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Tablet PC 2 News Archive

July 2004



July 1, 2004

Suite integrates Pocket PC apps with enterprise databases

MobileDataforce has announced an update to its suite of software that provides database integration, multiple report formats, and two-way data synchronization for handheld computers. The Intercue Mobility Suite version 4.5 offers an XML development environment for creating, publishing, and integrating XML-based forms for data collection on several major mobile device platforms including Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Tablet PC. 2:00 pm


Wichita Public Schools Leaves No Child - Or Teacher - Behind With Gateway Technology
Yahoo News

For Wichita Public Schools (Kan.), using technology as a learning tool is no longer an option. It's a necessity.

Gateway is providing Wichita Public Schools with several thousand customized desktop and mobile technology solutions, including Gateway® 450 series laptops, all-in-one Profile 5s, M275 Tablet PCs, and E-Series desktop products. All of the hardware Gateway provides will have Wichita Public School's custom software "image" pre-installed onto the PCs, as well as asset tags, so IT managers can easily inventory the PCs. In addition, all Gateway notebooks will have a Wichita Public School logo laser engraved on their lids. 8:46 am


Biz, consumers benefit from tech innovation
Chicago Sun Times

In the coming years, the word "technology" will come to suggest not just devices but new ways of interacting with each other. It will create new economies, drive cultural changes, and allow us to collaborate without the obstacles of geographical and time boundaries.

Because we believe so strongly in the future potential of computing, Microsoft dedicates a significant portion of its revenue to research and development that pushes the state of the art forward.

These investments are paying off in the form of technologies that are empowering consumers and businesses today, and in new innovations and discoveries that can shape the way we use computers a decade from now. For example, the Tablet PC enables users to write or draw in longhand directly on the computer screen and store the information as handwriting or convert it to digitized text. It's reshaping the way people work, from physicians and architects to insurance adjusters and warehouse managers. 3:31 am


July 2, 2004

Women in Technology Congratulates

Lora Heiny 

Managing Editor  

Microsoft MVP - Tablet PC   Welcome to the Team Lora!  



Microsoft names three new Tablet PC MVP's
welcome and congratulations to all
Lora Heiny : & 
Jim Hope:
Christopher James:


Report: Tablet PC market will remain partially successful until prices fall

Many vertical markets were accustomed to pen-based computing, and saw the Tablet PC as giving them the flexibility of pen-based computing plus access to all software that runs on Microsoft’s XP operating system,” says Brian O’Rourke, a Senior Analyst with In-Stat/MDR. “As a result, the vast majority of Tablet PCs that shipped in 2003 went to vertical applications.” Within horizontal markets, Tablet PCs are particularly targeted at large enterprises. But, according to O’Rourke, “With limited IT budgets in the early part of this decade, and forecasts for annual increases in the 3% range over the next four to five years, enterprise IT managers have been hesitant to take a chance on a new PC form factor.” However, In-Stat/MDR projects that as Tablet PC prices come down over the next few years, and Tablet PC software offerings increase, interest in horizontal markets will rise. Horizontal markets should start to make an impact on this market in 2005, as average selling prices fall below $2,000 for the first time. 10:57 am


July 4, 2004

July  4th   2004

Tablet Pc 2 Wishes you a Safe and Happy Fourth of July


Kenwood students star at leadership event
Miami Herald

Ruth Owens Kruse Educational Center was selected as one of 151 schools nationwide to receive a $35,000 HP Technology for Teaching grant. The grant includes five HP Tablet PC's, five HP multimedia projectors, an HP Officejet all-in-one, HP digital camera, HP K-12 help desk support for one year, $500 stipend per teacher and a professional development program that includes customized learning opportunities and mentoring.  9:19 am


July 5, 2004

HP introduces wireless, mobility tools

TORONTO, July 5 — Hewlett-Packard has introduced a number of new and enhanced mobile and wireless products using HP Mobility Solution Architecture, a strategy to provide mobile and remote users access to real-time communications as if they were at their desks. Also introduced is the HP Mobile Print Driver for Windows, which can connect workers with a notebook or tablet PC to local and networked printers via 802.11 or Bluetooth connection.


Short takes: Week of 5 July
iT News

COMMENTARY: An often irreverent look at some of the week's other news, including Microsoft's solution for Download.Ject, the final release of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and EU vs Microsoft.

XP SP2 to ship late July/early August; tablet PC Edition 2004 is complete (Correction: This should have read Tablet PC Edition 2005 is complete)
A Microsoft representative contacted me to confirm that the final release of XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), the long-awaited XP security upgrade, will likely ship in late July or early August. Furthermore, Tablet PC users who are interested in getting the next version of XP Tablet PC Edition should download the current XP SP2 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) build because the release includes the final shipping version of XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. XP SP2 also includes several other product updates, such as XP Media Center Edition (XP MCE) 2004 (for existing XP MCE users only), Windows Update 5, Windows Media Player (WMP) Series, and DirectX 9.0c.


AA Roadside Service System Wins National It Awards

The NZ Automobile Association has received two major awards in the national Computerworld Excellence Awards for its new roadside service system. The awards are for Excellence in the Use of IT for Customer Service and Excellence in the Use of IT for a Mobile Workforce.

When an AA member calls for assistance the details are sent instantly from the dispatch centre to the AA patrol vehicle nearest to the breakdown location via a mobile telecommunications link. Vehicles are equipped with a heavy-duty Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC, which, in turn, is connected to a global positioning system. Our vehicle is then guided to the breakdown location via satellite using map overlays. At the breakdown, the Tablet PC technology replaces the use of conventional paper work and mobile data terminals.


Microsoft releases security update

Microsoft founder Bill Gates answers questions while demonstrating a Tablet PC to students during a visit to a middle school in Beijing Thursday July 1, 2004. Gates donated computers and software to the school, and launched an initiative to build computer labs in rural Chinese schools. The visit is part of an effort to boost Microsoft's image in China and build partnerships with the Chinese.

Microsoft Corp. issued an interim security update Friday to protect users of its nearly ubiquitous Internet Explorer browsers from a new technique for spreading viruses.

The update does not entirely fix the flaw that makes the spread possible, but it changes settings in Windows operating systems to disable hackers' ability to deliver malicious code with it.


July 7, 2004

abletNutriCalc— a Nutritional Calculator for Tablet PCs for keeping track of your nutritional status based on the foods you eat.

Your Tablet, Your Handwriting , Our Words : Innovation

"abletNuriCalc is the first of a number of personal Tablet productivity applications from The abletFactory.  This product will let you keep track of the nutritional value of the foods eaten.  The most comprehensive database of foods is available.  Easy selection and navigation of the foods eaten using the pen on a Tablet PC.  Add handwriting notes and store for later retrieval and view daily reports that keep track of the common nutrient classes.  Using the pen, you can easily set up your own goals and objectives for calories, fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol and protein. 


Ballmer: Microsoft needs better sales pitch

"Longhorn is a significant step forward, and between now and then we have Tablet, digital media, security innovations in Windows XP SP2, and new Office capabilities to amaze customers," Ballmer wrote. It is not clear whether Ballmer meant that an entirely new version of Office would come before Longhorn, though there is a reference later in the memo to Office 12--the next version of Office. Microsoft has previously said that a new version of Office that would take advantage of the new operating system was planned for the same time frame as Longhorn. A company representative declined to elaborate on Ballmer's remarks.


Starbucks Builds Continued Success with T-Mobile HotSpot -- the -- the Nation's Largest Commercial Wi-Fi Network
Business Wire

To use the T-Mobile HotSpot service at Starbucks, customers with a Wi-Fi-enabled notebook computer, Tablet PC or Pocket PC simply need to launch their Internet browser from within a participating Starbucks and log in. New customers need to activate a T-Mobile HotSpot account, which is available by signing up at or by launching their browser in a participating Starbucks location. New customers can try the service for free as part of a limited time offer available at any participating Starbucks location by using a complimentary T-Mobile HotSpot DayPass, which is available in an in-store brochure. Additional terms and conditions apply. T-Mobile offers several pricing plans including DayPass, pay-as-you-go, month-to-month and annual subscription plans. T-Mobile customers can add month-to-month subscriptions to their wireless voice or GPRS data bill at a 50 percent discount off regular pricing.


July 8, 2004

Microsoft Names Field2Base to Elite List of ``Industry Partners''
Business Wire

Field2Base, a pioneer in mobile, Tablet PC construction communication solutions, today announced it has been named to the elite list of companies selected by Microsoft as Partners in its Tablet PC initiative. Field2Base also announced it has hired a new Vice President of Sales, Sid Cutts, formally director of sales and national accounts for Stock Building Supply.

