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October 2003

October 1, 2003

Efficeon nets PC industry backing, UK

Chipmaker Transmeta said on Wednesday that a wide range of PC infrastructure companies -- involved in technologies such as firmware, chipsets, and graphics technology needed for basic PC operations -- have agreed to support its upcoming Efficeon processor.

Formerly code-named Astro, Efficeon will dramatically improve upon the efficiency and performance of some of Transmeta's earlier processors, the company is promising. The chip will initially appear in mini-notebooks and tablet PCs, two relatively small markets where Transmeta chips are already found. But they will start being used in more standard-sized notebooks, those with 12- to 14-inch screens, by the first quarter 8:46 am

Starbucks, T-Mobile and HP Celebrate Wi-Fi Success at Starbucks with Exclusive In-Store Digital Music Experience
Business Wire (press release)

To log into the T-Mobile HotSpot service and establish a connection, customers with a Wi-Fi (802.11b) enabled notebook computer, Tablet PC or Pocket PC simply need to launch their Internet browser from within a participating Starbucks and log in. The T-Mobile HotSpot service is backed by high-speed T-1 connections that are reliable and fast enough to accommodate the full spectrum of applications from checking e-mail to rich multimedia video. T-Mobile HotSpot window signs are visible near the entrance of all participating Starbucks locations. A complete list of stores can also be found by visiting the Starbucks store locator on and selecting "Wireless HotSpot Stores" as the Store Type. 8:43 am

Connecting With Indirect Customers
Destination CRM

Prior to implementing an online registration system, Toshiba was seeing dismal product and warranty registration numbers, says Tyler Beaty, product manager for mobility services and solutions at Toshiba.

To solve the problem Toshiba placed DataLode's solution inside every laptop it sells. Customers can now register their PC when they first turn it on. A screen pops up inside Microsoft Windows, and pertinent data like serial numbers and other warranty information is automatically populated in the registration form. Thus, customers are less likely to abandon the process, since they don't have to search for critical data to complete the form.

Since the initial rollout of RealConnect was so successful, Beaty says Toshiba will soon be adding the capabilities to other Toshiba products like tablet PCs and network servers 12:07 am

Moving Note Taking into the Digital Age
Syllabus Magazine, CA

For evey student, note taking is a necessity. For some, that may be easier than for others. But in any case, mobile technologies have the potential to change the process dramatically—especially when specific note taking software is developed for the Tablet PC.

The Tablets Arrive
A solution for the problem of the resolution of pen input arrived this past November, when Tablet PCs finally became available. These are full-featured PCs that are roughly the size of a pad of paper and which allow PDA-like writing with a stylus. Unlike familiar touch screens, Tablet PCs use active (RF) pens, enabling smooth writing with no jaggies or feeling of disconnection. Several models also come with keyboards. Although they were designed for corporate workers, they also meet the needs of students in the classroom. Thus the hardware is there.

The software soon will be here too. Currently the only option for classroom note taking is Hajime’s code, which does not yet run on the Tablet PC, but which is available as open source for anyone to extend. This past fall Microsoft preannounced an application called OneNote, and the marketing literature evokes the possibility of classroom use although the feature set previewed so far does not seem adequate for classroom note taking. But it is probably only a matter of time before other players also release systems that will support taking class notes. 12:05 am


October 2, 2003

Infragistics Debuts Ink-Enabled Toolset

"We're in the early stages of ink right now. We know that and everybody knows that," McCabe said. "But the Tablet PC is a form factor that we really think is very viable and has great potential going forward. We've seen tremendous productivity benefit for our own staff by running in a Tablet PC world."

He noted that even customers that aren't interested in inking capabilities have shown interest in Tablet PC, because the pen-driven interface can often improve efficiencies. For instance, employees working in the field that spend a lot of time filling in forms with checkboxes or pull-down menus can benefit from the pen-driven input mechanism.

Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics, added, "We are extremely excited about being first-to-market with an ink-enabled toolset. The Tablet PC is tremendously innovative because of inking, the system's natural pen-driven input mechanism. This is important to developers building Windows Forms .NET applications, because there are many circumstances where pen-based input is more natural and effective than keyboard input."

Guida thinks Tablet PC and ink-based applications will especially increase productivity in vertical markets, like health care, banking and other service organizations.  10:24 am

GiveMePower to Exhibit in Intel Booth at CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment Conference
Business Wire

GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW), a developer and marketer of mobile, wireless and desktop software solutions for the $17.5 billion CAD/CAM software industry, today announced that it has joined Intel Corporation's (Nasdaq:INTC) Intel(R) PCA Developer Network and is one of nine companies to exhibit alongside Intel at CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment, a premier event for the mobile and wireless information technology industry.

GiveMePower will be running live demonstrations in the Intel theatre, showcasing the company's latest CAD Anywhere(TM) mobile & wireless design software for the construction and real-estate industries, running on the latest Intel(R) XScale(R) and Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology-based wireless handheld PCs and tablet PCs.  10:14 am

Form Filler App Goes Mobile

In an attempt to help pen-enabled mobile device users spend less time fussing with forms, software vendor Pen&Internet Tuesday debuted an advanced recognition solution for processing handwriting.

Dubbed "riteForm," the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company is offering one month free evaluations of the platform as well as commercial licensing options.

The release comes at a time when pen-enabled devices seem to be gaining in popularity across the board. A recent study by Gartner Dataquest predicts that adoption of pen-enabled devices such as a Pocket PC handheld, electronic pen and paper, or a Tablet PC will ramp up to the point where 35 percent of all notebooks sold will have screen digitizers or a pen-enabled keyboard by 2007.  10:11 am


October 3, 2003

WinInfo Short Takes: Week of October 6, OH

So Where's Tablet PC V2?
Looking at Microsoft's Windows Platform Roadmap, we can see that the company promised Windows XP Tablet PC Edition "V2" by the end of 2003. But that's not happening, the company told me recently. Instead, the next Tablet PC OS will launch next year, though I've not heard a thing about new features or changes. That may sound like bad news, but in actuality XP Tablet PC is incredibly full-featured and mature, and it's the hardware concerns mentioned above that have held back the platform, and not the software. So all the new Centrino Tablets coming this year will run the original Tablet PC software, and not a new version.

Tablet PCs Set to Soar
Tablet PC sales only account for about 1 percent of the overall market for notebook computers, making them a niche market at best, but various trends and changes to the underlying platform will see sales surge, analysts say. The original generation of Tablet PC devices was hobbled by two huge problems: Poor performance and poor battery life, the latter of which is obviously a deadly sin for machines that are meant to be used untethered. Both of these problems will be solved by the Centrino platform, which combines Intel's Pentium-M processor with dedicated chipsets and wireless functionality, leading to excellent performance and stellar battery life. Another change involves the common-sense move away from slate designs--which target certain niche markets, but aren't viable for normal office use--toward the so-called convertible laptop, which can work like a normal notebook when needed, or be switched into slate mode for handwriting-based work. Market research firm IDC predicts that Tablet PCs will thus account for 20 percent of the notebook market by 2007.

HP Drops Transmeta Like a Bad Habit, Adopts Intel for Tablet PC Update
And speaking of underperforming hardware, the worst machine of the lot--HP's gorgeous but lackluster performing TC1000 series Tablet PC--is getting a much needed processing boost. According to sources close to HP, the company will drop the miserable Transmeta Crusoe that powers the current version and move to a Pentium-M/Centrino solution for the new version, which will debut later this year. The move could make HP's design the most desirable Tablet PC on the market: I was extremely impressed by the TC1000 last year when I first saw it, but shocked by how poorly it performed in the real world. The Crusoe processor, naturally, was the problem, and now it appears HP is finally righting that wrong. 10:52 am

Unwired for mobility
Advertiser, Australia

Microsoft, the world's largest software company has made a big move into mobile computing.

Callum Russell is Microsoft's mobility guru in Australia. The Scottish-born South African turned up at my office the other day hauling a bulging backpack.

The reason for Microsoft's love affair with mobility is that the new generation of mobile devices creates a chance for more people to access the huge amount of information that is stored on computer networks running Microsoft software.

Smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and tablet PCs are just three of the new tech toys that use specially developed software to make it easy to interact with corporate information when you're on the move.

As anyone who's ever seen it knows, typing on a keyboard during a meeting is an innately anti-social thing to do.

By contrast, a tablet PC lets you write notes on the screen with a plastic stylus, just like you'd jot notes on a piece of paper.  10:48 am

Electronic Reading
Jewish World Review

A wide range of specialized publications are offering PDF distribution, an adjunct to other electronic formats. Zinio Systems, Inc., has brought more than 70 titles from 30 publishers to an interactive format that stores magazines for reading on PC and, now, Macintosh computers; you get the same interactive experience of turning pages as with a paper-based magazine. The Zinio format, in my opinion, is rather well suited to the Microsoft Tablet PC, given that device's use of pen controls and other single-handed buttons and toggle switches to handle the task of flipping "pages." Details on the available magazines can be found at 10:43 am

HP draws on Intel for next tablet

Hewlett-Packard's next Tablet PC will have Intel inside.

The Palo, Alto, Calif.-based computer giant is preparing to launch the HP Compaq Tablet TC1100 this fall, based on Intel mobile processors, sources close to the company said.

The forthcoming tablet, which will appear soon, looks much like the company's current model. They both have a 10.4-inch screen, for example, and probably will weigh about the same. But the new one will have a different processor, the sources said.

It will offer a choice of an 800MHz Celeron or a 1GHz Pentium M chip from Intel, the sources said. HP's current tablet, the HP Compaq Tablet PC TC1000, comes with a 1GHz Transmeta TM 5800 chip.

HP, which declined to comment on its future plans, won't be the only company with a new tablet this fall. Fujitsu recently released a convertible tablet. The next few months should see upgraded models from others, including Acer and Toshiba. 10:39 am

Tablet PC Sales Take Off
Connected Home Online, OH

Tablet PC Sales Take Off
Contrary to recent reports that Tablet PCs aren't selling well, IDC says that the portable, handwriting-capable devices are in fact experiencing a sales surge. IDC researchers say that the market is in the early stages of a nascent demand for Tablet PCs and that new processor architectures and form factors, innovative new software such as Microsoft Office OneNote 2003, wireless demand, and lower prices will help drive Tablet PC sales this fall. Also helping sales is the availability of vertical applications for the health, manufacturing, sales force, and other Tablet-specific markets; these applications will help drive sales for companies that held off buying Tablet PCs during the past year, IDC says. For calendar year 2003, manufacturers will sell about 500,000 Tablet PCs--about 1 percent of the overall portable PC market. But that figure will grow to about 20 percent of the overall market by 2007, IDC says. 10:34 am


October 6, 2003

Infragistics adds ink-enabled toolset to NetAdvantage
ADT Magazine

Infragistics has equipped the latest version of its NetAdvantage presentation-layer toolset with features designed for developers building applications for Tablet PCs -- specifically, a set of tools for deploying ink-enabled Windows Forms applications through its Presentation Layer Framework.

the big news in this version is the inclusion of features that allow developers to deploy ink-enabled Windows Forms applications via the product's exclusive Presentation Layer Framework. "Ink" is a data type native to Microsoft's Tablet PC operating system. "The Tablet PC is tremendously innovative because of inking, the system's natural pen-driven input mechanism," Guida said, adding that the capability in many circumstances is more natural and effective than keyboard input.

The advent of new and improved pen-input and digital-ink technologies is making the platform even more practical, Infragistics' Chief Technology Evangelist and Director of Development Brad McCabe told eADT. The current crop of pens respond to pressure, allowing the user to create thick and thin lines easily -- some even come with "erasers" situated at the opposite end of the stick. Digital ink in particular now offers what McCabe calls "very high fidelity." During a recent demonstration at a meeting of the Bay.NET user group in Palo Alto, Calif., McCabe zoomed in on a line of digital ink, magnifying the image 5,000 times. Even projected on a screen, the edge of the line, now three feet across, was smooth and jag free. 3:18 pm

Motion Computing Increases Momentum in Worldwide Tablet PC Market Share, Unit Volumes
Business Wire (press release)

Motion Computing has garnered more than 10 percent of the worldwide slate tablet PC market and almost six percent of the overall tablet PC market, which includes notebook-style convertible models. In addition, Motion is the only Top 5 maker of either slate or convertible tablet PCs to show sequential quarterly gains in unit shipments, according to second quarter estimates from industry research firm IDC.

Motion is the only major player focused solely on developing slate tablet PCs, the ultimate form factor for combining ultramobility and full-function computing.

