format down to roughly an A5 notebook.

"It's a new class of ultra-portable," said Elizabeth Clark, head of product management. The 9in x 6.7in x 0.87in beast has a mass of 1kg. This means it weighs 1 Newton, but the company was apparently not tempted to use that name, after Apple's first disastrous foray into PDAs.

The device is a pure slate, like the laptop-sized LE1600 which Motion launched in May. The two Motion devices are both part of a wave of new-generation Tablets which are causing the much-maligned format to be re-assessed.

The LS800 has dual-array microphones, the same bright screen as the LE1600, and a carbon fibre casing. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in, with an SD slot, and Ethernet, and a fingerprint reader. It has a 1.2GHz Sonoma processor, 20GB of disk and 256MB to 512MB of memory. Any optical disks are external, and the price starts at £1,095.


Lenovo Releases ThinkPad X41 Tablet in India

Lenovo today announced the newest member of the ThinkPad portfolio - the ThinkPad X41 Tablet - creating a new alternative in tablet computing without compromises in weight or function.

The ThinkPad X41 Tablet offers a writable slate, full-size keyboard, and is lightweight. Starting at 3.5 pounds and 1.14-inches thin, the X41 Tablet is nearly 20 percent lighter than its closest competitor and delivers the longest standard battery life of any 12-inch convertible tablet


July 8, 2005

The incredible shrinking tablet PC

What is half the size of most slate tablet PCs and packs advanced features found in full-size laptops? Motion Computing says it's the new LS800, which has an 8.4-inch display, is less than 1 inch thick and weighs 2.2 pounds.

About the size of a paperback book, the device is a follow on to Motion's LE1600, the company's flagship full-size slate tablet PC, which it introduced in May. Like its larger cousin, the smaller slate also has internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader for authentication.

The LS800 is one of several smaller slate and convertible tablet PCs on the market and it's expected to compete for the same contracts as the ultraportable Sony Vaio U series.

Motion Computing's LS800 tablet PC

With a price tag of $1,899 and some ruggedized features, the LS800 tablet is designed more for doctors and insurance salesmen than for the average consumer. But with every advance, tablet PC makers are landing more contracts, including more government and education clients.

In fact, tablet PC shipments are expected to double by 2008, according to Gartner analyst Leslie Fiering.


A Tablet PC Gets Small...Really Small
PC World 

ls800 Table pc

As a fan of really tiny , really light computers, I'm intrigued by Motion Computing's new LS800--an $1899 slate-style Tablet PC that's the size of a paperback book. It's got an 8.4-inch screen and weighs in at about 2.2 pounds. It could never be my only PC (memory capacity maxes out at 512MB, for one thing), but I bet I could slip it into my briefcase and almost forget it was there. Which is how I like to travel.

Strangely enough, the Tablet PC I just bought is a sort of anti-LS800--I ordered Toshiba's Satellite R15, a zaftig six-pounder with a big 14-inch screen, a built-in optical drive, and lots of extras. How come I went with one of the least portable of pen-based portables? Because I want to use it as a drawing tool, and for that particular application, I figured I could use as much screen real estate as possible. (Despite not having not exactly caught on with the masses, tablets have found a following with PC-based artists who love the ability to draw right on the screen.) I expect to use the R15 mostly around the house, as sort of a transportable desktop, so I'm okay with its heft.


"Smallest, lightest" tablet PC fits in lab coat pocket

Motion Computing has unveiled a tablet PC about the size of a paperback LE800 Tablet PCbook. The LS800 runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, and is small enough to fit in a lab coat pocket or attach to a tool belt, according to the company.

Motion says the LS800 is about half the size of most slate tablet PCs. The unit weighs 2.2 lbs, is less than one inch thick, and sports an 8.4 inch SVGA display with a 120 degree viewing angle. It runs a 1.20GHz Ultra Low Voltage 753 Pentium M processor with 256 MB of RAM.


July 11, 2005

Motion LS800 has been added to the comparisons page. Motion LS800 tablet pc


Motion LS800 Tablet PC: a first look

The Motion LS800 promises fully-fledged tablet computing in a LS800 tablet pcpaperback-size package -- but it's expensive.

About the size of a paperback book and weighing 1kg, the slate-style LS800 Tablet PC from Motion Computing occupies the grey area between a Pocket PC handheld and an ultraportable notebook. Like the Sony VAIO VGN-U50, the Motion LS800 runs a full version of Windows XP. But unlike the VAIO VGN-U50, the LS800 runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, so you can navigate menus and take handwritten notes with a stylus.


Mini Tablet targets wider market
IT Week

Motion Computing last week introduced a lightweight miniature Tablet PC, which the firm believes will attract more companies to the platform than other, bulkier systems.

The Motion LS800 weighs a kilogram and is about half the size of the LE1600, which the firm launched in May. Like that system, the LS800 is a keyboard-free slate model, designed for pen input.

"The key is it's a complete [Windows] XP solution, but can go into areas now served by less capable devices," said Motion's business development manager, Andy Toal. "It's a new format between the PDA and other Tablet PCs, which are too large for certain user groups."

A number of accessories will be made available for the LS800, including a Mobile Dock that acts as both a port replicator and desktop stand; a Bump Case that lets the system be carried from a shoulder strap; a USB DVD drive; and a Bluetooth keyboard.

As with other tablet models, Motion's new LS800 runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which has features to support pen input and handwriting recognition.


Day 2: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference has begun. Motion Computing, Fujitsu, HP, and Microsoft are all showing off Tablet PC hardware and software in the expo area.

There is a strong interest in the new Motion Computing LS800 Tablet PC, which was announced on the 7th. Now when someone says, “I could really use a smaller Tablet PC,” I have an answer and can direct them to this cute little Tablet. Don’t laugh too much at the use of ‘cute” to describe the small machine – it really is an appropriate adjective. At a Partner party on the night of the 7th, I had several people come over to just check out the new Tablet PC and “ooh” and “ah” over it. The LS800 is a good compliment to the standard sized slate, LE1600. Good job, Motion.


July 12, 2005

Rochester NY PD Expands Base of Xplore's Rugged Tablet PC
Yahoo News

Xplore Technologies® Corp. a leading international rugged Tablet PC Xplore Tablet PCprovider, today announced that the company has received an order for an additional 66 rugged Tablet PCs for Rochester Police Department. The order was secured by one of Xplore's key channel partners in the public safety market, Brite Computers, based in Rochester, New York. This brings the total number of Xplore rugged Tablet systems being used by Rochester PD to more than 200.

Rochester PD uses Xplore's rugged iX104C(2)D Dual Mode Tablet PC computers as part of a comprehensive Computer Aided Dispatch, inter-vehicle communication, incidence and administrative reporting system. Officers use Xplore's Tablet PC system to check computer aided dispatch calls and dispatch locations, run license plates, record checks and access maps and geographical assignments. In addition, traffic citations and accident reports are logged electronically via the New York State Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) e-ticketing and electronic motor vehicle accident reporting application.

Xplore's rugged Tablet computers are mounted safely and securely in Rochester PD's police vehicles using Xplore's durable X-Dock public safety mounting system. The iX104C(2)D Dual Mode provides both finger touch and active digitizer inputs which allows officers to utilize digital inking and other Microsoft® Tablet PC features. The agency previously tested rugged notebook options, and selected Xplore's rugged Tablet PC system based on its versatility, ease of use, durability and in-vehicle safety.


Bauhaus Software Introduces Mirage Nomad
Digital Producer

Bauhaus Software Inc. today unveiled Mirage Nomad, a new, breakthrough tablet PC -based animation and storyboarding system for 2D artists. Combining the power of the Motion Computing LE1600 Tablet PC with Mirage, Bauhaus Software’s industry-leading paperless 2D animation system, Mirage Nomad frees artists to draw, paint and animate anywhere their lives may take them. From storyboards and pencil tests, to fully-colored final Mirage Nomad Tablet PC animation and special effects, Mirage Nomad is a powerful, portable 2D animation studio that easily fits in a backpack.