Privately held and privately funded, Field2Base develops and markets Tablet PC-based field applications that use mobile data networks to manage construction, homebuilding, and engineering field processes, as well as digitize and optimize logistics, distribution, and sales force productivity. Connected to a wireless mobile data network, Field2Base software can accelerate productivity of any field worker by solving issues on-site, automating business processes, and establishing digital audit trails of a wide range of transactions.

Microsoft (NASDAQ NM: MSFT) is working with industry-leading hardware manufacturers and software developers to create a strong foundation for Tablet PC and has identified partners in its Tablet PC initiative. The Tablet-PC is a powerful tool, but like any computer system it must be enhanced with software tools that exploit its native capabilities. Field2Base has pioneered many outstanding field applications that make the marriage of the Tablet-PC and Field2Base a real standout among pioneers in this exciting area of development.

For a complete list of Microsoft Partners in its Tablet PC Initiative, visit 41FBF67F7881/TabletPartnerListFS.doc


4 Concept Computers
CIO Asia

New PC designs may not reach a mass audience, but some features point to the future of computing.

Forrester analyst Simon Yates, for instance, predicts that a future generation of light, powerful tablet PCs (a sector that itself has not taken off as well as some pundits and vendors had hoped), rather than modular PCs, will dominate the market for truly portable computers.


Not quite a Tablet PC
The Star, Malaysia

WHEN is a Tablet PC not a Tablet PC? When it's the FTEC Tablet PC, that's when. 

Why? Well for some reason best known to this Malaysian manufacturer, the FTEC device doesn't come installed with Windows XP Tablet Edition, and instead has Windows XP Home Edition. 

This means that while this machine has pen input via the supplied stylus, it actually does not have any handwriting-recognition technology built-in and if you're using the machine detached from its keyboard, you're basically stuck with the Windows XP default software keyboard. 


Starbucks Builds Continued Success with T-Mobile HotSpot -- the the Nation's Largest Commercial Wi-Fi Network 

To use the T-Mobile HotSpot service at Starbucks, customers with a Wi-Fi-enabled notebook computer, Tablet PC or Pocket PC simply need to launch their Internet browser from within a participating Starbucks and log in. New customers need to activate a T-Mobile HotSpot account, which is available by signing up at or by launching their browser in a participating Starbucks location. New customers can try the service for free as part of a limited time offer available at any participating Starbucks location by using a complimentary T-Mobile HotSpot DayPass, which is available in an in-store brochure. Additional terms and conditions apply. T-Mobile offers several pricing plans including DayPass, pay-as-you-go, month-to-month and annual subscription plans. T-Mobile customers can add month-to-month subscriptions to their wireless voice or GPRS data bill at a 50 percent discount off regular pricing.

tablet pc line

Xybernaut patents ergonomic handhelds and communicator

Wearable electronics company Xybernaut has been granted two new patents on types of electronic device by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), covering an "ergonomic" handheld display and a "personal communicator" set of devices.

The first patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,757,156, covers an "Ergonomic handheld display", consisting of a flat panel display device with certain features that make it easier to use for long periods. Such features include, for example, two rubber handgrips that wrap partially around the sides of the display device with at least two "tactile ridges". Additional features include the balance of the device and whether or not the screen is touch-sensitive, and the patent covers most possible permutations and combinations of those factors. Although listed as a wearable system, the patent descriptions appear to cover essentially a "tablet PC", or at least many designs of one.


July 9, 2004

*Now Available*  GoBinder 2005 Public Preview  

5:34 PM Friday July 9, 2004 : GoBinder 2005 (Beta Version) now available for download 

FREE Upgrades from Previous Versions of GoBinder - Agilix has infused GoBinder 2005 with more value than ever, but that doesn't mean current customers will have to pay more. To demonstrate gratitude for and generosity toward current customers, Agilix is providing a free upgrade to GoBinder 2005 to anyone who purchased a copy of GoBinder in the past. Your feedback is what has made the product what it is today.

GoBinder 2005 is The Filofax of the Tewnety First century.......... 
Linda A. Epstein- Owner/Publisher

tablet pc line

Agilix Readies Gobinder 2005

Enhanced Experience Leverages Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

Leverage Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (included in SP2) - Use the new in-place Tablet Input Panel (TIP) [instead of GoBinder's in-place Writing Assistant] and take advantage of the many improvements in the ink recognition system. If you have installed XP SP2, you're ready to go with GoBinder 2005.

tablet pc line

Women in Technology Congratulates

Lora Heiny 

Managing Editor  

Microsoft MVP - Tablet PC   Welcome to the Team Lora!  

tablet pc line

Microsoft names new Tablet PC MVP's

Lora Heiny : & , Christopher James: , WNewquay : from TabletPCBuzz forums

congratulations and welcome to the team!

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Hewlett-Packard: Mountain Area Safety Taskforce Fights Fire with ...
Government Technology, CA

Hewlett-Packard: Mountain Area Safety Taskforce Fights Fire with Technology from HP and ESRI

In October 2003, fires in the San Bernardino National Forest consumed more than 750,000 acres, incinerating properties with an estimated value of over $8 billion.

The damage could have been worse, however, if not for MAST's fire-disaster plan. That plan included innovative HP equipment and geographic information system (GIS) software from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).

Another vital component to the MAST plan was a better way to collect and collate up-todate information during a fire.

After the fires were extinguished, damage assessors used HP Tablet PCs during on-site visits to detail the destruction and generate assessments.

Later, a blue-ribbon fire assessment commission in Sacramento heralded the inter-agency collaboration model adopted by MAST.

By planning for the worst, and utilizing the best in HP equipment, the agencies performed as a well integrated unit much to the thanks of San Bernardino area residents.

tablet pc line

IT options for mobile staff

Going mobile requires the selection of suitable client hardware, the provisioning of adequate communications links, and often the use of some kind of middleware to tie together the mobile platform with the company's existing systems. The choice of solution is usually determined by the type of user. The term mobile worker covers a wide range of jobs.

A variation of the laptop is the Tablet PC, which runs a version of Windows XP supporting pen input. Some Tablet PCs are little different from standard laptops, but the slate-style models have been designed without a keyboard to cut down on weight. This type is proving popular in sectors such as healthcare and salesforce automation, where form filling and data capture is a common application.

tablet pc line


In just over two months, Ambient Design, a New Zealand-based software development company, has had more than 65,000 downloads of its new ArtRage application, a free painting package designed to provide a realistic simulation of using paint on a canvas. ArtRage painters can use electronic pens, oils, pencils, crayons, and other tools for original works or they can load photographs and use the trace functionality to create their masterpieces.

Matthew Fox-Wilson of Ambient Design says the idea and technology for ArtRage has been in development for more than six years but it was the release of the Tablet PC that provided the ideal platform and catalyst to finish the application.

"We contacted Microsoft as soon as the Tablet PC came out," said Fox-Wilson. "It matched what we wanted to do and answered the 'if only we had a device that could do this and that' dilemma. The application certainly works on other PCs and devices but the Tablet PC is the perfect marriage for the application."

The Ambient Design team is truly talented and it has been great to see ArtRage develop into such a fantastic addition to the Tablet PC. An added bonus is that it is a New Zealand team taking it to the world," says Templeton.

Ambient Design has also been listed by Microsoft on the global Tablet PC download site alongside top software vendors such as Corel and FranklinCovey.

"Two German IT magazines, Computerbuild and Sharepress Magazine, are including ArtRage on CDs to be distributed with the magazines," said Fox-Wilson. "In addition, a company in the UK, Research Machines, is including ArtRage pre-loaded on all the TabletPCs they now sell.

tablet pc line

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's Memo to Employees

In FY04, we made strong progress on several fronts that are essential for our future. We delivered some amazing products that were widely recognized as delivering great value to our customers and creating opportunity for partners — including Office 2003, SharePoint, MSN Messenger, Windows Mobile devices, MBS releases with Office UI and SharePoint integration, Xbox Live, enhanced Web services, Microsoft TV Foundation, and improved Tablet and Media Center PCs.

Longhorn is a significant step forward, and between now and then we have Tablet, digital media, security innovations in Windows XP SP2, and new Office capabilities to amaze customers. The Windows Catalog will make our partners' innovation and services more obvious to our mutual customers.

tablet pc line

July 11, 2004

Tablet PC Price to Drop According to Gates

When asked by Alex Zaharov-Reutt from Free Access Magazine if Microsoft would be lowering the price of the Tablet OS to standard desktop OS prices to aid adoption, Gates responded: "Yeah, Tablet in particular we’re bringing the licensing for Tablet Windows to be the same as Windows Pro.  It wasn't much more, I think it was fifteen dollars more or something like that but we're bringing it down somewhat there."

