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December 2005


December 1 , 2005

List for Santa Reindeer Presents the

2005 List for Santa

Santa's made his list and checked it twice.
We think you will find what's on it very, very nice....


Mi-Co marks third anniversary of digital ink revolution for Mobile Data Capture

A new era in digital ink solutions began in the fall of 2002 with three major events: the launch of the Tablet PC; the launch of the Logitech io Digital Pen using Anoto functionality and forms automation software that supports both major handwriting capture platforms by Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company. To observe the 3rd anniversary of the these milestones, Mi-Co has a number of activities underway including the publication of a white paper by James Clary, CEO of Mi-Co, entitled Modern Mobile Data Capture Technology for Government and Enterprise Applications.

“Mi-Co welcomed the launch of the Tablet PC and the Logitech Digital Pen,” stated Clary, “because this marked the point where the hardware and software for capturing and recognizing handwritten data came into synchronization. Prior to November 2002, many companies, including, Mi-Co, utilized Pocket PCs and other handwriting capture platforms, including signature capture pads. Similar to the introduction of the IBM Personal Computer, the new Tablet PCs and Digital Pens legitimized and accelerated the use of handwritten input like nothing that had happened before. The result is that industrial strength solutions are showing up in successful mobile forms automation implementations for an increasing number of enterprise and government applications.”


Air Assault Expeditionary Force tests technologies
United States Army

Airship among tech tests

Other technologies in the experimentation phase are the airship, the Soldier radiowave, the small-unit support vehicle, the Force 21 Battle Command Brigade and Below system and the tablet PC, which are tied together.

The airship, which looks similar to the Goodyear blimp, flies about 4,000 feet above the ground and can carry up to three people. In the experimentation phase, the airship has one pilot and carries a communications package.

Tablet PC: pocket-size FBCB2

The tablet personal computer and the FBCB2 are the same – the tablet is a handheld computer similar to a laptop in size, and they interface with each other.

For example, the company commander in the SUSV can instruct the platoon leader on the ground (who has a tablet personal computer) to move away from an area by using his finger to draw a line on the FBCB2 (from point A to point B), Zimmerman said.

“This is a four-year experimentation campaign, and we are in year two,” Zimmerman said. “We figure out what works and helps the force today, and what we can do to help the force of tomorrow. It’s all about saving Soldiers’ lives.”


Xplore's Rugged Xplore PC's Selected for Fire Brigades in Germany
PR Newswire

Xplore Technologies(R) Corp. (TSX:XPL) a leading international rugged Tablet PC provider, today announced the strategic deployment of its award winning iX1O4C2V Tablet PC by a number of private fire brigade agencies in Germany. Xplore's Xplore Tablet PCdistributor, ID.SYS GmbH and its authorized systems integrator partner, MDAI have received an order for 125 Xplore tablets to be delivered to the fire brigades during the next 12 months. Xplore has received orders from ID.SYS for more than half of the total quantity which are scheduled for delivery this quarter.

To date, MDAI has delivered iX104C2V tablets for private fire forces at BMW Ag, Robert Bosch GmbH, TU Munich and MSA Auer GmbH. MDAI specializes in public safety applications, and has also formed a joint venture with the Technical University of Munich, known for its advanced mobile IT applications, to develop a software solution for fire rescue systems.

Xplore's state-of-the art Tablet PCs help the fire brigades work faster and more efficiently. "We believe that Xplore offers the best hardware platform on the market, with regard to its performance, compact design and degree of ruggedness. The E.I.S. software solution we provide, together with the tablets, puts us in a strong position to transition a greater share of the growing German public safety market to rugged computing," said Michael Grubl the Managing Director from MDAI.

Xplore's Tablet PCs are mounted in fire trucks and used as an electronic information system (E.I.S), which contains high-resolution views of properties, buildings, highways, and other topical features in the area. The system also provides details of potential dangerous materials at a plant, rescue plans and emergency call response. Future plans include the addition of mapping and global positioning for navigation purposes to the computing solution.

When a call is dispatched, an image of the location is found, displayed, and accessible on Xplore's Tablet PC for the firefighters when they are in response-mode. During the rescue incident, the firefighters' breathing system is monitored on the Xplore tablet and the responders can be recalled if necessary. Vehicle-mounted printers and USB-keyboards are connected to the tablets via Xplore's active Xdock docking station configured for fire safety applications. Xplore's rugged Tablet PCs are equipped with integrated wireless LAN capabilities.

In addition to its durability, the fire brigades were impressed with Xplore tablet's portability in and out of its vehicle-mounted docking system; its quick and accurate active digitizer response; and its award winning high- brite indoor and outdoor readable AllVue(TM) display, which provides users with ideal screen visibility at various times of day and under diverse weather conditions.


Acer TravelMate C200
infoSync World

Jørgen Sundgot gets to grips with Acer's innovative TravelMate C200, sporting a snappy graphics card and slide-up screen unlike any other acer c200convertible Tablet PC to date

First, there was the Tablet PC - and then came the convertibles. Having gained in popularity due to their chameleon-like ability to assume either a fully pen-driven or combo pen- and keyboard-driven user interface, it has been generally assumed that innovation within this niche category had settled for a while. Enter the Acer TravelMate C200, a tablet with a new and clever twist on the concept of convertibility; innovative, albeit not without flaws. We review the top-of-the line model, the C204TMi.

For users in need of some muscle toning, the Acer TravelMate C200 is a look-no-further option. Bulkier than most tablets, the convertible weighs in at 2 KG at its very lightest, measuring a slightly above-par 315 x 238 x 35 mm - but then again, the C200 isn't quite like other convertibles.

Instead of relying on the typical swivel hinge solution, the C200 offers a sliding mechanism which tilts its 12.1-inch XGA screen upwards to a locking position with no adjustment options in order to switch between tablet and notebook modes. The solution has its distinct ups and downs, the former of which includes the C200 being a perfect companion for cramped airline seats as its screen doesn't protrude beyond the back of the notebook as well as low-hassle, high-speed switching between notebook and tablet mode.


How to Become the Ultimate Road Warrior

Choosing the Right Gadgets to Fit Your Road Warrior Lifestyle

The big question is, exactly which portable gadgets you need? If you bought one of everything, you’d need Batman’s utility belt to carry them all around—which sort of negates the concept of portability. No, the savvy road warrior picks and chooses his gadgets, to maximize his portable computing and communicating efficiency. It’s possible, after all, to have a single gadget perform multiple functions.

So, which portable gadgets do you need? It all depends on your individual road warrior lifestyle. Here are some hints:

Tablet PC—This is a subspecies of the notebook PC, with a touch screen you can write on—with a stylus, that is, not a real pen. Tablets are great for specific tasks, such as meter reading or checking inventory in a warehouse. For most of us, they’re totally unnecessary for standard computing tasks.


Physician, wire thyself

The American health care system has many problems, but one of them is at once obvious and generally ignored: most doctors and hospitals still work in the buggy-whip era of information technology, dependent on pen, paper and manila folders.

At the turn of this century, when the average industry was investing $8,000 per employee on computer technology, health care was spending $1,000. By now, if you belong to a frequent shopper club, your grocery store almost certainly has far more computerized data about you than does your doctor.

In hospitals, RFID chips — the tiny radio chips that will replace barcodes in retail stores — can take on multiple roles. Each patient would have an RFID chip in their bracelet that would communicate with the tablet-style PC that nurses and doctors uses to update records. Each drug out of the hospital pharmacy would have an RFID chip as well and if it didn’t match with the patient’s chip a warning would sound. 

Doctors will order prescriptions and tests on handheld devices or desktop computers that will connect straight to pharmacies and labs with no potential misreadings.  (Physicians’ bad handwriting has long been a source of humor, but there’s nothing funny about sloppy data entry when lives are at stake.  Electronic entry should improve the process significantly.)


Review: Gateway Adds Value to a Convertible

About four weeks ago, Gateway was kind enough to send me a notebook they qualified as a 'value' machine. Typically, that means something stripped down to bare functionality with an appropriate price tag.

Not so the M280E. Not only is it decently equipped for a notebook, it's also got an additional feature: It's a convertible. Grab the 14-inch screen, hold down the release key, turn the screen around and you're tableting.

On the notebook front, Gateway is classing the M280E as a value notebook with a price of $1,299 in its base configuration, which gets bumped up to $1408.99 when you add in a four-year service plan and a casual carrying case.

Our test unit, however, came slightly upgraded with a 1.73GHz Intel Pentium M (up from the base Celeron), 512MB of RAM, a 60GB hard disk trimmed out with both 10/100/1000 Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless, USB 2.0, Firewire, one PC Card slot and even a handy 7-in-1 media reader built into the front. That bumps us up to $1,673.99.

Downsides: That 14-inch screen is big, which means an appropriately big case, which means pretty decent weight. It's certainly not anti-portability, but 6+ lbs. means it's definitely not an ultra-lite. Also, I hate the touchpad, but then I hate all touchpads so that's not a ding against Gateway. Considering the high-end screen and sound, I'm a mite confused as to why there's no S-Video port, but that's a minor ding on a value notebook.

Overall, the M280E is a real solid performer even in our tested configuration. At about $1600 for a working notebook, this still classes as a value unit. Given its size, weight and performance, Gateway's done a surprisingly good job building a notebook that works both as a travel companion and desktop replacement--and still keeping to a nice price. Not to mention that it's also a tablet.

Small businesses especially should look this one over closely.


