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February 2, 2004

Alias Announces First Round Winners of the Expose Yourself Contest
Animation Artist

Alias, a Silicon Graphics Inc. (NYSE: SGI) company, today announced the Round One winners of its Expose Yourself contest. Sponsored by Microsoft ® , Acer ® , Wacom ® , PC Mall ® and Intel ® , the Expose Yourself contest was developed to recognize tablet artists who create their designs and illustrations using Alias ® SketchBook ä Pro software. The first round winning images can be viewed at .

Winners were selected from hundreds of entries, in two categories – Best Design and Best Illustration and were judged on originality, creativity and image quality. Gray Holland, principal at Alchemy Labs, judged the Best Design category while Dale Keown, comic artist best known for The Incredible Hulk Ò comic book, chose the Best Illustration winner. 10:57 am

My wishlist for mobile devices
Always On

I use more and more the tablet PC as it is very convenient for reading, now I buy more and more ebooks . I usually remove the keyboard as the soft keyboard is good enough for writing short notes. The tabled PC has a built-in WiFi link so that you are instantly on the net if there is a WiFi access point nearby, this is very convenient as more and more homes, offices and public places have WiFi access. My only complains are the weight and the battery life. So, my wishlist is: a lighter (even if smaller) full featured WiFi enabled tablet PC running Windows XP with a longer battery life; and a WiFi enabled Symbian smartphone small enough to be in the pocket and with a screen big enough for emergency work. 10:55 am

On A Roll: Motion Computing Revs Advantaged Business Model to Take Lead in Slate Tablet PC Pricing; Company Also Lands 2004 MobileTrax Award for Best Tablet PC
Business Wire

Citing the operating efficiencies of an advantaged business model, Motion Computing(R) today reduced prices to give its award-winning Motion M1300 Tablet PC line a list price advantage over all major slate tablet PC competitors.

Effective immediately, an M1300 Tablet PC bundle with Intel(R) Centrino(tm) mobile technology running at 1GHz, a 20GB hard drive and 256MB of memory is reduced from $1,999 to $1,899. A similarly configured M1300 Tablet PC based on an ultra low-voltage 800MHz Mobile Intel Celeron(R) processor is reduced from $1,699 to $1,599.

Motion also announced that its lightweight, wireless-enabled M1300 Tablet PC has won a prestigious MobileTrax Mobility Award in the best tablet PC category. Bestowed on an annual basis by MobileTrax LLC, a leading Silicon Valley-based analyst firm, Mobility Awards recognize companies with the best mobile computing and wireless data communications products and services. 10:53 am

February 3, 2004

Rise of the Enterprise Consumer

If you're looking for the line that separates business users from consumers, you'd better look behind you because we have already crossed it. Welcome to the age of the enterprise consumer, where both business and personal information are commingled and consumer-focused digital technologies are purchased not by IT departments but directly by users with the expectation that they will be used (and supported) for business purposes.

Today, digital technology is mainstream and no longer under the complete control of the IT department. In many cases, the computers handed out by strained IT departments technologically lag what consumers use at home. "Why would I want to use the 7-year-old, 9-lb. Dell that my IT guys gave me," one executive recently said to me, "when I can use this great new 4-lb. Tablet PC that I picked up myself running Windows XP?" 6:53 am

NC Recycler Makes Innovative Use of Information Technology
Pallet Enterprise

East Industries also makes use of new wireless ‘tablet' personal computers – the Motion Computing M1200 Tablet PC. Users may ‘write' notes on the table with a special stylus and Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 software or use it conjunction with a regular keyboard for typing.

The transition to the new technology and system was not without its challenges, Dave indicated. However, once the transition was made, it was well worth it. “Once you get over the learning curve,” he said, “it's been a breeze…It's like second nature.” Small businesses can adapt and switch to new technology faster. 6:46 am

February 4, 2004

WebcamNotes Version Alpha Now Available

Over the last several weeks, “Inkineer” blogs have been popping up all over the place. These blogs have been our test locations for WebcamNotes, an ink enabled blogging tool. Now, on you can download WebcamNotes Version Alpha .

WebcamNotes enables you to capture an image from a webcam on a Tablet PC, ink handwritten comments, and then post your notes and photo to a weblog.

We have posted successfully to:
- MovableType - Entry
- Blogger - Entry
- .Text - Entry
- Postnuke - Entry
- Radio Userland (with using a remote ftp location for upload) - Entry

If you'd like to try WebcamNotes with your blog, go ahead and download it. Then, please provide us with feedback. You may send email to us at . 6:58am


Acer increases hold on Kuwait technology market
AME Info

Displaying new technology in Kuwait
At Info & Connect 2004, taking place at the Kuwait International Fairs Ground from February 7 - 13, Acer will have on display its largest ever range of mobile computing products.

Acer expects the TravelMate C110 – which includes Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and the latest Intel Centrino Mobile Technology – to be popular with visitors the exhibition, says Ashkar. 6:55am


February 5, 2004

Crown Medical Systems Inc. Announces Small Hospital Channel Expected to Yield $5 Million Plus in Revenues in 2004
Business Wire

Crown Medical Systems Inc. (OTCBB: CWMS) announced today that the company is currently presenting its total solution for EMR (Electronic Medical Records), privacy and security at a hospital in North Carolina.

This particular hospital in North Carolina is a 25-bed critical access hospital. The hospital is looking at the Crown total solution, inclusive of hardware and wireless technologies, to be implemented both within the hospital and surrounding physician practices involved in the project. The technology includes the Crown private label Pen Tablet PC, used to provide portable, seamless communications for secure systemwide transmission of patient and billing information. The Crown total solution will enhance the hospital and other participating medical facilities' abilities to address HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) issues. It will also provide extensive tools to immediately stabilize and improve their revenue. 7:17 am

Infragistics releases NetAdvantage 2004
PC World Magazine

ISV Infragistics on Monday released Volume 1of its NetAdvantage 2004 tool box for constructing commercial user interfaces.

Volume 1 brings support for Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act, so visually and hearing impaired programmers can use the product to create interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.Net, Tablet PC, and COM development. Support for 508 means not only that hearing and visually impaired people can use the NetAdvantage tools but also that the interfaces they create will be fit for use by the hearing or visually impaired 7:13am


MobileTrax Names XcelleNet Top in Class with 2004 Mobility Award

XcelleNet, Inc., the leader in management solutions for the front lines of business, today announced that its flagship software solution, Afaria, was awarded the highest honor in the Mobile Resource Management for Large Enterprises category by MobileTrax as part of its 2004 Mobility Award program.

Other winners included HP's iPAQ h4350 in the Pocket PC category, Motion Computing M 1300 Tablet PC in the Tablet PC category and Intel's Pentium M processor in the Mobile CPU category. 7:11am


February 6, 2004

A Tour of the Tablet PC

Close to a quarter of a century after we became a keyboard-centric society with the introduction of the personal computer, the pen is again trying to become mighty, thanks to the tablet PC.

But this isn't the pen-based computing we knew and hated five years ago. All of those involved have actually worked hard to make it (gasp) usable .

And they've finally acknowledged that the keyboard also has its place; many tablet PC models are convertibles, easily morphing from tablet to a capable laptop.

