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April 2004

April 1, 2004

Gateway and PASCO Join Forces to Provide Teachers With Complete Learning Solutions

Gateway and PASCO Scientific today announced they are now offering integrated science technology solutions for schools. The two companies are teaming up their respective hardware and software products to help educational
institutions integrate computer-based science experiments into their curriculum.

PASCO's science probeware, software and curricula are now available as part of Gateway's educational Mobile Wireless Lab, which features a mobile cart, up to 30 Gateway wirelessly enabled notebooks or tablet PCs, printers and a wireless access point. Teachers are able to pass out notebooks or tablets from the cart, which can be moved from classroom to classroom --
giving schools a cost-effective way to provide an entire classroom with computers, while freeing up space. 9:11 am

Infragistics Takes Home Seven Visual Studio Magazine Readers'Choice Awards at FTP's VSLive! Conference
Market Wire

Infragistics, the world's largest publisher of reusable presentation layer development tools for Microsoft® Windows Forms®, ASP.NET, Tablet PC, COM and Java® platforms, today announced that its signature product, NetAdvantage -- the leading toolset for creating user interfaces with the look and feel of today's most popular applications, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows -- was awarded seven Readers' Choice and Readers' Choice Merit Awards by Visual Studio Magazine. These awards, chosen by Visual Studio Magazine's readers, honor outstanding software in 21 development categories.

Today, Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 1 is the single most comprehensive presentation layer development toolset on the market. Ideal for designing commercial class applications for all Microsoft development environments -- Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Tablet PC and COM -- Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 1 is now expanded and comprised of best-of-breed elements including grids, scheduling, charting, toolbars, tabs, explorer bars, menus, listbars, trees, dock manager, UI and editing elements, and more. 9:03 am

Tablet to Take Off in Europe, At Last?
Ziff Davis

One of the mysteries of the Tablet PC has been its singular failure in European markets. Behind that enigma lies an even greater one: Why was Microsoft Corp. in EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) so gung-ho about MIRA, or Smart Display?

At the Wireless LAN Event in London next week, I'm expecting Intel Corp. to make some announcements significantly affecting the tablet market. But the excitement generated in the strange international location known as EMEA will be imperceptible compared to the attention American markets will give to this topic, and there's probably a silly reason.

What is changing? In a word, Microsoft's perception of which product to promote.

This won't end the Tablet PC's problems. Basically, what you need to make the tablet truly popular is a breakthrough in battery technology, not just a marginal improvement. I'm not saying there will or won't be an improvement announced next week, but I am saying that if there were to be, it would not change the tablet from something heavy that lasts three hours into something you can fan your face with and lasts all day. Nobody in battery technology expects that. 8:59 am

April 2, 2004

Seize the Work Day: Using the Tablet PC to Take Control of Your Work and Meeting Day
TabletPCTalk Exclusive

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Michael Linenberger, author of Seize the Work Day: Using the Tablet PC to Take Control of Your Work and Meeting Day. Seize the Work Day describes using the Tablet PC with Outlook, FranklinCovey PlanPlus and TabletPlanner, Microsoft OneNote, and other productivity tools, to help the average office work-manager get control of his/her work day and become more productive. It shows how to automate seven key work management tasks on the Tablet PC. It emphasizes the value of using the Tablet PC while in meetings, to gain back productivity lost to time spent in those meetings. It tells how to select and configure the Tablet PC for optimal work usage. The book was based on the author's experience as a VP using the Tablet PC in an executive setting. It paints a compelling picture of the Tablet PC as a very practical business tool, and assists the user in succeeding with the Tablet PC in such a setting. 10:41 am

A New Class of Computer
Digital Animators

Tablet PC is an excellent tool for creating animation and graphics

Tablets start to really shine when using dedicated graphics apps. Sketching right into Photoshop or Painter with a stylus on a screen is an experience not to be missed. Instantly changing color or brushes or filling in large areas while working on “digital paper” takes a bit of getting used to, but, all the while, you just know it’s worth it. Storyboard or animatic artists will relish the ability to sketch and paint and make client changes without having to re-draw or re-scan artwork. After achieving some level of comfort with drawing on screen, a storyboard or animatic artist could deliver everything to a client and stick around to make the inevitable changes on-the-spot.

The surface is pressure-sensitive, allowing for variations in width or opacity of strokes. This works very well, but the screen is limited to 256 levels of pressure, not the 1,000 or so that are available in a Wacom Intuos tablet. Will you miss it? It depends on the kind of work you do. I noticed a difference, but not enough to make me turn back. Drawing on screen is certainly different from drawing on paper. The stylus is plastic, not wood, and it has a different feel both in the hand and sliding across the surface of the tablet.
  10:37 am

Schools Gain Full-Featured, Science Curriculum Solutions With With Gateway Hardware and PASCO Probeware
The T Sector

Gateway and PASCO Scientific today announced they are now offering integrated science technology solutions for schools. The two companies are teaming up their respective hardware and software products to help educational institutions integrate computer-based science experiments into their curriculum.

PASCO's science probeware, software and curricula are now available as part of Gateway's educational Mobile Wireless Lab, which features a mobile cart, up to 30 Gateway wirelessly enabled notebooks or tablet PCs, printers and a wireless access point. Teachers are able to pass out notebooks or tablets from the cart, which can be moved from classroom to classroom -- giving schools a cost-effective way to provide an entire classroom with computers, while freeing up space. 10:34 am


April 5, 2004

Desktop & Handheld Hardware

Excellence Awards Winners and Finalists: Acer America Corp.'s TravelMate C300

The TravelMate C300's combination of a large screen and fast processor at a competitive price made Acer's Tablet PC a finalist in this year's Excellence Awards. The C300 continues Acer's top-flight Excellence presence: Last year, the company's C100 was the category winner.

With a 14-inch screen, this convertible Tablet PC can serve as a mobile solution and a desktop replacement system.

Judges were most impressed with the C300's integrated light sensor, which automatically adjusts screen brightness based on available ambient light and remembers those settings for the next time a similar lighting condition occurs. 8:35am

Source: Neoware Systems

Neoware Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:NWRE), the leading supplier of award-winning software, services and appliances for thin client computing, today dramatically altered the PC buying decision with the introduction of an all-new lineup of Capio and Eon thin client appliances. With a starting price of $199, immunity from standard PC viruses, models that offer the highest performance available, and support for open, industry standard management, the new Neoware thin client appliances include models that are:

- One fourth the price of today's typical business personal computer, changing the economic buying decision for PC users;

- As powerful as today's most advanced personal computers, eliminating the performance distinctions between thin client appliances and PCs; and

- The first thin client appliances that can be managed by industry standard management software, including IBM Tivoli, Microsoft SMS, and Altiris Deployment Solution, giving thin client customers the benefits of open standards, including choice, flexibility and investment protection.

Eon e500 offers the security, management, reliability, and affordability of thin client appliances in a Tablet PC form factor, enabling customers to gain the benefits of thin client computing on-the-go via wireless networks. 8:30 am

Medical Technologies Company to Host eMedical Expo

Sundblade Medical LLC, a leader in the medical office technologies solution field, will host the 2004 eMedical Expo at Timexpo-The Timex Museum located in Waterbury, CT on April 13, 2004 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

eMedical Expo will give doctors, office managers, and practitioners information on how to simply computerize their practice in the most cost effective way possible. Attendees will be able to learn about new software and hardware solutions and how they can seamlessly integrate into a practice.

There will be hands-on demonstrations of various components of the total eMedical solution such as electronic charting, patient instant medical history, e-Prescribing and practice management products. Showcased products include: NDC Medisoft, ChartingPlus, Instant Medical History, OnCallData, X~Link, and PC Motion Tablet technology. For more information on the eMedical Expo please call 800.380.4405 or go to 8:26 am

Langa Letter: Virtual Excellence: Microsoft's 'Virtual PC ' Is Too Good Not To Check Out
Information Week

What It Is
A virtual PC is a standard desktop computer emulated in software. You can install an operating system, applications, or utilities on a virtual PC and use it the same way you do on a standard PC. The installed software thinks it's running on a normal, physical system, but it's not: Instead, it's running inside a protected memory space on a host system, with special emulation software masquerading as a separate and standalone BIOS, motherboard, hard drive, floppy, CD drive, display adapter, network card, and so on. A virtual PC provides all the normal hardware of a standard PC, created entirely in software.This concept may seem murky, but it becomes clearer when you see how it's set up and used.

For example, say you install Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 software on your existing PC: It installs just like any other utility onto any PC running XP Pro, Win2000 Pro, or XP Tablet Edition. 8: 22 am

Take it with you 

Nearly 40 years after Capt. Kirk of "Star Trek" first whipped out his "communicator," we almost have it — anywhere and everywhere connectivity. The latest generation of wireless phones and handheld and tablet computers promises to deliver the Internet and access to the mother ship's desktop computer to all of us roving space cadets, whether we're sitting in traffic, lounging in a café or waiting for an airplane.

Indeed, in our survey of state-of-the-art portable Internet devices, we found that it is now feasible to perform Internet-based tasks such as checking movie times, sports scores and airline flight status in addition to downloading e-mail. For those who need to write e-mail messages or other documents, some devices can be used with folding keyboards. And some even let you make phone calls.

To assess the newest portable Internet access devices, we selected a varied group to test drive: a wireless phone, three handheld computers and a tablet.

Trade-offs exist no matter which device you choose. If you want the compact portability of a wireless phone, you're going to have to give up some display size and convenience in typing messages. If you opt for a handheld, telephony is not nearly as convenient. And, for the time being, you're going to have to choose between wireless phone connectivity and 802.11 wireless connectivity.

Fujitsu Stylistic ST5000D Tablet PC

The most obvious difference between a handheld device and a tablet PC is the tablet's vastly larger screen size. You can't slip a tablet PC into your pocket.

But for a device with a 12.1-inch display, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corp.'s Stylistic ST5000D tablet PC requires a minimal size trade-off. The tablet is about the size of a legal pad and a little less than an inch thick. At 3.4 pounds, it's heavier than a portfolio containing paper, but carrying it feels similar.

This tablet is a slate, meaning it does not have a connected keyboard. But for most Internet surfing, you don't need a keyboard anyway. This is especially true with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which offers several alternatives to standard keyboard text entry. 8:15 am

April 6, 2004

RM scoops £16m Pathfinder education deal 

First of four ICT innovation contracts to be awarded

Educational ICT specialist RM has scooped the first of four contracts that aim to bring innovation in IT to schools - and it has been named as sole bidder for a second in Lambeth.

In the £16m, eight-year PFI contract with Warwickshire LEA, RM will provide more than 1,500 teachers with wireless tablet PCs. Classrooms will also be provided with digital projectors and RM will manage an authority-wide network and portal.

Phil Hemmings, RM director of investor relations, said: "The tablets will be used as personal productivity tools by the teachers: to prepare lessons, assessments, and access data and material - for all of the many jobs a teacher has to do as well as actually teaching."

The teachers will also be provided with RM's Kaleidos, which is a virtual teaching and learning environment. Through the managed network, which makes use of a net already in place, they will be able to access material, communicate with other schools in the LEA and collect their email. 7:52 am

Intellisync Mobile Suite Covers Business Gamut
Ziff Davis

Intellisync Corp. has introduced a suite of products for wireless carriers looking to offer a single solution to enterprises, smaller businesses and individual professionals.

Based on the San Jose, Calif., company's existing remote access software for enterprise customers, Intellisync Mobile Suite uses technology acquired when Intellisync's predecessor, Pumatech Inc., bought Synchrologic Inc. last September.

The software lets operators offer wireless data services that include push-based e-mail, basic calendar information and file access for devices that run Microsoft Corp.'s Windows, Windows Mobile and Tablet PC platforms; PalmSource Inc.'s Palm OS; and Symbian Ltd.'s Symbian OS. 7:50 am


April 7, 2004

Motion Computing Launches Third-Generation TabletPC
Business Wire

Packed With Cutting-Edge Features, Clipboard-Sized Motion M1400 Excels In Viewability, Audio, Wireless Connectivity, Security, Power Management

Announcement Highlights:

-- Early to market with Intel Pentium M 1.1GHz ULV processor

-- First slate tablet PC to offer 12.1-inch display with wide viewing angle

-- First 'Speak Anywhere' audio design

-- Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity

-- Enhanced security via built-in fingerprint reader, new software features

-- Advanced power management capabilities

-- More ink-enabled software applications

A next-generation slate tablet PC optimized for the anywhere, anytime computing needs of healthcare, field sales and service, government and education was introduced today by Motion Computing(R), a leader in ultramobile computing and wireless communications.