The clipboard-sized Mirage Nomad is based on the award-winning Motion LE1600 Tablet PC , weighing only 3.1 pounds and featuring a Low Voltage (LV) Intel Pentium M processor running at 1.5GHz. Mirage Nomad includes 1GB upgradeable RAM, a 30GB upgradeable hard drive (shock-mounted for enhanced durability), the View Anywhere display and WiFi connectivity. Combining the Motion LE1600 with Mirage enables artists to create any classical or digital style of 2D animation – from cel animation and anime, to rotoscoping, cut out animation , and more


July 13, 2005

OneNote Toolkit Sampler V 1.0

OneNote Sampler Toolkit— Find out how abletFactory’s OneNote Toolkits can optimize your Tablet PC’s performance! Save Time and Money using our OneNote Toolkits. This OneNote Toolkit Sampler offers you a glimpse of what we offer in the fields of Nursing, Real Estate, and EMR OneNote Toolkits.


OneNote Toolkit Sampler V 1.0

OneNote Sampler Toolkit— Find out how abletFactory’s OneNote Toolkits can optimize your Tablet PC’s performance! Save Time and Money using our OneNote Toolkits. This OneNote Toolkit Sampler offers you a glimpse of what we offer in the fields of Nursing, Real Estate, and EMR OneNote Toolkits.


SpeechTEK 2005 to Showcase What's Hot, Cool, and Retooled for Speech
Business Wire

Converser for Healthcare, a revolutionary and ground-breaking interpreting system from Spoken Translation, Inc., is the world's first two-way, cross-lingual, interpretation product for a PC tablet. Whether choosing to type, handwrite or speak, users can input English and instantly hear and see Spanish - and vise-versa.


AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor Adding Advanced Security To New Electrovaya Scribbler Tablet PCs; AuthenTec provides The Power of Touch to Scribbler SC 3000 and SC 2200

Electrovaya Inc. has added AuthenTec's unique Power of Touch(TM) to its newest Scribbler SC 3000 Tablet PC, providing advanced biometric security and password management in a small form factor, ideally suited to Tablet PCs. The Scribbler SC 3000 and SC 2200 models both use AuthenTec's EntrePad 3500 fingerprint sensor, and are designed for mobile professionals who require powerful and lightweight Tablet PCs with highly reliable battery longevity and optimum security.

The EntrePad 3500 provides Electrovaya's Scribbler users with the most advanced biometric security at the simple touch of their finger. The EntrePad 3500 fingerprint sensor replaces the need for passwords -- allowing authorized users to quickly and easily access files by simply placing their finger on the sensor surface. At the same time, the EntrePad sensor restricts access to the computer and its files to only those enrolled - reducing the risk of theft or fraud.

Along with the added security, the new Scribbler SC 3000 Tablets provide improved processing power, and use Electrovaya's patented SuperPolymer(R) Lithium-ion 75 Wh battery. The AuthenTec sensors' small size and low power requirements help Electrovaya to deliver added security to this .75" thin Tablet PC, that has an extended run time of up to 9 hours.

"The AuthenTec sensor provides added security in the most convenient and reliable way," says James Percy, Product Specialist, Electrovaya. "With just the touch of a finger, mobile professionals can rest assured that their files and Tablet PCs are safe and secure from theft or fraud."

"Electrovaya is providing exciting advances in the Tablet PC industry," said Scott Moody, President and CEO of AuthenTec. "The fast growth of Tablet PCs - especially among mobile workers in industries such as healthcare, law and others - increases the importance of the advanced security that fingerprint biometrics can provide."


MaxiVista v2 controls four PCs with one keyboard/mouse

"The new mouse/keyboard software switch perfectly complements the original MaxiVista feature, which enables using a laptop or tablet PC as an additional display for another computer," said Gunnar Bartels, general manager of Bartels Media.


Unique Ultraportables
PC Magazine

The Lenovo/IBM X41 Tablet is a 3.2-pound convertible tablet. It has all the excellence of its sibling, the X41 ultraportable laptop , with the added swivel functionality of a Tablet PC. This, too, is a pricey system that's corporate focused. But there's no denying this system is a beauty.

Lenovo/IBM X41 Tablet : IBM's first Tablet PC, the X41, is very impressive.


Bangkok Post

Gates referred to the tablet PC several times in his presentation, signifying a strong belief in the future role of handwriting or pen input, while he touted major advances in speech recognition that he said was "finally coming" _ and would pass a point soon when it would become mainstream.

Microsoft's chairman also expected to see student tablet PCs in schools in the next five years and these would have more interactive features and would contain all the courseware. They would also help students to quickly become "immersed in a digital environment."

During a question and answer session, he said it was possible that in the future the price of a PC would be US$300-400 while the price of a tablet PC would be between US$500-600 in four to five years' time. Software, on the other hand, should have less complexity.


Electrovaya unveils latest Tablet PC

Electrovaya Inc., has launched its latest Tablet PC, the .75-inch thin Scribbler SC 3000 Tablet PC, with battery run time of up to nine hours.

Electrovaya is known primarily as a battery maker, and chose to enter the Tablet PC market from the start when Microsoft released the new OS. Its claim to fame has always been longer battery life, using its own top-of-the-line patented Lithium Ion SuperPolymer batteries. Its challenge has always been to add that longer life while keeping the weight down.

"Professors and doctors are impressed with the extraordinary run time, added security, and the convenient hybrid, lightweight form factor of our Scribblers," said Dr. Sankar Das Gupta, CEO of Electrovaya. "The SC 3000 is an excellent extension to our current Tablet PC product mix, as it allows users to experience the increased mobility, ultimate flexibility and superior Tablet PC power offered by Electrovaya."

"Microsoft is excited to receive support from hardware partners such as Electrovaya, who continually demonstrate a strong commitment to innovation in the Tablet PC market," said Chris Barry, group product manager, Windows Client PMG, Tablet PC. "The Tablet PC is the future of mobile computing, and the SC 3000 provides this much needed mobility to the industry, as Electrovaya continues to work closely with Microsoft, Tablet PC platform provider, to ensure that the Scribblers continue to meet the needs of mobile users


Motion Sees Place for Mini-Tablets
Mobile Health Data

Executives at Motion Computing predict health care organizations will Motion LS800 tablet pcultimately use a wide variety of mobile hardware. As a result, the Austin, Texas-based company is introducing a new option, a mini-Tablet PC.

The LS800 Tablet PC has an 8.4-inch screen--several inches smaller than most tablet computers. About six weeks ago, Motion Computing also released its fourth-generation, standard-size Tablet PC.

Some of the company's health care customers have been demanding the option of a smaller device, says Bert Haskell, product marketing manager. "Many of our customers like the 12.1-inch screen of our new LE1600 model," he says. "But there are also job functions for which they quickly need to be hands free. The smaller LS800 can offer that."

The vendor's mini-Tablet PC, two years in the making, is designed for users--such as physicians and nurses--who are highly mobile and need quick, unobstructed access to data. It's well-suited for clinicians who want a single portable device for free-text data capture, e-mail and clinical data access.


July 14, 2005

If you had $10 million, how would you promote the Tablet PC?

With a $10,000,000 advertising budget aimed at consumers, you can come up with a decent plan for public impact. What would you chose to do? Not as the sole promotion but as a big bang promotion?

This is always a fun brainstorming exercise. You've seen either he, Layne or I go through this in the past. Loren mentions the "Blog for a Chance to Win a Tablet PC" idea that we've tossed around several times over the last couple of years and it's still one of my favorite ideas


Why Can't PCs Make Good First Impressions?
PC World

As I mentioned awhile back, I recently ordered a Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC online. It came, and I'm in the middle of setting it up--and I'm already struck by what an unwelcoming experience getting acquainted with a modern PC can be.

