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News Archive October 2004

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October 1 , 2004

Tablet PC 2 Product of the Month
Tablet Pc 2 exclusive

Besides the fact that this is the first case I have seen labeled  "Tablet PC Compatible"  what makes this one stand out from the pack........... Just about everything. 

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Gates stumps in Silicon Valley

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates kicked off a whirlwind day in the Bay Area on Friday, talking to college students about a range of topics, from open-source software to malaria to the next Xbox.

Asked about Microsoft's biggest contribution, Gates said it is the creation of the software industry that came with the PC. But he also said the Tablet PC--a pet project of his--is pretty neat, too, as will be the next version of the Xbox.

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Microsoft's Gates says computing 'falls short'
Investor's Business Daily

The computing problems to be solved in the next two decades will be more exciting than those that already have been solved, according to Microsoft's Bill Gates.

The chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft (MSFT), the world's largest software firm, specifically pointed to expected innovations in computing reliability and ease of use.

"Computing today still falls short of what it should be," Gates said during a speech Friday at the University of California at Berkeley.

As for more immediate technologies, Gates added getting mass adoption for the tablet PC and making the Xbox the top-selling gaming system would be significant achievements for the company he co-founded in 1975.

"I still believe in the idea of the paperless office," he said to a crowd of several hundred engineering students.

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Multimedia Games to Premiere Advanced Casino Floor Management Technologies at Las Vegas G2E Tradeshow
Business Wire

Multimedia Games, Inc. (Nasdaq: MGAM) will preview Casino Commander(TM), its new proprietary casino floor management system, at the fourth annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 5-7. Reflecting its theme "The Future of Gaming NOW", Multimedia Games ("Multimedia") will also be showcasing its industry-leading central determinant gaming technology, multiple gaming platforms, and the MGAMe(TM) back-office system, highlighting the Company's ability to adapt games and technology to new jurisdictional requirements and customer preferences

Casino Commander: Casino Commander provides casino customers a flexible game platform that dramatically increases an operator's control of game selection and configuration, game faces, denominations, payouts, promotions, and other management and marketing features. As with other Multimedia offerings, these technology solutions allow games to be downloaded from a central determinant system controlled from a variety of locations, including a tablet PC on the gaming floor.

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Mobile Tech a Hit with Groups
Mobile Health Data

Family Healthcare represents the growing ranks of group practice-based doctors and nurses that depend on mobile technology to improve patient care and streamline their practice of medicine. Caregivers are using tools including PDAs, laptops, Tablet PCs and smart phones to access patient data and medical reference information, and capture charges.

For example, group practice-based doctors are increasingly likely to encounter wireless local area networks in hospitals with which they are affiliated. Also, in Health Data Management magazine's 2004 CIO Survey, respondents said Tablet PCs and PDAs were the mobile hardware most likely to have the greatest impact on health care.

Oswego County OB/GYN implemented an electronic medical records system and a wireless LAN from Greenway Medical Technologies, Carrollton, Texas, in March 2003. The practice also purchased Tablet PCs and laptops from Dell Computer Corp., Round Rock, Texas, which physicians and nurses use.

Uva uses a pen-based Tablet PC when examining obstetrics patients to record fetal heart rate, whether the patient is having contractions, fetal movement and position of the baby. The system also enables doctors to review all lab work "just by tapping the screen," he says.

That's an improvement over the previous method, which required physicians to thumb through paper records and notes in each patient's chart at each prenatal visit. And the Tablet PCs can move among exam rooms because they send and receive data wirelessly.

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Workers relish time balance
Reseller News

AS a working mother with a young son, Elizabeth Kirby, mid-market business manager at Microsoft New Zealand, values being able to balance her time between work and family.

“I feel empowered by being able to decide how I spend my time. It is one of the reasons I am able to retain my enthusiasm for working at Microsoft,” she says.

Kirby does not believe she would feel comfortable working for a company that does not encourage a healthy work/life balance.

Microsoft has equipped Kirby with a tablet PC, smartphone, a wireless area network and a broadband connection at home.

“I have a fully equipped home office but am not bound to it and can sit on the couch and clear my emails after my son has been put to bed — that is very powerful,” says Kirby.

Clear guidelines at Microsoft ensure that there is no mistrust of employees or among colleagues, says Kirby, adding that with the trust Microsoft places in her, comes a sense of responsibility on her part.

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Selling past the trust barrier
Reseller News

NETWORK Pro must know something about selling remote working solutions - it is in the process of fulfilling one of the largest tablet PC orders in the country to date.

The company cannot reveal who the client is as yet, but director Ron van Twuiver says the deal involves 57 tablets to an organisation with field workers that need to have remote access to its network.

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October 4 , 2004

Motion Computing Enhances Healthcare Productivity Software for for Award-Winning Tablet PC Line
Business Wire

Motion Computing(R) today announced the second version of Motion Medical Pak, a suite of applications designed to increase healthcare productivity and take advantage of Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

The new Medical Pak augments the operating system's dictionary with more than 212,000 words, enabling fast, accurate recognition of healthcare industry-specific words handwritten directly within the Tablet Input Panel (TIP).

Medical Pak also includes applications from industry leaders Gold Standard Multimedia, Elsevier and Standard Register (NYSE:SR), and is designed for Microsoft Office 2003 and Motion's award-winning tablet PCs. These personal productivity applications complement the growing number of healthcare-specific software programs developed by Motion's independent software vendor partners and value-added resellers.

"The newest version of Motion's Medical Pak offers the potential for increased productivity at the point care, by enabling healthcare providers to quickly navigate applications using the tablet's intuitive pen-based functionality," said Bill Keay, enterprise mobility specialist for Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences. "With improved handwriting recognition and familiar, easy-to-use technology from Microsoft, this offering will drive efficiencies within the healthcare community and ultimately improve the quality of patient care."

"Using the new input panel on my Motion tablet is easy, fast and gives me the ability to use the pen in many applications," said Brian McCardel, MD, chief of orthopedics and board member, Sparrow Health System. "With the combination of the new word list and the enhancements in the TIP included in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, my handwriting recognition has greatly improved. I can quickly do my clinical data entry without a keyboard."

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Xplore Raises the Bar for Performance and Durability with New New Centrino(R) Tablet PC Line-Up
PR Newswire

Xplore Technologies(R) Corp. (TSX:XPL), a leading international provider of rugged wireless tablet PC systems, today announced the release of its family of iX104C(2)(TM) Tablet PCs. The iX104C(2) line up are the first in the rugged tablet PC market with the latest Intel(R) Centrino (733) mobile technology, AllVue(TM) enhanced display, advanced wireless LAN certifications, up to 4 multi-model wireless devices and patent pending auto-sensing Dual Mode technologies. The iX104C(2) family includes Tablet PC (C(2)), Dual Mode TPC (C(2)D), and AllVue TPC (C(2)V) versions.

Deputy Commissioner Titus Britt, Information System Support for the City of Cleveland, Department of Public Safety adds, "For our needs, the iXC(2) system is currently the best option on the market to meet or exceed the needs of our Police Officers. This tablet will allow us to equip our officers with the latest processing and wireless capabilities and handle the high level of stress and extreme use common among police officers". The entire iX104C(2) line is designed, warranted, and third party tested to US Military environmental standards (MIL-STD 810F). With over 30 unique design elements, iXC(2) tablets can operate under severe conditions such as extreme hot and cold temperatures, exposure to dust, moisture, intense vibrations, and four foot drops to concrete

"In researching the rugged mobile computing market segment over the past 3 years, we see a clear trend towards the evaluation of more durable, reliable mobile computers such as Xplore's iX104 Tablet PC over similar business class devices by an increasing number of enterprise mobility customers

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Bluffton High links up with laptop distributor
Hilton Head Island Packet, SC

Bluffton High School has joined with a new Philadelphia-based company that offers parents a rent-to-own program to purchase laptop computers that are compatible with the school's system.

Parents can purchase two different models of Toshiba computers through the program and can pay for the machines in cash or make 42 monthly payments, after which they own the computer.

The higher-end model, the Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, costs $2,156, or $2,506 with insurance. Monthly payments are $74.95, which is $3,147 after 42 months.

Hogg said he's not aware of any other companies that offer computer, imaging and financing packages for schools.

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Bill 2.0: 5-Year Performance Review
Microsoft Certified Professional 

One long-time hot-button is alternative input, including speech recognition and pen computing. Here Gates is either ahead of his time or overly optimistic. Take the Tablet PC, which debuted in November 2002. The following March, at the Mobility Developers Conference, Gates called the Tablet PC "an explosive form factor, because things like annotation and reading, note taking, haven't really been possible," and spoke of vendors selling out of their units.

But the Tablet PC has yet to capture the public's imagination. Analyst DeMichillie says it's a "product that probably would have been killed had it not been for Bill's personal advocacy."

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October 5 , 2004

Records Exec: Tablet PCs It Is
Mobile Health Data

Not too long ago, group practice clients of InteGreat--a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based vendor of electronic records systems--were a little leery of using Tablet PCs because of concerns with the then new hardware's size, weight and lack of a track record in health care, according to David Koeller, president of InteGreat. But what a difference a year makes.

"Every client we have is deploying Tablet PCs," Koeller said during an interview at the Medical Group Management Association's 2004 Annual Conference, Oct. 3-6 in San Francisco. "Tablet PCs have moved very quickly from an untested technology to the hardware of choice for physicians."

"Doctors overwhelmingly prefer Tablet PCs because they enable the same workflow they're used to--a paper chart on a clipboard is the same dimensions as a Tablet PC." The new generation of Tablet PCs also is lighter and easier to use, and wireless connectivity has become cheaper, faster and more stable in the past few years, he added. "Physicians aren't voicing too many concerns anymore about whether Tablet PCs will work in a health care setting because they very quickly have proven they do."