Priced from $1,999 and shipping today, the Motion M1400 Tablet PC reinforces the company's early-to-market track record by using the Intel(R) Pentium(R) M 1.1GHz ultra-low voltage processor, which was also announced today. In addition to operating faster than Motion's most powerful M1300 model, the M1400 delivers what many mobile professionals are demanding in a next-generation tablet PC: improvements in viewability, audio, wireless connectivity, security and power management.

The M1400 is the third generation of an award-winning slate tablet PC design that has yielded demonstrable productivity improvements in a variety of vertical markets, and propelled Motion to top-tier status in worldwide tablet PC market share," said David Altounian, Motion's chief product officer.

Motion's new flagship product, which is based on Intel Centrino(tm) mobile technology and runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, uses a combination of new and industry standard power management features to extend battery life.

Each system is equipped with high-speed wireless connectivity using an integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 BG 802.11 card. Other features include the Intel 855GME chipset, 256MB to 2GB of fast 333MHz DDR memory, an enhanced 12.1-inch display, hard drive options of 20GB, 40GB or 60GB, integrated Bluetooth, integrated Ethernet, built-in fingerprint reader, USB mobile keyboard, desktop stand and hardtop cover.

"The Motion M1400 is a significant step forward in the evolution of the tablet PC platform," said Andrew Dixon, director of marketing for the Mobile Platforms division at Microsoft Corp. "Combining Motion's commitment to deliver innovative hardware with Microsoft's most powerful operating system, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, brings new and improved capabilities for users who want a truly mobile PC."

Weighing about three pounds, the clipboard-sized M1400 breaks new ground with a wide spectrum of enhanced features that translate into user benefits. For example:

First Slate With Wide Viewing Angle On 12.1-Inch Display -- Motion's 12.1-inch XGA TFT display -- widely acclaimed because its dimensions approximate those of a sheet of paper -- is even better on the M1400. A new screen technology provides an almost unlimited viewing angle (160 to 170 degrees). Coupled with the ease of switching between portrait and landscape display modes, the new wide-view screen enhances presentation sharing and real-time tablet PC collaboration. The new screen also improves the user experience while walking, standing or sitting, and especially when viewing the tablet PC on a flat surface.

Industry-Leading Audio -- Now you can toss the headset and external microphone. The M1400 ushers in Motion's Speak Anywhere(tm) audio system. Speak Anywhere combines an advanced dual microphone array with new user-configurable software that features acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression to reduce background sound. It also has a "beam forming" capability, which gives users the flexibility to accept a narrow or wide range of sound.

Mobility As Never Before -- Integrated Bluetooth technology coupled with Wi-Fi support via an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 BG 802.11 card makes the thin, lightweight M1400 Motion's most untethered product ever.

Advanced Security -- The M1400's built-in fingerprint reader protects critical data and network resources. Several software features also bolster security, such as the capability to password-protect the system's BIOS setup and hard disk drive.

New Power Management Capabilities -- In addition to leveraging the energy savings of Intel Centrino mobile technology, the M1400 provides two new features that enhance power and thermal management. The ambient light sensor automatically measures surrounding light and adjusts display brightness for maximum use and optimum viewing. The M1400 also uses display power saving technology that maximizes backlight power efficiency.

More Ink-Enabled Software -- For M1400 buyers, two new applications have been added to the $34.99 Motion Pak, a popular bundled software option. xThink Calculator is an ink-enabled, free-form calculator that allows users to perform handwritten computations, and Alias SketchBook Pro enables users to draw, paint and express ideas visually. Other Motion Pak titles include OneNote 2003, Virtual Drive, Microsoft Reader, Colligo and Streets and Trips.

"Motion has engineered across-the-board tablet PC enhancements that come together as a compelling product for mobile professionals who need full-function computing wherever they work," said Georg Bangs, president and CEO of ICON Computing Solutions, a Mobile, Ala.-based value-added reseller specializing in healthcare, government and field sales and service. "We expect this product to open up a huge marketplace."

The Motion M1400 is available now from Motion's international network of value-added resellers or at It comes with a standard one-year limited warranty that is extendable to two or three years, and is compatible with Motion's wide range of M1200 and M1300 accessories. 1:37 an

Motion Refreshes TabletPC
PC World -

Slate-style M1400 runs Intel's new 1.1-GHz Ultra Low Voltage Pentium M.

Tom Krazit, IDG News Service Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Motion Computing is unveiling the third generation of its slate Tablet PC at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, complete with a new processor from Intel and improved display and microphone capabilities

Intel's new 1.1-GHz Ultra Low Voltage Pentium M processor powers the M1400. A base configuration comes with 256MB of PC2700 (333-MHz) DDR SDRAM, a 20GB hard drive, and a six-cell lithium ion battery for $1999.

The M1400 is the same size and weight as the M1300 that preceded it, says Mark Rylander, director of software and peripherals marketing at Motion Computing. Motion's early customers in vertical markets such as health care and field sales were pleased with the size of the display and the portability of the unit, he adds.

However, some users complained that the 12.1-inch display is not visible to colleagues who try to view information over their shoulders or across a table, Rylander says. The display of the new Tablet PC allows a wider viewing angle of up to 170 degrees, he says.

The display can also sense and react to changing levels of light and adjust the display's brightness for improved viewing and longer battery life. 1:35 am

Intel Readies New Mobile CPUs
PC World 

The chip giant will add faster processors to its Low Voltage and Ultra Low Voltage Pentium M processor families, as well as introducing new Celeron M processors.

The new chips are the 1.3-GHz Low Voltage Pentium M, the 1.1-GHz Ultra Low Voltage Pentium M, the 1.4-GHz Celeron M, and the 900-MHz Ultra Low Voltage Celeron M

The Low Voltage processors consume 12 watts of power, and the Ultra Low Voltage chips consume a mere 7w of power. They can be used in ultraportable notebooks and Tablet PCs that require thin designs. The Ultra Low Voltage chips can be used in systems without a cooling fan, such as Motion Computing's new M1400 Tablet PC, also being introduced Wednesday. 1:31 am

VARs needed to show off latest Motion Computing tablet

Motion Computing will be counting on its VARs to run out to their customers starting today, with its latest Tablet PC that the company hopes will sell customers who see it on at least one new feature.

The Austin, Texas-based manufacturer of ultramobile computing and wireless communications is touting the Motion M1400 Tablet PC as the first slate device with a new wide viewing angle that that won't fade when tilted in almost any direction.

"When people see this screen they just go 'wow'. There is nothing like this viewing angle on any notebook or tablet -- period!" said Peter Lewis, director of international business development for Motion Computing.

The new screen technology provides an almost unlimited viewing angle of 160 to 170 degrees. Users can also quickly and easily switch between portrait and landscape display modes.

"It's absolutely critical for VARs to demo this unit for customers. What has to happen is that people have to see it. You can talk about it all day long but they absolutely have to see the screen," he emphasized.

Lewis did say that although the new viewing angle will amaze users, it won't simply sell the unit on its own.

"Just because we have a great screen and all of the goodies on it, that doesn't overcome the fact that you still have to sell customers on why they would want a Tablet PC in their organization," he said. "Once a VAR sells them on why they would want a tablet and the benefits that it can bring them, then they can stress that the M1400 is the right product, right place, at the right time and that it will stand out from everything else." 1:24am

Tablet PCs on the mind

Apple Computer may be renowned for the allegiance it inspires among users, but it would be hard to match the level of devotion I heard last night during a dinner of Tablet PC enthusiasts. (In fact, I felt a little sheepish scribbling notes in my low-tech reporter's notebook.) The dinner was held by Microsoft's Tablet PC team for its MVPs, or most valuable professionals, people the company recognizes for their leadership in Microsoft-related technical communities.

About 1,500 MVPs related to all sorts of product groups are in Seattle and Redmond this week for their annual summit. They are hearing from executives including Windows chief Jim Allchin and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. (Those speeches aren't open to the general public or press this year.)

The Tablet PC aficionados at the dinner last night included Spencer Goad, of Tablet PC Buzz; Fritz Switzer of; Linda Epstein of TabletPC2; Lora Heiny of TabletPCPost; Loren Heiny, a.k.a. the Incremental Blogger; Dennis Rice, a.k.a. TabPCMan; Peter Rysavy of Tabula PC 1:19 am

Next generation of 'smart' products poised to bring networking Home
Wilson County News

The model in the photo reclines on a trendy, modern lawn chair, soaking up the sun, a Tablet PC at her side. She appears to be cooking dinner via a home computer network while catching some rays.

"Say 'Hello' to the kitchen of the future," says the Internet Home Alliance on its Web page.
The intelligent home, filled with "smart" appliances, is no longer just science fiction. The first generation of such devices for the kitchen and other parts of the home is in stores today.

Research for the next wave of products is being done by the Internet Home Alliance, a consortium that includes IBM, Microsoft, Panasonic and other major corporations. Other companies are developing similar kinds of devices. 1:16 am

Top Prudential Real Estate Brokerage Chooses Criterion's REDTablet Mobile Office; Prudential California Realty -- San Bruno Endorses Tablet PC-based Mobile Office for its Agents
Business Wire

Criterion Corporation today announced that Prudential California Realty -- San Bruno, Prudential's most productive single-office real estate brokerage in North America, has selected Criterion's REDTablet(TM) Mobile Office for its 128 agents.

Criterion's REDTablet Mobile Office ( provides the tools real estate agents need to assist clients and manage real estate transactions entirely from the field. Armed with the award-winning Motion Computing Tablet PC, built-in wireless WAN card, portable printer and a digital camera, agents have anytime access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and email via the Internet. They also can use the Tablet PC's digital pen to take handwritten notes during an open house, complete real estate contracts, snap a photo and print out a "Just Listed" flyer for a listing presentation, and maintain electronic files for each transaction. These features, and more, eliminate cumbersome paper files and frequent time-wasting trips back to the office.

"Criterion has put together a package of technology tools that is perfect for the real estate professional," said Larry Franzella, president of Prudential California Realty -- San Bruno, a member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. "The REDTablet Solution is a very powerful tool that puts our agents ahead of the competition." 1:13 am

Field2Base Launches ConstructConnect: Mobile, Wireless ``Tablet PC'' Field Application for Advanced Construction Communication
Business Wire

Tablet PC Enables Field Personnel to Manage, Send, and Receive Multi-Format Data: CADs, Photos, Sketches & Paper Forms

Field2Base(TM), Inc., a pioneer in information mobility, today announced commercial availability of its comprehensive construction industry solution, ConstructConnect(TM). ConstructConnect offers a complete set of mobile performance and productivity tools for job site personnel, including field superintendents, project managers, architects, engineers, inspectors, and field sales.

ConstructConnect utilizes highly innovative, patent-pending software applications designed specifically for Tablet PCs, and combines them with enhanced wireless data communications capability that links ConstructConnect users to the Internet or corporate servers via cell phone or WiFi data networks. 1:11 am

WIN a Toshiba Portege 3500 convertible tablet PC

Mortgage Introducer is currently running a series of articles called 'Mortgage events that shook the world'. Write in with your thoughts and you could win this fantastic prize.
The last issue covered was the morgage endowment scandal. What are your thoughts of this event? Has your business been affected? How do you think this event shaped the industry we have today? Mortgage Introducer is interested in your experience of the event. So, why not write to us and let us know?