How do they do it? Let's take a tour of both the hardware and software that makes up a tablet PC and find out. 7:21am

Housing the Fourth Estate
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Nina Shapiro of Seattle Weekly has an interesting update this week on the status of Slate, the Microsoft-funded online magazine, with cameo appearances by the Tablet PC and some of the readability technology Gates & Co. showed in this speech last year at the Newspaper Association of America's annual convention in Seattle.

MICHAEL KINSLEY is sitting on a couch in his Madison Valley house, discussing the experimentation that has marked his Internet brainchild, Slate magazine . “I really want you to see this,” effuses the normally calm, reasoned Kinsley. He jumps out of his seat, runs upstairs, and brings down a Tablet PC, Microsoft's wireless, state-of-the-art laptop 7:14 am

February 9, 2004

Enhanced Graphics Driver for Wacom Penabled Tablet PCs

Expand the capabilities of your Tablet PC with the enhanced graphics driver for Penabled Tablet PCs! Installing this driver will ensure that the same advanced pressure-sensitive features enjoyed by Wacom pen tablet users will also be fully supported on your Tablet PC.

This driver is not required in order to use the Inking capability of a Tablet PC. Its purpose is to support pressure-sensitivity in pre-Tablet PC graphics applications and to provide additional side-switch functionality.

This driver should only be installed on a Penabled Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows XP - Tablet PC Edition. It is a significant update that supports most current Penabled Tablet PCs including HP TC1100 and Acer C300 TabletPCs. This driver also supports use of a Wacom tablet or Cintiq. 9:41 am

Attention Tablet Artists and Designers: Just Four Days Left to Expose Yourself with Alias SketchBook Pro

Alias, a Silicon Graphics Inc. (NYSE: SGI) company, today announced the Round Two winners of its Expose Yourself contest. The two grand prizes are still up for grabs by any illustrator and designer who use Alias ® SketchBook ä Pro and a Tablet PC or digitized tablet to create illustrations or product visualizations. Entries to Expose Yourself , which is sponsored by Microsoft ® , Acer ® , Wacom ® , PC Mall ® and Intel ® , may be submitted through Friday, February 13, 2004 at .

“Alias has brought together an exceptional group of companies to ensure that we award the winners of Expose Yourself with a phenomenal prize package,” says Steve Maric, sales and marketing manager, Alias. “ Expose Yourself was developed to celebrate tablet artwork and reward users of Alias SketchBook Pro not only with valuable prizes but also with widespread exposure for their creations. Contest entries are viewed by an extensive online community and the grand prize winners will be featured both on the Alias SketchBook Pro Web site and in an industry print publication.” 9:38 am

HyperTransport Consortium Announces High-speed Release 2.0 Specification, Delivering 22.4 Gigabyte/second of Aggregate Bandwidth and Mapping to PCI Express
Business Wire

HyperTransport(TM) Technology Consortium today announced a major new release of the HyperTransport Technology I/O Link Specification. The HyperTransport Release 2.0 Specification introduces three more powerful bus speeds and mapping to PCI Express, an emerging I/O interconnect architecture. HyperTransport's speed capability extends from the 1.6 Giga Transfers/second (GT/s) of Release 1.1 Specification to 2.0, 2.4, and 2.8 GT/s using dual-data rate clocks at 1.0, 1.2, and 1.4 Gigahertz, delivering a maximum aggregate bandwidth of 22.4 Gigabytes/second. The electrical protocols supporting the new clock rates are backward compatible with all previous versions of the HyperTransport electrical specifications.

"Release 2.0 Specification confirms the significant contribution that HyperTransport has been making to the industry over recent years," said Gabriele Sartori, President of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium. "Our technology empowers leading edge products like Microsoft's Xbox, Apple's Power Mac G5, Cisco's high-end routers, IBM's and Sun Microsystems's servers, notebooks and Tablet PC's based on Transmeta's Efficeon-processor, and all AMD's Athlon64- and Opteron-based PCs, servers and supercomputers." 9:24 am

Wireless Finds a Welcome in Hospitality

It's not quite Star Trek , where food can be made to materialize just by talking into a machine. But restaurant guests at a new Holiday Inn in Duluth, Ga., can now place their meal orders electronically. The so-called Emenu -- really a tablet PC connected wirelessly to a computer in the hotel -- provides photos and nutritional info on menu items. Customers can tally the calories, carbs, and price of their meals before they order, then zap the request to the kitchen. The Emenu also translates that data into Spanish and into euros. 9:16 am


February 10, 2004

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Chat, 3 p.m. Pacific Time, Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Tablet PC product team members will answer your questions and chat about using the Tablet PC.

Three Texas Companies Hire VisionEdge Marketing for Research, Strategy and Training
Business Wire

Marketing strategy consulting firm, VisionEdge Marketing, today announced three new customers: Motion Computing of Austin, Portfolio Decisions of Houston, and ROC Software of Austin. The companies selected VisionEdge Marketing to help them analyze their customers' needs, identify new market opportunities and develop competitive positioning strategies.

Motion Computing hired VisionEdge Marketing to conduct research that will provide the tablet PC manufacturer with insight into customer reactions, perceptions and preferences associated with a new product. 9:57 am

NewspaperDirect Launches; Online Newspaper Portal Aggregates More than 160 Newspaper Titles
Business Wire

After four years of specializing in the digital delivery and local printing of same-day editions of newspapers from around the world, NewspaperDirect ( ) will leverage its technology to display newspaper replicas online at presents newspapers in their original form, with the consistent content, layout, and pagination of the print edition. A natural extension of NewspaperDirect's business, the same daily feed from a publisher is used for both print and online versions. With's revolutionary PrintToScreen technology, newspapers are printed directly to the reader's online browser instead of newsprint. No PDF download or additional software is required. The service includes optimization for the Tablet PC.

Newspaper titles available on include The Washington Post, Le Monde (France), USA TODAY, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), Il Messaggero (Italy), New York Post, The Toronto Star, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), and many more.

" is an all-you-can-read newspaper buffet," said NewspaperDirect Vice President of Business Development Alexander Gruntsev. "Our online newspaper library includes over 160 same day newspapers from 42 countries in 28 languages. 8:09 am

Mr. Roboto
Village Voice

Q: Could you explain the upside of those pricey tablet PCs? I get how you can write on the screens, but I figure there's got to be something else going on here.

Um, no, not really. All the tablet PC hoopla has to do with the fact that you can scribble on the screens, à la Palms. It's a pretty convenient plus if you're in a line of work that requires lots of note-taking on the fly—you know, like factory foreman or private eye. But the trade-off is that tablets aren't quite up to snuff for more basic computing tasks. So before you plunk down $2,000 for the latest Fujitsu marvel, think long and hard about whether your profession really requires a glorified notepad. 8:07 am

February 11, 2004

Pen and Ink, Microsoft style

In a forthcoming release of its Tablet PC operating system, Microsoft is working to improve its pen and ink functionality.

Microsoft, in fact, will send out to beta testers Release Candidate 1 of a new version of Windows for its Tablet PC by the end of March, with an eye toward delivering the finished product by late May or Early June.

The new version, tentatively called the Tablet PC Edition 2004, will feature much improved integration between pen and ink capabilities. Company officials said they are working to make the pen a more "natural" experience for users.

Microsoft will also add more Web support for making it easier for developers to create Web-enabled applications for the Tablet PC. 9:43am

Wizzard Software CEO Invited to Speak At SpeechTEK Conference
Business Wire

Wizzard Software (OTCBB:WIZD) announced today that its CEO, Chris Spencer, was invited to speak at the annual SpeechTEK conference in San Francisco, CA on March 23-27. Joining Mr. Spencer on the panel will be a representative from ScanSoft and Microsoft offering their expert analysis on the topic of "Speech Recognition on PCs and Tablet Computers".