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Getac's New Slate TabletPC Steps into Rugged World, Aptly

Getac Inc., the leading pioneer of rugged portable computers, today announce their next generation of TabletPCs, the MobileForce CA27. The MobileForce CA27 is a rough and rugged powerful slate TabletPC

Water, dust, and dirt proof, the lightweight MobileForce CA27 slate-type TabletPC provides a reliable device that meets the military's tough 810F standard (Mil-STD 810F), which requires computing devices survive, among other extreme conditions, a minimum of a 3 foot drop impact on hardened surfaces such as concrete and steel plating. This is an important capability since real-world applications of any TabletPC are in the field, warehouse or conditions where applications are rough and risk of falling from a table or desktop is common.

"While other manufacturers are realizing a need to move in this direction, we're already there," stated Joseph Huang, General Manager of Getac, Inc. "The environments that TabletPCs witness require addressing harsh applications from which they will actually be operating in. That means users of our systems don't have to wait for hardware improvements.

" With a 10.4 in. XGA TFT LCD digitizer screen (optional sunlight readable display), this tablet device includes a 1.1 GHz Pentium M processor with MS Windows(r) XP Tablet Edition operating system and fully compatible with Intel Centrino wireless technology.

Essential to ease of use for TabletPCs, touch keys are built in just below the display for unencumbered switching of on an off, monitor controls (volume, battery status, brightness adjustment), wireless keyboard port, F1, F2 and F3 function keys and a speaker. The MobileForce CA27 can easily be set up in a vehicle (i.e. police cruiser or fire truck) with an optional vehicle docking station and an optional wireless keyboard (water, dirt and dust proof), effortlessly switching to and from a TabletPC or standard laptop computer. It can also be used as a desktop/laptop computer with the docking station making it ideal for going to/from a field environment to a vehicle or office.

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LG sets new benchmark in computer display technology
AME Info

The company has also launched its stylistic LG tablet LCD monitor equipped with an electromagnetic digitizer that makes it possible to write directly on the screen with an accompanying digital pen. The tablet monitor incorporates all the functions of a desktop PC; data inputted on to the monitor is automatically stored in the PC, giving customers complete flexibility. The LG tablet can recognise sensitive inputs and parametres, like colour can be controlled by the pressure input on the electronic pen. Ergonomically designed, the tablet monitor has dual interface, true colour support, and auto image scaling capabilities.

'The new tablet monitor illustrates our commitment to delivering products that bring true mobility to customers.

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New Medical Pak Put in Motion
Mobile Health Data

Motion Computing has released a new version of its Motion Medical Pak, a productivity suite designed to enhance workflow and improve the ability of Tablet PCs to recognize text entered via a writing stylus.

The second version of Medical Pak is designed to work with the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. It augments the operating system's dictionary with more than 212,000 health care-specific terms to help Tablet PCs recognize and translate terms used by clinicians who frequently reference medical and pharmacological information and fill out health care forms.

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Product Review: ViewSonic's Tablet PCs Do The Write Thing

Even though more manufacturers are entering the tablet PC arena, ViewSonic has been in the market from the very beginning. The company's newest tablet PC is the V1250S, a fully functional convertible tablet PC with an incorporated keyboard. The V1250S is a sister product to ViewSonic's first line of tablets, the V1100, which was strictly a slate product without an integrated keyboard. These specifications represent a major improvement over the V1100 tablet. The V1100 is based on an 866MHz Pentium III processor with 256 Mbytes of memory, which is expandable to 768 Mbytes. It includes a 20-Gbyte hard drive and has a 10.4-inch TFT display. These two tablets offer many opportunities for solution providers that develop tablet PC-specific applications or sell into specific vertical markets. The health-care industry, for instance, was an early adopter of the tablet PC, and the device has become a must-have for many health-care officials. In some health-care institutions, the tablet PC is no longer a luxury device but a necessity for doctors and nurses who need to quickly access medical information.

Both tablets include integrated 802.11b Wi-Fi LAN connectivity. The wireless feature presents ample opportunities for solution providers to sell the tablet into educational markets, since many school districts and universities are exploring the tablet PC market. Some high schools and colleges have banned the dissection of animals in class and are turning their students to the Web as an alternative means of completing science lab requirements. These tablets are providing a means to accomplish that goal.

CRN Test Center engineers found the V1250S performed admirably, and the stylus worked well, too. Many smart devices that use a stylus require extensive precision to execute a specific command, but that was not the case with the V1250S.

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iMedica Gives Clinics Vital Edge During Vioxx Recall
Yahoo News

iMedica, the physician's choice for electronic medical records (EMR), today announced that its PhysicianSuite(TM) system has given doctors and clinics an important edge when they need to notify patients during drug recalls such as yesterday's withdrawal of Vioxx(TM). By integrating all patient charting and prescription records and providing access to them through an easy-to-use interface, PhysicianSuite allows doctors and clinics to generate a list of all affected patients taking a certain drug within minutes, and to notify them within hours.

In addition to storing all charted patient information and speeding clinical workflows through centralized access to that information, PhysicianSuite provides real-time feedback to physicians through wireless tablet PCs as they attend patients and write orders and prescriptions. Doctors can chart findings directly into PhysicianSuite using a tablet PC, and the system automatically alerts them to potential drug interactions or other possible medical errors.

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October 6 , 2004

Fujitsu Puts New Spin on Convertible LifeBook T Series Tablet PC

Fujitsu Computer Systems today demonstrated its
expertise in tablet computing with the introduction of its second-generation convertible, the LifeBook® T4000 Tablet PC. Among its most notable enhancements is an integrated modular bay, which can accommodate a Multi-Format DVD Writer, second battery or weight saver. Other updates include a new display with a 180-degree viewing angle, a faster processor, dual microphones with noise cancellation, Bluetooth® wireless technology and advanced security features.

The LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is ideal for mobile workers who must rely on their system throughout the entire workday. The system can deliver up to 8.5 hours(1) of battery life -- an entire workday -- with both batteries installed. It also features dual microphones with noise cancellation for doctors who dictate.

Healthcare workers can also benefit from the advanced security features that come standard on each system. The LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC includes a dedicated SmartCard slot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

The Fujitsu LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC features an Intel® Pentium® M 725 or 745 processor ( 1.6-1.8 GHz) and comes with the Intel® 855GM chipset and Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG (802.11b/g) Network Connection. This combination of technologies delivers excellent performance and battery life

Shipping October 21, 2004   Click to order

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Centrino surfaces in rugged tablet PCs

Xplore Technologies Corp. on Tuesday unveiled a new family of rugged tablet PCs based on Intel's Centrino mobile technology.

The iX104C(2) line includes Tablet PC, Dual Mode TPC, and AllVue TPC versions. All models are stocked with a 1.1GHz ultra-low-voltage Pentium M 733 processor, 855GME chipset, 400MHz system bus, 2MB of L2 cache, and Intel Pro Wireless 802.11b/g radio.

Based on Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, the iX104C(2) tablets use an active stylus for navigation and data entry. The Dual Mode model iX104C(2)D also supports finger-touch operation and features auto-sensing technology for on-the-fly switching between the two input methods. The AllVue model iX104C(2)V employs special LCD technology that promises to increase screen readability in all lighting conditions

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Quatech Adds New Mobile Connectivity Products; GPS Receivers and Bluetooth Adapters Extend Industry-leading Mobile Connectivity Line

Quatech Inc., a world-class manufacturer of data connectivity products, introduced two new product lines to its industry-leading line of mobile connectivity products: Bluetooth Adapters and Global Position System (GPS) Receivers. Both lines reflect the reliable, high-quality products Quatech has earned a reputation for providing.

Quatech's line of GPS Receivers, available with Bluetooth, USB or CompactFlash interface, is designed to GPS-enable Laptop, Notebook, Tablet and Handheld PCs. The high-power GPS receiver combines proven technologies that allow computers to receive highly accurate positioning data for reliable tracking capabilities.

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Scouring The Planet For Brainiacs

Step inside the labs of Microsoft's advanced technology center outside Beijing for a lesson in 21st century innovation.

Among the 72 innovations that have already ended up in Microsoft products is the "digital ink" used in software for tablet PCs. Others will eventually reach the market years down the road in everything from electronic-game players to industrial-design software.

Just as important, the global innovation supermarket lowers entry barriers for dynamic new players. A good example of the new breed of technology networker is Austin (Tex.)-based Motion Computing Inc. With just 110 employees, Motion is the No. 3 seller of slate style tablet PCs, a market that research firm IDC predicts will near $7 billion in three years. Motion shipped 25,000 of the $2,000 machines last year, mainly to health-care and financial-service companies in the U.S. and 14 other nations. Motion's latest M1400 PC, which allows users to write directly on the screen, display articles as they appear in a magazine, and transmit documents wirelessly, is loaded with cutting-edge applications sourced from outside suppliers.  The 12-inch pen-based screen, which can be viewed in bright sunlight and while tilted at a 160-degree angle, was developed by Korea's Boe Hydis, the world's leading supplier of tablet PC displays. The machines are made in China by Taiwanese contract manufacturer Compal Electronics Inc. "This business model lets us bring core technologies from around the world to market faster than our competitors," says CEO Scott Eckert.

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October 7 , 2004

Fujitsu tablet gets modular 

Fujitsu Computer Systems on Tuesday introduced its second-generation convertible tablet PC, the LifeBook T4000, featuring an integrated modular bay that can accommodate various options.