This system, like any Tablet PC, is anything but a same-'ol-same-'ol notebook. But most of the printed documentation for the system is generic stuff for multiple Satellite systems. Toshiba achieved genericism, it seems, by eliminating any information that doesn't apply to practically any notebook on the planet.

I don't want to come off as one of those "The Mac does it better" zombies, but my last new notebook was a PowerBook--and it didn't start irritating me within minutes of me unpacking it.

Memo to Toshiba and Microsoft: Please feel free to mimic Apple's out-of-box experience. Shamelessly


FMCG distributor counting on Microsoft ERP and BizTalk
New Zealand Herald

Brandlines had been going through a period of growth, but its multiple legacy systems were not capable of handling the growth or the diversity of the FMCG sector. The systems didn’t interface with the new tools the company was putting in place like Tablet PCs, and wireless and mobile technologies. Meanwhile, Brandlines also didn’t have a warehouse management system or accessible business information which could support its plans for expansion.

“There is no paper being moved around the warehouse now, having been replaced with Tablets with scanning devices. This technology minimises the number of keystrokes needed, further reducing the potential for human error. The software was developed in-house using Microsoft embedded technology, which interfaced with Brandlines’ backup SQL Server that uses Axapta.”


Xplore's Indestructible Rugged Tablet PC

Xplore Technologies Corp., (Austin, TX), a leading manufacturer and distributor of a full range of rugged mobile computing systems with xplore tablet pccustomers in various vertical markets, including field services and law enforcement/fire/public safety, also provides the leading rugged tablet computing solutions to the GIS industry.
Xplore will demonstrate their new, indestructible Rugged Tablet PC with sunlight readable capability at the ESRI Conference 2005, Tuesday, July 26 through Thursday, July 28, 2005 at the San Diego Convention Center, Halls C,D,E, and F in San Diego, California  - in Booth #1829.

Xplore's collaboration with their customers: road warriors, mobile field service workers, police, fire/EMS responders, and the military and business sectors, have culminated in the creation of a rugged Tablet PC product line, the iX104.  The Centrino technology is combined with Xplore's rugged designs, providing the ultimate in ruggedness, dependability and performance. 
The iX104C2 with AllVue Sunlight Readable Technology, Xplore's latest innovation, will be demonstrated at the ESRI Conference.  This rugged tablet can be viewed in ALL lighting conditions - indoors, outside and even in direct sunlight while providing the ultimate in ruggedness.
Road warriors need no longer worry about the fragility of the computers on which they depend.  No more concerns about computers surviving airports - loading and handling; temperature extremes; heavy blows, vehicle crashes, spillage, rain and snow storms, dust and virtually any punishment imaginable.  Xplore's rugged Tablet PCs have been engineered, 3rd party tested and specififed to Military Standards for operation in extreme conditions.  This includes 4' drops to concrete, extreme temperature and humidity variations, blowing rain and dust  - and constant vibration.
Xplore's iX104 Renegade is a streamlined, affordable Tablet PC that serves an expanding underserved Tablet PC market - the businessman/mobile road warrior.  The Renegade provides an optimal blend of ruggedness, reliability and performance demanded by a growing population of enterprise and industrial customers.
The iX104 Renegade Dual Mode Tablet PC has the same advantages as the Renegade, but offers users both stylus and finger touch input in a single product.


Speech confab blends courses, conferences, demos

Spoken Translation will demonstrate its Converser for Healthcare, which it touts as "the world's first two-way, cross-lingual, interpretation product for a PC tablet." With it, users can input data by typing, handwriting or speaking, then receive a translation from Spanish to English or visa versa, either in speech or displayed text.


July 15, 2005

New DyKnow Software Brings Increased Functionality to Classroom Interaction

DyKnow, a leader in interactive education, releases version 4.1 of its DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor software with major enhancements, including desktop broadcasting, filmstrip view, domain-based authentication and more efficient communications.

Version 4.1 makes lesson creation easier for teachers and note-taking more personalized for students. Two of the leading software enhancements include demonstration mode and panel filmstrip viewer, which create improved methods for teachers to prepare and present lessons.


Version 4.1 client software is available for immediate download at It works on computers running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Tablet XP Edition with 256 MB RAM and a wired or wireless Internet connection. Corresponding server software for Vision and Monitor runs on Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server. For more information about DyKnow products, visit or call (888) 839-5669.


Best of TechEd Europe Winners Announced
Windows & Net Magazine

Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine announced the winners of the Best of TechEd 2005 Europe Awards from Amsterdam. Products were recognized across 10 categories, with one overall Best of Show winner.

Software Components & Middleware – Infragistics NetAdvantage 2005
NetAdvantage 2005 helps developers quickly design and code user interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Tablet PC, and COM applications. It includes controls for grids, charting, toolbars, trees, menus, tabs, calendaring, Explorer-style applications, editors, and more. NetAdvantage allows developers to use all the complex UI components users are familiar with across various programming models and take full advantage of Microsoft’s .NET platform.


Dexterra Continues Their Track Record of Innovation With Complete ...

Using Visual Studio 2005 Dexterra was able to significantly reduce the time required to develop and release its latest generation of development tools. These new tools allow business analysts and application developers to rapidly deliver rich business process driven applications without writing a single line of code. Additionally they provide the ability to easily reuse application components across multiple projects. Not only does Dexterra support the newest, most powerful portable devices running Windows Mobile 5.0, but with Visual Studio 2005, Dexterra continues to support the delivery of applications optimized for Windows-based devices including XP-based laptop & Tablet PC.


July 18, 2005

Notebook and Tech Deals for 7/18/2005 - 7/21/2005

Toshiba Satellite R10 Tablet PC 10% Off Instant Rebate

Toshiba has a 10% instant rebate on Satellite R10 tablet PCs.


Brainstorming for Tablet PC Birds of a Feather topics during PDC 2005 

"Birds of a feather will flock together" and so at PDC 2005 people interested in Mobile PC and Tablet PC technology will gather together. It's a good time to start brainstorming about Birds of a Feathers (BOFs). BOFs are proposed and lead by attendees.

Birds of a Feather Sessions
Share your professional interest by proposing a Birds of a Feather session, hour-long interactive sessions featuring some of the world's most renowned developers, discussing topics proposed and voted upon by the community.


Kingston Launches New DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition USB Flash Drive
Yahoo News

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the addition of PowerHouse Technology's Migo Kingston Migosoftware to Kingston's DataTraveler® II Plus product, making it the most convenient, customizable multi-function USB Flash drive on the market. Kingston is first to offer Migo software on the DataTraveler II Plus family of USB Flash drives.

"Kingston teamed up with PowerHouse to make DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition the easiest and safest way to take your desktop with you everywhere you go -- on a device small enough to fit on a keychain," said Mike Kuppinger, digital media product manager, Kingston. "The DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition gives you the freedom and security to work just about anywhere and when you return to your PC, it automatically synchronizes your work, keeps versions current and leaves no trace of your personal data behind," continued Kuppinger.

The DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition is a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Flash drive designed for both advanced consumers and small to midsize business professionals. Power-users who demand greater capacity plus speed will find DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition the fastest in its class with data transfer rates of up to 19 MB/sec. read; 13 MB/sec. write.

For more information on DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition visit the Kingston Web site at


AuthenTec Wins ''Tomorrow's Technology Today'' Award
Business Wire

AuthenTec, the world leader in fingerprint sensor innovation and sales for more than five years, has won a coveted "Tomorrow's Technology Today" award for developing innovative biometric products that advance information security.

AuthenTec was one of only 16 companies worldwide whose products were recognized by the Info Security Products Guide for advancing information security in 2005. AuthenTec fingerprint sensors provide advanced security to nearly 5 million devices worldwide, including more than 100 different models of notebook and tablet computers, portable hard drives, password managers, mice, pens, keyboards, memory keys, cell phones and others.