"Motion's slate tablet PC product line is targeted to capitalize on demand within the vertical market space. The company's rapid uptake of new technologies has provided it with a solid base early in the development of the tablet PC market," said IDC analyst Alan Promisel.

According to IDC's 2Q03 PC Tracker results, Motion Computing's tablet PC shipments grew 20 percent sequentially in the second quarter, allowing the company to gain more than two points of market share. Of the Top 5 vendors, only Motion showed sequential gains in units shipped.  10:23 am

Buggy software taking toll
Contra Costa Times, CA

Teddy Benson's high-tech home in Celebration, Fla., features a wireless computer network for his son's PC and his own Tablet PC, a media PC with built-in TV and DVD recorder, and a Segway personal electronic vehicle. But, from time to time, there are glitches that make his "Smart House" seem not quite so intelligent. 10:18 am

HP offers visitors to GITEX Dubai 2003 a 'hands on opportunity' to see its full range of innovative mobile solutions in action
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

These range from iPAQs, through an unbeatable lineup of notebooks to the newest Tablet PC, the TC1100, which will be making its first appearance in the Middle East at the Show. The company will also be focusing strongly on mobile solutions for small to medium businesses (SMBs) at GITEX.

The introduction of the Tablet PC has been a huge success for hp in the region as the company quickly established overwhelming market leadership and GITEX will provide an opportunity to view for the first time in the Middle East the new hp Compaq Tablet pc TC 1100.  10:15 am


October 7, 2003

Pre Order the Sharp Actius TN10W Tablet PC

New release! Next shipment due October 30. Order now to reserve yours!

Versatile Mobile Computing
At 4.2 lbs, and only 1-inch thick, the TN10W features a 12.1" LCD screen that rotates 180° to convert to three different operating modes:

* Notebook mode- for typical office and personal use, with 256MB DDR SDRAM (expandable to 768- see Accessories below) and a 30GB hard drive.
* Presentation mode- for face-to-face presentations to small groups with the 160° wide view display and built-in wireless connectivity.
* Tablet mode- for note-taking and computing on-the-go with data input via the virtual keyboard on the display or written with the digital pen and saved as written or converted to text.

Combining tablet PC functionality with the latest mobile technology, the Actius TN10W provides advanced mobility and versatility. It can convert from standard notebook mode to tablet mode in seconds for enhanced productivity and comfortable usage. Use the included digital pen to take notes just as you would on a standard writing pad!

Powered by the latest Intel Mobile Pentium M 1.1GHz prcessor with Intel Centrino Technology, the Actius TN10W provides you superb performance, wireless connectivity and long battery life. 10:52 am

Valence Signs NEC Solutions America as N-Charge System Customer
Business Wire

-Valence Technology Inc. (Nasdaq:VLNC), a leader in the development and commercialization of Saphion(R) technology, a safer Lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology, today announced that it has signed NEC Solutions America Inc., a leading provider of business solutions and services for commercial and professional markets in North America, as a customer for the N-Charge(tm) Power System. The N-Charge system will be marketed with NEC's Versa LitePad Tablet PC.

"The N-Charge system gives our Versa LitePad customers the power that is needed to keep them connected no matter where they go," said Joe Harris, director of product marketing, Mobile Solutions Division of NEC Solutions America.

Together, the N-Charge Power System and the Versa LitePad will offer users complete mobility. The N-Charge Power System is an easy-to-use, portable energy solution that provides power for a wide variety of mobile electronic devices, including Tablet PCs. NEC describes the Versa LitePad as the thinnest and lightest Tablet PC solution on the market, engineered for the enterprise market. The Versa LitePad has an ultra slim profile of 8.8 inches wide by 11.7 inches long by .6 inches thick and is 2.2 pounds  10:13 am

ZyDoc and Toshiba Bundle Mobile Computing Technology Providing the Medical Industry with an Easy-To-Deploy, Low-Cost Wireless Alternative

Mobile Server, Tablet PC and Medical Documentation Software Provides An Effective Combination for Increased Office and Offsite Productivity.

Helping businesses stay connected, ZyDoc today announced it will be working with Toshiba's Computer Systems Group
(CSG) to help medical practices and hospitals deploy wireless network solutions. As part of the Toshiba Mobile Productivity Solutions, the ZyDoc  Automated Medical Documentation Solutions Bundle will be available pre-tested and pre-loaded on Toshiba's Magnia(R) Z310 wireless server and Portege(R) 3500 Tablet PC. The all-in-one solutions provides all the hardware and software needed to help companies easily install and manage a wireless network, giving physicians access to patient data while working in the office or from the road. This all-in-one solution also provides a convenient speech recognition feature and simplified user interface specifically designed to meet the demands of a medical professional.

According to James M. Maisel, MD, Chairman of, "ZyDoc is delighted to work with Toshiba because of their hardware leadership in Tablet PCs and mobile computing solutions. Leveraging the bundled solution, physicians can now easily and reliably implement a state-of-the-art, turnkey wireless EMR (Electronic Medical Record) network featuring mobile, yet fully functional, point-of-care Tablet PC multimodal workstations." The award winning SpeechDoc EMR application is optimized to utilize many of the Tablet PC's innovative technologies, such as speech recognition, pen stylus with touch screen and digital inking, keyboard and touch mouse. ZyDoc's multimodal features offer physicians flexibility to choose the most efficient mode of data entry. Doctors become more productive by rapidly capturing the clinical encounter and delivering the information whenever and wherever they need it. 10:10 am

Acer to showcase its largest ever range of ground breaking technology products at Gitex 2003
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

Acer Computers (M.E.) Ltd., one of the world's top 10 branded PC vendors, today announced it will use Gitex 2003 to showcase its largest ever range of mobile computing products.

The company, which has recently extended its range of tablet PCs and notebooks in the region, will offer special promotions to visitors at the computer shopper fair.

Since the launch of the Middle East's first tablet PC – the Acer TravelMate C100 – at last year's Gitex exhibition, Acer has sold an impressive amount of units. Based on the demand generated from Gitex for the tablet PC, Acer aims for similar success with its newest tablet PC the TravelMate C110, the first and only Intel Centrino based Tablet PC in the Middle East.

'Acer expects the TravelMate C110 – which includes Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and the latest Intel Centrino Mobile Technology – to be popular with visitors to both the exhibition and Gitex Computer Shopper 10:05 am

October 8, 2003

Welch Allyn and Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Partner to Automate Vitals Data Transfer
Business Wire (press release)

Welch Allyn, a leading global manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, today announced a three-year software licensing agreement with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (Nasdaq:MDRX), a leading provider of clinical software and information solutions for physicians that will allow Welch Allyn Vital Signs Devices to connect to the Allscripts' TouchWorks(TM) electronic medical record (EMR).

As a result of this agreement, vital signs data from the Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor and the Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs(R) device can now be transferred automatically into the TouchWorks EMR, allowing for improved workflow for physicians, nurses and support staff. Once in the system, medical professionals can then review and edit the diagnostic test data as well as trend and graph the results.

Using a Tablet PC, wireless PDA, or desktop workstation, the TouchWorks EMR automates the most common activities in a physician practice including prescribing, dictating, capturing charges, ordering labs and viewing results, providing patient education, documenting clinical encounters and electronic document imaging and scanning, providing a pathway to a paperless patient record. 10:32 am

Acer taps into toughened tablets
PC Advisor, UK

Computer manufacturer Acer today announced it is to have a second stab at the tablet PC market with the launch of a high-end desktop model.

Acer already has tablet PC machines on the market. However, the TravelMate C100 and C110 are ultra portable devices with correspondingly cutdown computing power. The model unveiled today, the TravelMate 250PCxi, is subject to no such compromises.

The 250PCXi will be equipped with an Intel Pentium 4 processor and a 40GB hard drive and, as with other tablet PCs, will have a digitised screen so users can enter text using a stylus input device. Unlike other tablet PCs, Acer's new offering does not have a touch-sensitive display, relying instead on a digitised overlay on the standard XGA notebook display.  10:30 am

New Website Specializes in Wireless Technology for Small Businesses
Yahoo News (press release)

WirelessLife, a new source for wireless technology is now available to small and medium businesses at This new website features a full range of brand-name products and services for companies looking to join the wireless revolution by adding to an existing wired network or building a new network from scratch.

WirelessLife offers a complete range of products and services including:

Wireless Tablet PCs -- Tablet PCs powered by Microsoft Windows XP(R) for
Tablet PCs provide a new way for users to enter data, by "writing" on the
screen. WirelessLife sells Tablet PCs from Acer, Toshiba, Viewsonic, and
Motion Computing. 10:28 am

Acer barges in at the bottom end of Tablet PCs
PC Pro, UK

Forget ultra-lightweight, long battery life, mobile processor, premium-priced Tablet PCs. Acer's new TravelMate will do little travelling if you have to carry it by hand, but at £999 ex VAT and packed with power, it has its sights firmly set on the classroom.

In particular, the Acer TravelMate 250PXCi introduces a new range of desktop replacement Tablet PCs with an eye on getting in the catalogue of the Government's Laptops For Teachers campaign, (and their students).

Rather than a slate design, the 250PXCi is a traditional notebook hinged affair, with a pull out strut behind the screen to give stability.

Instead of a touch-sensitive screen, the 14.1in digitised matrix display recognises the positioning of the supplied stylus whether or not it is actually touching the screen. The screen itself is tested for resistance to the type of pressure applied by unruly school children, as is the keyboard which can be lock so that little elbows don't create problems when leaning on it.

Weighing in at more than 3kg, you might expect some heavy duty circuitry, and you wouldn't be disappointed. A desktop Pentium 4 chip clocked at 2.6GHz, 512MB memory, a 40GB hard disk, CD-RW/DVD optical drive and even a floppy sit alongside a host of I/O ports including four USBs, 10/100 Base-T Lan, two Type II Cardbus and VGA, plus there are WLAN or Bluetooth options. 10:24 am

A Sporting Chance
CIO Magazine, Australia

The Future Belongs to Them
The survey also explores which technologies are forecast to have the best immediate future(Table J). One question asks whether CIOs are currently using a potential solution or whether they plan to do so over the next two years. By contrasting anticipated usage with actual use today the study is able to spotlight those systems with the rosiest outlook.

Top of the list was tablet PCs, a technology that was included for the first time. Only 4.9 per cent of respondents said they were using such systems today, but 32 per cent expect to do so by the end of next year. This equates to a 655 per cent growth. The next two technologies with the most promising outlook were biometrics and voice over IP (VoIP), and it is possible that the next two years might be the time when these technologies establish the critical user mass among local IS executives. Further down the list was storage over IP, another new entrant in this year’s technology options, and storage area networks. Both results show that there is still mileage in the storage revolution of the past few years.

If Microsoft is encouraged by the potential popularity of the tablet PC, it will clearly be heartened by the fact that its later releases of Windows operating systems are starting to dominate at the desktop.  10:10 am

Rising from the Dead
Publishers Weekly, NY

Last Winter's Tablet PC Digital Publishing Conference in New York City attracted a fair number of people from the book business. For many in the audience, more compelling than the eventual success (or not) of tablet computers was an afternoon panel about e-books. Representatives from HarperCollins, McGraw-Hill, Simon & Schuster and Random House each spelled out their respective company's approach to publishing in electronic format. By the end of the session, it was clear that not only is e-book publishing not merely "technology"—and certainly not simply dumping content into an electronic file—but that each company is already charting its own distinct path as an e-publisher. 10:04 am


October 9, 2003

Microsoft takes Office 2003 beyond the desktop

Users of Tablet PCs are also catered for, with the release of OneNote, an unstructured electronic doodle pad.

Also usable on conventional PCs and laptops, users can type, draw (and, in the case of Tablet users, freehand write and sketch) on a blank canvas without the restriction of word processor formatting. 10:59 am

"OneNote recognises that many people work in a way that traditional note-taking applications do not address," said Laver.

ZyDoc Wins SpeechTEK's Most Innovative Solutions Award for SpeechDoc EMR 3.0

ZyDoc received a Most Innovative Solution Award from the Speech Recognition Industry at the 9th Annual SpeechTEK Exposition this week for helping doctors improve productivity. ZyDoc helps deploy wireless network Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solutions based on speech recognition technology.