Each month the letter or e-mail judged to be the best, will win a fantastic Toshiba Portege 3500 convertible tablet PC, courtesy of BM Solutions. With all the functionality of today's notebook computer, the Portégé 3500 is distinctively designed for on-the-go customers who rely on a combination of notebook PCs, planners, handhelds, and post-it notes to conclude their work. 1:06 am

Personal Productivity

OneNote, a digital note-taking application that enables individuals and teams to capture, organize, find, reuse and share notes on any laptop, desktop or Tablet PC, combines the flexibility of a paper notebook with the efficacy of digital media to increase user productivity.

Judges were most impressed with OneNote's ability to capture information. From within the application, users can gather or create information in Office or on the Web. The application also enables users to organize, edit and search different types of data, be it text, audio or a photocopy of a Web site.

Because it enables users to write notes on documents and then organize those documents in a manner that is easily searchable, OneNote is a solid and useful application to knowledge workers in the field—particularly those who take full advantage of mobile hardware such as the Tablet PC.

Microsoft is not known for getting it right the first time around, but the eWEEK Excellence Awards judges agreed the software company hit the right note with this new application. 12:57 am


April 8, 2004

Women in technology

In a situation where women have to be extremely competitive to get recognition and acceptance, the women MVPs are also extremely supportive of each other. Each time I ran into Julia and Linda they were introducing me to Kathleen, Laura, Janni, and down the line we went.

At one point, even Heather, Zoe, and Gretchen were even questioned about how they felt about the ratio of women to men. They were respectfully curious about the conversation.

So what are the options? How do we support / recognize those who are actively participating in one way or another? How do we help to keep young women participating?

Microsoft Celebrates Customers At The 2004 MVP Global Summit!

The MVP Global Summit is the single most important event for renewing the ongoing relationships and personal interaction with community leaders. For more information see The 2004 MVP Global Summit!.

The 2004 MVP Global Summit provides an opportunity for Microsoft to acknowledge and thank this community. The overall goals of the Summit are follows:

Motion Debuts Tablet PC With New Intel Pentium M

Motion Computing on Wednesday unveiled a new Tablet PC that's powered by the just-released Intel Pentium M 1.1GHz processor, and features the first-ever slate-style, 12.1-inch display with a wide viewing angle.

Motion's M1400 Tablet PC runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, boasts integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth wireless capabilities, and sports a built-in fingerprint reader for system log-on authentication.

The fingerprint scanner, based on an AuthenTech chipset and Softex's OmniPass password management software, can be used not only for log-on, but also to password-protected the tablet's hard drive as well as to sign-on to Web sites simply by running the index finger across the reader.

New screen technology within the M1400 allows a 160- to 170-degree viewing angle; the screen mode can also be switched between portrait and landscape for viewing documents in the former, and spreadsheets in the latter.

Dawn of a New PC
CIO Asia

Many enterprises are also looking at portable systems other than notebooks. Tablet PCs may be an alternative for many users, particularly those who need to work with large amounts of text or numeric data away from their desks. Tablets, which are designed to mimic the dimensions of a large paper notebook, include an operating system that lets users jot down information with a stylus. Mike Stinson, vice president of mobile products for Gateway, predicts that pen-based input will be a requirement of most portable system users by 2005. "It's just an easier way to take notes," he observes. U.S. tablet PC shipments are set to climb from 260,000 units in 2003 to 2.25 million in 2005, according to statistics compiled by IDC

Stylish tablet packs features into nifty-looking package
New Zealand Herald

Next in the dream line-up is pretty much any top-end Toshiba laptop - and the M200 tablet PC would suit just fine.

The machine is Toshiba's second generation of the hybrid tablet - a laptop that allows its screen to be reversed and folded flat for scribbling on in digital ink, or watching movies without a keyboard jutting out

For wireless home networkers that means you can record TV signals from the desktop in your office using a TV tuner card, then stream the recorded video to your tablet, which you can carry around the house.  The tablet can also become a type of remote control, allowing you to select songs or access email or Word files from the comfort of the couch.   In the workplace, being able to scribble pages of notes in digital ink during meetings is pretty useful.

The M200 is much improved on its predecessor. For one thing, Toshiba has got rid of that bulky swivel hinge and the straightforward keyboard layout has hot buttons to trigger features like the wireless connection.

The M200 is powered by a 1.4GHz Pentium M Intel Centrino processor and comes standard with 512MB of Ram. An NVIDIA GeForce card with 32MB of memory is plenty for moderately flashy games and video editing. A 60GB (gigabyte) hard drive provides good storage. A 30cm TFT screen has a crisp SXGA (super extended graphics array) 1400 X 1005 resolution.

Review: Motion Computing M1400

we're happy to heap some praise on Motion Computing's M1400. This is the first slate with a 12.1-inch screen to eliminate the bad viewing angle, providing crisp, colorful images no matter which way you look at the screen. Once you check out the M1400, our new Editors' Choice, you won't want another model.

The M1400's design centers the LCD, placing all buttons at the bottom (or top, depending on the orientation you use). A built-in ambient-light sensor technology helps save battery life, too, making the screen only as bright as a room demands.

$2,114 direct
Spec Data:
1.1-GHz Pentium M ULV, 512MB DDR 333 SDRAM, 20GB hard drive, 12.1-inch XGA screen, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g wireless, 3.1 pounds

Gorgeous screen with wide viewing angles, accurate array microphones and fingerprint sensor, terrific ink-aware software bundle
Somewhat weak wireless performance, average benchmark results, case should be more rugged
Bottom Line:
The Motion Computing M1400 has the best tablet PC screen around, along with robust ease-of-use features that add to a solid pen-based computing experience.

Motion Tablet Boasts New Pentium M, Leading-Edge Features

When Intel Corp. rolls out its 1.1GHz Pentium M mobile processor today, Motion Computing Inc. will be among the many OEMs touting new systems built around the chip.

The 3-year-old, privately held Motion will release the M1400 Tablet PC, a 3-pound tablet that offers a handful of leading-edge technologies, such as fingerprint scanning for quick authentication and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness to suit a user's location.

The $1,999 notebook, designed by Motion and built by partner Compal Electronics Inc. of Taiwan, also features integrated Bluetooth and built-in WLAN support through Intel's 802.11b/g card. In addition, the unit supports up to 2GB of memory and a 12.1 XGA TFT wide-viewing display.

The built-in fingerprint scanning technology, which is based on an AuthenTec Inc. chipset and Softex Inc.'s OmniPass password management software, allows for system authentication, but has also a kind of single-sign-on ability. As a result, M1400 users surfing the Web need only run their index finger across the fingerprint reader that's built into the top of the chassis instead of entering a password.

Also new with the M1400 is the system's Speak Anywhere audio system that features such technologies as beam forming dual microphones, which allow users to record a wide range of sound in order to pick up the voices of people in a meeting. Users can also record with a narrow range of sound and, through acoustic echo cancellation technology, can record their own voice clearly and without background noise.

Intel Readies New Mobile CPUs
PC World

Intel is introducing four new mobile processors for ultraportable systems at the Intel Developer Forum in Tokyo on Wednesday, the company says.

The chip giant will add faster processors to its Low Voltage and Ultra Low Voltage Pentium M processor families, as well as introducing new Celeron M processors.

The new chips are the 1.3-GHz Low Voltage Pentium M, the 1.1-GHz Ultra Low Voltage Pentium M, the 1.4-GHz Celeron M, and the 900-MHz Ultra Low Voltage Celeron M

The Low Voltage processors consume 12 watts of power, and the Ultra Low Voltage chips consume a mere 7w of power. They can be used in ultraportable notebooks and Tablet PCs that require thin designs. The Ultra Low Voltage chips can be used in systems without a cooling fan, such as Motion Computing's new M1400 Tablet PC, also being introduced Wednesday

Ballmer the undaunted

In describing his attitude these days, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is "super optimistic."

Microsoft would appear to have a long list of serious concerns: the recent antitrust setback in Europe, including a proposed $613 million fine; ongoing security issues with the Microsoft's software; a stagnant stock price; the steady encroachment from Linux; and a murky release date for the next version of Windows.

Undaunted, Ballmer prefers to maintain that the company's legal worries are abating and that Microsoft is poised to release exciting products for homes and businesses.

There is a perception that you get in the game only after it is hot.
Sometimes, we get in when it is still cold. TV software--believe me, we have been investing in software for the television experience long before we can make money, anyway. The number of people who will be there when that thing takes off who were there when we all started is very small. Pen-based computing--I think we got in early. We've sold hundreds of thousands of tablets. We haven't sold millions.


April 9, 2004

Motion Computing Generation Three Tablet PC !

Motion Computing continues to be the most inovative Tablet PC manafacturer.   The first to bring out a third generation Tablet PC,  wide viwing angle, Speak Anywhere™ technology for advanced voice input and recording. Dual array  microphones and more....

Motion Computing Launches Third-Generation TabletPC

JLT debuts ruggedized tablet

The 2.87-pound G-Force 850 ruggedized tablet PC is JLT Mobile Computers Inc.'s first foray into the ruggedized tablet PC space.

The tablet qualifies for protection class IP-65, which means it is protected from dust and low-pressure water jets. With its fold-back cover in place, it can withstand total water immersion or firehose-strength spraying, according to JLT officials. It can also sustain a three-foot drop onto concrete with the cover open.

The G-Force 850 features an 800 x 600 8.4-inch touch screen display that automatically brightens for viewing in direct sunlight and backlights for nighttime use.

The unit does not come with integrated wireless connectivity, but the PC Card slot supports all forms of wireless and radio modem communications. It also features USB, Firewire and PS/2 ports.

Number crunchers will be happy to learn that JLT also offers a version of the tablet with a keypad.

The tablet is powered by a 600 MHz Transmeta Crusoe TM 5400 processor and comes with 64M, 128M or 256M of memory. Two CF type II card slots each support 256M of flash memory. One is for Microsoft Corp. Windows XP use and the other, which can be swapped with a 1G or 2G — and the soon-to-be-released 5G — micro drive, is for user applications.

A second G-Force model, available later this year, will offer a 10.4-inch display.

The G-Force 850 starts with a list price of $4,000.  9:58 am

Meet the Movers Behind the First PC
PC World

Although few outside of the world of computer research might know who they are, Bob Taylor, Alan Kay, Charles "Chuck" Thacker, and Butler Lampson probably should be household names.

Together at PARC, the four designed and built in 1973 the first device that resembled what we now know as the personal computer. It's pretty much agreed that Taylor was the "impresario" who guided the project, Kay supplied the vision (including laptops and tablet PCs replete with wireless connections),

Thacker engineered the computer known later as the Xerox Alto, and Lampson created its operating system. Thacker and Lampson also worked on Microsoft's Tablet PC technology. Former colleague Kay originated the idea back at PARC as "the Dynabook," a handheld, lightweight, notebook-size computer that is easily carried and has a flat, writable screen and a wireless connection to the world around it. Sound familiar? 9:52 am

April 10, 2003

Motion Computing Generation Three Tablet PC !

Motion Computing continues to be the most inovative Tablet PC manafacturer.   The first to bring out a third generation Tablet PC,  wide viwing angle, Speak Anywhere™ technology for advanced voice input and recording. Dual array  microphones and more....


Windows XP SP2 Will Bring Tablet PC Improvements

Tablet PC users, however, will be particularly impressed with the upgrade. In addition to all the bug fixes and security enhancements that any XP user can expect from XP SP2, Tablet PC users will see their OS upgraded to a new version of the Tablet PC OS, dubbed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2004. Code-named Lonestar, this version of the Tablet PC OS is dramatically enhanced over the initial version, which was one of the more mature Windows releases I've evaluated.

In the original XP Tablet PC Edition, Microsoft included an Input Panel window, which is typically docked to the bottom of the screen. This panel lets a pen-toting user enter text in text boxes and other interfaces in applications that aren't specifically designed to work with a Tablet PC. The Input Panel is a nice feature--and it lets Microsoft tout that Tablet PCs are supersets of traditional notebooks--but using the tool is a bit ponderous. Consider the steps you need to complete to fill out a simple Web form: Select the first form field with the stylus, click in the Input Panel, and write the value you wish to enter. If the handwriting-recognition software transcribes your writing to text correctly, click the next field; otherwise, highlight the entry and correct it. Repeat the process for each form field.