This difference in opinion needs to be addressed, most importantly by way of an actual reduction in the premium that consumers pay to own Tablets.  If manufacturers like Acer do not lower their consumer prices now, we will know who is benefiting from the OS price cuts and perhaps who has just been making excuses all along.

tablet pc line

July 12, 2004

GoBinder 2005 Makes
"The List"    
Tablet PC 2's Top Ten Tablet PC Products

Tablet PC Top 10

It didn't take much more than a first glance at GoBinder 2005 to know it was going to make "The List"  of the Top 10 Tablet Pc Products, The only question was how long should we wait before we made it official and added it to the list.....

While it was my intention to wait until it was out of beta and the final product was released, the truth is it's simply to good a product to have to wait.  

Read the review

Download the GoBinder 2005 (Beta) From the GoBinder Web site

tablet pc line Art Contest voting is open!

Not to be missed, some of the entries for the TabletPCBuzz art contest are nothing short of amazing, take a look and see for youself.

Review the submissions and Vote by posting a reply to this thread, include the title of the entry when voting. One vote per person.

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Tablet PCs to get cheaper?

There are a million reasons why Tablet PCs have been in the doghouse saleswise, but probably not the least of them is that instead of encouraging manufacturers to build Tablet PCs by charging them  less for the Tablet PC operating system than they do for regular versions of Windows XP, they’re actually charging more for it. Anyway, supposedly Bill Gates was overheard talking about how they were going to do something about this and drop the price to make of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition to make it more attractive to manufacturers and eventually more affordable for consumers.

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Not quite a Tablet PC
The Star

WHEN is a Tablet PC not a Tablet PC? When it's the FTEC Tablet PC, that's when.

Why? Well for some reason best known to this Malaysian manufacturer, the FTEC device doesn't come installed with Windows XP Tablet Edition, and instead has Windows XP Home Edition.

What can I say about this product except that if you look at it as a Tablet PC (after all it is called a Tablet PC), it fails miserably as such because without any handwriting-recognition software, there really isn’t any point to having a computer with a screen that can detach from its keyboard.

tablet pc line

July 13, 2004

SMART Technologies’ Sympodium ID250 Interactive Pen Display

Somewhere between a tablet and a whiteboard

A presentation, teaching and training tool that fits nicely into a niche between interactive whiteboards and tablet PCs and is well-suited to large venues

Clearly, SMART Technologies sees a threat from the parade of Tablet PCs coming to market. Most Tablet PCs allow annotation, handwriting recognition and pen-based interactivity as well as the ability to output to a projector. The new pricing for the ID250 puts it in the same budget range as a high-end Tablet PC.

tablet pc line

Microsoft doubles space at GITEX 2004

The futuristic area will showcase the power of Microsoft’s latest connected offerings, to demonstrate how products like Tablet PC and Smartphone can be integrated with the business functionality of Microsoft Office 2003 applications to create advanced solutions for the world of work. The future zone also has a home zone, where show-goers can explore the possibilities of the connected home through products such as Windows XP Media Center Edition, and other consumer products.

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NGRAIN Earns Microsoft Gold Partner Status
CNW Telbec

Rare certification reflects NGRAIN's unique, high quality Microsoft based interactive 3D Solutions for Microsoft Office

NGRAIN Corporation today announced that it has achieved Gold Partner status from Microsoft(R) Corp., the company's highest level certification for independent software vendors (ISVs). NGRAIN is among a small, select group of companies to receive this certification. The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Software Products brings market recognition to companies that provide consistent, high quality products built on the Microsoft platform.

"The strength of our relationship with Microsoft and the Gold Partner certification reflects our long term strategic focus on advancing our technology in full alignment with Microsoft's market development strategies including Smart Client, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and the .NET framework"

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July 14, 2004

For those who want it all in one nice neet package.....

Motion Tablet PC Field CaseThe New Motion Field Case is designed for users who require a rugged carrying case solution for their Tablet PC and keyboard. The Motion Field Case has an easel stand and keyboard placement zone that delivers a similar experience to a "notebook PC". Pull-out the easel, unzip the case, and you have an instant mobile desktop. Designed with field service and sales professionals in mind, this attractive and professional looking case is constructed of rugged EVA foam to provide additional protection for the Tablet PC.

A cable management sock is provided to hold an AC Adapter and power cord - allowing quick "plug-in" without the mess of fumbling around for the AC Adapter. For ultimate flexibility, the Motion Field Case can be configured to carry the Tablet PC and keyboard only - or configured to carry essential accessories with its unique "snap-on" saddle bag. The snap-on saddle bag can accommodate the Motion DVD or CDROM drive, a battery, cables, and CD Media. Two pen holders, a paper pocket, and two business card holders are also provided. The case also includes an ergonomically designed shoulder strap.

*Available Now*  Click to purchase

tablet pc line

Cirond Ships Winc 2.1; New Version of Popular Wireless Connectivity Software Provides Users with More Power Than Ever to Manage Wireless Connections
Business Wire

Cirond Corporation (OTCBB:CROO) today announced the immediate availability of its new Winc 2.1 connectivity application. It is designed to help users of Microsoft Windows XP(TM) and Tablet PC(TM)-based wireless-enabled mobile computers find and connect to wireless networks.

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HP iPAQ, Tablet PC revolutionizing the doctor's visit, hospital care

Doctor visits are changing, and you're going to like the difference. The combination of HP mobile computer technology and electronic medical records solutions in hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices is giving doctors new power to provide you better care and hold down medical costs.

Through secure, wireless networks and the use of the HP Compaq Tablet PC and HP iPAQ Pocket PC, physicians can access up-to-the-minute patient information, lab reports and prescription information. They can take or dictate notes during exams and not wait days for medical transcriptions to be returned. They can also research medical conditions on Web sites, check for drug interactions and the latest in medical research. And they can do all of this in the examination room with you.

tablet pc line

July 15, 2004

Tablet PC Downloads Upon Downloads

One thing is clear, Tablet PC software applications are increasing in number each day. The other thing that has become clear is that each day more and more people are searching for Tablet PC software.

TabletPCPost downloads passed 20,000.

The next several months will be very exciting for Tablet PC software. GoBinder 2005 and xThink Math Journal will be released, as well as hopefully hundreds of entries in the Microsoft "Does Your App Think In Ink Contest".

Microsoft Tablet PC team also set up for your Tablet PC software searching pleasure.

tablet pc line

Toshiba Portege M200 Availability

Toshiba is now accepting orders on configurations of its Portege M200 with Intel Pentium M 725, 745, and 755 processors. The new default configuration with Pentium M 725 starts at a lower introductory price point than previous models.

PPM21U-02LDD4 $1949
Convertible design
Intel® Pentium® M 725 Processor (1.60GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 400MHz FSB)
40GB HDD (5400 rpm)
12" Polysilicon SXGA+ Display (1400 x 1050)
256MB PC2700 DDR333 SDRAM (256MB x 1)
Integrated Intel® PRO/Wireless (802.11b/g) Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet Edition

Toshiba sales have been going well and it expects that its issue of low inventory in the channel should be relieved by mid-August. Toshiba says it expects to fill new orders on these build-to-order configs in approximately 10 to 15 business days. M200s with bluetooth may take longer, due to availability issues with the bluetooth part.

tablet pc line

MobileFrame Announces the Release of Configurable Mobile Application Product Suites, Version 3.0

PR Web

MobileFrame, LLC today announced the release of their Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Product Suite, version 3.0. MobileFrame continues to advance a new paradigm in mobile computing, empowering mobile enterprises to focus on core business instead of lengthy and expensive programming projects.

The innovative Smart ArchitectureTM in MobileFrame's Product SuiteTM handles all software programming complexities in the background and permits business users with no IT training to create and deploy complex mobile applications by means of a point and click desktop. This completely eliminates the complexity and expense typically associated with deploying mobile applications. Release 3.0 features include:

* New client for TabletPC/Windows.

* Full Windows XP/Office XP look and feel.

* Customizable shortcut bar for integration with the user's applications and desktop.
* Client agnostic--operates on Pocket PC, Tablet PC, and Laptop clients so users can switch devices easily.

tablet pc line

Swiped Security
Reed Electronics Group

No more keys. No more six-digit PINs. No more passwords. A more secure environment where there's nothing to remember or lose – that's the goal of biometrics. In fact, the hardest part may be making the authentication technology catch on.