AuthenTec sensors are widely used in notebook and tablet PCs to provide advanced security and to replace the need for passwords -- allowing authorized users to easily and quickly access their files by simply touching or sliding their finger across the sensor surface, while restricting access to the computer and its files to only those enrolled.


July 19, 2005

WEDC and Bert Keely of Microsoft Discuss the Advantages of Max-Vu(TM) for Tablet PCs
Yahoo News

At Microsoft, we evaluate display contrast the way users do -- under ambient lighting rather than in total darkness," said Bert Keely, Microsoft's tablet PC expert. "The 'Effective Contrast' of a display is much lower when ambient light reflections are included, so minimizing reflections is the key to improving the optical performance of all mobile PCs with tablet technology. Max-Vu glass lamination is quite simply the best technology I have seen in production for minimizing reflections -- and thus increasing Effective Contrast -- on mobile PCs. Max-Vu also has the added benefit of improving mechanical strength, which can enable tablet PCs to be used in more environmentally demanding applications."

As tablet technology becomes more widely adopted on mobile PCs, enabling PCs to be used for more tasks in more places, the need for improved optics and mechanical integrity becomes critical. The Max-Vu lamination technology fills this void by increasing contrast by 5 to 10 times in high ambient lighting conditions, also increasing mechanical resistance to impact.


July 20, 2005

Hydro One Continues Expansion of Xplore's Rugged Tablet PC
Yahoo News

Xplore Technologies® Corp. (TSX:XPL - News), a leading international rugged Tablet PC provider, today announced that the company has received an additional order for 150 rugged Tablet PC's from Hydro One, Inc., one of the largest electric utility companies in North America. The order was secured in conjunction with one of Xplore's Canadian channel partner's, Filbitron. This brings the total number of Xplore rugged Tablet PC systems being used by Hydro One to approximately 800.

Hydro One uses Xplore's rugged iX104C(2)V Tablet PC computers as part of an automated data collection system which enables field technicians to pinpoint, record and maintain the location and condition of Hydro One assets including transmission towers, utility poles and other transmission equipment.

The majority of Xplore systems deployed by Hydro One are Xplore's iX104C(2)V Tablet PC with AllVue(TM)LCD and GPS Technology. Xplore's rugged iX104C(2)V Tablet PC System uses an innovative optics technology, AllVue, which supports view ability in challenging lighting conditions including direct intense sunlight. The snap on durable XPL GPS module enables field technicians to pinpoint Hydro assets in the field accurately and reliably. The iX104C(2) Tablet PC family has been 3rd party tested and verified to Military Standards for use in challenging environmental conditions and provides UL1604 and ATEX certification for use in hazardous conditions.


Ivans teams up with Horizon to provide e-prescribing services
Computer Business Review

The aim of the project is to enable physicians to create and send prescriptions from the exam room directly to the patient's pharmacy using a laptop, desktop, wireless PDA or tablet PC. It is hoped this will increase patient safety by reducing errors and eliminating callbacks and requests for additional information.

According to Maggie O'Hara, group vice president, sales and service at Ivans: "Initiatives such as these not only improve patient care but also provide more cost-effective healthcare for patients and helps physicians see the important role technology can play in their practices."


High-tech show and tell
24 Hours

It was a high-tech show-and-tell at UBC yesterday as some of Canada's sharpest minds powered up their wares for the official opening of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems/ Computer Science (ICICS/CS) addition.

On display within the $40 million, state-of-the-art building was some of UBC's leading research into animation, artificial intelligence and autonomous robotics technology.

In addition to showing off the nuts and bolts of some physics-based animation similar to that utilized in Star Wars II and the Harry Potter movie series, the highlights included:

Motion capture lab: Cutting-edge lab for improving human measurement and motion capture technology. Similar technology to that used to create the movements of Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

Motion Doodle: This innovative software will animate any character the user draws, and gives the character real-life movements. Designed for a SMARTboard or a Tablet PC.


July 21, 2005

Targus announces NEW portable peripherals for the mobile commuter

Targus Inc., maker of the world’s best-selling notebook cases and accessories, today introduced the

Rechargeable Stow-No-Go Wireless Optical Mouse, Wireless Stow-N-Go Keypad, 40GB Ultra Slim Pocket Hard Drive and Super Mini USB 2.0 4-Port Hub for notebook computers.  Targus’ new portable devices are designed to save desk space and conveniently fit into notebook carrying cases for business commuters and students.

“Business travelers no longer need to search through their notebook cases or worry about lost wireless receivers with Targus’ new innovative stow-n-go products,” said Steven Robert, Targus general manager.  “These products further fulfill Targus’ mission to supply executives on-th

Editors note: also see July Product of the Month


Are tablets the next best thing?
New Zealand Herald

"We need to keep investing, both in the hardware and software side, before it moves into the mainstream," he said. "I totally believe in the tablet," Gates said last month. X41 Tablet PC

IDC agrees with Gates and suggests the release of the next Windows operating system, code-named Longhorn, and its tablet PC version may kick-start growth.

IDC is picking 2007 as a big year for the tablet PC with 4.9 million tablets expected to ship.

That is forecast to rise to 9.7 million units in 2008, a respectable 11-per-cent chunk of the portable laptop market.

But the tablet PC market has had a second wind of sorts with the release this year of new models and the endorsement of Chinese computer maker Lenovo.

Better tablet design, wireless networking and improved battery life are boosting the tablet's fortunes.

IBM ThinkPad Tablet X41

Lenovo inherited the iconic ThinkPad laptop brand when it purchased IBM's computer division last year. The sturdy, black ThinkPad is a favourite of the corporate workforce. They're not the fastest or most stylish laptops available, but are considered good value for money and integrate well into company networks. The trend continues with the ThinkPad X41 Tablet.


Acer America Continues to Evolve Industry's First Full-Sized Convertible Tablet PC;TravelMate C310 Combines Notebook Feature Set and Tablet Functionality With the Performance of Desktop Replacement Solutions
Business Wire

Acer America Corporation, one of the leading worldwide suppliers of IT Acer C310solutions, today introduced further refinement to the industry's first convertible Tablet PC with a 14.1" display, the TravelMate C310. Featuring Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology, the TravelMate C310 continues Acer's legacy of providing innovative Tablet and Notebook PCs to end-users who demand a combination of performance and functionality. The TravelMate C310 delivers the flexibility of ink and text input, breakthrough performance, best-in-class connectivity options and a big 14.1" XGA display with a full-size keyboard and an internal, modular optical drive.

"Acer's Tablet PC heritage began with the world's first convertible Tablet PC, the TravelMate C100, which was the platform of choice by Microsoft, and continues now with our second generation full-sized convertible Tablet PC, the TravelMate C310.

Robust Performance, Full Size Package

Offering an unprecedented set of features, including up to an Intel Pentium M Processor 760, 1 GB DDR RAM and NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 graphics, the TravelMate C310 updates Acer's award-winning convertible design that allows the unit to be used in either conventional notebook mode with keyboard or tablet mode with the provided stylus. Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b/g WLAN support allows users to connect to widely available wireless networks.

This convertible Acer Tablet incorporates up to a 100GB removable hard drive and the hot swappable AcerMedia bay that enables users to access data on a variety of media, including either a DVD-Dual (DVD+/-RW) or DVD/CD-RW combo drive along with a 4-in-1 card reader for optional MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital card, Memory Stick or Memory Stick PRO options. Preloaded with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition operating system and weighing just 6.4 pounds, the TravelMate C310 provides the freedom and flexibility for mobile users in a full-sized notebook system.

The Acer TravelMate C310 offers a brilliant 14.1" XGA display, up to 2GB of DDR333 SDRAM and integrated NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 graphics chipset for outstanding multimedia performance. In addition to wireless 802.11b/g, the TravelMate offers 3 USB 2.0 ports, an IEEE 1394 port, gigabit LAN connection and a 56K V.92 modem.


