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November 2004



*The 2004 Accessory of the Year *

tablet pc accessory of the year

the Most Unique and Innovative Accessory We Have Seen To Date
The Thump's built-in MP3 player is set to revolutionize the way we listen to music as well as store and transfer data.  


November 1, 2004

CIO Relishes 'Guinea Pig' Role inside Microsoft
He's looking at technology that's a little further in the distance, such as a blend of networking and groupware technology that will let Tablet PC users share data immediately on a common conference room display. Gruver hopes to showcase that possibility to CIW visitors starting next year. A CIW highlight, the Ringcam, may soon become a Microsoft-branded product. It contains a half-dozen mini-cameras installed in a ring plus a directional microphone that can locate a speaker at a conference room table and project him on PCs or video displays during a multimedia conference call. Expect to, um, see it in 2005.


My so-called virtual life  
Philippine Daily Inquirer

SURE, we keep hearing about convergence, but are we actually living it? That’s what Hewlett-Packard Philippines wanted members of the information technology and lifestyle media to experience during the “You Make It Real Digital Experience” Philippine launch at The Fort’s NBC Tent.At the launch, HP unveiled a wide range of devices that are designed to work seamlessly together in providing consumers with the best digital experience, including desktop PCs, laptops, PocketPCs, Tablet PCs, digital cameras, photo printers, scanners and all-in-one products.

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1100, providing seamless connectivity from one room to another. Its comfortable and lightweight design offers exceptional mobility and versatility for use while sitting or standing. Write, type or use voice recognition to fit your natural style of work


Fujitsu tablet packs stronger security, more features

Fujitsu Computer Systems announced last week the Stylistic ST5020, a tablet PC promising faster performance, longer battery life, and more robust security features than its predecessor, the ST5000. Powered by a 1.1GHz Intel Pentium M ultra-low voltage processor, the slate-style Stylistic ST5020 includes 256MB of 333MHz DDR SDRAM (expandable to 2GB); a 40GB, 60GB, or 80GB hard drive; and a 12.1-inch XGA TFT screen.

The latter can be viewed at up to 180-degree angles, Fujitsu claimed.The tablet takes a three-pronged approach to security. Its built-in biometric fingerprint swipe sensor restricts access to networks, e-mail accounts, and other protected systems.


Acer America Selected by Ingram Micro as ''Best New Vendor''
Business Wire

Acer(R) America Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of IT solutions, today announced that Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE:IM), a leading global technology sales, marketing and logistics company, has chosen Acer America as their "Best New Vendor." This award, presented at Ingram Micro's annual Marketing Symposium event, exemplifies outstanding growth and partnership for a new vendor within the channel and with Ingram Micro during the past 24 months. Acer and Ingram Micro originally announced their relationship in April 2004 when the distributor began to distribute Acer's award-winning line of notebook PCs and LCDs to VARs, system integrators and resellers in the United States. Acer remains the only major PC vendor to offer their products exclusively through channel partners and not through a direct sales organization. Acer America's award-winning products include tablet PCs, desktop PCs, notebook computers, servers, displays and peripheral solutions for business, government, education and home users.

Technology's role seen to grow in women's work-family balancing ...
Las Vegas Review

Technology will help society, especially working women with families, accomplish more in less time, four female technology executives told an audience of more than 300 businesswomen at the International Women's Forum at the Bellagio last week. The panelists said one of women's main concerns is managing families and work, but they concurred technology provides the tools to help accomplish more in less time."We have a program in Singapore, working with seventh-grade girls who use a tablet PC, which acts as a digital textbook," said Linda Zecher, vice president of U.S. public sector for Microsoft Corp. Bostrom said the most effective teachers are the ones who integrate technology into the classroom. The women also recognized that entertainment technology shouldn't turn children away from books, it should encourage them to read in a new way. "People don't read Shakespeare, they go to the movies. When kids think of Shakespeare, they think of the Gwyneth Paltrow film," Zecher said. "We can't go back. But if I can get a child to read Shakespeare on a tablet PC or learn cursive through an interactive software program, then that's great."


Motion Computing’s M1400 Tablet PC
Motion’s latest first-to-market announcement reinforces its display technology leadership and makes its most advanced tablet PC model an even more compelling choice for field sales and service professionals in a variety of markets.

The View Anywhere technology, developed in conjunction with White Electronic Designs Corp. (WEDC), provides a 10-to-1 reduction in reflection and a 15 percent improvement in light pass-through efficiency, resulting in low power consumption and efficient heat dissipation. And because of a 225 percent increase in contrast ratio, users experience viewability at wider angles while walking, standing or sitting – in virtually any low-light or bright-light environment, and everything in between.
“The Motion tablet PC with View Anywhere display is the ideal solution for real estate agents, home inspectors, appraisers and other real estate industry professionals who spend a significant portion of their day away from the office or out in the field,” said Daniel Tealdi, president of Criterion Corp., a San Bruno, Calif.-based mobile solutions provider specializing in wireless enterprise application development for the real estate industry. “The tablet's natural mobility, combined with this versatile display, makes it the PC platform of choice for real estate professionals who need access to information virtually anywhere and at anytime.”


Ultra-X Launches RST Pro MiniPCI™ Memory DiagnosticOnlypunjab R.S.T. Pro mini-PCI is a memory testing hardware/firmware solution designed for the rigorous testing needs of mobile pc memory and system manufacturers, design engineers, and service professionals. RST Pro miniPCI is a Self Booting, Operating System Independent memory diagnostic card for exercising and validating RAM in Notebooks, Tablet PCs, and other portable systems that contain a miniPCI bus slot. R.S.T. Pro mini-PCI supports Pentium through the latest series of Intel Pentium 4-Mobile, AMD Athlon Mobile 64/XP, Transmeta Crusoe and other compatible processors.


Bits & Bytes

A Quebec school recently made Canada’s largest educational investment in Tablet PCs by buying 300 Toshiba Tablets for students and teachers. Bishop’s College School will assign homework electronically, and its students can jot notes using “electronic ink” and convert them into regular text later.


Test Ink, Test Ink, 1-2-3
Testing ink-based applications can be difficult, since ink input is both slower and more variable than text-based input. However, automated unit-testing tools can make the challenge of reproducing ink strokes trivial, giving Tablet PC developers the ability to rapidly recreate scenarios, check for consistency, and rapidly iterate their development processes.


Revisiting ink editing

This past week I spent a good chunk of time reworking the ink editing proof-of-concept app I created last year.  This time around the app supports RTF files which makes it a lot more useful. The number of gestures supported is just over 10, so this still isn't a full-blown editing app, but it feels more "real." It's quite fast to be able to bold some text, underline another, or force a paragraph to indent. Another big change I've made is in how text is inserted. Before I was trying to recognize handwritten text.


November 2, 2004

Big Tablet PC 2nd Anniversary Contest - Over $700 in prizes!
TabletPcBuzz Join Spencer at TabletPcbuzz in counting down the days to the TabletPC's seconmd birthday. this countdown consists of one giveaway a day between now and Saturday, followed by a larger package prize on Sunday.


Why Every Animator Should Own a Tablet PC
posted by a Dreamworks animator on

The TabletPC is the greatest invention of all time.
With it you can sketch, design, take and organize notes, dictate ideas (with surprisingly great accuracy), watch movies, listen to music, write Academy Award winning screenplays, surf the Internet from your couch, plan out your week in your own writing, and so on and so on.Basically it's THE tool for the creative genius


Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8

Daves iPaq

ScanSoft, Inc., the leading global supplier of speech and imaging solutions, introduced ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 8, a new release of the world's best-selling and most popular speech recognition solution for Microsoft Windows. With unprecedented accuracy improvements, expanded enterprise functionality, and new ease-of-use features, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 makes speech recognition valuable for everyone - in homes, offices and businesses around the world.Dragon NaturallySpeaking converts speech into text at up to 160 words per minute, and allows users to control their PC completely by voice. With an accuracy increase of more than 25 percent, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 delivers the most significant accuracy improvement in the history of the product, achieving up to 99 percent total accuracy levels.

Mobile Dictation - New support for Palm Tungsten devices allows users to capture mobile dictation for later processing by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Pocket PC, Tablet PC and digital dictation devices are also supported. line

Mindjet Launches MindManager X5 Pro Release 5.2 to Improve Large Scale Deployment and Ease of Use

PR Newswire

Latest Release Supports Corporate Deployments, Enhances MS Word Integration, and Improves Tablet PC Pen Input

Mindjet, the leading provider of software for visualizing and managing information, today launched MindManager X5 Pro Release 5.2, the latest version of its award-winning visual tool for mapping, brainstorming, planning, and organizing projects and information. Release 5.2 also fully supports the advanced Microsoft Tablet PC "Lonestar" features: -- In-place tablet input panel simplifies and accelerates writing in the tablet environment -- Real-time handwriting recognition instantly converts written words to text, while giving the author the opportunity to correct "recognized" text -- Left-handed user interface option improves MindManager ease of use for left-handed users of both desktop and Tablet PC platforms MindManager X5 Pro Release 5.2 is available at . The new release is available as a free update to current MindManager X5 Pro customers. line

Let’s get personal ...