The new tablet is available with an Intel Pentium M 725 or 745 processor, up to 2GB of RAM, a 40GB or 80GB hard drive, and an improved 12.1-inch XGA display that Fujitsu said delivers a 180-degree viewing angle. Other standard features include a modem and Ethernet adapter, Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG 802.11b/g, two USB 2.0 ports, and Type II and Secure Digital slots. For users who need to perform a lot of dictation, the tablet offers dual microphones with noise-cancellation technology.

The T4000's modular bay is compatible with several optional components, including a DVD-ROM drive, DVD/CD-RW combo drive, multi-format DVD burner, and second battery. With the latter, the tablet can run for up to 8.5 hours, Fujitsu claimed. Other options for the tablet include a Bluetooth radio and a port replicator.

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FranklinCovey Releases PlanPlus(TM) 3.0 for Microsoft(R) Outlook
PR Newswire

FranklinCovey(R) (NYSE: FC) and Agilix Labs(TM), Inc. announce the release of PlanPlus(TM) 3.0 for Microsoft(R) Outlook(R), an upgrade to the companies' planning and information management application for desktop, notebook, and Tablet PC users running Microsoft Outlook.

Tablet PC users will have digital ink support for taking notes in their own handwriting within the PowerNotes notetaking and note management module.

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imagine LAN Introduces Sync-Along(TM) Software for USB Flash Drives

imagine LAN, Inc., a leading provider of software applications for flash drives to vendors, corporate customers and individual users, today announced the introduction of Sync-Along v1.0 – a file synchronization application for USB flash drives and other portable storage devices (iPod®, portable media center devices, mini hard drives, and more).

Sync-Along software installs directly to a USB flash drive (or other portable storage device) and allows users to easily synchronize files (documents, pictures, music, video, etc.) between two or more PCs. “There's been a significant increase multi-PC households as consumers add new desktops, notebooks and even Tablet PCs to the home.”

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Simpson lags in technology
The Simpsonian

Across the nation, college students are enticed with the ring of a BlackBerry, tunes from an iPod, or the hum of a new laptop. However, Simpson remains silent while the war of campus electronics rages around it.

As more students chose alternatives to college education, institutions try new strategies to increase enrollment. At private and public universities throughout America, officials started to bank on technology "giveaways" to get their numbers up.

In 1998, Winona State University in Winona, Minn., started a pilot laptop program. Six years later, all 8,236 students on campus are equipped with their choice of an Apple iBook G4 or a Gateway M275 Tablet PC. The computers are changed every two years to update programs and students can install software specific to their major. In addition, students receive a bag, damage coverage, insurance and on-site repair.

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Amicore Boasts New Electronic Medical Records System
Ziff Davis

The next-generation system from Amicore—founded in 2001 by Microsoft Corp., IBM and Pfizer Inc.—employs Microsoft's .Net tools, is designed specifically for the Tablet PC, and combines functions for both practice and clinical management into one database. The current rollout is for the clinical side, with the practice side coming early next year.

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October 8 , 2004

Medical Applications For Tablet PC

Motion Computing's second version of Motion Medical Pak, a suite of applications designed to increase healthcare productivity and take advantage of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 has been announced.

The new Medical Pak augments the operating system's dictionary with more than 212,000 words, enabling fast, accurate recognition of healthcare industry-specific words handwritten directly within the Tablet Input Panel (TIP).

Medical Pak also includes applications from industry leaders Gold Standard Multimedia, Elsevier and Standard Register, and is designed for Microsoft Office 2003 and Motion's award-winning tablet PCs.

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Transmeta Unveils New Efficeon

Transmeta is setting up its next-generation Efficeon processors to run roughly at double the speed and half the wattage of its current designs.

At the Fall Processor Forum in Silicon Valley this week, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker demonstrated two new 90-nanometer TM8800 (Efficeon) chips -- 1.6 GHz and 2.0 GHz -- that only use 3 watts of power. Previous versions like the 0.13-micron Efficeon TM8600 reached speeds of 1.0 GHz at a maximum power of 7 watts.

The Transmeta Efficeon processor, in particular, targets the low-end blade and high-end workstation market, as well as mobile, wireless and embedded devices. It is slated for a wide range of environments, including thin-and-light notebook computers, mainstream notebooks, tablet PCs, BladePCs, cluster workstations and fanless media centers.

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Burntsand helps Amicore develop integrated clinical and practice management solution
Yahoo News

Burntsand Inc., a North American business consulting and technology services company, today announced the company has played a key role in a high-profile development effort designed to revolutionize today's medical practice.

Built especially for use with the mobile Tablet PC, Amicore Integrated Management allows clinicians to capture and retrieve clinical, financial and patient-related data at the point of care or anywhere with an Internet connection. This new software utilizes a unique "hybrid" ASP delivery model - a combination of a hosted solution with a maintenance-free server appliance in the physician's office - so medical practices don't need an elaborate technology infrastructure or technical staff to use the software.

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October 11 , 2004

Third Parties Fill 'Longhorn' Void
Ziff Davis

With Microsoft Corp.'s recent announcements that it will separate WinFS from the next major release of Windows and the release of Visual Studio 2005, not due for another six months, developers are looking to third-party vendors for certain functionality support now.

NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 3 is a complete tool set for developing user interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.Net, Tablet PC and COM (Component Object Model), Guida said. The product also will feature a new calculation called the CalcEngine and XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) rendering support for WebGrid.

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New and Notable Product Design
Design News

Baracoda BaracodaPencil. Hopefully, this flexible, new handheld scanner that doubles as a stylus for a PDA or tablet PC means the grocery store won't run out of our favorite chocolate chip cookies anymore. The device communicates with a Bluetooth terminal on a PC, PDA, LAN, or cell phone

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Creating a home office with Staples CEO

since as the chief executive of the nation's top office-supply chain, Staples Inc., it could be argued that Sargent is the reigning King of the Home Office.

''This room reflects who I am and where I've been," Sargent said. ''Plus, all the art my wife doesn't like ends up in here."

The only phone in the room is an original 1940s black tabletop phone with a rotary dial. But don't think that Sargent is a Luddite. He had Staples installers set up a wireless network in his home so he could easily connect to the Internet regardless of whether he was using his laptop, tablet PC, or home computer.

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October 12 , 2004

Coming tomorrow: Tablet Pc 2's Photos from Microsoft's Digital Entertainment Anywhere Launch

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Media Center PCs go to the head of the class

Microsoft officially unveiled today the second part of its massive push to be the center of your home entertainment universe. The big news here is the 2005 edition of its Media Center OS, but the software giant has a few other tricks up its sleeve as well.

Microsoft also is announcing improvements to its Tablet PC operating system.  I can’t for the life of me understand what this has to do with all these Media PC announcements but I thought it was my duty to mention it.

Windows Media Center 2005 is actually a portfolio of software and supporting hardware products that turn your computer into a kind of TiVo -- and a whole lot more.

The big deal with the 2005 edition is that Microsoft went full out to improve the quality over both its older OS and those offered by TiVo and other competitors. Microsoft hired some of the best experts in the video industry to improve recording and playback quality in the new OS.  Their plan was to add things like 3D-comb filters, improve scaling and de-interlacing as well as provide lifelike and accurate colors for all sources and outputs.  All this adds up to video you can stand to watch on an expensive, high definition television monitor.

Plus, in addition to much, much better looking TV recordings – the new OS now handles HDTV signals -- at least those that get broadcast over the air. For now, forget about HDTV from cable/satellite services.

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Microsoft and Industry Partners Deliver on Digital Entertainment Anywhere Vision With Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
PR Newswire

Today at the Digital Entertainment Anywhere launch event, held in the center of the entertainment industry, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates publicly unveiled Windows(R) XP Media Center Edition 2005, bringing consumers the best in home entertainment with the power and convenience of a Windows XP-based PC. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is the core of Microsoft's vision for Digital Entertainment Anywhere

Throughout the next several months, Microsoft is enabling U.S. consumers to experience new Windows XP home technologies firsthand at the Windows on Wheels tour, which will visit a number of cities nationwide, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Windows on Wheels is a portable, translucent experience center in which consumers can test-drive the hottest new Windows XP digital entertainment products for use in the home and on the go, including Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Media Center Extender, Portable Media Centers and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, in a home environment. Tour information can be found at .

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Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Energy Blue Theme Pack

It's time to give your Tablet PC a new look. Install the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Energy Blue Theme Pack and see the difference. New colors, new effects and a new wallpaper will give your Tablet a fresh, updated appearance.

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Campaign for Environmental Awareness begins TODAY
Elon University

Win prizes and help Elon raise the level of awareness about conservation on campus by participating in the Campaign for Environmental Awareness, which begins at noon.

At the end of the year, the monthly winners will be entered into a drawing for grand prizes of two Gateway Tablet PC’s. This contest is open for students, faculty and staff members.

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NEC VersaPro Tablet PC Features Atheros Super AG(TM) Technology
Yahoo News

Atheros Chipset Provides High-Performance Wireless Capability in World's Thinnest and Lightest Tablet PC

Atheros Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATHR - News), a leading developer of advanced wireless LAN (WLAN) chipsets, today announced its AR5004X chipset featuring Super AG(TM) technology has been embedded into the new NEC VersaPro VY11F/GL-R Tablet PC. Consumers who want the ability to take their ultra lightweight tablet PC anywhere in the home or office and still stay connected to the Internet, network resources or email will be able to take advantage of a wireless option employing Atheros' high-performance 802.11a/b/g technology

The NEC VersaPro VY11F/GL-R, which begins shipping in the Japan market on September 30, is the world's thinnest and lightest tablet PC. It measures only 11 millimeters (less than one-half inch) in total thickness and weighs a mere 899 grams (less than two pounds). Users can easily handwrite notes using the tablet's pen on top of the VersaPro's liquid-crystal display (LCD) protected glass. The wireless-equipped tablet PC can transmit notes to co-workers instantly and can also be used to highlight key points in a presentation during business meetings. Atheros' wireless technology helps to unwire the VersaPro in the enterprise.