Indeed, the signs of life, born from the convenience of biometrics, are now beginning to show. Both Northwest Airlines and Virgin Atlantic use biometrics for their top frequent flyers, reaching about 1,500 in U.S. residents. Applications for laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices are also rolling out, according to TI's Sathappen, who demonstrated the ease of use on his own tablet PC in a meeting with Electronic News. And while IBG expects the finger print authentication market alone to jump to $1.5 billion in 2008 from 2003's $198 million, getting the public past the privacy issues could prove harder than creating the technology itself.

tablet pc line

July 16, 2004

IBM’s ThinkPad Tablet PC

We just got a tip that IBM’s first Tablet PC has been spotted in the wild. We have one of our best big game hunters hot on the trail for some pics (if you’ve got some, send ‘em in), but in the meantime we do know that it’ll basically be a convertible-style of the ThinkPad X40 (pictured at right), which means it’ll probably look just like a regular non-Tablet X40 just with a screen that swivels around and folds down so you can write on it. Oh, and that it might be called the X50.

tablet pc line

Under the Hood with the Tablet PC

How does the Tablet PC know where the stylus is? How can it tell when the user presses down harder? Why can't you check off a box with a pencil instead of a stylus? Use a Tablet PC for just a few hours and these questions will naturally come to mind. Because the technology tends to be unfamiliar, there is no widely understood body of knowledge to lean on nor, as it turns out, are there many engineers who understand how these devices work. This article, based on interviews with several manufacturers of Tablet PCs, explains how these devices deliver their magic

This quick tour has primarily focused on showing how the Tablet PC's unique hardware works. This information should be useful not only in choosing the right model, but in understanding what is happening below the covers to your code. And it should have clarified how operations that appear similar on Tablet PC's and PDA's are brought about by entirely different technologies.

tablet pc line

Control Break International Launches New Release of SafeBoot with Support for Encryption During Hibernation Mode
Business Wire

Control Break International, a leading developer of enterprise-wide security software, today announced the availability of Service Pack 2 for version 4.27 of SafeBoot(R), the company's flagship solution. This release provides rich new functionality including support for encryption during hibernation mode as well as the encryption of data stored during a "crash dump

Control Break International's SafeBoot - Mobile Data Security suite of enterprise-wide security solutions protects data stored on mobile devices such as tablet PCs, laptops and PDAs against the risk of loss, theft and unauthorized access anytime and anywhere.

tablet pc line

InkableType now on TabletPCPost

Kunal's InkableType is now available for download from For all you MovableType bloggers out there, you can use your Tablet PC to add sketches, art, or handwriting to your blog posts.

tablet pc line

July 18, 2004

Who’s afraid of IBM?
Asia Computer Weekly

IBM may be Microsoft’s biggest competitor, but it cannot compare to Microsoft in R&D spending.

Apart from Windows, tablet PCs, search technology, smartphones, and security are enjoying a lot of R&D attention from Microsoft as well in realising seamless computing.

Gates conceded that first-generation tablet PC hardware are not fast enough, but Microsoft is committed to making it successful, and will release the second version of its software for the device soon.

“We’re getting the digitiser price down and developing more applications. If you want an affordable PC, eventually it will be the tablet. We’re working towards it becoming the standard for business computing,” he added.

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July 19, 2004  

Tablet PC Quick Compare Pages updated a section with Discontinued Tablet PC's added for those who are purchasing pre - owned Tablets from eBay and other sources.

Comparison pages include photos and allow you to quickly and easily compare the differences between individual Tablet PCS

tablet pc line

Ink  Hang Man

Classic HangMan game with support for Ink Recognition on the Tablet PC platform.

tablet pc line

GW Hospital Receives Award from Most Wired Survey
U.S. Newswire

The George Washington University Hospital has been named one of the "25 Most Improved" hospitals by the 2004 Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study released today.

The survey measures the nations' hospitals on their use of Internet technologies for quality, customer service, public health and safety, business processes and workforce issues.

The George Washington University Hospital continues to enhance the availability of clinical information at the point of service location with an increased focus on wireless access; members of the physician community are collecting patient information on mobile devices. The goal is to develop a quick and efficient data collection process via wireless using the right hardware device (PDA, laptop, Tablet PC etc.) to ensure timely and accurate patient care delivery.

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Averatec Ships C3500 Series of Convertible Notebook and Tablet PC

Averatec Tablet PC

Averatec, Inc., an emerging leader in innovative mobile computing products, today announced the launch of its C3500 Series of mobile notebook PCs, which premiers a creative and exciting design merging a mobile notebook computer and a tablet PC into a single ultra-portable form factor.  As a notebook, this compact unit offers all of the features and functionality that mobile users expect, while also incorporating advanced handwriting and speech recognition technologies for comprehensive functioning as a tablet PC. The affordably priced C3500 offers a built-in DVD+CD-RW combination drive and wireless networking capabilities.  All this and a starting price of only $1299.99.

The C3500 Series compact design is 11.6” by 9.8” by 1.57” package that weighs in at just 4.5 pounds with a standard battery.  The unit also includes four high-speed USB 2.0 ports and one Type II PC Card/CardBus slot, for quick and easy addition of additional capabilities. Pricing starts at just $1299.99 after $50 mail-in-rebate.

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Fujitsu Adds Atheros Communications' Super AG(TM) and Super G(TM) G(TM) Technology to its Notebooks in the North American Market
Yahoo News

PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Atheros Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATHR - News), a leading developer of advanced wireless LAN (WLAN) chipsets, today announced that Fujitsu Computer Systems, a wholly- owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, is supporting Atheros' Super AG(TM) and Super G(TM) technology in six wireless-enabled notebook computer models and two Tablet PC models in the North American market.

These notebook and Tablet PC models incorporate Atheros 802.11a/b/g or 802.11b/g WLAN solutions. By providing an easy software upgrade for Atheros' Super AG and Super G performance-boosting capabilities, Fujitsu is providing its customers with advanced wireless networking features that deliver the highest wireless performance available on the market today

Stylistic ST5010D and ST5011D Tablet PCs

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AMD's New Mobile CPUs Crack Tablet Market
Extreme Tech 

AMD announced a new Mobile Athlon 64 3400+ as well as a Mobile Athlon XP-M 2200+ on Monday morning. The latter chip will be featured in both a notebook as well as a C3500 series convertible Tablet PC from Averatec, the first time an AMD chip has been used in a tablet.

AMD continues to push the performance envelope with cutting-edge solutions for customers who refuse to sacrifice computing power for mobility," said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager, Microprocessor Business Unit, AMD. "We were the first to bring 64 bits and dynamic power management to notebooks, and now the performance of AMD mobile processors is available at your fingertips in a dynamic convertible tablet PC."

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AMD Rewrites the Rules for Notebook Performance and Portability with New Mobile Processors; New Mobile PCs from Alienware, Averatec and Epson Direct Expected for Back-to-School Season
Business Wire

First Convertible Tablet PC Powered by Mobile AMD Athlon(TM) Processor Now Available from Averatec

AMD also announced availability of the Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2200+. The launch of this product marks the first time that a convertible tablet PC will incorporate a Mobile AMD Athlon processor for users that desire ultra-portable performance.

"AMD continues to push the performance envelope with cutting-edge solutions for customers who refuse to sacrifice computing power for mobility," said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager, Microprocessor Business Unit, AMD. "We were the first to bring 64 bits and dynamic power management to notebooks, and now the performance of AMD mobile processors is available at your fingertips in a dynamic convertible tablet PC."

For customers who want an ultra-portable system, Averatec is now offering a convertible PC with the flexibility of both a notebook and a tablet, the C3500 Series based on the Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2200+. The low thermal design power of this new processor makes it ideal for compact, lightweight designs.

"The C3500 Series convertible PC is the first to pack the power of a Mobile AMD Athlon processor into an innovative tablet design," said Saeed Shahbazi, president of Averatec. "This PC with integrated optical drive offers all the features and functionality that mobile users demand in a stylish and portable form factor with tablet functionality."

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Motion Computing's View Anywhere(TM) display -- a unique tablet PC option for users who want an indoor-viewable screen that is equally suited for outdoor use is now available to complement the acclaimed wide-viewing angle capabilities of Motion's M1400 Tablet PC.

The patent-pending combination of the M1400's wide-angle display and Motion's View Anywhere technology yields exceptional display clarity and visibility at all angles and in a broader range of lighting conditions. Motion's latest first-to-market announcement reinforces its display technology leadership and makes its most advanced tablet PC model an even more compelling choice for field sales and service professionals in a variety of markets.

And because of a 225 percent increase in contrast ratio, users experience viewability at wider angles while walking, standing or sitting -- in virtually any low-light or bright-light environment, and everything in between.