This year's SpeechTEK is co-located with VSLive and Microsoft(R) Mobile DevCon conferences with Bill Gates giving the keynote speech to launch the week's event. Mr. Gates will present Microsoft's overall developer strategy and vision, highlight new developer and platform innovations including Visual Studio, Microsoft Speech Server and mobile device and wireless application development. 9:41 am


February 12, 2004

Synergistix Named Finalist For Prestigious Microsoft Developers Award
Business Wire

Synergistix Data Solutions has been named by Microsoft as one of three finalists for the Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (MS-HUG) annual award in the enabling technologies category. Synergistix was selected for C.A.T.S. (Call Activity Tracking System), its automated sales tool for the pharmaceutical industry. The system allows pharmaceutical reps to better manage sales calls by receiving updated market intelligence about physicians, as well as the drugs they prescribe.

"C.A.T.S. delivers data directly to portable field devices," says Don Schenker, CEO of Synergistix Data Solutions. "It then allows the rep to document the call and relay the details back to sales managers via secure transmissions over the Internet or computer networks."

Easy navigation and intuitive screen designs make C.A.T.S. a sales rep friendly system. The system works with almost any hardware and is supported on all Windows platforms, including Pocket PC and Windows XP. Another factor in being selected a finalist was the recent introduction of a Table PC version of C.A.T.S. Tablet PCs are popular with business professionals who are constantly on the move, such as pharmaceutical sales representatives 12:42 pm

Crown Medical Systems Introduces Enhanced Wireless Computer Technology for the Medical Professional
Business Wire

Crown Medical Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:CWMS), which currently distributes its own PW1000 portable wireless Pen Tablet PC nationally, is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to the product, which will give the company a unique selling advantage within the physician office market. This upgrade, based upon a custom handwriting recognition tool, will allow physicians using the wireless PW1000 to write comments specific to the patient anywhere on the screen of the device and have those comments deposited directly into the patient's medical record. 12:40 pm

AA runs smoothly on tablets
National Business Review

Econz's long running project to develop the most powerful CRM software in the world for motorists' service organisations such as the Automobile Association has just matured to a new, more sophisticated level. The latest development gives the man in the van greater ability to service customers than ever before and is a lesson in the implementation of mobile technology many could follow.

The new system puts Microsoft Tablet PC devices in all AA vans. Using wireless technology, the AA can direct its mobile service workers to stranded motorists with precision and efficiency.

Each van has a heavy-duty Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC mounted on a steel column next to the driver. When a stranded AA member places a call for assistance, a comprehensive geographic information system that helps work out exactly where the breakdown has occurred transmits data including a map showing the location of the service van best able to respond.

A global positioning system is connected to each Tablet PC so both the driver and the base know where each van is at all times. Before he arrives at the scene, the service worker knows what sort of problem he will be dealing with, the make and model of car and where he will find it in relation to local landmarks.

At the breakdown, tablet technology replaces conventional paperwork with onscreen forms that can be filled in with a pen in the normal way. The difference is information is immediately sent back to base, so the progress of the job and the breakdown engineer's workload are constantly known. 12:38 pm

Tablet PCs improve but sales stay sluggish
National Business Review

Microsoft's Tablet PC technology has had something of a mixed reception. It would be good to report that sales of tablet devices have overtaken sales of conventional notebook PCs but sadly this probably won't be happening anytime soon.

It isn't just that Tablet PCs are necessarily more complex and expensive than ordinary notebook PCs; the more serious problem is that they don't appear to have made as much of an impact on the consciousness of would-be notebook buyers as their manufacturers, and Microsoft, might like. 12:35 pm

For Those Who Can't Wait for the Future to Arrive
New York Times

With the title of mobile chief technology evangelist at Intel , he pictures how far personal computing technology can go and then tries to build systems that match his imagination. He is, in many ways, a pioneer of quixotic computing.

Currently Mr. Trainor is focused on creating a line of concept laptops that will serve as Intel's vision of how notebook computers might evolve in the next two years. These concepts combine imaginative designs with the latest technology.

Two of the Florence systems are geared toward a class of business customers best described as data fiends.

At first glance, these two 15-inch notebooks simply look like souped-up versions of today's popular systems. One is an ultra-thin approach to the clamshell design, while the other is a tablet PC with a detachable keyboard. What makes the computers notable is something that Intel is calling Extended Mobile Access technology, or E.M.A. 12:33 pm

February 13, 2004

Your chance to win a Tablet PC
Pc Magazine

Simply register below and complete the installation of the free Zinio Reader software and you'll be entered to win a new Tablet PC -- portable, high-resolution, flat, and convertible ideal for reading digital magazines! Winner will be selected and notified on or about March 1, 2004 10:53 am

Using OneNote with the Tablet PC

The Tablet PC was made for OneNote. Well, not really, but if you have a Tablet PC and OneNote, you'll enjoy the best of OneNote and your Tablet PC as you quietly and discretely take handwritten notes at meetings, where a laptop and keyboard can be distracting or difficult to use.

When the meeting has ended, OneNote can translate your handwriting into text or search your notes as if they were typed text.

With a Tablet PC, creating handwritten notes is nearly as easy as writing on paper. What's more, your handwritten notes are searchable, just as they are. And if you like, you can convert them so that they look like typed text. 10:45 am

Social workers in Liverpool have been given voice activated tablet PCs for home visits

The city council is investing more than £80,000 in the technology. Social workers are currently learning how to use the first batch of 40 tablets.

The Fujitsu Siemens tablet PCs are the size of an A4 writing pad, weigh slightly more than the average magazine, and contain an in-built microphone and a voice activation function. This turns spoken or handwritten words into typed text.

A spokesperson for the council told Government Computing News on 12 February 2004 that the function is highly reliable.

"During the training period social workers were given several texts to read out loud. The table identifies the words, and if it is not sure of any it highlights them and brings up selections of the possibilities. It also copes with all kinds of accents. 10:43 am


February 16, 2004

Liverpool social workers save time with tablet PCs

Liverpool City Council is one of the first local authorities in Britain to use Tablet PCs to reduce the hours spent by social workers filling in forms by hand and typing up notes - allowing them to fill in all relevant forms within minutes.

The city's social workers will now be spending less time on paperwork and form-filling, using voice and handwriting recognition to do the job. It will give them more time face to face with vulnerable children, young people and adults.

Councillor Jeremy Chowings, Executive Member for Health and Social Care, said: “These Tablets enable staff to cut through red tape and needless bureaucracy so that they can spend more time with clients.

“They will make life easier for social workers and free them from form-filling and pen pushing. The days of scribbled notes on bits of paper, will be a thing of the past – and as a GP I can definitely see the advantage of a PC being able to understand your handwriting!

“The Tablets also enable staff to store confidential information securely so that it is only accessible to staff who are properly authorised. 9:59 am

Acer, Microsoft to push Tablet PC into mainstream in Greater China and Germany

Acer and Microsoft will focus their co-marketing efforts this year to push Tablet PCs into the mainstream of the Greater China and German markets, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News reported Saturday.

This strategy was finalized during a meeting of top executives from the two companies held in Taipei last week, the report said.

