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News Archive August 2004

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August 1, 2004  

Holiday gadgets: It's a fine line between work and play
Independent, UK

Travellers who need more screen "real estate" than a smart phone or PDA can provide have two options: a tablet PC or a laptop. Tablet PCs have not been an overwhelming success in sales terms, but manufacturers are still producing new models that address some of the shortcomings of earlier versions.

Motion Computing's M1400 tablet is designed for those who need to work as much outdoors as in the office. Motion has taken its standard M1400 tablet - a "slate" design built around a 12.1in (31cm), touch-screen display - and added a technology called View Anywhere.

Motion claims that the screen cuts reflections to a tenth of those on a normal flat screen, and improves contrast 225 per cent. The M1400 already has a 160-degree viewing angle, which makes it possible to read data on the screen no matter where you are sitting. The new screen also reduces power consumption.

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August 2, 2004 

GoBinder 2005 August Product of the month

I have experienced and worked with every hard copy planner or software organizer on the market for over 20 years and GoBinder 2005 is the Best! 

As National Corporate Relations Manager for the March of Dimes, it has allowed me to manage my corporate accounts & contacts quite effectively, not to mention what I am able to accomplish in meetings with GoBinder.

Read the Final review

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New Avertec Forum on

Due to the overwhelming success of the newly released Averatec C3500 Tablet PC
I've created a special place for the product. Please join us as we discuss
this exciting new model.

Other newly discussed products in the Vendors forums are
the Electrovaya Scribbler SC2100 and the new NEC Tablet PC.

Educators will also notice discussions regarding GoBinder 2005.

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Photo's of NEC's upcoming Tablet PC that microsoft's Will Poole showed off the upcoming NEC Tablet PC during last weeks Financial Analyst Meeting.

the new Nec Tablet PC weighs less than 2 pounds and is only 11 millimeters thick. more photos can be found on

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Tough Tablet Lacks Punch
PC World

The new Itronix GoBook Tablet PC is aimed at rough-and-tumble users who spend more time working outdoors than they do behind a desk. The rugged device has some useful and unique features, but its sluggish performance means that it's not for everyone.

My shipping version of this light, compact device (3.7 pounds, 10.6 by 7.2 by 1.7 inches) came with a strap to let me grip it securely in one hand while I used the tethered stylus to enter data on the 8.4-inch display.

Itronix, though, wasn't attempting to create a high-performance tablet, and you'll still find plenty to like here, including the weatherproof design, the sturdy magnesium-wrapped chassis, and the array of connectivity options.

If you work outdoors, or you just tend to be rough on your equipment, the Itronix GoBook Tablet PC may be a good fit. If you value performance, however, then this somewhat pricey unit is not for you.

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IDA And Microsoft Add Spark To Education In Singapore Through Innovative IT Adoption In The Classroom

Imagine if a 2 kg tablet PC is all students need for lessons, instead of having to carry heavy textbooks to and from school everyday. The same tablet PC also helps them communicate with their teacher and gives them access to lesson materials and online resources anytime, anywhere within the school grounds. This has become reality for all Secondary One students at Crescent Girls' School which has become one of the first schools in the world where an entire cohort has individual tablet PCs, enabled with wireless connectivity, containing digitized textbooks that 'come alive' for classes.

The school is taking part in a pilot programme under the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)- Microsoft BackPack.NET initiative (BackPack.NET), which seeks to transform the way Singapore's students learn in school.

This morning, Acting Minister for Education, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam toured the school to witness students using their tablet PCs both inside and outside the classroom

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Apricorn Introduces EZ Upgrade 1.8T Hard Drive Upgrade Kit; In Three Simple Steps Users Can Seamlessly Upgrade Any 1.8-inch Hard Drive
Business Wire

Apricorn, a leader in personal storage products, today released the EZ Upgrade 1.8T Hard Drive Upgrade Kit. EZ Upgrade 1.8T is the first hard drive upgrade kit designed specifically for 1.8" hard drives found in many of the latest portable notebooks and tablet PC's. In three simple steps users can seamlessly transfer all the data from the old hard drive to a new hard drive and transform the old hard drive into a portable Hi-Speed USB 2.0 backup and/or storage solution.

The EZ 1.8T Upgrade process begins by sliding the new hard drive into the EZ Upgrade 1.8T enclosure and connecting to the device's USB port. Next, the machine is booted from the EZ Gig II Hard Drive Upgrade & Backup Software, which begins the drive-cloning process. Finally, remove the old drive and install the new hard drive into the device.

"EZ Upgrade 1.8T Hard Drive Upgrade Kit is Apricorn's latest innovation in our family of award winning hard drive upgrade kits," said Mike McCandless, Apricorn VP of Sales & Marketing. "Users now have an easy to use solution to upgrade notebooks and tablet PC's based on 1.8" hard drives to the new, high capacity hard drives available today."

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New Language Support pack for InPad

A new Language Support pack for InPad input method is released. It includes stroke sets for handwriting recognition for all major European Languages based on Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. It also includes Thai strokeset. Totally more then 30 languages are supported now. Support for other world languages is under development. You can use and customize these strokesets with versions of InPad for PocketPC and TabletPC. Thanks a lot to users of InPad for their input and advices.

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Motion Computing rolls out ViewAnywhere display for its M1400 Tablet PCs

Available now as a selling option for resellers is the new View Anywhere display, which is tailored for users to receive the same indoor-viewable screen experience when using the device outdoors in various lighting conditions. The M1400 is a 12.1-inch slate Tablet PC released in April, boasting a new screen technology that provides an almost unlimited viewing angle of 160 to 170 degrees. "The M1400 has been a huge success and has been more successful then we could imagine," said Bruce McFarland, director of channel management at Motion Computing. The devices are being steered towards four key verticals, which include healthcare, government, education and fieldforce automation.

"The View Anywhere technology opens up new markets to resellers," McFarland said. "We have a lot of people doing insurance adjusting work out there and real estate applications with the tablet."

The View Anywhere technology, developed in conjunction with White Electronic Designs Corp. provides a 10-to-1 reduction in reflection and a 15 per cent improvement in light pass-through efficiency. The result is low power consumption and efficient heat dissipation. The new display option also offers three settings that users can configure for managing battery life consumption. Users can chose to operate a constant screen brightness that will have a bigger impact on the battery. Battery life can be conserved by leveraging the ambient light sensor for power management, or by setting the display to its lowest setting to reserve the most battery life. "We are also getting a 225 per cent increase in the contrast that is viewable outdoors as well," he added.

The Motion View Anywhere display is a US $299 option on the Motion M1400 Tablet PC.

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Here's a top 10 list of tools for mobile workers
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tablet PCs: These portable computers - which offer screens you can write on like a legal pad - have found a home in professions where it's more socially acceptable to scribble notes when talking to customers than to type.

Insurance companies give them to claims adjusters for use in the field, and consultants take them to client meetings or the factory floor.

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Tablet PCs becoming note-takers' choice at campuses nationwide

Southeastern Minnesota's Winona State this summer is handing out more than 4,000 Gateway tablet PCs to freshmen and juniors in what is believed to be the most extensive such higher-education deployment. The portables, which are to gradually displace non-tablet laptops the students have been required to lease, begin formal use in the fall term.

Tablet PCs from the likes of Fujitsu, Gateway and Toshiba comprise only a tiny fraction of U.S. laptop sales. But on campuses around the country, the newfangled tablets may be on the verge of shaking up classroom instruction.

Many who have tried tablet PCs say they have the potential to revolutionize campus computing even in their current, somewhat crude form because of portable-computing features that, the users claim, lend themselves particularly well to higher education.

Tablet users at Winona State, for instance, aren't giving up standard laptop perks such as keyboards and built-in CD-recording drives but are gaining new capabilities.

The students now have the option of scribbling notes longhand on their touch screens and converting the jottings into typed text thanks to the tablets' handwriting-recognition features. Students also can record lectures and synchronize the audio with handwritten or typed notes for subsequent cram sessions.

Tablets introduce the concept of electronic notebooks, which work much like physical notebooks but allow users to collect digital pictures, audio, movies and animations along with text. Students can create a notebook for each class or assignment.

Tablets also eliminate keyboard clatter, which drives some students and professors batty, along with a dreaded "wall effect" that isolates laptop users behind their screens. The Gateway tablets in use at Winona State and Mayville State convert from laptops to slates when their screens are swiveled 180 degrees and folded down onto the keyboards.

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Review | Alias Sketchbook Pro
fps, Canada

So, what's the big deal with Sketchbook? Simplicity, baby. This is a sketching application, built from the ground up to be fast and easy with an interface that doesn't come between you and the drawing. When used with a Wacom tablet on a conventional Mac or PC, it makes a great drawing application, but when used with something like the Wacom Cintiq tablet (the tablet that's also a screen) or with a Tablet PC (a Windows notebook whose screen is also a tablet), something magical happens. The planets line up, the choir issues forth a resounding chord, clouds flee and water parts.

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August 3, 2004

Tablet PC Expert Zone web chat  tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time

Tablet PC
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition paves the way for the most versatile computing experience ever. The mobility of Tablet PC is combined with ink and speech tools to let you take your PC too many more places and use it in many new ways. Join Microsoft experts as we engage in a fun and interactive online chat about Tablet PCs.

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The .NET Rocks! Tablet PC Listener Giveaway

Microsoft and Franklins.Net are trying to learn more about the developers who listen to .NET Rocks! So, we've been authorized by Microsoft to hold a contest where the winner gets a fully decked out Toshiba M200 Tablet PC

Contest Ends August 26th, 2004!

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SMART Technologies’ Sympodium ID250 Interactive Pen Display
Digital Animators

Clearly, SMART Technologies sees a threat from the parade of Tablet PCs coming to market. Most Tablet PCs allow annotation, handwriting recognition and pen-based interactivity as well as the ability to output to a projector. The new pricing for the ID250 puts it in the same budget range as a high-end Tablet PC.

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Motion Computing, Active Ink Software Partner to Reduce Paper Forms, Data Entry With Tablet PC; E-Forms Software Developer Becomes a Motion Gold ISV Partner
Business Wire

In an effort to rid nurses, home inspectors, real estate agents and many other mobile professionals of inefficient paper forms and data entry drudgery, Motion Computing has chosen tablet PC software developer Active Ink as a Gold Member in its independent software vendor (ISV) partnership program.

Motion's ISV partnership program is designed to accelerate the development and deployment of compelling tablet PC applications -- such as Active Ink's e-forms software -- that take advantage of the Motion tablet PC hardware platform and the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition operating system. As a Gold Member, Active Ink now has access to a broad range of development, technical, sales and marketing support from Motion.

"Motion recognizes how integral software companies are to the tablet PC's continued success and looks for partners with outstanding tablet PC applications to fulfill customer's needs," said David Altounian, Motion's chief product officer. "We are proud to partner with Active Ink, which not only has an important tablet PC product but also targets the same vertical markets as Motion does, such as healthcare and field sales and service."

"Motion gets the tablet PC market and, with our shared focus on the tablet PC, it was a natural fit for us to become partners," said Steve Hoffman, Active Ink's vice president of sales and marketing. "Motion recognizes the power of our product, and we appreciate the ability to provide our customers with a highly mobile, innovative and robust tablet platform."

Created specifically for the tablet PC, Active Ink's e-forms software digitizes paper forms so data can be entered on an electronic form using a tablet PC. The company's e-form solutions reduce costs by eliminating paper forms and duplication of data entry.