Experts predict the computer of the future

Even more advancements in PC speed, power and portability are expected in the coming years. Additionally, wireless USB will do away with cumbersome cords, and wearable devices will transform our lives, experts predict.

  • It might be hard to imagine being tethered to computers any more closely than we are today with smartphones, wireless PDAs, and tablet PCs.


December 2 , 2005

We're updating Max today!

Say it with ink -- we’re excited to show you our new Annotate feature, which lets you draw on your photos without altering the originals. We’ve been having a great time adding notes and sketches, and now you can too!

Better setup experience -- We’ve made it a top priority to improve our setup experience, based on your feedback. We still have a ways to go, but this update should ease the pain.

Thanks again for using Max and sending us your suggestions and thoughts


Advertising Agency Roundtable
Med Ad News

We typically are charged with developing the utility guides that accompany the selling pieces. As some of our clients are moving toward PC/tablet-based selling, we have become even more integrated into the process by partnering with the technology vendor ProScape to become a certified content provider. Not to repeat a hackneyed statement, but we all agree that the field force and sales department is a key customer. Thus we need to focus much of our energies on ensuring education/training, motivation, and message consistency with them.

Also, to ensure integrated communications across all departments and globally as well, we have developed our Brand Room. This branded secure Intranet site has proved invaluable in facilitating this cross communication and is used by many of our clients. So to us, sales and marketing have always been inextricably linked and should remain so.


Sahara Unveils 3 New Hi-Tech Products

Sahara also introduced a tablet notebook weigbing 2.5 kg. The compact NB2630-N7 tablet notebook is powered with Intel Pentium M Dothan 1.7 GHZ processor (Centrino mobile technology) that provide powerful graphics basis the Intel 855 Embedded Real 256 VGA Graphic chipset. The Wi-fi tablet notebook features 12.1" TFT screen with rotational capability to complete 360 degrees, 80GB Ultra ATA 4200 HDD for innumerable storage capacity for graphics heavy applications and presentations. The notebook also gives the user the ability to write more data due to its DVD R/RW 8/4/8X Dual drive and comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition operating system, priced at Rs 69,995.



December 5 , 2005

News - Tablet PC Meets Fender Telecaster
Fender with Tablet PC

What happens when you take two obsessions and put them together into one thing? Honestly I am drooling here! As a seasoned guitarist who absolutely loves technology, I can't say anything else except "I have to have this". Intel and Fender have collaborated and created a concept Telecaster with a built-in HP TC1100 Tablet PC. How cool is that?

TabletPc2 editors comment : Very Cool!



Agilix Labs Releases InfiNotes 2.0 to Support .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
PR Newswire

Agilix Labs, Inc., a worldwide leader in mobile learning solutions, today announced it has released a new version of InfiNotes that works with the new .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, both recently released by Microsoft. InfiNotes 2.0 is a suite of .NET controls that dramatically simplify building ink note-taking applications for Tablet PCs.


$999 Toshiba Satellite R15

When I was in Office Depot in Lynwood, WA this weekend, I saw Toshiba Satellite R15 Tablet PCs advertised for $999. Great price for R15s. I don't see the same price on Office Depot's website, so I'm not sure if this is a localized promotion.


Tablet Authority Slashes the Price of the Motion Computing LE1600 Celeron Tablet PC to $1,549 - $350 below the MSRP of $1,899
PR Web

Tablet Authority, the online Tablet PC reseller, announced today that it is offering Instant Coupons to all new and existing clients that bring down the price of the Motion Computing LE1600 Celeron to $1,549. Suggested retail for the LE1600 Celeron is $1,899. With the exclusive Instant Coupon offer, Tablet Authority cuts an additional $217 off the company's regular price of $1,766. There is no limit to the number of units customers can buy at the Instant Coupon price of $1,549. The Instant Coupon is good until December 31, 2005.

Coupons are available at:

The LE1600 Celeron Instant Coupon is just in time for Tablet Authority's corporate clients that are looking to make use of their 2005 equipment budgets before the year ends. The award winning LE1600 Celeron is currently in high demand, and Tablet Authority has them in stock and ready to deliver.

The LE1600 has all the features that sophisticated Tablet PC users demand. During 2005, the LE1600 won PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award, Pen Computing Editor's Choice Award and Laptop Magazine's Ultimate Choice Award.


Microsoft Enhancement Pack for Tablet PC

The Enhancement Pack includes the five most popular programs from the MicrosoftMicrosoft Experience Pack and the Microsoft Education Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, released for the English operating system. The Enhancement Pack is available in eight languages, enabling customers throughout the world to make the most of their Tablet PC.

The Enhancement Pack includes:

Ink Desktop

Snipping Tool

Send to Microsoft Office OneNote 2003

Hexic Deluxe for Tablet PC

Energy Blue Theme


Tablet Authority Protects the Productivity of Motion Computing Tablet PC Users with its New TLC Program - Tablet Loaner for Clients
PR Web

Tablet Authority, the online Tablet PC reseller, announced its new TLC Program, Tablet PC Loaner Program for Clients. The new Tablet Authority Table PC Loaner Program solves the problem users have should their Tablet PC need repairs.

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) December 3, 2005 -- Tablet Authority, the online Tablet PC reseller, announced its new TLC Program, Tablet PC Loaner Program for Clients. In response to demand from clients who need their Tablet PCs available 100% of the time, the new Tablet Authority Table PC Loaner Program solves the problem users have should their Tablet PC need repairs.

Motion Tablet PCs that require warranty repair must be sent to the Motion Computing facilities. Units in for repair may be unavailable to the owner for as long as a week. This down time can be very costly to businesses that depend on their Tablet PCs.

Tablet Authority's TLC Program solves this critical need for Tablet PC users. In the event of a problem with their Tablet PC, all the owner has to do is call Tablet Authority for a loaner unit. Depending on the time of day, the owner can have a loaner unit sent via overnight delivery and get it the next morning. The loaner unit can be kept until the original tablet is sent back from Motion Computing.

Tablet Authority's new TLC Program is available to all clients who purchase a new Motion Computing LS800 or LE1600 Tablet PC from Tablet Authority. The cost is only $50 per year, and protection can be purchased for one, two or three years. The only requirement is that the unit covered by the TLC Program is under warranty through Motion Computing, and that repairs made to the covered unit are performed by Motion Computing.

Details on the Tablet PC Loaner for Clients Program are available at the Tablet Authority website,


A Tablet PC cameo
Seattle Post Intelligencer

You might not have noticed, even if you watched last night's episode of "The Apprentice," but there was actually a second Microsoft product that got some screen time on the show -- not just the main product, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, that was part of the central plot.

If you looked closely, the Microsoft executives on the show, Dustin Grosse and Janice Kapner, both had Tablet PCs in front of them during the presentations by the candidates. I spoke with Kapner this morning, and she acknowledged that they did that on purpose. "That was very intentional on our part, I will admit," she said. "That was Dustin's idea. We were at the facility and he said, hey, we need to make sure we represent the other parts of Microsoft."


December 6 , 2005

Diskeeper Turns 10.0
Market Wire

New Version Launched With Breakthrough Performance Technology

In celebration of the 10thDiskeeper anniversary of Diskeeper® for Windows®, Diskeeper Corporation announced today the release of Diskeeper 10.0. New Diskeeper 10.0 has defragmentation and storage performance technology that is light years ahead. The market leading automatic disk defragmenter continues to provide the most advanced technology to increase performance for Windows-based networks.

Included in Diskeeper 10.0 is Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST™). This Disk Performance Calibration technology is a new class of disk technology that will allow users to squeeze more performance out of storage devices and is expected to deliver performance gains of 10-80% beyond defragmentation. Software Engineer, Kelly Irish, stated, "I believe that the 'I-FAAST' feature really separates Diskeeper v10. My hard drive now loads Windows faster, accesses data faster, loads applications faster, and it also has improved the speed of my programs. Overall in my opinion, version 10.0 is the BEST released by Diskeeper Corporation to date!"


Acer TravelMate C200 Review

The Acer TravelMate C200 is a notebook-and-tablet convertible packing punch with a mobile Intel 915PM or 915GM Express chipset and dual-channel DDR2 533MHz AcerRAM support. The sliding track integrated into the laptop is Acer's patented technology which allows you to quickly go from slate mode to notebook mode.

The C200 also offers 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth connectivity options, as well as 3 USB 2.0 ports and 1 Firewire port. The fingerprint recognition software works very well. Users may have to get used to the diagonal scroll wheel at the bottom right corner of the keyboard. It is bundled with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Pros: Bluetooth, Biometric security, Sliding track for quick conversion between tablet and notebook, display is very good
Battery life needs a check


Introducing Table PC Technology Into The Classroom
Bru Direct

A demonstration on Tablet PC technology was held recently during a Family Day celebration at Seri Begawan Religious Teachers' College.

Tablet PCs are computers powered by the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, an operating system equipped with a sensitive screen designed to interact with a complementary pen. The pen is used directly on the screen, like a mouse and keyboard, to do things like select, drag and open files.

By interacting directly with the screen, the PC becomes more comfortable and easy to use. There is no need to find a flat surface to write. Tablet PC can even be used while standing up, which is perfect for professionals on the move.

Present at the event to witness the demonstration were Pengiran Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Mohammad bin Pengiran Hj Abdul Rahman, Deputy Minister of Education, and other senior officials from the Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, the Department of Islamic Studies is currently studying the feasibility of adopting the Tablet PC technology

in certain religious schools, colleges and higher institutions in the country.