The Acer TravelMate C310 series is available through Acer authorized resellers throughout North America with prices starting at $1699.


IT manager is a hero… and a Villain
What PC

Extra duties with the coaching and scouting

ASTON Villa’s IT manager Roy Benjamin is also involved in the club’s coaching technology programmes.

Benjamin says Villa’s head of sports science, Steve McGregor, is a heavy user of IT. He keeps a log of the players’ health and performance using Polar sports watches. These watches monitor the players’ heart rates, allowing McGregor to k now which players need to be pushed more or less in training.

Fujitsu Siemens has also supplied a tablet PC to Villa’s goalkeeping coach Eric Steele. Training techniques and schedules are recorded and sent by mail to staff colleagues that need to see the information.


Tablet PC and Mobile PC Ecosystem

A School Based Technology Specialist's Observations and Resources for Integrating the Tablet PC in the Classroom
Patrick started a new blog about using Tablet PCs in the classroom.

I am convinced that the Tablet PC will be the future in schools, but what will it take for the Tablet to be “useful?” This focus is the purpose of my blog. As I use the Tablet in my role as a specialist and student, I hope to gather observations and resources focused toward the following areas:

From the Teacher’s Point of View

Identify best practices in integrating the Tablet PC to deliver instruction and manage other duties associated with teaching.

From the Student’s Point of View

Identify how the Tablet PC enhances learning and other facets of life associated with being a student. It would be helpful if our students had Tablet PC’s, but I can count myself in this category since I’m also a student..


A virtual vault for personal data

EverNote has come up with a catch-all personal database for your computer aimed at helping you keep, and search for, items you don't want to lose.

Users can insert PowerPoint slides, handwritten notes from a tablet PC, photos, passwords, e-mails or fragments of Web pages into the EverNote database. The system then synchronizes so that the data is automatically replicated on all the cell phones, PCs or other devices in your personal network.


July 22, 2005

Microsoft Brands Longhorn as 'Windows Vista'

Microsoft has decided to dub its new version of the Windows operating system "Windows Vista," chucking the "Longhorn" nickname that had become Windows Vistaassociated with the first major makeover of the company's flagship product in several years, a release with enormous stakes for the software giant.

On a Windows Vista Web site, Microsoft says the new operating system will enable "a new level of confidence in your PC and in your ability to get the most out of it," introduce "clear ways to organize and use information the way you want to use it," and connect users "to information, people, and devices that help you get the most out of life."

The video depicts the operating system on a number of different devices, from tablet PCs to desktops and smartphones. The tag lines read: "Clear, confident, connected" and "Bringing clarity to your world."

"So there's no more Longhorn, we're now officially Windows Vista," Brian Valentine, senior vice president of Windows Core Operating System, told the crowd of sales people as he unveiled the new name.


FAQ: Getting a handle on Windows Vista

Longhorn--now Windows Vista--may be arriving more slowly than Windows Vistaexpected and it might not have everything that was once planned, but Windows chief Jim Allchin maintains "It's a big deal."

Among the features in the OS are security improvements, some snazzy new graphics, and a new means of searching and organizing information

When will Windows Vista arrive?
Microsoft has promised that Vista will be widely available on computers for the 2006 holiday buying season.

Will it come in the same editions as in the past--Home, Professional, Tablet and Media Center?
Allchin said Microsoft is close to a decision there, but not ready to talk about it. "We are moving features around," he said.


News Bits - Xplore's New Tablet, Easier Way to Find Memory Upgrades, New Tablet PC Game
Tablet PC Reviews

Xplore is going to debut their new ruggedized Tablet PC, the iX104C2, next week

Xplore will demonstrate their new, indestructible Rugged Tablet PC with sunlight readable capability at the ESRI Conference 2005, Tuesday, July 26 through Thursday, July 28, 2005 at the San Diego Convention Center, Halls C,D,E, and F in San Diego, California - in Booth #1829.

Xplore's collaboration with their customers: road warriors, mobile field service workers, police, fire/EMS responders, and the military and business sectors, have culminated in the creation of a rugged Tablet PC product line, the iX104. The Centrino technology is combined with Xplore's rugged designs, providing the ultimate in ruggedness, dependability and performance.

The iX104C2 with AllVue Sunlight Readable Technology, Xplore's latest innovation, will be demonstrated at the ESRI Conference. This rugged tablet can be viewed in ALL lighting conditions - indoors, outside and even in direct sunlight while providing the ultimate in ruggedness.


Gates Calls Next 10 Years Critical
E-Commerce Times

The future workforce will take digital tools for granted -- every activity will require having a familiarity with computers, Gates said. The PC has been unusual in that it has a place both in the office and at home, and in the future, more work will be done at home. Some domestic duties might even be performed while at the office, he said.

Gates referred to the tablet PC several times in his presentation, signifying a strong belief in the future role of handwriting or pen input, while he touted major advances in speech recognition that he said was "finally coming" -- and would pass a point soon when it will become mainstream.

Microsoft's chairman also expected to see student tablet PCs in schools in the next five years. These will have more interactive features and would contain all the courseware. They will also help students to quickly become "immersed in a digital environment."


OmniMD EMR new release focuses on integration of modules & services

OmniMD has launched its new release, Version 6.0, with wealth of new features, modules and services making it one of the most comprehensive integrated EMR solutions in the marketplace.

The company develops HIPAA compliant enterprise EMR solutions for Tablet PC, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, accessible through the Internet or Intranet.


July 23, 2005

Photos: Microsoft goes arty with tablet caricatures

A tablet PC replaces the sketchbook for one caricature artist in London's Leicester Square

But for one day Emil has swapped his notebook and charcoal for a tablet PC. And instead of sending tourists on their way clutching their caricature on paper, he is emailing them out via a wireless net connection.


July 25, 2005

Microsoft Education Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

If you are a student with a Tablet PC, the Education Pack is a must. Download the Education Pack and get five free programs to help you excel at school and have some fun while you're at it. If you're an educator with a Tablet PC, you'll want to download the Education Pack too.

  Equation Writer

GoBinder Lite  GoBinder Lite by Agilix Labs, Inc.

Hexic Hexic Deluxe for Tablet PC

Ink Flash Cards  Ink Flash Cards

Send to one note Send to Microsoft Office OneNote 2003

For Full Details click here


ESRI(R) and Xplore Work Together to Provide Mobile Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Canada NewsWire

AUSTIN, TX, July 25 /CNW/ - Xplore Technologies(R) Corp. (TSX:XPL), a leading international rugged Tablet PC provider, today announced that the company has signed ESRI of Redlands, California, as a worldwide Platinum Systems Integrator for Xplore. As a result of this arrangement, ESRI has introduced special market bundles of its industry leading mobile GIS application solutions with Xplore's rugged iX104C2(TM) family of Tablet PC systems. Xplore will feature these integrated rugged mobile GIS solutions at ESRI's 25th Annual International User Conference which takes place July 25-29, 2005 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.


Notebook and Tech Deals for 7/25/2005 - 7/27/2005

Toshiba Satellite R10 Tablet PC 10% Off Instant Rebate

Toshiba has a 10% instant rebate on Satellite R10 tablet PCs.


MSN Virtual Earth Gives People an Immersive Way to Search ...
Yahoo News

The new Microsoft® Location Finder is a separate client-side application based on technology developed by Microsoft Research. It operates seamlessly with MSN Virtual Earth and turns a regular Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet or PC into a location-determining device without the addition of any separate hardware. When the Locate Me link in MSN Virtual Earth is clicked, Microsoft Location Finder is activated and uses Wi-Fi access points to determine the user's location. Next, the user's present location is centered on the map, enabling him or her to quickly and easily search that area. Microsoft Location Finder can be downloaded free when a user initially clicks on the Locate Me link, or at .