XP Tablet PC Edition 2004 offers an easier data entry method. Although an improved Input Panel is still available at the bottom of the screen, the OS now sports in-place form-field editing: Click a form field with the stylus and a small version of the Input Panel appears right there--no need to move between the form elements and the bottom of the screen. This in-place editing feature is handy, but the Input Panel has been further improved. Now, as you enter text, you can edit it on the fly, ensuring that the text you enter in the form is correct the first time. Nice.

The original Tablet PC devices were hampered primarily by weak Pentium III processors and poor battery life, but 2004 versions are benefiting from the emergence of powerful and power-thrifty Pentium M processors. PC makers, meanwhile, are shipping Tablet PCs in various sizes and shapes, with some companies--notably Gateway--even offering Tablet PC versions of existing notebooks for just a small premium. These machines, I suspect, point to the future of the Tablet PC and suggest that mainstream success is inevitable. I'm hoping to review some recent Tablet PC designs soon, however, to test that hypothesis.

XP Tablet PC Edition 2004 will ship by June 2004 as part of XP SP2. It will be a free upgrade for existing Tablet PC customers and will be available for download from the Microsoft Web site.  2:31 am

Jeddah School Launches E-Education Program
Arab News

A Jeddah-based girls’ school has launched an e-education program it says makes school bags “a thing of the past”.

The model experiment is sponsored by IT giant Microsoft, which is planning to extend it to other schools as part of a potentially lucrative drive to promote e-education in the Kingdom.

The Al-Bayan Model School for Girls, has switched over to e-learning in ten intermediate-level classes, according to Khaled Al-Dhaher, Microsoft Arabia’s general manager.

The program is centered around an “e-class” server which facilitates the learning process.

“The girls come with a tablet PC to follow the Ministry of Education-approved curriculum, which is completely electronic. So is the teaching process — from the running of classes to the exams, homework and interaction between students and teachers,” he said at a press conference here. 2:28 am


April 12, 2004

Motion Computing Unveils Partnership Program to Promote Tablet PC Software, Hardware Development; Seven Companies Sign Up as Charter Members
Business Wire

Motion Computing has initiated a partnership program to encourage the development of third-party software and hardware products for tablet PCs. Motion is a leading provider of slate tablet PC products for healthcare, field sales and service, government and education.

The partnership program, unique in its scope, is available to independent software and hardware vendors (ISVs and IHVs) that have or are developing products aimed at driving the acceptance of ink-enabled computing across a broad spectrum of industries. The program stems from Motion's continued work helping hundreds of companies develop tablet PC-related products.

A dedicated ISV/IHV team will provide a broad range of development, technical, sales and marketing support to Motion's partners. Benefits include discounted Motion products including the recently announced Motion M1400 Tablet PC, access to Motion's extranet for ISV developers, sales demonstrations, training and joint marketing programs.

"Motion Computing's partnership program is an initiative that builds on the power and versatility of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation," said Andrew Dixon, director of marketing for tablet PC at Microsoft Corp. "This collaborative effort will help ISVs and IHVs develop compelling ink-enabled solutions that truly adapt to the way mobile professionals work."

Charter partnership members and their products include:

-- Agilix Labs: Agilix GoBinder(tm), content organizer for students, and Agilix Mobilizer(tm) for Blackboard

-- Alias(R): Alias(R) SketchBook(tm) Pro sketching, annotation and presentation software

-- Criterion Corp.: (Real Estate Dashboard) REDTablet software for real estate professionals

-- Design Universe: E-Pen&Forms Builder, electronic forms creation software for tablet PC

-- Ergotron: Ergonomic carts, wall mounts and desk mounts for the Motion tablet PC

-- Mi-Co: Mi-Forms Software System, electronic forms creation software for tablet PC

-- Mindjet: MindManager X5.1 Pro brainstorming and planning software for tablet PC

For more information on Motion's partnership program, visit 6:52 am


iAnywhere Extends Sync and Go Web Application Support to Tablet PCs

New version of M-Business Anywhere adds tablet support to industry's leading solution for  delivering mobile web content and applications. New features also include monitoring and reporting capabilities as well as internationalized support for global deployments.

"M-Business Anywhere is the only solution in the industry that enables developers to create mobile web applications for deployment on such a wide range of devices. For example, existing web applications designed for delivery to PDAs can now be seamlessly deployed to tablets. 4:06 AM

What next?

You don’t have to be a "true believer" to understand and accept Tablet PCs. For many people, it’s just a useful tool. A tool that can help them work away from their desks, jot down notes, fill out forms efficiently, draw on a computer with a smoothness previously unseen with computer technology, and hey, even get rid of that yucky touchpad that everyone seems to hate. Better yet, the Tablet PC is the now-generation of notebook technology and by simply adding a pen to a mobile computer it changed the way we can work. How wonderful is that?  4:04 am

April 13, 2004

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Chat Today at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

"Join the Tablet PC product team today, April 13, at 3:00pm Pacific time. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition paves the way for the most versatile computing experience ever. The mobility of Tablet PC is combined with ink and speech tools to let you take your PC too many more places and use it in many new ways. You bring the questions, we will supply the experts.

Tablet PC offers security

Motion Computing adds fingerprint scanning and a wide angle screen to its new tablet device

Mobile specialist Motion Computing last week introduced a new Tablet PC ultraportable aimed at mobile workers and offering increased processing power, better security and an improved screen.

To differentiate the M1400 device from other Tablet PC designs, Motion has equipped it with a wide-viewing-angle 12in LCD screen, a fingerprint scanner for secure log-in, and directional microphones to improve sound quality for voice recognition and audio note taking.

Because a portable's screen backlight is one of the major drains of battery power, Motion has equipped the M1400 with a light sensor that allows the device to automatically adjust the display brightness to the ambient conditions.

Toal said that Motion sees voice input as a promising application for Tablet PCs, and has included improved Speak Anywhere technology for this.

"Voice is good for note-taking and gathering supporting information, but limitations in the microphones on laptops usually mean you need a headset," he said. The Speak Anywhere system consists of a dual microphone array and software to focus on a particular speaker, filtering out other noise.

The software can also cancel out echoes, which have been a major problem for voice over IP (VoIP) applications, Toal said.

Motion provides a "swipe" finger scanner for security because this is easier to use in the field than a password or PIN to log in, according to Toal.

A password management application can also deliver stored passwords to web sites when authorised by a finger swipe. The Motion M1400 comes with integrated Bluetooth capability, which works alongside an 802.11b/g wireless LAN adapter. 10:52 am

Psion Teklogix to resell Xplore's ix104 rugged Tablet PC as integral part of global mobile computing solutions
Yahoo News

Xplore Technologies Corp. (TSX:XPL - News), a leading international developer, producer and distributor of rugged wireless Tablet PC computer systems, and Psion Teklogix, (LSE:PON - News), a leading global provider of solutions for mobile computing and wireless data collection, today announced they have entered into a value added Systems Integration agreement. Psion Teklogix will now sell Xplore's ix104 family of rugged wireless Tablet PC systems as part of its comprehensive mobile computing and wireless data collection solutions for targeted global industries and business applications including airports, field service, automotive, supply chain/cold chain, government, ports and transportation.

Xplore's iX104 family of rugged mobile computing systems provides multiple benefits to enterprise and vertical market clients seeking to implement Tablet PC systems. As an increasing number of job functions and tasks are handled by mobile personnel, the functionality and ruggedness of mobile computing tools needs to keep pace. Xplore's Renegade(TM) line of Tablet PCs is designed for mobile applications that require reliable operation and durability in harsh environments such as extreme operating temperatures, rain, dust, intense vibration and 4 foot drops to concrete. For more challenging environments, Xplore's fully rugged All Terrain(TM) Tablet PC models are UL1604 Hazardous Material Certified and IP67 rated.

Additionally, Xplore's Dual Mode(TM) versions of the Renegade and All Terrain combine an active digitizer and a resistive touch screen which provide users the ability to use either an active stylus for applications that require digital inking for greater accuracy and finger touch input for more utility-centric input requirements. Xplore's iX104 family of products is engineered and third party tested to Military Standards (MIL-STD-810F) for extreme operating conditions. 10:40 am

Acer to Showcase Range at Gitex

Acer Computer (M.E.) Ltd today announced that it will display the widest variety of products ever to visitors attending Gitex Saudi Arabia, which is being held in Riyadh from April 18 to 22. Groundbreaking products from the company’s home-entertainment, desktop PC and notebooks ranges are tipped to make a major impact on visitors to the exhibition.

Acer is also making a strong push for the kingdom’s corporate sector, offering a broad portfolio of notebooks and tablet PCs. Strong levels of interest are expected for Acer’s TravelMate 800, which has been selling well across the region. The model was the first Centrino-based notebook PC available on the global market, and became a firm favourite among travelling business people across the Middle East. 10:38 am


April 14, 2004

ASI Entertainment and Air One Launch Broadband Wireless Wireless Electronic Cockpit Data Link

ASI Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB:ASIQ) in conjunction with Air One, Italy's largest privately owned airline, announced today the successful launch of G3CARS, a world's first G3 based cockpit communications and reporting system.

The system successfully completed functional testing on Air One's Boeing 737 transmitting the aircraft logbook and email from the cockpit into a central server. At the completion of each flight, Air One's pilots, using an onboard TabletPC, completed and transmitted the Logbook into a central database. The system transmitted both the electronic data and ink formats so that the logbook could be reproduced at any location in the original format. The system connected to the server via the new G3 network. H3G provided the network, which proved to be reliable and extremely fast.  9:58 am

Atlas Copco Compressors Inc. Chooses FieldCentrix Enterprise to to Increase Customer Service and Efficiency of Their Service Operation

Atlas Copco Compressors Inc. has chosen to equip their field technicians with FX Mobile software running on Panasonic Toughbook(R) 18 Tablet PCs. Newly supported by FieldCentrix, the Tablet PC platform combines the power of Windows XP with the convenience of pen-based laptop computing.
"The Toughbook 18 is ideal for FieldCentrix customers like Atlas Copco," said Rance Poehler, president and general manager from Panasonic Computer Solutions Company. "It is powerful enough to support FieldCentrix's robust field service management applications while providing a mobile solution that is rugged, lightweight, wireless and versatile."  9:51 am


Motion Computing spins out new partner program

Motion computing has made a move to support its channel partners that develop both hardware and software for its Tablet PCs, which the company expects will continue to be key in driving the adoption of pen computing.

Debbie Crosek, director of segment marketing for Austin, Texas-based Motion Computing, said the company has been working with over a 100 developer partners including independent software and hardware vendors over the past year-and-a-half to enhance the adoption of Tablet PCs running Windows XP Tablet PC edition operating system.

Other program benefits include discounts on Motion Computing's slate Tablet PCs, including the M1400 that was launched last week. Also partners will have access to Motion's extranet for ISV developers, sales demonstrations, training, and joint advertising and marketing programs. Crosek said that those software developers that want to take their current applications and make them ink-optimized will also have the opportunity to purchase a Tablet Development Kit for US $500 off of the MSRP.

The program has been designed to accelerate the development of a critical mass of ink-enabled software and hardware products for vertical markets such as healthcare, field sales and service, government and education.  9:47 am


April 15, 2004

Tablet PC Dictionary Tool 1.0.1 (Update)

the most notable changes are:
• Supports importing of txt files that have non ASCII characters correctly.
• Support Backup of your custom user dictionary.
• Support Restore of your backup to the user dictionary.
• The UI looks like an XP App (back then I didn't know about Application.EnableVisualStyles();
• Only works with .NET Framework 1.1 (sorry, no time to test on 1.0).
• Resizing and non standard Windows resolutions should be fixed.
• Fixed a bug when entering an empty string into the add text field. 12:04 pm

Time To Think Beyond Vertical Markets

For a year and a half now, most people have agreed that Tablet PCs sell most easily to vertical markets and software vendors need to develop for vertical markets. That approach was a good start.

On one level Tablet PCs allow people to work the same as we do with other tools, like ink pens, mechanical pencils, and paper. The design of the hardware and the software still allows computers to do what computers do best, but in a way that people aren't completely bound to vestigal tech-conventions. All this means that you can use the Tablet PC for more tasks than you could use that dinosaur desktop.