For several months, Right at Home Inc., Las Vegas, has been saving time and money by replacing its pencil and paper system of performing new home construction inspections with Active Ink's customized checklist and Motion's lightweight, clipboard-sized tablet PC.

"We have found that the use of Motion tablet PCs and Active Ink form filler software has increased the productivity of our new residential construction inspectors in the field by 300 percent," said Russell Callihan, vice president of Right at Home. "By automating the data collection and computation process, the technologies have eliminated the arduous and expensive data entry process that was required by the traditional pencil and paper method. We use the resulting profits to hire more experienced inspectors instead of more administrative assistants."

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McNary ‘Sludge Test’ to get high-tech boost
Salem Statesman Journal

McNary High School freshmen science students doing their “Sludge Test” in the fall will find the project more high-tech than in past years.

A $35,000 grant from HP, a computer and technology company, will allow them to use multimedia projectors, a tablet PC, a digital camera and an all-in-one copier, printer, fax and scanner to share their experiment data.

Four science teachers and the school librarian worked together to apply for the grant, which also provides them with tech support for using the new equipment. Each of them will receive a projector and tablet PC, and the other equipment will be shared.

HP awarded money to 197 schools across the country, and grant winners whose projects are successful can apply for additional money in 2005.

Using the new equipment will allow students to more easily share their data among their peers and between multiple classes, Gehley said. The tablet PC allows the teachers to write directly on its screen, similar to a Palm Pilot, and have the results displayed on the wall of the room.

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Bridging the Digital Divide: Teens Help Seniors Go Online
Washington Post, DC 

Huth became the girls' mentor, and donated an Acer Tablet PC laptop, along with a webcam and a wireless hub, to the Hebrew Home. Rachel and Allison, both 15-year-old sophomores, started working with the residents in mid-June.

"I believe technology can be an enormous help in reducing isolation and depression among the elderly, in honoring and recording their experiences," says Huth.

But what's most necessary, says Huth, is connecting older Americans with friends, loved ones and young people over the Internet. He is vice president of the Barcklow Foundation, which focuses on improving the quality of life for the nation's senior citizens. The initial reaction to the technology at the Hebrew Home was underwhelming

But the girls persisted. The Tablet PC laptop could translate handwriting into text and voice into text, record and send video e-mail and allow users to teleconference with friends and family. As the girls held the residents' hands, figuratively and literally, they began to catch on.

Morse, 77, told the girls he couldn't use a computer because he couldn't type. That doesn't matter, the girls told him. Just scribble something out on the tablet, the computer will translate your handwriting into text, your doodles into pen-and-ink sketches, they advised. So he started doing caricatures. Now, his fans tell him he's got a style and a flair worthy of the New Yorker magazine.

When grandchildren need tutoring in arithmetic, he wants to see grandparents use Tablet PCs "to show the child what an isosceles triangle looks like." Grandparents and grandchildren can also hook up webcams and play checkers or other games together.

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Microsoft Research Targets Trustworthy Computing

Microsoft Research is ponying up $1 million in the form of a request for proposal (RFP) for the development of academic curricula focusing on Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing security initiatives.

Microsoft Research (MSR) also is issuing an RFP for the development of Tablet PC-related curricula. And it is launching what it's calling the "Phoenix Academic Program," via which it will provide researchers with early access to its "Phoenix" compiler that is being used to build its Longhorn Windows operating system, among other products.

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Windows XP's Big Fix
PC World

With Service Pack 2, Windows gets an array of much-needed patches, tweaks, and tools, all rolled into one free download. Here's what's in it for you.

It's an unsafe world out there for Windows-based computers. Microsoft wants to address the problem with its new megapatch, Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Does it succeed? Not entirely. But the big fix does so much to close security holes and to make protecting your PC simpler that it's still an essential upgrade.

But it's not just a big security fix; SP2 makes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks easier to navigate, adds new features to Tablet and Media Center PCs, and updates XP's multimedia components. It all comes in a 220MB package that (at press time, when we saw only the Release Candidate 2 beta version) installs in under an hour over broadband.

Tablet PC Edition Gets a Face-Lift

Users of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition who install SP2 will find their system updated to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. Included is a new context-sensitive Tablet Input Panel, which is what Microsoft calls the dialog box that appears whenever you use a stylus to insert text in a document. In earlier versions, the TIP always had a fixed location at the bottom of the screen; now it appears directly below wherever you want to insert some text. The new TIP also adds real-time handwriting recognition, so you can correct the text before it's transmitted to the underlying application.

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Doubling Tablet PC sales on $100,000

It's easy to say that Microsoft could spend more money positioning and promoting Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Tablet PCs. “More, more, more give us more,” we shout. Give us TV advertising, billboards, retail space, online mindshare, low priced product, performance product, more evangelists, and on and on.

Manufacturers should always listen, right? How much should Microsoft Tablet PC team, OEMs, and software vendors respond to outside pressures? They have their marketing plan and we say "quick do this too". Our suggestion may help and it also may hurt, especially if we give vague suggestions or suggestions that are off target.

Here is a theoretical scenario. It is pure fantasy. What would you do if you were given $100,000 for one year to promote Tablet PCs with the goal of doubling sales within 12 months?

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August 4, 2004

XM Satellite Radio Signs Up Starbucks
Wireless NewsFactor

Starbucks' Santa Monica, California, Hear Music Coffeehouse includes 70 HP Tablet PC-based listening stations in the store, where customers can burn their own disks, taking tracks from a library of 10,000 CDs. The cafe also provides Wi-Fi Internet access.

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Tablet PC Expert Zone web chat  Today at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time

Tablet PC
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition paves the way for the most versatile computing experience ever. The mobility of Tablet PC is combined with ink and speech tools to let you take your PC too many more places and use it in many new ways. Join Microsoft experts as we engage in a fun and interactive online chat about Tablet PCs.

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Find a 'notebook' that rocks

Take a look at this interactive demo to see Tablet PCs that really make the grade.

Watch Windows XP Tablet PC Edition in action and see for yourself why it's one of the most powerful tools for being as productive as possible away from your desk.

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Using RFID to Drive Up Business
RFID Journal 

Car repair company All Night Auto is preparing a pilot that will see its customers using RFID loyalty cards as a way to help the company improve efficiency and customer service.

During the trial, All Night Auto will issue RFID loyalty cards trial to 10,000 of its customers. Currently, when a customer drives up to an All Night Auto shop, a worker brings a tablet PC to the car to record new customer details and to diagnose what work needs to be carried out. Once that information is entered into the tablet PC, the results are entered into the company’s IT system by means of Wi-Fi-enabled wireless LAN. During the trial, however, each tablet PCs will be equipped with an RFID reader in the form of a PC card. When a customer waves a loyalty card in front of the reader, the tablet PC uses the Wi-Fi connection to transmit the customer’s card number to the company’s IT system and retrieve the customer’s vehicle information and repair history.

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August 5, 2004 

Win a PC Tablet

Win a fantastic HP/Compaq Tablet PC from Microsoft with Pentium M power for the ultimate video experience.

Microsoft has teamed up with PC Plus to offer you the chance to win a brand new Compaq TC1000 Tablet PC worth £1,499. The Tablet PC combines all the power and functionality you would expect from a notebook PC with the versatility that enables you to type, handwrite, scribble or sketch your notes and ideas – whenever and wherever you need to.   The competition is open to UK residents

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Disney Magic Comes to the Desktop With New Disney Dream Desk PC
PR Newswire

Children represent the fastest growing segment of personal computer users, and now they can have a great time learning, exploring, and stretching their imagination with the first Disney personal computer created especially for them.

"We've traveled a long way since that first Mickey writing tablet hit the market in 1929" said Iger. "At the core of Disney is our mission to entertain and enlighten audiences through products that spark the imagination. With the launch of the Disney Dream Desk, a computer designed with kids in mind, we've developed a tool box for children to unleash their imaginations and expand their minds."


Part two in our exclusive Children & Technology  series is coming soon. 

Tablet PC 2's Software page includes links to children's software programs Fun Paint, VT Coloring Book, MathPractice and FractionPractice developed for the Tablet PC

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August 6, 2004 

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Arrives
PC World

Windows XP Service Pack 2--Microsoft's response to many of the security woes that have plagued the company's flagship operating system, Web browser, and e-mail client--is completed and will become available for download next week, the company says

the highly anticipated upgrade is not yet available to end users. Microsoft is announcing only its release to manufacturing, and expects it to be posted on the vendor's Windows download site by early next week. What's more, the company is urging individual users to avoid downloading it, because anticipated traffic jams are likely to produce timeouts or other problems. Rather, users should wait for the update to come to them.

SP2 also includes upgrades that aren't security-related, such as improved support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless networks, new features for Tablet and Media Center PCs, and updates for XP's multimedia components.

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Review:Gateway M275XL Tablet PC

The key words to keep in mind when thinking of the Gateway M275XL convertible tablet are "think big". While other Windows XP Tablets flirt with subnotebook status, the Gateway comes in at 12.6" x 10.8" x 1.1" and weighs 5.7 pounds. This means it has a roomy 14.1" display that's easy on the eyes and an internal optical drive. It also means this is not a model that you'll carry around in tablet mode for an hour on your arm without struggling with its weight and girth. Thus the M275 is a great tablet for those who want a notebook computer first and tablet features second.

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Microsoft Makes Lemonade: The Future Looks Bright, Software Giant Says
Windows & Net Magazine

Gates also highlighted the next version of Microsoft's OS for Tablet PCs, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, which will be enabled on these devices when you install XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). As Gates noted, prices on Tablet PCs have gone down as performance has increased, but the most exciting news, perhaps, is the new functionality in XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, which includes a much-improved Text Input Panel (TIP) with in-place editing of handwritten text entries.

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Lycoris and Hanzen Corporation Announce Agreement to Bring Lycoris Software to Asian Markets
Linux PR

Hanzen Corporation is also exploring OEM distribution arrangements for Desktop/LX Tablet Edition, the only alternative to Windows® XP Tablet Edition currently available. "During our first month distributing Lycoris Desktop/LX we were able to enter into relationships with a full 50% of the world's Tablet PC OEM manufacturers."

  • Desktop/LX Tablet Edition - the world's first alternative to Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet Edition. Lycoris has developed a keyboard-free user interface, gesture-based handwriting recognition, touch screen driver integration, screen rotating support, advanced power management features and USB CD-ROM installation enhancements. Desktop/LX Tablet Edition is tailored specifically for OEMs in the tablet PC space.

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Lycoris and MoBitS Announce Agreement to Pre-Install Desktop/LX Tablet Edition on MoBitS Tablet Computers
Linux PR

Lycoris, the leading provider of desktop Linux solutions for the consumer market, today announced that MoBitS Electronics, Inc., an innovative designer and manufacturer of mobile computing solutions based in Taiwan, has selected Desktop/LX Tablet Edition as an alternative to Windows® XP for its entire range of Tablet computers.

The Tablet PC platform has been held back by the lack of an alternative to Windows® XP Tablet Edition," said Joseph Cheek, CEO and Founder of Lycoris. "MoBitS' decision to offer Desktop/LX Tablet Edition pre-installed on its Tablet PCs will lower the cost barriers put up by Microsoft, and help bring the benefits of Tablet computing to thousands of consumers and business users world wide."