However, one of the major barriers for the adoption of such technology is the cost.

With Tablet PC, students will no longer need to lug heavy textbooks to school. Students' notes, research, textbooks, class work and homework exercises will all be stored in the PC. Notes can also be written by hand on the screen as it accepts handwritten notes.


December 7 , 2005

Fujitsu LifeBook P1510
Hardware Zone

The Magical Screen

As mentioned, the P1510 employs a 8.9-inch WSVGA touch-screen display, Fujitsu P1510so you can use either a stylus pen or your own fingers to point and navigate the system just like you would on a PDA. One advantage of having a touch-screen display over a digitizer-based screen is that you don’t have to worry too much about losing your stylus. Construction of the P1510 is solid and we find that its reasonably small size allows users to rest their palms on the side, which helps to keep those accidental taps to a minimum.

Business and Leisure on the Move

Now if you're constantly on the move and use a notebook for just about anything, business and leisure, you're generally looking out for an ultra-portable and if you manage to find one for less than 1.5kg, you're doing real well. The Fujitsu LifeBook P1510, weighs a mere 1kg and comes packed as a fully featured Centrino-based notebook.


Supe, 30, shatters rural stereotypes
eSchool News

All of Stidham's teachers use tablet PCs and digital projectors in their instruction, and students have rotating access to laptop computers with wireless connectivity. "The digital generation probably better understands the unlimited potential and possibilities that technology can bring to a school district," Banfield said. "Technology for us is a priority and a fixture in our annual budget, just like paying the electric bill or water bill. We budget for technology regardless of the state's or the nation's economy. Some school districts purchase technology only if they receive a grant or supplemental appropriation--they look at technology as an initiative. We view technology as an imperative." With 93 percent of his students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunches, Banfield said his goal is to change the face of rural education and give his students a chance to develop strong technology skills--something they can take with them as they go on to high school.

"I believe technology, laptops, and the internet have changed the game," he said. "The reason I am so enthusiastic about technology is because I feel it is the great equalizer. Technology doesn't care about your socio-economic status, race, or gender. You either have the necessary skills or you don't."

The school has a student-to-laptop ratio of 2 to 1, the best in the state, Banfield said, and Stidham recently purchased a dozen 2,000-lumen digital video projectors from InFocus Corp., one for each classroom. Each teacher also has a brand-new wireless tablet PC from Hewlett-Packard Co. "We're always setting new goals, and a dream of mine is for Stidham students to have their very own laptops every day," Banfield said. "That's a very bold goal, but that's something to work toward, and I think we're moving in the right direction--it just takes time." The entire school is wireless, inside and out, and is connected to a T1 line.


StayinFront CRM 9.3 Takes Leadership Position in Tablet PC Platform
Drug Newswire

StayinFront, Inc., a global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services and eBusiness systems, today announced its latest release, StayinFront CRM 9.3. This release is designed to improve the user experience on Tablet PCs by meeting the highest Microsoft pen-perfect standard of integration within the Microsoft(R) Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system.

Ideal for mobile sales professionals - such as those in the pharmaceutical industry - Tablet PCs are fully functional, lightweight personal computers that are equipped with screen-sensitive pens. These pens are used directly on the screen to point, select and drag data, or used instead of a keyboard to handwrite notes and input data. Pen-perfect integration supports ink interoperability, uses the pen as a pointing device, optimizes for handedness settings, uses gestures as part of its user interaction model and uses handwriting recognition.

"It's a natural progression that, as leaders in mobile CRM, we take a lead position in the Tablet PC market," said Tony Bullen, Chief Technology Officer for StayinFront. "StayinFront CRM 9.3 meets the highest standards of Tablet PC technology, creating simplified digital pen input for mobile sales force users that, in turn, fosters higher levels of data accuracy and meaningful sales reporting."

Some of the user-centric features included in StayinFront CRM 9.3 are portrait awareness, which automatically adjusts the screen and application layout when the user selects portrait mode, and pen aware search fields that permit search values to be easily input directly with the pen. StayinFront CRM 9.3 also supports electronic signature capture, allowing handwritten signatures to be attached to records in the system, factoid aware data entry, which optimizes the effectiveness of handwriting recognition based on the type of data being entered, and note dictation, which lets users verbally dictate directly into notes fields.

"StayinFront CRM Tablet PC functionality takes full advantage of the capabilities supported by the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system," said Chris Barry, Microsoft Tablet PC group product manager. "StayinFront CRM Tablet demonstrates the flexibility and innovative applications Tablet PC technology offers.


President for removing the burden of school bags through Tablet Pc's

Dr Kalam asked the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), R&D Organizations and Private Industries to launch a programme to design, develop a hand held device like Tablet PC at affordable prices. This will definitely be possible, since the number of tablet PCs required in our country for the students will be in millions. Economy of scale will bring down the cost. This will not only enable the school children to carry just the hand held computer rather than a heavy bag for reading and doing class work, but also be useful for teachers and the other professionals. Once bought, this computer should be useful for the rest of the educational career, the President said..


Do you buy new or used hardware?

Are you biased against purchasing used PC hardware?

I admit that I am.

My gut reaction of "don't do it" is left-over from watching people end up spending money on technical support after they purchased a used part or PC that was less than advertised, gray market, or remarked products. Also, a manufacturer warranty is good only to the original purchaser, so the new user is out of luck if they have a problem. I cringe enough when I see someone handle system memory without sleeves rolled up, not grounded, and while standing on carpet -- let alone want to know where used hardware has been.


WEBCAST: In Depth - Ink Data Management (Level 300) - Friday, December 16, 2005 11:00 a.m. PT

Do more with the Ink data that you collect on the Tablet PC Platform. This session teaches you all about managing, analyzing, and interacting with the Ink data that your Tablet PC application collects. Learn about concepts relevant to the Ink API such as hit-testing Ink, choosing different types of bounding boxes for different tasks, using Bezier Control Points, using stroke Intersections, and more


WEDC's Max-Vu tech integrated in HP Compaq tc4200 tablet PC

White Electronic Designs Corp. (WEDC) disclosed that its Max-Vu technology will be integrated into HP's "Enhanced Outdoor-Viewable Display" option for the HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC. The Max-Vu technology offers optimized contrast and viewing of Active-Matrix Liquid-Crystal Displays (AMLCD). WEDC explained that the Max-Vu process was achieved by bonding an optically matched window directly to the AMLCD using specifically formulated silicone. The window is optically coupled to the display resulting in increased optical performance.

"WEDC's proprietary Max-Vu process improves the optical performance of tablet PCs in outdoor and high ambient lighting applications where they otherwise could not be viewed as easily," shared Bob Ritter, WEDC VP for strategic development. "Furthermore, Max-Vu provides added robustness to the display."

The Max-Vu technology provides HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC users who choose the "Enhanced Outdoor-Viewable Display" option with a 200 percent increase in contrast ratio in high ambient lighting conditions, 85 percent decrease in reflections in high ambient lighting conditions and significantly improved display readability. According to WEDC, users will enjoy improved viewing at wider angles in virtually any low-light or bright-light environment.

"The Enhanced Outdoor Viewable Display on the HP Compaq tc4200 opens the door to greater productivity, giving mobile professionals the flexibility to work virtually anytime and anywhere," commented Carol Hess-Nickels, director of commercial notebook marketing at HP.


Fujitsu LifeBook T4020D
ABC News

More and more laptop manufacturers are adding the Tablet OS and hinged swivel screen to thin-and-light systems. Fujitsu's latest offering is a 12.1-inch convertible Fujitsutablet that weighs just 4.6 pounds and has an internal optical drive. If you're looking for a laptop that has some tablet functionality, the Fujitsu LifeBook T4020D ($2,149 direct) hits the mark.

The gray exterior is business casual, neither too flashy nor too plain. The 12.1-inch screen is equipped with Fujitsu's indoor/outdoor display. The screen seems a little grainy indoors because of the special screen. Fujitsu uses what it calls a "casual outdoor" screen, a glass screen with a special coating that lets light pass through more uniformly in outdoor situations. A true outdoor screen uses a mirror, which replaces the fluorescent backlight normally found on indoor screens, to maximize the reflection of sunlight. (Of course, true outdoor screens are much harder to see indoors.)

The swivel screen reveals a full-size keyboard and a very responsive touchpad. The 4.6-pound frame weighs exactly the same as the HP Compaq tc4200's, but includes a built-in optical drive that's lacking in the tc4200.

Using the pen for fast note-taking with Microsoft Windows Journal was smooth, and we didn't see any drag latency using OneNote 2003. The writing experience is on a par with that found on the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet, our current Editors' Choice. The T4020D's pen is a little thicker and feels more substantial, though both pens are fine for extensive writing.

The T4020D's display has very good viewing angles from all sides, but is not ideal for pictures and movies; it is better suited for reading and writing, especially in outdoor situations. The X41 has a similar screen, but because it lacks an internal optical drive it is over a pound lighter, and its quad metal swivel hinge feels a bit sturdier that the T4020D's. The T4020D has five programmable quick-launch keys on the screen and dual microphone arrays for voice recognition.


December 8 , 2005

Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 Review

The Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 is one of the smallest and lightest ultra-portables to hit the market and should quickly stir up attention among those who travel frequently. Its diminutive size, light weight and touch-sensitive display are features that many would love in a Tablet PC and the design is something to be lusted after. We hear Fujitsu will be making available a Windows XP TPCE version of the P1510 late December 2005, maybe in time for Christmas even.