Additional features of the NEC VersaPro VY11F/GL-R tablet PC include an Intel® Pentium® M processor, an ATI Mobility Radeon graphics chipset, Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, 20 gigabyte (GB) hard drive and a 10.4-inch TFT XGA display.

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Traditional notebook evolves as mobility becomes the norm

The overarching goal of business in the IT world is the adoption of a digital, paperless office. Tablet PCs represent yet another step toward that goal and according to Axiz, the Acer C300 series is a significant step forward as it offers full-size convertibility in a stylishly slim, lightweight unit. Available immediately for R19 999 including VAT, the Acer TM C300 series represents an evolution of the traditional notebook.

"Coupled with the efficiency and convenience of electronic ink and character recognition for daily work, the TM C300 gives users the best of both worlds, notebook convenience when in the office and tablet functionality away from your desk."

The TM C300 is the first Tablet PC to feature a large 14.1-inch XGA (1 024 x 768) TFT LCD screen, supporting up to 16.7 million colours to give presentations even greater impact. The rotating screen can quickly transform into a writing surface which is ideal for taking notes, annotating documents or completing online forms. Additionally, it features one of most advanced character recognition engines available for scanning, searching and indexing handwritten documents.

By bringing handwriting recognition features of ordinary tablets to an even larger audience, the TM C300 lets users experience the sudden surge in efficiency from the use of electronic ink in any office document, allowing them to revise, edit, and repurpose handwritten notes after writing them on the computer screen with the stylus while on the move.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server as an option for mobile professionals

James Kendrick, blogger from jkOnTheRun covers the benefits a hosted Microsoft Exchange Server solution brings to the mobile professional. The article covers all the various gains plus how to capitalize using a service with mobile devices like Tablet PCs and Pocket PC.

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All the good vibrations
The Age

We're pretty sure that sales people and professionals in particular would find it infinitely more satisfying to scribble on a tablet PC, which allows you to do many more interesting things with an electronic document than can ever be done with a sheet of paper.

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A summary of Tablet PC developer resources

Developers interested in the Tablet PC platform have an increasing number of resources available to them these days. From official Microsoft articles, to blog posts, and third-party content - the amount of information is slowly growing. It's about time too! The tablet has been around for two years, and only now are the developer resources finally becoming pretty decent. But better late than never, I guess.

This page will contain links to interesting and hopefully useful bits of information for people wanting to try some ink development.

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Turn Your Tablet PC Into A PhotoCopy Machine

The fun of using a new product like the Tablet PC is coming up with new ways of doing things. Here is one idea that may alter the way you think about making photocopies of books, newspaper clippings, sheet music, recipes, genealogy documents, and other printed documents.

In this article I'll show you how to use a digital camera and your Journal-enabled Tablet PC to photograph printed documents and "import" them into Journal as electronic collections that you can markup, highlight, or clip (using the Microsoft Snipping utility).

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Click for Photos from the
Digital Entertainment Anywhere Launch

Including the new Fujitsu Lifebook T4000 Tablet PC !

Watch the demo

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October 13 , 2004

Tri-Band GSM/3G WCDMA Scanning Receiver

InSite™ Wireless Test System
PCTEL’s RF Solutions Group will also demonstrate its new release of the InSite™ Wireless Test System, which features a complete indoor measurement solution. The added indoor support includes a Tablet PC, a new battery pack, and a carrying pouch, making InSite a compact and easy-to-use indoor site survey tool.

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Fujitsu drives modular bay into T Series of Tablet PCs

Fujitsu Computer Systems will soon start spinning the wheels on the next rev of its convertible Tablet PC, which will be the first to take on a number of different disc drives.

"The second-generation tablet replaces our thin and light devicem that was targeted at vertical markets and didn't house a modular bay," said Paul Moore, director of mobile product marketing at Sunnyvale Calif.-based Fujitsu Computer Systems. "Now the market is really ready for a convertible tablet."

Moore said the key vertical markets that the previous line of tablets were designed for include healthcare, insurance companies and field force automation. "The people who are now going to a convertible are the ones that have a 50/50 need for a tablet and a notebook. If they have a 100 per cent tablet need, then they are staying with the slate," Moore said. "The potential is there now to open up more vertical markets for resellers, but also horizontal markets because now you have a full-blown notebook that is lightweight and has the added functionality of a tablet."

The major enhancement found in the LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is the integrated modular bay, which can accommodate either a CD-ROM, Multi-Format DVD Writer or a second battery. Other improvements include a new display with a 180-degree viewing angle, a faster processor and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Weighing 4.7 pounds with the modular bay, the T4000 can deliver up to 5 hours of battery life with a standard battery or up to 8.5 hours by inserting a second battery.

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October 14 , 2004

GiveMePower Mobility Solutions Featured in New Microsoft Tablet PC White Paper
Business Wire

GiveMePower(R) Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW), a leading innovator of collaborative computer-aided design and digital blueprint management solutions, announces being featured in a new Microsoft(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:MSFT) white paper "Business Opportunities For Developing and Supporting Tablet PC-based Solutions". The whitepaper outlines how GiveMePower's PowerCAD(R) software is increasing the company's business opportunities by providing real-world solutions to a growing mobile workforce using Tablet PCs and Microsoft's Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system.

"Businesses need mobility solutions that truly improve the way they work," said Bill Walton, president and CEO of GiveMePower. "Our new PowerCAD solutions for Tablet PC computing are delivering productivity gains of up to 1,000% in construction, engineering, manufacturing and real-estate settings. The Tablet PC is perfect for conveying information in a visually appealing, convenient form which integrates with how people actually work, instead of making people adapt to the computer."

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Fujitsu Siemens Computers introduces LIFEBOOK T 4010, the ultimate meeting tool

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has introduced the world's first convertible notebook with a modular bay that weighs less than 2kg. The ultra-portable LIFEBOOK T4010 allows meetings to be held virtually anywhere.

With a second battery, it can operate without recharging for up to 8.5 hours. Simply turn the display, and the notebook is transformed into a tablet PC. Taking notes by hand not only eliminates keyboard noise, but also means that the display no longer acts as a physical barrier to communication. The unique screen technology, meanwhile, gives it an extra-wide viewing angle, meaning several colleagues can follow the proceedings at once.

The wealth of capabilities offered by the LIFEBOOK T4010 and its Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system can truly save time. The customary labour-intensive handling of notes and minutes following meetings, for example, can be largely done away with: the handwriting recognition program simply converts these into normal word processor text. The LIFEBOOK T4010 can also be used as a projector and replace the traditional meeting flip chart

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Starbucks serves up in-store digital music service

The company will install its Hear Music media bars at 45 of coffee houses in Seattle and Austin by the end of November

The Hear Music media bars will feature the necessary hardware and software, provided by Hewlett-Packard, for customers to search Starbucks' digital song library, choose and listen to tracks and burn them to a CD. CDs whose song lists are compiled by customers will cost $8.99 (£4.99) for the first seven tracks and $0.99 per additional track.

Its library has some 150,000 songs. The HP equipment powering the media bars includes tablet PCs, workstations, printers and networking wares. Customers operate the service via touch-screen-equipped tablet PCs and headphones.

Specifically, each Starbucks location will have several  HP Tablet PC TC1100s with headphones and without keyboards: customers will use a stylus to interact with the machines' user interface via a touch-screen monitor. The PCs will feature a core custom-made application which will let the user search for music, listen to tracks and burn CDs.

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Let's get hardcore on hardware development
The Malaysia Star

Last July, the company provided 320 units of its GMT-100 Tablet PCs for teachers and students in three schools under the Smart School Computing Tablet PC Project initiated by MDC and the Education Ministry. 

Take this tablet
When it comes to venturing into hardware development, Azhar is putting his company where his mouth is: GMT is expected to unveil its latest Tablet PC model sometime this month. 

“We decided to venture into the Tablet PC rather than notebook market, since Tablet PCs are still a relatively new type of product – this allows us to begin at a similar level as that of our foreign competitors. 

The GMT-ACE Tablet PC is the world’s first Tablet PC to have a 1GHz VIA Ezra C3-M EBGA processor, he claimed. It was jointly developed by GMT and Singapore's       i-Mobile Pte Ltd, which provided the VIA processor and motherboard. 

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Hardware Zone

Intel extended its mobile leadership with record microprocessor shipments and the introduction of seven new processors spanning the mobility, value and desktop replacement notebook market segments. Four new low-voltage and ultra-low-voltage Pentium® M processors and Celeron® M processors enable highly mobile sub-notebook, mini-notebook and tablet PCs weighing less than three pounds

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October 15 , 2004

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Recognizer Pack

Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Recognizer Pack adds international handwriting recognizers to a Tablet PC or other personal computer.


Installing Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Recognizer Pack enables you to convert handwriting from digital ink to typed text in multiple languages on the same Tablet PC. For example, if German and French recognizers are installed on a Tablet PC, ink that is written in German or French can be converted into typed text with greater accuracy.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Recognizer Pack includes handwriting recognition support for Spanish and Italian and also updated versions of the handwriting recognizers that shipped in the original Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC MUI & Recognizer Pack. Speech recognition engines are not included in this pack.

The following language handwriting recognizers are included in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Recognizer Pack: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), U.S. English, U.K. English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

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Telephony World 

iRoam and Control Break International (CBI), developer of SafeBoot, have signed a reseller agreement today. iRoam will resell, support and provide implementation services for the SafeBoot product range in the North American market.