Desktop/LX Tablet Edition is the world's first alternative to Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet Edition, and establishes Lycoris as a Linux technology leader in a space previously only inhabited by Microsoft

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August 7, 2004 

*Reminder Tablet PC Think In Ink Contest *

Does Your App Think In Ink Contest Ends August 31

Think mobile. Win big. If you are an independent solutions vendor (ISV), you’ve spent most of your professional life waiting for an opportunity like this—and now it’s here. The question is: Are you up for the challenge? Microsoft, HP and PC Magazine invite you to put your genius to the test to create the next killer Application for the most mobile PC ever, the Tablet PC.

Create the best mobile Application, and you could win US $100,000! Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, there are additional cash Prizes totaling US$65,000 still on the table.

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Averatec C3500 Review by a Complete* n00b

I have the 'Costco version,' don't know if there are different specs from other sources. Bear in mind this is my first tab, I have been waiting forever for one powerful enough for sumertime MMORPG's out by the swimming pool and to use for 3D games on the road...

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August 8, 2004 

Everyone needed a day of rest.  Ours is Sunday but here are some Tablet PC links for your enjoyment.

that require reliable operation and durability in harsh or challenging environments. The Xplore Tablet PC leverages the "grab-n-go" feature of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which permits instant removal from the docking station allowing the tablet to be used in a mobile situation. Due to the high level of durability the user does not need to worry about damaging the Xplore Tablet PC when using it beyond the climate controlled office environment. Xplore's iX104 Dual Mode Tablet PC systems provide both finger touch and active stylus input thereby maximizing user interface options and application input efficiencies. as the digital backbone of Tinker’s lifecycle management process – running on wireless Tablet PCs based on Intel Centrino™ mobile technology.hest coolness quotient--a value Microsoft sometimes severely lacks--involved a spring. A Tablet PC user drew a spring holding a weight suspended from a ceiling, wrote a few equations, then, with the flick of an E-pen, set the freehand sketch bouncing in a manner dictated by the equations.

Microsoft needs more applications that take advantage of the power of the pen--especially as it prepares to release Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 this month, essentially version two of its pen-computing operating system.

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August 9, 2004 

Xplore receives orders for 400 iX104 Tablet PC's from its from its distributor in Finland
PR Newswire

Xplore Technologies(R) (TSX: XPL) a leading international developer, producer and distributor of rugged mobile computer systems, has received orders for 400 ruggedized iX104 Renegade(TM) Dual mode Tablet PC systems from its recently authorized distributor in Finland, Axel Group Logistic Systems Oy. Axel has been awarded contracts and begun delivery of Xplore's iX104 Tablet PC's and active X-dock vehicle docking stations to major logistics companies in Finland. These deployments are expected to be completed over a nine month period.

The selected Xplore iX104 Renegade Dual Mode Tablet PC is a rugged mobile computing solution designed, manufactured and tested to mobile applications that require reliable operation and durability in harsh or challenging environments. The Xplore Tablet PC leverages the "grab-n-go" feature of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which permits instant removal from the docking station allowing the tablet to be used in a mobile situation. Due to the high level of durability the user does not need to worry about damaging the Xplore Tablet PC when using it beyond the climate controlled office environment. Xplore's iX104 Dual Mode Tablet PC systems provide both finger touch and active stylus input thereby maximizing user interface options and application input efficiencies.

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UGS Teamcenter Speeds Repairs for Defense Industry
Ten Links

“This first phase of a wireless tablet PC-based mobility solution project for maintenance mechanics comprises software based on UGS’ industry-leading Teamcenter PLM portfolio – which already serves as the digital backbone of Tinker’s lifecycle management process – running on wireless Tablet PCs based on Intel Centrino™ mobile technology.

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LapWorks Expands Laptop Desk Family with New UltraLite; Portable Desk for PC, Mac Notebooks is Thinner, Lighter than Counterpart; Dual Purpose for Lap or Desk Use
Business Wire

In response to our road warrior customers' desire for a thinner, lighter Laptop Desk, we engineered the UltraLite for travelers using the less weighty, 5-pound-and-under Ultra Portables and Thin and Light notebooks, Tablet PCs and PDAs with external keyboards,"

While adding several new improvements, the UltraLite retains the key design features of the award-winning, dual-purpose LTD v2.0 that take the hassles and hazards out of using laptops on a desk or while mobile.

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Motion Computing Names Industry Veteran Peter Hunt to Lead Value -Add Peripherals and Software Group
Business Wire

Motion Computing(R) today announced the appointment of Peter D. Hunt as vice president of its value-add peripherals and software organization.

"Motion Computing has a unique combination of innovative products, a sharp focus on customer needs and a superior business model that includes value-add products as a key differentiator," said Hunt. "I'm looking forward to the challenge of building strong revenue streams beyond our leading tablet products."

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After delays, Windows security update ready to go

Microsoft said the release of SP2 also brings with it major improvements to two specialised versions of Windows XP: the Tablet PC and Media Center editions. The new tablet operating system, for example, includes improved handwriting recognition and other enhancements, according to the software giant. The automatic update feature will sort out who needs what.

"If you are running Tablet PC, you get the Tablet PC update," said product manager Matt Pilla. "If you are running Media Center, you get Media Center."

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mTuitive Software and Mentat Systems announce partnership

mTuitive, Inc. is the developer of the first mobile knowledge delivery and structured data capture application optimized for use on the Tablet PC. mTuitive partners with leading subject matter experts in the field of clinical medicine who provide protocols for standards of care, best practices and expert guidance

Under the terms of the partnership, Mentat will license the mTuitive development suite to computerize and automate compliance with emergence service protocols for triage and assessment of patients by both paramedics and EMTs in the field and hospital staff in the emergency department. “The computer is becoming as much a part of the practice of medicine as the stethoscope due to the simple fact that it has a bigger and more reliable memory,”

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Power Of The Pen
Information Week

the moment with the highest coolness quotient--a value Microsoft sometimes severely lacks--involved a spring. A Tablet PC user drew a spring holding a weight suspended from a ceiling, wrote a few equations, then, with the flick of an E-pen, set the freehand sketch bouncing in a manner dictated by the equations.

Microsoft needs more applications that take advantage of the power of the pen--especially as it prepares to release Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 this month, essentially version two of its pen-computing operating system.

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August 10, 2004 

Tablet PC Edition 2005 Tutorials for Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2

With Tablet PC Edition 2005 Tutorials for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 you can take an interactive tour of Tablet PC and its accessories. You can view animations and participate in guided tablet activities as you learn.

The Tablet PC Edition 2005 Tutorials will only install on computers running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

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Preparing for and Installing Windows XP Service Pack 2

The release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 also launches the new operating system for Tablet PCs, called Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. You've been reading about it since last October as "Lonestar" or "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2004". Lonestar was the project code name and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition was a proposed name for what has finally been released as Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is a free upgrade to people who are using Tablet PCs with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. You will receive this free update via Microsoft Automatic Updates. If you have Automatic Updates disabled, then you will be able to download it via Windows Updates within the next several days. There are several references in ezines and blogs to the Windows Update download being released on August 16th, though this remains unconfirmed

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Wireless network rivals expand distribution, marketing

PacketHop provides client software that can be loaded onto any standard IP radio-equipped device, whether it's a laptop computer, a personal digital assistant or a Tablet PC. The devices are able to communicate with one another using several applications, such as multicast video, mapping, messaging and whiteboarding.

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CMS Products Ships 100GB ABSplus Ultra Portable Backup and Restore System; Highest Available 2 1/2-inch Drive Capacity and Enhanced Software Make for Monster Backup and Restore Capability
Business Wire

the leader in backup and hard drive upgrade solutions for notebook and desktop computers, today is shipping the next generation of the ABSplus ultra portable backup and restore product line. The ABSplus features a two-and-a-half inch removable hard drive with 100 Gigabytes (GB) of storage capacity and a three-year warranty. List price for the 100GB ABSplus is $419.

The ABSplus product line is the industry's first comprehensive all-in-one software and hardware solution providing users with complete backup, restore and disaster recovery capabilities and a bootable hard drive. It is an extremely easy-to-use, plug-and-play device powered by CMS Products' robust BounceBack(TM) Professional software. The BounceBack software creates a complete, fully bootable backup of a notebook, desktop or Tablet PC's entire hard drive once the ABSplus is connected.

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Staged Rollout of XP Service Pack 2 Continues

If you absolutely can't wait--and if you can handle the download I recommend that you don't wait--you can grab the full network installation from the Microsoft Web site. The download will update XP Home Edition, XP Media Center Edition, XP Professional Edition, and XP Tablet PC Edition. To download Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers, visit the Microsoft Download Center.

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August 11, 2004

Smile, you're on webcam

I think I've found a way of forcing people like me to upgrade their disks. It's called OneNote and is designed for Tablet PCs. It works well with Tablets because it uses digital ink, but it works just as well on a notebook.

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VESA unveils Plug & Play standard for PC displays
EE Times Online

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has introduced a new standard designed to support ease of use and true Plug & Play capability for display and graphics subsystems in the personal computer.

The standard assumes that the computer's graphics subsystem has been installed, enumerated and configured by the computer and covers operations that take place in the monitor, video interface and from any sources of computer-generated images. These include graphics cards, chips or systems on a motherboard, tablet PCs, PDA, workstation computer or a notebook PC's external monitor video ports.

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Electrovaya Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2004 Financial Results
Business Wire

Third Quarter

For the three months ending June 30, 2004, revenue increased by 100.4% to $1.6 million from $0.8 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2003. The year over year increase in revenue primarily resulted from increased Scribbler Tablet PC sales, as well as revenues from NASA.

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Tablet PCs gain ground
The Register

Some 35,000 Tablet PCs shipped in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) during Q2 2004, market watcher Canalys has reported.

Sound a lot? Well, it's certainly 25 per cent more than were shipped in Q2 2003, though 12 per cent fewer than Q1 2004's total. But despite that year-on-year growth - higher than that experienced in the notebook market - the Tablet remains a niche product.

Can Tablets ever move into the mainstream? According to Canalys' survey of EMEA resellers, what they want to see are lower prices, to bring them more in line with notebooks, and more Tablet-friendly apps, particularly vertical ones. And in EMEA specifically, the format needs broader language recognition support.

"There is clear demand for increased workforce mobility," said Mike Welch, Canalys VP. "But the tablet PC is not riding that wave nearly as well as it should, particularly outside the US."

What does appear to be attracting buyers to the Tablet format is the convertible design. Tablets that sport rotating screens that allow them to be used like standard notebooks as well as slates. Convertible shipments were up 93 per cent year on year and now account for 80 per cent of shipping Tablets, Canalys said. Slate shipments were down 45 per cent year on year.

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Schoolwork 2.0: Making learning more interesting
The Straits Times

Referring to an earlier report about a new programme in Crescent Girls' School in which all 355 Secondary 1 students there traded in pens, textbooks and paper for spiffy new Tablet PCs, the writer questioned if this was a case of using technology for technology's sake.

Quite apart from the cost - each Tablet PC comes with a price tag of about $3,000 - the writer questioned whether learning via computers will make any kind of difference.

There are other examples, of course, but for now, let's get back to Crescent Girls' and their Tablet PCs.

The letter-writer asked several questions: What's wrong with regular protractors, as opposed to digital ones, and why couldn't the students pay a modest sum to get an expert to give a lesson on grafting a hybrid orchid in person rather than do this through a real-time Web conference?

The answers, I guess, would be 'nothing' and 'they could have'.

But that's missing the point.

It's the same reason, I guess, calculators are now allowed in class for maths exams: They provide a more efficient way of doing things.