Acer's new generation of Tablet PC, to be launched in mid-2004, will have more powerful applications to help generate interest from buyers, Acer president J.T. Wang was quoted as saying. 9:57 am

Microsoft's Greenhouse cultivates software ideas
Puget Sound Business

At three people, the Greenhouse is one of the smallest units at Redmond-based Microsoft Corp.

Launched less than a year ago, the group acts as the internal venture capital arm at Microsoft, with a special mandate from group vice president Jeff Raikes to identify and cultivate new software applications that will help Microsoft break into new markets.

Thus far, the Greenhouse has funded four projects. One, called the Ringcam, is a new video-conferencing device that enables multiple parties to communicate over a Voice over Internet Protocol, or so-called VoIP, connection. The device digitally records all audio communications and any documents produced at a company meeting.

"It's a way for Microsoft to take the inefficiencies out of corporate meetings," said Katie Drucker, the Greeenhouse's director. "Imagine a scenario where you can access all voice records and Word or Excel documents produced on a Tablet PC from one device over a network that is powered by Microsoft's Realtime Communications Server."

Drucker said Microsoft could launch the Ringcam within a year, but probably under another name. 9:54 am

February 17, 2004

Tommy Purse Turns Tablet PC Carry Case

A significant number of Tablet PC users are women. Women carry around too much as it is. Who wants to add a whole separate bag? A Tablet PC by itself is light weight and can be toted around easily. It's all the "what if" accessories (extra digital pens, battery, power cord) in a separate bag plus a purse that is a bit too much to carry when looking up the grocery list while in a store or sending email while waiting for kids in the school parking lot after a full day at work. It's not like you can leave the extra battery and power adapter at work because you'll need it at home.

Improving the way Tablet PCs and accessories can be carried outside of the office will increase the frequency of use and indirectly increase the value of the Tablet PC to its owner. Since we don't have multiple day long battery power yet, we'll have to wait for the "what if" accessory list to be reduced. Good bags will be a good intermediate solution. It wouldn't hurt to toss a little fashion sense in to appeal to the diverse audience too. 1:53 pm

Senforce Announces Industry-First Managed WLAN Suppression, Activation Capability for Notebook and Tablet PCs with Enhanced Location-Aware, Endpoint Security Software
Business Wire

Senforce Technologies(TM) Inc., the leader in location-aware endpoint security, today introduced a feature-rich update to its centrally managed mobile security software, Enterprise Mobile Security Manager(TM) (EMSM) at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco. EMSM version 2.5 offers the industry's wireless LAN (WLAN) adapter suppression and activation capability for notebook PCs with both embedded and "after-market" WLAN adapters, including Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology-based notebooks. Together with other new features including bridge blocking, rogue access point (AP) detection and reporting, endpoint anti-virus integrity checking and dynamic or static centrally managed policies for mobile endpoint clients, EMSM 2.5 gives the mobile enterprise the management tools to roll out and manage new, wireless-enabled notebook computers safely and securely. 10:00 am

Thanks For All The Hype, Bill

Now Microsoft and its partners are out to enhance tablets' appeal. Fujitsu Ltd. has introduced new tablets with faster processors and longer battery life, and Toshiba Corp.'s ( new machine can detect whether a user is holding it horizontally or vertically and adjust the display accordingly. Executives from Acer are now working more closely with their American counterparts to improve the marketing of the machines. And the price gap between tablets and notebooks may shrink in coming months if sales volumes rise. "We are confident that the pickup rate will increase," says Raymond Wah, Singapore-based vice-president for Hewlett-Packard's mobile business unit. By the end of 2004, demand should start to take off, predicts Meta Group. As the price difference shrinks, tablets "will suddenly become a lot more compelling 9:57 am

MercuryMD Announces New Mobile Patient Management Suite - Including Charge Capture, Dictation, Orders, Tablet PC Functionalities; Early Preview of Mobile Suite at HIMSS 2004
Business Wire

MercuryMD, a healthcare focused software company that provides hospitals with mobile technology solutions, today announced its new Mobile Patient Management Suite - a suite of applications enabling hospitals and their physicians to find, manage, and communicate patient information more quickly and easily - transforming clinical data into action. By delivering patient data to clinicians' mobile devices from a hospital's existing information system, MercuryMD's MData serves as a foundation of an organization's overall mobile strategy - as illustrated by the company's new Mobile Patient Management Suite.

MData Desktop: A web-based extension of MData that allows community-based physicians to access their hospitalized patients' clinical data from their Desktop and Tablet PCs. MData Desktop improves communication between remote primary care physicians and hospital-based clinicians by providing real-time patient data access, and improving the quality and continuity of inpatient and outpatient care. 9:55 am

Conceptual MindWorks Demonstrates Commitment to Physicians with Release of Sevocity 3.0; Easy-to-Use Electronic Charting Tool Helps Improve Practice Workflow
Business Wire

Conceptual MindWorks Inc. (CMI), an innovative leader in software development products designed to support the health care community, today announced the release of Sevocity(tm) 3.0. The 3.0 release increases the level of functionality for an already intuitive Internet-based electronic clinical charting solution (EMR) for small to medium-size medical practices. Sevocity 3.0 provides customers with several important new features, while most importantly maintaining its ease of use.

Electronic charts offer many advantages over traditional paper charts, including, but not limited to, documentation which assists with more accurate coding and reimbursement. Sevocity's cross-platform functionality facilitates using a PC or electronic tablet; physicians can feel confident spending time with their patients while documenting notes quickly and accurately.

With access to the Internet, their unique authorization code, and platform of choice, Sevocity's ASP model allows doctors to access patient records from anywhere, anytime -- even from home. 9:51 am

NewspaperDirect flips switch on
Newspapers and Technology

Electronic paper distributor NewspaperDirect last week formally launched, a Web site that presents newspapers in their original form, with consistent content, layout and pagination of the print edition.

The site is based on technology dubbed PrintToScreen, which NewspaperDirect said lets users download papers' content directly on their browsers. No PDF download or additional software is required, according to Alexander Gruntsey, vice president of business development. The service includes optimization for the Tablet PC.

More than 160 newspapers are available from the site, including the Washington Post, Le Monde, USA Today, Yomiuri Shimbun, the New York Post and the Toronto Star. 7:48 am

Changes To Newspaper Readership Measurements

Proposed Changes To Newspaper Readership Measurement Expected To Bring Better, Faster And More Dynamic Reporting.

One of the main methodological changes that will take place is the move away from the use of paper questionnaires to the use of CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing), where interviewers administer the questionnaire via a tablet PC. It is anticipated that a number of benefits will result from this change, including faster data processing, a shorter interview length and a more interesting and professional interview experience for the respondent. 7:45 am

February 18, 2004

Newspapers to get faster survey data
New Zealand Herald

The country's newspaper publishers are beefing up their regular readership surveys in a bid to provide more compelling, up-to-date data for the advertising industry.

Until now 79 per cent of readership surveys have used mainly pen-and-paper-based questionnaires for collecting data.