The award signifies a paradigm shift in the acceptance of speech recognition technology for a desktop application. SpeechDoc also is distinguished as the first healthcare industry application designed to take full advantage of the multimodal input of the Tablet PC and leverage preconfigured out-of-the-box wireless networks 10:56 am

Joining the Dots
Computer Business Review, UK

Printers will be obsolete in 10 years. The emergence of the tablet PC, which enables you to use a stylus to make changes to documents on screen or the introduction of electronic paper, which can be re-used, may eventually eradicate the printed page as we know it. Or so many technology vendors would have you believe. In truth, the move towards a paperless office is as much a pipe dream as landing a manned space mission on Mars. Printing technology has evolved to embrace new functionality that makes its position in the enterprise today of as critical importance as ever. 10:51 am

Kansas board of ed meets
Paris Beacon News, IL

Computer technology, possible virtual high school classes, gifted programs and family input requests were on the Kansas school board agenda Wednesday evening.

As part of the curriculum report, business/technology instructor Lisa Huddlestun demonstrated the new computer tablet PC with voice control. Board members were told about some high schools already using virtual high school programs through the Internet. 10:40 am

Breaking the Glass Ceiling to Join Microsoft's Senior Management Team
Online Journalism Review

We are very committed to improving handwriting recognition, viewing recognition. When you see Office 2003, when you open up a Word document now it looks like two pages from a book ... it's very book-centric. The problem with eBooks is it's first generation of being able to try to translate to online what we're used to seeing in the printed word. And it's too expensive. So what we're trying to do is continue in our R&D efforts to advance the capabilities that make it appealing and cost-effective for people to actually use the computer to read books. And the form factors, our tablet PCs are another good example of how we're pushing our consumer electronics partners to improve the resolution, to improve the quality of how the print appears on the screen, and it becomes more book-centric. It's lighter and it's easier to carry it around. And it does a lot of other things, so it's multipurpose.  10:36 am

Valence charges California computers
Austin Business Journal, TX

Austin-based Valence Technology Inc. will provide its rechargeable batteries to Rancho Cordova, Calif.-based NEC Solutions America Inc. for its ultra slim notebook computers, Valence announced Wednesday.

Valence's N-Charge system will be sold with NEC's Versa LitePad Tablet PC, offering customers complete mobility, according to the companies.

NEC describes the Versa LitePad as the thinnest and lightest tablet PC on the market at 8.8 inches wide by 11.7 inches long and 2.2 pounds 10:32 am

October 10, 2003

Partner Momentum Grows for Microsoft Office System With Innovative Solutions Featuring Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003

Today at the Microsoft(R) Worldwide Partner Conference, Jeff Raikes, group vice president of Productivity and Business Services at Microsoft Corp., (Nasdaq: MSFT) announced that partner momentum is rapidly growing for the Microsoft Office
System as independent software vendors, system integrators, resellers and other Microsoft partners look to capitalize on what analysts reports indicate could be a $117 billion (U.S.) partner services opportunity by 2006 for business intelligence, collaboration, work management and business process solutions. One of the key attractions for industry partners of the
soon-to-be-released Microsoft Office System has been Microsoft's new information-gathering program, Microsoft Office InfoPath(TM) 2003.

The electronic triage solution, which runs on a Tablet PC, enables physicians and other healthcare clinicians to record data as patients move through the emergency care process, making it immediately available to
all caregivers and ultimately the hospital's admitting department. The caregiver writes on a Tablet PC with a stylus just as she would with paper and pen. The dynamic InfoPath form is the medium by which the handwritten data is
collected and interpreted. "InfoPath 2003 is a perfect fit for the healthcare environment where fast, easy access to information in a secure format is so critical 8:58 am

BD's VaxiNet Platform to Boost US Immunization Efforts
Market Wire

Infectious Diseases Society of America 41st Annual Meeting -- BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX) today launched its VaxiNet™ Data Management Platform, a mobile, paperless tracking system designed to help hospitals, clinics, healthcare professionals and public health agencies provide rapid and safe mass immunizations. VaxiNet can play an integral role in programs designed to manage current and emerging public health threats, ranging from influenza to smallpox. VaxiNet helps healthcare providers and public health officials to record, store, share and analyze patient data and information and more effectively plan and manage immunization programs.

How VaxiNet works

The VaxiNet Platform is a software system that manages the immunization process by organizing it into five steps:

1. Enrollment and screening
2. Digital signing of informed consent on a tablet PC
3. Vaccine administration
4. Follow-up exams and remote diary card completion,
including digital imaging
5. Remote analysis of adverse events and follow-up 8:56 am

Motion Computers moves into Europe, Singapore

Motion Computing Inc., a tablet-PC company set up by ex-Dell Inc. and Apple Computer Inc. executives, is moving into European markets.

Following its move into the U.K. market in May, Motion of Austin, Texas, has entered into agreements with two resellers to reach markets in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Motion President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Eckert said this week. 8:52 am

WalkAbout Computers Ships Hammerhead XRT Rugged Tablet PCs

WalkAbout Computers, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rugged tablet computers for mobile workers in the utility, public safety/EMS and other vertical markets, is now shipping their new Hammerhead XRT rugged Tablet PC. The Hammerhead XRT is the latest edition to WalkAbout’s expanding line of rugged Tablet PCs and docking stations.

In support of Microsoft’s Tablet PC initiative, WalkAbout’s Hammerhead XRT Tablet PC comes standard with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, enabling users to run full Windows-based applications using a pen or speech, annotate documents, and create handwritten documents using “digital ink” for later reference or conversion into text. The Hammerhead XRT supports all legacy Windows applications and will take advantage of the powerful pen-based functionality in new Windows applications developed for the Tablet PC platform.

Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition will be deployed to 850 workers at Allegheny Power via the Hammerhead XRT. The Tablet PCs are used in all types of weather to report completed work and timekeeping information at Allegheny’s 51 service centers located in five states. The mobile computing project at Allegheny began four years ago and has successfully automated a process that previously had been done with pen and paper.

With its lightweight design, built-in wireless connectivity, onscreen keyboard and hot-docking support, the highly rugged Hammerhead XRT brings the power of the Tablet PC into places where other computers won’t dare to go 8:50 am

Grants an important tool for schools when acquiring new computer technology
Missouri Valley Times News, IA

Technology in our schools is becoming more advanced and more prevalent thanks to grants available to area districts.

At a recent school board meeting in the West Harrison district, the school board was given a presentation of some of the new items the district has acquired - most coming from grant money that has been available to the district.

Yohe also demonstrated a tablet PC. The screen on this computer folds around so the body of the computer so that it is flat like a tablet. The person using this PC, writes on the computer screen with a stylus, just like he or she would write on a pad of paper with a pen or pencil. The computer then converts the handwriting to text.

Both the Mimio XI and tablet PC are tools that are associated with advanced thinking skills that can translate into increasing student achievement.   8:45 am


October 13, 2003

Tablet PCs await a miracle
Economic Times, India

What makes tablet PCs different from notebooks or laptops is that it allows users to take notes on its screen with an electronic stylus. Vendors are betting heavily on this feature to bring in a wide section of customers for their product.

Tablet-PC vendors in India, however, have not lost hope. Contrary to the general perception, the response has not been bad, they say. Mr Neeraj Sharma, general manger, brand, marketing and sales operations at IBM India’s personal computing division, says IBM is closely monitoring this space, but, as of now, has no definite plans to enter the tablet-PC market.

HP India, which launched its brand of tablet PC last December says, one should see how the tablet as a generic product is doing since launch from a proper perspective. 10:11 am

Partner Conference: Security First, then the "Longhorn Wave"

As usual, Microsoft officials discussed no specific dates for Longhorn, though casual mentions of the Longhorn wave coming "three years out" caused rumors sites to explode with news items about yet another Longhorn delay. A more likely scenario is that the wide range of Longhorn wave products will be released over time, culminating with the release of a new Windows Server version one year after the release of Windows Longhorn, a desktop product that will ship in Home, Professional, Media Center, and Tablet PC editions. What Microsoft is trying to subtly communicate is that Longhorn isn't just a single product, but rather a completely new architecture on which it will build a suite of products. As the Longhorn wave crests in 2006-2007, Microsoft says, we can expect to see new versions of Exchange (Kodiak), SQL Server (Acadia), and the first release of Microsoft System Center, which integrates Systems Management Server (SMS) and Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM). 10:07 am

Communications company gets into search and rescue
Oakland Tribune, CA

After two years of research and collaboration with a variety of suppliers, Doug Linman finally has his search and rescue communications technology in production.
The technology promises to liberate police, firefighters, military, civil defense and humanitarian workers from the constraints of a centralized command post. And from the uncertainty of relying on a single communication system during a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

The CommanderPack includes -- in a "ruggedized" and waterproof backpack -- voice, data, audio and video communication equipment, a tablet PC and information software such as global positioning systems. These integrated resources are accessible from air, sea or land. Solar power and backup systems assure it is reliable. A water supply and injury management tools are built in.  10:04 am

Breathing life into messy sketches
CNN Europe, Europe

Smart software will soon breathe life into our messy freehand sketches, revolutionizing the way designers work and children study.

A rough hand-drawn car, arrow and slope could soon be recognized by a tablet PC and then animated, so we can see how our designs should work and look in real life.

The old computer interface of type, point and click will be replaced by sketch, gesture and talk according to the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The software observes what we draw on the screen and then turns the sketch into computer code. The smart program is able to interpret what we had in mind from the crude drawing we actually penned out.

After it has understood the diagram and created an interpretation, it then animates the sketch by applying the laws of physics to create motion using gravity and momentum -- balls roll down slopes, a propeller creates lift. 9:57 am

A new site that specializes in Tablet PC accessories and carrys a wide  variety of new products, including their patent pending  Tablet Shield cover/clipboard. 9:53. am

HP emphasizes wireless in its newest offerings
International Herald Tribune, France

GENEVA Hewlett-Packard introduced several new portable devices and software at the ITU Telecom World exhibition on Sunday, the latest evidence of the strength of mobile communications.
HP announced two notebook computers, a tablet PC, two handheld computers and a mobile workstation that emphasize wireless technology.
The company, the world's biggest computer maker, also said it would sell an adapter that would let existing HP printers - which number about 300 million - connect to other devices wirelessly 9:50 am

HP spotlights mobile gear

As part of a big push in mobile computing, Hewlett-Packard is unveiling a slew of devices that can connect to one--and in many cases more than one--wireless network.

HP is using a Swiss telecommunications show next week to introduce a number of devices that are capable of connecting to several flavors of Wi-Fi networks as well as to other mobile devices using short-range Bluetooth technology. Among those devices is an improved version of its HP Compaq Tablet PC. Whereas its predecessor featured a Transmeta processor and was limited to 802.11b wireless networking, the TC1100 switches to an Intel processor and is also able to connect to higher-speed 802.11a and 802.11g networks. 9:48 am

New Release of Popular Handheld Pharmaceutical Sales Software

Multimodal services combine the advantages of a graphical user interface with voice-activated elements and so move a step closer to facilitating natural communications behaviour – speaking, seeing, hearing, touching. Swisscom Innovations will showcase two multimodal applications: access to broadband services via Windows XP Tablet PC and a city guide on a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). 9:45 am

October 14, 2003

Motion Computing Tablet PCs One Up With OneNote
motion computing

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 13, 2003 - Motion Computing today announced it is among the first to ship Microsoft® Office OneNote™ 2003 - the widely anticipated "killer app" for digital note-taking on tablet PCs. The company also is offering Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003, a cost-effective, pen-enabled version of Microsoft's productivity software suite.

OneNote is available preloaded on all Motion Pak configurations, an optional software bundle designed for the ultramobility needs of Motion M1300 Tablet PC users.

OneNote is ideal for tablet PCs because in addition to being able to type text notes and record audio, users can handwrite notes and draw diagrams or pictures with OneNote. Users can search for handwritten and text notes, and even convert handwritten notes to text. With OneNote, both typed and handwritten notes can easily be electronically filed and organized for future use. 10:20 am

Motion Computing Extends Reach To German, French Markets
motion computing

Top 3 U.S. Slate Tablet PC Maker Adds Major Resellers To International Network

As part of its international expansion strategy, Motion Computing - the third-largest provider of slate tablet PCs in the U.S. and an innovator in ultramobile computing and wireless communications - today announced two major distribution agreements that make its award-winning offerings available in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.

"This is a milestone in Motion's international expansion and signals our commitment to earn market share in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland," said Scott Eckert, Motion's chief executive officer and a former international executive with Dell Inc. "These new markets hold tremendous potential for Motion Computing."