That, after all, is the main aim of employing technology. To make things more efficient and to increase productivity.

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August 12, 2004

Electrovaya Launches Next Generation Scribbler SC 2100
Business Wire

Electrovaya Inc.(TSX:EFL) today announced the launch of their most advanced mobile laptop/tablet PC to date, the all-new Scribbler(TM) SC2100 Tablet PC.

Combining their award winning, patented Lithium Ion SuperPolymer(R) battery with the power provided by Intel(R) Centrino technology, the SC2100 is expected to be the leader of next-generation computing capabilities.

With up to 9 hours of runtime, the new SC 2100 is powered by the 75 Wh battery, has an ultra-thin 12.1" display, built-in 802.11g wireless capabilities, and lightweight 3.5lb design. The unit's maximum 80 GB Hard Drive and 1280 MB memory combine to make the Scribbler SC 2100 the ideal high-performance mobile computing device. The SC2100 Tablet PC already builds upon the strengths of its previous series while maximizing its performance, portability, and versatility. The wireless enabled system comes complete with a faster 1.3 Ghz CPU speed, an automatic light sensor, and fingerprint recognition features for added security.

"Electrovaya's patented battery technology is unmatched, and allows the Scribbler SC2100 to run up to twice as long as the competition," said Sankar Das Gupta, President and CEO of Electrovaya. "You simply do not get that kind of long-lasting performance from any other mobile device. The same reliable battery technology is trusted by NASA to power the life support systems of the astronauts during their space-walks."

Its ability to quickly and easily convert into either a tablet or laptop computer using its detachable keyboard and touch-pad allows the user to experience the benefits of having both a Tablet PC and a notebook computer, thereby being more attractive to the traditional notebook market.

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Bargain hardware buys of the day
The Inquirer

Thoroughly over-hyped, TabletPC have been no-goers mainly because of their prices. A Tablet PC from Acer is available in France for €1759 , less than £1000+VAT. The Travelmate C111 embeds a Intel Pentium M 1GHz with 512Kb L2 cache and is based on the Centrino Platform. It has 512MB memory, a 40GB hard disk, a DVD/CDRW combo, windows XP Pro and an USB floppy disk Drive. The screen is a smallish 10.4" TFT one capable of displaying 1024x768 pixels. You also have two USB ports, blue-tooth compatibility, PCMCIA, LAN and a modem. The Li-Ion battery gives you up to 4 hours autonomy. Soundwise, it has two speakers and one microphone. Its 1.4Kg weight might be heavy for some to carry while the fact that it is covers slightly less than one A4 but has a depth of one inch might deter even more. Also note that the C111 TCI as it is called is in fact a notebook cum tablet PC as its screen rotate to become a laptop or a notebook. So that you also get a keyboard as well as the wireless stylus. The system is delivered with Windows XP Tablet Edition.

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Emergency responders, insurers deploy troops
St. Petersburg Times

Two months ago, insurance regulators in Florida's Department of Financial Services held an internal drill for a fake hurricane.

Turns out a variation of that extraordinary scenario is threatening now.

For the first time disaster planners can remember, a tropical storm and a hurricane are expected to make landfall in different parts of Florida within a day of each other.

Once the storms have passed, insurance adjusters will head to the most devastated areas first, working out of temporary office space, mobile offices in high-visibility locations and their cars. Kevin Craiglow, a spokesman for Nationwide, rode with an adjuster after Hurricane Isabel tore through Virginia in September.

They're out there pretty much seven days a week, 12 hours a day," he said. "They can use their wireless tablet PC to map out where the customers are, as well as process claims. Many of them have a built-in printer, so they produce checks on the spot."

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Dell hires HP's top notebook executive

Alex Gruzen has left Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) to share responsibility for Dell Inc.'s client product group with John Medica, a Dell spokesman confirmed Wednesday.

As senior vice president and general manager at HP, Gruzen ran the company's notebook, Tablet PC, and PDA (personal digital assistant) division prior to leaving. When he joins Dell later this month, he will share joint responsibility with Medica for product development, marketing, and procurement within Dell's client product business.

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ZyDoc Joins RSNA Bronze Circle in Support of RSNA Research and Education Foundation
Emediawire Corporation, a technology leader in automated medical documentation solutions, announced its support for the RSNA Research and Education Foundation as a Bronze Circle Member. The purpose of ZyDoc's unrestricted grant is to help the Foundation by funding its researchers

The ZyDoc SpeechDoc Reporting System Bundle with next-day shipment and a full library of specialty templates is available on turnkey Dell workstations and Toshiba Portégé® M200 Tablet PCs starting at $6495.

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August 13, 2004

Euro filing reveals Apple 'handheld computer'

Apple has filed for a European design trademark which may provide a tantalising glimpse of the company's long-awaited tablet computer.

The filing, made in May this year but only published this week, covers a "handheld computer" and contains sketches of what look like an iBook screen minus the body of the computer.

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Tablet PCs make mark in schools
eSchool News

When classes begin at Mayville State University (MSU) a few weeks from now, education professor Rick Holman will have the same goal he's always had: to help aspiring teachers learn to integrate technology effectively into the classroom. What's different this time around is that he plans to do it all using tablet PCs.

This fall, MSU, an 800-student institution in rural North Dakota, will become the first college in the nation to offer tablet PCs--the pen-enabled, half-laptop, half-notebook devices--to all of its full-time students. According to Keith Stenehjem, MSU's chief information officer, more than 40 percent of the students enrolled at the school are studying to become teachers.

MSU isn't alone in its interest in tablets. Back in June, Winona State University (WSU) in Minnesota announced the largest-ever higher-education implementation of tablet PCs in the United States when it purchased 4,000 of the devices as part of a seven-year deal with Gateway Inc. expected to exceed $40 million.

The machine of choice for both Mayville and Winona is the Gateway m275. Billed as a "convertible notebook," as opposed to a traditional tablet, the m275 combines the processing power of a standard laptop computer with the convertible design and digital handwriting capability of a tablet. The m275 has a 14-inch display and retails for approximately $1,700 with options, a price Gateway sees as comparable to what schools might pay for a high-end laptop.

"It's about getting kids physically and visually interested in learning," he said of MSU's initiative. "The teacher who thinks [he or she] can accomplish everything with lecture notes is really going to lose out. & This is about extending the ability to use technology in the classroom."

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Preliminary testing has revealed some problems with Windows XP Service Pack 2
Tech Republic

Issues with XP SP2

The big news is the incompatibilities and problems that have already been discovered in testing XP SP2 RC2. There is an ongoing discussion at the Computer Hardware Forum that looks at Tablet PC issues with SP2.

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ZyDoc Automated Electronic Health Record Solutions Complete the Value Chain for Radiologists using RIS and PAC Systems
PR Web

Helping radiologists document and communicate results of testing to referral physicians, ZyDoc today announced at the Radiology Society of North America annual exhibition that it will be working with RIS and PAC vendors to offer integrated reporting and distribution solutions for radiologists.

The ZyDoc Automated Electronic Healthcare Record Solutions Bundle is also available on turnkey Toshiba and Portégé® Tablet PCs as part of the Toshiba Mobile Productivity Solutions. RIS and PAC systems can now be fully integrated with these ZyDoc documentation solutions to accommodate all radiologists transparently.”  

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Caregivers Carry Virtual Clipboard
PC World 

Challenged by the age-old hassles of record-keeping, three Virginia Commonwealth University students have adapted a Tablet PC donated by Microsoft to create a "virtual clipboard" where anyone can create forms, enter information, and download everything into a central database.

Using Microsoft's .Net Framework and Visual C# programming tools, the students built an interface between the database and other applications. The aim: to let workers enter information into the Fujitsu Tablet PC using the stylus so that it is local and accessible, but store the data neatly in a central location where it is also retrievable.

For example, the caregiver can call up information about a patient, enter it using the Tablet PC, and then recall information recorded earlier about the same person by connecting wirelessly to a Microsoft SQL Server central database. They can see the results in several formats, including spreadsheets and pie charts. They can also navigate through the database from one caregiver's records to another, in order to make comparisons.

The group will continue to work on the application next year, with an eye on ridding the program of the Tablet PC and replacing it with a digital pen. The user will write on special paper, and when the pen is returned to its cradle, the information will automatically download to the database.

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August 16, 2004

BestWay’s 133VT Tablet PC

A relatively inexpensive new convertible-style Tablet PC with a 14.1-inch LCD screen has turned up on a French website. The BestWay 133VT looks like it’s a rebadged version of Saga’s Albatross Tablet PC (but don’t hold us to that), and comes with a 1.3GHz Centrino processor, 256MB of RAM, a 30GB hard drive, a combination DVD/CD-RW drive, and built-in 802.11b WiFi.

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Database still has a strong following among developers

SQL Server and Access get all the attention, but the not-so-famous FoxPro database appears to be alive and well at Microsoft Corp.

Also noteworthy in 9.0, said Levy, is the ability for developers to spice up Tablet PC applications by taking advantage of the device’s ability to switch the screen orientation between portrait and landscape modes.

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Agilix Labs, Inc. Raises $4.35 Million to Launch Mobile eLearning Solutions
Yahoo News

Agilix Labs, Inc., a leading developer of mobilized software, today announced it has closed a $4.35 million funding round led by vSpring Capital with a syndicate of Ash Capital and Intel Capital. "Agilix is pleased to welcome vSpring Capital, Ash Capital and Intel Capital as new investors in this important funding round," said Curt Allen, Agilix President and CEO. "Agilix has spent the last three years developing a market-leading solution for Mobile eLearning, achieving profitability in the process. This new funding allows us to accelerate revenue growth by expanding our sales and marketing organization and further leveraging the partnerships to support the world-class R&D team already in place for the Agilix GoBinder(TM) 2005 and Mobilizer(TM) for Blackboard offerings."

"The education community is increasingly using mobile applications and devices to develop new methods to interact with and disseminate information to students," said Chris Thomas, Chief Strategist for Intel's Solutions Market Development Group. "We're investing in companies like Agilix that play a key role in developing and delivering mobile software and applications that enable new ways for people to use powerful new features in their Intel® Centrino(TM) mobile technology-based laptops and Tablet PC platforms and Intel processor-based handheld devices."

Agilix is recognized by Microsoft as a developer of "Pen Perfect" applications for the Tablet PC, including Agilix GoBinder, and applications marketed and distributed by FranklinCovey, including PlanPlus for Outlook and PlanPlus for Windows. A privately held firm formed in 2001, Agilix is based in Orem, Utah. For more information about Agilix, please visit

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First industry standard introduced for display/graphics plug-and play

VESA (the Video Electronics Standards Association) has introduced the first-ever standard for display and graphics plug-and-play (PnP) technology. The new standard was designed to support ease of use and true plug-and-play capability in PCs, regardless of the make or type of graphics card, driver or operating system

The PnP standard covers all operations that take place in the monitor, video interface and from any sources of computer-generated images, including graphics cards, chips or systems on a motherboard, tablet PCs, PDA, workstation computer, or a notebook PC's external monitor video ports.

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Wireless Marge eases task of bed management
Computerworld New Zealand

MediaLab South Pacific has set out to ease the working life of one of the hard-pressed but worst technologically served members of hospital staff, the bed manager.

Working in collaboration with Catalyst IT, wireless specialist Link IT and the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, MediaLab has replaced the book with a record-keeping system on a tablet PC of similar size. This interfaces with a wireless LAN which was newly installed in the Hawke's Bay hospital.

