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September 2003

September 1, 2003

Learning with Tablet PCs: True Learning Tools or Trendy Devices
Syllabus Magazine, CA

Tablet PCs have arrived on our campuses: appealing, lightweight devices that have all the features of laptops plus the option of pen-based or keyboard entry. But even with their obvious potential for mobile computing applications, their best uses in classrooms are yet to be defined.

Can a Tablet PC properly reflect the richness of content in object repositories, ePortfolios, and in simulations of reality? The real strength of the Tablet is seen when it encourages users to explore unmediated, peer-to-peer forms of communication. This signals a move away from learning via pure dialogue toward an emphasis on learning within social structures and processes that are supported but not dominated by technology.

In an environment where facts can be instantly verified, teaching value shifts from ‘knowing’ to processing. Much of the promise of the Tablet PC rests in its potential to support the creation of adhoc communities, where a given task is jointly processed. Rather than teaching facts, an emphasis can be placed on teaching inquiry within a discipline. In the classroom or beyond, communities can then spring up effortlessly, allowing the sharing of research, data, and the collection of data and collaboration between students.
In this context the Tablet PC has two roles: It streamlines processes like data creation and presentation through its easy-to-use stylus and its intuitive interface. But it also presents itself as collaborative tool, connecting to the human and technical network alike.

In the first role, it is a workable platform or outlet for the built-up eLearning infrastructures of the past several years. But in its second role, it promises new approaches to technology in learning. Social interactions and group processes may supplant technology as the gateway to knowledge. This will lift the Tablet PC and its applications from the level of a fad into the ranks of a ‘true blue’ learning tool. 9:45 am

SCM Microsystems' mobile terrestrial broadcast digital TV receiver for laptops
Indian Television, India

SCM Microsystems has introduced the world's first receiver for mobile terrestrial Digital TV in the PC-Card form factor (PCMCIA). The Mobile Terrestrial Receiver enables consumers to receive digital terrestrial broadcast TV (DVB-T) programmes and use wireless data services including Internet access on their Laptop PCs, tablet PCs or PDAs with a PCMCIA interface. 8:43

Digital pens touted as time-savers, but a few kinks remain, MA

Why bother with a newfangled pen rather than something like a slate-size Tablet PC? Portability and cost, for starters. Street prices for Logitech's io pen range from $150 to $195; Seiko's InkLink from $88 to $99. Not as cheap as your basic ballpoint and notepad, but far less than the $2,000-plus Tablet PCs that are being hawked as a must-have for mobile professionals.

Of course, a pricey Tablet PC and a digital pen are two entirely different animals. But if you're trying to make a decision about whether to go with a simpler solution or blowing the budget on a higher-end gadget, it's important to understand that they solve different problems.

"The pen products are solely for recording handwriting and sketches -- [digital] inking, but without integration into the OS [operating system]," said Frank Gillette, an analyst for Forrester Research. "The Tablet is all about bringing inking and a pen pointer to using a laptop -- integration with Windows for mousing and text entry in applications, not just note-taking, makes a big difference." 8:39 am

NEW GADGETS: Easy writer
The Nation, Thailand

The TravelMate 250PE TabNote is a tablet PC that lets users write directly and easily on the 14.1-inch screen. It is based on Intel Pentium 4 Processor, has a built-in 56K fax/modem and embedded Fast Ethernet LAN connectivity. It offers up to 2GB of memory, as well as a built-in floppy drive. For more information visit 9:35 am

DSU to stress student retention, grants
Madison Daily Leader, SD

Specific changes that are taking place at DSU this fall include the addition of two Tablet PC labs, the use of WebCT for on-line courses, the completion of the STUDENT project and a possible contract with Microsoft.

The Tablet PCs are the newest computer technology. They are about an inch thick and about the size of than a standard sheet of paper, or smaller. They feature a touch screen that allows the user to write notes on documents. 8:33 am

What lies ahead? NECs advanced designs may come soon

This concept has some interesting points and some already tried ones. Basically, the theory is, if notebook owners use their portables on the road and at home, why is there any need for a desktop? I couldn't agree more. They also decided to add a multi-layered, dual screen interface...nice touch. The problem is, they are basically replicating a Microsoft Tablet PC beyond that point.



September 2, 2003

Hummingbird Announces Release of Hummingbird Connectivity 9.0

The latest versions of the Hummingbird Connectivity family of products
contain powerful new functionalities and improved features, many integrated
seamlessly throughout the line of products, to offer customers the most
complete connectivity package in the market today. Hummingbird Connectivity
9.0 delivers a single integrated security solution while also offering
customers simplified system administration, reduced cost of ownership and
increased productivity, optimizing users' personal computing environments and
delivering ease of use.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Exceed 9.0 enters the wireless computing era as the first in the industry to have official support for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Users benefit with enhanced mobility and improved productivity. New features for Exceed that are offered by Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition include Wi-Fi support and
Digital Pen and Ink. 2:15 pm

Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook T Series T3010

Fujitsu Lifebook

If you are looking for an ultra-portable notebook with the latest technology but also want to profit from the pen functionality of a Tablet PC. Have a look on the LIFEBOOK T Series and you will be fascinated. The LIFEBOOK T Series is a convertible notebook which offers you pen enabled design in all modes. And just flip over the screen and it converts into a Tablet PC.

With the latest Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology you have seamless connectivity, long battery life up to 3 hours and 30 minutes and great performance.The integrated bridge battery enables hot swap of the battery.  

A US release date has not yet been anounced 11:00 am

Call of the Wi-Fi

What do Cingular Wireless, Verizon and the rest of them have that you don't? At the moment, a federally protected business selling narrowband communications to a lot of people.

That was yesterday. Today, you can be the first in your high-rise to set up a combined phone service—augmenting or even competing with established networks. Sound expensive? Not really.

They might look something like Toshiba's new Mobility Communications System whose laptop-size servers add mobile voice to your WLAN for the price of an office PBX. Phone handsets can be anything, from the traditional desk set to a portable phone or any Wi-Fi-enabled PC, laptop or PDA with Toshiba's small-phone client. Toshiba's e series Pocket PCs and Palm's Tungsten C have Wi-Fi radios; so does ViewSonic's V1100 tablet, which includes a Bluetooth headset. 10:51am

Replacing a personal trainer with a hand-held device
News 24 Houston, TX

The V Coach is a new technology that we're using here in Houston that allows us to film any athlete doing any type of movement. Whether it be for mechanical purposes, technique, form, anything that might be related to the sport, and then be able to instantly be able to play back to the athlete so they have immediate feedback in order to correct it a lot quicker."

The V Coach is a clipboard-based tablet PC that allows anyone to digitally film an athlete's movement during a training session. And, it doesn't matter where the training session is being conducted, in a field, in the gym or even a swimming pool. 10:42 am


September 4, 2003

Tablet PC City Demos

Tablet PCs are on display this fall in selected Manhattan and Chicago office building lobbies. You can stop by a staffed demonstration area, try out a Tablet PC, ask questions of the booth attendants, and get purchasing information—all on your way to work.  You can also view the Tablet PC hardware showcase demo for a virtual demonstration. 11:50 am

Drop by local events – or wirelessly access the Internet for free at thousands of public hotspots nationwide. On Thursday, September 25, Intel will be teaming up with leading wireless Internet service providers, notebook manufacturers, retailers, hotspot location owners, and content and software providers in the U.S. to bring you a day packed with wireless excitement. 11:42 am

Computer Q&A: Typing needed for computers but not PDAs
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA

Luckily things also are changing for standard desktop and laptop computers. Microsoft is now shipping Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, a version of Windows that allows you to write on the screen with an electronic stylus, like using an electronic memo pad and pen.

Using the Tablet PC is remarkably easy. A quick tap on the screen with your stylus is like a left click. A longer tap is a right click. Depending on circumstance, your stylus will either act as a pointer that can select images on your screen, a pen using "digital ink" or a standard cursor. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition comes with such helpful tools as an on-screen keyboard, a journal application that organizes your digitally inked documents and a snipping tool that allows you to select a region of your screen to copy and paste as an image.

Like the regular Windows XP editions, the Table PC Edition comes standard with voice recognition, too. Like character recognition, voice recognition is imperfect, but getting better with each version -- especially as computers get faster making it easier for them to do the conversions from voice to typewritten words. It too may help you avoid typing. I think it will still be a few years before we all feel comfortable enough to discard the keyboard altogether. But don't be surprised to see people using digital ink as their main computer input now -- especially for specialty applications. 10:08 am

Mi - Co Signs Strategic Services Provider Agreement with Anoto
Business Wire

Mi-Co and Anoto announced today a strategic alliance in which Mi-Co will become an Anoto services provider for enterprise handwritten data capture software applications. With this agreement in place, Mi-Co will launch commercial mobile data capture software solutions that use Anoto's state of the art technology for paper based digital communication.

"Using Anoto functionality in Mi-Co's Mi-Forms Software System allows even greater flexibility for our customers to capture mobile data. With our upcoming release of Mi-Forms 3.5 scheduled for this month, users will be able to add Digital Pens to their data capture arsenals which currently include Mi-Forms support for Tablet PCs, Pocket PCs, and signature capture devices 10:04 am


GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW), today announced it has been accepted as a Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq:MSFT) Windows® Embedded Partner, the first computer-aided design (CAD) software vendor to be distinguished as a member of this prestigious Microsoft partnering program.

GiveMePower is the first company to offer complete 2 and 3-dimensional, AutoCAD® compatible design and digital blueprint processing for desktop and laptop PCs, as well as the latest Windows CE® or Windows CE.NET® equipped Pocket PC's, Pocket PC cell phones, tablet PC's, handheld PC's and industry specific computing devices utilizing Windows® mobile operating systems.  10:14 am


September 5, 2003

The season ahead
Jewish World Review

Perhaps a key element of Office 2003 will be OneNote, which, Microsoft says, allows users "to capture, organize, and reuse ... notes electronically." A $200 add-on to the new Office suite (promotional prices will also be available), the program creates an electronic notebook not easily seen elsewhere, with hooks among and across applications. It sounds like a very useful feature, especially for those who tote their Tablet PCs to meetings. 10:37am

Paperless transaction may soon be 'reality', CA

One of the most intriguing ideas from Real Estate Connect is the “paperless” transaction. While thought leaders have toyed with this idea for more than 10 years, the technology is finally available to make this a reality. “Paperless” means every aspect of every transaction will be handled online.

With the new tablet computers, you can now obtain an online signature right on your tablet PC. In the case where the client is not Web-savvy, agents can print out the document and then fax the signed document back to the office online fax. The document is then accessible to be downloaded into the transaction tracking system. The same is true for vendors. The computer-based fax system can download the vendor’s report directly into the transaction tracking platform. 10:32 am

Agilix Licenses TenFold's Quality Application

TenFold(R) Corporation provider of the Universal Application(TM) platform for building and implementing enterprise applications, today announced that Agilix Labs, Inc. (Agilix) has licensed TenFold Quality(TM), an incident tracking system built on TenFold's Universal Application platform.