SafeBoot is an enterprise wide security suite that prevents data stored on laptops, PDA's and Tablet PC's from the risk of loss, theft and unauthorized access. This is accomplished by using strong two-factor pre-boot access control and powerful FIPS-certified encryption technologies. SafeBoot offers unique powerful central management technologies providing operational efficiency for large enterprises and the lowest possible Total-Cost-of-Ownership.

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October 18 , 2004

Microsoft Announces the Tablet PC Partner Program

Program Provides Tablet PC Software Developers with Valuable Technical and Marketing Resources

Today, Microsoft Corp. announced the Tablet PC Partner Program that supports independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators (SIs) who develop solutions for the Tablet PC platform. The Program provides a number of product development and marketing resources that allow organizations and individuals to tap into the Tablet PC Team’s technical expertise, marketing engine, and product strategy. The goal of the Program is to help make even more valuable Tablet PC applications available to consumers.

The Tablet PC Partner Program offers two levels:

  • The Tablet PC Alliance Partner levelis for anyone interested in developing applications for the Tablet PC—from hobbyists to large companies. Benefits include participation in beta programs, invitations to technical chat sessions with the Tablet PC product team, listing in Microsoft’s Tablet PC Application Catalog, and more.

  • The Tablet PC Premier Partner levelis for organizations that already have a Tablet PC product underway or on the market, and that demonstrate a strong commitment to the platform by meeting a list of specific requirements. Premier Partners receive all of the Alliance Partner benefits as well as invitations to hands-on developer labs and executive strategy briefings at Microsoft headquarters, technical support, co-marketing funding, and much more. Space is limited to 50 Premier Partners, and the application deadline is November 30, 2004.

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Starbucks Taps HP for Music Download Service

Starbucks Corp. last week said it will use hardware and software from Hewlett-Packard Co. to serve up a vast digital library of songs to customers along with its coffee.

Starbucks customers will be able to use tablet PCs supplied by HP to listen to songs, download them and burn them onto CDs.

A nationwide launch of the new setup, which Starbucks is calling its Hear Music "media bar," is scheduled to begin today at 15 outlets in Seattle and will expand to 30 coffee shops in the Austin area starting next Monday.

Starbucks has made the HP Tablet PC TC1100 systems more durable by adding an aluminum frame and stronger cables for the headsets, said James Snook, vice president of technology strategy and innovation at the Seattle-based company. He added that touch-screen technology eliminates the need for a keyboard

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Electrovaya Expands Relationship With NASA To Include Mini AERCam AERCam Power System And Additional Lithium Ion Batteries
Business Wire

Electrovaya's goal is to become the leading provider of tablet PC's, portable power for the notebook computer, aerospace and wireless sectors, and to apply its technology to a broad spectrum of alternative energy applications including UPS, stand-by power and zero-emission vehicles. It develops, manufactures and sells high value products globally using award winning patented proprietary lithium ion SuperPolymer(R) rechargeable battery technology, which delivers the highest energy density of any battery technology on the market today. Electrovaya has designed, developed and markets the Scribbler(TM) Tablet PC which offers longer run time than any other Tablet PC currently available. The Company's shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol EFL

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Tablet PC Talk Adds New RSS/HTML Channels

"Now you can get the type of Tablet PC news you want via RSS or HTML. Tablet PC Talk now offers new RSS and HTML channels for Press Releases, News Articles and Reviews. These channels are subsets of the current news available from Tablet PC Talk."

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Tablet talk

Students, professors and technology companies combine efforts to develop a new way to take notes, provide course resources

At the beginning of class, students file into lecture halls across Grounds, find their seats, take off their coats and prepare to take notes. Some pull out weathered spiral notebooks, others color-coded binders and as of this fall, some pull out electronic contraptions that look like laptops but can function like a pad of paper.

What are these nifty little devices? And what can explain their new presence on the laps of note-taking students?

The devices, called Tablet PCs, are actually part of a series of "pilot programs" being conducted by a partnership of Thomson, Inc., Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. The programs' aim is to create PCs for the next generation, The Tablet's definition is simple but bold: potential textbooks of the future.

There is more to this project, though, than just the Tablet PC distribution, Sabosii said. The process of developing a PC that can also serve as a "digital textbook" will include conducting a series of labs, both digital and print-based, to be conducted with potential academic customers.

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October 19 , 2004

SigmaTel Reports Record Revenues and Profits
Business Wire

The C-Major audio codec business was highlighted during the third quarter with the announcement that SigmaTel has enabled audio functionality within the popular Motion Computing tablet PC. This tablet PC is targeted at an ultra-mobile work environment, such as healthcare, field-force automation and military, and emphasizes SigmaTel's strength within power-sensitive portable solutions. The company is developing a full line of codecs based on Intel's Azalia standard for high-definition audio, including its first 8-channel Azalia codec, which is expected to be in volume production during early 2005.

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WILLCARE, Inc. to Deploy CareKeeper's VividNet(TM) and VividPoint (TM) Software Suite
PR Newswire

WILLCARE, Inc. with headquarters in Buffalo, NY will deploy CareKeeper's VividNet(TM) and VividPoint(TM) software suite. The solution includes VividPoint, a Clinical Point of Care software system operating on Tablet PC with complete integration into VividNet. As an enterprise system, VividNet will manage Patient/Worker demographics, clinical data, complex scheduling and back-office billing and integration for payroll and general ledger. WILLCARE's new solution will be used throughout it's 16 locations to provide a more efficient operations management tool that will increase the quality of patient care while decreasing overall administrative costs.

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HP is Newest Partner to Join the University of Virginia in Unique Educational Collaboration to Improve Student Learning
Yahoo News

Tablet PCs Enable Next-Generation Learning Environment for Faculty and Students at UVa

The University of Virginia (UVa), Thomson Learning, a part of The Thomson Corp., and Microsoft announced that HP has agreed to participate in UVa's groundbreaking collaboration to develop and deliver digital course material, allowing students to experience a first-of-a-kind multimedia classroom setting. In this innovative new learning environment, instructors are better equipped to help students learn and retain more. The project brings digital content and learning applications to students in biochemistry, psychology and statistics classes where students are writing with a stylus directly onto the screen of an HP Tablet PC; using the Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2003 note- taking program to annotate the professors' lecture outlines; or clicking on Thomson's interactive solutions platform to access simulations, animations and exercises that facilitate understanding of the course material. The program was launched with the fall semester and will continue through the spring 2005 semester.

The solutions are being delivered to students via HP Tablet PCs running Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition software and OneNote (the Microsoft Office note-taking and management program), allowing students to take digital notes anywhere on the page. Microsoft OneNote templates are being used in two of the course packages for student exercises; the biochemistry lectures also are recorded in OneNote for students to use and review. The HP Tablet PCs allow students to experience a new level of productivity and are being used in a variety of in-class interactive exercises. The lightweight, streamlined nature of the Tablet PCs, and their ability to connect to the Internet, provide faculty and students with easy access to digital-rich content anytime, anywhere.

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October 20 , 2004

Acer To Ship Tablets With Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

Distributors show estimated times of arrival for Acer Tablet PCs with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 preinstalled as early- and mid- November. "-SP2" will be added to the current part numbers. New part numbers will be:

Acer TravelMate C112Ti-SP2
Acer TravelMate C112TCi-SP2
Acer TravelMate C302XCi-SP2
Acer TravelMate C303XMi-SP2

Release times will probably vary across part numbers because Acer will want to deplete current inventory before they start shipping the new parts. The first to be released with Tablet PC Edition 2005 is expected to be C112Ti-SP2 during the first week of November.

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Adapters/Receivers provide mobile connectivity.
Industrial News Room, 

CompactFlash Adapter provides Class II Bluetooth connectivity capable of communication within 32 ft radius. With attached external antenna, USB Class I Adapter enables communication within radius of 328 ft, while USB Class II Adapter, with integrated antenna, communicates within 32 ft radius. Available with Bluetooth, USB, or CompactFlash interfaces, GPS Receivers are designed to GPS-enable laptop, notebook, tablet, and handheld PCs.

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Dual channel digital multimeter runs on Tablet PCs

Hacker-DatenTechnik of Germany has introduced a kit that turns any Pocket PC, notebook, or Tablet PC equipped with a CompactFlash or PCMCIA slot into a dual channel graphic digital multimeter. The Graphic-DMM is said to integrate multiple measurement functions, providing high-level analysis features

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October 21 , 2004

Fujitsu: Free Notebook Bag + Free shipping

Fujitsu is giving out a free Targus Blacktop Messenger Bag w/ Notebook and Tablet PC order, free shipping too. Fujitsu is well known for their nice compact notebooks and tablet PCs.

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FranklinCovey PlanPlus for Windows XP
PC Pro

Verdict: Even in the face of OneNote, PlanPlus manages to hold its head up high as a standalone time-management system.

Of all the systems for managing your time, one of the best known - and arguably the most effective - is the one pioneered by Stephen Covey is his book The seven habits of highly effective people. Based around simple principles of prioritising and balancing your life, Covey's work has spawned an entire industry of products and books related to his system.

Not surprisingly, this includes software, of which PlanPlus for Windows XP is the latest example. Unlike FranklinCovey's other software product - PlanPlus for Outlook - this is a standalone application that mirrors the look and feel of one of the company's paper-based planners, with tabs along the edge that are designed to look like the tabs in a binder, contacts pages, and so on.

The product is built from the ground-up to be used with a tablet PC. The entire product is ink-aware, so you can simply write onscreen without having to convert your handwriting to text; and like Microsoft's OneNote, the ink is searchable. However, the product is also perfectly usable with a keyboard, so there's no requirement to use it with a tablet.