"Motion's View Anywhere technology is an important innovation for tablet PCs," said David Altounian, Motion's chief product officer. "Customers with a need for `ubiquitous viewing' on a tablet PC can find it on the M1400 with View Anywhere."

The Motion View Anywhere display is a $299.99 option on the Motion M1400 Tablet PC.

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Experimenting with paper
Incremental Blogger

Over the last week or so I started taking notes on paper. Why? I wanted to see if I was missing anything. Let me explain. For about two years now I've been taking notes almost exclusively on my Tablet PC. In fact, I haven't purchased a single pad of paper since that first Tablet a couple years ago.

So what did I learn? I miss my Tablet for notetaking.

I also quickly realized how much I miss the scratch out gesture to erase something. And when I'd run out of room I wish I could have pushed down the ink to create more room--just like in Journal and OneNote. I also saw how addicted I had become to using different color pens and the highlighter while taking notes--since it's so easy to do in a Tablet app

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Intel Delivers New Low Power Intel Pentium M and Intel Celeron M Processors
Business Wire

Intel Corporation today expanded the Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor and Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor families with products aimed at the mini-notebook, sub-notebook and tablet PC segments that represent small mobile PCs typically weighing around 3 pounds.

The Low Voltage and Ultra Low Voltage Intel Pentium M processors, in conjunction with the Intel 855 chipset family and the Intel PRO/Wireless network connection family, are key components of Intel Centrino mobile technology for mini-notebooks, sub-notebooks and tablet PCs.

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Alias Sketchbook Pro

Alias SketchBook Pro is an innovative freehand drawing and painting program designed specifically for Tablet PC and graphics tablet users on Windows and Macintosh. Although it does not offer the same variety as other artistic software, it is extremely easy to learn and use. If you've been frustrated or overwhelmed by the complexity of other painting/drawing programs, SketchBook Pro is a great way to sketch out ideas, annotate images, and explore computer-based drawing.

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July 21, 2004

mEnable 2.0 is First Pocket PC Software to Provide Dual Mode Choice of Wireless Access  

SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced mEnable® 2.0, the company's wireless software that provides mobile users with interactive, real-time access to enterprise data.

mEnable 2.0 runs on the full spectrum of mobile, Windows-based PCs, from handheld units to tablets to laptops, including Windows XP-powered Tablet PCs, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, and all devices running Windows CE, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP.

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PocketPCTechs' WriteSHIELD Premium Screen Protector Line Enhanced
Business Wire

Fountain Valley-based PocketPCTechs Inc. announced that they have released a new series of their world-renowned WriteSHIELD(TM) Premium Screen Protector line. The new WriteSHIELD(TM) C2 Screen Protector Series is a crystal-clear screen protector, which still blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet rays that could damage the LCD while allowing greater than 90 percent light transmittance from the LCD.

Further information can be found at The WriteSHIELD(TM) AG Tablet PC Premium Screen Protectors are available in single packs for $59.99 or two packs for $99.99.

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Motion Computing Debuts M1400 Tablet PC

Motion Computing's View Anywhere(TM) display -- a unique tablet PC option for users who want an indoor-viewable screen that is equally suited for outdoor use -- is now available to complement the acclaimed wide-viewing angle capabilities of Motion's M1400 Tablet PC.

The patent-pending combination of the M1400's wide-angle display and Motion's View Anywhere technology yields exceptional display clarity and visibility at all angles and in a broader range of lighting conditions. Motion's latest first-to-market announcement reinforces its display technology leadership and makes its most advanced tablet PC model an even more compelling choice for field sales and service professionals in a variety of markets

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Averatec C3500 Tablet PC Photo Overview

The new Averatec C3500 Tablet PC is hitting the streets. Averatec made its official announcement yesterday and as of our update a few minutes ago they are already receiving a good response to this new product. It is an affordable Tablet PC for home users who would like the convenience of a small notebook computer that also has Tablet PC features.

Staples and Costco are expected to have inventory by this weekend. Other retailers will have product shortly after and even your local reseller should be able to buy them.

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July 22, 2004

Averatec C3500 Tablet PC Photo Overview

The new Averatec C3500 Tablet PC is hitting the streets. Averatec made its official announcement yesterday and as of our update a few minutes ago they are already receiving a good response to this new product. It is an affordable Tablet PC for home users who would like the convenience of a small notebook computer that also has Tablet PC features


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Tablet PCs Make Their Mark on Campus
Yahoo News

David Cirigliano no longer carries a traditional pad of paper to class, yet the second-year Northeastern University student says he is better prepared and organized than ever at exam time.

Cirigliano is among the majority of college and K-12 students who have ditched paper notebooks for new, more powerful portable computers such as Tablet PCs.

Because Tablet PCs include all the functionality of a laptop plus other features such as pen-and-ink capabilities, students and faculty at Winona State University in Minnesota selected Tablet PCs as the campus' standard personal computer.

Notes taken in digital ink can be saved, searched or converted to standard text. Optional software such as Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 turns a Tablet PC into a virtual notebook, in which students can digitally organize and share classroom notes.

Winona State students prefer the Tablet PC because of its all-in-one quality.

Faculty preferred the Tablet PC's flat note-input screens, because their use enables teachers to see student faces -- not just the back of a laptop -- in class.

Professors are discovering the benefits of the Tablet PC as well. At the University of Washington in Seattle, instructors have begun to use Tablet PCs to handwrite notes for overhead slide presentations, combining the immediacy of overhead projectors with the flexibility of the Tablet PC.

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Tablet PCs Enter Reality

An anonymous reader writes "It looks like Tablet PCs are finally hitting real-world budgets. Averatec released a Tablet PC with an AMD Athlon XP-M 2200+ processor and will be at Costco and Staples for $1349. Here is a link to a photo overview where you can see how the pen snaps into the LCD area when not in use, what the touchpad looks like, and quite a few other pictures." Element Computer seems to have radically changed their business model -- I had hoped they'd succeed with their $999 VIA-based tablet.

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July 23, 2004

The Tablet PC grows up

Comparable in size and weight to ultraportable notebooks, convertible tablets look like traditional notebooks but with displays that swivel and fold flat facing outwards; slate tablets have no attached keyboard. All tablets use a special version of Windows XP that makes it possible to navigate and enter data using a stylus--no keyboard necessary. Until recently, tablets were primarily the province of specialists, but as the software improves, tablets are reaching a broader audience. Here are the best we've seen.

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Motion Tablet PCMotion M1400: for pros on the go

Motion Computing's M1400 Tablet PC packs into a thin case all you'll need for a day's work and squeezes in a few nice extras.

Motion has equipped the M1400 with a cool biometric sensor that lets you log on to Windows or access protected files simply by running your finger over the detector. During our month of daily use, the sensor occasionally denied access if our finger wasn't positioned perfectly, but it never granted access to the wrong finger. In another nice touch, the tablet has a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to current lighting conditions.

The Motion M1400 Tablet PC also offers a good assortment of expansion and connectivity options, including two USB 2.0 ports, a VGA connector for an external monitor, a FireWire port, a Type II PC Card slot, standard audio-in and audio-out plugs, and networking ports for a modem and an Ethernet LAN. An integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi adapter and a Bluetooth short-range data radio round out the M1400's full complement of networking features.

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Siemens to pilot RFID bracelets for health care
InfoWorld, CA 

Siemens Business Services announced this week a pilot project with Jacobi Medical Center in New York to track patients by incorporating RFID chips into the ubiquitous plastic band strapped onto patients' wrists during hospital admissions.

Encoded on the band is patient name, date of birth, gender, and a medical record number, linked to the hospital network that connects the patient record to labs, billing, and the pharmacy.

Doctors and nurses will be equipped with a tablet-style PC with an RFID reader and a Wi-Fi connection to access the network.

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Best and brightest in real estate technology, CA 

Criterion Corp.'s REDTablet Mobile Office suite includes the Motion Computing Tablet PC, built-in wireless WAN card, portable printer and a digital camera. Real estate agents can choose to have anytime access to the Multiple Listing Service and e-mail via the Internet. They also can use the Tablet PC's digital pen to take handwritten notes during an open house, complete real estate contracts, snap a photo and print out a "Just Listed" flyer for a listing presentation, and maintain electronic files for each transaction. 

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Turn Your Tablet PC Into A PhotoCopy Machine

The fun of using a new product like the Tablet PC is coming up with new ways of doing things. Here is one idea that may alter the way you think about making photocopies of books, newspaper clippings, sheet music, recipes, genealogy documents, and other printed documents.

In this article I'll show you how to use a digital camera and your Journal-enabled Tablet PC to photograph printed documents and "import" them into Journal as electronic collections that you can markup, highlight, or clip (using the Microsoft Snipping utility).