Agilix is a leading developer of mobile productivity solutions, including TabletPlanner(TM), a natural planning software solution for the Tablet PC, which is licensed exclusively through FranklinCovey, the world leader in productivity seminars and software. Agilix chose TenFold Quality to replace its legacy system because TenFold Quality is a fully tested, multi-user incident tracking system with powerful features including automated incident update notification, automated report generation and delivery, and both
Windows- and Web-based interfaces. 9:57 am


September 8, 2003

Corel Grafigo 2 Now Available!
Business Wire

Corel Corporation today unveiled the new version of its award-winning Tablet PC application, Corel(R) Grafigo(TM) 2. Designed specifically for the Tablet PC, Corel Grafigo 2 improves mobile productivity with enhanced tools for content creation, annotation and collaboration through an easy-to-use interface. With new intuitive drawing assistance tools, integrated document management features and leading-edge collaboration technology, Corel Grafigo 2 is an ideal companion for mobile professionals.

"Built specifically for the Tablet PC, Corel Grafigo 2 gives mobile knowledge workers the tools they need to be productive, making it a great tool for our TravelMate customers," said Jeffrey Friederichs, Acer America Corporation, vice president of notebook business unit. "We are pleased to be working with Corel on this latest release - giving our customers easy access to one of the most powerful Tablet PC applications available today." 

Corel Grafigo 2 is available for $99 US (SRP) via an electronic software download (ESD). English, French, and German versions of Corel Grafigo 2 are available for purchase starting today. To purchase Corel Grafigo 2 or download the free trial version, please visit 1:24 pm

Fujitsu takes new tablet for a spin

Fujitsu PC will become the first company to make a traditional tablet and convertible notebook PC based on Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software.

Fujitsu PC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, on Monday became the first company to offer both a traditional tablet computer and a convertible notebook PC, each loaded with Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system software.

Like other convertible tablet PCs, the new LifeBook T3000 uses a traditional clamshell design and sports a special hinge that allows the screen to open, rotate 180 degrees, and fold back down to cover the keyboard and create a tablet.  1:20 pm

Fujitsu Lifebook

Fujitsu Unveils the LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC, Canada

The Fujitsu LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC comes well equipped to tackle anything mobile professionals, students and frequent travelers are likely to do. Featuring Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology, the system is powered by an Intel Pentium(R) M processor operating at 1.4 GHz and comes with the Intel 855GM chipset and Intel PRO/Wireless Network Connection 802.11b. The combination of technologies delivers excellent performance and battery life, allowing users to stay mobile for extended periods of time.

LifeBook T3000D Tablet PC Specifications

Processor: Intel Pentium M processor 1.4 GHz
Display: 12.1" XGA display with active digitizer
Memory: 256 MB minimum; two DIMM slots; 2 GB maximum
Hard Drive(1): 60 GB or 40 GB
Communications: Ethernet and modem (standard); 802.11g wireless LAN (optional)
PC Card Slots: Two Type II or one Type III PC card slots
Battery: Lithium ion; up to 4.5 hours(2) with high-capacity main battery; bridge battery for warm swapping of primary battery
Ports: Two USB 2.0, Modem (RJ-11), Ethernet (RJ-45), VGA-out, Infrared port (IrDA 1.1-compatible, 4Mbps), headphone, microphone and docking port
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Dimensions/Weight: 11.5" (W) x 9.3" (D) x 1.1-1.4" (H); approximately 4.18 lbs.

Pricing and Availability

Both models of the LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC are currently shipping and sold through the Fujitsu direct sales force, Web site and channel partners. Pricing starts at $1,799(3) for a base configuration. Users can choose from several recommended configurations or they can customize their system using the Fujitsu Configure To Order (CTO) program. 10:33 am

Pfizer Selects Synchrologic Mobile Infrastructure Software
Business Wire

Synchrologic Mobile Suite extends the existing technology infrastructure to mobile and remote staff, delivering access to enterprise applications, files content, Email and PIM data, Intranet sites, and web content. It also provides valuable tools for remotely managing mobile devices. Synchrologic Mobile Suite is composed of four core products: Synchrologic Email Accelerator, Synchrologic Data Sync, Synchrologic File Sync and Synchrologic Systems Management. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including laptop and tablet PCs, Pocket PC, Palm, and Symbian OS devices as well as backend data bases including Exchange, Domino, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and SQL server. Only Synchrologic Mobile Suite provides a comprehensive platform that meets all corporate mobile infrastructure needs. 10:29 am

Fujitsu Offers New Twist On Tablet Computing; Leader in Pen Computing Adds Convertible LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC to Product Portfolio
Business Wire

Following through on its commitment to "anytime, anywhere" computing, Fujitsu PC Corporation today introduced yet another addition to its Tablet PC product line, the LifeBook(R) T3000 Tablet PC. The company has artfully blended its award-winning LifeBook notebook and Stylistic(R) Tablet PC product lines to produce one of its most versatile PCs ever. With a flip of its screen, the LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC transforms from a traditional notebook into a highly mobile Tablet PC. 10:27 am

Kingdom Ventures Reports on Annual Meeting

The Kingdom Media Group includes the nation's largest regional Christian newspaper chain Christian Times, Christian Speakers & Artists Agency (the largest Christian Speakers bureau), Ministry Values for Growing Churches (the largest church direct marketing company and Faith Group Services (which includes The Kingdom Products Group consists of Xtreme Notebooks (notebook computers and Tablet PC's,, Kingdom Gifts (inspirational gifts and candles), Yahwear Clothing (Christian apparel,, Mr. Roy Productions (silk screen and production facility). 10:25 am

Phoenix Technologies Introduces Phoenix FirstWare Assistant for for Mobile PCs

Newest Phoenix cME-Certified Application Brings Instant-On Access to Personal
Information Management Data on Notebooks and Tablet PCs

Phoenix FirstWare Assistant is specifically developed for mobile PCs, which are among the highest growth segments in the PC category. IDC estimates that worldwide shipments of notebook computers alone will grow from 36 million in 2003 to 43 million in 2004, and the firm expects tablet PCs to reach nearly 20 percent growth in 2004. By next year, more than 55 million workers in the U.S. alone will be mobile, a figure that is growing rapidly. 10:22 am

Taiwan's PC industry positioned for success
China Post, Taiwan

IT manufacturers are beginning to integrate mobile and computing capabilities into products such as Tablet PCs and new-generation laptops. Intel's Centrino platform, packing a P4 CPU, 855 chipset and WLAN modules onto a single device has already enabled notebooks to become smaller, more powerful and longer-lasting. The launch of Tablet PCs has also become a hot issue with Acer and First International Computers launching their own designs to be powered by Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC edition. 10:18 am

Son of Intelliworxx
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL

The new tablets recognize your voice, and you can write on them. The tablets come with a wand -- a pencil with a special soft plastic tip -- that allows the user to write and then convert that into printed words for a document.

That function is perfect for Task: A technician can flip the pages without taking his hands off his work, or can stop to take notes, converting them into text for his report later on.

The powerful tablets are the new platform for the mentoring software that Task is seeking to sell. 10:13 am

September 9, 2003

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition chat, 3 p.m. Pacific time

Members of the Tablet PC team at Microsoft will host this chat about using OneNote, a new program in the Microsoft Office System for organizing Tablet PC notes  Add reminders to your calendar: Second Tuesdays

Acer laptop hot to jot with digital pen

Acer this week announced a new notebook PC that allows consumers to write, file and store notes with digital pens.

The TravelMate 250PE TabNote comes with Intel's Pentium 4 processor and offers Wi-Fi wireless networking technology. It has a 60GB removable hard drive, a built-in floppy drive and a media bay that can operate a DVD/CD-RW combination drive, a DVD-rewriteable drive or an extra battery.. 12:16 pm

Coming on October 8, 2003...the next generation of MindManager

The new MindManager X5 range offers powerful visual planning tools with a sleek, professional-looking interface based on Windows® XP.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade

1. Improved Map Look and Feel
2. Intuitive, Windows XP-based UI
3. Enhanced Microsoft® Office and Project Integration*
4. Full Integration with Microsoft Outlook®*
5. Review Mode*
6. PDF Export*
7. Outline and Map Views
8. Rich Topics & Notes
9. Improved Web page Export
10. International Unicode Support

What's New in MindManager X5 Pro?

The MindManager X5 product range features a professional, intuitive user interface and enhanced integration with Microsoft® Office® for the ultimate in business productivity. MindManager X5 Pro creates a collaborative, flexible and efficient working environment where individuals and teams can increase productivity through improved collaboration, and better, more efficient communication to team members.10:27 am

Fujitsu takes new tablet for a spin

Fujitsu PC will become the first company to make a traditional tablet and convertible notebook PC based on Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software.

the new LifeBook T3000 convertible laptop to offer the best of its Stylistic line of tablets and its LifeBook notebooks, based on requests from customers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries 10:23 am

NYK Logistics Uses WhereNet Wireless Location Technology And Yard Management Software to Optimize Operations
Yahoo News

WhereNet Corp., the leader of wireless solutions for tracking and managing enterprise assets, announced today that NYK Logistics, Inc., a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, has deployed the WhereNet® real-time locating system and WhereNet yard management solution to help manage more than 50,000 inbound ocean freight containers and 30,000 outbound trailers at its Long Beach, California, facility.

The only human intervention in this process takes place when the hostler driver receives the request via a wireless tablet PC device, "maps" the location of the requested trailer via the touch screen, and pulls the trailer to the designated door. 10:18 am

Paper Trail Not Dead Yet
Wired News

"This generation of kids watches and listens more than they read," Romano said. "Look at what they are doing with the cell phone. Rather than type a message, they record a video of the message and send it."

By 2015, a laptop will cost a mere $300, compared with $1,500 today, Romano said. A tablet PC in 12 years will cost $40, a PDA $20, an electronic book reader $30, a pocket TV $10, and a combination Web-enabled cell phone and e-book reader $70. Even though these gadgets exist today, they cost up to 50 times more, as is the case with the tablet PC, for example.  10:10 am

September 10, 2003

Jack Morton Worldwide Helps Microsoft Launch Tablet PC DemoProgram

Jack Morton created and will execute Microsoft's Tablet PC demo program, which will demonstrate the versatility and power the Tablet PC provides, at professionally staffed kiosks installed in the lobbies of some of the most prominent office buildings in New York and Chicago.