NAB director Sonya Crosby said the shift to tablet PCs would have a number of benefits, including allowing faster data processing, a shorter interview time, and a more interesting and professional interview experience for the respondent. 9:35 am

Toshiba Selects Analog Devices iMEMS Accelerometer
Business Wire

Toshiba's new tablet PCs with ADI's iMEMS(R) technology responds to users in a natural and productive way when scrolling, turning pages

Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today announced that its industry leading iMEMS(R) (integrated Micro Electrical Mechanical System) accelerometer technology --found in the world's most widely used MEMS inertial sensors - will be part of Toshiba's Portege M200/205 Series tablet PCs featuring an impressive array of new productivity tools and system performance for all mobile professionals. The new tablet PC works as an everyday notebook computer, but includes a display that is able to rotate for convenient information viewing and sharing. ADI's iMEMS accelerometer enables users to manually tilt their notebook up and down to view the top and bottom of the web page. In addition, while viewing an eBook or digital magazine, the accelerometer allows users to turn pages by tilting the notebook from left to right--just like the real thing.

According to Toshio Takahashi, specialist PC design, department 1 PC and Network Company, Toshiba Corporation, "The evolution of MEMS inertial sensor technology has reached a point where we can now take advantage of its unique motion sensing capabilities. Analog Devices has led this evolution and was able to offer Toshiba the greatest value in terms of performance, price and reliability."

By simplifying how people use and interact with their notebook, the new Portege M200/205 appeals to the consumer, enterprise, small- and medium-sized business, and education customer segments, as well as all mobile professionals who want flexibility and convenience. The new tablet PC offers a choice of data input modes such as typing, writing or speech. With enhanced design and system performance, the Portege M200/205 Series offers users a more intuitive interface and a natural, practical way of working with their computer. 9:32 am

Fujitsu launches Stylistic ST5010
Computerworld Singapore

FUJITSU PC Asia Pacific has launched the Stylistic ST5010, currently the only 12.1-inch slate tablet PC capable of 1000/100/10Mbps Ethernet data transmission speeds and supporting 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN standards.

The Stylistic ST5010 is powered by Intel Centrino Mobile technology, using a Pentium M processor 1GHz (ULV) to allow optimum performance and battery life. It offers more efficient access to memory intensive applications – drawing on up to 2GB memory support with DDR333 modules. 9:29 am


February 19, 2004

Infinity Softworks Expands Into Tablet PC Calculator Market
Market Wire

Infinity Softworks Inc., a leading provider of calculator and analysis software applications, announced today that its popular powerOne™ Personal+ general-purpose calculator is bundled with ViewSonic Corporation's new convertible Tablet PC V1250.

powerOne Personal+ takes the complexity out of every day calculations through the use of an innovative template format that makes significant use of the tablet PC touch screen technology. powerOne Personal+ supports add-on calculation templates that have only been available in Infinity Softworks' high end products. These modules enable users to customize the calculator to match their individual needs.

"ViewSonic customers want greater functionality from wireless devices," said Dan Coffman, senior product manager, ViewSonic. "Incorporating the powerOne software enhances the tablet PC experience by enabling users with an easy way to run daily calculations, such as budgets, balances and conversions."

Popular for its simple user interface and every day calculations, users can now expand the product with new calculation templates. Seven free template sets can be downloaded and added to the calculator. They include calculations for investments, financing, home repair, shopping, health and fitness, advanced mathematics, unit conversions, as well as area and volume analysis.

powerOne Personal+ for ViewSonic's Tablet PC V1250 is not available to the general public. Owners of these devices should register at to download the add-on modules. Users may upgrade to more advanced calculator software as a download or CD format at . 8:43 am

Toshiba Portégé M200: a first look

Toshiba's latest Tablet PC adds Centrino technology and other enhancements to an already-successful design.

Toshiba produced one of the best convertible tablets last year, and now, after a long wait, the company has released its improved successor, the Portégé M200 Tablet PC. This new convertible includes Intel Centrino technology, enhanced wireless connectivity, a unique docking station and a twist-and-fold screen.

The 2kg Portégé M200 is one of the best-looking and most feature-rich tablets on the market. It includes a 1.6GHz Pentium M processor, 32MB Nvidia GeForce FX Go5200 graphics, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, dual-band-ready 802.11a/b antennae, a 60GB hard drive, a 12.1in. screen, and a Secure Digital media slot.

The tablet also has an optional docking station that supports swappable optical drives or a second hard drive. As with Toshiba's previous model, the screen twists around on a sturdy, fabulously designed central hinge and folds over the keyboard, turning the system into a tablet. 8:38 am

Electrovaya Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2004 Financial Results
Business Wire

Electrovaya Inc. (TSX: EFL) today announced financial results for the first quarter ended December 31, 2003. All figures are in US dollars.

First Quarter Highlights

First quarter revenue for 2004 was up 79% from the first quarter of 2003 and up 22% from the fourth quarter of 2003

Gross profit improved to $ 144,000 or 9% of revenue, the highest amount in the history of the Company, up from a loss of $38,000 in the same quarter of the prior year and a loss of $601,000 in the quarter ending September 30, 2003

Cash burn declined to $623,000 from $2,756,000 in the same quarter in Fiscal 2003

The Company announced the launch of the Scribbler(TM) SC2000 series, a laptop/tablet PC with the winning combination of computing power provided by the Intel(R) Centrino processor and up to 9 hours of runtime provided by Electrovaya's 75 Wh thin Li Ion SuperPolymer(R) battery 8:35 am

Is your PC ready for Longhorn?

Microsoft said it will unveil the hardware requirements needed to run Longhorn--the next version of Windows--at a May developer conference.

In an e-mail, the software maker said it will outline the required specifications for computers to run Windows at WinHEC (the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference ), which takes place May 4 to May 7 in Seattle.

In a promotional e-mail for the conference, Microsoft said hardware and driver developers could "get the first close look" at Longhorn. In addition to the system requirements, the Redmond, Wash., company said it will detail how to write the drivers needed to connect hardware in Longhorn, along with "future directions for mobile computing and Tablet PCs, Media Center Edition, 64-bit Windows" and embedded versions of Windows. 8: 29 am

Presto! A Rough Sketch Snaps Elegantly Into Place
New York Times

Graphic design and deadlines often seem to go hand in hand, so most designers welcome software that helps them do their work faster. CorelDraw 12, part of the new CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 software package, recognizes rough shapes and drawings sketched onscreen with a mouse or a graphics pen, instantly turns them into smooth curves and lines, and properly positions them in a document

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 works with Windows 2000, XP and Tablet PC systems and sells for $399. A free 30-day trial version is available for downloading at 8: 25 am

Innovations Speed Advances In Mobile Computing

Driving Momentum Through Silicon Innovation
Intel's product roadmap for 2004 will further advance the mobile computing experience with even higher performance and more wireless connectivity choices, and by enabling longer battery life in thin and light designs.

In the second quarter of 2004, Intel plans to introduce a higher-performing Intel Pentium M processor (code-named “Dothan”), and in the second half of 2004 Intel plans to update all the elements of Intel Centrino mobile technology with the “Sonoma” platform introduction. Sonoma includes a new Intel Pentium M processor with a faster, 533 MHz front-side bus; a new Wi-Fi component that supports the 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networking standards; and, a new chipset code-named “Alviso.”