The Malaysia Star

IN the worldview of market research and analyst firm IDC, personal devices fall into three categories: PC-centric Tablet PCs; portable handheld devices like cellphones (including smartphones) and personal digital assistants (PDAs); and finally, portable multimedia equipment like MP3 players Despite an initial surge in purchases after its introduction (by software giant Microsoft Corp), Tablet PC sales have tapered off,” said Bryan Ma, senior research manager, personal systems, at IDC Asia Pacific.  Furthermore, people find it unnatural to watch videos off portable devices running Microsoft Media Player, he claimed.  Fujitsu’s Asia Pacific associate marketing director Raymond Foo agreed with IDC that Tablet PC sales have tapered off, but said he expects them to be popular in schools from next year onwards.  Fujitsu has two lines of Tablet PCs – the Stylistic ST series available worldwide and the FMV-Stylistic currently available only in Japan.


Delivering GIS to the Masses
Government Technology

A year ago, the Department of Public Works in Waterford, Mich., piloted a wireless/terminal-server solution to deliver geographic information and related systems into the field where employees need them. Now the township plans to deploy its own wireless network, which will be used to support the Public Works Department's solution and other Waterford agencies.
Waterford uses various mobile platforms depending on the task, including HP iPAQ PDAs, Fujitsu rugged tablet PCs and Dell notebooks. Experience shows that wireless modems most easily adapt to laptop platforms because the technology is the most developed, and is improving with tablet PCs.


Infinity Softworks' Calculation Software Now Available for More COmputers

Infinity Softworks today announced new platform support for its popular powerOne™ Personal calculation software. powerOne Personal v3.1 is immediately available for purchase through electronic download or CD from Infinity Softworks' web site at   All Windows computers supporting Windows 98 or higher, including Tablet PCs.


November 3 , 2004

NBC Utilizes Fujitsu Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC to Reveal Updates During Presidential Election Coverage 2004
PR Newswire

Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced its Stylistic(R) ST5020 Tablet PC was used by NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw and political analyst Tim Russert during election night coverage Nov. 2, 2004.

The Fujitsu Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC replaced Russert's famous white board used during NBC's coverage of the 2000 election. During last night's broadcast, Russert wrote updates on the Fujitsu Tablet PC and his handwriting instantaneously appeared on the television screen for viewers to follow along with election coverage. Viewers were kept apprised about which candidates won electoral votes in each state with the information made available via the Tablet PC.

Featuring wireless connectivity and weighing just 3.5-pounds, the Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC provides portability, a fast processor, up to nine hours of battery life(1) as well as a wide viewing angle.


Microsoft re-signs NHS to nine-year licensing deal
PC Pro

A nine year deal has been signed by Microsoft and the National Health Service which gives the NHS a licence to use Microsoft software across 900,000 computers.

The new interface will be built into specially customised versions of Windows and Office as well as other bespoke software. The interface is expected to be deployed across a whole range of devices from PCs and Tablet PCs to PDAs. Microsoft promises that the customised version of Office will also provide fast access to patient records and NHS databases.


November 4 , 2004

Dig less, learn more
University at Buffalo Reporter

For centuries, trowels and handpicks have been traditional tools of the trade for archaeologists, but a UB geophysicist who has been working at an archaeological site in Jordan is proposing that some decidedly 21st-century technologies, like tablet PCs equipped with fancy navigational software, ought to be standard gear as well.
By helping archaeological teams target with greater accuracy where an excavation will provide the greatest archaeological "payoff," the integration of both of these techniques on a commonly available—and portable—platform like the tablet PC could save them time and money, he added.


Newscasters show off election-night gadgetry

On NBC, Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert upgraded from an old-fashioned whiteboard and marker to a top-of-the-line tablet PC, a fancy laptop with a highly advanced, liquid crystal display that recognizes handwriting. Russert used the machine, made by Fujitsu, to illustrate the electoral votes garnered by each candidate as he chatted with anchorman Tom Brokaw. A larger monitor behind the newsman also displayed Russert's notes from the tablet. Fujitsu was eager to promote the product's network TV appearance, issuing a press release Wednesday that detailed its features and its price tag--a cool $2,049. But NBC got a break. Fujitsu lent Russert the notebook, the Stylistic ST5020 model, free of charge, said Paul Moore, director of product marketing at Fujitsu Computer Systems.


Mobile System Streamlines UK Credit Card Applications

Using mobile devices, such as PDAs, Smartphones and tablet PCs, field sales representatives electronically capture credit card applications at busy airport lounges, shopping centres and at exhibitions. The mobile devices use a template to record all applicants' details, which are encrypted and securely downloaded to BancTec's Managed Services operation via GPRS. Each application is processed in real-time using a number of data checks including address and bank account validation, and credit scoring. This allows the system to notify the field sales representative of any issues relating to the client's application while the applicant is still present.


Election-Night TV Perk: 3-D Maps
Information Week

NBC News gave political analyst Tim Russert a Fujitsu Tablet PC, which let him use an electronic pen to write messages directly on the slate-shaped computer's screen that also would appear on viewers' TV screens. Russert and anchor Tom Brokaw also used Tablet PCs to get current information on electoral vote tallies as polls closed across the country.


Nelson Bibles Releases Innovative New Product for Tablet PC Users
Business Wire

In 2003 Nelson Bibles established itself as a cutting edge Bible publisher with the release of their BibleZine(TM) line of Bibles. Breaking new ground again, Thomas Nelson, Inc. (NYSE:TNM) announced today that its Bible division is in the process of developing the first ever New King James Version Bible (NKJV) created specifically for the emerging Tablet PC market. Tablet PC Bible will be cross-promoted on and


Faster, more mobile business
Prague Tribune

"Faster internet access will open up new market opportunities and speed up connection for other areas," Doubrava says. "Easy and comfortable Internet access will generate more demand for notebooks, tablet PCs, and PDAs." According to Dell's Šubert, with this newer technology a computer should be less than three years old for optimal use.

Rocky Hill School ahead of the curve
East Greenwich Pendulum
Every student in the Upper School has a Tablet PC. They look like laptops but are more advanced in that the monitor can be reversed and used as a writing canvas, like a piece of paper that remembers what was written on it. "It's an integral part of the work product," said Young. "Each student has their own web page and can access everything they need from it."


November 5 , 2004

Utility turns on to tablets

Hydro One uses tablet PCs to track the location of remote hydro towers, transmission lines and poles for faster, more accurate inventory taking.

Until recently, paper and pens always travelled better across rugged terrain than personal computers.

But thanks to advances in the way tablet PCs are made, technicians at Hydro One can now take their machines in canoes, ski-doos, all-terrain vehicles, helicopters and pickup trucks to remote

locations in Ontario without having to worry about destroying their cargo.

Earlier this month, the largest electricity delivery company in the province announced the purchase of Rugged iX104 Tablet PCs from U.S.-based Xplore Technologies Corp. to be used in most of Hydro One's mobile field applications, including data collection and forestry management.

The utility has 125 tablets in use with close to 300 additional units being deployed, and 200 more on order.

The Xplore tablets were chosen because of their ability to withstand the rugged terrain that some Hydro One line people and installers typically encounter in the field, such as logging roads, off-road forest paths, choppy lakes and rivers, or blustery skies, says John Dobie, senior supervisor of technical services for Hydro One.

Within the tablet PCs are rubberized shocks that cushion all of the main components, such as the motherboard and disk drives, making them able to withstand high impacts if the PC is ever dropped. The tablets can also be submerged in water without consequence.

"We've already seen them dropped in puddles and pools, and we fully expect them to be dropped in snow banks in the winter," says Doug Smith, president of Markham, Ont.-based Filbitron Systems, Xplore's Canadian distributor.


November 6 , 2004

RIA Novosti, Russia

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is a competition of students' software design projects based on web technologies and employing mobile electronic devices.

The project is based on a wireless network of tablet PCs. One can easily run about a classroom carrying such a computer, explains Stanislav Vonog. Every pupil must have a tablet PC, with the teacher using a similar computer but enhanced with more sophisticated software enabling him/her to follow every activity pursued by the pupils.