By bringing the Tablet PC demo experience to highly visible office properties, Jack Morton will help Microsoft reach members of a precise demographic in a place where they make decisions. During the ten-week program, the kiosks will travel to six office buildings in New York and 12 office buildings and corporate complexes in Chicago. 10:55am

Both a Tablet and a Laptop, Acer America's New, Innovative Solution Allows Users to 'Write' on Display
Yahoo News

Acer TravelMate 250PE Combines the Functionality of a Tablet PC With the Form Factor and Power of a Notebook PC

"Extending the advantages of the Tablet PC operating system and rich digital ink to all laptop users is a key part of our long term vision for the Tablet PC," said Bill Mitchell, vice president of the Tablet PC Division at Microsoft Corp., "With the addition of the TravelMate 250PE to their portfolio of products, Acer is poised to meet the unique needs of a variety of laptop users."

The Acer TravelMate 250PE delivers a feature-rich, all-in-one computing experience featuring the Intel Pentium 4 processor at 2.2-2.8 GHz. It includes an Intel 852 GME chipset and a brilliant 14.1" XGA TFT color display, 256MB of DDR266 or DDR333 SDRAM upgradeable to 2048MB, and integrated VGA with up to 64MB Intel® DVMT technology. In addition to wireless 802.11b connectivity, the TravelMate 250PE supports 802.11a/g and Bluetooth, offers 4 USB 2.0 ports, an infrared (FIR) port, 10/100 LAN connection, and a 56K ITU V.92 data/fax modem. 10:48 am

On Screen Keyboard
By Chris De Herrera TabletPCTalk

Did you know that Windows XP has a built-in on screen keyboard (OSK)? Well it does! All you have to do is click, Start - Run - OSK to display it. An easier way to do this with your Tablet PC is to create a shortcut to the OSK on your Quick Launch Taskbar, your menus or desktop. Here's a predefined shortcut for the OSK to make it easier. The OSK does have the ability to increase the font size and stay on top of other applications.

There are differences between the Tablet PC Input Panel's (TIP) keyboard and the OSK:   The OSK (Actual Size) has all the standard keys that the PC does while the TIP Keyboard (Same width as the PC's resolution) does not. 10:41 am


September 11, 2003

Bluesocket Hits The Road With Intel in the Digital Motor Coach
Business Wire

RV of the future is the first certified Wi-Fi Zone hotspot on wheels

Bluesocket Inc., ( the leading vendor of open-systems Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) management and security solutions, today announced its participation in the Digital Motor Coach, sponsored by Intel and Fleetwood RV, the first certified Wi-Fi Zone hotspot on wheels.

The Digital Motor Coach delivers an anytime, anywhere mobility experience, providing continuous wireless Internet connectivity and operational control while traveling in the comfort of a stunning silver and black 38 foot Motor Coach from Fleetwood RV.

With a Bluesocket Wireless Gateway securing and managing the Coach's wireless network, visitors can control everything from the TVs to the awning via WLAN, as well as send e-mail or browse the Internet on the road; even wirelessly stream video among client devices throughout the coach.

A central Windows XP media server is integrated with a wireless network in the coach. Custom HTML pages served to a tablet PC through an access point allow visitors to view vehicle maintenance data, go online, or control an array of devices on the network: thermostats, entertainment, lighting, two expandable slide-out rooms, and more. The media server is also integrated with a satellite-tracking dish system on the roof, providing an uplink for Internet access even while the vehicle is moving. A two-way link is available once the RV is parked. 9:43 am

eDirectGlass Introduces Industry First Mobile Edition

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- National Auto Glass Conference
& Expo -- AMJ Logistics, Inc. today introduced the mobile edition of their
automotive glass repair and replacement management system, eDirectGlass
( ) developed in Microsoft .NET and made available for
Microsoft XP Tablet PC Edition and 3rd generation mobile phone devices.
eDirectGlass is an automated application that includes first notice of loss,
point-of-sale, customer relationship management and enterprise resource

"Retail Glass Shop professionals have been expressing a need for mobile
solutions that keep them informed and help complete administrative tasks in
the field. The Tablet PC is a perfect platform to marry with eDirectGlass to
deliver an all-in-one solution 9:39 am

Panasonic moves on enterprise market
Computerworld Australia, Australia

Consumer electronics giant Panasonic has signalled its intention to move into the enterprise solutions market with the formation of Panasonic Business Systems Australia

Products in the business range include a sub-notebook, a "business ruggedised" notebook, two convertible notebook/pen tablet PC models, monitors, portable projectors, network-ready print and imaging solutions and a print-ready whiteboard. 9:35 am

Xplore's Rugged Tablet Computing Systems Selected by City of Cleveland

Xplore Technologies Corp. (TSX: XPL), a leading international developer, producer and distributor of rugged wireless tablet computer systems, has received orders
totaling 200 rugged Tablet PC's for the City of Cleveland's Police Division.

Cleveland initiated a comprehensive evaluation process that began with our
search for the optimal system form factor. In speaking with other law
enforcement agencies, it became clear that a Tablet-style PC would provide a
more durable and safe mobile computing system when compared to laptop
alternatives. Laptop hinges, the risk of dropping the unit while open and
design features created real concerns for the City and our officers. Xplore's
Tablet computers address these issues and have proven successful for other
U.S. law enforcement agencies." 9:27 am


September 12, 2003

Cleveland PD enlists Xplore
Austin Business Journal,

The Cleveland Police Department selected Xplore's notebook computers to handle the demanding work of police in the field, according to Xplore. The purchase orders are part of a five-year Cleveland Police Department automation project.

Using the Xplore computers, Cleveland police officers will run license plates and identification checks, perform warrant checks, initiate car-to-car communications and access Web sites while in their police vehicles.

Round Rock-based Dell Inc. [Nasdaq: DELL] recently signed a deal with Xplore for Dell to become the exclusive vendor of Xplore's tablet PC, which already is listed with the U.S. General Services Administration for sale to federal agencies.

Xplore plans to move its international headquarters to Austin next summer. The company employs 40 people in Austin and 20 in Toronto.  8:21 am

September 15, 2003

Lancaster General Hospital Uses Motion Tablet PCs to Increase Patient Safety
Business Wire

-Motion Computing today announced that Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, Penn., is putting into practice 75 Motion M1300 Tablet PCs as part of the hospital's mobility initiative.

Lancaster General is rolling out MedPoint-MedAdmin(tm) software from Bridge Medical Inc. on the Motion M1300 Tablet PCs. The MedPoint application uses bar-code technology to increase patient safety with a bedside medication verification application, which communicates with Lancaster General's pharmacy, registration and administration systems.

With this patient safety application, doctors, nurses, patients, and prescribed drugs at Lancaster General are assigned unique bar codes. During medication administration, a nurse scans his bar-coded identification badge to log onto the system and then scans the patient's bar code and medication package to verify through the M1300 Tablet PC that the right patient is receiving the right dose of the right medication.

Each doctor-written prescription stays with the patient's chart, and a copy is entered into the pharmacy system. The Motion Tablet PC, running the MedPoint software, prompts nurses electronically at the point of care to compare and verify the fulfilled prescription with the written copy.

MedPoint also electronically documents the medication administered to the patient, eliminating a paper-based process.

Lancaster General Hospital nurses and doctors also wirelessly connect to the hospital's intranet with the M1300 Tablet PCs, accessing their Siemens SMS system. At the patient's bedside, the doctors and nurses can access medical sheets and lab results, and look up policies and forms, through this system.  9:55

Microsoft Extends Multilanguage Support for the Tablet PC
Two New Multilanguage Options Are Available for Enterprise and Individual Tablet PC Users
Microsoft Press Release

Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of extended language support to provide enhanced multilanguage functionality for the Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition. The Microsoft Tablet PC Multilingual User Interface & Recognizer Pack (MUIRP) allows users or administrators to switch user interface settings (e.g., menus, dialog boxes and help files) to multiple languages and allows installation of multiple handwriting and speech recognition languages on a single Tablet PC. This functionality greatly eases information technology (IT) administration in multilingual computing environments and considerably lowers the cost of desktop change and configuration management.

MUIRP functionality is available as a preinstall option from Microsoft Tablet PC original equipment manufacturers or through Microsoft corporate licensing programs.  In response to consumer demand, Microsoft also announced a stand-alone release of the Tablet PC Recognizer Pack. The Recognizer Pack allows customers to increase the number of handwriting and voice recognition languages on their Tablet PCs.  7:22 am

Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Recognizer Pack
Order the CD over the Web

The Windows Tablet PC Recognizer Pack is now available to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition individual users. The Recognizer Pack provides nine handwriting-recognition engine languages and four speech-recognition languages. Installing the Recognizer Pack on a Tablet PC gives a user the ability to convert handwriting and speech in multiple languages from digital ink and speech to typed text on a single PC. For instance, if both German and French recognizers are installed on a Tablet PC, digital ink written in both German and French can be converted into typed text with greater accuracy.

Besides providing additional recognizers to Tablet PC customers, the Recognizer Pack updates the Tablet Input Panel, allowing users to select any Windows input language keyboard. This gives users access to the correct soft keyboard for the input language selected.

These language recognizers are included in the Tablet PC Recognizer Pack:

* Handwriting recognizers: UK English, U.S. English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
* Speech recognizers: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese 7:20 am

TechXNY kicks off fall for tech industry

The fall 2003 trade show season will begin to heat up this week with TechXNY.

The conference, which includes the three-day PC Expo trade show, will take over Manhattan's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center between Monday and Thursday. Presentation themes will range from wireless networking to the outsourcing of information technology, its organizers said.

New products, Several other brand-name technology companies, including Hewlett-Packard and IBM, are expected to have a presence at the show

While some companies were limited by budgets, others found this year's show fell in between their product cycles. The mid-September date is early for some products, such as new tablet PCs, some companies said. 7:17 am

Welcome to the wireless office
CNN Europe

Check your E-mail while sipping a cup of coffee in the staff canteen. A client calls on your mobile headset while you walk and talk. Then off to a meeting with your tablet PC linked to the Web and corporate server.

And if hot-desking and mobility doesn't appeal to you, then consider slick workspaces with linked fax machines, printers and phones -- with no bundles of cable or boxed hardware under the desk.

There is no doubt that Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity is here to stay, a technology which allows information to be sent from one device to another without wires. It is already in coffee shops, airport lounges, as well as hotels. And many in the IT industry believe it will soon be part of our office life. 7:15 am


September 16, 2003

I/O Software Demonstrates Multi-Factor Authentication Solution at at Fall IDF

I/O Software Teams Up With Intel's Mobile Platform Group to Enhance the Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology-Based Security Concept

I/O Software's modular authentication software allows strong authentication technologies to be easily integrated into mobile PCs, such as laptops and tablet PCs, and gives users the ability to customize their authentication experience and meet their specific security requirements. 8:12 am

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo Uses Motion Tablet PCs to Enhance Educational Field Trips; Focus on Students With Disabilities
Business Wire

Brookfield Zoo is working with the Chicago Public School System to bring a tablet PC-enabled educational experience to students, including students with disabilities in inclusion classes. At the zoo, students use Motion M1300 Tablet PCs, the company's most advanced product, to participate more fully. The Quilogy software system was created to address the needs of students with hearing, visual and physical disabilities.