The P1510 was designed for covenience, not speed; and its size, widescreen display and form factor make it highly portable and fantastic for viewing multimedia contents on the go.


WordLogic Launches Tablet PC Predictive Software

WordLogic Corporation (OTCBB:WLGC) today announced the release of the Tablet PC version of its critically-acclaimed software -- WordLogic Predictive Keyboard TM v4.2.

The on-screen WordLogic Keyboard is an innovative way to accurately and quickly enter information without the use of cumbersome keyboard layouts or extra hardware. By predicting words and phrases while inputting, WordLogic allows the user to easily and quickly enter information into a Tablet PC anytime and anywhere. Its colorful and efficient interface saves time and effort as text is entered in any application.

Provided with a quality dictionary with 50,000 entries, WordLogic also has the ability to pick up new words and phrases and adjust its prediction uniquely to a user.

WordLogic Predictive Keyboard for Tablet PC v4.2 features:

- Resizable on-screen QWERTY-based keyboard

- Interface with a physical keyboard, a mouse and/or stylus

- Prediction offers five word or phrase "chunks" at a time

- Powerful and accurate word and phrase predictions

- Words and phrases can be added on the fly as they are entered

- Allows creation of a personal dictionary to predict user-specific data (names, street addresses, web-links, e-mails, and others)

- Simple access to non-English characters and special symbols

- Built-in calculator

- Multiple ways of selecting words and phrases to increase input efficiency

WordLogic patent-pending WordChunking TM technology allows users to select WordChunks TM which are parts of longer words and/or phrases and construct the longer word or phrase with a few simple commands. As an example, a user can input "talk..." to get "talking..." and then "talking about..." and finally, "talking about the future".

"Our research has told us that users haven't adapted well to the standard input methods offered on the Tablet PC," commented Frank Evanshen, WordLogic's CEO. "By using the WordLogic Predictive keyboard, Tablet PC users can input text faster than any other existing alternative. Our new tablet offering will result in increased efficiencies, faster work output, and lower operating costs for companies who deploy Tablet PCs in their workforce."

"The Tablet PC market is predicted to exceed $5 Billion by 2009," added Evanshen. "Based on the compelling efficiency our tablet offering provides to users, we anticipate a significant market share in this channel."

The software will be available to consumers online via the Company's website,


Faculty learn new technology
Daily Eastern News

Faculty and staff will get a first glance at new emerging classroom teaching technologies today during an online seminar sponsored by Gateway Computers.

The Center for Academic Technology Support will host an Emerging Technologies for the Digital Classroom seminar, which will explore new teaching tools within the digital classroom and how educators can use such tools to educate technology proficiently and audio-visually.

John Henderson, the director of Information Technology Services, said the seminar will not only include a look at new emerging technologies within the digital

classroom but also explore how Eastern is doing with its digital technologies.

"We were never sent an agenda for the seminar," said Michael Hoadley, assistant vice chair for Academic Affairs, Web-Based INS. "I'm guessing the seminar will cover

such topics such as the hot new items Gateway has produced, such as Support Classrooms, Smartboards, Tablet P.C. and so forth."


December 9, 2005

Send Holiday Cards Using Your Tablet PC

Back by popular demand -- instructions on how to send Holiday Cards using Microsoft Journal. The article is re-posted here on Whatisnew and some free, card templates are now available on . Be sure to share tempates that you create too.

The holidays mean different things to different people: quiet by a glowing fireplace, serenity amid happy voices, ecstasy in the eyes of a child, and expressions of love. Demonstrate your care and kindness to colleagues, friends, and loved ones with simple holiday cards that you can create with your Tablet PC.

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition includes Microsoft Journal, which you can use to handwrite notes and messages--perfect for giving a personal touch to an emailed greeting card. We've created several Microsoft Journal templates that you can download right away, jot down small messages on, and email to your friends and family (provided you have a Tablet PC, of course). Plus, we'll show you how to create your own greeting cards so you can let your own creativity go wild.

Continue Reading


Diskeeper Turns 10.0

New Version Launched With Breakthrough Performance Technology


Why is it crucial to defrag your drives daily?

Disk fragmentation causes crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and even total system failures. The number one reason for performance bottlenecks is fragmentation. Even the best hardware will eventually slow down unless the drive is defragmented daily.

The disk drive is by far the slowest of the three main components of your computer: CPU, memory and disk. If the drive isn't defragmented the fastest CPU in the world won't improve your system's performance, because information from the disk simply can't be delivered fast enough.

Manual defragmentation just isn't practical—who has time to defrag every system, every day? Manual defragmentation is a break-fix situation. Automatic defragmentation with Diskeeper, the Number One Automatic Defragmenter, is the only true defrag solution. Diskeeper 10 uses "Set It and Forget It

It's a known fact fragmentation cuts directly across the integrity of your systems causing crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and even total system failures.

new diskeeper 10 provides new adaptive technology designed to wring every last drop of performance out of every computer on your network - automatically.

There is a Diskeeper 10 edition perfect for your needs:

Diskeeper 10 Home Edition
Automatic defragmentation the “pros” use designed for home-computing needs to keep non-networked PCs healthy and running at top speed.

Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition
Automatic protection against fragmentation-related problems for PCs and laptops

Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier Edition
Advanced defragmentation technology that automatically boosts speed and productivity for power users and high-end systems


Do the twist
The Age, Australia

Handwriting on a computer - it's the quintessential blend of the analog world with digital technology. The desire to be free from the constraints of a keyboard and mouse for a more direct form of input has meant the persistence of the pen into the computing arena.

If you find writing more comfortable than typing or have an aversion to keyboards, a tablet notebook might be the way to go.

Microsoft dived into pen-style computers in 2002 when it released a Tablet PC Edition of Windows XP. While tablet computers existed before Microsoft came along, the introduction of the Tablet PC Edition helped more mainstream players such as HP, Acer and Toshiba get into the action by providing a "standardised" platform to design their notebooks around.

As such, any notebook that's built to run this operating system is referred to as a tablet PC. They're often called convertibles as well, given that their displays can flip around so that the screen is facing up when the lid is closed. It's designed to be used like a regular paper pad, so you can just hold it in your arm or lap and scribble on it with a special pen.


December 12, 2005

Toshiba Tecra M4 Melds Flexibility, Power, Portability

There's a dizzying array of notebook systems on the market today. Add to that the fact that notebooks now outsell desktops, and you have a market ripe for confusion.

Solution providers have long selected specific manufacturers and models to meet their customers' portable computing needs. Yet VARs still must balance a vendor’s features against channel programs and against pricing to pick the best notebook for a given customer. Over the last year, the process of choosing an ideal notebook has become even more complicated, driven by a bevy of products aimed at different markets. Notebooks now come in all shapes and sizes, including ultra-light versions, tablets, desktop replacements, value models, widescreen models, media-centric platforms and so on. Toshiba aims to bring some order to the confusion with its latest notebooks, which are divided into four product lines: ultra portables, tablets, media-centric and desktop replacements. But what's interesting about those product lines is the overlap in features. For example, Toshiba’s Tecra M4 series combines tablet features with desktop performance and laptop portability. CRN Test Center engineers recently took a Tecra M4-S515 for a few laps around the block and were impressed with many of the product,s capabilities. The M4-S515 is built around a 2 GHz Intel Pentium M760 processor and sports 512 Mbytes of RAM and an 80-Gbyte hard drive. The unit has a travel weight of around 7 pounds, making it portable for moderate travel, yet it still offers desktop-style performance.

The system’s ultra-bright display is a 14.1-inch tablet touch screen, which can be twisted around and locked down to make the M4-S515 a large, powerful tablet PC. Resolution on the display is a crisp 1400x1050 pixels and comes across very crisp. Unlike the typical tablet, the M4 sports an optical drive, in the M4-S515’s case that is a CD/DVD writer that supports all of the major standards (including double layer DVD+RW).


Whether your list includes an iPod or an Xbox, a high-tech gift will suit you to a 'T.'
Pioneer Press

Does shopping for tech gifts give you a migraine? Not to worry: We've made it easy for you by cherry-picking gadgets for music nuts, video gamers, digital shutterbugs and computer users.

Shopping for a computer? We love Apple's recently updated iMac all-in-one Macintosh machines, which are a little thicker than flat-panel displays but have powerful PowerPC G5 processors that will handle just about any chore. They even include a built-in Webcam and a TV-style remote.

If you're shopping for a Windows desktop machine, try a Media Center model. The trim, affordable Dell Dimension E510 ( is quiet but plenty peppy and offers TiVo-like TV recording (a trick iMacs can't match). Power users might prefer a higher-end Media Center PC (such as a Dell XPS model) with dual-core chips and dual TV tuners.

Laptops: Among Windows laptops, we like Toshiba's Satellite M45 and Gateway's Convertible Notebook. Both have wide-format screens for DVDs or working on two Word files side by side. The Satellite ( is aimed a bit more at audiovisual users, while the Gateway ( is a productivity model — it's a Tablet PC with a touch screen that swivels around and folds flat for stylus-driven note taking or Web browsing.


Acer TravelMate C312XMi

  • Pros: Good connectivity, good keyboard, sturdy
  • Cons: Slightly heavy
  • Buying advice: Tablets are still an acquired taste, but Acer's take on the subject is a good one. If you're prepared to pay the extra for Acer Tablet PCTablet features, take a look.