The tablet system has a graphical interface which to some extent mimics the book (without the scrawled arrows and alterations) with an overall chart of the bed situation and “pages” for each ward. But it is a live system and adds significant features such as colour-coded green-amber-red indications of efficient, unsatisfactory or urgent situations and alarms and bring-up notes alerting the bed manager when, for example, a patient should be moved on to the next phase of their treatment.

The tablet is a relatively expensive platform, Scown concedes, but only one or two need to be supplied per hospital and alternatives such as a PDA or a PC on a trolley would be harder to read or more cumbersome than the book

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A New Class of Computers Gateway Tablet PC for Digital Animation
Presentation Master

Summary: Tablet PC is an excellent tool for creating animation and graphics
Target Users: Artists and animators

Upon first seeing a Tablet PC about a year ago, I thought, “Hey, that’s a great tool. Perfect for sketching right into Photoshop, or creating traditional cartoon style animation, or any freehand graphics task.” Then I discovered that the manufacturers of these 21st century devices were aiming these machines at the executive on the go, the man in the meeting, the VP driven by a to-do-list. “How far off-base,” I thought, “is their target audience research?”

Well, they weren’t that far off after all. Tablet PCs are selling well, but not to what I thought was the obvious crowd. Still, there is an important and influential market that may not be aware of this potent tool.

Tablets start to really shine when using dedicated graphics apps. Sketching right into Photoshop or Painter with a stylus on a screen is an experience not to be missed. Instantly changing color or brushes or filling in large areas while working on “digital paper” takes a bit of getting used to, but, all the while, you just know it’s worth it. Storyboard or animatic artists will relish the ability to sketch and paint and make client changes without having to re-draw or re-scan artwork. After achieving some level of comfort with drawing on screen, a storyboard or animatic artist could deliver everything to a client and stick around to make the inevitable changes on-the-spot.

If drawing in Photoshop is good, drawing 500 frames of animation is great. Using a Tablet PC for traditional animation is where this class of machine really hits its stride.

Using a Tablet PC streamlines the entire production process by drawing directly into the application—in this case, ToonBoom Studio—where the drawings are also painted and rendered into a QuickTime movie. No erasing stray marks on paper, no scanning, and no time spent cleaning up each frame.

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August 17, 2004

Three Vital FXCop Rules
Microsoft Systems Journal

The FxCop team has mentioned that they are going to be producing some documentation for the Introspection engine in the future, so be on the lookout. If you're looking for ideas for rules you can write, here are a couple to get you going.
  You could create a rule that checks that all classes derived from Windows.Forms.Controls have the AccessibleName and AccessibleDescription property fields filled out. Not only are those fields vital if accessibility tools such as screen readers are going to work, they are also used by the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Tablet Input Panel as well.

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PluggedIn: Multifunction Devices Draw Back-To-School Crowd
Reuters, UK

The consumer electronics gizmo that offers many functions in a small package is what's compelling back-to-school shoppers to open their wallets.

Tablet personal computers on which users can type or handwrite their notes, next-generation handhelds that double as video players and advanced camera phones are among the hottest sellers, analysts say.

One of the highlights is Averatec Inc.'s C3500 convertible notebook, whose display swivels back on itself and can be used to take notes longhand. While such a product isn't new, the Averatec PC is a hit because of its comparatively low price, analysts said. It starts at $1,349.99 before a $50 mail-in rebate, according to the company's Web site.

The C3500 is also a full-fledged computer that uses Microsoft Corp.'s MSFT.O Windows XP Tablet PC operating system software and a low-voltage Athlon processor from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD.N . It has high-speed wireless Internet access, a DVD drive and a 12.1-inch screen.

Bajarin said the price is more than acceptable for college students, since most convertible tablets cost $2,300 to $2,500.

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Xplore to Deliver 500 Rugged Tablet PC Solutions to Leading National Railway Company
Yahoo News

Xplore Technologies Corp., a leading international provider of rugged wireless Tablet PC systems, today announced that it has received an order from a systems integration partner for 500 units.

Xplore's recently appointed partner has started delivery of Xplore's rugged iX104 Renegade Tablet PC to a leading national railway company as part of a comprehensive conductor work order reporting system. With the new system, mobile field technicians are able to track activities in the rail yards where trains are assembled. Specific data is collected and managed on asset allocations and specific track locations for the assembled trains.

In addition to enabling their technicians to be more mobile, the rugged design of the iX104 Renegade provides additional benefits. The Renegade is resistant to temperature extremes, four foot drops to concrete, intense vibrations, and water, making it more suitable for an industrial environment than standard commercial grade laptop or tablet PCs.

"By deploying the iX104 Renegade Tablet PC for use with their new conductor work order management system, the end customer can realize immediate and long term benefits to their business," said Mark Holleran, Vice President, Sales for Xplore Technologies. "The Renegade increases the productivity of their technicians by removing their reliance on a desktop PC and mobilizing the application for use in the field. It also reduces the total cost of ownership per unit by eliminating more fragile commercial grade computers that are more likely to be damaged while on the job."

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Software provides dual-monitor viewing solution.
Industrial News Room

Running under Windows 2000/XP, MaxiVista® turns any existing desktop, laptop, or tablet secondary PC into additional display for primary PC. Its virtual graphics adapter fakes primary PC into believing that additional monitor display is installed. Screen content of extra display is transmitted to secondary PC via network connection and displayed by MaxiVista viewer program. Software provides lossless image quality without adding much to CPU or network load.

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AuthenTec Ships 3 Millionth Fingerprint Sensor; Rapid Growth Extends Record as Largest Supplier for Global Commercial and Government Biometric Markets
Business Wire

AuthenTec, Inc., already the recognized number one semiconductor provider of fingerprint sensors to the global market, has shipped its three millionth biometric sensor - a record in the industry. The company reached the milestone through continued rapid growth, shipping more than one million of its patented TruePrint(TM) technology based sensors in the past five months alone.

The three millionth sensor was shipped for use in Motion Computing's award-winning M1400 Tablet PC, which integrates AuthenTec's technology to provide convenient security and password management.

"Motion's M1400 Tablet PC is one of the first tablet PCs on the market with a biometric security feature," said Debbie Crosek, Motion Computing director of product marketing. "AuthenTec's sensor gives Motion a competitive edge with the M1400, as customers in industries including healthcare, field sales and service, and government need a reliable and secure way to log onto or protect documents on their tablets."

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August 18, 2004, Inc. Launches a Website That Will Distribute the Visionary Medical Office(TM), an Integrated Practice Management Solution for Healthcare Professionals
Yahoo News, Inc. ( today announced the launch of their website that will distribute the company's Visionary Medical Office(TM), a state-of-the-art medical practice management application which integrates billing and Practice Management Software into one solution. The Visionary Dream Medical Office(TM) also can include Dream EMR, a mobile Electronic Medical Records System into the package, offering health care professionals the mobility, security, reliability and accuracy they need, at an affordable price.

The Visionary Dream Medical Office(TM), which incorporates Electronic Medical Record software, allows health care professionals to carry a powerful PC instead of a clipboard or patient file, bringing real time patient information to the point of care. The Dream EMR and a Tablet PC will allow physicians to automate paperwork and access patient files wirelessly in the exam room, in the ward, or at the front desk.

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Forget pencils, paper
South Bend Tribune

If you're a parent, back-to-school shopping has probably become a bit more complex since you were in school.

Gone are the days when the list of necessary school supplies ended with pencils, erasers and notebooks.

Now, with computers growing ever-more prevalent in schools and increasingly essential for research projects and other classroom assignments, many students and parents find themselves mulling over techspeak terms like gigahertz, gigabytes, RAM and CD-RW/DVD combo.

Another product gaining significant interest is the "tablet PC" -- a laptop that can double as a high-tech spiral notebook, said Klimek. Users can take notes in class by handwriting on the screen using a stylus.

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Agilix(TM) Announces GoMobile Tour to Promote the Benefits of of Mobile eLearning Software on 25 University Campuses
Yahoo News

Intel, Microsoft, HP, and Blackboard Join Agilix to Showcase GoBinder(TM) and Mobilizer(TM) for Blackboard to Students, Educators, and University Administrators

Agilix Labs, Inc., a leading developer of mobilized software, today announced its GoMobile Tour will visit 25 leading universities to promote mobile eLearning software to students, educators, and university administrators. Agilix, in conjunction with Intel, Microsoft, HP, and Blackboard, will provide hands-on demonstrations of GoBinder and Mobilizer at campus bookstores. Additionally, educators and administration will participate in executive briefings from Intel and Agilix to gain insight into how extending existing course management systems with mobilized software will improve student learning while providing the university with new funding opportunities.

GoMobile Tour Details

The GoMobile Tour will include two different on-campus activities: hands-on bookstore demonstrations and executive briefings.

Bookstore Demonstrations

The bookstore demonstrations provide students with an experiential learning opportunity to see GoBinder software in action. Students will see how GoBinder extends their campus systems and allows them to replace their inefficient three-ring paper binders with a digital learning application.

While GoBinder works on any Windows XP-based computer, GoBinder will be demonstrated on Tablet PCs that provide digital ink, wireless access, and the ultra mobility preferred by students. In previous bookstore visits, over 90 percent of the students who tried Tablet PCs said they would consider a Tablet for their next computer purchase.

"With the latest release of GoBinder, Agilix has created a pen-perfect product that highlights the unique benefits of the Tablet PC," said Andrew Dixon, Director of Marketing of the Tablet PC team at Microsoft. "GoBinder showcases many new enhancements Microsoft has included in the latest Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005."

The executive briefings will be hosted by Agilix and tour co-sponsors Intel, Microsoft, HP, and Blackboard. The briefings will highlight how mobilized software extends web-based systems into mobile-use environments.

"The education community is increasingly using mobile applications and devices to develop new methods to interact with and disseminate information to students," said Chris Thomas, said Chris Thomas, Chief Strategist for Intel's Solutions Market Development Group. "We're investing in companies like Agilix that play a key role in developing and delivering mobile software and applications that enable new ways for people to use powerful new features in their Intel® Centrino(TM) mobile technology-based laptops and Tablet PC platforms and Intel processor-based handheld devices."

For more information about tour stops, please visit

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Laptops fit student life
Columbus Ledger

Tablet PCs, for example, are cool because they allow users to take a stylus to the screen and use handwriting technology to write directly into an application.

The early versions did not have CD drives or offered too few ports. Gateway and other companies have continued the push into tablets, redesigning them so they have more of a notebook feel. Still, they remain a bit pricey, usually costing $1,700 or more.

Greeson questions whether a Tablet PC is worth the money without an application that will make consumers want them. The handwriting technology, he said, is not enough.

``I don't have much faith in tablets at all,'' he said. ``They've been talking about them for years and they've not taken off at all. People have gone out and bought one, paid a fortune and then end up going back to the laptop.''

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August 19, 2004

Keeping hold of handheld data

Backing up information stored on wireless devices, such as handhelds and Tablet PCs, is crucial

Learn how to back up data on Tablet PCs as well as other handheld devices by the standard sync programs, and the data being stored only on the user's local PC. ...

Remember -- in the world of handhelds -- your backup information is only as good as the last time you synchronised it.