With its innovative product design and agile business model, the company's Intel-based tablet PCs - including the first in the industry to be powered by Centrino mobile technology - have exceeded sales targets in North America and the UK. 10:18 am

Transmeta Introduces the Efficeon TM8000 Family for a New Era of High-Performance, Efficient Computing
Business Wire

Efficeon(TM) Provides Significant Jump in Performance over Crusoe(R) while Maintaining Leadership in Energy Efficiency

Transmeta Corporation (NASDAQ:TMTA), the leader in efficient computing, today introduced the Efficeon TM8000 microprocessor family, establishing a new standard for high-performance, highly integrated, low-power x86-compatible computing. The Efficeon processors take efficient computing to a new level, with major innovations in Transmeta's revolutionary but proven hardware and software architecture, increased on-chip integration and new high performance interfaces.

Aimed at ultra-portable and mainstream notebook computers, as well as innovative news classes of devices such as tablet PCs, ultra-personal computers, silent desktop computers, blade servers, thin clients and embedded systems, the Efficeon processor family will be competitive with, or outperform competing microprocessors operating within critical thermal limits such as the 7W limit for typical fanless notebook designs. Systems based on the processor are expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter.  10:14 am

Ubiquitous Computing Driving Software Industry

GENEVA, Switzerland - Perhaps the most overused word so far at the ITU Telecom World Conference has been "ubiquitous," a term that has overtaken "convergence" as the latest buzzword for the computer, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries.
Nonetheless, as cellular networks, Wi-Fi hotspots and Web services proliferate, software companies, startups and giants like Microsoft Corp. alike are discovering growing demand for new software that could help operators offer applications that are more accessible either from PCs, tablet PCs, PDAs or mobile handsets. The challenge is how to make the right information available to ubiquitous computing devices. 10:13 am

WIDCOMM Inc. Signs Licensing Deal With Broadcom Corp.

WIDCOMM Inc., the leading provider of Bluetooth(TM) software enabling wireless communications today announced the addition of Broadcom Corp. to WIDCOMM's impressive list of Bluetooth software licensees.

"The BCM2035 offers significant advancements over competitive offerings including extremely low power consumption, no off-chip memory requirements and the world's smallest footprint," said Scott Bibaud, director of marketing for Broadcom's Bluetooth products. "Packaged with WIDCOMM's feature rich Bluetooth software, we offer PC manufacturers a state-of-the art, interoperable Bluetooth solution that will accelerate product delivery and drive consumer Bluetooth demand."

WIDCOMM's BTW software is an interoperable solution that meets all Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) conformance testing and is compliant with Bluetooth 1.1 specifications. It includes an intuitive user interface, integrated applications and the largest quantity of profiles in its category. Localized to 17 languages, BTW is the only Bluetooth software package available for legacy Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 operating systems as well as the latest Windows XP release (Home, Professional and Tablet PC). 10:09 am

MercuryMD's MData Enterprise System Now Available on Tablets and Desktop PC's

dBusinessNews Triangle

MercuryMD, a healthcare focused software company that provides hospitals with mobile technology solutions to improve clinical workflow and operational efficiencies, today announced the availability of MData Desktop - a new web-based extension of MercuryMD's MData(R) Enterprise System that facilitates a continuous and integrated approach to inpatient care and community health by promoting patient information sharing between caregivers, such as hospitalists and primary care physicians.

"By allowing users to remotely access real-time patient data from the convenience of their offices or homes from any tablet or desktop PC, clinical users who practice outside the hospital are now benefiting from MData," 10:05 am

New tablet PCs to pad the market

With the first anniversary of Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system approaching in November, several PC makers have released or will soon release new tablet PC models designed around the OS.

Hewlett-Packard led the pack, launching its HP Compaq Tablet TC1100 on Monday. Meanwhile, Acer is working on a big-screen tablet PC, which recently appeared on its Web site, and several other manufacturers are said to be working on new models as well

While many companies are focusing on updating their existing models, Acer is attempting to break the mold. Its forthcoming tablet features a 14-inch screen and, like its current tablets, is also a convertible. The tablet's 14-inch screen can open, rotate and fold down to create a writing surface.

Acer is likely to have a size advantage over its competitors, which offer either 10.4-inch or 12.1-inch screens. Tablet PCs that use the Microsoft OS typically also come in a slate form, usually with a provision for a detachable keyboard.

Acer will call its latest tablet the TravelMate C300 and will offer at least one model that comes with a 1.5GHz Intel Pentium M processor, 512MB of RAM, a 40GB hard drive and a CD burner/DVD-ROM drive, the site shows. An Acer representative said the machine, which the company plans to release later this month, would sell for $2,299.   10:01 am


October 15, 2003

R.E.M. plays with wireless, Web site
High-tech backbone hidden behind band's artistry


To some, looking behind the scenes of a concert might seem like opening the hood of Ferrari instead of driving it. But it's the non-glamorous, essential underpinnings that allow thousands of people to enjoy a performance without missing a beat.

Unless you're an audio engineer or producer/songwriter David Foster, distinguishing one soundboard from another can be an impossible task. So rather than get caught up in the hundreds of knobs and buttons, the sound operator showed me one of the latest tricks of the trade.

By tapping into a wireless router, he was able to take a Tablet PC anywhere in the arena -- even during the show -- and remotely control the output level of all the speakers. He referred to it as "the future of live sound."

Balancing high-tech with low-tech, the sound technician also told me the band prefers an analog signal to digital, meaning what R.E.M. plays is what the crowd gets, without any added effects or filtration.

Backstage, wireless Internet access had become a popular pastime. R.E.M.'s manager told me that when they initially set up the wireless access point, he doubted many people would use it. As the tour progressed, he said it became indispensable.  5:02 PM

Windows XP Rollup Pack Released
ENT News

Responding to pressure from users to release a packaged update for Windows XP as the delivery date for Service Pack 2 has fallen to mid-2004, Microsoft on Wednesday posted a rollup package of updates for the client operating system.

The Update Rollup can be applied to Windows XP Professional or Home and to gold code or operating systems with SP1 in place. The update rollup also works with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows XP Media Center Edition. 3:23 pm

Ink Dries on .NET Components
Infragistics claims to be first vendor to ink-enable WinForms apps, CA

Calling its latest components the industry’s first to ink-enable applications written for Microsoft’s Tablet PC, Infragistics Inc. in early October shipped its NetAdvantage 2003 Volume 3 suite for .NET. The component set, offered as part of the company’s subscription offering, also includes new charting and calendar components.

Developers can ink-enable nearly any Windows Forms application, according to Brad McCabe, the company’s technology evangelist, allowing pen input on pen-equipped PCs running Microsoft’s Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Further, he said, the company has exchanged ink capability beyond what Microsoft offers in its own pen-input panel. 10:25 am

MARGI Systems to Demonstrate Market Leading Presentation Technology at Churchill Club's 2003 Wireless Innovations Showcase

Business Wire

One key component of the event will be MARGI Systems' demonstration of its recently announced Wireless Presenter-to-Go technology. Wireless Presenter-to-Go is a wireless presentation solution that allows 802.11b-enabled notebook, tablet PC and handheld users to conduct high-quality presentations wirelessly and provides organizations of all types with another avenue for maximizing their investment in wireless devices. It provides an easy to use alternative to wired presentation solutions, and supports the broadest range of computer and
handheld device platforms of any wireless projection technology on the market today. 10:23 am

Microsoft, HP Announce New Products at Telecom World
E-Commerce Times

Mobile computing and wireless networking received a boost this week as Microsoft and HP announced new products at ITU Telcom World in Geneva, Switzerland.
While HP unleashed a tsunami of product announcements on Sunday, it was Microsoft that had analysts buzzing on Monday with the unveiling of its Wireless Provisioning Services (WPS), a new technology for accessing Wi-Fi hotspots.

Slated for release in the first quarter of 2004, WPS will be available as a downloadable upgrade for Windows XP and as part of a service pack for Windows Server 2003

Prior to Microsoft's announcemnt, HP unveiled a slew of new products, including new Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled printers; new wireless business notebooks and mobile workstations; new Pocket PCs with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets; a new GPS navigation system for the company's iPAQ Pocket PC; and a new tablet PC powered by an Intel Centrino chip and enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  10:20 am

Welcome to the wireless office

Within the next few years, the working day may be a lot different, courtesy of wireless mobile networks.

Check your E-mail while sipping a cup of coffee in the staff canteen. A client calls on your mobile headset while you walk and talk. Then off to a meeting with your tablet PC linked to the Web and corporate server.

And if hot-desking and mobility doesn't appeal to you, then consider slick workspaces with linked fax machines, printers and phones -- with no bundles of cable or boxed hardware under the desk. 10:15 am

Pioneering Toshiba has more Gitex surprises in store
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

Toshiba will maintain its Gitex reputation for innovation and leadership in mobile computing by presenting a dazzling array of cutting-edge technology at this year's event.

The increasing availability of wireless LAN creates a parallel need to use the system most cost-effectively, so Toshiba's next generation of pocket and tablet PCs – due for release later this month – will be wireless Voice-Integrated Protocol ready (VoIP) with integrated software specially developed by Toshiba.  10:12 am

HP Grants Totaling $10 Million to Support Schools Nationwide Through Enhanced Learning and Teaching Tools
Business Wire

HP (NYSE:HPQ) today announced a $10 million Technology for Teaching Grant initiative targeting schools in the United States from kindergarten through university level. The initiative is designed to support innovative and effective uses of technology in classrooms so that students may reach their full potential, particularly in math, science and engineering.

"HP is dedicated to providing students of all ages access to technology to improve their educational experience," said Cathy Lipe, manager of education programs, Philanthropy and Education, HP. "Our goals are to enhance student success in math, science and engineering, increase underrepresented students in high-tech careers, and transform teaching and learning through technology."

HP will award a total of $4.5 million in cash and equipment to teams of five teachers from 150 K-12 public schools across the country. The award package, valued at approximately $35,000 for each school team, will include five HP Tablet PCs, five HP multimedia projectors, HP help desk support for one year, a $500 stipend per teacher and customized professional development opportunities for faculty to support the use of technology in their teaching.

All K-12 and higher education grant recipients will benefit from the latest in mobile technology from HP, such as Tablet PCs, notebook PCs and HP iPAQ Pocket PC devices, as well as HP digital projectors. In addition, recipients will be able to access the HP National K-12 and Higher Education Help Desks, which offer campuses or individual departments a flexible, affordable way to provide teachers and administrators with technology support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 10:08 am

Transmeta to launch Efficeon processor

Transmeta Corp launched its new energy efficient microprocessor on Tuesday targeted at Tablet PCs and thin notebooks, as well as mainstream laptops and blade servers.

Transmeta has added new power management technology to reduce power leakage from smaller circuitry and new interfaces for faster memory speeds, among other advances

The new chip enables typical applications to run about 50% faster than Crusoe and multimedia applications up to 80% faster, said John Heinlein, directory of system marketing at Transmeta. 10:01 am

October 16, 2003

Microsoft takes chicken scratch out of notes
San Jose Mercury News, CA

To best understand OneNote, Microsoft's newest member of the Office software family, think about the three-ring binder you used in school.

The binder was filled with paper and divided into sections so biology notes wouldn't get mixed with the algebra notes. But they were still together, in one place, for quick reference when it came time to study.

Microsoft has taken that concept and put it into a software program that is a must-have for anyone whose day-to-day tasks involve taking notes -- from lawyers to students to journalists.

the coolest feature in OneNote -- and one I would have loved during college lectures -- is the audio recording tool. When you start the audio recording, the computer's microphone not only records the lecture into an audio file but also synchronizes the recording with the notes you're typing.

OneNote's search feature, which searches the entire contents of the notebook (just like sifting through the binder). It not only finds typed notes but is also pretty good at recognizing handwritten notes created with the pen tool or imported from a Tablet PC application.