ThinkPad Tablet PC still offers the same IBM quality
Jakarta Post

As I wrote last week, I guess I was not totally wrong in saying that IBM was among the very few major laptop PC makers that never had a Tablet PC. The X41T that I test drove last week had not come out entirely from IBM's mill.

It was the first offspring from the marriage between IBM's PC unit and China's Lenovo.Why enter the Tablet PC market, which accounts for less than one percent of total laptop sales?

Soeparwan Soelaeman, who was country manager of IBM's PC Division, explained during the X41T's launch in Jakarta on July 14 that there was a strong shift in customers' choice from desktop PCs to laptop PCs.

"As sales of notebooks grow, we expect the market for Tablet PCs to grow, too," he said. With the X41T, ThinkPad aims to grab a piece of the growth.

Overall, I like the 1.8 kg X41T a lot. It still has the durability of an IBM ThinkPad. It is also equipped with a clear and bright screen with brilliant colors. Its keyboard is still unmatched. In fact, PCMagazine has even given it their Editor's Choice award for convertible notebooks. However, as I said earlier, I still think a detachable keyboard is what makes a Tablet PC a tablet.


News Bits - Sony Tablet PC in the Works?

Another Sony Tablet PC rumor points to an ultra portable unit in the U series

It's probably only a matter of time before we see Sony jump into the Tablet PC market, with a device that actually runs the Tablet PC OS. They've moved out of PDAs, but continue to flirt with the form factor as seen in their U series devices. So far the U's have been purely about form rather than function, but this might change according to the latest rumor.


July 26, 2005

Happy to keep taking the tablets
The Age

A tablet PC was not on Gordon Cahill's shopping list. But when he found a cheap ex-demo model he decided to give it a go - a purchase he doesn't regret.

"I had heard of tablets but never seen or used one," he says. "Fourteen months later and I will never buy a regular laptop again. My next PC will be a pure slate tablet PC."

Mr Cahill has two full-time jobs, one as a wedding photographer and another as national customer service manager for an importer of scuba-diving gear.

For the photographic work he tends to use a more powerful, but desk-bound, PC to process images. In his other role - very much about sales and problem-solving - he uses his Acer tablet in slate mode every day. At the start of his day he uses the tablet in notebook PC mode, as it is easier to answer emails with a keyboard. Then he will switch to slate mode and use Microsoft One Note.


Fujitsu to launch tablet PC on Aug. 8
IT World 

Fujitsu Ltd. will launch a new tablet PC in August, the company's South Korean unit confirmed on Tuesday after information about the system leaked onto the Web.Fujitsu  P1510

Details of the computer, called the Lifebook P1510, appeared on a South Korean Web site late last week but have since been removed at Fujitsu's request

While Fujitsu wouldn't confirm details about the computer, the original Web posting, which included pictures of the machine, showed a compact tablet PC with a convertible form factor. Such computers can be used as laptops or, with the screen swiveled around and folded down onto the keyboard, as a tablet PC.

The computer is based on a 1.2GHz Pentium M processor, has a 60G-byte hard-disk drive and 512M bytes of main memory, according to the South Korean Web site. It measures 23.2 centimeters by 16.7 cms by 3.5 cms and weighs 990 grams, the site said.


Abebooks Markets Textbooks with Sony, Microsoft and AllPosters

Online marketplace will be targeting students in August and September with a textbook marketing promotion called "Get Smart," an original multi-stream initiative that includes support from Sony Music, Microsoft and Get Smart will reach two million American college students over an 8-week period during fall's back-to-school season with the message that " is the best online source for new and used textbooks at unbeatable prices."

The promotion offers students the chance to win weekly prizes, including a Tablet PC courtesy of Microsoft, five $100 gift certificates from, 20 CDs from SonyBMG Masterworks, and three Apple iPods. Students can log on to to enter. No purchase is necessary.


Wacom Penabled Delivers Advanced Digital Pen Performance to to Industry's Thinnest, Lightest Convertible Tablet PC
Business Wire

Latest ThinkPad X41 Tablet From Lenovo Employs Wacom's Digital Pen Technology Featuring Enhanced Pressure-Sensitivity for Superior Control

Wacom, the leading pen tablet manufacturer, announced today that its Penabled(R) cordless, battery-free pen technology has been selected for the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet - the first convertible Tablet PC from the ThinkPad portfolio. The ThinkPad X41 Tablet boasts the lightest weight, and the longest standard battery life of any 12-inch convertible tablet.

Powered by Wacom's Penabled technology, convertible tablet PCs offer mobile professionals the choice of working in two ways - as a tablet with digital pen, or as a traditional notebook PC. When used as a tablet PC, digital ink is captured by the ThinkPad X41 Tablet from the Wacom Penabled electronic pen. Designed to create a natural and intuitive feel, the pen provides 256 levels of pressure-sensitivity, enabling more accurate input control so lines can be precisely drawn to required thicknesses depending on how hard the pen is pressed on the screen. Mistakes are easily corrected with the pen's built-in eraser, also featuring 256 levels of pressure-sensitivity.


The eyes have it
Computerworld New Zealand

Ambient Design has created a painting software package that gives Tablet PC users a new lease on life. ArtRage, which is free to download, won this year's grand prize in Microsoft's global "Does Your App Think In Ink" competition and has been downloaded over 250,000 times.

The software allows the stylus to be turned into a virtual paintbrush, complete with all those characteristics of different paint types that professionals know and love.

Users can sketch with pencils, paint with watercolours or oils, felt pens, chalk or even crayon for those feeling particularly Sesame Street. Users can load a "tracing paper" equivalent over an image they wish to duplicate, allowing them to try recreating some of the Masters.


In-Stat Reports Tablet PC Market to Exceed $5 Billion in 2009
Business Wire

The Tablet PC market is nearing its three-year anniversary with increased shipments, but mixed success overall, reports In-Stat ( Referring to PCs that run Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, Tablet PC shipments have yet to reach the lofty heights that some backers predicted upon launch. The next few years will show some significant growth, however, with the worldwide market rising from $1.2 billion in 2004 to $5.4 billion in 2009, the high-tech market research firm said.

"Broad horizontal corporate markets should start to make an impact on the market in 2005, as average selling prices fall well below $2,000," said Brian O'Rourke, In-Stat analyst. "A combination of greater Tablet PC software availability and larger form factors that directly address the corporate market should help Tablet PC sales."

A recent report by In-Stat found the following:

-- Vertical markets, such as health care, real estate, insurance, and sales force automation, continued to be a driving factor in 2004 Tablet PC shipments.

-- Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Motion Computing and Toshiba were among the leaders in 2004 Tablet PC shipments.

-- Availability of an integrated next-generation Tablet PC operating system in Microsoft's Longhorn operating system would have a significant impact on Tablet PC sales.

-- Microsoft's recently announced Ultra Mobile 2007 portable PC form factor could have a significant impact of future Tablet PC shipments.

The report, "Tablet PC 2005: Increasing Shipments Amid a Cloudy Future" (#IN0501830ID), contains worldwide annual unit shipment and revenue forecasts for Tablet PCs through 2009, and an annual regional breakdown of Tablet PC shipments through 2009. Also included are 2004 Tablet PC shipments and revenues by vendor, as well as 2004 vendor shipments by region. Extensive analysis of Tablet PCs in both horizontal and vertical markets is included, as well as the potential of Tablet PCs in the consumer segment


Microsoft Lowers the Boom on Illegal Windows Copies

Microsoft Corp. is tightening the noose for those people running illegal or pirated copies of its Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Tablet editions and Windows 2000 software on their systems.

Starting Tuesday, it will be mandatory for users of this Windows software to certify that their software is a genuine and legal copy before they will be able to receive any updates except security patches and fixes via Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and the Download Center.