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The Digital Future, according to Intel and HP

Philippine Daily Inquirer

The office setup had a different look and feel altogether. There was no desktop PC anywhere, but there was a sleek and powerful Compaq Presario V2000 notebook sitting beside an HP TC1100 Tablet PC. And like the desktop HP Pavilion PC, Intel processors power the notebook and the TabletPC. If the user wants to carry around a less cumbersome laptop he could just settle for an iPaq h6365, HP’s first wifi-GSM handheld device. There was also an all-in-one printer from HP that provided color printing, scanning and facsimile functionalities.

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Fujitsu Recognized As An Industry Leader For Most Reliable Windows -Based Notebooks; PC Magazine Readers Give Fujitsu High Marks in 17th Annual Reader Satisfaction Survey
Business Wire

Fujitsu LifeBook® notebooks are some of the most reliable in the industry, according to the newly released 17th Annual Reader Satisfaction Survey published by PC Magazine.  Fujitsu captured the highest reliability score among all Windows-based notebooks, tying IBM, and had the lowest percentage of notebooks needing repairs. 

Tablet Pc2's   Editors Choice Tablet PC is Fujitsu 4121 Tablet PC

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August 20, 2004

Music, Magic & Tablet PC Technology at the Hollywood Bowl
Tablet PC 2 Exclusive

The Hollywood Bowl opened its 2004 season on June 25 after a twenty five million dollar renovation that included a new shell for improved acoustics and state of the art technology for lighting and sound.

Fred Vogler, L. A. Philharmonic Sound Designer and Michael Cooper, Audio/Video Department Head at the Hollywood Bowl collaborated to design and bring the new sound system to life.  Be it a symphony, jazz, ballet, opera or rock concert, controlled with six Lake Contour Pro26D digital loudspeaker processors, Lake Contour software and a Tablet PC, the Bowl's world class Sound does it all.

Before the Tablet PC sound tuning was done by multiple people using walkie-talkies; a scenario similar to the “can you hear me now “.  One person would be out in the sound booth and the other would be inside the Bowl giving him meter readings and information needed to optimize the sound. However none of this was generally done during a concert. With the Tablet PC running the Lake software you can control sound equalization, delay and level settings anytime from anywhere with immediate results.

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You Ask, Ballmer Answers
Microsoft Certified Professional

What name is synonymous with Microsoft? If you answered Bill Gates, you're only half right. When Gates took on the role of chief software architect, he left Steve Ballmer to call the shots day-to-day.

Ballmer lived up to his reputation by handling concerns in his straight-ahead manner. And thanks to you for such great questions.

Looking ahead, I am genuinely optimistic about our future. We're continuing to build from a very strong foundation of technologies today in products like Windows XP, Office 2003, Windows Server 2003, Small Business Server 2003, Exchange 2003, the Tablet PC, MSN 9.0, and Smartphone. And we have a super strong line-up coming in the next few years—Windows XP SP2, SQL Server 2005, Longhorn client and server, the next version of Visual Studio .NET, the next-gen Xbox console, etc.

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Manging and Securing Mobile Devices
CSO, United States

As the use of handheld devices in the enterprise continues to expand, organizations will need to manage the devices to control costs and limit security risks. Forrester says now is the time for IT to take a more active role in such management

Remote device kill for any PDAs, laptops, or tablets with potentially sensitive data. This can take one of two forms. Password policies can be configured to perform a hard reset on the device after a certain number of failed login attempts. Some tools, including Sybase Afaria (formerly XcelleNet) and Novell ZENworks for mobile, allow IT to send a hard reset command to a missing device as soon as it attempts to connect to the network  (See our SecuriKey review)

Client firewalls. These are critical for laptops that routinely connect to open networks and are vulnerable to network worms or other attacks. Tablet PCs running Windows XP will also be vulnerable to similar attacks, and over the next 12 to 18 months, PDAs will become increasingly vulnerable and will benefit from client firewalls.

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August 23, 2004

TabletKiosk to Launch Centrino™ Based Sahara Tablet PCs
PR Web

TabletKiosk is announcing the release of their next generation Sahara Slate PCs called the i-Series that will be based on the Intel® Pentium® M technology. TabletKiosk’s new flagship product, the Sahara Pen Tablet i213, is based on the Intel Centrino mobile technology and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, using a combination of new and industry standard power management features to extend battery life.

The Sahara Pen Tablet will be offered in either a 1.0GHz or 1.3GHz processor speed, running the XP Tablet Operating system.

Each slate style system is equipped with a 12.1-inch display, 802.11b/g wireless capabilities, 40 to 60GB Hard Drives that are user-upgradeable and memory options ranging from 256MB to 1.0GB. These systems will be fully supported by the full line of Tablet PC accessories developed for the Sahara Slate PC line, including but not limited to Battery Charger, Hands-Free Carry Case, Portfolio Carry Case, VESA Mounting Plate, Protective Rubber Bumpers, IR Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

The Sahara Slate PC i-Series will begin shipping to TabletKiosk’s network of value-added dealers in September.

Sahara Pen Tablet: i213
•    Digitizer screen
•    12.1” Slate style Tablet PC
•    Intel Centrino 1.3 GHz CPU
•    256 MB DRAM, expandable to 1 GB
•    40 GB HDD or larger
•    Built-in WiFi 802.11b/g
•    Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition
•    4 hour battery life

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The Back to School Personal Computer

Laptops generally aren't great game machines, but the youths who have them are more likely to do the presentations and take the notes that will help develop the competitive skills that will help make them stand out, in a good way, once they leave school.

Tablet computers have historically been too expensive for this market even though their capabilities lend themselves to education, where students often have projects that require sketching. Averatec just released the C3500 convertible tablet in the $1,300 range, which we've been very impressed with. Solidly built and, even though it isn't a major brand, they have a good reputation for quality

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Motion Computing, Wireless Valley Partner on Design, Deployment of Wireless Networks
Yahoo News

Wireless innovators Motion Computing® and Wireless Valley® Communications today announced a strategic partnership to help IT professionals optimize the design, monitoring and management of all types of wireless projects, ranging from coffee shop and airport "hot spots" to enterprise-class wireless networks

By combining Wireless Valley's globally proven wireless design and measurement software -- including LANPlanner® and InFielder® -- with Motion's award-winning, Wi-Fi-enabled M1400 Tablet PCs, both companies today began marketing products and services that advance the state of the art in the design, deployment and, ultimately, management of all kinds of wireless voice and data networks.

For example, with wireless network designers now having the prospect of full-function mobile computing power in the crook of their arm, they can use Wireless Valley's software to quickly generate network designs, take measurements of the network performance and develop complete and accurate documentation of their wireless assets on a single Motion tablet PC.

"Motion's tablet PC provides a lightweight mobile platform with advanced graphical capabilities for accurate on-site measurements and surveys, and it complements our strategy of simplifying the design and management of complex, mission-critical wireless solutions," said Wireless Valley CEO Jim Welch. "The power, versatility and display innovations make Motion's newest tablet PC the perfect platform for RF and IT professionals working with wireless networks to take advantage of Wireless Valley's patented site-specific visualization capabilities as well as enhancing the usefulness of our field measurement software."

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Searching for answers on the Web
CNN International

And how will the further rollout of broadband, high-speed wireless and the introduction of alternate PC devices like tablet PCs, how will all that affect the future of Web design?

Nielsen: Well, I think the most important may actually be the tablet PC and the ability to also have mobile and wireless connection to get online at anytime and at any place. Because that means we will use Internet-based information for many more purposes, which will have a bigger role in society. That means there are many more things that can be done with Web sites, beyond the more simpler things now where you can click to buy a book or click to make a hotel reservation -- many, many more things will be done when you always have the Web with you

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e-Arts Consulting FZ LLC signs agreement with Al-Salam Private Schools

AME Info

The e-learning system and content development company eArts Consulting FZ LLC which is also known for Edu2web Learning Systems has signed an agreement with Al-Salam Private Schools in Saudi Arabia to provide Al-Salam students with the state-of-the-art educational technology curriculums

The agreement is part of a comprehensive plan to provide Al-Salam Private Schools students with the latest technologies in education. The e-learning courses will be available to students on a wireless network where every student is equipped with a tablet PC and can access the courses anytime-anywhere within the school campus. The courses will also be available online for students to utilize from home

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Look, Ma! No wires!
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Paper, pens and spiral notebooks are flying off the shelves as usual at OfficeMax in O'Fallon, Mo., in anticipation of schools reopening. But so, too, is something new in back-to-school shopping around St. Louis: multifunction electronic technology.

Wireless computing and networking devices are turning heads, too, Flynn said. It seems anything with cords or cables faces extinction.

Averatec C3500 - It's not just a portable computer, it's a Tablet PC, too. Type in book and science reports, then swivel the screen around, grab a pen-shaped stylus and write on it like a pad of paper. Goodbye, spiral notebook! It's thin, light and durable, and has wireless Internet connectivity. But, mostly, it's inexpensive compared with other tablet computers.

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Using GPRS Wireless With Windows XP

Did you know that you can connect your Smartphone 2002/2003 or other cellular phone to your Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition or Windows XP notebook to access the internet?  Well you can and it works at similar speeds and experiences to using a modem connection

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Agilix Seeks to Revolutionize Education

Curt Allen, founder of Folio Corporation, and former CEO of is at it again.

His latest company, Agilix, is just 2 years old, is already profitable, and has just landed $4.35 million in venture capital in its effort to grow more aggressively and dramatically impact education worldwide. Agilix has the best team of software developers that I have ever seen--including most of the original Folio team--and they are churning out software products at a faster pace than you would think possible.

Agilix is now selling a product called GoBinder which is designed for students and teachers as a repository of personal knowledge. In a classic viral marketing move, every educator in the world is being offered a free copy of GoBinder.

For the average person, the GoBinder software is far easier to use as a repository than Folio VIEWS. Anything you read online, any materials your teachers provide you with, any handouts you get from class, any web page or PDF file that you view, you can easily and permanently save into your GoBinder. You can add personal notes (if you own a Tablet PC) to any document. And then you can search and find everything instantly when you need it.

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Science eases art for deaf students
The Nation

Sitting for your portrait the old-fashioned way notoriously requires hours of patience and masses of materials. And the more copies you require, the more time-consuming and costly the process becomes. Thanks to the advanced technology skills of deaf students at Ratchasuda College however, you can now have your portrait created on a tablet personal computer (a PC smaller than a laptop) with as many copies as you like created in an instant. You can even have your portrait saved to a diskette.

Ten students have been selected from 90 deaf students to join the Acer Tablet PC Project - Career for the Deaf, a collaboration between Acer Computers and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

Acer Computers has provided 10 tablet PCs, software applications for drawing and printers, along with a four-week training programme for the College.

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AlphaTap Adds Shorthand Practice

Network Improv has released a beta of AlphaTap v1.7, which provides a practice game for the Lightning shorthand method.

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August 24, 2004

Xplore Begins Deliveries of AllVue(TM) Technology for iX104(TM) iX104(TM) Tablet PCs
Yahoo News

Xplore Technologies Corp. (TSX:XPL - News), a leading international provider of rugged wireless Tablet PC systems, today announced the first deliveries of its newly released AllVue(TM) LCD technology for its family of iX104 Tablet PCs. AllVue is an advanced LCD and digitizer assembly technology using multi-layer optic enhancements and assembly processes that reduce reflectivity and glare, and increase brightness and contrast, effectively boosting display quality in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

The majority of existing laptop and tablet PCs use transflective, reflective, or transmissive displays. Each type is best suited for some combination of high, mid, or low light conditions, but never all three. Xplore's AllVue technology was developed to enhance screen readability and image clarity regardless of the light level and without negatively impacting battery life. With AllVue, iX104 tablets realize an increase in screen effectiveness of over 300 percent outdoors, and over 16 percent indoors, resulting in outstanding visibility in all lighting conditions.