Microsoft is offering free 60-day trials, available for download after Tuesday from After the 60 days, users can no longer enter text into the software, but the notes you've taken will not be lost. 6:47 am

FrogPad Reviewed on TechTV; Launches Next Generation Keyboard Offers Full Functionality and Ease of Use With Only 20 Keys, Making FrogPad the Keyboard of Choice for the Mobile Worker

The FrogPadTM keyboard enables true mobile computing by eliminating the need to learn a new data entry language, cope with miniature keys and cramped QWERTY layouts, or struggle with two handed entry in a small or desk-less space. Key wireless markets for FrogPad are tablet and wearable pc’s, for Clinical Trials, Telematics and Field Force applications, a $90 billion market. Other critical markets are for education, the physically challenged and PhotoShop® and CAD® users. FrogPad’s patented data entry technology, keyboard layout and algorithms will be licensed to wireless service providers and manufacturers through a unique multi-phase pilot, integration and deployment process. 6:42 am

October 17, 2003

HP become a "little Blue"
IT Directors

One company tackling Bluetooth adoption directly is Hewlett Packard (HP). It has widened its long-term strategic relationship with Ericsson, and has become the first IT company to be given full access to Ericsson's Bluetooth design. HP already had a number of Bluetooth enabled devices, and the range has been recently extended to include a broad range of devices and add-ons. Crucially HP now embed both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into their new personal digital assistants, the iPAQs h4150 and h4350, their updated tablet PC, the TC1100, and three new laptops. By removing the need for add-in cards, they also make themselves responsible for ensuring minimum wireless interference and maximum wireless performance. 9:25 am

Finding suite success
The Scotsman, UK

Other parts of what is now called "Office System", such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint have not undergone massive changes, perhaps because there was less room for improvement. There are also two new programs, InfoPath, which simplifies the creation of complex data forms, and OneNote, a program which is supposed to help with the organisation of all types of information, but really only seems useful to users of Tablet PCs.  9:23 am

The Ongoing Struggle for Graphics Supremacy

Graphics technology leaders ATI and Nvidia have been rolling out new innovations at a steady pace in the past several years, competing for desktop partnerships and mind share. The two companies have often been compared to Intel and AMD in the way they've battled furiously, but ATI and Nvidia don't have quite as much animosity toward each other.

Some sources even claim that ATI and Nvidia recently have agreed to put the brakes on the speed at which the companies release new graphics products. The story goes that both companies are weary of putting so much money into research and development -- and of the subsequent hammering from the press if launch dates are missed.

Meanwhile, software developer AliasWavefront, a major player in Hollywood's computer-generated graphics industry, is trying to make a move in the market beyond its core developer base. For example, the company recently debuted SketchBook Pro, a companion application to the Tablet PC. 9:20 am

Is Office 2003 Worth It ?

Base applications main changes:

Word You can view and work on two documents in the same side-by-side screen. You can copy protect portions of text or whole paragraphs. Better use of the task pane for research and searching.

OneNote, which will be for sale as a $199 add-on application to the main suite, targets mostly Tablet PC users with a more intuitive way of taking, organizing, and searching through notes and journal entries.

What will it cost?   Office 2003 will be available in regular Professional, Small Business and Standard editions ranging in price from $499 to $399. Pricing for upgrade and Student and Teacher editions, as usual, will run significantly cheaper.  9:15 am


October 20, 2003

Motion Computing Tablet PCs to Help Production of Hit TV Show According to Jim' Go Paperless; Series Producers and Writers First to Go All Digital
Business Wire

Motion Computing today announced an effort to make the hit comedy series "According To Jim" the first paperless, all-digital writing staff in TV history. The milestone initiative will use Motion Computing's wireless-enabled, spiral notebook-sized tablet PCs, the latest in full-function, ultramobile computing that allows pen as well as keyboard input.

The writing staff and producers of "According To Jim" use the Motion M1300 Tablet PCs, which function like digital whiteboards, to script the show's upcoming season. The M1300 was designed around the innovative Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition operating system and the new Intel(R) Centrino(tm) mobile technology, which provides breakthrough performance and longer battery life.

"Camera, sound and editing technologies have all made great advances in the last few years. Now it's time to bring the writing process into the 21st century," said Jeffrey B. Hodes, co-executive producer of "According to Jim." "Last season, we consumed at least 275,000 sheets of paper. There's just no need for this kind of waste. With the M1300, our staff can write their own notes on a digital version of the script and send files instantly. And at the end of a production day, we no longer have to sit around waiting for copies of the rewritten script. The scripts appear instantly on our tablet PCs, saving not only money but time."

"This is a great example of tablet PC versatility and people using our systems in new ways and places," said David Altounian, Motion's chief product officer.

"According To Jim" writers use M1300s loaded with Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and Microsoft Office OneNote 2003. The Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system offers the same benefits as Windows XP, and includes utilities such as Microsoft Windows Journal, Tablet PC Input Panel and speech features. Colligo Workgroup Edition software is included to enable writers and producers to instantly and wirelessly network the M1300 Tablet PCs for convenient collaboration and file sharing.  9:41 am

Dell looking to boost NZ sales
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand

The thing that really annoys competitors about Dell people is the smirk they wear as they win by being second.

Dell's rise to become the world's number one PC maker has come not through innovation, but by packaging the inventions of others once the market is proven and getting them to the customer quicker and cheaper through its efficient manufacturing and distribution networks.

A Dell tablet? Not just yet, says Dell Australia and New Zealand managing director David Miller. Wait until the market volume increases and the technology standards are established.

So for now Dell doesn't make tablets. It does make printers, handheld computers, music players and flat-screen televisions.  9:41

Will PC users give at the Office?
Denver Post, CO

A group of about 50 carefully selected executives crowded around tables at the posh Cherry Hills Country Club to sip wine and talk technology two weeks ago.

Eager to learn how they might impress friends and colleagues by correctly divining a wine's origin and vintage, they sniffed and tasted, swirled and sampled.

A connoisseur leading the taste test said wines from old-world regions, such as France and Germany, are subtle and graceful, while many of the new-world wines from places such as Australia and New Zealand "grab you by the neck" with a more potent and flavorful punch.

Executives logged their impressions about each wine into wireless tablet computers running Office 2003, and in typically geeky fashion, Microsoft charted their responses in real time on a large overhead screen.

"Just like there is old-world and new-world wine, there is old-world and new-world technology," a Microsoft representative said after the swishing and quaffing was over. "Office 2003 is definitely new world."9:36 am

LG enters competitive Mid East Tablet market
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

LG Electronics, the global and regional digital leader, has entered the highly competitive regional Tablet PC market with a ground-breaking model.

Centrino based Tablet features 5.41 hour battery life.
Unveiled for the first time in the Middle East at GITEX, the tablet has a 40Gb hard drive, a 12.1' XGA wide viewing angle screen, a keyboard, WACOM pen solution and incredible battery life of 5.41 hours.

Weighing in at just 3.79lbs, this lightweight showstopper is feature packed. Running on Intel's Banias 1.6GHz chip, the machine has 256Mb of RAM and double wireless options with 802.11x quad band and Bluetooth connectivity.

LG will also add to its tablet line-up soon with a new edition taking advantage of Intel's new Dothan, a 1.8GHz, 90 nanometer mobile chip with a 400MHz front side bus and 2Mb of cache. 9: 33 am

Tablet a glimpse of college of the future, WI

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse sophomore Dan Fischer takes hand-written notes during his Student Senate meetings, but he can transform those notes into a computer text file in a matter of seconds.

Fischer is one of 20 UW-L students and six faculty members who are using tablet PCs as part of a semester-long pilot project organized by Jim Jorstad, director of educational technologies.

Fischer said he loves using the tablet PC because it's portable and convenient, and it allows him to get his work done faster because he always can access his notes. The wireless Internet access it offers is also nice because he can do research while he's sitting in class.

Meanwhile, his new laptop computer sits unused.  "I haven't even taken it out," Fischer said. "It's gathering dust in my drawer."  9:30 am

October 21, 2003

Gates Touts Office 2003's Connectivity, Collaboration

NEW YORK—Microsoft Corp. was launching more products in a single day than at any event in its history, chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates said here at the global launch of Office System 2003 on Tuesday.

Addressing the hundreds of attendees at the event in a presentation entitled "Great Moments at Work," Gates said customers had told Microsoft they wanted advances on the e-mail front and with regard to their cellular phones and other devices.

n a demonstration of how he used the Office System, Gates used a Tablet PC running OneNote to show ink capabilities and how users can navigate around the documents and screens. Moving to a desktop machine with Outlook Web access, Gates said this was no longer a restrictive experience as it had a high percentage of the actual Outlook features. 12:39 pm

Invensys' Wonderware Business Unit Announces InTouch HMI Software ...
Business Wire

Wonderware (UIR:PQG2336), a business unit of Invensys Systems Inc., today announced that its InTouch human-machine interface (HMI) software is the first industry-leading HMI that provides support for the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.

The Wonderware InTouch HMI software is designed for industrial automation, process control and supervisory monitoring environments. Wonderware also plans to provide complete pen and annotation support for tablet operating systems in its advanced plant intelligence monitoring clients, such as ActiveFactory reporting and analysis tools by the end of the first quarter of 2004.

Deploying InTouch software on a Tablet PC will enable customers to increase mobility throughout a plant while maintaining control of their processes. Tablet PCs enable users to interact with the display in a manner that is similar to writing on a tablet. The InTouch HMI has also been enhanced to support the new Tablet PC features, providing additional versatility to the end user.

"The ability to leverage Tablet PC features in the InTouch HMI will enable Wonderware customers to increase productivity and work collaboratively in new ways," Robinson said. "When users identify either a potential problem or a new opportunity, they can circle it, annotate it and immediately send it to colleagues -- promoting effective team coordination and accelerated results." 12:35 PM

Siebel Systems Announces Solution to Increase Marketing Effectiveness for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Business Wire

a leading provider of multichannel business applications software, today announced it has joined forces with Accenture, Microsoft Corp., and Proscape Technologies to deliver new pharmaceutical marketing capabilities that allow sales representatives to provide better-targeted information during physician sales calls.

Now available, this solution enables pharmaceutical sales representatives to automatically capture physician information during sales meetings. As a result, representatives can spend more time in the field -- serving physicians -- rather than in the office recording and analyzing meeting results. This closed-loop marketing solution also enables physicians to make more informed purchasing decisions by offering customized product information, evidence gathered through clinical research, and comparative analyses of medicines.

With this solution, Siebel Pharma is delivering tailored information to physicians using a Microsoft Tablet PC and Proscape Technologies' software. As physicians use the Microsoft Tablet PC to indicate the information they are interested in getting from the pharmaceutical representative, the Proscape software records the physicians' interests and preferences. Physicians also are able to provide specific feedback via the Proscape software. Siebel Pharma analyzes the data and pharmaceutical companies can then use the resulting information to design more effective marketing campaigns. As the implementation partner, Accenture provides deep industry knowledge, technology expertise, and program management to successfully design and deliver this new approach. 12:32 pm

FranklinCovey(R) Launches PlanPlus(TM) 2.0, Adding PowerNotes to to Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) 2003
PRNewswire (press release)

FranklinCovey(R), a global leader in effectiveness training, productivity tools and assessment
services for organizations and individuals, and Agilix Labs(TM), Inc., a developer of innovative, mobile wireless solutions, announces the launch of PlanPlus(TM) 2.0 for Microsoft(R) Outlook(R), a major upgrade to its unique productivity application for today's information worker. A powerful application integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook, PlanPlus was created as a way for Outlook users to benefit from the power of the FranklinCovey Planning System, utilized by more than six million people around the world who use the paper-based FranklinCovey Planner(TM) and FranklinCovey(R) Planning Software. PlanPlus operates on a PC, laptop, or Tablet PC, within the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook 2000, Outlook
2002 (XP), and the new Outlook 2003.

New features and enhancements in PlanPlus 2.0 include:

* Full support for the new Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Exchange
Server 2003
* New Home view that looks and works more like the FranklinCovey paper
planner used by millions of people, which includes the popular
FranklinCovey Task List
* Built-in support for Tablet PC devices, including pressure sensitive
ink and handwriting
* New PowerNotes note taking system to capture, organize, find, and
share full-featured notes in context with Outlook appointments,
contacts, email, tasks, etc.

Additionally, Tablet PC can take advantage of the full digital "ink"
capabilities of handwriting, drawing, etc. 12 :30 pm

print Adds Itronix to PCS Business Solutions(SM) Program, Expands Mobile Solution Options for Field Service, Public Safety Customers

Sprint (NYSE: FON, PCS) today announced that Itronix, a global leader in wireless, rugged mobile computing solutions, has become a new member of the PCS Business Solutions(SM) Program. Under the agreement, Sprint and Itronix will work to co-market and deploy Itronix's
complete line of wireless, rugged mobile computing products, which include CDMA, 1XRTT rugged laptops, a tablet PC and handheld devices that are certified for use on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. Sprint customers will be able to receive pre-activated Itronix devices and have access to Itronix award-winning implementation and support services.12:24 pm

OneNote makes Tablet sing
Computerworld New Zealand

it's not standard in Office 2003 but it's a nice add-on for tablet users

Enter another opportunity for Microsoft. The software behemoth has tried repeatedly to wrap its arms around the nascent world of pen-driven computing, with limited success. Though a number of hardware vendors have embraced the Tablet PC concept that turns a laptop running Windows XP into a device responsive to the pushing of a "pen" and able to manipulate "digital ink", tight IT budgets have resulted in a muted reception from the corporate world. But the introduction of Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 may well be the killer app that justifies an investment in pen computing.