The `Magic Ink` game is the third unique feature of the `Inspirational Classroom Environment`. For example, the teacher may ask the pupils to save the Earth from an approaching asteroid. Every pupil immediately turns to his tablet PC and draws the type of an anti-asteroid system he thinks the most fitting for the Earth's protection. Our `smart paper` technology instantly converts the drawing into an animated image or a cartoon. As a result, the child promptly sees if his idea is worth suggesting for a collective discussion.


Mobile Productivity Inc. Launches Diagnostic System That Will Revolutionize the Automotive Industry
Business Wire

Mobile Productivity Inc. (MPi), a premier automotive diagnostic, repair information and service merchandising company, has developed a highly innovative diagnostic and merchandising solution for the automotive repair industry. The MPi solution addresses one of the largest issues facing the automotive industry today -- the ability to reliably service the increasingly complicated vehicles in a cost-effective and high-quality manner.

ARGIS/VM walks the technician step-by-step through the correct diagnostic and repair process via a highly intuitive interface. This solution is delivered on a wireless, tablet-PC platform reaching technicians in the repair bay.


November 7 , 2004

Happy Birthday Tablet PC! 

Two years ago today the Tablet PC was Launched in NYC

We've come a long way since then......


November 8 , 2004

Handheld heave-ho
Australian IT

ONE of the largest local forays into handheld computing has come to an end, with Telstra nearing completion of its roll-out of 3500 ruggedised notebooks to replace thousands of superseded Hewlett-Packard Jornada personal digital assistants used by field workers since 2001.

In the process, Telstra has given supplier Panasonic its largest notebook sale in Australia, with an estimated value of more than $10 million.

Custom-built to Telstra specifications, the CF-18 Tablet PC Toughbooks will offer more RAM and an inbuilt 1xRTT CDMA modem.


Big WLAN on Campus

By bringing Tablet PCs and wireless projectors into its classrooms, Hinsdale Township Public High School District 86 is revolutionizing teaching in Illinois.

It was nearly eight years ago that the school's mobile computing vision started taking form, but it wasn't until last year, during a Tablet PC presentation by Microsoft Corp. and Toshiba America Inc., that the school found the perfect fit.

But the Tablet PC, which allows students to input data with the units laying flat on their desks, solved the problem.

Coupled with wireless projectors from InFocus Corp., Toshiba Portégé M200 Tablet PCs would allow teachers to project their notes onto a screen, leaving them free to walk around the classroom and interact with students. Students can also share their work with other students via the projectors, without the fear of having to walk to the blackboard.

Using the tablet's stylus, teachers can annotate changes on students' tablets and project those changes on the screen for the class.

The pilot test also helped Hinsdale prove to the board of education that Tablet PCs offered enough educational value over laptops to justify the extra cost.

"Tablets are more expensive than traditional desktops, and we had to work with the board of education for financial support


GiveMePower and Leica Kick-Off North American Sales Drive for Drive for PowerCAD SiteMaster Mobile/Wireless Measuring Solutions
Business Wire

GiveMePower Corporation and Leica Geosystems today kicked off a North American sales drive for GiveMePower's new PowerCAD(R) SiteMaster(TM) mobile 'as-built' CAD software and Leica's DISTO(TM) Plus wireless hand-held laser. Two of North America's largest distributors of DISTO(TM) lasers, and Pacific Solutions Software have begun filling customer orders.

PowerCAD SiteMaster is the first system of its kind to automate the creation of wireless, laser-generated 'as-built' floor plans, area estimates and building inspections for architects, appraisers, contractors, engineers, estimators, facilities managers, floor-planners, realtors and other professionals involved in the design, construction and management of buildings. Using a Leica DISTO(TM) Plus handheld laser, SiteMaster facilitates instant on-site creation of detailed, AutoCAD(R)-compatible drawings on a Bluetooth(R) wireless Pocket PC, Tablet PC or laptop computer running Microsoft's Windows(R) mobility operating systems.


Softpro Joins Wacom's Dynamic Signature Initiative to Deliver Secure Mobile Commerce; Agreement to Ease Integration of Biometric Signature Verification into Mobile Phones
Business Wire

Wacom today announced that Softpro, the leading vendor of verification systems for handwritten signatures, has joined its Dynamic Signature Initiative, which aims to deliver secure, signature-based mobile commerce. The mobile payments market is estimated to be worth $20 billion by 2005.

By combining Wacom's Penabled(TM) pen-based interface technology and Softpro's handwriting verification system, mobile handset manufacturers and operators will benefit from a complete solution for capturing and automatically authenticating a biometric signature to enable the secure authorization of mobile transactions.

Penabled technology allows the capture of not only the static but also the dynamic parameters of signatures, such as the speed of writing, pressure applied, letter shape and the rhythm of the writing process. This allows the creation of a 3D representation of a signature that is unique to each user.

This signature is then analyzed by Softpro's unique verification technology in order to eliminate the risk of forgery and therefore fraudulent transactions. The technology is already being used by major companies, including banks, for creating biometric signatures using Wacom graphics tablets and Tablet PCs. Softpro recently won Microsoft's Tablet PC Challenge in Germany.


November 9 , 2004

ScanSoft Ships PaperPort Professional 10, Revolutionising the Way the Way People Organise, Find and Share Documents

ScanSoft, Inc. a leading supplier of imaging, speech and language solutions, today announced the immediate availability of PaperPort® Professional 10, a major new release of the world’s most popular PC document management application.  The product brings a new level of productivity to users of Microsoft® Windows® by combining an innovative Split Desktop with the ease of One-Click Scanning, the power of PDF document assembly and the convenience of All-in-One Search™ - making it easier than ever to organise, find and share documents and digital images.

  PaperPort also adds unique document management capabilities to networked PCs and Tablet PCs, simplifying the movement of local documents to network drives and Web-based content management systems

• Never Rescan Again with SET
PaperPort Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET) eliminates the need to re-scan a crooked document or to re-shoot a digital photo.  SET tools provide a robust collection of powerful image correction and annotation capabilities, including straighten, contrast adjustment, colour conversion, red-eye removal, sticky notes, highlighter, pointers, handprint notes and stamps.  SET tools deliver professional enhancement capabilities with point & click simplicity, as well as capabilities that are particularly useful on Microsoft Tablet PC devices.


The next mobile challenge: Mobile management
ITWeb, South

The biggest challenge corporate IT departments have to date is how to manage both physical devices and content to both personal and business devices. Whether we control or freely allow devices to be entered into our networks, we still need to manage and control these devices and the data that belongs on them.

Systems Management offers a powerful mechanism for remotely maintaining mobile devices including laptop, tablet and desktop PCs; pocket PC handhelds and smartphones; and Palm OS handhelds and smartphones. Software installations and updates can be pushed out to mobile devices remotely.


Investment Underscores CREDANT's Market Leadership in Mobile Security
Help Net Security,

CREDANT provides security software specifically for the new wave, occasionally-connected mobile computing devices, and sets the standard for innovation by protecting new network end-points with a policy-based security and management solution. Robust, on-device security protects sensitive information stored on laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs and PDAs by controlling access to the device, encryption of the stored data and use of the device's functions. The centrally managed solution tightly integrates with existing enterprise directories-allowing IT to cost-effectively detect, secure, control and enforce user policies across the diverse computing devices and operating systems used by its mobile workforce.


AValonRF to Present its Rugged PDA with wireless link, Rugged PC with wireless link and Rugged DVR

AValonRF, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance wireless links will present its Rugged PDA with wireless link, Rugged PC with wireless link and Rugged DVR and wireless Lapel Camera for mobile law enforcement at IACP 2004, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIEFS OF POLICE

November 13-15, 2004, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA., USA.
The rugged PDA and Rugged Tablet PC allow wireless viewing of video from remote cameras while driving in a patrol vehicle.


Automated Business Processes Keep Medical Equipment Running
Information Week

his 10-person field force is racking up 5% more revenue because they not only promptly file completed work orders, allowing same-day invoicing instead of a slow, two-week postal process, but capture extra work done at many sites. It's not uncommon for a customer to turn to a technician and say, "While you're here, why don't you fix this," Roy says.

In the past, such work either generated a second set of forms, adding to the service technician's paperwork, or was discreetly swept under the rug as the technician returned to his home office. Now, with a Fujitsu tablet PC able to display a simplified form, he can fill out a work order on the spot and collect a customer signature. Both data and digitized signature are sent back to the central MFGpro business-process application during the technicians' periodic connection to the central office.