"Xplore's new LCD technology allows our field technicians to quickly and accurately view information on their rugged tablet computers whether outside or in a building," said John Dobie, senior supervisor of technical services for HydroOne, the leading electricity delivery company in Ontario, Canada. "Our technicians see this as a dramatic enhancement to the performance of their iX104 tablets. Overall, we anticipate greater productivity due to this new screen technology."

"AllVue technology is an exciting addition to Xplore's product family, as it brings a whole new level of usability to our rugged tablets," said Brian Groh, president and CEO of Xplore. "With AllVue screen technology we are able to provide a versatile and clear display in a portable rugged tablet. This compelling functionality will create heightened user acceptance and the potential for a higher return on investment.

Xplore's AllVue screen technology for new iX104 Tablet PCs carries a MSRP premium over standard iX104 systems of US $350.00. AllVue is currently not compatible with iX104 DualMode models. For further details, contact your local Xplore authorized systems integrator.

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$1.3 Million Contract Awarded for Fuel-Cell Driven, Tablet PC

General Dynamics C4 Systems has won an Air Force contract to develop 10 prototype tablet computers powered by direct liquid fuel cells that could be used by special operations forces to set up portable air traffic control computers.

The General Dynamics unit is functioning as a systems integrator in the contract to meld different features into prototype systems. “This could have long-term commercial opportunities,” said Chris Marzilli, a senior vice president and deputy general manager. The $1.3 million contract was announced Monday.

Another participant in the project is Itronix, which will deliver 10 prototype GoBook tablet computers. Itronix is a developer of wireless, rugged field computing systems ranging from handheld devices to tablet PCs.

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Intel’s Centrino chip lets products catch up with hype

The Tablet PC, launched with a lot of promise in 2003, was supposed to be a panacea for mobile workers, note-takers and business travelers.

But the promise ran a bit ahead of the technology. Early tablet processors weren’t fast enough to drive the ingenious applications designed for tablets, such as scribbling notes into a word processor or pasting voice clips into documents.

Mobile users had to either put up with large, heavy batteries or take some other type of computer on cross-country flights.

The Intel Centrino chip has changed all that. Every system in this review has a Centrino, which runs fast without draining the battery

The latest tablets have started to evolve a bit in their form factor. For example, pure slate-maker Motion Computing has made USB and snap-on keyboards optional instead of offering only a stylus. Acer, which at first backed the convertible-to-notebook tablet format, is making all its notebooks convertible to tablet by next year.

Depending on how you count, this is the second or third generation of tablet PCs. Across the board, they’re an impressive lot and are finally starting to live up to their promise.

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August 25, 2004

Microsoft Announces Release of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 As Part of Windows XP Service Pack 2

Microsoft Corp. today announced availability of the Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system, the successor to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition introduced in November 2002. Included as part of Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Windows XP SP2) with Advanced Security Technologies, this free upgrade offers Tablet PC users deeper pen-and-ink support including a redesigned input panel to create and enter text anywhere within Windows XP and familiar Windows XP-compatible applications.

"Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is a significant step toward delivering on our vision of incorporating Tablet PC functionality as a standard mobile feature in notebook PCs," said Bill Mitchell, corporate vice president of the Mobile Platforms Division at Microsoft. "The long-term commitment by Microsoft and our partners continues to deliver innovative new hardware and software, unlocking new ways and new places to use the mobile PC."

New features of the operating system include the following:

  • In-place tablet input panel (in-place TIP)
  • Real-time recognition
  • In-place correction
  • Contextual awareness
  • New platform for developers
  • Better integration with Microsoft Office System programs.
  • Wireless improvements

Click here for full story

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August 26, 2004

Xplore delivers Tablet PC with high multilayer optic visibility

Xplore Technologies Corp. has begun shipping its new rugged wireless iX104 Tablet PC with a proprietary multilayer optic AllVue LCD technology to prevent glare and reflectivity in high ambient light and sun-lit environments.  

According to the company, AllVue is an advanced LCD and digitizer assembly technology using multi-layer optic enhancements and assembly processes that reduce reflectivity and glare, and increase brightness and contrast, effectively boosting display quality in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. 

By comparison, the majority of existing laptop and tablet PCs use transflective, reflective, or transmissive displays. Each type is best suited for some combination of high, mid, or low light conditions, but never all three. 

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Sensitron, Inc. Awards UK Distribution Rights for the Medical System CareTrends Wireless Bridge to Sensitron UK Ltd.
Business Wire

The CareTrends(TM) Wireless Bridge System uses a combination of wireless Bluetooth and 802.11b communications protocols to send data from any point-of-care medical device to any existing server based electronic patient record. A Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless enabled tablet PC or other similar windows based interface facilitates the data communications, allowing the caregiver to automatically transmit the vital signs data and relevant patient information, and view current and historical data.

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Agilix announces a pricing change for Agilix GoBinder.

The current introductory pricing will end at the end of August. On September 1, GoBinder will switch to an Educational/Standard pricing model. The Educational Price for students will stay at the introductory price of $49.95, and the Standard Price will increase to $79.95 for non-students.

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Order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD

Thank you for your interest in the Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD. Microsoft will ship the CD to you free of charge. This CD includes the same Service Pack 2 software that is available for download from Windows Update.

Please choose your country/region and language from the appropriate drop-down menu below. In order to successfully install Windows XP SP2, you must order the CD in the same language as the version of Windows XP that is currently running on your computer.

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Tablet PCs at Upcoming Business Conferences & Trade Shows

Lora at   has posted a list of upcoming trade shows and conferences where Tablet PCs will be displayed either by a vendor or by several vendors

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Scribbler 2100 with Array Mic

The bottom line here is the Scribbler only got better! Once again, the Scribbler by Electrovaya, enables healthcare professionals to elevate patient care to a whole new level of Digital, Virtual and Mobile computing. This unit once again begs the question, "Is this the "perfect," TabletPC for Health Care?" That's a subjective call, but it very well may be the best TPC for Health Care. Is this the hardware platform for the future of EMR? I think so.

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Review: Mobile Crossing CF GPS Receiver

Main Description (from Mobile Crossing's website):
The Compact Flash GPS Receiver provides real time location information for a Pocket PC, notebook or tablet PC that has a CF slot. Because our Compact Flash GPS is fully compatible with NMEA 0183, it works with just about any NMEA navigation software. Once placed in view of the sky, the highly sensitive antenna pulls in signal from up to 12 satellites simultaneously. Powered by the industry-leading high-performance low-power SiRF Star II/LP, our Compact Flash draws on 90mA. This very low current draw means more battery time for you! With our Mobile Crossing GPS receiver, you will NOT pay any subscription fees to receive satellite data.

The receiver reports GPS location / time / velocity and status information every second to provide real time tracking for host mapping or GPS information programs. It will communicate to any program that supports NMEA protocol including Pocket PC, laptop or tablet PC units. A PCMCIA to CF adapter can be used to adapt the unit to a laptop if needed.

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August 27, 2004

Allchin explains Longhorn's haircut 

"My goal is to have Longhorn the highest-quality OS we've ever shipped," said Allchin, the software giant's group vice president for platforms. "At one level, you could say, 'I've had enough,' and so we're on a path to drive up the quality level."

Specifically, Allchin said that when the company was finalizing Windows XP Service Pack 2 and updates to Media Center and Tablet software, he turned his attention to Longhorn and realized that the project's ambitions and time tables were not in sync.

Despite the removal of WinFS from Longhorn, Allchin was adamant that the new OS will contain enough features to be compelling for consumers and PC makers.

"There's no question--we made some trade-offs here. I couldn't do everything that everybody wanted from the customer perspective, and they were very clear in what trade-off they wanted us to make," he said.

Still, he said, dubbing Longhorn without WinFS as "Shorthorn" is "derogatory," because the operating system "is packed full of capabilities." Some of the features he mentioned were "great roaming support," .Net Framework 2.0, "new browsing capabilities," the "fresh" user interface, improved migrations and deployments, "more resilience to malware" and "a new photo experience."

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Small machines, megabyte action
Business Standard

HP is also developing usages for the tablet PC where users can scribble on the screen with a pen. The company has sold 400 tablet PCs and is looking at innovative new usages: it is talking to hospitals where doctors can scribble a few lines and then store it in their patient records.

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Does Your App Think In Ink Contest Ends August 31

Think mobile. Win big. If you are an independent solutions vendor (ISV), you’ve spent most of your professional life waiting for an opportunity like this—and now it’s here. The question is: Are you up for the challenge? Microsoft, HP and PC Magazine invite you to put your genius to the test to create the next killer Application for the most mobile PC ever, the Tablet PC. Create the best mobile Application, and you could win US$100,000! Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, there are additional cash Prizes totaling US$65,000 still on the table.

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Tablet PC looks like laptop but acts like notepad

The newest gadget picking up steam in the student market combines the ease of a notepad and the convenience of a computer.

Tablet PCs are slowly beginning to show up in classrooms, thanks to falling prices and innovative school boards.

Weighing in at under two kilograms, the tablet PC looks a lot like a laptop, only it's light enough to hold in your hands like a clipboard. The screen sits on a rotating hinge that allows it to swivel 180 degrees and bend so it can lie flat on top of the keyboard.

Almost anybody who sees them falls in love with them right away," said Doug Cooper, manager of Intel Canada. "Part of that is because it's more in keeping with the way we capture our own ideas. It's always been with pen and paper."

Wanting to make classrooms more interactive between teachers and students, some schools have begun including tablet PCs in their lessons.

Bishop's College School in Lennoxville, Que., has bought 300 Toshiba tablets. Starting next month, students in grades 7 to 12 at the private school will take notes during history class on the tablets, and draw diagrams in calculus.

At Northern Lights public school in Aurora, Ont., 30 Grade 8 students tried out Acer's TravelMate C110 series tablet last year.

"It opens a new way of collaboration between our students and teachers," said Jim Forbes, the school's principal, after observing the units in action.

He said students gathered in the hallways to go over notes before tests just as would with paper study sheets. He's hoping the tablets will eventually eliminate the need for dedicated computer labs.

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Servant Systems New Version Software For Two Men and A Truck Cuts 25-30% Off Estimator Time
Yahoo News

Servant Systems, an Ann Arbor, MI franchise software developer, has released Version 2 of the Movers Who Care franchise management system software developed for Two Men and A Truck, International.

The software also enables efficient on-site project estimating. Florida franchisee Britt Lanier said, "Servant Systems' latest addition to the Movers Who Care software has definitely improved our business. We are saving between 10 to 15 hours per week of our moving estimator's time using the new version with a Tablet PC. We walk through the customer's home or business carrying the Tablet PC to create a Two Men and A Truck estimate just like we do at our office. When finished, we point the Tablet PC at the wireless printer, click 'Print', and get a professional looking, accurate estimate that can be presented to the customer and booked on the spot. Our customers love it and it differentiates us from the competition."

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August 28, 2004

Agilix Anounces the launch of the Agilix All-Stars program.

Agilix All-Stars are individuals who are expert users of Agilix products. These individuals have been selected as product experts to provide feedback to Agilix and to represent Agilix in user communities.