Why the Education Pack for Tablet PCs is English Only

I'm a group manager at Microsoft and my team put out the Experience Pack and Education Pack for Tablet PC. I wanted to provide a brief explanation on why we have to block non English installs. A powertoy by definition is a use at your own risk, non supported MS release which OEMs do not have redistribution rights to. Powertoys as you know typically will install on any language and often times on any OS.

The packs my team releases are shipped as true products meaning they are supported by Microsoft and OEMs can license them for pre-installation and drop-in-box CDs. This differentiation means that we have restrictions that non supported powertoys do not. Installing an English UI on a non English sku is one of those restrictions, the apps have to be localized in our case. Trust that we haven't forgotten about our international users and we're looking at what would make the most sense in the various international markets that Tablet's are availabe in. I hope that explanation helps and that it goes at least a little ways in reducing the frustration.


Fujitsu LifeBook T4010 Tablet PC Tablet PC for digital artists
Digital Producer

Notebook computers are the best selling sector of the PC market due in part to their mobility, wireless capability and processing power. Another segment of the notebook market, the Tablet PC promises to take the notebook computer segment a little further in market penetration. The TabletPC has been around for several years, with current models already in their second and sometimes third generations. TabletPCs are unique in that the LCD screen in which you view your computer's content also serves as a digital input device as well, meaning that you can control the computer directly on the screen with a stylus. This capability opens a whole new realm of possibilities, especially for those who are digital artists or just sketchers.

For an introduction to this relatively new category of computer, we took at look at the Fujitsu T Series LifeBook T4010. The LifeBook employs the Wacom serial Pen HID Tablet as the display. Wacom technology is the premiere provider of graphics tablets and graphics displays. The display swivels clockwise and then down to enable you to work directly on the display. In this position, the keyboard is covered by the display. A locking mechanism that enables you to lock the display when it covers the keyboard is convertible, meaning it locks the display when not in use, as well as when you are working with the LifeBook in Tablet mode.


July 27, 2005

Testers lock horns with Vista beta

What features are yet to come, but still part of Windows Vista?
Microsoft has not included the updates to the Media Center and Tablet PC features, nor has it included promised new ways of handling music and videos. The company also plans a mobility center that will be home to a host of new laptop-related features.


HP Compaq tc4200
PC Pro

Verdict: A little heavy to carry round in slate mode for long, but a decent keyboard, great battery life and low price make this the best-value tablet PC we've yet seen hp TC4200

The tablet PC market is heating up, with HP and IBM (under ThinkPad's new owner Lenovo) stepping into the fray with new models this summer. We'll have to wait a couple of months for the Lenovo, but HP's Compaq tc4200 is available now.

It's essentially the Compaq nc4200 notebook with a twist screen, which will suit large companies deploying a mix of notebooks and tablets. But convertibles bring both advantages and disadvantages. Typically more powerful than slates, they also benefit from a keyboard for desktop use. However, they're often heavier, and the single screen hinge is a mechanical weak point.

Hinge movement in the tc4200 is smooth, although the screen is free to move from side-to-side and HP hasn't added rubber stoppers at the corners of the chassis to prevent this. It lets the display lie closer to the base section in tablet mode, at the risk of stressing the hinge in notebook mode if handled roughly.

A clever mechanism holds the screen shut whether in tablet or notebook form. A magnet pulls the catch from the base as the lid closes, so there's nothing to snag when it's open. This doesn't provide much mechanical strength, but plastic lugs either side of the keyboard, with matching recesses in the lid, help to secure it.

The longer we used the keyboard the more we liked it. The spill-resistant board is firmly supported underneath, eliminating bounce, and the keys have a quality feel. HP has trimmed down some key sizes, but thankfully it's restricted to lesser-used keys such as backslash and the number '1' key, leaving normal typing unaffected


Spoken Translation, Inc. to Unveil World's First System for for Interactive Speech-to-Speech and Text-to-Speech Translation at SpeechTek 2005
Market Wire

Spoken Translation, Inc. (STI) will be showcasing the world's first system for interactive speech-to-speech and text-to-speech translation at SpeechTek 2005, August 1st through August 4th, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City ( STI's first vertical application of its Converser™ system, Converser for Healthcare, allows people who don't speak the same language to hold wide-ranging health-related conversations in real time, without a human interpreter.

What is an interactive speech-to-speech/multimodal translation system? It's software (running on a Tablet PC, Laptop, etc.) with which you can speak into a microphone in one language and then hear the computer pronounce a translated version in another language


Collaboration is killer use for Tablet PCs

Paul Mooney writes, "Collaboration is the killer app on a Tablet PC . A SharePoint Portal configured with Tablet friendly Web-parts and a wireless Wi-fi connection is the alignment that constitutes the sweet-spot for Tablet PC  adoption.


What Types of Business People can Benefit from a Tablet PC?

After learning that I purchased a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC last month (thanks to Mike at TLC), Bruce Elgort asked me to comment on the types of business people that can benefit from a Tablet. As I've been using my Tablet over the past month, I've been thinking about how to respond. I see five main groupings:

1. Business People that Spend Lots of Time in Meetings

2. Business People that use Sketches and Drawings to Communicate

3. Business People that Lead Seminars, Courses and Workshops

4. Business People who Review and Edit Letters, Documents and Other Papers.

5. Business People that Like to Use a Whiteboard for Communicating and Sharing Information.


July 28, 2005

Agilix Software Part of Microsoft Tablet PC Education Pack
Yahoo News

Agilix Labs, Inc. today announced the inclusion of GoBinder Lite in the Microsoft Education Pack for the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. In addition, Microsoft used Agilix InfiNotes to develop the Ink Flash Cards application, also included in the Education Pack.

"Agilix is a recognized leader in developing Windows XP Tablet PC applications which address the unique needs of student users enabling them to be more organized and productive," said Robert Williams, Microsoft Director of Business Development, Mobile Platforms Division. "Because Agilix focuses primarily on the education market, they were a strong fit for inclusion in the Education Pack for the Tablet PC and we're pleased to be able to offer our customers these solutions.."

"We are excited to partner with Microsoft on the Education Pack," said Curt Allen, president and CEO of Agilix. "We are a strong believer of the Tablet PC, and its value to students. And we are especially excited to get wider exposure to the student market."

GoBinder is a student-centered study and learning application that delivers integrated assignment and schedule management, note taking, and learning content management. Students are able to get organized and manage their busy academic work load. GoBinder also enables students to easily capture, organize, store and search Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Web pages and any native Windows file, upon which they can annotate using the Tablet PC's ink pen or keyboard. GoBinder Lite is a fully functional edition of GoBinder with a 10 MB database storage limitation. Students can easily upgrade to the full version of GoBinder for $49.


Microsoft Education Pack for Tablet PC
PC Magazine

Bottom Line
The Microsoft Education Pack for Tablet PC includes some must-have tools for Tablet PC users, as well as several handy student-oriented applets. You even get the broader-interest Experience Pack in the free download.

Useful note-taker and course planner (GoBinder Lite), equation writer, tool for sending just about anything to OneNote. Free.

10MB database limit to GoBinder. Equation Writer creates equations, but doesn?t solve them. Won't run on non-Tablet PC laptops


Tablet PC & Windows Vista

Robert Scoble says Chris Jones, Microsoft Corporate VP, showed Channel9 Windows Vista running on his Tablet PC (not on video though).

Oh, and Chris showed us his Tablet PC running Windows Vista. I guess that answers the question about whether there's a future for the Tablet PC. Might explain why InStat is predicting large growth for the Tablet PC market between now and 2009. He wouldn't demo it for the camera, though. Didn't want to increase the buzz.


Windows Vista Beta 1 now available

Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 1 is now available to MSDN Subscribers. I'm late at getting the word out, I know. Many of you downloaded it hours ago. :)

And yes, Tablet PC features will be part of Windows Vista. I think what Jim Allchin stated was great, "Beta 1 is not what I would call deeply interesting unless you are a real bithead." In other words, Beta 1 is about structure and user oriented features will come later, and this is the case with Mobile PC and Tablet PC features too.