However, if you're a tablet PC user, PlanPlus for Windows XP should be one of the essential products on your machine. The combination of note-taking abilities, a planner you can simply write in, and an interface that actually works better in portrait mode than in landscape make it an ideal tablet-based tool, as well as a viable alternative to OneNote.

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From .NETDJ's Next Issue: "Shiny New Tablets"

Tablet takeup so far has been mostly limited to vertical markets where the advantages can be seen to have immediate business benefit. The new capabilities of the Tablet PC Edition 2005 and the tools provided in the Platform SDK 1.7, however, provide us with another small nudge closer to "digital paper."

The Tablet PC is nothing new. It is an evolutionary step upwards towards the dream of electronic paper. It is a big increment and represents one of the largest movements in that direction that we have seen for some time. For example to use the Tablet PC you don't have to learn a new way of writing, in fact, it even recognizes most of my joined-up writing, which is amazing because most human beings don't seem to be able to do that!

So why use a Tablet PC? The electronic paper presented by a Tablet can do things you can't do with traditional paper. I can store all my notes in one place, I can stretch the page to squeeze new text between existing lines, I can connect it to Microsoft Outlook and e-mail notes, set tasks, and take minutes for meetings. The dream of the paperless office is one step closer, but in order to really make the difference we software developers have to write applications to take advantage of the new features and help add business value to our organizations through the use of the technology.

The new Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 has been released and the Tablet PC Platform SDK 1.7 is now available. You can download the SDK from

This new version of the platform ships at the same time that Tablet PCs are coming down in price and supporting more features. We are starting to see Tablet PCs with larger screens, Bluetooth support, faster CPUs, and more memory. At the same time digitizer screens are being fitted to more conventional machines with prices only a couple of hundred dollars from the equivalent laptop.

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HP to Partner with University of Virginia
CCN Magazine

The University of Virginia (UVa), Thomson Learning, a part of The Thomson Corp., and Microsoft Corp. announced that HP has agreed to participate in UVa's groundbreaking collaboration to develop and deliver digital course material, allowing students to experience a first-of-a-kind multimedia classroom setting. In this innovative new learning environment, instructors are better equipped to help students learn and retain more. The project brings digital content and learning applications to students in biochemistry, psychology and statistics classes where students are writing with a stylus directly onto the screen of an HP Tablet PC; using the Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 note-taking program to annotate the professors' lecture outlines; or clicking on Thomson's interactive solutions platform to access simulations, animations and exercises that facilitate understanding of the course material. The program was launched with the fall semester and will continue through the spring 2005 semester.

The solutions are being delivered to students via HP Tablet PCs running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software and OneNote.  The HP Tablet PCs allow students to experience a new level of productivity and are being used in a variety of in-class interactive exercises. The lightweight, streamlined nature of the Tablet PCs, and their ability to connect to the Internet, provide faculty and students with easy access to digital-rich content anytime, anywhere.

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Add Support for Digital Ink to Your Windows Applications
Microsoft Systems Journal

Two of the most innovative features of the Tablet PC are the pen and microphone. While these devices are fairly novel for most PC users, they are intended to provide new choices for users, not to eliminate traditional input devices. In fact, a user may opt to use voice or pen input with some programs, mouse and keyboard with other programs, or voice when in transit

The pen can be used as a pointing device, substituting for a mouse. But the widest use of pen input has been for handwriting recognition. The handwriting recognition engine on the Tablet PC uses a neural network to analyze pen movement and a word list to cross-reference its results. Unlike earlier recognition engines, the Tablet PC recognizers work better with cursive than with block letters. The current generation of handwriting recognizers does have some limitations, however; it does not have the ability to learn from its mistakes.

So, how good is the handwriting recognition? Figure 1 shows examples of my handwriting as I wrote the phrase "Can you read this now?" I am sometimes surprised how well it can convert garbled script into the correct text

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October 22 , 2004

Healthbeat: Autism Virtual Clipboard

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University are testing a new hand-held type of “virtual clipboard” for educators and other professionals working with autistic patients. The virtual clipboard is actually a small type of computer, called a tablet PC. The device is about the size and thickness of a yellow writing tablet. A stylus or digital pen is used to fill out downloadable forms or to write notes on the touch screen. The information is automatically converted into a computer file. Old information, notes and forms stored on the virtual clipboard can instantly be accessed (unlike traditional paper systems for which it can take hours to sort through piles of paper and notebooks). The virtual clipboard also has a wireless connection that enables a user to send notes to another computer or access the Internet.

Currently, the “Virtual Clipboard” is still in testing stages. Researchers hope to have the system available to workers at the Faison School for Autism in Richmond by the end of the year. If the system proves to be useful, autism centers across the country may one day share the technology.

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Acer Offers Exclusive Scheme for Retailers

Acer has announced the launch of a retail promotional scheme titled Last Man Standing, which is inspired by the sport of heptathlon.

Following the theme of heptathlon, there are seven different awards with focus on five categories of Acer products. The objective is to provide an uniform playing-field to Acer retailers catering to both mass market products and niche segment products, as well as encourage them to take advantage of Acer's entire product portfolio for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, the company said.

The products that qualify for the scheme are Acer's Aspire range of Home PCs and TravelMate notebooks (TM2300, TM4000 series, TM240, TM290), Acer Ferrari notebook, Tablet PC, Ultra portable notebooks, Acer's projectors and the entire range of TFT monitors. The contest also includes products from the volume products division; the AMD black desktop, Intel's range of desktops and for the first time, the Altos G310 is eligible for this promotion

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October 23, 2004

DiBcom President Addresses Attendees at Paris EUROPLACE International Financial Forum; Yannick Levy Speaks on French High-Tech Expertise

"We were delighted to be invited to this financial forum to discuss DiBcom and its groundbreaking DVB-H reception solution for the Tablet PC," said Yannick Levy. "We have successfully demonstrated our TV for the PC solution at the world renowned IBC show in Amsterdam, and have a demonstration currently running at the Mondial de L'Automobile show through October 10th in Paris. This latest demo is being done in cooperation with our partners TF1, the leading TV station in France, and with Citroen, an industry-leading French car manufacturer. A technical experimentation has also taken place in the United States with Broadcast Operator Crowncastle, who announced officially at the IBC show their intention to use DVB-H in the U.S.A. in the future. The interest in this exciting new technology has been extremely high so we look forward to helping our many customers bring this technology to the eagerly-awaiting marketplace."

DVB-H, the recent evolution of the digital TV standard for handset devices, is bringing Mobile TV to laptops and tablet PCs with a quality of transmission never before witnessed in a mobile environment.

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October 24, 2004

Experience More with Your Tablet PC at Home

Experience more productive and natural mobile computing with the Tablet PC—the evolution of the notebook PC. With innovations in Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 that include enhanced pen and ink capabilities, you can use your notebook PC in new ways and more places right at home.

The Tablet PC is a notebook PC plus more

The Tablet PC provides all power and functionality of Windows XP, plus pen and ink capabilities that allow you to write directly on the screen or use the pen as you would a mouse and keyboard. This means you can easily jot down a note on your to-do list to order balloons for your daughter's birthday party. Just grab your Tablet PC pen and write on the screen.

Students can use pen and ink to take handwritten notes and collaborate during classes. Record, organize, and search notes—even sync them with audio/video recordings—creating the ultimate three-ring binder.

The Tablet PC extends the way you use your computer

Use the pen to add notes to your child's homework or hand write e-mail and instant messages. Get creative by using your Tablet PC as a sketchpad to draw, design, and plan—for example—ideas for your backyard landscaping.

You can use your Tablet PC anywhere

The Tablet PC is one of the most mobile PCs. It's portable and has wireless capabilities, so you can use your Tablet PC pretty much anywhere you need to be. Visit favorite Web sites; access and share music, movies, photos, and books while hanging out on your couch, at a friend's house, or in your local coffee shop.

Key Features

Runs Windows XP-compatible applications

Take advantage of pen-based functionality in familiar applications like Microsoft Office 2003 programs including Office OneNote.

Improved features in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

The latest version of the Tablet PC operating system, shipping with new Tablet PCs, offers deeper pen and ink integration for a more natural computing experience.

Mobile features

With built-in wireless support, lightweight design and long battery life, the Tablet PC offers access to your information while on the go. Plus, you can power up your notebook immediately with Rapid Resume from Standby.

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October 25, 2004

Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Wilmer Valderrama To Get First Shot At First Shot At Halo 2

It's called the "Halo 2" Council, a seven-member celebrity clique of fanatics of the video game "Halo." For their love of the game, council members Hoobastank, Incubus, Linkin Park; actors Wilmer Valderrama ("That '70s Show"), Benjamin McKenzie ("The O.C."), and Aisha Tyler ("Friends"); and New York Giants star Jeremy Shockey will soon be rewarded with the greatest gift one could give to a "Halo" obsessive: an early copy of "Halo 2.

In addition to the advance copies, which can be shipped to bands on the road so that they can keep current, council members are also rewarded with their choice of one of four Microsoft devices (Smartphone, Tablet PC, Pocket PC or Media Center PC), and an invitation to meet the developers and take a tour of their Bungie Studios.

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Geophysics, GPS Technology Play Important Roles in Excavation of Ancient Roman Fort

A University at Buffalo geophysicist who has been working at an archeological site in Jordan is proposing that some decidedly 21st-century technologies, like tablet PCs equipped with fancy navigational software, ought to be standard gear for archeologists

Newswise — For centuries, trowels and handpicks have been traditional tools of the trade for archeologists, but a University at Buffalo geophysicist who has been working at an archeological site in Jordan is proposing that some decidedly 21st-century technologies, like tablet PCs equipped with fancy navigational software, ought to be standard gear as well.
"Non-invasive geophysical techniques, which allow researchers to image what's under the ground without digging, and real-time differential Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which provides resolution and accuracy to within a meter, can provide archeological teams with significant benefits," said Gregory S. Baker, Ph.D., associate professor of geology in UB's College of Arts and Sciences.