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Businesses sprout wireless systems
Tahoe Daily Tribune

Even coffee drinkers won't need to get wired with the latest in computer technology while in South Lake Tahoe.

The Stateline-area technology authority, who runs Hot Spots Kiosks, has teamed up with hotels to offer wireless capability in BlueGo units. He plans to expand the list into auxiliary businesses and agencies - they range from Wildmans Coffee and Heavenly Mountain Resort's California Base Lodge to the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce and Lake Tahoe Community College.

With a laptop, PC tablet or personal digital assistant, users may log on to the BlueGo Wireless Web service near the kiosks for $4.95 for two hours; $9.95 for a full day; $29.95 for a week; and $49.95 for a month.

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Hilton Hotels New Standard for Business Technology in Hotels Aims to Be Consistent, Integrated and Seamless
Hospitality Net

In response to the ever-increasing pace of business today, Hilton Hotels & Resorts today announced a new standard for business technology in hotels. The Hilton Integrated Business Solution is a flexible and convenient collection of essential business amenities and services that are now available at all Hilton hotels across the U.S.

Wireless Internet access points (or Wi-Fi hotspots) will be located throughout lobbies, lounges, restaurants and public areas of all Hilton hotels

The service will be compatible with a variety of laptops and mobile devices -- including tablet PCs, PDAs, and cellular phones that are enabled with 802.11b technology and operate on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, Unix and Linux operating systems.

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Transmeta Corp. Reports Q2 2004 Revenue Up 18 Percent Year; Publicly Demonstrated 1.6 GHz 90-Nanometer Efficeon Processors
Business Wire

Transmeta Corporation (Nasdaq:TMTA), the leader in efficient computing, today announced financial results for its second quarter of fiscal 2004 ended June 25, 2004

-- Additional highlights include seven new Tablet PCs and other mobile computers, including those from Elitegroup Computer Systems, JLT Computers and Microstar International. Several European customers also introduced new embedded products in the second quarter, including a single circuit board system from KWS Computersysteme, an embedded industrial PC from MEN Mikro and a compact PCI-CPU from SMA Regelsysteme. All these new products are powered by Transmeta's Crusoe processors

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July 26, 2004

Ten technologies companies use to keep mobile workers connected

When it comes to your office, you can take it with you. And it's getting easier all the time.


These portable computers -- which offer screens you can write on like a legal pad -- have found a home in professions where it's more socially acceptable to scribble notes when talking to customers than to type. Insurance companies give them to claims adjusters for use in the field, and consultants take them to client meetings or the factory floor.

Thanks to the industry clout of Microsoft Corp., which developed the tablets' operating software and provided PC makers with hardware designs, the machines are available world-wide from two dozen makers, including giants NEC Corp., H-P and Sharp Electronics Corp. as well as start-ups such as Motion Computing Inc. NEC's $1,400 Versa Litepad weighs just 2.2 pounds and offers a 10.4-inch screen, 256 megabytes of memory and 20 gigabytes of storage space. H-P's tablet PC, the TC1100, weights 3.1 pounds and includes a 10.4-inch display, 256 MB of memory and a 30 GB hard disk.

Still, tablet PC sales in 2003, the first full year of shipments, were about 430,000. That's hardly a sweeping success: Last year, PC unit sales ran to over 160 million world-wide. The lackluster sales suggest that customers don't want an expensive gadget just for taking notes on the fly. Instead, manufacturers say buyers want tablets as an ultralightweight primary computer, one they can use as a laptop in their office when they don't care about maintaining eye contact. As a result, many tablet PC makers are providing external keyboards and docking stations to add back the features that customers miss most from their notebook PCs. Microsoft -- whose record of designing PC hardware is dismal at best -- is promising to make its handwriting-recognition and wireless-communications software available for full-fledged laptops.

Already, Gateway, Fujitsu Ltd., Sharp, Toshiba Corp. and ViewSonic Corp. have introduced a PC that's a cross between a tablet and a notebook. These "convertible" PCs combine a tablet's pen input and note-storing abilities with those of a regular laptop, including keyboard, wireless networking and plenty of storage.

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AMD sets sights on notebook market

AMD is hoping to loosen Intel's stranglehold on the corporate notebook market with the introduction of a mobile version of its 64bit 3400+ processor.

The vendor has claimed its Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+ will open up the high-performance notebook sector, which will take it into new markets.

"We were the first to bring 64bit and dynamic power management to notebooks, and now the performance of AMD mobile processors is available in a dynamic convertible tablet PC."

AMD also introduced the Athlon XP-M processor 2200+, which will become the first AMD mobile processor to be used to power a convertible tablet PC.

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Top 10 Library System Uses Citrix SmoothRoaming Technology to Improve Customer Access While Cutting Costs
Business Wire

Using Citrix access infrastructure and SmoothRoaming technology, the library's 1,000 staff and 668,000 cardholders can easily and seamlessly access the latest applications and information from any of its branches and from any computer, wired or wireless. In addition, the library has reduced IT support costs, bolstered security within its branches, and improved staff productivity.

And with new wireless tablet PCs offered at some locations, they can move around the branch "untethered" and still have continuous resource access. Another innovative solution, children using wireless tablet PCs and attending Story Hour can follow along as another child reads aloud.

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A New Class of Computers Gateway Tablet PC for Digital Animation
Digital Post Production

Upon first seeing a Tablet PC about a year ago, I thought, “Hey, that’s a great tool. Perfect for sketching right into Photoshop, or creating traditional cartoon style animation, or any freehand graphics task.” Then I discovered that the manufacturers of these 21st century devices were aiming these machines at the executive on the go, the man in the meeting, the VP driven by a to-do-list. “How far off-base,” I thought, “is their target audience research?”

If drawing in Photoshop is good, drawing 500 frames of animation is great. Using a Tablet PC for traditional animation is where this class of machine really hits its stride

Pros and Cons
There are several important differences when drawing on a Tablet PC. For one, the screen is small. Equivalent to working on a standard sheet of paper, more space is lost because of menus and palettes. Working with the keyboard attached is essential—I hadn’t realized how often I hit the spacebar to pan around an image, or to select different tools, or just to hit “Tab” key to hide or show the tool palettes.

Should ad agencies be rolling out Tablet PCs to their stables of artists? Not yet. The screen size and resolution may not be suitable for print work. On the other hand, broadcast and Web animators might find this to be a powerful tool in their arsenal. It’s an ideal tool for storyboard and animatic artists, creatives who need to crank out thumbnail sketches with annotations, and anyone who really wants to impress the local coffee crowd by banging out digital caricatures and then emailing them off while enjoying a latté.  

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Top tech for summer road trips (part 1)

This year, my family will be traveling in style, towing a new travel trailer equipped with every conceivable digital electronic convenience.

With the $2,100 Gateway M275XL convertible laptop/tablet PC, we're talking a conventional-looking 5.7-pound portable with an onboard DVD player/CD recorder; a crisp, 14.1-inch XGA TFT screen; a 60GB hard drive; and 512MB of memory; all running on top of a 1.8GHz Intel Centrino processor.

With the full-size keyboard and integrated touch pad, this clamshell-style desktop replacement machine has everything a professional "knowledge worker" needs--with a twist: swivel the screen around on its rotating hinge and snap it in place, and you have a sleek, clipboard-style tablet PC, ready to tuck into the crook of your arm. In this configuration, it's perfect for sitting in the passenger seat and drilling down your itinerary, using software such as Microsoft Streets & Trips. As a tablet, it also makes a handy and portable DVD player.

What about times when the kids want to watch a movie or play a game on the computer? That's where the Itronix GoBook comes into play. After losing one laptop to a thirsty child, who became so engrossed in a Disney DVD, he spilled a bottle of spring water onto the keyboard, I'm tough about lending my precious portables to the little ones.

That's what intrigued me about the ruggedized GoBook. Made for cops and combat troops, I'd hoped it could stand up to my kids, too. With its die-cast magnesium case and weather-sealed I/O ports, the 3.7-pound PC tablet is designed to survive rain, snow, wind, dust, shock, vibration, and chemical exposure.

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July 27, 2004

Tablet 101
Frank Gocinski

Tablet 101 is a new column with the latest posts from your Tablet PC development experts, published every few weeks. This is where you can turn to get the answers to both general and specific hurdles when approaching the Tablet PC Platform.

This monthly column is dedicated to helping developers get acquainted with the Tablet PC Platform. I'll spend the bulk of my time walking you through the stages of integration and explaining how to use the Microsoft® Tablet PC Platform API to accomplish your goals.

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gobinder tablet pcGoBinder 2005 Released! 