We've lost count of exactly which generation of tablet PCs the TravelMate C312XMi is part of, but Acer tells us it's the fourth, and who are we to argue

Whether this is going to be the time that the tablet PC concept catches on outside the education and healthcare sectors is anyone's guess, but if you're thinking about buying a convertible tablet then the C312XMi is well worth considering.


HP Reveals 2006 Personal Computing Strategy
Nikkei Electronics

HP has announced that HP personal systems group (PSG) will help businesses and consumers enjoy mobility, commercial advantage and multimedia explosion from technology in the coming year.

With notebook PCs, tablet PCs, and pocket PCs based on wireless communications technologies, the company already offers one of the industry's broadest ranges of highly configurable mobile devices. In 2006, these solutions will be further strengthened.

"HP's iPAQ Pocket PCs will continue to grow in the enterprise in the coming year, with more vertical applications, including property management and field sales, coming online in Hong Kong. We are also enthusiastic about new mobile innovations, including RFID-based commercial solutions that place HP iPAQs in a critical position within the supply chain across multiple industries," said Zoe Kwong, general manager, personal systems group, HP Hong Kong.


December 13, 2005

More ways to experience Digital Ink on the Internet

If you're using a Tablet PC, check out SearchTIP -- an early version of a webpage that allows you to handwrite your search query. See Loren's blog for details.

Try tapping and sliding on the white recognized words, for instance, and you'll see some immediate differences with the Tablet's TIP. SearchTIP allows you to join words or "commit" to a particular recognition as you are handwriting new words. This is an approach I'm experimenting with to see if I can handwrite function names more easily.


What ways do you use your Tablet PC during the holidays?

I spent this weekend baking holiday cookies and decorating at a friend's house. With sugar cookies dancing in my head, I flipped open my grandma's recipe book, which I store on the Toshiba Portage M200. Within hours, The Very Best Sugar cookies were fresh out of the oven and 5 dozen more on the way.

Here is the recipe:

Very Best Sugar Cookies
1 C Margarine
1 C Oil
1 C Sugar
1 C Powdered sugar
2 Eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla
4 C Flour
1 tsp. Soda
1 tsp. Cream of tarter
1 tsp. Salt (left out of recipe)
Cream first four ingredients together. Add eggs. Mix dry ingredients together. Add to batter.

Chill – very important – 2 hour or overnight. Form into small balls. Roll in sugar – press with glass or fork. If cutting shapes, use plenty of flour on rolling surface and rolling pin.

Makes about 6 dozen. Bake 350 deg. for 12 min.


Microsoft poised to enter the kitchen
PC World Magazine

Move over, Jamie Oliver. Microsoft is entering the kitchen.

Fortunately, no food is involved. But a few of the technologies could mean that as you are chopping veggies or, for the less skilled, elbow-deep in suds washing dishes, you can keep tabs on loved ones with a glance.

The dashboard-like technologies were shown at the company's European Research and Innovation Day in Brussels last week. So far, none of the technologies are on the market, but they show how Microsoft is increasingly looking at the integration of mobile devices into home environments.

One of those is HomeNote, a flat-panel device that can receive text messages from mobile phones or be scribbled on with a stylus.

For demonstration purposes at the show, HomeNote used a Tablet PC -- much too thick, but fine for a demo. Microsoft had a clean, foodless counter for HomeNote to sit on. HomeNote is always on, giving it a trait the company calls persistence, with messages in large, easy-to-read fonts.

Microsoft notes that the device allows people to communicate with a place rather than a person. The device also fulfills "awareness reassurance," another concept where people know where their family is and what they are doing, said Abigail Sellen, a psychologist and senior researcher with the Computer Mediated Living group at Microsoft Research Cambridge in England.


December 14, 2005

VTech Tops Holiday Toy Wish Lists For Kids and Parents
PR Newswire

Back to School Ease: Touch Tablet(TM) Get kids geared up and excited for heading back to school after the holidays with the VTech Touch Tablet. Proving that it is "cool to be smart," the Touch Tablet is a sleek, portable, laptop tutor designed to teach basic school skills and language skills through more than 125 engaging, game-style activities for learning fun at home or on the go. The Touch Tablet includes a word processor, personal organizer with address book, calculator, savings tracker, music composer and puzzle strategy games that reinforce the subjects kids are learning in school, including English, math, science geography, social studies and history. Complete with a built-in Learning Progress System, the Touch Tablet tracks young students' performance and will automatically adjust skill levels to help build knowledge and confidence. A favorite among tech-savvy kids, the Touch Tablet truly appeases kids' desires to have high-tech gadgets just like mom and dad. Ages 8 years and older -- SRP: $99.99 Kid cool factor: Sleek, cool design makes the cool kids and the smart kids one in the same Mom cool factor: Mom's laptop is back to being a mom-only laptop


December 15, 2005

University of Richmond Students Boost Power of the Pen with Lenovo Tablet PCs

Lenovo today announced that the University of Richmond has deployed Lenovo Tablet PCThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs to provide students with the advantages of a "real-time" electronic curriculum. Using ThinkPad Tablet PCs linked to the school's new wireless network, students can complete and submit assignments from anywhere on campus, collect and input research findings while in the lab or field and quickly turn their written notes into professional-looking documents.

The incorporation of ThinkPad Tablet PCs, equipped with high-tech visual capabilities, into the classroom enables enhanced interaction between professors and students. Faculty teaching math and computer science courses can annotate charts, formulas and equations on their tablets that can then be transmitted in real-time to each student's tablet or notebook PC via the university's wireless network. Students can use the tablets to build advanced technology skills in preparation for the digital workplace. For example, students studying Business Administration can enhance their presentation skills by learning how to integrate tablet PCs into meetings and discussions.

"Since the deployment of ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs, we have received only positive feedback from the faculty and students who have used the tablet and its writable slate to take notes, draw illustrations and transmit electronic documents," said Doug West, director of communications, University of Richmond. "We believe tablets will play an increasingly pivotal role on campus. The ThinkPad technology offers endless possibilities for improving and revolutionizing the university's classroom learning environment."

Administrators at the University of Richmond plan to use funds from a recent National Science Foundation grant to expand the deployment of ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs on campus.

Complementing its deployment, the University of Richmond offers students the option to purchase ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops at negotiated pricing.


Code Magazine Tablet PC and Mobile PC Focus Issue
code-magazine Code Mag - Tablet PC edition

This issue covers development on Tablet PCs and mobile WIndows PCsDon't wait! Get your No-Risk Trial Issue today!Features

Columns and Departments

Fujitsu launches LifeBook P1510 in India

Mumbai: Perhaps the lightest Centrino pen convertible notebook, LifeBook P1510, will now be available in India.Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific unveiled the new LifeBook P1510 pen convertible notebook in Mumbai, last week. The company says that the P1510 is the lightest pen convertible notebook to be equipped with the next-generation IntelCentrinoplatform, with the full computing power of a primary notebook in the most ultra compact form factor available.

According to Paresh Gathani, general manager, Fujisan Technologies Pvt Ltd, Fujitsu's dedicated sales ans service support vendor, "The LifeBook P1510 was designed with powerful mobility in mind."

Sporting an 8.9-inch swivel wide SVGA LCD screen, the LifeBook can be used as a notebook computer or as a digital notepad with the screen swivelled over the keyboard. Its handheld tablet format, using the included stylus to make notes would be particularly useful for medical professionals and travelling executives as it rests comfortably on an airplane table tray.

Technical Specifications for LifeBook P1510:

  • Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
    • Intel Pentium M Processor 753 (1.20GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 400MHz FSB)
    • Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG network connection
    • Intel 915GMS Chipset
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition or Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900 (up to 128MB)
  • 8.9" Wide SVGA, (1024 x 600 pixels)
  • 512MB DDR2 400MHz
  • 60GB HDD
  • Realtek ALC203 codec
  • USB 2.0 x 2, VGA (external display), RJ45 (LAN), RJ11 (modem), Headphone-out, Microphone-in, Port replicator interface, Power Adapter DC-in BIOS Lock, Hard Disk Lock, Anti-theft Lock Slot, Fingerprint sensor, Trusted Platform Module
  • Up to 4hrs (3-cell Li-Ion 2600mAh)
  • Approx. 1kg (w/ 3-cell battery)
  • 232mm (W) x 167mm (D) x 34.5~37.5mm (H)
    First year international carry-in warranty, including parts and labour; second and third year local carry-in warranty include parts only.


Gadget Adviser: Gadget gifts galore, for any budget
Fort Wayne News Sentinel

$1,000 AND UP

Motion Computing's LS800 tablet computer ($1,899; is less than 1-inch thick, weighs about 2 pounds and comes with wireless capabilities, an Intel Centrino processor, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and a


RFID market to reach $3 billion by 2010
EE Times Online

Gartner Inc. expects the radio frequency identification technology (RFID) market worldwide to reach $504 million in 2005, up 39 percent from the previous year, the research firm reported Tuesday.

As more industries adopt the technology toward the end of 2006, new license revenue will climb to $751 million. By 2010, Gartner forecasts worldwide RFID spending to surpass $3 billion.

A big variable remains: Will adopters carry through with planned projects? "The underlying phenomena that makes the RFID market difficult to calculate is the binary nature of deployment decisions," said Jeff Woods, research vice president at Gartner. "Either Boeing deploys RFID or they don't. These companies are large and cause enormous swings that make the market volatile."

A store could benefit from its managers having the ability to stand in front of an end-isle product display stacked with merchandise being able to see a graphical representation in red, yellow, and green on a tablet PC of the best selling items. The products would link to an RFID electronic product code that the tablet PC could read.