To demonstrate 2005 mobile platform concepts, Intel has developed three concept mobile PCs, code-named “Florence.” The 12-inch model features EMA functionality and converts from a laptop to a tablet PC, allowing maximum flexibility to balance office and mobile demands. 8: 22 am

February 20, 2004

McKesson Showcases Solutions at HIMSS 2004 That Make Healthcare Safer; Digitizing Healthcare to Make Safety Mobile and Strengthen Focus on Patients
Business Wire

McKesson Digital Assistant(TM) is a new suite of wireless devices and services designed to "make safety mobile" for physicians, nurses and other members of the care team. For physicians, the Digital Assistant comprises a high-performance tablet PC with secure, wireless Internet access, including connectivity to Horizon Clinicals(TM) applications. Designed for the information-intensive needs of physicians, the Digital Assistant enables anywhere, anytime access to patient results, integrated clinical content, medical images, prescribed medications, orders and charges. They can also document care and sign patient charts electronically -- in the hospital, the office, at home or on the go. In addition to clinical tasks, physicians can use the Digital Assistant to review their daily schedule, handle e-mail and access the Web. 8:53 am

Partners in Free WiFi Outplay Starbucks, T-Mobile and HP
Business Wire

Partners continue to evolve free Wi-Fi offerings after five months of operating free hotspots in Austin, Texas. Expansion continues in Austin bringing total free Hotspots to 25 independently owned small businesses such as restaurants, bars, bookstores, coffee shops and bakeries.

Today, Partners in Free WiFi, Austin Wireless and Less Networks join with SXSW 2004 to combine free WiFi and free digital music in Austin, the "free-est wireless city in the world" and self-proclaimed music capital of the world. The Partners offer Austin Wireless users over 500 iTunes songs -- 1.5 days of music when played back-to-back -- far exceeding an earlier Starbucks/T-Mobile/HP offering based on a single CD.

To log into the Less Networks Free WiFi service and establish a connection, customers with a Wi-Fi (802.11b)-enabled notebook computer, Tablet PC or Pocket PC simply need to launch their Internet browser from within a participating Austin Wireless location and log in. 8:50 am

February 23, 2004

Robust notebook sales growth paints bright future
Jakarta Post

Although the average price of a notebook computer may be four times that of a desktop personal computer, or PC, the surprisingly higher 2003 sales growth of notebooks in Indonesia has made distributors quite optimistic about the device's marketability in the years to come.

To boost sales for this year, HP is introducing its new Pavilion notebook for the retail and individual consumer market. Pavilion incorporates an Intel processor enhanced with hyper-threading technology. HP's new Tablet PC TC1100 with Centrino technology is expected to raise sales further. 1:56 pm

Amicore to Incorporate Health Level 7 Messaging Solution into New Release of Clinical Management Software

Amicore, Inc. today announced plans to incorporate Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 and BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 into Amicore's next version of software for clinical and practice management. As a member of Microsoft's early adopter program, Amicore is one of the first software vendors to include the BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 in its products for clinical management, including Amicore Integrated Management and Amicore Clinical Management.

This new solution for clinical documentation and management was designed specifically for wireless use with the Tablet PC to help medical practices embrace the benefits of technology without changing the way that physicians practice medicine. 1:53 pm

Motion Computing Offers Healthcare Productivity Software Bundle on Award-Winning Tablet PC Line
Business Wire

Motion Computing(R) today announced the Motion Medical Pak, a suite of factory-installed, tablet PC-optimized applications designed to provide healthcare professionals with everyday tools from a drug reference to customizable office forms.

Medical Pak includes applications from industry leaders Gold Standard Multimedia, Elsevier and Standard Register (NYSE:SR), and is designed for Microsoft Office 2003(tm) Small Business Edition, OneNote and Motion's award-winning line of M1300 tablet PCs. These personal productivity applications complement the growing number of healthcare-specific software programs developed by Motion's independent software vendors and value-added resellers. 1:50 pm

Healthcare Organizations Use Oracle(R) to Drive Efficiencies, Raise Productivity and Enhance Customer Service
Yahoo News

Facing increased pressure to reduce costs and improve service, more than 3,700 healthcare organizations use Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL - News ) applications and technology to help increase efficiency, expand patient access to health information and improve quality of care. In addition, Oracle continues to expand its base of technology partners and role in the development of comprehensive solutions for healthcare payers and providers.

Akron General Medical Center, a 537-bed, not-for-profit teaching and research hospital based in Akron, Ohio, deployed an Oracle-powered physician portal that has increased physician productivity, improved decision-making capabilities and reduced operating expenses. Based on Oracle Application Server Portal and a wireless tablet PC implementation, the portal allows physicians to access Web-based patient information -- such as test results, medical records and insurance information -- from any location at any time. 1:46 pm

ZyDoc(R) Speech Recognition Modules Widely Disseminated Though Though Medical Industry

At the 2004 HIMSS Conference, ZyDoc announced evidence confirming the impending widespread adoption of speech recognition in the medical industry incorporating ZyDoc specialty specific vocabularies. Multiple vendors are now delivering speech recognition applications offering highly accurate ZyDoc continuous speech recognition modules for medical documentation.

Immediately available, ZyDoc's ZipDoc e-Transcription solutions start at $399/month for 2500 lines of dictation including TrackDoc Internet based records hosted in secure world class facilities. The ZyDoc Automated Electronic Healthcare Record Solutions Bundle is also available on turnkey Dell workstations and Toshiba Portege(R) M200 Tablet PCs 1:44 pm

Newest Enhancements to Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Now Available For Preview

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT ) today unveiled a special preview of updates that will be added to Microsoft(R) Office InfoPath(TM) 2003, the information-gathering and management program, as part of the Office 2003 service pack scheduled for release in June.

Enhancements to the end user's experience -- Additional handwriting support for Tablet PC users. New with the preview, users can handwrite straight onto an InfoPath field and have their Tablet PC ink be automatically recognized and transformed into typed text. 1:37 pm

Updated InfoPath To Get Ink Support, Managed Code Capabilities

InfoPath 2003, part of the Microsoft Office System family, will get support for handwritten input, digital signatures and managed code, Microsoft said. InfoPath is an electronic forms application that links popular desktop applications with back-end server-based data.

The inking capability, tighter links to the Visual Studio.Net development environment, and security improvements will be delivered in the InfoPath 2003 Feature Enhancements Preview starting Monday, said Bobby Moore, InfoPath product manager. The final enhancements will then be made available later this year in the Office 2003 Service Pack 1. 1:35 pm

February 24, 2004

HP Compaq unveils revamped tablet
Computerworld Singapore, Singapore

HP (Hewlett-Packard) has introduced its new architecturally redesigned HP Compaq Tablet PC TC1100. The Tablet PC TC1100 incorporates an integrated wireless Centrino technology with the choice of 802.11b or 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN solutions and built-in Bluetooth.

The Tablet PC functions both as a tablet and a highly-portable notebook PC. When used as a tablet, the device captures digital ink as it flows from an electronic pen onto the PC's screen.

When typing is preferred, users can simply attach a lightweight, removable keyboard.

When combined with its docking solution, a full-size keyboard and a monitor, the new HP Compaq Tablet PC transforms into a functional desktop PC. 11:07 am

Mobile Reach Announces Shipment of SplitForms(TM) for Tablet PC Computers

Mobile Reach International, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MBRI), a product and services company focused around mobility, today announced shipment of SplitForms(TM) on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition computers, the newest version of the company's wireless software product that allows mobile users to access enterprise applications from occasionally connected mobile devices. SplitForms(TM) allows the rapid development of robust mobile applications on occasionally connected Windows, Windows CE, and Pocket PC-powered handhelds, including the new XP Tablet PCs.