My experiences with both the beta and final release of OneNote are proof that successful handwriting recognition requires a patient user. Granted, my scrawl is abominable — sometimes even I can't figure out what I meant, especially weeks or months later. Asking a computer to decipher my handwriting is almost an act of cruelty. So it's no surprise that when OneNote tried to render my scribbling into text, the output was more amusing than accurate.

neNote is like the proverbial tap-dancing elephant; I'm more impressed by its existence than its ability. OneNote failed to decipher my scrawling perfectly but it tried valiantly. It takes the novelty that is the Tablet PC and turns it into an indispensable tool. Even if some people's handwriting isn't easily recognised, OneNote still improves upon cocktail napkins. The "cool" factor doesn't hurt, either. 12:21 pm

Microsoft Office under the hood
Computerworld New Zealand

A second new app is aimed at mobile users. OneNote will run on any PC, but it’s particularly well suited to tablet use. Tablets and PIM-style software don’t appeal to everybody, but for a 1.0 release, OneNote is surprisingly functional and useful. There’s little doubt that voice is a better input “device” for portable computing than a pen or tiny keyboard, and it will be interesting to see how the product develops as future versions emerge. Microsoft is a hefty sponsor of tablet computing and OneNote may well see the fruits of some of that expensive research into voice recognition and mobile computing 12:17 pm

Inside Office 2003
PC World

True, the company has given Word 2003 a Reading Layout view that makes perusing your documents more like thumbing through the pages of a book. The new versions of Word and Excel give you a nifty way to do research from inside the document you're working on. And Tablet PC owners no longer have to download an update to make Office work on their machines. But if you live only in Word and Excel and aren't part of a workgroup, the notable changes end there. 12:14 pm



October 22, 2003

Jeep(R) Brand, the Original 4x4 Icon, Launches New Advertising and Marketing Campaign Based on Jeep Trail Rated(TM)
Yahoo News

"This new campaign not only reinforces the fact that Jeep Trail Rated provides a repeatable and consistent measurement of off-road performance for all Jeep four-wheel drive vehicles, it also helps consumers understand just how capable Jeep vehicles are," said Bell.

Trail Rated communications launch in late-October with five print advertisements, two 30-second television spots and a special Trail Rated section on Trail Rated creative will also be found in the charter edition of The New Yorker magazine's Tablet PC, the digital edition of BusinessWeek, as well as at Jeep branded events throughout the year.

Many of the advertisements feature images captured during actual NATC testing. Additional capability photos and video clips are available on  10:58 am

Microsoft Rewards Innovative Uses of the New Microsoft Office System in the Healthcare Industry

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has honored five leading healthcare organizations for their
innovative uses of the 2003 release of Microsoft(R) Office.

These organizations, recognized as winners of the Microsoft Office Innovation in Healthcare Contest, demonstrate how the healthcare industry can take advantage of the Microsoft Office System platform to increase productivity and improve the quality of care.

Clinical staff will enjoy the benefit of accessing the portal from any networked computer within the hospital or at bedside with Tablet PCs.

"We are transforming patient care by bringing together three critical technologies: a secure wireless infrastructure, wireless clinical workstations in the form of Tablet PCs and computers on wheels, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003," said Thomas McGee, infrastructure program manager at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. "Implementing the SharePoint portal has enabled our doctors, nurses, clinicians and employees to collaborate more efficiently, improve communications, and speed access to targeted information, all in an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn Web-based Microsoft Office integrated
environment." 10:54 am

Prestigious Neurosurgery Group Selects HealthCo To Help Manage Busy Practice; Barrow Neurosurgical Associates Representative of HealthCo's Continued Growth and Success
Business Wire

HealthCo Information Systems Inc., one of the leading physician practice management companies on the West coast, today announced that Barrow Neurosurgical Associates (BNA) has selected HealthCo as its physician practice management provider. BNA, located in Phoenix, Ariz., is the country's preeminent neurosurgery practice for surgical procedures involving the brain, spine and peripheral nervous and neurovascular systems. The 22-physician practice attracts patients from all 50 states and more than 55 countries, including presidents, foreign dignitaries and other renowned leaders. BNA selected HealthCo over major competitors, such as WebMD, NextGen, IDX and Misys, for the company's state-of-the-art practice management technology and its industry-leading customer support service.

HealthCo Tablet Practice - the newly introduced wireless version of its software running on a Tablet PC that physicians can carry with them and use in the exam rooms. This wireless technology focuses currently on office charge entries to reduce paper output. It will ultimately tie to other systems, such as the electronic medical records, so physicians have all the information they need to care for a patient at the touch of a button. 10:53 am

First, Locate the Assets!
Industry Week

Picture the management challenge: a 70-acre site with 1,100 parking slots and 250 dock doors. Multiply that by an annual asset flow of 50,000 inbound ocean freight containers and 30,000 outbound trailers. Unfortunately his tools consisted of golf carts, a rusty old pickup, walkie-talkies and clipboards.

Pople's research led to a wireless-based location solution from WhereNet Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. The result: a labor-saving, real time location system that includes communication, telemetry and messaging capabilities.

Labor savings are substantial. The only human intervention in the process takes place when the hostler driver receives the request via his wireless tablet PC, "maps" the location of the requested trailer via his touch screen and pulls the trailer to the designated dock door.

Pople estimates that automated data capture at the gates halves the time drivers spend on site to complete a double transaction. The hardware enabler is a small active radio transmitter, a WhereTag, that is attached to every cargo container and trailer entering the facility. The WhereTags interact with the yard's array of 35 WhereNet wireless locating access points.

Deployed in less than 75 days, the NYK implementation is expected to pay for itself in less than a year. 10:47 am

Fujitsu LifeBook T3010
PC Magazine

Product: Fujitsu LifeBook T3010
Specs: With 1.4-GHz Pentium M, 512MB DDR SDRAM, 60GB hard drive, 12.1-inch XGA screen, 802.11b wireless, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Price: $2,049 direct
Company Info: Fujitsu PC Corp., 877-372-3473,

Fujitsu, known for tablet computing long before the advent of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, offered a nicely done slate last year employing the new OS. With the new Fujitsu LifeBook T3010 ($2,049 direct) convertible notebook, the company will compete in the larger portion of the Tablet PC market. While the T3010 fuses Fujitsu's successful ultraportable PC and slate PC designs, the device has a few trade-offs that make it hard to recommend given the competition.

First, we should give praise where it's due: The T3010 is the fastest Tablet PC we've seen to date. Containing the 1.4-GHz Pentium M and 512MB of DDR SDRAM, the T3010 scored a 23.8 on Business Winstone 2002 and a 30.6 on Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2003. Battery life was a decent 3 hours 47 minutes on our BatteryMark 2002 test.

The T3010's performance and small size—1.4 by 11.5 by 9.3 inches (HWD)—are likable features in an ultraportable notebook. Other fine features include its tactile, 19-mm–pitch keyboard and system weight of 3.85 pounds. In theory, the T3010's 12.1-inch XGA screen should be an advantage, but we found it to be subpar. In testing, the panel exhibited a lot of glare and provided a lackluster motion-video experience. What's worse is that when the T3010 is used as a slate in portrait mode, the panel has a noticeably poor viewing angle; shifting the device a few degrees right or left in your arm causes annoying color shifts.

If you can somehow get past the screen problems, using the T3010 as a slate is very comfortable; the weight distribution makes it feel about a pound lighter than it is. We like the stylus, which is stored right on the face of the LCD bezel. We also like the solid, single-swivel hinge that facilitates mode conversion. 10:40 am

Tablet PCs are for only for the horizontally challenged
The Inquirer, UK

According to the Gartner PC analysts, Tablet PCs are for vertical applications right through to 2005. That will not come as much of a surprise to many – the high price of the machines coupled with the way they work still make a notebook the preferred notebook of price.

Indeed, in a presentation here in Barcelona today, Gartner tells the system builders that selling notebooks may be an easier sell than desktop systems, given they can always use the old return on investment argument.

It showed figures that if firms bunged notebooks to workers, depending on the salary and the usage of an employee, an extra 1.5 to 3.5 hours a week work results. And that will pay back the company the additional cost of notebooks within a year. 10:35 am


October 23, 2003

Microsoft Pushes Office Rebates, Free Trial Editions

In Microsoft's ultra-aggressive sales and marketing push for Office 2003, the company is rolling out an unprecedented package of rebates and free trial editions. Its goal: tempt every possible customer.

Microsoft will offer rebates to corporate customers, is providing free trial editions of some of the Office applications, and has beefed up the business-oriented content of its Office Online Web site.

OneNote 2003, priced at $99, targets both Tablet PC owners -- its handwriting recognition allows tablet users to scrawl longhand and then turns their scratchings into usable text -- and traditional desktop and laptop customers with its note organizational tools.

The free download runs about 80MB, and after installation -- registration's required for Microsoft to send a required product key to the customer's e-mail address -- the evalualtion edition can be used for 60 days free of charge. At the end of that time, users can still view or print notes they've previously entered, but cannot add more or edit those already typed in. Microsoft is not offering technical support for the free version.

OneNote's evaluation, which comes in nine languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, and French, can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site1:41 pm

Allscripts Automates UT Physicians; TouchWorks Provides Anytime, , Anywhere Access to Patient Data for University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Business Wire

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (Nasdaq:MDRX), the leading provider of clinical software and information solutions for physicians, announced today that UT Physicians, a non-profit healthcare corporation and affiliate of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHSC-H) and its faculty practice plan, selected TouchWorks(TM) EMR software to automate over 100 physicians. UT Physicians expects to streamline physician workflow and provide anytime, anywhere access to patient information for physicians using TouchWorks Scan(TM), TouchWorks Document(TM), TouchWorks Dictate(TM), and will improve billing accuracy and efficiency using TouchWorks Charge(TM). Allscripts estimated the value of this agreement in excess of one million dollars.

TouchWorks clinical software offers UT Physicians a path to an electronic patient record that can improve physician accuracy and efficiency. Using either the HP iPAQ wireless PDA or Tablet PC, physicians can digitally document patient encounters and review these transcribed notes anywhere in the clinic or remotely. TouchWorks also enables UT Physicians to incorporate paper documents into an electronic format, which is essential in providing access to the patient record.

"We believe TouchWorks will help in our effort to provide instant access to the most current patient data," said James Griffiths, M.D., Chief Technology Officer for UT Physicians. "Immediate accessibility helps our physicians to make the best and safest decisions for their patients." 1:29 pm

Acer America Launches Industry's Only 14.1" Convertible Tablet PC

Acer's Third Generation TravelMate C300 Combines Intel (R) Centrino (TM)
Mobile Technology and Tablet Functionality With the Performance And
Feature Set of Desktop Replacement Solutions

Acer America Corporation, the leading worldwide supplier of Tablet PCs, today introduced the only convertible Tablet PC with a 14.1" display, the TravelMate C300. Featuring Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology, the TravelMate C300 continues Acer's legacy of providing innovative Tablet and Notebook PC's to end-users who demand a combination of performance and functionality. The TravelMate C300 delivers the flexibility of ink and text input, breakthrough performance, best-in-class connectivity options, and a big 14.1" XGA display with a full-size keyboard and an internal, modular optical drive.

Representing Intel's best innovation for mobile PCs, Intel Centrino mobile technology includes an Intel Pentium(R) M ultra low voltage processor, together with related chipsets and 802.11b wireless network functions that have been optimized, tested and validated to work together. In addition to wireless communication, Intel Centrino mobile technology includes features
designed to extend battery life, as well as a thinner and lighter design, and outstanding mobile performance.

In addition to the hardware innovations, the TravelMate C300 boasts several software enhancements. The on-screen Soft Button feature offers easy, centralized access to applications, wireless and modem connections, volume controls and screen rotation via an intuitive interface. An integrated Smart Vision light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness to one of four default settings based on available ambient light, thereby allowing the LCD to be more easily readable in sunny environments. Screen brightness can also be adjusted via hotkeys in notebook mode or by using the Acer Soft Button functionality while in Tablet mode.

"Since the announcement of the Microsoft (TM) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC operating system last year, Acer has consistently delivered new and innovative Tablet PC designs to the marketplace. 10:03 am

Acer may dethrone HP as top notebook supplier in Europe by year- ...
DigiTimes, Taiwan

Taiwan-based Acer is now in a position to replace Hewlett-Packard (HP) as the top notebook supplier in Europe by the end of 2003.