By helping archeological teams target with greater accuracy where an excavation will provide the greatest archeological "payoff," the integration of both of these techniques on a commonly available -- and portable -- platform like the tablet PC, could save them time and money, he added.

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CRM unplugged: SFA finally ready to go wireless,

Palm once dominated the market for handheld devices, but others have made significant gains in recent years, Kinikin noted. For example, sales divisions in the pharmaceutical industry -- which was an early adopter of wireless CRM -- are heavy tablet PC users. And BlackBerry devices are favored by many sales teams in high-tech and financial services.

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Technology in Education

One of the problems faced by schools during the last decade was a lack of understanding at the administrative levels of the technology they were trying to deploy. This led to funding of systems that largely remained unused due to incomplete implementations or bad product selections. In many cases the students knew far more about the technology then the teachers or administrators.

Wichita has the largest school district in Kansas, with 50,000 students, and it is in the midst of one of the most impressive technology deployments in education. This includes new desktop, notebook and tablet PCs. This is a complex deployment made easier because the core vendor has been doing a lot of these kinds of deployments, and that experience is paying off.

Not to be topped, Pocahontas Area Community Schools, in Iowa, is rolling out an integrated solution that includes tablet computers and digital projectors to replace the aging TVs, VCRs and overhead projectors. Teachers are now able to guide students through virtual tours of exotic, historical and mythical locations where the only limitation is the imagination.

At Pocahontas the tablet computers are also used to keep home-bound children up to date though e-mailed lesson plans, notes, presentation material and even streaming video. This allows the absent student to keep up with the class material and reduces the tendency both to leave certain students behind and to force sick children to go to school and expose other children to the illness

College Level
Tablet computers are playing a big roll here because they are seen by professors as more capable presentation tools and because, being flat on the desk, they don't put a screen barrier between the instructor and the student. The students are better able to express themselves visually without getting up from their seats, and with the proliferation of wireless technology students and professors are finding it easier and more productive to be mobile.

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Wine: But Does It Do Solitaire?
Newsweek, NY

Some restaurant experts thought sommelier Andrew Bradbury was sipping too much vino a decade ago when he predicted he could make wine lists less intimidating by allowing diners to browse them at the table on a portable computer. Nobody's doubting him now: Bradbury's unveiling the second generation of his eWinebook this month at Aureole in Las Vegas, where he presides over a 50,000-bottle wine collection. The debut coincides with a $1 million ad campaign by Hewlett-Packard that touts the eWinebook as an unorthodox and innovative use of HP's tablet PCs.

Bradbury debuted Aureole's eWinebook on an HP tablet PC in 2002 and watched wine sales climb $750,000. The new tablet PC is faster and sleeker, but still reduces an imposing 8-pound, 150-page printed wine list to a 3-pound, 8-by-10-inch tablet. Customers can browse wines by price, varietal, region and year—and match them with menu offerings based on descriptions written by Bradbury and his staff.

The tablet feeds off wireless Internet that provides real-time updates of the cellar's supplies, eliminating the hassle of ordering a sold-out bottle. It also lets customers e-mail themselves the names and descriptions of wines they liked so they can ask for them again elsewhere

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It's the display that matters

PC technology is developing rapidly, but its widespread use in the home will have to wait until monitors are lighter, look less out of place and deliver easier connectivity.

I used a ViewSonic airpanel Smart Display all the time at home. The trouble was that I found I was using the ViewSonic Tablet PC instead. The Tablet was the same size and pretty much the same weight, but it also worked if I took it to the pub.

You can see where the technology is going, can't you? It's getting further and further away from the point where the display and the PC are in any way related.

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October 26, 2004

Fujitsu Updates Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC With 'Slate' of New Features
Yahoo News

5020 Tablet PC Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced the Stylistic® ST5020 Tablet PC with new features to address the performance needs of highly mobile professionals. The Stylistic® ST5020 Tablet PC features a faster processor, up to 9 hours of battery life, wide viewing angle and dedicated graphic chipset for sharper imaging and better sound capabilities.

The Tablet PC is available with a choice of integrated wireless connectivity and optional Bluetooth® technology.

The Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC is designed to keep data protected with a number of security features. A built-in biometric fingerprint swipe sensor eliminates the need for managing multiple passwords to access the network, email accounts or other protected systems. By simply swiping their finger, users can quickly and easily access their system and online protected accounts.

A dedicated SmartCard slot is also included and can be used to verify identification or make secure online transactions. Another value added feature of the Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC is the innovative Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TPM is a powerful, embedded security system that protects sensitive data from unauthorized users and enables secure authentication.

The Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC is powered by an Intel(R) Pentium(R) M Processor ULV 733 operating at 1.1 GHz. The integration of this processor from Intel is designed for low power consumption, which translates into a cooler running Tablet PC with long battery life. To further complement the Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC, Fujitsu equipped the slate with 6-cell standard battery (4,800 mAh). This coupled with the Intel processor will deliver up to 6(1) hours of computing time. A high-capacity 9-cell battery (7,200 mAh) is also available, providing up to 9(1) hours of computing time.

The Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC is available through the Fujitsu direct sales force, Web site and channel partners with pricing starting at $2,049(3) for a base configuration. Click to order

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Securing the (Increasingly) Mobile Client

Enterprise deployments of notebook PCs, tablet PCs, and PDAs continue to grow by leaps and bounds. In fact, researcher Gartner Inc. recently predicted that, by the year 2010, 80 percent of key business processes will involve the exchange of real-time information involving mobile workers.

Small wonder, then, that ensuring the security of these miniature powerhouses has emerged as Priority No. 1 at so many organizations. This article will examine the business risks that today’s Internet threats pose, the evolving threat landscape, and the need for a proactive approach to securing every mobile client.

To effectively arm its employees’ notebook PCs, tablet PCs, and PDAs against today’s evolving threats, an enterprise must be capable of bringing these machines inside its “sphere of control.” And the best way to do that is by deploying an integrated, proactive client security framework, one that allows the antivirus, firewall, and intrusion prevention components to work together to deliver comprehensive protection. Such a framework will provide protection even as the number of mobile clients continues to grow.

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October 27, 2004

Functional Beauty in a TabletPC Sahara Tablet PC

From leading health care suppliers to major hospitals the Sahara iTablet PC has been well received by the medical community. The Sahara Touch-iT iTablet, utilizing a finger touch-screen and supporting XP Home or XP Professional, gives medical professionals the flexibility of having a fully featured PC available within a minimal footprint. Also since the Sahara iTablet line of products includes both Touch-screen and active Digitizer systems a medical practice is able to standardize on a single hardware supplier for their Tablet needs.

First Look :
The Sahara Pen Tablet i213

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Fujitsu Maintains Tablet PC Innovation Leadership; Ships New New LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC
PR Newswire

Fujitsu Tablet PC Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced it has begun shipping in volume its second-generation convertible Tablet PC, the LifeBook(R) T4000 Tablet PC. The company's convertible Tablet PC is the ideal solution for field force and sales force automation as well as insurance and government workers because of the capabilities to improve efficiency, productivity and security. Fujitsu also announced today the rollout of a large-scale LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC integration by Shaw Industries.

By simply twisting the screen of the LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC, a user can have the option of either a keyboard or a pen for data input and management. This unsurpassed flexibility positions the LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC as a no compromise mobile computing solution that can be used in a wide variety of work environments with an emphasis on productivity.

"We are expecting these systems to greatly improve customer service and facilitate the exchange of information among our sales force," said Steve Abernathy, director marketing technology for Shaw Industries. "The convertible LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is the perfect fit for the needs of our highly mobile sales force. The superior clarity and wide viewing angle of the screen coupled with the modular bay made the LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC the obvious choice based on features. We were further impressed by the quality and reliability of the product and the excellent service and support offerings from Fujitsu."

Shaw Industries, the world's largest carpet manufacturer, recently purchased more than 1,100 Fujitsu LifeBook T4000 Tablet PCs for its sales force. Shaw sales representatives will each carry convertible Tablet PCs with them on sales calls, using them as decision support tools to enter in orders, retrieve account history and review product information electronically at the point-of-service.

The integration of a modular bay gives users the flexibility to choose between a Multi-Format DVD Writer, second battery or weight saver option in order to create a mobile computing solution that best suits their individual needs. A new display with up to a 180-degree viewing angle makes this Tablet PC perfect for sharing information, such as presentations and spreadsheets, as well as working in a wide variety of lighting environments.

The LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is ideal for mobile workers who must rely on their system throughout the entire workday. The system can deliver up to 8.5 hours(2) of battery life -- an entire workday -- with both batteries installed.

The LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is available through the Fujitsu direct sales force, Web site and channel partners with pricing starting at $2,0191 for a base configuration.

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Custom Data Processing, CDP, Inc. to Use Mi-Co Development Development Platform for Digital Ink Applications in the Healthcare Industry
Market Wire

With this agreement, CDP will develop digital ink applications for their public health customers, including clinics, environmental health, home health, and other market segments served by the company. Currently, CDP has over 2500 users utilizing the company's software and services. In addition, CDP has joined Mi-Co's Data Integration Alliance.