Toshiba Tecra M4 Notebook Tablet PC ConvertibleReview

The Toshiba Tecra M4 is a very unique computer which I would describe as a jack of all trades. It's thin, fairly light, pretty powerful, and moderately priced. It basically falls into the category of thin and light desktop replacements. However what sets it apart from the competition is a turnable screen and a stylus. That's right, the Tecra M4 is also a Tablet PC which allows you to input notes and information through the stylus or even through speech with an integrated microphone array.

This is a great notebook if you want a machine that can do practically anything. It can run all or nearly all of today's most demanding games, and it can do what other notebooks can't, act as a tablet. For someone looking for tablet functionality and not wanting to give up the power of a notebook the M4 can't be beat.


Verticals push Tablet PC forward

Tablet PC sales to grow by 34 per cent per year

Vertical markets drove most sales of Tablet PC devices, according to a new study by Instat.

Applications in healthcare, real estate, insurance and sales force automation are the main reason for organisations to buy the portable computers.

Tablet PCs are laptop computers that run a special version of Windows XP. THey can be operated with a pen and in the future will also support touch screens. Beacuse the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system offers hand writing recognition, a keyboard and trackpad are optional.

The analyst said that tablet sales could riser further if Microsoft decided to make support for the special pen-based input capabilities a standard option for Windows Vista. Currently this feature is available in the Tablet PC edition of Windows XP only.


First ThinkPad tablet gets it right, with a few drawbacks
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

When the Chinese company Lenovo Ltd. acquired IBM's fabled personal-computer unit earlier this year, one question towered above all others for tech consumers: Would IBM PCs -- and, in particular, the ThinkPad -- maintain their tradition of quality and usability?

After spending several days acquainting myself with the ThinkPad X41 Tablet, an ultraportable that turns the ThinkPad notebook into a convertible tablet PC, I can offer a resounding, if preliminary, answer: Yes -- with a few caveats

Out of the box, the first ThinkPad born of the IBM-Lenovo cross-breeding (starting at $1,899) is a thing of 21st-century beauty, a compact, sleek little black slablet that's a worthy addition to the ThinkPad line of portables.

(Full disclosure: I've always preferred slate tablets to convertible laptops; though arguably less versatile, they typically feel more portable and work more intuitively in more places. That said, I understand that economics dictate such a hybrid, and the X41 pulls the blend off with style.)

The first thing you notice about the X41 is its handy weight. At 3 1/2 pounds and 1.14 inches thick, the Thinkpad family's first tablet PC is quite manageable for a train ride, a room-to-room research mission or (sorry) playing with Google Maps while watching TV in bed.


Windows chief talks up Vista

In the four-year history of Longhorn--Vista's previous code name--it's arguably the first time Microsoft can claim to be ahead of schedule. Since first discussing Longhorn in 2001, Microsoft has changed the features of the release and pushed out its launch date several times. But there is little room for error now, as Microsoft is trying to have a final version ready by next year's holiday buying season.

Microsoft's Jim Allchin, the group vice president managing all Windows development work, spoke to CNET this week about the beta release of Vista, its features and limitations, and hurdles remaining before the software's eventual launch.

In the past, Microsoft executives had said there should be a way with Windows Vista to get a laptop that's both a Media Center and a Tablet PC. Is there more you can say about what flavors Vista will come in?
Allchin: No, no; not yet, not yet.


July 29, 2005

Can you navigate the labyrinth?
SlateLabyrinth from Increment Software Reviewed


While I was taking a look at Increment Software's web-site, I came across their goal for the future. This goal "is to become the leader in the currently unsaturated Tablet PC Games market. To achieve this goal, we provide top-quality products that are both innovative and addictive even to the casual gamer." Reading this made me pretty excited to check out Slate Labyrinth, as there are not really many games that have been built from the ground up with the Tablet PC in mind. (Even the new Hexic Deluxe game in the Microsoft Education Pack is an ink enabled version of a mouse game).

Alright... on to the gameplay now. After you view the tutorial the first time through, you get your first chance to try level 1, the same level the tutorial demonstrates. The gameplay is really easy to pick up, although the levels get hard very quickly (more on that in a minute). To play the game, you draw lines across open areas where you don't want water to flow. The water flows in all directions, stopping only for walls and the lines you draw

Sound Effects, Vocal Prompts
Easy to pickup gameplay



Tablet PCs have a healthy future

The Tablet PC market will maintain steady growth between now and the end of the decade, according to research firm In-Stat.

The biggest hurdle to this growth will come however from the Tablet PC's main backer, Microsoft, if the company decides it is serious in promoting a new lower-priced, consumer-oriented product.

The Tablet PC market is due to grow from $1.2 billion in 2004 to $5.4 billion in 2009, with the US remaining the biggest market followed by Europe and Asia, according to Brian O'Rourke, a senior analyst at the company. In-Stat classifies Tablet PCs as devices that run the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.

To date, Tablet PCs have been more expensive than notebook PCs and used mainly in markets such as healthcare, real estate and insurance, O'Rourke said.

But there signs that companies outside of these specialist markets are beginning to purchase the machines for use by middle managers. One of the main reasons for the growing, if still limited, popularity of these devices is falling prices. Average prices for Tablet PCs have dropped well below $2,000 this year, he said.

In January, Microsoft said it was working with PC vendors to push Tablet PC prices to within $100 to $200 of comparable notebooks and, in June, Gates re-affirmed that the company continued to invest in software improvements to help push Tablet PCs into the mainstream.

If Microsoft combines its Tablet PC operating system with the new Windows Vista, formerly Longhorn, this could help push Tablet PCs into the mainstream, O'Rourke said. Windows Vista is expected at the end of 2006. But Microsoft could quite easily kill off the Tablet PC market, too, he said.

In April, at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, Gates announced that he was considering pushing a potential rival portable computing platform into the market called Ultra Mobile 2007.

In remarks posted on Microsoft's website, Gates said he envisioned Ultra Mobile 2007 as a new category of device that would cost between $800 and $1,000, and weigh as near to a pound as possible. These devices would have a consumer friendly bent and would integrate a camera, a phone, a touch-screen, and offer music and video playback functions along with very long battery life.

"The Ultra Mobile 2007 adds another portable PC platform to the market. If it co-exists with Tablet PCs, it could detrimentally affect sales of Tablet PCs. Microsoft may intend the Ultra Mobile 2007 to succeed or even replace the Tablet PC," O'Rourke said.


Toshiba Unveils 5 New Notebooks

The computer systems division of Toshiba Singapore and provider of portable computers announced the launch of five new products to mark the 20th anniversary of the world's first mass-market laptop computer - the Toshiba T1100.

The new notebooks introduced in partnership with HCL Infosystems, the information enabling company, include: limited edition of the Libretto U100 MiniNote, the premium slim ultra-portable Portege R200, the TECRA M4, the Qosmio E10 and Qosmio G20 with the TV tuner card - the 4-in-1 AV Notebook PC, and Satellite M50, a lightweight 14" widescreen notebook

The Libretto U100 MiniNote is a 980 gm, miniaturized, portable computing device incorporating smallest possible form factors like a half size mini PCI wireless card. The Libretto U100 MiniNote is being brought back with latest technology in response to the overwhelming customer demand, the company said. The TECRA M4 is a new mainstream tablet PC for business users.


Microsoft sees growth with premium Office, Windows

Microsoft already has in the works a next-generation version of its top-selling Windows operating system dubbed Vista and of its productivity software Office, code-named Office 12. The premium editions would join a lineup that includes editions for home user, Tablet PCs and Media Center entertainment PCs.

Microsoft is planning to launch Office 12 during the second half of 2006, the same time frame it is planning for Windows Vista.

Microsoft is betting that Windows Vista, which was code-named Longhorn, and Office will drive a new wave of personal computer upgrades.




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