SplitForms(TM) on a Tablet PC provides users with a more natural way to interact with their electronic forms," said Mark Lloyd, Chief Technology Officer of Mobile Reach. "Users can choose to fill out forms and interact with enterprise application data virtually anywhere and anytime, without the limitations and concerns of an environment that requires network connectivity. Whether the user chooses the Tablet PC's pen, handwriting, keyboard or voice input, SplitForms(TM) can capture the data later for synchronization to the server." 11:05 am

Software to Ease Tablet PC Text Entry Released by Exideas

Exideas, a company specializing in Computer-Human Interface, today released Version 2.0 of MessagEase for Windows to enhance full text entry on Tablet PCs and mobile Windows. MessagEase V. 2.0 is now available for download at . These downloads are complete and free for the first two months of use, thereafter requiring registration. For a limited time MessagEase's registration is offered at $24.95, ten dollars off its regular price. This new offering will provide a fast and easy text entry alternative for Tablet PCs and will revolutionize the way people enter text on their mobile devices.

MessagEase uses an ingenuous yet intuitive system of taps and slides for entering full text-taps for most frequent letters and slides for the rest, making its keyboard compact but with keys larger and easier to target than the soft QWERTY keys. "The QWERTY keyboard is designed for ten fingers not one stylus or finger. Pecking tiny QWERTY keys is quite arduous and frustrating for Tablet PC users," said Saied Nesbat, Ph.D., President and CEO of ExIdeas. "MessagEase takes only a small area of the screen yet sports larger keys to make browsing, using a spreadsheet, and even serious writing fast, accurate, and easy." MessagEase Onscreen Keyboard essentially uses 9 keys, yet it enters all letters, numbers and special characters. It also includes Alt and Ctrl keys, function keys, all cursor navigation commands, as well as keys for common editing functions (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc). 11:02 am

Whitbread staff train with tablets
What PC?, UK

Tablet PC-based e-learning to be rolled out across UK following successful pilot

Whitbread is rolling out a tablet PC-based e-learning solution in 400 of its UK pubs, restaurants, hotels and leisure clubs following a successful six-month pilot scheme.

The system, developed by e-learning specialist Creative Learning Media (CLM), is being used to teach frontline staff about issues such as food safety, cellar management and health and safety.

Malcolm Bland, project manager at Whitbread, said the portability of the tablet PC was also a major advantage since it enables staff to carry out training anywhere, at any time.

"There are often quiet periods of the day when staff have little to do, so it's easy to grab the tablet PC and find a quiet spot," he said. 10:58 am

Fujitsu Siemens Computers launches lightweight Tablet PC with stunning new features
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC), the leading international IT company with over 12 years experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Tablet PCs and IT solutions, has announced the launch of the STYLISTIC ST5010 series, a powerful model with attractive new features, including a 12.1-inch display and longlife battery

Weighing just 1.54 kg, the new Tablet PC is primed for network and Internet connectivity, and powered by Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology with integrated wireless LAN, supporting 54 Mbit/s, an integrated modem and wired LAN data exchange via the new Gigabit LAN.

The combination of features incorporated within the slim body of the STYLISTIC ST5010 makes it an inseparable companion of hard-working professionals engaged in extensive field work,' said Susanne Lewitzki, Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu Siemens Computers. 'The larger battery allows professionals to use the STYLISTIC for up to 8 hours. The Centrino technology offers improved connectivity, allowing the use of multiple functions even while away from the desk for long periods. We anticipate a great interest for these Tablet PCs in the Middle East in industries such as hospitals and market research as well as in the educational sector. With the new STYLISTIC PCs, they can dramatically improve their performance in their field of activity.' 10:53


February 25, 2004

Microsoft Healthcare Users Group and Microsoft Announce Winners of 2004 MS-HUG Annual Awards

Today at the HIMSS 2004 Conference & Exhibition, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT ) and Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (MS-HUG) announced the winners of the 2004 MS-HUG Awards. The annual awards from MS-HUG, a part of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), recognize individuals and organizations in the healthcare industry for their innovative development on, and use of, Microsoft(R) technology to provide tangible business benefits and improved patient care.

Microsoft Nurse of the Year: Jennifer Lane, RN, BSN, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle. Swedish Medical Center's emergency department staff's efforts to work more productively were hampered by a complex manual paper-based data collection and distribution process. Deploying Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's clinical forms and collaboration solution on Tablet PCs connected to a wireless network enabled Swedish's emergency services staff to reallocate administrative time to more patient care, reduce errors in patient recordkeeping and perform trends analysis on the department's emergency care processes.

Enabling Technologies -- Synergistix Inc.: Call Activity Tracking System (C.A.T.S.). C.A.T.S. is a pharmaceutical sales force automation system that can run on any laptop, pen-enabled subnotebook or Tablet PC running Windows. The solution provides lists of targets and contact information for doctors and institutions, sorting and filter capabilities for daily and weekly planning, and market data for client and competitor products. It is compatible with Prescription Drug Marketing Act rules and guidelines for sample distribution and digital signature capture, and allows users to track the kinds of calls that are most successful for each sales representative. 8:52 am

The Future of the Laptop According to Intel
Ziff Davis

I tend to be more interested in the industrial designs, and one of the more interesting ones was from Lenovo (the new name for Legend, the largest PC manufacturer in China). This has an elegant and creative hinge design—in other words, a clamshell tablet design. It also sports a lid-top display, which, much like a dual-display cell phone, showcases time-sensitive information such as incoming e-mails and instant messages. 8:48 am

Gates tells students that "software is where the action is"
USA Toda

Software is where the action is," Gates told several hundred students. "The hardware people are doing their job, they are going to give us the opportunity. But will it be useable? Will it be secure? ... That is certainly something that the software industry needs to deliver on."

Research also is making it easier for computers to respond to handwriting and speech, rather than entries typed on a keyboard, he said.

"We'll be taking it for granted that every portable PC is a tablet-type PC in the next two to four years," Gates said. 8:40 am

Mobile Reach Ships Software for Windows XP Table PCs
Local Tech Wire

CARY – Mobile Reach International has begun shipment of SplitForms on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition computers, the newest version of the company's wireless software product.    

SplitForms allows the development of mobile applications on occasionally connected Windows, Windows CE, and Pocket PC-powered handhelds, including the new XP Tablet PCs. This means mobile workgroups can interact with corporate information in real time, the company says.

"SplitForms on a Tablet PC provides users with a more natural way to interact with their electronic forms, 8:38 am

February 26, 2004

Microsoft Guru Offers Tips for Success
Cornell Daily Sun

"The point I want to make this afternoon is the reason why Bill Gates is recognized around the world, and recognized even when he is not there, is that he's changed our world," Lehman said.

Much of this change and influence Lehman alluded to were addressed in Gates' 50-minute lecture entitled "Software Breakthroughs: Solving the Toughest Problems in Computer Science."

And even though Lehman might not exactly be Bill Gates, he might be correct in his assessment of the Microsoft icon's influence on campus. One of the many ideas that Gates has contributed is the Tablet PC -- a gadget that has become important in some students' lives. 8:59 am

ViewSonic to launch three notebooks in China in early March
DigiTimes, Taiwan

After foraying into the Chinese market with LCD TVs, PDP (plasma-display panel) TVs and LCD projectors, ViewSonic will launch three ViewBook-branded notebooks in early March, according to sources.