Potentially, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition could take over the entire Windows XP Professional version before the release of Microsoft Longhorn. Yes, the addition of a pen and ink coupled with the shift toward people replacing old computers with notebooks over desktops could put Tablet PC Edition in a very interesting growth position in 2005 and 2006. (Don't laugh too hard. Making the digital pen ubiquitous is an intriguing situation to review.)

Any growth depends on a tremendous coordination effort between Microsoft, hardware manufacturers, and software vendors. Not only do they have to support product that is released, they constantly have to review, design, and then create several stages of "what's next".  11:58 am

InfoPath 2003 Service Pack Out

Extending its forms creation application, Microsoft Corp. made available on Feb. 23 InfoPath 2003 Service Pack, a preview of the Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack, expected in late June.

InfoPath is aimed primarily at Microsoft Office users who create forms-based applications, such as sales or expense reports, that use XML to gather information from one source and route it to another, said Microsoft’s Bobby Moore, an InfoPath product manager.

In addition to features for Office users—including digital signatures, e-mail attachments and the ability to recognize handwriting from the Tablet PC—Service Pack 1 offers capabilities that Microsoft hopes will entice enterprise developers to use InfoPath

A Windows Release By Any Other Name...
Microsoft Watch

There also are several other XP variants in the wings that Microsoft has acknowledged publicly. The next version of the Windows XP Tablet PC operating system, code-named "Lonestar," is due to ship in June, right alongside Windows XP SP2. And Microsoft is set to release Windows XP 64-bit Extended Edition in the latter half of this year, simultaneous with the delivery of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.  10:56 am


April 16, 2004

IT Industry Partners Launch Free Informational Events Featuring The Tablet PC
Market Wire Leszynski Group, Inc., a recognized leader in customized solutions for the tablet PC, announced today an agreement with Microsoft, Gateway Professional, and Motion Computing to jointly present a series of free educational seminars featuring the tablet PC. The seminar series is titled 'Mobile Computing with the Tablet PC' and travels to twelve US cities from April through June ( Under the inDepth™ Training brand, Leszynski Group produces a variety of unique events for the tablet PC to showcase its features, benefits, and use cases. These events educate technical and business decision makers in business enterprises and government agencies so they can make informed decisions about defining and adopting a mobile solutions strategy. During the events, real-world examples demonstrate how the tablet PC empowers mobile information workers with increased productivity and more flexible workflows, whether sitting in a sales meeting, working aboard an airplane, or collecting data in the field. Attendees have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with solution providers and to experience the tablet PC personally in a hands-on training session.

Afternoon clinics provide deeper understanding of industry solutions, including how to convert paper forms to digital forms. Other afternoon classes provide instruction in the latest software solutions that support mobile computing, such as Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint for collecting and sharing information. Amber Kinney, InfoPath Product Manager for Microsoft, says: "In these events, Leszynski Group clearly demonstrates that InfoPath forms on the tablet PC is a natural and effective business process with rapid return on investment."  9:47 am

Upcoming Events
4/21/04  Dallas, TX
4/22/04  Houston, TX
4/27/04  Los Angeles, CA
4/29/04  San Diego, CA
5/5/04  New York, NY
5/6/04  King of Prussia, PA
5/7/04  Tampa, FL
5/26/04  Bellevue, WA
5/27/04  Phoenix, AZ
6/23/04  Washington, DC
6/24/04  Detroit, MI
6/25/04  Chicago, IL

Unleash the potential of mobility in your business! See how mobile computing with the Tablet PC improves productivity, reduces data management overhead, and facilitates collaboration and information sharing.

This event will help you to evaluate the hardware and software solutions that are available now, and to make informed decisions about which solutions work best for you.

Registration is now open to sign up for the Digital Forms class at the FREE Mobile Computing with the Tablet PC events coming to your city

Half-day Clinics for even MORE inDepth training for $991PM – 5PM – includes lunch and FREE InfoPath Evaluation CD!   

(Will be held in a break-off room following the morning presentation).

Introduction to Microsoft Software Products:  InfoPath and SharePoint

Learn how to leverage the power of the new generation of “mobilized software” solutions such as Microsoft’s InfoPath and SharePoint to quickly and easily convert your current paper-based data capture processes into state-of-the-art, digital systems. In easy to understand, non-technical terms, you’ll learn what these powerful tools can do and how to put them to work in your organization.


Mobile Learning
elearning Scotland After a successful six month pilot a large pub and restaraunt chain are rolling out an el-box - a tablet PC dedicated to e-learning - to 370 of its outlets across the UK - reports Traning Zone.

The company said that while training in the hospitality industry was crucial, high staff turnover and variable shift patterns had made organising group training sessions difficult, time consuming and expensive. The company decided to turn to e-learning and as the single PC that pubs and restaurants typically own is situated in the manager's office, introduced the el-box, which is a dedicated tablet PC pre-loaded with a range of e-learning courses. 9:44 am

April 19, 2004

Santa Cruz Networks and SEE Networks Canada announce business partnership

SEE Networks Canada announced today that it has partnered with California based Santa Cruz Networks to offer a multi-site, rich-media meeting experience that combines secure, group video, voice and data sharing - all on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet PC with any headset and web camera.

"We are extremely excited by the opportunity to deliver to Canadian organizations a superior solution which allow them to conduct business and stay in contact with business and personal relationships from the office, at home, or on the road. Unlike its competitors, VidiTel uniquely supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many communications using a desktop, laptop or tablet PC. It overcomes the cumbersome performance, complexity and price barriers that have hampered rapid adoption of real-time internet communications in the past." said Ashley Marcelline, President and CEO of SEE Networks Canada.  10:55 am

Mindjet Announces Partnership With Motion Computing to Support MindManager X5 Pro For Tablet PC Software
PR Newswire

Mindjet today announced a marketing partnership with Motion Computing to promote MindManager X5 Pro for
tablet PC software in conjunction with Motion's line of tablet PCs.

"The combination of Motion hardware and Mindjet software gives business professionals access to the tools and information they need to quickly make line-of-business decisions," said David Altounian, chief product officer of Motion Computing. "The new pen-enabled version of MindManager is a robust application that is perfectly suited to run on Motion's award-winning line of ultramobile, slate tablet PCs, especially with the wide viewing angle of our recently announced M1400 Tablet PC."

MindManager X5 Pro uses XML, XSL and Web Services technologies to enable mobile workers to retrieve and visually interact with data from desktop programs, application databases, and online services such as search engines and online news organizations. The software features visual-organization capabilities and close integration with Microsoft Office(R), enabling
information workers to quickly capture, organize, and share a valuable mixture of information types.

Pricing and Availability
Mindjet software is available now for Motion Computing's M1300 and M1400 Tablet PCs in both MindManager X5 Pro ($299) and MindManager X5 ($199) versions. MindManager software is available online at 10:51am

Microsoft kicks off Student Mobility Tour in USA this week with Smartphones (and Tablet PC computers) as highlights

There is no doubt that the most fantastic system ever conceived at Microsoft is Tablet PC and exactly Tablet PC will be the focus of this year´s mobility tour of Microsoft. For students, who quite often need to draw pictures from the blackboard, Tablet PC computers are the only solution that can provide
for such functionality (it looks like Apple corporation with their iBook computers loses with Microsoft in this competition for place in student´s rucsack). However, interestingly, now also Microsoft
smartphone powered cell phones come into picture and will be prominently presented during this mobility tour (a sign that Microsoft smartphone is reaching slowly the mainstream.

To find when this tour will come to your school click here, enter "mobility tour" in the field with "Enter the Keyword" phrase and press on "Search Button" 10:45 am


Microsoft kicks off 80-college tour to demo mobile products
Daily Princetonian

Showcasing some of its newest mobile devices from Tablet PCs to Smartphones, Microsoft started an eight-week Student Mobility Tour at the Friend Center Saturday.

Tara Hadley, Microsoft's education productivity advisor, discussed the latest accessories that will enable students to access the information they need — from any location and at any time.

"We [Microsoft] want to get students informed about mobility devices since they always need to connect, communicate and collaborate, on or off campus," Hadley said.

 Princeton was Microsoft's first stop for a tour that will include almost 80 schools over the spring and fall, including Bentley College, Dartmouth College and Columbia University in the coming weeks. 10:35 am .

Microsoft Research

Rick Rashid runs Microsoft Research and says there are a lot of challenges, including making tablet PCs easier to use. "I think one of the goals we have is to be able to allow people to use handwriting as fluidly as they would be able to use typing in these environment, and in the next release of tablet software, which is actually coming out relatively soon, you'll have that capability."

Suppose you want to write a comment on a webpage. The view on the table PC is too small to write those notes comfortably. So Microsoft takes the area of interest, blows it up so you can write a comment. When you're done, the comment is save and everything goes back to its proper size. 10:20 am


April 20, 2004

Winners of the 2003 Tablet PC Awards Announced

TabletPCBuzz announced the winners of the first annual Tablet PC Awards. The awards were created by TabletPCBuzz to recognize the best Tablet PC hardware and software on the market. “Thanks to our volunteer judges, I think we have chosen a great group of winners here.” says TabletPCBuzz Executive Editor, Spencer Goad. “These software titles and hardware devices represent the very best of the Tablet PC community.”

The 2003 winners are –
•    Best Overall Hardware
o    Toshiba M200
•    Best Overall Software
o    Alias Sketchbook Pro

More information about the winners, including links to their official web-sites, can be found at  10:52 am

Seize the Work Day: Using the Tablet PC to Take Total Control of Your Work and Meeting Day
by Michael Linenberger

Seize the Work Day describes using the Tablet PC with Outlook, FranklinCovey PlanPlus and TabletPlanner, Microsoft OneNote, and other productivity tools, to help the average office work-manager get control of his/her work day and become more productive. It shows how to automate seven key work management tasks on the Tablet PC. It emphasizes the value of using the Tablet PC while in meetings, to gain back productivity lost to time spent in those meetings. It tells how to select and configure the Tablet PC for optimal work usage. The book was based on the author's experience as a VP using the Tablet PC in an executive setting. It paints a compelling picture of the Tablet PC as a very practical business tool, and assists the user in succeeding with the Tablet PC in such a setting. 7:35 am


Microsoft Delivers on Customer Requests in OneNote 2003 SP1 Preview, Quickly Taking OneNote to the Next Level
PR Newswire

Responding to enthusiastic feedback from OneNote(TM) users, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT)
today announced the release of Microsoft(R) Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 (OneNote SP1) Preview, a software update that delivers technical updates and feature enhancements requested by customers to help them better capture,
organize and share their notes and information. Customer feedback from newsgroups, surveys, focus groups and customer visits directly impacted 90 percent of the new SP1 features, including increased integration with
Microsoft Office 2003 Editions, the ability to copy notes from a Pocket PC into OneNote, and the ability to password-protect notes.

New Features Included in OneNote SP1
With SP1, customers will benefit from changes ranging from user interface enhancements to major updates that will help users capture rich information in their notebooks, organize that information more efficiently, and use it with other Microsoft Office programs. With improved sharing and security capabilities, customers using desktops, laptops or Tablet PCs can improve how they work with one another and share information with their teams.

The updated features include:

Easier Tablet PC Inking

Delete or erase notes more easily. Users can strike specific text with a simple pen gesture, or erase more naturally with pencil-like erasing improvements.

Choose from new pen style options. Users will be able to write in the style they want, using customizable pens and new pen colors. 7:31 am

Microsoft Updates OneNote
PC World

A preview version of OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 is scheduled to be available as a free download from Microsoft's Web site. Microsoft plans to release the final version shortly after the company launches SP1 for Microsoft Office, which is expected this summer, says Bobby Moore, OneNote product manager.

Moore says the update improves support for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, including adding support for tablet gestures and enhanced support for digital ink. OneNote "is getting to be more similar to Journal (Tablet PC Edition's digital ink-capture application)," Moore says.