Comfort Zones: More Road Warrior's 'Truth About Tablet PC'

I recently had a 10-hour transatlantic flight, during which I needed to do some urgent work, finishing up a keynote talk, both slides and speech. Normally, I don't need to write the words in advance, because I've done these things plenty of times before, and the slides, graphics, movies and demos pretty much are the talk; but this time I was being offered the services of simultaneous translation, and the translators said although not required, they would really appreciate seeing the exact words beforehand. My kit consists of an HP TC1100 Tablet PC, and one extra battery. I had selected the TC1100 after a lot of research entirely because of its compact form-factor, and this is what really won the day on my flight.

For Business Class, any laptop will pretty much do the job. But for Economy Class, where I was stuck, four features of the TC1100 really stood out for me, and caused me to reflect upon the idea of a 'comfort zone' of very-close-up use:


November 10 , 2004

Reynolds and Reynolds Launches Mobile Service Advisor
Yahoo News

Tablet PC solution streamlines the dealership service department write-up process

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company , the leading provider of software and services to the automotive retailing industry, today launches Mobile Service Advisor, a powerful new software tool connected via a Tablet PC and wireless network. Mobile Service Advisor is designed to speed up service department repair order processes and help improve the customer experience.

About the Tablet PC:

The lightweight, well-balanced Tablet PC has a large 10.4" color indoor/outdoor screen and comes with a custom bump case. The tablet's new compact docking station enables the PC to also be used as a traditional workstation, saving valuable space at a service advisor's workstation by eliminating large desktop hardware.


Microsoft plays up growth, dividend
Seattle Times

They were preaching to the choir, but Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer still did their best to sell the virtues of Microsoft stock at the company's annual shareholder meeting yesterday in Bellevue

Gates, chairman and chief software architect, touted products such as OneNote, a note-taking application, and progress on security improvements and e-mail spam filtering. He also talked about the company's leadership with the Tablet PC and speech-recognition software.


TeleType introduces First 16-Channel Bluetooth Receiver with 20 with 20 Hours Battery Life

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 10, 2004 -- TeleType Company today released a powerful 16 Channel Bluetooth GPS offering 20 hours of continuous use. This receiver locks in faster than 12 channel models. The new receiver comes with a user replaceable lithium ion (LI-ON) battery which lasts 20 hours on full charge. The receiver is packaged with TeleType GPS navigation software including maps of US and Puerto Rico. Bundles for Europe, South America, and other countries are also available.

The product is designed for use on Pocket PC, Laptops, and Tablet PCs


Averatec C3500 Windows XP Tablet Edition Notebook

While other second generation convertible Windows XP Tablet PCs are priced at or over $2000, the Averatec C3500 sells for only $1350. What can you expect from a tablet that has such a low price? Quite a lot. The Averatec has an AMD 1.2GHz mobile Athlon XP-M 2200+ processor with a 60GB hard drive, 512MB memory, a bright and contrasty screen with a wide viewing angle, built-in 802.11g wireless and ample ports. It runs Windows XP Tablet Edition and on top of that, has an integrated DVD+CD-RW optical drive. All that is packed into a reasonably compact weighs 5.5 lb. package.

Averatec has really helped change the notebook market with their extremely low prices. Their non-tablet notebooks offer great value for the price as we discovered in their ultralight product line review here. Their XP Tablet PC continues this tradition and delivers good value and quality at an affordable price.


Toshiba introduces new Tablet PCs

Toshiba of Canada Information Systems Group has launched the Portégé M200 Tablet PC, a tool for professionals, offering maximum mobility and flexibility.The new Portégé features an integrated 802.11g wireless connectivity with Microsoft Office OneNote, Window's XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and a Mobile Intel Pentium M Processor 745 at 1.8GHz. It comes equipped with 512 MB DDR memory, a large 12-inch SXGA+ Poly-Silicon display digitizer and weighs two kilograms.

The Portégé M200 Tablet PC retails for $3,099.


Socket Releases Windows XP Notebook and Tablet Support for Popular Cordless Hand Scanner with 'Fuzzy Logic'
Business Wire

Socket Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:SCKT), the Mobile Connection(TM) Company, today announced the availability of software device drivers for its revolutionary Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) for Windows XP Notebook and Tablet computers using Socket, Microsoft, or Widcomm-based Bluetooth radios. The Socket designed and developed bar code scanner has quickly become popular with Pocket PC users because of its small size, light weight and ultra-high performance fuzzy logic scanning that enables easy reading of damaged, poorly printed and hard-to-read bar codes. Combining the CHS with Bluetooth equipped Windows XP based notebooks, laptops and tablets, enables a wide range of scanning applications in the healthcare market, such as medication administration, pharmaceutical inventory control, and other mobile data collection activities which use these larger computers.

The Cordless Hand Scanner is part of Socket's growing Auto ID product line, all supported by Socket's proprietary SocketScan(TM) keyboard emulation software and software developer's kit (SDK). The CHS has the ability to automatically enter scanned data into Windows applications on a PDA, notebook, laptop, tablet or desktop up to 300 feet away without the hassle of cables or the awkwardness of a protruding antenna.


Smithfield State High School
The Australian

Having decided 10 years ago that Smithfield would focus on information technology, the Cairns school has formed successful business partnerships with industry that drive its curriculum and shape its classrooms.

"Out of our 1050 students, over 70 per cent of them are enrolled in at least one information, communications, technology subject and many of them two," Gallagher says. The results are everywhere to be seen. The school has six bulging computer rooms, a collection of the latest tablet PCs and every teacher has a handheld pocket computer.


November 11 , 2004

Winners of the “Does Your App Think in Ink?”

Contest to be Announced

PC Magazine will be announcing the winners of the “Does Your App Think in Ink?” on December 1 on Twelve winners will be announced, with a top prize of $100,000.


Fujitsu marks significant strides in mobile computing solution business
Control Engineering

Fujitsu Computer Systems is shipping in volume its second-generation convertible Tablet PC, the LifeBook T4000, the company announced recently. The computer is intended as a solution for field-force automation. The company also announced enhancements to its Stylistic ST5020 unit. New features on that model include a faster processor, up to 9 hours of battery life, wide viewing angle and dedicated graphic chipset for sharper imaging, and better sound capabilities.

The company announced the rollout of a large-scale LifeBook T4000 integration by Shaw Industries, which purchased more than 1,100 of the Tablet PCs. The device gives the user the option of either using either a keyboard or pen for data input and management at a twist of the screen. Integration of a modular bay offers flexibility to choose a multi-format DVD writer, second battery, or weight-saver option to meet specific needs. Display features up to a 180° viewing angle to make it suitable for a wide variety of lighting environments.

line Introduces the First Adjustable and Lockable Flip&View Cases for iPod
Emediawire is also introducing their new Extender for MultiPivot and iMod cases, which allows one MultiPivot or iMod case to be used for an iPod and cell phone at the same time. Users can now charge and synch both devices from one adjustable stand. The Extender also works as a dual belt and car mount, with instant switching between modes. The MultiPivot with Extender is also useful for larger devices such as Tablet PC's, and some GPS and Satellite Radio Units.


Fujitsu Siemens Computers introduces new convertible notebook

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has introduced the LIFEBOOK T4010, its latest convertible notebook with a modular bay that weighs less than 2 kg and integrates the functions of a high-powered notebook with those of a tablet PC. With a simple turn of the display the LIFEBOOK T4010 can be transformed into a tablet PC and offers pen-enabled functionality in all modes.

“The LIFEBOOK T4010 is the smallest and lightest 12-inch convertible notebook with real usage opportunity as a tablet PC,” said Lewitzki. “It redefines the concept of a notebook. While in standard mode, it is a full-feature powerful notebook with high-end modular bay system and at low weight, it can be transformed into a Tablet PC just by flipping the screen over. In short, the new notebook marks new advancements in mobility, reliability, security and ergonomics.”

The ultra-portable LIFEBOOK T4010 allows meetings to be held virtually anywhere. The Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system eliminates the labor-intensive handling of notes and minutes, as the handwriting recognition program simply converts these into normal word processor text. Further, with a second battery, it can operate without recharging for up to 8.5 hours. Innovative screen technology gives the T4010 an extra-wide viewing angle.


Smart business travelers have smarter phones
Investor's Business Daily

Smart phone are great for quick access to information, accessing the Internet and making calls, but the proposition becomes more daunting when it comes to larger files like big spreadsheets or making major changes to existing presentations.It comes down to an issue of pain, IDC's Burden said. "If you leave your laptop at home and there's something you're unable to do on the road, you're more likely to say 'I'll take my laptop' the next time you travel," he said.

That ensures that, at least for now, there's still a big market opportunity for initiatives like Microsoft's (MSFT) Tablet PC and other lightweight notebooks.