Agilix GoBinder™ helps students organize classes and schedules, manage assignments, take and store notes, search for important information, and collaborate with their peers.

Enhanced Experience Leverages Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

Leverage Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (included in SP2) - Use the new in-place Tablet Input Panel (TIP) [instead of GoBinder's in-place Writing Assistant] and take advantage of the many improvements in the ink recognition system. If you have installed XP SP2, you're ready to go with GoBinder 2005.

Read our Review

GoBinder 2005 Makes "The List"    
Tablet PC 2's Top Ten Tablet PC Products

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Agilix(TM) Mobile eLearning Solutions Showcased at HP Wireless and and Mobility Roadshow
PR Newswire

Agilix Labs, Inc., a leading developer of mobilized software, today announced it will be demonstrating its Agilix GoBinder and Agilix Mobilizer for Blackboard eLearning solutions at the 12- city 2004 HP Wireless and Mobility Roadshow.

GoBinder works on any Windows XP notebook PC, desktop, or Tablet PC and includes enhanced digital ink support for the Tablet PC. GoBinder relieves the fear of missing due-dates and the stress of information overload students face each semester.

Agilix is recognized by Microsoft as a developer of "Pen Perfect" applications for the Tablet PC, including Agilix GoBinder.

More information about the HP Mobility Roadshow and cities it will visit is available at .

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Agilix(TM) Launches Mobilizer(TM) for Blackboard, Enabling Offline and Mobile Use of the Leading Course Management System
Yahoo News

Agilix Labs, Inc., a leading developer of mobilized software, today announced the availability of Agilix Mobilizer(TM) for Blackboard. With Agilix Mobilizer, universities can quickly and seamlessly enable automatic creation of offline, mobile content collections from existing course materials on their Blackboard Learning System

The Mobilizer client-side component is a plug-in connector within Agilix GoBinder(TM) 2005. GoBinder is a mobile content organizer for students and educators that includes an integrated system for managing assignments, organizing course materials, and taking notes on a laptop computer or Tablet PC. The Mobilizer plug-in uses Blackboard login credentials to access the Blackboard server and enables automatic downloading of course materials. Mobilizer monitors Blackboard to keep the mobile environment in sync with the web-based system and transparently supports wired or Wi-Fi environments.

tablet pc line

Meedio Automates The Digital Home With Acquisition of HouseBot Software

Meedio LLC today announced that it has acquired the HouseBot home automation application from CeBotics LLC. HouseBot provides control over technologies that extend into consumers' everyday lives such as lights, telephones, heating & cooling systems, security systems, and any other devices supported by one of HouseBot's many interfaces.

Meedio HouseBot offers a simple interface to control devices by using schedules, tasks, and remote controls. It can even turn a wireless PDA or tablet PC into a customizable software remote.

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HP Helps Democrats Go Wireless July 26, 2004
Information Week 

Delegates at the Democratic National Convention have wireless Internet access, while party members and organizers can wirelessly tap into a secure network.

HP supplied 231 TC-1100 tablet PCs and 150 model 4350 iPaq handheld computers to go with more than 30 Cisco wireless-access points installed throughout the FleetCenter. HP is lending tablet PCs to each delegation, as well as certain Democratic National Committee workers, to be used to communicate throughout the arena. Each tablet PC runs on a 1-GHz Intel Centrino processor with 512 Mbytes of memory, a 40-Gbyte hard drive, and 802.11b connectivity.

tablet pc line
July 28, 2004

Hollywood Bowl with Lake Contour

The Hollywood Bowl has started a new chapter in its 73-year life following a nine-month, $25 million construction project to replace the aging stage shell structure. The completion of the project also allowed Michael Cooper, Audio/Video Department Head at the venue, and Fred Vogler, L.A. Philharmonic Sound Designer, to finish upgrading the Hollywood Bowl's sound reinforcement system, which is controlled by six Lake Contour Pro26D digital loudspeaker processors.

The networked system is operated from a PC or wireless tablet running user-friendly Lake Controller software.  (Shown above with the Motion M1300 Tablet PC)

"With the Lake Contours we have a pop and an orchestral setting," reveals Vogler, noting the ease and speed with which the audio system can be optimized for different types of music. Having started working with Lake Contour during last season's program, he says, "I'm now much more comfortable making changes on the fly with Lake Contour. I just walk around with the wireless tablet."

tablet pc line

AMD unveils processors for home market
EE Times Online

Seeking to capitalize on the increasingly processor-intensive needs of the home and business PC market, AMD, Sunnyvale, Calif., has introduced a line of desktop and mobile processors designated the Sempron series.

Processor makers have in recent weeks unveiled a wave of parts to update their product lines and attempt to revitalize interest in the PC market. Last week, AMD added several parts to its Athlon line for high-performance mobile and tablet PC applications. Rival Intel responded by expanding its Pentium M and Celeron M line for lightweight notebooks, subnotebooks, and tablet PCs.

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From the American Academy of Family Physicians
Annals of Family Medicine

The pilot participants were set up with an EHR system featuring an extensive internal messaging system; an HP Tablet PC TC1100, a pen-based tablet computer system that also allows for free-text entry into a note; and a powerful voice recognition engine. There’s also a prescription-writing module. "I can generate a refill prescription with a couple of pen taps on my tablet," said Sattenspiel. The prescription is automatically faxed to the local pharmacy.

Hewlett-Packard provided nearly 30 computers—Tablet PCs and D530 Business Desktops—for the project

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FranklinCovey Launches PlanPlus for Windows XP
Yahoo News

FranklinCovey® (NYSE: FC - News) and Agilix Labs(TM), Inc. announce the launch of PlanPlus for Windows XP, the companies' latest release of planning software.

PlanPlus for Windows XP, an upgrade for TabletPlanner 3.0 and the next generation for Franklin Planning Software, is a stand-alone planning system designed to bring the experience of using FranklinCovey Planning Pages to desktops, laptops, and Tablet PCs. The application allows the user to seamlessly implement the FranklinCovey planning methodology to successfully achieve long and short goals by linking them to daily tasks.

As a stand-alone electronic planning system, PlanPlus for Windows XP targets desktop, notebook, or Tablet PC users with Windows XP who do not use Microsoft Outlook for their daily or weekly planning. It is a planning system with the look and functionality of a paper planner designed for people who are pen-centric and use a Tablet PC pen to enter a majority of their information.

Tablet PC users will have digital ink support for all areas of the planning system. Users can take notes in their own handwriting and convert it to standard text.

tablet pc line

The dog ate my PC
Augusta Free Press

Charles Grisham finds it hard to contain his enthusiasm when it comes to Tablet PCs.

He imagines teaching a biochemistry class and presenting a molecule to his students. But instead of just showing the molecule to the students on a screen in front of the room or on a handout, that molecule is downloaded by the students to their Tablet PCs.

One of first programs involved the Tablet PCs, a computer light enough to carry to class yet powerful enough to do anything a desktop or laptop could do.

Students in each class involved in the program will receive a Table PC to use for the semester. The computer, though, will still be the property of the university

"We hope they'll take care of it," Grisham said. "You never know what will happen with that old excuse of 'my dog ate my homework' when it gets to the level of a Tablet PC. 'The dog carried off my Tablet and buried it in the backyard.' So we'll hope that they'll come back in good shape."

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Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2100

Premimum $2599.00, Standard $2299.00, Base $1999.00

Main Features  
• Very bright 12.1" screen • IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi built-in
• 1.3 GHz Intel Centrino • Less than 1" and 3.5 lbs
• Biometric device for security • Swappable battery - 75Wh
• Over $300 software bundle  

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Microsoft Delivers Office 2003 Service Pack 1
Digital Silence

End users also will benefit from additional handwriting support for Tablet PCs, improved support for InfoPath e-mail attachments and enriched support for digital signatures.

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Friendly, powerful math tool ready for back-to-school

It may be the wee hours of the morning, yet xThink is fast at work preparing to release its new product MathJournal in the morning. We'll get the download up on TabletPCPost in the AM. Here is a copy of the press release:

The first version of MathJournal, a user-friendly, powerful math tool for the Tablet PC is ready in time for students who are headed back to school. Early users term MathJournal's ability to recognize handwritten equations, "simply amazing."

"xThink software running on Tablet PC makes learning and problem-solving more simple and fun than ever before." Wenzel believes that MathJournal makes it extremely attractive for educational institutions to adopt the Tablet PC platform. Today, as Tablet PC prices drop and hardware options increase, "a striking number of schools are aggressively adopting the Tablet PC. And we are pleased that many of them are already integrating xThink Calculator with their curricula, and now they'll have MathJournal available."