As with most service packs, OneNote SP1 will address glitches in the product as well as overall performance. "You'll definitely see some performance improvements with the products--when you're inking, when you're searching, things of that nature," Moore said.

He said the update would fix at least the top five of ten reasons OneNote users cited for causing the application to crash. But in general, Moore added, "we haven't seen as many problems with OneNote" as with other products for which Microsoft has released service packs. 7:24 am


FieldCentrix Adds Support for Convertible Panasonic Toughbook 18 Tablet PC
Yahoo News

FieldCentrix® Inc., the largest and most experienced provider of wireless and Internet-based field service solutions, today announced its FX Mobile® software will now support the Panasonic Toughbook® 18 Tablet PC. The Tablet PC platform combines the power of Windows XP with the convenience of pen-based laptop computing, and provides FieldCentrix customers with a mobile field service management solution that is rugged, lightweight, wireless and convertible.

FieldCentrix customer Atlas Copco Compressors Inc., the US-based subsidiary of the industrial group Atlas Copco, has selected the Panasonic Toughbook 18 as the device of choice for its Compressor group's U.S.-based mobile workforce.

"Our service technicians require diagnostic tools that are only available on a laptop. However, they also wanted the ease of the touch screen found on PDAs," said David Anderson, customer services after-market manager, of Atlas Copco Compressors Inc. "FX Mobile on the Panasonic Toughbook 18 gave us the best of both worlds." 7:20 am

With a DVR, the Puck Stops Here
Wired News

When Scott Mellanby of the St. Louis Blues apparently scored the tying goal late in a recent National Hockey League playoff game with the San Jose Sharks, Sharks assistant coach Tim Hunter wasn't worried.

He quickly replayed the whole scene on his tablet PC equipped with TiVo-like functionality and verified that there was no goal. In contrast, it took officials 2.5 minutes to call up to the booth and then rule on the play.

The tech-savvy Sharks, who are now in the conference semifinals in the race for the Stanley Cup, are using a "bench monitor" to mark, review and zoom in on plays, and make adjustments to their strategy on the fly. The device also helps illustrate "coachable moments."

A digital video recorder hooked up to a server records the game and then wirelessly transmits the data to a tablet PC. Hunter can then use a stylus or a remote to mark key moments in the game -- like a goal for, goal against, power play or penalty kill -- so that he can return to them with a quick click. He can diagram over the video as well. 7: 15 am

Developing apps for the Tablet PC
The Star,

Want to learn more about the Tablet PC and how local developers can take advantage of upcoming updates? 

Then head for the Track 3 session at the Mobile Developer Conference 2004 to be held this Thursday at the Sunway Convention Centre here, where experts Tan Loke Uei and David Bochsler will give an overview of developing applications for the Tablet PC using the Tablet PC Platform SDK (software development kit). 

“This session highlights ink collection, ink manipulation, and ink recognition, with an additional focus on getting started on developing an application designed for use on a Tablet PC,” 7:12 am


April 21, 2004

Microsoft unveils OneNote preview
What PC

Microsoft has unveiled a preview release of updates and enhancements to its OneNote 2003 note-taking application.

"People like the feel of pen and paper but OneNote gives them the freedom to scribble, doodle, type and include and annotate images, audio and video clips and more in their notebooks.

Download the Free OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 Preview


Living in another world

With the help of the Tablet PC, Graham Hughes of Wimpey Homes can help customers design their own customised house and keep track of his own personal business

Buying a new home has many advantages: central heating, no shortage of power points, all mod cons, as they say. But sometimes buyers are put off by the thought that their home is next to scores of similar, even identical buildings. Wimpey Homes is out to shatter that cliché, and the Tablet PC is a chief weapon in the battle.

So how does the Tablet PC fit in? "In the Options Centres, when we were selling options, it was a very paper-based procedure. I wanted a system that was effortless for customers and sales people. So we use an ultra-light, slim Tablet PC from Toshiba which the sales people can easily carry around and write on, or just click on the options the customer chooses. It's tabulating the invoice for the customer all the time. It's then sending that information wirelessly to a printer and we can print the information for the customer to take away.

"Another benefit is that it also now links directly into our options database. It enables us to become a retailer instead of just a developer. And our staff in the Options Centres can take their emails wirelessly as well." The wireless capability of Tablet PCs helps Wimpey to show the technology at first hand to its customers, too. "With wireless, you're free to wander round the house and garden with your laptop, and the fact that the staff are using this technology makes it even more instantly appealing to customers." 10:51 am

The write stuff
Independent, UK 

Technology is here to make our lives easier, more productive, simpler. And when it works, it's irresistible. Who wants to go back to the days before answering machines or mobile phones, for instance? It's puzzling then, when there are some things that new technology doesn't manage as well as old-fashioned methods. However good your computer is, you probably still reach for a pen and paper to jot down a phone number in a hurry, or to scribble a brilliant idea on a napkin before you forget it. And you can't doodle on a PC.

The arrival of Tablet PCs has changed all that. These new, highly developed laptops have their own dedicated software - an advanced version of the cutting-edge Windows XP Professional operating system - and a stylus you can use to write on the screen. It's much more than a PC with a pen attachment, it's extremely advanced, and its minimal weight and sleek good looks don't hurt, either. Some models come in a screen-only version for ultimate portability. Of course, sometimes only a keyboard will do. That's fine: twist the Tablet screen round and you'll find a regular PC keyboard spins into view. Some even have a removable screen plus a keyboard - flexibility is everything.

The Tablet PC, then, is the laptop plus. It does everything your old laptop did and a lot more. It also has wireless capabilities built in as standard, so you can check your emails from a wi-fi enabled (that's wireless fidelity to you and me) coffee shop, say.

The huge capacity of a computer hard disk means you can store a seemingly endless quantity of notes in your Tablet, each neatly filed by title and date. You can also use the hugely responsive stylus to write, draw and (yes!) doodle in the Windows Journal program or the optional OneNote program which use electronic ink. Draw on the screen, and ink - in the colour and nib thickness you choose - appears. No more carrying notepads and cramming your top pocket full of pens.

That's all very well, but how do you find the relevant note a year or two later when you don't know the date or title of the file? Well, the software is clever enough to find a key word - even a foreign one that's not in its internal dictionary - very quickly, and as handwriting, however long ago it was written. You can modify the pages by erasing bits you no longer want, or using the highlighter pen option to pick things out. And if the original page isn't big enough, or doesn't have any room in just the right place, you can insert extra space on it. Now, why can't paper do that?  10:46 am

Letter to Stockholders - Global eScience Business Focus
Business Wire

This letter is to give our stockholders a more detailed account of the Company's current status. Global eScience has accomplished much in our last several months of operation, to include increasing our assets by $5.7 million through acquisitions. This letter gives a detailed account of the three major areas that make up the focus of the Company's Business Plan, the areas of focus are - Communications, Content, and Manufacturing.

Communication -- Our tablet PC notebook will have 802.11 embedded wireless capabilities, GPS and voice over internet protocol. This revolutionary tablet PC will be a heavy duty commercial/industrial product. Engineering is in process of evaluating time and materials to stay within our time line of a completed product by the end of our first fiscal quarter. This time line completes our first order commitment to the Petro locations in Fargo and Minot, North Dakota. With the end user in mind, we will customize notebook models to specific requirements, making it "plug and play" when they are purchased.  10:39 am

Dexterra timing on target for investors Software maker raises $16 million

Motorola, Intel and three venture capital firms have invested $16 million in Dexterra Inc., a Bothell company whose software runs on wireless devices and connects mobile workers to billing records, parts inventory and other back-end office information.

Unlike some competitors, Dexterra's software is completely built around Microsoft's .NET technology. It only works on Microsoft-powered devices such as the Tablet PC, Smartphone and Pocket PC. 10:38 am

The Products You Need for Your Home Office
Connected Home Online

Home and work can mix if you develop a sensible strategy. Aside from some of the obvious problems that are inherent when you separate your work and home lives, telecommuting can be a rewarding alternative to the drudgery of commuting, bagged lunches, and office politics, although many people miss the daily chitchat with coworkers and other social interplay. The first step in the transition to a home office is outfitting your office with the right tools. The following products will help you turn your home office environment into a workplace.

If you're truly a mobile user, however, you'll want an Intel Centrino- or Pentium M-based notebook computer or Tablet PC, both of which offer amazing battery life and excellent performance, albeit for a slightly higher price (about $2000). You can turn virtually any kind of laptop or Tablet PC into a desktop system by using a dock, to which you can connect an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals, creating an environment that's almost indistinguishable from a traditional desktop PC.

Are you considering a Tablet PC? Make sure you get a so-called convertible model, which can double as a laptop if your wrist starts to hurt from all that writing. I prefer the Toshiba Protege M200 series ($2200 and higher), but the stunning HP Compaq Tablet PC tc1100 ($1900 and higher) is smaller and technically a slate model, although it offers an innovative, clip-on keyboard. 10:37 am

Alias Launches US/Canada Seminar Tour For Automotive And Industrial Design Students And Instructors

Alias, an SGI (NYSE:SGI) company, announced today that it is launching an "Exploring Design and Innovation" seminar tour that will examine how this decade's most successful automotive and industrial designers bring their ideas to reality. Running from April 27 through May 6, the tour is aimed at students and educators and will be held in five cities located in the U.S. and Canada.

Industry experts from Astro Studios, GM(R) and Research in Motion(R) will discuss the steps they took to become today's best known innovators and will explore the tools they use to create award winning designs. Available for hands-on experimentation at each seminar will be Alias StudioTools, the leading industrial and automotive design suite of software that integrates the design process from concept, to engineering, to manufacturing; and Alias SketchBook(TM) Pro, software for sketching, annotating and presenting on a Tablet PC or Wacom(R) Tablet.

Wilson County Home Health Agency Selects Mi-Co's Data Capture Software to Streamline Collection of OASIS Healthcare Information
Business Wire

Wilson County has made the decision to use digital data capture technology from Mi-Co to collect patient information that was traditionally captured using paper and pen. After conducting research by participating in a pilot program, Debra Harris, the Wilson County Home Health Director, was convinced that the Mi-Forms solution was the right fit for their needs.

When asked why she made the decision to go digital with the assistance of Mi-Co's Mi-Forms software Mrs. Harris replied "The solution has eliminated the need for our staff to perform any re-keying of data. We collect data on the Tablet PC, Mi-Forms software converts our handwriting, and then allows us to verify the data and send it to the pre-assigned destination such as HAVEN for the OASIS form. This has tremendously increased our efficiency and has allowed our staff to spend more time with each patient. We are also making great efforts to comply with regulations set forth under HIPPA with regard to keeping patient information confidential by eliminating paper records and converting all documents to Mi-Forms digital forms."

Mi-Co is rolling out a complete solution providing Mi-Forms for Tablet PC, Mi-Forms Server running on Windows 2000 server, Mi-Forms Form Design Software, Database support and Training for 60+ staff members of the Wilson County Home Health Agency.  10:25 am

Microsoft OneNote Service Pack 1 Preview Released For Beta Testing

Microsoft Tuesday put into beta testing a significant update of its OneNote digital note-taking application that offers new video and Pocket PC support, better integration with Office 2003, realtime collaboration features and APIs to allow extensibility by ISVs and solution providers.

The preview of OneNote Service Pack 1 (SP1) was made available and the final version of the service pack will ship by the end of the summer, shortly after Office 2003 SP1, said Bobby Moore, product manager at Microsoft Office OneNote. He said Office 2003 SP1 is scheduled for release in late June and early July.

OneNote, which first shipped last October as part of the Office 2003 System, now offers a variety of new features that fit into six camps: expanded access to data sources, increased Office 2003 integration, increased sharing, improved organization/usability and extensibility.

The software also adds new support for gestures, such as scratch marks, and offers enhanced support for the Tablet PC and inking. For example, customers can now erase one letter in a word while such an attempt in the past would result in the whole word being erased, Moore notes.

One Microsoft solution provider experienced with the Tablet PC and OneNote said the enhanced integration with Office 2003 and APIs will make note-taking more useful in corporate environments. 10:22 am


April 22, 2004

Children and Technology

She enjoys surfing, skateboarding and drawing on a Tablet PC,  all at the tender age of two and a half....