With this innovative project, teams of sixth- through twelfth-grade students arrive at the zoo and learn how to use the Motion M1300 Tablet PC. They then conduct animal behavioral observations entering the data they gather on the tablet and upload results using Quilogy's Web-based software. Animal observations compiled during the field trip are saved on each student's tablet, replicated on the zoo's server and then backed up onto a third-party server so teachers and students can use the information back in the classroom.

Students make accessibility choices on their M1300 Tablet PC based on special visual or audio needs. The software includes a Microsoft Magnifier, speech software and a customized narrative audio program delivered by a Cyberbuddies agent. Based on any special accessibility choices the student makes, the program will magnify the text displayed on the tablet PC, read that text aloud or convert audio portions of the program to text.

"Because our students must carry their supplies as they walk through the zoo to complete their assignments, ultra mobile technology is important to the success of our program," said Ann Roth, Brookfield Zoo's Access Coordinator and the Every Student is a Scientist project manager. "Motion's large 12.1-inch display and rugged, lightweight design make that goal a reality. The tablet PC is a fun, practical tool for the students, and the custom-built software engages them and makes their zoo experience even more valuable."

"This is a great example of tablet PC versatility and people using our systems in new ways and places," said David Altounian, Motion Computing's chief product officer. "Brookfield Zoo's innovative use of technology exemplifies how institutions are fundamentally improving the education process."  8:08 am

TECHXNY/PC EXPO 2003 Exhibitor Profiles
Business Wire

Company: Motion Computing
Booth: MobileFocus

Product description: Designed specifically for busy mobileprofessionals who need more mobility than current notebooks provide, Motion Computing's award-winning Tablet PCs feature a large, bright
12.1-inch XGA display, integrated WiFi capabilities, ultra-low-power Intel processors and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition -- all designed into a clipboard-sized unit weighing less than three pounds.

Company description: Motion Computing -- a tablet PC market leader-- combines world-class innovation and industry experience, enabling people to use computers in new ways and places. The company's built-to-order M1200 and M1300 Tablet PCs and accessories are designed
for users who need a combination of true mobility, power and versatility. 8:03

Golden Crater Software Provides Home Automation and Energy Savings Using Microsoft Mobiles
Wireless Software info

Innovative Software Allows Access to Automation Systems Using Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs, and Smart Phones

Golden Crater Software ( introduced Doberman BMS (Building Management System) a totally reworked remote font-end to the newly enhanced Doberman Security and Automation system. The Doberman BMS system is designed for use on connected Desktop and Tablet PCs as well as Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, and the new Microsoft Smartphone 2002. The easy to understand floor plan-style interface allows homeowners to inspect and control devices and sensors, such as lights, motion sensors, humidistats, thermostats and security cameras. 7:54 am

Tablet PC increases its vocabulary

Microsoft on Monday released an update to its Tablet PC operating system that allows a device to habla espanol and at the same time parle francais.

The software maker has already trained the handwriting-recognition software to read a number of languages, but the new Multilingual User Interface and Recognizer Pack adds the ability to write in more than one language at time.

The update to the Tablet OS, which is a custom version of Windows XP, covers French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and American and British English. With the latest update, customers can also quickly switch menus and dialog boxes to a different language.

Initially, Spanish was not among the languages supported by the OS, but Microsoft has been working to make the software more worldly. The new version of the operating system understands Iberian Spanish. 7:51 am


September 17, 2003

Intel Recognizes Most Innovative PCs and Digital Media Adapters; Alienware, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, icube, Lenovo, Panasonic and Sony Receive Awards
Business Wire

PC Slate/Tablet Category Winner: Gateway* Tablet PC Deluxe (Motion M1300 by Motion Computing)

The Gateway Tablet PC Deluxe (Motion M1300 by Motion Computing) replaces a writing tablet with built-in handwriting recognition software, Microsoft* Windows* XP Professional Tablet Edition, and also offers peripherals such as a keyboard stand and built-in keyboard cover. It weighs just 3 pounds and is less than one inch thin. It is targeted at professionals who need to use their PC while moving throughout their workplace such as teachers and healthcare workers.

PC Slate/Tablet Category Winner: Panasonic* Toughbook* CF-18

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 is a convertible notebook that features a 180-degree rotating screen. It supports pen use and was designed using MIL-STD-810F test procedures to measure levels of environmental reliability. Created by the U.S. government, the MIL-STD-810F specifications cover a broad range of tests that measure the durability of equipment used under harsh conditions. It has a full magnesium alloy case, a shock-mounted hard disk drive and weighs 4.4 pounds. The durability and flexibility of this product makes it ideal for workers on-the-road in less than ideal conditions such as military, hospital, or delivery personnel. The Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 can be carried up a ladder, hung on a wall as a tablet or mounted in a vehicle.  11:07 am

da Vinci Award Winner orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard and HP PCs Narrow Digital Divide at World Congress on Disabilities
Business Wire

The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard, has a unique keyless computer interface providing access to computer-based applications and the Internet and will be demonstrated on the HP Tablet PC and a Compaq desktop PC. The award-winning orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard is certified for interoperability with a broad range of HP commercial and consumer desktop and notebook PCs.

"Although the computer has become essential to daily life today, access for people with disabilities hasn't been a level playing field," said Peter McAlindon, President and CEO of Keybowl. "We've been working with HP to help people with disabilities across that digital divide because we have a shared and proven commitment to high quality and to accessibility."

The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard eliminates the finger and wrist motions that can lead to repetitive stress injury. Individuals who benefit from the solution include those with disabilities that limit use of hands and fingers, with repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, with limited fine motor skills, or with reduced finger function due to conditions such as arthritis. 11:01 am

When the pen is mightier than the tablet
Business Standard, India

Sure, the Tablet PC is a pretty big deal, especially when teamed with the pen-enabled versions of the Office 2003 apps. But for about as long as Microsoft has been toiling to get pen computing right, another, lesser known company has been working on the same thing.

The company is Pen & Internet and it has already provided handwriting technology to a number of companies, including Apple and Microsoft. 10:59 am

GiveMePower Corporation Becomes IBM Business Partner
Business Wire

GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW), a developer and marketer of desktop, mobile and wireless software solutions for the $17.5 billion CAD/CAM software industry, today announced that it has been accepted into IBM Corporation's (NYSE:IBM) PartnerWorld(R) for Developers program as an IBM Business Partner.

GiveMePower develops, markets and supports affordable, high-performance desktop and mobile/wireless software solutions for the $17.5-billion CAD/CAM software market. A Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner, Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and IBM Business Partner, GiveMePower is the first company to offer full 2 and 3-dimensional, AutoCAD(R) compatible design and digital blueprint processing for desktop and laptop PCs, as well as the latest Windows CE(R) and Windows CE. NET(R) equipped Pocket PC's, Pocket PC cell phones, tablet PC's, handheld PC's and industry specific devices utilizing Microsoft's latest Windows(R) operating systems. More than 200,000 users and business partners in 40 countries around the world power their designs and collaborate on their projects using GiveMePower's CAD Anywhere(TM) software technologies. 10:55 am

Pen&Internet Previews riteForm Remote Forms Solution for Mobile Devices At DEMOmobile 2003

Pen&Internet(TM), LLC, will demonstrate riteForm(TM) Remote, a Web-based recognition of handwritten forms on mobile devices, at this week's IDG's DEMOmobile 2003 conference. This is
the second consecutive year Pen&Internet has been selected to demonstrate its handwriting recognition expertise at the prestigious IDG event.

Targeted to mobile enterprises and small businesses, riteForm Remote is a Web service for handwriting recognition and processing of forms completed on mobile pen enabled devices, such as Palm handhelds, Tablet PC, and an electronic pen and paper application built by Teleca that uses Pen&Internet's riteForm Remote for handwriting recognition.

Forms processing is a multi-billion dollar business for industries such as healthcare, financial services, construction, sales and field service automation. These industries are increasingly shifting to mobile processing of electronic forms on handheld devices. Handwriting recognition of forms completed on mobile pen-enabled devices is a more accurate and significantly more efficient system than conventional processing of paper forms. This "online" approach eliminates document scanning, storage, transmission and processing of document images and substantially reduces the volume of manual
corrections for unrecognized forms. 10:52 am

Transmeta and NVIDIA Announce Strategic Collaboration; Companies Team to Deliver Leading Multimedia and Graphics Capabilities for the Transmeta Efficeon Processor
Business Wire

"Transmeta's collaboration with NVIDIA, an industry leader, will spur innovative graphics capabilities in mobile devices," said Dr. Matthew R. Perry, president and CEO, Transmeta Corporation. "Transmeta's customers are delivering exceptional, efficient computing form factors featuring extended battery life, low heat, award winning designs, integrated functionality and highly competitive pricing."

"NVIDIA's collaboration with Transmeta enables a new class of ultra portable mobile computer," said Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and president, NVIDIA Corporation. "As the mobile computer increasingly becomes the primary computing device for many people, the demand for smaller form factor, low power solutions becomes apparent. By closely collaborating with Transmeta, our combined technologies are enabling computer makers to deliver an outstanding multimedia experience in stunningly small, low power devices."

Transmeta's new Efficeon processor, in production during the current quarter, provides industry leadership in delivering power efficiency and high performance for notebooks, tablet PCs, ultra-personal computers, silent desktops, blade servers and embedded systems. 10:46 am

IDF Fall 2003: Winners of Innovative PC Awards revealed
PC Pro, UK

'The winners of the 2003 awards illustrate how the industry continues to increase the value of the PC to consumers by making them easier to use, designing for specific market segments, and enabling them to connect to other devices, such as stereos and TVs,' said Louis Burns, VP and general manager of Intel's Desktop Platforms Group.

PC Slate/Tablet Category Winner: Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 Extra-rugged convertible notebook with a 180-degree rotating screen. 10:44 am

All Toshiba laptops to get Microsoft OneNote program

Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday that its new note-taking software, called OneNote, will be preinstalled on all of Toshiba Corp.'s new laptops from later this year.

The deal to install OneNote, which allows users to take notes on their personal computers without having to save documents and organize files, would put Microsoft's new product in a best-selling line of laptops and tablet PCs, giving it a much-needed boost after its launch on Oct. 21.

"This is the first time we've taken a product and put it on all of our products worldwide," said Terry Cronin, director of customer customer marketing for Toshiba's computer systems group. 10 :38 am

September 18, 2003

Tablet's hosting company was down yesterday 9/17/2003 due to a power outage caused by a fire. We apologize for any  inconvience this may have caused our readers

DemoMobile: Wireless applications set sail

The last of the early demos was Xybernaut, which showed a wearable, ruggedized tablet PC designed for use in vertical markets such as hospitals, factory floors, warehouses, and retail stores. The portable PC can be attached to a belt and worn on the hip and its rugged design means it can be dropped on concrete and still work. The 1.9-pound device shown, dubbed the Xybernaut Atigo Telluride Project, runs Windows XP Embedded. 3:34 pm

Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Office Depot Reward 2003 National Small-Business Person of the Year
Yahoo News

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT - News), HP and Office Depot Inc. awarded the owners of Premier Pet Products a $50,000 donation of technology and services to the charity of its choice for being named the National Small-Business Person of the Year today at the 2003 National Entrepreneurial Conference and Expo. In addition, the Richmond, Va.-based company will receive its own technology gift valued at $18,000.