"The CDP technologists put us through our paces with their assessment of mobile data capture and digital writing software. There was real interest in software that allowed the building of applications for both Tablet PCs and Digital pens,"

"Our customers desire highly customized applications in such areas as Clinic Management, Environmental Health and Home Health," said Mike Peth, CDP's Director of Sales & Marketing, "and bringing digital ink implementations to our clients will increase their efficiency. Mi-Co provides a software platform that covers applications for both the Tablet PC and the Digital Pens, and that was very important to us in selecting a development partner."

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Technology a popular study aid for students
Oregon Daily Emerald

However, mobile technology is advancing well past notebook computers. Microsoft recently came to the University to showcase its Tablet PC, a more interactive line of mobile computers that looks and is used like most regular notebooks. A stylus connected to the Tablet PC lets users write notes directly on the screen or use it as a mouse to navigate software. When typing is preferred, a detachable keyboard mounts to the computer.

"We come here to introduce note-taking software that changes how students take notes in class," Microsoft Market Manager David Saracino said.

Saracino demonstrated that a Tablet PC in a classroom could connect wirelessly so students could share notes together or record a lecture on a sound file and attach that to any handwritten notes.

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Free Electronic Prescription Software Trial Provides Unprecedented Availability for Physicians
Business Wire

As an outreach to private group practices concerned with the costs of automation, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (NASDAQ:MDRX) today announced a joint effort with Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) to provide a 30-day free trial version CD of TouchScript.NET(TM) to all attendees of the National Conference on m-Health and EOE. Networking leader Cisco and Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, the leading provider of clinical software, connectivity and information solutions that physicians use to improve healthcare, will distribute copies of this CD at Allscripts Booth #212 on the convention floor. Copies may also be obtained by calling 866-261-8952, or via the TouchScript website at

TouchScript(R) is the industry's trusted and leading e-prescribing software and the most widely used solution in the United States today. Thousands of physicians have written millions of prescriptions using TouchScript because no other solution is faster, safer or more reliable. Available on wireless Pocket PC's, desktop, laptop, or Tablet computers, physicians can access TouchScript securely via the Internet to quickly prescribe, check for drug interactions, access medication histories, review drug reference information, and send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy safely and securely from virtually anywhere. TouchScript helps clinicians increase patient safety, reduce pharmacy callbacks and improve office efficiency and is designed as the first module of a complete electronic medical record.

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New business tablet PCs with fingerprint sensors from Fujitsu

A new range of tablet PCs from Fujitsu. Three models will be available - the "FMV-STYLISTIC TB11/B" and "FMV-STYLISTIC TB11/S", which have a number of security functions including a fingerprint sensor, and the "FMV-STYLISTIC TB11/R", which has a reflective TFT screen for improved viewing outdoors.

Fujitsu has announced the "FMV-STYLISTIC" line of tablet PCs and will begin sales to business from 26 October. Three models will be available - the "FMV-STYLISTIC TB11/B" and "FMV-STYLISTIC TB11/S", which have a number of security functions including a fingerprint sensor, and the "FMV-STYLISTIC TB11/R", which has a screen suitable for outdoor use.

The TB11/B and TB11/S will deliver improved performance over previous models, courtesy of a Pentium M 733 (1.10GHz) CPU and Intel 855GME chipset. The installed operating system is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. Network connectivity is available via IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN or Gigabit Ethernet. In addition to a fingerprint sensor, other security features include user authentication via a security button or smart card. Pricing for the TB11/S, which includes a docking station, wireless keyboard and USB mouse, will be 281,800 yen (ex. tax). The TB11/B, which has no included accessories, will retail for 219,000 yen (ex. tax).

The TB11/R has a 10.4" XGA reflective LCD display to allow easier viewing of the screen outdoors. Other specifications include a Pentium M 733 (1.10GHz) CPU, 256MB memory, 40GB HDD, IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN and Gigabit Ethernet. The installed OS is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. Retail price will be 239,000 yen

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October 28, 2004

New Microsoft Conference Set for San Francisco
Market Wire

FTP, Inc. to Manage Microsoft Windows Anywhere - The Tablet and Mobile PC Developer Conference

Fawcette Technical Publications, Inc. (FTP) announced today that it is launching a new conference for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Microsoft Windows Anywhere - The Tablet and Mobile PC Developer Conference. This new event will run concurrently with FTP's own VSLive! San Francisco, the premier independent development conference.

"Microsoft is excited about partnering with FTP to bring the Microsoft Windows Anywhere conference to our developer community. Mobile PC applications, including those for the Tablet PC, are experiencing a great deal of growth as companies increasingly look for ways to get at their data anywhere and at anytime," said Frank Gocinski, business development manager for the Mobile Platforms Division at Microsoft Corp.

This is the first event that has a specific focus on mobile PCs, which aligns directly with Microsoft's Mobile Platforms Division. This division is focused on furthering the development of not only Tablet PC functionality, but features in the operating system that will enhance mobile computing on any notebook PC. The conference will feature three tracks of content: Tablet PC Solutions Development, which focuses on the pen and digital ink-based integration; Mobile PC Solutions Development, which focuses on building truly Mobile PC applications taking advantage of full Windows XP on mobile PCs; and a new and somewhat unique track focused on Business Development for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), which is aimed at helping ISVs produce the business value evidence and partnering expertise necessary to sell their products into the marketplace. Microsoft Windows Anywhere - The Tablet and Mobile PC Developer Conference will be February 8 and 9, plus a pre-conference workshop on February 6.

VSLive! will be in San Francisco February 6-10, 2005, at the Moscone West Conference Center. For more information, including agenda updates and overviews of the sessions, visit

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Lifestyle programming
Computerworld New Zealand

Software design isn’t usually associated with a great lifestyle but Matthew Fox-Wilson and Andy Bearsley of Ambient Design in Bethells Beach, Auckland, have managed to combine the two.

The software house has as staff of four, and “there’s not a neighbour in sight in the forests of west Auckland,” says Fox-Wilson.

A little isolation works as great inspiration for the Ambient Design staff, and has seen it come up with products like ArtRage, a piece of software that Fox-Wilson says “focuses on instant 'sit down and splat' painting that lets you revel in being inaccurate.”

ArtRage was developed for the Tablet PC and has received funding from Microsoft. Ambient Design says the previous 1.0 release saw some 100,000 downloads and a number of Tablet PC manufacturers also bundle ArtRage with their products. Version 1.1, released in August, has been even more popular, with some 20 magazines around the world putting it on their cover CDs.

Computerworld interviewed Fox-Wilson about Tablet PCs, ArtRage, Bethells Beach and Ambient Design.

Do you agree with Bill Gates that tablets will take over?

I think the idea's great. The Tablet PC is what drove us to finally turn ArtRage into a real product (it had existed in house for a number of years as a testbed). The Tablet interaction model feels more natural than a mouse and screen split, and I've found it really nice for taking notes and making quick sketches. The main holdover I can see from desktop machines is the monitor. I need pixel space to work in, so even if the tablet replaces the physical box by my desk I'm still going to want a desktop setup.

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OmniMD prescription writer can save time and reduce medication ...
PR Leap

Electronic Prescribing with OmniMD’s prescription writer reveals how clinical automation can assure quality while improving workflow and reducing medication errors. OmniMD simplifies the entire prescription writing process increasing the scope for accuracy and eliminating physical coordination. It allows providers to write their patients prescriptions directly from their Pocket PC, Tablet PC or Desktop PC and send the prescription via fax to the pharmacy of patient\'s choice, so the medication is ready when patient arrives at pharmacy. At the same time, these healthcare professionals receive the critical drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions information providing optimum decision-making tools at point of care. Some of the prime benefits of OmniMD Prescription Writer are outlined below.

At Point of Care
Prescriptions can be created on Pocket, Tablet or Desktop PC, which stores a comprehensive drug library, patient list for the day and list of favorite prescriptions. With the avenue of creating prescriptions at the point of care the possibility of inaccuracy is eliminated, simultaneously making the process simpler.

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October 29, 2004

Notebook and Tech Deals for 10/29/2004 - 10/31/2004,

Fujitsu: Free Notebook Bag + Free shipping + $50 off Coupon and $100 Rebates!

Fujitsu is giving out a free Targus Blacktop Messenger Bag w/ Notebook and Tablet PC order, free shipping too. Fujitsu is well known for their nice compact notebooks and tablet PCs.

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Custom Data Processing, CDP, Inc. to use Mi-Co Development Platform for Digital Ink Applications in the Healthcare Industry
PR Leap

“The CDP technologists put us through our paces with their assessment of mobile data capture and digital writing software. There was real interest in software that allowed the building of applications for both Tablet PCs and Digital pens,” said Barrett Joyner, Mi-Co’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Sales Strategy. “We are excited to welcome CDP to the growing number of companies implementing enterprise solutions with Mi-Forms Software. As a member of the Mi-Co Data Integration Alliance, our joint customers will always have the latest integration components available from both CDP and Mi-Co.”

Our customers desire highly customized applications in such areas as Clinic Management, Environmental Health and Home Health,” said Mike Peth, CDP’s Director of Sales & Marketing, “and bringing digital ink implementations to our clients will increase their efficiency. Mi-Co provides a software platform that covers applications for both the Tablet PC and the Digital Pens, and that was very important to us in selecting a development partner.

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NewsStand, Inc. Chooses Vocus On-Demand Public Relations Software
Yahoo News

Vocus, Inc., the global leader in on- demand software for public relations and government relations, today announced that NewsStand, Inc. selected Vocus on-demand PR software to manage its public relations. Austin, Texas-based NewsStand, Inc. is the leading digital distributor for newspaper and magazine publishers, world-wide. NewsStand's digital delivery solution allows subscribers to download an exact replica of the print issue that can be read offline or online on their desktop, laptop and tablet PC's

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