Acer has especially high hopes for the fourth quarter and 2004 because it has rolled out a series of new notebooks since the beginning of October, including the 15.4-inch Aspire 2000 series, 12.1-inch super-thin TravelMate 370 series, and 14.1-inch TravelMate C300 in the Tablet PC category. These products will augment the company’s highly popular Aspire 1350 series. 9:59 am

Microsoft fees hurting tablet PCs: Acer
Cnet Asia, Asia

Senior exectuives of Taiwan PC maker Acer on Tuesday took swipes at Microsoft during an event marking the first anniversary of the software giant's tablet PC operating system.

Acer president Wang Chen-tang said Microsoft is charging too much for its Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, which has which resulted in disappointing tablet PC sales.

"Microsoft should put in more effort working with vendors in marketing tablet PCs," said Wang 9:56 am

High-tech shopping at a store near you

Holiday shopping is notorious for crowded stores, endless waits at the checkout, and product shortages.    Now it looks like there could be a solution in the works.

Düsseldorf, Germany-based Metro AG, the world's fifth-largest retailing enterprise, debuted a prototype "store of the future" earlier this year.

The company, along with tech heavy hitters such as Intel (INTC: Research, Estimates), SAP (SAP: Research, Estimates), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ: Research, Estimates), and Cisco (CSCO: Research, Estimates), among others, is developing a whole slew of next generation retail tech gizmos that apparently enhance the do-it-yourself experience for shoppers.

The Stop & Shop chain, owned by Netherlands-based food retailer Royal Ahold (AHO: Research, Estimates), has been testing the PSA at three of its stores in Massachusetts.

The PSA is a touchscreen PC tablet attached to the handle of a shopping cart and it comes with a barcode scanner. Shoppers can scan an item and get information including the price, description, and special offers. At the checkout, you simply transfer the total amount directly from the tablet to the checkout terminal.

"It actually saves shoppers some time in the long run," said Rick Stockwood, spokesman for Stop & Shop. "Our customers even bag the groceries as they go along. So far the feedback's been positive. We think the PSA is one of the best ways for us to have a one-on-one conversation with our customer."  9:54 am

Siebel Brings Closed-Loop Marketing to Pharma
CRM Daily

Most drug companies track their interactions with doctors in CRM applications. They collect data about what doctors want to know when contacts are made, whether the contacts are initiated by the company (e.g., rep visits or mailings) or by the doctor (e.g., calls to the company's call center or Web searches and inquiries)

The Proscape software running on the rep's Tablet PC not only displays the presentation used with the doctor, but also records which slides were presented and how much time was spent on each slide. Survey questions are embedded, allowing the rep to collect data from the doctor as the material is shown.

"These new Siebel marketing tools will help pharma companies maximize the impact at the point of influence. They bring the full knowledge the company has about doctors' needs to support the rep's interactions. 9:52 am


October 24, 2003

Gateway Updates Business PCs
PC World

Gateway will launch a small desktop PC and a large notebook for business customers in November, alongside its first convertible Tablet PC product, the company said Thursday.

Gateway will also release its first convertible Tablet PC design in late November, Stinson said. Gateway sells a slate Tablet PC device designed and manufactured by Motion Computing, but the Gateway M275 Tablet PC is a notebook design with a screen that swivels to cover the display when used in Tablet PC mode. Stinson declined to provide further details about the new Tablet PC. 10:35 am

Manufacturers want masses to swallow tablet PC, UK

The tablet PC is trying to go mainstream.

China's TDV Vison plans to market a tablet PC in Europe, North America and China for $900 (£564) in September. Hewlett-Packard, meanwhile, is set to start selling its own tablet to consumers through retail stores in a pilot programme. To date, HP has targeted its tablet at corporate customers.

Tablet PCs are portable computers that let people input data by writing on the screen. Microsoft jump-started the product category in late 2002 with its Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Although more mainstream acceptance is not likely to begin until next year, manufacturers are expected to come out with new models in the next few months and are likely to start cutting prices, Promisel said. Tablets running Microsoft's operating system, which require additional hardware to enable the handwriting function, sell for $1,650 to $2,300. 10:32 am

Gateway tablet gets full keyboard

Gateway Inc.’s Tablet PC, which started out as a pen tablet, now has a keyboard tray that covers the 12.1-inch LCD for carrying. Users can detach the LCD and prop it up in coated prongs at a convenient reading angle while they type.

The hardtop keyboard that makes the tablet convertible from pen to typed input “may be the end state” of the evolution from desk-sized PCs to highly portable ones, said vice president Mike Stinson, general manager of mobile products. 10:26 am

Review: of the above mentioned Hardtop Keyboard

Embrun Girl Among Young Amputees to Receive Computers at Ottawa Seminar
Canada NewsWire

Three young multiple amputees including an Embrun girl will be presented with computers today at 10:30 a.m. in the Quebec Room (4th Floor) of Ottawa's Westin Hotel (11 Colonel By Drive) in the opening session of The War Amps 2003 Multiple Amputation Seminar.
Although The War Amps holds regular regional Seminars through its Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, the Multiple Amputation Seminar covers the special concerns of "Super Champs" - children with high-level multiple amputations. Three Super Champs, Mahdi Gilbert, 14, of Toronto, Pascale Menard, 12, of Embrun and Morgan Perrin, 17, of Vancouver, will all receive computers this morning as part of The War Amps JUMPSTART Program, which provides computers, software and assistive computer devices to Super Champs for schoolwork now and to later compete in the workforce.

Mahdi and Pascale will receive desktop computers and Morgan, now approaching post-secondary school, a lightweight Tablet PC computer. JUMPSTART Coordinator and War Amps Web Designer Brian Wade, himself a quadruple amputee and JUMPSTART Graduate, will conduct the session as well as demonstrate several devices and adaptations that make it easier for Super Champs to use computers. 10:24 am

Microsoft to help Acer lift Tablet PC share to over 20% of of notebook market
DigiTimes, Taiwan

Taiwanese computer giant Acer and US partner Microsoft will give a new push for Tablet PCs on the world market in 2004 with new models and more powerful software to elevate the product to the mainstream.

The two partners celebrated in Taipei on Tuesday the first anniversary of the worldwide launch of the Tablet PC. One of the world’s first group of suppliers, Acer has sold over 100,000 Tablet PCs in the past year.Acer and Microsoft will join hands to boost the company’s Tablet PC sales in the five selected markets of Taiwan, China, Germany, Italy and Malaysia to over 20% within two years.

For the past year, Acer has successfully accomplished the Phase I mission of extending the Tablet PC application experience to major institutional clients like enterprises, medical care organizations and schools. The company has also enabled more consumers to gain a deeper understanding of the technical performance and unique features of the product.

Acer will continue injecting R&D resources and developing new products in the sector, according to Wang. The company just debuted its fourth model – the 14.1-inch Travelmate C300 – on the market. 10:21 am


October 27, 2003

News delayed because of Southern California Fires,
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our readers

OneNote aims to replace all those bits of paper
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand

OneNote 2003 can be used on any modern PC but is really designed for use on a notebook and works better still on a Tablet PC, using its "Digital Ink" input system. Combining the functionality of a pen and paper notepad, a word processor, a digital voice recorder and a file organiser, OneNote aims to replace all the notepads and various junky bits of paper that lie around people's desks and get lost in drawers.

It looks much like a word processor when opened, but the user can put handwriting, typed notes and diagrams all over the page in different spots. If sound is being recorded by microphone, those notes will be timestamped to the recording.

This means note-taking in meetings can be done in a similar way to written notes, but with direct access later to what was actually said. Items from other applications like browsers and PowerPoint can be dragged on to a OneNote page.  10:55 am

Helping hand in a hi-tech power glove
Australian IT, Australia

WEARABLE devices have moved on from being fashion accessories into the rough, tough world of security and search and rescue. The CommanderGauntlet, for example, is a glove with its own power supply, a touchscreen monitor, two-way voice and data communications, a video camera and powerful lighting for the camera or for search and rescue work.

Waterproof, weighing 162g, and under development by US-based NetworkAnatomy, it is due for release mid-next year.

The glove is even more powerful when it is linked, wirelessly, to NetworkAnatomy's other field communications equipment, the CommanderPacks and CommanderCases.  These units are wireless hi-tech heaven and come in versions developed for emergency services, security and military use.

But NetworkAnatomy does not have this market to itself.   There are many other makers of wearable and transportable market trying to get some of the action from increased government and corporate security budgets.

However, NetworkAnatomy's glove takes the concept of wearable computing a bit further than most — almost to skin level.  The CommanderPacks have RF radios, satellite phone, GSM phone, WiFi, GPS, mapping and a tablet PC.

They come in a 4.1kg waterproof case and are paired with helmets incorporating a video camera and emergency lighting.  CommanderCases have that and more.  They also act as WiFi hotspots, extending the 100m peer-to-peer communications range.  If you think the 3.3kg bulletproof one is overdoing it a tad, try the 2.4kg waterproof soft-case model. 10:52 am

Acer Offers Free Wireless for K-12 Education
Yahoo News

Acer America Corporation, one of the leading worldwide suppliers of PC solutions, today announced "Wi-Fi 101," an initiative of the San Jose-based company that will provide free wireless access points and installation to select K-12 schools nationwide. With the support of Intel Corporation, Acer America will canvas and select one school in each qualified school district for "Wi-Fi 101," with up to 120 schools participating nationwide for the program. Each designated school will be eligible for the installation of up to 4 access points in two different locations at no cost to the school or the school district.

Acer America's award-winning products include tablet PCs, desktop PCs, notebook computers, servers, displays and peripheral solutions for business, government, education and home users.  10:48 am

SMU strives for high-tech classrooms with pilot scheme, Singapore

SINGAPORE : White boards and markers have become a thing of the past in the Singapore Management University (SMU), as it launched today a pilot scheme that will see the use of Microsoft Corp's Tablet PCs in the classroom.

Under the "Virtual Canvas" scheme, Tablet PCs will be introduced in classes for second-year accountancy students only.

Tutors can use the "pen-computing" method to write directly on a Tablet PC, which is connected to a wireless projector.

With this technology, students can also make arguments and presentations without leaving their seat by requesting for control of the projector through their laptops.  10:40 am

Students junk paper notepads for tablet PCs
Straits Times, Singapore

SOON, River Valley High School's students won't need teachers to correct their calligraphy during Chinese lessons.

They'll use a tablet PC loaded with the right software to tell if they've written the Chinese characters correctly. Two hundred students will take turns to use 30 tablet PCs. 10:32 am


October 28, 2003

Developer Productivity Takes Center Stage in Future Versions of in Future Versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server
Yahoo News

Kicking off the second day of the Microsoft® Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2003, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT - News) gave PDC attendees prerelease versions of Visual Studio®, code-named "Whidbey," and SQL Server(TM), code-named "Yukon," the next versions of Microsoft's development tools and database. These releases center on continued advancements in developer productivity, making Web services easier and more powerful, and simplifying data access and management by taking advantage of the latest in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and managed code technologies. Microsoft expects beta versions of these products to be widely available to MSDN® Universal subscribers in 2004.

Microsoft also announced three milestones for developers targeting the industry's broadest mobile application development platform. They include updates to the Tablet PC SDK, the next version of the Windows Mobile Smartphone Device Developer Kit and updates to Microsoft's Mobile2Market program. The alpha release of Tablet PC SDK 1.7 adds support for inking on the Web, enhanced contextual support for handwriting recognition and a real-time stylus 10: 27 am

Allchin: From Longhorn to Lonestar

LOS ANGELES--While Microsoft won't say when to expect Longhorn, Microsoft Platforms Group Vice President Jim Allchin did commit to some interim milestones and promised some other Windows releases along the way.

Allchin did offer details on some other releases of Windows that are coming, including a new release of Microsoft XP Tablet PC Edition. The new version, code-named Lonestar, is slated to come out in the first half of next year and offer "dramatically better" handwriting recognition. An interim update of Windows XP--Service Pack 2--is also due in the same time frame.  10:26 am

Fujitsu Readies New Tablet PC
PC World

Fujitsu is preparing to launch a new slate-type Tablet PC that features a faster processor, a larger screen, and a more capacious hard drive than its current model.

Details of the new computer, the Stylistic ST5000, including the draft user manual, were revealed in documents published by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission after the device received regulatory approval for use in the U.S. last week.