In addition to the charitable donation, Premier Pet Products will itself receive $15,000 in Microsoft business productivity software, a Tablet PC from HP and a $1,000 Office Depot gift card redeemable at any Office Depot retail store. 3:29 pm

Jeep(R) Creates the New Jeep Trail Rated(TM) Requirements to to Communicate Legendary 4x4 Capability
Yahoo News

Six new print ads and four new television spots will communicate the stringent requirements that Jeep vehicles must meet in order to earn the Jeep "Trail Rated" badge. The new spots will highlight one of the five consumer- oriented categories that make up Jeep Trail Rated. Both print and broadcast ads break in mid-October. Consumers can also see details of Jeep Trail Rated on . Additionally, the Jeep brand will debut Jeep Trail Rated creative in The New Yorker magazine's charter edition of the Tablet PC. 3:26 pm

OneNote Ships with Toshiba Portables

Microsoft's OneNote digital note taking application will find its way onto all new Toshiba laptops and Tablet PCs sold worldwide.

"We feel OneNote will add tremendous value to our mobile PCs as tools for collecting and managing information. For that reason, we've taken the rare step of including one specific application in all of our portables worldwide," said Toshiba corporate vice president Atsutoshi Nishida. "Our mutual customers will be the real beneficiaries of our collaboration to bring digital note-taking capabilities to the notebook and Tablet PC experience." 8:39 am

OneNote is a new program -- similar to the Tablet PC's native Sticky Notes -- that has emerged with Office 2003. OneNote allows text and drawings to reside anywhere on a document.

Leading Business Software Companies Bundle GoToMyPC to Extend Anywhere, Anytime Access to Their Productivity Applications
Business Wire

Expertcity, Inc., a leading provider of managed remote-access and customer-support solutions, today announced that several leading software companies have chosen to bundle GoToMyPC(TM) 4.0 with their respective business solutions to enhance anytime, anywhere productivity for their software users. Aladdin Systems, Inc.; Elibrium, LLC; and Palo Alto Software are among the top software publishers that have entered into strategic partnership agreements to promote a free trial offer of GoToMyPC's remote-access service.

"Partnering with the industry's leading publishers for business and productivity solutions is both testament to our leadership in the remote-access category and validation of the growing demand for easy, secure Web-based remote access," stated John Greathouse, CFO and senior vice president of strategic development at Expertcity. "We're excited to be associated with these top brands and look forward to working together in developing compelling productivity solutions for their customers."

With these partnerships, the publishers' customers will be able to try GoToMyPC through special offers in their respective software packages. GoToMyPC 4.0 is designed to act as a true real-time "window" into the user's PC desktop. With GoToMyPC, Internet users can easily access files, applications and corporate networks from any location at any time and from any Internet-connected PC, wireless tablet or Pocket PC. GoToMyPC allows for increased productivity and job flexibility. The service is easy to install and operate and can be set up in a matter of minutes. GoToMyPC is highly secure and is pre-configured with built-in security controls, including dual password requirements and 128-bit end-to-end user authentication. 8:36 am

HealthCo conference to focus on HIPAA
Portland Business Journal, OR

The conference, held on Sept. 29 and 30 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Beaverton, is expected to draw more than 300 physician clinic managers, administrators and office support staff, company officials said. Eight educational workshops will be provided, and attendees will have the opportunity to share information with their peers.

HealthCo will also introduce its newest, wireless Tablet PC solution for the physician office and provide a preview of the upgrades and new products expected to be released in the next year. 8:29 am

September 19, 2003

Mindjet's MindManager Brainstorming Software

Here are some clips on Mindjet for Tablet PC that are not Avaliable online

Laptop Magazine's 8 Great Tablet PC Apps. "After scores of attempts at making a solid brainstorming and idea generation application, MindManager ... is making a believer out of us...with a vast array of templates and slideshow tutorials that help you envision how to actually use, and not just admire, this excellent example of what Tablet PCs can do." (Not available online)

Presentations Magazine's Fantasy Gear Packs for the Mobile Presenter. "The Tablet PC can be a powerful interactive presentation tool, especially with software like Mindjet's MindManager 2002, which helps you involve the audience by sketching onscreen idea maps. MindManager lets you annotate live onscreen and ad graphics, documents and Web links. After the presentation you can convert the handwriting to text and emial your notes to interested participants." (Not available online) 12:21 am

Project planning software for the Tablet PC helps an IT consultant capture key line-user feedback while walking the 'shop floor.'

Today, Goldberg uses MindManager 2002 for Tablet PC, which helps him convey complex processes visually. The Mindjet software has also improved his ability to work on the go, whether that means making the most of a business lunch or interacting with workers in hospital halls or on factory floors.

By improving communication with stakeholders, MindManager has helped dataDOC win new business. Recently, one prospective customer contacted dataDOC about Internet security issues. But the company balked at dataDOC's proposal—a standard multipage text document that detailed a complex solution. Discussing the poorly received proposal with his business partner over lunch, Goldberg opened MindManager 2002 for Tablet PC and remapped the proposal. "I began by focusing on what the company was looking for and how my partner's solution was going to give it to them—breaking it down in a logical way. The next day, he took the map to the company, won a $10,000 piece of new business, and the company is now a regular client with ongoing service and maintenance." 12:19 am

the first tablet pc robot?


i made a robot using the kit from evolution robotics. for the brain, i'm using a fujitsu stylistic tablet pc. so far, it's been trained to recognize items in the house, such as the other robots, the tv, chairs, the cat and it will even follow the segway around when i park and charge it after getting home from work, which is kinda cute. the bot can respond to commands, and it has a pretty amazing api to play with to do a lot more. the tablet has wifi, so anyone in the house can telnet to it and control the bot, or use vnc and control it from either another pc, a pocket pc or the sony clie ux50 i'm currently fascinated with. i'm pretty sure this is the first time a tablet was used to make this type of bot, it's really easy to enter in data and the battery life is amazing.  12:16 am

September 20, 2003

WalkAbout Computers Ships Hammerhead XRT Rugged Tablet PCs, Canada

a leading manufacturer of rugged tablet computers for mobile workers in the utility, public safety/EMS and other vertical markets, is now shipping their new Hammerhead XRT rugged Tablet PC. The Hammerhead XRT is the latest edition to WalkAbout’s expanding line of rugged Tablet PCs and docking stations.

In support of Microsoft’s Tablet PC initiative, WalkAbout’s Hammerhead XRT Tablet PC comes standard with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, enabling users to run full Windows-based applications using a pen or speech, annotate documents, and create handwritten documents using “digital ink” for later reference or conversion into text. The Hammerhead XRT supports all legacy Windows applications and will take advantage of the powerful pen-based functionality in new Windows applications developed for the Tablet PC platform.

With its lightweight design, built-in wireless connectivity, onscreen keyboard and hot-docking support, the highly rugged Hammerhead XRT brings the power of the Tablet PC into places where other computers won’t dare to go. Designed to meet MIL-STD 810F specifications, the Hammerhead XRT performs flawlessly in freezing temperatures, pouring rain and other demanding situations and delivers reliable mobile functionality wherever work gets done — whether it’s behind a desk, on the road or out in the field.

The Hammerhead XRT features a fully sealed, vacuum-tested rugged aluminum housing, 256/512 MB RAM, 20/40 GB hard drive, legacy dock compatibility and dual hot-swappable batteries for seamless operations and improved productivity. The unit is powered by the Mobile Intel? Pentium? III Processor-M with Enhanced Intel? SpeedStep? Technology, which enables greater speeds and lower power consumption for long-lasting performance. 10:38 am


September 22, 2003

Mi-Co Teams with Logitech to Deliver Digital Writing Solutions to Enterprises

Mi-Co announced today that it is working closely with Logitech to provide enterprises with digital writing solutions based on the Logitech io(TM) Personal Digital Pen. Mi-Co announced an agreement with Logitech as a preferred software provider for the Logitech pen and is reselling the pen with its Digital Writing Package. This Package is specifically designed for Value Added Resellers in empowering their customers with digital solutions. The announcement was made at VARVision(R) in Hollywood CA, an event held by Vision Events(R), a Gartner Company. Additionally, it was announced that Mi-Co is offering both general business and specialized vertical market solutions for mobile data capture applications that use Logitech's io Digital pen as the key data-capture device.

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, provides digital writing software to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process of capturing and using data. Mi-Co's end-to-end enterprise Mi-Forms Software System enables flexible forms design and the capture, handwriting verification and communication of forms based and free-form pen-on-paper data for enterprise users. Mi-Forms supports enterprise data capture using the Tablet PC, the Logitech io Digital Pen, Pocket PCs and signature capture devices 9:37 am

Tatung’s TTAB-B12D Tablet PC: The latest offering in a new wave of computing

Tatung’s new TTAB-B12D is a brand-new Tablet PC, positioned to follow the TTAB-910 Tablet PC. A stylish silver finish sets off the 10.4-inch TFT LCD panel and the 30×23×2.3cm dimensions make it a little bigger than a thick A4 notepad. Hot keys on both sides of the screen give convenient access to standby mode, screen rotation, an on-screen keyboard, the Windows Journal and instant start-up and shut-down. Sets of indicators and stereo speakers finish off the view from the front.

Compared with the previous TTAB-910 model, the TTAB-B12D appears slimmer and lighter. At just 1kg in weight, it is truly portable and someone using it as a notepad, writing on the screen directly, will not tire quickly.

Tatung also offers a very slim keyboard docking base. At just less than 1cm thick, this accessory turns the TTAB-B12D into a notebook and competes favorably with foldable keyboard options. 9:32 am

Transmeta and ULi Collaborate to Drive Energy Efficient, Innovative Mobile Devices

Transmeta Efficeon(TM) processor with integrated north bridge and ULi M1563 south bridge chip empower innovative mobile computer designs

Transmeta Corporation (Nasdaq:TMTA), the leader in efficient computing, and ULi Electronics Inc. (ULi), a subsidiary of ALi Corporation, and a leading developer of core logic chipsets and related host-based peripherals, today announced the development of the ULi M1563, a south bridge designed to provide support for Transmeta's Efficeon processor.
The combined power management capabilities of the ULi M1563 south bridge solution and Transmeta's Efficeon processor offer an ideal energy efficient platform for highly mobile devices, including thin and light notebooks, ultra personal computers (UPCs), tablet PCs, thin clients, blade servers and embedded systems. The M1563 south bridge chip utilizes the HyperTransport(TM) bus interface and controls I/O functionality including the PCI bus, IDE drives, USB, FireWire, networking, wireless, serial and audio ports. 9:26 am

September 23, 2003

Criterion and Motion Computing Bring Mobile Office Technology to Real Estate Professionals
Business Wire

Motion Computing and Criterion Corporation today announced a partnership to market Criterion's Real Estate Dashboard REDTablet(tm) real estate software on Motion Computing's M1300 Tablet PC.