Putting RFID tags on individual items isn't necessary. Cases could be tagged instead, Woods said. "You'd have to fill in some missing gaps, but it could be done."


December 16, 2005

Start-up merges cell phone and PC into a handheld

It's a cell phone. It's a computer. It's the two invaluable companions of the modern executive in one.

DualCor Technologies next month will unveil the cPC, a full-fledged handheld Windows XP computer that also comes with a built-in smart phone that runs Windows Mobile 5.0.

The cPC is 6.5 inches long, 3.3 inches wide, 1.2 inches thick and has a 5-inch diagonal screen. It will be aimed at sales representatives and executives who travel extensively, said CEO Steven Hanley, who joined the company seven months ago.

There are signs of demand for such a device. A small but growing number of white-collar workers have begun to trade in their notebooks for BlackBerrys and other handhelds.

Sony and start-up OQO have already introduced full-fledged handheld Windows computers. Customers, however, have not snapped up these devices, in part because of short battery life and limited performance.

Through some engineering and design advances, the cPC's battery lasts long enough to let users run applications simultaneously for eight hours or more, he said.

"We seemed to have cracked the code," Hanley claimed.

The cPc jams two devices into one package, Hanley said. The computer part of the equation consists of Windows XP Tablet operating system, a 1.5GHz C7-M processor from Via Technologies and 1GB of DDR 2 memory

The cPC also comes with a few additional features that add shine to its sparkle factor. The screen is made from special glass, manufactured by LG, which provides a brightness level of 200 NITS, which the company claims is brighter than most other smart phone screens.

The company figured how to include TabletPC functionality without incorporating a digitizer, which is an additional chip.

One thing the cPC won't be is cheap. The system--which will get shown off at the Computer Electronics Show and become available in March--will carry a $1,500 price tag, although customers will get volume discounts for buying several at once.


Bring back our children’s smiles, at the click of a mouse
Indian Express

Cost-effective hand-held PCs Students carry big schoolbags containing a lot of books and notebooks on their shoulder. Can Information and Communication Technology find a solution to this through a cost-effective hand-held computer which can be loaded with all textbooks as e-books, notebooks as e-notebooks and e-workbooks and become a self-learning tool for our children? Recently we in Rashtrapati Bhavan undertook an exercise with a tablet PC available in the market at around $800. We have loaded the Linux Operating System, and designed an e-book, e-notebook loaded with digital library books and connected them to our e-learning portal. With this tablet PC, I can collaborate with my officers and scientists, use it as a notebook, use the Internet, use the white board and it can work with all systems in an integrated mode. I can carry this device in my hand and take notes anywhere. Based on this experience, I would suggest that the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), R&D organisations and industry launch a programme to design, develop a hand-held device with the power I have mentioned at a cost of $100 to $250 (Rs 5000-12,500) per handheld tablet PC.

Rashtrapati Bhavan can certainly share its experience. Economies of scale will bring down the cost. This will not only enable schoolchildren to carry just the hand-held computer rather than a heavy bag for reading and doing class work, but will also be useful for teachers and other professionals. Once bought, this computer should be useful for the rest of the educational career.


Case Study: Predawn Builds Healthcare Tablet PC Software Application
PR Web

Atlanta application development company, Predawn Visual Communications, Inc is helping boost Healthcare Information Technology with is latest accomplishment for client, WifiMed, by developing a mobile patient care solution named "TabletMD". Predawn has developed several patented technologies for WifiMed that are in place on the TabletMD application.


WiFiMed delivers a completely integrated physician practice workflow solution. WiFiMed uses integrated state-of-the-art software on the new wireless Tablet PC, with a proprietary interface and command structure. Additional functionality includes a revolutionary physician-oriented self-help to enable easy-to-learn and easy-to-use training. WiFiMed’s TabletMD captures and deciphers the practitioner's clinical documentation on a wireless-mobile-Tablet PC, which is familiar in size and portability to the charts currently used.

Predawn developed WiFiMed’s software to mirror a physician's current office practice procedure, called Patient Workflow Process (PWP). The TabletMD user can instantly create or update a medical record and treatment plan, execute the prescribed treatment plan, retrieve the results and return them digitally, wirelessly on the fly. All outstanding information and unfinished tasks are automatically tracked, so the physician is assured that their clinical and regulatory obligations are met.

The powerful TabletMD PC minimizes workflow problems encountered with traditional desktop, laptop and PDA systems because it allows source documents to reside within the unit. When source documents are paper based, the next logical step in the entry process is reentry, which is not a productive use of time. Now users can pull up pre-developed customized forms on their TabletMD PC that include drop-down lists and dialog boxes to ease data entry.

WiFiMed is proud of the underlying technology within the TabletMD application. Rarely, if at all and especially at this price, will you ever see a product based on an architecture which allows for:
- Easy addition of new features and upgrades
- Customization of processes
- Scalable from 5 to hundreds of physicians
- Supported through tools and computer programming languages, which are the industry standards of today

In most cases today, products attempting point-of-care solutions are made up of various pieces of the process, with different applications - tied together through different menus and displays -requiring the user to learn different commands and actions at each stage of the process. Uniquely, TabletMD delivers each function in a truly integrated environment with consistency and accuracy. TabletMD is built from the ground up on solid architecture and eliminating patched together components. TabletMD is functionally extensible and able to integrate and interface to other systems easily. TabletMD is a scalable solution, built with industry leading technologies.


WiFiMed tasked Predawn's Atlanta application development team with the needed software for managing all aspects of TabletMD.

Specification included but not limited too:
- 100% customizable forms management system with built in Decision Support
- Prescription writer capable of drug and allergy interactions
- Synchronization of Tablet PC’s and Servers anywhere on the internet
- Automated software updates to keep all TabletMD software up to date
- Ability to plug into any backend database for import and exporting data
- Speech to text capable of complex medical terminology
- Electronic Signatures
- HIPPA compliance

Predawn designed and developed a completely customizable and scalable system from the ground up. By creating and documenting patent pending technologies for WiFiMed, Predawn was able to place WiFiMed far ahead of its competition. Managing the entire application development team from project start to project complete Predawn relieved WiFiMed of resource management burdens. As a result, allowing WiFiMed to focus on sales and marketing.

TabletMD is now the choice of doctors and hospitals, in home care specialists and others. WiFiMed’s patented architecture outperforms and outshines competing products on the market today and should for years to come. Predawn kept development costs down allowing WiFiMed to be able to price TabletMD well below market average making it the most affordable and most powerful patient care system currently available.


Portable real estate technology just in time for Christmas

It's the holidays, and while you're out buying gifts for others, it's a great time to consider some gifts for your business that can actually make you more money in 2006.

1. A tablet computer

Are you still married to your desktop computer? Are you lugging around a laptop that weighs over seven pounds without the case and the peripherals? If so, it may be time to seriously upgrade your business with a new tablet PC. If you're working with a desktop or even a traditional laptop, you're no longer using the most up-to-date technology. A tablet PC allows you to access Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings using your wireless connection. Walk through properties taking notes in your own handwriting and automatically convert them into a Word file. Since no keyboard is needed, tablet PCs are also the cure for "Blackberry thumb." The digital signature recognition feature allows clients to sign documents directly on your tablet. E-mail the documents to the clients and avoid the costs of having to send documents via messenger. Furthermore, if you purchase a docking station, you only need your tablet rather than your bulky desktop.

2. REDTablet (Real Estate Dashboard) software

The REDTablet software package is designed specifically for the real estate industry ( Download listings from your local MLS, map out routes for showings, and have clients sign all required MLS and disclosure forms directly on your tablet. If you need information about a new listing while you're out with buyers, you can use the wireless feature to check availability, features, and price. In fact, you can also toss all that aggravating paper that keeps accumulating on your desk and in your file cabinet. The REDTablet software combined with a tablet PC allows you to become completely paperless. This program impresses clients and can eliminate up to 70 percent of the time it takes you to conduct transactions. REDTablet offers a complete package (a tablet PC plus the REDTablet software) or you can purchase the REDTablet software for your current laptop as well (please note that traditional laptops do not allow you to go paperless).


Sensors bring us closer to a user-friendly future
Globe and Mail

It's not easy to think outside the big beige box, but bright minds across Canada are giving it a shot. Saul Greenberg, a professor at the University of Calgary's GroupLab, encourages his students to brainstorm novel technology interfaces that require programming talent but not a lot of electrical engineering or hardware-building skills. He calls the results "phidgets," or physical widgets. Some of the ideas, such as a tablet PC with which users could control their thermostat through radio-frequency identification technology, might make great products.


December 19, 2005

First Consumer Biometrics Showcase to be Held at CES in Las Vegas
Wireless IQ

AuthenTec, the world leader in fingerprint sensor security, innovation and sales for more than five years, will host the first Consumer Biometrics Showcase, and its sensors also will be displayed in many popular PC and wireless products in booths throughout the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show January 5-8 in Las Vegas.

AuthenTec will display today's most popular consumer biometric products - including notebook and tablet PCs, PC peripherals, and cell phones — at the Consumer Biometrics Showcase, located at booth 72436 in the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Showcase visitors can try out devices from companies such as HP, Fujitsu Computer, Toshiba, Motion Computing, APC, LG, Samsung, NTT DoCoMo, and many others. Marketing and technical experts also will be on hand to answer questions, demonstrate the newest sensors for PC and wireless devices, and discuss the advanced security, convenience, navigation, and personalization features that biometrics can provide.