The three models include a Centrino-based, 12.1-inch Tablet PC V1250 and two 15.4-inch models – the VB1500P and VB1500S. 8:57am

Get ready for a bigger dose of tablet PCs

Poor battery life, slow processors and high costs slowed the uptake of tablet PCs but a new and more intuitive OS coupled with improved hardware could change all that

2004 will be good for tablets
Kleynhans sees the second half of 2004 as being a pretty good time for tablet PCs. "We will be seeing the third-generation tablet PC devices and with each generation we will see some of the rough edges sanded off. As we move through 2005, a reasonable portion of corporate notebooks will be purchased with tablet PC functionality." By the end of 2005, says Kleynhans, this figure will surpass 25 percent.

"It has been a slow build but I think we have passed some of the thresholds we needed to cross. We now have processors that are fast enough to do character recognition," 8:55 am

Microsoft swallows tablet concept whole

Microsoft has been extolling the virtues of the tablet PC since mid-2000 and has put its considerable marketing weight behind the technology. But some analysts and hardware vendors claim that the relatively high cost of the software giant's operating system is one of the main reasons why tablet sales have been sluggish at best so far.

But with the release of a new generation of tablet hardware and an updated OS expected imminently, the future is looking brighter. ZDNet UK spoke with Microsoft Tablet PC business development manager Julius Sinkevicius about the evolution of tablets and broadening their appeal.

A new version of Microsoft's Tablet operating system should be along in the spring -- could you give some idea of the tweaks and changes you've made with this release?
It will be called Windows XP Tablet Edition 2004 and it will come out the same time as Windows Service Pack 2 [due in the next few months]. The big improvement we have made is in the Tablet input panel. The Tablet input panel on the current version is usually on the bottom of the screen and so the feedback we have received from our users is that there is a visual disconnect between where you are writing on the screen and where the information is being inputted. The improvement we have made it so launch it in place -- so in any Windows application or on a Web form, when you bring your pen to a field where you want to add information, a writing pad will appear right there and when you write information in it will grow according to your handwriting. And then before it sends your handwriting into the application, you'll get a preview of what the information is. The accuracy is improved because you can see what your writing before the application gets it. 8:52 am

Powerful Tablet PCs Arrive
PC World

Latest crop offers notably better performance and battery life.

Tablet pc devices have come a long way since their November 2002 launch, especially in terms of battery life and performance. Now mobile professionals who want to lose the paper pad and keep the functionality of a laptop have effective alternatives. Two good examples: Electrovaya's $2599 Scribbler SC-2010 and Gateway's $2100 M275XL .

Although they're not the first portables based on Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system to make use of Intel's Centrino technology (which includes the Pentium M processor, Pro/Wireless 802.11b wireless networking, and the 855 chip set), these two shipping units use significantly faster Pentium M chips than the previous Tablets we've seen, and it showed in our tests. The 1.6-GHz Pentium M-based Gateway received a whopping 121 score on our PC WorldBench 4 test, which is nearly 20 percent higher than the average score of two 900-MHz Pentium M-based Tablet PCs that we looked at in our August issue (" Tablets Gain Oomph "). The Electrovaya, using a 1.2-GHz Pentium M, wasn't far behind, earning a score of 114. 8:49 am

Fujitsu LifeBook 3000
The Globe and Mail

Making the perfect tablet PC is an almost impossible task. Users will want it to have plenty of features, lots of power and a bright screen, but will also expect it to be light enough to carry around for hours at a time and to last for hours on a single battery charge. Fujitsu's LifeBook 3000 is a nice blend of these features, although it has a few minor flaws.

From the point of view of pure looks, the LifeBook is an appealing package. It has a nice combination grey-blue and silver metallic finish with stylish accents, a well laid-out keyboard with a touchpad below, and a large bright screen. The pen-shaped stylus slides into a slot to the left of the screen, which rotates on a single inch-wide central hinge and folds flat.

At about four pounds, it is far from the lightest tablet but lighter than some, in part because it has no CD drive. It comes with a standalone drive unit that connects via the USB port — which is somewhat cumbersome to carry around, since it has its own power supply, but does keep the weight down when you don't need a drive. And if you're planning to really use a tablet as a tablet, having it be light is important. 8:48 am

Microsoft Gives Developers a Head Start
Article Central

Microsoft is giving developers a head start by previewing the updates for its InfoPath platform for Office 2003 Professional Edition.

The update is scheduled for release in June, but Microsoft announced that is has already made the software public so that form designers could start working it into their software products. InfoPath is a front-end tool for gathering information and sharing it in a standardized way in an organization. It will work with back-end systems where the organization has implemented a Web services layer.

The enhancements provided in the beta include increased support for digital signatures and additional handwriting support for Tablet PC users to allow them to hand write onto an InfoPath field, with the input recognized and transformed into typed text. 8:44 am

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Update Adds Security Center, Other New Features
Windows & Net Magazine

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its second external build of the recently redesigned Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) to private beta testers, featuring a new Security Center front-end for security-oriented tasks, new user interfaces for wireless networking, and the "Lonestar" updates for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition users. As reported previously in WinInfo, Windows XP SP2 will be a major update for all XP users when its released by mid-year.

"We've got quite a bit of work to do before its end-user ready," Matt Pilla, senior product manager for the Windows group, told me during a recent visit to the Microsoft campus. "The goal here is to get security features out to customers as soon as possible, but make sure it's customizable enough that it doesn't block deployments." Pilla noted that the current beta was shipped to about 500 or so beta testers. This is the first external build of SP2 to support XP Media Center Edition in addition to XP Home, Pro, and Tablet PC Editions, and indeed, as I was able to test this support on an XP Media Center 2004-based PC. 8:42 am


February 27, 2004

Acer TravelMate C300
PC World

The $1899 Acer TravelMate C300 is a convertible unit that can serve as either a conventional notebook or (with the screen flipped over) a Tablet PC whose screen you can write on using the included stylus. Notebook users who can't live without a big display will appreciate this model's larger-than-average convertible screen, though its size makes using the device in tablet mode a little awkward. Facing forward, it's suitably roomy for conventional use with a keyboard; swiveled 180 degrees and locked against the keyboard, it becomes a generously proportioned tablet capable of displaying either in portrait or landscape mode. The black and silver C300 measures 1.6 inches tall and, including a DVD-ROM and CD-RW combination drive in its modular bay (but not the AC adapter), weighs 6.1 pounds.

Equipped with Intel's 1.5-GHz/400-MHz Pentium M processor and the Windows XP Tablet Edition operating system, the C300 earned a PC WorldBench 4 score of 115, only slightly slower than laptops based on the 1.6-GHz/600-MHz Pentium M. Battery life was 5 hours, 9 minutes, one of the longest times we've seen.

Upshot: If you think you might like to scribble on the go, you may favor the $1899 Acer TravelMate C300. At 6.1 pounds it's heavier than a slate-style Tablet PC, but it does have a large screen. 9:47 am

G whiz, says Acer

Tablet notebooks have been a popular product for Acer, accounting for as much as half of its sales when first launched. The market cooled off a lot, but sales have been climbing strongly, in recent months. They now make up 10 to 20 per cent of notebook sales, especially the model with a 14-inch screen, which appeals more to the mainstream notebook market. 9:44 am

Portable premiere
Australian Personal Computer

Up until November 2003, LG had resisted the urge to move into the fiercely competitive notebook market. Its three new notebooks, however, should send ripples through the entire industry, and the company is also looking to add a tablet product in mid-2004. 9:42 am

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