Several differences distinguish Fujitsu's current slate-type model, the ST4000, from the ST5000, according to the specifications listed in the manual.

The first difference is in the choice of processor. Fujitsu will stick with the ultra-low-voltage version of Intel's Pentium III M processor but is including a 1-GHz model in the new machine, according to the manual. The processor in the ST4000 runs at a clock speed of 933 MHz. Memory is unchanged at 256MB, but the minimum hard drive size has been raised from 30GB to 40GB, according to the manual.

The ST5000 has a 12-inch TFT LCD with 1024-by-768-pixel (XGA) resolution, according to the specifications--larger than the ST4000's 10.4-inch screen.

Other features of the new tablet include slots for a PC Card, an SD (Secure Digital) memory card, and a Smart Card, as well as a selection of interfaces including ones for an analog modem, ethernet LAN, IEEE1394, IrDA infrared, and two USB 2.0 sockets. The ST5000 supports wireless LAN; but a second model, the ST5000D, lacks wireless LAN support, according to the manual.

The PC measures 8.7 by 12.8 by 0.9 inches and weighs 3.2 pounds, which means it's slightly longer than the ST4000 but is otherwise similar. Battery life lasts up to 5 hours, according to the manual 10:20 am

Allchin Confirms Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Lonestar 2004

During Jim Allchin's keynote speech this morning at PDC, he confirmed that Microsoft will release project codename Lonestar for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition during the first half of 2004. Allchin said it will have "Dramatically better handwriting recognition and a few more things." 10:14 am

Academia gets creative with Web services

A Web service can help you catch a bus. Or test an electronic circuit from a dorm room. Or even take English writing tests in a new way.

These creative uses of Web services—a method for connecting software systems over the Internet—at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stand in stark contrast to the more mundane, workaday uses of Web services at corporations. But these applications suggest that Web services may be an important link in realizing the vision of broad access to information originally promised by the Web browser.

The university's experiments with Web services, collaboration, security, Tablet PCs and visualization tools will translate directly back into Microsoft's product planning cycle, according to Randy Hinrichs, group research manager of learning science and technology at Microsoft.

"I've learned that it's hard to see the difference between knowledge workers and students on campus. They do the same thing--they take data that's out there and they go to their customer to deliver knowledge assets," Hinrichs said. "We got lucky and got more than what we bargained for in terms of helping us define how products should integrate into fields outside of education."

iCampus is another effort by Microsoft to expand its presence in the academic community, where future professional software programmers are trained. In an ongoing competition to gain market share against Java tools providers and open-source software, Microsoft is trying to make access to its Web services development tools simpler for students and faculty. 10:11 am

October 29, 2003

Cosmocrats are the future teleworkers
PC Advisor, UK

Sony Ericsson pushes wireless lifestyle

Sony Ericsson's vision of our future working environment is a Friends-style coffee shop, or our own living room, with comfy sofas and smart laptops connected to our home wireless networks.

The study Business Life 2020 written by James Harkin, an expert on social trends, states that most of the UK's offices will become nothing more than lounges containing wireless hotspots.

According to figures from the DTI, around two million people already work away from the office using new technologies, such as wireless networks, tablet PCs and laptops. This figure is increasing by an estimated 400,000 people per year. From 1997 to 2001 the number of home workers increased by 65 percent.

Sony has even developed a term for this new bread of flexible workers: Cosmocrats. These nomadic employees will rely on wireless technologies, taking advantage of hotspots around the globe as they move from place to place.  9:46 am

Building a Better Print Newspaper
Editor & Publisher

A key ingredient to the "newspaper of tomorrow": Let the consumer decide how he wishes to receive the news, and offer it in many forms. Don't just offer a broadsheet print edition published once a day plus a Web site. Here's how the ideal newspaper company of tomorrow might be publishing:

* Print broadsheet edition.
* Print tabloid edition.
* Digital-replica edition (for PC and Tablet PC reading), delivered daily. 9:18

Microsoft's Lonestar, Longhorn Editions of Tablet OS To Advance Ink, Handwriting

Microsoft will enhance the handwriting recognition characteristics of its Tablet PC operating system in an interim edition code-named Lonestar due in mid 2004. More advanced ink and personalization features are targeted for a Longhorn edition further out.

At its Professional Developer's Conference, Microsoft executives tipped off developers to the planned release of "Lonestar" edition in mid 2004 and the forthcoming releases of the Tablet PC Platform Software Development Kit 1.7 due in the second quarter of 2004.

Other sources close to the company claim the Lonestar edition will support instant messaging and collaboration features.

Microsoft claims the Lonestar and Longhorn editions -- as well as the new Tablet PC support in Office 2003 and 10 new tablet devices due to be delivered at Comdex - will jumpstart tablet computing into a more mainstream market, executives said at PDC 2003.

The SDK and Lonestar edition will give Table PC developers new ways to put ink controls on web pages, and do context tagging of handwritten data, company executives noted.

However, Microsoft executives made clear the next major upgrade - due in the Longhorn Windows timeframe - will open up a new wave of value-added possibilities exploiting the next generation Windows' Avalon presentation services and advanced inking and customization capabilities. 9:16 am

Microsoft Updates Product Roadmap at PDC
ENT News

Microsoft refined its roadmap for future versions of Windows, SQL Server and Visual Studio this week at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles.

Longhorn: The most hotly anticipated product timetable announcement from the conference was the status of "Longhorn," the follow-up client operating system to Windows XP. Whether Longhorn will ship in 2005 or 2006 has flared up as a big focus of industry debate in recent weeks.

Other Versions of Windows:  Allchin updated the timetables for a few other branches in the Windows family tree. A second version of the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition will be released in the first half of 2004. A 64-bit version for AMD's 64-bit processors that use the x86 instruction set will be available in the summer of 2004. 9:14 am

Gates gambles on Longhorn

Even after all his triumphs, Bill Gates is still a gambling man.

In some of the most difficult economic periods in high technology's history, the chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft appears undeterred in doing what he has done best: selling Windows.

This week, Microsoft launched a developer version of Longhorn, its next operating system. Gates says Longhorn, which is expected to be released in 2006, will spawn an array of new applications not possible with previous generations of Windows while making entire infrastructures work better.

Can you talk a little bit about how some other Microsoft systems and initiatives, such as Xbox, embedded systems, Tablet PC, etc., fit into the Longhorn scenario?
Tablet came out a year ago. We have over 400,000 of those machines out now. A new update of the Tablet Windows software will ship sometime next year. Then, there will be a major update of Tablet software with Longhorn. And so we are really thinking about how ink and voice fit into the shell, and even in the demos, we showed how to do little ink annotations on the files--like a sticky note. The whole recognition and infrastructure for dealing with ink is dramatically advanced in Longhorn.

We get some of that in this intermediate release, but the really big release is Longhorn.
So every group at Microsoft is talking about the Longhorn wave.
So every group at Microsoft is talking about the Longhorn wave. We may have a few groups have releases between now and Longhorn, like Tablet and Media Center. But most have done their pre-Longhorn release and are now focused on the Longhorn wave 9:11 am

October 30, 2003

November Spotlight on Wireless Technology: How to Set Up a Wireless Network
Connected Home Online, OH

Wi-Fi networks are growing in popularity both within private homes and offices, and in public areas such as libraries, cafes, schools, airports, and other places. That's because Wi-Fi is a well-established wireless standard, with full support from major OSs such as Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux, and from the major networking hardware makers. In a home or home office, wireless-equipped notebook computers and Tablet PCs can be used virtually anywhere in the home, and even in the yard, depending on the size of the building and the placement of wireless hardware (we'll discuss this in more detail below). The resulting freedom can be liberating: Imagine answering email over breakfast from the kitchen, or browsing the Web from bed, and you'll get the idea. Once your PC is no longer tethered to a cable, your computing experience becomes more personal and enjoyable. 8:43 am

Microsoft Looks in the Crystal Ball
PC World

Research chief demonstrates Magic Paper, virtual classrooms, and other projects.

LOS ANGELES -- Tablet applications that quickly transform math formulas into graphics, and classrooms where professors can field instant-message queries from remote students: Both are leaping from the drawing board to reality in Microsoft Research projects.

And both were demonstrated for a crowd of developers at a keynote here Wednesday at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference. Rick Rashid, Microsoft Research senior vice president, described these projects and others.

Glimpse of Future

Microsoft Research is also involved in "changing the learning experience," Rashid said. He showed a video of a math lecture as it might be given today and then as it might occur in the future. In the forecast, a teaching assistant filtered student queries submitted by instant message, and a remote student viewed a video of the lecture in the middle of the night.

In a final set of demonstrations, Microsoft technology evangelist John San Giovanni showed a pair of Tablet PC apps. Math Pad, developed at Brown University, creates graphics--including the movement of a pendulum and the path of a baseball hit by a bat--from handwritten drawings and equations in real time.  Magic Paper, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, animates selected hand-drawn objects as they interact with stationary objects. The program identifies both the stationary objects and the moving objects by a stroke of the stylus.

"Microsoft Research believes that the student notebook of tomorrow is really this highly sophisticated, digital mobile device," 8:40 am

Microsoft Previews PDAs, Tablets
PC World

Developers get a peek at application tools for Windows Mobile handhelds, Tablet PCs.

New capabilities for Windows Mobile handhelds and a new version of the Tablet PC operating system are among the innovations being shown at the Professional Developers Conference here this week.

Tablet Talk

On the Tablet PC front, Jim Allchin, vice president of Microsoft's Windows Platform Group, has disclosed plans for a new version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Code-named Lonestar, the new operating system should ship in the first half of 2004.

Allchin revealed few details about planned changes. He said only that the new version "has dramatically better [handwriting] recognition capabilities, as well as several other very, very nice facilities." 8:36 am

October 31, 2003

Fujitsu Aims to Streamline US Sales

Until recently, customers in North America had a maze to go through when trying to buy Fujitsu products. If they wanted a Stylistic tablet PC or an Intel Corp.-based Primergy server, they would have to talk with a representative from Fujitsu PC Corp. Need a high-end Solaris-based PrimePower server? They'd call Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc.

That changed Oct. 1, when parent company Fujitsu Ltd. merged the two North American operations, creating Fujitsu Computer Systems Corp. The goal: to streamline and simplify things for customers, according to officials with the combined company.

The new company, which has about 1,200 employees in the United States and Canada, also will be able to roll out a much broader line of products than the two separate companies did. Fujitsu Computer Systems now can offer high-end Unix systems, including PrimePower servers running Solaris and powered by the company's own SPARC-compatible processors. At the same time, it offers the Intel servers, and several lines of tablet PCs and notebooks. Mull said the company is keeping its focus squarely on the enterprise IT space. 10:05 am

A great time to buy a portable PC
SABC News, South Africa

Consumers are probably in for one of the best Christmases yet if they want to buy a laptop, notebook or tablet PC – prices have fallen by between 20% and 40% this year, retailers say.

The prime reason has been the strength of the rand, which has gained about 46% against the US dollar so far this year. A combination of a stronger gold price and a struggling US economy have contributed to the local currencies continued strength.

Most portable type computers are imported into the country and retailers say the distributors have been quick to pass on the new and lower prices to consumers. And the most noticeable effect is that a P4 laptop computer that used to retail for about R14 500 is now selling for around R8 500. 9:40 am

Quatech Introduces New Line of Serial CompactFlash Cards
Business Wire

CF+ Cards Extend Industry's Most Complete Product Line With RS-232 and RS-422/485 Serial Ports for Handheld, Tablet, Laptop and Embedded PCs

Quatech, Inc., the industry's fastest-growing manufacturer of serial connectivity products, today announces the expansion of its reliable serial port offerings with a new line of CompactFlash cards. These small-size serial cards provide robust functionality including industry-leading speeds, advanced power conservation features, and an extensive driver set. They are ideal for adding serial ports to handhelds, PDAs, tablets, laptops, and embedded systems for a wide variety of mobile computing applications including retail POS, field data collection, industrial monitoring and control, and office automation.

Most handheld and tablet PCs do not ship with serial ports, and these ports are becoming increasingly scarce on Laptop computers as well. CompactFlash (CF) is often the best expansion option for these small devices. Quatech's new line includes a one-port RS-232 serial CF card (SSCF-100), a two-port RS-232 serial CF card (DSCF-100), and a one-port RS-422/485 serial CF card (SSCF-200/300). These additional ports can be used to connect a wide variety of serial peripheral equipment including GPS receivers, bar code scanners, card readers, touch screens, printers, digital cameras, fax/modems, test stands, CNC machines and PLCs.  9:38 am

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