Microsoft OneNote Shown Off to College Students

Aaron Matzkin is promoting OneNote on the Colarado State University campus. His goal is to get students to download 1,000 free trials of the program.

One Note

“Tools that set it apart from a traditional word processing program include the ability to insert photos, add Web page content and audio recording of lectures that can be put in synch with class notes, Matzkin said. Templates are included to help organize note taking.”


Do the twist
Sydney Morning

Defy the conventional rules of portable computing with a notebook that converts into a writing pad. Simon Tsang compares the options.

Handwriting on a computer - it's the quintessential blend of the analog world with digital technology. The desire to be free from the constraints of a Fujitsu Tablet PCkeyboard and mouse for a more direct form of input has meant the persistence of the pen into the computing arena.

If you find writing more comfortable than typing or have an aversion to keyboards, a tablet notebook might be the way to go.

Microsoft dived into pen-style computers in 2002 when it released a Tablet PC Edition of Windows XP. While tablet computers existed before Microsoft came along, the introduction of the Tablet PC Edition helped more mainstream players such as HP, Acer and Toshiba get into the action by providing a "standardised" platform to design their notebooks around.

As such, any notebook that's built to run this operating system is referred to as a tablet PC. They're often called convertibles as well, given that their displays can flip around so that the screen is facing up when the lid is closed. It's designed to be used like a regular paper pad, so you can just hold it in your arm or lap and scribble on it with a special pen.

Those who need to take notes that often include diagrams, charts and drawings on their computer will find tablet capabilities indispensable. You can send handwritten email messages that can be viewed on any PC with Outlook 2003 as well as doodle in MSN Messenger.

If the recipient is on a different platform or email system, your handwriting is attached as an image file, which is easily viewed. Marking up corrections in documents is also easier thanks to direct "Ink Annotations" in Office 2003 applications such as Word and PowerPoint. You can scrawl your comments and highlights directly on the document, send it via email and it appears as embedded objects to a non-tablet PC recipient.

Mention handwriting on a computer though, and the first thing most people will ask about is the recognition accuracy. It's actually not that bad considering the diverse styles of handwriting it must account for. However, the strength of the tablet PC system is that you don't really need to convert your handwriting unless you have a specific need to see it as printed text. You can save your handwritten notes without converting it to text and still be able to search for words within the document like any regular Word file.

The verdict

If value is your thing, then Toshiba's Satellite R10 is the choice. It's the most consumer-oriented, gives plenty of features for your money, but isn't the easiest tablet to physically handle. The Fujitsu LifeBook T4020, on the other hand, delivers the best balance between size and features and justifies its higher price with excellent quality and design.


December 20, 2005

Mi-Co Announces Release 5.5 of the Mi-Forms System for Tablet PC and Digital Pen
Market Wire

Today, Mi-Co announced the availability of a new release of Mi-Forms, the enterprise mobile data capture software system. Release 5.5 includes new features and improvements in the entire workflow process of forms based data collection: Forms Design, Data Capture, Data Validation and Information Communication.

Data Capture: There are a number of Data Capture improvements that enhance the user experience. The most visible data capture enhancement is the support of the Nokia SU-1B digital pen. Mi-Co continues to lead the industry in providing device independence and user flexibility by supporting multiple methods for the data capture process. The Nokia pen joins the previously supported devices such as the Tablet PC, the Logitech io2 digital pen and BlueTooth digital pens. Mi-Forms digital pen support is based on Anoto functionality.


Top real estate tech tools of 2005

Dozens of new technology companies enter the real estate scene every RedTablet PCyear, and existing companies launch hundreds of new tech applications and gadgets for the real estate business. Here's a list of our picks for the top real estate tech tools of 2005:

7. REDTablet PC: This flat, portable tablet computer from VREO is designed specifically for real estate agents and works in conjunction with the Real Estate Dashboard software to offer a truly mobile and paperless business for agents. The REDTablet enables agents to take notes in their own handwriting, convert them to a Word file, collect e-signatures, manage documents digitally, and wirelessly access transaction files, among other functions.


Michael Gartenberg considers Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC Best Best Laptop 2005

This was another tough category, there were a lot of contenders from a lot of different folks. I liked a lot of the stuff Toshiba is doing and the newest PowerBooks are excellent systems. There's also that new cool rev of the OQO. In the end, it came down to two from and both are from the same vendor. The Lenovo Thinkpad x41 Tablet and the new Z60t. In the end, I'm giving the nod to the x41 since it's just better suited to the way I work but the Z60t has a lot going for it as well.

What's Good – Well, the X41 is the successor to my laptop choice last year, the fabulous x40. IBM added a few tweaks here and there but mostly addressed my single biggest issue, the lack of Tablet functionality. Now that's been addressed and the x41 is a killer system. It's the first Tablet PC I've used where there is no penalty at all for the Tablet OS feature. It just works as a great notebook and when you need it in Tablet mode (like in that middle seat in coach on the way to CES) it's just there for you. Still no integrated drive and the screen is still XGA. But if you need more, you might want to look at the Z60t. Take the great IBM keyboard, add in a nice DVD burner and a 15" screen. Toss in a Pentium M and a gig of memory and a 100gb HD and you're talking about a first class system that will keep up with most desktops. The best part is that it's still only 5.5lbs so it's still truly portable. Now toss in integrated WiFi A/B/G and EV-DO and for wireless broadband and you have one of the best combination of mobile features I've seen in. It all works well together and battery life still holds at about 5 hours with the extended battery. All in all, Lenovo is proving they can carry the ThinkPad brand and take it to new places.

What's Missing – Not much really. It comes down to choice in terms of form factor, screen size and features. I'd like to see the X series get integrated EV-DO so I don't need to carry an external card and perhaps a faster GPU for when Vista ships.


Podcast: Buzz interviewed on OnTheRun with Tablet PCs

This week's OnTheRun with Tablet PCs is now available. In this podcast, James and Marc have a conversation with Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords. Listen for Buzz's special offer.


December 21, 2005

Tech Toys 2005: A Holiday Shopping Guide, Part 4: Computers Accessories, and Portable Devices

Notebook Computers and Tablet PCs
Portable computers have come a long way from the backbreaking Compaq luggables we used to haul around airports. Now, you can get a portable computer to match any need. There are huge desktop replacements, many of which feature true desktop microprocessors. There are traditional notebook computers in a variety of sizes, and Tablet PCs that feature pen-input options and come in convertible notebook and slate form factors. And there are ultraportable computers, many of which are so small that I can't even type on their tiny keyboards. You'll need to decide which type of portable computer matches your needs, but even doing that won't dramatically reduce the number of options. There are just so many fine machines to choose from this year.


Acer tablet PC @ Rs 94,999
Rediff, India

The world's No.4 personal computer vendor Acer on Wednesday launched its new series of tablet PCs, featuring biometric fingerprinting security and embedded security subsystem.

Weighing about two kgs, TravelMate C202 is available at Rs 94,999 plus taxes. The company said it's the first 12.1 inch convertible PC with an integrated hot-swappable optical drive.The 'TravelMate C202' is powered by Intel Centrino mobile technology and the new features enable secure personal computing, officials of Acer India, the wholly owned subsidiary of the $7 billion Acer Computer International Ltd, said. The TravelMate C202 is Acer's fifth generation tablet PC, and is the first tablet PC to sport a patented sliding-track mechanism for convertible notebook functionality, that converts between notebook and slate modes, S Rajendran, Acer India's general manager, sales and marketing, consumer products group, said. The TravelMate C202 sales would be pushed in the Indian healthcare sector.


A Brief History Of Tablet PCs

The primary reason why the Microsoft-specification Tablet PC is reasonably successful whereas earlier attempts were not has two reasons. First, the technology required for a pen slate simply wasn't there in the early 1990s. And second, the pen visionaries' idea of replacing keyboard input with handwriting (and voice) recognition turned out to be far more difficult than anticipated. There were actually some very good recognizers that are still being used today, but they all require training and a good degree of adaptation by the user. You can't just scribble on the screen and the computer magically understands everything. With the Tablet PC, Microsoft downplayed handwriting recognition in favor of "digital ink" as a new data type. This was a very wise decision.


December 22, 2005

Dawn Of The WiFi TabletMD
Wireless Healthcare

Predawn Visual Communications has been working on a mobile patient care solution named "TabletMD" for WifiMed.

WiFiMed delivers a completely integrated physician practice workflow solution. The comoany uses integrated state-of-the-art software on the new wireless Tablet PC, with a proprietary interface and command structure. Additional functionality includes a revolutionary physician-oriented self-help to enable easy-to-learn and easy-to-use training. Its TabletMD captures and deciphers the practitioner's clinical documentation on a wireless-mobile-Tablet PC, which is familiar in size and portability to the charts currently used.

Predawn developed WiFiMed’s software to mirror a physician's current office practice procedure, called Patient Workflow Process (PWP). The TabletMD user can instantly create or update a medical record and treatment plan, execute the prescribed treatment plan, retrieve the results and return them digitally, wirelessly on the fly. All outstanding information and unfinished tasks are automatically tracked, so the physician is assured that their clinical and regulatory obligations are met.


Acer, Intel Plan to Target Healthcare Sector

Acer India and Intel have jointly announced a new initiative in the healthcare sector through the launch of Acer's tablet PC, Travelmate C202, powered by Intel Centrino Mobile Technology.

The Travelmate C202 is Acer's fifth-generation PC and the company claims it is the first tablet PC to sport a patented sliding-tracks mechanism for one-of-a-kind convertible notebook functionality that converts between notebook and slate modes. Complete with many customized features, this model is now available at Rs 94,999 excluding taxes.