As a partner, Criterion will serve as a major channel for sale and distribution of Motion Computing's M1300 Tablet PC direct to national real estate brokerages and individual agents, as well as through real estate trade associations in California, Texas and Florida.

Criterion chose the M1300 Tablet PC because of the platform's reliability. In addition, real estate legal applications are easier to read and use with the M1300's 12.1-inch display.

Combining REDTablet with the M1300's wireless access capabilities, agents and brokers can search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), select a property, write up a contract, and submit an instant order to title online, all while being away from the office. The M1300 facilitates the REDTablet note taking, listing presentations, and instant handwritten communication.

"Criterion has put together a solid real estate program for the tablet PC that meets the needs of real estate professionals," said Anne Oliva, a top-producing agent with Marshall Realty in San Bruno, Calif. and member of the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS(R). "They've transformed our business processes to a mobile platform, and our clients have more confidence in us because we now access information on demand rather than enduring the delays inherent with the traditional paper-based system."  10:32 am

Acer TravelMate 250 brings true mobility to business
ITWeb, South Africa

The TravelMate 250 is available as either a standard notebook or tablet PC.

The tablet PC (TravelMate 250PXC) has an interactive 14-inch TFT display and includes Windows XP Tablet PC Edition that integrates all Windows-based applications including those specifically developed for tablet PCs. The 250PXC allows for input by pen in English, French, Spanish and German.

"The tablet PC is a revolutionary new step in mobile computing. Users who don't like to type now have the option to use handwriting to enter data. In addition, the TravelMate 250 Tablet PC offers ergonomic handling, work efficiency and convenience on pointing, character recognition and inking - features that make this new product a complete mobile productivity tool," 10:30 am

LIFEBOOK T Series: The quick-change artist
ITWeb, South Africa

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is optimistic about the market prospects for tablet PCs. In one easy step, the new LIFEBOOK model is transformed from a notebook to a tablet PC

Following through on its commitment to mobile computing, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has introduced yet another addition to its tablet PC product line, the LIFEBOOK T Series. The LIFEBOOK T Series is an artful blend of Fujitsu Siemens Computers award-winning LIFEBOOK notebook and STYLISTIC tablet PC product lines to produce one of the most versatile PCs ever. With a flip of its screen, the LIFEBOOK T Series transforms from a traditional notebook into a highly mobile tablet PC.

Equipped with Intel Centrino mobile technology, the LIFEBOOK T Series ensures wireless mobility, high performance and long battery life. Users benefit from the virtual ink functionality of the Microsoft Windows XP tablet PC Edition. Hand-written comments can be jotted down directly on the screen and saved or converted to text for use in other applications. For functions such as opening applications and selecting text, the pen takes over from the keyboard and mouse. And the pen features are always available, whether in tablet PC mode or notebook mode. 10:26 am

Acer readies new notebooks
Digit Magazine, UK

Acer will introduce two new laptops before the end of this year, including an updated Tablet PC model and a widescreen notebook that is targeted at home users, according to a company executive.

Like other Tablet PCs from Acer, the TravelMate C300 is based on Centrino and offers a convertible design that can switch from a notebook to a tablet by rotating the TFT LCD screen and folding it back, flat against the keyboard.

The C300 has a 14.1-inch screen, larger than the 10.4-inch screen offered by Acer's C100 and C110 Tablet PCs, which can be converted from a notebook into a tablet. Acer's other existing Tablet PC model, the 250PE, also has a 14.1-inch screen but it can only be used in a notebook format and does not offer the ability to swivel its screen.

The C300 also offers an internal CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, a feature that is not available with either the C100 or C110.

Pricing for the C300 has not been finalized, but should be about $2,000 (around £1,300) depending on the configuration 10:23 am

Fujitsu Siemens Computers launches new convertible Tablet PC
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

The LIFEBOOK T3010 will be available in the Middle East markets from November 2003, via the Value4You programme, an initiative of FSC to optimize the return on investment of the end-users.

Equipped with a 1.40 GHz Intel Pentium M processor with the Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Platform for simple and wireless communication, the LIFEBOOK T3010 can be used as a normal ultra portable notebook. However, with a simple flip over, the screen fits neatly atop the keyboard and converts the LIFEBOOK into a Tablet PC, providing the Tablet PC features for creating handwritten notes and drawings, as well as for annotation of documents, directly on screen. The active digitizer that enables the pen features is available both in the standard notebook mode and the Tablet mode, allowing the user to benefit from the pen enabled design in every situation.  10:19 am

What to look for when buying a new wireless laptop
Colorado Daily, CO

If you're buying a laptop, you're going to love Wi-Fi. Home wireless networks allow you to roam the house or the backyard deck with your computer, surfing the Net, using the printer in the home office and even sharing files with the rest of the family. They're one of the hottest trends in personal computing

Tablet or standard: Tablet PCs offer all the features of standard laptops, plus a radio-wave-transmitting pen that can be used to take notes or draw right on screen. They're becoming more and more accepted. 10:17 am

September 24, 2003

Mindjet Wins Innovative Technology Award
Market Wire

Mindjet, the leading provider of visual tools for brainstorming and planning, announced today that it has won an award from IDG's Computerworld. Competing in Computerworld's second annual Innovative Technology Award, Mindjet won in the Mobile/Wireless category for its MindManager for Tablet PC. More than 350,000 customers around the world use Mindjet software to brainstorm, run meetings, plan projects, and create business plans and reports.

"The ability to map out processes visually in pen mode as we talk is phenomenal," says MindManager for Tablet PC user Richard Goldberg, chief technology officer at dataDOC Technologies Inc., a Chicago-based consulting firm. "Ultimately, the value we get [from MindManager] is far more than the ability to map our projects, business plans and thoughts. The real value is its ability to help us think and present that information in a clear, concise, and saleable way."

As with Mindjet products for desktops, laptops, and Palm OS and Pocket PC mobile devices, MindManager for Tablet PC enables users to quickly create concise visual representations -- "business maps" -- of ideas and information. On September 16, 2003 Mindjet announced its new MindManager X5 Pro software. The new edition, to be released October 8, features a more professional user interface, close integration with Microsoft® Office products, and new XML technology to further integrate business map contents with other applications, information systems, and databases. 10:36 am

E-Commentary -- The Skinny On The Tablet PC
Industry Week

The latest generation of PCs is something called the "tablet PC." These are basically skinny laptops or notebook-size computers, but with a twist. These machines come equipped with a special pen to write on the screen the same stuff you normally would write using a keyboard. To ease the transition from the keyboard to the new pen-based form factor, most new tablet PCs are convertibles, that is, they also contain a keyboard.

One nice aspect of the tablet PC is that you can take it to a meeting and use it during the meeting to take notes, even while others are speaking. That's because, instead of making noise tapping away at a keyboard, you are simply writing on a screen, almost silently. "If you really want to aggravate people, pull out your laptop and start tapping on the keyboard during a meeting," observes Howard Kamerer, COO at Allied Telesyn Inc., a manufacturer of network equipment based in Olympia Fields, Ill. "For me, the tablet PC is a way to get away from the keyboard and back to a pen."

Of course, whether corporate America embraces the tablet PC as the next big thing is anybody's guess. Only time will tell if the pen is mightier than the mouse or the keyboard.  10:30 am

WiFi rallies demand for Tablet PCs
CIOL, India

After a slow start, tablet personal computers are starting to take off, fueled by Microsoft Corp's release of its operating system Windows XP Tablet PC and manufacturers rolling out a wider variety of easier-to-use devices.

Since Microsoft's launch of the Tablet PC in November, the devices have grown in popularity, benefiting from the more user-friendly software and improved handwriting recognition technology. And Microsoft's OneNote application that allows Tablet PC users to write notes in digital ink -- either with a keyboard or a pen -- goes on sale next month.

"We're in the very early stages of what effectively is nascent demand in the tablet market," said Alan Promisel, an analyst with market research firm IDC. "Looking forward, I think the demand potential for tablets is pretty high."

Promisel said that Microsoft's release of Windows XP Tablet PC last November has helped in pushing the tablet PC, in no small part because Microsoft has more than a 90 per cent share of the market for PC operating systems.

"It really does add a whole new layer onto Microsoft Windows XP," Promisel said. "It allows you to take digital notes and hand-write e-mails."

There is a wider variety of tablet PCs available now, too, and they have much of the functionality of a regular PC, with e-mail, spreadsheet programs, word processing, Internet browsing, and other standard applications. 10:26 am

Review: Acer TravelMate C110

Acer's TravelMate C100 is one of the first and most popular convertible Tablet PCs. Claiming better battery life and faster performance than last year's model, the new C110 sports new guts and weighs a very light 3.2 pounds.

Here are its new features.

* 900-MHz Intel Pentium-M processor
* Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
* Better software
* Improved Intel Extreme Graphics 2

Tablet PC's benefits

* It's easy to use.
* Handwriting shows up on the screen accurately.
* You'll never run out of ink.
* You can store notes and drawings by the thousands.

C110's shortcomings

* Lose the special pen and you're out of luck.
* Searching through notes for information can be frustrating.
* Handwriting-to-text conversion tool doesn't work well.
* It gets uncomfortably hot to hold after one hour of use.
* Battery life is miserable. 10:18 AM

September 25, 2003

Tablet PC: The Future of Notebooks

Anyone who remembers early handwriting recognition will be impressed with Microsoft’s Windows XP for Tablet PC. It’s not perfect, but compared to the dreadful early attempts, it’s pretty good. That’s not enough to sell Tablet PCs though. The tablet’s future depends on useful applications, at least as much as it does on gee-whiz technology.

Microsoft launched Windows XP Tablet PC Edition last fall. It combines the standard Windows XP operating system with support for input from an electronic pen writing directly on the computer screen and built-in handwriting recognition. It also comes with utilities designed for tablet computers — notably the Windows Journal note-taking software.

Microsoft was surprisingly cautious about its claims for the Tablet PC Edition’s handwriting recognition. Previewing it last summer, Erik Moll, senior product manager at Microsoft Canada, said the system could recognize handwriting accurately 80 to 85 percent of the time. Actual experience suggests that figure is realistic, or even a little conservative.

Test Center: Is the New Office 2003 Suite Worth the Upgrade?

Windows Office 2003 is slated to launch Oct. 21, and it's already available to volume buyers. But one question looms--the same question, in fact, that hovers over every Microsoft release. Is the upgrade really worth it?