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ConnectiCare To Fund E-Prescribing for Physicians; Managed Care Company to Invest in Increased Patient Safety
Business Wire

The e-prescribing functionality of TouchWorks, also known as TouchWorks Rx+(TM), is a part of the complete TouchWorks EMR (electronic medical record). The software minimizes prescribing errors by ensuring that prescriptions are legible and by performing a complete drug utilization review at the point of care to check for potentially dangerous drug interactions and allergies, thus reducing the risk of patient harm

TouchWorks Rx+ can be deployed using a handheld device (PDA) or Tablet PC connected to a wireless radio frequency network or on a web-based workstation as an integrated hybrid solution. TouchWorks Rx+ learns the physician's behavior and provides access to plan-specific formularies--increasing the efficiency of the prescribing process and reducing the number of pharmacy callbacks, saving time for physicians and support staff. The software also enables viewing and printing of patient drug education to enhance patient communication regarding medications.

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July 29, 2004

Gates: Security can be an asset and opportunity

Gates in his speech touched on several other areas that Microsoft is working on, several that the company recently delivered products in or is slated to do so soon. These include speech, search and Tablet PC ink recognition. Longer term work includes improvements in the way Windows stores files and handles digital media. These should be delivered in the next major release of Windows, code-named Longhorn, which is expected in 2006.

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Does Your App Think In Ink Contest Ends August 31

Think mobile. Win big. If you are an independent solutions vendor (ISV), you’ve spent most of your professional life waiting for an opportunity like this—and now it’s here. The question is: Are you up for the challenge? Microsoft, HP and PC Magazine invite you to put your genius to the test to create the next killer Application for the most mobile PC ever, the Tablet PC. Create the best mobile Application, and you could win US$100,000! Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, there are additional cash Prizes totaling US$65,000 still on the table.

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Cirond Offers Wireless Security Solution to Meet Needs of More Than 27 Million Wireless Notebooks
Business Wire

Cirond Corporation today announced the introduction of a new wireless security solution that enables corporations, government, educational and other institutions to secure the wireless connections for all wireless mobile computers within an office environment.

A key security feature of AirSafe is that it automatically disables a notebook computer's wireless radio whenever the computer is plugged into a wired corporate network. This eliminates the problem at source of users logged on to a wired network, inadvertently wirelessly broadcasting that connection to unauthorized users inside or outside the office premises.

AirSafe will be available for purchase directly from the Cirond Web site at or through authorized reseller agents. The company will also actively market this product to manufacturers of wireless notebook and Tablet PC computers for integration in their devices before shipment, and will actively pursue licensing agreements with companies offering related or complementary products

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Microsoft Ships SQL Server 2005 Beta 2
Windows & Net Magazine

SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition, will target Tablet PCs, Pocket PC-based PDAs, and Windows powered smart phones; this version replaces SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition

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PASSPORT Terminal Emulation Now Supports Tablet PC

PASSPORT Terminal Emulation Now Supports Tablet PC

The PASSPORT PC TO HOST and PASSPORT WEB TO HOST terminal emulation software, which provides access to IBM zSeries

(3270), IBM iSeries (5250) and UNIX (Telnet) host systems, can now be used on a tablet PC. By incorporating TN3270,

TN5250, VT100, VT220 and SCO ANSI host connectivity through a tablet PC, organizations gain a valuable resource for today's work environment, one that helps significantly increase overall productivity and efficiency.

Benefits include:

Greater Efficiency – By using a tablet PC and a digital camera, an insurance claim adjuster can take a picture of a

damaged car and instantly transfer the images to the tablet PC using a USB connection. The adjuster's handwritten

notes can be stored on a tablet PC avoiding re-entry of the same information from a notepad or desktop PC before

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July 30, 2004

gobinder tablet pc


Download the Trial Today!  

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"Orders are going through the roof," says Averatec

Averatec is pleased with its launch of its C3500 Tablet PC. "Orders are going through the roof," an Averatec representative told us this afternoon. It offers the low introductory price that many people have been seeking, a convertible design, power, and expandability too.

After we posted photos of the Averatec C3500 Tablet PC last Tuesday, we received a list of questions. With almost 50,000 people having read that one article, you can imagine that we'd receive many questions and most of those questions were the same! As promised, here are your answers

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Technology helps Olympic riders
BBC News

Britain's Olympic riders are looking to technology to gain an edge in Athens.

They have been using video cameras and laptop computers during their training sessions to hone their performance.

In the arena, the riders have been analysing their performance using video cameras and a Tablet PC - a variety of laptops running a special version of Windows XP that allows users to write data directly onto the screen.

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Microsoft: 'No Silver Bullet' for Security Problems

On the innovation front, selling more PCs is the business opportunity here, especially into homes that already have one, Poole said, showing a range of new Tablet PC hardware, including one half-pound model that is 11 millimeters thick. He also talked up the Windows Media Center PC.

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Microsoft tells Wall Street it's maturing, not slowing down
Seattle Times, WA

"The kinds of work we're doing, we're doing fantastic stuff," said Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, who said he was more excited now than at any previous analyst meeting since he became CEO in 2000. "I can see incredible opportunities for a dynamic, exciting company like Microsoft in the world in which we live."

Other presenters showed off the next version of the Tablet PC operating system and the upgrade to the Windows XP operating system, Windows XP Service Pack 2.

The day's underlying message was Microsoft was not lumbering into middle age. It is widely regarded as a maturing company, a perception bolstered by the $3-per-share special-dividend payout it recently announced.

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July 31, 2004

Windows Client: Growth Through Innovation

WILL POOLE: Financial Analyst Meeting 2004

So the other area of innovation I talked to you about was with Tablet PCs. And as you know, we've been working on this for quite some time. Bill showed you some of the great work that's been done this year with the new release of the operating system. I just want to give you an idea of what the new form factors look like that are coming out here.

Now, this one I want you to watch carefully because it's a new NEC. It weighs less than 2 pounds. It is 11 millimeters thick. So if I turn it the right angle, it should almost disappear. What do you think? This is an amazing bit of hardware right here. This is the more tablet or slate form factor, and we find a lot of people are using these in both executive settings as well as in industrial and vertical applications, medical in particular.

Here are two more that I'm very excited about, one from Gateway and one from Averatec. And the interesting thing here is Averatec has hit a price point that is going to move this stuff into volume. These things are available now at Costco up the street here for $1,299. This is the tablet convertible form factor, so we can go between a notebook and a Tablet, and we're now seeing a price point that's going to move this into the mainstream, high-volume notebook categories. We're going to see a number of different vendors come out and try to hit these lower price points. It's a very, very nice device, a nice fit and finish, and an amazing price. I understand from the sales agent up there at Costco that they are flying off the shelves, so it's great to see that happening.

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Innovation: Our Most Important Investment
BILL GATES: Financial Analyst Meeting 2004

Ink and Tablet: Ink recognition is something that we've said we're going to make this a very mainstream thing. We're off to a very good start on the Tablet, and we're going to show you the latest generation of Windows that's actually coming out this month, along with SP2 that implements that.

So we've got two quick demos we wanted to show you of these things that are actually either in the marketplace or about to get into the marketplace. So to start that off, let me ask Cory Linton from the Tablet PC group to give us a look at the next version.

Thanks, Bill.   Tablet PCs launched about 18 months ago. Since then, we've seen second-, third-, even fourth-generation machines. We have new OEMs. We've seen prices come down. In a few weeks, we'll be releasing the new version of our operating system, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, that will ship as a free upgrade with Windows XP SP2.

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Digitalizing Education at Crescent Girls School
Radio Singapore International

In this edition of Young Expressions, a look at a new form of educational technology used by Crescent Girls School in Singapore.

In an effort to integrate more interactivity within the school learning environment, Crescent Girls School in Singapore has embarked on a pilot project.

Known as, this project aims to make education fun, and implement learning through a virtually text-book free environment.

Students from the Secondary One level are each equipped with a PC Tablet which multi-tasks as an avenue for information retrieval.

And currently, students use the PC Tablet for lessons in English, Geography, History and Art amongst others.

Ms Lau Wen Li (LWL) and Ms Kalavathy (KV) are teachers from Crescent Girls School. Kala first explains how the PC Tablet works in their classes.

KV: The students purchase the PC Tablets, where some of the textbooks have been digitized, such as the English Step Ahead 2 which we are using at the moment, and the Maths and Science books. So students can actually refer to the textbooks on their tablets. These textbooks are not just a scanned in copy of the book. You can actually highlight, add in media clips, and annotate plus a lot of other features. So a teacher can actually put in a media clip or voice recording at any point of time in the textbook and students can refer to that, or sequence the pages.

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