December 23, 2005

Top five winners in China's IT industry this year
Interfax ChinaLenovo Tablet PC

New products were another tool Lenovo used to keep the company's leading position in China and to even grow its market share. From the third quarter of 2005, Lenovo began launching a number of new products, especially laptop PCs such as the Zhaoyang series for corporate users, the ThinkPad X41 Tablet, the wide-screen Tianyi series and the ThinkPad Z60 series.


New Notebooks Get Lighter and Run Longer
PC World 

The Fujitsu LifeBook T4020 convertible tablet claims third place and comes with three ways to protect data: a smart card, tablet buttons that double Fujitsu tablet pcas a combination lock, and an optional $50 biometric fingerprint reader that sits in the spot the scroll button would normally occupy. The T4020 works well as a note-taking device, and its swiveling screen is easy to read, indoors or out. Switching between tablet and notebook, however, took several more steps than with some other convertibles we've tested.


December 26, 2005

Fine gifts to receive even after holidays are over
Seattle Times

Fujitsu LifeBook P1500 Tablet PC

If portability, compactness and ease of use are what you want in a notebook, this is the one for you. This is the lightest and most full-featured tablet PC available anywhere, weighing in at just 2.2 pounds.

It's convertible, meaning that when the screen is raised, you have access to the keyboard and type just as you do on any laptop. But by twisting and swiveling the screen down and over the keyboard, you can use it to take notes, with any kind of stylus, even a finger, in your handwriting, just as you would on a pad of paper.

The screen is just 8.9 inches wide and a little more than 4 inches tall. You can get about three hours of use with the standard battery.

Great for: Students and professionals who take lots of notes; people looking for a super-lightweight, easy-to-take-along second computer that doesn't take up a lot of room.


Vista Build CTP 5270 on a Tablet PC

Mark Reis is blogging on his new website, Tablet PC Research.

I've been playing with the new CTP build of Vista of a desktop machine and have found a cool little tidbit. Under Add-Remove ->Windows Features, there is an option for “Tablet PC Optional Components”.


Yoga laptop bends the mind, adds detachable keyboard

There’s no denying that all this new-age lifestyle and alternative medicine lenovo tablet pcstuff isn’t going away anytime soon with thousands (millions?) rushing to meditation halls and yoga centres. But, a “life in balance” isn’t necessarily incompatible with state-of-the-art technology, gadgets, and doohickeys. It is with that in mind that Lenovo is re-inventing the IBM Thinkpad, catering it the yoga demographic.

According to, “the concept for the Yoga laptop is hinged on the bending of mind.” It takes advantage of something called “soft hinge technology support” so that you can use it like a regular laptop, flip it 300-degrees to make it a makeshift LCD “table display screen”, or fold it completely onto itself to have a tablet PC experience.


December 27, 2005

Taking GIS Into the Field: Why the End-user Experience is Critical to Success
Energy Pulse

From a usability standpoint, a designer in the field should find it simple to verify and add pertinent information at the job site. A tablet PC with a pen interface — not a keyboard with typed edit commands — provides the most familiar and easiest way to locate maps and related information, query the system, change views, and handle other design-related functions.


December 28, 2005

DSU students develop Internet radio station
Madison Daily Leader

With a Tablet PC in the hands of virtually every student at Dakota State University soon, it would stand to reason that students would get together to broadcast an Internet radio station.

Today, nearly 8,000 songs are broadcast in random fashion throughout the day, accessible for the hearing pleasure of on-campus students through the KDSU Web site. And, if everything works according to plan, the station will be broadcasting in the Trojan Center beginning in January when the next semester begins.


B-Schools Promote Better Learning Through Technology

B-SCHOOL BLOGGING. Technology is also changing the classroom experience. "Smart classrooms" at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business feature all sorts of conveniences for students and teachers. For instance, the room is wired with cameras for photographing whiteboards, so students can receive the images as digital files. In addition, tablet PCs, compact computers that allow you to write notes directly onto the screen with a special pen, replace the archaic projector. With the tablet technology, professors can make notes on charts and spreadsheets and send them directly to their students' PCs. Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and UCLA's Anderson School of Management are looking into similar technology.


InPlay Technologies Completes $3.5 Million Private Placement
PR Newswire

The company raised net proceeds of approximately $3.2 million, after payment of placement agent commissions and other offering expenses, which it expects to be used for working capital purposes. InPlay recently acquired FinePoint Innovations, a developer of digital computing pen technology for use in the tablet PC market, which is expected to require additional working capital as this business segment grows.


December 29, 2005

For me, changing Tablet PCs is a slow process

Several weeks ago I described how the Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC that I use as a daily machine has worked well for me for a year. No hardware problems yet.

Just after I wrote that post, I hit a limit on hard drive capacity. The drive is full and it isn't going to become less full any time soon.

What are my options?

Uninstall applications. - Nope, this won't work. I don't even have all the applications installed that I want.

Delete photos and videos, which take lots of space. - I have backups, but I'd still prefer to carry photos from conferences, video captures of applications, and pictures of my family with me. The Tablet PC serves as my expandable wallet. Want to see a photo of my dog, AJ, posing with Tablet Guy? Or how about photos from the Tablet PC gathering at CES 2004?

Install a new, larger hard drive. - I could do this, but I'd like continued access to the data that is on this Tablet PC. I can have that access if I leave the machine in tact. That said, this is the least expensive and most practical way of solving my problem. I'll get a few more gig for a relatively low price.

Switch over to a new Tablet PC. - This is what I'm working on now. I already have another Tablet PC and am slowly moving over to it as the primarily machine.

I've done this slow migration from one machine to another before. It is the safe way. I won't drop important data. I'll still have all my information available when I need it. And now am doing this with the Tablet PC. However, I keep picking up the good ol' M200. Nice, little machine. You've treated me well. Thank you. 


2006 PC World Innovations Awards
PC World

It wasn't easy to narrow down this year's list of PC World Innovations Award winners—but the 25 hardware devices, software products, and Web services spotlighted here say a lot about where technology is today and where it's going. While some products, notably Fujitsu's LifeBook P1510D convertible Tablet PC/notebook and NEC's MultiSync LCD2180WG-LED monitor, are aimed at boosting productivity, this year's picks clearly have a common theme: The majority of them aim to change the way you consume media and entertainment—whether in the living room, the den, or on the go (see our methodology for more on how we made our picks).

As PC World Editor in Chief Harry McCracken noted in his recent Up Front column, many of these products defy clear categorization. Nonetheless, we've managed to group our 25 favorites into five categories: Audio, Cameras and Camcorders, Entertainment, Mobile and Wireless, and Video. And the winners are…

Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D NOTEBOOK ($1649) At 2.2-pounds, the LifeBook P1510D from Fujitsu () is eye-catchingly small and slim, with a twist-around screen that converts this notebook into a slate-style tablet. It's also the first notebook using Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system to have a touch-screen display that conveniently works with any stylus pen, or even your fingers. The notebook comes with a stylus and tablet-friendly apps such as EverNote and RitePen, so you can easily jot notes and annotate documents.


December 30, 2005

Referencing your PIM data on a HP tc1100 with the power off- QuickLook

Tablet PC owners who come from the world of PDAs often lament the ability HP Tablet PCto hit a button and reference the PIM data immediately. While Standby and Hibernation speed up the process of firing up the Tablet and getting to Outlook it is still far from immediate. Wouldn't it be great if you could hit a button and see your Outlook data in a second, even if your Tablet is powered off? If you are the owner of the HP tc1100 Tablet PC you can, and it's a totally free solution.


City of Las Vegas Awards Enterprise-Wide Contract to MobileHWY to Implement its Field FORCE™ Mobile Solution
PR Web

City employees will utilize Tablet PC’s, Blackberries, and other Internet enable devices to access critical information in the field in real-time, receive their daily schedules, complete their tasks, and transmit those results directly into the city’s data system. Field FORCE™ utilizes “store and forward” technology, which allows field personnel to seamlessly use the application outside of wireless coverage areas. Users will be able to more efficiently complete their responsibilities in the field, which will eliminate the need for back office personnel to manually re-enter information and results into the city’s data system. Pat Dues, Project Officer from the City Manager’s Office, believes that “the city will provide higher levels of service to its residents and businesses, while controlling costs and meeting the growing demand placed upon field and office personnel.”


Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs for university

Lenovo Tablet PCLenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs for university : Lenovo announced that the University of Richmond has deployed ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs to provide students with the advantages of a real-time electronic curriculum. Using ThinkPad Tablet PCs linked to the school's new wireless network, students can complete and submit assignments from anywhere on campus, collect and input research findings while in the lab or field and quickly turn their written notes into professional-looking documents. The incorporation of ThinkPad Tablet PCs into the classroom enables enhanced interaction between professors and students.Tthe University of Richmond offers students the option to purchase ThinkPad notebooks and desktops at negotiated pricing.

ThinkPad technology - Education solution
"Since the deployment of ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs, we have received only positive feedback from the faculty and students who have used the tablet and its writable slate to take notes, draw illustrations and transmit electronic documents," said Doug West, director of communications, University of Richmond. "We believe tablets will play an increasingly pivotal role on campus. The ThinkPad technology offers endless possibilities for improving and revolutionizing the university's classroom learning environment." Administrators at the University of Richmond plan to use funds from a recent National Science Foundation grant to expand the deployment of ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCs on campus.




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