Trying to Make the Pen as Mighty as the Keyboard
New York Times, 

ORTABLE computers that let you give commands or enter text using an electronic pen on the screen could usher in a new era of information sharing. But pen computers like Microsoft's Tablet PC have had only lukewarm success, and writing notes on a palmtop requires learning a kind of shorthand.

Now researchers are devising new ways to interact with Tablet PC's and other pen-based computers. The machines use a special version of Microsoft Windows and a digitizer under the screen that samples pen strokes to let users write with digital "ink," peck out messages with an on-screen keyboard and navigate their desktop and folders with a stylus instead of a mouse. The research could make it easier to enter text quickly and accurately, and it could encourage collaboration by introducing gesture commands that let friends and co-workers share photos and files with a flick of a pen.

Prototype software called StitchMaster lets users select photos on their Tablet PC by tapping or circling groups of them, then wirelessly pass those files to another Tablet user sitting within arm's reach by making a gesture that spans both screens. Stitching works by measuring the timing, the angle and the exit location of pen gestures that leave the edge of a machine's screen. Since Tablet PC's can broadcast their Internet address using the 802.11 wireless networking standard, if a second machine within two and a half feet picks up the continuation of a pen stroke across its edge, the software can tell which machine sent it and infer a handoff.

Microsoft's usability tests have shown that a dozen participants were able to connect their tablets this way on their first or second try. But some were uncomfortable reaching across another person's computer, or even placing their machines too close together. Dr. Hinckley's latest work, which he calls collaborative stitching, aims to address that by letting a user pass a document to several people sitting beyond arm's length by dragging the file to the top of the user's screen. Then those people in the room who want the file can pull it down from the top of their screen.


Security Personnel Armed With Wireless Gear

Designed for law enforcement, perimeter security and long-range video links, AValon RF’s new wireless range includes receivers, transmitters, remote display units (RDUs) and a variety of specialised antennas. The company’s technology provides broadcast quality, interference-free video links over the frequency spectrum of 56MHz to 2.5GHz, allowing security personnel to use a rugged PDA and Tablet PC to wirelessly view video from remote cameras while driving in a patrol vehicle.


November 12, 2004

Mindjet revs brainstorming tool 

Mindjet announced earlier this month the version 5.2 release of its MindManager X5 Pro visual tool for mapping, brainstorming, planning and organizing projects and information. This release supports push deployment for corporate environments, upgraded Microsoft Word integration and improved Tablet PC input.

This release of MindManager X5 Pro can be run on Windows Server 2003 running Terminal Services or on the Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 environment. It provides an editable Windows Installer file for the option of push deployment to the desktop. Users require Windows NT 4.0 SP6, 2000 or XP Professional, Home or Tablet PC Edition.

The 5.2 update improves integration with Microsoft Word in several ways. Tables of contents, headers and footers can be included in export to Word. Maps can be saved as outlines in plain text or html for incorporation into Word documents or Web sites. Tab structure is maintained when tab-delimited text is imported from Word into MindManager.


Next generation of pen-based interfaces emerging

The first generation of Tablet PCs, despite much fanfare, haven’t generated the revolution in computing that some pundits predicted.  Instead, the tablets became board room distractions and oversized PDAs, so IBM and Microsoft are developing new interfaces and wireless connectivity protocols to help bring Tablet PCs into their own.


November 15, 2004

Good Things are Worth Waiting For

The accessory of the year as been put through its final test.

From the lifeguard towers of Malibu to the snow covered slopes of Mammoth,  it has the highest "WOW"  factor we have seen to date. 

 The  2004 Accessory of the Year .....  Coming soon


Five questions: Beth Simon
San Diego Union Tribune

What's an example of a good educational technology? One of the tools I work with uses a Tablet PC to make classroom presentations more interactive. Many professors use PowerPoint presentations as part of their lectures. As everybody knows, PowerPoint can be dull.

If you add in a Tablet PC, it can be more interactive. You already have the PowerPoint up on a screen. But instead of static slides, you can write notes on top of the presentation.

Is wireless technology changing classrooms? Wireless is extremely beneficial. In the very near future, most students will have wireless devices, whether laptops, PDAs or Tablet PCs. Students will be able to reach out and touch you, whether it's voting on a question or participating anonymously. And it's not only in the classroom. Wireless is going to bring new forms of community to campuses. You'll be able to walk into the coffee bar and know which classmates are there. You'll know if the professor you need to talk to is there. Do you have any favorite technologies?

I've become addicted to Tablet PCs. I can take handwritten notes and store them (on the tablet).


Who's Who in the How of Sales
Destination CRM

Vendors are stepping up to deliver tools that help reps sell.

How to Do a Complete Needs Analysis: MobilePoint and Proscape are two CRM firms that have been reinventing themselves to take advantage of the Tablet PC. They offer tools that allow a rep to do a comprehensive needs analysis, and then detail the product to a customer as effectively as any product manager, completing the process in one versus the previously multiple calls required.


Adobe Introduces Acrobat 7.0 Software for Driving Intelligent Document Workflows
Business Wire

Adobe Systems Incorporated today introduced Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) 7.0 software, a family of desktop applications that provides capabilities far beyond converting documents into the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Now, workgroups can use Acrobat 7.0 and Adobe PDF to manage a range of essential business activities such as assembling documents from multiple sources, creating intelligent forms, and more securely collaborating on projects inside and outside the firewall.

For the first time, Acrobat 7.0 Professional customers can now include virtually anyone in an electronic review of a PDF document by enabling access to commenting tools in free Adobe Reader(R) 7.0 software. Adobe Reader users can quickly provide feedback on a PDF file that consists of several content types -- from scanned paper to spreadsheets, presentations, and now, 3D computer-aided design (CAD) content.

Acrobat 7.0 Professional and Acrobat 7.0 Standard for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000 (with service pack 2), Windows XP Professional, Home and Tablet PC Editions, and Mac OS X v10.2.8 and v10.3, are expected to ship in English by the end of the current calendar year, and in French, German and Japanese in early 2005. Acrobat 7.0 Professional is expected to be available for an estimated street price of US$449

Acrobat Elements for Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows NT(R) 4.0 (with service pack 6), Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, is immediately available in 15 language versions


Amicore boasts new electronic medical records system
DocumentIQ, MA

he next-generation system from Amicore—founded in 2001 by Microsoft Corp., IBM and Pfizer Inc.—employs Microsoft's .Net tools, is designed specifically for the Tablet PC, and combines functions for both practice and clinical management into one database. The current rollout is for the clinical side, with the practice side coming early next year.


Paging the future
Computing, UK

The marriage of broadcasting and computers could lead to the emergence of a human-machine interface that is rather more than the sum of its parts.

The result, demonstrated at last month's Mediacast show, looks similar to a multimedia book. The demonstration was on a big TV screen but the BBC has experimented with doing the same thing with a Tablet PC, which is more suitable because text is better read close up. In future, people may use a Tablet viewer in conjunction with a TV to combine the advantages of what pundits call two-foot and six-foot information. The work is being done in conjunction with the Digital TV Group, which includes major service providers and receiver manufacturers, with the aim of establishing a standard for the metadata using an experimental platform called the TV-Anytime (TVA) testbed


November 16, 2004

tablet pcsMicrosoft has announced its "first ever" conference for Tablet PC and Mobile PC developers and ISVs

Microsoft® Windows Anywhere — The Tablet and Mobile PC Developer Conference brings to life the goals of Microsoft's Mobile Platforms Division, which is dedicated to furthering the development of not only Tablet PC functionality, but also operating system features that will enhance mobile computing on any notebook PC.

Microsoft® Windows Anywhere — The Tablet and Mobile PC Developer Conference is co-located at Moscone Center West with VSLive!,  February 6-10, 2005

Save $300! Sign up by   Dec 8, 2004   Register Now!


Microsoft development centre
Sify, India

Microsoft India Development centre (IDC) is the second development centre outside of the United States and a critical component of Microsoft's product development initiatives. We have a strong 200 member team and are currently developing 20 different products and technologies.

IDC has also been making critical contributions to key Microsoft products like Windows, MBS, TabletPC, MSN, PocketPC

New Initiatives

Networking Technology centre, Developer Division, Enterprise Storage Group, Business Solution Group, Tablet PC

Tablet PC Group is one of the exciting new technology areas and a growth business for the company. A group in IDC is being formed for various projects in this space.


Resources for Your Developer Toolbox
Microsoft Systems Journal

mEnable 2.0, by SYWARE Inc., gives mobile users interactive, real-time access to enterprise data, allowing you to run Visual CE database applications on handheld devices and connect directly to any ODBC-enabled database residing on a corporate server.

mEnable 2.0 runs on Tablet PCs (running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition),


Finding your way with MapPoint
Builder AU, Australia

This year at TechEd, Microsoft launched MapPoint Web services with data for Australia. This brings the total number of countries supported to 25. Being a self-confessed map nerd I was involved in this launch, presenting some demos of MapPoint technology. For me maps work best on mobile devices, such as Pocket PC’s and they work really well on the Tablet PC. That is of course what I was demonstrating.