Agilix is the developer mobile eLearning solutions, including Agilix GoBinder and Mobilzier for Blackboard.  Agilix is also the exclusive developer of FranklinCovey desktop and handheld software, including PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook, PlanPlus for Windows XP (formerly TabletPlanner), and FranklinCovey WorkCompass products.

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Governor examines clinic's cost-saving model

So there are a lot of “ifs,” in both the public and private sector, as usual. But while a special group of people make the Bend clinic run, the leading edge – fortunately, not quite “bleeding edge” – mix of Tablet PCs, wireless networks and “medical informatics” (catchy term) software is what offers a hopeful vision of reduced file-storage costs and better, more efficient medical care.

Ritchie explained how he saw the need for a system like the clinic has, for a simple reason: Patients at this kind of clinic might see a different doctor each time, and they’d have a tough time reading each others handwriting. After doing research, they picked software from E-MDs, and while Ritchie showed off its capability with a desktop PC, all the cell phones in the crowd broke the wireless connection to the Tablet PC in his lap.

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August 30, 2004

Click here to Compare the New NEC Tablet PC

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NEC’s 11mm VersaPro Tablet PC unveiled
Nec Japan  (Translated from the japaneese press release with babblefish )

NEC thickness 11mm, weight 885g and the world most of thin the tablet PC most light weight (type name VY11F/GL-R) merchandised 1 type this each time, for business note PC "VersaPro (the bertha professional) in the series", we started sale activity from this day.

The new commodity actualized further scantness and lightness the world most thin as a successor aircraft of the tablet PC which actualizes most light weight, we strengthened portable characteristic ease of use. In addition although scantness and lightness are pursued basic efficiency former ratio approximately 1.6 times

(Note 1) with improved largely with, e.g., in CPU ultralow voltage edition Intel (R) Pentium (R) M processor 733 (1.10GHz), MOBILITY (TM) RADEON (TM) 7500 is loaded in the graphic accelerator. Furthermore, parallax minimum conversion and you said that you look at the entry and the paper to the paper, the enlargement of the visible angle with high angle of visibility liquid crystal panel adoption and the adjustment etc. of slide condition of the pen with the adoption of the thin-shaped LCD cover glass due to, we pursued "the use impression of the paper" more.

With these strengthening, as for the new product, ease of use such as presentation present cheapness with the holdings substantially improvement. In addition, the presentation which uses animated picture there is no stress and has become operation possible. Especially, we have become, the commodity which such as sale is suited for wide use/stock management and medical electronic chart and diplomacy business terminal by the fact that light weight conversion and writing taste improves.

1. Thickness approximately 27% thin 11mm (Note 2), weight approximately 11% light 885g (Note 3) actualizes pursuit of scantness lightness in comparison with the commodity until recently. Because of this, with holdings such as sale/stock management and presentation furthermore showing ease of use in job.

2.  In strengthening CPU the basic efficiency Pentium M-733 (1.1AGHz), in the graphic accelerator MOBILITY (TM) RADEON (TM) actualizing the basic efficiency improvement of former ratio approximately 1.6 times by the fact that 7500 is loaded. Especially former ratio approximately 2 times (Note 1) actualizing efficiency improvement in regard to graphic efficiency. In addition improvement of battery drive time (Note 4) it actualizes, strengthening basic efficiency as Mobile PC. In addition, there is no stress and depending upon the improvement of CPU and graphic efficiency, business becomes possible, also expression power of the presentation and the like which uses the animated picture in user improves. Furthermore, as the above-mentioned battery drive time is strengthened, 2 batteries simultaneously the charge possible battery charger (Note 5) by the fact that you use, even in the long haul use with Mobile which is supposed corresponding possibility.

3.  Actualization "of the use impression of the paper" until recently similar to the machine, by the fact that the thin-shaped tempered glass of approximately 0.5mm is adopted for protective layer, it shortens parallax of the nib and display to approximately half in comparison with the acrylic board adoption product, actualizing the input whose strange feeling is little. In addition, as by the fact that the finishing film is stuck on the thin-shaped tempered glass, being taken included such as illumination is lightened, when writing to the paper, actualizing the use impression the way. Furthermore, while the top and bottom/actualizing the wide field of vision angle left and right respectively 120 degrees the high angle of visibility liquid crystal panel with adoption, looking at the picture with the group of people it corresponds to also previous arrangement use. In addition up-to-date Windows (R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 it is loaded promptly by the fact that, the improvement of character recognition ratio and input place is not locked and making the input panel favorite in the place indicate such as possibility, ease of use substantially improvement

Product summary (because of BTO correspondence, typical selection example statement) as follows is.
VersaPro tablet PC model example (* as for item of sign with BTO selection selective possibility)

Based model VY11F/GL-R CPU

ultralow voltage edition Intel (R) Pentium (R) M processor 733 (1.10AGHz)

memory DDR-SDRAM 512MB

(PC-2100) graphic accelerator MOBILITY (TM) RADEON (TM) 7500

OS Windows (R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

application it is not hard disk approximately 20GB

there is no CD-ROM drive

FDD it is not there is no keyboard

the battery lithium ion (M)

the communication facility standard internal organs (in 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T correspondence), at BTO selection the wireless LAN (IEEE802.11a/b/g)

the corresponding display 10.4 type TFT color liquid crystal (XGA) 285,000 Yen in desired retail price

incoming order target date August 30th

shipment target date 9 From month 30 day

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Motion Computing's tablet finds its voice

There's a new sound in the tablet PC market. It's the sound of innovation, and we heard it in the Speak Anywhere audio technology featured on the latest tablet from Motion Computing Inc., the M1400.

The audio system, which includes two microphones and a software package, makes it easier to use speech recognition and voice recording in the real world, where background noise often interferes.

The software allows users to adjust the range of sound accepted, from narrow to wide. To visualize this, think of a cone-shaped zone above each microphone. A narrow range will only pick up sounds within a narrow cone-shaped area, for example.

When set to narrow, the microphone might pick up your voice but not the voice of someone standing next to you. It's a good way to filter out background noise so you can record notes on the fly without an external microphone.

In case that's not enough, the software also features acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression.

The M1400 is one of the most well-rounded tablets we've seen. It comes with tight security, features galore, useful software and clever accessories. Agency officials looking for a tablet that packs a little more punch than the average model should consider this product.

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Small machines, megabyte action
Rediff, India

HP is also developing usages for the tablet PC where users can scribble on the screen with a pen. The company has sold 400 tablet PCs and is looking at innovative new usages: it is talking to hospitals where doctors can scribble a few lines and then store it in their patient records.

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Air Force Awards Tablet PC Project
Washington Post

The Air Force last week awarded General Dynamics Corp. a $1.3 million contract to develop 10 prototype tablet computers -- powered by long-lasting liquid fuel cells -- to replace some of the computers used by the service's air traffic controllers. The goal of the project is to reduce reliance on spare batteries and centrally located recharging equipment, thereby enhancing the Air Force's ability to conduct field operations.

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Taste of tablets
Winnipeg Sun

"Almost anybody who sees them falls in love with them right away," said Doug Cooper, manager of Intel Canada. "Part of that is because it's more in keeping with the way we capture our own ideas. "It's always been with pen and paper." Wanting to make classrooms more interactive between teachers and students, some schools have begun including tablet PCs in their lessons. Bishop's College School in Lennoxville, Que., has bought 300 Toshiba tablets. Starting next month, students in Grades 7 to 12 at the private school will take notes during history class on the tablets, and draw diagrams in calculus.

Assignments will be handed out electronically. Students can jot handwritten notes on the assignment or highlight important dates before saving it to a folder dedicated to that particular subject.

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C3500 converts from tablet to laptop

Tablet computers, which used to be expensive heavy slabs with bad handwriting-recognition software and a clumsy stylus-driven user interface, have slimmed down lately in size and price. Averatec's new C3500 tablet computer, which converts from a tablet to a standard laptop with a twist of the screen that reveals a keyboard underneath, weighs in at five and a half pounds and a list price of $1,350, making it one of the less expensive tablets available.

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Windows Tablet XP 2005 cures many platform ailments

Tonight was cinema night. In Collateral, Tom Cruise’s Vincent, the silver-haired hit man, still likable in a sociopath-esque sense, is sitting behind Jamie Foxx 's terrified character. And as Vincent banters about the bedlam he just left behind, he digs through his retro briefcase and pulls out … a Tablet PC. I couldn't get an exact glimpse of the make, but it looked like Hewlett-Packard's TC1100.

But the handwriting recognition you'll find in Tablet 2005 is a noticeable improvement over that of the previous version. Not only does it recognize your handwriting more accurately and certainly more speedily, it even self-corrects on the fly. If you or the software make a mistake, the word the software is currently interpreting appears in a little drop-down box beneath the text line. Tap the word to accept it or make corrections before it shows up in the document.

You're also provided with a more flexible handwriting scheme. With the old way, you were far better off sticking to only blocks or cursive, not both. With this version, you can pop between them in the middle of a single text line and the software interprets right along without a hiccup.

Beginning handwriting text is also improved. You still start it using the Tablet PC Input panel, but getting to this puppy is easier now that its activation icon appears whenever you place your pen to the tablet's surface. Tap the icon and an input box appears, and it disappears almost immediately unless you start writing. The panel will grow to accommodate your text input and even has an upgraded version of the text-shortcuts feature, adding things such as www and .net or .com, with a tap of the pen.

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August 31, 2004

Top 10 Benefits of the Tablet PC

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 represents the evolution of the notebook PC, enabling you to work in more places and in new ways. Powerful, mobile, and versatile, the Tablet PC offers the full functionality of today's notebook PCs—with no sacrifices. Designed to enhance the Tablet PC end-user experience, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is now available as a free download. Tablet PC users can take advantage of enhanced pen and ink support, making it easier than ever to use ink in familiar Windows-based programs

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New tablet OS 'easier to use', UK 

The Tablet PC Edition 2005 update, which will make its way onto existing tablets as part of the company's Windows XP Service Pack 2 and will begin shipping on new tablets this year, takes several steps toward making tablets easier to use, she said.

The update improves handwriting recognition by adding speed and accuracy in converting handwriting to typed text. It's also smarter about data that's being penned into forms, as well as Internet and email addresses, thanks to the addition of contextual rules that allow the tablet to discern the type of data that's being entered, according to Microsoft.

The updates offer enough of a step forward that executives at several companies that make tablets, including Hewlett-Packard, Motion Computing and Toshiba, all said that they believe tablets could gain broader appeal and bring back some potential customers for another look.

Those who evaluated an XP-based tablet before "should consider it (again) now, because of Service Pack 2," said Mark Baerenstecher, worldwide product manager for tablets at Hewlett-Packard. "It deserves a second look because it does see some improvements."

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Power, Mobility, Versatility, all in a portable computer the size of a writing tablet. The Tablet PC is a fully functioning mobile computer that runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which includes new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input. The Tablet PC comes in three styles, Convertible, Slate and Hybrid.And with more than a dozen Hardware manufacturers there is a variety of Tablet PCs to choose from.If you're in and out of your office all day, a Slate Tablet with a docking station may be your choice.If you're a road warrior, a convertible model may be what best suits your needs.Another option is the hybrid Tablet PC  like the HP TC1100 where the Keyboard is detachable from the slate.  It's not a matter of which model Tablet "best," its a mater of individual needs and personal preference.Compare them for yourself using our Tablet PC Quick Compare  pages that include photos and allow you to quickly and easily compare the differences between individual Tablet PCS.

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