Test Center engineers were very impressed with a new application called OneNote, which is useful not only for Tablet PC users, who can take advantage of its pen input and ink capability, but for everyone else. With OneNote, information can be organized and retrieved regardless of format. Typed text, handwritten notes or diagrams, recorded audio and graphics can be manipulated and easily tied together.

High-tech help in emergency
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand

Book into the new Auckland Hospital at a typical hour, say 11 on a Saturday night, and you will notice changes in the way you are treated.

Let's start with the blood sample taken from your arm as you are wheeled in the door.

By the time you are through the security doors and into the emergency area, that sample could have been sent through to the lab by vacuum tube and analysed by a machine which automatically feeds a preliminary result into the clinical database.

When you come to in the neighbouring Admission and Planning Unit, the clinician may be looking at all your records, x-rays and even documents sent in by your GP on a Compaq tablet PC wirelessly connected to the network by an 802.11 "WiFi" card. 10:59 am

Wi-Fi Goes Shopping
802.11 Planet, CT

The prototype wireless PSA was developed for the Metro Group Future Store Initiative. Metro Group is the largest retailer in Germany. The Future Store, in Rheinberg, is a refurbished Metro grocery store fitted out as a showpiece to test and demonstrate new retail technologies, the PSA being just one of many.

The PSA is a custom-designed tablet PC with integrated Wi-Fi capability and bar code reader. The customer comes into the store and takes one of the devices -- there are 60 of them -- from a charging rack and clips it on to a shopping car

They must be Metro Group loyalty card customers to use the service. As soon as they swipe their card over the PSA's bar code reader, the unit retrieves -- over the store's 20-access point Cisco Wi-Fi network -- data on any past shopping activity or shopping lists they might have created at the store's Web site before coming in.

As the they move around the store, the device feeds them information based on which aisle they're in. It will remind them of items that are on their shopping list and/or items they frequently purchase.

It will also remind them of infrequently purchased items in that aisle that they may have forgotten but need. Of course, it also uses the system to advertise in-store specials. A search function lets customers key in the name of an item and then shows them where it is in the store on an onscreen map.

As they pick up items customers swipe them over the bar code reader. When they check out, they go through a special express check out where their order is already added up and all they have to do is pay. 10:56 am

Editorial Looking At Tablet PCs Cites Steve Jobs Prognostication
The Mac Observer

For those keeping score at home, we think that the Tablet PC has a strong future in certain vertical markets. The legal market (paralegals and whatnot), warehouses, secretaries that do shorthand, medical facilities...All these markets will continue to be users of the tablet format. Schools, too, could benefit from tablet-style computers by removing the monitor between the student and the teacher. Then again, that would have students looking down, so it's certainly not a cut and dry issue. Our point, however, is that these vertical markets will remain closed to Apple if the company doesn't offer a tablet. Obviously, Apple thinks differently about the situation.

1% of the market doesn't sound like a lot, but it's currently a third of Apple's total market 10:51 am

Acer Middle East offers largest range of Centrino based notebooks in region
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

Acer has been able to take the market-leading step of introducing Centrino-based notebooks to entry-level and mid-market users based on experience it gained from being first-to-market in the Middle East with Centrino notebooks for top-end users.

Before the release of the Travel Mate 660 and the Travel Mate 290, Acer had satisfied consumers looking for Centrino-based notebooks with the Travel Mate 800 and the TravelMate Tablet PC C110.

In July, Acer moved ahead of other players in the market by becoming the first regional IT vendor to launch a tablet PC with Intel Mobile Centrino technology – the TravelMate C110. With its capability to convert from the traditional laptop 'clamshell mode' for keyboard input to 'tablet mode' for use with a stylus pen – the TravelMate C110 gave Middle East users unprecedented ease-of-use, functionality, and versatility in computing.  10:42 am

September 26, 2003

Mobile Computing with Tablet PC

Learn how to gather and process data more efficiently by attending a FREE seminar from Mobile Computing experts!

Register now and:

Connect with the experts: Gateway, Leszynski Group, Microsoft, Colligo, and Intel pros will give you answers to your toughest mobile technology questions, in language that you can understand.

Discover what’s out there, how it is here to stay, and see what you can do using the latest technology devices and software to boost efficiency.

Learn about the manufacturer of the Gateway Tablet PC - Motion Computing. Harold Winkles, manufacturer representative for Motion Computing, will present specific information about the form factor on behalf of Gateway.

General Event Information

Products: Gateway Tablet PC, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, Leszynski Group line-of-business software solutions for gathering workflow information through handwriting and voice, Colligo peer-to-peer real-time communication software, and Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology.

Recommended Audience: Business Executive, Business PC User, IT Professional, Technology Executive, Government, Education, Law Enforcement, Healthcare and/or any department manager that utilizes FORMS to capture and process information. 11:16 am

Pest control
Go Erie, PA

Teddy Benson's high-tech home in Celebration, Fla., features a wireless computer network for his son's PC and his own Tablet PC, a media PC with built-in TV and DVD recorder, and a Segway personal electronic vehicle. But, from time to time, there are glitches that make his "Smart House" seem not quite so intelligent. 11:12 am

Women First HealthCare Announces Strategic Effort to Enhance Sales Force Performance
Business Wire

Women First HealthCare Inc. (Nasdaq: WFHC) today announced that it has entered into a comprehensive agreement with Target Software to automate its field sales force using the Target SFA software.

Target Software (, founded in 1991, is a provider of mobile sales force automation and sample accountability solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The Target SFA suite features Target Mobile, a family of state-of-the-art mobile sales solutions for the Pocket PC, Windows, Web and Tablet PC platforms. Target BackOffice is Target Software's fully PDMA-compliant and validated call reporting and sample accountability solution. 11:07 am

Acer EMEA reports 25.5pc growth in Q2 PC sales
MENAFN, Africa

ACER Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) has achieved 25.5 per cent sales growth in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

Giving further boost to the sales in the Middle East, Acer plans to introduce a host of new products in the region during the Gitex this year including TravelMate C300 full size convertible notebooks and Tablet PCs, the exclusive range of Ferrari 3000 notebook with AMD Athlon XP 2500 and the new Acer Aspire 2000 series with Intel Centrino technology. 11:04 am

PC technology takes center stage, Singapore

The attentions of the IT hardware industry were once again focused on Taipei this week, as vendors unveiled their latest products and showed off advances in computing technology at the Computex exhibition.

In addition to Athlon 64 systems, Acer has several other new computers that are scheduled to start shipping in the coming months

The company will also update its line of Tablet PCs, with the introduction of the TravelMate C300, which has a 14.1-inch screen that can be rotated and folded back, flat against the keyboard. This feature allows the C300 to be converted from a notebook form factor into a tablet.

Both the Aspire 2000 and TravelMate C300 are based on Intel Corp.'s Centrino platform and will be available during the fourth quarter for around $2,000 10:58 am

Allscripts Wins Innovation Award at TETHIC 2003; TouchWorks EMR Selected as the Most Innovative Information Technology for Physician Practices
Business Wire

The Emerging Technologies & Healthcare Innovations Congress (TETHIC) selected Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (Nasdaq:MDRX) TouchWorks(TM) EMR as the "Most Innovative Information Technology in a Physician Community" at the 2003 TETHIE Awards on Tuesday night. The TETHIE Awards recognize industry leadership in the areas of innovation, technology, implementation, best practices, and research.

"TouchWorks is a unique application that leverages the best of today's technology to truly improve how patient care is delivered," commented Mark Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of AC Group, Inc. and Co-chairperson of the judging committee for the TETHIE Awards. "We found what this application can deliver in terms of patient safety to be particularly impressive."

TouchWorks is an electronic medical record and clinical information solution that automates the most common physician activities including prescribing, dictating, capturing charges, ordering labs and viewing results, providing patient education, and documenting clinical encounters and offers electronic document imaging and management solutions, providing a pathway to paperless patient records. Physicians can utilize Tablet PC's, PDA's, or desktop workstations to access information anytime and anywhere on the TouchWorks system. 10:53 am


September 29, 2003

Doctors Can Access Patient Information On the Move, Africa

HEALTHCARE professionals in hospitals, such as doctors and nurses, are often on the move and need to deal with information from patients' charts, laboratories, the pharmacy and x-ray viewing stations.

In many hospital environments these activities are still paper-bound, but can be automated with the latest technology.

Laptops and tablet PCs provide secure access to information at the patient's bedside, including images such as x-rays, says Fathima Haniff, market development manager at Intel.

Intel's latest Centrino mobile technology provides notebooks and tablet PCs with this type of wireless capability, with all the necessary built-in security.

When it comes to back-office medical imaging files, standard 2000 PCs can also be used in place of specialised equipment, such as x-ray viewing stations and CAT-scan systems.

The ability to move images online will cut costs because it is no longer necessary to develop the film to produce physical copies of x-rays, and they no longer have to be sent by courier 10:56 am

Channel Awards: Products that mean business

Nine excellent products are competing for this year's Outstanding Product of the Year award. Between them they have given channel players the opportunity to deliver something new and valuable to all their customers.

This year the winner will be decided, for the first time, by the readers of CRN and the wider channel community. While only one product can win, there is no question that they have all contributed a great deal to the market

HP/Compaq Tablet PC TC1000
One of the first and unquestionably one of the best Tablet PC formats to hit the market, the TC1000 is an ultra-thin light machine with a battery life of up to five hours and integrated 802.11b wireless technology.

It has all the usual combination Tablet PC features, including the intelligent notepad function, and with the inclusion of the nVidia controller, has great graphics.

Cast your vote now The Channel Awards voting pages are now open and will remain so until 23 October. You can cast your vote here. Voting is verified by the Audit Bureau of Circulation.10:51am

Louisiana Streamlines Food Inspection Process With MotioComputing Tablet PC's
Business Wire

Motion Computing today announced that the Louisiana Office of Public Health is arming its retail food sanitarians with time-saving Motion Computing tablet PCs as they make their rounds of more than 75,000 locations.

Beginning this month, 120 inspectors will replace their paper processes with lightweight yet powerful Motion tablet PCs. The plan is to expand the new technology to every parish by the end of October, when 300 tablet PCs will be used by a like number of state employees who already have received on-site training by Austin-based Motion Computing.

Incorporating tablet PCs into the inspection process allows the department to convert more than 40 paper sanitary inspection forms to electronic versions. The change institutes a quicker, more accurate flow of information through the department.

In addition, sanitarians will have mobile cameras, printers and wireless access to complement their new tablet PCs. Due to the capabilities and power of the Motion tablet PC, the department hopes to replace all desktop and notebook computers with tablet PCs.