November 17, 2004

QRS Diagnostic Begins Distributing Its ECG Medical Device in Japan
Market Wire

With clearance from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, QRS began distribution on Monday with its first shipment of Universal ECG™ to distributors in Japan. Universal ECG is a software-based diagnostic electrocardiograph device that connects to computers via USB, PC Card and serial ports. It is designed primarily for use with handheld, laptop, tablet and desktop PCs. It is one in the complete line of QRS diagnostic devices that utilize the company's Office Medic™ software, which has been translated into Japanese


Tablet computers' merits aren't worth the big fuss

When Microsoft introduced the first tablet PC in 2001, Bill Gates predicted that they would rival laptop sales in popularity by 2005.

Well, it's almost 2005 and I can count the number of tablet PCs that I've seen in use over the past couple of months with one finger.

It's the Acer TravelMate C300 I've been testing out.

Actually, I saw one more tablet PC -- the one used on election night by NBC-TV's Tim Russert. But since that was on television instead of in person, I'm not counting it.

Not that I'm sure there aren't more of them out there. But I think I'm safe in saying that Gates was considerably off in his prediction.

That's probably because, after initial sales failed to spike, Microsoft and its tablet PC partners decided to promote them mainly among some special groups -- construction workers, medical and health care personnel, students and educational workers and sales and financial professionals


Woodmen of the World Chooses PureEdge Solutions to Modernize and Automate Field Operations
Business Wire

Specific features that the PureEdge e-forms solution will provide Woodmen include integration with existing customer database information, online/offline capabilities, E-Pad integration and Tablet-PC based signing to save field representatives time and facilitate the efficient submission of mobile insurance applications. Additional benefits that PureEdge e-forms offer to insurance providers include market conduct and regulatory compliance, consistency of data representation and auditability.


New STYLISTIC ST5020 features display with extra-wide viewing angle
ITWeb, South Africa

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has introduced its new tablet PCs, the STYLISTIC Fujitsu Tablet PCST502x Series. Because these portable slate computers utilise a special pen for inputting instead of a keyboard*, they are particularly useful for mobile professionals spending a lot of time on their feet.

The new tablet PCs weighs only 1.56kg and come with the latest energy efficient Ultra Low Voltage Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, as well as standard wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The STYLISTIC ST5020's innovative display, meanwhile, is legible throughout an almost 180-degree viewing angle, enabling multiple participants, for example, to follow presentations directly from the screen. The new models can now be ordered for December delivery.


Fujitsu Siemens Computers launches the LIFEBOOK T4010

The LIFEBOOK T4010 is the smallest and lightest 12-inch convertible notebook with real usage opportunity as a tablet PC,' said Lewitzki. 'It redefines the concept of a notebook. While in standard mode, it is a full-feature powerful notebook with high-end modular bay system and at low weight, it can be transformed into a Tablet PC just by flipping the screen over. In short, the new notebook marks new advancements in mobility, reliability, security and ergonomics.'

The ultra-portable LIFEBOOK T4010 allows meetings to be held virtually anywhere. The Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system eliminates the labour-intensive handling of notes and minutes, as the handwriting recognition program simply converts these into normal word processor text. Further, with a second battery, it can operate without recharging for up to 8.5 hours. Innovative screen technology gives the T4010 an extra-wide viewing angle, allowing several persons to follow the proceedings.


Acer Retailers Take to 'Last Man Standing'

Acer's recently launched retail promotional scheme titled Last Man Standing, which is inspired by the sport of heptathlon, is receiving encouraging response.

The products that qualify for the scheme are Acer's Aspire range of Home PCs and TravelMate notebooks (TM2300, TM4000 series, TM240, TM290), Acer Ferrari notebook, Tablet PC, Ultra portable notebooks, Acer's projectors and the entire range of TFT monitors. The contest also includes products from the volume products division; the AMD black desktop, Intel's range of desktops and for the first time, the Altos G310 is eligible for this promotion



Loren Heiny of JumpingMinds posted on his blog that he's updating his Practice line of children's tablet pc applications.   

NumberPractice looks like it is more basic than MathPractice in that kids write the numeric or word numbers


November 18, 2004

InDigiNet Issues LOI to Buyout 100% of Qbe Technologies' Assets
PR Newswire

Qbe Tech is part of that rich Tablet PC history. Under the Aqcess Technologies, Inc. banner, they took PC Week magazine's coveted 1999 Best of Comdex Award in the Desktop, Mobile and Handheld System category, overtaking finalist entries from industry giants Sony and Hewlett-Packard. Since the days of Captain James T. Kirk, PC Tablet has been seen as an evolution of the portable PC. It takes the best from a standard laptop and adds features that make retiring your laptop one of the smartest ideas you've ever had. This has not gone unnoticed by the likes of Microsoft. They have announced the first ever conference, Microsoft Windows Anywhere, for Tablet and Mobile PC developers and ISVs to be held at Moscone West, San Francisco on February 6-10, 2005. All this rich history, upcoming events along with the new Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 means we may be doing the right thing by buying Qbe Tech's assets

Qbe Tech has also expressed the desire for us to quicken the pace into the development of our VoIP and WiFi offerings since this will add to the overall PC Tablet solution. Certainly, this is the right time for InDigiNet to entertain buying Qbe Tech's assets. Intel's trusted Centrino performance, ultra low voltage and integrated wireless LAN is making PC Tablets more mobile than ever and we're hoping this asset purchase will move us upward as well.


Content Solutions Integrates Speech Recognition into MedReportal Clinical Documentation Solution Using ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking SDK
Business Wire

Dragon for tablet pcBack-end speech recognition enables the batch-processing of recorded speech from a range of devices, including digital recorders, PDA's, Tablet PC's and telephone dictation systems. Dragon NaturallySpeaking automatically converts the recordings into transcription data, reducing transcription processing costs by 50% or more.


New York Times

While it looks like a conventional notebook computer - compact and powerful - the Fujitsu LifeBook T400 Tablet PC can easily swivel into a versatile, electronic helpmate for the road, office or home. Running Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC edition 2005 operating system, this $2,000-plus notebook (depending on features; offers digital inking capabilities. Users can take notes and draw directly on its 12.1-inch display with an included stylus. The LifeBook also includes integrated wireless Local Area Network technologies.


Tablet newbies- think ink!

Telling someone who has recently gotten a Tablet PC to "think ink" may sound obvious but as someone who has only been using a Tablet for a few months I can tell you it isn't.  When I first got the Tablet I was a fanatic about using ink in every program I could because it's so cool.  Handwriting on a computer is somewhat intoxicating and liberating as there is no better way to get creative juices flowing than to watch the ink strokes flow on the screen


Familiar Ink

You can easily handwrite letters with Microsoft Outlook and a Tablet PC. In fact, Outlook will actually open Word for you to draft your letter. So just like in a regular Word Document you can leave handwriting as handwriting.

The email is html format and sends the ink as a gif to the recipient. It adds a personal touch and decreases the distance between you and those you love.



November 19, 2004

Fujitsu Siemens forging ahead with tablet PC innovations

Tablet PCNew STYLISTIC ST5020 features display with extra-wide viewing angle and the latest Intel Centrino Mobile Technology

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has introduced its new tablet PCs, the STYLISTIC ST502x Series. Because these portable slate computers utilize a special pen for inputting instead of a keyboard, they are particularly useful for mobile professionals spending a lot of time on their feet. The new tablet PCs weighs only 1.56 kg and come with the latest energy efficient Ultra Low Voltage Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, as well as standard wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

With an optional wireless keyboard, the tablet PC can be used like a normal PC.

STYLISTIC customers reap the benefits of the company’s more than 12 years of experience in the development and production of tablet PCs. The supremacy of the STYLISTIC brand, meanwhile, was again confirmed by the latest Canalys figures for the EMEA region slate tablet PC market


Students put tablet PCs to the test

Once upon a time, teachers used two tools: a blackboard and a piece of chalk. That has changed dramatically, and nobody knows it better than Charles Grisham, a biochemistry professor at the University of Virginia who is part of an experiment that provides Hewlett-Packard tablet PCs to the 100 students in his class.
initial evidence shows that they are learning the subject better and more quickly with the technology, Grisham said. So far, students' test scores this year are about 10 points higher than last year, he said.