Two year old Jayd finds the Toshiba M200 Tablet PC and Alias Sketchbook Pro very much to her linking.  She prefers the paintbrush, highlighter and the marker to the pencils and would like for the colors to be easier to get, and to have more colors on the palette. 

Next Microsoft Tablet PC renamed for 2005

Microsoft has changed the name for the next version of its Tablet PC operating system, which is code-named Lonestar. The update will carry the name Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 instead of having a 2004 moniker, although Microsoft said it is still slated for the middle of this year, along with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

"We had been referring to it as 2004, but with a mid-year availability date, we determined a 2005 name would suit it better, and for a longer period of time," a Microsoft representative said in an e-mail on Wednesday.


Tablet PCs Finding a Niche Market

Tablet PCs are being adopted by an increasing number of business professionals for specific mobile uses.

"The Tablet PC was initially launched with much hype and the active backing of Microsoft. Initially, sales of Tablet PCs remained constant but are now on a steady increase as they grow in popularity. In addition, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and major international IT companies continue to show faith in the Tablet PC as the future replacement for the notebook PC," he adds.

"Mobile professionals spend more and more time away from their workspaces. This increased autonomy means greater organisational power - which is where the Tablet PC is finding its niche.

"The Tablet PC is ideal for self-employed and professional users from small, medium and large corporations looking for a fully flexible notebook coupled with the efficiency and convenience of electronic ink and character recognition," he explains.

For several years, the overarching goal of business in the IT world has centred on the adoption of the fully digital, paperless office. Tablet PCs represent yet another step toward that goal, with the value proposition of eliminating pen-and-paper note taking and memo transcription from corporate enterprise.


April 25, 2004

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

Note: The official name of the next version of the Tablet PC operating system is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. We had been referring to it as 2004, but with a mid-year availability date, we determined a 2005 name would suit it better, and for a longer period of time.

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is the newest version of the Tablet PC operating system. The improved features in this release will deliver a more natural pen computing experience and offers new capabilities for developers.

Go beyond the notebook with the Tablet PC. The Tablet PC has the full power and functionality of a notebook PC, plus pen-based features that make it one of the most mobile and versatile laptops available today.


Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 will be available to you as a free upgrade if you already own a Tablet PC, and it will come installed on any new Tablet PC hardware unit purchased in the second half of 2004.

New Features

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 more tightly integrates the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) into the flow of your activities. This new version incorporates support for an In Place TIP, which will open anywhere on the page when the pen is recognized—similar to how a mouse is recognized on a desktop computer monitor. As you move around the page, the TIP will travel with you, placing the tool wherever you need it. 7:22 pm

Smell the coffee

Coffee Republic supremo Sahar Hashemi tells us how she woke up to the Tablet PC

On her lap is her Toshiba Tablet PC, one of the creative tools in her life. "I think the Tablet is such an improvement on the old laptop, which had a grey feel about it. I love the fact that you can change the colour of the pen on Tablet and that you have such an enormous choice - it saves me carrying around loads of marker pens and highlighters! I always start the day with a to-do list. It's so important to time-manage. The Tablet PC allows me to do that as I like to write it in my own handwriting and chop and change and add colours. It avoids all the messy crossing out involved in using a pen and paper.

"The difference is, as things change, I can add space to the list without having to have new pages, or cross things out as I would in a notebook."

The Tablet is also for Sahar's public speaking. She speaks without notes. "To remember my speech, I write it in different colours, straight onto the Tablet, and the colour helps it come back to me when I'm up on the podium. The Tablet is also great for carrying around: often I need to re-write my speeches at very short notice - sometimes just hours before an event - so I need to be able to write on the train or in the hotel lobby - anywhere I can find." 7:00 pm


April 26, 2002

Traveling With Your Tablet PC

Whenever Alan Pearlman fires up his Hewlett Packard TC1100 Tablet PC in court, he braces for the stares.

The Northbrook, Ill., attorney takes notes during a trial, schedules appointments, and even makes printouts of documents, thanks to a wireless printer at his desk.

"After court, I have to spend 15 minutes talking to the other attorneys about how this thing works," Pearlman says. "One thing I've learned in using a Tablet PC is that, as an attorney, I have to change the screen color to yellow, to make everyone more comfortable. That way, they think I'm using a legal pad - until they look twice."

The novelty may wear off soon. Two out of every five business users will prefer either a "convertible" or "slate" model Tablet PC by 2007, according to The Meta Group, a Stamford, Conn., market research company. A "convertible" features a tablet-sized screen with an integrated keyboard that you can fold over like a notebook PC, while a "slate" model is where the screen is detached from the keyboard and can be hooked together at a docking station. 12:34 pm

The Microsoft Tablet PC Developer Tour

The Tablet PC is a next-generation PC—the evolution of the notebook PC. Tablet PCs run the Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, which incorporates the convenient and intuitive aspects of pen and paper into the PC experience. The Tablet PC provides all the performance and features of today’s notebook PCs in an ultra-light form factor, and has the ability to run full versions of standard Windows applications. Providing advanced handwriting recognition and a natural interface for entering data using a digital pen in addition to your keyboard, the Tablet PC opens exciting new opportunities for mobile computing.

This free course provides an overview of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition features for developers, architects, systems integrators, and solution providers. Plan to spend a few hours with us and we’ll teach you what you need to know to get started. The sessions will cover:

Microsoft Tablet PC Usability Study

The Microsoft Tablet PC Usability Team is looking for a group of Tablet PC end users, whom they could arrange to meet and interview for a nationwide usability study they will be conducting in May/June. For more information about Microsoft's Usability Research program, please visit:

The focus of their upcoming Tablet PC field research study is for Microsoft's Tablet PC team to meet and talk to active TabletPC users via a face to face interview to learn more about their Tablet PC usage scenarios in addition to getting their feedback on a couple of low fidelity prototypes they have. The focus areas are:

* learning more about how people are currently using the Tablet PC in slate mode
* learning more about how people are using the Tablet PC as a mobile device
* learning more about how people are using the pen (honing down on usability issues)

For this particular wave of field visits slated for the May-June timeframe, the Tablet PC team is targeting to meet with Tablet PC "end users" (non IT Pros or Developers), who use the Tablet PC regularly as part of their work (as their primary or secondary machine). The number one priority population of users they're interested in interviewing are people who work in organizations who got a Tablet PC rolled out to them by their corporate IT departments. Their second highest priority population of users they'd like to visit are people currently using the Tablet PC as part of their work, but who didn't necessarily get their Tablet PCs rolled out to them by their organization's IT departments. These individuals could be independent business owners, people working in small to enterprise size organizations, who are actively using the Tablet PC as their work machine for their line of work. Lawyers, Sales professionals, Consultants, Educators, Trainers, Physicians, Project Managers, Construction PMs, Insurance agents, etc. are all examples of folks who might be perfect candidates for this wave of site visits  10:15 am


Motion making a move

Motion Computing Inc. is in Motion.  With plans to increase its workforce by 50 percent, the maker of tablet PCs is relocating to larger offices at Park 22 in Northwest Austin. The move will bring Motion into 35,000 square feet, up from 11,000 at 9433 Bee Caves Road in West Austin.

The new offices will give more room to the 100 current employees of Motion and leave extra space for the 50 additional employees that Motion hopes to hire by the end of the year.

Scott Eckert, president and CEO of Motion, says the company is expanding to continue grabbing market share in the tablet PC market. He says the company plans to open several European sales offices as well as introduce new products in the coming year.

The company's growth since its founding at the close of 2001 has been rapid. The startup burst onto the tablet PC scene in November 2002 against competitors such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and Fujitsu Ltd.

Less than two years later, Motion ranks No. 5 in the tablet PC business. 10:30 am

Enabling Your Mobile Workforce - Featuring Tablet PC Technology

Mobility Road Show
During this free event, you’ll learn how mobile technology from Microsoft, Intel, and industry partners can make your road warriors more productive—and better connected. 10:26 am

WalkAbout Computers Introduces Hammerhead RT Value-Class Rugged Tablet PC
Business Wire

WalkAbout Computers, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged tablet computers for mobile workers in the utility, public safety/EMS and other vertical markets, introduced their new line of Hammerhead RT value-class rugged Tablet PCs. The Hammerhead RT800 and RT933 meet the needs of previously unaddressed market demands for customers who require rugged attributes in a lighter, less expensive package. This new value-class offering, combined with their industry-leading, fully rugged, Hammerhead XRT performance-based model, gives WalkAbout a complete range of qualified rugged PC solutions.

The Hammerhead RT800 features an 800 MHz Mobile Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Processor-M with enhanced Speedstep(R) technology in a rugged magnesium housing with molded rubber bumpers for extra protection. The rugged tablet offers 256/512 MB RAM, 20/40 GB hard drive, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, legacy dock compatibility and hot-swappable batteries for seamless operations and improved productivity. The Hammerhead RT933 includes upgraded features such as 933 MHz Mobile Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Processor-M with enhanced Speedstep(R) technology, integrated Ethernet, internal radio options including GPS, CDMA and GPRS, as well as a molded shock absorbing WalkAbout carry case. Both models offer a Type III PCMCIA slot that accommodates up to two Type II PC or Cardbus cards and sealed doors that maintain the units' IP64 rating. 10:04 am


April 27, 2004

Microsoft Student Mobility Tour - 80 college campus's

Demos, Contests, Prizes

Join Representitives from Microsoft  for on campus, Hands on Tablet PC Demo days.

Products: Office, Other, Pocket PC, Tablet PC and Windows.

Demonstrating mobility. Demo on TabletPC, PocketPC, and Smartphone. 1 hour - 1st 1/2 hour demo, 2nd 1/2 hour Q&A

"To find a location near you go to and enter "mobility tour" in the field with "Enter the Keyword" phrase and press on "Search Button".

Motion Fingerprint Scanner and BlueTooth PC Card Available
motion web site

Say goodbye to remembering multiple passwords with the Motion Fingerprint Reader. As a mobile computer user, convenience and security are two of your primary concerns. The Motion Fingerprint Reader provides a convenient & robust security solution for the Motion M1200 & M1300 Tablet PCs.

The Motion Bluetooth PC Card allows un-tethered connectivity to your key peripherals such as printers, keyboards, GPS receivers, bar code scanners, and more. By eliminating the physical restriction of wires, tablet users gain greater freedom and mobility - allowing users to work "in motion" more effectively and efficiently.

Proximity Card Reader offers USB and RS-232 interfaces.
Industrial News Room, NY

Proximity Card Reader offers USB and RS-232 interfaces.

Compatible with HID's line of proximity cards and tokens, pcProx-LP targets Windows CE operating system devices, PDAs, tablet PCs, and other hand-held units. It draws 20 mW during badge reading and comes with configurable flash memory. Unit can scan proximity card and display decoded identification information on PDA's display in less than 1 sec. Applications include evacuation mustering, first responders, and mobile ID/visitor management. 9:48 am


April 28, 2004

Tablet PC's Imminent Competition

Robert (here and here) and Loren have been blogging independently about potential Tablet PC competition by Apple and Linux.

We know that competing products are imminent. For a moment, let's pretend that Apple will announce at Macworld 2005, January that it is releasing a new Tablet-like computer (called iWrite ?). What would happen to the Tablet PC?

I think the Tablet PC is in a strong position. Because Microsoft had a strong, public beta preview of the upcoming Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, we know that once again Microsoft produced a inking and handwriting recognition system superior to anything ever available on PCs or mobile devices. Add to that third-party products like GoBinder, Alias Sketchbook Pro, xThink Calculator, Tablet Enhancements for Outlook, and many other applications Microsoft will remain in a strong position while Apple plays catch-up. 10:25 am

This Year, Tablet PC Improves in Leaps and Bounds; Laptop of the Month: Acer TravelMate C300 Convertible Tablet PC
Windows & Net Magazine

I have a reputation at Windows & .NET Magazine for being the guy that doesn't like Tablet PCs. But this reputation is undeserved

With the release of a machine based on Intel's Centrino mobile platform in 2003, however, the Tablet PC's fortunes changed dramatically for the better. The Centrino--which consists of the powerful but battery-friendly Pentium M processor, an efficient supporting chipset, and a compatible wireless antenna (curiously limited to 11Mbps 802.11b technology in its initial iteration) is everything the Pentium III is not. Processing power is on a par with high-end Pentium 4 chips. And the battery life is phenomenal.