"We reviewed several mobile devices and chose Motion's tablet PC for many reasons, including ease of use and versatility," said James P. Antoon, chief of sanitarian services at the Louisiana Office of Public Health. "Motion Computing presented us with the most options and the most value."  10:47 am

Senforce Technologies Introduces Industry's First Centrally-Managed, Location-Aware Security Software to Protect Data on Mobile Devices in Both WiFi and Wired Environments
Business Wire

Senforce Technologies(TM) Inc. today introduced centrally managed security software that enables IT managers to easily create, deploy, monitor and enforce computer security policies to protect invaluable corporate assets stored on mobile computing devices such as notebook and tablet computers. The Senforce Enterprise Mobile Security Manager(TM) (EMSM(TM)) consists of server and client software components that automatically recognize the location of a mobile device and enforce policies specific to the location, including locking down specific network-utilizing applications in areas of extreme sensitivity. Successful beta tests by federal agencies, leading universities, financial institutions and large enterprises have proven EMSM's ability to preserve the productivity benefits of mobile connectivity without compromising sensitive data residing on the mobile professional's computer.

"The growing mobile enterprise requires corporate security and IT managers to define new policies that will determine how mobile workers access their entire corporate network, or external wireless or wired environments," said Allan Thompson, president and chief executive officer of Senforce Technologies. "EMSM allows companies and institutions to unilaterally apply security policies to a global workforce by centrally creating and deploying mobile device security solutions in a highly scalable manner."  10:43 am

Bad Handwriting and the Tablet PC

Tablet PCs Starting to Take Off After Slow Start
Reuters, UK

After a slow start, tablet personal computers are starting to take off, fueled by Microsoft Corp.'s release of its operating system Windows XP Tablet PC and manufacturers rolling out a wider variety of easier-to-use devices.

Since Microsoft's MSFT.O launch of the Tablet PC in November, the devices have grown in popularity, benefiting from the more user-friendly software and improved hand-writing recognition technology. And Microsoft's OneNote application that allows Tablet PC users to write notes in digital ink -- either with a keyboard or a pen -- goes on sale next month.

Unlike price-pressured desktops, tablet PCs are able to command premium pricing -- ranging from about $1,000 to about $2,300. They are now sold by major PC manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard Co HPQ.N ., Acer Inc. 2353.T , Toshiba 6502.T , NEC 6701.T , Fujitsu 6702.T , and Gateway Inc. GTW.N .

And the growing demand for the tablet PC has been helped by faster microprocessors, cheaper memory and the proliferation of wireless Internet connectivity, known as WiFi.

"We're in the very early stages of what effectively is nascent demand in the tablet market," said Alan Promisel, an analyst with market research firm IDC. "Looking forward, I think the demand potential for tablets is pretty high.10:31am

TDV Vison Announces First Sub-$1000 Tablet PCs - V800XPT and VS1200XP, Canada

TDV Vison, a new global power in LCD monitors, today announces the September availability of the first two products from its Visonary line. The V800XPT is a lightweight, 8.4-inch LCD tablet PC priced at $799 and the VS1200XP is a full-featured 14-inch, 2-in-one convertible swivel tablet PC priced at $999. Products in the Visonary line are believed to be the first tablet PCs on the market for under $1,000.

The V800XPT is an 8.4-inch LCD PC and notebook in one product. It features an external USB keyboard module, an external USB optical drive, a Transmeta Crusoe 800 MHz processor, a 30GB hard drive, and 128MB of DDRAM memory that is upgradeable to 512MB. It includes a built-in 640 x 480 digital camera, a built-in 4-in-1 card reader and a built-in LAN/modem. The V800XPT has an SVGA TFT LCD display with a digital pen for input of data and features the Windows XP Tablet edition. It contains a VGA port, 56K fax modem, an 10/100 LAN connection, two ports for USB 2.0 and audio connections for earphones and microphones.

The V800XPT weighs in at 2.6 lbs and in less than an inch in thickness. It features a 2200 Li-lon 2200 mAHr battery pack that lasts up to 2.5 hours and is removable and rechargeable. It also features a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor 10:28 am

PC Blends Keyboard With Pen Input
ABC News

I've found tablet PCs good for surfing the Web, reading e-mail, or accessing other applications that require little typing. But when it comes to text entry, I haven't seen anything that beats the keyboard.

Enter convertible tablet PCs.  They meld the best of both worlds, transforming between a notebook computer and a digital pad of paper. Toshiba's foray into the tablet PC world, the convertible Portege 3500, performs both these functions well.

Overall, the Portege 3500 is the most feature-rich tablet PC we've seen. Despite the lack of a docking station and so-so battery life, the 3500 is the best bet of the bunch. You won't sacrifice any notebook features, and you'll have the convenience of pen-based computing in a durable design. That makes the 3500 the TechTV Lab's Pick. 10:24 am


September 30, 2003

Cell phone goodies from PDC 2003
Wireless Software info

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2003, to be hold in the period of October 26–30, 2003 at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA, will feature some topics very relevant and interesting from the point of view of Microsoft powered cell phones:

There will be some interesting topics coming up during the conference:

Learn about developing for the fastest growth sectors: laptops, Tablet PC, Pocket PC, and Smartphone. Hear in-depth about Longhorn technology for mobile PCs, and building occasionally connected rich applications for Windows. Learn about the mobile advancements and future directions in Windows Networking, Power, Location, Visual Studio Whidbey release and .NET Compact Framework for devices such as Smartphone and Pocket PC.  4:45 pm

Is Ballmer Feeling Secure?
Always On

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke in Silicon Valley at the Churchill Club on September 15th, and gave his take on the state computer security in the aftermath of SoBig and Blaster.

The bottom line for any company in our industry is that we have to meet customer expectations through a relentless focus on innovation. It’s the soul of our company, and it’s what we aspire to more than anything else to contribute. We invest heavily in innovation. We’ll spend about $6.8 billion this year in innovation alone. Taking a long-term approach has been effective for us, and it’s an approach that our industry must continue to take to serve customers. It’s the approach that produces some of the most powerful innovations in the industry, and I’m thinking of very visible things that we’ve done like the Tablet PC and some of the new things coming in the new version of Microsoft Office. 4:41 pm

HP ready to roll on more consumer electronics
Network World Fusion

the Personal Systems Group is "on plan" to be profitable this quarter, McDonnell said. Notebook and tablet sales are up, McDonnell said, and the group is now eyeing a broader consumer market. 11:32 am

The more the merrier
Intelligent Enterprise Asia, Singapore

The choice of handheld device is ultimately dictated by the mobile solution that best fits the user’s needs. A solution that entails a lot of data input will do well with a PDA or tablet PC, while one that involves e-mail messaging and more communications-based apps might do well with a smartphone.

“The complexity of the software also influences the choice of handheld. If you have a mobile insurance application and you have to read off a spreadsheet, the screen size will be crucial to your choice of handheld,” says HP’s Manners.

The lack of applications that used to plague the handheld device is a distant memory. For one, HP Cooltown Innovation program offers different solutions created with the help of more than 300 mobile software developers. Many of these solutions incorporate other technologies like mobile printing and thumb-print biometric scanners. 11:28 am

Queens-Long Island Medical Group Expands Electronic Medical Record from Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
Business Wire

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (Nasdaq: MDRX), the leading provider of clinical software and information solutions for physicians, announced today that Queens-Long Island Medical Group, P.C. (QLIMG), one of the largest medical groups in the New York metropolitan area, will expand its use of TouchWorks(TM) electronic medical record (EMR) software, adding additional physicians and more functionality.

Physicians will also use technology including the new Microsoft-designed, wireless Tablet PC's, to electronically access the patient's entire file, including paper forms that will be scanned electronically and included as a digital image in the patient record, providing better access to information with less paperwork and less cost. 11:24 am

Pen&Internet Releases riteForm, an Advanced Recognition Solution Solution For Processing Handwritten Forms on Mobile Devices

Pen&Internet(TM), LLC, today announced the immediate commercial availability of riteForm(TM), an advanced recognition solution for processing handwritten forms on mobile pen-enabled devices. riteForm provides more powerful and accurate forms processing than current products available, due to its use of Pen&Internet's next-generation handwriting recognition technology and assignment of customized vocabularies, data templates, or both -- to individual form fields.

Targeted to the mobile enterprise and small business markets, riteForm can operate locally or as a server-based product with mobile pen-enabled devices, such as a Pocket PC handheld, electronic pen and paper, and a Tablet PC.

Product availability: riteForm Local SDK for developing client side forms processing applications is available for Windows 98/2000/XP/XP Tablet PC Edition. The riteForm Remote SDK for connecting forms processing applications with the riteForm Remote Web service is available for Windows and Windows CE 3.0/4.0,  including Pocket PC 2002/2003. Additionally, a riteForm Enterprise solution
for large corporate deployments and vertical forms processing portals is available on customer demand.

riteForm is shipping with over 25 vocabularies and data templates for most common data types, including first and last name, US city, state and zip code, company name and phone number.11:21 am

AMIBIOS8 from American Megatrends Supports the New Transmeta Efficeon Processor
Business Wire

- AMIBIOS8 and the Transmeta Efficeon processor are perfectly paired together to support ultra-portable and mainstream notebook computers, tablet PCs, ultra-personal computers, silent desktop computers, blade servers and embedded systems

American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) today announced its AMIBIOS8(R) firmware supports the new Transmeta Efficeon(TM) processor. AMIBIOS8 enables desktop, mobile, embedded and server systems -- making it the only single BIOS architected for multiple market segments.

"AMIBIOS8 complements the Transmeta Efficeon processor for a variety of mobile products including ultra-portable notebooks, Tablet PCs, embedded designs and other innovative uses that our low power, high performance architecture enables," said Matt Perry, president and CEO of Transmeta Corporation. "The modular architecture employed by AMIBIOS8 provides designers with the ability to build flexible customized BIOS that best fit these types of designs while the Visual eBIOS (VeB) graphical development environment and tools offered by AMI further simplifies the process."  11:15 am

Acer losing money on Tablet PC
IDG Communications, Hong Kong

Despite its early enthusiasm for the Tablet PC, the Taiwanese PC vendor is losing money on the devices because shipment volumes have remained low, preventing the company from achieving the economies of scale in production that would allow it to recoup its investments -- US$10 million and rising -- on development and marketing of the devices, Kan said.

There are several reasons for why Tablet PC sales have been slow, Kan said, citing high prices and a lack of applications that take advantage of the Tablet PC's functions. In addition, Microsoft has not been aggressively marketing the Tablet PC to end users 11:12 am

Digital shreds paper option
Washington Times

Just about anything in print can be found in electronic format, and it makes me wonder if anyone still needs paper.
The Oct. 13 issue of National Review, for example, is mine to read, days before I could hope to see it in my mailbox. That's because, instead of signing up for the print version, I opted for electronic access to the venerable journal of conservative thought.
An e-mail message on Friday told me of the issue's availability, both at the magazine's Web site, and as a "PDF" file, the initials standing for Adobe Corp.'s Portable Document Format.

The Zinio format is well suited to the Microsoft Tablet PC, given that device's use of pen controls and other single-handed buttons and toggle switches to handle the task of flipping "pages." Details on the available magazines can be found at 10:54 am

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