The concept is simple: Providing the students with tablet PCs enables them to see Microsoft PowerPoint slides at their desks and type or handwrite notes that are saved electronically. An additional bonus: Grisham's lectures are recorded, and students can view them on their tablets at any time.


Detroit Free Press

I've received lots of e-mail from readers who disagreed with my dissing of the combination laptop and Tablet PC I reviewed Tuesday . My feeling was there isn't much of a future for such a heavy machine among average home users. Readers said I was too hasty in my assessment.

It doesn't sound as though you've been able to truly make use of the right Tablet PC, nor have you had the positive experience common to smaller, more Mobile Tablet PCs (slate designs of 2-4 pounds). I have been working with the Tablet PCs for well over a year and a half, and I can tell you that my experience is contrastingly different than yours.
Joe Minock

Many people like Joe have suggested I try a slate-only model -- that is, a tablet without a keyboard. I plan to do so.


The Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV wireless player piano

Yamaha’s new Disklavier Mark IV player piano looks pretty much just like any other baby grand piano, except with one difference: you can hook it up to your home wireless network.  Alongside all of the strings and felt hammers, they’ve added a bunch of circuitry and a WiFi connection to the Disklavier Mark IV so you can wirelessly control the piano and what it plays from a WiFi-enabled Pocket PC or Tablet PC.


November 22, 2004

Averatec C3500 Convertible Tablet PC Review (pics, specs)

Tablet PCAveratec C3500 Convertible Tablet PC

Averatec is offering a shining gem of a mobile computer at an unprecedented price.  The Averatec C3500 Convertible Tablet PC carries the promise of outstanding portability at a palatable suggested retail price of $1349.  With its solid construction, stylish protective magnesium alloy case and a tolerable 5.5 lbs. of weight, all designed to fit inside a compact 11.6" x 9.8" x 1.57" package, the C3500 exemplifies roadworthiness to the max


Socket ships new GPS navigation kit for Pocket PC, laptops and tablet PC

Socket Communications, Inc. is now shipping an enhanced version of its GPS Nav Kit for Pocket PCs, laptops and Tablet PC. The GPS Nav Kit communicates to these devices using Bluetooth wireless technology and includes Socket's MyNavigator software, a compact in-car navigation system that offers street maps, an intuitive user interface and voice prompts. The solution provides turn-by-turn instructions and map support for the United States & Canada and over 14 European countries.


Tablet PC at the kids table

Tablet PC math

Last night at an early Thanksgiving Dinner I snuck over to the kids table and started showing them the Tablet PC. The oldest (7th grader) found her niche in ArtRage and spent about an hour painting over a landscape photograph I had. Two of the others were in the 2nd and 4th grades. They enjoyed taking turns with the MathPractice suite of programs I'm finishing up on


VTSpell 1.1 - Free spelling and writing program for Tablet PCs.  Download it now!

A tablet based writing program to help your child learn basic spelling and letter forming skills.  This program lets any writer improve their skills in pre-cursive letters and words by forming them along with the computer and having their results checked by the computer.  The program can also be used to practice for spelling bees, and to teach adults English pre-cursive writing skills.  You can add an infinite number of word lists to the program yourself.


Going nowhere

With Intellisync, users now can access the PeopleSoft applications without worrying about whether the data is synched with the server; the Intellisync tools handle the synchronisation invisibly. Intellisync Mobile Suite comprises an e-mail accelerator, data- and file-synchronisation tools and systems management software. The suite is compatible with laptops; tablet PCs; Windows Mobile-based smart phones; and handheld devices based on the Pocket PC, Palm OS and Symbian operating systems.

This gives IT a lot of flexibility because they're not tied to an" operating system, says Michael King, a Gartner analyst. Thus, an application written for a Pocket PC also can run on a laptop, a tablet PC and any device that supports Java.


Qbe Technologies Receives LOI From InDigiNet To Buyout 100% Of ...
Yahoo News

"The moment has arrived for us to ride on the coattail of a potentially promising publicly traded company and realize our PC Tablet dreams.


The Insane World of Home Electronics: Home Automation

Surprisingly, two of the most interesting products were a Transmeta-based home-control tablet PC and a VIA-based in-wall touch panel from Nobu. In this market heat and noise are the killers, and both Transmeta and VIA have positioned their offerings well.


Trax SmartPad Empowers the Retail Environment With a Functional Compact, and Mobile Tablet PC
Market Wire

Trax Retail Solutions, the retail industry leader in loss prevention and store operations control solutions announced today that it is introducing the new Trax SmartPad tablet PC which allows retail operators to use Smart technology wherever they are, providing an enhanced working environment.

Designed for retail professionals who spend part, or most, of their day away from the office, the SmartPad tablet is completely mobile at less than 3 pounds.

The Trax SmartPad tablet PC delivers all the performance and features of a full-function PC on an 8.4" SVGA display with Microsoft XP


Tablet PC Surfboard Named one of the Coolest Inventions of 2004

Surfing the Waves...and the Net:
Business Wire

Time magazine today named the Intel(R) Tablet PC SurfboardCentrino(TM) mobile technology
wireless surfboard as one of the Coolest Inventions of 2004. The world's first Wi-Fi surfboard debuted at a sports festival in the United Kingdom in June, where a wireless "hotspot" allowed surfers to connect to the Internet and check out the latest surf and weather reports. The 9' 4" Gulfstream(1) longboard features a tablet PC sealed in a watertight plastic shell.


November 23, 2004

MaxiVista 1.5.3

Turns your Laptop or Tablet PC into an additional monitor of your primary PC.

MaxiVista is a dual monitor software and can turn your Laptop or Tablet PC into an additional monitor of your primary PC:

Your productivity will be increased instantly - Toolbars and program windows can be moved and extended across both screens as they would be one big monitor. Just connect up to four PCs via network and enjoy the extended desktop real estate.


Mi-Co Funded by National Cancer Institute to Deploy Mi-Forms Into Imaging Clinical Trials
Market Wire

This contract will build upon previously successful work by Mi-Co and UNC Breast Imaging Section. In the Phase I study, the research team assessed alternative pen based methods of recording clinical trial data through the digital writing process. The research team found that the Tablet PC and the Anoto functionality Digital Pen when using the Mi-Forms Software were more efficient, effective and satisfying to users than the more traditional methods. The traditional methods assessed included standard pen on paper processes as well as first generation digital writing technology using the Pocket PC.

In the second phase of the program, Mi-Co, ACRIN and UNC will deploy Mi-Forms with Digital Pens and Tablet PCs on a targeted basis for a clinical trial that is being conducted at UNC.


Clinical Content Consultants Adds Speech Recognition to GE Centricity Electronic Medical Records System Using ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking SDK
Business Wire

Back-end speech recognition enables the batch-processing of recorded speech from a range of devices, including digital recorders, PDAs and Tablet PC's. Dragon NaturallySpeaking automatically converts the recordings into transcription data, reducing transcription processing costs by 50 percent or more.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the world's leading speech recognition solution, enabling the automatic conversion of speech into text at up to 160 words per minute, and allowing the voice-control of software applications simply by speaking.


Tablet PCs Turn Learning to Write into Child's Play

Learning to write and spell are two of the most important skills for young children to learn. The Tablet PC enables young writers to practice these skills and get instant feedback on their progress. VTSpell by Vectiva is a free software program for Tablet PCs that teaches basic writing and spelling skills in a fun, engaging way. It is available for free download from

Today's cutting edge computer interfaces, such as that of the Tablet PC, will be the standard computer interface of the future. Teaching children to interact with the Tablet PC at a young age can give them a head start toward competing in the information age.

A new software title from Vectiva, makers of the award winning "VTColor" software, leverages the power of the Tablet PC interface to teach writing and spelling skills to children as soon as they can hold a stylus. VTSpell is the latest in a series of educational titles from Vectiva. It renews the commitment of Vectiva to provide young children with the tools they need to prosper in a technological world. Walt Smith, owner of Vectiva says, "My own children love the Tablet PC. Seeing them benefit from this software has convinced me that the Tablet PC is the most important innovation in childhood education since the pencil."


November 24, 2004

The pen that's mightier than the keyboard

Now researchers are devising new ways to interact with Tablet PCs and other pen-based computers.

Last month Zhai and his team released software called Shark, or Shorthand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding, on IBM's alphaWorks website (, where the company previews emerging technologies from its laboratories. The software replaces the standard on-screen keyboard that a Tablet PC usually displays with a stylus-friendly keyboard that places common letter combinations near one another in a hexagonal grid. Users write words by tracing a stylus across the virtual keys, forming shapes that Zhai calls sokgraphs.