Microsoft hasn't sat still either. The company's next-generation Tablet PC OS--code-named Lonestar, but recently renamed to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005--will ship in late June and offer several enhancements over the initial release, making Tablet PC devices more viable. Best of all, XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 will be available free of charge to all Tablet PC owners. Microsoft is delivering XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 as part of XP Service Pack 2 (SP2); if you install this release on a Tablet PC device, you get the Tablet PC updates as well.

So what do Tablet PC users get with SP2 and the XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 updates? The most obvious change is a dramatically enhanced Tablet Input Panel (TIP), which makes entering digital ink more natural. Here's how it works: In the initial XP Tablet PC Edition release, the TIP would appear docked to the bottom of the screen any time you tapped the stylus in an onscreen UI element, such as an edit box. Now, the TIP appears in-place, so you don't have to keep moving the stylus up and down the screen to reach it. That is, the TIP is now a floating window that appears only when needed; it's more convenient and it doesn't take up valuable screen real estate.  10:15 am

Sprint and Sierra Wireless Introduce Sprint PCS Connection Card (TM) for Nationwide Wireless Connectivity on Enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network
Yahoo News

Sprint (NYSE: FON - News) and Sierra Wireless (Nasdaq: SWIR - News; Toronto: SW - News) today announced commercial availability of the Sprint PCS Connection Card by Sierra Wireless (PC 3300) for use on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. Optimized for superior laptop performance, the Sprint PCS Connection Card model PC3300 offers mobile customers fast and reliable wireless data access to the Internet, email and other corporate applications from any laptop computer that uses Windows® 98SE/2000/ME/XP or Tablet XP and is equipped with a PCMCIA Type II PC Card slot. 10:08 am

Palm Preps New Devices as Handheld Market Plunges
Windows & Net Magazine

But it's increasingly obvious that the PDA market is on the wane as consumers and knowledge workers move to more sophisticated multipurpose devices such as smart phones and Tablet PCs. Although palmOne still holds the number-one spot in its market, an obvious question arises: With the recent popularity of multifunction cell phones and smart phones and the rise of Tablet PCs on the high end, do traditional PDAs still offer unique value?

The Tablet PC--a step up from the PDA--is poised to explode, however. Tablet PCs got off to a slow start in 2002 but recent changes to the underlying platform--thanks to the Intel Centrino mobile technology--have dramatically enhanced the devices' battery life and processing power. And a free OS update, due in late June, will improve the Tablet PC's handwriting integration. The Tablet PC market is one area in which Microsoft will no doubt dominate but it's also a traditional PC market in which the software maker has obvious advantages. And if the Tablet PC is successful, its functionality will become the prototype for all mobile PCs.  10:06 am

The Most Complete SD I/O Card Provider in the World
Business Wire

Pretec Electronics Corp., the inventor of CompactI/O (CF I/O card) since 1997, demonstrates seven (7) new Secure Digital (SD) I/O cards for PocketPC and Palm OS PDA at Pretec booth #IW233B of the North America Retail Vision event here at Hyatt Grand Champions Resort & Spa hotel; including SD WLAN (802.11b), SD Bluetooth, SD GPS, SD 56kbps Modem, SD Camera (VGA and 1.3 mega-pixel), and SD Barcode Scanner. Pricing ranges from $79 to $199, five (5) of Pretec SD I/O cards will be offered to retail market by Q2/2004, while VGA SD Camera will be only available for OEM customers and SD Barcode Scanner mainly for vertical applications and industrial customers.

Pretec's complete line of SD I/O peripherals complements the current line of CF I/O including 56K Modem, Ethernet LAN, GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11b, Camera, GSM/GPRS and Presenter, further extending Pretec's I/O line to users of PDA's and Tablet PC's with an SD card slot which supports PocketPC, Tablet PC (Windows XP), and Palm OS.  9:59 am

April 29, 2004

Microsoft pushes back XP update

Microsoft has delayed the planned release date of its next update to Windows XP by about a month, CNET has learned.

The software maker had originally said Windows XP Service Pack 2 would be released in its final form in the first half of this year, but a representative told CNET on Wednesday that the release is now likely to come later in the summer.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 is largely intended to bolster the security of Windows XP, but also will add features such as a pop-up ad blocker to Internet Explorer.

Internally, Microsoft is now targeting a July release as opposed to the June release originally intended, according to a source familiar with the company's plans. Microsoft has already released one near-final "release candidate" version of the software but is planning on another one before it puts its stamp of approval on the software.

The company representative said Microsoft is still trying to incorporate the feedback it has gotten from testers of the software.

"Ultimately, it will ship when it meets the quality standards Microsoft customers demand," the representative said. 11:00 am


  It's all in the detail

Top fashion designer Krishma may create beautiful, handmade gowns for individual clients, but her Tablet PC is distinctly prêt à porter, says David Phelan

Couture and the latest in cutting-edge computing are not, at first sight, conventional bedfellows. When fashion designer Krishma exhibited at the National Wedding Show last October, she took the show by storm. "I was using the Tablet PC and working live with an audience," she explains, comfortably holding court in the Library at the Knightsbridge Hotel. "It was phenomenal - people were queuing up. I had the Tablet PC on my lap. Every wedding dress that I designed on the Tablet PC at the show was projected on a screen so people could have a look. I've made dresses from the sketches I made there. In fact one of the dresses that was designed at the show on the Tablet PC was handed over to the client last Sunday. There are a lot of off-the-peg solutions at the show, but I was able to get the message across that I design to order.

Krishma's HP Tablet PC, using the Corel program Grafigo, allows her to use a "nude template"on which she can sketch her dress ideas. "The program lets me lay an onionskin on top of the template - it's like tracing paper. Then I can draw whatever I want. If a design isn't satisfactory you just click on the eraser tool -perhaps the client doesn't like the sleeve, or wants something off the shoulder. It's just so easy to change things. I can put in shadow to make it more realistic, or make the shade of the colours very, very soft and give a translucent image to a piece of fabric which is a chiffon."  10:54 am

Rx for Health Care Apps: Tablets or Blades?
Ziff Davis

Tablet PCs and desktop blades—two very different emerging PC technologies—are competing with each other for a share of health-care IT dollars.

As I was building the presentation, I discovered that there's a conflict between these two emerging platforms that isn't at all obvious on the surface: Tablets and desktop blades are competing against each other in the health-care industry.

Fujitsu's WinPad (similar to tablets but much more expensive) used to own what is now the tablet computer market, and its strongest market was health care. The reason was that it was great for forms and for tracking medical records.

Additionally, the WinPad could capture a doctor's signature for prescriptions or medical procedure orders. It fit almost seamlessly into what was, and for the most part remains, a very paper-intensive industry.

Another company, Motion Computing, has been giving Fujitsu a run for its money recently in the health-care market. Motion, a startup basically made up of ex-Dell employees, has built a solid solution that it sells through Dell and Gateway (among others), and is giving Fujitsu a wake-up call it probably didn't see coming.

One of the things that had prevented the broader implementation of tablet applications in health care had been the price of the hardware. Now, with tablet PCs costing over a third less than their WinPad counterparts, they've started to take this industry by storm. 10:49 am

PRODUCT REVIEW: Finally, a tool for compiling Web research

Beyond a proclivity for bad posture from sitting hunched in front of computers, prolific users of the World Wide Web tend to develop a desperate need for decent digital data-keeping.

Bookmarking features on Web browsers simply don't satisfy as trackers of online itinerations, and people seem to have developed their own screwy methods for saving stuff.

A new $30 program called Onfolio attempts to solve all that.

Onfolio lets you cogently file and compile your Web takings. Though far from a complete solution, it's a very good start.

As more of our business and social life -- from simple chores to major projects -- moves online, the need for programs in Onfolio's breed will only increase.

Microsoft's OneNote program, developed with the tablet PC in mind, does some of this, but Onfolio is more elegant and intuitive. It also exploits dragging and dropping as well as any program I've used. 10:38 am

Acer TravelMate C300 Convertible Tablet PC
Connected Home Online

A solid second-generation Tablet PC, the Acer TravelMate C300 is a convertible laptop design with a 14-inch XGA screen. Unlike first-generation tablets, this device could be your only PC, and as a traditional laptop, it offers all the amenities you'd expect--a powerful 1.5GHz Pentium M processor; integrated wireless, USB 2.0, and FireWire ports; and an integrated DVD/CD-RW drive (still a rarity with Tablet PCs) as well as the unique features you can get only from a full-featured Tablet PC, including a pressure-sensitive pen-enabled screen.

I've been using the C300 as a standard laptop for the most part, but I swivel the screen around when needed to do handwriting or sketching. Compared to first-generation tablets, the C300 is a bit heavy at 6.5 pounds, probably too heavy for many people, but I found the device's size and weight to be acceptable.

Battery life is fantastic, even with the single battery my system contains. I was able to obtain 4 to 5 hours of battery life per charge, depending on the wireless and screen settings, and Acer says an optional second battery--which would fill the modular bay that the optical drive currently uses--would extend battery life to 8.5 hours.

Overall, however, the C300 is a great laptop, which I couldn't say about first-generation Tablet PC devices. If this machine represents the future of the Tablet PC, and I think it does, this platform has a great future. Kudos to Acer for getting it right: Combined with the right options and the XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 update, the C300 has it all.  10:31 am


April 30, 2004

Microsoft Student Mobility Tour - 80 college campus's

Demos, Contests, Prizes

"To find a location near you go to and enter "mobility tour" in the field with "Enter the Keyword" phrase and press on "Search Button". 11:16 am


pt’s How-to Fridays: Turn your PC in to an automatic“moblog” picture posting machine!

Okay folks, here’s another how-to right from my inbox. A few people have emailed me and asked “How can I get my computer at home to post pictures automatically throughout the day like you have on your “moblog” (A Moblog is usually a website which displays photos you send photos from your camera phone, but you can use the same site to automatically send and post photos on the web). Keep in mind, there are many many ways to do this on many many platforms with many other applications, but I am going to show just one example that I happen to use on my PCs which is really easy to do.

Oh, one more thing…This type of “moblog” just isn’t for PCs, Macs, Linux machines etc..If you have a Sony Aibo, you can use the built in application which sends a photo email to also send a photo to the Moblog, I have 2 of my Aibos doing that now as well as Tablet PC mounted to a Roomba and it’s been working out great.  11:08 am

ZyDoc Wins Healthcare Tablet PC Award
PR Newswire, a technology leader in automated medical documentation solutions received the top Tablet PC Software Award for General Productivity in Healthcare for 2003. The awards were created by TabletPCBuzz to recognize the best Tablet PC hardware and software on the market. TabletPCBuzz Executive Editor, Spencer Goad said, "These software titles and hardware devices represent the very best of the Tablet PC community." The winners were chosen by the vote of a panel of 7 judges, made up of TabletPCBuzz staff, Microsoft Tablet PC MVPs, and other Tablet PC enthusiasts from around the web. ZyDoc bundles its SpeechDoc multimodal reporting system on the Toshiba M200 Tablet PC that also received the award for the best overall PC Tablet Hardware. Award Information can be obtained at . 11:03am


Technology is on the move

POSSIBLY the nearest thing to the truly paperless office can be found at the Thames Valley Park campus of software giant Microsoft.

In an an environment where cutting edge technology is used as a routine tool of the trade, all full time staff are equipped with smart phones - and most combine that with a tablet PC to make the workers some of the most mobile and productive office staff.

It means staff are rarely out of reach and are able to prevent a backlog of e-mails by being able to work while they are on the move.

The smart phone, a mid point between the PC and PDA, allows staff to send and receive emails virtually anywhere.

The smart phones can be quickly synchronised with tablet PCs so that both can be kept up to date with each other.  11:01 am