Keeping people's attention on their work and not on their computers is also a goal of Ken Hinckley, a research scientist at Microsoft. Hinckley has developed software technology called Stitching that lets Tablet PC and palmtop users share files by flicking their pen toward the screen of the person they want to share with

Prototype software called StitchMaster lets users select photos on their Tablet PC by tapping or circling groups of them, then wirelessly pass those files to another Tablet user sitting within arm's reach by making a gesture that spans both screens. Stitching works by measuring the timing, the angle and the exit location of pen gestures that leave the edge of a machine's screen. Since Tablet PCs can broadcast their Internet address using the 802.11 wireless networking standard, if a second machine within two and a half feet picks up the continuation of a pen stroke across its edge, the software can tell which machine sent it and infer a handoff.


BOE increases tablet PC display shipments to Fujitsu
EE Times Online

BOE TFT-LCD SBU has increased shipments of its Viewiz tablet PC display to Japan's Fujitsu to almost 10,000 per month, five times the original amount.

Fujitsu is incorporating the display in its Lifebook T4010 tablet PC, introduced in October. Much of the demand for the PC is coming from Singapore, where Fujitsu, supported by the new Minister of Education, secured a bid to be the national supplier of educational PCs.


Tech S2 Selects ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking SDK Server Edition to Speech-Enable Mobile Veterinary Records Management Solution
Business Wire

Powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, New Mobile Dictation Solution Will Allow Veterinarians to Dictate Wirelessly, Receive Timely Transcription of Findings and Diagnoses

The ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking SDK Server Edition provides Tech S2 with everything needed to rapidly add back-end speech capabilities to CaseScribe. Back-end speech recognition enables the batch-processing of recorded speech from a range of devices, including digital recorders, PDA's, Tablet PC's and telephone dictation systems. Dragon NaturallySpeaking automatically converts the recordings into transcription data, reducing transcription processing costs by 50% or more.


November 25, 2004

happy thanksgiving



November 26, 2004

Tablet Kiosk Now Shipping i-Series of Tablet PC’s

Sahara Tablet PC

TabletKiosk, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sand Dune Ventures, Inc today announced that they are now shipping the Sahara i-Series of Tablet PCs. These units are based on the Intel Celeron 900 MHz and Intel Centrino 1.3GHz Processors, featuring either a Resistive touch-screen running Microsoft XP Professional or Active Digitizer screen running Microsoft XP Tablet Edition.


EverNote - A single place for all your notes

EverNote is a new software product that gives you a single place for all of your notes. With EverNote, you can capture and easily find all kinds of notes: text, Web, email, handwriting, image clips and more. EverNote innovates by storing content on an endless, virtual, time-stamped roll of paper so you can quickly jump to any date and scroll chronologically through your notes, without having to open them individually. Download FREE beta!

EverNote is currently available in a free beta for Windows 2000/XP/XP Tablet PC Edition.


Fujitsu Tablet PC touches biometrics

Fujitsu Canada, Inc. has announced the Stylistic ST5020/D Tablet PC, which now includes an integrated biometric fingerprint swipe sensor for enhanced security. The Tablet PC Slate joins the recently released ultra-portable LifeBook P7000 Series with the fingerprint reader, eliminating the need for managing multiple passwords to access the network, e-mail accounts or other protected systems.

The Tablet PC Slate also features a faster processor, up to 91 hours of battery life (using an optional high-capacity battery), wide viewing angle and dedicated graphic chipset. Integrated wireless connectivity is standard and optional Bluetooth technology is available.

The Stylistic ST5020/D Tablet PC is powered by an Intel Pentium M processor ULV 733 operating at 1.10 GHz. The integration of this processor from Intel is designed for low power consumption, which translates into a cooler running Tablet PC with long battery life.


November 29, 2004

Electronic helpers keep kids on track

t4000 tablet pcThe kids will be going back to school after Christmas, so it makes sense to buy them "back-to-school-again" gifts.

The Fujitsu LifeBook T4010 series Tablet PC would be a big hit with students. The reason: it lets them type essays using its laptop-style keyboard, or hand-write notes in class on to its 12.1-inch screen using a special ``pen.''

The T4010's screen even folds flat over the keyboard for writing notes. The T4010's built-in battery can run up to five hours; add an optional second battery and the T4010 will run up to 8.5 hours. It comes with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, a minimum 60 GB hard drive and WiFi wireless connectivity.


Cheap hardware everything on the oh so cheap web
The Inquirer

Ebay has a crop of them for sale. There's a Tatung student Tablet PC, an Ex-demo model in apparently excellent condition. It comes with a stylus, recovery disks and an external PSU.

The tablet runs a full Windows XP operating system with a few extras including handwriting and speech recognition, as well as digital ink applications to make handwritten notes directly on the screen.

As soon as you start to use this you will begin to realise that the way in which we use computers is going to change rapidly for the better. The whole process of, for example, surfing the web becomes a lot more relaxed and less work oriented.

With the ease of use, mobility and useful and powerful applications provided, this is definitely a purchase that nobody will regret. The Tatung tablet won Computer Buyer's "recommended" award last year.


A little MathPractice over the holiday: Where can I get this pen? 

Loren is working on a new version of MathPractice and over the holiday weekend I showed it to a couple of my cousin's children.

Before I showed him MathPractice, I talked with his grandmother (my aunt) about how to introduce him to it. We decided that it was best if I tell him I wanted to show him the Tablet PC, do three or four problems myself, and then ask if him to try to solve a problem. So, I asked him if he'd join me at the dining table, rested the Tablet PC in front of him, and I held the digital pen. The first problem that appeared was 9 + 3. He took the pen from me and wrote 12. So much for us thinking he'd be reserved about solving math problems on the Tablet PC.


November 30, 2004

Coming December 1, 2004 :   TabletPc2.coms 2004 List for Santa.


MIKE WENDLAND: Tablet PC can translate voice or handwriting
Detroit Free Press

Two weeks ago, I lambasted the Tablet PC as "not having a future." Several of you wrote in and told me to try a so-called "slate-only" model -- that is, a tablet designed to work without a keyboard. So I did.

Well, when I get it wrong, I get it really wrong. So wrong, in fact, I've now bought one for myself -- the Motion Computing m1400 (

Is it for everyone? Probably not. Casual home users wouldn't need it, and I would not recommend it as a desktop replacement. But for road warriors and mobile workers, it's worth considering. This Tablet PC is freeing, functional and a heck of a lot of fun.


Microsoft Skills
Fast Company

Like pen computing. In the 1990s the venture capitalists all said, "We're not putting another dime into that." The time horizon was too long. But the payoff, once you get it right -- [someday] every student will be taking notes on a tablet.


Guardian Healthcare Systems Signs Product Partnerships with IBM Eizo Nanao Technologies, Motion Computing
Business Wire

Working through Motion Computing's Partnership program, Guardian is taking advantage of the Motion Tablet PC hardware platform and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 to offer the FlowPoint solution and other medical application on a wireless Tablet PC.


MS patent claim redefines the Three Rs
The Register

The patent application, which originated from Microsoft's Tablet PC group, is entitled "System and method for providing instructional feedback to a user", and it seeks to protect a wide range of interactive classroom activities. At its core, it claims that providing feedback from unstructured information is an invention.


Text input methods for Tablets and UPCs

Owners of Tablet PCs understand how convenient and productive using a pen and ink on the screen can be and how it can stimulate the creative process. 

The Tablet PC has very good handwriting recognition integrated into the system that is accurate and fast but even so, some people do not like entering a lot of text by handwriting.  I enjoy working in ink on my Tablet PC but when it comes time to enter a lot of text, such as this article, another method is preferred. 

Tablet PC owners have a very good on-screen keyboard available all the time.  The TIP keyboard is easily selected with the keyboard icon which pops a complete keyboard onto the screen for tapping all the keys you want. 

Many people prefer handwriting directly on the screen, in fact that's the whole premise behind the Tablet PC.  The handwriting recognition (HWR) that comes standard on Tablets is unquestionably an accurate way to ink text through the TIP and have it converted automatically to text

ritePen offers HWR in a very user friendly fashion by letting the user write anywhere on the screen.  This is less restrictive than the Tablet PC's TIP and is actually easier on the smaller screen of UPCs.


BOE increases tablet PC display shipments to Fujitsu

BOE TFT-LCD SBU has increased shipments of its Viewiz tablet PC display to Japan's Fujitsu to almost 10,000 per month, five times the original amount


'Avalon' Community Technical Preview Released
ENT News 

Some highlights of the new Avalon preview include a new storyboard concept, providing a mechanism for orchestrating animations across multiple objects; more advanced 3D drawing functionality; ink-enablement for Tablet PC applications, and better support for globalization.



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